Okay, okay....here's my post eppy 2 fic...I honestly
don't think this one is very good...I don't really
expect you guys to like it very much...so feedback,
even critical feedback if you want would be

I really hope you guys DO enjoy it though.

Just to explain a bit to you...this fic could also
have the side title: "AnneB addresses her biggest
fears of what could come from the way the M/L stuff in
Eppy 2 ended" If any of y'all read my thoughts on
Eppy 2...you'll even see this addressed there...I came
up with this fic idea while writing out my thoughts...

Okay...so yeah. This is a Liz POV instead of a Max
POV...don't hate him TOO much in it..please? I adore
him, even for his little insecurities, and I think
this is totally included in the little Max nuances
that I adore!

Title: Change
Background: Post-Michael, The Guys, and The Great
Snapple Caper
Category: Liz POV
Rating: PG-13
Author: Anne
E-mail: dreambehr⊕y...
Disclaimer: They’re not mine. The characters of
Roswell belong to Melinda Metz, the WB, Jason Katims,
and all the wonderful people who we all love for
starting this wonderful story. I’m just borrowing


Something has changed.

I haven't figured out exactly what yet…but I've been
able to feel it ever since I woke up this morning.
It's been electrifying the air, floating there all
around me trying to tell me something…what, I have no

Maybe it has something to do with last night…last
night that was something out of my dreams. I never
thought that when Max said he wanted to make my dreams
come true, that he meant it so literally. It was
amazing, exhilarating, flying through the sky with
nothing except air beneath our feet.

And what made it all the more amazing was, it was with

It was like just for those few short hours, when we
were flying through the air, we left all of our
problems behind us. Tess and his son disappeared, my
parents disappeared…it was just the two of us and
anything was possible.

I can't wait to see him today.

That morning, I couldn't get to school fast
enough…rushing out of the house with a huge grin on my
face, and jumping into Maria's jetta without even
saying goodbye to my parents. They probably thought I
was just ignoring them because of the Max
situation…well, it definitely has to do with Max…I
desperately wanted to see him as soon as possible.

My heart was racing with excitement as I leaned back
against my locker, laughing with Maria as I waited for
Max's arrival…and waited…and waited.

My racing heart was slowing quickly. What was going
on? Where is Max? He's never late to school anymore,
now that he doesn't have to wait for Isabel to pamper
herself. Did something…happen?

Suddenly I felt like I was dying…the electricity in
the air didn't seem quite so wonderful and exciting
anymore…maybe the change I was sensing was in
Max…maybe something happened…maybe he found his
son…maybe he left for his home in the middle of the

No…he wouldn't leave without saying goodbye. Maybe
his car broke down.

Sighing, I headed to my first period class. Max was
in my first period class, even if we couldn't sit
together or talk to each other in it…my teachers were
all watching us for my parents. It's so frustrating.

I breathed a sigh of relief when Max walked in five
minutes after the tardy bell…but my relief was short
lived when he walked right past my desk to his own,
without even so much as glancing in my direction.

Even if we couldn't talk, he always sent me a secret
smile…we had agreed that we weren't going to let my
parents beat us.

What was going on with him?

That one question kept repeating over and over again
in my head as I didn't even bother trying to pay
attention to the lecture. What was going on with him?
Why is he acting this way? What happened?

I decide to confront him after class…if they want to
call my parents, that's fine by me…I just need to know
why my heart suddenly feels like it's twisting in
agony inside my chest…but I don't get a chance…Max is
up and gone so fast that I can't even grab him…

I spend my second period class trying desperately to
figure out what happened. This isn't like him at all.
Someone must have said something to him…something
that scared him, that convinced him to stay away from
me. God knows it's been done before.

What I need is to get him to confide in me…to tell me
what's happened. Maybe then we can work through it.

Our next class together is AP Biology, third period.
This time I decide to get the upper hand on him. I
walk in late, and Max is already in his seat when I
arrive. We were lab partners, but at my father's
request, we were switched to new seats. As I make my
way to my lab table, I slide a note on top of his
notebook, continuing to my seat without even looking
at him.

The note is a simple, firm one liner.

What the hell is going on?

My eyes stay locked on Max's back, as I sit down two
tabled behind him. I can tell he has read the note a
few moments later when his back stiffens, like he's
just sucked in a huge breath and knows he's been

All period I wait for a response from him, but it
isn't coming. Class ends…the bell rings, and again,
like in first period, he's gone before I can grab
him…and he doesn't show up to our fourth period class.

Lunch finally comes around, with much to my dismay, no
sign of Max. I head to my locker to drop off my books
and meet Maria with a sad sigh.

Three quick twists of the combination, 26, 16, 7, and
my locker opens. My breath catches in my throat as a
folded note sits there, my name scrawled across the
front in Max's handwriting. I pick it up, turning it
over in my hands and staring at it for a few long
moments, before closing my locker, and rushing off to
an empty corner of the school yard.

Standing there, in the grass, beneath the trees, I
pace back and forth nervously a few times, before
unfolding the note quickly and beginning to read.

Dearest Liz…

God, I don't even know where to start. I'm sorry for
the way I've been treating you today, but it's
absolutely necessary for me to stay away from you
right now. I know how much it's hurting you, and it's
tearing me up inside…but I can't loose you any more
than I already have…it's better to know you're here,
and you're okay, than to have no idea where you are
and what you're doing.

You're probably really confused right now…let me
explain. Everything will come clear.

Last night after you went upstairs your father was
waiting for me as I was leaving. We got caught, Liz,
and he is not happy about it. He knows, Liz…he knows
how dangerous it is for you to be with me…he knows
that just being with me could put your life in
jeopardy. That's why he's forbidding us to see each
other…because he's afraid of loosing you. He doesn't
know, Liz…he doesn't understand that I'd protect you
with all the power I have…he doesn't know how I
already have.

Liz…he threatened to send you away. He has registered
you for a boarding school on the other side of the
country, and if he catches us together again, if he
gets a phone call from the school even, he's going to
put you on a plane, simple as that.

I can't let that happen to you, my love. It's better
to be here, to see you every day, and to know you're
okay, even if we can't talk, can't touch, than for us
to be so far apart. I can't risk loosing you like
that…but I can't stand to hurt you the way I did this
morning either.

We have to keep the distance, Liz. We have to stay
apart…it's the only way.

I'm so sorry for all of this, Liz. I never
expected…I'm sorry. I wish I could change things…but
for now this is the way it has to be.

I love you…so much.


As I finished reading his letter, I felt my heart
surging in anger, as I crunched the letter in my
hands…as if the tension in my fists would make things

I didn’t know who to be angrier at…Max for coming to
such a definite conclusion without talking to me
first, or my parents for being so willing to destroy
my life.

I knew one thing for certain…I couldn't do anything to
change my parent's decisions…my father's talk with Max
proved that much. However I could do something about

Again, I decided to corner him…to not let him leave
the school without talking to me…but this time it
would be a little harder. I had to talk to him in
person, and I couldn't let any teachers see us.

Sometimes it's incredibly convenient to be so tiny…

I managed to cut out early from my final class of the
day, and rushed to the parking lot. Nobody was around
yet, since class was still in session, so it was easy
for me to find my way to Max's car without being
seen…and even easier to crawl in and tuck myself into
the small area on the floor of the front seat…no one
would be able to see me as Max left school…except for

It was only a few minutes before the final bell rang,
and quickly I heard Max's door open…just as I had
predicted, he had raced straight to his car, hoping to
avoid me.

He stared at me in shock for a moment, before crawling

"I'm not letting you get away without talking to me."
I hissed at him. "Get us out of here…take me to the
lake or something...somewhere private where no one
will see us."

Max nodded quickly, and pulled out, keeping his eyes
glued to the road to avoid suspicion. He didn't say a
single word to me until we were far from town.

"It's safe to sit up now." He softly suggested,
glancing down at me. He gave me a small smile. "You
have some nerve, you know. That's got to have been

"Yeah." I admitted, nodding my head, as I slid up, and
onto the seat. "But it worked." I reminded him

He turned the car off of the road, and parked beside
the lake, climbing out, and coming around the car to
open my door for me. I didn't let him, jumping out as
soon as the car stopped. The second he approached me
I shoved him hard in the chest. He stumbled
backwards, his eyes widening in surprise.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I asked him
angrily. "Do you really think you can make decisions
like this for me? Do you honestly believe that I'll
let you get away with it?"

"Liz…I…" He stammered, but I didn't let him continue.

"I just got you back, Max Evans, and there is no way
I'm letting you go now, just because my parents are
being pig headed and stupid. I love you too much to
loose you now, don't you understand that?" My voice
softened on my last words, and I could feel my eyes
stinging with the potential of tears. I blinked a few
times angrily, not wanting to completely break down in
front of him.

I could tell my voice was sounding more and more
defeated, as I continued, and I could see the sadness
in my heart lingering in Max's eyes.

"You know…what ever happened to all that stuff you
said before, Max…about how we'll make this work…about
how easy it will be to sneak around behind my parent's
backs. I thought you wanted to work for this, Max."

"I do, Liz!" He protested. "God I do…I just don't
want to loose you again! Your dad meant every word he
said to me, Liz. He will send you away if he catches
us one more time."

"Then we won't let him catch us." Liz replied simply.
"It'll be hard, Max. We'll have to be more careful
than we have been. We have to follow some of the
rules…you definitely can't come near the Crashdown,
and we can't talk at school…but we can keep writing
letters…we can have secret dates like this when I'm
supposedly hanging out with Maria or at the library."

I pause a long moment, collecting my thoughts.

"Max…you were willing to let me go this time around
because you didn't want to loose me altogether…well
it's the same with me. I'm not willing to let you let
me go, because I don't want to loose you. We can make
this work, Max."

Max nodded silently, his eyes sadly searching mine.
It wasn't the first time since I had gotten him back
that I couldn't help wondering what he was thinking…he
was a mystery to me this time around.

"Just…don't make decisions like this that effect me
without talking to me first ever again." I told him

"I won't." Max agreed in that soft, gentle voice he
saved only for me.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I stepped into his warm
embrace, tucking my head against his chest as I
wrapped my arms around him, snuggling as close to him
as possible.

Change is a funny thing.

I woke up this morning sensing the change…and it came,
for certain.

The change came in Max himself, in the way he was
treating me…most of all in the amount of fear my
father put in his heart last night.

But the change wasn't permanent…this change was
something that was easily worked through, easily

And even as I find myself standing here at the end of
the day, right where I want to be, in Max's loving
arms…I can still sense that more change is coming,
lingering in the distance, waiting to reveal myself.

I could only be so lucky if whatever is coming was as
easy to fix as this was.