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Title-True or Dare
Disclaimer- I own none of the character. Expect Logan, Kimberly, and Brad *happy*
rating PG13
Summary-Something goes wrong between Alex and Tess.
Author-Michael's Alien Chick17 aka BrieCrow17

***PART 1***

Alex Whitman and Tess Harding sat in their Biology class. Alex couldn’t believe that his bio teacher had paired him up with Tess. Out of all the people she could have paired him with it had to be Tess. Liz and Max were paired together; and he got Tess. Alex looked down at his textbook; they were studying the male and female anatomy. They were paired up to come up with their own experiments.
Alex thought to himself as he skimmed his book. [She’s got some weird experiment planned.]
“Do you hate me that much, Alex?”
“What are you reading, my thoughts or something?”
“No, I’m not reading your thoughts.” Tess replied.
“Then why did you ask if I hated you?”
You’ve drawn all over my notes.” She replied.
Alex looked down at his notebook; or wait, it was Tess’s.
“Um, sorry.” Alex then handed the notebook back.
He turned and saw Max and Liz kissing. Alex missed that he and Izzy hadn’t kissed in 4 days, even though it felt like weeks.
“Alex…Alex? Hey, are you okay?”
“Uh, what did you say, Tess?”
Tess then repeated what she had said. “I said ‘Are you okay’?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. I just spaced out for a sec.”
Alex left the classroom and headed down the hallway. Tess ran after him.
“Alex, wait up!”
“Now what do you want?’ Alex asked in a desperate voice.
“I was wondering when we could get together to work on our project.”
Alex looked at Tess and sighed. “I don’t know…”
“Well, how ‘bout getting together at the CrashDown?” she asked.
“I’m not sure that’s a good idea,” Alex said finally.
“We could always go to your house.” Tess suggested.
“CrashDown sounds good to me,” Alex offered quickly. ***

Michael yelled, “Order up!” Maria walked up to get the order.
Michael eyed her. “Could you guys move any slower?” he asked.
Maria took the plate and shrugged. “Could you make better food?”
“I haven’t heard any complaints.”
Maria shrugged and walked off. Michael watched her walk away and shook his head. He saw Shelly walk past and called her over.
“What’s up?” she asked.
“Has anyone complained about the food?”
“No…but Maria just got chewed out for being slow,” Shelly offered.
Michael nodded and Shelly walked off. A second later Maria returned.
“Hurry it up, Mike.”
Michael eyed her and said, “Yeah, I could get chewed out for being slow,” he said in a cheesy voice.
Maria eyed him. “Shelly’s got a big mouth,” she mumbled. ***

Liz paced the floor of her bedroom, she was waiting on Max, and they had a science project to work on. Part of her was over come with joy and the other wasn’t as happy. Liz kept telling herself that nothing could change things for her and Max, why. [Because of Tess, she’s always there it’s like she’s glued herself to him.] Liz kept playing the same words to herself over and over again. Letting out a sigh Liz walked into her bathroom to take a shower, before Max showed up. ***

Max knocked on Liz’s window; they were supposed to start working on their science project. Which Max had no idea on what to work on with Liz?
He stopped and then knocked on the window again. Max then started to slide the window open, when the smell of jasmine and lilies hit his nose. A popping sound entered his ears as his feet moved across the floor. The sound made him wince.
“Liz? Are you home, it’s me Max?”
A splashing sound from the bathroom made Max realize that Liz was in the shower. Max turned and went and sat on the bed. He couldn’t get this one dream off his mind. One minute Tess was kissing him, then Liz was there, taking Tess’s place. Everything in the dream felt so real, their bodies touching, even their hot passionate kisses felt real to the touch.
Liz pulled open her bathroom door only to find Max sitting on her bed.
“Max! You’re here, wow I wasn’t sure if you were coming.”
Max stood up from the bed and just stared at Liz. His eyes raked down on every inch of her body. When Liz’s deep dark eyes met with his own dark eyes, was when he noticed that Liz was standing in front of him in a towel.
He quickly turned his back to her. “Sorry. Uh I’ll go or something if you want?”
Liz knew she had to say something quick.
“No, Max its okay, stay right there. ***

Alex couldn’t believe that he had let Tess talk him into this.
“Alright Whitman you can do this, it’s not a big deal.”
Alex looked around him. He couldn’t believe that he had said something like that out loud.
“Alex, sweet heart what are you doing here?”
Alex let out a moan as Maria walked up to his table.
“Maria, don’t start now.”
“Start what, I was just wondering why you were by yourself. Waiting for Isabel?”
Alex looked at Maria and sighed.
“I’m waiting for Tess if you don’t mind.”
“Wow, Tess huh. You poor thing you’re not drooling all over her now are you?”
“No, we have to work on a Bio project together.”
“Oh, well in that case good luck, cuz here she comes.”
Maria turned to leave just before Tess came up to the table.
“Alex! Hey, sorry I’m late, have you been here long?”
Alex then looked at her and said. “No, not really.”
Tess slid into the booth seat across from Alex. Then she smiled and said.
“Well, I guess we should get started uh?”
Alex sighed and said. “I guess.” ***

****PART 2****

Maria walked into the back of the café. She had decided to take her break early. Maria then turned toward the door and looked out the window. As she watched Tess and Alex through the window, she screamed as a voice broke the silence.
“Isn’t it again the law to spy on paying customers?”
Maria turned to see Michael Guerin standing behind her.
“God, Michael could you be any scarier?”
Michael walked up to her and said. “It depends, how scared do you want to be?”
Maria then turned to look out the window again. Michael walked up behind her. And asked. “So, who are you spying on?”
She continued to look out the window when she said, “Alex and Tess.”
Then for one second Maria thought about what Michael had just said.
“And for your information, I’m not spying on them I’m just keeping an eye on them.”
Michael then pushed Maria out of the way.
“Oh yeah, Maria they’re getting into some real trouble.”
Maria’s mouth fell open as she turned to look at Michael.
“I knew that hoochie couldn’t be trusted!”
Maria came and pushed Michael out of the way, to look out the window. She was shocked at the scene she saw.
“They’re doing nothing Michael their just talking.”
As Maria turned to him she saw a smirk of a smile on his face.
She looked into his eyes then said, “You knew didn’t you, you knew that nothing was going on. Rrrrrrrrr, Michael Guerin you are soooo…. I can’t even say it.”
Michael’s smile just got bigger. “You know Maria DeLuca, you are the biggest tease I know.”
Maria looked away from him and said. “I know don’t remind me!” ***

Liz emerged from the bathroom, with a pair of black jeans on. She was carrying a white V-neck T-shirt in her hands, as she walked to her desk.
Max stared blankly at Liz’s back as she faced her desk. For one moment he thought about running his hands down her back. Then his dreams cracked as Liz slipped her shirt over her head and down her back.
She then looked at Max and said. “So, we’re working on the chemical reactions to the stimulants of the body? Right?”
Max looked at Liz and then down at the floor, and softly spoke.
Liz then started to flip through her textbook.
“Here it is!” she exclaimed, pointing at the page.
Max stood up and walked over to Liz and looked at the page. Liz looked up at Max as he slid a piece of her hair behind her ear.
“Max.” Was all she could say.
His mouth opened and words started to come out, but he didn’t get to finish.
“Liz I…”
Max then leaned toward Liz, their lips brushed against each other. They both then leaned into one another. Their bodies breathing off of each other.
Liz then suddenly pulled away.
“Max we can’t.”
“Liz I can’t…keep myself sane without you.”
She turned away from Max and thought to herself. [God Liz Parker how stupid are you? You almost had everything you ever wanted, and you turned it down.]
Max walked toward the window and shook his head. [Liz, we belong with each other. No matter what we go through, you want me just as much as I want you. I know you do.] ***

Isabel Evans walked over to her bed and sat down. [Jeez, Isabel way to go that was real smooth. He gave you another chance to go out with him and you said not tonight.]
“God, Alex I’m so stupid. I’ll make this up to you I promise.”
She then shifted down into her bed, and her eyes slowly drifted shut, as she entered the dream plane.
At first it was hard to see because of all the fog. Isabel continued to walk through the foggy woods. She soon realized that something was familiar to her. The fog she had seen this fog before. In one big rush it came to her, the memories of her home planet had this same green fog. She walked onward through the woods, and then stopped in front of a group of trees shaped like a dome.
As Isabel stopped the ground opened up in front of her feet. She then looked down at the large hole in front of her, then stepped down into it. As her feet touched the bottom, Isabel saw that she was inside a underground cave. A strange glowing light was bouncing off the walls.
The glowing got stronger as Isabel walked down farther into the cave.
She walked into a room and on the left side there was a pod, with two difference tears in it. As Isabel looked around, something to her right caught her attention. There were two more pods, but no light came from them. There was no life coming from them at all.
She walked closer to the pods and wiped the dust from it. Inside the pod, was the small round face of a little girl. Her eyelids covered her eyes; she had long brown hair. Isabel walked over to the other pod; the little girl in this pod had long brownish blonde hair.
Isabel turned away from them, and uttered. “Oh my god!”
She then turned back to the pods and started to hit and scream at them.
“Work damn you! Why won’t you work?”
Isabel awoke with a jerk. Her whole body covered in sweat. ***

Alex couldn’t believe this; he and Tess had been sitting here in the CrashDown for an hour and a half. He had came here to work on their project, not to make small talk with her.
[I mean come on Tess, quit babbling. And start helping me come up with a project.]
Alex slowly looked at Tess; he could see her lips moving but couldn’t make out what she was saying. Then some of the things started to hit him.
“Alex, have you thought about having kids?”
“Yeah maybe.”
“I can’t wait to have children.”
Then Alex started to drift again. And all the words Tess said ran together.
“Alex, you know going to make a great father someday.”
Then in one quick second Alex just snapped.
“Shut up Tess, just shut up! I can’t take it anymore, you’re driving me crazy!”
Tess looked up at Alex with wide eyes.
“Alex I’m…”
“You’ve had your turn to talk, now I’m talking alright. I’m sorry that you’re a girl and have all your little problems. But no body complains about it as much you, so just stop!” ***

Maria leaned up against the wall, as Michael pressed his body against hers. His lips crushed hers under his; Michael’s lips made their way to Maria neck. Michael’s hands started to unbutton her uniform, when they heard a guy’s voice start to get loud. Maria and Michael both stopped and looked at each other.
Maria looked at Michael with a raise eyebrow and asked. “Alex?”
Michael looked confused and said “It sound like Alex, but it couldn’t be could it?”
They both rushed through the door, to see Alex burst through the door. Maria and Michael both turned to see Tess run after him.
Michael then turned to Maria and asked. “What was all that about?”
“I have no idea Michael.” ***

****PART 3****

For one moment Max and Liz just looked at each other. They both had heard yelling coming from down stairs. Liz just looked at Max and said.
“Was that Alex?”
All that Max could do at this moment was shrug. And watch as Liz rushed out the door, then down the stairs.
As she hit the last step, Liz looked around her the café had been closed for the night. She heard footsteps behind her as Max followed her.
Liz then rounded the corner only to find Maria and Michael staring at the doorway.
“Maria, what’s going on?”
Maria turned to Liz and said. “Alex just left.”
Liz looked confused as she turned to Michael. “Michael, what is she talking about?”
Michael looked at Liz and Max who was now standing beside of Liz.
“Well, first off I think Maria is in shock.”
He quickly turned to look at Maria. She was still staring blankly toward the door.
“What? Michael what are you talking about?”
“We just saw and heard Alex blow up at Tess. And to tell you the truth it was kind of scary.”
Max then slowly walked up to Maria.
“It’s alright Maria, they were probably arguing about they project.”
Michael watched Maria’s face as she looked at Max. As he looked at her he could see how up set she really was. Her eyes were glazed with tears, Michael watched as she fought to keep her eyes from blinking.
Maria’s tear stained voice broke through the silence.
“No, Max it wasn’t just that. You didn’t see his face like I did.”
She started to turn away but stopped.
“I’ve never seen him so angry Max. His eyes they were so…”
Maria stopped in mid sentence she couldn’t finish it.
Michael then walked up to her and placed his arms around her. Maria just let herself fall into his strong arms. She needed comfort and nobody else could give it to her like Michael could.
Liz and Max just stared at them, Max came up behind Liz and wrapped his arms around her and at this moment in time, Liz welcomed it. ***

Isabel couldn’t deal with this by herself right now; she needed to talk to someone. She couldn’t talk about with Max or Michael right now she’d feel to weird.
She slowly looked around the room she was sitting in. It was a bedroom then it all came back to her some how she had made it to Alex Whitman’s house. And she was sitting in his bedroom on his bed. As far as Isabel could remember she had never really been in his room before. She found it strangely comforting, a wooden desk on the right side of his bed. Isabel walked over and ran her fingers down the smooth surface; his laptop lay beside a stack of books on his desk. As her fingers connected with the smooth wood, a flash hit her.
A very tired Alex flashed through her mind; he was typing a paper for his history teacher. Isabel watched as the scene played on his fingers typed quickly upon the keys. Then they moved to flip through a textbook. //

Isabel then lifted her hand away from the desk. She had always known that Alex was a good student, but she truly never realized how devoted he was to it, the flash had proved that to her. Isabel had so much she wanted to tell him, but she wasn’t sure where to start. ***

As Alex walked down the street he realized that he was slowly starting to cool down. When in that one person popped in to his mind Isabel. He knew he would feel better if he could talk to her. But then he thought would she even talk to him. Alex then thought of the one he had heard on the radio by the group Barenaked Ladies, and started to sing the song as he walked.

**~ Well let me tell you if you’re feeling alone,
Instead of whining and moaning,
Just get on the phone, tell her you’re coming home
If you need her, you should be there

Alex knew he had a couple more blocks till he got home. He was glad his parents were out of town, for the next five months they would flip, if they knew how late he was coming home.

**~ I f you scream in your sleep, or collapse in a heap
And spontaneously weep, then you know you’re in deep
If you need her, you should be there
Go Home
**~ There’s nothing better than affairs of the heart
To make you feel so good then tear you apart
Make up your mind and stick it out or start again

Alex then for a moment thought of Isabel, he was kind of glad she had said no. He wouldn’t have wanted her to see him act the way he did.

**~ You can’t imagine what an effort it takes
When you make a mistake
And you know in the wake that a heart’s going to break
If you need her, you should be there
If you’re flummoxed and flushed
And your heartbeat is rushed
Then get out of the slush, tell your dog team to mush
If you need her, you should there
Go Home

**~ If you think of her as Joan of Arc
She’s burning for you, get your car out of park
If you think of her as Catherine the Great
Then you should be the horse to help her meet her fate
If you need her, you should be there
Go Home

There was at one time as he was walking he felt someone following him. But every time he turned around there was no one there.

**~ You can’t believe it, but it’s true
She’s given everything to you
Now take a moment to be sure
Before you give it all her
Well now you’re thinking that it’s over at last,
All your woes in the past
But you’ve got to be fast; put your foot on the gas
If you need her, you should be there
So now you’re out from under the gun,
And it’s over and done
I won’t spoil all the fun but if you ever wonder
She’ll be there if you need her
Go Home
Alex gave the last verse he had just sung to himself a thought. Had Isabel really gave him all that she could. He had sure given her all he could and then some. But why not give it a whirl he had her now.

**~ If you’re lucky to be one of the few
To find somebody who can tolerate you
Then I shouldn’t have to tell you again
Just pack your bags and get yourself on a plane
If you need her, you should be there
Go Home ~**

Alex smiled as his house came into view; he was surprised at how calm he was. He wasn’t as angry as he had been, and he was glad. Alex reached into his pocket and searched for his keys. When he had found them he then slipped the key in the door. For a funny moment he thought that someone was in his house, but he shook the feeling away.

Alex walked into the kitchen and got the milk jug out on the fridge, and took at few swallows. He then placed the jug back in and shut the door.
Shuffling his feet across the floor, Alex head for his bedroom. As he opened the door he got the most shocking surprise of his life, Isabel Evans was sitting on his bed.
“Isabel what are you doing here?”
Isabel looked up at him and said. “I needed to talk to someone and you were the first one I thought of.”
“Oh, okay well what do you want to talk about?”
Alex walked over to his bed and sat down beside her.
“Could you just hold me for right now?”
Alex slowly wrapped his arms around her. He could tell that she was shaking.
“Sure, Izzy whatever you what, you know I’m here for you.”
Isabel just let herself melt into his arms. This was what she had wanted for so long, but she had kept telling herself no. Well now she was going to say yes. ***

Tess watched them through the window, she was going to make Alex Whitman sorry he had ever met her, they all were going to be very sorry. She would make them see it. ***

***Part 4***

Liz lay on top of her bed; her journal rested on her stomach. What a night she could not believe all the things that had gone on. First the thing with her and Max, she wanted to be with him, but now there was Tess. She kept telling Max that she was his mate. But Liz knew that Max didn’t see it that way. God she had so wanted to put her hands on him. It seemed that every time she thought about it, Tess was there reminding her of her place.
[**As a human! **] Liz thought to herself, just the thought of Tess touching Max sickened her but what was she going to do. ***

Maria couldn’t believe it; Max had left without giving Michael a ride home. So now she was stuck with doing it, give her credit she does love him, but at times she just can’t ride in a car with him. Michael sat shotgun, beside of Maria. Once in awhile he would look over at Maria, when finally he couldn’t take it anymore.
“Jeez, Maria could you go a little faster! I’d like to get home tonight.”
Maria gave Michael one hot glances, “Michael, we’re in Jetta this is as fast as we go remember.”
“Well, I could fix that, if you would let me.”
“No way are you doing anything, to my moms car and you know it!”
“Come on Maria I could up the mileage a little.”
“Michael Guerin.” Maria then flashed her green eyes at him.
Michael’s eyes meet hers and they said it all.
“Alright, alright, I’ll back off.”
The Jetta screeched to a stop in front of Michael’s apartment.
Maria glared hotly at Michael.
“Michael what’s up with you?”
“Nothing, you got it!”
Maria unbuckled her seat belt and said, “Yes, there is now tell me.”
“God, DeLuca just let it go.”
“No, not until you tell me what’s wrong.”
By this point, Michael wanted Maria so much he was burning up inside.
Maria looked and him again and said, “Tell me!”
Michael was just about to leave, when he turned around and pulled Maria lips to his. Then in turn he pulled her closer to him. One thing ran through his brain. [**Well she wanted to know what was wrong. **]
Maria’s eyes widened as she realized what was going on. But it wasn’t like she was going to pulled away from him. ***
Isabel leaned into Alex’s arms as he wrapped them around her. Alex slowly pulled Isabel face up to him.
“Isabel, what is it you can tell me?”
She looked up at Alex, with tear glazed eyes. “It’s just that I had this dream and it kind of scared me.”
“Was, it about your planet?”
“Yes, maybe I don’t know.”
“Have you talked to Max about it?”
“You’re the first person I’ve said anything to.”
Isabel blinked and let a lone tear fall down her face. Alex then reached up to wipe away the tear.
After the tear was gone, Alex just stared at her for a minute. He then leaned toward her lips and kissed them. Alex had expected Isabel to pull away, but she didn’t.
All he could do was whisper, “Are you sure?”
Isabel pulled Alex’s lips to hers and whispered, “Yes…” ***

Tess could believe what she saw. Isabel and Alex were kissing, [God!]
she thought. [** I think I’m going to be sick! **]
But it wasn’t long until a smiled appeared on her face. She was just about to make Alex and Isabel feel guilty for the rest of their lives. She was going to make them think they had slept together. That way they would know whom they were messing with.
Tess slowly turned toward Alex’s bedroom window; she then stared to close her eyes and concentrated on what she was planning to do. ***

Brad Schupp stood in the shadows as he watched Ava, who was now called Tess Harding. He then looked toward the house and knew she was planning to do something to the people the house. Brad knew he had to do something to stop his suppose to be wife. He wondered what her king would say. But he would confront her later right now he had to stop her.
Brad prayed that what ever happened he hoped the girl and guy in the house would forgive him.
Tess his Ava could mind warp people, make them see or do what she wanted. Well, Brad had a surprise for his little Ava he could counter act whatever she did, and make it really happen. If his brother Logan ever found out what he was about to do he would kill him. Brad let out a breath slowly and said. “Well, here goes nothing.”
He waited until he felt energy hit the air. When it did he knew that she had started her warp.
Brad closed his eyes as he felt the energy flowing from his hands. He then opened them, and watched as a clear light shot through Tess. Brad froze in his tracks as it when through her. He waited for her to move but she didn’t. The light then swirled through the window and filtered around the two bodies on the bed. For the moment Brad hoped that his plan had worked, because he knew he had to show the other royal three, that she would betray them in a heart beat. Totally drained of all energy Brad pulled himself out of view. He had done all he could do for now. ***

Tess’s eyes quickly flew open she had done it, now all she had to do was wait. But waiting was one thing she didn’t know if she could do.***

Isabel could believe that this was happening to her, she was burning up all over. She moaned as Alex’s lips board down hard on hers. She had never had this strange feeling come over her before, but she liked it.
Alex hungrily pulled Isabel closer to him this strange energy had come over him and he couldn’t stop, and he felt like he was on fire. Feeling as if he was burning Alex ripped his shirt off. As he looked for Isabel, he had found her lying across his bed, he watched with a burning desire as her fingers slid down the buttons of her shirt making them disappear instantly. Alex then straddled her body under his. Isabel’s shirt had fell open to show him her breasts that were being held by a lacy pink bra. Alex bend down and kissed her neck. His eyes then fell down to her bra, and for one moment he thought he was seeing things. So he look again, no he was right the hooks to her bra were in the front. Alex lifted shaky hands to the front of her bra and unhooked it. He watched as her breasts fell free from the bra. Alex then placed one of her taut nipples to his mouth and sucked it.
Isabel trembled as a warm glowing feeling came over her.
She arched her back as Alex wrapped his tongue around one of her nipples.
Isabel still could not see through the fog she was in.

She felt as if her body was melting into Alex’s, Isabel felt, that she was in paradise, as her body lay under Alex ‘s hot steaming body. Isabel watched as Alex moved his lips down to kiss her stomach. She moaned his name as he continued to cover her with kisses.
“Alex…” Isabel rolled her head from side to side as she called his name
Alex then answered her by calling her name. “Isabel…”

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***Part 5 ***

Isabel couldn’t believe that this was happening to her. She never dreamed that it would feel like this. She had let her guard down and one thought ran though her mind. [** God Isabel what are you doing? **] That was the only thing running through her mind. But there was nothing she could do to stop herself. Isabel played with the buckle on Alex’s pants until they were undone. She then unbuttoned his pants and released the zipper. Alex soon lifted her from the bed. Sparks flew as their lips touched. Isabel playfully slid his pants from his hips and down his legs till the pooled to the floor. She then pulled him closer as she slid her hand down his chest.
Every muscle in his chest tightened as he watched Isabel playfully draw on his chest. God he wanted her so bad that it hurt. Alex had never felt like this before in his life. That is until he met Isabel Evans then everything changed. Alex had a feeling that nothing would ever be the same ever again. ***

Tess took in small shaky breaths as she walked down the sidewalk. She had finished what she had planned to do. It had took a lot out of her she had, had no idea that it was going to pull that much energy from her body. Tess looked down at her watch it was 11:30 at night. She was suppose to be home by 10:30 that was the rule that Jim had made her make a promise to. Tess figured that Valenti would have some choice words with her. If he didn’t she new that Kyle would she was to have meet up with him over an hour ago.
[**Oh shit, Kyle is going to kill me! *]* With that thought in her mind she quickened her paced. ***

Brad slumped up against an alley wall. He was so drained that he could barely stand. He glanced over at the house were his display had started. He praised that they were okay, it was really quiet he hoped it was because they were sleeping. The streetlights shined down over his body. He wore a tight silky blue shirt that showed off his well-muscled chest. He had dark raven black hair and soft brown eyes. His face was soft and smooth with no sign of a pimple in sight. But in the very front of his chin there was the make of a goatee.
Brad drew in a breath and let himself slid down the wall. [** Well, I’ve done all I can for now. All I can do now is wait and see. **] That thought was all that was running though his mind right now and nothing else. He just hoped that his brother didn’t kill him. Why because Brad had disobeyed an order from his brother.
Maria gasp as Michael started to pull her closer to him. It was like she was in a living dream. But wasn’t it was all really real. [** Hold on Michael Guerin what do you think that you’re doing! **] It was her only thought she didn’t really get to say it. Because her lips were pressed to Michael’s and there was nothing she could do. Michael couldn’t believe that this was happening. All whole bunch of thoughts ran through his mind all at the same time. [Jeez, Michael what the hell are you doing? This doesn’t feel totally right something has got to be going on.] But those thoughts were brushed away as he felt something rub up against his chest. When he looked down he saw that Maria had crawl across the seat of her car and was in his lap. Her lips were hotly pressed against his. [** Maybe if I close my eyes all this will go away? **] When he opened his eyes he found every thing as it had been. Maria was still kissing him. It wasn’t like he didn’t like it; it was just that it didn’t feel right. ***

Alex’s lips pressed hard up against Isabel’s as he lifted her into his arms and placed her back it his bed. He then pulled away from her and asked.
“Are you sure about this Isabel?”
“I’m sure Alex.” Was her only answer.
Isabel then rolled over so then she was on top and he on the bottom.
Alex felt like he was on fire, he literally could feel his insides burning up. He reached a shaky hand to her back as he searched for her zipper. Alex then grabbed her pants at the hips and started to pull them down. Isabel rolled off of him to remove them and then placed herself back on top. As Alex placed his hands to her waist he started to pull her pink-laced panties down her legs. Sexual tremors over took her body as she called out to Alex. Alex looked down at a completely nude Isabel who lay in front of him. And he thought that she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. After looking at her taut nipple and feeling her wet center brush again him. Alex could feel himself harden and become stiff.

Sweat ran down her face as she reached the peak of her desire. Isabel then quickly removed Alex’s boxers. She gasped as she looked at his throbbing erection. Isabel never knew that something like that could get so large. And it had done so because of her. She had this effect on this part of his body. Isabel sighed with pleasure as his erection played with the wet folds of her center. Alex started a trail of kisses from her lips all the way to her navel.
His blue eyes then gave her the look that took her every breath away. She could read them so well that it felt like they were talking to her. [** Are you sure you’re ready for this? **]
All she did was sigh and nodded her head. Alex placed his throbbing heat up against her wet woman’s center. And then he slowly thrusted his heat inside of her. Alex buried his face into her neck. He took a breath as her scent filled his nose.
“God, Isabel you smell so good.”
“What do I smell like Alex?”
Alex took in her scent one more time. Then breathed, “Cinnamon and citrus, that’s what you smell like.”
Isabel could smell his scent as well. “You smell good too Alex.”
“Really what do I smell like?”
Isabel took in the scent. “Almonds, you smell like almonds.”
She then flicked her tongue against his neck.
“God! Alex you even taste like them.”
They both were almost to their peak. Neither one of them wanted to get there first. As they laid there together their bodies, seemed to becoming one.
A tiny silver sphere appeared between their bodies, and then it disappeared, as their kisses became more feverish. Alex thrusted his heat farther inside of his beautiful temple. He could feel her all around him, also most as if she was letting him in. Then it happened in a flash.
He saw the stars and planets whiz by him. Then a small Isabel reaches out of her pod, for her brother’s hands. Isabel crying out for Michael, for three whole nights. Max holding her and saying that it was all right. Alex felt all of her fear about being found out. But then Isabel saw an eight-year-old Alex playing tag with Liz and Maria. She saw what Alex thought of her. And to him she was a goddess. Alex got a flash of what Isabel thought of him. She thought that he was cute, funny, and she even loved some of the jokes that he told. Then as quick as it had started it had stopped.
Alex looked in to her brown eyes and said. “I love you Isabel Evans.”
Isabel looked up at Alex and say. “I love you too Alex Whitman.”

They both just laid there, Isabel could still feel Alex prodding around inside of her. Isabel’s eyes drifted shut. Alex looked over at his sleeping beauty, and then placed a kiss on her forehead as his eyes drifted closed. Neither one of them saw the silver ball of light reappear. As it did it pass through Alex and then Isabel. But then it returned and passed through Alex once again.
Alex felt a tingly feeling in his stomach, but then he just let it go as he drifted to sleep.

***PART 6***

Tess slowly tip toed across the living room floor. She looked over at Kyle’s sleep form. She took one more glance and then ran for her room. As soon as she shut her door, Tess threw off her clothes and slipped into one of Kyle’s jerseys. All of a sudden a squeaky sound came from outside her door. Tess jumped into her bed and threw the covers on. And then wiggled down into her bed.
Jim was making his rounds through his house he had already checked on Kyle. Now he walked toward Tess’s room, Jim slowly placed his hand on the door pushing it open. He had a strange feeling and that what had woken him up. But as he looked through the room he saw Tess asleep in her bed. Jim Valenti then slowly closed the door and left. He rubbed his face with his hands as he walked back to bed. ***

Max rolled over in bed his parents were gone for the week and Isabel wasn’t home yet. She had left him a note telling him that she was going over to Alex’s house. So Max had left it at that Alex would take care of her. Max then tired to settle himself down.
[** I mean come on Max don’t worry so much it’s not like your sister is going to have sex with him. **]
“Alex has good morals and he would never like any thing like that happen.”
Max then rolled over on to his back and looked at the ceiling. He still couldn’t get Liz off of his mind. He wanted her so bad that it was literally tearing him up inside. Max knew that she wanted him too. But ever since Tess showed up, and started talking about their destiny. Liz had started to back away from him. Time and time again, Max kept telling her that they were meant to be together. Then one day Liz had came up to him and said.
“You know, Max maybe you were right the first time. Maybe we weren’t meant to be together.”
“No Liz, you were right and I was the one who had been wrong.”
“Max I think we should spend some time alone. You know to sort things out.”
Max looked down at the ground then softly spoke. “Is that what you want Liz?”
“Yes Max its what I want.”
“Okay then, we’ll give each other some space.” Max then turned to leave. ***
Liz Parker bolted awake she could think straight. [** Was that a dream? **]
No it wasn’t a dream she remembered it all now. All of it had really happened. But she didn’t remember thinking about. [** So if I wasn’t thinking about it. Then who was? **] Then it came to her.
“Max, it has to be Max. He and I are the only one’s who shared this conversation. Was I just inside of Max’s thoughts? But how is that possible?” Liz crawled out of bed and walked over to her window.
“Max you’re right! I do want you, I just don’t wanted to be in the way.” ***

Max mumbled in his sleep. “Liz, if you want to be with me why do you keep turning away?”
“Because Max I don’t want you to get hurt because of me.”
“But Liz being away from you is killing me.”
“Max I never wanted to hurt you.”
“I know Liz but not having you is what hurts me the most.” ***

Liz’s eyes widened as she sat up in bed. She had just had a dream inside of a dream. Liz then placed her face in her hands and started to cry.
Sobbing she spoke out loud. “God Max, I’m so sorry I never meant to hurt you.” ***

Max Evans shot up in bed as he tried to shake the dream from his mind. He had never had a dream like this before. It had felt so really like he had really been with Liz. Confused he ran his hands through his hair. Part of this just didn’t seem possible to him. [** Are Liz and me connected through our dreams? No there has to be another reason to this. **]
But he couldn’t dwell in it right now he had a busy day ahead of him tomorrow. Max slowly slid down into his covers again. But before he fell asleep he thought these five little words. [** I love you Liz Parker! ** ]

As Liz slipped back into bed, and she pulled the covers back over herself.
Her mind was still confused about what had just happened. As she drifted back to sleep. Liz smiled, as one thought floated into her mind. [** I love you Max Evans. **]

Then they both seemed to say it at the same time together.
[** I love you. **]

Michael jerked awake he then rubbed his eyes and looked around at where he was. His was safe and sound in his apartment. As he sat up he realized that he was lying on the couch. Michael got up and walked over to his bedroom. There lying under the covers was Maria. As he walked out into his kitchen, he then ran his hands through his hair. He was trying to remember last night. Alex had left the CrashDown in a huff and Tess had run after him.
Then with out a word Max had disappeared. That had left Maria with the chore of taking him home. Which she had, then the make out secession ran through is his mind. Had it really happened? Michael began walking through his apartment, trying desperately not to wake Maria up. Michael kept shaking his head trying to clear it. At first he wasn’t sure but now he was positive that none of it had happened.
[** All of it had to have been a dream. **]
“But why can’t I remember what we had last night? All I can think of is that stupid dream.”
“Remember what spaceboy?”
Michael turned to find Maria stands in the doorway to his kitchen.
“Hey, I didn’t wake you up did I?”
Maria shuffled into the kitchen and sat down.
“No, not really I woke up to go to the bathroom. But then I heard you talking to yourself.”
Michael then just started to look through stuff.
“Hey, Michael what’s wrong?”
Michael looked up from the junk he had been going through.
“Do you remember what we did last?”
Maria looked at Michael hard.
“Yeah, why?”
He glanced painfully at Maria.”
“Because…I can’t Maria.”
Maria then walked over and leaned her chin on Michael’s shoulder.
“Well, let’s see Alex got mad at Tess and then Max just disappeared without a word. Then I took you home.”
Michael nodded his head. “Yeah, I remember all that, but what happen when we got here?”
Maria moved herself into his arms so he then could wrap his arms around her.
I got out of the car and walked you to your door. We kissed goodnight, I turned to leave and you asked me to stay and talk so I did.”
Michael looked down at her as he held her.
“So we never made out in your car last night, or talk to each other through our thoughts?”
Nope, we sat on your couch and talked for I don’t know how long. I guess until I fell a sleep and you put me to bed.”
“Why do you ask?”
“I don’t know I just had this really werid dream last night that’s all.”
Maria pulled away from him to look into his eyes.
“Well do you want to talk about it?”
“Not right now Maria, maybe later.”
“Okay.” ***

Alex Whitman rolled over in bed. He could fell his arm draped over something soft. As he opened his eyes, he was amazed at what he saw. Isabel Evans was lying beside him. It hadn’t been a dream it had really happened. Alex then took in the scent of her hair; it smelled of citrus fruit.
Last night had been one of the best nights that he had ever had. Isabel rolled over to find Alex staring at her. She then sat up in bed and leaned against him. Alex looked down at her and asked.
“Isabel you know what we did last night don’t you?”
“I know Alex, we made love together.”
“And you’re not disgusted or anything?”
“No, why would I be?”
“Oh, no reason.”
Alex sat up and put his arms around Isabel.
“Hey, Izzy you never finished telling me about your dream.”
“Do we have to talk about it now?”
“No, No if you don’t want to we don’t have too.”
“Good because all I want to do is to stay right here with you. If that’s okay with you?”
“No…I mean if that’s what you want to do.”
“Good because that’s what I want to do. I love you Alex.”
“Love you too Isabel.” ***

Brad took a shaky step as he stood up. He must have been leaning against this wall all night; he had to have fallen asleep there last night. He had made a promise to himself that he would not leave until he knew things were all right. And that’s what he was going to do. ***

***PART 7 ***

Isabel walked down the hall to her 4th period class. Unfortunately it was her math class she was never really good at math. And today of all days she had a test in it. It had been two months since her and Alex had slept together. She could still remember the look on Max’s face when he had found out.
“Isabel you and Alex did what?”
“We had sex Max, okay we slept together.”
“No, it’s not okay Isabel what were you thinking.”
Isabel looked at Max in horror. “What was I thinking! Oh, I guess it’s okay for you and Michael to jump in the sack, but when I do it; it’s what were you thinking!”
“No, Isabel that’s not what I meant.”
Isabel whirled around and looked at Max.
“That’s just it Max, I wasn’t thinking I was upset I went to Alex to talk. We kissed and one thing lead to another.”
“Who else knows?”
Alex had just walked in to the room. “No, one Max that is no one but me and Isabel and now you.”
Isabel blinked as she heard some one call her name again.
“Hey, Isabel you all right?”
Isabel turned to find Alex Whitman looking at her.”
“Yeah, Alex I’m fine.”
“Are you sure.”
“I’m sure, I was just thinking about when we you know.”
Isabel looked at him in shock. “Alex!”
“What, I’m not ashamed of what we did, are you?”
“No, but what if someone were to have heard you?”
“Believe me Iz right now all anyone, is worry are these tests all our teachers decided to give us.”
Isabel then took a minute to really look at him.
“Alex, are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m great why do you ask?”
“No real reason. You just seem overly happy today.”
“I’m just having a really good day. So how was your Algebra test?”
“I haven’t taken it yet.”
“Oh, okay well let me know how it goes.”
“I will Alex.”
She then leaned over to him and kissed him good-bye. After she left all Alex could do was stand there with a stupid grin on his face. ***

Alex then turned to go to the men’s room. He had already taken Mr. Bern’s history test. He had taken it yesterday. So he was free all period. As he pushed the door to the bathroom open. He found that he had it all to himself. Once he had relieved himself. Alex walked to the door and locked it. He then turned back to the sink. Alex looked at the guy in the mirror and said.
“God, Whitman what’s wrong with you?”
Not that he was one to feel his own body; he just couldn’t help it. He then pulled his shirt up to look at his nipples. They had been tingling all day. Alex then pulled his shirt back down. He looked in the mirror and shook his head.
“It’s got to be the new fabric softer, I’m using.”
[** I mean it’s not like some sort of alien thing is going on, just because I slept with Isabel. **]
Alex reached over and turned the water on, he cupped his hands and threw water on his face. He then grabbed some paper towels and dried his face off. He was glad that the day was almost over. Because when he got home he was going to slip a TV dinner in the microwaves, then slide in to bed. This had been one long day; well not really Alex just wanted to go to bed. He walked over to the door to unlock the door only to find Max Evans standing there.
“Max, hi.”
“Hey, Alex everything okay?”
“Yeah, it’s great.”
Max looked Alex up and down. He was worried about his friend. There where dark bags under his eyes and he looked kind of pale.
“Alex, are you sure that every thing is okay? You don’t look so good.”
“I’m fine Max just a little tried that’s all.”
Max looked down at the floor then back at Alex.
“So, what was with the locked door?”
“Oh, that I guess I just wanted some time alone. You weren’t waiting to long have you?”
“No, Isabel told me she was worried about you.”
“What, do you mean Max?”
“She said when she talked to you this morning, she said that you seemed different.”
Max let out a small laugh. “Isabel and I put an out of order sign on the door. That way no one would come in here.”
“What are you talking about Max?”
Max looked at Alex again.
“You’ve been here all day Alex.”
“You’re kidding right?”
Alex then looked at Max.
“You’re not kidding are you?”
Alex turned and started to leave. “I’ll see you tomorrow Max.”
As he walked out of the door Max yell after him.
“Yeah, I’ll see ya tomorrow Alex.” ***

Alex couldn’t believe that he was home. He locked the door behind him. Then headed into the kitchen to pour him-self, a glass of orange juice. Alex turned to the hallway and headed for his room. Once inside he placed his glass on his bed stand and flopped down on his bed. As his eyes drifted shut, he began to dream of Isabel. ***

Michael flipped a burger on the grill. Once in awhile his eyes would drift toward the clock. Maria walked over to the counter and picked up the Will Smith burger that he had just put down.
“Hey, Spaceboy you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m good Maria.”
Michael’s eyes made contact with hers. He could see the concern that was there.
“Still thinking about that dream and the strange feeling that you had last night huh?”
“You want to talk about it later.”
“Sure, why not?”
Maria then leaned through the window and kissed his lips. Michael in turn returned the kiss as well. Michael watched Maria walk away with the burger.
After she served her customer their burger. She turned and saw Liz at the bar.
“Liz, babe how are thing?’
“Hey, Maria have you seen Alex today?”
“I was about to ask you the same thing.” ***

***PART 8 ***

Tess popped the bubble, letting the scent of her grape bubble gum fill her nose as she walked into the Valenti household; HER household. She was actually living with humans, and one of them was a sheriff.
Shaking her head, she shut the door and walked in further, stopping as a slight crash and muffled voice floated into the room. Cocking her head, Tess looked into the direction of the kitchen, seeing a shadow on the wall.
Suddenly there was a loud crash and a male’s voice could be heard, cursing loudly.
“Kyle?” she questioned, walking toward the other room. “What are you—“
“Don’t come in here!” he barked, making her pause.
Curiosity perked, Tess started to move forward again, adding, “why not?” as she stepped across the threshold and took in her surroundings.
Kyle was in front of the counter, covered in food and looking rather frustrated as he quickly tried to clean up. “See, um, dad—yeah dad—he made this HUGE mess and I was just—just cleaning it up.”
Nodding, Tess walked in further and asked, “your dad huh?” knowing full well that Kyle himself was responsible for the mess covering the small kitchen.
“Yes—dad. What the hell are you doing here? I thought you might be staying out all night again,” he said briskly.
Slightly surprised of his knowledge, Tess simply shrugged her shoulders, trying to mask her reaction. “I just had some plans that ran over last night. Now…what are YOU doing?”
“What does it look like?” When Tess didn’t reply, Kyle sighed and added, “cooking.”
“What exactly?”
“Meatloaf,” Kyle replied, like it was obvious. Tess, who had been walking around the room while they talked, picked up a small container and looked it over.
“Not with these ingredients,” she mumbled.
Growling in frustration, Kyle snatched the bottle from her and barked, “just go away,” at her, making Tess look up sharply. “I don’t need your little comments right now.”
With a look of surprise in her eyes Tess backed away from Kyle, with her hands in the air.
“Alright you got it. I’ll go, but I was only trying to help.”
Kyle whipped around to look at her. “Did you even think I wanted to do this to surprise my dad?”
Tess looked down at the floor and then back at Kyle. “You know, that I’ve never really had a family before. That is before you and your dad took me in.”
Kyle looked down at the counter. “Yeah I know.”
Tess took in a breath. “You know sometimes I forget that you and your dad are so close.”
Walking to the sink to rinse out his rag. Kyle then said, “So you were saying something about the ingredients I was using?”
Tess then smiled as she turned to go help him out. ***

Liz took in some breaths as she carried a tray holding, two things of space fries, two Will Smith Burgers, and two Alien Blasts. The whole thing the other night with Max still ran through her head, she wasn’t sure what to make of it. Liz smiled as she made her way to table ten, where a guy about seventeen and a girl about eighteen sat waiting for her.
“Here, you go one Will Smith Burger for you, and one for you. Along with two orders of space fries, and two Alien Blast. Can I get you anything else?”
The guy looked up at her after scanning the table for sugar and Tabasco sauce. He then looked up at Liz.
“No thank you, I think that’s it.”
As his soft honey eyes made contact with her eyes. Liz could feel something calming about him just like Max. He had shoulder length raven black hair pulled back into a ponytail. His face was soft and smooth with no trace of a pimple. Liz then took in the girl was sitting across from him. She was about five-five, long dirty blonde hair, and bright green eyes. As Liz looked at the girl she felt like she knew her some how. But then she just shook it off.
Shaking out of her trace she then said. “Well, if you need anything just ask for Liz. Okay, so enjoy your meal.”
Liz then turned to see Maria carrying a Blood of Alien Smoothie to one of the back booths. ***

Maria smiled as she placed the Blood of Alien Smoothie in front of her customer. She had to emit that he was cute the goatee really worked for him.
Brad smiled up at Maria as she gave him his order. And watched her as she left.
Brad sighed as he watched Maria as she left. There was something about her, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. He then reached for the bottle of Tabasco sauce that was on his table, and poured some of it into his smoothie. ***

Logan looked around the café he knew that Brad was here he could feel him.
He sprinkled some sugar on his burger then on his fries. Logan watched as his friend Kimberly poured Tabasco sauce in her Alien Blast. He then reached for the bottle himself, then stirred. Kimberly took a bite of her burger and then looked up at Logan.
“I didn’t think normal people liked hot sauce on all their food.”
“Well I guess when you hang out a lot with some one who does it grows on you.”
Logan sighed. “I guess.”
“Logan, are you okay?”
He looked over at her. “Yeah of course I’m fine.”
“Logan it’s going to be fine we’re going to find him.”
“I know we will Kimberly. I’m just worried about the trouble he could get into.” ***

Kyle was smiling as he set the dinner table. He was really proud of the meal he had cooked. Of course Tess had helped him a little bit, but the main idea of it all had been his. He then walked into the kitchen.
“Hey, Tess is the green beans and corn done?”
Tess turned to him holding the bowl with the green beans and corns in it. He took it and set it on the table. Just as Tess came out with the meatloaf.
“Okay, one question that I have to ask?”
“All right Kyle shoot.”
“You didn’t use your power while cooking dinner? Did you?”
“No Kyle I was a good little Alien and I helped you cook it by hand.” ***

Jim Valenti sighed as he walked up his sidewalk. He could wait to be inside of his house. Jim was speechless as he opened the door and saw the dinner on the table. Kyle smiled at his dad.
“Surprise Dad!”
“Kyle, did you cook all of this?”
“Well, Tess had a hand in it all too.”
Tess just smiled at Jim and nodded her head. Like she was hiding something. ***

Max strolled into the Crash Down he needed to talk to Liz. He has held it off all day and he couldn’t wait anymore. Max looked over at the clock it was 6:45p.m. Liz got off tonight at 7:00p.m. He could wait that long to talk to her. Max really just had to see her tonight, he just needed to be with her and find answers to some of the questions that he had. Once he talked to her he was sure that he would feel better about everything.

Author’s note- another month has passed.

***PART 9***

After finishing his meal Brad got up from his table. As he turned to sneak out the back way he ran right into someone.
“I’m so sorry, I should watch where I’m going.”
As he looked up he found himself staring right back at himself that is his self without the goatee and with longer hair.
“Hello, brother. You really like this seat in the back don’t you?”
“Yeah it’s quiet.”
“Brad, why are you here? I told you to wait just a few more months.”
Brad shook his head. “No, Logan man you don’t understand. You have Kimberly, and no matter how much I hate her at times I’m stuck with Tess, but you know what is funny I love her.”
Kimberly had been listening to the two brothers’ talking to each other for twenty minutes. It was now her turn.
“You love her Brad? But she’s a bitch; do you remember what she did to us on our home planet? She betrayed us all.”
“I know that Kimberly but I’m hoping one day that I can change that.”
“How do you know that you will be able to change her mind?”
Logan looked and his wife and brother talking she did have a point.
“Brad, Kimberly is right. Didn’t you say that she was in love with this Max person who is suppose to be Zan?”
Brad shook his head at his brother. “Yes I did, but you see he doesn’t love her back he’s in love with someone else.”
Brad nodded his head. Logan then looked at his brother.
“Look, Brad we have got to let now. What ever happened I’m sure they can deal with it. I mean it we are out of here until next year, now lets move.”
Brad just stared at his brother. “We’re just going to leave?”
“We have to Brad, you did what you thought was right. It’s done so we are going.”
“No buts, we will fill them out in a year I promise.” ***

Alex slowly rolled himself out of bed. As he got up a sudden wave of dizziness hit him, which made him sit back down on his bed. Alex waited for the dizziness to pass before he got up. He then glanced at his clock; it was 6:30p.m. He had been asleep for two and a half-hours. Here lately he always seemed to be tired. After a few minutes Alex decided to try to stand again. Once up Alex started to his closet, when a wave of nausea came over him. Then causing him to have to run to the bathroom. Alex splashed water on his face, then looked up at himself.
“It’s got to be the flu.”
All of a sudden a flash came over him.
Alex was taken back to the night the he and Isabel had made love. He was then pulled to his window. A woman stood outside his window, as Alex was pulled into the flash. He then looked closer to the woman outside it was….
“Tess!” //
Alex was then pulled out of the flash.
“Oh my god, she did something to me.”
Then that same tingly thing that had happened the night they made love happened again. Alex then collapsed in a heap on the floor. ***

Isabel made her way up the steps to Alex’s house she was worried about him. He had been so tired the last couple of weeks, and then the other day he got sick at school. Isabel knocked on the door.
“Hello, Alex are you home?”
Isabel then placed her hand over the lock, it the turned red then it unlocked. She walked into his living room.
“Alex, it’s me Isabel.”
Isabel made her way down the hallway to his room. The door was cracked; she lightly pushed the door open.
Isabel gasped when she saw Alex lying on the floor.
“Oh, my god! Alex!” ***

Maria had just cleaned up everything up at the CrashDown. She untied her apron as she walked to the back. Maria had told Liz to go on and leave and that she would lock up and that was just what she was doing.”
“Michael? What are you doing here? I thought you already left.”
“I did but I decided to come back. Is that okay with you?”
“Oh yeah just fine.”
That’s when their lips pressed against each other. They both seemed to be nipping at each other. ***

Isabel ran over to Alex and kneeled next to him. She could see the sweat covering his body. There seemed to be blisters covering his body as well, but Isabel wasn’t sure.
“Oh, my god! Alex just hold on I’m here.”
Isabel knew that she had to get him to his bed. She ran over to the bed and pulled the covers down. Then she bent back down to Alex.
“Alex if you can hear me it’s Isabel, I’m going to try to lift you up.”
As she lifted one of his arms up and placed it around her neck she heard him moan.
“Yeah, Alex it’s me.”
Alex slowly tried to help Isabel get himself to his bed. Once there, Isabel picked his feet up and placed them into his bed. And pulled the covers up over his body.
“Alex I’ll be right back I’m going to go get some cold water and a rag.”
After she had returned, Isabel sat down beside he and mopped his forehead with the rag. She then produced a glass of water and helped Alex sit up.
“Here, drink this.”
Alex greedily drank the water until the glass was empty.
With the glass now empty Isabel sat in down and slowly started to remove his shirt.
As she bathed his body in the cool water, one of her fingers grazed his stomach. That’s when the vision hit her, a small silver orb floated in front of her. It seemed to be singing to her and laughing at the same time. Isabel was then pulled back to Alex’s bedroom. Where she found her hand resting on his stomach, she then heard Alex call her name.
“Yes, Alex what is it?”
“Its Tess. I think she’s do something to me.”
Isabel ran her fingers down his cheek. “Shhh. Just rest right now, okay Alex.”
“Yeah, okay.”
Isabel watched Alex sleep for a little bit. She knew she had to get Max, but she was afraid to leave Alex’s side. She then reached for the phone and called him.
“Max it’s Isabel, I’m at Alex’s house. How fast can you get here?”
“Why? Isabel what’s wrong?”
“It’s Alex.”

***PART 10***

Max floored his jeep down the road he just hoped that that there weren’t any cops out tonight. All kinds of thoughts ran through his mind. Max then reached down to turn the radio up as a song for 3 Door Down came on.

~ Living risky, never scared, wander closer to the edge
Nothing valued think no fear, always wondering why you’re here
All your purposes are gone, nothing’s right and nothing’s wrong
Nothing ventured, nothing gained, feel no sorrow, feel no pain ~

~ Kiss me while I’m still alive
Kill me while I kiss the sky
Let me die on my own terms, let me
live and let me learn
Now I’ll follow my own way, and I’ll
Live on to another damn day
Freedom carries sacrifice, remember
when this was my life ~

Max’s mind was still trying to figure out what was wrong. [**Was Alex shot, did he cut himself on something and was bleeding to death, or was there a fire some where and Alex got caught in it. **] All these thing ran through his mind as the song went on. As he listened Max started to feel like he fit into the song.

~ Looking forward, not behind,
everybody’s got to cross that line
Free me now to give me a place,
keep me caged and free the beast
Falling faster, time goes by, fear is
not seen through these eyes
What there was will never be, now
I’m blind and cannot see ~

~ Kiss me while I’m still alive
Kill me while I kiss the sky
Let me die on my own terms, let
me live and let me learn
Now I’ll follow my own way, and
I’ll live on to another damn day
Freedom carries sacrifice, remember when this was my life ~

Max prayed that whatever it was, he hoped it could be fixed tonight. ***

Isabel paced back and forth in Alex’s bedroom she prayed that Max would get here soon. Because if he didn’t she was going to go crazy. She glanced, over and Alex as his slept, his fever had broke twenty minutes ago and the blisters seemed to be fading away.
“Max, where are you?” ***

The last chorus was ending as he neared the corner of Alex’s block.

~ Kiss me while I’m still alive
Kill me while I kiss the sky
Let me die on my own terms, let
me live and let me learn
Now I’ll follow my own way, and
I’ll live on to another damn day
Freedom carries sacrifice,
remember when this was my life ~

Max pulled the jeep to a stop and pulled the emergency brake, grabbed his keys and jumped out of the jeep. Then made his way to the front door. ***

Isabel got up from sitting beside of Alex. Part of her had a clue of what was wrong, but she shook the thought from her mind. Because her thought was totally silly and there was no way that it could happen. Isabel then heard the front door open.
“Isabel, where are you?”
Isabel came running out to the room, she flung herself into her brother’s embrace and sobbed.
“Oh, god Max! I was so scared. When I came here, and saw him lying on the floor. Max I can’t lose him, I just can’t.”
“Its going to be okay Iz I promise. Where is he?”
“He’s back in his bedroom.” ***

Liz couldn’t believe that Max had just left. And all that he had told her was that he had something to take care of. Then he just left her, they were starting to get close again and then he just leaves. Liz flopped down on her bed. She knew that Maria and Michael were down stairs. She had heard pots and pans falling earlier on. Liz then opened her journal and started to write.
[**Just when I start to think that we have everything figure out something else turns up. When I have self-control he’s about to lose it, and when I start to lose my control he’s found his. I mean is it me or are we both just spiraling out of control? **]

Max made his way into Alex’s bedroom with Isabel following him.
“Isabel, did he happen to say anything to you?”
“Well, he said something about Tess doing something to him. But he hasn’t been awake long enough for me to really talk to him.”
“What about that fever does he still have it?”
“No, it went down twenty-five minutes ago.”
Max made his way to Alex’s bed and knelt down beside of him. Max placed a hand on his chest and one on his stomach as he made a connection. All kinds of images flew by him. But there were two of them that stood out the most. Max gasped as he pulled out of the connection.
“Max, what is it what did you see?”
Max breathed heavy as he talked.
“It was Tess, she was trying to mind warp you both into thinking that you slept together. But there was another energy pull coming from somewhere behind her. Making it really happen, but something else happened too.”
“What? Max what is it? What else happened?”
“I’m not sure how to say this Isabel.”
“Just say it Max!”
“I think I know what’s wrong with Alex.”
“Well, what’s wrong?”
“Isabel, Alex is pregnant.”
“Max, that’s not funny. I mean there no way that he could be pregnant.”
“I’m not joking Isabel. I saw the baby, I even kind of felt it.”
“Oh, my god! Is it Tess’s?”
“No, it’s yours and Alex’s.”
Isabel walked over to Max and looked down at Alex.
“Oh, my god Max! What are we going to do?”
“We’ll think of something.”
***PART 11***

Isabel couldn’t believe that this was happening. The one person, who she had ever met that care for her, happened to be pregnant. Which was great except that, that someone was a guy. Max watched his sister pace the kitchen and he knew that she had questions, questions that he wished he could answer.
“How could this have happen, Max?”
“I don’t know!”
“Shhh. Keep your voice down. Alex is sleeping remember.”
“I don’t know I wish I did.”
“Max, we can’t say anything to anybody. Not yet anyway.”
“Right. The first thing we have to do is tell Alex.”
Isabel looked at Max and then at the keys to his jeep.
“Max, can we go for a drive while figure all this out?”
“Sure, where do you want to go?”
“I just want to drive.”
Alex yawned as he rolled over and stretched. He then sat up and looked at his clock it was almost eight o’ clock. He couldn’t believe that he had slept for so long. Alex reached into his closet for a baggy T-shirt and a pair of khaki pants. As he pulled the pants up he struggled to get them button and zipped. Alex looked down at his belly and patted it.
“Okay Whitman time to lay off all those cheesedogs.”
He then made his way into his kitchen. It was way past dinnertime and he was starved. Alex fixed himself a ham and cheese sandwich with mustard, some fruit, and a glass of milk.

Max knew that they had drove for a half a mile. But then again he could be wrong. Max could feel all the emotions coming off of Isabel. He was the first one to break the silence.
“Well I guess the first thing we have to do is tell Alex.”
Isabel looked over at her brother.
“Just how are we going to do that Max? Max I just let Alex in and I don’t want to lose him.”
“You won’t if we tell him. Because then we can work it out. But Isabel if we don’t tell we could lose him.”
Yeah, Isabel?”
“The baby is it okay? I mean nothing is wrong with it?”
“I couldn’t find anything when I was connected to Alex.”
“What was it?”
“It seemed human to me.”
Isabel looked at Max and shook her head.
No, I mean is it a boy or a girl?”
“I don’t know.”
Isabel looked up at the stars and took in a breath.
“I always knew I was going to be a mom. I just thought that I would be the one to have the baby.”
Max looked back at Isabel.
“Well now that we have an idea. We better get back to Alex.”
“Okay let’s go Max.”

Alex shook his head as he ate his apple. He had, had one strange dream he had been in it and Isabel and Max. But he couldn’t remember what it had been about. Alex shrugged his shoulders some dreams weren’t meant for people to remember. Once he had finished eating he made his way back to his room. He dug out his guitar and start to strum a few bars. Before he knew it he had written a whole new song. For some reason he was charged and ready to go. Alex had never felt this up before. ***

Kyle watched his dad take the last bite of his meatloaf. He was trying to read the look on his face but he couldn’t.
“So uh dad? How did you like it?”
Jim chewed and then swallowed it.
“I was really good Kyle. And you made it?”
“Well, Tess gave me a hand. But yeah I did.”
Tess just looked at Kyle she couldn’t believe what he had just said. But then she didn’t say a word when she saw how happy he was. If she could help make these two Valenti men happy she would do it. ***

Maria and Michael pulled away from each other. They both were breathing heavy. Maria’s lipstick was gone from her lips; it had found itself a new home on Michael’s. Maria giggled when she looked up and saw her lipstick smeared on his lips. Michael looked at her confused.
“Here let me get that for you.”
Maria reached up with a napkin and wiped the lipstick away.
Michael don’t you think we should go some where a little private?”
“Well, we can always go to my place.”
“That would be a little more private.” Maria giggled again and looked at Michael.
“Lead the way spaceboy.”

Isabel and Max parked the jeep outside of Alex’s house again. And they both climbed out of it. And made their way inside of the house. Once inside Isabel heard Alex’s guitar.
“Max he’s awake.”
They both walked down the hallway. Isabel knocked on the door and was relieved when she heard Alex.
“Who is it?”
“Alex, its Isabel and Max can we come in?”
“Sure, come on in.”
Isabel turned the knob and walked into the room. There sitting on his bed holding his guitar was Alex.
“Hey, Alex how are you feeling?”
“I feel great Isabel why do you ask.”
“Well, me and Max stopped by here earlier and you were kind of sick.”
Alex thought for a minute.
“Oh yeah, my stomach was upset this afternoon but I must have slept it off.”
Isabel and Max looked at each other then back at Alex. Max looked at Alex and said.
“Alex, we uh have something to tell you.”
Alex looked from Max and then to Isabel.
O-okay what is it?”
Isabel let it out in a rush.
“Your pregnant Alex!”
Alex started to laugh. “Very funny you guys ha, ha. Now what is really going on?”
Alex looked from Max to Isabel neither one of them were laughing.
“Come on, Max, Isabel this is some kind of joke right?”
They just looked at him and shook their heads. Alex stopped laughing.
“Max, Isabel what’s going on?”
They both spoke at once.
“You better sit down, Alex.”

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***PART 12***

Alex sat on the couch and let everything that Max and Isabel had told him sink in.
“You guys are really serious aren’t you.”
Isabel nodded her head.
“Well, that would explain everything that has happened the last two months.”
Max cleared his throat as he spoke.
“Alex we’re the only ones who know. We just want to tell you that we are there for you if you need us.”
Alex went silence for a second. That worried Isabel, “Alex are you okay?”
“I’m great Isabel, except for the fact that I’m going to have a baby.”
Isabel looked at Alex. “We’ll think of something.”
“Oh, I’m sure we will Isabel.”
“Then what is it?”
“It’s just that in three more weeks I’m going to be a lot bigger. So what am I going to do about clothes?”
“Well, Max and I can use our powers to make your clothes bigger.”
“You better get started then.”
Alex then got up and started to walk around the room. And started to shake his head.
“This stuff isn’t suppose to happen in real life. This is like a sci-fi gone wrong. Well now I’ll get to see what Arnold felt in the movie Junior, except that he was wearing a suit.”
Max walked over to Alex and took he by the arm.
“Alex why don’t you sit down for a little bit.”
Alex nodded his head and walked with Max a chair. He was breathing hard Max knew that he was trying to calm down before he blew.
Alex then let out a laugh.
“I bet Tess is getting a kick out of this.”
Isabel went to Alex and knelt down in front of him, taking his hands.
“Alex you have got to remember that we’re not sure if it was just Tess.”
“I know it’s just.” He couldn’t even say it.
Max spoke up first. “We have to tell Liz, Maria and Michael.”
“What about Tess?”
Max’s eyes met with the brown eyes of his sister.
“I think it would be better if we didn’t tell her yet.”
Alex started to get hyper. “What am I going to do about my parents and school. Wouldn’t you think to many people would ask questions?”
Max nodded his head.
They all had gathered at Alex’s house that is all but Tess and the Valenti’s.
Surprise and shock ran wild through the living room. Then the teens turned their heads toward Alex and started at his stomach. Alex couldn’t take anymore they Michael, Liz and Maria were looking at him like he had some kind of disease. He got up and walked out the front door.
As Alex step outside and shut the door behind him.

Isabel looked at the two girls and then Michael.
“Way to go! And he’s suppose to be your best friend and you look at him like he is some kind of creature.”
The three teens on the couch were left without words. Max was leaning against the wall as he watched his sister grill the other three.

Alex winced as a vision came over him. A young girl screaming for help as some guy beat her up. Her face was bruised and blood ran from her brow and lip. Alex watched as she slid down the brick wall; her ribs had to be broken. Once the vision had left him he rubbed his head.
Then he took off running toward the one alley.

Isabel and the gang step out the door just to see Alex run around the corner.
“Alex wait!”
They all ran after him, but when they got to the turn they had lost him. Alex was not where in sight.

Alex made into the alley and saw a guy stand over a small girl about 14 years old.
“Hey you how about you picking on some one your own size.”
The stranger stood up and walked toward him.
Alex stood his ground as the guy swung at him. Alex ducked and then swung back at the guy nailing him in the jaw.
Max and the gang followed the sound of a fight into an alleyway.
And from what Max could tell Alex was doing pretty well.
Liz watched as Alex spun into the air and swung his legs out knocking the guy out cold. Liz looked at Maria and asked.
“Where did Alex learn to fight like that?”
Maria shook her head she had no idea either.

Alex blinked as he looked down at the guy on the ground. And wondered what had just happened. In a flash he remembered the girl and ran to the back to find her. “Emily are you okay?”
The girl came out of the shadows and nodded her head. Isabel watched as the teen then wrapped her arms around him. The girl then looked up at him.
“Are you an angel?”
Alex laughed then said, “No I’m just a friend, that all.”
“But only an angel would know my name.
Alex just smiled as he pulled a tissue out of his pocket. He reached up toward her face.
“Here let me get that for you.” Alex reached up the wipe the blood away. When he pulled it away the bruises and blood, were gone her face was perfect.
Alex blinked as the girl felt her face.
“You are an angel I knew it.”
Emily reached out and hugged him harder. She then smiled at him as she ran home.

Isabel walked up to Alex and asked.
“What just happen?”
Alex just shrugged his shoulders. He was still trying to figure it out himself.
Had he just beat the crap out of that or had Michael? Did he just heal that girl or did Max?
Alex was dizzy from thinking he had too much stuff on his mind right now.
What was going on with him was he really pregnant, was he changing or was it just a dream?

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***PART 13***

Two and a half weeks have passed since all this strange things had started to happen to Alex. And he had a feeling that it all was just the beginning. He had been right, but so had Max and Isabel Alex was indeed pregnant. But that was something that Alex couldn’t believe. Isabel knocked on Alex’s door and waited for him to answer. When he did she let herself in.
“Morning Alex. How are you feeling this morning?”
“I feel fine. Why do you ask?”
“Oh no real reason.”
Isabel had moved in with Alex a few days ago. Because now she felt responsible for him in some way, she guessed it was because she was supposed to be, the one carrying the baby not him. As Isabel watched Alex get dressed she had to hide a giggle behind her hand. Because there was no real way to hide it any more, Alex Whitman was truly pregnant his belly truly showed it now. Which for Isabel and the gang it was hard to believe hell it was even harder for Alex.
Alex stood in amazement as he felt the baby kick him. Now he kind of understood his mom all those hours of talking about the miracle of birth. But for him it really was a miracle, because he wasn’t supposed to be able to carry one, but yet he was.
Alex then looked down at his waist he was huge and before he knew he was crying. He wasn’t even sure why he was crying. Isabel went to him.
“Alex, what is it?”
Alex sniffed.
“I’m a freak Isabel. I have joined the club of the freak without knowing it.”
Alex then caught the hurt look on Isabel’s face. Then shook his head that hadn’t been what he had meant to say.
“Isabel, I didn’t mean it that way. You know that it’s just.”
Alex turned away from her. He didn’t want her to know what this was doing to him. He was a guy and he just wasn’t meant to have hormones like this.
Alex had to face it he was a guy and he just couldn’t handle the fact, that he was just about four month pregnant and he had all these new hormones in his body and he didn’t know what to do.
“I’m what, 17, a guy and I’m pregnant. Excuse the term with an alien baby. My body is going through all these changes and I’m getting lost.”
Isabel just looked at him as he walked around the room. She knew that he was just getting started.
“I mean I’m trying to be sane here be it is just not working. I’m wearing my clothes only they are now three sizes bigger. Just forget it doesn’t really matter.”
Isabel went and put her hand on his shoulder.
“No, Alex your wrong it does matter. It matters to all.”
“Isabel it’s just that. That night I had that vision and then it came true. And those kicks and stuff I did to the guy were did it all come from?”
“I’m not sure. Max and I were just thinking that it came from the baby.”
“But you’re not sure are you?”
“No we’re not.”

Max flopped back onto his bed, as Michael walked out of the shadows of his window.
“So is it human Maxwell?”
Max sat up and like at him. He couldn’t believe that he had just asked him that.
“Yes, as far as I can tell right now.”
“So far, so what Maxwell. You’re telling me that you don’t know.”
“It’s to early right now. But yes Michael it is.”
“We got to do something about it now!”
“Michael? What are you asking me to do?”
Max took one look at his face and knew his answer.
“No Michael I can’t do that. I can’t take away a life.”
“Then if you’re to scared to do it, then I will.”
Michael turned away from him and headed toward the window. Max jumped out of the bed and yelled at him.
“Michael stop! Don’t do anything stupid.”
“Yeah because I’m already a big screw right Maxwell?”
“No Michael. Look I know the reason why you’re doing this.”
“Really Maxwell, tell me why am I doing this.
“It’s because your scared Michael. Your not the only one scared here, we all are. We all are all scared about what this may do to Alex. But you see Michael that’s not what Isabel and Alex are scared about.”
“Really Max well since you have all the answers you tell me.”
“They are scared for the baby. They’re worried if it will ever be born.”
Michael turned away from Max.
“I mean come on Michael, this is not about what me and you want. It’s about what Alex and Isabel want. And as far as I can tell they want this baby, because it’s theirs. Then you come to see me and talk about destroying it did you ever think about them?”
Michael wasn’t sure what to say. Because Max was right he hadn’t thought about them. All that he had thought about was keeping, Maria, Himself, Max and Isabel safe. He had never really thought about what they had wanted just himself. Michael cleared his throat.
“So what’s you’re plan fearless leader?”
“I’m still working on that one. But it’s almost done.”
“How long do we have till we need to get him out of Roswell?”
“We have until the end of this month.”
“Well then we better get started then.”
He turned and looked at Max then climbed out the window.

Liz slumped into the chair in her room. The CrashDown had been busy tonight. Plus the fact that her life and the lives of her friend, were about to get harder. She was still reeling with the fact that one of her closest guy friends was going to give birth to a baby. If life could get weirder she would like to know how and when it was going to happen. She was getting to the point where she couldn’t take any more surprises.

Alex crawled under his covers he couldn’t believe how fast the day had gone by. It was 9:30p.m. And he could wait to fall asleep. He just now starting to expect the fact that he was going to have a baby.
He smiled went Isabel walked into the room and lay on top of the covers with him. Isabel smiled when she saw how much his stomach stuck out when he was lying down. Alex couldn’t blame her he did look kind of funny, he kind of had to laugh at himself. Alex then felt the baby move, as he lay there, and reached out and took Isabel’s hand and placed it on the small bugle. She gasped when she felt the baby move. Then a silver glow came from it as they saw a small silver hand appear under his skin. It was their baby it knew that they were, they’re loving it as it grew.

***PART 14***

Alex threw his suitcase on his bed. He couldn’t believe that he and Isabel were leaving Roswell. Max and them had fixed it so that everyone thought that he and Isabel were taking computer classes over the summer. And that if they wanted to get in, they would have to leave now. It was now May and the summer was almost here. In two weeks he would be it his five month. And the bad news was that in two days his parent would be home. A thought ran through Alex’s mind. [** The last thing my parents need to find is that in three or four months their son is going to give birth to their first grandchild. **]
Alex laughed to himself.
“That would be real funny. Especially the part where I would have to explain to them that their grandchild is half alien.”
Isabel walked into the room.
“Alex are you okay? You were talking to yourself.”
“Yeah, I’m great I guess I can’t wait to get out of here before my parents get home.”
“Well, good because I was just about to ask if you were ready to go.”
Alex looked around his room it was going to be weird to leave so much of his stuff here. Because when he and Isabel came back nothing was ever, going to be the same ever again.
When they all came back to Roswell their lives would never be like they were before they left.
“Yeah, I think I’ve got everything that I will need. Laptop?”
“It’s in your car.”
“What about my guitar?”
“Maria and Liz put in the car this morning.”
“Oh okay then let’s get going then.”
Alex walked out his bedroom door and shut it behind him. As he made his way to the front door he stopped.
“What about the note to my parents?”
Isabel turned and put her hand on his shoulder.
“Don’t worry about it. There’s a note over on the counter confirming everything.”
“What did you tell them?”
“What you had planned to tell them. You entered a drawing on the Internet and your entry was chosen as the winner.”
“Right, well here we go Isabel.”
Isabel looked over at Alex as she climbed into driver’s seat. It was his car, but the last couple of days he had been sleep as much as he had been before. But Isabel thought it was just his body’s way of adjusting to being pregnant. She couldn’t help but to hold back a laugh. It was just so weird seeing Alex sitting beside her and he was the one having a baby not her.
“So when are we going to say good bye to everyone?”
“Max said to meet at our house.”
“Well, I guess that today will be the time everyone will see me this small.”
Alex said gesturing toward his waist.
Isabel said with a laugh. He just looked at her.
“What when we see them next month I’ll be so big I won’t be able to see my feet.”
“Then what is it Isabel?”
“It’s just that this wasn’t suppose to happen to you.”
“But it did Iz.”
Isabel sniffed back a tear and nodded her head.
“I know, I know it’s just that you seem up about it. I mean making jokes around every turn.”
Alex reached over and took a hold of her arm.
“Hey, this is all new to me to you know.”
“I know. But how do you manage to do that.”
“Do what?”
“Poke jokes at your situation like that.”
“Hey that’s just plain old Alex dealing with it the way that he knows how to that’s all.”
“Really Isabel. But one thing that won’t change is the fact that I love you.
And if I have to go through four more months of this to prove that I love you then I will. Isabel I would do anythin…”
Alex didn’t even get to finish the word before Isabel put her finger to his lips.
“Alex don’t, you don’t have to do anything to prove to me that you love me.”
“I don’t? Because sometimes I feel like I do.”
“Well you don’t okay, and…and I would have never wished this on you. Michael maybe but never you Alex.”
Liz couldn’t believe this was happening. In a few moments Alex and Isabel would be here to say good-bye. It just didn’t seem like it could happen.
Max walked behind Liz and put his hands on her shoulders and started to rub them. Liz sighed as she felt herself relax.
“Does that feel better now?”
“Yes, I mean no.”
Max draped his arms around her neck.
“Don’t worry Liz. We’ll work everything out. I won’t let anything go wrong.”
“But it kind of did didn’t. I mean Alex is…is pregnant, Max tell me how you’re going to fix that. There is no possible way for you to do that.”
“No there isn’t but I can make sure everything goes okay.”
Liz looked over at him confusion all over her face.
“What do you mean make sure everything goes okay? Nothing is okay because my best friend who happens to be a guy is going to have a baby!”
Just as that sentence came out of her mouth Alex and Isabel walked into the room.
“Thanks Liz but I already know that I’m going to have a baby.”
Liz whipped around in surprise.
“Oh, Alex.”
“Hi to you too.”
“No it’s just that.”
“Yeah, yeah Liz. Don’t worry about it’s okay.”
“You mean you’re not upset?”
“No I’m not saying that Liz. I’m just saying that I’m dealing with it as it comes, and Isabel dealing to.”
Alex looked over at Max and asked.
“So, Max everything’s set and all ready.
“Yeah, no one should ask about you and why you and Isabel are gone.”
“So when Maria and Michael get here we can leave.”
“Hey Max, what are we going to do about Tess?”
“I’m still working on that part. But everything is going to work out Alex I promise you.”
“I hope so Max for all our sakes. Now where are Michael and Maria?”

***PART 15***

Maria gasped as Michael pressed his lips to hers. This was moving fast, Maria could feel his body hardening as he leaned closer to her. Her eyes fell to Michael’s clock. Maria’s eyes widened as she jerked away from.
“Hey, Maria what was that for?”
“Oh my god Michael we are so dead.”
“What Maria? What are you talking about?”
Michael’s gaze followed her hand as she pointed to the clock.
“Yes Michael look what time it is we’re late.”
Michael shook his head.
“Late for what?”
“Alex and Isabel were supposed to leave 15 minutes ago. And we where suppose to be there 20 minutes ago.”
Michael jumped up from the couch.
“All shit!”
He then started to rush through his apartment. Like he was looking for something. Maria looked at him for a little bit shaking her head.
“Michael what are you doing?”
Michael slid back into the room.
“Have you seen my shirt?”
Maria giggled and pulled a shirt off the lampshade.
“You mean this shirt?”
She dangled it in front of him. He looked at it for a second.
“That would be the one.”
Michael kissed her cheek as he pulled his shirt on. Maria then grabbed his arm and said.
“Okay you have your shirt now let’s go.

Alex paced the floor he really needed to get going before his parents got here. All he could think about where the hell Maria and Michael were.
He turned back towards Isabel.
“Hey Iz?”
Isabel turned to face him. He looked so tired and worn out. She didn’t know how much more of this he could take.
“Yeah Alex?”
Why had she asked that stupid question? She knew the answer; Alex was getting antsy and was ready to go. But she hated to leave without saying good-bye to Michael and Maria especially Michael.
“Where are they?” he added. Isabel shrugged her shoulders and looked out the window.
“I’m sure they’re on their way,” Liz commented, gently rubbing Alex’s back.
“Yeah, maybe they got stopped by a train,” Max offered. Off of Alex’s look he added, “or something…”
Alex sighed and flopped down into the chair, rubbing his brow. Liz and Isabel shared a look and Isabel came over to him, sitting down on the arm of his seat.
“Don’t get upset, Alex. It’s not good for the baby.”
Alex gave Isabel a look that could kill, making Liz and Max smile and look at each other in laughter. Isabel shook her head and stood back up, giving Liz a look as if to ask for help.
Liz, nodding to Isabel, drifted over closer to Alex. “Hey…you wanna talk?”
“About what?” Alex asked, not making eye contact. Liz gave him a look and he sighed. “I’m just so tired – and before you tell me it’s natural, it’s not about that.” Rubbing his brow once more, Alex rambled on. “I’m just tired of all of this stuff. Keeping secrets, running around from the FBI – not that it hasn’t been fun,” he added, looking at Isabel and Max, “but this is over the line!” Alex exclaimed, motioning to his stomach. “I’m a GUY! Guys don’t get pregnant remember? Back me up here!” Waiting for Max to respond, he slumped back down.
“Um…” Clearing his throat, Max nodded. “I can, um, understand where you’re coming from…”
The flustered look on his face made Liz smile and she briefly wondered how he would react when it was their child. Doing a double take, she focused on their conversation, not letting her mind go there. Her and Max weren’t together like that, anymore.
“Liz…you ok?” Alex asked softly, looking her in the eye.
Shaking her head, Liz told him she was ok. She could feel Max’s eyes on her and looked back, smiling softly to reassuring him. “I’m fine.”
Alex stared at her a beat longer then stood up, taking a minute to readjust him-self. “Lets go.” Taking Liz’s hand, he led her outside.
Max watched Liz go, wondering what was going on.
“He’s gotten more in-tune with his feelings and…well, when he’s not ranting he’s very sensitive,” Isabel joked.
Max nodded; understanding that Alex could see Liz was upset, but upset that he didn’t notice himself. ***

“I’m just…uh,” Liz moaned, laying her head on Alex’s shoulder. “I just keep thinking about me and Max’s future and then remember that we DON’T have a future! I mean, not together.”
“Liz…you know Max loves you,” Alex offered, putting his arm around her.
“I know!” Liz exploded, standing up and starting to pace in front of Alex, who was sitting on Max’s front porch.
“Max loves me and I love him, but every time I turn around Tess is there, reminding me of my human status and his King-alien destiny and I just wanna pull her little blonde curls out!!”
Alex stood up and touched her shoulder. “Liz, sweetie, calm down, ok? You know I understand; I mean, Tess isn’t exactly my favorite person right now, but violence is never an answer.”
Liz looked up at her friend and laughed. “Well…I wasn’t actually gonna do it.”
“I know,” he said quickly. “Just saying… Look, you guys are gonna work out. I know it. So just have some faith.”
Liz smiled up at her friend and hugged him close. “I love ya, you know? Thanks.”
“I know, everyone loves me right now,” he joked. Pulling back, they both laughed and Liz looked down, freezing. Alex’s stomach was glowing!
“Alex…does that happen a lot?” she whispered, awed at the sliver glow.
“Yeah…they feel love and glow…that’s all I can guess,” he offered.
Liz nodded and paused a beat then slowly placed her hand on his stomach, laughing when she felt a kick. A second later the glowing went away.
“Guess he wanted to say hello,” Liz joked.
“He?” Alex asked.
“Or she,” she amended quickly. “Whichever.” They both laughed and started to go back inside when they heard tires squealing. Looking over, they watched, as Maria’s little red Jetta swerved into view and came to a screeching halt in front of them.
“How many times do I have to tell you – cars are meant to be driven on FOUR wheels!” Michael exclaimed, climbing out of the passenger seat.
“Cram it Guerin! We’re late,” Maria tossed back, just then noticing Alex and Liz. “Alex!” Running up to hug him, Maria added, “I’m SOOOO sorry! But we got, um, held up.”
“By the couch?” Liz asked, raising an eyebrow.
Michael nodded and Maria exclaimed, “no, no, no!” Seeing her boyfriend was agreeing with Liz, she huffed and smacked him on the back of his head.
“Owe! What was that for?”
Ignoring him, Maria gestured toward Alex. “How are you doing babe? Ready to leave little old Roswell in the dust?”
“Sure, and head right to little old Clovis, which is only about 2 hours away,” he replied dryly.
“Well…it’s better then here,” Liz offered glumly.
“ANYWHERE is better then here,” Maria and Michael said together.
Alex looked at the three of them and added.
“Yeah that may be true but it’s not like I’m going to enjoy myself of anything. But I’m sure Isabel will find something to do.”
Liz had notice that he was slipping back into his semi-depression mode.
“Alex are you sure you’re okay?”
“Yeah, Liz I’m fine and I’ll be better when I’m out of here.”
Alex turned and started toward the house.
Liz, Maria, and Michael just watched him leave. Michael broke the silence when he asked.
“What’s eating him?”
Maria just looked at him.
“What do you think is eating. I mean could it be the fact that HE’S going to be having a baby.”
Michael just shrugged his shoulder and started to walk toward the house. Liz and Maria looked at each other. And then follow Michael inside.

Alex and Isabel head to their car and loaded a few more things inside of the trunk. Alex and Isabel did their hugs and handshakes goodbye. Alex looked at Liz and Maria.
“Well, the next time you see me you can tease me about my ankles and so on.”
Liz and Maria both laughed and watched as they got into the car. Liz felt like crying as she watched the car disappear out of sight. She knew Maria was close to crying too. Liz thought she was falling, because all of their lives were going, to change forever because of Tess.

Author’s note- a month has passed.

***PART 16***

Alex stood in front of the large mirror in the small apartment that they were staying in, while they were in Clovis. He had just button up a pair of his X- Large khaki pants and was looking at his large protruding belly. Alex turned sideways and then back again. His eyes then noticed how dark his nipples were. He then hollered for Isabel.
“Hey, Iz can you come here for a minute?”
Isabel came into the bedroom from the kitchen.
“What is it Alex?”
“Is it me or are my nipples darker then they use to be?”
Isabel hid a giggle behind her hand. It was kind of funny to see how self-conscious he had become, these last couple of months.
“You’re fine Alex its just something that women normally go through.”
“Right! But I’m not a girl I’m a GUY. I swear to you that if I get through this I will never crack on another girl ever again.”
Isabel laughed as she went up to him.
“Don’t worry Alex everything will be fine.”
Alex looked into Isabel deep brown eyes and kissed her lips. Isabel jumped and pulled from him when she heard him wince in pain. Isabel watched through panic filled eyes as Alex clutched his lower abdomen.
“Oh my god! Alex I’m so sorry did I do something wrong.”
Alex tried to hide a grimace as he looked at Isabel.
“No, no, it wasn’t you. I think its just because I’m kind of stretching out here?”
“So I didn’t hurt you?”
Alex went up to her and took her hands.
“Isabel anything you have ever done, you did because you thought it was for the best. I know that you would never try to hurt me on purpose.”
Isabel looked back at Alex as he kissed her forehead then her lips. There were time when it felt like they were in a different time and place when they kissed.
Alex pulled out of the kiss first and headed for the small kitchen.
“So Iz? When did Max say that they would be here?”
Isabel came back into kitchen to find Alex fiddling with some pans.
“I think he said they would be here by 10:00a.m.But he wasn’t sure.”
“So we have to fix lunch yes, no, maybe?”
Isabel looked at Alex and shrugged her shoulders.
“I guess if they are here by lunch I guess we’re feeding them.”
“Well, gee that’s helpful.”

The jeep cursed down the road at the speed limit. The wind whipped through Maria and Liz’s hair. They both couldn’t wait to see Alex. It had seemed like year since they had seen him last. But it really had only been a month since they had seen him; the surprising thing to them all was that school was out for the summer. All five teens were squeezed inside of the jeep. Yes I said five much to their dismay Tess was there as well. Liz sat shotgun beside of Max while Michael was stuck in between Maria and Tess in the back seat.
Max had explained everything to Tess and she had said that she had to go check it out, because she couldn’t believe it. Liz couldn’t stand the silence that had over come, the jeep as they drove down the road.
“So Max do you think Alex and Isabel are okay?”
“I’m sure Alex is fine Liz Isabel wouldn’t let anything happen to him you know that.”
“I know but I can’t help but worrying a little bit.”
“Me too Liz me too.”
Liz looked over at Max and smiled. How could she have forgotten that Max would be worrying about the both of them too?
[** God Liz Parker some times you can be so stupid sometimes.] ***

Liz then pulled out her journal and started to write a little in it, it had been a while since she had written last.
[** The month is now May and these last few months have been pretty weird. School is out for the summer for now. And I know that summer is supposed to be filled with summer fun. But some how I don’t think my summer will be. Because you see my best friend Alex Whitman is now five months pregnant, I think. Well any way Max still hasn’t said anything about what they’re going to do when it’s time for the baby to come. I mean it’s not like we can take him to the hospital for a C-Section or anything. Because then you see we would have to explain that his pregnant with an alien baby and I don’t think that would go over well with anybody. Well I better sign off now it won’t be long before we reach Isabel and Alex’s place. I’m Liz Parker and I believe my life is about to get stranger. **]

Brad’s forest green Blazer followed Max’s army green Jeep down the road. He kept his distance from them, because he was afraid that maybe they would figure out that he was following them. But he figured if he had to, that he could change the color of his Blazer maybe to a plum, or electric purple.
Who was he kidding if his twin brother found out that he was following them he would probable kick his ass. But that didn’t keep him from putting his foot on the gas. There was a blue Mustang in between his Blazer and their Jeep. Brad thought that having one car between them was good, but if that car moved he would have to pull back from them a little bit.
Brad thoughts then moved to Tess. As looked toward the Jeep, he could see her blond curly hair whipping in the wind. God he couldn’t believe that he was sitting in his car and he was thinking about her. He shouldn’t ever like her, she was a total BITCH, but he just couldn’t help it. Brad knew that some how he had to show her that they belonged together. Kimberly thought she was disgusting because of what she had done in their past life. He just knew that if they would give him a chance that he could change her mind about him.
“Please Logan, don’t get mad at me. I know you told me not to get into this, but I started this and I’m going to finish it.”

Alex pulled open the door to their large white refrigerator. He looked at the few baron shelves and frowned.
“Isabel we have a problem!”
Isabel looked up from the book she had been reading on Parenting.
“There is not enough food to feed seven mouths in here. I mean that is unless we all plan on eating Tabasco sauce.”
Isabel sighed and got up and went to the fridge. She stood beside of Alex and waved her hand over the empty shelves. And in an instance food appeared on the shelves: ham, turkey, apples, grapes, and bananas. Alex’s eyes opened in surprise.
“Okay never mind I guess we will have food to feed them went they get here if we have too.”
Isabel looked over at him and smiled.
“See Alex, nothing to worry about.”
“Yep, I see that. So what are we doing opening up the fridge and telling them to help themselves?”
“We’ll have to see Alex. Maybe.”

***PART 17***

Brad followed the Jeep all the way to Clovis without them picking up on him. He just hoped that he could find Alex and all of them to explain, all of this himself. Which was not going to be an easy thing for him to do.
“Well, Brad my man your almost there. Just stay with the plan that you had.”
Brad slowly parked his Blazer in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart across the street. As he watched the Jeep, park in front of a lone apartment house. The only other car in the parking lot other then the Jeep was a Silver Taurus. Brad guessed that the Taurus belonged to Alex or Isabel. He decided that he would stay here for a little while there was a Motel 6, a block away from the small house apartment.

Alex had turned on the radio as he folded and put his clothes away. The station was 98.3 and to be truthful with you Alex didn’t really listen to country music. But for some reason today he was in the mood. Alex listened as Randy Travis’s song Forever And Ever, Amen came on and he found himself singing along to the music.
~ You may think that I’m talking foolish,
You’ve heard that I’m wild, I’m free,
You may wonder how I can promise you now.
This love that I feel for you always will be,
But you’re not just time that I’m killing.
I’m no long one of those guys
As sure as I live this love that I give
Is gonna be yours until the day that I die-- Oh baby ~

~ I’m gonna love you forever. Forever, and ever Amen.
As long as old men sit and talk about the weather
As long as old women sit and talk about old men
If you wonder how long I’ll be faithful,
I’ll be happy to tell you again.
I’m gonna love you forever and ever, forever and ever Amen. ~

Isabel walked into the bedroom to find Alex singing to a Randy Travis song. She gave a little laugh as she watched Alex dance. For he looked a little silly dancing in the condition that he was in. Once Alex noticed that Isabel was in the room. He slid over to her and started to sing to her as they danced Isabel couldn’t help but laugh a little.

~ They say time takes its toll on a body.
Makes the young girls brown hair turn grey
But honey, I don’t, I’m not in love with your hair
And if it all fell out well I’d love you anyway
They say that time can play tricks on a memory
And people forget things that they knew
But it’s easy to see it’s happening to me
I’ve already forgotten every woman but you --- Oh baby ~

~ I’m gonna love you forever, forever and ever Amen
As long as old men sit and talk about the weather,
As long as old women sit and talk about old men
If you how long I’ll be faithful
I’ll be happy to tell you again
I’m gonna love you forever and ever, forever and ever Amen ~

~ Just listen to how this song ends
I’m gonna love you forever and ever forever and ever
Forever and ever Forever and ever Amen ~

Isabel giggled as the song ended and he dipped her. After standing Isabel back on her feet, Alex then placed his hand on the small of his back.
“Okay, something tells me that I won’t be doing that for awhile.”
Isabel looked worriedly over at Alex.
“Alex? Are you okay.”
“Yep, I’m fine Izzy I promise you.”
A small giggle caught their attention. Alex and Isabel turned toward the doorway to see both Liz and Maria looking in at them. Alex’s eyes lit up when he saw them standing there.
“Lizzie, Maria you’re here it’s great to see you.”
Both Liz and Maria ran to give Alex, but his getting large bulge of a stomach was starting to make it hard for him to hug anybody. But some how they managed to do it.
“So where are Max and Michael at?”
Liz and Maria both glanced at each other. Liz turned and looked at Alex.
“Their out in the Jeep helping Tess unpack our things.”
The moment Tess’s name slipped out of her mouth Alex’s face fell.
“Whoa, whoa, back it up a minute. Did I hear you right? Did you just say that Tess was here?”
Maria swallowed and then answered, “ That would be right.”
“I can’t believe you guys let her come. There is no way in hell that I’m going to let that LOW LIFE into my house!”
Isabel gently took Alex by the arm and started to lead him to the bed.
“Alex just take it easy okay. Why don’t you sit down on the bed for a little while.”
Alex jerked away from Isabel.
“No, I don’t want to sit down! I want to talk. Okay here’s what I’m thinking. You guys are all scared about me having a baby. That’s cool I can understand that, but there is one thing that I can not stand.”
Alex took in a breath and then continued.
“The one thing that I can not stand is that you all treat me like I am a child. And a child is one thing that I am not. Maybe I should remind you all that I am a teenage guys and yes, I am going too have a baby.”
Liz, Maria, and Isabel all looked at each other and then turned back to Alex. Maria let out all the air she had been holding in and walked other to Alex and say.
“Well it’s not like me and Liz wanted her to come either. I mean if we would have, had it our way there would have been no way that I would have told her.”
Alex looked at his two best friends and he really believed them.
“You know your right. It’s not your fault, Michael and Max can come in. But there is no way that she is coming in here, and that’s it.”

Michael held his two bags in one of his hands and three of Maria’s in the other. He still couldn’t see how one person could have so many things. Max follows behind him carrying his and Liz’s bags.
“You know what Maxwell. I don’t think I will ever understand women, I mean you pack to leave for a few months and they pack the whole house with them.”
Max laughed and looked over at Michael and smiled.
“Hey, I don’t have it that easy either. They’re both just happy to see Alex.”
Michael scoffed.
“Yeah so happy that they couldn’t help bring in some of their stuff.”
As Michael started up the steps to the house apartment, he could hear Alex fussing about something. He wasn’t sure what it was about but he thought he had heard Tess’s name being said.

Isabel walked back to Alex’s side and said.
“Come on Alex let’s go outside for a little while.”
Alex turned around and looked at Isabel and laughed.
“You’re joking right?”
He then saw the straight look on her face.
“You’re not joking, you really do want me to walk outside where that two faced person is. Isabel honey, I’m sorry but there is no way that I’m going out that door. That is unless you plan to carry me out the door yourself.”
Liz knew that she had to try something.
“Well Alex why don’t you just give her a chance.”
Alex turned to Liz.
“What have you gone nuts too? I said it once and I’ll say it again. There is no way that she is going to stay here. The only way she will stay here is over my dead body.”

Michael made his way in the door and Max walked in behind him. Max turned to close the door, when he saw Tess coming he cracked it. As Tess made her way to the door it closed on her. Tess leaned her shoulder in to push the door open; she had seen Max crack it. But when she pushed her shoulder again it nothing happened. She then set her bags down and went to try the doorknob. But when she tried to turn it, it wouldn’t move.
“Very funny Max now, unlocked the door.”
Tess shook the knob nothing happened. She knew that she had seen Max crack it. But now the door was closed and now it seemed as if the house had locked her out.
“Max! Michael this isn’t funny now unlock this door!”
Tess couldn’t figure it out what was going on here.

***PART 18***

Everyone expect Tess, sat down at the table, which sat in Isabel and Alex’s small kitchen. Some how Isabel had managed to makeup subs for everyone to eat. Alex then turned and looked at Max.
“Hey Max I thought Liz and Maria told me that Tess was here?”
After swallowing a bit of his sub. Max looked up at Alex and replied.
“She is here. She was right behind me before I came in. Why do you ask?”
Alex shrugged his shoulders.
“No real reason I was just wondering. Being that I haven’t seen her yet.”
Alex was just about to say something else, when he suddenly got up from the table.
“Uh, if you guys would excuse me. I have to go pee again, sorry.”
Before any one could say any thing Alex had disappeared into the hallway.
Maria then looked at everyone one.
“Yeah where is Tess anyway?”

Tess kicked the door hard with her foot. She could believe this was happening to her. She had been screaming her lungs off for a half-an-hour. And no one had heard her. Tess then waved her hand over the doorknob and then tried it. But still nothing happened.
“Damn it! What the hell is going on here!”
She kicked the door one more time and then sat down on the step.

Brad couldn’t help but laugh. He had seen everything from his car. As he sat there watching it all he knew that it wasn’t Michael or Max who had just locked the door on her. Something else had done it, what he wasn’t sure. But it couldn’t be human.
Brad then slowly got out of his car; he then closed his eyes and focused. Before he knew it he had shimmered away.
When he opened his eyes again he found himself standing behind Max’s Jeep.
“Wow, I did it, I really did it. Awesome it worked.”
Brad then slowly made his way around the Jeep and was standing beside of Tess.
“Hey there, you need a hand?”
Startled Tess jumped and turned to see Brad stand there beside her.
“Oh my god, you scared me!”
Brad looked down for a minute then back up.
“Oh sorry about that. So would you like a hand or not.”
Tess scoffed at him at first.
“Sure be my guest. It’s not like you can do something that I can’t.”
Brad looked back at Tess as he headed toward the door. He couldn’t help but smile at her. When he first got to the door he could felt something pushing against him but then it faded as he touched the door. Brad then put his hand over the doorknob and though about the lock. The minute his hand touched the door the other energy pulled away. When the door clicked he backed away from the door.
“There you go.”
Tess quickly looked at him it shock then said.
“I tried using my pow…!” She then stopped herself before she finished.
Brad grinned to himself he still had it. The power to make her do almost anything.
Tess then started to walk toward him.
“How did you do that?”
Brad then pulled out his ID card.
“A little trick my dad taught me, for when I locked myself without the keys.”
Tess lowered her eyes to the ground. For some strange reason she wanted to look into his eyes. But she kept herself from doing it.
Brad looked over at her. “Oh what?”
Tess tried to brush off the feelings that she was getting from him.
“It’s nothing really. What’s your name anyway?”
“Oh my names Brad Schupp.”
Brad then looked over at her. “So what’s yours?”
“Tess…Tess Harding.”
Brad then look into Tess’s face.
“Tess huh? That’s a really pretty name. Well, Tess I think you have some friends waiting for you.”
“Yeah, well their not really my friends their my…”
Tess stopped her-self before another word slipped out of her mouth. She had no clue with what was going on with her.
Brad then lifted his brown eyes up to meet her blue ones.
“Well, maybe I’ll get lucky and I’ll see you around sometime?”
Tess’s face bushed as she smiled at him.
“Yeah, maybe you will.”
Brad then bent down to hand her, her bags that she had dropped.
Maybe he would get to her sooner then he thought. Twice already she had almost blown her cover and told him the truth about herself and the others.

Brad smiled to himself, as he stood alone on the sidewalk. Part of him felt good at having some revenge on her. Because what he was going to have to do once he got close to them. Was to lie to them, and tell them that Tess’s powers were growing and he would have to take her away with him. And if they said anything about it he would tell them that he was the only one that could help her. Brad knew that if he had to he would tell them the truth, even if it killed him.

Tess slowly made her way down the small hallway. She had no idea what she was going to tell them. Heck maybe if she was lucky they wouldn’t ask. Alex slowly made his way back to the table, with an apple in his hand.
Isabel looked over at him and asked.
“Alex, you okay?”
“Yep never better Isabel.”
“Are you sure?”
“I said I was fine so why can’t we leave it at that?”
“Okay, suit yourself.”
Within minutes of sitting down Alex stood up again.
“You know what Isabel. I’m not okay I’m a little tired so I think I’ll go lie down for a little.”
Alex then headed toward his and Isabel bedroom.

Michael reached across the table for a carrot stick and popped one into his mouth.
“What do you think that was all about he seemed fine to me.”
Just as those last words fell from his mouth Tess walked into the room.
“Hey, sorry I took me so long. I was having trouble with your door Isabel. I think there’s something wrong with it.”
Maria bit her lip as she tried not to laugh. She then leaned over to Michael.
“I think what was bothering Alex just walked into the room.”

Alex slowly sat down on his bed and rubbed his protruding abdomen, as a sharp pain shot through it causing him to wince. As Alex rubbed it he could feel the baby become more relaxed.
“You don’t like her either do you?”
Alex then felt a ripple as the baby kicked him.
“I guess, I’ll take that as a big NO.”
Alex then looked down at his belly and laughed.
“Well, next time you plan on doing that try to give me some warning. I took everything I had not to cry out in pain, plus hide it from Isabel.”

He then reached down under the bed and pulled out his guitar, and started to strum on it. Alex knew that things were going to get a lot harder and weird for all of them. And he has to do is put up with it for four more months. Alex was really starting to give in and give up. He just wasn’t sure if he could do it. But then for Isabel he could do anything.

***Part 19***

Author’s note- Alex is approaching the 21 & 22 weeks of his pregnancy.

Liz walked into Alex and Isabel’s kitchen she figured that she could start breakfast. She had peek in on Alex and Isabel as she walked down the hallway. They both had been asleep; Isabel’s right hand had been resting on his stomach. Almost as if she had been protecting it. It was a small apartment but it managed to have three bedrooms. One Isabel and Alex shared. The second one now belonged to Michael and Maria. And of course she and Max had shared the other. Max had given her the bed while he slept on the floor.
Liz then thought of Tess, she had walked by her on the way to the kitchen. She was sacked out on the couch.
She pulled out a skillet out from under the stove. And then placed it on the stovetop. Liz then walked to the fridge and pulled out a carton of eggs, and walked back to the stove.

Max stretched and rolled over as the aroma of fried eggs and bacon, drift to his nose. As he sat up he heard his back pop. At first he couldn’t think of why it would, then he remember that he had slept on the floor last night.
Max threw the sleeping bag off and stood up. He stretched again and headed for the door and walked down the hall.

Liz was flipping the eggs over as she heard someone speak to her.
“Uh, morning Liz.”
Liz turned to see Max standing in the kitchen way. When she looked at him she could tell that he wasn’t a morning person. He was still dressed in his nightclothes, a pair of plaid pajama pants and a Got Milk T-shirt. Liz couldn’t help but giggle. And his hair was tossed about his head.
Max looked at her when she giggled.
“Um, nothing.”
Liz then turned her head and giggled again.
“Well, maybe there is something.”
“Um…don’t you think you should get dressed before for everyone gets up?”
Max then looked down at what he had on. When he looked back up at Liz, she could see a hint of embarrassment on his face. Then he smiled at her.
“Oh, sorry at home its just me, Isabel and our parents. I guess I’m still kind of used to that, and not this.”
Liz looked down at the floor and mumbled.
Max could see the hurt look on her face. He then reached out and lifted her chin up.
“Liz I never said that it was you. Just everyone else, I could never be embarrassed by you.”
Liz’s brown eyes made connected with Max’s. It was like a whirlwind had grabbed a hold of the two of them.

Brad’s eyes never left Max and Liz as he watched them from outside. One of his other gifts was picking other people’s feeling. Sometimes he even played off of them. And he knew that these to people were just crazy about one another. Heck he could even tell that it took everything in them to keep their distance.
And that’s when he felt Tess. Brad looked farther into the apartment and could just barely see movement on the couch. He knew that it had to be Tess lying there. So he made his move, Brad looked quickly back and Max and Liz. And started to work some magic.

Max didn’t really know what was going on. But he knew that the way he was feeling, something this was going to happen but he wasn’t sure what.
Liz felt as if she where about to fall into his eyes and drown. But then she also felt as if she where about to melt right into Max.
Before she know what was happening. Max’s lips were on hers. A wave of dizziness came over her. Her lips hungrily searched for his. Liz’s left hand then slid underneath his shirt. Her fingers slid across his chest as if searching for something. Max’s hands slid down the back of Liz’s shirt.
Liz felt like she was on fire, and Max felt like he was inside of a wild fire.

Maria rolled over and smiled at Michael.
“Morning sleepy head.”
Michael started to sit up in bed. His hair was tossed about his head.
“What! No way you’ve been asleep for as long as I have.”
“No I’ve been here for the last hour watching you sleep.”
Maria then wrinkled her nose.
“Michael what’s that smell? Do you smell that?”
“Yeah, it almost smells like smo…”
Michael and Maria looked at each other and said.
They both jumped from the bed.

Now Liz felt as if she where on fire. She was really burning up, when all of a sudden she heard Maria scream.
“Oh my god Liz! The stoves on fire!”
But it wasn’t until Max pulled away that she was pulled back to her senses. With that she turned around, and to see a huge flame coming out of the skillet. Max quickly pulled Liz away from the fire. He then waved his hands over the flame. But instead of going out it just got bigger.
Michael slid into the kitchen at that time.
“Jeez, Max look out!”
Michael took a deep breath and waved his hand at it, and the flames went out.
“What the hell was that Maxwell?”
Max stuttered for a moment.
“ I…I don’t know. I went to put the fire out but instead of putting it out, it just made it bigger. I just don’t understand what happened.
Maria then spoke up.
“Well we can look on the bright side no one got hurt.”

Brad let out a breath as he pressed himself again the wall of the apartment. He had almost screwed that up. So maybe he wasn’t so good at this gift yet. At least not like he thought he was. But then there was Tess apart of him had been distracted, because of her.
“You idiot! Come on Brad man. You’ve got to get yourself together. You know that your brother is coming after you. So just how are you going to fix this?”
Brad peeked back through the window. Liz was scraping what was left of the egg into the trash. And Tess surprisingly was still a sleep. He then took in even breaths and then closed his eyes and concentrated on Tess.
That is until he could picture Tess in his minds eye. Before he knew it he was walking through a door. Brad had just stepped into Tess mind. She seemed to be fighting with herself over to guys. The one looked like Max, but the other he had never seen before. So Brad searched her mind until he found his answer.
“Kyle. Uh.”
Brad then focused his energy to project a image of himself in to her mind. **Maybe. **
He thought to himself.
** Maybe now she’ll stop thinking about them and start thinking about me. About our future and us and the family we can have together. **

Isabel smiled as she rolled over in bed. Alex looked so peaceful lying there asleep. And there were moments where she felt like all of this was right. Then her eyes would catch his protruding stomach.
“Oh Alex, I love you so much. All of this feels right accept that you’re the one carrying our child, our baby and not me.”
“Don’t worry Iz everything will work out I promise you.”
Isabel jumped at the sound of Alex’s voice.
“Oh god Alex, you scared me.”
Alex reached over and took her left hand. And brought it up to his lips and kissed it.
“Sorry. You know I love you right?”
“Yes of course I do. So how are you this morning?”
Alex smiled at her.
“I’m peachy, and ready for another day of bodily changes.”
Alex then leaned over and brought his lips to Isabel’s.
Breathless Isabel whispers something to Alex.
“ I love you Alex Whitman with all my heart.”

*** Part 20 ***

Alex stretched and then rolled out of bed. Part of him couldn’t even figure out why he even bothered to move at all. It wasn’t like he was going anywhere any time soon. He walked over to his closet and pulled out an overly large pair of tan kakis and an ex-large T-shirt. Then continue to make his way down the stairs.
Once down the steps Alex made his way to the kitchen. To find Isabel sitting at the table, flipping through a magazine. Alex mumbled to her as he made his way to the fridge.
“Morning, Isabel.” He then yawns.
“Morning, Alex how are you feeling this morning?”
“Pretty good, except the fact that I’m still pregnant. Other then that same old, same old.”
Isabel looks up from her reading.
“Oh by the way Liz, Maria, and I are going shopping today are you going to be okay?”
Alex walks over to Isabel and gives her a kiss.
“I’ll be fine Iz, how much trouble could I get into?”
Isabel gets up and goes to the refrigerator, and pulls out an apple. She then turns to face Alex.
“Well, to be on the safe side I asked Michael if he would stay here with you.”
Alex’s face fell.
“Isabel, you got to be kidding me.”
Isabel glares over at him.
“No, I’m not. Why what’s wrong with Michael staying with you?”
“Ever since they gotten here him and Max have been acting weird around me.”
“Weird, how Alex?”
“Like it’s their fault this happen to me. And I try to tell them that I don’t blame them. But I think, that they think that I blame them.”
Isabel looked over at him and asked.
“Do you blame them?”
“No, I don’t them, and I don’t blame you!”
“Then who Alex?”
Alex wanted to cry and scream at the same time.
“We’ve been through this. I blame HER! You know Tess this is all her fault.”
Alex had left the kitchen and went into the living room. He looked for the TV remote and turned it on. Alex then made himself comfortable in one of the reclining chairs.

Michael yawned as he as he reached inside the closet for a shirt. He pulled out a white shirt with red stripes on it. And then pulled on a pair of jeans. Michael then went to go lay down on the bed again. Maria no longer lay in be with him. She had left and went to town with Max and Liz. Which had been fine with him, because he had gotten to sleep more.
Earlier on that morning Isabel had asked him if he could hang out with Alex for a little bit. In which Michael had said that it was okay with him. He let out a breath of air.
“Yeah, it’s fine with me I mean what else am I going to do here in Clovis?”
A few minutes later Michael hears Isabel yell up the stairs at him.
“Michael, are you up yet. Come on and roll on out! Maria and Liz will be back soon.”
Michael let out the air he had been holding in.
“Alright I’m already up. Okay so lay off Isabel!”

A few minutes later Maria enters into the bedroom. She then crawls across the bed to lean over Michael.
“So you’re up huh? It doesn’t look that way to me.”
“Maria your back!”
“Uh huh.”
She then gets to the point where she is almost straddling him. She then leans in for a kiss. Michael’s lips press against hers as they kissed. Maria then pulled out of the kiss.
“Oh, Max is out front in the Jeep. If you hurry you can get out of having to stay with Alex. But you better move fast, if Isabel sees you know she’ll try to stop you.
“What? I thought you guys were going to go out and do a girl thing.”
“We were but me and Liz felt sorry for you.”
Michael looked at her.
“How did you do that?”
Maria just smiled at him.”
“Liz and me stopped by the bookstore. And we found a book on Lamaze breathing and stuff, she down stairs right now reading it.”
Michael jumped off the bed. And ran out of the room. Maria yelled after him.
“Hey, what about me?”
Michael then slid back into the room and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.
“Thanks, you’re the best.”
He then ran back out the room.
Maria smiled after him.
“Don’t I know it, and he’s putty in my hands.”

Michael took the last four steps in one leap. He then glanced in the kitchen. Isabel had her back to him. He then made a B-line for the front door. Just as he opened the door he knew Isabel was coming.
“Michael Guerin! Where do you think your going?”
Michael looked over at Liz for help she had been sitting in the living room with Alex. All Liz could do was shrug her shoulders.
“Um…you see Isabel. There was this thing that Max and me were supposed to do today. So we’re going to go do it now.”
“But the other day you told me that you didn’t have anything to do.”
“Well see I had forgotten about it. And I just remembered a second ago. So see ya.”
He then ran out the door slam it behind him.
Isabel went after him.
Michael jumped into the passengers seat not even worrying about opening the door.
Max looked over at Michael as he pulled on his seatbelt.
“Floor it Maxwell!”
Isabel watched as the Jeep sped out of sight.
She then turned toward Liz and Maria.
“You two had something to do with this didn’t you?
Liz and Maria looked at each other. Then looked back at Isabel. Maria spoke up first.
“No. Why would we have anything to do with what Max and Michael do?”
Isabel took in a breath.
“Well, for one thing why wouldn’t you?”
Liz looked over at Isabel.
“Oh, come on Isabel. It’ll give us some time alone with Alex.”
Maria spoke up first.
“Yeah look at the bright side. We can try out some of that La maze stuff out with Alex. I mean he does kind of need to learn it right?”

Alex walked into the kitchen and picked up the book, that was lying on the table. The title read: Quick Easy Steps to La maze. Alex almost laughed to himself. He then head toward the open front door.
“Hey Isabel, what’s this?”
Isabel turned to see what Alex was talking about. Once she got a good look at it, she could see that he was hold the La maze book that Liz and Maria had brought home.
“It’s nothing Alex it just a book I’ve been reading.”
Alex frowned at her.
“No it’s not. It brand new.”
“Alex, how can you possibly tell that?”
“Well, for one thing the price tag is still on it.”
Isabel tried not to blush as she looked over at Maria & Liz.
“Oh is it. I could have sworn that I took it off.”
You guys were planning to do some of this stuff weren’t you?”
All three girls answer together.
Alex then took this as his time to leave. With Isabel and his two friends chasing after him.
“Alex come on give it a chance.”
“No, Maria, No Liz, and yet again NO. I can’t believe this.”
Isabel then got an idea of what Alex was going to do.
Alex had to admit to himself that going down the stairs was easy. But going up them was getting harder he was starting to feel like the engine that could and it wasn’t a good feeling. He was almost to the top step and he could hear himself gasping for air.
Isabel could hear it to.
“Alex are you okay?”
Maria and Liz could both see that she was worried. Isabel then saw Alex teeter at the top of the stairs.
“Oh, my god Alex!”

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Isabel looked over at Liz and asked.
“What just happened here?”
But before Liz could answer Alex cut her off.
“It’s okay Isabel the baby just moved and was pushing up against my lungs.”
Isabel, Liz, Maria just stared at Alex as he headed toward his and Isabel’s bedroom. Isabel started to ask him something but he beat her to the punch.”
“Alex how did you…?”
“Well I’ve had plenty of time to do some reading.”

Logan drove his black Dodge Dakota quad cab down the road as he headed for Clovis. He knew that’s where he would find his twin brother. Logan also knew that he and Kimberly would have to help him fix the mess he had made. Kimberly looked over at Logan who was in deep thought.
“Logan. Do you really think that someone is pregnant because of Brad?”
“Yes, Kim I do. My brother is so hell bent on making this Tess girl his. Sometimes I don’t think he knows that his powers can effect others around him.”
Kim looked over at Logan. Then she looked back out the windshield.
“Logan, you don’t think that the baby is Brad’s do you?”
“No…I mean it could…I really don’t know. We just have to find Brad and this Alex girl. And fix it before anybody knows were here.”
Logan looked at the speed limit. It said 55 he was going 62. He just prayed that he wouldn’t get caught.