Title: You can’t hide forever
Rating- PG-13 though R
Couple: M/L and L/S
Disclaimer: pleaze! If I owned Roswell Liz would have left Max a long time ago and Tess would have been dead long before Liz left!
Summary: what if the pod squad left Earth, but were captured by Khivar, and they have only one chance to send someone to Liz who is on Earth, and they send Max.
Author’s note: the pod squad left and Liz told them that Tess had killed Alex, but they did not believe her, and Tess had looked innocent. And they left. Max does figure out that Tess made a deal with Khivar, but that is after The baby is born. Liz has a boyfriend named Sam. Liz currently hates Max for leaving her and for not believing her theories.

Okay, before Faith says anything about how I never finish my stories, I say in a whiny voice~~~~

“ I WAS FORCED TO! AN ALIEN CAME FROM AN UFO AND TOLD ME TO! AND I HAD NOTHING ELSE TO DO! Jonathan was on the phone gabbing with his gal pals and he took up the phone line!”

And Faith, shut up about the Sam name.

In a dingy place in the jungle part of Antar.
Isabel’s point of view

I stare at a tiny bug as is goes through a small crack in the dirty wood walls of our “hostage” cabin. I imagine it flying through the dense trees, smelling the new dew that was collected on the bright green leaves.

My thoughts were the things that kept me sane. Thoughts of my parents on Earth, Alex, god, even Liz and Maria. I imagined that Alex would be alive and save me. God, I imagined that Liz, Maria, and I told our deepest secrets.

My thoughts made me dream about the beautiful things outside these dirty walls.
Max was no help.

He would always be at Tess’s feet, wishing to see his baby boy. And other times he would be in another world, thinking about how it would be if we hadn’t left Earth.

Micheal did nothing.

Micheal would always mope in the corner, filled with sorrow of his loss of Maria, and then he was sometimes angry at Max for any reason he could lay his hands on.

Another something that kept me occupied was dreamwalking.

I remember vaguely the first time a dreamwalked Liz.

She went hysterical, screaming why we didn’t believe her about Alex’s death, and about Tess’s betrayal.

I had winced at her words, knowing fully that her accusations were true.

She saw that I felt guilty and visibly softened.

She then she asked me if Max talked about her……..

I told her the truth.

That Max hadn’t.

And then she started crying, murmuring about how she loved him so much, but he had left her, and how he told her that he would come back to her, and that she had believed him.

But then I had woken up.

I remember when I told Max about the dreamwalking, and he yelled at me for invading Liz’s personal life.

I drew away from Max that day.
And hid in these barriers that I had built up, that only my dream Alex could cave.

~ Sry it’s sooo short!