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title a lesson you'll never forget
rating nc-17....
disclaimer all the people of roswell.... yeah the cast the crew...jason katims and his family of people there *happy*
summary ummm...... basically there's gonna be a lot of smut...hope ya don't mind
this was a challenge so here the rules are :
1. must be mainly dreamer, but other couples may be included.
2. dont really care what the plot line is
3. max/liz must have sex in the gym, a pool, on a table, somewhere where it's easy to get caught, in each other's beds, on a washer/dryer (or other household appliance), near a fireplace, in a foreign country (how they get there is your choice)
4. at some point they must use some type of kinky toy
5. must have food...whip cream and strawberries would be best, but as long as it's kinky that's all that matters
6. please update often, I have no life and I like to read fan fic. (this is more of a request than a requirement)

ok....well here's the first lesson
schools are meant for learning
Liz and Max had been lovers for quite some time now. They held special powers between their bodies. Not just their alien powers. But the powers of love. To feel each other’s emotions and know just when they were horny. Right now Liz was turned on , Max could feel it. Call it his gift. He chuckled softly as he walked quickly to her room. They had been in a fight earlier that day. She thought that he was checking out some girl at the supermarket when he was only looking for a ripe apple. The thing about Max was that he loved his fruit. Banana’s in chocolate...strawberries in whipped cream... oranges and lemons squeezed to perfection so he could sensually pour the drink down her throat. Liz loved it most of the time. But then there were minutes when she would wonder why he was really with her... why they had sex as much as they did. She felt like she came more often than she ate! That’s ridiculous to do think though. Of course Max loved her. They were meant to be together...mind, body and soul.

She just kept thinking of that one day.....when she had been a student and he had been a teacher. Even though he was only 28 and she had been 17 it was still against the school codes for them to be together. Everything was kept secret. But ultimately they were quite a pair........
Mr. Evans’ door was closed as it always was during this time of the day.
Inside him and Liz Parker were making out. Short fast kisses that heated their bodies. He was her biology teacher and even though she was a 17 year old student they carried this on everyday during study hall. The door wasn’t locked though. More excitement and danger of getting caught that way. His head banged on the desk as she continued her kisses down his neck.
“Ow” he rubbed the back of his head until her body pushed his up onto the chair. Once he was in a seated position his favorite student unzippered his pants just far enough to fit her warm hand inside. The smooth touch of her fingers made him become hard and as his erection grew she pulled the zipper all the way down. Then his khaki colored pants were pulled to the floor followed by his checkered boxers. Max moved his chair closer to the desk to allow his full package to Liz. She (still being underneath the desk) licked her lips anxiously. Just as she stuck her tongue out on the head of his cock the door opened and Kyle Valenti stepped through so Max had no choice but to suppress his groan. He felt himself growing harder and harder as the young man made his way to the desk. Upon opening his mouth a question was thrusted out. Mr. Evans couldn’t concentrate on his favorite subject at the moment. This was because of the oral sex that was going on right underneath the wooden desk. Liz ran her tongue down the full length of his cock. She opened her mouth widely to allow him inside. Her hands trailed down his thighs and played with his balls as Max stammered for an answer for Kyle. He couldn’t just let him think something was up. He might tell someone. This was getting risky. They would need to find a new place to pleasure themselves. The school was not a really great place. Although with all them students in the eraser room all the time it was a wonder there wasn’t a pregnant club. She knew what was going on up there and the consequences of her actions but her pussy was just so wet. She was turned on by the thought of Kyle being there. That was when her mind played images of a threesome. She had seen Kyle naked before and just knew that he was nearly as equipped as her teacher. Her mouth sucked at his cock harder before moving her body back in a better position. Kyle was still trailing on about some hypothesis he made when Mr. Evans’ cock was pushed so far into her mouth that she was deep throating him. Her shirt was being pushed up slightly due to the position so she pulled it up to her neck. The orange bra she had on was easy to slip off, then in no time the soft mounds of her breasts were being rubbed against his legs. She couldn’t believe the response he gave her in her mouth.

The good old memories she had. Right now she was 28 and Max was 39. They weren’t completely old but all her friends thought they went at it like rabbits. “Pisha “ she muttered as she remembered their trip to Las Vegas last year and how much fun Michael and Maria had in the hotel room. Her and her husband had to spend all their time outside just to escape the noise.


btw.... don't look at me weird cuz I suck at this... lol *tongue*

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thank you all of you
I totally appreciate it
I will answer questions next part
but since you guys have been so kind I will let you decide the next part
would you rather have
max and liz honeymoon flashback?
maria and michael sexy las vegas trip ?
hehehehe could be interesting either way
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do I have to say wow again? cuz g's that's how I feel!
completely shocked....
but thank you everyone for all the bumps and feedback
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Lillie -yes they are both aliens, don't worry it will all be explained later. and a threesome? only if you want it! I would have no problems with that lol

Care_Behr (5 times!) - hehehehe I'm glad you like it. but I'm the stalker! anyways thanx for all the bumps. hope ur computer allows you to get this one. and yes I am still going on with don't put your spell on me.

Believer_evans- yep...exactly*happy*

anyways on with the story
since you all voted for the m/l honeymoon that's what you got.
Slower is Better
Max reached the doorway to their bedroom. Liz was laying down fingering through their wedding album. That was the happiest day of his life. Her white long flowing gown. His black tux. It was the ultimate fantasy. And later on that night she made all of his dreams come true....

The wedding was over. The guests were still dancing the night away at the reception. Liz’s feet hurt. She was rubbing them with her fingers as her lovely husband took over. He picked her up in his arms and called out to their friends and family. “Goodnight... have fun. We won’t be up too late.” he winked at his bride. She giggled as he walked with her in his arms slowly out the door. Their reception was in a quaint banquet hall on the west side of Roswell. The parking lot was filled with cars but it wasn’t hard to find his green jeep. Although they had rented a limo for the ceremony the jeep was their’s and they were damn sure they didn’t want to waste another dollar on a chauffeur that would bug them the whole ride. Max drove fast through the desert towards their hotel. The entire ride was full of Liz’s passionate kisses. She trailed her lips down his neck to the collar of his shirt. It took all his strength not to park on the side of the road and f*ck here right then and there.
Present day Max chuckled as he remembered the fight he had with himself inside. All of his family members had thought he was crazy for marrying someone that much younger than him. But when they saw how much in love they were together it just made them think differently. At the sound of his chuckling Liz glanced up from the album. He had to explain the situation at the supermarket. Let her know that she was the only girl for him. It was the only way that he could get some sleep tonight. As he stammered out what he was feeling she told him to shush. Pulling him closer to the bed she laid a deep kiss on his neck. And through his head it all played back to him. When they first entered the hotel and paid at the front desk. The flowers blooming all over the lounge but they paid no attention as he carried her onto the elevator. For many months afterwards he would carry her throughout the house. wake up in the morning and bring her to the kitchen or the bed after a night of watching movies. He knew she loved it but so did he. It showed his caring. And he loved being that close to her. Smelling her hair and feeling her arms around his neck. Liz was by far the most gorgeous woman that he had ever met and he knew that if she hadn’t have moved to Roswell that year.... he just couldn’t bear to think of his life without her. Where would he be right now? Who would he be? Would Max Evans the teacher really exist? He never thought it could without her eyes peering at him during Biology. 5th period became his favorite class that year. It was almost sad to see her move on to physics.
Max’s foot kicked the door closed as they entered their honeymoon suite. It was pure heaven to be in here finally. To know that they would be together for the rest of their lives. He almost wanted to take this night as slow as he could. They certainly weren’t virgins but then again you never do get another wedding night and he wanted to remember this for as long as he lived. This was one of them times that he had room service already delivered to the room when they got there. Sure enough a cart was in the doorway to the bedroom and he lifted a cover off of a pan as he set Liz on the bed. Inside were some freshly picked strawberries. He brought the whipped cream in a bowl from one side of the cart and brought it to the bed. Setting it down carefully he contained eye contact with Liz as he picked the strawberries up. Delicately in his other hand Max took the chocolate frosting over to the canopy bed. It truly was a romantic scene. Candles were strewn about cautiously in the bedroom side. There were also rose petals covering the floor all around the bed. Red satin sheets felt smooth against Liz’s skin as she pulled her nylons down her legs. They were inside out but Max didn’t mind as he brushed them on the floor. Just as he was remembering so vividly... the smells, the colors, the tastes of her his lips were devouring her’s. His wife was the same woman as she had been 10 years ago when he had married her. And together they were quite a match. The lovemaking wasn’t all they could do wonderfully. He also knew they were very good at teamwork when a mystery needed to be solved involving science. But his mind was nowhere near science right now as he ran his fingers up her blouse.
her wedding dress was spread widely over the top of the bed and Max fingered the edge of it with wonder. How could something so beautiful, so pure manage to wear this and look better than Cinderella? He picked a strawberry up and circled it in the whipped cream slowly turning it to get it surrounded just right. Then sitting up onto the bed he raised it to Liz’s mouth. But she took it of his hand and licked the outside slowly. Eye contact kept at all times she ran her pink tongue along the creamy edges licking the frosting into her mouth before placing her delicious lips around the outside and biting into the juicy fruit. He became aroused as she moaned at the juices flowing in her mouth.
In the present Max was removing her blouse and grasping her bra. Liz was always the first to be undressed. He never knew when it started or why but it was like a tradition now. She had to be completely nude before he removed a piece of clothing. He unclasped the bra slowly as his mouth made it’s way down her jaw line. Liz’s neck was sculpted to perfection and even some of his wet kisses made her body turned on.
The strawberries were eaten. Whipped cream and chocolate all over Liz’s fingers as Max licked them off dipping her whole fingers into his mouth making sure to move his tongue along them like he wanted her tongue to be along his manhood right now. Max pulled her jeans swiftly down to her feet and then proceeded with her underwear. As she laid before him he felt himself become filled with desire. Desire to ravish her body. Make her feel as exquisite as she looked. She really was the diamond in a lump of coal. To think that all them years he had been looking for a love and she was right before his eyes. He had gone to church on sundays with her, seen her at the grocery market with her parents. Now that they were married and it was ten years later it all seemed so trivial. The secret meetings at the local Laundromat after dark, study halls in his classroom, bowling nights where they would slip out and hide in the rest room.
A half an hour later and Max was still trying the slow romantic approach. The night seemed as if it could never end and that was just the way he wanted it to be. He was laying on his side when Liz must have decided she had enough of his teasing. She flipped him over so that he was on his back and she was on top of him. Then Liz pulled his shirt off (more like ripped it down the center but they told the rental place that they had no idea what happened to it). She ran her moist hot tongue down his muscled chest and squirmed over him. He pulled her up till she was on her knees on the covers and un-zippered her out of the lacy material. Then he set it down on the floor where it was sure to not get ruined. Max pulled her to him and eased her panties down the side of the sheets. They both got underneath the covers because it was an air conditioned hotel. She being only 18 was also highly self conscious of her body. He found it ridiculous because of how amazing she always looked but there was no changing her mind.
even today when she was ready to suck him dry she still needed to get under the covers. Max chuckled. After all they had sex about every place imaginable and in bed was the only place where she instinctly needed to cover up. He growled as her hands ran along his crotch and she teased him by grabbing his pulsating member and rubbing it gently. He ran his hand over her’s and began to give her a harder stroke as he kissed her breasts. Max always was a breast man and he marveled at her hard nipples.
Liz’s back arched and her head leaned back as her hair fell down out of the clip. She moaned as she felt Max’s hard core enter her and sighed as he pulled her down onto him. “Liz look into my eyes.” and as she did he saw all the love that he had seen earlier when they had exchanged their vows. “I love you more than anything else in this world. And I would never hurt you.” he told her as he ran his hand along her side. She shivered at the contact and couldn’t wait to feel him moving hard and deep inside of her. “I love you too Max. and I want you so badly. Take me Max. I’m your’s now and forever.” He grinned upon hearing them words and pushed himself deeper inside of her.Pumping it with all he had. Making her feel like she was being pleasured in so many ways all at once. He licked at her delicious body as she moved up and down on top of her. He loved the way her walls tightened around him and how she begged him to press harder. So that she could take more. Her hands soft against his skin and himself hard inside her body. Then before they knew it, it was over. He burst inside of her as pleasure rippled his coarse muscles. She screamed his name as the orgasm washed over her and she was left shaking on top of him. With his semen shooting inside of her and his hands running through her silky hair. His lips kissed her delicately on the cheek one last time as they fell asleep in each other’s arms on the night that they were finally brought together legally. That being one of the many moments in his life when he had felt a true connection with Liz. Not an alien connection because of both of their powers and their past lives together in many different centuries. It wasn’t their connection because of their love for science or even for the fact that their family’s had been friends for years. They were in love and always would be. It was true love it was everlasting but most definitely it was love. Not just lust.

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ok.... well people... I have the new part in my mind
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thanx again for the feedback I just gotta write it...
I had a little downtime right now so I came online because everyone left me to go out.. (I was sleeping lol)
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Dreams show your subconcsious state of mind

Liz’s body shook in her sleep on the canopy bed. She rolled over and unconsciously felt max’s hard abs under her body. Her eyelids fluttered as his breath heated her face and she awoke.
“Oh my” she muttered as she looked at her husband’s sleeping form and recalled her dream....

“Ms. Parker” his husky voice whispered and she raised her head to look into his deep brown eyes. How could she resist? He was so goddamn sexy that she almost felt herself rivet at the sight of his body. She needed some air. It was suddenly very hot in here and in the middle of fall.
“Yes?” she replied as her knees felt weak. ‘It would be so embarrassing if I fell right now’ she thought to herself as ,looking at his name tag, Max handed her the clipboard. She just bought a new washer from his company because her old one was....well too old.
“Just move it in here” Liz motioned to the back part of her kitchen when she finished signing her name. She watched with interest as the mover named Max pushed the cart through her doorframe. His muscles were rippling through his dark blue uniform and she watched as his eyes roamed over her body. Liz was heated with his gaze and blushed wildly as she showed him the room. He worked quickly and quietly as she watched with delight. His body was a work of art and she suddenly became a collector. She needed to have him. Wanted to have him. She wanted him like he was water and she had been in the desert for weeks. It was her last meal and she needed to taste him. Just a simple taste. Liz’s tongue flicked on the outside of her mouth and she realized with horror that when she had went to lick her lips she had made a small kissing sound. The mover glanced backwards at her and raised his right eyebrow in surprise. She hoped that he wasn’t going to be cocky about it but he said nothing in response and smiled before going back to his work.

Max stirred as he felt Liz’s hand brush over his cheek. Upon opening his eyes he noticed her beautiful face smiling at him. “Good morning hunny” he whispered after rubbing his eyes from the sunlight through the curtains. “Same to you sweetheart” she said as she pulled the covers up over her chest. The sheet rustled as he wrapped his arms around her and asked, “how did you sleep?”
“It’s funny that you should ask that. I had a really.... well a really good dream.” she told him with a peck on the cheek.
“Oh really? Mind sharing with your husband?” he asked as his hand ran through her coffee colored hair. His nose took in the aroma of the room and he smirked at the memory of their night together. Max’s hand ran down along her leg that was pressed u against his and stroked it gently. She murmured something about breakfast and he shook his head in confusion. “What was your dream about hon?” he asked her again.
“You really wanna know?” she made sure before wrapping her arms around his neck upon turning around. “Yes I really do” he told her before placing his lips on her forehead and closing his eyes from the light. Then she proceeded to wrap one of her legs around his waist while the other laid on the bed. Liz started off at the best part, where she and the mover started to flirt.....

“So, Elizabeth,” Max started out before she interrupted him to just call her Liz.
“Alright, Liz,” he smiled widely and she almost swooned over his gorgeous dimples at the corners of his mouth. “Where do you work, since you have seen me at my job.” she smirked as she looked down at his tight trousers and almost said “and in your uniform” but stopped herself from sounding too desperate for some hot lovin’.
“I’m a nurse at West Roswell Hospital.” she said watching closely as she said nurse. Just as she had suspected his eyes widened and his pants tightened a little. In Max’s mind he was envisioning her in her little nurse’s outfit and he just had to find some way, any way, to get her in that and then make her his. He was quite a lady’s man as his friend’s had told him in the past and he knew how to drive the women wild with pleasure. It was one of the many reasons he applied for this job. This was one of the ways you could get into a woman’s home without having to use some corny pick up line. But of course the rest of it was all up to him.

“so what happened next?” Max asked as he stifled a laugh.
“And what’s so funny?” Liz asked him as she lightly punched his arm. His eyes roamed her face before he answered, “you having a dream about me reacting to a nurses’ outfit when we all know that it’s postal employees I grow hard by.” She giggled as he teased her before she went on with the story. “So you asked me to try the outfit on.... and I did, I even modeled it for you.”.....

Liz came out of the back room wearing just her nurse’s uniform. Max’s eyes dilated as he watched her strut around in the white dress. It fell just below her butt and he hated to think how it would look on someone without the fine ass that she had. His eyes trailed down her tight chest and stomach to her firm thighs that started the long path of her legs. She was not that tall but her legs were long and her upper body average.

“so what happened next hun?” Max asked his darling wife even though he was pretty sure he knew what happened. Just as he suspected her cheeks faded pink and he chuckled a bit. No matter how naughty they got with each other afterwards she was always so embarrassed. Like no one else in the world played with their spouse!
“Well..... we.... mmm... we kinda did some things,” her gaze was anywhere but his face. Max’s lower body was having a heck of a time controlling itself when he knew that this was what she was thinking about.
“Spit it out dear.” he told her as his lips started trailing their way down her chest. He spotted her firm breast underneath the covers and his mouth practically watered as he proceeded to sucking it gently.
“Then we had some wild sex on the washing machine” she told him and he lifted his head in surprise. ‘Did she just say what I think she said?’ his mind thought as she grinned at him.

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lmao.....amie and lana you two are something else...

thank you all for feedback...nice to know that I don't completely suck at writing sex scenes...

I wanna know where you got that picture too

eerie- it will all be explained

now on to the story
Dress up isn't just for kids
Dear Diary,

Today was by far the best sex Max and I ever had. But I guess I should start at the beginning. I woke up early after having another hot dream. They have been happening more frequently lately and sometimes I even get an orgasm from them. That could freak me out if I was still little Miss innocent straight A student Liz Parker. Ever since that one high school day where me and Max went at it in the janitor’s closet by accident I have been a changed girl.

I love Max. he completes me and makes me the happiest half alien girl in the world. But when he kisses me it awakens a hunger inside of me. That hunger needs to be filled and he’s the only man that can do that. He’s my king, my soul mate, but mainly Max Evans is a sex god!

I woke up and told him of my newest sex dream. But before he would let me finish it, Max pulled me out of bed I followed him to the basement where he started to look through old Halloween costume boxes. We have a lot of these because our good friend Maria has a Halloween party every year and insists that we wear a different more creative costume each time. I knew what my husband was up to before he pulled out the nurse’s uniform. He winked at me and told me to try it on and would be right back. I didn’t think my sweetie would be this kinky but I tore off my pajamas and hopped right in. I had a little problem with the zipper. That has been happening to me a lot lately... all of my clothes seem to be getting smaller. ‘Max just doesn’t know how to work the washing machine yet’ I insisted to myself. He just must be shrinking all the clothes.

Well I was done getting it on in about 2 minutes . But this was not the traditional nurse’s uniform you see. This was one we bought at a sex shop a couple of years ago when maria’s parties started turning more mature. It is clean white but as short as Britney Spears’ miniskirt at the golden globes awards. I tried pulling it down a little further but that didn’t succeed in much. ‘At least it’s covering up my butt’ I thought as I tried to turn in front of the mirror. Max says that he loves my firm ass but I think it’s way too big. ‘Aliens!’ I scoffed him off and sat down to wait for him.

That was not a good idea because when I sat down the skirt rose up and anyone had plain sight of my shiny silver panties. The mirror was not doing me justice I decided and turned it around. One of the buttons along the chest line popped when I did this though. It seems like they are still growing. Maybe I’m not as old as I thought I was.

I rose from the chair in the basement and headed to just where I knew that Max wanted us to end up. In my dream, which I am still flustered from, I was sitting on the washer first. Max sneaked up to me as I was daydreaming. The pipes in the back were being clanged around when suddenly the noises stopped and his hand was tracing my thigh gently. My hands ran up and down my body as I could almost feel his touch now and I longed for him to be back desperately.

Just then the back door swung closed and I opened my eyelids searching for my love. There he was, my lips smirking as I traced my eyes up and down his body. From his jet black swept back hair down to his gorgeous tanned face with a hint of what appeared to be sweat and some oil marks. ‘Made him look scrumptious’ I recall as I remember the look of lust in his eyes as they worked their way down my petite body. His chest abs peaked out of the zippered down mechanics jumpsuit that he was wearing and there was even a rag in the back pocket to act as a clean up tool. My tongue licked my lips as he made his way over to me. By now my legs were wide open for him to see just a hint of my pussy through my thong panties.

“You are burning me with desire” I told him as he stood before me. I slid my way back a little on the washer for me to have more room incase I suddenly collapsed of a lust attack because of the feeling that his body was giving me. My legs felt weak with desire and I longed for him to be closer. “Do you want this to play out just right or not Miss Parker?” he asked me using my maiden name with his teacher voice. I love his teacher voice...sometimes, okay all the time, it turns me on. My head nodded a little and I wondered who was in control up there.... my love was certainly in control of everything below my head.

I tried to focus the dream into my mind. What happened after I was on the washer. But it was obvious that Max was reading my mind by the fact that he already knew what happened.

His hand ran up my thigh, stroking it softly. I looked him in the eyes before leaning my neck back and running my hands over my chest. I heard another one of the buttons pop as I tried to move my hand down the dress. With Max’s sharp intake of breath I guess there was a lot more cleavage than I had thought showing.

Suddenly his hand was pushing my legs farther apart and he reached deep into me. I felt Max’s hand deep inside my pussy rubbing my clit hard. He was rubbing it faster when I heard the sound of a zipper. It was his mechanic’s suit coming down and I looked in lust at his hard muscles that appeared along his arms and chest. Then his cock came into full view and my eyes were glued to that piece of manhood as he stroked it a couple of times before walking over to get a step stool. We have one for those rare occasions when I can convince Max that he can’t reach something that needs to be fixed. He placed it right in front of the washer which by then he had turned on. There were no clothes in there so at first I was a little surprised. Then I realized that it felt like a vibrator. Only this machine was moving way faster and out of control. It almost seemed like it was going to flip over but I loved every minute of it.

Max stood on the bottom step of the stool only making him inches off the ground but at the perfect height to enter me with me still being on the washer. I looked him in the eyes as he pushed hard into my core. That was when I snapped. The addition of him and the vibrations were wrecking havoc on my body and I slid closer towards the edge. His pistol was deep inside me then and I started to thrust my hips up and down onto the cold cover. He was looking at me with such desire as I felt his precum slip into me. My Max.... my Max was turned on by this display. I could only think of more ways to pleasure him. To hop onto the wild side of life and take it for it’s run. We would have our pleasure and we would have it now.

He was still standing on the stool and I could tell it was hurting him to enjoy it so much but have to pump into me from that uncomfortable spot. When I felt my first orgasm after he had gripped my breasts to their breaking point I switched places with him. This was nothing like the dream but I had begun to forget that by now. The dream was slowly moving down the charts and reality was taking over.

I pushed him back onto the washer and stared at his erected cock. It was straight out and he opened his legs wide, ready and willing for whatever I was about to try on him. I took two steps to the fridge from the stool and brought out the whipped cream. Delicately I squeezed it out onto him and then spread it around with my fingers slowly, tentatively.

His eyes looked deeper, darker. Maybe it was desire. I can only hope. But after it was spread my mouth just covered it. Covered the head slowly.... then brought it back out not really touching anything on the way. I raised the tip of my tongue and heard him growl with pleasure as I ran it down the course of his hard member. I lapped him up like it was my last drink of water in the desert. His moans could be heard, I feared, outside. And just as he was about to cum we heard the doorbell ring. He told me not to answer it. In fact he almost forced my head back down. I blew him hard and pushed my mouth all the way over him. His whole instrument was inside me and was playing a tune.

Then Maria’s voice was at the door. I heard her yelling that she had donuts and the key. As soon as Max heard this he tried to bolt upright. I remained on him through it and he was shocked to feel my moist tongue still locking him all over inside my mouth. Maria’s keys jingled through the window and we heard them get to the door. The excitement sent a wave of pleasure through his body and I felt him drip into me. I lapped him up hungrily again as fast as I could. it’s a good thing we heard Maria swearing outside as she dropped the bag she was carrying on the floor.

Max and I ran to the closet and threw our pajamas on. Mine were not the same ones as before because they of course were in the basement right next to our new favorite box of clothes.

As you can see diary it was a very exciting morning to a dull day of work. But thank goodness Maria did not catch us. She already thinks of us as horny toads. And after last time when she caught us going at it in the bathroom I don’t think I would want her to catch us again.


now.... next part.... would you rather have liz and max's first time in the closet at school by accident....
or them going at it in the bathroom when maria caught them?

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sometims you have to make a sacrafice to be who you are
Liz headed off to work. It was early in the morning and she had just experienced sexual pleasure. ‘Marriage really is not a bad thing’ she thought with a smirk.

Liz works at the nearest newspaper office. She is a star reporter to the Roswell Times. Going around and asking people questions for surveys and taking down the public opinion was not the only perk of her job. There were also endless hours of filing to do and sitting down in her office in front of her computer. Liz loved to write. It was her passion and without it she would feel so empty. Even with Max in her life writing was always there for her. The good times and the bad all she had to do was pick up her pen and an idea would flow to her fingertips.

Max used to laugh at her because she was always a science fiction nut and now she worked at the local newspaper. What he didn’t realize was that most of her assignments she could ask for by name. She was a regular Erin Brokovich. Liz Parker would run around town and look for anything out of the ordinary. But that one day that she became an alien. Well not exactly became. You can’t just become an alien. It’s not a disease that you can catch.

That one day that she found out about her powers. Came to the full realization of her destiny. That day was when she knew that she would have to be careful. Her and Max had to be careful for incase they wanted to have children one day.

So she researches oil spills. And local food poisoning incidents. Mainly her field is with local scientists and their discoveries. She wants to become a scientist even more than she loves writing. But Liz Parker had to make some sacrifices in the name of love too. She can’t be the one thing she loves because of the one person she loves. Her destiny is to be with Max than she can’t be a scientist who’s only real passion is to find out about aliens like her and her husband.

The real point that it all comes down to is the choices scientists have to make. The time at work. The hours. The real play for play of the job and the places it calls to you. But more importantly the tests you have to take to apply. The physical tests were the worst. Because her alien side would come out in them blood tests. She didn’t have mind-warping abilities like Tess had before.

Just because she was the one to kill Tess and fulfill the destiny didn’t mean that she had all the perks. She couldn’t do most of the alien stuff that her husband’s side of the family could. A few powers and the ability to connect with her king mentally and emotionally were enough for her. For her to become queen of Antar one of these days. To join their followers and become a free planet. Well being a reporter would just have to do it for now. Because she wouldn’t be here forever. And neither would the rest of her race.

Max walked into his office and sat as his chair. He thought about how close he had become that morning with Maria. And then remembered one day where they had been just as close. It was the first day he had kissed Liz. The first day those wonderful full lips came in contact with his and he knew they would be together. Not just because of the flashes. Not because of the fireworks he felt inside. But of the way they felt on him. The way they fulfilled him and made him feel wanted. Of course, she had thought he was Kyle at the time.

TBC *angel*

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Dedicated to : roswellluver, Lana Lane, AvengingAngelIQ, Care_Behr

thank you all

Cheating is wrong the Eraser room of West Roswell High

The door opened slowly and a splinter of light shined into the Eraser room. That would be all Liz would need to know that this wasn’t Kyle. To know that what she was about to do was wrong. To see that a teacher had just stepped into her sacred making out place she had with her boyfriend. That she would get into trouble.

Unfortunately, Liz wasn’t looking that way. Her back was turned. She missed her opportunity when Mr. Evans closed the door behind him. He knew who this was. He knew it was Liz Parker his favorite student. But Max also had a secret desire for her. He wanted to feel her lips on his and ravish her body in ways he couldn’t even express.

Liz turned around when she heard the door and bumped into him. His body was built differently than Kyle’s but she didn’t seem to notice as she pulled his face down to her’s. Their lips met in a brief instant before she realized this was not her man. This wasn’t her boyfriend of several months.

“Liz....” Max sighed as he rested his forehead against her’s. His hot breath was steaming down onto her face and she let out a gasp. She recognized that voice.

“Mr. Evans?” she asked in shock. She had just kissed a teacher. Then she smirked. She had just kissed the hottest teacher at her school! This was something even she hadn’t dared to imagine inside the privacy of her own head. He was a god to her. As he realized that she knew who he was he was about to back up. To step back into the limits of being only a teacher. Of being a professional. He was bound to get into trouble for this. To even lose his job.

But then her mouth met his again and for that moment in time he couldn’t breathe. It was like electricity as his tongue traced her bottom lip. The fireworks started at the pit of his stomach when he moved his hands down her back. She shivered in his grasp and held on for life. His teeth grazed her lips as he pushed his tongue through for entrance. To duel with her’s. To feel all of her mouth with it. Her arms circled his neck as her hands ran their own path through his soft hair. And just when she was about to sigh and officially declare her life over because of the intense amount of satisfaction she had at this moment, a knock was heard on the door. It was her boyfriend. It was Kyle read and willing to make out.

Max sighed as he pulled himself away from her. He had locked the door behind him and now it was ruined. The moment spoiled because she belonged to another. Someone her own age. He would curse time for pushing them apart like this.

“Mr. Evans...” she whispered as she pushed him back. He told her to call her Max for now and she did as she told him to hide. To hide so that no one would find out. For the safety of her relationship with Kyle and so as not to risk his job. And as he hid behind that box in the corner of darkness? He thought of how ironic this was. That him being a teacher, his profession, was causing them to be apart. And not the fact of who he was. That he was an alien. It was almost funny how ironic that was.

Liz made sure that she didn’t look messed up and she took a moment to catch her breath from the heated moment of passion before. She opened the door and pulled Kyle in before someone passing by could see.

Max looked on from the corner and saw Kyle reach down and kiss her. He noticed how perfectly they fit together. Oh, how he wished that was him pushing Liz’s shirt up slowly with his fingertips and intensely moving his mouth to the rhythm of her’s. But it wasn’t him. It might never be him. He wasn’t even sure how Liz felt of him right now. He wasn’t sure of anything. He thought that she had reacted the same way to that deep kiss. After all she had kissed him back even when she knew who he was. But right now? Right now she was with her boyfriend. Her true love even.

End of flashback ....

Max smiled at how stupid he was back then. It didn’t take long after the eraser room incident for Liz to profess her love to him. For them to start their new relationship in secret and behind closed walls. Well behind closed classroom walls. He smirked at how he had gotten away with so much. Kyle hadn’t even found out of them until a couple of months later. But that was when Liz caught him cheating on her and then she told him that she was doing the same thing. How funny love can work. How it can bring different kinds of people together. Little did he know back in them days that him and Liz weren’t so different after all.

That it was a student teacher relationship. But it wasn’t an alien/human relationship. Some things even surprised him.

TBC *angel*

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The clues always fit together
Liz was driving home after work. She had only been there a couple of hours but she was so tired. Her mind was starting to form a headache just from all of the paperwork she had been going through. She had to rub her eyes often and put the stereo up loud to keep herself from falling asleep at the wheel. Lately she had been getting tired at earlier hours. And it didn’t help that she was feeling sick also. ‘It must be the flu that’s going around’ she thought to herself as her stomach rumbled. Pulling over to the side of the road she jumped out of the car and threw up her lunch. Lately she was having a hard time keeping anything down. She didn’t want to mention it to Max because he get’s worried so easily and would probably try to heal her or something. She could tough it out on her own. After all she had survived plenty of flues and colds without his powers to get her by. This was nothing she thought as she wiped her mouth with a Kleenex and then swallowed some mouthwash.

When she arrived home she saw Max sitting at the table reading the newspaper. He was so adorable still in his work clothes and checking out the stocks. She giggled before reaching out and snatching it away from him.
“Hey sweetheart” he took in her flushed face and sweaty hands. “Is something wrong?” She sighed, hoping that he wouldn’t have noticed.
“Maybe, I don’t really know for sure.” she sat down just as that phone rang. Her husband kissed her pale forehead before answering it. He was always doing them kinds of romantic things. He would make sure that she stayed seated while he cleared the table, or answered the phone. He’d bring her flowers after a fight (hell, the make-up sex was even better). She smirked thinking about how sometimes she started the argument just for what happened later on. Her attention drifted to Max who was raising his voice to someone on the phone. He looked over at her, mouthed ‘sorry’ and walked to the other room. As he made his way into the living room his voice carried out to the kitchen and she could tell that he was talking with someone from work. Possibly another teacher.

Liz pulled off her sneakers. Her ankles were swollen. ‘They have been like this all week’ she thought as she massaged them slowly, thinking that it was a little strange because she had just bought these shoes and now they were a little snug on her foot. Max came back in the room slowly with a guilty look on his face and the phone in one hand. She tried not to be suspicious as he cut her a brownie and served it to her with a glass of milk.
“What’s going on?”she asked after a bite of the chunky, fudge chocolate. Her ankles would have to wait. She was starving.
“There was a mix up at work. The quarterly grades are due by tomorrow morning. I have half of this done but it might take an all nighter.” she groaned as he started to pick up his books and bag for school/work.
“But you have to work tomorrow also. When will you sleep?”
“Maybe if I get there soon enough I will just work really hard and be back here in time for a quick couple of hours before I head in.” Then he looked at her in the saddest face she had seen. “Are you sure you are okay? I don’t want to leave you on the verge of an illness” he told her. She smiled up at him. What was she supposed to say? That he was making her mad just by leaving? That she had swollen ankles and was nauseous? That even though she got her regular 8 hours of sleep every night it just wasn’t enough? No, she couldn’t tell him. He had to go to work. He would just wind up worrying about her anyways. So she lied and he left, promising the whole time that he would be back as soon as he could. She wasn’t worried. It was just her and the brownie now. *happy*

Maria was singing at the nightclub tonight. Michael sat in a chair in the front. The best table in the house he called it. He came here every night she sang just to listen to her. To support her. Her voice was beautiful.

She sang like she had just discovered the music. Like tomorrow was always going to be there and love would never die. He watched her as her hips moved to the slow beat. And she started a new song. One that she had just written. It was seemingly beautiful. If he was a writer she would be his inspiration.
“When you need somebody
after the world has changed it’s way
when you need that shoulder
to cry your sorrows away” She looked at him and smiled softly. It was reassuring to her to know that he was there. He would always be protecting her.
“You know I’ll be there.
I’ll give you a hand.
The lift to pull you up
after that push that made you fall” Maria swung around on the stage. Her long lace dress flowing freely off of her delicate frame. She was wrapped up in the music. the beat and the lyrics overcoming her. This happened a lot to Maria. She was a spirit that was carefree. At least that’s what Michael said it was. She did love to sing a lot. And when she made the words to the song it felt so uplifting. She felt so happy.
“Needing to talk
I am the one to call.
Early hours in the morn’
late hours after the clothes we have worm.
Push the phone against my ear
doesn’t matter what you say
I will always hear” she sang this note loudly. Bringing it out longer than the others. Because this song rang true to her.
“ A whisper from the door
A hug you needed from before
always your friend
always here.” The last note faded out as the lights dimmed and Michael clapped his hands loudly. He was so proud of her. She was his angel.

After the show Michael held Maria’s hand as they walked through the crowded club over to a deserted corner. “You were amazing’ he whispered into her ear. His husky voice tingled her earlobe and she giggled softly.
‘You say that after each show” she told him as she kissed his cheek.
“Not my fault I married the most talented girl in the universe” he flattered her. Maria kissed him deeply. Her body pushing his up against the wall as her small lips took upon his full ones in passionate force. Her tongue dueling it out. They always were a passionate couple. Probably why they had so many different fights and then got back together to the ‘endless love sessions’ as Michael would call them.
“Mikey G” she moaned as his lips sucked on her neck. “ we can’t do this here !” As she pulled away from him he sighed, “I know I know.”
“Let’s go back to my place” she said.
“Your place? Hey it’s my place too!” he told her as they started to walk out.
“Yeah but I pay all of the bills” she argued.
“So what? That doesn’t automatically make it your place” Michael started out. This was probably the 3rd time they had this argument this month. All because she couldn’t admit that he owned half of that house!

--------------------------- -------------------------------- ----------------

Nancy Parker walked into the Evan’s home where her daughter and son in law lived. Liz’s birthday was in a few days so she figured that her daughter wouldn’t mind a surprise visit from her dearest mother.
Liz opened the door and after hugging her they got around to talking at the kitchen table. Most of it was just catch up stuff. Like what’s new and how’s Max and work. But after Liz confessed how she had been feeling Nancy was getting concerned.
“I don’t like the sound of that. It doesn’t have the symptoms of the flu. Have you been to the doctor’s yet?” Liz sighed as she looked at her half eaten brownie. It may have been her third one but she was already feeling so sick of food right now.
“No mom. It’s not even some big deal. I’m sure it’s just gas or something.”
“Are you still on birth control? Because Liz honey, that sounds like pregnancy symptoms. All of which I had when I was pregnant with you a while back.”
“Yeah I’m still on birth control pills. I only missed one day but the next day I doubled it up just like you told me to.” Liz was going through the calendar in her head just to make sure that she wasn’t ‘late’. But no she was right on time. Her monthly cycle was supposed to come any day now. She couldn’t be pregnant. Could she?
“Maybe you should take a home pregnancy test,” her mom suggested as she noted Liz’s thoughtful face. “I would love to have grandchildren soon. I always thought that it was about time for you and Max to really settle down.” as she rambled on about how wonderful this would be Liz was nearly in shock. It couldn’t be true. Was she, Liz Parker-Evans really going to have a baby? Was she ready for this? As she looked back at her mother and then recalled just last week when her and Max were fooling around on this same table she knew the answer to that question. And she didn’t think she ever would be.

so? comments? lol

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Dedicated to:Lana Lane(2x), roswelllover, JaneLane, Eerie, roswellluver,Faith Evans and mermaidgirl
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If anyone can't tell by the end of this part this is my characters and their jobs.

Max- biology teacher
Liz- reporter/journalist
Alex-lead guitarist in a band
Isabel-romance novelist

I think that's all that is important for now.
(thanx lana for help creating a lesson)

Not all problems can be solved with a calculator

After my mom left I was all alone in the house. My thoughts were accompanying me but at the same time I was losing my mind. What if I am pregnant? This cannot be happening to me. How will I deal with this? Can our income support another person?

Then one thought struck a cord. Now I’m not a shallow person but when I envisioned myself with that big belly I freaked out. I went to the bathroom and took off all my clothes. The light was bright and the mirror unflattering. My body isn’t that bad looking but there are certainly areas for improvement. I wish my legs were longer. Can’t say I want my stomach flatter anymoe.

‘Liz, you might not even be pregnant’ I told myself. I definitely need to know that answer. But first, a talk with Max.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dear Jesse,
Her hand moves across the paper slowly, collecting her thoughts as the pen rolls along the page. It seemed like just yesterday she had been with her high school sweetheart. Now she didn’t even know who he was. It was like they were strangers in their own home.

I remember when we first met. It was a beautiful autumn day and we were both juniors. Falling in love with you was one of the best things that had ever happened to me.

And it was. But suddenly their life was spiraling out of control. Them both headed into different directions. It was almost good that they had never had children. The fact that she wouldn’t be able to handle the pain was almost an excuse now. Almost like she had been lying to him for years. But no, he had been lying to her. Every night when he came home from the office. Everyday when he sat down to lunch. It was all a lie. And now it had to stop.

I remember thinking that you were my soul mate. That we would always be together. It was fate. Destiny. Now I seem to be so naive. To think that we will be together until our dying day? Wedding vows may not last forever. Our love hasn’t lasted forever either. Not even to this day. And now I realize that it’s just the way it has to be. We are separating. And now it’s time to accept the road to life. This is just a fork in that road. Pick your side Jesse. I will not hold you back anymore.

She knew what she was writing and how it would affect her life. But another thing was true. They didn’t belong together. There was no love left, no more understanding. Every day just complicated matters more. And now? She couldn’t deal with it. How do you write romance novels when there is no love in your life? That’s what she asked herself this morning when she awoke. And now.... she had to face the facts.

Even though we are two different people today, there will always be a special place in my heart that belongs to you.

She put the letter with the divorce papers in the manila envelope and dropped it onto his desk. Her stuff would be out of the house by morning. She was ready to move on with her life. She just hoped that he would be too.
Isabel walked out of the office and out to her car. She was prepared for whatever was to come into her life. And if that something was a new guy than bring it on. Smirking she smeared lip gloss onto her full pink mouth and drove towards downtown. To a bar in the distance where Alex Whitman was playing. The night after he broke up with his girlfriend. A night of magic was about to be arranged. It was showing in the stars.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
When I arrived at work tonight I was expecting endless hours of numbers and disappointing papers to grade. But then Liz showed up about an hour into the night and she surprised me. Oh how she surprised me.

Stepping into the classroom she had her speech planned out. She knew exactly what she was going to say. But what Liz Parker wasn’t prepared for was what Max Evans would say to her questions. And where it would lead them that night.

A half an hour earlier.....
“So what is the one thing in life that you most want to do? Your secret goal?” Liz asked her husband from where she was sitting on one of the desks in the front row. He smiled at her from behind his big desk in the front and raised his legs so his feet were resting on top of the birch wood. He looked at her crossed legs and came up with an idea.
“You want to know what my fantasy is?” Max changed the sound of the question so that it was sounding sexual. Even erotic. She giggled, “I already know this one sweetie. We did it about a year after the wedding” She paused as her eyes took in the room. Lot’s of biology pictures on the walls. Reminded her of when she was a student not so long ago and how her and him would talk in this room, exchange small smiles, little giggles when it was lunchtime and no one knew they were there. Reminded her of another time in their life when they had been all care-free. It was about a week before the wedding and they were as excited and bubbly as could be. No stressing out over invitations and catering and such. Liz and Max were in their own little world.....

Giggling Liz squirted the toothpaste onto her brush. Max had been tickling her a minute ago and she had ran into the bathroom to hide out. Ducking for cover he raised his hands to surrender. After a big pillow fight she had finally won. That was when his magic hands had worked wonders on her stomach. She had been laughing so much she felt like she would pee her pants any minute. It was a good thing he stopped in time.

Max smirked as he looked at her brushing her teeth in front of the mirror. ‘She is so cute, I can’t believe we’re about to be united forever,’ Max thought as he picked up his toothbrush. Their wedding was a week away and he was so happy that he thought he could bust any minute and spread it out to the world. Obviously Liz felt that way too because she was staring at him in the mirror with a big lovey expression on her face. That was when he turned up the radio and started to dance. It cracked her up as she watched him shaking his butt and lip synching with the toothbrush in one hand. So Liz joined in.

And pretty soon they were both partying in the bathroom to one of the hit pop songs on the radio. She spit into the sink as he bopped her butt with his. Laughing hysterically Liz squirted some toothpaste at him. They were little kids at heart. Her at the age of 18 and him of 29. They might have family problems but none of that was on their minds right now. They were too much in love to notice the disapproving glances.

“Hey!” she shouted as he picked her up and dropped her into the tub. Laughing at her, Max turned the shower on. She squealed as the cold water hit her head and pulled him in with her. He fell down from trying to hold onto the shower curtain. Needless to say, that and the rod fell down on top of him.

“Ow, laughing *giggle* too *snort* much” Liz exclaimed as he joined in with her when she snorted. Liz elbowed him because she could tell he was laughing at her. At that moment she tried to get up and turn the water off but he ended up splashing her. Liz gasped as she looked at her fiancee’s guilty face. He stuck his tongue out at her and she declared war.

Liz picked up the shower curtain and threw it out of the bathtub and then turned the shower head directly over him. “Cold!!” Max exclaimed as he jumped up. She couldn’t help but laugh because he was in a muscle tank and boxers and now was drenched with water.
“I wouldn’t laugh if I were you” he said in mock anger. But as he said it he had grabbed the soap and proceeded to scrub his body. She just couldn’t help but keel over at him, he was washing himself with his pajama’s on. It was too funny.

She looked down at her own body. She was wearing a white tank top and cotton pajama pants from a local k-mart. It wasn’t exactly the most stylish of all sleep wear and certainly not the sexiest. As her head was turned away from him Max took his chance. he pushed her down onto the bottom of the tub and he landed on top of her.

“Ugh!” she gasped as the cold water hit her body. Now she was soaked! And it was all his fault. Just as she was going to plan her next move Max kissed her. He was so in love with this beauty before him. Her laugh, just her smile would light up his world. Her wondering eyes, so innocent, so pure. He kissed her deeply at the bottom of the tub as the water cascaded down on their bodies. The droplets hitting Max’s back almost like he was protecting her from the steady downstream. It was pure bliss to them as he proceeded to pull off her clothes. An innocent routine before bed interrupted by their joy, their happiness with each other. Max rolled over so that they were laying on the tile and her hands could run all over him. Picking up the soap he chuckled deep on to her lips. She was so rare of a person. Just so special. If he ever lost her, all would be lost, all inside of him.

And they stayed like that for hours. Just soaking up into each other. After a few minutes the water was turned off. But other than that they didn’t move from the tub. Just kissing at each other. All over, wherever they could find a bare piece of skin it would be covered with a mouth. One of the happiest nights of Liz’s life. Possibly the happiest before she became a married woman. She looked back on that night as one where her and him were the same age. No trouble. No worries.

End of flashback...

TBC with the rest of their talk
*angel*(thanx lana again.... she helped me pick the bathroom place)
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Sometimes things are better inside your head

“Not that.” he told her, shaking his head.
“Something romantic?” she teased. He laughed and stepped out of his chair. ‘The papers can wait,’ he thought as he stepped out from behind his desk and moved over to his wife. ‘She is so beautiful’ he remembered the first day that he saw her, that was when he knew that he wanted to be with her.
Max Evans was a Biology teacher at West Roswell High. It was his second year as a teacher there. Fresh out of college and into the career field. His parents were so proud. As he was setting the books down on each of the desks he heard the bell ring and the door open, flooding with students not so eager to learn. He had been just like then when he was in high school. But of course he knew that he wanted to be a teacher. To help young minds learn about the world. And science was always his favorite subject, his passion. Then as he finished setting the last book down a beautiful face appeared and sat in that seat. She was stunning, her brown eyes gazing at him and a soft smile flirting with her lips. The way she sat down in the chair and immediately opened the book to sign her name made him feel like she loved this subject almost as much as he did. That she wanted to be her, in this classroom not necessarily with him. And her eyes returned to his all through that class period as he spoke up at the front of the room. He saw her twirl her fingers through her hair. It wasn’t so ditzy but thoughtful as if she was going over a formula or an equation in her mind that didn’t make much sense. And then her eyes would light up quickly while her hand flew across the paper to jot some notes down. It was all so amazing to watch and take hold. At the end of the period he was sad to see her go even though he knew that she would be back. Back to him the next day. And for many more days after that.
End of flashback...
She was extraordinary, everything he wanted in a woman. She was his angel. The grace, the beauty, the charm. She made him laugh and feel young again. Then there was her brain. They were on the same level of intelligence despite the difference in age. And if they could overcome that then they could battle anything. Especially this thing that he knew was bugging her. She looked tired, the dark circles under her eyes, and almost sad, she kept closing her eyes and asking him these weird questions about life. But Max wouldn’t pry her to open up and talk to him. She would come when she was ready. Right now he just had to be there for her. He was a hopeless romantic at heart.

Liz watched in awe as her love held his hand out to her and asked her if he could have this dance. She nodded and laid her hand upon his. After being pulled up slowly she rested in his arms, feeling quite safe and at ease with the world. He swayed with her in his arms to music that only they could hear. And all was right with the world. No wars or killing sprees by evil minds. Children were safe playing on the sidewalk and you could walk into a 7/11 at night without fear of a hold up.
“So what then?” she asked quietly into his ear as her face nuzzled softly into his shirt. He smiled a smile that she couldn’t see and replied, “you know that song, what’s your fantasy?” He knew very well that she did but she said yes anyways.
“Well somewhere along them lines. Like truth or dare. Only I ask you what your fantasy is and then I dare you to perform it on me at that place. A new game for us my love.” it was amazing how he could make up all of this stuff and almost seem romantic when she knew that when it came down to it all it was was a little foreplay between them.
“You can go first” she told him as she blushed deeply thinking of her fantasy.
“Okay,” he told her and then whispered what his was. She thought about it for a moment after responding that yes they could do that. In fact they could do it tonight.

Isabel walked into the bar and she looked at the band that was playing tonight. It was called ‘The Whits’. The lead guitarist looked awfully handsome and she wouldn’t mind getting to know him a little better. It might be a little quick for her to get back into the dating field but this was what she wanted. This was what she needed. To feel carefree again and be able to express herself without worry that her husband wouldn’t like it. She would find a date. And then she would have a little fun.

About 15 minutes later the band was performing their last song. She listened to it with a nodding head at the bar. She wasn’t the best dancer but the beat really spoke to her.
“What’s his name?” she asked the bartender quietly as he was refilling her drink. Her second one of this evening and already she was feeling a little plastered. Maybe these glasses were bigger than she thought. With a smirk she pointed out the lead guitarist and he answered.
His name was Alex Whitman and he was headed her way.

The romance novelist inside her envisioned a scene from a book....
He walked swiftly towards her in the smoky nightclub. She was the only woman there to him and he was the only man for her. His steps quieted on the dark red carpeted floor and suddenly everyone else in the room was gone and it was just him and her. His eyes gazing softly into her’s as she stood and moved towards him. The spotlight was flowing behind him and his muscular body filled the dark blue shirt that stood out with a ray of light. He could see her full red lips and her long blonde hair flowing softly in the breeze. It didn’t even occur to him that there was no breeze until he saw her pull the rubber band out and give her head a quick shake. That was where the motion was coming from. Her blonde hair fell right back into place and he smiled at her, mouthing “would you like to dance?” With a nod of her head she was in his arms and they were twirling around the dance floor. It became a ballroom and her short skirt was replaced with a long white evening gown. He was in a tuxedo and the most brilliant dancer of all the world. Their steps were light on the ground and her hands felt small and warm inside his. And as their eyes gazed into each other’s the vision faded out.....
In real life he stepped up to the bar and ordered a drink. Giving her a quick once over he payed for the tab and walked away. But in that moment she knew all she needed to know. She wanted this man. And Isabel DeLuca always got what she wanted.

TBC *angel* who's caught on now? lol

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people...I spent my whole road trip writing about 27 pages to my other story and only like a paragraph to this one... LOL

whoops... but oh well. now I really have a ton of reading to do to get all caught up. this stinks lol... can't you guys just wait for me? noo...

okay I know how this is going to go... I think a couple more long parts and I can end this right where I want to. lol... that's what I decided.

*tongue* thank you all so much for the feedback and bumps and birthday wishes... vacation was great. now I'm back to work for you guys. hehehehe a new part soon. *big*
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Author's note: (hey that's me! lol)
I already know how I am going to end this fic. sorry to you people who thought it was going to be longer. a couple more parts and then it's done. there should be a new part out tomorrow (august 22nd) I will try my hardest to get it all written during the day and posted later that evening.

Thank you :
Faith Evans-me too lol
roswelllover (2x)-thank you for the happy bday wish
AshleyBehr666(2x)I'll explain in the next part. sorry
Eerie-totally how I wanted it to seem
Schmidta-no tess, no kyle sorry. kyle is only featured in flashbacks... so that was twice so far. I don't plan on writing him in anymore.
Lana Lane(2x) thanx for the bump

Thank you everyone. hope I'm not dissappointing you. I just got all caught up in everyone else's fics so now I can keep writing more of this one.
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can ya believe I have writer's/typer's block? sheesh...I am so not worthy of you guys..

ummmm.... I am trying here... it's not too late yet.
hmmm...I know how I want it to go but just can't start it.. anyone wanna write the story for me? LOL...
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special thanx to AshleyBehr666, mermaidgirl(2x) and Lana Lane who posted after my last Thankyou..

so here's the part... please be kind... it took me a while.. lol

Always be on the look out for new things and new people

“There’s no time to lose” Liz told her husband and pulled him towards the door. He laughed at her enthusiasm towards his fantasy. He had always wondered what it would be like to do. She led him down the hallway to the back part of the school. It seemed like just yesterday she had been drudging her feet down this same hallway to her least favorite period. But now his idea turned her on. She felt the urge to jump him and have her way with him. Liz pushed that urge down until they reached the double doors that had the word
on them. He smiled and she pulled the door on the right. It was dark inside but reeked of sweat. He winced as he bumped into a basket full of footballs and soccer balls. Liz picked up a volleyball from a bag next to it and smacked it across the room.
“Oh yeah! Still got the talent” she exclaimed and pumped one arm in the air. He chuckled and picked her up off the ground. Twirling her around once more she giggled and kissed him lovingly on the cheek. As he set her down on the floor she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Her lips kissed every curve of his face, every feature of delicacy. In between pecks she told him “I love you” he grinned as her mouth met his, “I love you too”.
“Show me how much you love me” she insisted as he walked to the bleachers on the other side of the gym. They passed the girls locker room which led to the pool when she gave him a soft giggle.
“What’s so funny?” he whispered when they got behind the rows of steel.
“I didn’t mean to show me like that” she mentioned referring towards his erection that was now straining against his pants. He pulled her onto his lap after laying down on the ground but she resisted. “That’s not the way this is going to go” she told his curiously expressed face and got up. His hand was pulled up too and soon she was pressed against the wall with his crotch pressed to her’s and his hands in her hair. “How about this?” his rasped voice asked seductively in her ear. She nodded as his hands came around her head and traced the outline of her shoulders and then ran down to her waist where he hoisted her up.
“You are so beautiful” he told her. Soon her hands were cupping his face and she pulled his mouth to her’s in a deep kiss. Sensually she started rocking her hips side to side. His straining cock pressed against her made her heighten the kiss. She smirked as his mouth ran along her neck and soon he was sucking her collarbone gently. She pulled his zipper down after her hands made their way in between each other’s rocking bodies. He pulled himself back slightly and his pants slid down then he pushed her skirt up and spread her legs open. Her panties were soon pushed to the side and he moaned out of pleasure as her fingernails teased him. They made their way to his thighs and were slowly tracing their way up to his groin. He kissed her lips again loving the intense feel of her tongue pushing against his as their wet lips crashed on each other. She slowly pulled down his boxers and pulled him closer to her. Just as his body was going to enter her’s a thought came into her mind, ‘Should we really be doing this? I’m not sure about the baby but what if this makes things worse?’ slowly she pushed his mouth away from hers.
“Max...” she whispered. He looked at her worried, “Something wrong my love?” she couldn’t help but feel her heart warm and her legs get all rubbery at his sweetness. She loved when he referred to her as his love, or his wife or even his girl.
“Do you have a condom?” she asked him and his eyebrows shot up. They rarely used one ever since she went on the pill. He leaned over and pulled a small package out of his back pocket. Now it was her turn to raise her eyebrows.
“Oh don’t you even missy” he chuckled and told her, “ every guy has one there just in case.”
“Just in case what?” she asked, “a hot stripper comes along?” He groaned. She got jealous whenever girls looked his way let alone talked to him. “Liz, sweetie,” he tried to tilt her face to his as she looked away from him. “I love you so very much, with all my heart and soul in fact, with every fiber of my being you have to trust me when I say that we are meant to be together and I would never do anything to hurt you.” his kind words touched her heart and she pulled the package out of his hands. “Allow me” she said. He was still concerned to why she had suddenly changed her mind about using those wretched things but didn’t want to ask now.
Liz rolled the condom on him with her two fingers and leaned back against the wall as he thrusted into her. “Mmm” she sighed as his tongue licked at her collarbone. He pushed her shirt slightly down far enough so that his mouth surrounded her breast. “Perfect” he sighed as he rocked forward and back. Deep thrusts he found himself doing as she moaned some more. All of a sudden a bright light came on and a deep voice boomed, “Who’s in here?” Max’s head turned abruptly and through the bleacher cracks he could see a custodian that worked nights had entered the gym. Possibly because of hearing their noise even though he was sure that they hadn’t been that loud.

- - - - --- ------ -------- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Alex looked around the dark parking lot before raising his hand. It glowed a white light and the equipment loaded itself into the blue van he used when he was on tour. California was his next stop and he smiled at his timing. The members of his band just came out of the back door to the club. This guitarist waved and closed the trunk lid. Behind them came a woman in a short dress. He recognized her from the bar. She didn’t really seem his type. He was into blondes but this was too business-woman like for him. He wasn’t really a groupie kind of guy either. It was almost like he was waiting for his true love. His best friends Maria, Liz, Max and Michael would be so surprised to see him back in town. A surprise visit was in order for tomorrow. He just needed to stop at a hotel and let the band out. Chuckling Alex opened the middle door to let his buds in.
He really did miss Maria Evans’ banter with her boyfriend Michael Guerin. He wondered what those two were up to. He knew exactly how Liz and Max were doing. His queen and king who were also his two greatest friends and the stars of the best love story in all time often projected to him when he was alone and talked about old times. They would orb right in with their blue dust and white shimmers. It was enough to make Alex jealous. The had it all. He was still looking for the love of his life. If only he would open up his eyes soon enough.
“Ahem” a throat cleared from behind him. As he turned he looked into the eyes of the blonde from the bar.
“Hi,” she smiled slowly before extending her hand. He wasn’t one for romance but kissed it softly to her delight.
“Hello,” he responded. Skizz on the drums laughed his ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ laugh from the back and he rolled his eyes. Sometimes his friends could be so immature.
“I was wondering if you could give me a ride, see my car has a flat tire and silly me forgot a spare,” she told him. He grinned as Kyle from the passenger seat got out and headed to the back, already knowing what he was going to say.
“Why it would be our pleasure,” Alex replied and the young woman smiled once more.
“Thank you so much, oh yeah almost forgot, I’m Isabel DeLuca.”
“Well it’s nice to meet you Isabel, I’m Alex” he said before introducing the rest of the band who gave her slight waves and smiles from the back. It wasn’t often they had a woman in the van with them and one of the guys was combing his hair back trying to look nice.
As Isabel got into the front seat Alex told her that they just had to make a short stop before he would take her home. Once the band members were dropped off he would take this lady back to her place and then head over to the Evans’ household hopefully to crash for the night. But little did he or Isabel know that there was one force that just would not let them escape fate once more. They had done it in high school but now was not the time for another failure. Alex and Isabel were meant to be.

TBC *angel*

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schmidta originally wrote:
Just a question, is Maria Max's and Iz's sister? Because you called her Maria Evans, is she or was it just a mistake?

Plase moreee... isn´t Liz gonna tell Max about the baby?

thank you!
okay I just came on but I thought this was a good question.
I changed it in this story a little because well... I thought it would be more interesting.
as you noticed I said Maria Evans but I also said Isabel DeLuca. Maria is Max's sister therefore the princess of Antar. Isabel is the daughter of Amy therefore a human.
I also switched Alex and Michael but I didn't with their last names because I forgot before and that was a mistake on my part (oops lol) but Alex is the second in command in Michael's place. (he used his powers at the van) and Liz took over Tess's place (that's why she's not in here and Max keeps saying they are destined to be)
and yes Liz is going to tell Max about the baby. but you will just have to wait and see when.. lol I'm such a tease... *tongue*
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shameless selfless... whatever it's a bump...

new part comin atcha later on ... maybe even today...

hehehehe *bounce*~
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okay...guess what people... only 3 parts left and they will be fast too... gonna finish this before september 4th...

thank you: roswellluver, Faith Evans, roswelllover, AshleyBehr666(2x), mermaidgirl, Eerie, schmidta

hehehehe hope you like it....

Somethings never change

Max pulled his boxers and his pants up quickly. My skirt fell back down and a frown came upon my lips. I so wanted him inside of me longer than that! He raised his finger to his lips and made a shhing sound.
“Like I don’t know I’m supposed to be quiet” I whispered and he made the sound again.
“Stop it”I told him quietly and he replied “only if you stop talking”. I smacked him lightly on the arm when a slow smirk came over his face. This was soon interrupted by that damn custodian.
“Who’s there? Whoever you are you’re not supposed to be in here. If you don’t show your faces in 5 seconds then I’m calling the cops.” Max was finding it hard to hold in his laughter and I knew why. Probably because the janitor-Bud look alike had started counting.
“One...” Max pointed towards the end of the bleachers, it was the girls locker room. I started tip toeing my way over there. “Two...”, Max came along behind me. I held my hand out behind me and soon felt his comforting touch upon it. We could get into real trouble if this guy caught us. But luckily when he started looking around it was at the other end of the gym. “Three..”, we are two feet from the door, if only we can make it there in time. “Four...”, I open it slowly and despite my surprise it doesn’t make that creaking sound. He is heading towards the doors where I know very well that there’s a phone waiting. And as his back is turned we step inside the locker room. The familiar smell of perfume mixed with sweat welcomes us. It’s empty and the lights are off but not as dark as the gym was. Looking around I saw that things never change, there were still rows of lockers and changing benches in between. There were a few shorts and tees piled on top of sneakers in a box in the corner. Max wrapped his arms around my waist and leaned his head on my shoulder.
“I’m sorry it didn’t work” I told him. He kissed my neck softly “not your fault baby” then he stepped back and started walking to the pool.
“There’s still time to change my fantasy” he said, turning around.
“Race ya there” I said as I pulled off my shirt and skirt. Running past him I screamed “last one there has to buy me ice cream!” he laughed and pulled his shoes off and then his socks. I heard him run after me while pulling his shirt over his head and dropping it on the floor. I opened the large door and smelled the chlorine instantly. My sandals slid off my feet when I reached the deep end of the pool. I saw him enter the room and jumped in quickly. The water was cold and put goose bumps on my skin. I was wearing my red bra and panties and saw through the clear water as his pants dropped to the ground and he jumped in with his blue boxers on. It definitely made the pool a lot warmer I gotta tell you that. As his head popped I caught a splash of water from his now soaked hair.
“Hey!” I exclaimed and he inched closer to me until I could feel his hot breath on my ear. He and his sexy voice said to me “oh you know you like it” and then I felt his tongue lick my earlobe. He nibbled it slightly before trailing slow, steady kisses down my neck and collar bone. His hands ran their way along my shivering body until they reached my bra clasp. He unbuckled it and let it fall only to float on the water. It drifted slowly along the edge of the pool as I moved with him towards the middle.
“You are positively absolutely the most gorgeous woman to ever walk the face of this earth” he whispered seductively as his hands groped at my chest. It was counted as groping because his hands moved so quickly and pulled at them hard. He was being aggressive and I loved every minute of it. “Mmm” I moaned as my fingers trailed their way down his stomach. “I can almost taste that ice cream now” I teased before his mouth captured mine in a breath taking spine tingling kiss. I was still shivering from the water but wrapped my legs around his waist to feel him digging into me. Not wasting anytime my hands got between us and pulled his boxers off quickly. I was lifted up as he pushed my panties down also and one of my breasts was flopping beside his mouth so he stuck his tongue out and licked it smoothly. I sighed so his tongue became more fierce. I love the way he does that. The little sucking and nibbling, Max is my sex god!
I shifted back down and found him inside of me. Deep inside of me I might add. I groaned as he pulled me up and then down. Needing more stability as his legs weakened and my moans got more intense he floated us over to the side of the pool. My body was pressed against the cold tile wall as he pushed himself deeper inside of me. His pistol was sliding against my wet folds and I heard him grunting his way along. His dripping hair looked so sexy as I licked his lips with my tongue before he let me gain entrance. My tongue and his dueling the same fight that our sexes were doing down below was quite intriguing. “Oh max” I called out not caring if that custodian could hear us now. He could kick us out for all he liked because there was no force in the world powerful enough to keep me away from this man and his body.
He pressed himself harder and deeper into me as I called out for him to go faster. With his little grunts and groans I could tell this was straining him. I rolled him over so that I was on top and he was pressed against the wall and his face showed a look of surprise as I rocked my hips up and down on him. His hard shaft deeply entered in my core I pumped up and down as fast as I could. Sweat started beading down his face as I could tell he was trying so very hard to keep it all in.
“Oh max” I moaned and murmured his name as his fingers played with my breasts that were firmly rounded in the palms of his hands. He twisted my nipples with his two fingers and I screamed out in pleasure “Yes!”
That was when he cracked, that exact moment I could feel his wet juices slipping into me. I came at that and rested my head on his shoulder.

About ten minutes later we emerged from the back door of the school fully clothed and still damp. After our wonderful little sexcapade we had swam around for a little while before heading back in retreat of our articles of clothing. I found this very exciting as with each piece of clothing we found we put it on each other. I could tell he was ready for round two but why not let my little love slave wait a while I figured.
“Ice cream time!” I yelled as we reached the car door. He didn’t even seem to care that he had lost as he slipped a grin to me.
“My papers can wait” he answered as my eyes had questioned him just seconds earlier on if it was right to leave. “You are the most important thing right now... and if you need ice cream then ice cream you shall get.” I laughed and buckled my seat belt. So far this night was full of surprises. Some of which hadn’t changed a thing in our relationship, others that reminded me of nights that had. But all in all some things never change. And after tonight I was going to teach Max a lesson.
Surely a lesson you’ll never forget... *wink*

TBC *angel* hehehehe...
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bump...where's everyone?
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Thank You's:

Lana Lane
Lana Lane
Lana Lane
Lana Lane
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Faith Evans
Lana Lane
Lana Lane
Lana Lane

I am so bad I know but here is the first part of this part.... I have no title for this and I am not really in a good mood. kind of tired and my sister's are at a concert. but I realized I was being jerky by not posting. I have had absolutely no time and I am so behind in other people's stories. you have no idea how bad I feel. I'm gonna burst out crying in a second if I see another story updated that I am behind on. *sad* [reallysad]
it's more than writer's block. It's like I have no smut left in me. *sad*

part A:
In the car...
“You know what that reminded me of?” Liz asked and Max turned the volume on the radio down a little.
“Us on the table last week?” a smirk hit his face as the memory came into his mind.
We were painting the kitchen. The table and cupboards were covered with newspaper and plastic bags were over the chairs. I rolled another piece of tape along the ceiling. The colors were pale yellow and blue. Liz was very strict about not getting then mixed in together. I had to laugh as she stroked the brush up and down carefully.
“It takes skill” she said and dipped her brush in the yellow paint.
“I’ll show you skill” I said and ran the paintbrush along her back. The white shirt that she was wearing already had paint on it from other painting moments but she still shrieked “look what you’ve done!” I laughed and dipped my paintbrush back in as she tried to get me with her’s.
Yellow paint splattered along my jeans and she giggled as I flung the paint off the paintbrush and it landed on the table.
“Missed me!” she yelled and stuck out her tongue before ducking underneath the table.
“Oh I see how it is now” I grinned before picking up the paint can and stood with it on top of the table. She looked up at me as I motioned the pouring of it over her head.
“You wouldn’t dare Max!” she said rather than asked.
“Oh wouldn’t I?” a smirk came over my face.
“Max! That paint was expensive.” she argued with me. I looked at her and then the can before saying “ tell me you’re sorry and I’ll put it down.”
“Okay, I’m sorry” she told me but I didn’t move off of the table.
“Say ‘Max you are the best painter in this house and have more skill than me’”. She giggled after I told her to say that and stood up to take the paint out of my hands.
“You’re getting a mighty big ego” she told me as she wrapped her hands around my neck.
“Say it” I whispered as I got down to the floor. We were both standing on the now yellow newspaper and the can was on the other side of the room. She must have felt safe enough to say “never”.
“Oh really now?” I asked before taking her lips with mine.
“Yeah huh” she murmured while kissing me back so it sounded more like “murh uh” but I didn’t care. Grinding my hips against her’s as I sat down on the table I felt her tongue slipping into my mouth. She wanted me so bad, I can tell these things. Or maybe that’s just my big male ego deciding to come out. Either way she still rocked her hips along mine and moaned deeply. I sat down on the table and she was straddling my lap before I laid down and pulled her with me.
“You think this table can support us?” she asked and I laughed, “if not than it was junk anyways.”

I am so sorry again. *angel* don't like hate me. please? *shy*
posted on 7-Oct-2002 8:47:04 PM by m14
thank you so much my readers for being here with me as I explored my smutty side but I don't have the desier or the heart to do anymore. Maybe I could have finished this if I had gotten off my lazy butt those first few days before school started but I don't have the writing urge for this anymore. I think I am getting really self conscious of my smut or my nookie....

so if this effects anyone then I am sorry

But most likely it will be one more post it note on your long busy day of story reading..... so have fun and thank you for sticking with me. I really appreciate it all *big*

posted on 13-Oct-2002 12:49:57 PM by m14
Thanx you guys. It means a lot that you care.
sorry Lana.... but I really miss your story
and JBehr'sgurl...(that how you spell it?) anyways your stories were excellent. I am like 50 parts behind and it sux. *sad*

but oh well.... the price I pay to have an education I guess. [frown]

Love to all you guys you were and still are the best
posted on 14-Feb-2003 5:39:57 PM by m14
I was wondering if anyone would like it if I came back with this story. I have been thinking that that was a good break but maybe now I can give the ending another try, let my smutty side back out.

how about it? let me know what you think.. the good the bad and the ugly!

posted on 15-Feb-2003 11:49:05 PM by m14
why thank you Lane, this part's dedicated to you ... just for always supporting me. hope that atleast you will finish this story.

the long awaited next part of Smutty A lesson you'll never forget :

Sometimes Passion can come when you least expect it
“You think this table can support us?” she asked and I laughed, “if not than it was junk anyways.”

Part B:
“I wanna love you forever” She whispered in my ear and I grinned. This woman meant the universe to me and it really did fill you up with warmth when she whispered sweet nothings in my ear. But can I really call them nothings? Don’t get all philosophical on me now Max, I thought.
“I want to feel your thickness inside of me, pumping me, stretching deep into me. I need to rub my body all over your’s and stick together. The pain smearing over our skin as we have hot fucking sex on this table right now,” her dirty words filled my ears and my pulsing member just about exploded as her lusty voice rasped against my eardrum. It tickled my spine and I shivered although I was the hottest that I had felt in a long time.
“You’ve got it babe,” I replied and pushed her smooth back down on the table and ripped her shirt apart. The front was made of buttons down the middle but I paid needless attention to details and ran my thumbs down her tanned stomach. She felt so smooth. My fingers tracked paint down however and I chuckled softly before sucking her neck. Her legs were still bent at the angel from her hips and they wrapped themselves around my waist. My jeans were trying to hold me in and I could feel myself straining inside.
“Are the windows closed?” she asked and I must have had a look of confusion on my face but nodded that they were.
“Good,” she moaned and then twisted her head to the side and yelled, “oh yes Max, right there.” It was loud but totally turned me on. I realized that what she was screaming about was my throbbing crotch rubbing against her cunt. Her pants and mine were both in place but I was almost dry humping her, more like just pushing myself against her. I kept the rhythm up but moved my mouth to her breast and captured one in my mouth. It felt so good, tasted so good. The scent was strawberries.
“oh baby, just push it, harder,” Liz groaned and I thrust my hip harder against her but still she wasn’t satisfied. I instead pulled her jean zipper down and slid my finger in, it made it’s way on top of the cotton underwear and I rubbed it slightly. It was very tight between her pants and my finger and I realized that she must be growing because these were the same pants that had been loose on her about a month ago. The button unclasped so I pulled the pants down and she raised her arm from beneath me and also pulled mine down past my big bulge. I slide the cotton panties down to her knees and my boxers were pulled down also so our clothes were sort of hanging there. I could tell it was making for an uncomfortable position with her legs but I had to have her right now, no more waiting, no more delays.
“Yes!” she cried out as I entered her tight passageway and I sighed with the contact too but I needed to get this going, I wanted her so badly. All the while she was humming and moaning and groaning, the noises never to cease.
“Liz, god I need you Liz,” I called out and pushed deep into her then raised myself up slightly. My mouth was off of her breast and I licked her rib caged area and then slid my tongue down to her stomach. That was as far as my neck would bend at this position of our bodies and I moaned, wanting to taste more of her as her sexual scent filled my nostrils.
“Wait Max,” she said and I stopped my movement. What could be the problem?I wondered.
“I want to feel you on my backside, please, just enter me from behind. This girl at work said it was the best fucking thing she had ever felt, although with it came some pain. Please won’t you fuck me from behind Max?” I wondered why she was using all of these swear words and acting so dirty and horny but god it felt so sexy, really turned me on. Not like I needed to be ‘on’ more than I was. So I pulled myself up off her and she slid her pants down off her legs and they rested on the floor but her underwear slide to her ankles and before she had time to flick it off I twisted her to her backside and continued the sexual moment. My cock pushed right into her backside and she cried out loudly a big wailing sound. I hoped that she wasn’t in pain but her soft voice quickly reassured me.
“Keep moving Max, keep the fast rhythm, it feels soooo good.” She moaned deeply and her face was bent to the right side and her breasts were pressed against the wooden table. I was laying directly on top of her and pressed in deeper before humping again. With each push she would give a little moan or murmur of a word, it sounded a lot like my name but I wasn’t sure, I was in another plan of existence. It had to be close to heaven because it felt amazing, spiritually uplifting and I was pushing so hard and fast now, it was the best sex I had ever experienced with Liz. My body was sticking to her’s from all of the paint that was drying and when I opened my eyes I could see her back was covered with yellow. I wondered why that was so until I noticed that the yellow painted newspaper was still on the table and she had been laying on her back before. The shirt had been tossed carelessly aside and her bra was strapped open, just dangling across her shoulders. As I climaxed I felt a wave shudder throughout her body and I rested my head down on her shoulder, with a sniff I felt her scent calming me down until her voice rang out again.
“I know that was great and all but Max could you please get up, you’re crushing me.”

TBC <-- don't you like the sound of that? lol *happy*hope you liked this part.. *happy* I thought they could use some good dirty fun for once *happy*
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