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AUTHORS NOTE: I had this idea okay? and it wouldn't get out of my head.

I Don't own the roswell charcters blah blah blah

Background information: I hope u r reading this. THIS TAKES AROUND CRY YOUR NAME ....Okay a week before Alex's death Liz was invloved in a car carsh with her parents- causinf her to lose her ability to hear and her parents dead.
It has been two weeks since Alex's death- Liz has managed to be normal so no one could find out about the accident- she dosen't anyone pitying her. AND ALSO AFTER ETOW FUTRE MAX KISSED HER AND INSERTED ALL THE INFORMATION ABOUT WEPONARY THE GRANOITH ETC

and a nineteen year old tutor has come to aid her- her name is Serena" ring any bells"

AND THE INTROUDUCTION- is more like the halfway through the stroy. it is kinda giving you a sneek peak of what is going to happen.

Catagorey: M/L who else but there is a mention of Zan ( not the sexy dupe but the orignal Zan)

Rating: err M

PLOT: Liz is feeling alone. and the war aganist the skins si coming closer- it seems evern the royals anre't strong enough. From the information Fture Max gave her Liz manges to get the granoith crystal and wants to travel into the futre- to see what life is like- but she goes into the past.

Okayy tha's enough plot




The surreal sun kissed the tired desert terrain. A few birds swept past tall palm tress, zipping through the hollow trunks and touched the cold, wet black sand.
In the middle of the tropical ossias stood a rock formation, shaped as a whale. There stood a King with Shoulder length hair and smooth skin. His long purple cape danced with the howling frosty wind, winter was coming soon. A few white snowflakes touched the hot spicy sand; a hissing sound was emitted each time a cold white flake melted into the black seed sand. The gold crown glistered in the evening sun; the headband sat snugly among the king’s long locks. His uniform was ripped, exposing the tanned muscular washboard. Blood stained his left leg, and yet he stood with prime authority. However on the inside, his heart was broken in two.

Another man, a bit younger than the king who was only nineteen stood by his side.
“ Is she safe,” The man asked his best friend, and powerful King.
“ She is, but we will never be. This war is making all of our people shrivel with diseases. It’s getting under my skin Larek,” Zan spoke softy.
Larek felt for him after all he proved that he was a true king to his people. He gave up his true love and allowed her to return back to her own time.
“ Don’t worry Zan, you told Liz all you know and she will prevent the skins taking over Earth. All is not lost,”
The frost picked up, Zan’s long hair was a tornado as lovesick tears glazed his eyes.
“ Don’t worry Larek I gave her everything,” Zan sunk to his knees as he looked over the sick planet. It was intoxicated with greed, deceit and violence- and covered in innocent blood slashed by his men.
“ What do you mean everything? She risked her life going through time to speak with you. Now what can you give her that will change the course of this war?” Larek hauled his green cape over his long white shirt and leather pants.
“Larek, I gave her my love, my wisdom, declaring to the public that she is queen of Antar, my soul and the only thing I can give.” Zan slowly turned to Larek, Zan’s hair was still behind him like streamers, and blue tears were picked up by the colder blizzard. “ I gave her the true heir to the throne. A Boy,”
Zan drew back his gazed to the purple star shooting across the darker horizon; the five acid green moons were slowing rising.
“ She is pregnant with my son Larek. She will be in more danger than ever before when she returns back to her time. I love you Liz Parker,”


Chapter One

Liz Parker splashed some water from the basin to waker her up from the tiresome sleep she was experiencing these past weeks.
Her Best friend Alex was dead…
She was involved in a car accident that killed her parent’s instantly
And she was diagnosed with 100% hearing loss.
Yep, apparently when the car smashed into the petrol tank and exploded a loud noise erupted and burst her eardrum instruments.
Or what Doctor Smith had written down for her.
Her eardrums is like a stereo and when the petrol tank went off only a few metres away it caused her speakers of the stereo, the thin cords that were the tools for hearing were ripped from its console of the stereo. Yep, being deaf sucked.
And what was worse- she didn’t want anyone to know that. Liz didn’t want people pitying her or being treated not as a human being. Dr. Smith had assigned her with a tutor for the deaf language- she was nineteen and this girl had a brother who was deaf.
Great, Liz thought to herself and walked around her balcony. Liz stood in her pink pyjamas and browsed down through the street. It was a Saturday and Michael and Maria were in the distance- definitely arguing because Maria was flapping her arms around. And Mrs and Mr Louise and Mr Thompson- the noisy trio were viewing the heated argument with interest. But Liz didn’t hear a single thing; her world was a muted television.
A green rabbit halted at the Crashdown and a red head stood out, with a blue blouse, black bourree and plaided, red and black skirt and blue stockings and tinted shades.
The red head knocked on the doors. Liz wasn’t up to this but Liz thought it must be the nineteen-year-old tutor eagerly waiting for Liz to open up the door.
Liz wiped her the sleep out of her eyes, and felt herself yawn- he shoulder muscles tensed and she left out a big breath Liz had been holding in. But during this time she couldn’t hear a bloody thing. Liz was deaf.
Liz unlocked the doors and in stood and rich girl with emerald eyes and dyed red shoulder length hair, blue suitcase in hand.
Liz watched the girl’s glossy lips move, but Liz struggled to make out the words. Liz wasn’t that great at lip-reading. After all Liz didn’t have to worry about lip-reading until two weeks ago.
The girl abruptly stopped and rooted through her expensive black satchel and pulled out a fountain pen and white notebook. The girl handed her the notebook.

Hi I’m Serena Angel

Liz felt her lips move inward. Liz felt her lungs crush a bit- she must be sucking in her breath. Didn’t Future Max mention that Serena was going to be a friend of hers one day?
Liz opened her mouth and motioned her lips to form a greeting- and her name.
Serena smiled and they both walked to the bench top.

Liz knew this was going to be a long day….


Tell me if this is interesting or not


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moa: you have read all my stories. Wow Thanks. I better read some of your stories.*happy*

CRAZY 4 MAX : Hey Veronica I have noticed you on my other stories. NOW AN EXTRA BIG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU





Serena Beth Angel is from the A.S.L. The American Sign Language department Serena handed Liz a helpful booklet about sign language. However Liz wasn’t too pleased. While Serna had retreated to Liz’s parent’s room but now a guest room. Maria and her on and off boyfriend, Michael ambled over to the counter.
Liz didn’t want to talk to them. Instead she headed to the couch in the “staff only room”. How would they understand?
Liz has given up a future of happiness, a life with Max and her dreamy wedding by saving the whole world from extinction. In return Max and Tess are dating, Isabel had moved in with Maria. Isabel and Max weren’t talking anymore ever since the word ‘’college’’ was mentioned. Liz didn’t hear the argument but did see a bit of chair throwing and alien powers at Michael’s apartment. Michael and Maria had become the couple Liz and Max were before Tess arrived. Liz felt tears dribble down her cheek. She wiped them away and felt her nose scrunch up, which meant she was sniffling again.
Max, this was the worst part.
He hated her
Although she couldn’t hear his voice she had eyes and she could see all.
His eyebrows were drawn together as he looked down at her with grief then turned his head away. He even changed Lab Partners- Liz was with Maria now since Alex has passed on.
A part of her was really glad she was hearing impaired.
No longer would she would hear her own crying while thinking about Max. Or listen to Maria babble on about her lovely love life. She didn’t have to listen to Tess, smugly cooing about her new relationship with King Max.
But there was a part of Liz that hated this new life. Deep down inside her where her love for max had been buried under grief and anger there was a single spark!
This spark told her that Max was trying to prove to everyone that he could move on.
But Liz didn’t dwell on that.
Liz, lying comfortably on the worn out couch watched Michael put on his apron and turn on the grill to start flipping burgers. The smell of meat cooking filled Liz’ nose and her dry mouth started to drool but Liz wiped it away using her wrist.

Liz raked her long think fingers through her coca-brown tresses. The topic of Future Max made her skin crawl. There was one thing Liz left out when she told Maria. It was the fact that Future Max kissed her and then everything went weird.

(Flash Back)
“ Liz, before I go I must tell you something,” Future Max stilled a teary Liz parker by planting her to the lawn chair on her balcony.
“ What?” Liz sobbed,” That I must tell Max I’m a lesbian?”
“ Don’t be crazy, Liz” Max Evans pulled out an old leather band with a silver wedding ring. It had M.E&L.P Forever on the outside and I love thee on the inside. He handed it to Liz’s palm and closed her fingers around it.
“ This was yours Liz. Now Liz this is special okay? When the time is right you will know what to do. Don’t tell anyone about this,” He spoke with urgency and fear was mirrored in his old tired eyes.
Liz pulled the necklace over her head; it rested comfortably between her breasts.
“ Another thing Liz. I trust you and keep this to your self. Now stand up, ”Future Max looked left and right, as if to see if anyone was watching them, he scooped Liz into his strong arms and silenced her with a kiss.
The kiss was warm and Liz’s heart crushed. How much she missed his warm lips and warmth flooded into her heart. Pins and needles travelled up to her spine to the top of her scalp. White heat toasted her insides. Liz tried to wrench away but Future Max held on tighter. Then the flashes came.
Planets, Places, war tactics, maps, dates, faces, numbers, codes and languages- All too fast to register in Liz’s mind.
Liz gasped for breath and her forehead touched his and Future Max pleaded with her in the most softest voice.” Liz, what I gave you is to stay with you. Only you, Got that?”
Liz nodded her head, she felt a bit fuzzy.
“ What did you do?” Liz asked.
“ I gave you everything I learnt over the past few years. Liz if Michael Isabel, Tess and myself, and the others get into trouble you will do everything in your power to stop us from getting killed. Or when times are bleak you got the information. I gave you every language in the galaxy Liz. You will be able to control the granolith and translate every alien language. If Khivair or Nicholas finds out then he will mind rape you. You are the only one I trust Liz. Please stay in the fight and protect Earth. Whatever you do trust no one with this information. Any one could be the traitor,”
“ What traitor?” Liz was feeling scared too, she and future Max had been looking left and right and turning around in circles. What did he give her?
Future Max seemed agitated,” You sensed there was someone who would betray us. Someone did but we don’t know whom. Please don’t let anyone know about this. And under no circumstances may anyone know about this Liz, I love you,” Future Max kissed her and for the first time she saw him smile,” I’m proud of you Liz. No one would do this that’s why I trust you.”
They both sat in silence closely next to each other on the lawn chair.
“ Max,” Liz whispered as tears started to fall down her cheek and soak her shirt.
“ Remember I will always Love you,” Max turned to face Liz.
“ Me too,” Liz replied. Who would ever knew that this would happen? Did Max foresee something bad would happen when he talked about his fears about relationships in the lab next to the slugs?
“ I didn’t mean this to happen,” Max whispered. “ But you are the only one I trust,” Max wiped her tears with his dissolving hand.
“ Dance with me. I want to have my wedding Dance,”

(End Flash back)

Liz slid her hand in her pocket and pulled out the necklace and allowed the cold surface of the ring to slide comfortably on her ring finger.
What is so special about this necklace?
And what usage does it have for me? Liz thought.
The lack of sleep caught up with Liz and she yawned, and snuggled deeper into the couch. And Liz began to drift to sleep. When Liz awoke she couldn’t believe her eyes.
She was naked in bed with Max Evans, in Las Vegas and it seemed they have cemented their relationship, her wedding dress was draped across the king size bed. Liz saw the glowing hickeys on her left cheek.
Liz gasped and her left hand came into contact with her cheek. The necklace, ring was still attached. And it was glowing brightly as the noonday sun.
But that wasn’t the scary part…
"Oh My,"Liz breathed.

She could hear…


Oh mi god

what's with this ring?

hmmm now how doeas the orignal king of antar and Liz meet?



Be back soon( I mean it this time)


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Authors note: wow!!! ( pasue) Wow!! okay this next part with serena might seemed a bit rushed or weird but it will be explained later on.

** or *= sign language

I knid of want to quickly move on so I can get Liz to meet Zan. ( the original king)



He looked, content with the world. The expression Liz wasn’t used to. Liz was used to downcast looks, locked jaw and his actions made her feel small she couldn’t handle being this close to Max without him yelling at her. However, Liz felt different inside, her stomach ached- that was expected. But it was like she was warm inside and her skin was rosy and so soft, the sliver ring sparkled and little bits of crystals glowed eerily in the sunlight. Liz shield her eyes away and dropped the sheet covering her chest, she was faced by a Forrest of fluorescent crimson hickeys, then realised Max spelt out his name- MAX EVANS. Liz gingerly reached out with her hand and softly touched his cheek, Liz gasped as tears slid down and touched Max’s forehead. His eyelids opened and before Liz new it she was swiftly moved underneath him. His naked hard body was flushed against hers; he had a sly smile on his face. “ Good morning, Liz Evans,” His warm morning breath sent shivers down her spine, her head felt dizzy as she tried to shove Max off but he remained still as he slowly traced lazy circles on her inner thigh. The thin white sheet was snugly sitting underneath Max’s finely toned... Liz had to turn her head away and she felt her self-taking in more breaths, she couldn’t understand what was going on- she could hear everything-even the bluebirds or some animal cooing outside. Even the sound of Max’s heavy slow breaths, he was aroused. Liz felt his arousal tickle her waist.
Make that he is aroused, Liz thought.
“ Max, I need a shower,” Liz whined. It was lame but she had to get off him before she would do something worse-give into temptation and let her worries drift away. But Liz couldn’t do that because she needed to found out and one of them is why is she here?
Max groaned and rolled them both over and he picked her up, and held her close.
“ MAX!” Liz yelled. He was carrying her to the shower.
“ But Liz I reckon your too tired to wash yourself so I will do it for you,” Max smiled. “ I have been patiently waiting for you to wake up- so I can be inside of you- there inside you there are no worries or troubles but just the two of us,”
“ Max, Please I can walk myself,” Liz pleaded. What did future Max give her? What is this ring?
Max finally let her slid down, but down his body and her knees felt weak. You would too if you are alone with the love of your life, and naked. She lied to Future Max that making love to him was far from her mind- it was all she could think about. In the day and at night, even her dreams were filled with sweaty nights and cold showers.
Liz stared at herself in the mirror, expecting to see a girl with dull long hair and baggy eyes. Instead her skin was flushed, healthy and her hair was wild and..
“ You look so sexy in the morning Liz,” Max looped his arms around her and begins kissing her neck, trailing down to her shoulder- Liz flung back her neck.
This feels too good, Liz thought. She missed the sound of Max slurping and moaning and feeling his warm lips curl into a wicked grin.
Liz stared at her left hand with the glowing ring, and gently touched the ring. Its bright colours, indigo, magenta, brick red and clear emerald flooded her skin and her left arm was painted indigo and the colour of her veins was emerald and her long coca-brown hair switched to rich magenta.
Liz slid of the ring and closed her hand around the ring.
The colours, lukewarm to her skin turned to acid and Liz screamed.
A jackhammer was trying to make a dent in her skull. She quickly, shakily groped Max’s hand, and squeezed hard until she heard Max faintly gasp. Her trembling hands held close to her quivering chest and began breathing deeply. Her lungs were crushing together and her eyes itched- thousand of warps stings. Liz collapsed into Max arms and closed her eyes.
Liz blacked out but not before she heard Max gasp and shouted her name.

__ __ __ __

Something really cold was slapped across Liz’s face- hard and Liz felt herself squeeze herself together. Liz opened her eyes and everything was silent, the necklace ring was still closed inside her clenched hand. Michael stood there in his apron holding a blue ice pack. Serena was next to Michael and she ushered him away though the turquoise door.
* Hi Liz, you scared me there* Serena wore a green turtle neck and black cords while her shiny red hard was down and a few curls.
Liz thought long and hard. Future Max did say that Serena was her best friend and she new about the granolith so it was a long shot. Either she wasn’t the Serena and she would think all the heat from the deep fryer had gone to her head or she was that Serena and could help her out. Something inside her was telling her she could trust Serena. She had this inner glow- Liz sensed she was different. The same feeling she always go when Isabel, Michael or Tess was near. With Max it was a whole different story.
**Someone came to me through the granolith- it was a future Max and he gave me this ring* Liz held the ring in her hands.
Serena picked up the ring, * I don’t know what this is but I do feel its power. There is only one person who could tell you about this. And that is Zan. *
Liz smiled- she was the Serena. As she got up and held her head Serena noticed a trail of hickeys and quickly swiped them away.
**Whatever it is Liz. It’s powerful. What else did future Max give you? * Serena studied the smooth ring and threw the ring in the air, it floated for a while until Serena grabbed the cord and gave it back to Liz. * Liz, what ever Max told you is important. But now I think it is wise that you go and see Zan. For all we now you could have been visited by a shape shifter, **
Liz felt her breathing quicken.
No, Liz thought. He was real. Liz tried to figure out what sign it was for R. She flipped out the handbook and quickly studied it for a while.
**Serena, please keep this to yourself, * Liz felt that she could trust Serena but she still had to be on guard. * Who is Zan? *
Serena opened her mouth and dropped her shoulders. She was laughing.
* Zan? As in the original Zan. Hey! Maybe he could heal your hearing and give you advice. You could save the whole world by finding out what he and the other did wrong and could prevent that*
Liz smiled but then she didn’t know what to do. All of a sudden this girl called Serena knows a lot of things she shouldn’t know.
**Come on Liz. Let’s go see my grandfather Larek* Serena stood up and grabbed Liz hand and yanked her to her feet. Liz put the necklace over her head.
**Grandfather? * Liz asked.
Serena just smiled and her green eyes flashed happily. ** It’s a long complicated story. Now no time to waste**

Liz pushed the staff room door and walked towards to café doors. Max and Michael were at their usual booth, discussing alien tactics and Liz pushed the doors open and watched the bells move. It was the afternoon.
How lone was I out? Liz realised. It was in the morning Liz put the ring on and now hours have past and it was the late afternoon.
Serena stood and watch Liz through the staff room window. After many years of hearing stories from fortunetellers about the one Serena was staring at her- Serena was in awe. Her father told her many stories about the one who would save the whole universe and give birth to a powerful heir, a baby girl who would take back the throne of Antar from the evil Khivair.
Let’s hope everything goes to plan, Serena thought.


Yeah it seems Liz trusted Serena but it could be just anyone- but she did have this feeling. It would be explained by Larek though.


Feed back please


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NEW YORKER18: no,,, no you see she put the ring on and she was in this "place" ( that would be explained later I don't want to give away) and when she took of the ring she was back - like a out of body experice. and ** or ths* equals that Serena and Liz were using sign.

Sorry to confuse you so in further parts I will fix that up.

this ring well lets just say for now it is a alternate time line... I will say no more

I hope I kind of explained it to ya.

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Authors note: okay okay I haven't been here in a while but I haven't forgotten this story. I was planning on how to write some parts and how everything leads to stuff..

but I will update with another part tommororw.

YES tommororw!!

and thanks for the feed back. it really means alot..

and NewYorker18!! multi bumps. I should read one of your stories!

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opps dupe post and also I spelt a few words wrong but I was speed typing

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Authors note: hey, I am back and very tired. stayed at one of my roswell friends house. no sleep.

and plus I was trying to add more parts to my first fic destined forever but didn't work so I had to start a new thread but only could get to post some parts. the net and this stupid computer is playing up.

but anyway

*big* NewYorker18*happy* you must really like this story?
I don't blame you. I have fun writing it.

here is the next part. Its alright but I am tryin to move alone here.


Liz was in Brodie’s office, awaiting Serena and Larek to come in. It appears that since Larek hasn’t connect to Brodie in a while ever since Brodie got himself electrocuted Larek needed help to grasp a firm hold.
Liz spun herself in his desk chair, for a moment everything was a blur. The necklace with the ring on glowed, beckoning to be touched. Liz looked down and her has become a veil that covered her pale skin.
Should she?
Before Liz could decide Larek rushed in, he seemed more in awe than monotonous.
His mouth was moving, big and wide Liz could see all his white pearly teeth.
Serena noticed Liz was distressed so she translated for her.
**I am so pleased to finally meet you. I didn’t know it was you at all. Although now, that I know I am very pleased indeed. You’re attractive, smart and very wise**

What was Larek on? Liz wondered. I am so pleased to finally meet you?
** Larek? What is going on? I don’t understand** Liz moved her icy fingers, feeling one of them move out of its socket and snap back into place Liz bit her bottom lip.

It was shrilly silent as Larek turned to the red head and he seemed pissed off. While Serena and Larek shrugged their shoulders and moved their lips Liz saw this as an opportunity to put on the magic ring.
Liz turned her head downcast and closed her eyelids.

Liz could hear again. She was in her room and it was a dark starry night, as she got ready for bed. However, Max Evans was standing in front of her window.
I wonder where the hell I am now, Liz thought.
Liz Parker yawned as she gingerly shoved her bed window open and the cold breeze swept her own her feet. Max Evans stepped down and closed the window.
There something about this that reminds me, what is it? Liz scratched her hair.
“ Liz,” His voice was breaking and his amber eyes were glossy with salty tears.
“ I know you said you didn’t want to go to the concert tonight but please, hear me out,”
Liz had to sit on her bed to compose herself. Oh my, it’s the night of Gomez! Liz blew her hair out of the way and allowed Max to sit next to her on the bed.
“ Talk Max,” Liz said, she wanted to hear this. She wanted to know what he would have said to her before they took their next step- causing the end of the world.
“ I love you and I…” Max started when Liz kissed his lips- they felt so real and real. Max guided her onto the bed. He turned into dust and Liz chocked on the dust in her mouth. Liz saw the gritty ash stained her skin black, her bed was gone too and her bottom hit the floor with a hard thud. Liz was jolted out of the room. Her heart skipped beats.
She was in darkness, flown against the hurricane of frosty waves that burnt her brain matter.

Liz snapped open her eyes and Larek was in front of her face… a little too close
Larek held the ring in his hand as his blue eyes burned. He spoke slowly and Liz understood. He told her to never to use this on an unstable mind. Larek gave her back the ring and Liz put it in her inside pocket.
Why? Liz thought. What could go wrong?
** Liz, I want you to go to the granolith. You have been chosen … by me to go through time to see Zan and collect information. Zan would return you back here. That is all and now you must go** Serena was gawking at her grandfather.
Liz felt uneasy. What was going on?
Liz asked** Why should I trust you**
Larek was now kneeling beside her** you trusted Future Max. Now trust me. Go back in time and you will be able to convince Zan to trust you. Collect information about the skins Liz. Zan had a room with… everything he knew and if he took you in there. You would be informed about everything that could save your people** Larek handed her a long clear crystal the size of Max’s palm.
Serena looked at her, her green eyes smiling.
** In your hands is the granolith crystal. We must go. Don’t worry Liz. We will make sure no one suspects anything. Now time is of the essence let’s go. Bye grandfather** Serena signed, pulled Liz to her side.
This seemed too rushed for Liz. It was like they were setting her up for something, sinister.

Liz sat in Serena’s car; it smelt like Chinese fried rice.
So what is so dangerous yet powerful ring?
Does it show different timelines?
Why do I need to see Zan?
Why do I feel like there is more than meets the eye?
Meanwhile Serena stood outside with Larek.
“ Why didn’t you tell her?” Serena’s long red hair flapped against the New Mexico breeze.
“ If I did she wouldn’t be in the car. Your job is to get her there. She has a destiny to fulfil, and you must get her there,” Larek looked at his granddaughter.
“ I have faith in you Serena,” Larek gently hugged his granddaughter but it seemed more of a robotic movement than human.
“ Set the coordinates for the 5th moon eclipse 77aprogr**110011007846,” Larek handed a tiny white piece of paper with neat writing on in blue ink.
“ You must go, now,”

like it?
love it?
hate it?
let me know please. and questions too


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you wann hear somethin funny

destined forever well I got it runing after I started the new thread.. arrrrgh

roswell addict: confusing? yeah but you got it and I will clear stuff but I guess if you had this ring, deaf and nothing seems to going right. going back in time to learn everything. would you go?

well Liz will love Max

but Zan is apart of Max so really Max Evans is really Zan beacsue he was clonned..blah blah

so it would be explained okkie

country music? crazy for max? ha ha h ah. I am not laughing at you but when I read your post I was listening to country. wierd?

okay new part

well since I got school.. arrrghhhh( insert scream)
next week

hmm at the latetest Monday

Sunday would be ealry

if not. well lets just say I won't be around for two whole weeks. I got a japanes student coming here.

but she goes to Kanagaroo Island for two days?

and the computer is next to the spare room..


I will come back

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Authors note: hello! since my japanese exchange student has gone to kangaroo Island. For thosewho don't know its south and close to south australia!

wow! interesting

so here is another part

it is not that great I admit. But hey I am working on invovling feelings and thoughts and other things.

and I just watched molan rouge again: the can can scene

and that gave me inspriation so picture the can can scence from molan rouge- that and the soundtrack was playing.

okay zip it!

from part three

“ Set the coordinates for the 5th moon eclipse 77aprogr**110011007846,” Larek handed a tiny white piece of paper with neat writing on in blue ink.
“ You must go, now,”



Liz watched Serena fiddled with the granolith, her hands continuously touched the surface. Serena was very delicate when it came to touching the granolith, it was as if she was combing horsehair.
Liz wore blue ripped jeans and a red turtleneck Maria allowed her to borrow two weeks ago.
((Liz? It’s ready. Now be on guard and don’t say anything until you are alone with Zan)) Serena gave her the two thumbs up.
Why was she doing this?
Well as people say curiosity killed the cat.
Liz watched in awe as Serena pushed the crystal inside and the two triangular points of the granolith through off sparks and a spiral of purple, magenta and red aura whirled inside the cone figure.
Serena signed to Liz ((put your hand flat against the surface and what ever you do. Breathe and stand still))
Liz obediently placed her hand flat on the cold metallic surface and there was a bright white flash and she was in the middle of the tornado of colours.
She looked upwards to the white blinding light.
Liz shot upwards into the light and Liz blacked out.

Liz groaned. She was hot, boiling hot- the whole world was hot. A pool of stinking sweat outlined her weak petite body.
Her head was down by her toes and her heart was in her head, thumping her to insanity.
Liz used her fore fingers to calmly rub her temples in a simple rhythm so the continuously throbbing would cease; Liz bit her lip and sighed as the headache become softer.
“ Finally, she’s awake. Let Princess Vilandra know we found a replacement for the festival that starts exactly two minutes,”
Liz winched, her ears were tender and very dry; dry bits of skin flaked off. The sound caused her ears to ache.
Wait… she can hear?
Liz snapped her eyes open. She was in an old wine cellar. There were Cobwebs and strange little animals; everything including little specks of florescent dust. A Wine bottle touched her sweaty spine. The necklace was still around her.
“ Slave, you lost your hearing. Probably cause you fucked with a nobleman. Although you look quite young.” A hand slid down her flushed cheeks from the tiring heat. The lady was a grotesque figure, she smelt awful and dirt was everywhere on her wort face. She helped a very damp Liz Parker to her feet. “We got one of the palaces healers to patch you up. Now as you know it’s the prince’s nineteenth and tonight we celebrate by putting on a show for him,” The lady’s breath smelt like shit and booze. Liz gulped her skin. Liz squeezed some of the sweat and her clothes. However her clothes were still soaked. Including her hair that was a mattered mess.
“ Ah” The lady cooed as she escorted Liz through the dark spiral stairs. Hearing their footsteps make loud echoes each time one plants their foot.
“ It’s this weather. Too hot but you know Antarians have five suns at noon!”
“ Five,” shocked Liz just kept her mouth shut and they came to the top floor, the door was open and filled with naked women, all shapes and sizes.
The room was similar to a large lounge in a hotel. There were circle puffy chairs and mirrors were the walls, little rostellate designs were painted on the wooden floor. Liz was shoved to the left and pushed to the right as the sea of naked people busily were getting dress in front of diamond shaped mirrors. A long pole stood in the middle smouldering eerie, almost humming. It was something Liz had never seen before.
“ Vilandra,” The lady squealed through the crowd.
Liz let out a small giggle when Vilandra walked gracefully towards them. Isabel looked exactly like Isabel but with silver hair!
“ Eugenie. I am glad you found another one. Your head can stay where it is,” Vilandra said, her nose in the air.
She wore a strapless black silk gown with crystal sequins at the hem. She had a long split at each side of the dress. Vilandra’s hair was in tiny plaits with a golden crown firmly fastened on her head, it was covered in blue diamonds. Her skin had a silvery tint from all the silvery chandeliers floating stringless around the fitting room.
Vilandra studied Liz for a second; a black chopstick was posed at her red and pink lips. The bottom lip carefully coloured ruby and the top was the same colour as fairy floss. Liz noticed every eyelash had a small blue gem. Vilandra was mysteriously beautiful.
“ We have no time. Eugenie. Please get her ready as fast as your hands can do,” Vilandra walked gracefully into the crowd with her” followers” close behind.
Liz was whirled around to face Eugenie, the lady who found her in the wine cellar.
“ Ah-Ha. I got the right thing for you!” Eugenie clapped all six arms and hands together.
A mob crowed closed in, Liz felt small so she sat in front of the diamond shaped mirror.
A cold bucket was thrown over Liz’s head; it brought heaven to her skin. A liquid soap container, shaped as a football was cracked open by Eugenie and something smelt like fresh coconuts was poured onto Liz’s skin.
“ It seems you’re from the watery planet Utopia. This lotion will help you to stay cool; you’re on the desert now. “
Liz looked around as she was covered in coconut oil. The bay window behind her had five bars across and straight upwards, and glass. She saw the red suns shaped as watermelons. They were desert people.
Liz smiled and her eyes rolled. No wonder Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess were comfortable in Roswell. Roswell was a desert! And so was Antar!
Liz stripped off her clothes and was giver a long silk cloth to tie around her body. Eugenie had her clothes in a tight ball in one hand while the other five pointed to the long pole in the middle of the room.
“ Touch the blue square,” A blue square was rotating the pole object and Liz clicked on the blue square, it disappeared- so did Liz.
Tornadoes whipped her hair and twirled into dreadlock and sprung freely.

Soapsuds stung her eyes. Water was sprayed from little spouts through every crease and crack of her body. Liz tie toed on each foot, the floor was covered in ice.

Whirl whoosh, shoooo!

Static filled Liz’s ears and Liz winched and closed her eyes. She was floating

Six hands shook her hard.
“ Hey Slave! Cut it out! It’s just the machine to cleanse you!”
Liz skin was dry, fresh and very smooth as whale skin and warm and thick as Koala’s grey fur.
That thing? Was a shower?

Her hair was dry, soft and warm. Six busy hands busily fiddle and yanked on her hair.

Two minutes later

Liz couldn’t believe what she was wearing.
She wore a white silk whale dress; the two fins barley covered her breasts. Luckily she had two fish wires to tie around her neck so the dress would hold. Her back was fully exposed right to the two freckles just above her back hipbone where the two ends of the dress met with white leather stitching.
Her hair was piled on the top with dozen of curls. At the front was a metallic shaped orb symbol clip to make sure and loose hairs don’t fall.
She had rose pink eye shadow and her lips were coloured maroon. The dress was very long. It came above her knees with two very close splits. Eugenie gave her a white cloth covered in heart shaped gems to tie around her private part. The bottom half of the dress had white fish net material that criss crossed unevenly so the right corner of the fishing net touched her knee like an arrow. Liz was marvelled at the design itself, the fishing net material was like a sarong wrapped around her waist with hundred of little diamonds. She looked like an underwater mermaid/angel.
They gave her white gloves to wear. They felt smooth against her skin. Eugenie applied little white sequins on her body and back.
“ I must admit slave. You look more attractive than the others do tonight. Now run along. The show is about to start.”
Liz was pushed into the group of more than 160-dressed girls behind a black curtain.
A girl with purple hair dressed in purple feather bikinis with peacock like feather used as a long skirt turned to Liz.
“ The prince would like you. Hi the names Mei-Mei,”
“ Hi Mei-Mei. The name is Liz,”
Mei-Mei giggled as she touched her short purple hair covered in pink diamonds.
“ I haven’t heard that name before. But we are common people. At least your name isn’t like Heidi,”
“Hey” A girl yelled from the back.
“ Opps,” Mei-Mei giggled again.
The music interrupted them.
Followed by Vialndra’s voice as the curtains rose.
“ I give you the night girls brother. Choose one you like and have fun!”
Liz gasped at Zan. He looked exactly like Max, except for his rock hard bronze chest with a bare wire tattoo on his right upper bicep. He wore a blue loincloth and a black gown with a hood attached. That was it beside the orb necklace Liz recognised from Atherton’s dangling from his neck.
“ He is breath taking!” Mei-Mei said. “ Let’s dance!”
The flutes, sounds vibrating together, were harmonising the start of the first movement. The strings roared like lions marking their territory, the solo violin jagged the first few notes.
Or what Liz could match up with the strange sounds.
The girls were dancing- all in costume too. Liz was left in the middle. She was dazed.
She didn’t understand what was going on. She didn’t register Zan touch her shoulder. Everyone was dancing the night away as the moon rose among the acid blue clouds.
“ Your not dancing,” Zan, asked.
“ Well you’re not either, your highness” Liz replied.
“ Dancing is not my thing but my sister tries to impress everyone,” Zan was smiling happily. “ But If we danced now no one will notice a thing, your name?”
Liz was sappily looking into his eyes; there was something about him that drew you near him. “ Oh.. Liz,”
“ Okay Oh Liz would you like to dance,”
“ No just Liz,”
“ Okay just Liz let’s dance,”
“ Liz!”
Zan cracked up, his shoulders rolled back. A few tears escaped his eyes. “ I know its Liz. I just wanted to do that. It’s my birthday,” He wiggled his brows at Liz.

Do you know the feeling a person gets when their have a special connection. The little tiny spark heightens everything in the room with a single touch of someone’s hand?
Your lungs seem to function differently. You think you need more air so your breathing becomes laboured quickly.
You can’t stop staring at the special someone’s face. It is fascinating to you right down to the little freckles the person has on their body.
Their eyes are the most amazing colour you can get lost in the aliveness in them.
But these feelings can be dangerous
Liz just blushed and took his hand and they danced among five million people.

Like it hate?

I hope you like it. I really do

but know I have to go and finish some papers for an assignment. arrrghh


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I am Belle!
Which Disney Princess are you?

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okay I was going to give another part but it needs a few touch ups.

be here next week.

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Authors note: What I said before was not nice but other things happened- real world bit me in the butt.

anyway I quickly ended off this part. it is runing slowly and I like it because then that way you won't get confused.... hopefully

luv, Rach

Chapter 4

The acid moon sky was breathtaking beautiful, even from Liz’s dark cell among the others.
It was hot, burning hot. Everything was a blur. This planet got under her skin. To Liz everything was alive, including the floor that swayed to the vibrant drums and mystical pipe organs.
Liz soaked her feet into the sand. It wasn’t gritty or coarse but smooth as silk and warm as goat’s milk. It was black sand; little tiny microscopic seeds massaged her wet body from the heat. A dry red blister popped on the heel of her foot, and tears of relief to her eyes as the cool liquid washed over her left foot.
Liz’s hair started to irritate her, all the bobby pins started to damage her skin, squirm through her brain case and mould into her brain matter.

Black rods across the glass window cast their eerie shadows across her petite form. She was in the slave jail. Apparently any man is free to choose their night entertainment for this Luna cycle. Which is roughly translated to one month. One month!
Random images of hideous rape, torture flashed through her mind.
And yet again this is how society works. I guess women in this era didn’t have much say in their freedom of speech, Liz thought.
Something meaty, slimy and gorilla-hairy hurled Liz to one side of the room and ushered out of the dark cell and into Zan’s guards.
Zan was sitting gracefully in the middle of a large golden leaf, wearing nothing but a sheer lion cloth and a silver medallion.
“ Veno fänko Choncha Chämas Hila y am ‘foun de’ djebet,” Liz never saw the man’s face. He was covered in antic brass amour with a 130 metre ragged black hood. The hood drooped over half his swanky face saw you only saw his crustal blue lips. Their language was music backwards. They spoke in a mystical yet Gnostic tone- Liz could only compare it to rewinding a song or pushing the reverse button on the tape recorder halfway down so you could hear their voices wash over.
The man behind Liz was a cross between a hobbit and a garden Nome. He wore a leather vest, with a long white dressing gown covered in dirt. The guard also had one eye- the left eye was pitch black.
Liz gasped when she floated to the woollen pillows and rugs and Zan, his legs spread outwards, wearing a sheer or tiny diamonds sown together, and the diamonds on his sheer loincloth twinkled in the moonlight.
Five hooded guards in the front, back and two sides with long bamboo sticks with a long fern leaf at each end of the stick.
“ Loungalino. …Mala tuna!” Zan declared. The golden leaf floated gracefully, almost hummed along the hot dessert terrain. Liz found it very comforting that some of the alien surroundings remaindered her of her home in Roswell, New Mexico.
Feeling her muscles cry as she laid her heavy head on the cushion, she fell asleep while listening to the soft angelic hum of the servants rowing.

Zan studied her closely. Never before has he laid his eyes upon a beautiful creature. She couldn’t be a servant. She probably was just visiting a friend and was mistaken for a weary water slave from the smell of coconut that drove him wild. Zan Caress her cheek.
Where was she from?
He didn’t know. But his heart told him he was going to find out very soon.


I hope you like it

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Authors note{ as you may know at part one, with Liz being pregnant with his daughter well I changed it to a BOY. I edited all the parts. just the first one.

the reason becasue most of the stories Liz is pregnant with a girl except for La flamingo and thw wild one.

and another reason was for future parts. which is a secret alone

I will have another part soon. but real world bit me hard.

I have seven essays and a big project on ANZAC. austra;ian new zeland army corps.

so if I am not here I am so sorry but I will make an effort to come back.

thanks for the replies

luv, rach

ps: Max Evans is whispering in my ear for a part in this story. but so far it has gone from yelling to settling on a agreement.

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New_Yorker18- lost? well it will try to lead you to the right path.

a big thankyou to everyone for waiting. this is only the first part becasue this is a long chapter so I will post the part a now since I haven't finished part b yet.

but more updates cos its holidays!! yes sleeping in sleep ing in

Chapter 5 A

Zan hadn’t said a word during the long ride there. He just smiled and ushered her to a red lagoon in the middle of tall canopies and palm trees.
The little oasis was a metre wide, a little patch of green in the middle of the black arid desert.
The strong smell of coconut filled her nose. Liz realised it was the numerous layers of coconut oil rubbed into her skin so the planet’s two suns won’t fry her to death. But even with the coconut oil she still smelt like road kill.
“ Choncha,” Zan touched her hair and let his finger sift through her hair. His touch was very different, warmer - almost seeping into a hot bubble bath.
Zan stood up from the wool and straw mat toppled with red Persian cushions his servants prepared for them before they left. Zan and Liz were sitting in a small cave walking distance from the red lagoon. The cave was dark, cold and light wind was making her shiver.
“ Seno Loungalino,” Zan crouched and waddled through the dark tunnel, Liz could see the sheer outline of his muscular buttocks. Liz pulled her gaze to the dirt floor to hide her blushed face.
Liz didn’t understand where he was going but figured to be on the safe side to wait in the cave until he arrived back. Besides it will give Liz some time to figure out her current situation.

Firstly Liz was deaf and now she could hear. Now that was a change for the better. Although Liz didn’t mind not hearing anything but at this stage Liz felt more normal than yesterday.
Secondly that Serena Angel girl by sheer luck is the same lady future Max was talking about.
Hmmm, Liz thought. After all Liz doesn’t tell everyone her secrets so why is Serena different? For all she knew Serena could be not the Serena Future Max was talking about?
But Serena turned out to be related to Larek- Larek is Serena’s grandfather and that would make Serena half alien unless both parents are aliens? Then Liz was given the granolith crystal that was hidden in that black transmogrified thing by Larek and was whisked to the chamber which Liz had a feeling Serena knew where the chamber was kept all along.
It just seemed rushed?
What if Serena turned out to be Khivair who shape shifted into Serena? He knew Liz was Max’s weakness. So by making Liz out of the picture they all could be in danger!
But then again Serena could use her powers to squish everyone’s brains.
An image of Max’s brain matter being drained sliced and finally oozed as jelly from his inflamed ear canal filled her mind. Liz had to hold her fingers to her chapped lips to keep herself from throwing up.
But Liz had no power- she was in another time. So while she was here she could at least find some useful information.
But the other obstacle was communication. At the palace Zan spoke fluent English. Although from his deep voice it sounded a mix between a French and Spanish accent. However now Liz couldn’t understand a single word?
Did he know he was speaking English? Or maybe one of the water based planets like Utopia. Remembering Eugenie babbling about the lotion to keep her skin smooth and cool from the strong desert rays. Utopia could be speaking a dialect of English?
Liz heard a scuffling noised and turned around. Zan held over his shoulder a cross between a peacock and a kangaroo. The animal had the rich colours of the peacock and had a long curly tail with exotic feathers but the legs were like a kangaroo. The face was hooked like a fishing hook, sharp and lean.
“Djalia?” Zan shrugged his broad shoulders. He dumped the animal on the dirt floor. “Schichkéman?”
Liz looked into his astounding amber eyes, shiny as honey and rich as polished wood. Liz faintly nodded and looked down at her clothes. It was white but now turned horrible brown and her feet were black too.
Zan touched her shoulder and used his eyes to command her to follow him.
Liz wondered why she was following him but there was something about his shy nature. Or maybe that they couldn’t communicate using words Liz felt this connection towards him. Strong and dangerous as it may be Liz followed him out of the dark tunnel and hoped he wasn’t going to kill her.

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A big thankyou to : Roswelladdict, Absbetha, NewYorker18, Angel eyes, Angelic, Crzy 4 Max , Behrstars, moa, Janelane, cglenn, DrEaMiNcAnDyGiRl, Angel cat , Lullaby , A Rose True Blue , Jun-iper

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I hope you liked the part and please keep reading!!

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I will be back and thanks for the bumps. I will make this one a long part

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Hi guys I am a bit late ( embrassed giggles) okay so I took a break and figured where I want to go and let me tell you! Whoa! you can't wait for some exciting bits?

alright I left more clues and a very bad teaser at the end. you will know why.

thakns for waiting and newyorker18- thank YOU for Waiting ..

Chapter 5 B

Black dirt oozed between Liz’s fifthly toes. Zan seemed relaxed as he clasped his strong hand in Liz’s hand. There were striking plantations coloured red, orange and deep yellow with the pale green of the softball shaped leaves curled into spirals. Liz felt her scientist side kicking in- wanting to see everything. Zan brushed the fern branches away from Liz’s face. Something warm touched her feet. Liz glanced down to discover her own reflection. A dirty red Liz smiled back at her as little tiny fishes dashed between seaweed. It was a lagoon.
“ Kital Kitoz,” Zan pointed to the rippling river.
Liz wished she knew how one second he could speak English and the next she couldn’t understand any word he spoke.
“ Zan,” Liz looked straight into his face and felt her face warm up. “ How can you-“ Liz pointed at him. “ Not understand me,” Liz pointed to herself.
“Djala,” Zan shrugged his shoulders. Zan disappeared into the rainbow plantation abyss.
“ Oh forget it,” Liz waddled her way through the thick jelly water.
Washing herself was something Liz didn’t think about until know.
What if this water was poisonous?
Could Zan be plotting to burn her alive and eating her insides?
Could aliens pee in this water? That is what Alex would of said. He owned an Internet site about weird thoughts and things people dared not to think about. Sometimes they were funny and sometimes they were quite weird like how many bras do women sweat through each day and what really happens in the bathrooms? And Liz’s old favourite. Are Max and Michael Gay?
Liz giggled. She remembered being caught reading that poll when Max was over. Max threatened Alex that if he didn’t take that poll off he couldn’t even look at Isabel with one eye with out being burned by Michael and Max. Liz hadn’t seen Alex that scared in his life.
But now Alex was dead…
Quickly, Liz bathed herself and soaked her dry greasy hair in the water and whipped her hair back slowly and squeezed the excess water out.
Liz didn’t want to think about Alex right know. She knew that it was her fault. When she and Future Max changed the future Liz was responsible for Alex’s demise. She shouldn’t have asked Alex to give her some of his blood for Max way back when she and Max had an accident. An accident that was again her fault because she couldn’t stop looking at Max’s warm amber eyes and sexy grin.
No, Liz thought. Max needed human blood or he could be already dead in one of those eagle rock bases.
The ring sparkled and winked in the water. The sun was slowly dissolving into the blue valleys.
Liz though about putting the ring on her finger but decided not to. After all she was on an alien planet in another time and she didn’t understand a single word that Zan uttered. Except for Djala, Liz corrected herself. She gathered that each time she asked Zan a question he replied Djala, which might mean what but Liz didn’t know for sure.
Walking blindly back through the forest it remaindered her of a forest in Roswell. Except the trees were rainbow golden colours and the grass was barely there beside a few blue shrubs and dark almost coal sand. And yet when she set foot back into the camp area the ground colour changed from black to arid bronze. Her scientist side was going crazy with out knowing anything about this planet.

Zan pushed a chunk of Zori white meat through a poker and slowly cooked it over the blazing fire. It was getting dark so he hoped that Liz girl would come back soon or he would have to go after her. Being in the wilderness during the night was definitely a not good idea.
The dark tribe walked at night and killed anyone who wasn’t apart of his or her clan. From what Rath had told him was that these warriors were a mix between Winderkli- the shape shifters and Druęï- the skins and also the nymphs and a Režoƒő A very rare group of creatures from the planet Utopia. They didn’t have any powers and were quite primitive but were excellent adapters, and hunters to any climate
At first he though Liz was a Druęï or quite possibly a Režoƒő but seeing that ring around her neck he knew that she must be related to the nymphs. The nymphs were an ancient clan who lived underwater. The nymphs had control over the seas. The Nymphs were allied with the Druęï- the Skins and to Khivair. However thanks to his Father Leopold the nymphs were destroyed and there were only a few left. So Liz might be related to nymphs. Which is very good because he need some help recovering artefacts from Cori-the capital of Nymph City.
But what if she wasn’t related to the nymphs? Zan wondered.
Liz brushed through the blue golden pea ferns and trudged over beside him right in front of the entrance to the secret cave he found when he was ten.
The ring seemed inviting to touch. He noticed that each time she looked at the ring her amber aura. Each time she gazed at the ring Liz’s bright essence surrounding her netted in dark purple grief.
Maybe her husband was a nymph, Zan didn’t like that think that a beautiful creature already belonged to someone else. Bile rose up his throat but he managed to gulp it back down. The food was almost ready and by hearing grumbles from both their stomachs they were both hungry and could eat almost anything.
Maybe her father was a nymph. There that was better Zan realised. It would explain why she smelt like Ueuoy oil. It was his favourite smell too. However as Zan gazed at her soft brown eyes and flushed cheeks she looked more like a primitive girl from Utopia. Utopia was the eternal paradise with only one sun and one moon. A whole galaxy far, far away.
It’s getting dark very soon, Zan wondered as he gazed at the stars. He hoped that his servants would come back and lead them back to the Palace tomorrow at noon. He needed to get his zipä-ƒár fixed.

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dear reader

as you know that I have alot of stories and have trouble updating them all I have adopted a new theroy

I only give new parts to the ones that repliea the most

I know I am mean but I like writing to people who want to read? you know? I still update them but not as much

but this story has a majority of readers thefore I will post more

okay in the next part they are going back to antar but they met the a girl called Beth- she is a servant who atucally was an abductee from earth and will tell liz so information- which clear things up a bit- an gives an insight to that ring


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Dear Fellow readers :
All of you have something in common. You haven’t received another part of one of the stories written by!
So now that I am back or in the real world, Rachel would like to explain herself. This year Rachel wanted a challenge- something to do with writing. There was a Novella Writing competition out for all High school students. The word limit must be no less than 10 000 and no larger than 20 000. Let me tell you something. You don’t really know how much sleep I lost.

So I wrote a Novella called TWO SIDED MIRROR

So My story is about Brooklyn- turning sweet sixteen who gets advice on life from her rebellious brother Alexander- who prefers to be called Xander. I’ll just give you his advice from little extracts from his letter..

Life is a two sided Mirror. It’s only once that we see both sides….. People hide from each other Brooklyn… so how do we really know the person with out seeing both sides?

I’m thinking of changing a few characters names and appearance so I could change this to a Roswell story AU that’s already finished! Wow! I have already posted it- if you wanna read it

Okay so ever since March I have been writing this story- well it took me three months to go through six story ideas before Two sided Mirror arrived.. 19,492 words and 67 pages…. So I worked really hard on this for 9 months and nine days this includes all my spare time and all my energy I always devote to these lists of stories

1. La Flamingo Deluxe
2. The Wild One
3. The Gatekeeper
4. The One
5. The Outsider- new
6. The cult of Aphrodite- new
7. Destined forever- finished
8. Destined forever sequel( on same board as Destined Forever)
9. Parallel Universe
10. Thursday nights at the Crashdown- on polar web site

Okay so this is the bad part of the news. SO when Two sides mirror was coming to an end I have a looked at the status of my stories. You see for me to slowly slip back into Roswell writing mode as I like to call it I have to put a temporary hold on some stories. Until I get hang of it and start writing for the other stories that were put on hold.

So this list are the ones I put on hold, which are the ones I quite love so this is hard for me too…

1. The Gatekeeper
2. Destined forever- finished –
3. Destined forever sequel( on same board as D F)
4. The Wild One
5. The cult of Aphrodite- new
6. Parallel Universe

And the ones I will continue writing for are

1. La Flamingo Deluxe
2. Thursday Nights at the Crashdown
3. The Outsider
4. The One

Okay so Before I end this letter I will write the status on each story. But I would like to thank these two people- New Yorker 18 and 2crzy4roswell. You guys kept me going when I felt like giving up on THE ONE and La Flamingo Deluxe..

La Flamingo Deluxe

Okay…. Now if I remember Mad Max- LOL and the gang saw Ava in NY who said she pretended to be a girl called Rachel- working at Michael’s fashion company
The G
If you remember this is the same Rachel who is working with Michael so this will help the gang to get behind the scenes at the fashion show.. and Ava was going to tel them Zan’s dark past- I am so looking for to this!

And Michael and Liz are at his messy apartment where they are going to have a shaving cream fight- Lol! At least I think they will… okay and Liz and those pills her pimp gave her. Well she is still taking them! But not for long… and this disc is going to be discovered and so is Liz’s confession to Sean’s murder- which was the reason why she left Roswell in the first place..

And evil Jesse. Now that I finally am seeing Roswell season 3 I can work better with Jesse! And his faithful minion Tess. Eww and how is Isabel going to help Lex- Jesse Kill Michael? And what about Tara-charli? Yes she is Michael’s and Liz’s child but more about that later but I must warn you she isn’t quite Tara…

And yes Liz will find out she is Lola. But I must warn you Two main people are going to die! And someone will get pregnant with someone no one is going to like…. Okay I hope I haven’t ruined the ending but this is pretty dark…

The Gatekeeper

Rae’s or Riana Parker love for Kyle and her fatal attraction to Zan… I feel so sorry for her. Okay so I left you with Liz seeing a vision of herself of killing Zan in the bath tub! But that’s the magi talking!
So the gang is going to have to find out about Riana. Max is not that thick- but that’s debatable… so what is rae’s plan to get max and liz together… and what about Tess?? Remember Rae feeling sick that when real pure evil is around… well is she going to throw up again or what if she got her feelings mixed up? No she is not pregnant. Well what you are going to find out that on the way to earth Liz’s pod got damaged so the aliens put her with Rae’s so they shared a pos and became more in tune with each other… like twins… okay I leave that part there…
And Zan da man is not going to sit around much longer… he wants to have Rae back with him… so this is going to be… trouble?

So that all I can say with out giving away a new villain! Evil laugh!

Thursday Nights at the Crashdown

Another polar story I only gave the prologue to. At the polar attraction board- ezboard.
So I won’t say much coz it is not here
If you want to read it bmail me

The outsider

Well this is based on this theme “ what if only three pods were saved and one got left behind?” and no dupes in this story…. That’s why its kinda AU
So Max was raised in the base. Not like Adam in the books but a walking killing machine…

Liz has a troubled life. At eight she saw her father and her aunty have sex. Well she caught them in the act when Nancy was 5 months pregnant! With a son!- Liz’s father was a guy named Gordon so Jeff Parker will be in it later as Nancy new love interest!
So they went back to Roswell- where Liz was born. Liz is a good working girl looking after her 4 year old brother Jason and her mother Nancy and she is only sixteen! ( she will turn seventeen in December the 7)

This is a new story… bear with me


So Liz is on Antar- trying to uncover the four square’s past? But she can not understand Zan? The original King

And what about this son? Is it going to be Zan’s or Max’s?- you are goning to wonder about that one for a while

And this Serena! She is sketchy ! but you have got to understand. Liz was originally deaf and alex and her parents are dead so with Serena offering something else. Its better being on earth liz kind thought but liz was mentally forced… more about that later

And this mysterious ring? Which ends up after their love making at las Vegas but soon Liz can go anyway. Including the night of Gomez where she could have cemented everything! Okay???
Man I have already planned this story out and don’t want to give away much but…. A new part will be out soon… and this twist I got for you whoooa!

The other stories that are put on hold- will still get parts but not frequently as the others- a private paragraph will be posted shortly about the where I am up to after this letter is sent out.

Please- forgive my lack of updates

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new parts- yeah!! oookay I hope you understand this- if not I will go in to more detail in part 7 B okay?
ps- thanks for your patience

Chapter six

A smell like cat urine and garlic wafted through Liz’s nostrils as soon she was half awake. Immediately she held her nose. She peaked her eyes open, only to discover she was wearing only a white loin cloth and a blue tattered Singlet.

Where the hell was she? Liz remembered coming back from the lake and refusing to eat the unknown bird creature and closing her eyes….
“He undressed you…you didn’t seem to mind…” A voice said. The room was dimly lit with the floor covered in dirt and a stone rock shaped like a bed.

Where was the voice coming from? Liz found her answer when a woman with shoulder length auburn hair and soulful sea green eyes was sitting next to her. The woman was handcuffed to another rusty chain that disappeared inside the molten rock.

Before Liz could even form words the woman introduced herself, “ I’m Evana Joan Ross… I’m assuming from your dazed expression that we both come from a distant planet called… Earth?” Her strong Irish accent tickled Liz’s eardrums as she struggled to block out the static inside her brain.

It wasn’t a few hours ago that she was in the middle of no where with Zan?
Evana wore the same clothing Liz had, except Evana’s was much, much bigger and baggier. “ You were brought here a few hours ago.” Evana said. “I think right now you want some answers..?”

Liz sighed and touched her sweaty brow, her back was pressed against the macabre rock wall- it gave her peace to the blisters erupting like water fountains on her feet.

Liz faintly nodded for her throat somehow had lost the capacity to cooperate with her brain and speak.
“ I am thirty five years old… I was taken one sunny day….I was only twenty four years of age..” Evana sighed. “ They call Earth- Utopia, the eternal paradise with only one sun and one moon… It took me a few years but I got the hang of things, enough to keep me alive..” Evana’s dark purple smudges under her glazed eyes zoomed on Liz’s still form.

“You were taken?” The Evana’s eyes widened. Liz guessed that it may be rare for people from earth to be taken? Or that she hasn’t met anyone the same species for eleven years.

“ You can say that,” Liz breathed. Her head buzzed and her legs were numb from the chains on her ankles, cutting into her skin and brushing against the bone. She was taken in some way? Still, Liz couldn’t comprehend why she went with Serena?

Maybe it was back then she lived in a silent world and the only way of distracting herself was jumping back through time? Or maybe it was post dramatic stress? Or maybe it was the strange feeling she felt inside when she slipped on the ring.

The silver necklace lay snug between her breasts, the engraved message stood out from the little crusts of gems around the ring. Didn’t Future max say something about having all the information?

Liz focused inside her mind… Think ,…. Think think think, she ordered herself. All that accomplished was a frustrated Liz with a headache.

“ I do know some things… but they might be of know use. But I guess I could tell ya since we are stuck,”

“What do you mean stuck?” Liz listened to the ratting sound her brass chains made as she struggled to break herself free. The burning sensation in her ankles told her that the brass fragments were mixing with her skin and blood.

“This is the room is where they store their servants and concubines. I guess you are a concubine?”
Liz’s eyes literally bugged out, “ I am not a concubine.”
“If you say so. But that’s what they think,”
“Who is they?”
“The aliens or Antarian people is the formal term,” Evana fidgeted with the frays of her white Singlet.
“Tell me something…. like who lives here?” Liz flipped out the necklace with the silver ring, almost glowing from her hands.

“I can tell you where I’ve seen that ring,” Evana said as she chewed on her nails. “nymphs!”
“Nymphs?” Liz scrunched her brow.
“It’s a water creature- half fish and half human… I guess you call them mermaids. The ring has little gems extracted from their dragon thick scales… very powerful stuff… that is why they must have put you in here… as a precaution.”
“That ring bares good fortune and a curse.”
“Well it gives you something but takes something in return… however if you are balanced and not under emotional influence you are safe..”
Why would future max give her this? Her wedding ring is a..?

“This ring is very dangerous. Most ring barriers are killed from its power… but you might be different…” Evana scratched her bushy brow. “ People are usually given the ring if they are worthy… so you’re safe… just be in mind that it’s a ring that must not be played around with…”

Evana stopped for a moment and allowed the information to sink in before starting again. “Režoƒő is what they call us.. well I guess I should start at the beginning..” Evana babbled. “It’s just I haven’t… you know, spoke to anyone of the same species for a very long time..”
How long has Evana been in here? Liz wondered but said nothing. Any information she said might be useful to her.

“ On Earth the men are usually taken in the middle of a war and the, well by ourselves… we are kept in the fields of crops- as slaves and some of us are killed for experimentation.. but I was in section five of the crop fields with over three hundred people and only twenty five slaves escaped and everybody else… killed..” Evana sighed. “ Except for me. The twenty five people joined with the nymphs and well… are fighting alongside the Druęï- which the Antarian people nick named them- The skins..”
Liz widened her eyes. The skins…
“Guerrilla fighters but the skins are defected hatched from the crop fields…”
“The crop fields?”
“ Genetic modifications- Center Regeneration Of Population Societies- Crops! All races which I think are the Druęï , nymphs and the antarian people. Well I can’t remember how many but it started when King Leopold, Zan’s father, wanted to get rid of genetic diseases …”
“Genetic diseases?”

“Like a child born without the sweat gene.. some antarian people are born without powers or without feet! Or can not hear. Or for people who couldn’t produce offspring. So, King Leopold Zenith Midas created a crop field filled with genetically modified people who don’t have any diseases or are stronger with their powers… this created more dangerous powers like mindwarp… there are group of people who have the power to erase minds…I think there is one person who was created just after Zan was born… I think her name was Ava..” Evana trailed off. “Anyway this new technology was only offered to some people… the Druęï race had their field interfered with and it produced a whole race of Druęï without DNA. They continually shed their skin. The Druęï had a lot of infertile women- the only heir to the throne was Khivair Apollo. The Druęï got angry that their crops were defective so… they were exiled off their planet Reyna and into the dark forests of Wanđy zu, near the capital city? King Leopold didn’t want anyone to know about his mistake… So this whole war they have between the V constellation is mainly about genetic modification. Should the people of Antar have the power to control life?I was one of the people looking after section 5 of genetic modified people. I discovered King Leopold is growing a section just for war- these people have no emotion. They just go out and kill…. I was left alive because I didn’t destroy any pod and I am the only one who knows every section of the crop field…. Only the royal family have no defects. They are pure and Its very hard to get inside the royal family with out going through the granolith… their precious Holy Grail and oracle.”

Liz scrunched her head, “ So this whole war is mainly Leopold’s fault?”
Evana nodded her head.

Liz didn’t quite understand…. But her mind was focused on Ava.. Tess’s power was created?
“Did the mind warp have any.. defects?”
“ Most powers that are created do… from what I’ve studied is that if a mindwaper mind warps someone it’s only a matter of time before the person dies.. or worse.. brain dead.. mind warp is a dangerous power…. And it’s on market but only to a few people….. it could get out of hand.. and many people could end up brainwashed”
“So you are a scientist.”
“If you can call it science. I call it playing God.
Liz rolled her eyes- the same debate was going about on Earth…

“Antarian’s don’t have a human form like us… they change to a base form or someone you are comfortable with. The first time I arrived everyone looked like someone I knew or recognised…that is until you can cope and they change into a big ball of white light….I give you a week before you see the real nature of the Antarian people. Then you will loathe them as much as I do…”

Chapter Seven A

The soft breeze of lemon citrus flowed through the night sky. Zan eagerly awaited for the nymphs from the rivers to sing their siren song.
Zan was in his chambers when his father entered the room. Zan was still in his base form that Liz recognised him as Max Evans… her ex boyfriend.

“Zan… Chi- boere- nomerish?” the words rasped out and rattled each word. Another dialect of the Antarian language, Zan thought. The language only royals use. A long think hand clasped his shoulder.

“It’s a form that Liz can recognise..” Zan replied to his father. Somehow the indigo aura of light around his father told him that he was not happy. “ My translator…
zipä-ƒár is damaged,” Showing the two burnt marked at the base of his neck. His father nodded, the white blue crown glowed as he was deep in thought,

“ nana hor.-chi dozou..ka ga?” His father touched Zan’s warm fleshy skin and immediately changed it back to a silver jelly like substance.
His father wanted him back to his original form. He understood but while Liz was in that cell with Evana, maybe she would understand more about her surroundings. He was stay in this human form. Zan discovered that Liz was human but her functions were modified enough to have powers like a royal that was born with powers.

He put her in the cell- waiting room so when the coast was clear and when his translator was fixed. He would take her to his chambers and find out why a human… is here with powers like a pure breed Royal?
He was nineteen.. that was not a good age. Although Antarian’s live until nine thousand and his father was only forty five… he only has two more years of freedom.
No, Zan thought.

He curled into a ball, rested his chin on his bare knees and sat on his open bay window. Zan was only two years away when he would be taken to Demira’s rock and be shown…his future bride.

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thanks NewYorker18- that really means alot!

I do have another part but I am still fixing some parts up- this storyhas a long way to go- but its a good story line- iv'e been told!

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Authors note: I have a little bad news. I start evil school. well senior year so I ahve to change my updates to wednesday/ or Sunday. all I am saying is check wednesday or sunday for an update. those are my free days between work and school etc...

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I just found this story and I love it! I like how Liz is back with the original Zan. Now, in this part he has no idea that she will become important to him right? Well, I can't wait for a new update. You just found yourself another dedicated reader!

wow you don't know how happy I am to hear you say that!!!

A new update?? hmmm right now in australia its wednesday so hmmm expect an update soon but I can't say which date thought. I'm stilll having dwelling over the antarian languaue.

you see you have heard the slave language

and there is the royal languse which is thought speak but it scary

and there is .... anway I should give you guys a teaser.

This ring that liz has with her was made to do destroy things- then why did future max give it to her????


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This is great.
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okay since you've asked I went into my archives and found pChapter seven B

Chapter seven B

Liz Parker hung her head low as her new friend, Evana was fast asleep. Crouching over Evan’s form Liz slid on the ring- A white flash blink in front of her eyes as she touched Evan’s forehead. The stone was melted into clear gel. It shaped big rain drop before falling onto the metal mesh floor.
It’s happening again, Liz thought to herself. Whenever she slid on the ring she was transformed into another place. I wonder where it would lead me?

“ Check Isle Four,” A voice yelled.
“Checking isle Four,” The voice belonged to Evana. However Liz’s eyes were still closed. When she opened them she gasped.
It’s like a factory! It was a long tall hallway with one metre rectangle holding a semiprecious stone like pod, bulged outwards from the marble stone walls. Inside the pod was a full grown male. He was naked ( except for a white lion cloth covering his private part) with thick white tubes inserted everywhere. His black eyes were half shut. The number forty two was engraved on the hatch and the name Nickelous was roughly squibbed on a medical blue band strapped around his left wrist. Liz watched as Evana, now wearing a white lab coat and mask write down medical details. On a wooden board. However, Liz skin, face and whole body was grey, completely as if she was a ghost. Ort she was just a watcher- watching a movie from her television. She watched the bright lights surrounding the large pod flickered red and blue like mini Christmas. lights
It looks like Max’s pod, Liz thought. But bigger…. And there were over billons exactly like this pod she was looking at. All filled with fully grown men and woman,…………..

A harsh slap awoke Liz from her dream-watching. Evan’s eyes were cold as coal.
“ I told you that ring was dangerous,” She said. “ Never… Ever use the ring..”
“But It was a gift from someone,” I loved, Liz silently added.
“Them… If It is a gift. Only use it when you need to… but I still urge you to be on your guard. I have been here… longer than your have and mark my words. If you don’t get your act together. You will die,”

And here is a little teaser of part eight
Chapter Eight

Zan never bothered to learn all the languages nobleman used in the palace but Speaking Elias- a language used among farmers, common folk, soldiers and guard men was one that was trickier. He had to speak backwards and in Anatarian- not the dialect but pure ancient language of Anteri – the prehistoric aliens that were little fish creatures when Antar was created after the big bang. Elias was harder than the Language of royalty.
“redliốs roỗd eht nepồ Esaelp ,” Zan felt the click of his glutton in his throat. He added another a click and slurping yak before the solider obeyed. There was Liz, her small bowl of purple mush and chunks of yellow fruit had been eaten by Evan, who had pressed herself up against the wall.
Zan had to think, with help of his in built translator he had hoped these few words were heard in her language. “ Notrrish Amiires Latrias Heraeeo spồine?”
At first Zan thought Liz didn’t understand before her mouth opened and as she spoke the translator overlapped her words with the Antarian language.

“spồine?? Ettu perionsh yettiouy Everi?” Zan wondered her voice would have sounded like. But settled for the eerily voice of the elves, it spoke like echo. Chills were up his spine. Liz had asked why she go now? what about Evana?
He told her that Evana would be fine. The expression on her face told him she didn’t believe him. Zan understood that. After all, she didn’t know him that well… did she? Her body told him that she was uncomfortable by his appearance but her almond shaped eyes told him otherwise..

art seven b and a little part of eight...

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yeas, I'm still writing this... and dealing with year 11.. gulp...