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Disclaimer:I just realized that I don't put these in my fics, but I want everyone to know that NO I DON'T own Roswell or it's affiliates(Sadly), but I am only temporarily borrowing them, maybe I can keep Jason Behr? Guess not, well I'll survive.
Summary: A new girl comes to Roswell, and changes everything for everyone there. Mainly Max and Liz, I don't know if there will be alieness or not, most likely there will be. Ok, since this is an AU fic you have to pretend like nothing in season 1,2, or 3 ever happened. All the characters have the same looks and personalities well minus or plus a few quirks. Oh, and Maria and Kyle are brother and sister.

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OH MY GOSH!! I am so sorry! My computer must be really messed up, it didn't post my part right away and it didn't post the story!! SHIT! Oh, well here it is SORRY!

Part 1:
Liz Parker stared out the car window, watching the desert roll by. Her parents had just inherited a cafe in Roswell, NM and off they went. Of course taking their 16 year old daughter and their 13 year old son with them. Liz sighed and turned to her brother, he had his headphones on and couldn't hear a thing other than his music. Liz rolled her eyes and glanced at her parents, Good Lord what on earth were they thinking?? LA to Roswell!! Who on earth chose Roswell over LA?! Thank God she only had two more years left then she was straight back to LA. She was a big city kinda girl, she could just picture quaint little Roswell. A small town where everyone knew everyone else and people said Hi to each other on the streets. What was her family getting themselves into. Her dad was a manager of a hotel in LA, granted he had always wanted his own business but ROSWELL? Her mom was a writer, and as most writers are she tended to be on the forgetful side. She had once left Jared and Liz in the parking lot at Sears. OK, but when she had finally found them about three seconds later she was sobbing, and sure she hadn't forgotten them again, but still Liz was like 5 and the memory was like cemented in her mind. She never really trusted her mom after that. Liz turned her thoughts away from her past and back to her future. She couldn't believe that her parents had chosen a DINER over the phat apartment that they HAD owned in LA. Liz rolled her eyes thinking about the way the lawyers had described it, the house/apartment/whatever was right over the resturant. She was going to have to learn to live with the smell of greasy gross food 24/7. The one plus was that her room would have a balcony and it's own bathroom. She hadn't had her own bathroom at home, or her own balcony. She didn't really know how much of a balcony it was considering... that lawyers lied a lot, but whatever. The lawyer from Roswell had seemed ok, she couldn't remember his name.... what was it ? Evans something or other. She nudged her brother.
"What was that lawyer guys name?"
"Why do you care?" her brother glared at her.
"I just do, tell me."
"I don't know his last name was Everret or Evvet. I can't remember."
"EVANS, his last name was EVANS," Liz rolled her eyes and turned back to her window,"idiot," she mumbled under her breath.
Max Evan walked with his sister down the main street in Roswell. He walked past the old diner, it had been called The Spaship, he wondered what the new owners would call it. He looked in the window as he passed, it was dark inside but he could tell it was going to need a lot of work to make it even remotely eatable. He sighed and looked at his sister who had begun another litany on the problems that this town had with fashion. She kept trying to make him take her out of town in his new jeep, but he wasn't going to take her anywhere. He didn't think he could stand much more than he was dealing with now. Who honestly cared about cheer tryouts so much, that they needed a special tryout outfit? What the hell was that? Izzy had plently of clothes that she could wear, but NO heaven forbid someone see her in the same thing twice. Her closet was overflowing with clothes, another outfit and the bar that held all the hangers up would probably break right in half. Max laughed at his mental picture of Isabel's face when that happened.
"What is so funny about Prada shoes?!" Isabel interupted his thoughts.
"Nothing really."
"Then what are you laughing at?" Isabel rolled her eyes, and flipped her long blonde hair over her shoulder."Hhmmm," she said studing her hair,"Do you think I should get a haircut?"
"Didn't you get it trimmed a week ago?"
"NO, I MEANT a new style." Isabel rolled her eyes again.
"Ahhh, ummmm sure."
"Are you saying I have bad hair? I can't believe you said that! What is your problem? Max, I happen to know that a lot of people think I have grear hair. I don't need a new style, except that Pam Troy is growing hers out...." Max tuned Isabel out as she began yet another litany about something. He thought about the new people his dad had said were going to renovate the Spaceship. He had said that they seemed like nice people, they had two kids one girl and one boy. He wondered what they would look like. Considering that nothing ever happened in Roswell, he was not the only one speculating on it.
"MAXIE!" his friend Maria ran up to him, her green eyes sparkling."Did you hear? People are coming to Roswell?"
"Of course he heard,"Isabel raised her eyebrow at Maria, they didn't really get along."Our dad is their lawyer." She turned on her heel and walked away,"See you at home Max."
"Oh well geez, Whats wrong this time?" Maria rolled her eyes.
"I think it's her hair."
"Anyway, yeah they have a daughter and she is in our grade. Do you think that they will have job openings?"
"Yes, Maria they are just opening, I don't think that they brought a whole staff with them."Max grinned.
"Well, I don't know," Maria slapped Max's arm,"it's not like there is anything else to do. I was just speculating."
"I know Maria, I was just teasing."
"Yeah, well you and Michael,"she rolled her eyes, and began digging in her purse for her cell phone, which was ringing."Hello? What? MOM, not again, I SO don't need to do the family bonding thing! Haven't we bonded enough? YES! NO! FINE I'll be right there." she hung up and turned to Max."Gotta go, some more family bonding with the step sibs. God, anymore bonding and we'd be welded together!" She took off down the street to her Jetta. Max turned and began back to the place where his jeep was parked, he wondered what the new girl would be like.
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First off, thank y'all for the GREAT and WONDERFUL FB!! I LOVE IT! Yeah, I was kinda thinking in the show about how all the kids(minus Isabel and Max) are only children and I was like what is up with that? So I made Kyle and Maria related and Liz have a little brother! I think he's mainly in there for comic relief, hmmmm I don't know.........

Part 2
Max followed his parents down Main St. to the Spaceship newly named the Crashdown, HA much better name. He looked over at Isabel, who still looked bitchy. She had gotten in a big fight with their parents this morning as to whether or not she was going. Their parents wanted to welcome the Parkers to Roswell, by helping them clean their diner out. Max kinda wanted to go to see the new girl, he didn't understand why he had to see her but he knew that he did. Isabel, on the other hand, had thrown a temper tantrum that lasted about an hour, until their Dad had promised her full use of his credit card for a week, THEN she had relented and aggreed to go.
"Kids, it's important that you make the Parker kids feel welcome."Diane looked at her children.
"Why" Isabel snidely remarked," they probably won't even last until the Fourth of July."
"ISABEL" her dad warned and Isabel shup up. They had arrived at the crashdown. Max stopped and looked at the kid cleaning the windows, he looked like he was 14 or so. He had a huge pair of headphones on and was bopping his head up and down in time to the music. He had been cleaning the same spot on the window for awhile apparently. Must be a good song, Max thought. A dark haired girl walked up to the boy and snapped his headphone saying something to him, he glared at her and moved on to the next row in the window. She looked up, and met Max's eyes. All he could do was stare, she had these eyes, these big brown eyes that sucked you in, and went right down into your soul. Then she smiled and it was like his world came to a big halt, everything stopped, it was like they were the only two people in the world. Max grinned, and the girl gestured for him to come in.
"Watch it Max!" Isabel hissed at him, when he ran into her.
"Sorry." He was still staring at the new girl. She was pretty. Was she ever! She had long black hair, that was in a ponytail, big brown eyes, and she was tiny, shorter than him by about six inches.
"Hi," a red-headed woman breezed in from the back room,"I'm Nancy and this is Jared, my son, and Liz my daughter." Ahhh, that was her name, Liz, he wondered if it was short for Elizabeth.
"Sup?" The boy nodded at them, and turned back to his window washing. Liz rolled her eyes.
"Honey, could you get me-" A tall lanky man came out of the back room, he smiled when he saw the Evanes standing there," Hi! I'm Jeff, I guess you already met Nancy and the kids."
"Yes, I met you and your wife in LA when we came to talk about the diner, Philip Evans, this is my wife Diane, and my son and daughter, Max and Isabel. We came to see if you needed any help cleaning out the place." Philip smiled.
"Oh, do we ever! This place is a disaster, I can't believe Uncle James let it get like this!"
"James was a good man, but he didn't want to be in the diner business I guess, he left here about two years ago, and when we heard about his death we hoped that someone would come in to fix the place up. I see you've already re-named it."
"Oh yeah, I really get a kick out of the whole alien themed thing," Jeff grinned,"Aliens? Huh?"
"Well, you never know," Diane Evans was a believer."What do need done right now, Nancy?"
"Oh, I think that this place needs to be cleaned out, get rid of all the dust bunnies. Eh?" Nancy laughed.
"Definetly! We can leave the heavy lifting to the men." The two women went into the back room, to get cleaning supplies. The men went outside to the alley, where there were some boxes of stock and stuff to be used in the diner. Liz, Max, Jared and Isabel were left in the diner. Liz turned to Jared, and noticed that once again he was reapeatedly washing the same spot.
"Excuse me,"she walked over to him, and did the snapping headphone thing again,"Hey, that spot has been clean for the last five minutes." She left him alone again, and he moved on to another spot.
"Sooooo..." Max tried to make conversation, but he was speechless, she was still SO pretty.
"UH! Whatever, I should not have worn my new Anna Sui!" She whined.
"Yeah, well considering how much she costs, that's like wearing Prada shoes to a marathon." Liz looked at Isabel.
"Oh, my God! You know Prada and Anna Sui?" Isabel had just found a new shopping buddy, Max hoped that the angel wasn't like Isabel.
Liz rolled her eyes and picked up and wet rag," I've lived in LA my whole life, of course I know famous designers." She started or resumed wiping down the counter," You could pick up a dust rag and help," She looked at them.
"Ummmm yeah sure." Max picked one up and looked around for the water.
"Here," Liz handed him hers, and went into the back room. When she came out a minute later, she had a bucket filled with soapy water, scrubbing brushes, Windex, and the rag, which was now wet."We have to really clean the corners, becuase thats where all the dust is." She shifted her weight to accomodate the heavy bucket.
"Here, let me help you," Max went to take the bucket away from her.
"No, I don't think so, I think I can handle a bucket of water." She raised her eyebrows at him.
"Yeah, my sister over there is the original super woman Just ask her," Jared walked past them into the back room.
Isabel turned a small circle," What should I do? I know, I'll sweep, how does that sound? That way every body wins." She smiled and began sweeping.
"Yeah, sure." Liz smiled, and turned to Max,"Here take the brushes and put them on the counter, Thank you. I am going to scrub the booths clean, there is a lot of dirt in the seats." She put the bucket on the floor next to the counter, and dipped a brush into it.
"What should I do?"
"I don't know," her voice was muffled, because she was under one of the booths, scrubbing in the corners."Can you wash down, the tables and the counter?"
"Sure can." Max set to work right away. About ten minutes later Nancy and Diane came out with the mop and bucket, Nancy started in one corner, and Diane started in the other. After three hours the place was finally clean, everything looked new. The booths were clean, and you could actually see the color of the seats, which was a mint green. The tile on the floor would have to be waxed but other than that it looked shiny and new.
"Well, I'd say we are all done," Nancy commented,"All this place needs is a new coat of paint on the walls and we're all set."
Jeff and Philip came in,"We are all done unloading the supplies, the delivery truck will be here tomorrow with the stuff that needs the resterant logo on it."
"Jeff did you get the paint?"
"Yes, Nancy I did, I'll have Liz and Jared paint it with me tomorrow after school." Diane nudged Max, he knew what she wanted, she wanted him to help. He still didn't know what the angel was like, he knew that she knew fashion and that she worked hard.
"Can I help you with that Mr. Parker?" Max dutifully asked.
"Well, sure. Extra help is always welcome." Diane smiled at Max, and took his arm.
"Max, is such a helper, he is ALWAYS helping me around the house and such, he even walks the neighboors dog for her. She's too old to do it now, so Max does it for her." Diane smiled at Nancy. Max was blushing bright red. Now she thinks I'm a goody goody, Max thought.
"Awww! That is so SWEET! I wish my Jared was more like that. Lizzie, on the other hand, has been a dear. She used to deliver grocies for older people for Free! I couldn't have asked for a better helper myself." Nancy drew Liz under her arm, who by this time was blushing furiously herself.
"Well, it appears that we have wonderful kids. Don't you think Nancy?"
"Oh, yes," Nancy laughed, and the two women walked outside together to chit-chat.
"Oh, God spare me with the charitable shit," Isabel rolled her eyes and walked out, on her way out she turned," Hey New Girl, Do you know Donna Karan?"
"Yeah, I have a couple a dresses by her, and I think that I bought a pair of dress pants by her last week." Liz grinned.
"We'll have to shop together sometime, Call me, I'm listed."Isabel walked out.
"So, Max neighborhood helper huh?" She turned to him and smiled. Max couldn't help but smile back.
"Yeah, you too?"
"Guess so, I hate it when she does that." Liz looked at her mom.
"Does what?"
"Talks about me like that, it's embarassing, and ANNOYING!" Max just smiled a little smile and nodded his head.
"So first day of school tomorrow, I hate being the New Kid, it's like going to be my label for the rest of the year." Max grinned and shook his head.
"Ok, if you say so."Liz looked disbelieving.
"I do."
"Ok, kids time to go." Philip called to Max, because Iz was already outside.
"See you," Max walked out.
"Later," Liz waved and walked out into the back room.

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Liz walked through the halls of Roswell High, God these people sure knew how to choose original names. She laughed, and some kid turned to look at her, he was tall and lanky with dark hair.
"Whats so funny?" he asked squinting at her, as if trying to figure out who she was.
"This town." she stared at him.
He laughed, "Yeah, I know it's a regular circus, are you new here?"
"Yeah."She crossed her arms over her chest.
"I am Alex Whitman, and you would be?"
"Liz Parker?"
"What on earth made you move to ROSWELL, it's like the last place on earth anyone would move TO."
"Yeah, I know parents, we just inherited the cafe on main."
"Oh, the newly named Crashdown?"
"Yeah, how'd you know?"
"Small town, not much else to talk about."
"oh, really? Maybe you could give me the lowdown on some kids I met the other day." Liz grinned.
"Max and Isabel Evans."
"Oh, them.... Well, the two most popular people at Roswell, everyone either wants them or to be them."
"Thats it? Thats all there is?" Liz stared at him.
"Yeah, both single, but not without dates. Both good looking both cool, and nobody really knows them. If you can get them to like you you're set for life." Alex grinned.
"Hey Liz," Maz smiled shyly at her and walked past.
"Looks like you're set for life kiddo." Alex grinned, and went off to talk to some friends of his. He was also in the in-crowd to, Liz could tell he was. She looked at the paper in her hand and headed off down the hallway trying to find her locker, and locker buddy. When she got to her locker, there was already someone there, actually three someones. One of them was Max, and the other two were a boy and girl fighting about something.
"Ummmmm, I think this is my locker." Liz didn't want to interupt but she had no idea when the bell rang and she didn't care if she was late but her parents.....
"Actually, its OUR locker, Maria Deluca," the blonde girl smiled," and these freaks you see here are Michael Guerin and Max Evans."
"Hey Liz," Max smiled and looked down at his feet.
"You know her??" The blonde girl smirked,"Awwww how cute."
"Shut up Maria," the other guy, Michael interupted.
"So, we're locker buddies huh?"
"Guess so," Liz smiled. The bell rang, and Liz checked the paper again,"I have Biology in room 506, does anyone else here have it?" she looked at the three of them.
"I do, I can show you where it is." Max smiled again.
"Ok, bye bye you two," Maria cooed in a fake girly voice.

sorry so short, but my brain is literally mush right now! I don't feel good, I think I will take a nap

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Thank you everyone for the bumps and posts!! They made my day! I know I know, I need a life, but I like this life!! So!! Yes! Here is Part four eh? It may or may not be a little funky, I'm not really in a writing mood, but I am trying to get this part out so we shall see.....

When Liz walked into Biology she was met with the overwhelming stench of formaldyhide(spelling?). Ugh, God this place smells Liz thought.
Max laughed, "It's a biology lab of course it smells."
"What?" Liz looked back at him.
"I was talking about what you just said."
"I didn't say anything," Liz turned around to face him and crossed her arms.
"Yes you did, You said God this place smells. What? You think I read your mind?" He teased.
"No," Liz frowned," What's the seating arrangement like?"
"Aaaaah, Mr. Carter thinks that he is a matchmaker, he's seen Fiddler on the Roof one too many times. So we always end up boy-girl."
Liz raised her eyebrows,skeptical,"A matchmaker, he must be a loon."
"Yeah, I had him for Algebra last year and he sat me next to Pam Troy,"he laughed," It was a disaster. She actually convinced me that I should go to homecoming with her."
"So did you?"
"Yeah, and then she made out with Billy Price on the dance floor," He grinned.
"You weren't upset by this?"
"Nah, didn't really like her much anyway."
"Do you like anyone now?"
Max blushed and looked at his shoes," I don't know..."
"CLASS!!" A loud voice interuppted the conversations of student," COME COME YOUNG MINDS!! You must be molded and created!! COME COME!! ORDER ORDER!! The first ORDER of business or shall I say school," The dude actually tittered. Oh my God, Max wasn't kidding this guy was crazy! He was talking in a really high, giddy voice, and his shirt was neon green, and he had a red daffy duck tie on." CLASS! CLASS! I have the MOST exciting news to tell you! We have a new member, Would Miss Elizabeth Parker step forward? COME COME!! Don't be shy!! Shyness is NOT tolerated in my class, we are all brave beings created for the single purpose of learning!! AH! There you are,"Liz stood up,"Come here, MY MY aren't you just SO pretty," He put his arm around her and faced her forward toward the class(A/N NO! He is not like a pervert or anything! He's just insane!!). She grimaced and looked around. "Miss Parker, why don't you tell us about yourself?"
"Ummmm...... ok."
"Where are you from?"
"AAH! Wonderful city, full of life!! Just full of it!!" The class laughed."CLASS!! CLASS!!" He scolded looking at them sternly."Now then, tell us about your family? Brothers sisters, mother father? Any of the above." He smiled at her, urging her to continue.
"Umm... yeah younger brother, uh he's in 9th grade, Mother's a writer, Dad was a hotel manager, uh uh We now own a diner..."
"AAHH! Yes the newly appointed Crashdown, Class to show our support of Liz and her family, I insist that you all visit the Crashdown at least once this year!! Anyone who does will receive 10 extra credit points!! Not that anyone should need it, I expect you all to be getting A's this year! Thank you Miss Parker, I look forward to seeing your eager young face amongst the other young eager faces every day!!" Liz sat down, This guy really is crazy!
"Max, you weren't kidding," She hissed at him.
"Oh, you haven't even seen the worst of it! Wait till he assigns partners, he actually does try to matchmake people it's crazy!"
"ALRIGHT CLASS ! Settle! Settle!! Settle down little birdies!! That's good! Now we will assign partners and hand out the course syllabusses and be done! FOR TODAY!! Now, I think that we shall have, hmmmm he studied the class for a moment, hmmm ah yes. Jessica Albine with Tedd McKinley, Kelly Brooks with Jeff Richarson, hhhmmmm, hmmmm yes yes indeed,"He said looking at his class list," Margaret Sakks with Jeffery Isliey, Portia Macnroe with Adam Hallbert, Liz Parker with Max Evans," Liz looked at Max, who grinned then blushed, then looked down. She went and sat next to him in her assigned seat and tuned Mr. Carter out. She couldn't believe this, she had made a friend and she got to sit next to him in class. She was glad because she thought that Max was a pretty cool guy. She wondered if he was as relieved as she was. She looked over at him, he was studying his shoes.

The rest of the day was a breeze, when the final bell rang the Maria girl ran up to her and practically assaulted her.
"Hey! Chica whats new?"
"Nothing much, What about you?"
"OH! Well, that stupid slut OH! I'm sorry please excuse my language! But after what she did to Maxie!"
"What? You mean about the Homecoming dance?"
"You know about that?" Maria linked her arm with Liz's and they walked to their locker.
"Yeah, Max told me"
"AAWWWW! That's so sweet, it was like the most TRAGIC thing, I think Max's heart was broken... and then there was Tess!"
"OH GOD! Don't even get me started on THAT bitch, so not worth the breath to tell you! Besides I have more important things to tell you! I think that Isabel Evans actually LIKES you! And thats pretty rare since she doesn't even like me, and I am one of her good friends! Ok, well she might like me, but not a hell of a lot!" Maria laughed, then looked puzzled," Actually I think that she only likes her brother anyway..."
"EWWW! GROSS!" Liz made a face.
Maria slapped her arm,"Not like that! You have a dirty mind Liz Parker!"
"I don't" Liz pouted.
"Aww, come on now! Put on a happy face because I have some good gossip! Ok right so where was I? Oh yeah icky Pam Troy was asking me about Max, she was all up in my face and like How is Max? Does he ever mention me? And I was like NO! He hates you!Ok, well I didn't say that, but I told her that he liked someone else!" Maria grinned.
"Who what?" Maria opened the locker and gave Liz her biology book, Liz put it in her bag.
"Who does Max like?"
"OH!," Maria started laughing, she was laughing so hard that she doubled over, and Michael came up behind her, and lifted her up by the waist."AAARGH!! Michael put me down!!"
"OK! Sheesh I thought you were choking or something!" Michael snapped.
"NO! I was laughing, and besides Liz would have rescued me if I was choking, I don't need a superhero boyfriend!" Maria crossed her arms.
"OK! God I think you need to take a breather! You are getting mad at me for trying to help you! Next time I will just let you choke to death! Besides Liz wasn't doing anything she was just staring at you in shock!"
"HEY! Leave Liz out of this! She didn't do anything!"
"You brought her up." Michael stared at Maria like she was crazy.
"Ok, fine maybe I did." Maria rolled her eyes and resumed her task of getting her books.
"Ok, fine next time I will just ASK you if you are choking before I try to save your life." Michael kissed Maria's neck and sauntered off.
"Oh, how cute! You guys are a couple?" Liz asked.
Maria snorted,"Sometimes."
"Anyway, who does Max like?"
"Hon, if you don't know I am so not going to tell you! Personally I think that it's really obivious, but.... eh." Maria shrugged and walked away. She turned midwalk, and asked Liz if she needed a ride home.
"Yeah, thanks. Do you know where it is? Oh, wait who am I kidding everyone knows where it is!" She smiled and ran to catch up to Maria.
"So, is your Papi hiring?"
"Hiring what?"
"Wait, you own a CORVETTE and you want to WAITRESS."
"So? Just because my parents are muy rich doesn't mean I have LIKE living off of them."
"Good point," Liz nodded," But yeah he is, I'll let him know your interested."
"Cool! Are you going to work there?"
"I don't think I have a choice in the matter."
"Ah, I guess your dad is taking the FAMILY in family business a little too seriously?"
"Yeah," Liz sighed,"But whatever. Here, that's where it is. MARIA! You passed it!"
"Oops,"Maria looked sheepish. And flipped a U-y right in the middle of the street. Several cars honked as they passed them the other way. One guy even flipped them off.
"UP YOURS! FRAT BOY!!" Maria yelled at the offending guy."Stupid college boys! They think they are so HOT!" Maria rolled her eyes and slammed on the breaks of her car. Liz was thankful for seatbelts at that moment.
"Thanks a ton! I'll see you at school tomorrow," Liz opened her door and got out.
"I'll pick you up! Be ready by 7:30!" Maria zoomed off.
And Liz ran into the diner and upstairs to get ready to re-paint the diner.

OK! That was that, next part is going to be them painting!!