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Part 1

Maria was sobbing over her recent break-up with Michael. She thought back to his last words he had said to her.

“I don’t know what I ever saw in you. Get out of my apartment. NOW.”

She had gotten out of his apartment and had been able to wait until she had gotten to the car before she broke down in sobs. Now at home she thought about the fight. It was different then the other fights they’d had in the past. This one actually had….venom, poison in it. Poison for her soul. She knew Michael would never come back to her. He was now to busy and involved in trying to find out where they came from and how to get back. Maria wanted desperately to call her best friend Liz or even Tess or Isabel. But Liz was on vacation with her husband Max and not due back for a couple more days. Isabel and Alex were desperately trying to get ready for their wedding that was in 3 weeks and counting. Tess hadn’t been seen or heard from in a couple months. Though Alex and Isabel had gotten a response that she would indeed be at the wedding. More tears coursed down Maria’s face as she thought about Liz and Max’s fairy tale relationship. Why couldn’t Michael and my relationship be like that? Maria thought. But she knew the answer already without searching for it. They were both afraid of commitment. Maria because of her Dad leaving her and Michael because of his step-Dad Hank. Maria had desperate to make the relationship work. She had tried to change. To make him happy. To make him love her. But it hadn’t work. Non of it had. She was abandoned once more by the person she loved the most. The pain building up inside her crested and she screamed as she threw pillows, blankets and anything else she could get her hands on. When her torrent of throwing and pounding things exhausted her she slid to the floor unable to make herself move.

Liz and Max had come home early because Max had the feeling that if they didn’t Alex wouldn’t be alive for the wedding. They had arrived home late last night and they had unpacked and fallen asleep. This morning Max had gone off to help with the wedding plans. Liz smiled to herself as she thought of Maria’s face when she saw that her friend was home and showing her pregnancy quite well. Liz patted her stomach self-consciously and she quickly finished getting dressed. She grabbed a piece of toast and ate it as she was putting on her shoes. She grabbed her car keys and headed towards her friend Maria’s house humming under her breath. She pulled in to the driveway of Maria’s house that her mother had given her right after Amy and Jim had gotten married. Liz couldn’t help but smile at the thought of Jim and Amy’s wedding. It had been a fun one. Liz herself had caught the bouquet of flowers and the saying was true. She was the next to get married. Liz climbed out of the car and her smile faded a little. Maria was usually up at this time. Maybe she’s sleeping in or staying at Mike’s Liz continued up the walk and peeked through the front window. She saw Maria slumped on the floor in the middle of the living room. The place looked like a hurricane had come through it. I guess Hurricane DeLuca’s back Liz thought to herself smiling slightly. Then she stopped smiling figuring out that Hurricane DeLuca would only come out if they had had another fight again. Poor Maria. She doesn’t look like she’s doing well…Liz pulled out her keyring and looked through them trying to find the key to Maria’s house. She finally found it and put it in the door. She turned the key in the lock and unlocked the door. She quietly opened the door and walked in as quietly as possible. She figured she could at least start cleaning up the place for her friend. She went into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee and made sure there was double chocolate ice cream in the freezer before she went back into the living room. She picked up all the blankets she could find and folded them. She started picking up pillows and as she walked closer to Maria to pick up the last pillow besides the one Maria clenched she saw the rust colored stain on the carpet. Liz reached out and touched it drawing back as she realized it was blood. Her heart dropped to her feet and she backpedaled away from Maria, her best friend. She stared in shock and disbelief as she took in the bloodstains on the floor and pillow Maria clutched. Then she saw the bloodied razor next to Maria on the carpet twinkling evilly at her. Liz then got her breath back and she started screaming like she had never screamed before. She slid down to the floor a little ways away from Maria. She pulled out her cell phone with trembling hands and dialed the number she knew by heart. Max’s cell phone. She knew he was with Isabel and Alex and she hated having to break the news this way but she couldn’t face them…not now…not like this.

“Hello?” Max asked. Liz was startled from her thinking and almost dropped the phone to the floor but she tightened her grip on it and answered Max as best she could.


“Liz? What’s the matter?” Max asked concerned for her.

“Maria….Maria’s…Maria’s dead.” The phone line was silent. Max had turned white and was trying to cope with it. Smiling, laughing Maria was gone. No more. How could it have happened?

“What…. happened?” Max finally asked

“She slit her wrist with a razor” Liz said. She was beginning to feel like all this was a dream. That everything was distant and safe. Nothing real and dangerous had happened to Maria. She was still safe and laughing somewhere. Max was talking to her still somewhere distant, through the haze she heard him ask if she was okay. She made some noise that sounded like a whine to her but she heard Max say something else then the line went dead. Liz closed the phone and wept. When the tears had stopped falling and she felt she could handle humanity again she opened her phone again and dialed the police. Letting them know of Maria’s suicide.

Max had turned white and everyone in the Crashdown had gotten silent. Max never turned white….

“What happened?”

Then the group started paying more attention. Something had happened to Maria. They could gather that from Max’s questions. As soon as Max hung up the phone he turned around to find four faces staring at him. Max sat down heavily on a barstool and put his head down and wept. Everyone stood there shifting from side to side wanting to know what happened but wanting to give Max his space. As Max’s tears decreased and his head came up tear streaked he announced in a somewhat choked voice.

“Maria killed herself this morning or last night. I…I couldn’t ask Liz…she was too broken up.”

Maria how could you do this to us? Max asked himself then thought about it and turned towards Michael to see how he reacted.

Michael stood there as if he hadn’t heard the words coming from Max and then the world seemed to stand still to him. His singing bird, his life, had died. They’d had a fight and he had been angry at her for once again interrupting his work on finding out what he was. They had fought but he had never expected her to kill herself! It wasn’t possible, yet….Liz and Max wouldn’t lie like that. About that. He knew them. Sorrow welled up inside of him and he sat down in a booth. He put his head down and cried a little and then slid out and left the Crashdown and all the staring faces and went out into the desert….his always there comforter, the desert. He’d come here when Hank had beaten him, when Maria and him had first fought, and now he came here to mourn her passing. He screamed his pain and anger into the sky until his throat was raw. He stumbled over to the rock he had always gone to and laid down on it. Sobbing his heart out.

Alex had already been sitting but when the news hit him it felt as though he were still standing. He needed support…a place to steady himself on. He looked around desperately and couldn’t find one. Michael sat down across from him oblivious to him or anyone else for that matter as he put his head down and cried. Alex took his note from him and tears started down his face. He couldn’t help it. His first best friend. His favorite lead singer of his band would never be able to fill in for Gwen anymore. He knew she loved to sing and had been trying to set her up with the same agent his band had. He had almost completed the work. Now it wouldn’t matter and he cried all that much harder for what he lost and what she had lost.

Isabel went over and tried to comfort Alex. He was her best friend before they had even met. She couldn’t believe that the girl she scared by changing the radio with her powers, the girl that she had subbed for at the Crashdown, the girl that wanted to be what Michael wanted of her. To make him love her. Isabel got angry with Maria for giving up but she got even angrier with Michael. She was sure he was what caused her to do that. She gave Alex a hug then went and got drinks for everyone. While she was getting the drinks she couldn’t stop the tears. They had never been real friends but she was still someone she would miss. Why am I crying? I barely knew her…I never took the TIME to get to know her. Isabel felt lost. She always took Maria for granted and now she wasn’t there. Her grief wasn’t the same as the others…the ones that KNEW Maria. Isabel had always kept her at arm’s length. I don’t belong here. I shouldn’t be here intruding on their grieving. I never knew her…Isabel took a deep breath and walked out with the drinks placing them in front of people.

“Is anyone hungry? I can go pick something up.” Isabel asked. Trying to keep her mind off of Maria. She had decided that even if they said no she would still go. Leave them to their grief. Their pain. Their sorrow….

Max had taken it upon himself to tell Maria’s parents. He would have told Tess and Kyle to but he didn’t know how to contact them. Maybe they would. Max took a deep breath and stepped out of his car. He walked up the walkway slowly and knocked on the door. Amy Valenti opened the door and smiled at Max until she noticed Max’s tearstained face.

“Is Sheriff here to?’ Amy nodded her head and lead Max into the living room where Sheriff sat reading the paper. Amy sat down next to her husband and unconsciously took his hand. Max nervously cleared his throat and began his voice cracking slightly with emotion.

“I’m really sorry to tell you this…but Liz found Maria this morning dead. She committed suicide.”

Max saw Amy start to tear up and Sheriff stiffening up when he decided to take his leave. He walked out of the house and into his car before he let the tears come out again.

Amy couldn’t, didn’t want to believe what Max said. Her only daughter dead. By her own hand. Not even a traffic accident or something. She wanted to scream, she wanted to cry, and she wanted to run all at the same time. Jim enfolded her in a hug as best he could and held her as she cried. When her tears dried up he led her to the bathroom and started the bath.

“Take a bath, it’ll make you relax and help you sleep.” Jim said leaving the room closing the door quietly behind him.

When Amy was in the bathroom Jim let the un-cried tears silently slid down his face. He had to be strong for Amy. He sat down on their bed and ran his hand through his thinning hair and cried thinking back to all the memories he had of the smiling Pixie. He thought of the days where she would run through his office as fast as she could with Kyle chasing her and how she always out ran him. He thought of her working in the Crashdown. He thought of her at their wedding and how she had smiled through the whole wedding. Then he started thinking about her fights with Michael and he made himself stop thinking of the memories. Concentrate on being strong for Amy.

Part 2

The funeral was a quiet affair. Broken only by the priest saying the liturgy for the funeral and the faint sniffling in the church. Tess had come out of her hiding place and Kyle came down a few days early to be at the funeral. Both were upset that a member of their group had died…especially by their own hand.

One by one friends and family got up to talk about Maria and their memories or thoughts on the girl that no one would ever see again.

Amy was the first to talk about Maria; the daughter she’d loved her whole life. The daughter she had tried to mold into a better person then her mother was. She felt like she had failed miserably.

“We were never close…we were too different she said…she always knew that…whatever she did and whatever she said…that I still loved her and always would. She was loved by me and by her friends…”

Amy had been trying to hold back her tears and as she started to continue her grief overcame her and she started to sob. Liz had been waiting to speak and took Amy’s elbow and helped her down the steps and back to her seat next to Jim. Jim took her from there and tried his best to comfort his upset wife. Liz then turned and went back up the stairs after making sure she was going to be okay.

“We’d always been best friends…sisters really. Ever since we were little we’d been like that. Running rampid through the Crashdown. Later during high school we worked at the Crashdown as waitresses. We were there for each other during our first heartbreak, our first crush…for a lot of things. She was never a perfect person. No one ever is. She tried to make everyone like her if not loves her…”

Liz continued to talk about her departed friend trying to hold back her tears until she had sat back down with her husband. Finally she finished her speech and climbed down the stairs after pausing to get a hug from Alex. She trudged slowly down the aisle back to her husband and started to sob quietly in his arms.

“Are you going to be alright?” Max asked quietly

Liz just shook her head no and continued to sob. Max kissed the top of her head and reached into his pocket to get his package of Kleenex out. He handed her the crumpled pack and she took it from him with trembling hands.

“…and Liz. We made up the Three Musketeers of Roswell. Always running this way and that way doing something. Though our intentions weren’t always good ones,” Alex said winking cheekily. He continued, “High school for us changed us…but we remained friends…always. Even though our group changed we never stopped being close…you know…when I was little I always figured I’d marry either Liz or Maria. Apparently that little daydream won’t come soon. I’m marrying the girl of my dreams Isabel and Liz married the man of her dreams. Everyone always assumed Maria would marry Michael. Guess everyone’s dreams were wrong….”

Alex continued his remembrance of Maria as Isabel watched from the back of the church. Then the voice in her head answered her. She was here for Alex. To give him someone to lean on when he needed it. She knew when all was said and done he’d still be crying. For his memories of Maria. Of the lost potential she had…for everything she was and was to become. They had already moved the date of the wedding to a month later then the date scheduled. The church was gracious enough to accept the change of date with no fee. They would have paid the fee if there had been. It just felt wrong to have a happy occasion so close to the death of a loved one. Everyone involved and invited had been made aware of the changes to the wedding but somehow it didn’t seem like enough to honor the death of Maria Isabel thought. Isabel let her eyes travel around the church taking in those that were crying inside and out and she began to angry. Angry with Maria for killing herself and make all her friends and family suffer. But mostly she was angry at whoever made Maria kill herself. That made life not worth living for and made Isabel feel helpless. A feeling she didn’t like. No matter what had caused it.

“…I will always miss her laughter and smile. But the thing I regret the most is that the world can’t hear her voice. Her singing will have to live in us,” Alex said finishing off his speech. He climbed down the stairs and headed towards his seat as Jim started up the stairs. As Alex settled in next to Isabel Jim began.

“I never knew her as well as a lot of you did…but I loved her the same as if she was my own flesh and blood. I grew up with that Pixie tearing up my office chasing after Kyle after he’d tugged her pigtail…”

Alex had started to cry as the memories once again surfaced to the top. Isabel wrapped her arms around him and together they let Jim’s words wash over them.

“…she was always trying to be a better person to…well…love everyone…”

Max squeezed Liz’s hand and smiled at her. He was still crying slightly but he was becoming resolved. To find and figure out what made Maria do it and make them pay. It was hurting their group in more then one way.

Liz leaned on her husband and let her tears flow. she asked herself for the hundredth time Liz’s tears started flowing faster and harder then before. She sniffled slightly and gratefully took the pack of Kleenex Max handed her. Liz looked up from Max’s arms just as Jim walked by their pew.

“Jim,” she said. He slowly stopped as if he was slowly getting the words into his brain. Liz untangled herself from Max and gave the protective retired Sheriff a hug. Jim returned it grateful that someone else realized that he had indeed loved Maria. Liz finally let him go and Jim went back to his distraught sobbing wife that Kyle and Tess had been trying to calm down. Moment’s earlier Michael had ascended the stairs and was now starting his speech.

“She was my singing bird. She was always singing to herself…especially after I bought her that guitar,” Michael said smiling slightly to himself, “times were different then…we drifted apart though we tried not to…”

Kyle and Tess exchanged a look that said it all. He hadn’t done anything to help the relationship. She had always done all the work later in their relationship. He had always assumed she would be there.

Tess had become closer to both Maria and Liz after she and Max discovered that they weren’t meant to be together. Regardless of what the book said. They both had people they loved very much. Max had Liz who he’s always loved and Tess had Kyle. Their love had grown slowly. The girls had become sisters of a sort. Recently Tess had gone into seclusion to come with terms with her life. Everyone had encouraged and supported her decision to do that. They understood that she’d never really had time to do that growing up and that now she needed to do that. She had come to the conclusion of announcing her decision she’d come to in seclusion after Isabel’s wedding so as to not disturb the joyous occasion. But she had changed her mind when she had received word of Maria and her death. She figured it would be better for them to get over all their sadness in one fell swoop.

Kyle silently cried and tried to comfort his stepmother that he’d grown to love. His dad and her was a perfect match. They complimented each other more then they could ever realize. But Maria’s death would be a trial he was sure Amy would never come out of. She would never be the same…or even close to the same as before. Even after he asked Tess to marry him. Even that joy would be shadowed with sadness. She would never see her own daughter walk down the aisle. Kyle had bought the ring while away at work in Boston. He had brought it with him. He still couldn’t figure out why he had. Now was not the time. It was a time to grieve not propose to someone…but he had still brought it with him. He had seen Tess shortly after he had gotten back into town. They had fallen back into their normal pattern. He loved that fact that they were comfortable with each other even when they were apart. Kyle was starting to drift down memory lane. Trying to remember every happy moment him and Maria had shared trying to lose his sadness in the memories. Tess’s elbow in his side brought him back to the present though.

“You’re up,” she whispered to him. He nodded and got up and went up the stairs.

“She was my step-sister but I never thought of her that way. I always thought of her as my sister. A dearly loved sister. I remember the first few weeks when her and Amy moved in. Things weren’t too…comfortable. I don’t think she liked the fact that her mom had married mine. I know I wasn’t happy about my dad marrying her mom! But eventually we started talking. Slowly at first but it increased. We’d talk about anything. Just trying to get used to the fact of living in the same house. Eventually…after a few months at least! The house started feeling like a family. We were all closer then before. Because we tried. We wanted our parents to be happy. We were still as close when we went off to college. I remember my first weekend away…”

Liz smiled in spite of herself. She remembered hearing about them from Maria. She could tell that Kyle was desperately trying not to cry. But she knew he would inevitably start crying…just by being faced with all those memories of Maria.

“…Maria started coming to me or sending her stuff when she wanted an opinion outside her music friends. She always wanted me to listen to her stuff and give her advice on how to make it better. At first I didn’t believe that she wanted MY opinion on her stuff. Then I realized she really did…I still have her tapes she sent me when I was off at college…I really wish Alex HAD been able to get her a deal. The world would have fallen in love with her like the rest of us have,” Kyle finished and stepped down. Tess hugged him fiercely and kissed him on the cheek. She watched as he went back to their seat then she herself went up the stairs to give her final good-bye to her friend…her sister.

“I’d like to say Maria and me got along from the very beginning…but that would be a lie. Maybe at sometime in my life I would lie…but she taught me that sometimes to honor someone or something the truth is better…no matter how painful or ugly it is. We hated each other really. I was a threat to her best friend’s relationship. Eventually I DID date Max but well everyone knows how THAT turned out,” Tess said smiling a little, at the memories that were surfacing, “After our differences were settled Maria, Liz, and I became good friends. More like sisters then anything else. We called each other all the time just to hear the other person’s voice. I was never as close as Liz and her were but we were still close…”

Max had been surprised she had even mentioned the fact that they had dated. They usually kept that in the background but then he realized what she was doing. Making them remember the real Maria…not the sugar coated version. She made them remember the times of danger true but they were also the best times of their lives.

“…those were the best times of my life. Things changed over time but we still remained close…we still remained sisters. I miss her terribly and I loved her.”

Tess stepped down and when she sat down next to Kyle and his family she let her tears come. Kyle pulled her into his arms and let her cry herself out.

The entire group was listening to the priest finish the service with only half an ear. Lost in their own thoughts and worries over the others in the group. Most were lost in the past reliving when the threat of the Skins was real and ever present but so was their true friends before they were corrupted. As the priest concluded the service and people filtered out of the church the group came back to the painful present. They gripped their beloved’s as though they were afraid they to would disappear out of their arms and lives. Michael was the only one still sitting in his pew as the others left the church. The last look everyone had was of Michael with his head down crying.

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Part 3

Kyle and Tess had been sitting in Tess’s hotel room for the past twenty minutes in silence. Tess finally decided to tell her the decision she had made in seclusion. She cleared her throat and felt bad when Kyle jumped in his seat.

“I’ve…I’ve decided to leave.”


“I need some time to find myself…I know I said I was doing that.”


“But what?” Tess asked a bit harshly expecting some stupid response.

Kyle looked away for a second feeling bad about Tess leaving him then sad about Maria’s death. He looked back at her.

“I love you…I need you…I’ll help you however I can. I mean I was going to ask you to marry me! I thought you loved me as much as I love you…” Kyle said his voice trailing off.

“I do,” Tess said quietly.

“Then why do you need to leave?” Kyle asked desperately.

“Because…because I don’t think your parents could deal…” Tess stopped unable to continue. Kyle sensed that she was upset about something besides Maria. But he needed to know why she was leaving him.

“Deal with what Tess?” Kyle asked as gently as possible.

“Deal…deal with a…a. baby especially now that…Maria died and all…”

Tess had continued to babble a trait that Kyle noticed she had picked up from Maria. He couldn’t seem to get the idea of a baby through to his brain…a baby…Kyle finally interrupted the babbling Tess.

“Is it mine?” Kyle asked remembering the last time they had seen each other. They had been enjoying their visit so much. It just seemed like the next logical step. That trip was when Kyle realized he needed and loved Tess. That was when he decided that he wanted Tess in his life forever as his wife. Kyle was so deep in thought about how much he loved Tess that he almost missed her nodding yes to his question. Soon after she burst into noisy tears that drenched her face and shirt.

“How long have you known?” Kyle asked in a quiet voice fearing that Tess might get spooked and stop talking when they needed to get all the information out in the open.

“About a month,” Tess said swallowing a hiccup.

“How far along are you?” Kyle asked

“About…about three months I think,” Tess answered and Kyle subconsciously double-checked the numbers against when they had had sex. He didn’t really mean to but it happened as if somewhere inside him he didn’t want the child. He squashed that thought as soon as it rose to the surface. He wanted…needed that child almost more then he needed Tess. He felt slightly guilty over that but he signed it off as coming from the fact that he had just lost his sister and needed someone that was his blood…or like his blood. He corrected himself mentally. He shook himself to pay attention to what Tess was saying.

“Are you even paying attention?”

“I’m sorry, it’s just me trying to adjust to the fact of being a father. I’m listening now. I’m really sorry.” Kyle said really feeling bad. Tess just nodded her head and started over.

“I’m about three months pregnant as far as I can tell. But…being an alien…a hybrid I mean I don’t know how long the pregnancy will be…but that’s not the only thing I’m worried about…I worried about your parents reaction…I mean you have so much ahead of you to have a burden…”

Tess was about to continue when Kyle interrupted.

“First off you’re NOT a burden…to anyone. Second of all my parents will be thrilled…for the most part. They probably won’t like the fact that we’re not married when we um…created the baby…but they’ll get over it. I promise. Mom’ll be out of it for awhile so I don’t really know how she’ll react…” Kyle said his voice trailing off remembering why his mom was soo sad and dysfunctional at the moment. Tess mis-took Kyle trailing off to mean the worst and started to cry again.

“Tess, baby, please don’t cry. Amy’s just sad and upset about losing Maria…we all are…she’s just taking it the hardest and I don’t know how she’ll react to our news. That’s all really.” Kyle said trying to make Tess believe it wasn’t her that was causing the problems or the silence. Tess was starting to regret telling Kyle her news. It was causing problems…big problems in his life. He didn’t need those things in his life. She desperately wanted a place to call her hone. She’d never had a place that she’d stayed in long enough to call it home. Roswell had felt like home…but now…now she wasn’t so sure. Tess broke the silence finally in a small voice.

“I’m scared…”

“I’m scared too…I’m scared too.” Kyle murmured to Tess trying to calm her down again. They lapsed into silence again. When Tess shivered slightly Kyle got out of his chair and picked up his jacket from the table. As he picked it up Maria’s last tape wrapped in a letter the way it usually was fell out along with the ring box containing the engagement ring Kyle had bought for Tess. Kyle had gotten the tape a week earlier and hadn’t had a chance to listen to it or read the letter. He put the tape back up on the table along with all the other things he’d pulled out of his suitcase earlier. He walked over to Tess and gently wrapped the coat around her. She gratefully took it and wrapped it tighter around herself. Kyle kneeled in front of her.

“I was going to do this during…a well happier time but…it seems almost like a better time to do it now,” Kyle said nervously he cleared his throat self consciously then continued, “Tess Harding, will you marry me?” Kyle asked holding his breath. Hoping she would say yes for both of their sakes.

“Are you sure you’re doing the right thing? I mean this could ruin your WHOLE life…I don’t want to be in the way of you if you’re not sure.” Tess said nervously but also convinced that he needed to think about what he was doing.

“I love you Tess, I want to spend forever with you. I KNOW in my heart, my soul. I’m doing the right thing asking you to marry me. I don’t have to think about it. I’ve spent months thinking about it.” Kyle answered passionately.

“Then I say yes. Yes I’ll marry you,” Tess answered kissing Kyle and trying to smile at the same time.

“So you won’t disappear off into the night now?”

“Buddha Boy I’m not going anywhere.”

Kyle grinned at the fact that Tess used his high school nickname.

“We’ll have to think of a nickname for you,” Kyle said teasing Tess. Tess ignored him and continued what she was saying.

“The only request I have for the wedding is that it be non-denominational that way at least everyone will be able to come without them being offended somehow.”

“Whatever you say or want,” Kyle said and impulsively kissed Tess’s stomach. Tess jolted slightly and her smile widened even more. Kyle slipped the 3-karat diamond ring onto Tess’s finger.

“I saw this in the jeweler’s window and it called to me.”

“It’s beautiful…” Tess said kissing him again. Things would have continued and most likely gone further except for a knock at the door of the room. Kyle looked questioningly at Tess asking in a look if she was expecting anyone and she shook her head no and shrugged a little. He walked to the door and opened it. There stood Alex, Isabel, Liz, and Max.

“Umm…I guess come in. It’s not really my room. I move in to my room tomorrow,” Kyle said awkwardly gesturing them in to the room. They came in and found places to sit in various places around the room. When everyone had found a place and settled Max spoke up.

“We think it was Michael.”

“Excuse me?” Tess asked confused as to what he was talking about.

“We think that Michael was the main cause for…Maria…killing herself,” Isabel said. She seemed to be the most collected of the group.

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Part 4

There had been a silence when the accusation finally got through to Tess and Kyle. Then Tess said quietly,

“I thought I was the only one…”

“To what? Think that it’s Michael’s fault? Hardly!” Max said harshly. It had astounded them when they had first heard him say that. Michael was supposed to be his best friend…but then he never liked the thought of people being hurt by others. Tess winced slightly. Kyle took her hand and gave it a squeeze.

“We should probably compile all the evidence against him in one place…I’m going to have an empty suitcase soon…we can use that I guess,” Kyle said trying to remember what his dad did when he had a case. He gathered evidence, looked at it from every angle, thought of every conceivable theory. Around the room they nodded their heads in agreement. Isabel sitting next to the table idly played with Maria’s last tape not realizing what it was. Kyle was about to snap at Isabel when he realized what it was.

“That’s it!” he exclaimed.

“That’s what?” Tess asked. Kyle ignored her and got up to take the tape from Isabel. The tape was wrapped in a letter as it usually was. He started reading the letter then backed up and started over, reading the letter out loud this time.

“Dear Kyle,

How’s college life in Boston going? Hopefully better then my life back here in Roswell. I seem to be trying to fail ‘Music Theory’ but I always seem to scrape by at the important. You’d better come to my graduation like you promised! Let’s see…life in Roswell (as you always request), last I heard Mom and Dad are screwing each other WAY to often for their age. Liz is living in Fairytale Land with Max most days while Isabel is attempting to run Alex into the ground with all the ‘errands’ she requests of him. But then he also seems to be floating in the air with all the love they share. Last but not least is Michael, wish I could say that the fights are less…but, that would be lying. The fights are actually worse now, they leave bruises…bruises on my soul. He’s become completely obsessed with finding his home and I worry that if he does find out how to go home he’ll leave me here without his love. I still can’t see how I can love a man like Michael, he’s killing me, but somehow I love him too much to NOT go running back to him.”

“It doesn’t stop there but the rest is just chit chat and continuing subjects that we’ve…we’d been having. Well actually at the bottom it says that the songs aren’t like they normally are…anybody got a tape player or where we can get a tape player?’

“There’s one in the Jeep if you don’t mind our stuff still sitting in there,” Max said wanting to hear the tape more then ever. He led them to his Jeep and Kyle handed over the tape. While Max engaged the engine to play the tape the rest of them were climbing in and trying to find comfortable seats. Liz sat in the passenger seat in front while Isabel and Alex sat in an uninhabited spot in the back seat. Tess sat on Kyle’s lap in the last available space in the Jeep. It was crowded in there but no one seemed to notice all intent on hearing the tape. When the engine finally engaged Max pushed the tape in and a few seconds later Maria’s clear, sweet voice poured from the speakers.

1 “I can’t stop thinking about cutting myself up

Visual bruises can be covered in makeup

But down to the core I’m all bruises.

My little whore gives these excuses.

How can this, be rationalized

Your brain has programmed all of those lies.

What do you tell yourself, about our situation?

How can you look at yourself without having some sort of revelation?

How do you live with yourself?

How could you possibly hurt someone like myself?

The saddest part is, I would take u back.

You’ve turned me into some spineless hypochondriac.

Now tend to every last emotion

I’m so caught in this I cannot grasp its hazed proportion.

All right now I’ll be fair

I’ll just pull you by your hair

I’ll just kick you from time to time

And then I’ll love you in the meantime.

It will be just like before

I’ll be your girl, you’ll be my whore.

I am not an angry child

I don’t run hot nor mild

But for some reason when it comes to you

I smile at the thought of hitting you

I smile at the thought of watching you die.

I strive off the image of making you cry

I feed of the feeling of having you need

I lick the illusion, of watching you bleed.”

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Part 5

Michael had once again gone into the desert and was heading back into town when he spotted them. They were sitting all over Max’s car looking as if someone had given them a mass punch in the gut… Michael mused as he turned into the hotel parking lot, the one and only hotel really. In all of his misery he didn’t notice the angry glares aimed straight at him. He hopped out off his bike and glanced inside Max’s car only to look again, no the letter in HER writing was there as well as a tape sticking out of the tape deck. He felt the hole in his heart open again and he reached for the letter with shaking hands, to remember her, the way she wrote, the way she talked…His hand hadn’t even made it to the Jeep’s side when Alex hissed,
“I DON’T think so,” as Alex said that he grabbed Michael’s wrist as though it would effectively keep him from getting to the letter. But the action DID keep him from getting the letter.
Michael had never heard Alex’s voice with so much malice in it. No one was coming to his aide…it was then that he noticed the angry glares.
“Um…what’s going on?” Michael asked nervously. The air seemed charged somehow. This was also the first time in the group’s history that one member of it was subjected to their anger.
“What’s wrong!?!” Alex asked almost spitting the words out as if they were poison.
“Alex, calm down,” Isabel said taking Alex’s arm and pulling him away. Michael sighed in relief. He WASN’T alone, the girl from his childhood was back. She would comfort him, help him…to understand what was going on. But, Isabel wasn’t finished,
“We need ALL the information from him,” Isabel concluded coldly fitting her high school nickname of the Ice Princess. Michael deflated, he didn’t even know what they wanted or suspected of him but he knew he wasn’t going to like it. Michael thought morosely .
“I suppose you’re right Iz. But it doesn’t make me any happier! He caused my best friend’s death and he’s just standing there!” Alex yelled. Max frowned slightly looking around the group and then at Kyle and Tess’s room.
“Inside,” Max said tersely. There was still the FBI threat around. They didn’t need to give them any more ammo. The group stopped talking suddenly and looked at him surprised. He had kept his head in the crisis. Danger and tragedy had been an image of a past…a hazy image of harder times. Things about people from that time were forgotten. But slowly throughout people’s mind’s things were coming back. They wouldn’t let something take them by surprise again.
Across the street in a shady alcove a man lowered his binoculars and smiled. They had taken the bait. Now to add some spice to the recipe. The man closed his eyes and waited for the dream plane to open up to him. He called to him Michael’s bubble. Instead of expanding the bubble like normal he then called another bubble, one of his own creation, and started pushing the two bubbles together. At first they resisted the combining of the two of them but soon they were sliding together easily enough. When the man opened his eyes the door to Kyle and Tess’s room was closing leaving no one behind. He slid out into the daylight and into his car. He put the car in gear and headed home. He would have plenty of time to put the next piece of the game together later.
Isabel was the last one in the door. She turned and closed it firmly and locked it. Then she glared at Michael as if she could kill him with a look. Which she was wishing she could do. To end the suffering the others were going through…the endless crying Alex had done…the coldness in Max’s eyes…and Kyle looking like he was close to a breakdown, even more so then before the funeral. Isabel opened her mouth to demand answers, why did he have to hurt the group? Why kill Maria? Anything to quell the questions rising. But Michael beat her to it and spoke before her swallowing hard but determined.
Look, I swear I didn’t kill her! I mean I loved her…I don’t know what proof you think you have…whatever evidence you gathered…”
“Stop trying to make us believe your lies! It won’t work…it won’t work..” Tess screamed breaking down. Kyle swallowed everything that he wanted to hurl at Michael, every insult, and every degradation he could think of. He needed to comfort Tess, for her….and the baby. He pulled Tess close to him as if protecting her then pulled them both down onto the floor so that she was in his lap sobbing hysterically. He just held her knowing that there was nothing he could do or say that could ease the pain. He just watched silently occasionally rocking Tess as the rest of the group alternated between staring at Tess and glaring at Michael. Liz bit her lip seeing Tess like broken…she was usually so fierce…so protective…Maria’s death had definitely thrown her for a loop. Liz unconsciously scooted closer to Max and spoke up,

“Kyle has letters…and a tape…talking of her hurt…of your relationship…your problems…your obsession with finding your origins and leaving her to hold the bag on everything else. She was the one to change. Never you…you could hear the pain in Maria’s voice in the song she sent Kyle!” Liz said not noticing the look that had entered Michael’s eyes at the mention of Maria.

His eyes had turned hard and flat, raising his hand silently he threw Liz threw the air against a wall. Liz slammed against it with a sickening thud and slid down with a moan. Michael seemed to zone in on the spot where Liz had landed, on Liz and he started forward to finish the job he had started. Max stepped in front of Michael and powered up his shield on his own friend…ex-friend…When Michael saw the shield he turned around to head towards the door. When Alex saw his face he was afraid for Iz who was still against the door looking mad. He grabbed her arm even as she protested. Michael didn’t even seem to notice him as he raised his hand again this time throwing the door outward. Everyone stared in shock at his retreating back. They had never expected that to happen. Was he the one that had killed Maria? Or was he still in too much pain? Or were they all just too caught up in their own pain to miss something more?

Liz moaned again and everyone was pulled back to what had just happened and horror crossed their face. How could Michael do that to Liz? A pregnant Liz? Max was the first to reach his wife picking her up gently and laying her down on the bed with the others gathering around wanting to hear the prognostic too. Max checked his wife and made a face it wasn’t good. He shooed everyone out. Except Tess and Kyle who were still sitting on the floor. Tess had just started to control her tears when Michael had blasted Liz across the room and she had burst into fresh hysterics.

“Are you sure you don’t want us to leave?” Kyle asked over Tess’s head.

Max shook his head no, “It’s her room and she looks upset enough…let’s not add to the trauma…maybe you should ask Iz to ah…help her?” Max said gently and absentmindedly still checking his wife. Kyle rubbed his eyebrow with his free hand while with his other rubbing Tess’s back. It was a good idea. A very good idea…maybe if Tess got some sleep she would do better when she woke.

“Tess, baby, I need to get up for a second,” Kyle said softly.

Tess shook her head and buried herself deeper into him more so. He sighed softly and gently pulled her arms from around his neck. He picked her up off his lap and put her down on the floor kissing her gently.

“I’ll be right back. Alright?” Kyle said getting up and going outside to the gathered group. He looked around for Iz and found her talking with Alex softly. He approached noisily hopping that they would get the clue and change the subject if it was private…

Alex and Isabel did indeed hear Kyle’s approach and changed their conversation from Isabel felt like she shouldn’t be here, that she should be trying to track Michael and Alex trying to convince her otherwise. By the time Kyle got there they were talking about what had just occurred and how odd it was that it seemed like he just saw Liz and no one else in the room. Kyle hadn’t even notice in all the shock of how Michael had acted but they were right…it was as if he had seen only Liz, no one else. Like a hunter zoning in on a prey, seeing nothing but the prey…but that was ridiculous. Michael didn’t see Liz as prey. It was just his over-active imagination going overboard with him.

“Hey, Iz…could I ask you a favor?”

“Anything, Kyle, you know that, you’re practically family!”

“Could you maybe…put Tess to sleep and give her at least one peaceful sleep?” I asked almost pleading. Isabel looked at me and must have seen the pleading in my eyes and smiled sadly. She reached over and squeezed my shoulder.

“Of course. I’ll be right back. We’ll continue that discussion we had when I get back though,” She said.

Alex watched her go and sighed. He didn’t want to continue the “discussion” over if she should go looking for him. He had this creepy feeling that he’d be back for Liz. But he shoved it off as shock mixed with sorrow over Maria. It has to be that and not some sixth sense kicking in from hanging out with aliens too much…definitely…but why couldn’t he convince himself of that?

Isabel and Kyle entered the hotel room again to see Max muttering to himself over Liz’s injuries and which injuries to heal first. They ignored him when they saw Tess. She had her chin tucked over her knees and was rocking back and forth. Kyle quickly went forward and dropped down beside her.

“Tess, come on baby, calm down, it’s all right, it’s all right,” he said trying to calm her down. After a few minutes of Isabel awkwardly standing there Kyle finally got her to calm down enough to let him wrap his arms around her.

“Sshhhh…it’s all over now…shhhh….” He murmured to her. He looked at Isabel and nodded at her. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and reached out to call sleep on the girl. Tess’s eyes drooped slowly shut and drowsily she fell asleep. Fitfully sleeping. Isabel sat down across from Kyle and the two waited in silence until Tess had fallen into a deep enough slumber for Isabel to manipulate her dreams. Isabel once again closed her eyes and called Tess’s bubble to her. She peeked inside and saw the images of earlier occurring but instead of Liz it was her being tossed across the room and it was Kyle not Michael doing the tossing. Isabel thought to herself. Then she tried to think of a happier memory…finally she picked one, the day at the Crashdown when Kyle had finally asked Tess out and they had gone on their first date. He had even walked outside and rung the doorbell just so it would feel like a real date. She constructed as much as she could and when Tess’s mind realized what memory it was took it and filled in the pieces that were missing. Isabel was tempted to stay and watch a much happier time but in a time of crisis there was no time for the weary. She stepped out of the much happier dream bubble and then out of them dream plane. She opened her eyes to see a concerned looking Kyle holding a sleeping Tess who had a faint smile. Isabel herself smiled slightly.

“I gave her mind the idea of your first date. It seemed to like the idea…I need to get back to Alex. Let me know if she starts having problems though alright?” Isabel said starting to get up.

“Thank you Isabel,” Kyle said, “I owe you one,”

“Just take care of her and we’ll call it even,” she said smiling down at the two of them. They were so perfect for each other. She was just glad they had realized that before it was too late…Isabel was glad that she had realized before it was it too late that she needed Alex to complete her. She almost lost him; a few times…she smiled softly to herself when she saw him again leaning against the wall.

Alex was beginning to get worried at the amount of time that had passed. He didn’t think it usually took that long…he was debating whether or not to see if they needed anything when he saw Isabel again. He knew she was remembering a better time…a happier time…probably high school, he laughed slightly to himself. Most people thought the most dangerous parts of their lives the worst parts of their life the worst but not this group. They had clicked…they had bound themselves together into a family closer then blood. Sometimes he thought he could tell when the others were around…he never told the others that…he didn’t need anymore ridicule…they’d probably just tease him while wishing feverently that it was true. When Isabel got close enough Alex pushed himself off of the wall and wrapped his arm around her waist and kissed her softly.

“Thinking of better times?” he asked. She nodded leaning into him. It had been a long day and something told her it was going to get longer.

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A/N: this chapter kinda skips around but there *is* a purpose to it all, so stick w/it & maybe pick up a few clues...

Part 6

A lone figure sped along 285 South into the New Mexico desert. At a point un-distinguishable from any other the figure turned off from the road and headed out towards the horizon. He arrived at an oddly shaped rock formation and waiting for him there was Michael.

“Well?” the man demanded.

“I almost had the pregnant brunette chick…the one that whimpers and all that then says what she wants anyways…stupid bitch…” Michael muttered angrily.

“Liz Parker…good two-shoes number one…I hadn’t realized she was pregnant. She must be thrilled. We’ll have to see if we can ruin that completely now won’t we?” The man said slowly squeezing his hand into a fist creating a force inside Michael’s skull.

“Yes, yes! Of course!” Michael said wincing at the pain that was becoming more and more prominent in his head. He would never have had to gone through this if that stupid shield had gotten in the way. He could have finished the job…gotten a pat on the back and gone on his merry way…now he’s gonna practically have to wear a choke chain…this had happened before…when Michael did well he was treated well, when he didn’t perform well he was put through pain and watched carefully.

The man looked at him curiously then nodded his head and released the pressure.

“You know how to get a hold of me when you have completed what you have been assigned,” with that the man walked away. Michael itched to kill * him * not some nameless girl….but if he did that he would never get his memories back. Michael glared at his tormentor’s back and waited the required time before he was allowed to leave.

Liz was resting comfortably on Tess’s bed but was staring into nothing. Something was bothering her about before…but she couldn’t put her finger on it. It made faces at her in the back of her head but disappeared into smoke when she thought she had finally grasped it. So there she sat staring into nothing trying to get the elusive clue to come back her. She knew it was important but she couldn’t figure it out… At the hotel room’s small table a conference was going on quietly.

“I still say I have the easiest chance of finding him!” Isabel whispered fiercely. Alex just tightened his grip in his fiancé. He didn’t want to lose her after he had just found her so to speak.

“No, Iz…I know you’re on some vengeance act but, I can’t let you chance it,” Max responded shaking his head. Isabel made a face at her brother, she wasn’t happy. She wanted Michael’s hide tacked to the wall and now. To stop the other’s hurting…figuring out it really * was * Michael that somehow killed Maria was a shock and a major hurt to the group. They had been through a lot and thought they knew each other well enough. But Michael killing Maria? That wasn’t something they had expected at all…even from the emotionally irrational Michael.

“We can’t just sit here! We’re practically sitting ducks!” Tess said. She was afraid…one that she had trusted and begun to love as a brother had betrayed and killed one of her best friends…she didn’t understand…she wasn’t in his way…or was she?

“Maybe Maria uncovered something about Michael that Michael didn’t want us knowing about,” Tess said thinking about it. The rest of the group except the comatose Liz also thought about it…it made the most logical sense…

“But what?” Alex asked. Isabel sighed and propped her head up on her hand. If only they did know…would it have saved Maria’s life? Would it have stopped the danger to them? From their friend…enemy now…

The Desert Sands Motel had an odd customer…a few actually but one in paticular that the motel manager was worried about. He watched the young man open his car door and slam it clearly displeased with something or someone. He decided he didn’t want to piss that man off, it wouldn’t be good for his health or future. He continued to watch as the man opened his motel room door and close it a lot gentler then the car door. Then the manager turned away to attend to other things but nervously watching the room’s door every few minutes.

It wasn’t that the man * didn’t * want to slam the motel’s door so hard that it came off it’s hinges but he was too cheap. He didn’t want to expend his powers or money to fix the damage that he would create upon doing so. He looked around the room and decided nothing had been taken. Not that any of the maid’s would be able to understand or work any of the items he had brought. He smiled at the thought of some hapless maid attempting to make the force finder work or the transmitter for that matter. He cocked his head to the side at the thought of the transmitter and walked over to the dresser. He picked up the transmitter and rolled it between his fingers staring at his reflection in the mirror. He was thinking…thinking of the gains and losses, so far the gains had been better then the losses. Maria had been a mistake…but she had found out too much and knew the key word. He hadn’t meant to have her killed, it had just…happened.

So…Michael had failed him again. Michael knew better then that…he knew the consequences, what excuse shall he have this time? He always seems to have one after he’s completed his job that he originally failed. But he’ll break…he’ll bow…he’ll suffer. The man’s lip curled into a cruel smirk. Yes he would learn.

He cocked his head again debating this time. He could check up on Michael, it was simple now to call Michael’s dream bubble to him, but he decided against it, deciding it would expend to much of his power that could be traced. Granted he doubted the Royal Snots could figure out * how * to track him, but it was always better to be safe then sorry, he laughed he had been told that many times before but never had it made as much sense at it did in this operation. The phrase “patience is a virtue” floated through his head and he snorted. Like * he * was a saint. But he would indeed wait. Lay in waiting, setting the traps, baiting them…Mmmm…the revenge * would * be sweet this time. Liz Parker was Michael’s target now…that was enjoyable. To see the others sweat, to see her come off her soapbox, to see them panic. She * was * the King’s own wife…never a Queen though. She lacked the proof of royal blood, of a memory of Antar, which she had never been to and never would. They both were un-fit for rule. The whole pack of them was un-fit. But they didn’t need to realize he was onto them…that he knew there every whim, their every fantasy, and every thing that scared him. Max Evans would be scared about now. He was afraid of Liz leaving him, dying, anything that included her being out of his life. He trembled in his bed at night and pulled her closer when those dreams invaded his mind….maybe it was time to start mental warfare on his front too. Give them something to think about…false memories, dreams that’ll make ‘em wake up screaming…He cruel smirk grew even bigger at the thought and he went over to the heater vent & un-screwed the vent pulling it off. He reached inside and pulled out a bundle of files. Each one marked clearly, “Max Evans” “Liz Parker-Evans” “Kyle Valenti” “Tess Harding” “Alex Whitman” “Isabel Evans” “Maria DeLuca-Valenti” “Amy DeLuca-Valenti” and “Jim Valenti”. Michael had no file, he had no memories…not anymore. He reached into the vent again and pulled out a crystal that was glowing a vibrant green. He took all the things he had gathered and put them on the desk in the motel room. Then he sat down with a piece of paper and started re-reading their files.

Michael had been wandering the desert not really certain where he should go, but his feet seemed to know the way so he let them carry him. That had been awhile ago and now he stood and stared at the cave around him. He somehow knew how to activate the entrance, but he had no memory of this place. He looked at the pod’s attached, and wondered what they were, he didn’t want to disturb anything and soil it with himself. Nothing about the cave seemed familiar or ring any bells in his head, yet he felt safe here…home here. He smiled sadly at that thought, he couldn’t remember the last time he had, had that feeling. He couldn’t remember anything about before…before * he * invaded his mind…took his thoughts, his memories, his passions, his loves and turned them to his purpose or erased them completely. Teasing him everytime he completed an assignment with a memory . Usually a painful one…the last one had been the hardest…Maria…that was her name…he had been give memories later of the two of them kissing, making love, and any other concievable thing the man could think of to hurt him. It * had * hurt…a lot he had killed the one he loved. He wanted his memories back, he wanted him out of his head, and he wanted the life he had before back. But that was impossoble…now that he killed the one he loved…plus he was afraid of him..of what he was capable of, what he would do. Sometimes he’d get this tickling in the back of his mind when he was near him. It made Michael think he knew the man before all the shit hit the fan. Michael walked over to a corner of the cave and curled himself up into a ball and cried himself to sleep.

Sean DeLuca picked up his duffle bag and walked through Roswell. Sheriff had called a few days ago but Sean hadn’t been able to get time off at his job to make it to the funeral. So now he was wandering through town remembering pieces of what it was like to live here with Maria and his Aunt. The town had changed and stayed the same in the years he had been gone. The UFO Center still stood in all it’s tacky glory Sean noticed. He couldn’t help but laugh, the place seemed so…fake, of course this * was * a tourist trap not a townspeople town so to speak. He smiled slightly and crossed the street.

Brody Davis was pacing, they could find out! He didn’t want that to happen, couldn’t let that happen, had to hold them at bay whatever it cost. He had other things to think about then people finding out, he had his daughter, Sydney to think about. He smiled fondly at the picture on his desk of the smiling girl pausing his pacing. Soon he was back to pacing. All the boxes had been moved, re-labeled, or destroyed, yet he felt as though he were missing something…something important. The fear inside him welled up again, Brody pushed it down, no time for a nervous breakdown. Too much to do. Only time and patience would tell if his plan had worked. He heard the bell jangle in the front room and he headed out with a plastered smile on his face.

“Ah, what one does for money,” he muttered to himself.

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A/N: Alright, Heather nagged me enough. Shannon & Heather helped on the dream sequence ideas.

Part 7

Tess yawned and looked at her watch 9:07, it was starting to get late, but she wasn’t expecting the rest of the group to be back for another hour or two. They were out on their well deserved break while she on the “Liz Parker Ward” watch. Granted there weren’t really that many patients in the Liz Parker Ward, alright only one. But still she took her job seriously & tried not to fall asleep. All Liz had done was make meowing sounds every once in awhile and roll over. Tess smiled softly looking at Liz, Max was so sweet being worried about Liz. He was always looking out for the group but especially for Max. Kyle wasn’t quite as smooth on his protection mode. He was a little more rough around the edges in his method. But it worked just as well, sometimes better and Tess still thought it was sweet. Tess smiled more at the thought of Kyle and twisted her ring slightly looking at it. It seemed to call to her, but she supposed all engagement rings felt like that to the wearer. Tess took one more look at the sleeping Liz before getting up to stretch her tired muscles and to get a drink from the sink. Mmmm Mmmm Roswell’s disgusting tap water, just what every girl wanted to drink right? Good thing for powers, she could at least clean it up slightly. Tess wondered for a moment if she should wake Liz to see if she needed anything but decided to leave her alone and sleep. She stood up and stretched hearing her muscles and bone make that pop that always felt so nice.

“Ahhhh…” she said rolling her shoulders. She headed to the sink and filled a glass with not so clear water, she concentrated and made the water clear up removing all the nasty impurities.

She thought to herself,

She picked up her glass to take a drink but before she had raised it completely to her lips she heard Liz shift more violently then ever and start screaming. Tess dropped the glass forgetting about it and hurried to Liz. She shook her awake,

“Come on! Wake up! Come on….let’s not wake the entire hotel…” Tess said finally shaking Liz awake. Liz scooted away from Tess as if she was terrified, Tess didn’t follow her or intimidate her, she let Liz become a little more awake before speaking again.

“What’s wrong? What were you dreaming about?” Tess asked as soothling as possible. But it wasn’t as easy as it seemed with Liz looking around like a deer in the headlights and gulping air like it was going out of style.

“Breathe, you’re going to hyperventilate doing that,” Tess said not wanting another episode of someone passing out. Last time it had been her going into hysterics and this time there was no one else around to help her calm down. She took a deep breath.

“I’m going to go get some water, do you want any?” Tess asked slowly getting up off the bed so as to not startle or scare Liz. She just shook her head no and soon was rocking back and forth. Tess sighed and stepped over the glass and water spill she had made earlier and got herself another glass. She filled it with water and proceeded to clean the water up, it may be a crisis but she was * not * going to drink disgusting water and that was that. Then she went back to Liz who was still rocking back and forth, placing the water on the nightstand she sat down on the bed again. She slowly moved towards Liz until she was sitting next to her, holding her breath she reached out and touched Liz pulling her gently towards her. At first Liz resisted and then fell into Tess slightly surprising Tess. Liz was crying hysterically while Tess tried to remember what Kyle has done that had calmed her so much, trying to copy what he had done for her. She didn’t feel quite right doing this, she felt like she should be in Kyle’s arms and Liz in Max’s arms but she wouldn’t call them. She would handle this all by herself. The others needed a break from the tension. Finally Liz’s sobs calmed some what.

“You wanna tell me what’s wrong?” Tess asked again. Liz hiccuped a few times and swallowed.

“You’re dead…” she said quietly.

“Uh-uh, I’m really quite alive, you can pinch if you want, to prove to yourself that I’m here, I’m real,” Tess said putting her arm out for Liz to pinch. Liz put her hand out hesitatingly and pinched Tess hard. Tess yelped.

“Next time not so hard,” she said rubbing her arm where she had been pinched, “Now why did you think I was dead?”

“I..I was trapped in this crystal…Michael put me there…he had..this power…to,” Liz started trying to hold back the tears, “to, put me in this crystal…I couldn’t get anyone to hear me no matter how much I screamed…but…but…I could see Michael as he hunted,” at that moment Liz hiccuped and made Tess jump.

“Sorry, continue,” Tess said, “you just startled me.”

“I could see…him as he hunted..each of you…first…first he went after Maria…and…and…snapped her neck…he was grinning, grinning like he actually enjoyed it!” Tess could tell Liz was getting hysterical but she needed to hear the whole dream…she had this feeling like she needed to hear it all…

“Sshhhh…it was only a dream,” Tess murmured.

“But it was so real! After Maria…died he just dropped her…she fell like…like she was a rag doll…then he started…to go after Max…Max tried to fight…but he couldn’t…shouldn’t Max be stronger? It was like Michael just kept coming and coming applying more and more pressure until his shield cracked….then he just let loose this…this…stream of fire…he screamed so loud…so loud…the stench…it was awful…like…like…this sickly sweet smell that covered and suffocated everything that it touched…it was awful…so awful…you would think the crystal would block smell wouldn’t you? But it didn’t…it didn’t…when Max…Max…stopped screaming Michael looked up at me grinning…it looked like he…* enjoyed * what he was doing…then you…you ran into the room and…and…he just..just..raised his hand and you went flying through the air and landed on the wall…like…like you were stuck there then…then this…this blue…thing…came up around you and…and started squeezing you to death…you…you woke me up just as Michael was letting the blue thing down with you sliding down dead…” Liz said trying to fight the hysteria.

Tess and Liz sat there in semi-silence as Tess absorbed the dream and Liz tried to forget it. After awhile Liz started to fall back asleep and Tess was starting to cramp up from being in the same position for * way * too long. Tess started to ease away from Liz when she heard a noise and froze. What was it? Then she heard it again. It was footsteps outside the door.

Tess thought to herself but couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was out there that shouldn’t be. She couldn’t decide if she was going to get up off the bed and investigate or stay still and hope that she was wrong. The decision was made for her as the door was opened.

Tess waited quietly holding her breath and tightly squeezing Liz’s hand who awoke with a jolt. Tess made the motion to stay quiet as they waited for the intruder to make his way into the room. It was Michael! Tess held back a gasp barely and watched him look around. But Liz had other ideas and started to scream. Tess clamped her hand down over Liz’s mouth, knowing that Liz was scared but she didn’t want to die. Michael quickly turned around and looked straight through her and Liz as if they weren’t there. He had an irritated look on his face and was muttering.

“Come on…where is she…I thought I heard a scream…coulda been hers…I want to get this over with…I want them back…come on where is she…” he muttered looking through the room still as if Liz and Tess weren’t in the room. After he had searched the entire room (including in the big suitcase) he turned to leave. That’s when Tess noticed her ring which was glowing faintly. As Michael went through the door closing it again the ring’s glow faded until it no longer glowed. When it stopped glowing Tess let out her breath and took her hand from Liz’s mouth. With the release Liz screamed and would not be consoled.

Tess slid off the bed quickly and rummaged around the room looking for the cell phone she knew was in the room someplace. She just wasn’t too sure where after Michael ransacked the room. She finally found it in the bathroom shower. She picked it up and shook her head, who knew why he put it in the shower. She dialed Kyle’s cell phone being the only cell phone she could remember at the moment. It rang and Kyle picked up.


“Get back her now, we need you..well I need you and Liz needs Max.”

“What happened?” Kyle asked concerned hearing the screaming in the background.

“Just get back here and I’ll explain as much as I can alright?”

“Alright, we’ll be there in ten minutes at the most.”

It took the group three to get back to their hotel. When they stepped out of the car they could hear Liz screaming all the way in the parking lot. Both Kyle and Max took off at a dead run towards the room with the others not too far behind. Max tried unsuccessfully to put the key in the door and finally giving up waving his hand over the door and tumbling in.

Tess was sitting on the bed holding a Liz that wouldn’t stop screaming. Liz was just rocking back and forth not aware of her surroundings or of Tess’s pleas for her to snap out of it. She looked up when the door opened fearfully. When she saw Kyle she almost got off the bed but stayed where she was. She looked at Max.

“She’s lost it. I’ve checked…no more Liz Parker inside. Just a world of shadows…course you might want Iz to check better…I’m better at making people see what I want them too…”
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A/N: Not a very exciting chapter but it's setting it up for the next chapter which is going to be an exciting one. Lot's of action.

Part 8

When the group had pulled into the parking lot to hear the scream everyone poured out…as fast as seven people could from a tiny Nissan Echo. Isabel was the last to get out. She sighed slightly as she got out, everyone was * way * on their way to the room. She looked up and decided to do some damage care. Apparently the screaming had woken up the entire, or almost entire motel and they were milling around outside, peeking out doors and windows, and over all making a mess of things. Isabel cleared her throat loudly drawing the attention to her.

“I know the screams sound like someone’s hurt or being hurt. But it sounds like my friend Elizabeth. She’s just been through a very traumatic situation and is probably having a nightmare. I’m very sorry that she woke all of you up,” She smiled sweetly and as she passed she heard mutters of “poor thing” and “what’s this day and age come to where someone who’s that young has to deal with traumatic situations that leave them screaming in the dark?” As she passed through she looked idly around and almost stopped quite a few times. First she spotted Brody Davis in his boxers looking out the door and watching as she passed. Then she saw a slightly more grown up Nikolas grinning at her as if he knew she’d recognize him. Perhaps he did know she was watching the crowd around her. But mostly she wondered what he was doing here. Last she had heard he had been in New York and then back in the Midwest. Whatever it was, it was sure to be trouble. She almost missed Sean, now looking much better then she had ever seen him. He was still slightly dressed, jeans and no shirt. Nice six pack, she noted idly, wonder why he’s here instead of at his aunt’s house…oh, probably doesn’t want to be in the same house with the hysterical Amy. They had finally had to put her on medication. Poor woman…Isabel was sad for her, sad about the entire situation…sad in the way of one who had never been close to someone but knew them well enough to know their worth in society. She almost missed her ex-boyfriend Grant who was standing there glaring at her hatefully. What did I do to deserve that look? She wondered and that wondering of what those people were doing lasted her to the open door of the room. She looked at it speculatingly.

“Shouldn’t that have been closed?” she asked, “I mean in regards to what would probably happen passerby’s seeing alien mojo being thrown around might not be too good. But then it’s you guys choice.” She added.

“Just shut the door Iz, and leave your brother in peace. He’s trying to get Liz to come back,” Alex told Isabel pulling her slightly to him.

“Don’t!” Iz pulled away from Alex and shouted, then blushed slightly and turned a little away, “I mean uh..don’t…you could cause some damage if she’s not ready to come back…”

“Then check! Please Izzy? I need to know…I feel so helpless…” Max said pleading with his sister to help him.

Isabel smiled that sad smile she seemed to have always handy and sat down next to the comatose Liz. She lightly placed her fingers on Liz’s temples and as the group held their breath she sunk into Liz’s head. Isabel looked around wondering if she should call out to Liz and decided against it upon taking in the dank, dark surroundings, no it would not be a good idea to call out to Liz. Liz needed to come back by herself. Isabel sighed as she pulled herself out of Liz’s head. Alex handed her a cup of water, Isabel took it gratefully, he always seemed to know what she needed & when.

“Tess was right, there’s nothing left of her, it’s just…a dark place that she needs to find her way back to. I can’t do anything to help her without damaging her brain.” Isabel said.

“What if she never comes back?” Max asked, his worst nightmare was beginning to come to life, he was starting to panic. If anyone noticed he was starting to lose his cool, his protection, they mercifully made no comment of it.

“I’m sure she’ll come back Max,” Isabel said gently. She was beginning to become more and more determined no matter how much her brother opposed it to find Michael and make him pay. If only she could figure out where he was. Perhaps one of the hotel occupants would know…specifically Nikolas or Brody.

“I think it’s time everyone got some rest. That includes you Max. If you refuse to go to bed I’ll make you,” Isabel said, “you know I mean business,” she warned. Max looked displeased but nodded his head to his sister’s demand.

“Why doesn’t Max sleep in her so he can protect her if Michael comes back?” Kyle said and immediately regretted his words. Upon speaking them Tess started shaking.

“Sshhhh,” he murmured in her hair, “you’re okay…shhhh….we’re gonna go….actually I dunno where we’re gonna go since this is our hotel room…”

“Alex, why don’t we go get Kyle and Tess a hotel room?” Isabel asked trying to sound innocent. Alex shot her a questioning look hearing something in her voice and followed her out of the room.

“Thanx!” Kyle yelled after them.

As soon as Alex and Isabel were far enough away from the room Alex turned to look at Isabel,

“So what is it? I know there’s something up. You had that fake I’ll do anything look.”

Isabel glared at Alex, “I was * not * giving a fake I’ll do anything look, I * do * want to help them out. I’m thinking maybe we should actually get two rooms, I don’t think it’d be too good to leave Liz or anyone for that matter un-protected.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Alex said as they continued to the front desk.

Kyle was contemplating taking Tess outside so they wouldn’t disturb the rest, as few as there were left, or sitting down on the floor. He looked at Max and made his decision. He turned Tess around towards the door,

“Come on, let’s talk outside alright?” Kyle said gently as he wrapped his arm around her waist and gently tugged her towards the door and out into the night air. He moved them to the window and sat down. Tess looked nervously around biting her lip before she sat down too, close to Kyle.

“You alright?” he asked.

“What if he comes back? But this time instead of Liz it’d be Iz or…”

“Or you,” Kyle finished. She nodded, “everyone’s doing the best they can under the circumstances…he could come back, he probably will…but we’ll just have to be prepared for him. Alright?”

“What if…what if I could help out? I mean more then my powers..” Tess said unsure of how to broach the subject of her ring. Kyle looked faintly surprised and looked at her as if encouraging her to continue. She took a deep breath to try and explain what had happened when Isabel and Alex came back. Isabel looked at the two of them,

“Want to go to your room? Well a different room for right now,”

“Are you two going to go home then?” Kyle asked.

He really didn’t want to share a room with Isabel and Alex. They were his best friends as well as Tess’s but there was something happening that needed to be talked about privately. He wasn’t sure what it was but he was determined to find out what it was. Sharing a room would make it all that much more difficult.

Alex looked at Isabel, she had mentioned them all staying but he was pretty sure she had other motives as well…and unfortunately not the type of sexual motives that he would have liked. More likely it was to ensue more chaos. But then she was always good at that and using it to her advantage to find out what she needed. So perhaps chaos wouldn’t be so bad this time. He tuned back into Isabel as she concluded her little speal that he was sure she had carefully figured out and rehearsed in her head. But whatever it was as long as it kept her with in his reach he was fine with it. Perhaps he could help keep the damage to the minimum. Alex reached into his pocket and tossed the key to Kyle who caught it.

“I’m thinking of heading to my room, I’m getting tired and I’m sure we’re all going to need our energy tomorrow. I’d say it’s time for you two lovebirds to hit the hay too. Except I hope the beds are more comfortable then hay,” Alex said smiling.

“You’re probably right, have a good night’s sleep,” Kyle said starting to get up. “Come on let’s go get comfy in our room. Maybe we can continue whatever you were going to say?” he asked as they walked hand in hand down the hallway to their room.
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Part 9

Kyle and Tess got to their room without incident and when Kyle shut the door he sighed a sigh of relief. Then he put the deadbolt on, knowing it wouldn’t do anything really for an alien who wanted or had every intention of getting in but it gave him a sense of security, false security, but security none the less. Something that he needed right now, even if it was fake. For everyone in the group, from * him *, from Michael…the thought of Michael being what he had become made Kyle sad. I mean they had never had a good repore or anything but…what effected the group effected him also. It just seemed so…odd that he would snap like that, I mean him and his sister never had the picture perfect relationship like Max and Liz had, but when they were happy together they practically glowed. It was all just so confusing and scary. He just wished there was something he could do besides keeping Tess on the sane side and making sure she didn’t do anything to put the baby growing inside her at risk. But then again maybe he * was * doing all he could. Tess was not exactly at her most stable condition at the moment. Even if she wasn’t pregnant he knew she would not be on the sane side of the scale, but the pregnancy seemed to make it all that much worse for her. Especially since Liz was pregnant too and that didn’t seem to bother Michael when he threw her across the room. He leaned against the door making a banging noise when his head hit the door. Tess jumped looking around cautiously.

“It was just me,” Kyle said tiredly. It had been a long day and suddenly it was all catching up with him. But that was to be expected he supposed, the excitement had died down, which was good right? I mean this stillness didn’t necessarily mean that they were in the eye of the storm about to be buffeted again soon just as violently or more so. he thought snorting, He slid down the door till he was sitting on the floor.

“Kyle?” Tess asked timidly.

“Hmm?” he responded absentmindedly. He was starting to drift away to dreamland leaning against the door.

“Where did you get my ring?”

“Some small shop in Boston, why?”

“I was just wondering…” Tess said. Something in her voice alerted Kyle that she was not just wondering as she had said. But then when she asked questions she was rarely just wondering, usually there was a purpose behind it, not always a purpose that he could see. But he hoped she wasn’t getting so freaked that she’d disappear out of his life. He didn’t think he could handle that after the events that had been happening as of late.

“The real reason you asked if you please,” he said starting to wake up again. At this rate he’d either be up all night or fall asleep in the middle of their conversation. He wasn’t sure which yet, but he was certain he would know soon enough. He felt like he had just consumed an expresso and was planning on going to bed in the near future. All he really knew was that he felt jittery and tired all at the exact same time, making an interesting experience.

Tess looked at him a little surprised.

“I * have * been around you enough to know when you ask things there’s usually a reason behind it, plus the inflections in your voice gave away you weren’t saying something,” Kyle said answering the unspoken question.

“It’s just…something odd happened earlier…something to do with the ring I think.”

“What happened?” Kyle asked deciding he would now be up all night. Which was fine with him, maybe that would mean his brain would collapse in on itself and he wouldn’t have to re-live the funeral or Michael throwing Liz across the room tomorrow. Both were images he could live without seeing again for the rest of his life. But he knew that both were firmly imprinted upon his brain and would always be shown like a silent movie or depression.

“Well...when Michael came in the door we were both terrified, at least I was, I think Liz just lost it at that moment…but he didn’t see us…at all, I mean he looked * through * us, even when Liz screamed…before that I had been sitting on the bed trying to calm her down from a nightmare, something to do with Michael and a green crystal, so I been holding her, trying to give off comforting vibes…letting her cry when he came in, he never even saw us, he went through the stuff in the room, maybe hoping to find out where we had gone too, but when I looked at my ring it was glowing…I’m just so confused and scared and I don’t know what to make of it…” Tess said, once she had started she just couldn’t seem to stop until Kyle interrupted her,

“Why didn’t you mention it to the group when we were together? It could be important,”

“I don’t know…I had this feeling like I should wait until I talked to you about it before I broached it with the rest of the group,”

Kyle nodded his head in understanding; he could definitely understand that feeling. After all he * was * the person who had bought the ring for her.

“Maybe it’s some kind of alien ring…the guy at the shop said it was an antique that some guy had pawned for money. Maybe when I was healed a few years has back has made me in-tune to alien technology…but then again that wouldn’t explain why no one else in the group could identify it as alien…” Kyle said. His head starting to spin as it ran from one idea to another all of them running in different directions through his head prohibiting him from examining one idea too carefully. As fast as he could come up with a theory or idea about the idea he was already throwing another out.

“Maybe we should sleep on it…” Tess cautiously suggested.

“Normally I would be all for that, but I seem to have woken up,” Kyle said smiling crookedly at her, “But you go to sleep and I’ll see if I can think of anything.”

“Come lie in bed with me please? You can think just as easily in the dark…” Tess said, she always felt safe when his arms were wrapped around her. When she could smell that scent that was uniquely his. Kyle nodded his head and then carefully slid up the door leaning on it a second to get his balance before he proceeded towards the bed.

“That sounds like a good plan to me,” he said smiling slightly, “now come on, bed for you.” Kyle was glad Alex and Isabel had gotten them a queen size bed, maybe they had foreseen this happening…or maybe a room with a queen size bed was just what was available. He waited until Tess slid under the covers before turning out the light and slipping between the sheets also. Tess shifted backwards slightly till they touched and Kyle snaked out his arm and pulled her close to him. Tess slid into slumber with a smile on her face while Kyle lay there breathing in the scent of Tess’s shampoo thinking. Trying to come up with the answer to the ring question that was still running through his head but plaguing his thoughts was Tess’s mention of a green crystal, why had that sounded so familiar and important? Eventually he too slid into dreams still dreaming and thinking of the dilemma that was facing him and the group.

As soon as Isabel closed the door of the hotel room she was sharing with Alex, Alex turned around and looked at her.

“So do you want to tell me the reason why you flirted with the manager in the office to get information on room numbers and their occupants, and why you were so eager to get the rooms? Or should I just start guessing now?”

“I feel like I need to do something, besides putting people to sleep and damage control,” she hesitated before continuing, “on the way to Max and Liz’s room I saw some people…Nikolas and Brody. I also saw Sean, but I figure he’s just staying here to avoid the hysterics happening at his aunt’s house. Oh! I also saw Grant, he’s usually in a tent on his archeology site but maybe he’s just taking a break? I don’t know though, he was glaring at me pretty hard, as glares go. I want to know why Nikolas and Brody are here though. They have no reason to be here, especially Nikolas.”

Alex sighed, “I suppose there was a reason you didn’t share this with the rest of the group?”

“Of course!” Isabel said smiling, “I’m going to do some investigating, that way no one can tell me no except you and I figure you’re feeling about as useless as I am. So hopefully you’ll help me…?” Isabel said lifting her eyebrow in a question.

“Much as I would love to deny I want to help you break the law and have a very good chance of being caught, I can’t. So…I’ll help you I guess. But no mention of this unless we discover something that we can use. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” Isabel said nodding, “alright, Brody was in room 24 and Nikolas was in room 17. Who should we visit first?”

“We might want to do Brody first, Nikolas might have some traps or something set up, we’re gonna want to be careful on that one. Maybe we should tell the others?” Alex said cautiously. Isabel shot him one of her perfectly patented death looks.

“Um…right, of course we shouldn’t tell the others, what was I thinking? Oh, I know, about not getting killed!”

Isabel sighed, “Alex! You will not be killed. If anyone is going to be killed it will most likely be me and even then I highly doubt any of those idiots would kill me. They probably want something like the Granolith, not me.”

“If that was supposed to be comforting I hasten to inform you that it was not. It only make me a * whole * lot worse off in the nervous department.”

“Will you hush?” Isabel said leaving their room and heading in the direction of the rooms she planned on investigating with Alex’s help, “we’re almost to Brody’s room, this is no time for hysterics.”

“I am * not * having hysterics!” Alex whispered emphatically. Isabel just gave him a look hushing him into silence. Isabel bit her lip and carefully reached out for the door that would lead them into Brody’s room. Alex couldn’t believe he was breaking and entering but breaking and entering when they knew there was someone inside none the less! The door clicked quietly and they waited a moment to see if they could hear any noise. All they could hear was a faint snoring noise. Right as Alex was about to turn and run as fast as his skinny legs would carry him Isabel grabbed his arm and pulled him into the room. The room was dark except for the faint light coming from the opened door. Alex glanced nervously at the sleeping form of Brody and swallowed hard. It would be a difficult thing to explain their way out of. Unless Isabel had a hand in keeping him asleep? He glanced over at Iz and sighed, nope, apparently they were just going to have to rely on their luck since Isabel was already pulling drawers carefully out of the dresser and shifting things around obviously looking for something out of the ordinary. Just like he should be doing since that was the purpose of their law breaking. But he could always say he was an unwilling accomplice. But that wouldn’t be true, he was a willing accomplice. He was willing for anything that involved Isabel. Alex treaded towards the bathroom figuring he could start their and work his way back out of the room and hopefully when he finished going through Max’s boss’s bathroom Isabel would be done searching in the main area. He walked in and shut the door carefully, though it still squeaked slightly. Upon closing it he switched the light on squinting until his eyes became adjusted to the harsh florescent light. He took a deep breath letting it out slowly surveying the small room. Where to start…he opened the cabinet behind the mirror and saw the normal stuff, no hidden alien devices or drugs to speak of except perhaps a prescription for allergy medication. But that was nothing unusual. He closed it and opened drawers at random searching them, there was nothing out of the ordinary, in fact it seemed almost…* too * ordinary. No odd quirks that made a person themselves. That in itself was odd. There was only one last place to check. Alex carefully lifted up the tank lid of the toilet trying to keep it from scraping and looked inside. Alex had to tighten his grip to keep a handle on the lid. Inside was a treasure trove of devices. Some looked like the chincy fake alien devices places sold to bring in the customers, but others looked like the genuine article. The question was though to take the things, thus letting Brody know someone had come in while he slept as he most likely checked on the devices obsessively, or leaving them as they were. He bit his lip and then put the lid on top of the counter and walked to the door and opened the door enough to stick his head out of.

“Iz!” he whispered harshly. She looked up about to give him the evil eye look when she decided that he must have done it for a purpose. She wandered over to where he was and he opened the door a little more to let her in then showed her the trove of devices sitting in the toilet.

“I wonder how he keeps them dry,” she murmured.

“I’d guess they stay dry in the plastic box,” Alex said nodding slightly at the box the devices were contained it, it was barely visible in the light, “so what do we do? Take ‘em or leave ‘em to the alien obsessed owner of the UFO Center.”

“Leave them. We shouldn’t let him know that someone was here,” she sighed, “It appears that we will be telling the group about our night’s activities.”

“We? Nu-uh, you, I’m not gonna chance a massacre,” Alex said shaking his head.

“Yes, you too will be in on the de-briefing, you’re the one who found them.”

“Does this mean this is the last of our cat burglarizing for the night?” Alex asked hopefully while ignoring the fact in a few hours he’d be killed by Max for not telling him what Isabel and him had done.

“Of course not, we still have Nikolas’s room to go, but we need to plan how we’re going to execute that breaking and entering.” Isabel said and started for the bathroom door when they both heard a noise. It sounded like the bed was creaking. They looked at each other frantically. Alex put the lid back on as quickly and quietly as he could and they both climbed into the shower pressing them as close to the wall as possible.

“The light!” Alex whispered. Isabel flipped her hand and the light went out.

Alex kept repeating in his head.
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