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I am in love… Me. Someone who swore that she never believed in love.

But I am 100% in love with Kyle Valenti. You want to know something

else.. I am going to let you in a little secret. I’m an alien. I am actually

alien hybrid. And are ready for this…. Kyle’s one too. Okay, I am just

kidding. Well, only about Kyle being one. I never thought that I would find

someone to accept me for what I am and despite it all, he loves me as well.

Besides Kyle, my best friend Ava knows… Well, Michael(Ava's boyfriend) is an

alien as well. But unfortunately if it wasn’t for Ava being shot, we would have

never told her the truth. It took a very long time for Ava to forgive Michael

and me. But Michael won her over and now they are just in love like Kyle and

me. I don’t think anything can break us up. Things are finally going our way.

There’s nothing that come between us… Can’t it???

I know this is short.. I will post more soon. What do you guys think... Did this totally suck???

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Thanks for the feedback, Jessica and Juliette!! This next part I dedicate to you two!!! Hope you like it!!!

Short, I know. But I hope you guys still like this????

Liz Pov.

I feel that something is coming. I feel something

strange in the wind. More like someone is coming to

disrubt the lives Michael and I have made for ourselves

here in Roswell. I don't know what it is, but I know for

sure that I don't like it one bit. And I just just know

that something that is going to make me lose the love of

my life. Maria seems to think I need to relax and sniff

some of cedar oils. Max on the other hand says I am

just going through a phase. You can just imagine how

well I handle them. Let's just say that its going to take

me a very long, long, long, time to get them to talk to

me again. I knew things have been going to great for us

lately. That plus with Michael and me remembering more

of our past lives together back on Antar. I feel

that "someone" is close by and watching our every

move. We had a meeting yesterday to discuss what we

are going to do next. Michael thiks it time for us to

leave Roswell. He doesn't want nothing bad happening

to Ava and Kyle. What shocked me more was that Kyle

agreed with him. The first and only time they agree on

somthing and ironically something that would break my

heart. In the end, I had to agree with Michael and

Kyle. I would rather have my Kyle safe and happy with

someone else than having his life always in danger by

being with me. I didn't choose to be born here and be

a part of the royal court of Antar.. Damn!!!! Why me???

I finished writing in my journal... I have to remember not

to forget to destroy it when we finally leave Roswell. I

give my sweet Kyle a kiss on his forehead. I drive to the

pod chamber hoping it will clear my mind. You can just

imagine my surprise to see that the its open and find

someone there. I aim my hand at him and tell him that

he better around slowly unless he wants to die. I am

too stunned to talk when I finally see who this person


"Hello Anyaka. Aren't you going to say hello to your husband???"

And yes, I do the only thing a girl can do when you get

the shock of your life

I fainted.


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Just a quick question.. Who do you want Liz to end up, Kyle or Zan????
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I wake up to find myself alone in a dark room.

Liz: Let me out you bastards. You have know idea who you are messing with. When my boyfriend and brother find out you are holding me against my will there will be hell to pay.

Suddenly the door opens.

Liz: Its you.

Zan: Hello my wife. Aren't you going to kiss me hello??

Liz: Not a chance in hell. And I am not your wife. I am getting married to someone that's not you. Now, let me go.

Zan: Always loved your fiery spirit, my sweet Anya. That's one of things I have truly missed. Now about the fiancee of yours, Kyle. Let's just say that won't happen. You are mine.

Without warning, Zan grabs Liz and...

sorry, had to be an evil one.

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Just bumping.. Sad, I know.. Be right back with more.

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Have you found her, yet Michael????

No. I can't even imagine where the hell she can be held hostage????

I don't know.. But I have a feeling that if we don't find Liz soon, I am going to lose her. Michael, I can't lose her. I love Liz, she's my life.

Calm down, Kyle. You aren't going to lose her, okay. We'll find her and soon she'll be back in your arms.

Okay. Maybe we should try the pod chamber.

Ava: Michael, did you find Liz??

Hugging Ava.

No, babe. But we can't give up. She's out there waiting for us to find her. I just hope that wherever Liz is, she is not to much danger.

Kyle looks away, wishing he had Liz in his arms. Okay, let's go. The more time we spend here, the less chances we have to find Liz.

Hold on, Liz. I'm coming for you, love.

I'm waiting for you, Kyle. Please hurry.

Michael. I heard Liz talking to me in my mind.

What the hell??? Liz talked to you. What did she say.

She told me that she's waiting for me to find her and that I had better hurry the f*ck up.

Sounds like Liz, always being a bossy. So, what are we waiting for, lets go.

Zan's POV (moments before he enters the locked chamber where he has Liz)

I finally have you, my beautiful bride, Anyaka. Damn, Nasedo for separating me from you. I hope that once you remember our past lives together that you will still love me.

Present time

Zan grabs Liz and kisses her. He begins connecting with her so she remember their past lives together. Once done, Zan pulls away and looks at Liz.

Liz: Zan??? But how.. why...

Zan: It was all Nasedo's doing. He separated us. He's still out and we are more danger than ever. Anya... kissing her face.. do you remember me now???

Liz: I ...

I need some time alone, Zan please.

Zan: I understand. But for your own protection, I must keep you here.

He kisses her once more and leaves.

Liz begins to cry. . It was not suppose to be this way, not for us Kyle.

She hears Kyle... "Hold on, Liz, I'm coming for you."

Liz immediately responds back to him, knowing he could hear her as well.
"I am waiting for you, Kyle. Please hurry the f*ck up.

Does she remember your past lives, Zan???

Yes, but she is still stubborn as hell. Anyaka, thinks she's in love with this "human" Kyle. But have no fear. She will be my queen once more.
And this "human" will be just a distant memory.

I wouldn't underestimate Anya, if I were Zan. You will have to bond and mate with her soon or you will lose her forever. The fate of our planet rests on you mating with Anyanka soon. Antar, will be doomed if you let this "Kyle" bond with your mate.

Don't worry, Vilandra. She will be mine soon. Now and forever. Mark my words. And speaking of mates. You need to also bond with your mate, "Michael" and soon. We must both be bonded with our mates to save our planet. The only we can rid our planet of Khivar is too have our foursquare be reunited.

He is in love with some tramp named "Ava". What kind of name is Ava anyway?? Rath is coming here. He thinks that he will be able to rescue Anya. But soon
I will have my mate back as well.

Zan leaves..

That idiot.. He thinks that I am on his side.. Poor little fool. Doesn’t Zan ever learn. Won’t it surprise him to realize that I am just using him as a pawn to lure his queen and himself to their deaths. Soon, Rath my love, we will be together once more… And no one… not Zan and especially not Anya will stop us from ruling Antar together forever.


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I guess everyone wants Liz to end up with Zan??? I just wanted to let everyone know that due to popular demand I changing the outcome/direction of my story. It seems everyone just adores Zan and Liz together. I hope to have more posted tomorrow.. This story is already finished but I end it with Kyle and Liz at the end. I even have a sequel to this.. But never fear, I am changing around to end with Liz and Zan. Thanks again for all the amazing feedback and bumps!!!
But with everyone wanting Liz to be with Zan, I am changing the direction of this story.. So, please be patient with me... I promise to have more out tomorrow.
Thanks for all the amazing feedback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I changed the last part to make it more Zan/Liz... But somethings I left the same... Hope you all forgive me????

I can't believe this happening to me.. I am in love with two men. I never knew it was possilbe to love two men??? And what am I going to do.. I'm pregnant by Kyle but I feel like I just betrayed Zan. Liz begins rubbing her stomach... Don't not worry my little one, your daddy will be here soon to get us.

Door opens.

Hello my darling, wife. Are you ready to remember everything now???

What do you mean???

Anya, my sweet, I only gave you small amount of our past lives together. It is now time to remember it all.

What if I don't want to??

I am sorry my darling.. It has to be done.

No, Zan I am warning you stay away from me or else.

Grinning, Zan walks slowly towards Liz.

Or else what my sweet. Zan kisses her neck.

You stop that... Liz moans.

Liz walks away from.. She begins to ramble on and pacing back and forth.

Sure, I love you both that doesn't change how I feel about Kyle.. I always wanted to marry Kyle and live happily ever after.. But no, you had to come here and ruin it.. You just had to..

You love me???

Liz stops.


You said you loved me..

No, I didn't.

Yes, you did.. Why can't admit.. You love me... Say it again, sweets.

I will do no such thing.

Why is it soo hard for you to admit you love me???

Regards of how I may or may not feel for you, that doesn't change the fact I love Kyle, too.

Now, that wasn't so hard, was it??

I never said I loved you..

Okay, look into my eyes and tell me you don't love me. If you do, then I will leave you will never hear from me again.

I ... I love you, dammit!!!! I don't want to but I do..

A grinning Zan pulls Liz into his arms and twirls her around.

What the hell are you do??? Let me go.

I am sorry, sweets, but I will never let go of you ever again.

He carries her towards the bed.

Zan, wait.. We have to talk... There's something you need to know.. I know that I shouldn't feel bad but I am engaged to Kyle... But I am not a virgin. I made love with Kyle last night. Now, that you're in my life.. I can't help but feel guilty.

Sweets, it doesn't matter... That's in the past.. Whatever happens I will stand by you. Wait.. Are you pregnant, Anya??

Yes. I am sorry, Zan

It doesn't matter.. it was before you knew me.

Why are so good to me. I don't deserve you.

Because you mean everything to me.. Forget about the world out there and concentrate only on us.

Thank you, Zan.. I do love you Zan.

I love you to, my sweets. Come here.

Zan kisses her passionately.