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Title: Fallen Angels

Author: Lana (loveroswell⊕

Rating: Max, Liz and Zan. nc17 to the extreme.

Summary: It’s the night before Liz and Zan’s wedding when all hell breaks loose.

This is for anyone who wants to take this story over Zan is due to marry Liz but the night before she ends up sleeping with Max who's she's always loved and who's always secretly loved her back. On the way to tell Zan, Max is mistaken for Zan and is kidnapped while Liz ends up with Zan who she thinks is Max. Zan saw them in bed together but neither Max or Liz know that. So the question is why has Zan 'Max' been kidnapped, will Liz see 'Max' for who he really is and will Max escape so we can have our dreamer ending? Zan is not a nice piece of work in this story (he lies, cheats and does drugs blah blah blah) and he has a sick and devious plan of revenge for her but does he mellow and end up helping in the end?

If have the original 6 parts if anybody needs them in order to carry the story please feel free to mail me if you need them. I hope somebody takes this on.

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So a take that as a yes then that you do want me to continue on with this? That's fortunate considering that pt 2 is almost dusted. Thanks for making me feel so happy, You guys rock! Thankyous and the next part later.

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Shameless bump. I'm feeling so much better today thanks to billions of pills, Lemsip and special people like Kylie G (thanks for reading), Jessica (neither did I), Juliette (thanks for reading), angelbaby6977 ( thanks and I will), avengingangelIQ (whatever you read I'm a dreamer remember that), talena (you will see both the past and present to their story), JaneLane (happy your hooked), Calico cat (was it ? thanks and I love your flaming devil), Pathos (I'm hurrying as much as RL will let me), Jeremiah x 3 (special thanks to you for making me feel so special), m14 (I love how you get so excited, your the best feedbacker around) and Lilly (you thought it was cute, I'm honoured). Thanks for leaving me something, I was so nervous about posting this but I'll be back before you know it.

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Shameless bump to thank my two best feedbackers Jeremiah & Lilly you guys rock and you make me feel so special which makes this even harder to say. I won't be writing anymore, just reading from now on and thanks so much for all your support. I'll see you at your wonderful stories.
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Jessica, Jeremiah, m14 and Lilly- my angels. Thanks so much for leaving me something.

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Special thanks to Lilly, Janelane, Clueless, Jeremiah, m14, Jessica, Avenging Angel and to everyone who left me something. Thanks to you and your support I'll be posting more to this sooner rather than later.
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Jessica, YES, I am. Real life can go jump whilst I'm here so bump away because that way I'll post sooner. Thanks for your support, your so sweet.
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m14, life and flu have f$$ked me up royally these last few days but not anymore so I'll post sooner just for you and thanks for the foodies- they are my muse. Thankyous for everyone and a new part before you know it PROMISE

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I know a shameless bump but I had to say a big fat thank you to everyone that's left me something before I go off to beebobs. You guys are all so sweet and special to me and m14, please don't kill me. I've had a mega brainstorm for part 2 so I'll be a little longer than planned. Just a little longer, back before you know it with a spanking new part (is that a clue to what happens next? I forget heehee) and more thankyous. Interested?

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A selfish bump to my special thankyous to Jessica x 3, Roswelllady, Ria x 1, Sweetlildreamer x 2, Clueless, Lel x 2, Jeremiah x 2, m14 x 2 and Lilly x 1 before I head for the seaside for a welcomed surprise break. You guys rock. Please don't forget about me and have fun on the board. bye, bye.

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Lilly, Just a welcomed break, my man sprung the surprise on my this morning and we leave tonight. It's just for a few days but I'm so happy and really shocked. I'll miss you.
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I still have the part saved to disc if you need it.

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I hope somebody takes this story on.

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jeremiah originally wrote:
this story is beyond what I can say into words! This is really good! I feel bad for Zan, but I am glad that Max and Liz are together!

You've floored me with your reply, I'm so honoured but please don't feel sorry for Zan. You'll see why in part 4.
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roswellluver originally wrote:
OMB, sounds like Zan is out for blood

Times that by ten and still that doesn't come close. Happy that your still liking it, I'm amazed a your post count you should win a prize for your dedication. Thanks for reading!
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I'm not into self bumping, I just wanted to see how this story runs to whether I continue it or not (I'll do my other idea instead. You decide) and to Jeremiah :waving: bumping so soon? You've made me very happy as usual thanks so much.

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Self bump to thank Michie, Wayliz, AvengingAngel and Lilly for leaving me something as I'm already working on the next part. Back before you know it and what ever happens from here on in this is still a dreamer fic~ of sorts.
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Pathos originally wrote:
Please tell me Max's shield is in working order! LOL

There are no aliens in this story so be very, VERY worried and thankyou so much for leaving me something.
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A selfish bump to say a massive thanks to everyone who left me something it was really nice of you and that part 4 is almost finished.
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somebody please write this

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A shameless bump for special thankyous to JaneLane (You too because I miss your story very much), Roswellluver (this is a dreamer fic~of sort so we'll see shall we), Jeremiah (Not as terrific as you, happy to leave you dangling), Pathos (like your plan too, I wonder), Avenging Angel (So you liked it then?) and Michie (Male Tess. Me, never and happy to leave you hanging) for your continued support its very much appreciated and loved by me as the new part will be here before you know it assuming that you want more? and then you read please remember that I am a dreamer no matter what.

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A shameless bump to say my special thankyous to Angelbaby6977, LEL, Wayliz, Lilly, Michie (little elves huh? Like it) and Jeremiah for being kind enough to leave me something, it means so much to me that your still sticking this out. Most of you think it's Zan that's done something to Max- eureka my plan is working because it wasn't, directly anyway and I'll let the next part do the explaining for me. Back before you know it.
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Shameless bump to say that the next part will be dedicated to Michie, Jeremiah, Wayliz, Lel and Lilly for all their continued support. It means a lot to me and a new part by monday.
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please continue on with this I'll help anybody who does if they wanted me too.

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I'm not liking Tess in this (I wasn't sure to begin with) so I'm changing it to- Maria as I've had such a brainstorm :smile: and special thankyous to Lindsey, Jeremiah, Lel, Bite me and Wayliz for leaving me something that continue to inspire me. it's not an easy read but it will be worth your while, I promise. Liz sure is one confused girl and its about to get a whole lot worse. Back before you know it.

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A shameless bump to say my extra special thankyous to Jeremiah, Ria, Michie, Jessica, Pathos, Jo, Roswellluver, Cinder, Lilly and LEL for leaving me something since my last note, it's really appreciated and spurs me on to write more, faster.

Plus I wanted to show the fantastic banner that Talena made me today. I love it so much because again she's captured the mood and feel of my story - just what I wanted. Both good and bad, Max and Zan yum. So what do you think? Like it? She's the best and I'll be back with a new part before you know it.


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Bumping again because it took me ages to get the image up.
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I hope someone takes this on. Please!

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Another shameless bump to say MASSIVE thankyous to Jeremiah, Michie, LEL, Ria, Lilly, Wayliz, Talena, Ivlyfem, Dane, Roswellluver, Jo, and Tyranese for leaving me something and for all the bumps. I haven't forgotten about this (I have big plans for this baby) but I'm recovering from a nasty op so I'll post more when I can. It will be short but your get to see what's happening to Max and what Liz's reaction is going to be. Back before you know it.

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Just a shameless bump
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Just bumping this again to see if anybody wants to take this off me? Somebody please, I'll help out, co write if you want. If not I'll just might have to continue it myself when lives waves calm down and my heart gets back into it won't I? Kudos for all the bumps.

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