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Authors Note: I know I have many other stories out. But I like a challenge. And I have so many idea’s popping into my head and I have to express them so please don’t turn away from this one, because of the other stories I have written believe me, they will be updated,

Title: Fear of dieing
Disclaimer: I own none of the Roswell characters, just borrowing them.
Rating: R
Summary: Liz Parker and her boyfriend Dean Henderson have been together since they were in eighth grade. And for the summer they decide they should go on a vacation. So the rest of their group of friends tag along, because this will be the last summer they would ever see each other before going to college. But turns out once they arrive their idea of a vacation is trashed when finding there is an escaped murderer from a prison on the island, ready to kill.
Category: Horror
Couples: At first it will be L/D but further into the story its M/L and its CC as well and Alex is ALIVE!!!! Yeah!!!

Roswell New Mexico. It was her home her life, her heart. She lived a happy life there, working as a waitress at one of the most corniest cafe’s in the entire town, having to wear antennas on her head. But that wasn’t the highlight in her life. Her boyfriend Dean was. He had the dark hair the perfect body. Sometimes she asked herself why he choice her of all people. They were in love. Or so they thought they were. Her friends looked upon their relationship with awe. Over the years they had lost interest with him.
Then their was Maria, her bestest friend, she would die without her. And
even though her oils always got on her nerves, she loved her like a sister. Sometimes she was surprised they weren’t sisters. They always talked, gave advice, and talked dirty behind other evil bitches back. But they never found out because her and Maria kept all of their secrets wrapped up tight. Maria was in love with a boy named Michael he was her world. But he was to so called tough to show any emotion what so ever for her, but you could see his true feeling written all over his face.
Alex was also one of her best friends. he and her loved to play
pranks on the students at their local high school. one time they stuffed a popular girl Tess Hardings locker with egg salad from the cafeteria. Which was very gross. Everyone stood around laughing so hard, they all most cried. And Alex and she stood in the closet laughing at her as she ran down the hallway in tears. Then as they exited the closet everyone was cheering for them, they didn’t like her either they guessed. One time Alex actual stripped for Isabel, an friend of hers. Alex had a thing for Isabel for the longest she could remember, always staring at her as she would serve the costumers. Always trying to find a way to talk to her.
Isabel was a popular person, always wearing the right clothes, not to mention she had the looks and body of a super model, she was the queen of West Roswell high, She remembered the first time she saw Isabel really loose and layed back, its was the time she and her friends decided to go to an illegal rave and she got really drunk. And she was a blast.
And then there was Max, her worst enemy, but he was Maria’s
boyfriend, and she had to except that. Even though she hated him to death she knew that Maria liked him a lot. Michael was the one that she loved though, everyone knew, but Max was just a boyfriend, that was all. Everyone loved to see the glares that Michael sent Max when seeing them snuggle. it was fun to watch.

“ Liz honey are you coming?” Maria asked as she stood in the doorway.

Liz sat on the wooden stairs that headed up to the attic, above her room. She was thinking of how the trip was going to turn out, they were going to some Island in the west Indies. She couldn’t wait.

“ Max said he wont bother you.” Maria said as she grabbed some of Liz’s Luggage and put them outside her bedroom door, where Alex was taking them down. She crawled up the stairs and sat a step under Liz.

“ I mean it’s not that Im saying you ahev to hate him, but why the hell does he have to go?” Liz asked. She really did hate Max with a passion, no one knew why but she just did.

“ Because he’s my boyfriend, and I wanna spend time with him.” Maria lied.

“ Maria you suck at lying. You know you just want him to come because you want to get Michael jelous, and have him fall deeply in love with you.” Liz said dramatically bringing her heart to her chest. Maria started laughing and nodding her head.

“ Yeah your right. You right.” Maria said with a smile on her face. Then she turned to Liz. “ Why do you hate him so much anyways?” she asked.

“ I lust do.” Liz said looking don at her feet.

This made Maria suspicious but she just brushed it of and stood aup to help Alex with the luggage.

A few minutes later everyone was outside in the alley packing Liz’s things into the jeep. Max’s jeep.(Yes the jeep still lives!) He was going to drive it to the airport. As Liz came out of the house with a simple back pack on her back and to more suitcase’s in her hands, Max started with his comments.

“ God Liz what did you bring all of your belongings? Were not going to be gone for two years, just to weeks.” he commented. Maria looked at him and gave him a look sating ‘ Dont start’.

“ Drop Dead Bastard.” Liz snapped back as she through her stuff into the jeep.

After they had gotten on the plane, Max and Liz started to complain already.
They had seats next to each other. Maria could have sworn they were about to bite each others heads off. So Maria scolded them as if she were their mother and they sat down in their seats as if they were told to go to time out. Everyone laughed, and Maria simply said “ Shut up” and everyone did as she said.
Two hours into the flight. Michael and ALEX SAT IN A SEAT PLAYING THUMB WAR, WHILE Having a deep conversation.

“ So why do you think that Liz and Max hate eachother so much?” Michael asked as he tryed his hardest to get Alex’s thumb which was darting his fast.

“ Actually I know exactly why they hate each other.” Alex said as he grabbed Michaels thumb and one the game.

“Why?’ Michael asked as he wiped his hand and set it down on his armrest.

“ Don’t tell anyone. Promise?” Michael nodded. “ Well Max and Liz, used to be BEST FRIENDS. But in the eighth grade, when Dean and Liz started to date, Max got jealous and fucking blew his top. He and Dean got in a major fight, and Liz got really mad. Sayingthat Max was a ass hole, and stuff that they were no longer friends, and then turns out Max just really liked her, but she treated him like trash and he did the same.” Alex said and leaned back.

“ Lying Bastard.” Michael told him.

“ Yup, pretty much.” Alex said as he made himself comfortable. Michael looked at Alex and punched him in the arm and they both started laughing.

In a few rows back sat Max and Liz, sitting their just silently reading books.
Liz was reading a Stephen King book. And Max was reading a HARRY POTTER book. Liz looked at him and started to laugh. Max looked at her confused.

“ Why are you laughing at me?” he asked a little angry as he looked around.

“ Your reading Harry Potter.” she laughed again.

“ What’s so wrong with Harry Potter?” he asked as he looked her straight in the eye and smiled.

They both looked away awkwardly. They hadn’t looked each other in the eyes for a really long time. And now it was like they were just meeting again. Like they were two shy away children. They both just started to read their books again. They looked at each others books finding their own boring and at the same time they both asked “ Whanna trade?”

They laughed and switched books. Isabel looked back at them from he front
and smiled, she knew why they so called hated each other. But she also knew why that deep inside they still really liked each other. She looked at Maria and became sad, if only she knew what she was getting in the way of.

TBC FEEDBACK PLEASE< the scary parts are in the next part.

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Title: Fear of dieing
Disclaimer: I own none of the Roswell characters, just borrowing them.
Rating: R
Summary: Liz Parker and her boyfriend Dean Henderson have been together since they were in eighth grade. And for the summer they decide they should go on a vacation. So the rest of their group of friends tag along, because this will be the last summer they would ever see each other before going to college. But turns out once they arrive their idea of a vacation is trashed when finding there is an escaped murderer from a prison on the island, ready to kill.
Category: Horror
Couples: At first it will be L/D but further into the story its M/L and its CC as well and Alex is ALIVE!!!! Yeah!!!

The plane ride wasn’t exactly what you would call peaceful nor quite. A child in the front row continued to cry and a Retard in the front kept up his screaming and yelling. Finally after a while Liz and Max took out a CD player and plugged their earphones in a and put it on full blast. Isabel and Maria tried their hardest to egnore it until a moment of silence came over the baby and it was fast asleep. But soon the Plane landed and everyone got off. They had bit of trouble with the luggage but it wasn’t that bad, then when they got to the Cabin, they saw the whole island was Beautiful. The trees grew tall, the sun set just the right way, it was very warm, but it was nice. The ocean sparkled and it looked so blue. it was a very small Island and there was only a few people there, a couple of older people, and some families. It wasn’t crowded or over populated, it was like being in the small area with only a few families.
Later on Liz and Dean sat out on the beach in their lawn chairs and sun bathed.
After a while Dean got really bored a went into the water. Him and Alex played around for a while and wrestled. But Liz and the other girls just stayed in the sun. Liz was watching Dean the whole time but then someone else ran out in the water. And they looked GOOD. Liz watched this body where ever it went. She couldn’t see the body because of her hat being in the way. But then as she lifted the hat up she say that it was Max. Her worst enemy. She hated him with a passion. But right now she looked at him like a piece of meat. He had a better body than Dean. Well she already knew that. She had known it for a really long time.
After night came they all went to the dance that the Island was throwing for the new comers. They were all very nice people there on the island, did everything you wanted them to do. It was nice, having someone wait on you hand and foot. Dean and Liz danced for hours, kissed and cuddled. It was nice knowing that someone really cared about you. When Liz looked to her side she saw Max and Maria, dancing really close. She knew Maria would rather be dancing with Michael though. You could see it written all over her face. Liz looked up at max and caught him staring at her. He simply smiled at her quickly and looked away.

“ Hey Baby you ok?” Dean asked seeing Liz wondering off.

“ Hey I’m fine, I’m just kind of tired.” she said as she stopped dancing.

So then her and Dean started towards the cabin across the beach. Max looked after them starring at Liz. Maria caught him doing this, she knew what was going on and she was going to stop it. She left Max’s arms and started after Liz and Dean. Max looked after Maria wondering what was wrong.

Maria caught up to Liz and Dean and grabbed Liz around the wrist and spun her around.
Liz tripped over her own two feet and fell against Dean. She wondered why one of her best friends was using such force.

“ Maria what’s wrong?” Liz asked. She moved towards Maria. Maria stepped back and slapped Liz. Liz fell back because of the force, Dean grabbed her before she hit the ground.

“ Don’t ask me that you Bitch! You know exactly what’s wrong. Max has been eyeing you all day!” she yelled angry. Max had just come up behind her to hear this. Liz looked at him with wide eyes and he looked down or any where except for at her.

“ I didn’t know Maria.” Liz said trying to convince her of what she thought was happening wasn’t. Maria didn’t believe her she could tell. She looked at Liz and spit at her.
“ Fuck you! Slut!” Maria screamed and then ran towards her and Isabel’s Cabin.

Isabel came running from the party when hearing the screaming. Once she got there she saw Maria running to the cabin. She looked at Liz Dean and Max. She eyed Max to go after Maria. So he did so.

“ What the hell is going on here?” She asked Liz. Liz just shook her head and looked back at Dean. He held her as she just stared away. Isabel came up to them, and they walked back to dean and Liz’s cabin so they could talk.

Later on they arranged Max and Dean to sleep in one of the cabins, so Liz and Isabel could talk because Maria wasn’t going to let anyone into her cabin. So then Alex and Michael were going to share as well. When Max had tried to go into the cabin Maria threw a vase at the door, and he closed it just in time before it hit him in the head. Later on around one in the morning Michael couldn’t sleep so he walked over to Maria’s cabin and knocked on the door. You heard a bit of moving then the door flew open and there was Maria in tears. Michael couldn’t stand it he just walked up to her and held her as she cried. Then a while after, Maria looked up into Michaels eyes and said “ I always had a thing for you.” she said as she laughed.

“ I know. I have always had a thing for you to.” he informed her. They gazed into each others eyes for a minute then kissed. A hungry and passionate kiss. Then that kiss led to many more. It was the first time they had actually touched each other. Michael leaned back and fell onto the comfy large chair, and started to untie her dress, and hours later they lay in the bed just holding each other as they slept.

Outside a Man walked up the small steps and started to try and open the door. This woke both Maria and Michael up. Maria sat up in bed and held the blankets to her chest. Michael got up and pulled on his pants.

“ Is someone trying to get in?” Maria asked afraid. Then before Michael could answer it stopped. He looked at the door and saw someone pass the window. He went to the window to look out and there was no one there.

“ Michael?” Maria asked afraid.

“ Don’t worry about it. Probably just some drunks from the party trying to find the right Cabin.” He reassured her. Then he jumped back into bed.

Outside a drunken man stood by the tree’s unzipping his pants to take a pee. As he started to drain himself he heard something rustle in the tree and bushy area. He zipped up his pants and started to walk in, he looked around and asked “ Hewwo? Kate?” Then he heard the sound of footsteps behind him. He turned around, and right when he did a blade came out of no where and slashed him across the throat. Blood dripped down his throat and onto his hand. Then a hooded figure grabbed his arms and pulled his body into the bushes. Disappearing .

TBC. Feedback please.

Authors Note: The story is a horror story so there is going to be deaths and some gross scenes, and also as it say’s above this is a R rated story so later on there will probably be some not so PG 13 scenes. There will be romance though, lots of Romance. What can I say Im a romantic.

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Authors Note: I've been taking some time because I have started to add pictures to the fic, I thought it would be cool so, Im sorry I have takin so long. The next part will be up soon.


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Authors Note: The story is a horror story so there is going to be deaths and some gross scenes, and also as it say’s above this is a R rated story so later on there will probably be some not so PG 13 scenes. There will be romance though, lots of Romance. What can I say Im a romantic.

Around 3:00 Am Liz walked out of her cabin stumbling a little as she
made her way down the stairs. She was still tired. Tracks from tears streaked her face and her eyes were puffy and red. She was so upset, and hurt by Maria, her best friend in the whole world. And strangely lately Liz was starting to feel an attraction towards Max. It scared the hell out of her though. She hated him with a passion. No one understood why she hated him though, thats because they always kept it secret. The truth was one summer in their Junior year, everyone had went on a trip to Alex’s cousin’s in California. But Liz had to stay behind because of work, and her father wasn’t going to let her off of the hook. But it just so happens that Isabel and Max have to stay behind as well, because they were grounded because of the illegal rave. And Isabel’s drinking.
Max and Isabel came to the Crashdown everyday, and had the same meal everyday. But Max started to stare at Liz in a way he never had done before. He would sneak glances, and when Liz would look up he would quickly look away. Then after a while Isabel would refuse to come with him, so he went alone one day, and she and him just talked all night, they just clicked in a special way, it was amazing. They talked about school, about other stupid things. At the end of the night Max left and Liz closed up and went upstairs to her room. That night he came up to her balcony, and he touched her cheek, and just as they were about to kiss she heard her father, and Max rushed down the latter and into the alley. But then after a while they kept seeing eachtother. But one night, they walked down the alley, it was hot and humid, They ran as they played in the rain like children, and in the middle of the alley Max grabbed Liz around the wrist and spun her back to him and in to his arms, and they shared their first kiss, it was unbelievable. Then after everyone got back, Dean was still gone in Scotland with his Father, MAx started to treat Liz like shit. She remembered she went up to him and tried to talk to him, but he continued to ignore her. She got fed up with it after a while and walked away, and after that, they treated eachother like scum.
Liz really needed some comfort, and Isabel had left earlier to go and see Alex (wink, wink). So she started for Dean and Max’s cabin. She was so tired, so scared, that she lost her best friend. Then as she started up the stairs to the cabin and heard some yelling. So she put her ear to the door to hear what was going on inside.

Inside Dean and Max stood with their nostrils flaring and their chests up high. Max looked angry, but not as angry as Dean. Dean looked as if he were going to blow up from all the rage that he was feeling against Max, and even Liz.

“ Why have you been looking at Liz like that?” Dean asked as calm as he possibly could ask. Max looked to the ground and sat on his bed looking guilty.

“ We had a thing in the summer of our Junior year.” he said still looking at the ground.

Dean looked at him shocked, and hurt. He couldn’t believe that Liz would possibly cheat on him. Liz said that she had a friend over the summer, and they got real close. But if he had known about this he would have come back as soon as possible.

“ She said that she had a friend, but I didn’t think.........” he said.

“ Yeah, we uh got really close. Nothing extreme happened. It was all simple stuff.” Max said still not looking at Dean.

“ But she crossed the line of cheating and not cheating, she lied to me!” he started to yell louder. “ She broke the promise.”

Then the closed bust open and there stood Liz, tear stained eyes. She was breathing heavy,
with guilt written all over her face. She walked up to Dean, pleading for forgiveness. Dean looked away and stepped back from her and set on the bed. He put his face in his hands. And just rubbed his tearing eyes. Then he looked up at her and asked a question that had been racing through his head for the past twenty minutes.

“ Wasn’t I good enough?” he asked . Liz kneeled down in front of him and held his hand and began to cry. He had his answer. Max came behind her and Dean looked up.

“ What she wants is you. Not me.” He finally admitted.

Then Dean got up pulling his hands from Liz and and walked out of the cabin. But before he was able to shut the door a large blade came glicening from the deadly night, at him, first he ducked it and fell back into the cabin. Then as he started to try and get up the hooded figure came from behind him. Swinging the blade.
Max couldn’t let was about to happen, happen , so he ran forward and rammed right
against the hooded figure, tackling it to the ground. Liz and Dean stood at the door, watching the scene play out before they in shock, and fear of Max’s life. He was a human being after all. Liz couldn’t do it though she could just watch them wrestle eachother until the time that he killed Max. Even if after all these years she said she hated him, she couldn’t help but still care. She ran into the cabin and looked for something, grabbing the lamp she rushed out the door and just before she crashed it onto the figure’s head, you heard a yell pain. And she looked to Max seeing his arm bleeding badly. Then a hand wrapped around her ankle and she slowly fell into her own death bed. Quickly she tried to get up, but the mud was stopping her. Then just as he started to crawl ontop of her and strike at her with the knife, Dean banged a large rock onto his hand.

He looked at Liz and asked “ Are you ok?”

She looked at him and smiled slightly, “ Yeah.”

He didn’t smile though, still angry. He walked over to Max and help him get to his feet,
they had to get out of there as soon as possible incase the man was to wake up, first they needed to take Max to a aid, and then go to the police. Both Liz and Dean stood on opposite sides of Max and helped him as they walked to the Aid. He was starting to bleed really fast.

“ If only we had some fucking phones in those cabins, this wouldn’t be happening.” Liz complained. Dean just rolled his eyes and continued walking.

Once they got to the hospital it looked as if no one was even in there. It
was weird. Dean tried to brush it of and say they are probably just inside. If not they would use the phone to call someone. Once they got in they sat Max into a seat, and Liz and Dean searched for a person to talk to, once noticing there was no one there, Dean went in behind the counter. And found the phone, and once finding it his picked up the phone and began to dial numbers, but then he noticed, it wasn’t even dialing. He slowly put down the phone and looked around in fear.

“ Dean what is it?” Max asked. Dean looked at him and swallowed.

“ The line is dead.” he said.

“ There was a storm last night, it could have knocked down the power lines or something.” Liz told Dean. He just nodded his head. He still had the strange itchy feeling that something just wasn’t right.

So Dean decided to walk around a little more to find some bandages. Leaving Liz and Max alone. Max stared at Liz, asking for forgiveness with his eyes. Liz just looked away, looking back at him she saw his arm, she felt so bad, he had to be in so much pain.

“ Does it hurt?” Liz asked. It was a stupid question, but she had to ask it.

“ Yes, it does.” he truthfuly told, looking at Liz he had to add one more thing, “ He needed to know.”

“ I know that he did, but that’s what hurts the most, I thought we were going to marry each other one day and start a family, but I blew it, I made the mistake.” Liz said. Max’s eyes went wide, and he started to get a little angry.

“ Hey, I’ll admit what we did was wrong, but I don’t regret a moment of it.” he said, Liz looked at him and stared at him confused.

“ You don’t regret it?” she asked. “ Your the one who broke it off! Why are you always so damn shut off to people, your always confusing everyone!” Liz started to become angry and stood up.

Max stood up as well. “ Maybe because I thought I wasn’t good enough, maybe because I thought I was just always going to be second best.” He stopped and looked at the ground, he couldn’t believe he just admitted that.

“ You thought you would be second best?” Liz asked. She was surprised by the way he felt, she thought that he just had become disgusted by her. “ You could never be second best Max..... Never.” she told him while she leaned against the counter of the office desk.

“ I didn’t want to lose a friend.” Max said as he winced while moving his arm.

Then before Liz could say something came in Dean. He was carrying bandages and tape, he was still helping even though he knew the two people who meant most him betrayed him. He still even though the pain hurt badly, he helped Max, take good care of his wound. As they walked Max and Liz continued to stare and look at each other thinking they hadn’t been seen, but Dean saw he saw every look, every twitch of their hand wanting to touch, but he ignored it. Trying to, keep his mind glued on getting some ones help.


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