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Rated: NC-17

This takes place right after S1 Destiny. When Liz walks away from Max ⊕ the cave. Picks up that evening.

Liz had just finished telling Maria and Alex about what happened at the cave.

“ Oh my god chica I’m so sorry, who would have thought that Max was destined to be a king,” says Maria

“I know,” was the only reply Liz could comebacks with, because on the outside she may have appeared fine, but on the inside she was slowly dying inside.

“Are you sure that Isabel was suppose to be with Michael” this coming from Alex who was having a hard time accepting this, because he finally thought that he was going to get somewhere with Isabel.

“Yes Alex” said a frustrated Maria “lets just state the facts here Max plus Tess, Isabel plus Michael equals the pod squad and in that equation it doesn’t include the three of us.” Now Maria was handling the situation with a different approach. She has accepted it, but was putting up her stonewall to prevent anyone to see just how hurt she really was.

“But what if they don’t want to accept this destiny crap” complained Alex

“Alex please it was never meant to be accept it and move on” said Maria

Throughout their conversation neither one of them noticed that Liz was completely oblivious to what was going on around her because the only thing going through her mind was the message from Max and Isabel’s mother .... “Your young bride, your young bride” over and over again until she couldn’t take it any more. She jumped up out the booth and ran upstairs all before Alex and Maria could register what was happening.

“Should we go after her” asked Alex?

“No, I think she just needs some time alone to get her head straight. Among the three of our relationships with the aliens Liz and Max’s was the most stable and real. Take you and Isabel for instance you were totally for a relationship with her, but she on the other hand didn’t know what she wanted from you. Now Michael and I with our on again off again relationship could have never gone anywhere because he was to busy adding bricks to his stone wall” she lets out a long sigh and continues “Max and Liz had the kind of relationship that every couple stride to get, with their look into my soul, move heaven and earth for you type of thing, and that’s something you can let go of so easily.”

Upstairs Liz entered the apartment and ran past her mother straight into her room. She couldn’t breath or think.

“Liz honey are you alright” came her mothers voice through her door.

Liz really didn’t feel like spilling her guts out to her mother just yet so she lied “yeah mom I’m just a little tired that’s all”

“Alright sweetheart gets some rest ok”

“Sure mom” she laid down on her bed and closed her eyes knowing that sleep would not come easily to her.

Back at the cave the Pod Squad has yet to leave . Each were in their own world. Isabel was just so shocked at seeing her mother she couldn’t think straight. She really didn’t want to think about the possibility of her and Michael . She thought of Michael as a brother, and she could never think of him romantically, and what about Alex , she really did like him and was hopping that he was accepting her for herself.

Michael really didn’t know what to think. On one hand he wanted to know about his past, and activating the orbs gave him a glimpse of his past. He was a solider, son in command. He never knew he had such an important role here on earth he finally felt as if he was important. Second thing that was on his ming was what to do with Maria. He loves Maria, even though he would ever tell her or anyone for that matter. He didn’t want anything to happen to her and being with him can cause her, her life. Just look at what he did to Pierce. He could take that chance with Maria. As far as the destiny thing, he already knew that he wasn’t going to be with Isabel . She was his sister plain and simple.

Now Max, Max was worse off than the two of them combined. He really didn’t know what to think . He was going through so many emotions right now. He was confused, excited and happy, but most of all he was angry. He was confused because all his life he has been the loner of the group, wanting to be behind the scenery, but in one moment he was told that he was a king of another planet, married to Tess and responsible for freeing an entire planet from slavery. He was also excited and happy because he got to see his mother, and he knew how much Isabel and Michael wanted to know about their past, if only just a little glimpse. Most of all he was angry, angry with himself, angry for ever activating those orbs and turning his world upside down, but the one thing that anger him the most was letting Liz walk away from him and not going after her. He was brought out of his line of thinking by a hand on his shoulder. He turned to see Isabel standing next to him “Max, it’s time to go home” she told him “alright” he rose up out his spot and went out the cave with the others not far behind. They all climbed into the jeep with heavy hearts and loaded minds, all wondering the same thing “What awaits them when they return to Roswell?”

Back at the Crashdown Liz had given up on trying to go to sleep, because every time she closed hers eyes she had visions of Max and Tess together living all happily ever after. She got up and grabbed a blanket and climbed onto her balcony, she retrieved her journal and wrapped the blanket around her and settled in her lounge chair and begun putting everything into this journal entry.............

Dear Journal

I’m Liz Parker and today I’ve truly died and woke up in hell. I had to walk away from the one and only person who has truly made me alive. I’ve lost him for good. I know that he said that I was the only one for him, and that he loves me, and I love him too with all my heart and soul and that’s the reason I had to let him go. How could I ever make him chose between a destiny and planet that needs him and myself? I always knew Max was going to be someone special, because he has a heart of gold, a good soul and most of all respect for all those around him. Now I know why...he was born to be a King. Have you ever felt like you can’t breath even though you are inhaling and exhaling? That’s how I feel right now. I’m trying to image how my life is going to be without Max, and I just can’t see it possible. My whole body aches with pain, pain that no one will ever will ever be able ti ease, no one but Max that is. I feel like someone is reaching into my chest and squeezing my heart, and they’re just waiting for it to pop so they can laugh at my broken form. Maybe all this has happened for a reason, maybe it’s a sign from above telling me it was never meant to be. The only person I know who is happy about this whole situation is Tess. She tried to tell me with the comment about “sometimes it’s easier to do that , then to make someone see something that is right in front of her eyes” I got the underline message in theat statement. Hell I would have to be a special kind of stupid not to know that, that comment was addressed to me. I can’t actually say what kind of feelings I have towards Tess. On one hand I’m very pissed and angry at her for ever showing her face in Roswell. She completely turned my life upside down and 360 degrees around. On the other hand I envy her with every fiber of my being. I envy her because she has the on thing that I could never have....Max. It is she he will grace with his smile, it is she her he will hold after a intense section of love making and it is she who will have his child growing inside her to nurture and love. Most of all I envy her because she is just like alien, something I can never be. Can someone tell me how I’m suppose to go on each and everyday not being with Max, and seeing him with Tess. Huh? Anyone? I didn’t think so. The thing about Max is I know him better then I know myself. He will come around and tell me how much he loves me and how he only wants to be with me, but we can’t ever be together. He was right when he told me that we didn’t belong together that night right here on this balcony, but did I listen nooooo I pushed him to be together until he finally caved, and look at what it has gotten me...a broken heart that can never be mended. I see now why he said what he did. He didn’t want me to get hurt, but I managed to bring it all on myself by pushing him into a relationship. That’s why I walked away from him because I know the chose Max would have made, and I’m just not worth the faith of an entire planet. I have to let him go. God give me the strength to go on without him

Liz climbed back into her window and glanced at the clock it was after midnight. She hadn’t realized that she had stayed out there for 2 hours. She went into the living room and came across her parents cuddled up together obviously falling asleep after their Friday night ritual of a movie and catch up time. That is how she had always pictured her and Max “well I guess that life is gone down the drain” she said to herself. She made her way downstairs to the café and got herself a pint of ice cream. She sat down at one of the booths and reminiscence about all the good times they all had there. She finished her ice cream and climbed the stairs back up to her room, making sure to turn off the TV and cover up her parents. She laid down and closed her eyes praying she had a dreamless night.

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Thanks for the f/b and I know it's kind of sad but eventually it gets better. Also I wanted to clarify that this takes place after S1, and instead of them in their sophmore year I made them juniors, and with that said on with chapter 2.


The next morning Max got up early because he was on a mission, today he was going to convince Liz that they were meant to together, and that he was wrong for letting her walk away from him and not going after her.

“Morning honey” said his mother coming into the kitchen “you’re up early.”
“Yeah I have a couple of errands to run” he said. He rinsed out his bowl, kissed his mother and ran out the door with one person on his mind.....Liz.

He arrived at the Crashdown in five minutes flat, it’s amazing he didn’t get pulled over for reckless driving. When he enters the Crashdown he immediately searched for Liz, but she was nowhere around “where is she “ he thought to himself. He looked at the clock on the wall and it was 8:30 she was scheduled to open today, but where was she? He spotted Mr. Parker near the employees only door and walked up to him with a purpose.”Good morning Mr. Parker” Max said. “Max., hey you’re out early, what can I do for you” he replied. Over the past month Jeff had come to realize just how much the young man standing in front of him meant to his little Lizzie, and just how much she meant to him. He knew that they cared deeply for each other, but from what he has witness over the last two weeks their relationship has became something deeper and that scared him. He didn’t want his Lizzie growing up to fast.

“No, actually she’s not, Maria and her asked to have the day off and since Mrs. Parker and I are going to be in the restaurant all day I let them go.”

“Did she say where they were headed, I really need to talk to Liz” asked Max?

“No, they didn’t say, just that they needed some girl time” replied Jeff

“Thank you Mr. Parker,” Max turned and walked to his jeep with his head held down and a defeated sigh.

Later on that evening at the Evans Isabel was on the phone with Alex........

“So how are you” asked Alex. Even though he knew Isabel was meant to be with Michael he had to talk to her he wasn’t ready to let her out of his life even if he was just her friend.

“I’m ok, just a little tried you know, it’s a total shock to learn that you were meant to be with someone you think of as your brother and see your mother for the first time all in one day,” she said.

“I know Liz told us all about what went on at the cave yesterday, and yeah to say I was a little shocked.”

“Just a little,” Isabel chuckled.

“Ok, ok a lot, but I’m with Max we chose our only destiny, who are they to say what the four do with your life or who you’re suppose to be with” Alex was beginning to get a little upset with the whole situation, and Isabel could note the change in his voice so she decided to change the subject.

“So are you ready for the summer” she asked knowing he had plans on cutting a new CD with his band, and he was so excited and talking about it always lifted his spirit.

“Actually since all of this is going on, I was just going to be there for my girls you know.” Isabel was a little jealous of that, but she knew how Alex felt about Maria and Liz, and was jealous because they got to know everything about Alex that she wanted to know, but since she couldn’t really allow him to know her, why would she expect him to trust her with everything about him.

“Alex, I’m a little tried, and I’m going to go lay down and wait on Max to come home.”

“How is Max anyway” Alex asked her?

“I’m not sure. He’s not really talking that much to me or anyone for that matter, but the last time I saw him he was coming back from the Crashdown looking for Liz but she wasn’t there, he ran out a couple of minutes later.”

“Yeah, Maria mentioned something about them spending a girls day. So I having the wrong hormones was excluded,” Alex joked.

“Well good night Alex.”

“Night Isabel.”

Just as she was hanging up the phone, Max walked in. “Where have you been” she asked him?

“Out” was the only reply he gave her before he walked past her and up to his room. Isabel knew he wanted to be alone, but they needed to talk the four of them. She went upstairs and knocked on his door.

“Go away Isabel,” Max stated. He already knew that, that wasn’t going to work, so he rolled over in his bed and sat up waiting for her to unlock his door, and since she wasn’t the one to prove her brother wrong she did just that.

“Locked for a reason” he said a little more curt then intended.

“Whatever, look Max we really need to get together with Michael and Tess and come up with a plan” she stated.

“Isabel not now, I really don’t feel like dealing with Tess clinging to me or Michael’s immaturity right now so drop it” Max was beginning to get pissed because everyone has always expected him to be the strong one never to break, but the thing was he was breaking inside, breaking because he couldn’t have the one thing in this world that made him feel human..........Liz. He had gone back to the Crashdown about an hour later only to be informed by Mrs. Parker that Liz still hadn’t returned yet. He called every hour on the hour but still got the same reply. He knew she was avoiding him, but if he could just get her alone he knew he could convince her that they belonged together. Isabel not only saw the emotions running across his face, but she could also feel them. She decided to drop the subject for the time being and sat down next to him. She knew Liz was probably avoiding him at all cost.

“Max I can’t sit her and tell you I know what you’re going through because I can’t only you and Liz know, but Max maybe all she need is time to digest all of this before she can face you,” she said with an encouraging smile. Max turned to his sister and gave her a grateful smile.

“I’m going to go lay down, but if you want to talk you know I’m here for you right Max?” Max nodded his head and laid down also.

Back at Michael’s Tess was trying to get Michael to convince Max to move along with their destiny. “Michael you know Max won’t come up with a plan unless we push him to. Look at today he was off chasing Liz when he needs to be concentrating on what’s important, we all heard that message in the cave. His mother said that we had enemies here on earth. We need to come up with a strategy to overcome our enemies.”

“I know this Tess, but you can’t push Max like that because all you will do is make him close up more” Michael said with an aggravated sigh.

“I think you’re wrong, I think what he needs is to focus on our problem, and not chasing after Liz who has nothing to do with us” Tess half screamed.

“Look Tess now is not the time to go into this, the three of us just learned about this destiny thing, you had your entire life to adjust to it we only had one day give us time jeez,” Michael ran his hands through his hair, and hoped she got the message and leave. Apparently Tess picked up on this and grabbed her bag and stormed out of the apartment. Michael sat down in his sofa with a heavy thud. He really didn’t want to deal with what happened in the last 24 hours. He hasn’t ran into Maria yet since she and Liz took the day off, but he knows that the day will come that he will have to come face to face with “Hurricane Deluca.”

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Thanks for the f/b, but I don't know if any one is reading this beside the 5 that replied. For those 5 I have a new chapter ready to go. Thanks again for your f/b...

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Chapter 3

For the next two weeks everyone was completely busy with finals and work. The humans hardly said more then two words to the aliens. Maria and Michael avoided each other at all cost. Michael expected her to blow up at him, but the silent treatment was taken a tole on his heart. Alex and Isabel tried to continue their friendship but Alex found it hard knowing how he felt about her, he tried to balance his friendship with her and his friendship with Maria and Liz, but in the end the girls needed him the most so he had to let Isabel go. Now Tess’ she was just happy to be around Max knowing that he was finally hers. Max and Liz bearly spoke a word to each other except for the occasional hi or bye. He tried to give her te space she needed, but after awhile he really needed to talk to her. He had tried everything from calling, coming to the Crashdown every day and waiting on her balcony for her. Every time he called Mr. or Mrs. Parker would inform him she was busy or away. He would go to the Crashdown, but she always had someone covering her shifts. The one and only time he waited on her balcony she drew the curtains and locked her window. Even in biology she had asked the teacher to exchange partners so now he was stuck with Pam Troy for a lab partner and she never helped with the labs. At this moment he was staring at her from across the room willing her to look at him. Liz felt Max’s eyes boring a hole in her. For the past two weeks Liz did all she could to avoid Max. She saw the defeated looks he would give her, but she needed him to go to his destiny, and become the King that she knew he was meant to be without her. Liz finished up her final and was preparing to leave when she took a chance and looked at Max, to her surprise he was not there at his desk just Pam who was at this moment was giving her the death stare. “I wonder where he went” she thought to herself. She sat back down and waited on the bell to ring. Ten minutes later the bell rung and Liz noticed that Max didn’t return to class, and she started to get worried. “What if something happened to him,”
“What if one of his enemies got him?” Liz was so lost in thought that she hadn’t realized that someone had grabbed her arm and pulled her onto the eraser room. Liz turned around just in time to see Max locking the door with his powers. She took a deep breath and waited for the inevitable. Max turned around slowly and took in the sight before him. He hadn’t been this close to her since that night they rescued him from Eagle Rock. He stepped forward, and noticed how she instantly stepped back. A look of pain past across his face, but quickly recovered. Liz saw the look and immediately regretted her actions, but she knew that if he touched her she would instantly succumb to him.

“Liz,” Max said so quietly, so quietly that if it had been anyone else with him they wouldn’t have known he said anything, but this was Liz and she knew he was hurting, dying.

“Max, we can’t do this please just let me go,” Liz could barely speak past the lump in her throat.

“No, Liz I won’t let you go, how could you suggest something like that, you know how much I love you,” he stop to look into her eyes and continued “just like I know you love me!” Liz was about to comment when they heard Maria at the door. “Liz, I know you’re in there, get your butt out here now!” Maria fumed. Maria had seen Liz being pulled into the eraser room, and she had a very good idea by whom. She knew Liz couldn’t deal with Max right now so she decided to help her out.

“Max, I have to go Maria and I have plans, and I can’t just brush her off” she told him.
“But you’re willing and continuously brush me off!” stated a very frustrated Max. “Max, please,” Liz really didn’t want to hurt him, but she knew that she couldn’t handle this conversation right now. Max let his shoulders drop and turned and unlocked the door. Maria pulled the door open and looked from Max to Liz, She saw that Liz was going to break down she grabbed her hand and pulled her down the hall, to the parking lot and drove her straight home. When they arrived at the Crashdown Maria tried to help Liz as best as she could, but like Liz she was suffering from a broken heart. They decided not to address the issue at hand, but instead opt to talk about their up and coming summer. Liz and Maria entered the Crashdown a little bit happier they were a little while ago. Jeff noticed the girls and immediately knew that Liz was upset even though she was smiling, she just didn’t have that glow about her that she usually did. He knew something had went on between Max and Liz, and Nancy and he both concluded that whatever happened was the cause of her change. He had also notice that Maria also seemed to be less bubbly then ususal, and that Michael had rearranged his schedule to work whenever she wasn’t. He remembered last night when he caught Liz crying on her balcony, but she hadn’t notice him standing there. Jeff was furious, and he wanted to kill Max for putting that expression on his little Lizzie’s face. He was started to get mad as he stood there, but was brought back by Liz’s voice.

“Hi daddy you ok” she asked him?

“Sure Liz it’s just that stupid shake machine acting up again” he lied to her.

“Maybe it’s time for a new one” Liz joked with her father.

“Maybe, how you doing Maria?”

“Just fine Mr. P, just glad that finals and school are finally over” she answered excitedly. Just then Nancy came through the door. “Hey girls” she greeted them.

“Hi mom” Liz said. “Mrs. P” said Maria. Nancy leaned over and whispered something to Jeff, and both Maria and Liz noticed the smile that spread across his face.

“Ok what’s going on” Liz asked she wanted to share in the happiness too. Jeff and Nancy shared a glance at each other and turned back to the girls. “Have a seat in that booth and we’ll be right over to explain to you ok?” Liz and Maria looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and headed to the boot. Nancy and Jeff joined them a few minutes later. Maria immediately spoke up. “If this is family business I can leave” getting up to leave.

“Nonsense, Maria you know you are family so have a seat” stated Nancy.

“Now Liz your mother and I have noticed that something has had you down lately, and we also have noticed your attitude to Maria” both girls shared a look and stared back at Nancy and Jeff, before either could say anything Nancy rushed on “Liz you remember your aunt Kathy in Florida right” she waited on Liz nod before she continue?

“Well she is going to Europe for a year, and she doesn’t want to leave her house unattended for a whole year so she called to see if you would be willing to housesit for her so to speak” the parkers waited for her reaction, but they hadn’t expected Maria’s.

Maria jumped up and squealed so loud that the entire restaurant was staring at them.

“Maria sit down!” Liz instructed her. She was a little bit embarrassed that everyone was looking at them. Liz waited on her to sit before she turned to her parents.
“What about school, and my job here at the Crashdown” Liz asked her parents.
“Well you would finish down there, they have an excellent school with an exceptional biology department” Jeff informed her. Nancy continued for him “as for your job here it won’t kill us to lose one waitress, Liz this is your decision don’t think that you have to go, if you want to stay here we would perfectly understand you wanting to stay at your old school where you have all your friends, and lord knows your father and I would miss you, but like we said earlier we noticed your change and we thought that the change in scenery would do you some good” Jeff picked up the conversation then “Liz if you want we can call your aunt and kindly decline” Jeff smiled at her.

“Can I think it over for a day or two first” Liz asked?
“Of course sweetheart take all the time you need, just let us know what you decide when you have decided ok” said Jeff getting up from the booth and grabbing Nancy’s hand and going out the door. As soon as they left maria jumped across the other side of the booth so she was sitting directly in front of Liz.

“Oh my god chica, you have the coolest parents. There is no way Amy DeLuca would ever consider letting me leave home to live on my own for an entire year without any parental supervision” said an excited Maria. “So what are you going to do.”
“I don’t know, it sounds like a great opportunity, but what about you and Alex I can’t leave you guys” she said. She really did want to go no doubt about it, but should really miss her friends and family.
“Please, you know we will come and visited you as much as we can girl, I think you need this. You need to get away from all this that is Roswell.”Liz knew by Roswell she meant Max and the whole destiny thing. Just then Alex entered the Crashdown and noticed the girls so he headed over to where they were sitting.
“Ladies, how are we doing this fine afternoon” he asked?
“Just great, actually Liz here is one lucky girl” informed maria. Maria and Liz informed Alex of what the Parkers had told them about Florida and were waiting for his reaction. Alex sat back in the booth and took a long look at Liz. He knew that she was dying from not being with Max and he knew she needed son time away. “I’m with Maria, I think you should go. You know that we will visit all the time, probably so much you will want to get rid of us” Liz smiled at Alex’s attempt to lift her spirit.
“Nonsense, you both know that you will always be welcomed.”
“So are you going” both Maria and Alex asked?
“I think so, but I want to talk to my parents a little bit before I make a final decision.”

At the Evans house Diane and Phillip had just finished telling the kids their plans for the first two weeks of summer. “Oh California, I can’t wait to go tanning on the beaches of Cali” this coming from Isabel who was all for some fun in the sun. max on the other hand was not pleased. He had planned on winning Liz back even if it took him all summer. “I’m not going” Max stated. Everyone turned to look at him with stunned expressions. “What do you mean you’re not going” asked Isabel.
“Just what I said, I’m not going I have other things to do” said an upset Max.
“Max, honey what possibly could you have to do that can’t wait until after we get back” asked his mother?
“Mom I’m going to be a senior next semester and I’ll be going to college soon after. I want to put in extra hours at the UFO center so I could save some money for college” Max hoped that they brought his story.
“Max, son you know that you don’t have to worry about any money in college, your mother and I will take care of everything” Phillip stated. He had noticed how his son had been withdrawn lately, and he felt that time away would do him some good.
“Dad please I’m going to have to learn to take care of myself eventually, and I really don’t want to have to depend on you and mom whenever I need something. Can’t you let me do this to feel like a man” Max pleaded? Phillip knew about male pride so he succumbed to his sons request. “It’s alright with me as long as your mother agrees.”
“Max, honey I really wanted this to be a family trip, but if you feel that strongly about it I guess it’s ok” Diane stated. Isabel was not stupid she knew why Max didn’t want to go, and she also knew that Max had enough money saved to pay for all four years of college and his expenses. Max turned to look at Isabel and she narrowed her eyes at him. Max knew she would have some words for him later.
The door bell rung and Diane got up to answer it. When she opened the door, she saw Tess standing there. “Hi, is Max home “ Tess said with her best sugary smile.
“Sure honey come on in” Diane moved aside to let her pass, in her mind she was hoping Max didn’t get with this girl because she just didn’t like her. Now Liz she loved, she didn’t know what happened between the two of them, but she hoped that they worked it out soon.
“Max, dear you have a guest” Max entered the hall and visibly cringed, Diane noticed this, and couldn’t help but smile inside. At least he wasn’t happy to see her like he was when Liz would stop by. She decided to help her son out. “Don’t be to long dear, dinners almost ready” she told him.
“Ok mom” Max turned back to Tess, and motioned her upstairs. In his room he sat on his bed and motioned for Tess to have a seat in his desk chair.
“What can I do for you Tess” he asked her? Tess was tried of waiting on Max to fulfill his destiny and stop chasing after Liz so she decided to push him into it.
“I just came by to ask you what you were going to do about the message your mother sent in the cave.” Max rolled his eyes and sighed. He really didn’t want to deal with her right now.
“Tess now is not the time, when I have had a chance to sort through some things, we will all get together and discuss the situation at hand” Max ran a hand through his hair and stood up.
“It’s been two weeks Max, you’re the king and you need to take your lead and we need to prepare for our enemies” Tess could tell he was getting upset, and she really didn’t care, all she wanted was to take her place as the queen and Max was prolonging that from happening.
“Look Max we all know that you’re upset about Liz, but you need to move on because apparently she has. She hasn’t even spoken to you since forever, she has obviously accepted our destiny why can’t you?” Max was boiling inside where the hell does she get off speaking up on his and Liz’s relationship. He clutched and unclutched his hands and spoke to Tess with tight lips. “Get out!”
“But Max.......” Max stood inches from her and told her flat out how he felt.

“Even if Liz and I aren’t together, it doesn’t mean I want to be with you. Under no uncertain circumstances will I ever accept you as my wife” he continued when he saw her about to protest “I will take my role as king, but you and I will never be” Max told stated through his teeth. Tess was speechless and furious. How dare he deny her what was rightfully hers for a human. Tess glared at him and he glared right back. She finally gave in and grabbed her bag and stormed out running past Isabel and out the door.
“Max what did you say to her”she asked him? Max was lying on his bed with his arm across his face. “Nothing that she wasn’t long overdue in hearing.” Isabel was about to lay it into Max about earlier, but was interrupted by their dad calling them for dinner.
Back at the Crashdown Liz was upstairs talking to her parents. “So basically everything would be taken care of, all I have to do is be there” Liz questioned her parents?
“Yeah everything is paid for, your mother and I will put money into your account if you need anything extra, and you know we will visit you often as possible” Nancy cut in then “Liz your father and I have discussed this, and we feel it would do you some good” she put her hand over Liz’s and continued “we know something happened between Max and you, and we won’t push the issue, but whatever is going on know that we love and you can talk to us when you’re ready.” Liz nodded and smiled at her parents grateful they were giving her space. She had already made up her mind. “I want to go.” Both of her parents were pleased with her decision.
“When will I leave” Liz wanted to know?
“Well your aunt is leaving for Europe on Wednesday so she would like someone to be there by the weekend” Nancy told her.
“Alright then I guess I better start packing” Liz said with a little more excitement in her voice.

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Chapter 4

The next few days were hectic in Roswell. The Evans where busy getting ready to start their vacation, they were leaving that Thursday. Max was busy making plans at winning Liz back. He hadn’t heard about her moving to Florida yet so he was on cloud nine arranging all his plans. Maria and Alex were busy helping Liz pack up all her things and were making plans on their upcoming visit to Florida. Michael was busy trying to avoid Maria at all cost. While Tess was fuming, she was pissed that Max had spoke to her the way that he did, and she had plans on getting back at him at all possible cost. She knew that Isabel and their parents were going to be out of town the next two weeks, and she was going to make Max hers, by any means necessary.

Thursday morning Max had just gotten back from dropping his parents and Isabel off at the airport and he was lying in bed thinking about Liz, and the last time they had spoken to each other last week in the eraser room. He smiled to himself and closed his eyes thinking that she wasn’t going to get away from him so easily next time.

Liz, Alex and Maria were sitting in her room spending time together before she left on Friday morning. “So have you told Max yet” Maria asked? She saw the pained look that crossed Liz’s face and already knew her answer.

“No...I....” Liz couldn’t even explain how she felt about leaving Max right now.

“You’re just going to leave without saying anything to him” this coming from Alex who believed that Max and Liz were long overdue for a talk?

“Of course not” Liz said defensively. She lowered her head and continued. “I plan on going by his house later this evening so we can talk, and then I can explain everything to him.” Liz was still a little scared about the conversation Max and she would be having.

“Well if you need reinforcement, you know Alex and I have your back right” Maria said pulling Liz into a hug? She felt Liz nod against her shoulder. She knew this was going to be hard on Liz, and she did her best to smooth her fears away. Alex not being the one to resist a group hug got up and put his arms around both girls knowing that Liz leaving was going to change things among the three of them.

“I’m going to miss you guys” Liz said through broken sobs.

“Ah, chica we’re going to miss you also, you know we will be there in two weeks to visit” said Maria with her own tears running freely down her face.

“Hey why don’t I take you two lovely ladies out for ice cream?” Alex really hated to see his girls cry. They both looked up at him and said at the same “you’re the best Alex.”

Later on that evening Max was in his room working out when there was a knock at his window. Max pulled the curtains back to reveal Michael. “What’s up” Max greeted him?

“Nothing much just came by to see how you were doing without the parentals” Michael smirked.

“I’m doing just fine thank you” he was glad that Michael and he were getting along a lot better then the past weeks.

“So what are you getting into tonight” Michael wanted to hang out and try to return things back close too normal as he could? Before Max could answer there was a knock at the front door. Michael and Max shared a look, shrugged their shoulders and headed downstairs. Michael headed to the kitchen to grab a soda while Max answered the door. Max wasn’t expecting the sight that greeted him.

“Li....Liz” was all he could get out from his state of shock.

“Hi” she said nervously. She was starting to get scared as she stood there because he was staring at her. “Maybe he didn’t want to see me again after the way that she has been treating him lately.” She lowered her head and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and shifted from foot to foot.

“I’m sorry, come in, come in” Max stepped aside to let her past.

“Thank you” she said passing him to go into the lining room. When she past by the kitchen she spotted Michael. “Hi Michael.”
“Um, Liz hey” Michael was uncomfortable around Liz also because she and maria were best friends and they probably talked about how much of a dirt bag he was. “Well I guess that’s my que to leave” Michael joked. Liz really didn’t want to interrupt them, but she really needed to talk to Max. she smiled gratefully at Michael and waited for them to say their goodbyes. She turned to face Max “can we go to your room?”

“Sure.” Max entered the room first and grabbed a shirt, since he was still shirtless from working out earlier. He motioned Liz to sit down on his bed and he sat across from her at his desk. He noticed that she was clutching something tightly in her hands. “So what’s up” Max asked her? He didn’t want to push her. She fidgeted with the object in her hand for what seemed like forever. She sucked in a breath and with her head still low she said the one thing that she knew was going to crush them both “I’m leaving.”

Leaving, did she just say she was leaving? Max thought. That can’t be what she said. “Le....leaving, where” Max asked her? Max could barely speak because at this moment he thought he was going to die. He was forcing his lungs to breathe in and out. He fought the tears that were stinging his eyes, begging him for release. Liz was having her own emotional battle. Unlike Max her tears were flowing freely down her cheeks and landing in her lap. She raised her head to met his eyes and was torn to pieces over his wounded expression.

“For the entire year” she told him softly “I’m moving to Florida to stay at my aunt’s house while she’s away in Europe for a year.”

“What about school, work and your family” and with a shaky voice he added “and me?” Max had given up on trying to hold his tears back because he was crying openly now.

“I.....l will finish my senior year there, they have an excellent school with a great biology department it would be a great opportunity for me, and as for my job may parents really don’t need me as much. Alex and Maria are going to visit as much as possible as will my parents”. Liz was on the border of a breakdown at the emotions spread across his face.

“Max, you don’t need me” she pushed forward when she saw him about to protest “you have a destiny to fulfill, and you need to accept it and be the king you were meant to be.” Max got up from his seat and came to sit next to her. He grabbed her hand and Liz tried to pull away, but Max wasn’t hearing it he ran his hand through his hair and spoke softly to her. “Liz doesn’t you realize that without you I can never be the king I was meant to be” he saw her shaking her head no, but he continued any way “my life is with you Liz, and if I can’t have you then screw my planet. You’re all I want from the moment I saw you in the third grade, I knew I loved you then just as much as I love you now. You are my better half, my soul mate my friend and most of all my queen” he finished by kissing the hand he was holding.

Throughout his heartfelt speech Liz had heard every word he said, and a part of her was ecstatic at his words, because she felt the same way he did, but on the other hand she was upset because she didn’t want Max to turn his back on his planet or people for her, but the thing was angry with was she wasn’t his queen, and she would never be. She turned to him and spoke defensively “I’m not your queen, Tess is.” Max dropped her hand and stood up. He walked over to the window and stared out of it trying to calm his nerves. He spoke to her with his back still to her “she can never be you, she will never possess my heart like you, I love you Liz no one will ever take your place.” Liz was sitting on the bed trying hard, but failing miserably to control her tears. Max heard her sobs and wanted so badly to wrap his arms around her and chase her pain and fears away, but he couldn’t take being rejected by her again.

The room was silent for ten minutes before Max finally broke the silence “do you love me Liz” he had returned back to his bed and sat down next to her. Liz was wanting to lie to him, but she couldn’t take another wounded look from him so she turned to him and looked him straight in the eyes and spoke “yes!” She saw the hope in his eyes and quickly finished “yes, Max I love you and my heart will always belong to you, but Max even though I still love you I can’t be with you. I’m not like you Max and you need someone like you to stand bu your side to help fight your enemies and restore your planet, need Tess” she finished with a defeated sigh.

Max was getting a little past frustrated with this situation. Why couldn’t she see that they were meant to be together, before Liz knew what was happening Max pulled her face to his and pressed his lips to hers with great force. He gnawed and bit on her bottom lip begging, no needing her to grant him access to her mouth. Liz hesitated at first, but slowly succumbed to him and granted him access. He kissed her with everything he had, he poured every emotion that he had pinned up inside him from the last three weeks. She felt his love and trembled at the amount of love and devotion he felt for her, and she kissed him returning the same love. Max had felt her tremble and wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her into his lap, so that she straddled him. He removed the object out of her hands so he could pull her to him as close as possible. Max’s arousal was pressing into Liz’s most intimate spot and she pressed herself down on his erection, rubbing against him to relieve the ache building rapidly through her core. One of Max’s hands was rubbing her back while the other press her head closer to him, trying to get deeper into her mouth, making love to her mouth .

Liz’s hands were rubbing up and down Max’s back, loving the thing that he was doing to her. She didn’t want him to stop, but she didn’t want anyone to walk in on them, plus they shouldn’t be doing this. Liz pulled away sightly from him to catch her breath.

“Max we can’t” she was breathing heavy trying to regain control before she finished “this isn’t right someone could come in here and plus this just isn’t right.” Max’s head was dizzy from their kiss and he heard everything she said, and knew she was right, but god he he wanted to make love to her.

“Liz there’s no one here my parents and Isabel are gone to California there’s no one around, and this is right you and me were meant to be” Max said while placing kisses along her jaw and neck. Liz was stunned no one was home she wanted him so badly, but she knew she shouldn’t be allowing this to happen. The only thing Liz knew was that for the first time in weeks she felt alive, and she liked that feeling even if it only lasted for one night. Liz expressed her feelings to Max. “Make love to me Max.” Max hadn’t expected her to say that, he had every intention on stopping them soon. He didn’t want to push her into anything she wasn’t ready for or would regret later.

“Liz, that;s not what I expect to go on here”

Liz knew Max wouldn’t push her into doing something she wasn’t ready to do, but she wanted this, she needed this, she needed to have him hold and touch her. Maybe she was being selfish, but she wanted Max to make love to her. She saw that he was not going to move forward, so she got up of f his lap and stood in front of him and slowly raised her shirt over her head and let it fall to the floor. Max took in a sharp breath at the sight of her. He wanted to touch her, he begin to raise his hands to touch her but put then back on his knees. Liz saw his hesistation and knew he was holding on to his control so she pushed him further. She began to unbutton her pants and pushed the past her hips and let them fall to a pool at her feet. Max was clutching his teeth so hard he should have gotten a headache from so much pressure he was applying. Liz slipped in between Max’s legs and lifted his chin up so he was looking at her. She placed a gentle sweet kiss on his lips and pulled back.

“Max know you don’t think that I’m not ready for this or that I might regret it later, but the only thing I will regret is you not making love to me tonight, and making a complete fool of myself. Max I’m asking you to make love to me.” Max was about to tell her that they couldn’t until he looked into her big brown eyes and she said the one word that crumbled his heart. “Please!”

That was all it took he stood up and wrapped his arms around her waist and swooped his head down and captured her lips. He heard her moan and felt her hands slide under his shirt, and he felt hisself grow even tighter. She removed her lips long enough to remove his shirt. She wanted to feel his skin next to hers, she tossed it onto the floor adding to her pile of clothing. She dove back into kissing him caressing his chest and loving the way he quivered under her caresses. Max brought his hands aound he waist and stroked her sides with his thumbs. He brought his left hand around to her stomach, and placed it over the spot he had healed last year. Liz was in heaven the things his hands were doing to her was setting her on fire. She was aching to feel his hands on her breast she grabbed his hand and placed it on her breast. Max groaned deep in his throat and began to massage her mound through the lace material on her bra. Liz coul feel his arousal pressing against her stomacj anf she wanted to touch him. She reached between them and placed her hands on the buttons of his Levi’s. She broke off the kiss and looked up at him to judge his reaction. What she saw in his eyes brought tears to her own. She saw raw desire, desire for her and she saw the love that she knew was only for her. Max rested his forehead against hers and brought his hands down to cupped hers, and together they removed his pants. He let them fall to the floor and stepped out of them.

He heard Liz gasp and looked at her with through hooded lids. He held out his hand to her and she let him lead her to his bed. Max laid Liz down in the middle of the bed and sat back on his feet and looked at her. “God she’s beautful”he said to himself. He wanted to touch her. “Can I touch you Liz” he asked her?

“Please” she said with a husky voice. Max reached up and stroked her face and moved down to her neck. He laid his hands right above her breast, she looked into his eyes and nodded her head for him to continue. Max unhooked the clasp of her bra and pushed the material aside. The sight of the breast with their round nipples sticking outat him as if begging for his attention almost made him stop breathing. Liz was breathing heavily waiting on his touch. She didn’t have to wait long because Max cupped her breast and began to massage the with his gentle touch. He rubbed his thumbs over her tight nipples and watched with a sense of pride as she arched her back trying to get closer to his hands. He was excited knowing that he was the one bring her so much pleasure. Max leaned in and kissed her slow, he ran his tongue across her bottom lip and she opened her mouth to him, but Max had other plans. He ran his tongue across her chin , underneath her jaw until he reached her neck where he sucked on it gaining a loud moan from her. He continued down her neck until he was kissing the call in between her breast. He placed kisses on the underside of her breasr to the top. Liz was getting anxious, she wanted to him to suck on her nipple.

“Max don’t tease” Max chuckled at her impatient and decided to make her wait a little bit longer, he switched breast and repeated his actions. He heard Liz’s frustrated growl and decided that she had, had enough of his torcher. He sucked her right nipple into his mouth and kneld the left with his hand. Liz rolled her eyes to the back of her head, she couldn’t believe that this was happening. She had been dreaming of this day every since that night they spent together out in the desert. His mouth was hot on her skin and she felt herself going over. She was brought back by Max gently bitting her nipple. Max switched breast and continued the same treatment as he gave her right one, liz didn’t think she could take much more, plus she wanted to touch him also. She pushed his head up and cupped his face.

“I want to touch you now Max” she told him. “Lay down please.” Max did as she requested. Liz straddled his hips and felt his erection anf she rubbed against it. Max growled and grabbed her hips “Don’t” she told her. Liz was a little hurt by his action , Max saw this and immediately explained. “Liz, love if you keep doing that, it will be over sooner then I would like” he smiled at her. Liz lowered her head with a shy smile. She placed her hands on his chest and drew circles along his chest. She ran her palms over his nipples and scratched them wuth her nails, she heard his intake of breath. She leaned down and took a nipple in her mouth and twirled her tongue around it bitting down lightly. Max wa sgoing insane, she was going to drive him insane he concluded. Liz begn to move down his stomach leaving a hot trail of kisses along the way. She reached his naval and dipped her tongue into it and he hissed. She grinned against his stomach. She sat upo and hooked her fingers into his boxers and began to lower them, going slowly as if unwrapping a present, amd not wanting to ruin the wrapping. Max lifted his hips tp assist her and she removed them completely, tossing them to the floor. She stood at the foot of the bed and looked at him admiringly. He was goruous. He had the body of a god. She moved her eyes fropm his face to his efrection, and Max saw a smile form on her lips, and wondered what was going through her head.

Liz climbed back onto the bed and sat on her feet. “Spread your legs Max” Liz instructed him. Max was eager to reply, he didn’t know what she was up to, but he just hoped he could stand it. Liz laid on her stomach in between his legs. From this postion she was facing his hard on at eye level. Max could feel her breath on his dick and couldn’y help but moan loudly.
“Liz what you do to me..”his sentence was cut off as he felt her tongue touch the head of his penis. Max’s body responded in the natural reaction and jumped whivh made liz jump back. “I’m sorry Max, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you” she buried her head in her hands. Max sat up and reached for her pulling her up between his legs and ran a hand through her hair.
“Liz you didn’t hurt me, that’s a natural reaction. My body was reacting to your touch . It’s excited and very aroused at the things you are doing to it” he turned her chin so she was looking at him. “You should know that I welcome your touches good or bad” he smiled at her and was relieved when she smiled back.

“It’s just that I really Don’t know what I’m doing “she told him shyly. Max kissed her lips and when he pulled back he leaned his forehead against hers.
“Liz I’m not any more experienced at this then you are, it’s my first time also remember?”

“I guess we will just teach each other then, huh” she told him? “Lay down Max, and let me continue what I started” she said with a sexy grin.

“As you wish” he placed a kiss on her temple and laid back down. Liz got back in between his legs and stroked his erection, loving the silky feel of it. She syroked him up and down , watching his expression to see if she was doing it correctly. Max was in heaven, Liz’s hands felt like silk running up and down his shaft. He closed his eyes to sayor the moment, only to have them fly back open when she placed her lips over his head.
“God Liz that feels incredible” he stumbled out. Liz was stroking his erection when she saw the small amount of pre-cum on his head, and wondered what he tasted like so she placed her mouth over his penis. Liz had heard what he said and took him in a little further. Max laced his fingers through her hair slightly pushing her head down a little bit further. He began to pump his hips on instint a, but refrianed from going to far, he didn’t want to scare her or choke her. Liz felt his hips and began sucking to his rhythm. She deep throated him and he almost lost it then, he shot up and grabbed her under the arms and pulled her up against his chest and kissed her hard. Max released her lips and tried to control his breathing.

“Liz god you are amazing.”
“So you liked that huh” she joked?
“Hell yeah, but I think that it is only fair that I return the favor” and with that he slide down and hooked her panties around his fingers and swooped them off of her in one quick motion.
He could only stare. He had never seen such a beautiful creature in his life.
“You’re lovely Liz” he told her. She blushed at his compliment. He picked up her right leg and kissed the arch of her foot and then traveled up to her calf and placed a kiss there and moved to her knee and placed a kiss there also. He got as close to her core as possible without actually touching her and placed a kiss on her inner thigh. He could smell her scent, and he didn’t know how much long he could continue without tasting her. He gently laid her leg down anf picked up her left leg anf repeated his actions, stoping to suck on the heart shaped birthmark on the inside of her knee, finishing off with a kiss on her inner thigh. Liz was falling fast. She didn’t know it was possible to feel this way. Max was making her feel so alive and so loved. She didn’t know it was possible for someone to feel that way about her.

Max was staring at her anf was pretty sure he knew excatly what was going through her head, because he was thinking the same thing. Max was still in between her legs, and her scent was driving him crazy. He ran a finger between her folds and brought it to his mouth, licking it clean. Liz watch him lick her juices off his finger and felt herself getting wetter. She wanted to feel his mouth pressed against her core. She was panting heavyly when she spoke.
“Max.” she couldn’t finish, because at the same time Max had stuck a finger in her opening and was stroking her clitoris with his thumb.

“Yes...oh god yes Max that feels so good.”
“Tell me what you want Liz, do you want me to kiss you here” he asked her adding another finger waiting on her answer?
“Yes Max please “ liz pleaded with him. Max bented over and kissed her thigh again and then placed a kiss over her bundle of nerves. She hisssed and he smiled to himself. He removed his fingers out of her and opened her lower lips to him. He ran his tongue the length of her , stopping to dip his tongue in her opening. Liz wrapped her legs around his neck and grabbed his head forcing him closer. Max made love to her with his mouth, enjoying her reactions he was causing. He let his head move to the rhythm of her hips. He sucked her clitoris in his mouth and pushed two fingers in her, god she was so wet. Liz was so close, she knew that if he didn’t stop he was going to push her over the edge, but gosd she didn’t want him to stop.
“Max.......Max..........” Max could feel her walls clutching his fingers and he knew she was close, he wanted her to let go.
“Liz love it’s ok, let it go I’ll catch you” and with that said she exploded with her orgasm, and Max continue to suck and lick at her wet pussy until she relaxed her legs around his neck. He climbed up to her and held her close.
“God Max that was amazing, thank you” she said into his chest.
“No, thank you for allowing me to give you so much pleasure” he kissed her temple and stroked her arm.
“Max...” Liz started”make love to me.” Max rolled over and positioned himself between her legs.
“Are you sure Liz?” She grabbed his face between her hands and kissed him, she pulled away and with a husky voice “Max I’ve never been more sure in my life” Max kissed her once more and positioned the head of his erection at her opening., they both gasped at the first contact of their intimate parts. Max eased into her slowly letting her adjust to him. God she was so warm and sleek. He pushed in a little further and meet her barrier. He locked eyes with her and waited until their breathing became even with each others. Liz knew what he was doing and her love for him grew even more. Max concentrated and as soon as the connection was made he pushed through her barrier and felt her pain through their connection. He repeated over and over how much he loved her. Liz had felt him break throgh her barrier, but the pain was minimum compared to the pleasure she got from finally having Max buried deep inside her.

After he was sure she was ok he broke the connection and looked at her.
“Liz , baby this is incredible, I can’t believe this is happening” he told her.
“I know, Max you’re so special to me, will you always remember that?” Max nodded his head and felt her hips began to move under him. He slid out of her almost completely then plunged back into her. Liz wrapped her legs around his waisy and meet him thrust for thrust.
“God Liz you’re so warm and tight I can’t believe I’m finally inside you. I don’t know how much longer I can hold on “ Max was strugg;ing to hold his control, because he didn’t want to go over without her.
“Max it’s ok you have already given me pleasure once tonight, just go ahead a let go” Liz assured him. Max still wanted her to be with him so he reached between them and rubbed her clitoris with his thumb. He felt her walls tightening around his shaft, and knew she was close. Liz dug her nails into his back
“oh god Max, yes..yes.............yes Maaaaaax” Max couldn’t hold on any longer and as soon as she screamed his name and her walls clamped around him like a vice grip with her orgasm he lost all control. He shot his load into her until he was sure he had nothing left. He buried his face in her hair and breath in her scent.
“Thank you “ he breathed out to her.
“No Max thank you, that was beautiful.” he slid out of her and laid on his side, he pulled her up against him so that he was spooning her. He stroked her arm until her breathing became even and he knew she was asleep, he kissed her head and whispered he loved her in her ear he loved her and soon followed her into dreamland.
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Chapter 5

Max woke up with a start and automatically knew something was wrong. “Liz!” Max looked at the clock on his end table “damn 9:30, where the hell did the time go” he said to himself. He looked around his room and his heart began to beat rapidly. Her clothes were gone. He jumped out of bed and searched the house for her hoping that she had got up early for breakfast or maybe she just had to get home before she got in trouble. Max quickly jumped in the shower and washed up, got dressed, grabbed his keys and headed for the Crashdown. When he arrived there, he pulled the door open with a frantic force. He instantly knew something wasn’t right because at the counter stood the Parkers, Alex and Maria, all looking as if they had lost the best friend. Everyone had turned to look at the door when the bells rung instantly spotting Max. Max walked you to the group and with a lump in his throat that was choking him, he asked the question he already knew the answer to.

“Where is she” he asked them? Everyone shared a look. Neither one of them wanted to break the news to him, because they knew it was going to kill him. Maria walked up to him and placed a hand on his arm.

“She’s gone Max, she left about an hour ago.” At that moment they all could see the exact moment his heart shattered.

“How...., how could she just leave without at least saying bye” Max said mainly to himself, but the rest had heard him. Jeff and Nancy had known something was up with Liz before she left this morning. She had a glow about her even through she still was upset about something. There was something different about her. Nancy had a clue, but didn’t push her into telling her. She had gone to Liz’s room earlier to wake her and found that she wasn’t there. She had a very good idea where she was, and from the devastated look on Max’s face she was certain her assumption was correct. Alex felt bad for Max. He saw Liz this morning and she was doing a good job pretending to be excited, but he knew that something went on between the two of them. Maria was watching Max and the same expression on his face was the same Liz carried as she rode off in the cab.....lost.

“Max...”he didn’t reply, he was standing with his head low and she shook his arm. When he looked up he had tears running down his face. The Parkers gasped at this and couldn’t understand what was going on with Max and Liz, but something was wrong between them. Maria recovered from seeing Max crying and pulled him over ti a booth and removed something from her purse, and handed it to him.

“Max, Liz gave this to me this morning and told me to make sure you got it” Max stared at the envelope and tried to fight back his tears. He remembered last night she was clutching something in her head and he looked at the object in his had and realized that this was that said something.

Max stayed at the Crashdown most of the day, and the Parkers didn’t know what to do so they just let him be. Maria was scheduled today, and she tried to offer him support, but it was like he wasn’t even there. She was starting to get worried so she picked up the phone and dialed the number she knew better then her own.

“What” Michael grumbled into the phone!

“Well good afternoon to you to Michael” Maria said. She was a little nervous because she handed spoken to him in ages, but she knew Max needed someone, even if it was Stonewall Guerin.

“Maria, uh hey what’s up” still a little shocked at hearing from her?

“Listen Max is here at the Crashdown and I think he needs a friend right now to help him out, but if you can’t help him please just come down here and drive him home because I don’t think he should be driving this state, you see.........” she was cut off from her rambling by Michael.

“Maria slow down I’m on my way” he hung up the phone, got dressed and headed for the Crashdown. When he got there he enter through the back door and spotted Maria in the kitchen talking to Jose. “God I miss her” he told himself “and she looked more beautiful then I remembered.” He saw that she was letting her hair grow and thought that it looked pretty on her.

“Hey” see greeted him when she spotted him standing there.

“Hey” he replied.

“Thank god you’re here, he has been sitting there all morning he won’t eat, he hasn’t even moved from that spot all day” she related to him.

Michael could tell she was really hysterical. “What happened” he inquired?

Maria began filling him in on the days events, and by the time she was finished she was crying, crying because she missed Liz and she could relate to how Max was feeling. Michael ran his fingers through his hair and debated on what to do. He wanted to grab her and hold her close, but how would she react, they haven’t even spoken in almost three weeks. He thought about it and said to hell with it. He grabbed her around her waist and ran his hands up and down her back.

“It’s ok Maria, everything is going to be all right” he heard her stifle and held her tighter.

“I’m here for you.....if you want me to be” he said a little uncertainly. She lifted her head from his shoulder and mumbled an “ok.”

“You better go out there and get him, he needs you Michael” Michael ran his thumb across her cheek and removed the wetness forming there.

“Can I call you later, or you can call me it doesn’t matter” he asked her?

“I would like that” she smiled at him.

He pushed through the employee’s door and walked up to Max. “Maxwell lets go” Michael had planned on slapping Max back into shape, but the look he got from he made his stomach turn. What he saw was not the same Max Evans he grew up with. What he saw was a man whose heart was torn from his chest and had everything ripped from him. He saw a broken man. Every since he has known Max, he had never once seen him so far gone. Max was always in control of his emotions, he was someone Michael looked up to, and always wanted to be like. Now all he saw was a shell of Max’s body with no soul. He inhaled a deep breath and forced his self to remain focused.

“Max come on, I’ll take you home” he pulled him out of the booth and searched his jacket for the jeep keys and lead him out the door. When they pulled up outside the Evans Michael placed a supporting hand on Max’s shoulder.

“Come on Max lets go inside” Max followed behind him like a lost puppy, because that was exactly what he was...lost. He followed Michael upstairs to his room and he shrugged off his jacket. Max noticed the object that fell out of its pocket, and immediately remembered what it was....her letter. He never opened it, because he was scared of what it may contain. He bent over, picked it up and placed it under his pillow. Michael watched Max walk around the room.

“You want to talk about it” Michael asked him?

Max stopped pacing and turned to him “not really, I just want to be alone.”

“Max I don’t think that’s such a good idea” Michael told him.

“Michael please just let me be” he really didn’t want to be rude to Michael, but the thing he needed right now was to be left alone so he could think. Right now his mind was in a complete jumble. “Why did she leave, why didn’t she say bye, did she even mean any of those things she said last night” and a whole lot of other questions were running through his head he couldn’t think straight. Michael knew Max wanted to be left alone, but he really didn’t think that he should be.

“Maxwell why are you being so stubborn?”

“Stubborn, how dare you call me stubborn when you are the one running from Maria, and afraid to admit that you love her” Max hadn’t realized how mad he was, but before he could do anything, the lamp on his desk blew up. Michael jumped back and stared at Max with wide eyes realizing maybe he should let Max come talk to him when he was ready. Max had never been this angry before. He couldn’t control what was going on inside him.

“Max calm down man” but Max couldn’t hear him, because at that moment the energy was flowing through his body so strong he had to release it. He turned toward the door and let it go. He slumped to the floor and pulled his knees to his chest and cried. Michael looked through the massive whole Max had put in the door and noticed that it went clear across the hall into Isabel’s room.

“Whoa, Max remind me to never get on your bad side, but most importantly remind me not to be here when Isabel sees that you blew her door to pieces and left a gigantic whole in her wall” he joked, trying to lessen the tension in the air. He was rewarded with a chuckle from Max. Max wiped his face an gave Michael a half smile.

“Feel better now?”

“Yeah, a little.” They both sat there in a silent agreement for a while until Max got up to repair the damage he had done, Michael got up to help him both working in silence, happy to be on good terms with each other. Soon after Michael left and Max was alone again. He laid down on his bed listening to Lifehouse - “Everything” he ran his under his pillow and pulled out the letter Liz left and opened it.

Dear Max,

How can I begin to tell you how I feel? All I want is for you not to hate me. I left without a good bye, but Max this morning when I woke up in your arms was the most incredible, amazing and wonderful feeling of my life, and I will always cherish it. Last night you made me feel alive again, I haven’t felt that way in weeks and it was all because of you. You touched me Max the way that no one will ever touch be able to do. You touch my heart, mind, body and soul. Please don’t think otherwise. I have no regrets, and I hope that there are none from you. Max I had to leave. Even though we shared something special last night, things can never be as they were before. You have a destiny Max, and you need to fulfill it. Go, be the king you were meant to be. Save your planet Max, save your people. I know you are scared Max, but Max you can do this, I know you can because I believe in you. You might not think so right now, but this is for the best, you will have a lot of things to deal with and worrying about keeping me safe shouldn’t be one of them. Max I love you, and always will, that’s why I’m going to do something I know you could never do.............I’m letting you go, letting you go for you can be who you need to be. Go to your destiny Max, if not for your planet or people Max do it for me. Do it for me so I can know that you are out there being who you are suppose to be. You will always own my heart Max. No one will ever take that from you I love you Max!

Forever yours,

Max wiped the tears from his eyes and folded the letter back up. “How did she expect him to be strong without her, she said she believed in me, but she couldn’t believe we could get through this together?” Max rolled over and closed his eyes thinking about all the things she had said to him in her letter. Unknowingly placing a shield around his heart, protecting him from ever being hurt like this again.


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Chapter 6

Florida Airport

“Parker, E. Parker.” Liz heard her name being called and looked in the direction it was coming from. She saw a tall, slightly built blonde guy about her age holding a sign with her name on it waving it around in the air. She walked up to him and introduced herself. “I’m E. Parker” she said holding out her hand. “Chris Erickson” he said shaking her hand. Chris was already taken aback by her beauty. She was lovely and had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen with hair like a waterfall. She was small, but he could tell she was high spirited. He was brought out of has gazing by her voice.
“So Chris who are you and why are you yelling my name in a crowded airport” she said with a smile?

“Your aunt didn’t want you to have to catch the taxi home, so she asked me to give you a lift and maybe show you around. I live next door to her” he smiled back at her.

“You didn’t have to do that, I’m pretty sure you have better things to do, I could’ve got a cab” she told him sincerely.

“Nonsense, it was my pleasure, plus it’s not every day that I get to spend time with a lovely lady such as yourself” he informed her, grabbing her bag and leading her to the exit. Liz followed him to the car and settled in.


“Yeah” she replied. On the ride over Liz kept thinking about her night with Max, and how incredible he had made her feel. It had hurt her deeply to leave him this morning, he looked so at peace sleeping there she didn’t want to wake him. She knew why she didn’t wake him to say good bye, it was plain and simple she was scared. She was scared that if she woke him, and looked into his eyes she would not be able to leave. She knew he needed to go on and fulfill his destiny, so she did the hardest thing she would ever have to do in her life she left him without saying good bye. She went home and cried the entire time she finished packing, praying he didn’t hate her once he woke up. She had grabbed the letter she had intended on giving him before they made love, and wrote to him her feelings, hoping that he would understand her reasoning someday. Liz was so caught up in her line of thinking she hadn’t realized that they had stopped. Chris turned to her and scrunched his brows together wondering what could have her looking so lost.
“So do I call you E, Elizabeth, Beth or my personal favorite Lizzie” he brought his lips to a teasing smile.

“On no uncertain circumstances will you be calling me E., Elizabeth. Beth, and if you dare call me Lizzie our friendship will be over before it even starts” she smiled back.

She was rewarded with a hearty laugh and lifted his hands in surrender. “Ok I give, no Lizzie, but what do you go by?”

“Liz, I go by Liz.”

“Well Liz we are here.” Liz got out and went to retrieve her bag, but Chris had already gotten it for her.

“Thank you.” Chris placed his hand on the small of her back, and she trembled at the contact, remembering all the times Max uses to do the exact same thing. They entered her aunts house and Chris proceeded to show her everything that her aunt specifically instructed jim on.
“So you want to go look around, I can show you the all the teen hot spots” he asked her, hoping she didn’t decline so he could spend more time with her.

“Thanks Chris that’s sweet of you, but I’m really tried and I just want to unpack and get settled in. Maybe later” she kindly declined him.

“All right then, later” he turned to leave and Liz followed him closing the door behind him. She quickly unpacked. The rest of her things were being shipped later on next week. She picked up the phone and dialed home.

“Crashdown, this is Jeff how, may I help you?”

“Hi daddy it’s me.”

“Liz, hi sweetheart, I’m taking it that your trip went ok”

“Yes daddy it was fine, how’s mom doing.”

“She’s doing fine, She’s right here hold on” Jeff motioned Nancy to the phone.

“Liz!” “Sweetie I miss you already” Nancy told her with tears in her eyes.
“Mom, don’t, you’re going to make me cry” Liz joked with her.

“I’m sorry sweetheart, did you get to your aunts ok.”

“Yeah, she actually sent the neighbors son Chris to pick me up, so I had no problems.”

“That’s good honey I guess we’ll let you go I know you gad a late night” Nancy informed her. Liz was a little stunned by her mothers statement. Did she know? Did she know that she had spent the night at Max’s, and hadn’t said anything? She realized that she hadn’t answered her mother yet.

“Yeah, actually I am a little tried, tell daddy I love him and you too.”

“Bye honey.”

“Bye mom.” She hung up the phone and was about to lay down when she remembered she better call Maria before she blew a gasket. Maria answered on the fourth ring.

“Hello” she answered.
“Hey Ria”

“Liz, oh my god hold on a sec ok” Maria clicked over and quickly returned back to Liz.
“Chica, what’s going on?”

“Nothing. Just calling to let you know that I made it safely. What took you so long to answer the phone?”

“I was talking to Michael” she said a little shyly.

“Oh my god Maria what’s going on? Are you two back together, I’ve only been gone for like what six hours” Liz said excitedly?

“Actually no. we were just talking. He asked me if he could call me today when he came and took Max home” as soon as she mentioned Max she regretted it.

“Max! “What do you mean he took Max home, is he all right, what happened” Liz was hysterical?

“Liz, calm down he’s fine, he was a little shocked when he came by looking for you, and then finding out that you had already left” Maria told her hesitantly.

“Oh my Maria, how is he doing now?”

“Michael said that he was doing better after he blew a hole in the wall the size of Texas.”


“Calm down, they fixed it, and he seems to be coming around.”

Liz was glad to hear this. “So he’s all right?”

“Yeah considering.” Liz was hurt by her statement, but knew Maria hadn’t meant anything by it.
“Listen, give Alex my love will you, and good luck with Michael.”

“Thanks, I love you chica, and I can’t wait to see you in two weeks, night hon.”
“Night Ria.” Liz hung up the phone with a heavy heart. She knew Max was going to be hurt, bur actually hearing about it sent chills down her spine. She laid down and didn’t even try to stop the tears from coming. She fell asleep with Max’s name on her lips.

The next two weeks went by fairly quickly. Maria and Alex were heading to Florida the next day and they were busy preparing. Michael and Max spent most of their time lodging, while Tess continued to try and worm her way in Max’s heart. She had came by nearly every day for the last two weeks hoping to catch him alone, but Michael seem to always be there. Max had asked Michael to stay over when he realized what Tess was up to. The Evans had gotten back this morning and Isabel knew something was going on with Max, but he did a good job of concealing his emotions from her.

“Hey” she said standing in his doorway.

“Hey yourself” he smiled at her.
“Can I talk to you?”

“Sure, what’s up?” Max went and sat down next to her on his bed.

“Max what’s going on, why are you blocking me “ she asked him a little sadly. “ I know something is wrong with you and I can tell it’s killing you, so why won’t you talk to me?” Isabel was on the brink of tears. While she was in California she felt his turmoil and wanted to jump on the plane and come comfort him, but every time she called he said he was fine. The entire two weeks she was there she felt his emotions, stronger then ever, but as soon as they entered the airport in Albuquerque they stopped. Max ran a shaky hand through his hair, he knew she had probably felt everything he had been going through, and he could feel how worried she was for him now. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and took a deep sigh.

“I’m sorry Is, I should have known I couldn’t hide anything from you.”

“Talk to me Max, what happen? Did things not go the way you planned with Liz?” Max debated on what to tell her so he decided to just tell her the basics.
“Liz moved to Florida.” Isabel hadn’t expected that one or the extreme emotions that crashed into her coming from Max.
“Oh my god Max when, what happened?” Max proceeded to tell her what happened, leaving out the part about them being intimate. By the time he was finished they both were in tears. Isabel knew Max was still holding something back, but she was glad he was confiding in her again. She decided to change the subject. “So what about this destiny thing” she asked.

“Well I was waiting for you to get back. Nasedo will be here later to discuss some plans if you’re up to it.”
“Will Maria and Alex be joining us” Isabel was hoping Alex would be there, she really missed him? She had met a couple of nice guys in California, but none of them made her feel as special as Alex did. Max saw the hope in her eyes, and hated to be the one to break the news to her. “No, Alex and Maria are probably at home packing, they’re leaving for Florida in the morning, so it will just be the five of us. Isabel’s face fell, but she quickly covered it and went on to tell Max about all the things had done in California.

That evening the pod squad and Nasedo were discussing strategy plans. “ how will we know our enemies” Isabel asked. She really hated having to look over her shoulder everywhere she went.
“You won’t recognize them physically, but like your mother said you will recognize the evil within” Nasedo told them. Nasedo looked around the group in front of him, even though they were the essence of the royal four, they knew nothing of their past or how to protect themselves. He figured he had a lot to teach them, and probably not enough time to teach them since they let off those orbs. He had disassembled the Special Unit the first couple of weeks he was there, so he now had time to teach them what they needed to know. He looked around the group and critique them individually.

His eyes landed on Isabel. She was nothing like Vilandra, she had a softer side to her and he hoped that didn’t get in her way when it was time for battle. He had witness her powers when she dreamed walked Max, but did she even know the capabilities she held. He hoped by the time he finished with her, she would be at her full potential. Next came Michael. Michael was every bit of Rath. He had a temper and sometimes couldn’t control his powers. Michael was solider, and he has tapped into only half of his abilities. He looked to his left at Tess. Tess was what he believed to be the strongest in the power department. He knew what she was capable of because he had raised and trained her. Just look at what she had done when they rescued Max. His eyes landed on his king. Now he has never witness Max’s powers and had only heard about him using them to save that human Liz. King Zan was strong, probably the strongest king that ruled, even stronger then his father. Everything King Zan did, he put his best forward. Everyone loved him and hated him. No one dared to question him for the fear of his wrath. Everyone was so shocked when Kivar overthrew King Zan and the Royal house, because he was always so well protected. No one knew that Vilandra would betray her family for love, only to have Kivar kill her family and her. He shook his head at the memory. He focused again on Max. He couldn’t quite put his finger on Max yet. He knows that he showed signs of a born leader, but he didn’t know what capabilities he carried. Nasedo did know one thing, and that was that the four of then together at their fullest potential were a force to be reckon with.

“What about this destiny thing, where we really meant to be together” this coming from Michael who was asking the question they all wanted an answer to, but was afraid to ask? Max had remained silent throughout the entire meeting just letting it all sink in. He had raised his eyes at the question Michael had asked, because he wanted to know also. Nasedo looked at the faces before him and knew that they all wanted explanations regarding their destiny.

“When you were on Antar you were indeed together” he looked at the shocked look on Max, Michael and Isabel’s face and knew they were taking this hard. He glanced at Tess and saw her smirk. He knew what he was about to tell them was going to either please them or destroy them.

“King Zan and Queen Ava were married a week before Kivar raided the palace. Princess Vilandra was arranged to marry Commander Rath, but she was already in love with Kivar, and he had her so brainwashed she would do anything for him , even letting him into the palace” he saw all eyes land on Isabel, and she was shaking her head in disbelief. Max was staring at Isabel trying to get her to look at him so he could tell her that she isn’t Vilandra, but she wouldn’t even look at him. Nasedo continued knowing they needed to hear this “Ava and Zan were married only for political reasons” he turned to look at Tess, and just as he expected she blew a gasket.

“What do you mean it was political, you told me we were in love, you told me that once we found them that we were going to be together and I was going to take the throne as his wife and queen” Tess was fuming.

“Tess, yes I told you that you were meant to be together, but I also told you that you all were to be together in this life as a unit. As a complete unit you are the strongest. You never listen to me Tess yes, you were married on Antar, and yes you are destined to be together” he purposely looked at Max. Michael and Isabel looked at each other and sighed.
Tess sat back in her chair, and begin smiling. She knew Max had heard this and maybe now he would finally have to except his destiny.

“On Antar marriages were arranged in hopes of bring the two families and planets together and strengthen their resources. Queen Ava’s family came from the planet Varin. They had one of the most powerful armies around except for the Royal house. Kin Zan’s father believed that the bonding of the families would bring great benefits to both planets” Nasedo watch their faces as he continue his story “ there was a prophet foretold that the King and his mate would produce and heir so powerful that under his ruling he would unite the 5 planets of our galaxy and everything will flourish under his ruling.” Nasedo saw Max visible flinched at this information, but he continued to inform them of their past “now there was a group of rebels from Que’sar who’s king was Kivar who believed that his planet should be in charge and Kivar set out to destroy King Zan before the prophet could come true, and with the help of Vilandra he brought the Royal house down exactly one week after King Zan and Queen Ava bonded, taking over the throne and enslaving all Antarians and their following planets. A group of scientist had gathered the Royal fours essence and combined them with human DNA , and sent them here to earth, hoping , praying that one day they would return and free them from the hands Kivar” he paused to let them digest everything “Kivar learned about what the scientist did to late, because the ship had already sent, so he sent a group of his soldiers after them to destroy the ship. They managed to damage the ship, but not completely destroy it causing it to crash here in Roswell, and the rest you know” he finished up waiting for the loads of questions that he knew was coming, but they never came instead they all just stood there with blank expressions. Nasedo left them with their thoughts and told them he would get with them to help develop their powers. They all sat around wondering about the things Nasedo had said. They were brought back by knocking at the door. Isabel went to answer it, and was greeted with the sight of Alex and Maria. She began to smile brightly at him.

“Hey can we come in” Maria asked? Isabel stepped aside to allow them entrance.

“What are you two doing her” Tess as crudely?

“If you must know missy we were invited” Maria said stepping in her face.

“By who, this doesn’t concern you humans, you shouldn’t be here” Tess was already pissed because of what Nasedo had told them, and she was ready to give it to anyone at that moment.
Michael stood up and walked in between them and glared at Tess.

“This is my place, and I invite who ever I damn well please. They have been there for us a lot longer then you have, so they have earned the right to be here. If you don’t accept them then you cab leave right now!” Michael was furious with her because every since she arrived, she has torn the group apart. Everyone was stunned at Michael speech, because everyone knew that Michael didn’t show his feelings so him saying those things meant that he was finally excepting Alex and Maria into their group. Tess stared at him with her mouth open trying to up with something, anything to fire back at him , and for the second time she grabbed her bag and stormed out. The room was silent, that was until Alex broke it. “Man, Michael I love you to” he said pulling Michael into a hug. Michael pushed Alex off him and rolled his eyes everyone in the room bust out laughing.

“Man, that felt good” Maria said. Everyone agreed. It did feel good to be together and laugh without all the tension surrounding them. Max looked around the group and smiled, everyone in this room he consider family. Michael and Isabel for the obvious reasons, but Alex and Maria had gain a special place in his heart and like Michael and Isabel he would not let anything happen to them. The only thing was that this family was missing one person.........Liz.
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Chapter 7

Florida-Friday Afternoon

Liz and Chris were just getting back from the beach. He was going to take her to the airport to pick up Alex and Maria.

“So are you excited”Chris asked her? He had fallen for Liz hard, and he tried to spend as much time with her as possible.

“Oh my god yes, Maria you are going to love, and Alex, Alex is the funniest guy I know” she was practically jumping up and down in front of him, and he couldn’t resist. He pulled her to him and kissed her. Liz was taken aback by the kiss and as soon as she realized what was going on she pulled away quickly. Chris stared at her for a moment and watched her face. Liz was shocked. She didn’t know what to say.

“Wh....what was that?”

Chris stepped closer to her and she stepped back. “Liz I’m sorry if I upset you, but I couldn’t help it. Liz I....I can’t stop thinking about you.” Liz’s head was spinning, she didn’t know he felt that way about her.

“Chris I....I can’t.” She really didn’t want to hurt his feelings, but she didn’t feel that way about him. She just needed a friend right now.

“Chris I’m sorry, but I’m not ready for a relationship with anyone right now” she saw the disappointment on his face and immediately felt bad.

“I’m sorry Liz” Chris didn’t want to push her into anything, fo if he had to wait until she was ready he would wait.

“It’s ok, still friends?” Chris looked at her smile, and couldn’t help but smile, her smile was contagious.

“Yeah always.” They got cleaned up and went to pick up her friends.

“Lizzzzzzie” Maria shouted! She ran up and hugged Liz so tight she taught she was going to burst.

“Maria, I can’t breathe” Maria released her, but linked her arms with Liz’s.

“Liz, I’ve missed you sweetie” Alex said giving her a hug. Alex looked and noticed Chris standing behind Liz.

“You must be Chris” extending his hand to Chris “I’m Alex, and that squealer over there would be Maria “Hurricane” Deluca. Liz has told us all about you, and let me personally thank you for watching out for my girl” he said pulling Liz to his side.

“It’s nice to meet you both, and it was my pleasure taking care of Liz” he stated pinning Liz with a look that made her lower head.

“Are we ready to go” he asked them, but was staring directly at Liz?

“Um, yeah” she replied. Maria noticed the look Chris had given Liz, and the slight tension between them. She decided to question Liz on it later.

They arrived back at her aunts and settled in. “I’m hungry” Alex said.

“You’re always hungry” Maria told him flippantly. Liz laughed at their bickering and Chris was sitting across from her and was watching how her face lit up when she laughed. Maria had seen the way Chris looked at Liz, and knew something was up.
“So Chris where’s your girlfriend, I know a hot guy like yourself has them beating down your door” she asked innocently. Chris’ head snapped up at her question and then stared at Liz.

“I don’t have a girlfriend” he told her. Liz stiffened at question and lowered her head. Maria saw this and immediately pulled Liz out her seat and back to her room.

“Ok what’s going on between you two?” Liz snapped her head up and spoke defensively. “There’s nothing going on between us.”

Maria eyed her suspiciously. “Oh no you don’t, I see the way he looks at you, and something happened between you because there is so much tension between you two, you can cut it with a knife.

Liz buried her head in her hands and sunk down on her bed. “God Maria, he kissed me earlier right before we came to you guys, but I told him that I wasn’t interested.”

“So what’s the problem, why do you seem like you feel guilty about it, did you like it?”

“It was such a shock I really didn’t have time to analyze it.” Maria really didn’t understand what was happening, she knew Liz couldn’t have feelings for Chris, but why did she act as if she did something wrong, he kissed her, and then it hit her.

“You feel like you betrayed Max don’t you?” Liz nodded her head.

“I could never be with anyone but Max, and I don’t want to be, but somehow I feel like I must have given Chris some sign that I felt something for him, and if I did what does that say about my feeling for Max. I’m I not really in love with him. I’m so confused” Liz was rambling and Maria grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her.

“Chica, listen to me I know you love Max, that’s why you left. You didn’t do anything. Chris probably picked up the wrong signals. You were probably being your friendly self, and he turned it into infatuation” Maria smiled at her.

“Thanks, Ria.”

“Feel better now.”

“Yeah” Liz hugged Maria and they headed back to living room finding Alex sitting there alone eating a bag of chips.

“Were’s Chris” Maria asked?

“He said something about running to the store for his mom. He told me to tell you guys if we wanted to do something tomorrow to let him know” Alex said, stuffing a handful of chips in his mouth. They spent the rest of the evening catching Liz up on Roswell’s latest and enjoying just being together again.

Over the next three weeks Maria, Alex and Liz were enjoying the sunny beaches of florida and all of its attractions. Chris would accompany them sometimes, but he found it difficult to be around Liz know she didn’t feel the same way he did about her. She tried to make him feel better by inviting him to go along with them, but he couldn’t take it just yet.

The pod squad, along with Nasedo spent all their free time developing their powers and coming up with plans for when they came across their enemies. Nasedo was impressed on how fast they picked up things. The one that amazed him the most was Max. Max’s powers were extraordinary. He could see King Zan in him finally. He remembers just last week when they had been training and he learned just some of what Max was capable of.........

~~~~”You need to concentrate Max” Nasedo snapped at him.

“I am concentrating, what the hell do you think, this isn’t easy” Max returned angrily!

“It could be if you focus more on what I said, and stop thinking about Liz” Nasedo knew that, that would set him off, but he just didn’t realize how much. Max had turned to the rocks Nasedo had instructed him to move, and felt the energy flowing through his blood, but instead of moving the small rocks Max picked up two huge boulders of the desert floor and sent them crashing into each other causing the air around them to crackle. Max then turned to Nasedo and grabbed him by the shirt collar.

“Don’t you ever mention Liz’s name again that way do you understand me, I’m through for day” Max said through tight lips? He waited on Nasedo to nod then he released him, turned and walked to his jeep. Isabel was frighten, she had never seen Max like that before. Michael on the other hand had seen Max like this once before, and decided to stay clear of him for a while. Nasedo stared after Max, and thought maybe he underestimated him.~~~~~~~~~~

Nasedo pulled up to the clearing they had been training and just sat there watching them join together like he had taught them. They were staring to become the Royal four he remembered. They were strong, but not as strong as they would be if he could get Max and Tess to produce and heir. He watched as Tess and Max linked hands and concentrated on combining their energy. He watch the blue energy pass between them and explode with power, Isabel and Michael did the same and combined their with Max and Tess and then the entire energy changed to a deep orange color. He smiled to himself things were coming along just fine. He’ll have to keep pushing Max on the importance of him bonding with Tess. He sat back watching the rest of their section.

It was Thursday morning and Alex and Maria were leaving later on that evening. Liz jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom barely making it to the toilet before she started throwing up. Maria had heard Liz get up and went to see what was going on.

“Liz, hon are you ok?” Liz was hugging the toilet trying to recover, but as soon as she was about to answer Maria she threw up again. Maria came and kneeled down beside her and pulled her hair back. By this time Alex was up, and standing at the bathroom door. Liz stayed by the toilet until she was sure she had brought up everything in her stomach. Alex handed her a cold towel and stared at her.

“Thanks” she replied with a grateful smile.

“Chica, what’s wrong, did you get a hold of some bad fish last night. I knew that fish smelled funny” Maria asked? At the mention of fish Liz threw up again. After she finished she place the open towel on her face.

“No. I didn’t even eat anything last night. I was feeling kind of queasy all day so I decided to skip dinner” Liz laid her head back on the tub and sighed. “What is wrong with me?”

Alex, being a guy asked the question before he could stop himself. “Are you cramping?” Both girls glared at him.
“How come if something is wrong with one of us you automatically think it has something to do with our periods” maria asked him angrily? Alex threw up his hands and exited out of the bathroom “sorrry.”

“Men” Maria said. Liz was to busy trying to get off the floor when she register their conversation. She ran into the kitchen startling Alex and Maria both.

“What, what’s wrong” Maria said while she and Alex stared at her. Liz was flipping pages on the calendar and let out a loud gasp.

“Nooo....” Alex aanf Maria were starting to get worried.

“Liz, sweetie what’s wrong?”

“This can’t be happening , nooo...” Liz sunk down to the floor and pulled her knees to her chest and rocked back and forward. Alex and Maria went to sit on either sides of her.

“Liz talk to us honey you’re scaring us” she was sitting there, pale as a ghost , rocking back and forwards. Alex looked at Maria and she shrugged her shoulders. They sat there for what seemed like forever before Liz finally broke the silence.

“I haven’t gotten my period this month” she said softly. Maria and Alex were still confused. Liz never had a regular period, so why was she so frantic. Liz so filled them in.

“Th...that evening that I went to Max’s, we talked about things and he told me how much we belonged together, and I kept telling him to follow his destiny, and before I knew what was happening he kissed me, and one thing lead to another, a....and we made love” she told them through her tears. Both Maria and Alex gasped, finally understanding what had her so upset. Alex pulled her into his lap and she begin to cry uncontrollably. Maria was hysterical. She jumped up and paced the room.

“Liz how could you not tell me.......your best cone you guys didn’t use can’t be pregnant........oh my go are you going to tell Max.........” Maria was rambling on and on until Alex called after her.

“Maria!” He looked at her and she met his eye. He looked at her and then down at Liz’s crying form in his lap. Maria immediately dropped to her knees in front of Liz.

“I’m so sorry chica, forgive me I shouldn’t have said those things . I’m her for you babe.” Liz smiled at her a laid her head back on Alex’s chest. A few minutes later Alex picked Liz up and carried her to her room.

“Liz, honey are you sure, maybe you’re just having one of your months were you skip” Alex asked her, hoping that, that was the case?

“I don’t know, what else would explain me throwing up and the queasy feeling I’ve been having lately?”

“Tell you what I’ll have Chris run me to the drugstore, and I will pick you up a pregnancy test ok?” Liz nodded her head “Alex don’t mention this to him please.”

“I won’t” Alex told her. He got up, got dressed and went to find Chris. Maria sat down on the bed next to Liz. Liz was scared what was she going to do if she was pregnant? Maria laid down and spooned her. “It’s going to be ok Lizzie, Alex and I will be here for you no matter what ok” she felt Liz nos against her? They both closed their eyes praying everything was going to be ok. When Alex returned he found them asleep. Maria was still holding Liz as if protecting her from harm. He taught about what was going on, and ran a shaky hand through his hair. Pregnant, what if Liz was pregnant, what about her parents and most importantly how was she going to tell Max. Maria and he was scheduled to leave this evening, but he knew Liz didn’t need to be alone right now if the test did come back positive. He picked up the phone and called the airport to reschedule their flight until Monday evening, he then called both of their parents and informed them that they were staying a couple of more days then planned.

As he was hanging up the phone Maria and Alex walked into the room. “Hey sleepy heads” he greeted them.

“Hey” they said together. Alex handed Liz the bag, and she took it and went into the bathroom. Ten minutes later she emerged from the bathroom with tears running down her cheeks. Alex and Maria ran up to her and enveloped her into a group hug.

“We’ll get through this together” Maria told her.

“Yeah we are here for you no matter what” Alex told her squeezing them tight. Liz was stuck, the test said to wait five minutes for the results, but as soon as she finished peeing on that damn stick, the plus sign popped up big as day mocking her. She welcome the warmth and security that Alex and Maria was giving her. She closed her eyes and wondered how her parents were going to take the news, but the one person she was scared to tell was Max. How would he react after she left him the way she did. She pushed all thoughts from her head and sunk into Maria and Alex trying to disappear completely.

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Chapter 8

Monday came to quick for Liz’s liking, she had just gotten bac from dropping Alex and maria off at the airport with promises of calling them if she needed anything. She saw the blinking light of the answering machine and went to push the button while she got undressed to take a bath.

“Liz, honey this is mom. I just wanted you to know that your father and I are coming down for a convention this weekend and we will be seeing you soon. Love you bye.” Liz sighed and walked into the bathroom and wondered how exactly was she going to tell her parents about the baby. She was staring at herself in the mirror. “It’s funny, but I don’t feel any different” she said to herself she went on to think about what this pregnancy would hold in store for her, she couldn’t actually go to the doctor if something went wrong. Liz placed her hand across her flat stomach, wishing that Max was there holding her, telling her that everything would be ok. Before Liz knew what was happening there was a connection made. Liz felt like she was floating in water and watched the different colors floating around her. She was so fascinated by the colors she barely heard the tiny voice in her head.
“Mommy, look at all the pretty colors.” Liz turned to her left and saw a little boy about three years olds standing there. He had dark brown hair, with bangs that fell over his eyes and ears that stuck out from under his hair exactly like Max’s. she watched as he moved his hands across the air and the colors followed his every movement.

“Do it again!” Liz snapped her head around so fast, she could have gotten whiplash. There standing behind her was a little girl the same age as the boy, clapping her hands and jumping up and down. She had long brown hair also, but she held a striking resembles to Isabel and Max together.

“Mommy make him do it again” the little girl whined. They both ran up and stood in front of her, Liz kneeled down before them and had tears running down her face.

“Don’t cry mommy” they both said. The little boy raised his hand and cupped her cheek brushing the tears away, the same way Max did. Liz pulled them into a hug, and they sat there for a moment before the little girl spoke.

“We have to go mommy, we’re getting tried” they got up and joined hands and walked away. Before they disappeared completely she saw two embryos about four months into gestation, and then the connection broke. Liz stared in the mirror and was crying. She caressed her stomach. “My babies, mommy loves you both” she told them. She removed her hand and saw the faint glow of the two tiny hand prints. She stepped into the tub and welcomed the feeling of peace she had, knowing that growing inside her were her babies that were created from the love of her and Max. Even though she could never be with Max, he had given her the most precious gift in the world to fill the void in her heart. She closed her eyes trying to bring back the images of her son and daughter.

Maria and Alex arrived at the airport and were greeted by Michael and Isabel.

“Hey guys, what are you doing here” asked Alex? It wasn’t that he didn’t want them there, but it’s just that he was surprised.

“We thought you guys would rather ride with friends instead of a crappy old cab” Isabel smiled at them, the truth was she wanted any excuse to see Alex again. So when she had ran into Ms. Deluca at the store she had told her when Alex and Maria were do back. She had offered to give them a ride so Ms. Deluca didn’t have to leave her store unattended. Michael had also jumped at the chance to see Maria again, having not seen her in three weeks.

“Were are your bags” Michael asked Maria? Maria was taking in the sight of him, and feeling all the stress with Liz and the groups separation crashing into her she flung her arms around Michael waist and sighed deeply. Michael was surprised to say the least. They had talked a couple times on the phone while she was away, and they were getting along better then ever. He wrapped her in his big arms and held her close, running his hands up and down her back. Maria loved feeling his arms around her, and she felt safe. Isabel stared at the scene with mixed emotions. She was confused about what had caused Maria’s actions, and she was sad because she wanted Alex to embrace her like that, but they have barely spoken to each other since the night they stopped by Michaels. Alex cleared his throat, and they stepped apart slightly.

“Can we get going” Alex asked them with a big smile? They went and retrieved their bags. Maria was still clinging to Michael as they climbed into the back sit, and he welcomed her with open arms. They dropped Alex off first. Isabel got out and walked him to his door.


“So why don’t you come by Michael tomorrow, we’re all are going to just hang out and order pizza. You can tell us all about your trip” Isabel asked him nervously.

Alex was jumping for joy on the inside. Did she really want to spend time with him? Granted the whole group would be there, but at least she was asking.

“Yeah, sure I would like that.” Isabel was ecstatic. She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

“Goodnight Alex.”
“Night Isabel” he turned and went inside. Isabel walked to the jeep with a little more pip in her step. She noticed that maria and Michael were still sitting cozy together. Maria had dozed off and Michael was stroking her arm. Michael met Isabel eyes and gave her a shrug and a little smirk. Isabel was happy for Michael, she hoped that they worked everything out, because she has noticed the change in Michael and knew Maria was the cause of it.

She pulled up in front of Maria’s, and waited on Michael to walk her to her door. Michael was looking at maria out the corner of his eye while he walked her to her door.

“What” she asked him?

“What, what” he asked her?

“Why do you keep looking at me like you want to ask me something, why don’t you ask me already” she said turning toward him?

Michael stared at the ground “what was that back at the airport and the ride over here?”

“What was what” she asked him innocently?

“I mean what happened, what has gotten you so stressed out”he stared at her, trying to search her eyes for any clue.

Maria fidget with her hand bag. She couldn’t tell him about Liz, because she had made Alex and her promise not to tell anyone about the pregnancy, especially the pod squad. She decided to tell him how she felt.

“I...I just miss you” she told him, which wasn’t a lie. She really did miss him. Michael was stunned at her admission. He could tell she wasn’t just talking about missing him on her trip, she actually missed him period. He grabbed her and kissed her. He pulled back and stuffed his hands in his pockets.

“I miss you to” he said shyly. Maria smiled brightly. Maybe, just maybe she was breaking down his stone wall brick by brick.

“Uh, um listen the rest of us are planning to hang out at my place tomorrow” Michael hoped that she got the meaning.

“I’ll be there” she said. Michael leaned over and kissed her one more time.

“Night Maria.”

“Night Michael.” Michael jumped into the passengers side of the jeep, trying to advert his eyes from Isabel’s questioning look.
“Quit staring at me” he snapped at her. Isabel shifted the jeep into gear smiling to herself knowing Michael was finally accepting his feelings for Maria.

“Max!” no answer “Max!” Isabel called after him. She had just gotten back from dropping Michael off.

“I’m out back Is” he called to her.

“Hey, what are you doing” she asked him?

“Nothing, just watching the sky.”

“Looking for anything in special, like maybe our planet” she joked with him?

“Yeah” he said staring at the sky. Isabel looked at him and noticed he was serious. She sat down beside him, and waited on him to confide in her. Max took a deep breath, and ran his hands down his face.

“Do you ever wonder what it’s like up there” he asked her?

“Sometimes, sometimes I wonder what our planet looks like or what our family was like, but the main thing I wonder about is what would happen if they ever came back for us.”

“Would you go” he asked her?

“I don’t know, a part of me wants to know what it’s like, but earth, this is my home, it’s the only home I know. How can I leave it for a planet I don’t even remember” she told him sadly?

“What about you, would you go?”

“I don’t know, maybe” he leaned over and rested his elbows on his knees “I mean Nasedo keeps telling me how the only way to truly defeat our enemies is if I mate with Tess and produce and heir.”

Isabel stared at him dumbfoundly “he what!”

“Yeah, he told me more about the prophecy earlier when you were gone” he paused trying to collect his thoughts before he continued “apparently this heir will develop all of our powers combined, making him stronger then the four of us put together” he watched her eyes grow wide “when Antarians are conceived they are born with little powers, they have to grow into the, but my heir will have his full powers upon conception.”

“Wow” was all Isabel could manage over the shock.

“I know, Nasedo says that the gestation period for Antarian pregnancies only last one month, because our development is that much faster and advanced then humans.”

“So once this heir is conceived, what, will he be considered the King” she asked him trying to sort all this out.

“No, that responsibility still lies on me. The prophet states that we four together are strong enough to overthrow Kivar, but with the heir, his powers will multiple ours ten times over.” Isabel stared at Max long and hard. She knew he was still upset about the whole Liz thing, but he never talked or mentioned her. Probably because it was still and open wound to him, she guessed.

“Max” she placed a hand on his shoulder “would you leave, I mean do you want to go” she asked him?

“I don’t know. I feel the same way you do about earth. It’s the only home I’ve known, but at the sane time I’m the King of another planet, and they are depending on me to save them from Kivar” he sighed. Isabel could tell he was struggling with a decision, but she could also sense what his answer to her next question was going to be.

“Max,.....would you go” she asked him, staring at him with bated breath.

Max stared at her and decided there was no reason to lie to her “yes.”

Isabel’s heart almost stopped beating. She didn’t want to leave earth or her family and yes Alex.
“What if I don’t want to go” she asked him?

“I wouldn’t expect you to go, I know how much you love it here, and I know how much you love mom and dad. Granted I love them and would miss them, but there’s nothing else left her for me” he told he sadly.

“I’m here Max” she stated sadly “what about Michael and I we’re here, you would just leave us for a planet you don’t even remember” she cried to him?

Max could feel she was hurt by this, and he stood up pulling her into a hug. She was crying hard, she didn’t want to lose him, and if he left she would go with him, even if it meant leaving everything she loved, because he was her brother and she couldn’t live without him.

“Izzy, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry” he pulled back brushing the tears off her cheeks “hey, look it was just a hypothetical question, I’m not going any where no time soon” he rubbed her back, smoothing her fears away.

“I just can’t lose you Max” she stifled.

“Hey you won’t lose me.”

“But I, you’re wrong Max I have lost you. You’re different, you block your emotions from me and you won’t tell me what else is bothering you, I miss my brother Max” she told him breaking down again.

Max hugged her tighter “Isabel I’m sorry, it’s just that the things I’m going through right now are better handled by myself first before I can express them to you. Can you give me some time” he pleaded with her?

“Promise me that if it becomes too much to handle alone, that you’ll come to me.”

“I promise” he kissed her forehead. “Come on I think mom and dad are back” he grabbed her hand and lead her inside.

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Chapter 9

The following evening they were all sitting around at Michael listening to Alex and Maria recall their trip to Florida,

“.....and then Chris took us to this cool spot were all the tees from his old school hang out” Maria was telling them about all the cool places they visited.

“Who the hell is Chris” Michael asked, with jealousy rearing its ugly head. Maria smiled, she knew he was jealous and she liked it.

Alex decided to fill them in “Chris lives next door to Liz, and he graduated from the high school she will be attending. He’s a great guy. He took us were ever we wanted to go” before Alex could stop himself “although I believe he would do just about anything for Liz.” Maria elbowed him in the ribs.

“Ow” Maria glared at him and looked at Max. Alex mumbled an apology, and Maria tried to change the subject.

“So how’s the training going?”

“Great” they all said simultaneously. At the mention of Liz’s name Max had closed his eyes and remembered the last time they were together. He could still feel her body underneath his and the way she tasted. When he heard Alex’s comment about Chris and Liz he immediately became overcome with jealously. Tess watched Max’s reaction to the mention of Liz’s name, and saw him close his eyes. “What is it with Liz, what does she have that I don’t” she thought to herself? There was a knock on the door.

“Pizzas here, everyone antsy up” Michael ordered them. Everyone paid there half, and they proceeded to eat and talk about nothing and everything the rest of the night.


“God Max you scared me” Tess said trying to calm her nerves.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to, what are you doing out her by yourself” everyone had left michaels, and Max had stayed behind to help him clean up. He wasn’t ready to go home, because he had a lot on his mind, so he decided to let Isabel take the jeep home and he went for a walk to clear his head. Every since Alex had mentioned this Chris guy he couldn’t stop thinking about him and Liz. Did she move on, could she have forgotten about me that quick? Then he got to thinking about what she had written in her letter about him going to his destiny and being the King she knew he could be. Did she really want him to be with Tess? Max realized he was in the park when he came across Tess sitting on the park beach.

“Nothing, I was just sitting here thinking, what about you what are you doing here” she asked him.

“The same, just walking trying to clear my head”

“Here, sit down, maybe we” she told him. Max sat down next to her, and she smiled at him. Tess was happy that he was at least being civil to her.

“So, what’s on your mind” he asked her?

“Everything” she joked with him.

“Care to elaborate” he asked her with a half smile?



“Can I ask you a question” she asked him?

Max wasn’t sure, but he could tell she needed to talk. “Um, yeah go ahead.”

“Do you ever think about our home, I mean do you ever wonder what we were like back then?”

“To be honest with you Tess, I never really taught about it until you and Nasedo came around, but lately I’ve been think about it a lot, why do you ask?”

“It’s’s just that I know that you think that I came here to ruin your life and everyone around you.......”

“I don’t think that Tess” he told her.

“Yes you do, you all do, and I don’t blame you. I did come in here demanding what I was told all my life was mine” she said with a defeated sigh “Nasedo has always told me that I was the queen of Antar, and that one day we would find you guys and that you and I would be together like before, but he never told me that once I got here you or them would never accept me” she turned her head trying to hide the tears falling from her eyes.

Max looked at her in a different light. All this time he had her out to destroy everything he had here on earth, but the truth was she was only doing those things because that’s what she had been taught all her life. That she was the queen and he was the king, and once she found him he would welcome her with open arms. He scooted closer to her and wrapped his arms around her shoulder.

“Hey don’t cry.........look I know that we,.....I have said some pretty mean things to you, and I’m sorry. I’ll never really consider your feelings and the things you were brought up thinking none of us have and I sorry for that.”

“Don’t be, I can only image you thinking you had the perfect life, and someone comes along and tries to take that from you.”

“Yeah, it was something.”

“Look Max, I know we’re suppose to be together with this whole destiny thing, but I don’t want you to hate me for driving Liz away” she saw the pained look in his eyes and knew that Liz was still a sore spot for him.

“I don’t hate you Tess it’s just........I don’t really know you. All I know is that you were once my wife, and I’m suppose to bond with you to produce an heir to save our planet, how is a guy suppose to accept all of this?” She sat there in silence thinking about all he had said.

“Can I ask you a question now?”


“Can you honestly tell me that you love me” he asked her?

“I....I don’t know. I don’t know how I feel. Maybe I’m in love with the fairy tale Nasedo has been feeding me all this time. But to answer you question Max, like you I really don’t know you all that well to say yes or no” she answered him truthfully.

“Tell you what, why don’t we take it slow and get to know each other as friends first ok.”

“Yeah. I would like that” she said with a big smile.

“Well why don’t you let a friend walk you home” he asked her, standing and reaching for her hand.

“Thank you Max....for you know...” she waved her hand around absently.

“That’s what friends are for” he smiled at her. They walked together in silence, wondering what the future held for them.

Thursday night Liz was preparing dinner when there was a knock at the door. She opened it, and standing there was Chris. She hadn’t seen Chris in almost two weeks, so she was a little surprised to see him.

“Hey’ he said to her. He was nervous about being there, because he has been avoiding her for the past two weeks. He couldn’t hang around with the feelings for her still so strong.

“Hey yourself, come in” she stepped aside and let him in.


“So, where have you been, I’ve missed your company” she smiled at him. There it was, the smile he has been dreaming about for the past two weeks. Chris was beginning to think that coming over here was a bad idea.

“I just wanted to see how you were doing, you know......”

“Thanks, I was just sitting down for dinner, care to join me” she asked him?

“Sure, what are you having?”

“Spaghetti” Chris sat down at the table across from her, and retrieved his own plate, following her lead. He watched her raise her fork and take a bite of her food. He noticed her face frown up, and wondered what was wrong.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know, maybe the sauce is bad.” Chris took a bite of his food.

“It tastes fine to me.”

“I don’t know, maybe it’s missing something” she got up and went to the cabinet searching for something, anything to make it tastes better. Her eyes fell on the bottle of Tabasco sauce and her stomach growled. She grabbed the bottle and sat back down, pouring the entire contents on her Spaghetti. Chris watched her, and felt like throwing up.

“Damn Liz you’re eating like my sister did when she was pregnant” he joked with her. He noticed her go pale. She couldn’t be, could she, he thought to himself?

“Liz?” She looked down at her plate.

“ you.......are you pregnant” he asked her?

Liz pushed the food around on her plate, trying to avoid his questioning eyes.

“Liz?” she looked at him “are you?”

“Yes” Chris’ heart dropped to his stomach. “No wonder she wasn’t ready for a relationship, apparently she was in one already. She saw the hurt look and felt bad. She wasn’t sure if he still felt anything for her, but the look in his face said that he did.

“Where’s the father” Chris wanted to know? How could he not be here with her? Tears came to her eyes and she got up and ran to her room. Chris cursed himself for making her cry. He got up and went to her room.

“Liz, can I come in?”

“Yeah” came her muffled answer. She was lying on her bed with her head buried in her pillow. He sat down on the edge of the bed and rubbed her back.

“I’m sorry Liz I didn’t mean to upset you” he told her.

She turned over on her back and sighed “it wasn’t you Chris, it’s just that when you asked about the babies dad it brought back some memories.”

“Want to talk about it?”

“It’s just.....”



“Does he know?”


“Are you going to tell him,” even though it was killing him to say this he did anyway “he needs to be here with you, taking care of you” Chris stroked her hand.

“He can’t, he’s better off not knowing” Chris could tell there was something else behind this story, but decided to let her come to him.

“What about your parents, how did they take the news?”

“They don’t know yet, they’ll be here tomorrow and I might as well get it over with.”

“It will be all right’ je said, pulling her into a hug. He stayed with her until she fell asleep. He got up and cleaned the kitchen and went home, vowing to be there for Liz and this baby no matter what.

“Lizzie!” Nancy screamed while pulling her daughter into a hug. Jeff wrapped his arms around them both.

“Hi mom, dad I’ve missed you.”

“We’ve missed you to honey” Jeff told her.

“Come on lets go so we can get caught up on all the things you’ve been getting into” Nancy said pulling them to the entrance.

After they ate dinner they were sitting around the living room talking about everything that was going on in Roswell and Liz informed them about all she has been up too. She decided now or never.

“Mom, dad I .......” she was cut off by someone knocking at the door. Jeff got up and opened it.

“Um, hi I’m Chris” he extended his hand to the older gentlemen.

“Chris, hey come in. Liz has told us all about you and let me personally thank you on behalf of my wife and I for looking out for our Lizzie” he told him.

“It was no problem Mr. Parker. I’ll do anything for Liz. Jeff noticed the cloud that came over his eyes when he said Liz’s name, and wondered what was up.

“Hi, I’m Nancy it’s nice to meet you Chris.”

“You to ma’am.”

“Hey Liz” Liz was surprised to see him, she remembered getting up this morning headed for the kitchen to clean up from last night, only to find it already done. She smiled gratefully for Chris’ help, remembering to thank him when she saw him again.

“Hey can I talk to you for a moment?”


“We’ll be right back” she called over her shoulder to her parents” Liz pulled Chris into her room and closed the door.

“I just wanted to thank you for everything last night.”

“It’s ok Liz, I meant what I told your father I would do anything for you” she blushed at this.

“So what are you doing here anyway?”

“I wanted to be here for you, I knew you were going to tell your parents tonight, and I thought maybe you needed some support” he smiled at her, rubbing her arm.

“Thank you Chris, but you don’t have to do this...........”

“No, I don’t, but I want to be her for you Liz, please let me” he pleaded with her “ let me be a friend to you Liz.”

Liz saw the pleading in his eyes and was grateful for the support. She walked to the door and turned around reaching for his hand. Chris placed his hand in hers, and together they walked out to face her parents. Both Nancy and Jeff noticed the kids come in hand in hand, and they wondered what was going on between them. Liz sat across from them and Chris sat next to her still holding her hand.

“What’s up kids” Jeff eyed them suspiciously?

“Um.....” Liz was really nervous, and was clinging to Chris’ hand like he was her lifeline. Chris noticed her nervousness, and removed his hand from hers and wrapped it around her waist stroking her hand with his other hand.

“It’s all right, I’m right here no matter what” he assured her.

“Thank you” she smiled at him. Nancy and Jeff watched the scene, and started to worry what had Liz so nervous.

“Liz, sweetheart what’s wrong, you know you can talk to us” Nancy told her. She taught maybe she wanted to come home, and was embarrassed about being homesick. Liz took a deep breath, looked at Chris and he nodded his head encouragingly. She turned to her parents and squeezing Chris’ hand so tight she was sure she had broken a bone or two she spoke.

“I’m pregnant!”

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Chapter 10

Jeff Parker has never been a violent man, but right now he was seeing red. Nancy was shocked, that was definitely not what she expected. Liz was sitting there waiting on them to say something, anything their silence was killing her. Chris rubbed her back affectionately trying to smooth her fears away. That one action prompted a reaction from Jeff, one that no one expected. Jeff had saw the way Chris was rubbing Liz’s back and he snapped. He jumped out of his seat next to Nancy, startling her, and grabbed Chris by his collar.

“How dare you touch my daughter after what you have done to her” Jeff was furious, where the hell did this boy get off touching his Lizzie, let along getting her pregnant?

“Mr. Parker I ..........” Jeff tighten his hands around hid throat.

“You stay the hell away from my daughter!”

“Jeff let him go” Nancy screamed, trying to pry his hands from the terrified boy.

“Daddy stop it” Liz pleaded with her father. Jeff turned to Liz, and with a coldness he had never used before he spoke to her.

“Sit down Liz and don’t you move!” Liz was shocked, he had never spoken to her like that before, and it hurt her. At the same time she couldn’t let him take this out on Chris.

“No, daddy let him go NOW” Liz screamed at him! Jeff stared at her, she had never disobeyed him before. He looked at her and for the first time since her announcement he noticed she was crying. He released Chris and sunk down into the nearest chair. Chris fell to his knees trying to catch his breath. Liz kneeled down and rubbed his back.

“Are you ok “ Chris could only nod his head? After she made sure he was ok she turned to her father.

“What were you thinking, you could have killed him” she asked him angrily?

“What was I thinking, what about you and him what the hell were you thinking, how do you plan on taking care of a baby when you are both kids yourself” Jeff asked her. Liz was starting to realize what was wrong with her father. He taught that Chris was the father. She went and sat on the table across from her father.

“Daddy” he raised his eyes to her “daddy, Chris isn’t the father.”

“What do you mean he’s not the father?”

“I mean just that, he isn’t the father, Chris and I are just friends. He wanted to be here to support me through this” she told him.

Jeff looked at Liz to Chris and immediately felt guilty. Liz went over to Chris and helped him up.

“Mr. Parker, I care for Liz a great deal and I wanted to be here by her side to help her get through this, no matter what” he stared at her father. Nancy already knew without asking who the father was. She wanted to talk to Liz alone.

“Chris, honey we appreciate your being here for Liz, but right now her father and I would like to speak to her alone please.” Chris looked at Liz, and she nodded it was ok.

“I understand ma’am” he turned to Liz and kissed her on the cheek “call me later ok?” she nodded her head.

“I mean it Liz, call me no matter what time, I will be waiting on your call” Chris told her, running his hand through her hair.

“I promise” she smiled at him. He turned to her parents and said his goodbyes.

Once he was gone, Nancy sat down next to Liz. “Liz, honey..........” she was trying to calm her nerves “are yo sure?”

“Yes mom I’m very sure” Liz was wringing her hands together trying to avoid her parents stares.

“Liz sweetie you need to talk to us, let us know what is going on with you. We can’t help you if you don’t talk to us” Nancy pleaded with her. Jeff was still upset.

“Nancy how can you sit there all calm when our 17 year old daughter just informed us that she is having a baby, when she can barely take care of herself” he asked her angrily?

“Jeff please, what do you want me to do, scream and shout like you’re doing, what good would that do? There’s nothing we can do now, what’s done is done, now we have to figure out what to do about it” she told him defensively? Jeff stared at his wife and then his daughter.

“I’m going for a walk!”

“Daddy please” Liz pleaded with him.

“Not now Elizabeth!” Liz knew when her father used her full name he was very, very disappointed with her, and there was no use talking to him.

Nancy stood up to try and stop him from leaving “where are you going, we need to talk this out?”

“Nancy I can’t, I need to think right now “ he said, dropping his shoulders with a defeated sigh.

“Ok, but please come back soon, she needs us, she’s still our daughter” she told him .

“I will” he turned and left with a heavy heart. Nancy turned around and saw Liz standing there crying. She rushed over to her and pulled her into a hug.

“I’m so sorry mom, I.........” she couldn’t finished form the lump in her throat.

“It’s ok Liz, every things going to be ok.”

“I’m scared mom.”

“I know sweetheart, but your father and I will be here for you “ she pulled her to the couch.

“Liz,” she waited on her to look at her “is Max the father?” Liz nodded her head yes.

“Dos he know, or is this the reason you two were apart before you left?”

“He doesn’t know” Liz said with a whisper.

“Why not honey, it’s his baby also?”

“I know this mom, it’s just I........I can’t.”

“Why not, did he force you into having sex with him” Nancy was confused, she really didn’t understand what reason Liz wouldn’t tell Max about the baby.

Liz jumped up at her mothers question “God No! Mom Max would never force me or hurt me for that matter, he loves me.”

Then why haven’t you told him yet?” Liz paced the floor, what was she suppose to tell her mother?
She couldn’t tell her about Max’s destiny or why she couldn’t tell him about the babies.

“Mom, it’s just things are confusing right now, please just trust me” she pleaded.

“Alright honey, I didn’t mean to upset you, it’s not good for the baby” she smiled at her. Liz was grateful for her mothers understanding. Nancy walked over to her and placed her hand over Liz’s stomach.

“So how far along are you sweetie?”

“Shit!” Liz thought to herself. How exactly was she going to explain this one. She knew from the connections the babies were making that they were developing extremely fast, and at the rate their growing they would probably be here bye the end of summer. She had to think fast.

“Um.......about seven months” she lied.

“Liz, honey are you sure, you’re not even showing. When I was seven months pregnant with you I was as big as a house” she asked her with concern in her voice?

“Yeah, mom I’m pretty sure about when I got pregnant” she said shyly.

“Have you been to the doctor?”

“Um, yeah..he told me that because of my size I probably won’t show until around the end of this month or so. Some women don’t even know that they’re pregnant. Mom I’m fine” she really hoped her mother brought her story.

“God I wish I was your size when I was your age” she joked with her. She hugged Liz and smooth her hair. “I can’t believe I’m going to be a grandmother” she smiled at her.

“Mom?” she took a deep breath “I really need you to promise not to confront Max about this right now I.........I need to think some things through first please” she begged her mother.

“Alright sweetheart, but I can’t promise to keep it from him forever. You need to tell him, and you need to do it soon.”

“Thanks, mom?” she paused “do you think daddy will ever talk to me again?”

“Liz baby your father loves you, he just a little upset right now. Give him time, he’ll come around” she assured her.

“I hope so.”

“It will be alright, why don’t you go and lay down while I wait on your father.” Liz kissed her mother and went to lay down.

Sometime during the night Liz got up for a drink of water when she heard a noise in the living room. She went to see what the noise was, and saw her father sitting in the recliner , crying. Jeff was sitting there thinking about all that was going on. He thought about Liz. His little Lizzie was going to be a mother. What did she know about raising a baby, and Max, wait until he sees him, he was going to wring his neck. Jeff realized who the father was once he had time to think and clear his head.

“Daddy?” Liz placed her hand on his shoulder. Jeff looked up into those big doe eyes, the same ones she use to bat at him to get him to do anything for her when she was five. Just staring at her he saw the same five year old with pigtails , crying because she fell and got a boo-boo. Now she was a women, she was about to become a mother, and he just wanted her to stay his little girl forever. He reached for the hand on his shoulder and pulled her into his lap and held her like he use to when she was his little girl. Together they cried and held on to each other. After a few minutes Liz broke the silence.

“Daddy, I’m sorry” she said with a whisper/

“It’s ok Lizzie, It’s ok.”

“I never meant for this to happen, I never meant.........”

“Liz, baby your mother was right, what’s done is done, and we are going to be here for you” he assured her, rubbing her back.

“Liz” he sat her up sightly for he could look at her.

“Yeah daddy?”

Jeff took a deep breath “I want you to come home with us.” Liz stared at him dumbstruck. She couldn’t go back now. Max would find out and she didn’t want him to feel obligated to her or the babies and forget his destiny.

“Daddy I can’t go back, I.............”

“Now Liz your mother told me that Max doesn’t know, but Liz I need you with us so we can help you and the baby” he told her.

“Daddy I ..........”

“No!” Jeff was fed up with her stubbornness. “You will be coming home with us there’s no arguing about it!” Liz stared at her father, and knew she didn’t stand a chance.

“Yes daddy,” she paused “but daddy, could you give me at least a week to get things situated?”

Jeff taught about it, and wasn’t sure if that was a good idea. “Liz sweetie, I don’t know........”

“Daddy please” she begged him. She wasn’t quite ready to face Roswell or most importantly Max, just yet.

“I tell you what I give you a week, and then you, Max your mother and I alone with his parents are going to discuss the matter at hand” he saw her about to protest “it’s either that or I will go to Max, and god help him.............”

“Ok! Daddy, just please, please don’t tell or hurt him. I want to tell him my own way daddy please.”
Jeff agreed and pulled her back against his chest, trying to savior the moment of her being in his arms as his little girl for the last time, because he knew once Max was in the picture again his little girl will be no more, instead she will be a mother to Max’s child. He hugged her tighter and cried. Nancy stood in the hallway with tears running now her face. “Every things going to be alright”she said to herself.


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Chapter 11

Over the next week Liz was on the edge. She was nervous about seeing Max again and about telling him about the babies. She had talked to Maria last night, and she recalls that conversation all to well.......

~~~~~ “I can’t believe that you’re coming home” Maria said excitedly.

“I know.....I....” Liz was scared. She was scheduled to leave out tomorrow morning.

“It will be ok chica, you know I’m here for you.”

“Thanks Ria” she paused before she continued “Maria?”

“What’s up?”

“How’s Max, I mean have you seen him?” Maria was silent. What exactly was she supposed to tell her?


“Um.....yeah, I’ve seen him?”

“How is he, is he ok?”

“ look my mom is calling me I have to go” she lied. Liz could tell she was hiding something.

“Oh no you don’t......what’s going on?”

“What are you talking about” Maria asked nervously?

“You’re hiding something so spill” Liz demanded.

“Liz, sweetie calm down, you don’t want to upset the baby” Maria tried to change the subject.


“Ok, ok this doesn’t mean anything, it’s probably innocent, maybe their just hanging..........”

“Ria!” Liz cut her off from her rambling. “Who are you talking about” Liz asked? She was confused about what Maria was talking about.

“Um,........Max and.....Tess” she said with a whisper. Liz was stunned speechless.

“Max and Tess. Max was with Tess” she silently asked herself?

“Liz?” Maria was starting to get worried, Liz hadn’t said a word since she mentioned Max and Tess. “Liz are you all right?”

“Yeah” she whispered “ I have to go finish packing, I’ll see you tomorrow” Liz hung up before Maria could reply. She ran to the bathroom and threw up.

“This is what you wanted, you wanted him to go to his destiny, you wanted him to go to...........her” she taught to herself. She went to her room and cried herself to sleep.~~~~~~~~

Now here she was landing in Albuquerque airport about to face her biggest challenge ever.......Max and his destiny.

“Lizzie!” Maria shouted. She and Alex had been waiting on her arrival.

“Hey guys, what are you two doing here” she asked, hugging them both “I taught my parents were coming?”

“They were, but the Crashdown got extremely busy, so Alex and I volunteered to come and get you” Maria pulled away from her, and gave her a quick look over.

“Oh my god Liz, we saw you two weeks ago and you weren’t even showing, now look at you” she said excitedly, placing her hand over Liz’s expanding belly.

Liz looked down at her stomach and smile. Over the last week she had noticed that the babies were getting bigger faster, which meant that they will be here soon.

“I know, it’s like one night I went to bed, and when I woke up my stomach had grew like I swallowed a basketball” she joked, rubbing her hands across her belly.

“Come on, lets get you home. We have specific instructions by your mom to bring you straight him” Alex informed her. On the ride home Liz kept thinking about what to expect when she came face to face with Max. She placed her hand on her stomach and sighed. The nest thing she knew the connection was made............

~~~~~~~~~ “Mommy, mommy look what I can do” the little girl jumped around excitedly. She picked up a rock and ran her hand over ir and changed it into a dove. Liz watched as she lifted it in the air, and it floated over to her and landed in her hand. Liz smiled at her daughter and realized that the twins carried an extreme amount of power. She turned around looking for her son.

“Where’s your brother sweetie?”

“He said he wasn’t feeling well” the little girl said sadly at her mother. Liz instantly became alarmed.

“What do you mean, is he sick” she asked concerned?

“No, he’s just sad” she whispered.

“Sad, sad why baby” the little girl lowered her head, and Liz lifted her chin and saw her tears.

“What’s wrong baby, don’t cry” Liz pulled her into her lap and stroked her hair?


“Yeah baby.”

“Who is that, and why does he make you sad” she sniffed? Liz looked up and saw an image of Max standing there. Her heart started beating faster. She hadn’t realized that they could feel her emotions.

“Honey, that man is your daddy, and he doesn’t make mommy sad’s just mommy sometimes misses him” she answered her daughter.

“Is he special like us” Liz turned to look up at her son? She pulled him into her lap.

“Yes sweetie, your daddy is special just like you, and he loves you both” she smiled at them.

“Can we see him” they both asked excitedly? Liz stared at the two raven head beauties in her lap and tears fell from her eyes. She closed them to stop the tears from coming and took a deep breath, but before she could reply the connection was broke.~~~~~~~~~~

“Liz!” Maria shook her. Alex and her had gotten worried and pulled over when she didn’t seem like she was coming out of her trance. They had noticed her crying and immediately started to panic. Liz stared at them confused.


“What! You were sitting there starring into space, and the next thing we know you’re crying. What was happening to you” Maria asked her hysterically, sniffing her cypress oil?

“Maria, calm down” Liz leaned over and shook her, shaking her head at her friends quirkiness, and smiled.

“Liz what was that” Alex asked her. Liz smiled at them. She hadn’t told them about the connections she shared with the babies. She wanted it to be something special that only she shared with them. She looked at Alex and Maria and realized they weren’t going to let this go.

“Guys I’m fine really” she waved it off.

“Fine, Liz you were crying, that’s not fine” Maria stated angrily.


“No, Liz what is this some kind of alien thing” Maria asked flippantly. She stared at Liz “it is isn’t it” she rambled. Alex just stared from Liz to Maria. Liz stared at Maria and realized that she wasn’t going to let this go.

“Yes, Maria, it’s something alien, so just let it go” Liz told her frustrated. This little bit of information only seemed to set Maria off more.

“Oh my god chica, are you ok, is carrying this baby hurting you, oh my god, oh my god...........” Liz grabbed her shoulders and shook her.

“Maria!” she stared her friend in the eyes “listen, the baby sometimes make a connection with me, and it sometimes get to emotional for me” she explained. Maria stared at her with wide eyes.

“Close your mouth Maria, before something flies in it” Alex joked with her, and Liz laughed. Maria turned around and continued back to Roswell.

“Hey kids” Diane greeted them.

“Hey mom” “hey Mrs. Evans” came the replies.

Diane looked around the group before her and smiled. Isabel and Michael were fighting over the remote. She shook her head at their teen antics. Her eyes landed on Max and Tess. She has noticed them spending a lot of time together, and wondered what was going on between them. Max always seem to be happy when he was around Phillip and her, but he didn’t think anyone knew he cried himself to sleep every night, but she knew. She knew that his smiled never reached his eyes, or that he would sometimes stare off into space as if thinking about something or someone. She watched the way he interacted with Tess, and realized just how lost he really was. Tess leaned over and whisper something in his ear. He smiled at her and lowered his head as if trying to disappear from his surroundings.

“What are you kids getting into tonight” she questioned them?

“Nothing much, we’re probably going to hang around here or Michael” Isabel told her.

“What about dinner or you guys staying here?” Isabel looked at Max, and they shared a look. Max raised his lips into a half smile. Neither one of them wanted to be subject to their mothers cooking.

“Uh, actually mom, we will most likely order pizza or swing by the Crashdown and pick something up” she told her.

“All right kids, but don’t stay out to long.”

“We won’t” they all replied. She turned and left them.

“So what are we doing tonight” Tess asked everyone.

“I don’t know what you slackers are doing tonight, but Alex and I are going stargazing” Isabel informed them.

“Um, yeah Maria and I have plans also” Michael mumbled under his breath. Max stared at him, and smiled to himself. He was happy that Michael and Maria were working things out. Even though Michael has only admitted it to him, he loves Maria. Max was happy Michael was finally showing her how he felt.

“Well I guess it’s just you and me, huh?” Tess turned to Max smiling. He shrugged his shoulders.

“I guess so” they sat around some more making idle chit chat.

Liz had made it back to the Crashdown, and had said her hello’s to her parents. Nancy was shocked to see how much Liz was showing now. Jeff could still only see her as his little girl, even though the evidence that she wasn’t was now staring him in the face. Liz, Alex and Maria headed upstairs to her room.

“So, what are we doing tonight” she asked excitedly. She was happy to be back with her friends. Alex and Maria looked at each other guiltily.

“What” she asked them?

“It’s just that we taught that you would be tried from your trip, and we taught we would let you rest” Alex told her.
“I’m fine guys, stop worrying. I’ve missed you, and I wanted to hang out like old times.”

“It’s just..........we kind of have plans with Isabel and Michael” Maria told her hesitantly.


“But we can cancel, and stay here..........”

“No, no, go have fun. I am kind of tried . You guys go out and have fun, we can hang out tomorrow” she smiled at them.

“Are you sure” Alex asked, sitting down next to her?

“Yeah, go!” they both hugged her and got up and left. Liz laid down and closed her eyes, trying to come up with a plan on how to tell Max about the babies.

“So what did you think” Tess asked Max. They had just gotten out of the movies.

“It was ok.”

“I’m hungry” she whined “lets go to the Crashdown.” Max hadn’t been to the Crashdown all week, because the last time he was there Mr. Parker glared at him like he wanted to rip his head off. It really made him uncomfortable, so he tried to avoid Mr. Parker at all cost.

“Um.....I don’t think.........”

“Come on, I really have a taste for Saturn rings” she pulled him out of the jeep, and while still holding his hand, they entered the Crashdown.

Liz had woken up really craving a Men In Black burger heavy with Tabasco sauce and pickles.

“Thank you Jose” Liz said turning to walk out the kitchen into the diner to join her parents, with her plate in hand. She was still holding her head down when the bell on the door rung. Jeff and Nancy were sitting at the counter when they looked up at the door, and saw Max and Tess walk in.
Max was trying to focus on whatever Tess was talking about when the sound of breaking glass reached his ear. He snapped his head to the sound and his eyes locked on Liz’s.


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Chapter 12

“Breath in, breath out, inhale, exhale there you go, you got it” Max coached his lungs. The moment he had saw Liz everything around him moved in slow motion. She was beautiful, even more beautiful then he remembered. He drank in the sight of her. His eyes roamed across her body, they landed on her legs, god what lovely legs she had, they were smooth, like silk, and he remembered how those legs felt wrapped around him as he plunged into her deep folds. He quickly adverted his eyes up and immediately landed on her breast. Max groaned inwardly. He remembered how they had felt in his hands, and how he had sucked her nipple in his mouth, making her moan in ecstacy. His eyes then moved to her trim stomach, his eyebrows frowned in confusion. He snapped hid eyes back to hers, silently questioning her.

When Liz looked up, her heart immediately began to feel like someone was squeezing the life out of it. There stood Max and Tess. Her knees begin to sway and her hands began to tremble. Completely forgetting about the plate she was holding, she brought her hands to her mouth, sending the plate crashing to the floor. When his eyes locked with hers, she was completely lost in the warm pools of them. He was breathtaking. She took in the sight of him. She looked at his face, that beautiful face, her eyes landed on his lips. Those lips that had kissed every inch of her body, bringing her to tremendous amounts of pleasure. She knew her cheeks were flaming red. She lowered her eyes to his chest. God how she loved running her hands over his sculptured chest, sending him into overload. He was wearing the shirt that clung to his chest and showed the fine tuned muscles in his arms. Man how she loved waking up in those arms, and his hands, she moved her eyes to his hands, and reality came crashing back into her.

They were together he no longer belong to her, that body belonged to her now. Her eyes began to form tears in them, and they fell freely down her cheek. She began backing up, shaking her head at the scene before her. She turned and ran through the employee’s door. Max stood frozen in his spot. “What was he supposed to do, was he supposed to go after her?” Jeff and Nancy had watched everything that had transpired between the two, and Jeff felt his anger building at an exponential rate. When he had first seen Max walk in holding that other girls hand he immediately became furious. When Liz had dropped her plate, he noticed the many emotions that ran across her face.......shock, awe and if he wasn’t mistaking lust, but the one emotion that pulled at his heart was her sadness. The tears almost killed him, his blood begin to boil, he was going to kill Max. When Liz ran out the door Jeff jumped off the stool and headed straight for Max. Nancy jumped off her stool and ran and stood in between them.

“Jeff” she placed a calming hand on his chest “go check on Liz” she told him. Jeff glared at Max and then looked at his wife. He was about to protest. “Go, she needs you” she rubbed his arm trying to calm the anger within him. Jeff shot another deadly glare at Max and turned and ran after his daughter. Nancy turned to Max and he lowered his head. He went to stuff his hands in his pocket.
“Shit” Max cursed himself. He still had a hold of Tess’ hand. He dropped her hand as if it burned him.

“No, what did Liz think, did she think he was with Tess” Max thought to himself “I have to go to her and explain.”

Max started toward the door Liz had ran out of, but was stopped by a hand on his arm. He turned and saw Mrs. Parker standing beside him.

“Max,” he met her eye “she needs time.”

“Mrs. Parker I...........” Max was frustrated, why wouldn’t she let her go to Liz. He tried to pull away.

“No, Max, she needs time, and you need to handle your business” she looked toward Tess. Max looked past her and his eyes fell on Tess. He had completely forgot she was there. Max lowered his head and nodded. He dropped his shoulders with a defeated sigh, and walked over to Tess.

“Come on, I’ll take you home” he told her. She nodded her head and followed him out the door. When they left Nancy turned to clean up the mess Liz had left. She informed Agnes that she was headed upstairs. When she entered the apartment, she saw Jeff sitting there comforting their daughter. Liz looked up with red eyes at her mother, jumped up and ran into her mother’s arms.

“Oh, Lizzie” her mother stroked her hair until she got control.

“It hurts mom, why does it hurt so much” Liz cried to her mother. Jeff stood there, hurting, there wasn’t anything he could do to take her pain away. He felt helpless.

“It’s love Liz, sometimes when you love someone like you do Max, there is a chance that you could get hurt” she paused “love is funny like that, you love someone so much that you would do anything for that person” she grabbed Liz’s face between her hands “including letting them go.” Liz stared at her mother, understanding exactly what she was saying, she had let Max go to his destiny because she loved him with all her heart. Nancy pulled her into a hug, and stared at Jeff. Together they comforted their daughter.

Tess was staring at Max. He was clutching the steering wheel so tight, his knuckles were turning white. When she had first saw Liz standing there, she was sure she had turned white as a ghost. There stood the one reason Max would never fully love her. Every since she and Max decided to be friends, she had really gotten to know him. She liked hanging with him and the rest of them, but what she really liked was the way they are finally beginning to accept her into their group. As she stared at Max, she knew she would never have his heart, that would always belong to Liz. He pulled up in front of her house and killed the engine. Tess decided if she couldn’t have Max, she would at least be there for him as a friend no matter how much it hurt her.

“Max?” He continued to hold his head down staring in his lap, clutching the steering wheel.

“Max are you ok” she asked him, placing her hand on his shoulder. Max shook his head. He didn’t know how he felt, his whole body was numb. Right now he felt like he had been running, and then slammed right into an emotional wall. He was scared, nervous, sad, confused, angry, but the one emotion that out weighted them all was love. Love for Liz that he knew was still there but he tried hard not to think about it, but was failing miserably. He taught that if he didn’t allow that love to show, it wouldn’t hurt so much that she had left him. Max felt the bile raising in his throat, and swallowed hard trying to contain his emotions. He let go of the steering wheel and dropped his hands to his thighs.

“’s............just.........” he wouldn’t even finish from the lump in his throat.

“It’s ok Max, if you want to talk, I’m here for you” Tess assured him.

“Thanks” he mumbled.

“Max?” Tess paused to control her heart from beating so fast. She was trying to prepare herself for the answer to her next question. “You still love her, don’t you?” Max nodded his head yes.

Tess took a deep breath “then go to her Max” she told him firmly. Max stared at her with wide eyes. Tess lowered her head and played with the strap on her purse.

“Max.........I....... I know that you love her, and......and I know that you can never love me the way you love her” she paused to look at him “Max, every since we started hanging out I’ve grown to love you. Max you are the kindest, most gentle and emotional person I know. You welcomed me after everything that I’ve done to you, and you still went out of your way to be friends with me. As your friend I’m telling you, go to her. Go to who you love Max. Go to Liz.” Max stared at her. Did she really mean it, was she letting him go?

“What about our destiny, the heir, Nasedo said.........” she cut him off.

“Max, forget what Nasedo said, we will find another way. If we stick together, we can defeat our enemies, we will find a way” she placed her hand on his cheek “Max you are no good as a king if you aren’t all there. Your body may be there, but your heart and mind will always be with Liz.”

Max lowered his head, and sighed. She was right. He never would be worth anything without Liz by his side. Looked back up at Tess and pulled her into a hug. She took a deep breath and tried to remember what it felt like to be in his arms.

“Thank you” he whispered in her ear. He released her, and she got out and stood by the jeep.


Max turned the engine, and floored the gas, heading to his true destiny.





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Chapter 13


“Hi Chris.”

“Liz, god it’s great to hear your voice. I miss you.”

“I miss you to.”

“How was your flight?”

“It was ok...........” she trailed off. Chris immediately knew something was wrong.

“What’s wrong Liz” he asked her firmly?

“.....I.......I just needed a friend.”

“Well I’m here for you.”

“Thanks Chris.” Chris hadn’t wanted her to leave, and he remembered there last night together....

~~~~~~~ “I have to go. My parents want me to be there with them so they can help me with the baby” Liz told him.

“I can take care of you both” he said, stoking her arm “Liz I know you said that you weren’t ready for a relationship, and I don’t know what happened between you and the father but I love you Liz, and I want to take care of you” Chris expressed his love for her. Liz stared at him with a blank expression on her face. She hadn’t expected that one.

“Chris.......I.....don’t........I....” Chris cut her off.

“I don’t expect you to tell me back, but I wanted to let you know how I felt” Liz nodded her head.

“Liz?” “Do you still love him. I mean the father?”

She stared at him “with all my heart” she admitted with tears filling her eyes. Chris pulled her into his lap and rubbed her back, savoring the feel of her in his arms this one last time.~~~~~~~~

Her voice brought him out of his daydream “Have you decided on a college yet” she asked him?

“Not yet. I’m still undecided.”

“You better hurry and decided school is starting soon.”

“I know, I know. Maybe I’ll take a semester off , maybe come to visited you in the infamous Roswell, NM.”

“Really!” Liz asked excitedly. Chris was happy to hear the excitement in her voice, exceptionally about seeing him.


“That would be so cool, I could return the favor and show you around.”

“We’ll see what happens....... how is the baby?”

“Fine, getting bigger by the minute” she joked. Chris chuckled at her.

“Yeah, they tend to do that, you know” he joked with her. Liz laughed on the other end.

“I miss you Liz” he said affectionately.

“I know” she replied with a whisper.

“It was nice to hear your voice, I miss your voice Liz. I miss seeing you.”

“Chris..........” she said shyly.

“I’m sorry Liz I can’t help it, you know how I feel, and always will feel about you.”

Liz didn’t really know what to do. She really liked Chris, and maybe even loved him, as a friend, but what was she supposed to say. Before she got a chance to reply Chris spoke.

“It’s ok Liz, I know. Look I promised my mom I’ll run her to the store.”

“Alright, I’ll call you later.”

“You better” he joked.

“Bye Chris.”

“Bye Liz.”

Liz hung up the phone, and laid down. She had called him because there was no one else left to talk to, to keep her mind off Max and Tess. Maria and Alex were still out with Isabel and Michael, so she had no one to talk to but her parents, and right now she wasn’t wanting to talk about her feelings. She got up to run some bath water. As she was returning to her room to retrieve her personal belongings she heard shouting in the living room.

“What the hell are you doing here, don’t you think you’ve done enough damage” she heard her father yell.

“Jeff stop it” ok that was my mom, “but who are they talking to” Liz asked herself?

“Mr. Parker I........” Liz breath caught in her throat. She knew that voice.......Max. She opened the door and ran into the living room. The sight before her almost killed her over. Her father had Max press up against the wall.

“You little bastard, how dare you show your face around her after you hurt my daughter the way you did. Was she worth it Max, was she worth hurting someone who loved you so much, was she” Jeff slammed him into the wall? Max never did anything to stop him. He knew Mr. Parker was angry with him and he knew that he also probably taught him and Tess were together, so if this is what he had to endure to see or talk to Liz, he welcomed it. Liz was terrified that her father would actually do bodily harm to Max. Nancy was still trying to get Jeff to let go of Max, when she saw Liz run into the room. She saw the terrified look on her face, and the tears filling her eyes. She ran over to her and pulled her into her arms.

“Daddy please stop, please don’t hurt him” she sobbed in her mothers arms.

“Jeff!” Nancy yelled at him.

“Daddy please” she cried at her father, begging him to let Max go. Liz’s trembling voice finally register to Jeff and he gave Max a final shove and released him. He turned to his daughter still wrapped in his wives arms and he immediately went to her.

“I’m so sorry Lizzie, I didn’t mean to upset you, god I’m sorry” he pulled her into his arms, silently asking for forgiveness. Max stood there, frozen in his spot. He lowered his head and stuffed his hands in his pocket. After Liz had calmed down she silently asked her parents to let her and Max talk. Jeff wasn’t happy about it, but Nancy grabbed his arm and lead him downstairs to the Crashdown. The sound of the door reached Max’s ears and he raised his head. There stood Liz, and her parents weren’t there anymore. He stared at her and swallowed hard. They stood there for a moment in complete silence, trying to find the courage to comfort this long overdue conversation. On the drive over here Max had everything that he was going to tell her down to a T, but staring at her now all that went right out the window.

“Lets go to my room” she whisper. He nodded his head and followed her to her room. Liz took deep breaths to calm her nerves. This was it the moment of truth, everything was going to come out. They entered her room, and she closed the door. She still had her back to him clutching the doorknob trying to prepare for the inevitable. Max stared at her, waiting for her to turn to him. She slowly turned to him, and found him staring at her. Suddenly feeling vulnerable she wrapped her arms around herself, and that was when Max finally got a good look at her. He saw the roundness of her stomach and stared at her questionably.

“Liz.......” Max was shocked. His heart was beating faster and he taught he was going to faint. He sat down on her bed and ran a shaky hand through his hair. Liz stared at him nervously.

“Max I.........” she couldn’t think of anything to say so she just stood there wringing her hands. Max was having his own emotional battle, he wanted to know why she left him or why didn’t she tell him she was pregnant. At first when he saw her and the Crashdown he had taught something was different about her, and now that he got a good look at her he knew what that something different was.

“You’ mean I know how........why.........when.......were you ever going to tell me”he finally got out over the lump of surprise in his throat. She looked down at the floor. Her shoes suddenly becoming very interesting.

“Why?” Liz was started by his question.

“Why what” she asked him?

Max stood up and paced the floor. He wanted her to tell him everything. “Why did you leave me, why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant” he whispered? Liz watched his boyish face, and tears fell down her eyes. He was so beautiful, standing there. How could she denie him the truth.

“I had to go” she told him “I had to let you go Max, I love you so much I had to let you go” she let the tears fell unattended “can’t you see Max it was for the best, you are fulfilling your destiny Max, you are with Tess like you were meant to be” she lowered her head trying to conceal the hurt look that she was sure was on her face. Max stared at her. He stepped closer to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. Sparks flew at first contact. Electricity ran through his blood, and he watched her face for any signs that she felt it to. Liz had definitely felt it, his touch sent a energy throughout her body right to her very core. Max cupped her face with his hand.

“Liz I’m not with Tess. She can never be you Liz, how many times can I tell that to you. You own my heart, soul, mind and body. I love you Liz, my destiny is you Liz, now and forever.” She stared at him wanting to believe every word he said, but she couldn’t, he belong to someone else. She backed away from him, shaking her head.

“Max this can’t be, you have to be with her your planet and people are depending on you, I won’t let you sacrifice millions of lives for me” she turned her back on him trying to hid the tears from him. Max walked up behind her. She felt his breath on her neck, and it sent shivers down her spine. Max placed his hands on her arm, he leaned down to whisper in her ear.

“Your wrong Liz” and with that he spun her around, and before she knew what was happening his lips were fused to hers with such force, she had no choice but to surrender to him. Max felt her relax and he plunged his tongue into her mouth, caressing the inside of her mouth savoring the taste of her. With that one kiss Max transmitted all the love and desire he had for her. Liz was trying hard to remember to breath. Max was doing things to her that she had been dreaming about for the last month. She wrapped her arms around his neck and returned every single devotion of love and desire to him. Before either realized, the flashes came at a tremendous rate...........


Their first kiss


The night they spent in the desert


The white room


Her walking away from him in the desert


Wrapped in each others arms, during their love making


Her crying as she left him laying there asleep


His sadness


Her sadness





Their babies

The connection came to a halt, and they broke apart, both trying to catch their breath. Liz had felt and seen everything that had happened to him since she left. She had hurt him so much. Max had also felt and seen everything, and his love for her tripled. She left him because she loved him, she sacrificed her happiness to allow him his destiny, and then his eyes landed on her stomach. She was carrying his children, and was going through this by herself. Max placed his hand over his children.

“Don’t you see Liz you are my destiny” he rubbed her stomach “this, you and the babies are my destiny.” Liz closed her eyes and sighed.

“What about Tess, what abo......”

“You don’t have to worry about that, there are some things we need to talk to Nasedo about, but I’m going to make this ok” he stroked the tears from her cheek, and placed the gentlest kiss upon her cheek “let me love you Liz, let me take care of you and our babies. Don’t you see Liz we created life, our love created them, it was meant to be, you and me equal destiny.” Liz listened to his speech, and was struggling with herself. Her mind was telling her it could never be, but her heart, her heart was telling her to go to him let him in, let him breath life back into her soul. Her grandma Claudia always told her to follow her heart. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him with all her might.

“Yes Max, oh god yes Max, I love you” Max wrapped his arms around her waist and sigh in relief. This was his home, right here in her arms.

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Chapter 14

Max lead Liz into the dinner where her parents were waiting. Nancy spotted the kids, and for the first time in a long time she saw her daughter smile. A smile that lit up her face, and reminded her of that little girl who had so much joy and laughter in her life. Jeff watched the way Liz responded to Max. She was glowing from the inside out. He wanted to hate Max for al the times he had hurt his little Lizzie and made her cry, but now as he watched the way Liz’s smile reached her eyes, and she was clinging to Max, he was kind of glad Max was able to bring back his Lizzie. Max stood nervously in front of the Parkers, and he squeezed Liz’s hand for support. Liz ran her free hand up and down his arm, letting him know everything was going to be ok. Max looked down at her, and rubbed his thumb across the back of her hand and smiled. They stared into each other eyes, completely forgetting about the situation before them. The clearing of Mr. Parkers throat startled them back to reality.

“Um......” Max lowered his head to hide the blush creeping up his cheeks.
“Have a seat kids, so we can talk” Nancy instructed them. Max and Liz sat down across from them. Max was still a little nervous, but he knew that he had to discuss things with her parents. Jeff saw the uneasiness in Max, and was glad that he made him nervous. Max cleared his throat.

“Mr. Parker, Mrs. Parker, I just wanted you to know that I am going to do everything in my power to take care of Liz and the baby, and I know we’re young, and we certainly didn’t plan for this to happen, but I love Liz with all my heart” he looked at her as if confirming this statement. He turned back to her parents waiting on the responds. Nancy was happy that they seemed to work things out, even though she wasn’t trilled about them becoming parents at such a young age, she did tell Liz that she and Jeff were going to be there for her, and seeing the love radiating between the two, she knew Max meant every word he had spoken. Jeff stared at them and knew that Max was sincere, but he still had a question that needed to be answered.

“What about the other young lady you’ve been hanging with lately, what are you going to do, go between the two, when you’re tried of one, do you run to the other” he asked curtly?



“It’s ok,” Max lowered his head and then looked Mr. Parker in the eyes “I love Liz sir, no one will ever come between that. She is my heart, my soul, my everything. She’s the reason I get up in the morning, and she’s the reason I go on each day. I worship the ground she walks on, the air she breathes, without her I’m lost” he lowered his head trying to hide his tears, he continued in a whisper “when she left, so did my heart, she took it with her. She owns my heart, no one could ever replace her” he raised his eyes back to Mr. Parkers, uncaring about the tears falling from his eyes “Tess and I are friends, she knows how much I love Liz, and she also knows that no one can come between that” he turned to Liz, and with their entwined hands he placed it over his heart “this belongs to her, it only beats for one person, and it will continue to beat for her until my dying day!”

Liz was crying from his words and knew she felt the same way, and that she will never let him go. Nancy also had tears in her eyes. She had just gained a new respect for Max. She knew no harm will ever come to Liz as long as Max breath air. Jeff stared at the young man before him shocked beyond belief. Max had just professed his love too not only Liz, but in front of him and Nancy also. He knew Liz was in good hands, and at that moment he knew he lost his little girl forever. She belonged with Max now. He was the one that would chase away her fears, he was the one she will call on when she needed help with something. Jeff felt his own eyes tearing, and he bit his lip to keep from crying. He cleared his throat and stood up. Max watched Mr. Parker pace the floor and wondered what was going to happen. Jeff paced the floor trying to get his emotions under control. He turned and looked at Max, then his eyes landed on Liz. She looked so frighten about his reaction. He walked to the table, and swallowing the lump in his throat he extended his hand to Max. Max accepted his hand and stood up to meet Mr. Parkers eye.

“Take care of her Max, if you ever hurt her, then I hurt you” he said shaking his hand, giving it a little extra pressure to make his point clear.
“Believe me Mr. Parker I will never hurt her. She means everything to me.” Jeff released his hand and turned to his daughter and smiled. Liz jumped up and threw her arms around his neck.

“Thank you daddy” she said squeezing him tight. Jeff wrapped his arms around her waist and sighed.

“I love you Liz, and I just want you to be happy” he pulled back and tucked her hair behind her ears.

“Guess you’re not my little girl any more” he said sadly.

“I will always be your little girl daddy” wrapping her arms back around his neck. Max stuffed his hands in his pocket, praying that his parents were this understanding. Liz pulled back from her daddy, and went and stood beside Max. She saw the worried look in his eyes, and knew he was thinking about their up and coming conversation with his parents. She placed her hand on his cheek and rubbed her thumb across his lips.

“It’s going to be ok, I love you” she assured him.

“I love you to” he whispered. Jeff and Nancy watched the touching scene and smiled for their daughters happiness.

“Mom, dad, we’re going to Max’s to talk to his parents.”

“Just don’t be out to late sweetheart, you need your rest” said Nancy.

“I won’t be” she kissed her parents, and her and Max left. Jeff stared at the door they just exited and sighed. Nancy placed her hand on his shoulder. He turned around and grabbed her into his arms, were he finally let it go and broke down.

“I’ve lost her Nancy, I’ve lost my baby girl forever” he cried into her hair.

“You haven’t lost her Jeff, and she will always need you. She might be becoming a mother, but there are things that she will always need you for. She’s still your little girl. She’s just growing up” stroking his hair. He nodded his head and continued to hold on to her gathering strength.

On the drive to his house Max had a million things going thru his head. He was thinking of things he had to do to ensure Liz and his children were safe. He needed to talk with Nasedo and see what this pregnancy could do to Liz, or what about this prophecy, and how Liz and the babies fell into it. The one thing he was sure of was that he and Liz were together, now and forever. Liz watched Max as he drove, and knew he was worried about her, and she couldn’t help but worry herself. How will his parents react, will they accept her and the babies.

“Liz........” Max could feel her nervousness radiating off her and reached over and grabbed her hand.

“It’s ok, they will accept you, because I love you Liz, don’t worry” he brought her hand to his lips and kissed it.



“Are you scared, I mean about the babies and all?” Max pulled into his driveway and turned to her.

“I can’t really say. I mean I’m a little scared about what to expect, but I don’t regret anything. I know it maybe hard at first, but we will be in this together, and together we are stronger” he smiled at her, stroking her arms. Liz nodded her head, and knew that he was right. Max got out and walked around to the passenger’s side.

“Ready” extending his hand to her? She took a deep breath and placed her hand in his.

“Ready.” He lead her into the house, closing the door behind them.

“Max, sweetheart is that you?”

“Um....yeah mom” he turned to Liz “wait in the living room while I go to get them” he placed a kiss on her lips.

“Ok” he watched her until she was in the living room. He headed to the kitchen. He took a deep breath before entering. His mother was preparing dinner, and his father was at the table going over some briefs.

“Hey honey you’re home early. Did you decide to join us for dinner” Diane asked him?

“Um......actually I need to talk to you and dad in the living room ” he said, nervously stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“You ok son” Phillip asked him with concern?

“Yeah, I just need to talk to you please.”

“Ok, honey we will be in there in a moment” Diane excused him. Phillip stared at Diane, and she shrugged her shoulders and wiped her hands on her apron, and together they walked to the living room to confront their son. When they entered, Diane immediately spotted Liz, and she smiled.

“Liz, honey It’s so good to see you again.”
“You to Mrs. Evans” returning her smile. She sat on the armrest of the recliner Phillip was sitting in.

“What’s up kids” Phillip asked them suspiciously? Mac looked at Liz, and she nodded her head for him to proceed. He turned back to his parents, and took a deep breath.

“, Liz is.....she’s um.........”Max couldn’t form a sentence. Liz placed her hand on his arm, and she turned to his parents.

“I’m pregnant” she told them shyly. Phillip and Diane just stared at them. Diane brought her hand to her throat, trying to ease the lump forming there. Phillip was steaming inside. How could Max be so irresponsible?

“Mom, dad say something, anything” their silence was scaring him. Phillip stood up and paced the floor. Diane watched her husband, waiting on his reaction. Liz was gripping Max’s hand, and he rubbed his thumb across it, trying to calm her down. Phillip turned to Max.

“What do you want us to say...........congratulations” he stated sarcastically “how could you let this happen, how could you be so irresponsible?”

“Phillip calm down” Diane said, walking up to him placing a hand in his arm “let them explain ok?” he looked down at her and sighed. He returned to his seat and Diane sat beside him.

“Now kids, are you sure” she questioned them? Max stood up pulling Liz to her feet.

“We’re very sure” he assured them, placing a hand on Liz’s stomach. Diane and Phillip both stared at Liz’s swollen belly, and without a doubt she was pregnant. Max and Liz sat back down.

“What exactly do you plan on doing about this son” Phillip asked Max?

“I plan on taking care of Liz dad, her and the baby. We know we’re young, and again we didn’t plan on any of this, but it has happened, and we’re fully ready to take care of our responsibilities.

“Liz sweetie, how far along are you dear?” Liz looked at Max and with his eyes she could tell he didn’t have an answer.

“Um. I’m about 8 months give or take a week” she decided to stick with the story she had told her parents.

“Might I ask, is this the reason you left for Florida” Philip asked?

“Um, honestly Max and I were going through sone things, and I just needed some time away.”

“What about your parents, what do they have to say about this” Diane asked?

“Actually my parents have been great. They are standing behind Max and me 100%. They weren’t happy about us becoming parents so young, but they’re willing to help us as best as they can” she informed them.

“Mom, dad we don’t expect you to accept this right off the back, but all we’re asking is that you give us a chance, and we will prove that although we’re young we can do this with a little help” Max pleaded with his parents. Phillip stared at the two before him, what could he do, the damage was already done? Now the only thing too fo was to accept it and help them out as best as he could.

“I don’t approve of you actions, but what’s done is done. Your mother and I have always told you and your sister that we would support you Max no matter what” Phillip told his son. He watched Max visibly relax, as he rubbed Liz’s back.

“Thank you dad.” Diane walked over to her son, and pulled him into a hug.

“You’re no longer my little boy” she cried in his arms.

“Mom!” Max blushed at his mothers words.

“I know, I know” she turned to Liz and with a smile pulled her into a hug.

“Thank you she whispered in Liz’s ear.

“For what” she asked?

“For putting the smile back on his face” she pulled back and placed her hand on Liz’s stomach.

“A grandmother” she said in awe. Phillip stood in front of Max, watching him fidget from foot to foot with his head held down. He pulled his son into a hug.

“It’s alright son, you’ll be fine” Phillip assured him.

“Thanks dad, thanks for understanding.......I’ll........I’ll make you proud of me again.”

“Max, son I am proud of you, maybe a little disappointed. But I’m glad you are doing the right thing by Liz.”

“I love her dad, and there was no question about me being there for her.”

“I know son, I know” Phillip released him, and turned to the girls staring at them with big smiled on their faces. Diane and Liz had watched the scene between father and son, and were happy they were on good terms.

“Well Liz I guess a welcome to the family is in order” Phillip said embracing her in a hug.

“Thank you Mr. Evans” she replied.

“None of that, call me Phillip.”

“Ok Mr.........Phillip” she smiled at him.

“Are you staying for dinner Liz” Diane asked?

“Actually mom, Liz and I still need to discuss some things, and then she needs to go home and rest” Max really didn’t want Liz subjected to his mothers cooking. Phillip knew what Max was doing and he smirked at him.

“Alright dear, just don’t keep her out to long.”

“I won’t, we’re going to go up to my room” he told them.

“Alright kids, Phillip care to assist me in the kitchen?” Phillip glanced at Max, and saw him trying to suppress a laugh.

“Of course dear” he followed her into the kitchen. Max lead Liz up to his room and closed the door. Liz turned to him and smiled.

“That wasn’t so bad, now was it?”

“Better then I expected” he walked up to her and placed his arms around her waist.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” He brought his lips down to hers and kissed her gently. The kiss quickly became heated and Liz moaned in her throat. Max slipped his tongue into her mouth, begging her for better access. She responded and allowed him in. He ran his hand through her hair pushing her head, trying to get as deep as possible. “God how he missed her kisses.” He growled deep in his throat. He felt Liz backing him up, and his knees hit the edge of his bed. He sat down pulling her into his lap. Liz wrapped her legs around his waist, and tried to rub up against his ever present erection, trying to ease the ache burning between her legs, which was not an easy task with her enormous belly in the way.

Max flipped her over so she was lying on her back. He ran his hand over her belly and cupped her breast. He continued to kiss her passionately, while he kneaded her breast through her shirt. He felt her nipple pressing against her shirt, and he pinched it sightly, initiating a loud moan from her. Liz was drunk from his kisses and the things he was doing to her. She had almost forgot how good he felt pressed against her, she said almost. Max removed his mouth from hers, and she growled from the lose of contact, only to moan as Max sucked her nipple in his mouth. Sometime during her haziness he had unbuttoned her blouse ad bra, and was working magic on her breasts.

“Oh god Max that feels so good, don’t stop” she breathed heavily. She pushed his head closer, and he licked and sucked like a newborn baby nursing for the first time. He traced a finger down the valley of her breasts, over her stomach and rested it on her thigh. Liz was thanking the gods that she decided to wear a skirt. Max massaged her thigh, making sure to come extremely close to her heated core. Liz parted her legs to give him all the room he needed. Max could smell her scent, and his mouth began to water. He cupped her through her panties and found her soaking wet. He released the nipple he was tending to and looked her in the eyes.

“God Liz I’ve missed you, you’re so beautiful” he kissed her “you’re so wet Liz” he slipped his hand in her panties and ran a finger up her folds.

“God Max.........please.” He plunged a finger into her and she arched off the bed trying to get closer.

“Max I........need, I need.......” she couldn’t form a coherent sentence.

“Tell me what you need Liz, tell me” he whispered in a sexy voice in her ear. Liz was panting heavily. She didn’t know what she needed, she wanted more, so in a low sultry voice she replied.

“More Max, I need more” Max kissed her on the neck and began sucking, leaving his mark. He added a second finger and waited for her to adjust, because she was extremely tight. He rubbed her clitoris with tiny circles, causing her to open wider to him. She rocked her hips, and he let her set the rhythm of his fingers. He pumped his fingers in and out of her, amazed at the amount of juices flowing out of her. He applied more pressure to her clitoris and felt her walls starting to clutch his fingers and he pumped harder and faster.

“Oh god Max..........Max don’t stop” he felt how close she was and wanted her to let go.

“Let it go Liz I got you” he whispered to her, and with that said she succumb to her orgasm and exploded. Max covered her mouth with his to muffle her cries. He continued to stroke her until she gained control.

Once he was sure she was relaxed he removed his fingers and licked them clean. Liz watched him lick her juices off his fingers, and her eyes darken with desire. She reached for the button on his jeans, but before she could get them undone his mothers voice came through the door.

“Max honey dinners ready, if you and Liz changed your minds.”

“Thanks mom” Max choked out.

Liz buried her face in Max’s chest “oh god” she moaned, mortified that they were almost caught by his mother.

“It’s ok “ he placed a kiss on top of her head “we can finish this later. She looked at the front of his pants, and saw his erection pressed against them. She ran her hand over it trying to ease some of his discomfort, but he groaned and removed her hand and kissed her knuckles.

“Liz, as much as I enjoy your hands on me, I can promise you that if you continue I will have to be buried deep inside you, and now is not the time with my parents here” he told her with a sexy smile. Liz nodded her head shyly and blushed.

“Here lets get you straighten up” he pulled her to her feet and proceeded to button her bra and then her blouse. He ran his hand trough her hair and stroked her arms.

“I’ve done all I can do, but I can’t take away the blush in your cheeks” he joked with her, and her cheeks turn three shades darker. He kissed her on the lips.

“Come on, lets get you home so you can rest.” They entered the kitchen just as his mom was sitting down to join his father.

“I’m just going to take Liz home.”

“Alright dear. Liz tell your parents we would love to have them over for dinner next weekend” Diane told her.

“Yes ma’am” she went over and hugged Mrs. Evans, and then turned and did the same to Mr. Evans “thank you.” Max watched the caring nature of Liz, and wondered how anyone couldn’t love her. She walked back to Max.

“Bye kids.”

“Bye” they said in unison, and turned and left.

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Chapter 15

“What the hell were you thinking” Michael paced his living room floor, frantically running his hand through his hair? Everyone was there, and Michael had taken one look at Liz and immediately laid it into Max.

“Michael calm down” said Isabel. She had learned about the pregnancy last night when she came home. Her parents had cornered her, asking if she knew about Liz’s pregnancy, and lets just say she is a lot calmer now then she was last night.

“Calm down,” Michael turned and pinned her with a look. “How the hell I’m I to calm down , when Dweedle Dee and Dweedle Dumb here just placed our very existence in danger. How the heck are they going to explain when these bouncing bundle of joys start floating cribs or leaving silver hand prints around everywhere” he asked her sarcastically?

Alex snickered, and Isabel glared at him “Sorry.” Max was sitting there waiting on Michael to finish ranting. Liz was sitting there with her head down, and was fidgeting with her hands. She knew Michael was right. The twins were powerful, she knew this. “What if they did use their powers in public, or what if someone tried to hurt them because of who they were” all these things were running through her head, and she jumped up and ran to the bathroom?

“You idiot” Maria yelled at him. She ran after Liz. Max was furious. He jumped up and ran after Liz, but before he did he approached Michael.

“We may have made a mistake, but we don’t regret our babies, and if you ever speak to or about Liz that way again, there will be hell to pay. You can say whatever you want about me, cause god knows I can never do right in your eyes, but Liz” he pause to take a breath to calm himself down “she has never did anything but be there for us no matter what” he walked away, leaving Michael to lower his head in shame. He was right Liz was always sticking her neck out to protect them, and he never once thanked her or showed her one ounce of respect. He shrunk down low in his chair, and felt two pairs of eyes on him,


“You can be a real ass sometimes you know that,” Isabel told him? She got up and went to the back, with Alex right behind her. Michael looked at Tess , and she had a blank expression on her face. When Tess had first seen Liz at the Crashdown, she had thought she looked like she had gained a couple of pounds, and when Max and her showed up at Michael, and she saw here expanding belly, she knew why. She had to fight back the bile that was threatening to rise in her throat. She had been a complete shell throughout the entire meeting. She knew that she didn’t have a chance with Max, and now Liz has taken all that was rightfully hers, but she wasn’t mad or she didn’t even hate her, the truth was she envy Liz Parker with every fiber of her being. Liz had everything that she wanted, the life she was always told was hers. Now Tess was stuck wondering what her purpose here was. She really didn’t feel like she belonged there.

“I guess you think I’m a ass too” Michael asked her? Tess stared at him.

“It doesn’t matter what I think” she said sadly. She grabbed her bag and walked out the door. Michael watched her leave, and wondered what was wrong with her. Michael stood up and walked back to the others.

“Liz, sweetie let us in. Hon, you know Michael can put his foot in his mouth” Maria and the others were trying to get Liz to come out of the bathroom. She had locked herself in there and refused to come out.

“Liz love, it’s Max, let me in” he spoke softly to her. He wanted her to know that everything was going to be ok. Michael stood in the doorway with his hands stuffed in his pockets. He could hear Liz crying, and he cursed himself. He never meant to hurt her. The truth was, he was scared, scared that what happened to Max in the White Room, could happen to either one of them. Michael shifted from foot to foot. He swallowed his pride and walked up to the bathroom door.

Inside the bathroom Liz was trying hard to get her emotions under control. She didn’t want Max to know just how scared she was about the babies.

“ can I come in” Michael asked hesitantly? He held his breath, not sure if she would even talk to him. They all looked on in shock when they heard the lock click. Michael placed a hand on the knob and pushed slightly to go through, but was stopped by Max’s hand on his arm.

“Don’t hurt her!” Michael nodded his head, and Max released him. Michael walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. He turned to Liz and saw her sitting on the toilet. He sat on the edge of the tub and took a deep breath.

“I’m sorry” Michael whispered? He hated showing hi emotions, because it made him feel open, less then a man. Liz watched him nervously rub his hands over his thighs. She knew this was hard for him to do , and she really appreciated his effort. She reached over and stopped his hands. Michael met her eyes and she smiled.

“Thank you” Michael shrugged his shoulders, as if he didn’t care, but Liz knew that it was just an act. He removed the tears from her cheeks.

“Are you ok” he asked with sincere concern in his voice? She lowered her head to hide the fresh set of tears gathering in her eyes.

“Liz?” She raised her eyes, and with trembling lips she spoke.

“I’m scared Michael” Michael was surprised. He thought maybe he had upset her with what he said, but he never expected her to say that. He had always thought Liz was a strong person. She was always there for them without a question, he had watched her walk away from Max that day at the cave. He had gained a lot of respect for her that day, although he would never admit it. Liz’s body began to shake from her sobs, and Michael stood up and pulled her into his arms. He sat down on the toilet and pulled her into his lap. He wasn’t very good at this comforting thing, but he believed he owed it to her to at least try.

“What are you scared of Liz?” She laid her head on his shoulder.

“You were I’m I suppose to protect them, what if someone found out about them, and.....and...and they do to them what they did to Max ......I......I just couldn’t take it if something happened to my babies” she clung to him frantically?

Michael rubbed her back. “Shit, Liz don’t listen to me. Maria right I have a big mouth, and sometimes I say things without thinking. You know Max would never let anything happen to you or the babies” he paused and stroked her arm “have you talked to Max about this?”

She shook her head violently “I can’t Michael, I don’t want to bring up all those horrible memories for him........I was so scared I thought I would never see him again” she continued to cry uncontrollably. Michael hugged her tight.

“Liz .........” he waited on her to calm down some before he continued “I was scared too, I mean hell, I’m still scared” she sat up and looked at him.

“Really?” He lowered his head, he still felt weird about opening up like this, especially to Liz.

“Um........yeah, when they took Max, I felt useless. I was scared they would kill him” she trembled, and he squeezed her tighter, knowing that hearing this was hard on her.

“I felt like I failed him, I should have been there for him, but I wasn’t, and he had to suffer at the hands of that bastard Pierce” he lowered his head, trying to control the anger growing inside him. For some reason Liz could feel the energy flowing through him, as if it were her own. She placed his face between her hands and stroked his cheeks, trying to help calm him.

“Michael, you didn’t fail him, Max was saved because of you, he doesn’t blame you, no one does” she lowered her head to match his eyes “just like no one blames you for killing Pierce. You were protecting us all, do you hear me?” He closed his eyes trying to stop the tears from coming. Liz knew that Michael was having trouble dealing with the Pierce situation, but she could tell something else was bothering him.

“What is it Michael?” He removed his face from her hand, and stood up abruptly. He paced the small confines of his bathroom.

“Michael, what’s wrong?” She walked up and stood behind him, placing her hand on his arm. Michael lowered his head and sighed.

“Earlier, when I said those things about the babies.......I didn’t mean it, I was scared Liz, scared that I wouldn’t be able to protect you or them. I care about you Liz, and I don’t want to see anything happen to you because of who we are” he said with a whisper. Liz felt the tears on her cheeks. She didn’t even know he felt that way. She walked around in front of him, and hugged him.

“Michael, I care a great deal about you too, and I know that you will always be there for us, and like Max I trust you with the lives of my children.” Michael hugged her tight.

“Thanks for saying that” he pulled back and looked at her “and I promise as long as I live, I will protect you and the babies.” She smiled at him, and he smirked back.

“I guess we better get out there before Max has a hissy fit” he joked. She laughed at him, and turned to walk out the door. Before she did Michael grabbed her hand.

“Um.......look........I” michael looked at his feet shyly. She placed her hand on his arm.

“It’s ok Michael, what we discussed here will stay between us” he smiled at her.


“And thank you. Shall we” she reached out her hand to him, and he hesitated for a moment before placing his hand in hers, and together they walked out to face the others.

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Chapter 16

They walked out hand in hand. Max stood up as soon as he heard the door open. He watched as Liz walked out with Michael firmly planted by her side. Max cupped her cheeks.

“Are you alright” he asked her? She raised her free hand and cupped his face.

“I am now” she turned and smiled at Michael. Michael was feeling uncomfortable standing there, he felt open. He tried to pull away from her to give them space, but she squeezed his hand tighter, not wanting him to leave. Michael shifted nervously. He looked across the room and his eyes immediately landed on Maria’s. Maria had seen Liz and Michael walk out of the bathroom, and her eyes immediately landed on their hands. Funny thing was, if Liz had been anyone else she would have been jealous, but as she watched the way her best friend was smiling, she knew Michael had finally excepted Liz, just as he did her and Alex. She smiled at him, and he smiled and lowered his head. Max looked at Michael and noticed that he wouldn’t look at him.

“Michael?” Michael took a deep breath and risked a look at him. No words were needed. They stared at each other and nodded their hands in silent agreement. Max cleared his throat and looked around the group.

“We need to wrap this up” he looked around again “were’s Tess?” everyone looked at Michael.

“What, se just got up and left?”

“Alright, I’ll fill her in later, come on we still have some things to discuss” Max informed them. They all sat in the living room waiting on someone to talk. Alex no being able to take the silence any longer, broke the ice.

“So........what are you going to tell your parents?” Isabel looked at Max and she seem to be pleading with him with her eyes. He knew what she wanted and he wasn’t sure he was ready for that.

“I think we should tell them” Isabel voiced. Michael eyes got wide, any everyone waited on him to explode. Liz was sitting next to Michael on his sofa, and she felt him tense up. She reached for his hand, and he felt himself calm down. He sat back in his seat and sighed.

“Isabel, I don’t think that, that would be such a good idea” Max told her.

“But why not Max, we can’t keep this from them forever, why can’t we Max?” This was a on going agreement between them, and the last time they had, had this discussion it caused a rift between them. Max sighed and stood up, pacing the floor. Isabel stood up and stood in front of him.

“What harm could it do, their our parents?” Max pinned her with a look.

“Isabel, this isn’t just about us” he looked at Michael “this is something we all have to agree on.”
Michael looked at him, and he was shocked that he would even include him in this discussion. Isabel turned to Michael, and she begged him with her eyes to agree with her. Michael saw the desperation in her eyes and wanted so badly to give her what she wanted, but this could put not only them, but their parents at risk. He shook his head.

“I agree with Max, we can’t tell them, not yet anyways. With every thing that has happen it’s best they don’t know anything about us until this blows over.” They all watched as Isabel’s eyes water and her lips quivered. She turned and ran out the door. Max turned to run after her, but Alex grabbed him.

“I’ll go” he ran out the door trying to catch up with Isabel.

“Isabel wait” he called after her. She continued to run faster, begging her legs not to give out on her. Alex chased her, but many years of skipping P.E. wasn’t a good idea, he wasn’t in shape at all. Isabel finally gave up, she sunk to the ground and her sobs racked her body. Alex caught up to her, and kneeled down beside her, and pulled her into his arms.

“It’s ok Is, it’s alright” he stroked her back and she cried uncontrollably.

“Why can’t they see how much this means to me?”

“Is, they’s just they’re trying to protect them.”
“But, telling them could protect them, can’t they see that” she cried.

“Isabel” he sat her up and looked her in her eyes “give them time, from what I could see they’re scared, they’re scared of rejection, and until they can overcome their fears, they will find every excuse to delay telling them.” Isabel listened to him. She had never realized that maybe Max was scared to tell his parents. She had always thought he was just being a jerk, but as she sat there and thought about all the times they had, had this discussion, she remembered how he would pace nervously or avoided the topic altogether. She looked up at Alex and slowly began to smile. Alex felt his heart flip with joy. He loved making her smiled and was glad she allowed him to. Isabel was feeling a little brave, and before Alex could resist, she planted a kiss on his lips. Alex was shocked at first before he regained his senses and kissed her back. Isabel pulled back to catch her breath and tried to calm her breathing.

“Wow” Alex said.

“Yeah” she smiled shyly “thank you Alex.......for everything.” he nodded his head, and smiled that goofy smile that she loved so much.

“Come on, lets go back inside” he stood up and pulled her to her feet. They walked back into the apartment as Liz was explaining the connections with babies to Max and Michael. Max watched Isabel carefully. He didn’t want her to hate him, but he wasn’t ready to tell their parents yet. Isabel looked at him and she gave him a smile to let him know that everything was fine between them. Max let out a sigh of relief, and turned back to focus on what Liz was saying.

“So, do you get them a lot” Michael asked Liz?

“Sometimes, they usually connect when I’m extremely emotional or when I let myself get completely relaxed.” Michael watched Liz with awe. From what she was telling them, the babies were extremely powerful, which meant that he was going to keep an watchful eye on them.

“I thought Nasdeo was going to be here” Maria asked? Max and the others had filled her, Alex and Liz of the prophecy, and she was eager to know if the babies were the same ones from the prophet. Liz was shocked when she heard this, but she really didn’t need Nasedo to tell her what she already knew. The twins were powerful, but the prophecy said heir, as in one, she was carrying twins, she wanted to know how exactly did her babies fit into it.

“He should be here in a moment” Max told them. As if on cue, there was a knock at the door. Nasedo stood on the other side of the door, waiting on someone to answer the door. He had flew right out when Max had called and told him about the babies. At first he was upset that Max had mated with a human, and not Tess. He wasn’t sure what this meant, and he knew Max wanted answers, but he didn’t know if he would be able to answer them.

Max pulled open the door and let Nasedo in. He looked around the group that had anxious faces and took a deep breath.

“Were’s Tess” he questioned them.

“She left, I was going to go by later and fill her in” Max told him. Nasedo greeted them each and sat down, waiting for the questions to come. Maria, not being able to wait any longer, started.

“Is Liz going to be able to deliver the babies safely” she didn’t want anything to happen to her best friend? Everyone looked at Nasedo with bated breath. He sighed and answered truthfully.

“I don’t know” he hung his head down. Maria jumped up and stood in front of him.

“You don’t know, he doesn’t know, what good are you if you can’t answer one little question. Your suppose to know answers to everything about them, but you can’t tell me if my best friend will be ok........” Michael stood up and grabbed her, because she was poking Nasedo in the arm with her angry fingers. He at least thought they should give him a chance.

“Maria, let him talk” she flipped her hair over her shoulder and turned and sat down nest to Liz, grabbing her hand to show support. Max stared at Nasedo. He didn’t want anything to happen to Liz from carrying his children, so he really needed answers. Although he loved his children, he would not let anything happen to Liz.

“What can you tell us” Max asked him? Nasedo stared at his king, and swallowed the nervous lump in his throat.

“Not much” he stood up and paced the floor “this was never suppose to happen” he pinned Max with a look “I’ve never known of a human/alien pregnancy, so I can’t tell you what to expect. All I know is that Artarian pregnancies only last a month, and as we all can see Liz’s, although it is shorter then human gestation, it’s also longer then Artarians. I’m sorry there isn’t much I can give you” he sat down with a thud. Max stood up and paced frantically across the floor.

“Max?” Liz sat there, nervously watching Max. He turned and looked in her frighten eyes and he went and kneeled in front of her. He tucked her hair behind her ears and stopped her hands from fidgeting in her lap.

“Liz, it’s ok I wont let anything happen to you” he stroked her arms.

“But Max, what I don’t care about me” she placed her hand on her stomach “just take care of our babies.” she watched Max shake his head, and she cupped his cheek “promise me Max, if anything goes wrong you will put them first.”

“No, Liz we want” this coming from Michael. He had heard what she said, and he wasn’t going to put her life in danger. Isabel was clinging to Alex. She knew that what Liz was asking was turning Max apart. How could he chose between the woman he loves and his children. Alex wrapped his arms around her and held her as she cried. He didn’t want anything to happen to Liz, and he agreed wholeheartedly with Michael, they couldn’t lose her. Maria was a complete shell, she never once thought that she could lose her best friend, she pulled out her cypress oil and began sniffling frantically.

“Michael there’s no choice about it, I’m telling you if during this delivery there’s a chance of losing me, and saving the babies, please save them.” Michael shook his head violently, and wore a hole in the carpet. Max was still kneeled in front of her, and his head was hanging low in shame. He had did it again. He had put her life in danger yet again, but this time he not only risk her life, but the lives of his children. He laid his head in her lap and hugged her.

“I can’t Liz, I won’t risk losing you, I love you” he cried in her lap, and she stroked his hair

“Max, it’s ok. I don’t blame you for anything. In fact because of you, I have the most precious gifts in the world, please don’t doubt that.” Nasedo watched the group, and noticed for the first time how tight they were. He watched the tender way Max was with Liz, and the way she was able to calm everything inside Max. He watched the way Alex held Isabel, and he knew she loves him, even if she didn’t tell him, but what surprised him the most was the way Michael was so protective of Liz. Nasedo knew he had to do something to keep them together, because he could tell that without the humans, the Royal four couldn’t function. He cleared his throat trying to break the tension in the room. Everyone looked at him and he walked in stood in front of Max and Liz.

“I don’t even know if anything will happen, why don’t we just wait and see if anything happens” they all nodded they head and sighed a defeated sigh.

“What about the prophecy” Liz asked him? He watched as all eyes landed on him.

“From what Max has told me about them, it seems as though they are, but from what I remember the prophecy one said one, may be just the boy is the heir” he shook his head in confusion. The prophet had said that King Zan would produce an heir with his mate, and Max was King Zan reincarnated, and since he was able to conceive with Liz, may be she was his chosen mate of this lifetime, but the thing that was still confusing to him was that they conceived twins. He remembered that Max had said that the twins had connected with Liz, and had an idea.

“There is a way to know which one was the heir” he waited on them to register what he said before he continued “the prophet said that the heir would possess the Royal seal of Antar, and if I can connect with Liz and the babies, I could tell which one possess the seal” Max looked at Liz, and she nodded her head in approval. Nasedo lead her into Michael room and laid her in the middle of it.

“Relax” he told her. Max sat down beside her and held her hand, and Nasdeo sat on her other side. Isabel stood next to Max and grabbed his and. Alex held her other hand, and Maria held his free hand while Michael pulled up the rear holding her free hand. Nasedo watched in amazement at the way they supported each other. He looked at Liz and instructed her to close her eyes. Again he watched them all close their eyes.

“Let your mind go blank” they all did as he said, even though he was talking to Liz. Nasedo scooted down to her stomach, and exposed her stomach to him. He placed his hand on her stomach, and closed his eyes in concentration. They all felt the humming sensation flowing through them. They all felt the others at the edge of their minds, and soon they were finally connected........


“I’m here Max” Max focused and soon she materialized in front of him. She smiled and he pulled her into him.

“Max?” Max turned and saw Isabel, Michael, Alex and Maria walking toward them. They came and stood beside them. Nasedo appeared before them, and they watched as the scene before the changed from a sterile white to the field that Liz had came to when she first connected with the babies. There sitting in the middle of the field were the twins. They were sitting Indian style facing each other. They had their hands entwined and their eyes closed. Max had tears in his eyes from seeing his children for the first time.

“They’re beautiful” he whispered in Liz’s ear.

“I know, I love them so much” Max wrapped his arms around her waist, and they watched as Nasedo walked over and stood beside the twins. Alex held Isabel as her tears fell from her eyes, Isabel was so happy for Max and Liz, she just wanted everything to be ok for them. Alex could only watch on in awe. Maria squeezed michael hand in excitement. He watched as her face lit up with happiness, and he couldn’t help but smile. Michael glanced at Max and Liz, and watched how their eyes filled with tears. He looked at the twins, and wondered if he would ever be blessed with his own children. He glanced at Maria and smiled.

They all gathered around the twins and Nasedo, waiting in his next move. Nasedo kneeled down beside the twins and placed a hand behind each of their heads, and concentrated, waiting on the Royal Seal to appear on one of their foreheads. He didn’t have to wait long. The Royal Seal of Antar appeared on the little boys head, but what amazed them all, was that the same seal that was on his head, appeared on the little girls head. Everyone watched in amazement as the seals shot out of their heads, and floated over the twins. They watched as the seals suddenly stopped and hovered over each child head. The seals collided with each other and set off a light so bright, they all had to cover their eyes. When they were able to focus again, they saw that the symbols had became one, and the twins were glowing from the inside out. They walked over to Max and Liz. Max kneeled down, and they both put a hand on either side of his head. Everyone watched again in awe as the Royal Seal floated out of Max’s head and collided with the twins. Again it set off a bright light, but this time it was so bright that it cause everyone connection to break except for Max and Liz’s.~~~~~

Everyone focused and watched as Max, still in a trance, placed a hand on Liz’s stomach, and placed his other on her forehead. They saw the hand on her forehead began to glow. Inside the connection Max and Liz weren’t aware that the others were gone.

~~~~~Liz watched as Max’s seal collided with the twins, and they all began to glow. Max stood up and reached for their hands. Together they all walked up to Liz. Max released their hands, and placed the palm of his right hand over her forehead, and the twins each grabbed one of her hands. Max closed his eyes in concentration, and Liz and the twins followed suit and closed theirs. Liz felt the tingling sensation flowing through her body, and the energy hammering through her. Max’s hand glowed brightly for what seemed like minutes, but was on seconds, he removed his hand from her head, and open his eyes. When he opened them he saw the Royal Seal of Antar appear on her forehead, and like theirs it floated out her head and collided with the others. The light coming off the combined seals was excruciating blinding, but they were unaware of anything going on around them. The light surrounded them, and they all began to glow bright. Max cupped Liz’s cheek and smiled,

“My Liz, my precious Liz, I chose you to be my Queen will you accept thee?” Liz smiled and looked down at the twins, and they smiled at her brightly. She looked back at Max and saw all the love for her in his eyes. She cupped his face and pressed her lips to his. When she pulled back he had that half smile they she was sure he saved just for her.

“Max, my Max, the love of my life, I would be honored to be your Queen, I love you.” Max kissed her passionately and the twins jumped up and down in joy. Max released her, and they kneeled down and picked up their children.

“Daddy, you came to see us” they said together.

“I sure did, and you know what?”


“I love you both, your mother and I love you both.”

“We love you’ll to.” They kissed them both and jumped down. They entwined their hands and stood in front of their parents.

“We have to go now, mommies tried and we can’t stay any longer” Max nodded his head and hugged Liz around the waist. He rested his head on her shoulder, and they watched the twins walk away holding hands. Before the connection broke, they saw the two embryos, about 7 months into gestation.~~~~~~

Max came back first, and everyone watched as he removed his hands from were they rested on Liz, and they all saw the Royal Seal faintly glowing on Liz’s forehead and the two tiny glowing hand prints on her stomach, fading away slowly.

Liz opened her eyes, and was greeted with the smiling face of Max. She reached up and cupped his face.

“Thank you.”

“No, thank you for accepting me.” He kissed her palm. The clearing of a throat brought them out of the staring contest. Max sat Liz up and fixed her clothes. They looked around at the others, and wondered why everyone but Nasedo looked confused. He stood up, pulling Liz with him.

“What’s wrong” he asked in concern? Before anyone could ask what had just happened Nasedo walked up to Liz and bowed before her.

“My Queen, I bow before you, it will be an honor to protect you and the prince and princess, we you accept thee as thy Royal protector?” Everyone stood with wide eyes and open mouths, everyone that is except Max and Liz. Liz placed her hand on Nasedo’s shoulder.

“I accept, and I put the lives of my children in you hands. I trust that you will let no harm come to them as long as you breath air. You my rise.” Liz didn’t know were that had come from, but she felt it was the right thing to do. Nasedo stood up and bowed again to her and then to Max.

Maria was the first to recover. “What was that, why did he call you his queen, and you and...........” she pulled out her cypress oil and stiffed.

“Max?” Isabel and Michael said at the same time. Max looked around and realized that they didn’t know what happened in the connect.

“You guys didn’t see it?” they all shook their heads. He sat down on the bed and pulled Liz to his side.

“I guess the best explanation is that I gave Liz the Royal Seal. She is my Queen.

“You mean she’s one of you guys now” Alex asked? Max really didn’t know, he looked at Nasedo.

“Technical she isn’t one of us, but with the seal she will most likely develop some powers” they all gasped, including Liz. Mas looked at Liz with worried eyes. She knew he was doubting his actions.

“It’s ok, I love you no matter what” kissing him.

“What about the twins, they both carried the seal, what does that mean” Michael asked? He was fully able to accept Liz as the Queen, now he needed to know how to go about doing his duty.

“It means, that they will rule together. Without the other they are weak. They are a combine heir. Like one soul in two bodies. They will have a stronger connection then any of you ever had. They will literally feel each others pain, love, sadness and joy. Their minds are linked as one. Their powers are strong apart, but when they are linked together, lets just say you don’t want to be around” Nasedo finished.

“Wow” was all anyone could say. Max saw Liz trying to hide a yawn.

“I’m going to take Liz home she needs sleep/”

“But Max I’m not tried” she whined.

“Max is right Liz, you need your rest” Isabel cornered her “come on you can ride with me” Isabel looked at Max for approval. He nodded his head. He wanted to go by Tess’ to fill her in on the rest of the meeting, and since Liz was staying with him tonight because his parents were in clover for the weekend, he knew he would see her soon.

“Go ahead I’ll be there soon” he kissed her forehead “I love you.”

“I love you too” she said.

“Come blondie I’ll take you home” Michael grinned at her. She smiled and walked out the door. Isabel, Liz and Alex left next leaving Nasedo and Max alone.

“She will be fine Max, I will protect her and the babies with my life” Nasedo reassured him.

“Thank you” they straighten up some before they left. Nasedo was going back to Washington to tie up loose ends so he could come back and put all his energy into protecting the Royal Seven now. Max headed over to Tess’ thinking about all that had transpired in the last couple of hours.

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Chapter 17

Tess turned around one last time, and made sure she wasn’t forgetting anything. She turned and picked up her suitcase, and turn the knob on the front door. Max lifted his hand to knock, when the door suddenly opened. Tess stared and looked at Max in shock. Max looked at the suitcase in Tess’ hand, and back at her face with a questioning stare.

“Max!” she said in a startled voice.

“Where are you going” he asked her?

“I....I’m...I was just.......what are you doing here Max” she asked trying to change the subject? Max stared at her, and knew she was dodging the question. He looked her dead in the eye.

“I said, where are you going Tess?” Tess looked down at her feet and took a deep breath.

“I’m leaving”she said with a whisper. Max stared at her in disbelief. He grabbed her bag, and pulled her inside. He turned to face her, and with a voice laced with hurt he spoke.

“Why?” she watched his face and saw how hurt he was “why are you leaving Tess?”

“Because Max, I don’t belong here, there’s nothing here for me.” she pleaded with him to understand.

“What do you mean there’s nothing here for you. We are here, we’re your family you’re just going to up and leave?” He paced the floor, running his hand through his hair. She stood there not knowing what to say. How could she explain to him that she couldn’t stay here, not like this, not when she feels the way she does about him. She felt that the only way to get over him was to leave. She was happy for him and Liz, and she wanted the same thing. She wanted someone to love her unconditional, and she taught that may be some where out there was her true destiny.

“Max, I have to go, I have to see what is out there for me. Can’t you see I’m suffering here, I have no place here” she let the tears fall, and desperately tried to hide them. She turned her back to him “Max please just let me go, you guys don’t need me, the heir is conceived, and you guys will be strong even without me.” Max walked up behind her and put his arms around her.

“No, Tess, you are wrong, we do need you, and I won’t let you just walk away from us” he turned her to him “you can’t go I won’t let you leave” he stated firmly.

“Max.......why can’t you let me go, you have everything you ever wanted, let me go find that something special for myself” she pleaded, nearly begged him to see her side of this. Max knew what she was asking, and he wanted so badly to give her this, but he couldn’t let her go off by herself, and risk one of their enemies or worst getting her. He released her, and turned his back to her.

“I can’t Tess” he held his head down in shame from what he was about to do “Tess I want you to stay, but if that’s not enough I have no choice but to order you to stay” Tess stared at him in shock, she never once thought that he would stoop so low. He turned and looked at her, and regretted it. She stood there looking as if her entire world was scattered. He reached for her.

“Tess. I’m sorry, please forgive me.” She stepped back, and he stuffed his hands in his pocket.

“No, Max forget it, you have spoken. You are the king. I’ll stay” she spoke with a calmness that chilled Max to the bones. She turned and grabbed her suitcase, and headed for the stairs.

“Tess please can’t we talk about this” he pleaded with her.

“Goodnight Max” she said without even turning around. Max left with a heavy heart. As soon as she heard the door close, Tess broke down were she stood on the stairs. She didn’t know how long she stayed on the stairs, but eventually she was able to calm herself down and went to her room.

“Max?” Isabel called from the living room.

“Yeah, Is isn’t me” he walked in, and sat down beside her “were’s Liz?”

“She’s asleep the last time I checked on her” she stared at his face and knew something was wrong “what happened?” Max leaned over and rested his arms on his thighs.

“I screwed up Is, I really screwed up” Isabel stared at him in confusion.

“What do you mean Max, did something happen with Tess?” He stood up and walked over to the mantle that held all their childhood memories.

“I went by Tess’ to tell her everything we learned, but when I got there she was all packed up and leaving” he picked up the picture of his and Isabel’s first Christmas and smiled at the way their eyes lit up after seeing all the presents Santa had left them. Isabel walked up to him and grabbed the picture out of his hand.

“What do you mean she was leaving, where is she going?”

“She was leaving town. She said she didn’t belong her, and that she wanted to go, that there was nothing here for her” he raked his fingers though his hair.

‘What does she mean, we’re here, she’s just going to leave us. We belong together, how could she leave” over the past few weeks Isabel had gotten to know Tess, and even though she wouldn’t call her a best friend, she had came to care a great deal about her.

“I guess she doesn’t feel like we consider her family” he shrugged his shoulder in a defeated matter.

“I hope you told her otherwise.”

“I did.”

“And she’s still leaving?”

“Not anymore” he whispered. Isabel watched his face, and knew something else had happened.

“What happened Max” she placed a supporting hand on his shoulder. Max lowered his head in shame.

“I ordered her to stay” Isabel gasped.

“Max you didn’t” she asked in disbelief. Max sunk low in the chair, and nodded his head.

“I had no choice Is, she was going to leave. I couldn’t let her go off by herself and risk letting something happen to her” he put his face in his hands “I care about her Isabel, and I couldn’t take it if something happened to her and I wasn’t there to help her.” Isabel sat on the coffee table across from him, and placed a hand on his thigh.

“It’s ok Max, you had no choice.”

“She wouldn’t even look at me Is. She hates me.”

“No she doesn’t Max. She maybe upset right now, but she’ll get over it.”

“You think?”
“I know” she smiled at him. He pulled her into a hug.

“Thanks Isabel.”

“That’s what I’m here for” she joked. Unknown to them Liz was standing in the hall. She had heard Max come in and came downstairs to greet him, but she stopped short when she heard Isabel ask him what was wrong. She knew it was wrong to easedropp, but she had felt Max’s turmoil as soon as she came downstairs. She had heard everything that went on between Tess and him, and she had also heard how he felt about her. At first her heart almost stopped at the tender way he spoke of her, but then she quickly recovered. Max had chosen her as his Queen, and she had nothing to worry about. She turned and went back to his room waiting on him to come up.

Ten minutes later, she watched as he undressed and took a shower. He came out and quickly pulled on his boxers and eased under the covers with her.

“I’m awake” she startled him.

“Liz, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to wake you” he stroked her arm.

“You didn’t. I was already awake” she turned on her side to face him “I heard you come in earlier and I had came down to met you, but you stopped and talked to Isabel” she watched him lower his head.

“So you heard” she nodded her head, and cupped his cheek.

“Everything will be fine Max, she’ll come around” she stroked his cheek assuredly. He kissed her lips and smiled.

“Thank you, I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“Neither do I” she kissed him again, this time a little more passionately. Max welcomed her kiss, and deepened it. He chewed on her bottom lip, and she opened her mouth to him. He slipped his tongue in her mouth, and they let their tongues wrestle each other. Max brought his hand and rested it on her hips. He heard the small whimpers coming from her and he felt his groin tighten. He groan in the back of his throat. Liz felt his arousal pressing into her stomach, and she began to get wet. It had been a while since they had been together like this, and she was enjoying the feel of him pressed up against her body.

Max nudged her legs with his knee, and she opened them to him. He placed his leg between her thighs, and she closed her legs around it frantically rubbing against it, trying to ease the ache burning in her center. Max released her lips, and they both growled at the lose of contact. Max had to catch his breath, and he wanted to take this slow. He wanted to love her all night.

“Max.........” she whined “please.”

“Patience Liz, I want to make love to you. It’s been so long, I just want to savior the feel of you. Can I Liz, can I get reacquainted with your body” Max really didn’t need reacquainting, he had her body permanently memorized in his brain. He just wanted to love her. Liz saw the plead in his eyes, and she could never denied him when he looked at her with those beautiful amber eyes.

“Of course Max, as long as you allow me the same pleasure” he smiled that half smile, and nodded his head. He sat up and leaned over giving her a kiss. He pulled back before she could deepen it. He unbuttoned her nightgown and moved it aside.

“Beautiful” he said as he ran his fingers down her cheeks. He moved his hands down and cupped her breast. They were sightly larger since the last time he had held them, and he couldn’t help but lean over and take one of the prominent nipples in his mouth, he rolled it around with his tongue. Liz laced her fingers through his hair and pulled him closer, letting out a moan of excitement. Max sucked her nipple into his mouth, biting and pulling, making sure to caress it with his tongue to relieve any pain he might have cause her. He cupped her other breast and rubbed his thumb over the glorious peak, making it swell up tighter.

“God, Max yes” he switched breast and gave it the same tender care. He couldn’t take not being able to give them both attention at the same time. He squeezed her breast together, with a little force, and Liz stared at him with wide eyes.

“Sorry” he leaned over and took both her nipples in his mouth.

“Ohhhh.........” Liz couldn’t speak, because he was giving her double pleasure. Max sucked on both her nipples, licking and sucking her into ecstacy. Liz felt her panties drenching with her juices, and knew she was close. Max released her breast and she cried in frustration.

“Maaaaxxxxxxx” Max chuckled and moved down her body.

“A little impatient aren’t we” he smiled at her.

“A little of a tease tonight aren’t we” she retorted. Max lifted his eyebrows at her, and wiggled his finger.

“Not a tease, just trying to make sure that you’re throughly loved.” He kissed her stomach and told his children how much he loved them. He moved down further, and kissed her right above her core line. He could smell her juices, and he wanted to see her. He pulled her pajamas down and realized she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He looked at her in surprise. He watched the mischievous glow in her eyes and narrowed his eyes at her.

“For me” he asked with a husky voice.

“Always” she answered through half mast eyelids. Max smiled and cupped her heat. He closed his eyes and inhaled her scent. She was so wet her juices were flowing through his hand.

“God, Liz you’re so wet” with that said he bent over and licked her womanly folds. Liz let go of a loud moan, and she had to cover her face with his pillow, to muffle her cries. His tongue felt so good making love to her intimate core. Max licked at her pussy, for all he was worth. He opened her pouty lips and ran his tongue up her, dipping it inside her center, massaging her inner walls. Liz pulled his head closer, trying to get him to touch her were she needed the most. Max knew what she wanted, and he felt her hips arching up to him. He flicked his tongue over the throbbing bundle of nerves, and she nearly jumped off the bed in anticipation.

“Yeeeeesssssss” she cried. Max pulled her aching clitoris into his mouth, and plunged two fingers deep within her. Liz held on tight, and Max pumped and sucked on her hot clit, making sure to lap up any juices that threaten to escape. She was extremely wet that his fingers kept slipping out of her. Every time he push into her, it made noises that made his shaft grow tighter. Max was trying to keep a hold on his control, but it was very difficult between the noises she was making and the taste of her in his mouth. He pressed his hips into the mattress, trying to control his raging dick. Liz was so close. She left her orgasm rising, and she had to let go. Max felt her walls tighten around his fingers, and he sucked harder, and pumped faster.

“Max don’t stop, don’t stop.....I’m cumming Max, god Max I’m cumming..........” she exploded, and Max licked her clean. He raised up on his knees, and watched her glow from her orgasm. He crawled up to her, and wrapped his arm around her, waiting on her to come down from her sexual high.

“That was incredible” she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. She could taste herself on his lips, and it drove her wild with excitement. She felt herself getting wet again, but focused on Max.

“My turn” she said with a devilish smile. Max growled at the sexy vixen in front of him.

“Be gentle” he said playfully. She just smiled innocently, and straddled his hips. Max felt her wetness through the thin material of his boxers, and pushed up to rub against her. Liz closed her eyes and rubbed her heat against his manhood, enjoying the sensation that it sent through her. Max cupped her hips, and Liz remembered that this was his time of pleasure. She grabbed his hands and lifted his arms over his head. From this position her breast where staring him right in the face. He couldn’t help himself, and he pulled one of her nipples in his mouth.

“Maaaxxxx.......” it was meant to be a warning, but it came out more of a moan. He released her nipple and smiled innocently.

“Behave” she warned.

“I can’t help it, you’re delicious” he arched his eyebrow at her.

“Really” he nodded his head “lets just see how delicious you taste” she said huskily. She leaned over the best she could, with her stomach in the way, and took a nipple in her mouth. She blew on it lightly, causing it to perk up even more. She captured it in her mouth again, and twisted the other one with her fingers. Max was gripping his headboard tightly. She was doing remarkable things with her tongue. God how he missed her talent tongue. She switched nipples, and he closed his eyes in satisfaction. She gave each nipple her special attention. When she was sure he had, had enough, she gave each nipple a little nibble, and sat up.

“Yup, delicious indeed” she smirked at him. Liz felt his rod twitch underneath her, and she moved to remove his boxers. She stared at the wonderful sight before her. Max watched as Liz sat down beside him and enclosed his dick in her hand. He brought his hips up, and pumped her hand. Liz leaned over and kissed him hard. She continued to stroke him, loving the feel of his hard erection, with its silky feel. She brought her thumb up and ran it over the anger head. She felt the sticky substance of pre-cum, and knew she wanted to have him in her mouth. She pulled her lips from his, and he pulled her back, not wanting to let go just yet. After a few more seconds she pulled away and stood back out of his reach.

“Liiizzzz.........” he sighed.

“Sit up Max” she instructed him. Max looked at her in confusion, but did as she asked. She walked over to the bed and retrieved a pillow. She stepped in between his legs and dropped the pillow. She got on her knees and wrapped her hands around his shaft.

“Liz you don’t ha.........” he was cut off from his sentence, when she wrapped her lips around his head. He ran his fingers through her hair and cupped her head.

“Yes,.......yes.....yesssssssss........” he watched her in amazement as she took his head into her mouth and lowered her head down until she just barely touched the base of his dick, and came back up again. Liz loved the sounds she was getting from him, and continued to deep throat him. Max pumped his hips to her head, and held his head back. Liz deep throated him again, this time humming slightly as she came back up. This little move almost made Max shoot his load down her hot awaiting throat, but he wanted to cum inside her. Her raised her up and kissed her with all his might. When he released her to catch his breath he sighed.

“Liz I want to cum inside you” he watched her nod her head, and he slid back on the bed and pulled her to straddle him. He held his erection as she positioned herself over him. She lowered herself onto his throbbing manhood, and they both let out a cry of relief at their first contact in over a month. Max waited on Liz to adjust, and she moved her hips to let him know she was fine. He grabbed her hips and slammed into her. Liz rested her hands on his chest and rode him. She raised up to were just the head of his cock was in her, then she sunk back down on him with powerful thrust. Max met her thrust, and cupped her breast. He rubbed his thumbs across her nipples, and she threw her head back. She rode him hard, not able to get enough of him. Max knew they both were close and he wanted them to cum together. He brought his hand down, and rubbed her clitoris with his thumb.

“Cum for me Liz, cum with me.”

“Oh god Max yes, yes Max cum with me” she felt his sacs tightening under her and knew he was about to explode. She tighten her walls around him, and together they exploded.

“Yeeeeeeessssssssss............” they said in unison. Max shout his hot load into her waiting pussy, and she let her juices flow over his raging dick. She milked him until she was sure he was spent. She leaned over and kissed him hard.

“That was amazing” he said, flipping her over on to her side.

“Yeah amazing” was all she was able to say. Max slid out of her and kissed her forehead.

“You know I could get spoiled, having you in my arms like this” he smiled at her. She raised up and kissed his lips softly.

“Well, you deserve to be spoiled, every once in a while” she joked with him. He kissed her once again and laid her head on his chest.

“I love you Liz, my Queen.”

“And I love you Max, my King.”

They listened to the others breathing until it sat a calm over them, and they fell asleep, with silly smiles on their faces, and peace in the hearts.

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Chapter 18

Max woke up sometime during the night, and was currently watching Liz as she slept. He watched as the small smile played across her lips, and wondered what she was dreaming about. He let his hands roam across her body, and enjoyed the smoothness of her skin against his hand. His hand came to rest on her stomach, were his children rested. Max looked at Liz’s face to make sure she was still asleep. He eased down, making sure not to disturb her, and laid his head on her bare stomach, stroking it in a protective manner.

“Hey little ones, it’s me daddy” he whispered. He was rewarded with two tiny thumps.

“Ah, so you’re awake........,couldn’t sleep huh?” Max saw the two tiny hand prints, and he placed the palm of his hand over them, and closed his eyes..........

~~~When he opened them, he found himself in the same field as earlier, but this time there was a ray of flowers as far as he could see. Max looked around and took in his surroundings. There were a variety of flowers, and the scent of them all combined, reminded him of a spring day, fresh after a rain shower. He inhaled, and closed his eyes, savoring the peaceful feeling descending upon him.

The sound of giggling made him open his eyes. Standing in front of him were the twins, both sporting identical grins.

“Whatcha doing daddy” they smiled up at him? Max kneeled down in front of them, and flicked their noses, causing another round of giggles to erupt from them.

“Nothing........I was just enjoying the beautiful flowers. I think that they’re the most beautiful things in the world, don’t you think” he asked them? He sat down, pulling them into his lap. He watched his son look up at him, and quickly looked away.

“What’s up little guy?” the little boy fidgeted with his hands, until his sister reached over and encased his hands in hers. She smiled at him, and nodded her head encouragingly. Max looked down at his son, and smiled. He could tell that he was shy, which reminded him a lot of himself. The little boy looked at Max, and smiled.

“I think that mommy is the most beautiful thing in the world” he stated, matter of fact. Max smiled at his children and hugged them tight.

“I agree, your mommy is very beautiful” he said tickling their sides. They jumped up and ran hand in hand, with Max not far behind. Max chased them across the field, enjoying this time with them. They stopped half way across the field, and then vanished. Max automatically began to panic. He looked around frantically for them. His heart was beating against his chest, he could have sworn that in a minute it would break through. He couldn’t think straight. Where were they?

He turned abruptly at the sound of laughter, and saw them standing behind him. Max closed his eyes, and took several deep breaths. He opened his eyes to two very concerned faces.

“What’s wrong daddy?” The twins felt their daddies distress, and immediately became worried. Max kneeled down, and hugged them.

“Where were you” he asked softly, stroking their heads? They pulled back, and looked down at their feet, shifting nervously.

“We sorry daddy, we won’t do it again” they said quietly. Max looked between the two, and wondered what they were sorry for.

“Sorry why?” He watched his daughter ease behind her brother, and he watched his son pull her into a hug, running his hand through her hair.

“Don’t be mad daddy, we were only playing” he grabbed his sister’s hand and continued “we didn’t mean to upset you, but mommy said we could use our powers here in our special place” he told him, remembering that their mommy told them that they would have to be careful when they were with her and daddy for real.

Max was beginning to understand what they did, and he chuckled to himself.


They nodded their heads slowly, watching their daddy face to see any sign of anger. Max pulled them into his lap, and felt their fears. He immediately reassured them that everything was fine. They were relieved to know wasn’t upset with them, and then continued to show him the extent of their powers, with Max showing them his. Max watched in awe as they turned the entire field of flowers into millions of white butterflies that floated around them like snowflakes. He felt their connection weakening, and knew it was time to say good bye for now. He grabbed their hands, and kissed their heads.

“Daddy has to go now, you need to rest” he watched their faces fall.

“But daddy, we’re not tired” they whined.

“Oh no, your mommy would be very upset with me if I wore you out” they sighed and agreed, not wanting mommy upset. He watched them walk away, and their connection broke.~~~~

Max opened his eyes, and watched the glow of their hand prints fade away.

Liz ran her hand through his hair. She had woken up the moment he left her side. She was about to protest about him moving, but when she heard him talking to the babies, she just listened to his soothing voice. She knew the moment they connected, and gave them their time together.

Max looked up at her when he felt her fingers playing at the nape of his neck.

“Hey, did I wake you” he asked, smiling up at her?

“No” she replied.

“How long have you been up” he asked, hoping that he hadn’t disturbed her too much?

“Every since you left my side” Max stared at her wide eyed, and then blushed, realizing she had probably heard him taking to her stomach, and taught it was silly. Liz watched his face and felt his embarrassment, but she had to let him know that there was nothing to be embarrassed about. She cupped his cheek and stroked his lips with her thumb.

“Hey, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, in fact” she leaned over and kissed him softly “I think it was very sweet, and I know you’re going to make an excellent father.”

She leaned back, and pulled his head to rest between her bare breast.

“God, Liz it was amazing. They’re so powerful, more powerful then any of us combined” he chuckled, and snuggled closer into her.

“What’s so funny” she asked, stroking his back, enjoying the warm feel of him pressed against her?
Max proceeded to tell her about his visit with the twins, and the mindwarp they put on him. Liz listened in fascination. She only wished she was there with them, but she had, had her alone time with them, and Max needed his time with them. Next time they would connect together.

She continued to listen to him talk animated about their children.

“I can’t wait to finally hold them in my arms.........for real, you know” her told her.

“I know how you feel, but at the rate the developing, we won’t have to wait much longer” she assured him. Max closed his eyes and sighed, relishing the feel of her fingers caressing his head. Liz felt his breathing even out on her breast, and knew he had fallen asleep. She listened to the soft breaths eliciting from him, and it soon calm her own breathing, settling her into a peaceful slumber.

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Chapter 19

The next two weeks were a blur for everyone. Max, Michael, Isabel, Tess, Maria and Alex were busy preparing to enter school next week. Liz was going to finish by home schooling, because she was due any day now. Everyone was preparing for the babies arrival, and Max and Liz couldn’t be any happier. The entire group would spend hours together, just hanging out, all but Tess that is.

Tess would come around sometimes, but she still felt as if she didn’t belong, plus her feelings for Max had yet lessen any. She hadn’t spoken to him since the night she was leaving. Max had tried on different occasions to apologize, but she wouldn’t listen. Tess wasn’t angry with him, but right now she felt that best thing to do was avoid them all, and just be there when called upon.

That’s why at this moment she felt uncomfortable. Everyone was gathered at the Crashdown, waiting on Max and Liz. Maria, Isabel, Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Evans had got together and planned a surprise baby shower for them. She stood and watched as the other girls and their mothers laughed and talked amongst themselves. Other reason she felt as if she didn’t belong. She had never really had any parent to talk to, or spend quality time with.

She sat down in the back booth, trying to disappear. Isabel watched from the corner of her eyes, as Tess withdrew completely from them. Even she had tried talking to Tess, but she always made some excuse for not talking to her.

“Oh my god, here they come” Maria shouted excitedly. Jeff rushed over and turned off the lights.

“Shh” Maria whispered. Liz and Max approached the Crashdown, talking about the movie that had just seen. Liz looked in the Crashdown, and noticed the darkness inside.

“Why is it dark inside, it’s only six o’clock” Max asked her? Liz began to panic. Her parents didn’t mention closing early.

“I don’t know “ she frantically searched her purse for her keys. Max felt her fears, and reached for her hands.

“I got it” he pulled her keys out her purse and unlocked the door. He walked ahead of her, shielding her from any danger. He immediately lifted his hand when he heard a noise coming from his right.

He was about to release his powers, when the lights flicked on.

“Surprise!” Everyone shouted. Max dropped his hand, and looked around at the faces of his friends and family, thankful he didn’t let off that blast. Liz felt her heart began to recover from its shock. Everyone piled around them, and gave out hugs and congratulations. Maria pulled them into the center of the room, and sat them in chairs facing everyone.

“You were surprised right” Maria beamed?

“You have no idea” Max said under his breath.

“, how.......” Liz was overwhelmed. Isabel walked up and gave Max and Liz a hug.

“Actually, it was all of us” she told them “we wanted to do this for you guys”she smiled brightly.

“You guys are the best” Liz got up and hugged everyone around her. Max had also gone around and said his thank yous. He walked up to Liz, who at the moment was staring at something in the back of the restaurant. He slipped his arms around her belly.

“Hey, watcha looking at” kissing her temple. Liz nodded her head, and max followed her line of vision. Tess was sitting at the back booth, playing with the ketchup bottle.

“Max, we should go talk to her” Liz was really starting to worry about her. Even though they hadn’t gotten off on the right foot, she was apart of their family, and Liz wanted her to be apart of this too.

“I know, come on” but before they could move, Nancy and Diane pulled them away.

“Come on kids, it’s time to open presents.” Max and Liz looked over their shoulders at Tess with worried eyes. They had opened all their gifts except for those from their group of friends.

“Ok, ok mines and Michael next” Maria pushed the package in their hands. Liz and Max opened the large package and inside were two baby books, with matching teddy bears.

“They’re beautiful “ Liz said with tears in her eyes.

“These are going to be the most spoiled kids around” Jeff told Phillip. Philip nodded his head in agreement. Max and Liz had told them about the twins last week, and lets just say, they’re still breathing. Phillip, Diane and Nancy were shocked at first, but quickly recovered after they realized they would have to little ones to spoil. Now Jeff, he was really upset. One baby he could deal with, but two, two would put a big dent in every ones pocket. He wasn’t so much concerned about the money it would take to help Liz and Max, but he wanted Liz to finish her dreams, and two babies would definitely put an end to those dreams. Max reassured him that Liz would finish school, even if he had to prolong his schooling so she could finish, while he worked to support her and the babies. He didn’t want Liz to have to put her life on hold either.
“Here, this is from Isabel and me” Alex said, handing them two large bags with baby decorations all over them. Again Max and Liz were in awe. Inside the bags were crochet baby layettes, with a baby blanket to match, one pink and one blue.

“Oh my god, were did you guys get these” Liz asked, while running her hands over the smooth crocheted yarn?

“Oh, there’s this little boutique in Albuquerque, that have the cutest little things” Isabel explain. Max got up and hugged his friends, thanking them again for their support and everything.

“Wait” Nancy shouted “there’s one more gift, but it doesn’t say who it’s from” she said hand the small box to Max. Max sat back down next to Liz, and began to unwrap the gift. When he opened the lid, his breathe caught in his throat, and tears came to his eyes.

“Max?” Liz watched his expression “what is it” she asked, wondering what could have his emotions running so high. Max couldn’t speak, instead he just handed the box to her, and waited on her reaction. Liz reached for the box, and peered inside.

“Oh my.....” she raised her hand to her throat, and tried to fight the tears from falling. Inside were to identical baby bracelets, but these weren’t just ordinary bracelets. The bracelets were solid gold, with tiny flecks of diamonds in them, but that wasn’t what brought tears to their eyes. It was the tiny pendent that hung from both of them. The pendent had the same symbol on it that was on the pendent Isabel found at Athertons on one side, and the Royal Seal on the other. Liz lifted her tear stained face to their group of friends.

“How?” Isabel, Michael, Alex and Maria shook their heads in confusion. They had got a look at the bracelets when Max had handed them to Liz.

“Oh my gracious, those are beautiful” Diane stated, retrieving the box from Liz “what does this mean” she asked absently, while she and the others in the room admired the bracelet? The group looked around at each other, trying to come up with an answer.

“’s” Michael tried to explain, but was nervously failing.

“It’s just a cluster of stars. We all know how Max and Liz are both into astronomy” Maria smiled brightly, hoping they would not ask any pressuring questions.

“Wow. They’re beautiful. Who are they from” Nancy asked, searching for around for a name tag, that might have fallen off? Again the group looked amongst themselves. Max shared a questioning look with Isabel and Michael, and they both shook their heads no. Maria and Alex also gave a look that said “Don’t look at me.”

“Um......they’ me”a tiny voice said from the back. Everyone had turned to see Tess shifting nervously, with her head down. Everyone stood in shock at her revelation. The next thing that happened surprised everyone. Liz was staring at Tess with total admiration. She knew Tess still had feelings for Max, and she also knew why she never hung out with the rest of them. She knew Tess felt as if she didn’t belong her, and coming to their baby shower, must have been a hard thing for her to do, and to give them such beautiful gifts that held special meaning to their group of seven was so, so........... Liz couldn’t think of any words to describe how she felt. Instead she jumped out of her seat next to Max, and flung her arms around Tess’ neck hugging her tight.

“Thank you.......” Liz whispered, so only she could hear “thank you so much” Liz had tears forming in her eyes, she wanted so badly for Tess’ to see that she did belong. Tess stood there awkwardly. She didn’t know what to, she didn’t want to be standing her, with all eyes on her. She hugged Liz back in a disconcerting manner.

“No problem” she said nonchalantly, pulling away from her embrace. Max observed the scene, as well as the others, and knew Liz was trying with great force to bring Tess around. He walked over to them, and hugged her to, with the others following suit. The parents watched the scene with puzzling stares. They all knew Tess, and they knew she sometimes hung out with the kids, but they never understood why she preferred to be alone, when the kids obvious wanted her around. Diane watched the way Tess fidgeted with the others around her, and she decided to give the girl relief.

“Alright everyone, time for cake” she announced. Everyone moved to gather around the cake. Liz grabbed Tess’ hand, and lead her over with the rest of them.

Everyone had left, and the guys and Maria were taking all of the presents up to Liz’s room, while Tess, Isabel, Liz and their mothers cleaned up the restaurant.

“Wow this was wonderful” Liz expressed. She picked up a tray of dirty dishes, and took them in the kitchen. She heard the bells ring over the door, and paid no attention to the new arrival.

“You know we’re going to have a hard time getting Michael to wash all those dishes” Liz spoke, pushing through the door.

“Hey!” Liz looked up.

“Chris!” she ran up and through her arms around his neck in excitement. Chris caught her, and spun her around, enjoying the feel of her in his arms, and the joy of seeing her again. He sat her feet back on the ground, but kept his arms around her waist.

“What are you doing here” she asked him, floored? He tucked a strand of hair behind her ears, and flicked her nose.

“I came to see you silly” he reached in his back pocket, and pulled out an envelop, and handed it to her. Liz looked at it suspiciously and eyed him.

“Open it” he edged her. Liz took out the content, and read it slowly. A smile brightly appeared on her face.

“You’re going to UNM Albuquerque” she smiles up at him? Chris nodded his head, and she threw her arms around his neck again, just as Max and the others walked through the door.

TBC....................PLS LEAVE F?B
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Chapter 20

Max came down stairs with the biggest smile on his face. He was on cloud nine. The twins would be here any day now, and before the surprise baby shower, he had his own special surprise for Liz. Everything was going fine for them. He had talked to Nasedo earlier this week, and he had informed him that there was no sign of their enemies, so he could honestly say that his life was worry free, that was until he stepped back into the restaurant, and saw some guy with his arms around Liz, his Liz. Max felt the energy pulsating thru him. Michael was feeling Max’s anger, and he too, didn’t like the way this guy was hanging all over Liz, and to make matters worse, as soon as Maria entered the diner, she ran over to this guy also, hugging him.

Alex saw the red in their eyes, and knew if he didn’t get them out of there fast, everyone in the room would know of their alien status. He pushed them back thru the employee only door, and sat them on the sofa.

“Ok, you guys need to calm down, before you do something you’ll regret.”

“Calm down!” Max shouted. “How am I suppose to calm down, when some guy has his hands all over Liz?”

“Ditto” came Michael’s reply.

“First of all” he pinned them with a look “remember the guy Chris, Maria and I told you about” he waited on them to nod their heads, before he continued “well that’s him?”

Michael instantly calmed down, because he knew Chris wasn’t a threat to his relationship with Maria, but he remembered the conversation with Alex and Maria the night they came over to his house the night after they returned from Florida, and he also remembered how Alex said Chris had a thing for Liz, and the way Max just stiffened next to him, he knew there was no calming him down.

Max’s anger only seemed to increase. He also remembered the same conversation as Michael, and now that he knew who this guy was, he definitely didn’t want him around Liz. Although she never out right told him that something happened between them, he saw the way she would look down in shame every time Alex or Maria mentioned his name. Max sat there trying to control the emotions battling within him. He knew he didn’t have to worry about his relationship with Liz, but he didn’t know how Chris felt about Liz, and that’s what left him feeling uneasy. Maria burst thru the door.

“Oh my god, you guys have to come and meet Chris” she pulled them by the hands, completely oblivious to Max’s emotional state. Alex walked behind them, amused at how Maria never seemed to pay attention to others feelings during her excitement. Alex walked between Max and Michael and shook Chris’ hand.

“Chris, my man, it’s good to see you again” he smiled at him “so what bring s you to the infamous Roswell, NM?” Chris looked down at Liz, who’s hand he had yet to release, and smiled.

“Actually, I came to see Liz, and I’ll be attending UNM Albuquerque in a few weeks, so I decided to come and get a lay of the land” he stated, while his eyes never left Liz’s. Isabel watched the way Chris was staring at Liz, and she could feel Max’s energy flowing thru her. She decided she better defuse this situation as best as she could, as soon as possible. She stepped in front of Max’s line of vision, and introduce herself.

“Hi, I’m Isabel Evans, I’ve heard a lot about you, its really nice to meet you” extending her hand.

“It’s nice to meet you too.”

“Come on I’ll introduce you to everyone” Liz said, pulling him by the arm.

“You already know Alex and Maria” she pointed out “and you remember my parents right?”

“Of course. Mr. Parker, Mrs. Parker” Chris greeted them.

“This is Michael, a very good friend of mine “ she said, with a big smile at Michael.

“Hey” Michael responded, while watching Chris’ every move.

“Nice to meet you” Chris said, only to have Michael grunt, and walk into the kitchen. He still didn’t like this guy hanging all over Liz. Isabel had cornered Max in one of the back booths, trying to get him to calm down. Everyone could see the jealousy monster lurking around. Liz went along, and introduced Chris to the Evans and Ms. Deluca, but the one person she was looking for wasn’t around.

She finally spotted him, talking to Isabel. “I’ll be right back” she whispered to Chris. Chris didn’t want to relinquish his hold on her, but had no choice when she slipped her hand out of his. He watched her walk over to a booth were that Isabel girl was sitting , talking to a dark head guy.

“Max?” Max looked up at the sound if her voice, and the look in his eyes, frighten her to the core. She had never seen him this angry, even when they had held Pierce, he was calm when questioning him. She placed her hand on his cheek, and immediately felt the energy slam into her like a Mack Truck.

“Max?” She grabbed his hand and pulled him thru the employee door, and up to her room. She closed the door behind them. Max lowered his head, trying to control the anger in him. Liz stood in front of him, making him meet her eye. As soon as they locked eyes, Max saw the fear in her eyes, and instantly calm down. He pulled her into his arms, and held on tight, instantly feeling shame for letting his jealousy overpower him.

“Max........what’s wrong” she asked? Max sighed, and sat down on her bed. Liz sat down next to him, and held his hand, waiting for him to speak. Max ran his hand thru his hair, and turned to look at her.

“ guess when I seen some other guy with his arms around you, I got......I don’t know......I got....I kind of....” he couldn’t even bring himself to say it.

“You got jealous” she finished for him. She watched him nod his head. Inside Liz was glowing. She knew it was wrong to feel happy about his jealousy, but knowing that he was jealous of Chris, kind of made her feel loved. She knew it sounded stupid, but she couldn’t help the way she felt. Max looked at her, and knew he had nothing to worry about, but he had to something.



“Um........did um....did something happen between you and him” he asked, with baited breath. Liz saw the vulnerability in his eyes, and quickly looked away. Max stared at the back of her head, and waited on her answer.

“Liz?” Liz knew she could never lie to him, and she saw the hurt in his eyes before she looked away. She knew she couldn’t deny him anything. She turned and looked him in his eyes, and spoke truthfully.

“Yes” Max released the breath he was holding.

“It was just a kiss, and it didn’t mean anything, it just happened, Max I didn’t..........” Max pressed a finger to her lips to stop her rambling.

“Its ok Liz” cupping her cheek. She turned and kissed the palm of his hand.

“I love you Max” stressing the point that she only loved him.

“I know, and I love you too” he sealed it with a kiss, and together they returned to the diner. Chris was talking to Maria, Alex and Isabel when they returned.

“Chris” Liz called after him. Chris turned at the sound of her voice, with a big smile. That smile quickly faded once he saw the way the dark head guy was holding her possessively.

“Chris, this is Max boyfriend” she said shyly. Chris swallowed his pride, and stuck out his hand to Max. Max accepted.

“Nice to meet you Chris, I’ll heard a lot about you, and let me thank you for watching out for Liz while she was in Florida.” Chris narrowed his eyes at Max, and Max raised an eyebrow at him.

“It was my pleasure, I would’ve done anything for Liz” he paused and looked her in the eyes “and I still will, all you have to do is ask.” Liz blushed at the intense way Chris was staring at her, and felt Max tighten his arms around her waist.

“That’s ok” Max smirked “I can take good care of my Liz” Max stated, stressing the my.

Everyone felt the testosterone reeking the air, and wondered when the fist were going to start flying.

“True that, but we all know she might need someone a little more dependable” Chris taunted. Max was ready to push this guys lights out, but the feel of Liz’s hand rubbing his arm, calm him down. Alex decided he better break this up before it got out of hand.

“Um...guys could you two use some of that energy you throwing around, and help finish cleaning up this place, I would really like to get home some time tonight.” Max and Chris shared one finally glare at each other before they went and helped the others.

The rest of the night went along fairly smoothly, with everyone getting to know Chris. There was the occasional heated stares between Chris and Max, but beside that everything was fine. All the parents were gone, and the group decided to hang out just a little longer before they turned in.

“So Chris, where you staying tonight” Maria asked him?

“I got a room over at the Motor Inn out on 285" he told her.

“How long you staying” Michael asked rudely.

“Michael!” Maria elbowed him.

“Ow, what?” She rolled her eyes at his behavior.

“I don’t know, but I was promise a tour of Roswell, and I’m here to collect” he smiled at Liz.

“Oh can I come to” Maria asked excitedly. She loved playing tour guide.

“Sure” Liz stated “we can all go, and make a day out of it” everyone agreed, and said their good nights to each other.

For the next couple of days the group showed Chris around, and just hung out, eating pizza and enjoying their last days of summer vacation. They were all gathered at the Crashdown after a day of hanging in the park.

“So anyone heard from Tess lately” asked Alex? They all nodded their heads no, and sighed with heavy hearts. They had all thought that Tess was coming around at the baby shower, but as soon as no one was looking she slipped out, and no one has heard from her since. The only reason they knew she was still around was because Michael had seen her at the grocery store yesterday, but she quickly dodged him.

“Well I talked to her earlier today, and she said she would join us here” Alex told them.

“Who’s Tess” Chris asked?

“She’s a friend of ours. She left before you got here the other day, but hopefully you will get a chance to met her...............” Liz was cut off by the sound of the bells above the door. Tess didn’t know why she was here. She had felt weird after the whole baby shower ordeal, so she decided she needed so time alone. When Alex had came by earlier, it had been a big shock. He told her how everyone was worried about her, and wanted her to be a part of them. She had sat in her house a long time, debating on coming or not. She finally decided to come after the walls in her room seemed like they were closing in on her. So here she was entering the Crashdown, felling very uncomfortable, as all eyes fell on her. Liz jumped out of the booth, and ran and embraced her.

“Tess, I’m so glad you came. We’ve missed you” she said sincerely “come on” Liz pulled her over to the others. They all greeted her, and was happy she decided to join them. Chris had noticed the blonde headed girl as soon as she walked in, and was stuck at the beauty of her.

“Tess I want you to meet a very good friend of my from florida Chris Erickson. Chris, Tess. Tess, Chris” Liz introduced them. Chris stood up, and looked down at the site before him.

“It’s nice to meet you Tess” Chris reached out his hand, and she stared at it a moment before she took his hand. Upon contact, Tess felt a bolt of electric shoot up her arm, and send a warm feeling thru her. She watched his expression to see if he felt it. Chris had definitely felt it. He didn’t know what it was about this girl that held him so. The others watched the scene between them with worried expressions. What was with these two, they wondered. Michael didn’t trust Chris, and wondered if he was a enemy, and Tess was able to feel his evil. He cleared his throat, causing everyone to look at him. He was expecting to break to staring match between Tess and Chris, but they were in there on little world.

“Would you look at them” Isabel whispered.

“I know” Liz breath out.

“Should we break them up” Alex whispered.

“Hell yeah” Michael whispered loudly “what if he is one of our enemies, and he’s doing something to her” he pointed out.

“Michael, he’s not a enemy. If he was don’t you think we would of felt it the moment we meant him” Max stated logically.

“Whatever, but the way they’re staring at each other is freaking me out” he stated. The others smirked at him, and decided they had better get these twos attention.

“Um....guys” Liz started. She saw that they didn’t budge “Tess?” Tess heard Liz call her name, but she couldn’t pull her eyes away from the deep blue ones staring into her. Alex walked over to them, and slapped Chris on the back.

“Hey, you two plan on joining us or what” he joked. Chris finally torn his eyes from Tess’ and release her hand.

“Sorry” he said, embarrassed at the way he was acting. He lowered his head, and stuck his hands in his pocket nervously.

“It’s ok” Tess told him, equally embarrassed. She tuck her hair behind her ears, and fidgeted with her shoulder strap.

“Come on and join the rest of us Tess” Alex told her. Tess looked around the group, and all the girls gave her knowing smiles, while Max and Michael eyed Chris suspiciously. Chris saw that she didn’t have a place to sit.

“ can have my sit....if you want” he told her nervously. Tess smiled at him gratefully, sitting down. Chris pulled a chair up to the table, and sat next to her.

“Thank you” she replied shyly.

They stayed at the Crashdown the rest of the day, keeping Michael and Maria company until they finished their shifts. Tess and Chris would steal quick glances at each other, when they thought no one was looking. Day soon turned to night, and everyone was helping close up the restaurant. Chris was staring at Tess from across the room, and she would send a smile or two his way.

“So what are we doing tonight” Maria asked, sinking into the booth.

“I don’t” Isabel asked.

“I don’t know about you guys, but Liz needs her rest, and I plan to make sure she gets it” Max pulled Liz into his lap, and snuggled his nose in her hair.

“You can count me out also, I have to help my dad with his computer” Alex said.

“What about you spaceboy” Maria asked.

“I can barely keep my eyes open” yawning, as if proving his point.

“I guess we’ll just call it a night then” she sounded. They all agreed. Everyone got up to go home.

“Um....Tess?” Tess turned to Chris.


“I was you weren’t busy we don’t know.....maybe hang out” Chris shifted nervously, waiting on her answer. Tess was glowing inside, she didn’t want the night to end, and was hoping that she could spend more time with Chris.

“I would like do you have a car?”

“Um no..Liz and Maria picked me up today.”

“Good, that way you won’t have to leave it unattended.” Chris smiled at her, and lead her to the door.

“Shall we” she nodded her head and together they walked to her car, completely forgetting about the others, that was staring at them with open mouths.

“Ok, were we not standing her” Maria asked in disbelief.

“I guess we didn’t matter, when it comes to those two” Isabel retorted.

“Looks like we may have another Max and Liz on our hands” Alex joked, which caused everyone to laugh, expect for the subjects mentioned. They all said their good nights, and Max walked Liz to her apartment. They entered, and Max lead her to her room, thankful her parents were away until morning.

“So, are you ready to be a mom” he asked, placing kisses along her jaw.

“Um..huh” she replied, loving the feel of his mouth on her. Max brought his hands up and cupped her breast.

“God you are so beautiful” he slid a free hand up her skirt. Liz was feeling the juices flowing from her, and she welcomed his touch. Max cupped her heat, and instantly harden.

“Max.....please....I need you so badly” she panted.

“I know, I need you just as bad, if not more” he removed her blouse, and laid her on her bed, were he removed her skirt and panties, and she was left in her bra.

“Max!” Liz didn’t know why she needed him so badly, but she couldn’t wait. She got on her knees, and helped him remove his clothes. Once he was completely undressed, she flipped on to his back, and sunk down on his inviting manhood, relishing the feel of him finally in her.

“Oh god yes” she cried. Max could only grunt, because he too had a mad desire to be buried deep inside her. He trusted into her hard, and she meet every trust. Their loving making wasn’t slow and tender, but rough and hard.

“Oh Max, I need you so.......oh my Max...” Liz could hold on much long, and exploded screaming his name. Max felt her walls clamp with orgasm, and it sent him into his own release.

“Liiiiizzzzzzz” Liz slumped down over him, and sighed. The need to be one with him had passed. Max let himself slid out of her, and rubbed her back, until he felt her body relax, and together they fell asleep, both thinking of the same thing.....their babies.

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Chapter 21

Max woke at the shrieking sound of his phone. He squinted his eyes at the alarm clock on his end table. “4:45AM, damn” he voiced, to no one in particular. It seemed like he had just laid down, may be because it was true. He had woke up a little after 2AM, and extracted himself from Liz. He had growled deep in his throat, when she wrapped her legs around his waist, rubbing her wet core against his growing erection, in protest of him leaving. He stroked her back, until she fell back into a peaceful slumber. Now as he reached for his phone, trying to clear the cobwebs from his brain, wondering who could be calling him at this hour.

“Hello” he grumbled into the phone.

“Max.......” Max instantly became awake.

“Liz.....sweetheart what’s wrong” he asked frantically, while already pulling on his jeans.

“Oh hurts........” Liz sobbed into the phone. She couldn’t speak, from the lump in her throat, and the pain ripping thru her.

“Liz, baby hold on. I’m coming” he heard her grunted agreement, before the line went dead. He reached for his jacket, and slung his door open, only to be scared nearly out of his skin.

“Damn Is, you scared the shit out of me........” he rushed past her heading to the door.

“What are you doing up anyway” he looked at her appearance, and saw that she was fully clothed. They ran out the door, and hopped in the jeep. Isabel looked at him in disbelief.

“ didn’t feel it?” Max stared at her with a blank expression as he thru the gear in reverse.

“Feel what” he asked. He was driving like a mad man, and Isabel had to hold on for her life when he turned the corner.

“Max, I was sleeping peacefully, when a pain shot thru me so suddenly, I thought I was going to die. After I recovered, it was like something, or someone was pulling me to Liz, I taught you felt it too” she watched the determined look on his face, as he tried to get to Liz as quick as possible.

“I didn’t feel anything, all I know is the panic I heard in Liz’s voice, and I have to get to her.” Max was worried sick about her, he was kicking himself for not staying with her. He should have known that something was happening from the way he had a mad desire to make love to her last night. It was as if something was pulling at him, needing him to mate with her. He felt as if he couldn’t rest until he was finally embedded in her, letting his energy flow out of him into her upon release. “Could it have been the babies, calling, needing him” Max thought silently. As they turned into the parking lot, they saw Michael as he jumped off his bike, and Tess jumping out of her SUV, both rushing up to them. They all turned at the sound of screeching tires. Nasedo had been around the last couple a weeks, to be there when Liz went into labor. He had also felt the pull, and immediately knew the Queen need him and the others.

“You guys felt it too” Tess asked? Everyone else nodded their heads, while Max rushed thru the Crashdown door, using his powers to unlock the it. He ran up the stairs two at a time, rushing to her apartment, with the others hot on his trail.

By this time the Evans had arrived at the Crashdown, at the same time as Alex and Maria. Isabel had informed her parents that Liz was in labor before she ran to Max’s room. They had begged her to wait on them, but the pull was to strong for her to wait. Maria had fell asleep at Michael’s, since Amy was away at a UFO convention in Santa Fe. She had tried to hurry, but before she could get off the sofa good, he was gone out the door, with only one word passing his lips........”Liz.” She had gotten dressed with lighting speed, stopping only to phone Alex, and let him know what was going on. She picked him up, and they headed to the Crashdown.

Upon arriving they had ran into the Evans.

“Oh my.......I hope everything is alright” Diane clung to Phillip, waiting nervously as Maria searched for her keys.

“Got it” Maria shouted. They pushed thru the doors, and headed upstairs.

When Max had entered Liz’s room, the sight before him made his knees weak, and his heart catch in his throat. Liz was laying on her bed, curled up in a fetal position. Her skin was pale and pasty, and her hair was matted to her face with perspiration. Her breathing was hard and labored, and her eyes were closed. He could hear the faint call of his name on her lips. The others pushed their way thru behind him, and froze. Max fell on his knees in front of her, sweeping the damp strands of hair off her face.

“God Liz, what have I done, I’m so sorry” Max couldn’t help but feel responsible for causing her so much pain. “I should have never touched you” he silently cursed himself. Liz registered Max’s voice, and a smile played across her lips, only to turn into a frown upon hearing his silent admission. She opened her eyes, and saw him staring intently at her. Liz couldn’t speak, her throat felt like the Sahara Desert. She knew she had heard him in her head, and she didn’t know how, or when this new development occurred, but she needed to reassure him that she didn’t know if this would work, but the pain shooting thru her was enabling her to speak.

She lifted her hand to cup the hand resting on her cheek, and concentrated.

“Max.....please don’t say things like that,.......please no regret” she pleaded with him. Max stared at her with wide eyes.

“Liz?” he asked the unspoken question out loud. Isabel had went and got some cool washcloth, and laid behind Liz and dabbed her forehead. Max was still staring at her in disbelief.

“You heard me” he asked her. Liz throat was still dry, so she spoke thru their connection.

“Yes....” she closed her eyes “Max......” before she could finish her request, as if reading her mind, Tess handed Max a bowl of ice cubes. Diane had made it upstairs, and rushed to Liz’s side. Max rubbed a ice cube across her lips, and Liz relished the coolest of it. She let her tongue peek out, and feel it’s taste. Max edge her lips apart, and she parted them. He held it there, letting it melt into her mouth. The pain had lessen a great deal once Max and the others arrived, and she was able to relax a little. She turned on her back, and Isabel continued to wipe her forehead. Liz was finally able to find her voice.

“Thank you Isabel” she said gratefully. Isabel smiled down at her and Liz gripped her hand. Diane sat a little down from Isabel, and rubbed Liz’s arm. Liz looked down at Mrs. Evans and smile. Max sat on the opposite of them, and stroked her face.

“How are you feeling” he asked, resting his hand over her stomach?

“Better, now that you are here. I hurt so much........”

“Shh, it’s ok, I’m here now.” Max saw here trying to keep her eyes open.

“Rest...sweetheart, you’re going to need it” Diane urged her. Max agreed. He laid down beside her and pulled her into his arms. The others exited into the living room, with Nasedo staying to watch after Liz. Max had told their parents that he was Liz’s doctor, and that he would be there to help them thru the home birth. The Parkers wasn’t thrilled about the home delivery, but the kids were adamant about Liz having the babies at home. They had agreed that if anything went wrong, they would take her to the hospital. Max only agreed, to keep them from pressing the issue. He knew that if anything went wrong, there was no way he would take Liz to the hospital, were they would stick her or the babies in the White Room, he would die before he let that happen.

Max pulled her body closer to his, and rubbed her arm. He felt the slight fever in her body, and decided to keep a watch out for it. Liz rested peacefully next to Max, and she had wondered if this was a false alarm.

“Max?” Max turned at the sound of his mothers voice at the door. Max eased off the bed, and walked over to her.

“How she doing sweetheart” she asked? Max ran a shaky hand thru his hair, and Diane could see the worry lines in his face.

“She’s doing better” he glanced back at her, and sighed. Diane rubbed his arm, trying to cease his worries.

“Everything is going to work out fine, you’ll see” she kissed his cheek, and turned to exit the room, when Max called after her.

“Mom....are the Parkers here yet?”

“Not yet dear, but Maria said that they should be here any moment. Jeff said he was coming back early so he could open the restaurant. We weren’t able to reach them before they left their hotel.”

“Thanks mom” Diane left to give him some time with Liz. Max turned, and sat back down beside her and rubbed her stomach.

“They’re extremely powerful, Max” Nasedo said from the corner he had been sitting, watching after the Queen. Max turned at the sound of his voice. He hadn’t even know he was in the room.

“I thought we had established that already” Max said, a little more curt them intended. He was a nervous wreck right now, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going to happen.


“It’s alright” Nasedo got up and stood in front of Max “what I’m saying Max, is that they may be to powerful for Liz to handle the birth.” Max stared at him in shock.

“What are you talking about, everything will be fine” he pointed out.

“But Max.......”

“No she will be fine, we won’t, I won’t let anything happen to her” Max stared at him, as if daring him to protest. Nasedo stared at his King, and knew he couldn’t reason with him right now. He decided to just wait and see what happens. He prayed that everything went smoothly, for Max’s sake and his own. There was a knock at the door, and it slowly opened.

“Max?” Nancy and Jeff had returned home, only to find their home crawling with people. Diane had quickly filled them in on what was going on, and they instantly headed to their daughter.

“Hey” he greeted them. Nancy pulled him into a hug, and Jeff shook his hand.

“How’s my baby” Nancy whispered.

“She’s resting fine, she has been asleep for about thirty minutes.”

“Any more contractions” Jeff asked him?

“No.” Nancy saw the tired look in his eyes, and thought he needed a break.

“Max, sweetie why don’t you go fill the others in on her condition, Jeff and I will sit with her” Max didn’t want to leave her side, but he knew they wanted to spend some time alone with her before everything got hectic. He nodded his head, and exited, promising to only be a few minutes. Nancy sat down on the bed next to Liz, and stroked her head like she uses to do, when Liz would have nightmares. Jeff kneeled in front of her stroking her free hand. Nasedo sat back, and watched the Queens parents tend to her.

“Mom...daddy....” Liz opened her eyes, and smiled at her parents.

“We’re here sweetheart, we’re right here.” Liz looked around the room, searching for Max.

“I’ll get him” Nasedo rose from his seat, and Liz sent him a grateful smile. Both Jeff and Nancy were shocked to realize that he was in the room, he never made a sound. Nasedo exited the room, in search of Max. He found him in the living room, talking to everyone. Max had looked up, when he heard Liz’s bedroom door open.

“She’s awake, and she’s looking for you” you didn’t have to tell Max twice. He was at her side with the quickness. The rest of the family followed him, all wanting to see for their selves that Liz was ok.

“Hey guys” Liz greeted them “sorry for pulling you all out of bed, for what seemed to be a false alarm” she said shyly.

“It’s alright chica, we’re just glad you’re ok” Maria leaned over, and gave her best friend a hug.

“Yeah” everyone agreed.

“Why don’t you all go home, and get some rest, and if anything happens we’ll call you” Nancy stated.

“No!” they all said in unison. The parents looked at them in shock. Isabel, Tess and Michael still felt the pull to be with Liz, and they knew something was about to happen, and the was not going to leave her. Maria and Alex were not going to leave their best friend either.

“Ok who’s up for breakfast” Nancy asked, they all jumped at the invitation. Diane and Nancy headed to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for everyone.

The rest of the morning went by without a single problem. Liz hadn’t showed any signs of labor, and she was resting peacefully. They were all sprawled out in the living room asleep. The Evans were curled up on the recliner, while the Parkers took the sofa. The kids were all laying across the floor. A piercing scream, brought them all out of their slumber. Everyone turned to see Tess curled up in a ball, shaking from head to toe. Isabel moved to help her, but was overcome by her own pain. She doubled over and clutched her stomach. Michael’s pain was just as bad, but he managed to bare it. The Evans and Parkers rushed to their sides with worry.

“Isabel sweetie, what’s wrong, sweetheart talk to us” Diane held on to her, trying to stop whatever it was hurting her baby?

“Tess....Tess dear come on..........” Nancy looked at Jeff with worry. As quick as the pain started, it stop. Michael regained control of himself, and Tess and Isabel, were able to sit up and compose themselves. All three of them looked around at the worried faces of the parents, and knew they had some explaining to do, but before any questions were asked, Michael was running to Liz’s room, with the others right behind him. The parents rush after them.

“Max!” Max was sitting on the bed next to Liz, wiping her forehead. He looked up at Michael with wet eyes. He had felt it this time, and the pain he felt could have killed him. He could only imagine want Liz was going thru. He turned his head, to wipe his tears, before he turned back to them.

“Her contractions are back” Nancy rushed to her side, and rubbed her arm, only to pull it back.

“My god....she’s burning up.” Diane came over, and felt her head.

“Max....dear, maybe we should take her to the hospital, I know you guys wanted a home birth, but she shouldn’t be burning up like this” she pleaded with him. Liz opened her eyes at the mention of a hospital.

“Nooooo........” everyone looked down at her.

“Please...I don’t want to go to the hospital” she turned her eyes to Max, and he saw the same fear that was in him, in her eyes.

“Liz, Diane’s right.........”

“No, daddy .......Max and I want to do this at home.......please respect our wishes.” Jeff stared between them, and saw the fear in their eyes, he looked around at the rest of the teens and saw the same look in their eyes. He didn’t know what had these kids so afraid of the hospital, but he vowed to find out.

“Alright, but if any sign that you’re in danger, I’m taking you myself” he voiced with authority. Nasedo came up behind him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her. I won’t let nothing, I mean nothing happen to her” he patted Jeff’s back, and walked over to Max and Liz.

Isabel grabbed Tess’ hand, and she grabbed Michaels. Michael then turned and grabbed Maria’s hand. He saw how frighten she was, and wanted her near him. Alex walked over and took her other hand, and together they formed a circle around the bed. Nasedo watched the scene, and smiled to himself. “This group is a strong one” he thought silently. The parents watched them also, and knew that the kids were a close knit family, and the way they surrounded Max in Liz in a protective manner, proved that they would do anything for them.

Isabel placed her hand in Liz’s. Liz turned a grateful smile to her and the others. She felt another pain coming, but this one didn’t seem as powerful as the other two. She wasn’t sure if it had something to do with Max being there, or all of them, but what ever it was, she was grateful. The rest of them had also felt it, and they too was grateful it wasn’t as bad as the others. Maria and Alex had also felt a little pain within them.

Two hours had past, and the pain was getting worse. No matter what they tried to do to lessen it, it didn’t work. Nasedo couldn’t understand what was going on. It seemed like the close proximity was soothing for Liz, but now even that wasn’t working. He was starting to get worried.

“Max....something is wrong” he spoke hesitantly. Max knew he was right. Liz was fading in and out of consciousness, and her skin was extremely hot. Jeff and Nancy couldn’t take the waiting so they went down to the restaurant to do inventory, since they didn’t open the café they decided to make use of this time. Phillip and Diane, not being able to handle the stress, went and helped them.

“Maybe you should connect with the babies, and see if everything is ok” Alex suggested.

“Good idea” Michael commented. Liz was vaguely aware of her surroundings, but she didn’t have the energy to tell them she was fine. She felt like she couldn’t move. Her whole body was numb, and she felt as if this wasn’t even happening to her. She concentrated hard.

“Max, please do it. Make sure our babies are ok” he heard her plead in his mind. He turned and looked in her eyes, and saw the worry there. He sat on his knees in front of her.

“Liz baby, everything is going to be fine” he whispered to her. He placed his hands over her stomach.

“Come on little ones, let daddy in” he begged them. He closed his eyes and concentrated, he was immediately in.

~~~~He couldn’t feel them. He looked around for them, and finally saw them laying under a tree. He rushed over to them, and fell to his knees.

“Come on babies, you have to make it” he gathered them in his arms, and rocked them gently. He could tell that they were weak, and he was frantic.

“Tell me what you need, talk to me please” tears were falling uncontrollably from his eyes, and he tried hard to stay in control. He knew they were dying, and he felt useless. He looked up and
saw Liz appear in front of them. She smiled down at them, and kneeled down in front of them. She cupped his cheek, and stroked the twins head.

“Liz....” he couldn’t speak, because the lump in his throat was choking him.

“It’s ok Max, everything is going to be ok” she spoke with confidence “saved them Max, save our babies” she leaned over and kissed the twins, and them placed a gentle kiss upon his lips. Max felt their connection weakening, and then it was gone.~~~~~

He looked up at Liz, and saw her give him a faint smile. He looked around the group with frighten eyes. They landed on Nasedo.

“We have to get them out Now!” Nasedo nodded his head, and positioned himself between her legs and checked her. By this time the Evans and Parkers had returned to the room.

“She’s fully dilated, all she needs to do is push” Nasedo instructed. Max climbed on the bed, and propped her up against him.

“You hear that Liz baby, you need to push” she nodded her head, and with all the strength she had, she pushed, the others stood back and watched, while sending silent prayers up above.

“Aaaahhhh.........” Liz pusheed as hard as she could. She laid back, and rested her head against Max.

“That’s it Liz, baby you’re doing great” Max coached her.

“Come on Liz, just a couple of more pushes, and you will be a mom” Nasedo coached her.

“I can’t........” Liz was drained.

“Liz you have to, for the babies.......please” Max pleaded with her. Liz knew he was right, she had to do this for her babies. She beared down with all her might.

“That’s it Liz.....” you’re doing great. Nasdeo could see the top of a dark head.

“Oh my god it hurts..........” she screamed.

“Just one more push, we’re almost home” Isabel hung on to Alex, with tears flooding her eyes. Michael was crushing Maria and Tess to him, while the parents all clung to each other.

Liz was having a hard time pushing, and the only thing that kept her going was the knowledge that if she didn’t push, her babies were going to die.

“Come on Liz, push” Max half screamed at her. He didn’t mean to yell, but he knew that they were on borrowed time, and if they didn’t get the twins out.....he didn’t even want to think about that.

“One more push Liz, come on” Nasedo could feel the life leaving the little ones, and he knew he had to do something. He placed the sheets around her legs to conceal his actions. He let the energy flow thru his hand, and felt the walls of her uterus contract to help push the babies alone.

“Push Liz” he told her. Liz pushed with everything she had, and was finally rewarded.

“Got him” Nasedo shouted. Max saw the small bundle in Nasedo arms, and instantly became alarmed. His skin was blue, and he wasn’t breathing from what Max could tell.

“Max ............... what’s wrong, why isn’t he breathing” Liz asked hysterically? Max looked at Nasedo with frighten eyes. Before he could respond, Nancy grabbed the baby out of his arms. She rubbed his baby, and coached him with smoothing words.

“Come on little guy.......breathe, come on..........., you and your sister have a lot of people here waiting to spoil you rotten.....come on” the others were all holding their breaths, and when they heard the tiny cry that elicited from the tiny child, they all let out a cry of relief. She wrapped him up, and cradled him to her chest.

“That’s it little man” she walked him over to Max and Liz.

“Max.........he’s beautiful” Liz couldn’t stop the tears from falling, if she wanted to.

“I know.........” Max was flabbergasted. He was mesmerized at seeing his son.

“Max!” Max turned at the urgency he heard in Nasedos’ voice, and saw the plea for help in his eyes. He motioned for Jeff to take his place behind Liz, and he positioned himself down with Nasedo.

“Liz, baby......our little girl is waiting to see her mommy also” Max tried to sound as calm as he could, but Liz knew him, and she heard the worry in his voice. Maria came, and held her hand in support.

“You’re doing great chica” Maria said, trying to assure her best friend, but like everyone else, she had seen the worried glances, that were exchanged between Max and Nasedo.

Maybe it was the soothing words of Maria, or the urgent need to save her daughter, but Liz pushed and pushed, throwing everything she had, and within a few minutes, she felt the tiny body of her daughter slid out of her, and into her fathers waiting arms. Liz waited, and again she wasn’t rewarded with crying. Max could tell that his daughter was suffering just like her brother, bit this time he was able to put a little alien power to use, to save the life of his daughter. He was relieved when she let out a healthy wail. He smiled down at her, and could of sworn she smiled back. He wrapped her in the blanket Isabel handed him, and moved to introduce his daughter to her mother.

“Hey little one, there’s mommy.” Liz could heard Max’s voice, and it took all her strength to open her eyes. She smiled at the sight before her, and thanked the lord for her babies.

Unknown to everyone, that when Antarian babies are born, they require a lot of their mothers energy, and it was said that the Kings heir would require an extreme amount of energy from his mother and father, and possibly the entire Royal court, and since no one knew exactly what to expect, they didn’t supply Liz with what she needed. The fact that she was human, made the matter worse. The twins had used an extreme amount of power on Liz, and they had pulled all her energy from her.

Nasedo was preparing to deliver the afterbirth, when a look of panic plastered across his face.

“Max!” he shouted. Max turned to look at jim, and that’s when he felt it. He felt the connection that was unique to him and Liz weakening. He saw the extreme amount of blood covering her sheets, and his world began to move in slow motion. He faintly heard the cries of Nancy, and the yelling of her father. He vaguely remembers handing his daughter to his mother, and pulling a reluctant Jeff away from Liz. Jeff rushed to call 911, when a hand stopped him.

“What are you doing” she shouted at Alex?

“Mr. Parker .........please” he begged the man to wait, hopping Max would hurry.

“My daughters life is dying, and you’re stopping me from getting her the help she needs” he shouted at the young men, who had been his daughters best friend since kindergarten. Phillip saw the panic look on Michael, Tess and Isabel face, and the he looked at his sons. He saw the way he was looking at Liz, as if concentrating on something. Nancy cradled her grandson to her chest, and knew something was about to happen. She placed her hand on Jeff arm. He stared at her in shock.

“Nancy, what are you doing” she had no idea why she was stopping him, but the looks on the teems face, told her to wait.

“Jeff..........please......just wait.” Jeff looked at her long and hard, before he succumbed to her request. The others breath a sigh of relief.

Max was completely oblivious about his surroundings, all he was focused on was Liz. He concentrated and sent her a silent message.

~~Liz, baby stay with me......please........come on, stay with me” he cried to her. Liz could barely keep her eyes open, but she pulled what little bit of energy she had left, and sent him one back.

~~Max........take care of our babies, make sure to tell them everyday how much I love them .............and I love Max” the last thing she saw before she closed her eyes was the panic look upon his face.


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Chapter 22

Numb, completely numb. That is how Max was feeling. He was frantically searching for life in his love, and found none.

“Come on Liz, open your eyes..............damn it Liz, you can’t do this to me” Max was crying hysterically now, and the others were to shell shocked to move. One minute they were rejoicing in the births of the twins, and now they were praying for Liz’s life.

“I’m not going to let you dye, not now” Max yelled at her “our babies need you, I need you, and I’m not ready to let you go” he pulled his hands away from her face, and sat back on his knees. He looked round at all the crying faces, and felt the guilt roll over him. He didn’t think about the consequences, all he could think about was saving the love of his life. He placed his hands over her stomach, and concentrated. All the teens knew what he was doing, and the funny thing was, they didn’t care about the parents finding out their secret anymore, all they wanted was for Liz to be alright.

Jeff and Nancy were clinging to each other, with their grandson cradled between them. Phillip and Diane were very much in the same position, with their granddaughter. Jeff’s head was spinning, he wanted to rip Max away from his daughter. He was angry with him for ever getting Liz pregnant. He was angry with himself for not getting help when he started to, and she had paid for it with her life. He couldn’t help the slight happiness he felt in his heart though. He looked down at his grandson, who had his mothers eyes, and his fathers distinctive ears, with tears in his eyes, because he and his sister would never know their mother, never know what a wonderful person she was, or hear her contagious laugh, or see her bright smile. He looked over at his granddaughter, and fresh tears polled in his eyes.

Phillip and Diane were frozen in their spot. Their hearts were also aching for their grandchildren. They would never know a mothers love, never have her wrap them in her arms, as only a mother could do. The one person they hurt the most for was their son. They knew how deeply Max and Liz’s love was, and first they were worried about them being so close, and when they had told them about the baby, they were certain that them having a baby so young was a mistake, but over the last couple of weeks since Liz had returned, they had seen the unexplainable connection between them, and some how they knew everything was going to be fine. Now as they sat and watched the heart wrenching last moments of Liz’s life, they couldn’t image what would be left of their son. They had remembered how he was after she left for Florida, and.........and after this, they wondered if he would ever recover.

Jeff had, had enough. He was about to pull Max away from his daughter, when he noticed Max’s hands began to glow.

“What the.........” he couldn’t think straight. He shook his head, hopefully that would clear the hallucination. He focused again, but the sight before him was still the same. Nancy, Phillip and Diane had all followed his line of vision, when he had spoken, and were all completely shocked. By this time Michael, Isabel, Tess, Maria and Alex had all formed a circle around the bed, clinging to each other for support. Max was pouring all his energy into healing Liz, but it just wasn’t enough. Max slumped over her lifeless body, and cried.

“Max........” Max turned his tear filled eyes to his sister.

“God Is...........I..........I can’t get in........I can’t heal her, I’’s not working..........” he managed to choke out.

“Try again Max...............” she placed a hand on his shoulder, and Max felt her energy flowing thru him. Michael saw this, and immediately grabbed her other hand. Tess did the same, and grabbed his hand. Maria and Alex didn’t know if it would work, but they had helped to bring Michael back that one time, Maria reached for Tess’ hand, and Alex held on tight to hers. Alex placed his free hand in Liz’s, completing th circle. They all concentrated on placing their energy in Liz.

The parents all watched in awe, as there was a slight hum in the air, and the kids all began to set off a dull light, that surrounded the group completely. Nasedo watched the scene in fascination, never had he seen such extreme power. He turned to the Evans and Parkers, and saw the dazed looks upon their faces. He saw the small bundles, wiggling desperately in their arms, and an idea hit him. He walked over to the parents, and bowed in respect.

“May I have the Prince and Princess please” they all stared at him, and his choice of names for their grandchildren. Nasedo saw the protest on their faces, and knew he didn’t have much time. He grabbed the babies away from their confused grandparents, and walked them over to the group.

~~~ “Max?” Isabel shouted.

“I’m here Is.........Michael.......Tess” he questioned.

“We’re here Max” Tess assured his.

“Alex.........Maria” Michael asked. He knew they had all connected, but like everyone else, he could fell them, but they were overcome by darkness.

“We’re here” they said in unison. Max could feel them, but he still couldn’t feel Liz.

“Come on liz.........come on baby” they all concentrated hard on pulling her essence from the darkness.

“Liz....chica...come on let us in sweetie......please” Maria begged. They all called to her, begging her to let them in. Max turned to his sister, and even though she couldn’t see his face, she could hear the strangled cry in his voice.

“Isabel.......I.......she’s.......why won’t she come to us” he cried to her. Isabel wanted so badly to wrap her arms around him, as did the rest of them, but the darkness in Liz was hindering them. If the rest of them could actually see him, they would have seen the broken form of Max, on his knees, begging, praying silently to up above to anyone who would listen. They all felt useless, they had thought that by boosting Max’s energy, they would be able to help him heal, and save Liz, but as they all sat in darkness, they felt like they had failed him, and most of all Liz.

Max didn’t want to give up, but they had been here to long, and their energy was drained. They could feel each other pulling away, going back to face the inevitable, and then it happened. They felt a force pulling their energy, regenerating it. The force was so strong, they all struggled to keep their feet planted. The pod squad had all began to feel the burning sensation that occurred when they needed to release their powers, but this was different, this was so powerful, they weren’t sure they could stand it. Although they weren’t alien, Maria and Alex had also felt a pulling energy, but it wasn’t as strong or violent as the others, but it still made the want to release it all the same. They all closed their eyes on instinct, and focused on Liz.

Darkness, complete utterly darkness all around her. Liz didn’t know were she was, but if this was life after death, she didn’t want any part of it. She wrapped her arms around her knees, and closed her eyes, trying to remember all the good times she had, had with her friends and family, and the love she had for Max. She knew he was devastated, she saw his face as she took her last breath. She didn’t want to leave him, but her body was weak, and she couldn’t fight any longer. She knew Max would take care of their babies, and she wished things would have been different, but as long as her babies were save, she was fine, knowing that they would be loved by everyone. Now as she sits in the darkness, she couldn’t help but wonder if this is how she wanted to spend her eternal life. She laid her head on her knees and cried. She cried for her family, she cried for her friends, she cried for her children, but most of all she cried for Max.

“God...Max, I’m so sorry..please forgive me” she let the tears fall “I love you.........I love you” she cried over and over again. She cried until she couldn’t cry anymore, and all she could do was lay down. Her body was tried, and her eyes were blank.

“Liz..........” Liz closed her eyes, she knew she had to be imaging things. She taught she heard his voice, the voice that always seemed to calm her when she was upset, and seduce her in moments of passion.

“Liz............” Liz sat up. That time she hadn’t imaged it. He was in her mind. She closed her eyes, and concentrated.

Max and the others were forcing all their energy into pulling Liz back to them.


“Liz.........I’m here baby” he could believe she was actually answering him. They all called out to her at once, and Liz was overcome by the love and energy.

“Come to us Liz” they coached her, begged her. Liz tried and tried, but she just couldn’t fight thru the darkness. Just as she was giving up hope, she saw it, a light that shined up ahead her. She walked towards it. It was just within reach, and she held out her hand to touch it, when her entire surroundings was envelop in the light.

“Mommy..............” Liz turned to see her children, smiling up at her with bright smiles. She pulled them into her arms, and cried.

“Oh my did you get here” rubbing their little faces, to see if they were really there.

“We came to bring you home” the little boy started.

“We came to take you back to daddy” her daughter smiled brightly. Liz stared at them in shock. She was died, she knew this, but her children were here, here to take her back to........Max.

“How” she asked with hope. They wiggled out of her lap, and grabbed her hands.

“Come on” they lead down a path, skipping the entire way. Liz looked down at them, full of life, and questioned if this was really real. And then she saw it, the meadow, their meadow. She stood their for a moment, until something moved out the corner of her eye. She turned and its direction, and that’s when she saw them.......saw him.


The group were all still desperately calling to Liz, when all of a sudden they were exposed to light. They were all able to finally see each other, and they all embraced. Max took a look around him, and realized that they were in the meadow.

“What happened” Isabel asked him.

“I don’t know, but I felt this tremendous amount of energy flowing thru me, and whoa..........” Maria explained.

“We all felt it” Michael assured her.

“Did you hear her” Max asked desperately “did you hear Liz, she called to me” Max searched their faces for any signs that they had hear her, but the looks they were giving him told him that they didn’t. Isabel reached for her brother, trying to comfort him, but he repelled away from her. He fell to his knees, and cried. The others didn’t know what to do, they were hurting too, but they knew they would ever understand what Max was going thru. Maria was crying right along with him, when she looked across the field. She squeezed Michaels hand so tight, he winced from the pain.

“What are you...........” she motioned for him to look, and he followed her line of vision.

“Jesus..........” everyone turned to see what had Michael and Maria so shook up, and they all let out and unbelievable gasp. Max was still sitting on the ground, when he felt her. He knew it was her, he could feel her anywhere. He looked up at every ones collective gasp, and his breath caught in his throat.


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Chapter 23

She couldn’t move. There standing before her was the love her life, and all her friends. They had come for her. She watched as they all tried to comfort him, but he wouldn’t allow them. She had watched with tears in her eyes, and an aching heart, as he fell to his knees, and his body shook from his tears. She wanted so badly to go to him and wrap her arms around him, and tell him everything was going to be alright, but she was still scared, scared that this was all still a dream, and as soon as she reached out to him, he would disappear, leaving her alone, surrounded by darkness. So instead she stood there, drinking in the sight of him. He rose his eyes to hers, and she felt the breath leave her body. Oh how she loved those beautiful eyes.

Max stared at her, thinking this was all his imagination playing tricks on him, but he knew it couldn’t have been his imagination, because he could feel her, inside him, surrounding his every being, and he welcomed her. He could feel her fears and hesitation. Fears that he wasn’t real, and would leave her alone. Hesitation, because she wasn’t sure how he felt, after she left him the way she did. He stood up, and then he looked at his children. Max knew it had to have been them, that allowed them to get thru to Liz, and he smiled a grateful smile to them, and was rewarded with toothy grins.

The twins felt their mothers uneasiness, and their fathers happiness. They knew once their daddy held their mother in his arms, everything would be alright. They stared at each other, and nodded their heads.

“Come on mommy...........lets go home” they pulled her within inches of Max.

Max took a tentative step towards her, and watched her face for any signs of objection, he saw none, and move forward. He was so close, she could feel his warm breath upon her face, and it stopped her heart. Max savior the sight of her, from her big doe eyes, to her ebony her, that flowed down her back like waterfalls. She wore a white sun dress, that swayed in the wind, making her seem angelic. He stared at her lips, that were always so soft. He cupped her cheek, and watched her close her eyes, and shivered from the contact.

“Liz..........” she opened her eyes, and felt the tears fall. Max ran his thumb across her cheeks, and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“We came to take you home.........I came to bring you back to me........I love you........” he told her. Liz was finally able to find her voice.

“And I love you” she couldn’t stand not touching him any longer, and she pulled his face to hers, and kissed him with all the love she had. The twins smiled at their parents, and then walked over to their family.

Sweet, that’s what she tasted like. Max couldn’t get enough of her taste. He pulled her closer to him and ran his hand thru her hair. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck, and fell into his embrace. This is were she belonged, this was her home, her life. Without Max her world was.........dark. They continued to kiss and hold each other. Max was so happy that they were able to reach her, his heart swelled with happiness.

The others were also happy that they were able to reach Liz. Maria was so relieved that her best friends was going to come back to them, she smiled at the scene before them, and couldn’t help but smile for them. She watched as the twins walked over to them. She kneeled down to them.

“Hey kiddos......let me just say, you guys got some kick ass powers” she smiled at them.

“Maria!” Tess yelled at her.

“What” she turned to her with a confused look.

“Watch your language” she scold her.

“Yeah me saying ass, is worst then their parents practically doing each other in front of them” she stated the last part a little louder, and directed at Max and Liz, who still were completely in their own world. They giggled at Maria.

“You’re funny Aunt Ria” the little girl told her.

“So I’ve been told.” They all sat around the twins, and couldn’t help but stare in awe. How could these two tiny beings, hold so much power. Isabel noticed how her nephew was extremely quite, and was playing with a blade of grass.

“What wrong sweetie” she pulled him into her lap, and Alex sat behind her so she could lean on him. They all turned at her question, and waited on him to answer. He stared at his sister, and they all watched as she too became quite. They sat there for what seem like forever. Michael was starting to worry, and looked over his shoulder at Max and Liz, who were still wrapped in each others arms. He turned back to the twins, and waited. Finally after a couple of minutes they both being to cry. Alarmed, Max and Liz ran over to the group and wrapped their babies in their arms.

“What’s wrong honey” Max asked his daughter. She gripped his neck tighter and cried harder. Max looked to Liz for help, and saw that she was having the same reaction from their son.

“It’s ok baby......mommy got you” she stroked his head, and wonder what could have them so upset.

“We sorry mommy” hiccup “we didn’t mean to hurt you...............we didn’t mean to hurt you” he cried in her neck.

“It’s ok, I’m ok. You and your sister, and all of mommies friends and daddy brought mommy back to you....everything is going to be ok” she kissed his head, and went and did the same to her daughter. Everyone had tears in their eyes from the tenderness of the twins. They could tell that they had both Max’s and Liz’s heart...........kind and caring.

Max and Liz were finally able to focus back on the group.

“Lizzie, oh my god........don’t you ever do that to me you hear me” Maria said, pulling her into a hug.

“I won’t.”

“Welcome back Liz” Isabel said with a hug.

“Yeah, welcome back” Alex said, joining their hug. Tess smiled at her, not sure what to do. She knew she was happy Liz was ok, she didn’t want anything to happen to her, she cared for her, for all of them, and in that moment Tess realized that somewhere along these last couple of days she had finally accepted them as her family, as they had accepted her ages ago. She did the first thing that came to her. She ran up to Liz, and thru her arms around her.

“You scared the crap out of me...............welcome back” she pulled back shyly, and tried to avoid all the questioning looks. Liz smiled at her, and he heart jumped for joy.

“No more running” she told her.

“No more” Tess told her, turning to them all. They smiled at her with joy, glad she was finally apart of their family. Michael stood off to the side. He was feeling a little upset with himself. He had told her not so long ago that he would protect her, and wouldn’t let anything happen to her...........he had failed........again. Liz turned to him.

“Michael?” Michael pulled her into his arms and squeezed her tight.

“I’m so sorry Liz.........I told that I would never let anything happen to you, and then we almost lost you” he cried in her hair. Michael really didn’t understand the feelings he had for Liz. He loved her. Not the same way Max loves her or he loves Maria, but more in a brother kind of way. Maybe because she had always accepted him from day one, without any questions. Never did she once make fun of him when she had came to the trailer park to warn him about Toposky, she never looked down at him, instead always tried to make him feel welcomed, and for that he loved her. Max could understand exactly what Michael was going thru, because he felt the same way. He felt as if he failed her. He had promised her no harm would come to her, and look what happened. He couldn’t take the emotions. He walked over to Michael and Liz and wrapped his arms around them both. The others soon followed with the twins, and they were one big group hug...........a family. They stay that way until Liz finally spoke.

“Um.........guys as much as I love you........I can’t breath” she smirked. They all laughed, and released each other. They felt the connection weakening, and knew it was time to go.

“We better will have a lot of explaining to do to our parents” Isabel voiced. Liz looked at max with frighten eyes.

“Max?” He picked up the twins and kissed her temple.

“It’ll be alright” he assured her.

With that said, they all began to break from the connection. Maria and Alex came first, followed by Isabel and Tess. Michael came next, with Max right behind him. Max stared at Liz.

“Liz........” she slowly opened her eyes, and gave him a weak smile.

“Welcome back” he kissed her lips, and let the tears fall from his eyes. Isabel and Maria grabbed the twins, and held them close. They all stood there with smiles on their faces, glad that their groups was still in tact. Reality came back to them with the clearing of a throat. They all turned to the parents with frighten eyes.

“Max?” Max turned at the quivering voice of his mother. He looked back down at Liz, and noticed that she had fallen asleep. He kissed her on her cheek, and stood up, stepping in front of their confused parents.

“We need to talk!”

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Chapter 24

Afraid? He was no longer afraid. No longer scared to let his secret out to his parents. Max looked behind him, and what he saw from his small group of friends and family, wasn’t fear like earlier, but strength and encouragement. Isabel smiled at him, and he knew she had been waiting on this moment for a long time. He watched Michael and Tess’ face to make sure they were ok with this, and saw no objections. Maria and Alex sent him love and encouragement thru their connection, that seem to have them linked with the others. Max made a mental note to comment on this new development later. He turned back to his and Liz’s parents, and saw the shocked and awed expressions that crossed their faces.

“Can we go into the living room...I don’t want to disturb Liz and the babies?”

They nodded their heads, and they walked out into the living room, leaving Nasedo to watch over Liz and the twins. Diane and Phillip settled next to Jeff and Nancy in the sofa, and waited on their sons explanation for what just happened in there.

When Nasedo had taken the twins from her and Phillip, along with the Parkers, Diane didn’t understand what was going on. She had witness as her son hovered over Liz, and his hands began to glow. She watched 'in amazement as the rest of the teens gathered around them and linked hands forming a circle, that was soon engulfed in a dull light. As soon as Nasedo placed the twins between Max and Liz, they were all glowing from the inside out, and that dull light became brighter and turned blue, it was so bright that she and the rest of the parents had to shield their eyes from its intensity. Once they were able to focus again, they saw the light had became less bright, and the kids were still standing together around Max and Liz, but the thing that shocked them all was that Liz was now glowing from the inside out like the rest of them. Jeff and Nancy let out a shocked gasp, as Liz’s hand came to rest on Max’s hand that was laying on her stomach. She was alive, their daughter, who not just ten minutes ago was dead, she was dead, but, now she’s alive. Nancy clung to Jeff for her dear life, she didn’t know what was going on, but her baby girl was alive, and that was all that mattered to her.

Phillip watched as all the teens piled into the living room. They were all standing behind Max holding hands, but the things was, they no longer looked like teenagers without a care in the world, but instead they looked as if the weight of the world was all on their shoulders. He knew whatever they were about to disclose was something big, and the way Max was pacing back in forth in front of them, he knew everyone in this room lives were about to change.

Max was pacing back and forth, he wasn't scared, but he was trying to form the words to explain everything. He looked back at his group of friends, and gave them a half smile. He turned back to the questioning eyes of the parents, and cleared his throat. This was it, all the teens squeezed each others hand for support and strength, waiting on the fireworks to began.

Max cleared his throat again, and stood in front of their parents. He squared his shoulders. The teens watched as the whole persona of Max turned from the shy, quite boy they once knew, to the confident King he was meant to be.

“Mom, dad, Mr and Mrs. Parker........I know that you are wondering about what just happened in there.............and you should be, but first before I explain anything, I need you to let me explain without any interruptions” he stared at them, and waited on them to agree before he began.

“Ok.......I guess there is no easy way to say this, but to just say it” he took another look at the others, and they nodded their heads for him to continue “I’m an alien” he saw the disbelieving looks that crossed their faces, and continued before they had a chance to interrupt “Isabel, Tess Michael and I are aliens. We were born out in the desert, that night when you found Isabel and I wandering in the desert, we had just emerged from our ponds, we didn’t know where we were, or were we came from, all we knew was that we had each other” he turned to his parents and continued “when you pulled up to us, we were so scared. We held on to each other not knowing what to expect” he then turned his tear filled eyes to Michael “we reached for you but you wouldn’t come, you wouldn’t take my hand. Isabel cried every night...I cried every night wondering where you were” he choked out. Michael lowered his head and tried to hide his tears. Max didn’t want to get off track so he turned back to the parents.

“We later found Michael again in the third grade, and we made a pack to never tell anyone about who we were, and we kept that pack, until.........” he paused and looked at the Parkers “that was until the day I almost lost the most important thing in my life........Liz” the Parkers stared at him confusingly, and Max went on to fill them in.

“That day those tourist got into it at the Crashdown and the gun went off, I thought someone was playing a twisted joke on me. I........I saw her laying there, and I didn’t think, all I knew was I had to save her.........she was dying” Max wiped the tears from his eyes, and he felt Isabel come and stand beside him. The Parkers couldn’t breath, all this time they taught that Liz had just fell, like everyone else, but now to find out she was indeed shot.........they couldn’t even speak. They just stared at the young man in front of them who had saved their daughters life........twice.

“Max had always had a thing for Liz, since we where in the third grade. Michael and I tried to tell him it wasn’t safe to get close to anyone, but he wouldn’t listen. When he healed Liz that day, we were sure that our very existence was over, but Liz came thru for us. She protected us, and never once treated us any different, and soon I came to see why Max loved her so much” she smiled at her brother and continued “she kept our secret as if it was her on, even sacrificing her friendships.........for us” she looked at Maria and Alex, and finished “eventually Maria and Alex were let in on the secret, and our group of three grew into six.” Max was finally able to control his emotions, after thinking that he had almost lost his Liz twice.

“The six of us were tied together from our secret, and we continued to........hide behind the tree.... the Sheriff was always suspicious of me, and he did everything in his power to prove that I was an alien.” Max proceeded to tell them about what they went thru with the Sheriff, Topolsky, Riverdog and finding the orbs.

“We didn’t know at the time that we had left behind someone” he turned and looked at Tess “when Tess and Nasedo show up, it was like our whole lives were changed. We learned things about ourselves, that we didn’t want to believe. Tess was like us, and it fascinated much that it caused Liz and I to have problems” Tess lowered her head in shame of the way she acted when she first got here. Max walked over and placed his hand on her shoulder, and told her with his eyes that he doesn’t blame her for anything. He turned back to the parents and knew that this next part was going to be harder for him to tell then for them to hear.

“Things soon got worst, and the FBI were also on to me” he paused and looked around the room, no one but Liz actually saw what happened to him in the White Room, and he knew this was going to be hard on them. He went along and told him everything that happen to him in the White Room, he avoided anyone eyes, afraid that he would break down. By the time he was finished, everyone was crying. Their little group were clinging to each other, and they couldn’t believe all the things they had done to Max. Phillip was furious. Were the hell did these people get off treating his son like that. He was more furious at himself then anyone, because he wasn’t able to protect his children from those monsters. Max saw that the parents wanted to talk, but he had to finish before Liz and the babies woke.

“Anyways after everyone and the Sheriff rescued me, we went to the cave were we were born, and we set off the orbs, were we learned from our birth mother, that I was the King of our plant, Tess my wife, Isabel a Princess and Michael her betroth and my Second in Command. Liz was there when we received the message, and she felt that I should follow my destiny, so she left.....and the rest you know” Max didn’t want to get into Liz and him being intimate, he figured they could put two and two together. He walked and stood with the other teens, and waited on their reaction.

Throughout their story the Evans and Parkers were trying to digest everything. Diane had always known something was different with her children from the night they found them in the desert. She had always expected they had a secret, and when Max was little and healed that bird, and again when he put out the kitchen fire, she knew they were special, and they were still her babies. She got off the sofa, and walked and stood in front of the group, who were holding each others hands for dear life.

“I always knew you were special” she pulled Max and Isabel into a hug and felt them relax in her arms. She pulled back and wiped the tears out of Isabel eyes.
“You will always be my children no matter who are what you are” she assured them. She turned her eyes to Michael. Diane couldn’t breathe. They had left Michael out there. She threw her arms around Michaels neck.

“I didn’t know.......god we didn’t know, I would have never left you out there alone” she cried in his arms. Michael felt weird, but he couldn’t help himself. He wrapped his arms around her and cried.

“It’s and Mr Evans have always been there for me” he told her. Diane pulled back and kissed his cheek.

“And we will always be there for you” she assured him. Phillip had stood there waiting on his chance to let the kids know that everything was ok. Him and Diane went around and hugged each and everyone of the teens, telling them they were there for them no matter what. While he was listening to them tell their life, he had realized that these kids had been thru enough, and he realized now why they were so afraid of the hospital. He knew they had enough to worry about, and wondering if they would accept them shouldn’t be one of them. He still loved them no matter what. He too was kicking himself for leaving Michael behind. He walked up to the young man who has always been a big part of his kids lives.

“I’m.........we.......I” what could he say. Michael knew what he was trying to say, and he smiled at his effort.

“It’s ok Mr. guys have always been there when I needed you” he hugged the man he had always consider a father figure. They all turned to the Parkers, who had yet said a word since they finished.

Nancy and Jeff were still shocked to know what there daughter had been going thru this past year, and they hadn’t known any of it. They stared at Max. Max, who had brought so much danger in their daughters life, and yet so much love. He had risked everything to save their baby, and for doing so, he was torturer. Nancy didn’t care that he was an alien. She leaped off her seat and threw herself into his arms.

“Thank you....god thank you for saving my Lizzie” she was crying hysterically “I don’t care....all I care that you love and make my daughter happy.” Max hugged her tighter.

“I promise” she released him, and just like Phillip and Diane, she went around and hugged all the teens, giving them her love and acceptance. Jeff stood there not knowing exactly what to say. He was grateful for Max, and all he had done for Liz, but he was still scared for her safety. What if someone found out about Max and the others, what would happen to Liz, and his grandchildren,.........and then it dawn on him, his grandchildren were aliens. He smirked to himself. He owned an alien theme restaurant, and his grandchildren were half alien. There wasn’t nothing he could do about it now. He knew Max would protect them with his life. He walked over to Max. Max stood there waiting on Mr. Parker to tell him to stay away from Liz, but it never came. Instead Jeff pulled him into a hug, and began to thank him for giving his daughter back to Nancy and him.

“Take care of them Max” he pleaded with him.

“With my life Mr. Parker” Max assured him.

“No more Mr. Parker Max, you’re family, and at the rate you and Liz are going you’ll be married soon, so just call me Jeff” he laughed at the blush that danced over Max’s cheeks.

They all laughed at Max, and he blushed even more. The teens were all starting to feel the effects of the energy they used to save Liz, and they were getting tired. Nancy saw how exhausted they all looked, and suggested they all get some rest. They all agreed, and spread out in the living room, finding anywhere to lay their weary heads. Max had went back to Liz’s room with a lighter heart, he no longer had the fear of telling his parents about him. They knew now, and they accepted him for who he was. If only he would have listened to Isabel, but they finally knew, and that’s what matter. He nodded to Nasedo, who was standing protectively over Liz and the twins. He laid down on the bed with Liz, with the twins resting peacefully between them. He smiled down at his children, and watched their tiny faces as they slept.

“My little ones" he chuckled to himself. Throughout everything they had been through since he had found out Liz was pregnant, they still hadn’t picked names for the babies. He smiled and stroked their cheeks. He looked at Liz, and ran a hand thru her hair, she didn’t even finch. They would have to come up with names for the twins soon, they couldn’t go around calling them Twins forever. He smiled at that thought, and looked over at Nasedo. Nasedo was standing watch over his King and Queen and the little ones, and knew Max was tried, but wouldn’t rest until he was sure Liz and the babies were safe.

“Rest Your Majesty....I will keep watch” he assured him.

With that said Max placed his hand in Liz’s, and soon closed his eyes, welcoming the sleep that took over his body.

TBC..............PLEASE LEAVE F/B

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Chapter 25

It was a good twelve hours before any of the teens stirred from their nap. Max and Liz had yet to wake, and the others just sat around with the parents, answering questions, and filling in parts of their lives that they had left out during their explanation. Isabel and Diane were finally able to talk as mother and daughter without the secrets lurking around. Phillip took to getting to know Michael a little more then “hi” and “bye.” Tess, Alex and Maria were talking to the Parkers, making sure they were ok with everything that was going on. Everyone was thrilled to be able to openly talk to the parents, and the parents were eager to listen.

“So how long so you think they’ll be asleep” asked Diane, who like the rest of the grandparents, were anxious to hold their grandchildren?

“I don’t know mom” Isabel stated “it took a lot out of Max to heal Liz. The last time he healed Liz” she saw the pained look that crossed Jeff and Nancy’s face before she continued “he had slept for eighteen hours straight. This time there was a lot of energy needed to bring Liz back, we only boosted his powers, but it was Max who was doing all the healing” Isabel told her.

“What about this Nasedo guy” Jeff asked? He was still worried about Liz’s safety, and he wanted to make sure she was well protected.

“Nasedo’s Nasedo. He raised me until we found the others. He would never let anything ever happen to Liz or the rest of us if he could help it. He can be a little mean at times, but he’s always there when you need him” Tess spoke kind of half heartily. Nasedo was the only “parent” she knew, and at times he was hard to bare with, but at the time he was all she had. The others noticed her tone as she spoke of Nasedo, and realized with Nasedo as a “parent” she was never truly loved, he was just there to guide her to her destiny. Maria wrapped her arm around her shoulders.

“Hey, you got us now” knowing how Tess felt about beginning alone. Isabel, Alex and Michael also hugged her, and let her know she was loved. The Evans and Parkers smiled at the tender way the teens all supported each other, and welcomed Tess into their family, even after all the things she had done, when she first arrived.

“Alright, alright get off me” Tess joked. The others laughed, and they sat down for lunch. School starts in two days, and they knew their time together was going to be little, so they savior the moment, waiting on Max, Liz and the twins to wake so they could complete their little family.

Nasedo hadn’t slept since he was awaken from the pull to be with Liz. He was watching over his King and Queen and their little ones until His Majesty awoke. Michael had come in a hour ago to relieve him, but he had promised Max he would keep watch, and he planned to keep that promise, he could sleep later when he knew Max had his full strength. He sat back and recalled the events that occurred yesterday. He was honored to be there to help bring the two heirs of his plant into the world. He was so frighten when Liz had died right there in front of him and the others. He was scared, scared for the babies, for Max, but most of all scared for himself. He had made a promise to his Queen that he would protect her and the babies from any harm, but he couldn’t protect her from her own children. He didn’t know much about Antarian births, and his lack of knowledge had nearly, did cost Liz her life. He had watched as Max tried to heal her on his own, and he was to shocked to think at the moment. When Max had slumped over in defeat, his world seemed to dissipate............he had failed her.........he had failed his Queen. He was a warrior, a killer, a solider like Michael, his job was protect them from their enemies, make sure no harm came to them by any means necessary, but as he watched Max try to bring Liz back, he wished he had the ability to heal. He stood there and watched as the others gathered around the bed, and they all joined hands and closed their eyes. He knew what they were doing, and once again he was astonished by them. He had watched, along with the parents as the kids were all engulfed in a dull light, and the room began to hum. A moment caught his eye, and he saw the twins wiggling in their grandparents arms, as if trying to get to their parents, and that’s when the idea hit him. He remembers the shocked looks that cane across the parents face as he bowed and address the Prince and Princess, but he didn’t have time for any questions. If the prophecy was correct, these two could be the answer to bringing their mother back. When he had placed them between Max and Liz, it was as if someone had turned on a 1,000 watt light bulb. The room had lit up so, that the parents had to shield their eyes. He could only sit back and watch the scene unfold before him. He had watched the Royal seal again appear on their foreheads, and Max’s followed, and they all collided together. What amazed him was that on Liz’s forehead a fairly dim seal appeared, but it was there, and they gave him hope. Now as he sits and watches them sleep, he promised himself and the Royal seal, that as long as he was breathing, nothing would ever happen to any of them.

“How long have you been sitting there” Liz asked him with a whisper. She had woken about 30 minutes ago, and she was staring at Max’s face, thanking the gods for allowing her to be graced with his present once again. She had finally tore her eyes away from his beautiful face, to stare at her children. She hadn’t got a chance to really look at them when they were born, with the rush to get them born, and then later..............well she didn’t want to think about what happened. At the moment she was just mesmerized by the faces of the twins, she had been dreaming of this moment since she realized she was pregnant, and now that it was finally here, she couldn’t take her eyes off them. She rubbed the tiny little hands and feet, marveling the smoothness of them. She caressed their ebony covered heads, and smiled as her son gave her his fathers patent half smile in his sleep. He looked so much like Max, from his dark hair right down to his unique ears. She then focused on her daughter, who definitely got her ears, but that was about it. She remembered from their connections how her daughter resembled both Max and Isabel, and as she looks at her now, she could definitely see them there. She continued to caress their little hands and face, until the urge to go to the bathroom became to much, and she got up, only to come face to face with Nasedo, he looked like he was deep in thought, and she didn’t want to disturb him, but she saw the wary look on his face, and she wondered how long he had been sitting there.

Nasedo was brought out if his line of thinking by her voice, and wondered how long she had been awake. He stared at her kind of in a daze, until he realized she had asked him a question.

“Excuse me?”

“I said how long have you been sitting there” Liz smiled at him. Nasedo smiled at her, and looked at his watch. He really didn’t know what time it was, but he knew it was a long time.

“ well I’ve been keeping watch” he really didn’t want her to know he had been sitting there for close to thirteen hours, so he just skated around the question. Liz could tell he was trying to escape the question, and she could tell he was tried.

“I can see that, but how long” Nasedo fidgeted in his seat, and could tell she wasn’t going to let it go.

“About thirteen hours” Liz looked at him shocked. He had been sitting there for thirteen hours without any sleep. She knew Nasedo was their protector, and he wouldn’t let anything happen to them, but he was no good to them if he wasn’t rested.

“Oh my god Nasedo, you need to get some sleep.”

“I’m fine Your Highness” he assured her.

“No you’re not. You look tried, and you need your rest” she told him firmly.

“I’m fine, I told Max I’ll keep watch until he awakes, I’ll rest then” he stated more firmly. Liz could tell he was stubborn, but she was even more stubborn.

“Now you listen to me” she started to stand, but her legs were a little weak, and she stumbled, only to have Nasedo catch her.

“You should lay back down Liz” he instructed her. She placed her hand on his chest to stable herself, and when she was sure her legs wouldn’t give out on her she stood on her own. With her hands on her hips, she let him have it.

“Now I know you want to protect us, but we are amongst family, and nothing is going to happen I want you to go lay down and get you some sleep” she saw him about to protest, and she really hated using her position, but she knew he wouldn’t listen otherwise.

“I mean it Nasedo, go lay down...........that’s and order” she half smiled, and was half serious. Nasedo looked down at his petite Queen, and smiled. She had fire, and would do his plant proud. He knew she meant business, but he had a duty to do. He was again about to protest when she narrowed her eyes at him.

“Now!” Nasedo went and laid down at the foot of her bed, and Liz shook her head at him. At least he was laying down, she taught to herself.

“That’s close your eyes, and rest”she watched him comply and went to use the restroom. When she returned, she heard the faint snoring coming from Nasedo, and she smiled down at him. She looked over at her bed, and saw to tiny pairs of eyes staring back at her.

“Hey little ones........did you miss mommy” she sat back against her headboard, and picked them up.

“Hey there.......aren’t you two the most beautiful things” she cradled them to her nose, and took in their baby scent. She watched as they clung to each other, and looked at her with those soulful eyes of their fathers. She sat there for a while, bonding with her children, until they became restless, and she realized they were probably hungry.

“Ok little are we going to this” Liz wasn’t sure how she was going to manage breast-feeding them both at the same time, but she had managed to get them both latched on after severely tries. She just stared down at them as they suckled at her breast. Liz was overwhelmed at them, tears began to fall from her eyes. She was so got up in watching her babies, that she hadn’t realized Max had woken up, until he wiped the tears from her cheeks. She turned and smiled down at him.

“Hey....” she smiled at him.

“Hey yourself........” Max sat up, and pulled her into his arms. He had woken up to the most beautiful sight in the world. Liz was breast-feeding his children, and she looked like an angel sitting there, stroking their hands. He watched her as the tears began to fall, and he to felt all his emotions come at him in waves.

“How long have you been awake” he asked her, stroking her arm?

“For about an hour, I had to order Nasedo to lay down and get some rest, do you know he has been sitting here for thirteen hours” she turned and smiled up at him.

“Really.......he told me he was going to keep watch, but I never taught” he ran his hand thru his hair, and shook his head.

“Where is he now” he asked her. He saw her motion to the floor, and he peeked over the edge of her bed, and saw Nasedo sleeping peacefully. He climbed back up to Liz and hugged her close to him.

“He feels bad you know...........we all do” he told her sadly. Liz looked at him confusingly.

“Why” she asked him, turning to him as best as she could with to babies sucking at her breast?

“Because we failed you........we promised you that nothing would happen to you,......and....and we lost you” he head his head low and tried to stop the tears from falling, but Liz saw them. She removed herself from his embrace, and took the twins to their cribs, she placed them down gently, before she turned back to Max. She pulled him into her arms, and he rested his head against the softness of he breast and cried.

“It’s ok’s ok, I’m here now Max, you all brought me back” she stroked his back and rubbed his hair.

“God Liz I.......I was so scared.....I.....I taught I’d lost you for good.....I....I couldn’t live without you” Max let the sobs rake thru his body, and Liz held on to him and let him cry.

“I’m not going anywhere Max.....nowhere” she assured him, and he held her tighter. They sat there for a while, just savoring the feel of having each other in their arms. After a few more moments of silence Max finally broke the silence with his chuckling.

“What’s so funny” Liz asked him, while running her fingers thru his hair. Max sat up and pulled her between his legs. He rested his chin on her shoulder, and smelled her scent. He looked over to the cribs were his children were resting, and smiled.

“You know we are going to have to give then names soon” he laughed at her “we can’t go around calling then Twins or Little Ones forever” he told her. Liz laughed too, and realized that they hadn’t given them names. With all that had been going on they hadn’t even considered names.

“Oh my god’re right.........we have to give them names”she pulled out of his arms hysterically. Max pulled her back to him, and stroked her arms.

“Calm down, baby. I was thinking.....if it was ok was ok with you....if....if we could name, I mean Michael has been my best friend........and... I....if you wanted..........” Max was rambling and Liz taught it was cute. She placed her finger over his lips to stop his rambling, and placed a kiss on his lips when she was sure he was calm.

“I think that naming our soon after Michael would be a wonderful idea” she watched as he visible relaxed.

“Now all we have to do is come up with a name for our daughter” he said, wrapping his arms around her waist. They sat there for twenty minutes trying to come up with a name for there daughter. Nasedo had awaken sometime during their decision making.

“Did you have a nice nap” Liz asked him. He looked away shyly, he must have been more tried then he taught.

“Yes....I did thank you” he watched the way Max was holding on to her, and smiled. Max untangled himself from Liz, and went and stood in front of him. He reached out his hand, and and Nasedo shook his hand.

“Thank you.......for watching over us” he told him.

“It’s my job to protect you and the others, and I plan to ensure your safety” he assured him. Max stared at the man before him, and knew that his word was his bond.

“Thank you” Max looked at his children and smiled. They had finally came you with the perfect names for the twins, and he couldn’t wait any longer to disclose the news with the others.

“Could you go get there others......we have some news to share with them” Max asked with giddiness. Nasedo nodded his head, and went in search for the others. He found them all sitting in the living room, laughing and talking.

“Max and Liz are awake, and they want to see you all” he told them. The others wasted no time running to Liz’s room.

“Oh my god chica.... I can’t believe you’re ok” Maria said, pulling her best friend into a hug.

“I’m fine, thanks to you guys” she told her sincerely. She looked around her group of friends, and thanked them for everything they had done for her.

“It was no problem Liz..........besides you won’t have had to live with Max if something would have happened to you” Isabel joked, and the others laughed at the way Max was blushing. Liz looked around at the parents, and saw their acceptance of the situation. Her eyes landed on her parents. Jeff and Nancy were still overwhelmed at the knowledge that their daughter was alive and well. Liz rushed over and thru her arms around them both.

“I love you guys.....thank you, thank you for accepting Max and the others” she cried to them.

“As long as you’re happy baby, that’s all we care about” Nancy assured her. The sound of baby gurgling sound brought them out of the tender moment. They turned back to others, and she noticed that Maria, Tess and Isabel were marveling over her daughter, and Michael and the Evans were playing with her son. She walked over to Max, and he wrapped his arms around her.

“Everyone, Liz and I have decided on names for the babies” they all stared at them, waiting on their announcement. Max walked over to were his son was cradled in his mothers arms. He looked at Michael and Alex in the eyes and spoke.

“You guys, I would like to introduce you to our son Michael Alexander Evans” he smiled proudly. Michael and Alex stared at him in shock. Alex slapped Max on the back.

“Wow, man I’m honored” he walked back over to his namesake, and proceeded to make funny faces at him. Max stared at Michael, waiting on his reaction. Michael didn’t know what to say. He was shocked, but most of all honored. He wasn’t sure why they had chosen to name their son after him, but he wasn’t going to question them. To tell you the truth he was jumping for joy on the inside. Max continued to stared at Michael, and he watched the many emotions that played across his face.

“Are you going to say something” Max asked him worriedly. What if he didn’t want them using his name, Max began to think, but before Max could let his mind wonder any farther, Michael pulled him into an embrace.

“Thank you” was all he was able to say. Max pulled back and grinned at him. He soon turned serious and spoke.

“You are my brother, and who better to name my son after then you” Max wrapped his arm around his shoulders, and together they shared a bond that the others would never understand. Michael gathered his nephew in his arms, and stared down at him, and smiled.

“Hey little guy.....I’m your uncle Michael.....I’m the one you come to when your mom and dad tell you no” he told him seriously. The others watched him with amusement in the eyes, all but Maria. She watched the scene before her, and her heart soared with happiness for Michael. He finally had a family, a family without secrets. Her heart also jumped at the possibility of one day her and Michael having a little family of their own. Liz turned to the girls, who were still staring at Michael in wonder. She cleared her throat to get their attention. Everyone focused their attention back at the topic at hand.

“Everyone, we would like to introduce you to our daughter.....Theresa Isabella Marie Evans” she gloated. Tess, Isabel and Maria stared between them with tears in their eyes.

“It’s beautiful” Maria and Isabel stated proudly. They were thrilled to have their names attached to such a beautiful person. Tess on the other hand was stunned. They had taught of her when they named their daughter. They had considered her family enough to give their daughter her name. She was speechless. Max walked over and wrapped his arms around Liz, and kissed her temple.

“Tess?” Liz was staring at her, wondering if they had over stepped their bounds. Tess raised her tear filled eyes at them and smiled.

“It’s beautiful, thank you” she went and hugged them both, and returned to Isabel’s side, who was smothering her niece with kisses. After a few more congratulations and hugs and kisses, they all gathered in the living room, were they continued to laugh and talk about everything and nothing. Max wrapped his arms around Liz, who at the moment was feeding little Michael.

“We can tell he already he has an appetite after his uncle Michael” Maria announced, and everyone laughed. Michael blushed and retorted.

“That’s right, he’s a growing boy, and he needs he’s nourishment” he stated “drink it dry little man” everyone laughed, and he got a death stare from Max, before he too broke out into a hearty laugh.

Max looked around the room at his family, and smiled to himself. He watched the way Maria, Michael, Tess, Alex and Isabel joked around with each other. His eyes landed on his and Liz’s parents who were at the moment fonding over their granddaughter. He looked over his shoulders and saw Nasedo standing watch over them. He shook his head and turned back to the person sitting next to him. She turned and smiled at him, and he placed a kiss on her lips.

“I love you” she told him.

“And I love Queen” Max placed another kiss on her lips, and took another look around at the group around him. Yeah, everything is perfect, he taught to himself. “Perfect”


“The heir has been born sir, do you want to set up to leave for Earth now?”

“Not yet, let’s let them get comfortable with their little life, and when they think everything is safe, we will attack.” The servant bowed to his leader, and left the room.

“How long do you want to give them, Kivar” Nicholas asked, he was eager to wipe out the Royal house.

“In due time my friend, patience is everything. Gather up the troops, and have them train, we will need to be strong to fight, now that the Heir has been born.”

“As you wish” Nicholas bowed, and headed out the door. Kivar walked to his window, and looked out at the city he had taken over many years ago.

“All in due time King Zan, I will take care of you once and for all.”

The End............................


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