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Title: I'm with you
Disclaimer: I do not own the charecters nor the song which belongs to Avril Lavigne its on her debut albumn Let Go
Genre: M/L AU
Rating: PG- PG13


I'm standing on the bridge
Waiting in the dark
I thought that you'd be here by now

There nothing but the rain
No footsteps on the ground
I'm listening but there's no sound
Doesn't anyone want to find me
Won't somebody please take me home
It's a damn cold night
Trying to figure out this life
Won't you take me by the hand
Take me somewhere new
I don't know who you are
But I'm with you
I'm with you
Why is everything so confusing
Maybe I'm just out of my mind
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
It's a damn cold night
Just trying to figure out this life
So take my hand
Take me somewhere new
I don't know who you are
But I'm with you
I'm with you
I'm with you.....

Liz walked in the rain. Her parents had had a huge fight. She ran away to get away from the yelling the slapping the pain. She kept running not paying attetion to what was ahead when she ran into someone. She looked up and there were the deepest amber eyes she had ever seen.
"Sorry" she wispered
"It's ok" a voice replied
"Are you ok?" he asked
"I am now" was all she could reply.

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Part 1~A

Liz just stood there. Letting the rain roll offf of her as she watched him. He looked about 17. But she didn't recognize him. He had was tall and handsome. She had one look and she was lost.

"Here you must be freezing." offering her his jacket.

"Thanks" Liz whispered. She slipped the big leather jacket on. It went to around her knees. He laughed.

"It's a little big, huh?" he said with a smile. And even in the dark she could see a light in his eyes.

"Yeah I guess so." she said with a laugh.

"Come on let me walk you home."

"No! I mean no that's ok." she said frantically not wanting to let him to see what a mess her life was.

"Ok... well its not safe out here so I'll just walk with you." he said.

So they did. They walked around the park in silence. They walked by the swing set all the benches. they walked for hours never saying a word. Never having to. They never talked they never got eachothers name but when it was time to go, they went their seperate ways. She walked down main street while he walked down King street, both going seperate ways, back to seperate lifes, back to seperate problems. But as they both walked away they both wondered the same thing.

'Who was that?'
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Part 1~B

Liz woke up the next morning on her bed. The summer sun shining through the blinds bringing light into the room. As she stood up she felt a heavy weight on her sholders. She realized that the weight belonged to the strangers jacket.

'It wasn't a dream?' she asked herself.

'Then who was he' she thought

"Liz get your lazy ass out of bed!" her father called from down the hall.

"Yes sir" she said rushing to change clothes before her mother stormed in and saw she was wearing the same clothes as yesterday. She hadn't told them she was leaving last night, and she would surely be grounded if they had found out.

She changed her clothes and took the jacket downstairs. She rushed her way out before anyone could ask where she was going. She didn't know really, but she did know she wanted to give the stranger's jacket back. But then again she didn't know his name.

So she went to where she met him. She went to the park. She sat down on one of the benches they had walked by the night before and watched. She watched the little boys playing little league. She watched the little girls swing on the swing set. It was kind of cold for July so she put her jacket on. She put her hands in the pockets when she felt something. She slowly pulled it out.

It was a drivers license. There was a picture of her mystery man, and his address.

'Yes!' she thought.

Max Phillip Evans at 35590.........Leary Drive.

'Should known Liz thought glumily as she sat their on the bench.

"I shoulda known'

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Part 2

Liz walked up the driveway of the house. After a huge battle with herslef she decided she should return the strangers jacket it was only polite. So she walked the ten blocks into the ritzier part of Roswell. She didn't know why she was doing this. it would only lead to public humilation thinking maybe she has an even slither of a chance

But she knew she didn't. He was from east Roswell while she was from west. Even though it was a small town the lines were drawn. And unfortunately for her she passed those lines seven blocks ago.

'Here goes nothing' she thought as she reached the large door. She knocked the knocker queitly at first then once again a little louder.

"I'm coming!" an woman said from behind the door. A second later the large door burst open.

"Hello!" the woman said with a large smile.

"Hi.... is Max here?" Liz said shyly.

"Why yes who may I ask are you? I don't think I've ever seen you before." the woman said

"Oh, I'm just a acquaintance." she said nervously, thinking if she told the woman where she was from she would kick her out.

"Oh,Ok. MAX!! You have a visitor!" she yelled up the stairs. She turned back to the brunette inspecting the girl.

'She's not from around here. She must be from West roswell. I can only hope so. the girls around here are way to... snotty for maxwell.' she said after looking the girl up and down

"By the way I'm Diane Max's mom." she said introducing herself.

"Liz. Liz Parker." Liz introduced herself to the woman and graced her again with a small smile.

'She would be perfect with Max.' Diane kept thinking untill her son interupted them by walking down the stairs rubbing his eyes tiredly.

"Morning Max. you have a vistor. I'll just be in the kitchen." she said smiling at Liz once more before leaving.

"Um, hi. My name is Liz. You let be borrow your jacket last night. I just came by to return it to you."

"Oh thanks but you should keep it."

"Uh it's a little big." Liz said with a questioning glance.

'Why does he want me to have his jacket?' she thought warily.

"Yeah I guess so." he said with a laugh.

"How'd you know where I lived?" he asked her.

"It was on your driver's licence."


"Yeah, I better go." she said walking towards the door.

"Um, yeah. But hey if you ever want to hang out, you know where to find me." he offered hoping that she would take him up on his offer.

"Not likely." she said with a small smile.

"Why not?"

"You live in East Roswell I live in West. You know how it is." She smiled at him again and opened the door. She walked into the hot air his jacket still in his arms. She walked down the drive without glancing back. She didn't want to let herself hope. To even dream.

But on the other side of the door Max was leaned against it thinking 'Yeah I know how it is.'

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Part 3

3 weeks later

Liz was piling on the plates. They had a full house and Maria and her were on over time. The crashdown was full to the brim. Not only with the regulars, but the place was filling up with students from West Roswell, and East Roswell. Since the two were combining the next school year the studbts thought they would get to know each other by yelling obsene comments at the waitresses which was only Liz, Maria, and Courtney. They were trying there best but when a table left it was full two seconds later.

There were no sections, and unfortunatley no tips. The plates were hot and the the food was coming. Liz pulled out her pad and rushed to the new table. It was full of rich kids, one of them caught her eye.

It was Max, she smiled at him and then noticed his arm attachement. A blonde girl who looked like the newest Britney Spears. Except she resembeled a rodent. Liz snorted, then relized she was staring. She quickly looked down but not before the girl noticed.

"What are you staring at trailer trash?" the girl said turning her nose up at Liz

"Nothing, what would you like?" Liz said with a forced smile. She already hated this blonde bitch. She took her ordersand ran to the galley window.

About 30 minutes their order was up. She grabbed it and gave them there food.
"Thanks." came a round of replies except from the barbie.

"Don't thank her she's just the waitress." she said coldly

"Tess!" they all responded.

"She's just a trailer trash. She'd ass ugly to. God where to god hide her boobs? Where ever it is she need to find them quick shes still as flat as a baby." By this time Liz was pissed she grabbed the gerbil's drink and threw it in her face.

Tess got up and tried to slap Liz but liz grabbed her hand, suddenly she felt someone pick her up and move her. Then she heard Maria's voice telling the blonde off.

"Okay barbie doll, let's get this straight your on our turf. You mess with one you mess with us all. So careful who's toes you step on bitch cause next time I won't give you a warning." she said obvisoluy hearing every word.

Tess screeched and looked at Max.
"Come on Max were leaving.... Max?" she said when she realized he hadn't moved.

"Oh fine hang out with these..... freaks." she said leaving in a huff.

Slowly a chant started through the place
"Hurricane, Hurricane, Hurricane" Maria bowed and smiled.

"Chica, you alright?"

"Of course"

Hours after it was time for them to close up. But one guy was stil there. In the same booth. All his friends gone. He saw them watching him, and got up. He payed his bill.

When he handed Liz the money he said "Sorry"
"It's ok" but Liz knew he was truly sorry.

She followed him to the door. She heard the lock click and she looked out as he walked away his jacket, the one she had worn hanging on his sholders.

The sign turned to close as she watched him disappear back to his side of town. As she said "I know."

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Part 4A

*Two weeks later*

RING! RING! RING! Her alarm lock rang. The automatic radio came on. Doug Shallow's voice came on:
"Wake up Roswell! It's the first day of school. From five year olds to this years seniors, school is back in session."

Liz covered her head with a pillow. She didn't want summer to end. She wanted to go back to sleep and vist Max in her dreams. But when her mom banged on the door she knew she would have to get up. So she did but not quickly.

She got dressed slowly. Pulling on her Calvin Kline low slung jeans. And a black tank top. Pulled her hair back into a pony tail and grabbed her back pack. Brushed her teeth and ran down the stair to meet Maria. She pulled on her black stripped addidas as she waited.

!0 minutes later Maria pulled up. She was rambeling apoligies for being late. Liz smiled and got into the red jetta. She loved doingthis. Riding to school with a babeling Maria it gave her a since of being normal. But she knew with East Roswell High and West Roswell High joining together nothing would ever be the same again.

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Part 4B

When they arrived the school parking lot was in choas. Mercedes Benz & Jaguars parked next to worn trucks and old cars. When they approached the school on foot it was worse. There were the regular west roswell crowd. But hten there was the people that looked like they just stepped out of a J. Crew catalog.

They were all standing in groups. West with West, East with East. At the top of the stairs Principal Topolski stood trying to talk to the students, but no one was listening. No oone cared what she said.

They finally saw Alex, Kyle and Courtney Underneath a tree. When they finally reached them, they knew they were out of dangerous grounds. They all said hey and watched the people around them. All of a sudden a guy from West roswell decided to deck a guy from East that checked out his girl friend.

'Well it's not like he didn't deserve it' she thought when she found herself pittying the guy who was now getting the shit beat out of him.

The bell finally rang and everyone approached the doors. The east making sure not to bump into the west.
Most of the school was already in when they approached the steps.

"Another year of high school hell." Courtney said

"Yeah, another year." Kyle replied looking longingly to his pick up truck. Liz knew he would rather be knocking mail boxes down with base ball bats.

She smiled.

"Come on yall." She said. She started up the steps. She got to the top of the stairs and stopped she noticed Max and his friends coming up the other side. They stopped to. And they stared.

After a minute or to. Liz went to the door opening it. She turned around and said to both sides
"Come on were gonna be late."

"Parker it's the first day of school and your already worried about being late." Alex said with a laugh.

They entered the building together, as a group, as one.

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