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Title: White Picket Fences
Author: MOI!
Summary: Imagine that after End of the World Liz never got back together with Max and she is now writing a letter to him after many many years.One Parter. It’s pretty much the same as the show but prehaps different details.
Authors Note: Yeh I know it sucks but I thought what the hey. Lets post.LOL
Disclaimer: Umm sorry but no.

Dear Max,

I remember the day you healed me. You told me to look in your eyes and I did because my heart told me to trust you.

I saw the most beautiful soul behind those eyes.

You told me not to say anything.

I didn't because I felt that trust I could not explain.

I was scared, intrigued and mystified by you. My lab partner of 3 years, the guy who never failed to help those in need since 3rd grade but always staying in the shadows. The shy boy who was blossoming into a beautiful man.

When you told me you were an alien suddenly my eyes were opened to a world of possibilities and I wondered why I had never noticed before.

Then you let me see into your soul. It was as beautiful as you were. The most amazing part was that you loved me. To you I was beautiful, something I couldn’t comprehend.

As I saw images of your life I fell in love with you. Maybe I was even before that but suddenly your hands cradling my face made be shiver with anticipation.

Your darks eyes gazing into my made my knees tremble.

I was aware of you. The way your hand would accidentally touch mine across the lab table. I could feel your eyes burning through me. I loved how your hair was always this dark ruffled mess. Adorable.

Maria told me I was only in love with you because you were my hero. You’d saved my life.

She didn’t realize I’d seen into your soul.

I remember our first kiss up on my balcony. How I was quivering as you held me and your lips softly captured mine. I knew from that moment that you were the only person I could ever love.

I thought you would be my first and only.

Here’s a secret Max. I didn’t sleep with Kyle. You came back from 14 years in the future claiming that the world would end if you continued to love me.

I had to make you fall out of love with me.

I’m sorry. I lied when I said I wouldn’t die for you. I have. I’m dead.

You can see my body but my heart and soul aren’t present.

Even my body won’t be here much longer. I’m giving up.

So I guess the reason I’m writing this letter to you is to ask you to think of me.

Just for a moment.

When you walk out your front door to get your mail. After you’ve settled down and poured a cup of coffee and the toast pops up just as your beautiful wife as 2 perfect kids waltz into the kitchen.

The kids grab the toast and you embrace your wife passionately. Then after opening your mail and you read this I ask you to please think of me.

Just for that moment, to see if you remember me, and know that I saved myself for you, that I still am.

To know that I love you with all my heart. That I adore you and long for your soul to touch mine again briefly.

Do you let Tess see your soul?

Of course you do. She’s your wife, destiny.

It’s vain of me to think that you would save anything for just the 2 of us.

All I am is your soulmate, a girl you used to know, even loved.

I’m not bitter Max. I look forward to meeting your soul in heaven.

I’ll be there soon to make sure everything is perfect for you.

And I will be there Max when you arrive. Quivering with love and anticipation just as I was before our first kiss.

I imagine that you’ll pull me into your arms. Tell me that you always loved me. Never stopped.

Am I right Max?

Or is this just once again vain hope.

Maybe Tess really is your soulmate. Maybe you’ll get there and your soul won’t recognize mine.

Maybe you’ll get this letter and not remember the girl who used to be everything to you. That’s what I was right? Everything.

But it has been 30 years after all.

Just remember Max there is a woman out there who loves you with all her heart.

Because I do Max. I do.

Forever yours,

Liz Parker.



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Didn't think of a reply letter but I could I suppose!

Good idea people. I'll work on it and if it come sout all right I'll post it.*big*

Thanx for reading!
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Back by popular deman with Max's reply.

I have to admit I was close to tears myself while writing this. I'm a big baby though so......

Anyway here is Part 2:

Dearest darling Liz,

You cannot imagine the elation and hope I felt when I received your letter.

And although I was sadden at the lack of return address I have been waiting to hear from you since the day you left.

Life is so hard without you Liz. I never see the others anymore. They’ve left. Moved on.

I guess somewhere down the road they gave up wishing you stilled cared for us.

But I am still wishing. You do love us don’t you?

My heart beats wildly to hear you say you love me. That you’re waiting for me.

Wait for me Liz. I’ll come save you from whatever pains you and we can go off. Just the 2 of us.

Somewhere where they can never find us. I wanted to be with you Liz. So badly. I wanted to wake up every morning and see you lying next to me until the day we died.

You should know Liz that there are no white picket fences, no dogs in the yard, no happy children.

There’s no wife. No Tess.

She left us although I would not have been with had she not betrayed us.

I only ever wanted to have children with you Liz.

Only you.

I too wanted you to be my first and last. I needed you to be my first and last.

And because I could not have you I couldn’t share myself with anyone else.

I miss everything about you. I miss how you smiled at everyone even when you yourself felt terrible.

I miss the way you touched my and looked at me when I first told you I loved you. When you said it back.

That was the best day of my life.

To know that the person I thought I could only ever have in my dreams was real, tangible and loved me too?

Your better than any dream Liz.

Better than any fantasy or wish. And now that’s all I can do.

Dream that your with me.

Fantasize about what our life would be like if I haven’t driven you away.

Wish that I could hold you in my arms forever.

To know that you saved yourself for me releases weights that were placed on my heart that night I saw you with Kyle.

I’ve been so burdened Liz.

So tired and troubled without.

You were my rock Liz. My shelter. My home.

There’s not a being on this planet that could save me like you did just by being in the same room.

I want to be able to touch you so badly. It’s a constant weight on my heart making it difficult to breathe.

I wanted those white picket fences with you Liz. I wanted you to have my children. I wanted us to be the perfect family.

I still want that Liz.

I’ll always want that.

I’ve wanted it since the first time I saw you.

When I stepped off the bus in third grade and I saw an angel laughing and I thought ‘That’s the girl I want to marry.’

Such a tender age and I already knew I needed to be with you.

I knew I loved you.

Every moment I was near you was a balm to my soul. Making it easier to my heart when you went away.

I wish I had told you sooner that I loved you.

We wasted precious time.

If love is so fleeting then why does my soul still yearn for yours after 30 years? Why does my heart still ache to think of you?

Why do I still wish I could see you and touch you?

30 years I’ve had a broken heart. It’s too long Liz.

Far too long.

Are you dying Liz? I don’t want to meet you in heaven. I want to meet you here. I want to go to heaven with you.

Please don’t die until I find you.

I’m going to find you Liz as you found my heart and claimed it in 3rd grade.

Please hang on. I’m coming for you Liz.

I don’t care what happens after.

We can die together.

I don’t need those white picket fences or the dog or the kids of the perfect little family.

I just need you. Only you.

So please just wait until you’re in my arms again and we can let fate take care of the rest.

God, when I do find you it’ll be magic. Just like it was 30 years ago. Remember?

Do you know how my hand trembled when I touched you?

How my heart beat just for you?

How just catching a glimpse of your beautiful face could make my heart sing?

How each smile from you was better than 1000 rainbows and sunsets?

Cause they were. I love you Liz.

I’m coming for you. Please be waiting.

I’d wait a life time for you.

Forever yours,
Max Evans

Feedback! As good as the first??

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A reunion huh? I may do that but probably not for a while yet. I need to get out parts of The Wallflower Society and then of course I'll be shot in a 50 gun salute if I don't post more of Paris Blues and then I have Heavy Hearts to think about.

I'm all around a busy person and I'm leaving for england on the 13th so that means at least 2 weeks without internet and then once we are in our house in england the renters said the internet wasn't working.

to sum that long excuse up I may be MIA for an entire month.

Good news is once I get back all I'll have to do is type up what I've written on paper and Voila! Many parts a' comin'. LOL

Anyway I'm making very strange excuses so I'm gonna go. BYE!