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Title: Don't Know Why
Summary: Post Destiny--After leaving Roswell, Liz returns when she gets news that her mother has cancer and has a surprise for everyone.
Disclaimer: I don't own a single thing
Rating: So far I don't think I'll be shying away from PG--13
Author: Janie

I'm Liz Parker and I wish I'd never left Roswell, New Mexico. Because in leaving where I grew up, I left behind my heart and the love of my life. But I also took a piece of him with me.
I remember when I left after I had woke up remembering the whole Destiny thing and even though he did run after me when I tried to run away from him at the pod chamber, I felt that I'd screwed up everything. So I got dressed and left him to wake up without me in his armsbut, honestly, I was afraid what the concequences would be.
What scared me the most was the fact that I felt more alone than ever before. But I couldn't go back, I jst couldn't. Since then, I'd given birth to my daughter Claudia , who is five months old . I'm afraid to go back even though I wish I'd never left, I just couldn't face him and shove a baby in Max's face and tell him that this was what I'd been up to for the past year, I'm just afraid of what he'll say. Will he turn me away? Will he overeact (Well yeah he would because that's the way Max is) but I have to go back. Because my mother is dying.
Liz Parker

Liz closed her journal then looked down at her sleeping child in the car seat beside her. The child reminded her so much of Max, she had his deep amber eyes, his black hair, and his ears. Her father had picked her up from the Albequrque airport and she was now sitting in the back of the car beside her sleeping child.

"Is the little one alright back there?" Jeff Parker questioned his estranged daughter. She looked up at him smiling, "Yeah, she's still asleep, I don't think she'll wake for about another hour or so," she exclaimed. He nodded and brought his attention back to the road once the traffic light had turned green.

They were on Main Street and were pulling up to The Crashdown. After the car had stopped Jeff got out and began unloading Liz and Claudia's belongings fom the trunk. Liz took the small child from the car seat as carefully as she could without rousing her, and cradled her to her chest. "Lizzie, you could go ahead, I'll be right in." He assured her. She nodded and after taking her purse and baby bag from the backseat of the car she reluctantly began to make her way towards the often busy cafe. Afraid of who she'd encounter.

TBC... Did this suck or what?

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Part 2
Liz bit her lip as she enterd the cafe. The first person she saw was Maria, who'd stopped to look up at her old friend, then slowly approached. "Liz, is that really you?" Maria questioned, she was taken aback by the fact that Liz was carrying a small bundle in a blanket, her complexion a bit darker, and her hair a few inches longer. "Maria, I missed you so much." Maria went to hug Liz who'd begun to cry.

"And who's the little one?" She inquired, glancing down at the tiny child in her arms. "Claudia." She admitted. Maria immediatly knew it was Max's baby. "You left before you even knew right?" Liz nodded. "We only did the night before I left."

Maria led her over to an empty booth so they could talk more privately. "I'm sorry that I left the way that I did. I was just scared." "Liz, it's alright, you're back now. So, will you let me hold my future god daughter?" "Of course." Liz exclaimed carefully placing her child in Maria's waiting arms." "So how long did you carry her for?" "Six months, she's almost five months now." "How was the entire pregnancy though?" "It wasn't too bad actually, I didn't get morning sickness or anything. I just had these weird cravings for tabasco sauce and had a bit of trouble sleepingfor the first two months."

"Has your dad told you about Max?" Maria questioned. "No, what about Max?" "He comes here everday like he's waiting for you to walk through that door. Usually he'd be in around five, but he must have gotten held up at the UFO Center. He's aquired a new found friendship with your dad but he doesn't know about the baby. None of us knew." "Because I made my parents promise not to tell anyone but, I wish I could've told Max. But you know how he is. Once he gets wind of this he'll probably bite my head off." Maria nodded in agreement then looked down at Claudia who'd begun to wake up.

"So how is everyone?" Liz finally qeustioned. "Well, Michael and I are actually together at the moment, as are Isabel and Alex, and Kyle and Tess." Liz sat back amused. "Tess and Kyle? What does Nasedo think about this?" "He's a little upset that the royal four aren't together but, since has been so distant from everyone but your parents, he has no say in any of it."

Maria sat still for a minute when she saw who'd walked in the door behind Jeff Parker. "Um, Liz, don't look now, but uh, it's Max." "WHAT?" She whispered loudly. "Liz, I'm putting everything up in your room, you can sit here and talk to Maria." Jeff told them. Both girls nodded. Liz tried to ignore Max's gaze which shifted from her, to Maria, to the baby in Maria's arms. "You coming Max?" Jeff questioned as he noticed how uncomfortable Liz looked. "Oh...yeah." He replied after glancing at Liz one last time he continued on further into the restaurant, following after Mr. Parker.

Part 3

Liz sank down further into the booth and let out the breath she hadn't even realized she'd been holding. "Chica, you okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine, okay--no I'm not." Liz took out a bottle of milk from the baby bag beside her and handed it to Maria when Claudia began fussing. "Okay, tell me." "I'm afraid to tell him about our baby." She admitted. "Liz, its simple, just go up there and tell him." "Maria it isn't that simple." "Why not?" "Because Max will so mad at me, and I can't risk that. I already broke his heart and I don't want to make things worse."

Maria sighed. "Liz, I think he already knows by now, if he didn't he'd have to be pretty stupid not to realize that this dark haired little angel isn't is by how hard he was looking at her." "You're right. But, how am I going to face him?" "Well, everyone's been to the hospital to visit your Mom, so when we're there just talk to him." "But Maria, that's just the thing, I mean, I haven't said a single word to him since that night, and I'm afraid that he won't want to talk to me." "Liz, trust me, he'll listen." "Maria, I'm sorry to leave you with her but could you watch her for a few minutes, I have to talk to my Dad." Maria nodded, "I don't mind, go ahead." Liz smiled then made her way to the back room, which led the way to the stairs to her parents apartment.

"Dad?" she called out entering the apartment. "He went out back." a familiar voice told her. It was Max. "Max, I didn't expect you to--" "Lizwho's baby is that?" her vreath cought in her throat. Max wasted no time to figure out if the child was his. "Yes." she said in a small voice. "Why did you leave like that?" "I don't know. Could we talk about this another time?" "Liz, please, tell me." "Max I promise I'll explain later just, don't make me do this right now, I just can't." "Can, I see her?" "Of course." Max stood right up from where he'd been sitting and followed her back downstairs to Maria and Claudia.

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Part 4

"Hey Maria." Michael said as he entered the Crashdown, "Christ, that's a baby!" "Duh Michael, what did you think it was?" "You weren't pregnant yesterday." "Of course not Michael because this baby isn't even mine, I'm just babysitting for Liz." This confused Michael beyond belief. "Wait a minute--why would Liz need a babysitter?" He questioned sitting down beside her in the booth. "Because she's talking to Max." "Does Max know about this kid?" "Uh, yeah and Liz is probably telling him now who it's father is." "And who would that be?" "Him of course!!!" She shouted. Claudia began to fuss. "Sorry, sweetie, it's just that your uncle Michael here isn't too bright." Maria exclaimed towards Claudia in a baby voice. "Hey I have--"

"Get the hell away from my daughter you--you!!!!" Amy Deluca shouted as she entered the cafe with a couple of boxes in her arms, which she placed on the counter and was about to leave until she saw Michael and Maria sharing a booth arguing over the baby. "Mom-- MOM! " Maria cried when Michael got up from the booth trying to shield himself with his arms as Amy went about repeatedly hitting Michael with her purse. "Mom this isn't our baby." "It better not be!" she shouted once again as she hit Michael once more glaring at him.

"What's going on?" Liz questioned when she and Max heard their child crying in Maria's arms. Liz went over to Maria to relieve her friend of her agitated child. "Shhhh, it's alright mommy's here." She whispered. But it didn't work so Max took it upon himself to try to calm down his daughter. All Max had to do was hold her and she calmed down immediately. "How did you do that?" Liz asked softly. "I do anything." He exclaimed. "Ok well, we've got to get to work and Mom you were just leaving's leave the little family to themselves for a little while." Maria put in when everyone was staring at Max with his daughter. They all nod and go their separate ways, leaving Max and Liz to the baby.
"Um, I think we should get Claudia changed then head over to your parents house?" Liz finally says. "Sure." Liz gathered her things from the table and then took the stroller leading the way back up to her apartment.

"Mom, Dad? I'm home!" Max called out once they entered the house. "Max we're in the kitchen. dinner's almost ready." Diane replied as she came walking into the hallway. She stopped in the doorway surprised at what was before her. "Liz, it's so nice to see you, I'm sorry to hear about your mother, how is she?" "She's doing pretty good from what I hear." Liz told her. "Why are you holding a baby Max?" Diane inquired "Uh, well actually, this is our daughter Claudia." "Your's? As in your's and Liz's?" Max nodded. "Ohmigod." she mumbled bringing her hand to her mouth in shock. "My baby has a baby?" "Yes Mom." Max stated. "Well, dinner's ready, um do you need something for her to sit in?" "We have her stroller in the jeep actually, she ate an hour ago." Liz tells Diane. She nods at the young woman before her then turns to her son. "Can, I hold my grandaughter?" "Of course you can." Diane is awe stricken while holding her. "What's her name?" "Claudia." Max tells his mother. "Well Liz come with me, Max you can go out to the jeep. I think that Isabel and your father are getting a bit anxious." Liz follows Diane but smiles back at Max before she turns the corner.

Liz sits next to Max trying to ignore the glares coming from Isabel. "So Liz, how was it down in Florida." Phillip questions. "It was great actually. I love it there."
"So Liz, are you going back after your mom dies?" Isabel questions. Max glares at his sister. "Isabel--apologize this instant, she's been through enough." "I don't apologize to girls who break my little brother's heart." Max notices the tears forming in Liz's eyes at the rude remaerk from Isabel. "May I be excused for a moment?" Liz questions with her voice cracking. "Of course dear." Diane tells her sweetly. Liz drops her napkin onto her chair and walks to the bathroom. "Isabel what's with you?" "What's with you? She comes back with a baby and just because her mother's dying she expects pity. Well, I'm not going to be like everyone else who's feeling sorry for the little wench. You're just going to keep running back to her because you're her little dog and you have to obey her. Grow up little brother." Isabel spits out as she gets up from her seat at the table. Phillip and Diane are too shocked to even say a word about the exchange between the three teens. Max sighs and finally goes in the direction Liz went after hearing Isabel stomp all the way to her room and slam the door shut. Claudia begins to cry. "Max go check on Liz we've got her." Diane exclaims and with that Max goes to try and comfort Liz.

"Liz, can I come in?" "One second." she splashes water on her face after looking at her bloodshot eyes in the mirror before her. "Come in." "Liz, I'm sorry, you didn't deserve that--" "Yes I did I deserve eerything she said. Max, I left you when we shared something that you can never get back. And we made a daughter. I didn't mean to leave like that, I just-I was scared. Max I'm surprised that you even want to talk to me after what I did." "Don't be so hard on yourself. I understand, you had every right to be scared. And now you have to worry about our daughter. I'm not sorry about her because she's the most beautiful thing in the world. Liz, I told this before and I'll say it again. I love you." "I love you too." Max watched her lip quiver when another wave a tears came. Max brought her into his arms and just held her. "Thankyou for our daughter." Max whispered in her ear.

A/N: I wasn't going to have them back together this early in the fic, it's just the way that it came out. I hope you guys liked it.


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Part 5

"Dad, I'm sorry we got here so late. Max's parents wanted us to stay for dinner." Liz explained to her father once they approched him. "So, how's mom doing?" He gave her a hug. "She's doing a little better, she's awake but she's resting now." "Can I see her?" "Of course you can, but make it quick we can't stay too long. Visiting hours are over in about an hour or so." Jeff exclaimed. She nodded, "Max, I'll be right back." He nodded and went about feeding Claudia.

"Mom?" Liz questioned softly. "Liz, you're really here?" "Yeah, I came back for you Mom." Liz told her once she was at her bedside. Seeing her Mom without her long curly red hair brought her to tears. "Liz, what is this I hear about a little girl?" Liz groaned. "Amy told you didn't she?" "You know it." "So is she as beautiful as my little girl." "She's even more so. Mom, I want her to grow up knowing you." She admitted.

Nancy sighed. "Of course she will. I'm not going anywhere, I promise." Liz took hold of her mother's hand "You better not. I didn't come here for a funeral. So after your last chemo treatment you'll be better and I'm going to take you home." Liz stated. Nancy chuckled. "That's exactly what going to happen. Now, where's my Grand Daughter?" "With her Daddy." Nancy nodded. "So, how's Max taking all of this?" "He's been great actually. He was shocked at first but now, he can't get enough of her. She likes him better than me."

"She's gonna be a Daddy's girl." Nancy predicted. "I can tell. She does well with strangers but she prefers Max over everyone else. I'll go get them now." Nancy sat up and waited for Max and Liz to enter the room. "Mom, I'd you to meet, your Grand Daughter Claudia Evans." Liz exclaimed as Max placed the dark haired child in Nancy's arms. "She's so precious, she's a perfect mix of the two of you. She has Max's eyes, ad this little face, I'm planning on spoiling this little angel rotten." Nancy turned to Max and Liz as Jeff entered the room. "So I take it you two are back together again." She stated more than questioned.

They looked at each other and nodded. "Yeah, we are." "So, when's this wedding that I'm going to be planning?" "Um, we haven't gotten that far Mom, we're only juniors." Liz exclaimed as she took Max's hand in her own. "So Mom, we'll be back tomorrow, I'm coming as early as possible, but it's past Dia's bedtime." Liz finally said. "You're right, it is getting a little late. But you better bring my little angel with you." "Of course." Max took Claudia into his arms coaxing her to sleep. Liz held her Mom in a tight hug. "Goodnight Mom. Dad, I'll see you at home."

Tess' front door opened immediately when she saw that Isabel was on the front step. "Hey Iz Kyle's still here but I--" "Max is such a--such a--UGH!!! Liz came back today did ou know that?" "Um, no, I--" "And do you know that she brought a baby with her? She claims that it's Max." "Iz did you even ask her?" "No but she came into my house with it." "Is--um, don't you think you are overreacting a little?" Tess questioned. "No, I'm not, I am just fine but she can't just come back into town like she's some innocent little thing. And just because she brought a baby doesn't mean that I'm going to be like everyone else feeling sorry for her."

"Isabel, don't come to conclusions but, if this baby is Max's I think something might happen." "Why?" "Max is king, making this baby the first heir to the Antarian throne. We have to tell Nasedo. The baby needs protection." "See, you even feel sorry for the little kid." Tess sighed. "Kyle! Um can we hang out another time, I think this is going to take awhile." Tess called out to Kyle. "Uh, yeah, sure." He says as he coes into the living room. "I'll call you later." Tess promises. Isabel groans when Tess kisses Kyle on the cheek.

"We have to tell Nasedo." Tess finally says turning to Isabel once Kyle is out of the house. "Tell me what?" Isabel and Tess glance around nervousl at anything other than him, in the form of Ed Harding. "Max and Liz have a baby. When she left she was pregnant." Tess finally tells him. "Where is this child now?" "Max and Liz went over to the hospital to see Liz's mother for a little while, but I'm not sure if Max is home yet. He might still be with them." "We're going to Liz's house right now." Nasedo tells them.

"So are you going home or do you want to stay with us?" "Well, we should take it slow since you just got back and all." "Alright, so I guess it's just me and Claudia." Liz says sadly, pouting. "Please, stay the night." "Not until we go on our first date." "Okay, so it'll just be me all by myself with nobody to protect me." "From what?" "I don't know..."

"Well I think I should head home before my Mom calls and wakes Claudia up." "Yeah, I just got her to sleep through the night, and now that she has you I don't think she'd go back to sleep unless you were here." "So, I'll come by tomorrow around nine?" "Yeah, I'll be up by then." Max presses a soft kiss against her lips. "Night." "Night Max." Liz closes the door after him leaning her back against the door sliding to the floor with her eyes closed and a smile stretching across her lips.

"Liz!" She hears knocking on the doorfive minutes later. "Max, what's the matter." "I think you should come down to the cafe and bring Claudia." He tells her. "Um, okay." She goes to get Claudia from her bassinet and then brings an extra blanket just in case. She follows Max back down into the backroom of the cafe. "What's the matter?" She questions frightened when she sees, Ed Harding, Tess, Isabel, and Michael. "Liz I think you should sit down." Tess says.

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Part 6

"Is there something wrong?" Liz asks panicked. "No, well, not yet anyway. It's important that your child is protected."Nasedo says. "Why?" Nasedo lets out a deep breath. "Your daughter is the first heir to the Antarian throne and may be in danger from our enemies." Liz scoffed. "You've got to be kidding me." "Please, you too may be in danger."

"What exactly are you saying?" "She's the Princess, which makes you the Queen of Antar." "Oh." "The Skins see that as a threat and you may be in danger if they have discovered you both. They're willing to kill you both to get to Max." "Who are the skins as you like to call them?" "They're another form of aliens that have colonized on earth as we have, just they have husks and can only stay in them for a short period of time. They are our enemies and will stop at nothing to defeat Max."

"And who is their leader?" "Khivar." Nasedo stated cooly. "Let me see the child, she has the royal seal in her brain." "You're not touching my child!" Liz cried. "Liz, please just trust him." "Why should I?" "Liz please?" He pleaded with her. "Alright." Liz slowly made her way towards Nasedo and reluctantly placed Claudia in his arms. Liz stood shocked as he waved his hand over Claudia's forehead and she whimpered slightly but didn't wake. Her jaw dropped as she saw the blue light coming off her body. Nasedo removed his hand.

"She has the royal seal as I thought. now, you need protection, and you'll most likely stay with Max, you all need to stay together. People come in here everyday." "Then what am I supposed to do, stay shut up all day?" "Yes, until we know for sure that you are safe." "But, I have to see my mother, she's in the hospital and--" "Then Michael and I will accompany you and Max." Liz opened her mouth to say something but then quickly shut it. "Get your things, you're staying with Max." Nasedo ordered. Liz mutely nodded and trudged up the stairs to her room. Max soon followed after her.

"Liz, it's not safe for you to be alone." Max told her once they were in her room. Liz began to grab her things that she hadn't put away yet. "I'll get dia's things. What we can't get now, we'll come back for later." She nodded and then left the room to go down stairs. Max wen to grab the bassinet and peered inside and saw a piece of shedded skin. When he picks it up, it disintegrates. He promtly closes the open window, picks up the bassinet and her pacifier. then leaves the room.

"Max, what's wrong?" Liz questions as he sits up on the bed awaking her. "Nothing, it's just that, I'm afraid for you." "Why?" "They know about the Claudia." He tells her. "Max, how do you know?" "I don't want to tell you." "Max, please?" "When I went tto get Dia's things I saw a shedding, in the bassinet." "And, what's that supposed to mean?"

"When I touched it, it disinegrated. That only happens to either Isabel, Tess, Michael, or I and that means that a skin was in your room, did you leave the window to your room open?" "No, not that I recall." Liz tells him. "They went into your room, if Nasedo hadn't warned us, they might have taken you both." Liz swallows. "I just got you back and I can't lose you. You two mean so much to me and I can't lose you. It would kill me." Liz inched closer to him, wrapping her arms around him. He pulled her into his, and hugged her close.


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