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Title: Everyone has a secret!

Author: Starlight


Legal Crap: If you recognize a name it doesn’t belong to me if you don’t then it’s all mine.

Summary: Alex and Liz are closer then anyone could imagine. (Ok I’m usually good at summaries but I couldn’t get this summary out, so I guess you will have to read and find out.)

A/N: Okay, Everything is mostly the same except that Maria wasn’t Alex and Liz’s best friend she’s The Aliens, she has known about there secret since they were kids. Liz got shot and that’s how she and Alex found out Alex was working when Liz was shot not Maria but Maria and Isabel do work at the Crashdown. Liz’s parents don’t care about her and she takes care of the Crashdown with Alex’s help. You will find out more when the story progresses.


“Liz you here,” Alex Whitman called out from the door of the Crashdown. Closing the door behind him.

“Where else would I be,” Liz called back and saw Alex walking toward her. Chuckling to herself as she watched Alex look cautiously around. “Calm down big boy were all alone.”

“About damn time,” he cried. Plopping himself on the stool looking at Liz laughing, “Ms. Parker what is so very funny.”

“Why nothing of course,” Liz finally said after she calmed down.

“So how and where is Mr. High and Mighty,” Alex asked sarcasticly.

“Probably off fucking gerbil gal.” Liz said.

“Ouch, been holding that back for long huh?”

“Yup, so how is Ms. Ice Queen doin,” Liz asked raising one eye slightly.

“Yur guess is as good as mine.” Silence filled the room and after awhile Alex asked, “Eliza, why exactly did we pick to be geeks. Why not punks.”

Alex eyes where rested on Liz’s as she walked around the counter and took out 2 bottles of beer for the fridge. “Well the piercing and tattoos would be a bitch, and honestly we wanted to not be noticed, to despair in the crowd, and it worked….…for awhile.” Liz finished explaining while she pasted on of the beers to Alex.

“When do you think we stopped fading into the crowd,” Alex asked.

“The day I was shot!”

“What do u think of Maria,” Alex questioned.

“I don’t know why u ask these questions Alex you know my answers.”

Grabbing Alex’s beer and throwing it in the garbage along with her own,” Heyyyyyy, I wasn’t finished with that.”

“Come on, this conversation is to intense for me. Especially after the little tiff I had with as you call him Mr. High and Mighty.” Liz said as she walked up to the upstairs apartment and into her room. Opening her closet she pulled back her regular closed to expose her more…relaxing close and pulled out a pair of leather pants, a black tank top and leather jacket. She also pulled out blank pair of jeans, a black turtle neck and a leather jacket and tossed it to Alex who had joined her in her room as she search her closet. Taking the clothes she pulled out for herself and walked into the bathroom to change, put on some make-up and put her hair up. Walking out she was greeted by a fully changed Alex , who had jelled his hair back. “You ready.”

“Yup, let’s go relax.” Together we walked down the stairs and out of the alley stopping in front of the mini garage, un-locking the locks that were placed on the doors. She opened the door and walked inside, while Alex followed, walking to the back of the garage. She pulled the sheet that was laying on the 2 Ninja 360’s off, without saying a word Alex took the black bike and Liz took the dark dark navy bike. Both dragging the bike to the road, they both got on and started the engines, “Let the fun begin!!!” Liz yelled and Alex watched as the bike squealed and took off, laughing he took off after her.


So, what do you think so far, should I continue. No, Yes!!! Please give me some feedback even if it’s bad.



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I just wanted to tell everyone Thank-you soooo much and I’m sorry that I haven’t updated sooner. But, my father and I had trouble finding a new Internet company. Good news is we did find one and here’s the next chapter. Enjoy and remember to leave feedback.


‘Have you ever seen those shows where there’s a child sitting in bed and the tree’s outside the window make an eerie shadow around the room. Then the child starts to get scared and races out of their bedroom towards their parent’s room. But, once they get their; no ones there getting more panicked they race through the house and finds it completely empty but continuities to run around, searching for someone anyone that will take away the thing that’s scaring them away. You see that was Alex and I, always racing around trying to find someone to take away what is scaring us. But, then we learned the truth that if you want something done do it yourself. It took years and years for us to finally do something, but we did.’

“Deep in thought,” Alex asked, coming to sit beside Liz on the ground under the tree. ‘You see, normal people take time during lunch to socialize, we on the other had sit under a tree.’

“Yup, I was thinking of those poor fools who lost a hundred dollars last night to high school students.” Liz answered chuckling.

“I know you’re lying, that wasn’t what you where thinking about but I’ll let it pass,” Alex said looking, up from his book.

“Why thank-you,” Liz replied looking back down at her own book. ‘This is how we spent every lunch hour, just sitting.’ Flash, ‘Alex took photography classes this year, these days I ketch him tacking pictures of me when I’m not looking.’ Flash ‘But, he wont let me see them, of course I’ve asked but his answers always the same.’

Max’s P.OV.

“Maria, what do you know Liz and Alex?” Michael asked looking at the two under the tree.

“I can’t believe after everything you still don’t trust them!!!” Maria cried, hitting him on the arm.

“Ow!!” Michael yelled holding his arm. “That wasn’t what I meant. I was just curious.

“Oh, opps well…. I meet the same time I first saw you guys. We where friends for two years and then…… I’m not exactly sure what happened they just, closed off. To everyone, except each other.”

“That’s it?” Isabel asked

“Ya, for a time after they found out who you guys where, I thought we could have been friends again. I mean the helped us, get Sheriff Velenti off of our backs and they help us with our aliens crisis. But I guess I was wrong” Maria said rubbing her face. Looking over at Max she saw him staring, following his gaze he saw him staring at Liz sitting under a tree, her eyes glued down on the book on her lap, but it was hard to tell with the shapes on her face. Alex had a camera pointed at Liz taking pictures of her; she didn’t even seem to notice it.

Liz’s POV

“How many shots can you take with me reading a book.” Liz said, looking up and chuckling.

“As many as I want.” Alex cried.

“Demanding ain’t ya.”

“What can I say, the lights perfect.” Alex answered shrugging his shoulders.

“What happened with your parents last night.” Liz asked Alex, watching as he flinched at the question.

“Nothing!” Alex cried shaking his head.

“Liar! Alex, please just come over to my house. I mean I’m all alone and I hate the thought with you in the same house with them.”

“Liz, I’m fine! Please stop worrying. It’s bad for your reputation.” Alex explained, chuckling at his own joke.

Sending him an evil glare, she replied, “ Then we must not do that, we might ruined our reputations as Roswells geeks.” The screeching sound of the first bell sounded throughout the quad. Alex rose from his seated and held out a hand for Liz to take. Turning Alex to face her she asked him, “Promise me if things get out of control you come straight to me.”

“You don’t even have to ask that, you know I will.” Alex said while wrapping his arm around her waist.

“They taught us one thing.”

“What’s that?” Alex said looking down at Liz.

“There’s no such thing as unconditional love.”

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Part 3a

“Dad, Mom, Ms. Whitman, Mr. Whitman there is something Alex and I need to tell you”
“Liz and I aren’t like other people……..where”
“Are you telling me my daughter is a……….. she’s not……”
“Call me in the morning Alex.”
“I will, love ya!”
“Mom, dad where are you?”
“Liz what’s wrong!”
“They left, there just gone.”

A bang on the front door woke Liz Parker from her nightmare.

*knock* *knock*

Looking at her watch, she cried “This better be important it’s 4:00 in the fucking morning.”
Walking towards the door, she un-did the two locks and swung open the door “Alex!” Liz gasped.

“Hey!” Alex said leaning his body against the door frame.

“ What’s that!” Liz cried, seeing the mark on his arm. Reaching out to touch his arm stopping when he flinched.

“You where right, your always right.”

Liz stepped up to him and wrapped her arms around him, whispering in his ear “I didn’t want to be.”

Un-wrapping her arms she held out her hand, “It looks like your beat I have a nice bed that you can use.”

“That sound good,” Alex said taking her hands and walking inside, stopping to shut the door.

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Hey Everyone, I just wanted to thank everyone that keeps coming back, people that have found this fic and like it and everyone that reads it. Thanks again
Chapter 3b

“Your shot!” Alex said passing me his cue.

“30 dollars that I get this last three balls in this one shot.” I said, bending down and lining up the shot.

“Deal!” Alex cried, leaning back on the post beside him and crossing his arms over his chest. I pulled the cue back and the two balls shot into the left pocked and one into the right. “Shit!” Alex yelled, reaching into his pocket and grabbed thirty bucks slapping it into my outstretched hand. “I don’t know why I ever make deals with you.”

“Because you still haven’t grown a brain.” I said, picking up her drink and walking by Alex.

“Okay, that was just mean!” Alex cried, following behind me.

“Suck it up.” Alex reached over and grabbed my drink.

“Get your own beer,” I cry over the music slapping his hand.

“Fine, I’ll be back in a moment.”

“I’ll hold my breath!” I mumbled as Alex walked off.

Sun's up
A little after twelve
Make breakfast for myself
Leave the work for someone else
People say
They say that it's just a phase
They tell me to act my age,
Well I am

On this perfect day,
Nothing's standing in my way

On this perfect day,
When nothing can go wrong

“Hey, you wanna dance,” A blond guy ask from behind me.

Turning around to face him ,“No!” I declared.

It's the perfect day,
Tomorrow's gonna come too soon
I could stay, forever as I am

On this perfect day

Sun's down
A little after ten
I pick up all my friends
In my Mercedes-Benz

Wake up
Don't tell me it's just a dream
'Cause when I've had enough
You'll hear me say,
Now don't you try to rain on my

Awww, come on!” The guy cried putting his hands on my waist.

“Listen I don’t want to dance,” I cried grabbing his hands and removing them from anywhere near me.

“Listen, sweetie…….”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Alex cried behind the guy. Who turned around to face him.

Perfect day,
Nothing's standing in my way

On this perfect day,
Nothing can go wrong

It's the perfect day,
Tomorrow's gonna come too soon
I could stay, forever as I am
On this perfect day

La la la
La la la,
Oh, oh

And who are you?” The guy asked taking a step towards Alex. “You know what, I don’t care just leave just alone.” He took a step back towards me a wrapped his arm around my waist.

“What the hell to you think your doing.” I cried; taking his arm ad flipping it around is back pinning him into a post. “When a lady says no she means no.” I whispered in his ear, banging him into the wall and letting his hands go as he fell towards the floor in a heap.

“Told ya you shouldn’t have done that!” Alex said.

“Come on let’s get the hell out of here.”

I'm in the race
But I've already won
(La la la)
And getting there can
Be half the fun
(La la la)
So don't stop me
Till I'm good and done,
Don't you try to rain on my

Perfect day
It's the perfect day

It's the perfect day
Nothing's gonna bring me down
I could stay, forever as I am

“Well, that just sucked.” Alex cried. “ Do you have the keys?”

“Ya, here!” I told Alex taking them out of my pocket and tossing them to him. Waiting on the passenger side as he got in and opened my door. Once I heard the door unlocked I slipped into the car.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you Max called today.” Alex said starting the car

“What did he say.” I said with I sigh.

“He wants to see us tomorrow morning.”

“WHAT!!” I screamed, “And you’re telling me this now.”

“Ya,” Alex said shrugging his shoulders. I reached over and back handed the back of his head.

On this perfect day
Nothing's standing in my way,

On this perfect day,
Nothing can go wrong

I'm in the race
But I've already won
And getting there can
Be half the fun,
So don't stop me
Till I'm good and done,
Don't you try to rain on my

Perfect, day
On this perfect day
On this perfect day

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“What time is it?” Alex asked.

“1 minute from the last time you asked.” Liz said, not looking up from her lap top.

“Where are they? They said they would be here by 9:00 it’s 9:30!!” Alex cried getting up from his seat and started to pace.

“Who gives a flying fuck, It’s not like I’m gonna lose sleep over them not showing up.”

“What are you doing on the computer?” Alex asked ignoring her last comment

“De-coding the destiny book.” Liz said as Alex came over and looked over her shoulder.

“How the hell did you get that?” Alex yelled.

“I borrowed it,” Liz replied, turning her stool around to face him.

“You borrowed it, You borrowed a book that holds the answers to a four peoples lives. What did you do? At the last meeting pick pocket Max.” Alex cried looking at Liz. “My god, you did”

“I did not, I pick pocked Tess.” Liz said raising her eyebrow.

“Well, then that must be okay,” Alex said rolling her eyes.

“Listen, smart ass. All I’m trying to do is finish this book, so we no longer have to be involved with them.” Liz said standing up so they were face to face.

“Ya, right weather you like it or not y-o-u l-o-v-e m-a-x, you will never be not involved because your heart will always belong to him.” Alex yelled, lowering his voice he said to her. “Just like his belongs to you.” Alex keeped his eyes straight into hers, both of them not looking up, when a knock on the door interrupted them. “I’m sorry Liz, I was out of…..”

“Me and Max can never every work, besides we don’t even know if we will be in Roswell in a couple of years.” Liz said, as she walked to the door. She un-locked the door and opened it, “Glad you could make time for us.”

“Did Little Liz Parker just make a joke.” Michael said, walking through the door. As Liz re-locked the door she gave Michael the finger and started to say something but Alex gave her an evil glare.

“How come you’re here?” Liz said, going back to her seat.

“Actually we need to ask you for your help.” Max said while sitting down.

“What else is new!” Liz said under her breath.

“We found out that there is a new group of skins and we need to know where they are holding up.” Isabel explained.

“Is that it?” Liz asked.

“Ya,” Tess answered.

“Good, we’ll get on it,” Liz said. “But, it you will excuse me, I have waited here for you people for the last 50 minutes.” Liz replied as she grad her laptop and walked through the back door.

1 and a half hours later

“Liz, have you found anything.” Alex asked as he came into the living room.

“Yes, 17 factories and 20 farm houses,” Liz said as she passed Alex the printouts.

“Too, many to go through all of them. Why don’t you run a search for something that can hold let’s say 100 people.”

“100 are you crazy even the skins wouldn’t put a 100 in one place.”

“I know but they are gonna need a lot of room, so I just guessed.”

“Okay!” Liz replied; after a couple of minutes the computer displayed the results. “2 factories and 1 farm house.”

“Wanna go for a ride,” Alex asked.

“Sure, as long as I get to lead.”

The desert

Two motorcycles meat outside a factory 20 minutes outside Roswell.

“This has to be it, we checked the others,” Liz said as she got off of her motorcycle. Laughter could be heard behind her. “What the hell are you laughing at?”

“You,” Alex said between laughing. He stops suddenly as he saw her eyebrow raised and her hands on her hips.

“Care to elaborate.”

Alex swung his leg over the other side of his motorcycle, “When I yelled at you today, did you realize that was the first time we were ever really mad at each other. When we first saw the sun set, the ocean crashing against the rocks or the first time we got our babe’s.” Alex said slapping his motorcycle softly. “You were so exited, and I also remember the first time max kissed you or the time I helped you get ready for your first real date. Max made you happy Liz, and I wanted you to be happy. Because I know what our parents did and that you still feel it I know you wake up screaming. And all I wanted was for you to be happy. They don’t really know you though, I look at the girl who’s wearing leather pants and high healed boots or that shirt, which I must say if I wasn’t your brother….”

“You’re forgiven.”

“Thank-you,” Alex said taking Liz in her arms. “And thanks for stopping me from making a bigger fool out of myself.”

“Come on, let’s go,” Liz said smiling as she pulled Alex off of his motorcycle.

Alex pulled her back and asked, “How far are we going with this?” As he looked in her eyes, he got the answer. “Come on let’s get this over with,” He said as they rolled there motorcycles onto the side of the road and went over to the fence trying to find a way over. “Nothing!” Alex said coming back over to her. “So we gonna, jump.”

“Why not? Ready.” Liz asked.

“Yup,” And before you could realize what happened the two jump right over the top of the fence.

Lol… sorry guys I’m leaving you there. I promise the next chapter will be soon!!

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Quietly we landed on the other side, making our way slowly towards the side door of the factory.
“Since when does factories have fences,” Alex asked

Shrugging my shoulder and watched as Alex turned the handle of the door, shaking his head; he got out of the way letting me kneel in front of it. Taking the pick out of my belt and put it in the lock, twirling it around until I heard a familiar click. I turned the handle and pushed open the door, returning the pick to my pocket; nodding at Alex and pointing inside the building watching as he stood up and watched past me. Slowly I got to my feet and followed Alex inside, keeping our bodies flush against the wall we walked beeper into the building stopping as we made our way to the door that lead to the main room. Blocks and crates stood in front, not letting us see what lay on the other side. Getting Alex’s attention I pointed towards the door, “Walkway.” I whispered to him, nodding his head he walked over to the door; turning the handle and nodding as he opened the door. We made our way quietly up the stairs kneeling as we got to the top of the stairs. Alex let me in front of him, I stepped out of the hallway.

“What do you see?” he asked.

“Whole bunch of skins and Isabel and Michael.”


“And Tess.”

“LIZ,” Alex cried stilling keeping his voice low.

“What?” I answered whipping my head around.

“Look,” Alex said pointing to the other walkway on the other side of the building.


“I think they left something out,” Alex cried.

“Ya, think,” Alex’s eyes where still glued on the six figures kneeling on the other side of the walkway.

“Listen.” I stretched my hearing to listen to the conversation under us.

“Sir, we have located some intruders.”



“Right side walkway.”

“Bring them to me.”

“Shit, Liz what do we do.” Alex asked.

“I don’t know, we could rescue them but that would mean going through tons of skins and trying to find away to get out alive; plus we need to find out who those three are down there with the skins.”

“’But, on the other hand we could watch them get captured.”

“Ya, I know it’s hard to choose.”

“Liz!” Alex cried.

“Okay, Okay. Let’s go risk our lives.” Liz said already making her way across the walkway. Once they made it to the other side.

“There they are!” One of the skins yelled pointing to the other side of the walkway.

“Shit, come on.” I yelled jumping over the side, landing perfectly on the ground. Listening I heard Alex land beside me, the skins near where we landed came after us; one tried to punch me I easily blocked him and kicked him in the stomach. Another tried to grab me from behind, taking his wrist I pulled him over my shoulder and smiled as he landed on his back in front of me. They keeped coming and coming one after another suddenly all went silent not one came. I looked around and saw Max, Isabel, Michael, Tess, Maria, Kyle and the one that looked like Tess trying to control the other skins and the dupes of Michael and Isabel.

“We better go help,” Alex said beside me.

“Do we have to?” I asked. Alex grunted grabbing my hand and pulling me over to them.

“Wanna explain what the hell you to are doing here?” Michael grumbled while trying to keep Isabel’s twin under control with the help of Kyle.

“Saving your ass.”

“Well we don’t need your help,” he cried.

“Ya, it looks like your handling it fine,” I say smirking.

“I think you two have some explaining to do,” Isabel said, speaking for the first time.

“Were not the only ones,” Alex replied from beside me.

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Chapter 7- Truth Behold

“So, what exactly were you planning on telling them,” Alex whispered as we un-locked the Crashdown door. Watching as the others got out of their parked cars.

“I dunno,” I answered rubbing my forehead. “Have any idea’s?”

“The truth!” Alex replied.

“We can’t you know that,” I told him. Opening the door, and walking over to the counter then going behind it. “It’s too dangerous,” I said as the others walked into the room, Jim Valenti with them they must have called him asking to met them here.

“That’s weird because I’ve heard those same words before from a certain alien,” I looked into my brother’s eyes hating the pain that was in there.

“Come on, I’ll decide what to say later,” I whispered already making my way around the counter and making my way towards the group. Taking a chair by a near by table and sitting down in it so I was facing the booths and the other table that was pulled up to it. “So, what’s with your twins?” I asked, feeling Alex sit beside me. Max and Isabel looked at each other,” You owe us an explanation,” I replied.

“So do you,” Michael cried.

“I know but why don’t we try one explanation at a time,” I say trying to keep my calm.

Michael tried to comment again, but Max interrupted. “They where but on earth just like us. Their pods are in New York and they where suppose to be our duplicates in case we couldn’t do the job. We asked you to find the skins hoping that they where with them but then Ava, Tess dupe told us where they where. So, we went and the plan backfired.”

“No, shit.” I said under my breath, beside me Alex chuckled and took my hand. I looked up; and knew if I told another lie I would be hurting Alex as well and I couldn’t to that, so I started softly telling them our story. “Alex and I are brother and sister we were designed to be super soldiers we were genetically engineered our DNA manipulated to have the properties of the best fighters. Speed, hearing, knowledge and other crap like that, most of the abilities we got by cat, wolf, or other animal DNA. The names were X1, X2 and so on, the projects wasn’t going as well as they hoped until the X5 were created. Alex and I were part of the X5’s but the found us excelling in our abilities, so they moved us to another part of the base and teamed us up together. The taught us fighting techniques, technology and other stuff that weren’t allowed being taught to the others due they had more control over us, or so they thought. The others escaped and about a month after they thought they found most of them in one city so they send most of their soldiers to get them. That’s the night we escaped. We traveled away from base we didn’t know where to go, so we sneaked on a bus and the bus ended up in Roswell, we survived for a week then we were picked up and put in a orphanage. The Whitman’s came first and was looking for a child, they wanted Alex and tried to take him but Alex wouldn’t let me go. The Parker’s where good friends of there’s and just lost a child, so they came and saw me and you can figure out the rest.” I finished quickly, Alex squeezed my hand and I looked up and him, a smiled covered his lips one I returned. I looked at the others, each one trying to digest what they just heard.

Kyle was the first one to speak, “Did you every see the other X5’s again?”

“No, but we figured we would all be better off not knowing where each of us are,” Alex answered.

Silence fill the room no one knew what to say, “I know we all have more questions but it’s almost 3:00 and you kids need to at least look like you’ve had a little sleep when you face your parents.” Jim replied. Silently we all stood up, walking towards the door Max, Jim, Michael, Tess and Kyle said goodbye and left.

Isabel and Maria faced us, surprising the hell out of me Maria wrapped her arms around me and after a few moments pulled away looking at me she said, “I don’t care who you two are. I still count you guys as two as my best friends and I hope one day you will count me as yours.”

I looked over at Isabel as saw her nod and say, “ I know we were never friends but thanks for everything you have done and I hope in the future we will become better friends.” Again surprising the hell out of me Isabel hugged me and the two walked out the door.

“What the fuck just happened?” I asked Alex.

“I have no idea, but they took it well.”

“Ya, for know. They’re going to go back to Valenti’s and then it going to finally hit them.”

“Ya, you’re right.”

“Of course I am, “ Walking straight to the back room hitting the lights, “I’m always right.” I say going up the stairs, Alex following behind me.

“Ya, Ya!!”

2 and half hours later

“So, what exactly was the purpose of watching that?” Alex asked putting his hands behind his head and lying back down.

“Because I wanted to, I thought is was nice and had good dance moves.” I explained re-winding the movie then lying down next to him on the bed.

“Ya, okay so they had good moves but they where all ditizes,” he said suddenly sitting straight up and getting of the bed.

“What are you doing?”

“The destiny book, I have an idea how to decode it.” Alex said running around the room getting the equipment out of our hiding places.


“I don’t know why we didn’t think of it before, but you remember when you told me you thought you saw some of those words before.”

“Ya, but why does that matter?”

“Look,” he said handing me the book and pointing to some words. “German, English, French, Italian, Chinese and Hebrew.”

“My god, there different languages of earth,” I cried jumping up and running to the computer, putting the book in the scanner. After a couple of moment the screen started to fill with the scripted that was in the book. After typing the commands in, the words that I’ve spent months trying to understand in less than two seconds turned into English.

“’Well I’ll be damned,” Alex cried behind me.

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qt4167013: Oh my god…. I can’t believe I did that… my father said even as a kid I got it wrong. I really should know it since I’m Jewish. Sorry about that and thank-you soo much for the complements.

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Thank-you all for the completment. I love to here when people enjoy my fic. Please continue to read this!!

posted on 9-Feb-2003 9:13:25 PM by Starlight
Hey Everyone:

I have four things to tell you all:

First: I want to thank-you all who have given me feedback. For you that write fics you know what it means, especially when some of your other fics aren't doing so well. Like mine are....... which brings me to my second thing

Secondly: I'm asking eveyone that like's my fic to please read my others 'Not Forgotten' and 'My Little Princess.'

Thrid: I found this on the Dark Angel thread:

The fox have realized that it wasn’t so good to
cancel Dark Angel so they are going to give it a
second chance but first they want to see what the
viewers think.
So send it to all your friends who is interested with
Dark Angel to send a letter to this address and
Remember threats wont help!!
The address:

Bring Back Dark Angel

c/o FOX Broadcasting Co.

PO BOX 900

Beverly Hills, CA. 90213

Fourth: Thank-you all again, it means a lot to me.