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Title: Lost Time
Summary/Authors Notes: Liz has a sister, faith from Buffy. This is in a world when faith didn't go bad she went through season 5 and 6 with the scoobies. Our Roswelians are seniors. I got the idea for this fic when I relized how much Liz and Faith look alike so give it a try and tell me what you think if I should post the next part or not.

Part 1
Chase the sun in my head
Blistered skin turning red
I can't complain
It's something to do
Cloud my my mind and erase you

Since you're gone
All is wrong
Nothing seems the same
Down here
And if you're gone
And I'm alone
Whose heart will
I scar now dear?

Fall in fall out
Break free
Break down

Feel my legs pushing through
This world I built around you
I know the blame
Is not upon you
I know the heartless things
I choose

Fall in fall out
Break free
Break down
One look and I die
One kiss goodbye

Drag this frown from my face
Force a smile to take its place
I can pretend that
I'm not confused
And I don't need
The likes of you

Fall in fall out
Break free
Break down
One look and I die
One kiss goodbye

She hated feeling it always lead to memories. Faith leaned next to the wall and deeply racked her brain for a couple of minutes before shrugging and walking over to the fridge pulling out a carton of milk and taking a drink.

"hey faith where's buffy?" Dawn asked walking into the kitchen where Faith stood. she rubbed her eyes sleeplily.

"She had to pick up some things at the magic shop she shold be by shortly" Faith said witht a yawn. "And shouldn't you be in bed"

"Its 6:30 school soon."said dawn looking at faith who wipped around to verify if she was right on the time.

"So it is I knew there was a reason I was tired" said faith with another yawn.

Dawn smiled and nodded as she headed upstairs to get ready. Faith couldn't take it she hated this day her sisters birthday she wanted to sleep through it but she knew that was impossible. she hasn't seen her since she was 9. Faith wanted desperatly to see her Faith was 13 when she was called. Faith looked back on that nigh. She wanted desperatly to shut out those memories but knew that she had to relive it.
She sat ther in one of the booths with Liz They were playing cards.

"Faith my birthday is tomorrow Mom says she is going to take us." Faiths eyes lit up even though she tried desperatly to hide it."Liz smiled at her I'm going to be 10 years old." The excitment evident in her voice.

"Whos all coming?" Faith asked even though she knew the answer it was always the four of them even though She wass now in jounior high she didn't like anyone so still hung out with her sister who didn't mind they were all best friends.

"Just Alex and Maria" Liz said shrugging kinda wondering why she brought up a question she already knew the answer too. Faith laid down her hand and smiled at her. Liz's face twisted in disbelief "But not you" she said in a joking tone

"Is that so" Faith said getting up from the booth.

"O yeah all that sisterly crap resurfaced and I relized I hate your guts." Liz said draping a arm around her sister as they walked up the stairs laughing.

Faith splashed her face with water trying to get rid of it. She hated it, if that man wouldn't of came that night taking her explaining to her that she had to do this she would still be in that pathitic town. Telling her everyone lives depended on it. Maybe then she wouldn't have let them stage her death. Leaving her family in grief. Leaving her sister on her birthday she still didn't know why she did it. All she did after that was try to cover up her life with a story 'she had a bad childhood' buffy finally got the truth out of her. She cried with her and they both cursed the council that had drastically changed both their lives without even stopping and asking if 'hey is this ok.'

Thats when she made up her mind. Or whatever that was called it wasn't her mind it was theirs they butted in when she was 13 and changed her life when she begged no. She picked up the phone making up her mind. "Hi when is the next bus to roswell"


Part 2

Buffy sat outside the magic shop soaking up the sun. Her face narrowed to see who was approching her. her veiw was still blurred by the sun she made out a red and black outfit then it hit her faith in her red corrsette with her black leather pants. She knew because she helped her pick it out.

"Whats up?" Buffy scooted over so faith could join her on the steps. "Did Dawn get to school?"

"yeah I just got back from walking her there." Buffy nodded in confirmation. It helped having two slayers at the house taking care of her sister. on thatr thought faith spoke up. "You know how I told you about Roswell and my past."

"yeah" Buffy said

"well I leave in a little bit to make it in time tonight for my sisters birthday. I'm not going to talk to her or even let her know I'm there I just want to see her you know." Faith said looking at buffy who pulled her to her shoulder

"yeah I know"

"I leave in an hour I'll be back in a couple of days when the next bus makes it out there" Faith msaid giving her friend a squeeze and getting up.

"liz earth to liz come in liz" Maria said snapping her fingers in front of her friends face.

"Sorry Maria." Liz said going back to reality and her cherry coke in front of her.

"so yeah tonight at 7 is about the time everyone will be showing up here so....." maria said going off into herr niverse of party planner.

"Hey I'll meet up with you later. you know where I will be." Liz said turning around and walking out of the crashdown toward the cemetary Maria just nodded slightly and watched her go off. She knew where she was going.

She was about to get on the bus when a dingy beat up car approched behind her honking she knew exactly who it was.

"spike!" she looked at him and smiled as she hoped in."are you my cab"

"Of course love anyways I thought a road trip would be fun ya know" Spike said as he pulled her into a kiss as the continued down the road towards Rswell New Mexico.

Liz sat their for a minute in front of his grave she sat a rose on the top of his tombstone and thought deeply for a minute letting him know her every thought she stayed there for a while"I love you Alex" Kissing the tips of her fingers she layed the kiss on the tombstone and approched the next one.

The one saying Faith Parker.............


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Thank you everyone for the feedback. I appriciate it. wild_child_uk sorry for the confusion.This story begins like a week after Cry your name but liz isn't investigating yet. she hasn't thought of alexs death anything more than a accident right now. She already talked to Max about seeing Tess and him together and how she doesn't care so Max and Tess are just now starting a realtionship they have not slept together yet.

This will come in to a dremer fic just wait

Thanx agian everyone for the feedback

Part 3

Liz sat there unmoving staring at the soda in front of her and occasionally coming out of her daze to talk to Maria. This has been so hard for maria and still she puts it all aside for her birthday. Liz gave a half smile when Maria approched this time.

"Hey I get off in a minute so tell me what do you want to do"Maria said faking her best smile she could serve out.

"It doesn't matteer I guess we will know when we get there" Said Liz looking over her shoulder and mentally cringing at the sight in front of her Max and Tess snuggled up at there booth. Maria caught her eye and quickly started a conversation change.

"Hey how about bowling who does not love bowling" Liz turned back to her friend and nodded Maria smiled and scampered off to the back to punch out.. Liz got up from where she was sitting to go into her house when he caught her gaze. She threw out the best most fake smile she could stand and walked toward the back to get dressed she hollored to maria to meet her in her room.

When she stepped inside she saw the gift placed on the sidde of her bed. Walking over to it she pushed back to urge to cry. Her parents have been doing this scince Faith was gone. They left her gift somewhere in the room to where it looked like a suprise or deep down what they wanted it to be Liz knew the truth. They avoded the day she couldn't blame them it hurt them to much to look at her Liz and think of her. Liz was pushed from her thoughts when maria came in the room with her clothes under her arm.

Maria saw the gift liz held in her hands ready to open.

"Liz" Maria said concern in her voice "You ok"

"I miss them" She admitted sniffling a cry she continued."They left us Maria" Thats when the tears started flowing and She had no way of expecting it. Maria Secured her arms around her friend letting her cry.


"Just getting this straight you used to live here." Spike asked looking over the town through his little peephole.

"How can you judge when you can't see anything." Faith said with a laugh. "Spike stop here Faith said pointing to the parking place in front of the alein theme reastrant.

"This town is bloddy sick" said spike looking down the street at the other alein theme things.

"Don't judge" Faith said wacking him on the back of his head.

"Hey that hurt" She heard him say as she got out of the car and looked at the place she thought she would never see agian.

Making up her mind she walked into the reatraunt without a second thought. Nothing really changed as she looked over the reastraunt taking her sungasses off and placing them at the top of her head. she saw a some teenages sitting at the booth looking at her from where she stood closley studying her.

"hi can I help you" Faith looked at the old lady behind the counter 'agnus' her parents still haven't fired her.

"yeah I will take two blood of alein smoothies to go please" agnus gave one of her humoring smiles and walked to retrieve her order thats when she decided to approch the still gawking teenagers

"Hi" said faith faking her best smile as she wipped a chair from the table next to the booth and tok a seat in the chair backwards. "need something."

the tall blonde looked disgusted and gawked at her in the most pissed way "Thats ok" she said

"Well princess the next time the four of you gawk at someone you make sure its someone who wants to be gawked at" Faith said getting up placing the chair back in its place before sending another glare towards the four. Grabbing her smoothies thats when she saw her.

she still had her glow which left faith a long time ago She walked alongside who she assumed to be Ria. She walked past her with not even a glance.


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