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Title: Change in Destiny
Author: Shalyn
Category: CC and Other
Summary: It picks up right after Departure, if I say anything more I’ll spoil it.
Rating: PG to PG13 so far, it’ll probably get to R, but anything over that I’ll warn you.
Distribution: If you want it tell me you do and I’ll say ok, I just want to know before you post it anywhere.
Disclaimer: I do not own, nor am I in anyway affiliated with the show Roswell or its characters. Duh, if I really owned the guys of Roswell do you think I’d be writing this? No, I’d be really busy right now. LOL But I do own the new characters I’ve created and my own plot involving the show and its characters. I’ll just cling to that.
Feedback: Yes please!! I oh, so love the stuff!!
Author’s note: Just to make things clear, everything that has happened up until Departure has happened, but if I write something that contradicts what the show said, forget about that and go along with what I say. Who knows what I’ll forget!

Part 1

As the six friends watched the sky that the granolith had just taken off into with Tess inside, they wondered as to what was to come next. Max, the once again undisputed leader of their little group, had said that they were to save his son next. All agreed that that should be what happened next, but none knew as to how to go about it. Although most did not like the idea of the child, it was an innocent in the whole mess and needed their help, so they would help. It seemed as if they were back at square one, where for as far as they knew they had nothing left of there planet. Tess had just taken off with their only means of getting back. They were once again stranded. And added to that, finding out what Tess had done to Alex brought back there grief for the poor departed friend and added betrayal to the mix.

As they gazed on, Maria in Michael’s arms, Liz with her hand in Max’s, Isabel by his side and Kyle near, none noticed the black SUV speeding towards them until it stopped by them.

“Thank goodness you are all still here!” the man getting out from the drivers side exclaimed looking at them. “I was to excited to concentrate and know for sure. I couldn’t get a clear sense of your location.”

As the six looked on in confusion, Max was the first to speak. “Who are you? What are you talking about?” This man seemed to know that they were going to leave, but he had no idea who he was. And there was no way he was just going to trust him and say why they were still there.

“Oh,” the man smiled sheepishly. “I am Xavier, your majesty.” he spoke before bowing. “I am one of the royal guards from Antar that was sent to earth after the summit meeting in New York City.” He finished proudly standing at his full height.

“Excuse me?” Max asked more than a little shocked., not quite sure what to believe. He looked around at his friends and they were all having the same reaction. Complete confusion. He looked back towards this man who claimed to be a Royal guard from Antar and gave him a once over. As a guess he’d put him in his late twenties, early thirties. He was about 6ft, medium build, with brown hair, and since he was wearing sunglasses his eye color was unknown. He also had on a black suit with a white shirt and black tie. If the man wasn’t saying what he was saying, Max might have mistaken him for one of the FBI agents that were always following them.

“I understand your confusion your majesty, there were difficult circumstances so we were not to tell you we were coming or who we are when we got here. There is a lot to be said and explained. If you all would just come with me I would like to explain. The others are at our facility and theres someone there I’m sure you all would like to see.” The man nodded and went to get back into his car expecting the rest to follow suit and get in their own vehicles.

“Wait a minute!” Max exclaimed. “Why should we go anywhere with you? How do we even know you are who you say you are?” He had no idea why this man would just believe that they would just take his word and follow him to what could very well be there death, just because he said a few things that sounded good, things that anybody who knew a little bit of their history could have easily made up.

The man turned and took in the six. Not a one had moved since his arrival and he suspected they wouldn’t move again until they had what they perceived as a good reason to. He sighed. “Alright, I didn’t want to do it this way. It is to much of a risk of exposure to do this in the open.” He sighed again as he turned slightly to the side of the group and muttered. “But then again, whatever I do isn’t nearly as big as watching the spaceship that just launched out of the side of the mountain, so theres not much to worry about there.” Raising his hand over a rock to the side of them, it turned into a liquid pool as his hand glowed. “Satisfied?” he asked as he changed it back to its original form and looked at them.

They all relented a bit, but they were still suspicious. “Ok,” Max gave. “You are who you claim to be. How do we know you are on our side though? How do we know you aren’t our enemy?”

“Good grief, you are as stubborn as you once were.” he muttered. “Ok, what do you know about the skins, as you call them, something special about them that will prove one way or another if I’m a skin?”

“That valve thingy Courtney had in her back.” Maria spoke up from Michael’s arms. “Do you have one?”

“Ahh,” he acknowledged Maria with a grin. “Good thinking. That’s easy enough to prove.” He turned pulling up his jacket and shirt. “Satisfied now?” he asked turning to face the group once again and fixing his shirt.

“Ok,” Max relented yet again. “You aren’t a skin, but again, how do we know you are on our side?”

“Jeez, you really are him!” he muttered to himself. “Ahh, I know.” He said suddenly as he turned towards the car. “Sean Patrick, please come here.” For the first time, the six turned towards the car and noticed the man in the passengers seat. As he got out and came towards them Maria, Liz, and Kyle gasped in recognition. Upon closer inspection the others recognized him too as he took off his sunglasses and came near.

“SEAN!” Maria and Liz exclaimed in unison. The six looked at each other in total confusion. They had no idea what was going on. To say they were confused as to why Maria’s cousin Sean was with this alien who claimed to be a royal guard from Antar, did not begin to cover it.

“Yes sir?” he asked looking at Xavier and not even glancing at the six as he stood at Xavier’s side.

“Just stay here a moment, please.” he spoke addressing Sean and then turned towards the friends. “Obviously you all know Sean Patrick here. He is one of us, one of the guards sent to help you all. There is obviously more to explain, but I’d rather not do it here.” Shifting, he spoke directly towards Max. “Your majesty, I ask again that you all please come with me. There is much to explain and do and I don’t know how long we have.”

Glancing among his friends, Max got the answer from each of their looks. They were all wary, but they all agreed. “Ok, we’ll come. We have a lot of questions, and you seem to have answers.” As he stepped forward the other five were with him and they went towards Maria’s parked Jetta. “We’ll follow you in our own car. Lead the way.” He spoke as he opened the door and allowed Kyle and Isabel to slide across the back seat. Xavier nodded as he marveled at just how in sync and united they were even without the bond, as he and Sean got in their own car. With the nod of acceptance Max sat and pulled Liz down upon his lap in the back seat. Michael slid into the driver’s seat just as Maria sat in the passengers seat and he started the car waiting for Xavier’s lead. Xavier started his car and turned around onto the deserted dirt road and Michael followed. Something big was about to happen and none knew quite what to expect.


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