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Summary: Think Graduation, with a different ending. (in this Kyle isn't on the run with them.. or wasn't planning to run with them. Basically the FBI never targetted him in as one of them, so he's pretty much scot free.. if that makes any sense.) =/

Oh yeah, there's a lot of reflection on the past and I hope it doesn't get really confusing or anything. I just kinda had this idea in my head and wrote it.

Ok, here goes. Please excuse the grammar mistakes and the sucky title, I couldn't think of a good one. =/
8 years ago three friends met up in a basement and watched the movie "My Girl" before picking their scabs and mixing their blood. "Blood brothers". Alex Whitman, Maria DeLuca and Liz Parker.

7 years ago three friends met up in a tree-house and held out their hands, piling them on top of one another."Best friends forever". Alex Whitman, Maria DeLuca and Liz Parker.

6 years ago three friends met up in a basement and watched the movie "Thelma and Louise" before furrowing their brows and biting their lips in wonder and confusion.

"Did they just die?"
"I think so."
"Why'd they do that?"
"To stop running."
"I don't get it."

I think about these things and I smile at those innocent antics. I think about the time Alex got stung by a bee and was afraid he'd die like the little boy off of "My Girl". I remember me and Maria laughing in his face, telling him he wouldn't die from one little bee sting. I remember him joining in with the laughter once we got the stinger out and the pain in his finger subsided. I think about all this and I cry because it reminds me of this quote, this sentimenal quote that I hate with a bitter passion. Have always hated with a bitter passion, and will always hate with a bitter passion. "We knew we'd look back on the times we'd cried and laugh, but who would've thought we'd look back at the times we'd laughed and cry..." Something like that. I really, really hate it because it's so true.

3 years ago I died. Or I should have. You see, I was shot at work, the restaurant my parents happen to own, and then I was saved by a boy with exteraterrestrial powers. You think I'm joking, huh? I'm not. I can tell you about that day, but I won't bother with the details. Either way, I was "saved" by this boy named Max Evans. When he healed me with his hand, he opened up something within me. This need to help him because he helped me. This need to protect him. So I did, and I fell in love with him. He was in love with me, once. Max Evans wasn't just a boy, he was an alien. Along with his sister Isabel and friend Michael Guerin. Me and Max, it took us a while to get together, but when we finally did, it was wonderful. We were in love.

2 years ago this new girl came to town. This girl named Tess Harding... she claimed she had this "destiny" with Max. And so I walked away, willing to let him have this destiny with her, but he kept coming to me, trying to make us work and telling me that we create our own destiny. I still wonder if that's true or if things end up the same way no matter what, because it's inevitable. I almost believed him. I almost took him back, but this so-called "future" version of him told me I had to make him fall out of love with me to save the world, to save his fellow aliens, his "family", Isabel and Michael from dying. Mainly, it was to get Tess to stay and help them fight some stupid war. All that doesn't matter now though, what matters is that I faked sleeping with my ex boyfriend, Kyle, and well, to make a long story short... it worked. He fell out of love with me and ended up in bed with Tess. I must be brilliant to have pulled it off, because in the back of my mind I thought that when you love someone, you don't give up on them that easily. Apparently I was wrong. Want to know the disturbing thing out of all this? Tess killed Alex. Ironic, isn't it? I risked my happy future to save the lives of Isabel and Michael only to have my own best friend die by the hands of the one person I was told needed to stay. If it wasn't so depressing, I'd be laughing right now. Max slept with Tess after Alex died. He "needed" to see what it was like, he "needed" someone as a scapegoat and she was there, and because I loved him I didn't give up on him that easily, like he gave up on me when he thought I slept with Kyle. When we found out Tess killed Alex and left pregnant with Max's baby, I took him back. I was a sick love fool. I was holding on to something that wasn't there any more. The magic, it was gone. Max was my first love. I had planned on losing my virginity to him. I was even saving myself for him, but after Tess left he was obsessed with finding his son, and by the time he did find his son, he was broken because he had to give him up. We never did get around to consummating, and well, I'm kind of glad we didn't. I don't think I could have handled it, knowing that he did all of what we would be doing before, with Tess, the cold-blooded murderer of my best friend Alex.

It's graduation. I've been to boarding school to clear my head, and I realized something over the time I was gone and the time I've been back. I realized that I have two options. I can "believe" in Max, marry him and always be on the run with him... And Michael... And Maria... And Isabel. but I'm going to opt for the second one, which is why I'm sitting here in the passenger seat of Maria's Jetta. I can tell she's nervous with the way she's rambling.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I ask. She nods and then smiles.

"What else is there to do? Run away all our lives?" She tries to joke, make it light-hearted so it won't seem so bad. I just want relief. Freedom.

I think that Max ruined me when he saved me. If I had died, things wouldn't have gotten out of hand. Alex and Maria wouldn't have known about these 'aliens'. Alex wouldn't have died. Or maybe it was just me, maybe it was my fault. I was the one that told Maria. I was the one that let her and Alex in on the secret. The problem is, you can't keep a secret. The more people that know, the more complicated things get, especially if you can't cover your tracks. We're highschool students, not geniuses. Maybe I should just be blaming all this on the two guys fighting that day and the one who shot that gun. You know, they never did chase after them, did they? Of course not, all the people cared about was the 'miraculous' way in which I survived. This is one of those times that I'm looking back and laughing, quite sardonically. Soon I'll be laughing. It's funny, you know. How this town works.

This is me reflecting on my life. It was simple before the alien thing happened. It was normal. I didn't mention how the FBI have found us and are on our tracks, have I? They know me and Maria know about these aliens. So, no matter what we do we're fucked, to but it bluntly. The more I think about it, the more happy I am with the decision I'm making.

I glance at Maria and see that she's more at ease. We've driven farther out now, coming up to the rocky hill. We don't have much time. I can see things, because Max somehow gave me powers when he healed me. I can see Max, Isabel and Michael following us in their van. The van Max wanted me and Maria to join him in on their run from the world.

And here they are, Max driving, Isabel in the passenger seat and Michael in the back, gaining on us. I'm willing myself not to turn around, afraid of what I'll see in Max's face. I still don't want to hurt him. I'm a sorry excuse for a woman, but I don't want him to hurt. I want him to understand, to love me enough to forgive me for doing this. He doesn't know about the "future" him. I kept that promise not to tell him. He knows that I didn't sleep with Kyle. He knows that I'm a virgin. He doesn't know that I'll die like this.

Maria is driving off the road now, and I can feel the bumpy rocks under the wheels. And as much as I tell myself not to, I can't help it. I turn around and I see him, a look of terror on his face. He knows. He knows what me and Maria are doing. I can see that Michael knows too, are those tears I see in Michael's eyes? I've never seen him cry. He's crying over Maria. Isabel's still sitting there with his cold look on her face like we've caused this. Like us humans, me and Maria, are the problem. She hates me, I know that much. Max saved me and that made them more vulnerable, hell, I'd hate me too if I were her. I look at Isabel and I smirk, for some unknown, crazy reason, I smirk. Now I'm laughing. This uncontrollable laughter just keeps emmanating from my mouth. Getting louder and louder. I have to wipe at my eyes from the tears that are pouring now. I hear Maria, she's laughing too. I glance at her and I see her smirk. That ever famous Maria grin that I haven't seen in so long. The one that I used to see all the time when it was just me, her and Alex. I grin back at her and she holds out her right hand. I grab it with my left and we say in unison

"Best friends forver."

We're getting closer now, and I can see the speedometer at 90 progressively getting higher and higher... 100... 110... 120.. is that the highest this car can go? And then in unison we continue, as if we're reading each other's minds...

"We're coming, Alex".

She takes her eyes off the road... or the cliff.. or the view.. whatever she had her eyes on, and looks at me. We smile because we remember. We remember watching Thelma and Louise with Alex and wondering why they killed themselves, and now we know. We know. The last thing I say under my breath is
"Maybe in some other lifetime, Max."