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summary: Max is extremely self orientated, Liz hasn't had sex since Courtney Cox last ate a french fry. Their lives revolve around work, coffee, and simple meals. Their meeting circumstances are tenuous and soon to be filled with Liz's jealousy and growing hate towards Max.


"Elizabeth Parker, thirty four years old. She's been with us for nearly nine years now."
"We should seek out this other applicant though."
"I guess you have a point there."
"We'll elaborate on this tomorrow."
Maxwell Evans brushed the hair away from his fiance's forehead to give her a short kiss.
"I wish it didn't have to be this way," Nicola whispered. "How is Brandon going to live without a father?"
"Now we went over this," Maxwell cupped Nicola's face with his large hands. "It's our last night together, we might aswell make the most of it."
Nicola straddled Maxwell as his grin widened. "You're the same as the day I met you."

Elizabeth picked up the telephone and dialed in that familiar old number.
"Hello?" A weary voice asked.
"Maria. It's Liz," Elizabeth brushed a bit of lint off of her shoulder.
"It's not Christmas is it?"
Elizabeth and Maria laughed just like old times. It took them right back to when they were in high school.
"So what do we owe this joyous occasion to?" Maria asked. "Another promotion allready?"
"Nearly!" Elizabeth felt like a schoolgirl. "I've got it for sure."
At the end of the conversation Elizabeth put down the telephone with a sense of fufillment. She took one final look at herself in her antique hallway mirror.
"Elizabeth Parker, today you will be managing director of Frances and Drake Incorporated."
Elizabeth's dark, dark hair was pulled back tighter than usual this day. Wearing her pinstriped suit and favourite deep purple shirt, Elizabeth stepped out of her Manhattan apartmant feeling like a new person.

Inside the lobby of Frances and Drake Inc. Maxwell looked at the red carpets and brass platings which surrounded him.
"Excuse me?" A striking blonde woman at the reception called to Maxwell's attention.
"Oh, hello."
"May I help you?" The blonde flicked her hair over her shoulder.
"Well..." Maxwell read the blonde's nametag, leaning over the counter, lowering his voice in the process. "...Stacey. You could start by telling me where the Kemblefield corporate floor is."
Stacey replyed, so close to Maxwell that he could feel her breath on his neck. "Take the third elevator to the seventeenth floor. Another receptionist there will be able to help you."
Maxwell smiled. "Thank you Stacey." He turned around, only to be called back to the reception desk.
"See you around." Stacey placed a folded paper with her phone number on it into Maxwell's hand.
Maxwell whistled all the way up to the seventeenth floor.

Elizabeth sat anxiously on one of the leather seats that adorned the Kemblefeild's grand entrance hall. Her indigo pumps tapped the deep green carpet. Elizabeth nonchalantly smiled at the suited man sitting himself oppisite her.
"Nice place they got here."
"New huh?" Elizabeth asked.
"Hopefully," He outstretched his hand to Elizabeth. "I'm Maxwell Evans."
Elizabeth shook Maxwell's hand. "And I am Elizabeth Parker."
No more words were spoke, as Elizabeth was far too nervous to concerntrate on small talk. She was also far too nervous to notice Maxwell's 'hopefully'.
Maxwell looked around the hall. He spotted the reception desk and eyed the secretary. She gasped as if suddenly remembering something, and walked toward him.
"Good morning and welcome to the Kemblefeild corporate floor. My name is Bronwyn Arnold. I'm sorry about the wait for you and Elizabeth here. Unfortunately, you both will have to wait to be called, as there are delays with processing in senior management, but as soon as everythings cleared, you will both be notified."
Elizabeth and Maxwell sighed at the same time before sharing secret smiles to one another.
"I am guessing since it is senior management, they are going to be quite a while. I suggest you leave your cell phone numbers with me and go out and get some coffee or go for a walk. It's happened before, you don't want to be waiting here for hours on end."
Maxwell and Elizabeth jotted their numbers on Bronwyn's notepad.
"Thank you Bronwyn." Maxwell's eyes wandered over Bronwyn's chest. "I look forward to hearing from you."
Elizabeth smiled at Bronwyn in thanks as she and Maxwell made their way to the elevator's polished doors. "Up for a bit of brunch?"
"It would be a pleasure to be able to get to know you over some coffee and bagels." Maxwell smiled suggestively. "Seriously though, where can I take you?"
"Well in that case, I know this great place a few blocks away. It's a little more than Starbucks, but you'll find the price is right."