Title: Death to Earth and Beyond.
Rating: PG: 13 to R
Disclaimer: all I own is, well…. I don’t own anything
Summary: this is sorta AU. Max keeps on having nightmares about the day that Liz was killed.but then, he finds out that Liz is still alive, but in the hands of Khivar.
Authors note: sry that I haven’t updated my other 4 stories.

Max’s POV

I was in a room.

There was so much noise. So much noise. Screaming, pleas for help. But I couldn’t help.

I wanted to get out.

Isabel yelled at me to heal her dying husband. Micheal crying, his arms wrapped around Maria’s still body.

I stood there, everything spinning.

They relied on me too much.

I was so relied on.

But I couldn’t move.

I couldn’t move.

Because my soulmate was dead.

Liz is dead.

I had witnessed it just when I entered the room. Isabel, Micheal, and I were going in to save our Human beloved ones.

But we were too late.

But they were lucky.

They didn’t see their loved die.

I did.

I witnessed it.

Ii remember the sheer look of fear in her eyes, they’re was a sharp jeweled knife at her throat.

And then it happened.

Khivar slit her throat.

I reached her just as her delicate head banged on the floor.

There was so much blood.

So much blood.

My head was spinning, the smell of death was in the air.

And then Tess was dragging Kyle out, yelling at us to leave because the room was collapsing.

But I wanted to stay with Liz.

Tess grabbed my arm and dragged me out, pulling me farther and farther from Liz.

Then came Micheal, and then Isabel.

We were outside the White room when it collapsed.