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Title: It's not brave if your not scared.
Catagory: Max and Liz
Rating: R or NC17 ... not sure
AN- I know me ... writing a new fic. But I'm on this trip, and it just inspired me ... eh ... it prolly won't be that long, but who knows - This is for my coleybear
Summary: Max, Liz, Isabel, Michael all orphans. No aliens. Amy and Jim are Married, Kyle & Maria are step siblings, Isabel was adopted by the Hardings, who have Tess. Max & Liz are Amy's foster kids. And Alex is just well Alex. Max POV

It's not brave if your not scared
Part One

I’m sitting here in a hotel room. My best friend is in the shower. We’re going to the French Quarter soon, for dinner. I can’t even imagine what new thing she’s going to be wearing.

Liz always surprises me with her outfits.

“Max?” She calls from the bathroom.

Oh god, I’m not sure you want to know where my thoughts go.

See I’m in love with Liz Parker, my best friend in the entire world, and I love her so much it hurts.

Typical scenario right? Guy is in love with girl who’s his best friend. Well, Technically we are foster siblings. So it’s actually not allowed for us to be together.

Both of us are in the child services system till we’re 18.

I turn 18 in two weeks. Liz has another year. She’s 17 now.

See in the nice little town of Roswell, New Mexico the most amazing person lives.

Amy DeLuca-Valenti. She has her own daughter, but still took in foster kids. Last year she got married and gained a stepson and she’s still keeping us.

Her daughter Maria and her boyfriend Michael are staying in the adjoining room. Maria is Liz and my best friend. I think we are closer to each other cause we share the whole abandonment issue, but Liz can talk to Maria about girl stuff.

I have Michael. He’s my other best friend. Aside from My sister Isabel. But Isabel lives with the Harding’s. She went to stay with them and they fell in love with her. They had a daughter as well. Tess, I shudder thinking about her.

I dated Tess for two years and now I just don’t like being around her. I’m not even entirely sure why. But The Harding’s adopted Izzy. She’s not even Isabel Evans anymore. She’s Isabel Harding.

Not that I should care about my fathers name, but I guess I feel a little lost to Izzy. Before we moved here all we had was each other.

Well at least we’re in the same town. I love my sister dearly.

Anyways we got shipped off to Roswell when we were 11. Liz came about 2 years later.

Last year we all moved into a new house. Luckily Amy’s got money, and we didn’t have to share rooms. Kyle Valenti, Amy’s stepson, well he hates me. I can’t say the feeling isn’t mutual.

He went after Liz back when I was with Tess, and I don’t know. He treated her like a trophy. I can’t stand guys like that.

So what if she’s popular, on the cheerleading team and is also in the running for valedictorian? She’s not a fucking trophy.

That’s my Lizzie.

“Max? Hello, you listening to me?” She gives me a look, that pouty ‘you weren’t paying attention to me look’ and I just smile.

I’m trying to not pay attention that she’s in a towel. She’d come out of the bathroom to grab her bag. Lord she’s in a towel!

“Sorry I was in never never land.”

“Next time take me with you.” She says softly.

Never Never Land is our thing. Both of us were enthralled by Peter Pan, going to a place where there were no rules and orphans ruled it all. We liked that idea.

“Always.” I say back sincerely. I’ll take you anywhere you want to go.

“You gonna put a shirt on?” She asks, gazing at my chest. I turn a shade of red. I meant to put my shirt on while she was in the shower. But I got lost in my thoughts. Of her, in the shower. You get the point.

Living with this girl is hell on my libido, let me tell you. Our rooms are right next to each other. And we pretty much act like brother and sister, only not. Not in that way that me loving her would be incestuous. We are just close, and we understand each other.

So I go grab a shirt and throw it on. There is a knock on the door. I go get the door, Liz is still in the bathroom.

“Heya Maxie boy!” Maria says coming into the room followed by Michael.

“Where’s Liz?” She asks.

“I’m getting ready.” Liz calls from the bathroom.

“Hurry up chica! I want to get some clubbin on tonight!” Maria dances around the room.

Liz comes out of the bathroom and I think I’m going to pass out.

She’s wearing low cut tight dark denim jeans, that accent every curve she has, and a deep blue tank top that is high enough to show off her belly ring in the front and her tattoo on the small of her back. The tattoo is the Chinese Symbol for passion above a small intricate butterfly.

We got our tattoos together. I got the Chinese Symbol for contradiction. Liz picked it out. She says I’m a contradiction so it fits perfectly.

But god she looks great. Her chocolate brown hair flows down to the small of her back, she’s only wearing lip-gloss because she just doesn’t need makeup.

She’s beautiful.

“Lets go.”

She grabs my hand in normal fashion and we all head out towards the French quarter.

This night should be interesting to say the least.


After dinner Maria convinces us to go to a club. Of course we all have fake ID’s, but it’s a secret. Michael’s the only one of us that’s 18.

We get in no problem and Maria hauls Michael to the dance floor. Liz and I grab a table and just watch as Maria tries to make Michael dance. It’s a funny site.

Soon a slow song comes on and I want to ask Liz to dance. I’ve two weeks till I can make my feelings known. It’s scaring the hell out of me. What if she laughs in my face?

“Want to dance?” I ask her. She smiles at me and grabs my hand.

Whenever Maria would force us to go to dances in Jr. High Liz and I always stuck together. We are quite the dancing partners.

She’s so close to me and I can smell the vanilla of her shampoo and the jasmine of her body wash. God I want to stay like this forever.

We aren’t talking, which is new for us, normally we’re complaining or joking around. But right now we’re just being together, and that makes my heart jump at the thought that she feels the same way I do.

Right now would be the perfect moment. She’s looking up at me with those brown eyes, it’s like she can read my mind. She presses her body closer to mine and have to contain a groan. I tighten my arms around her and she must know how much I want her in that moment.

“Max?” She says with a soft voice.

I look down at her, looking up at me. Her eyes dark with desire and I think. “Fuck two weeks.”

I lean down and capture her lips with mine, I’m waiting for her to pull away hit me and tell me to get off her. But she doesn’t. She snakes her arms around my neck and pulls me closer to her. I lick her lips requesting entrance and she opens for me.

Oh god, this is better than I ever imagined. In every fantasy I’ve had about kissing Liz, they have all been amazing, and now it’s even better. I feel so complete in that moment.

She breaks the kiss and looks up at me innocently. She takes my hand and walks towards the table where Maria and Michael are. She whispers in Maria’s ear and then leads me back out to the street. Before I know it we’re back in the hotel, in the elevator on the way up to our room.

She’s still holding my hand. I can’t even guess what’s going through her mind. She hits the call button on the elevator and it stops. Then she pulls my head back down to hers burning me with the most amazing kiss I’ve ever experienced in my short 17 years.

We hear someone talking to us and Liz giggles and tells whomever that she accidentally hit the button.

At this point I don’t think I’ve even spoken.

We make it back to our room and I just look at her, wondering what is going to happen here. What it means to her.

She kisses me again, and I can’t stop her. She pushes me back on the bed and straddles me, she’s still kissing me, and my hands aren’t idle. They are trying to memorize every piece of her body they can touch.

I have to stop this.

“Liz?” I say. She looks at me, she looks ravishing.

“Yeah Max?” She asks innocently.

“We shouldn’t …” I’m pleading with my eyes for her to understand.

She puts a finger to my lips and looks me straight in the eyes.

“I love you Max Evans. I’ve loved you since I was 13 years old.”

My heart almost bursts with joy at her words.

I can’t help but kiss her, pulling her down to me.

“I … Love … you … too …” I say between kisses.

She grinds her center to my groin and I can’t help but groan.

“Liz.” I say, it’s more of a question.

“I want you Max, We’ve been in this hotel for two days, we’ve lived in the same house for almost 5 years, I can’t stand not being in your bed anymore.”

She just said that? I didn’t just imagine that did I?

Soon she’s pulling my shirt on, she kisses my chest and I can’t help but wonder if this is a dream.

I pull her shirt off and discover no bra. She smiles wickedly at me and I take one nipple into my mouth. She groans and arches her back.

I give her breast full attention, and soon follow suit with the other. She’s gotten my zipper down and is trying to free me of my pants and boxers.

With my help she pulls off her own jeans and panties.

“Liz I don’t have any …”

She shushes me.

“I want to feel you.”

“But ?” I ask, she just shakes her head.

I can’t say no to her. She kisses me again and I flip her over so I’m on top.

I position myself at her entrance and slowly make my way inside her. She gasps slightly in pain as I break her barrier and I still all movement.

“Are you ok?” I ask breathlessly.

“I love you.” She responds and starts moving beneath me. I take that as my cue and set a rhythm for us both. We move perfectly together and I feel like I’m going to explode. I want Liz with me so I move my hand between our bodies and rub her clit, within seconds she comes apart in my arms and her walls tighten around me, I explode inside her.

We slowly catch our breath and I move to pull out of her when she stops me.

“No, stay in me.” She says innocently. I really can’t argue so I oblige making us comfortable and still joined.

“I love you Max.”

God this has got to be a dream.

“God I love you too Liz.”

“I’ve wanted to tell you so many times, but I’ve been afraid. Of losing my best friend. Of you not feeling the same way, or you feeling the same way and then them making one of us leave.”

I rub her cheek.

“I have 2 weeks till I can move out, after that we can be together.”

“I want to be with you now.” She says seriously.

“Me too. But what can we do?” She laces her fingers with mine and looks me in the eyes again.

“We can hide it from Amy & Jim. Maria knows I’m in love with you.”

“What about Kyle?”

I see her brow furrow up.

“Damn him. All I know is that I have to be able to touch you, and kiss you at least once a day. Even if we have to drive out to the fucking desert to do it.”

I laugh at her but still agree.

She smiles at me.

“But we still have two days before we go back to Roswell. We can make the best of them.” I smile and take her lips with my own.

My member stirs inside her and she licks her lips hungrily. She moves so she’s on top of me, and she begins moving up and down. I arch at the feelings in me. She’s riding me, faster and harder and I’m thrusting into her with the same speed. Soon we scream in ecstasy and fall into each other’s arms.

This time however we fall asleep joined, neither of us minding and both of us sated.

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Hey guys ... I'm actually on vacation right now so I'm hoping to be able to write some in my down time. On the way to roswell actually for te UFO convention and to meet some fellow roswellians from

So please be patient with me and this story. I can actually write in the car and tommorrow is gonna be a long drive so hopefully I'll have more out then, if not tonight. In New Orleans as we speak and gonna go out and enjoy the french quarter in a little while ... now I'm gonna answer some questions.

Shama Liz is no longer with Kyle, sorry it wasn't clear.

Pixie My avid reader. Yeah the idea just came to me while I was sitting here in the hotel room. Just had to write it.

carolina_moon I'm trying to decide if I want a conflict free two days in New Orleans, or not. It's still up in the air.

Lillie I'm so very glad you like it ... he he makes me smile

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ImAslave4Justin As soon as I can I will!!!

applebybehr No Liz and Kyle are not still together. I'm glad you like the fic! Yeah I was gonna have him lust over her for a little while, but I dunno I like getting straight to the point ... lol *happy*

AvengingAngelIQ Thank you!

Lana Lane There will always be reprecussions ... unfortunatly. But well ... you'll just have to read the next part when it comes out ... I'm hoping tonight.
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I hope I enjoy it too ... I love new orleans ... we're heading to dallas tommorrow early ... ack!
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I'm in roswell!!! I am sitting in the super 8 on main street. Going to the claim in like 3 hours to meet some fellow roswellians ... we're going to carlsbad caverns tommorrow!!! Ack I can't eat or sleep I'm so excited. *happy* My fic ended up on page 7 :(

jeremiah Took longer than expected, abilene texas was rainy and bah I couldn't write till like midnight last night, I couldn't sleep. *happy*

the better twin amazing ... *gin blushes* thank you.

roswellluver Yeah ... but it's for the story purpose ... *happy* her turning 18 too would just be too convienent.

ItsLikeChemical Glad you like it.

On unfortunatley this part is shorter than the first. *sigh* I'm just soo keyed up about being in roswell that my brain isn't functioning right. So I hope to actually use streets, and sites in roswell. He he ... I'm a freak forgive me.

Part Two

I’m driving, through Texas. We’re on our way home. Liz is holding my hand, Absently rubbing her thumb against my knuckle. We both know we don’t have long. Another day and we have to pretend.

It’s going to be so hard hiding what I feel.

Maria is asleep on Michael in the backseat. Both of them are behind us and told us that anytime we needed a cover, they’d try to help out.

I kinda feel bad about having Maria lie to Amy, but what can we do? There are so few foster homes in roswell. And neither of us is ready to face the horror that is an orphanage. And it’s not allowed. So one of us would have to go. I would do it. But Liz told me she didn’t want me too. I’ve been with Amy longer.

I don’t really care about that. But I figure we can make it a week and five days. Any longer and I think I would go insane.

But I keep trying to tell myself it will be ok. I don’t want to go home. I don’t. I want to stay in a hotel were me and Liz can just hold each other without fear of being discovered.

I’m scared. I mean. I know I love her and anything is worth this. But I’m still afraid. Of hurting Amy, Jim, Maria, even Liz. If they make her leave it will destroy her.

Liz has been through so much. Abuse, abandonment. I don’t see how anyone could ever hurt her. It just burns me up.

“What are you thinking?” She asks me softly.

“Just thinking about you.” I say back. She smiles and I smile back.

“I love you Max.” That’s it I need to pull over.

I pull into a rest stop and ignore Michael’s protests. I just have to kiss her.

I put the car in park and pull Liz towards me, crushing her lips with mine. I don’t think I could ever get enough of her. She’s like a drug, and I’m addicted, but I never want to be cured of this affliction. I want to be addicted to Liz forever.

I hear Michael groan and a grunt when I’m assuming Maria hit him. I can’t stop this. I turn to Michael.

“You drive.” I state matter of factly.

Without question or even protest. Liz and I get into the backseat of my SUV letting Michael drive.

I pull her close to me and kiss her again. How am I going to go two weeks without this, being this open, just being with her?

She kisses me back fiercely. And soon we are lost. Michael finally mumbles for us to get a room, and I can’t help but think that it’s a good idea. But he won’t hear of stopping for another hour or so.

So I just pull Liz against me and we both fall into a blissful slumber. I can only breathe her in.

We wake up later to Michael pulling into a hotel. I hand him my credit card and snuggle back with Liz. Not quite ready to let her go yet.

Michael comes back a second later handing me my card and a key. Room 115. Ok. Liz and I gather our stuff and file into the room. One bed, score two points for Michael. Not that we wouldn’t have ended up in the same bed anyway. This way the bed is bigger.

Liz turns the tv on and stares at it blankly.

“Liz. Are you ok?” I ask with concern, She looks so pensive.

“I’m just thinking.” She says.

“What about?”

“How tomorrow I have to pretend that your just my best friend, and not my lover, soul mate, other half.” She says with a sigh.

“I know. I hate it too. I could just leave Amy’s see if the Hardings will take me in for two weeks.” Its an idea I had been toying with. As Isabel’s brother they love me, but I did date Tess and it did end badly, so I’m not sure.

“No Max. You’ve been with Amy longer. I just … I could.”

“No,” I cut her off. “You still have a year. I’m not taking the chance that they move you out of town. It would kill me.” I walk over to her and pull her into my arms.

“Max. I just hate this. It hasn’t even started yet. Maybe I should have waited. I was going to you know. Wait, till your birthday. But you were just so close and I love you so much.” She has tears in her eyes.

“Shh. It’s ok. It’s done now. And there is no turning back. We can get through this. It’s not uncommon that we hold hands, or end up both asleep on the couch holding each other. So we just have to be careful. No kissing in public. No night time visits. We’ll make it.”

She smiles and kisses me. God I love her. I’m not sure I could think it, or say it enough. This was a dream for me. Having Liz, heart, mind, body & soul. And it’s here. I’m almost waiting to wake up. Afraid that I’m still asleep in the hotel imagining this all.

“I love you Liz. And no matter what happens. Will get through it.” She kisses me again and soon we’re on the bed. I love this. Feeling so content and complete.

Beside her, inside her, it’s like she’s all around me. In my soul, weaving through it like a spell. She’s my everything, she always has been, but now she knows it. And she’s mine.


On the road again. This morning I woke up with Liz in my arms and never wanted to move. I wanted to just stay like that, forever. With her naked flesh against mine, just holding her, being with her.

But soon Maria called and told us to get our asses showered and changed. So we took showers, separately much to my dismay. And hit the road.

Now Maria is driving and Liz and I are still in the back. I’m holding her. We’re nearing roswell and soon I’m going to have to let her go. God the thought is just making me nervous. I don’t want to let her go. I want to yell at the world that I love Liz parker and she loves me.

But I can’t, not yet. Two weeks I’m moving in with Michael and Liz and I can be together openly. For now though I take my time to kiss her fears away until Michael tells us we’re getting close to home.

We drop him off first since the three of us are going to the same place. We wait as they say goodbye and soon I’m driving, Liz is in the backseat and it’s torture not to have contact with her.

“Maria I can’t do this. I can’t not touch him.” Liz says desperately. She leans forwards and takes my hand.

“You guys. I feel for you. I’ve watched you two pine over each other for years. I wish I could help. But your both wards of the state till your 18, no getting around that. But I’ll help in anyway I can.”

I smile and tell her thank you and Liz does too.

Soon we pull up to the house. It’s pretty big. 6 bedrooms, 4 bathroom three story house. Liz and I are lucky.

The good thing is we’re the only two rooms on the 3rd floor. Amy’s work room is up there but it’s down the other side of the floor. While Liz and I share a bathroom. Maria and Kyle are on the second floor and Amy and Jim have the master bedroom down on the first floor.

We go into the house. Without touching mind you and say our heys and the trip was great to Amy and Jim. Kyle’s not home. I thank my lucky stars for that one.

We trudge up the stairs and enter our rooms separately. But obviously we both have the same idea, because we meet in the bathroom. I kiss her breathless and tell her I have to go back to my room or I’ll end up getting caught in her bed. She just laughs and asks if that’s a threat or a promise.

Of course this totally floors me and I glare at her for being wicked. I kiss her again quickly and head to my room.

Holy shit this is going to be a long two weeks.


That night Amy calls us down for dinner. This is so much harder than I expected. We always sit next t each other so I rub my leg against hers underneath the table.

We make it through dinner and end up having our usual Sunday night movie fest. It’s something Maria and I started when we were younger. Liz got in on it and now Michael comes over, Kyle joins us and Amy & Jim curl up on the love seat. It’s like we’re a family.

We’re on the couch. Liz is between me and Kyle. She’s holding my hand under the blanket and I’m itching to put my arms around her. Luckily neither of us have to work tomorrow but everyone else does. So we will get some alone time.

Eventually everyone else goes to bed. Michael goes home. Liz and I always end up falling asleep on the couch. It’s just us. So when I wake up in the middle of the night with her in my arms. I kiss her softly.

And we fall back asleep. Soon I won’t have to wait till everyone’s gone to bed to kiss her.

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__ Part 3

I wake up and Liz isn’t in my arms anymore. Kyle’s sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast.

“Hey.” I say as I walk to the fridge to grab some OJ.

He doesn’t say anything he just glares at me. Well good morning to you too Kyle.

“Where is everyone?” I ask him. Normally the house is loud in the mornings; it’s very hard to sleep in.

“Dad got called into work early. Amy and Maria left for the Crashdown about 20 minutes ago. And Liz woke up as I was coming down the stairs and scurried up to her room. How is it you two always fall asleep?”

I just shrug and resist the urge to run upstairs to Liz.

I pull out the last cinnamon roll from the tray and sit down across from Kyle. Some people might not realize that we hate each other. See he hates me because I’m part of his family now, and because Liz is my best friend and he still wants in her pants. Of course I’ve threatened his life if he tried anything.

He also hates me cause he’s with Tess, they are kind of an off and on thing. Seems like she wants off when she thinks I’m free and it jut pisses Kyle off. Not that I’d ever go back with Tess, but I get in trouble for milking that for all it’s worth.

If it’s one thing I enjoy almost as much as Liz, its torturing Kyle. I’m easily amused what can I say?

“Well I’m off. I can’t believe you have another day off. After a whole week.”

I just shrug again. My boss Brody is awesome. He told me to just take a week off; he’d let Alex handle some stuff around the UFO museum.

Kyle leaves and I finish up my food. I trudge up the stairs, wondering where Liz is. I muse at the thoughts, if anyone would notice us disappearing to Carlsbad or Clovis for some brother/sister Camping.

I enter my room and Liz is lying on my bed, sound asleep. She looks so amazing just lying there. I don’t want to wake her, but I have to touch her, so I carefully climb in the bed with her. She wraps her arms around me and we just lay there.

She opens her eyes and looks at me. “Hey.” She says.

I kiss her softly. “Hey I reply back.”

She smiles and snuggles close to me.

“I can’t believe you are here with me Liz.” She looks at me curiously.

Doesn’t she know? How can she not know? I love her so much, I always have.

She kisses my neck, and I can’t help my body’s reaction to her. I press my hardness into her stomach.

“Do you know what you do to me Liz? Do you know every shower I’ve ever taken after you has been a cold one, just because of the thought of using the same shower? Do you know that every night I wish it were the night when you fall asleep in my arms in front of the TV. Do you know that I love you so much it hurts?”

She has tears in her eyes, “Shh don’t cry.”

“I’m crying because I love you too Max. I love you and I want you, you … God I can’t even put how you make me feel into words Max.”

I take her lips with my own, her kiss stirs my passion for her.

She pulls back and looks at me with a wicked grin, then she straddles my hips, pressing her wet core to my hard member.

“Good thing we’re alone Mr. Evans. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to hear me scream.”

All thought loses me at that point when I tear of her shirt and ravage her body. My Liz induced haze is consuming, she is consuming and I love her body fully with my own.

“Maaaaxxxx” She screams collapsing on top of me. My own ecstasy washing around me like a bubble bath for two. She’s breathing heavily and we are still joined. I never want to leave her warm depths.

“God I love you Max.” She says quietly, its barely a whisper.

“I love you too Liz, more than anything.”

With that we both drift off into a peaceful slumber, still joined, as we sleep the best.