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Ok, so I was reading this book and I had this really cute idea(well I think it is) about Max and Michael being nerds and Liz and Maria being the girls they want to date! Ok, maybe not nerds but definetly not popular guys! This would be a three part fic definetly FLUFF!

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RULE #1: Devise a Plan

"Maxwell!" Michael breezed into the Crashdown and sat down.
"What?" Max tore his eyes away from the object of his longing, Liz Parker. The second most popular girl in school. Second to Maria Deluca only.
"We need girlfriends!"
Max snorted,"Michael who would date us?"
"Thats just it man, we have to get cool!"
"What?" Max stared at him confused.
"Yeah, we up our popularity then the girls will want us."
Max shook his head," Michael, I am never going to "up" my popularity, I have the second highest GPA in the school, girls don't date guys like me." Actually it wasn't the GPA that did it, it was the shyness. Max rarely spoke outloud, except to Michael. For Michael the problem was he spent more time in detention than he did at school activities or at school. He was constantly ditching.
"Yeah so, we change our image."
"And how do we do that?"
"We get your sister to help us," Michael glanced over at Isabel sitting with Maria Deluca and Lix Parker. They were all cheerleaders together, and if any one knew what Liz and Maria liked it would have to be Isabel.
"My sister?" Max looked at Isabel,shocked,"Why would she help us? No, wait she wouldn't"
"Yes she would, we could find some way to make it worth her while."
"How do we do that?"
"Ok, so you know that she likes Alex Whitman, right?"
"Yeah so, doesn't he like Liz?"
"Nah, the dude's just chillin with her, they've been buds for a long time."
"Ok, I knew that, but I still thought that he liked her."
"Nope, anyways doesn't Alex take biology with you?"
"" Max nodded his head.
"You could ask him what he thinks of her?"
"What if he doesn't like her?"
"MAXWELL, Who DOESN'T like your sister?"
"Michael, thats just GROSS!"
"Back to my point, if we promise her to hook them up, then she HAS to help us."
"Ok, yeah go on,"
"We get her, to help us become cool, and then we hook her and Alex up."
"What if we can't hook her and Alex up?" Max raised his eyebrows.
"We will don't worry dude, all you have to do is talk to him in Biology and we're set," Michael titled his head at Max, "Besides prom is in a month, don't you want to take pretty Liz Parker?" He grinned.
"Yeah, but that's not the point, the point is I have to talk to my sister, I have to talk to Alex, why do I have to do all the hard stuff?" Max whined looking over at Liz, she was laughing at something ALex had said.
"You don't dude, I'll freakin come over and talk to your sister, IF you talk to Alex." Michael raised his eyebrows and waited for Max's answer.
"Ok, fine."

Ok, so the next part will be posted in three days! After I get back from my fun vacation!

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I AM BACK!! If you want the full story, it's on my other fic, the new girl, basically we had to cut the trip short! I am going to take a nap, I can't think maybe after I have slept for awhile.........

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