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TITLE: I'm always cumming : Roswell book of smut

AUTHOR: The caffiene infested smut monster aka me!!!

SUMMARY: Read to find out... VERY SMUTTY


PAIRING: M/T L/K M/L I'm a dreamer and I hate Tess so don't worry!!!!

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing except my own dirty imagination!!

DEDICATION: All that posted over on the fanfic discussion board in my thread... All your places will be used and don't forget to add more!!! Special thanks to m14,lana lane and Jessica_01... I love ya all!!!

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Prologue:Suspects and pantyhose

"I don't know dad........ no it's just....... NO!...... yes..... I found underwear....... no not mine!..... What
do you mean what type?........oh.......
a thong........What color?.......Red..... no dad you can't have them!...... I don't know, Pam's...... Morgan?.......true..... yes
she does wear satan's panties.... yeah....... Shit! Dad I have to go, Max
is here!....... no I will not mail the thong to you!........ Perv!"

Tess Harding put the phone down gently and turned to face her lover, well he would be her lover if she could get in his pants.

"Hey", she said in a skeptical voice.

"Hey", he replied. "I'm just gonna go to bed".

As he walked past her, she threw the thong at him.

Max froze as the underwear hit the floor infront of him.

"Oh", He whispered turning back to face her.

"Oh", she mimicked, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"I can explain". He stated.

She crossed the room to stand directly infront of him.

"You better!" she warned.

Think Max, Think. he thought.

"They're Isabel's.... she left them here". He said confidently.

She smiled sweetly.

"Really? Well either you're lying or you're screwing your sister..... because these stink of arousel".

"Ewwww Tess, you sniffed the panties?!?!" he asked, disgusted.

"Stop changing the subject!" She shouted.

"Maybe she fucked Jesse!" He retailiated.

"Then you're even more sick, cause I found these under your pillow!"

And there it is, the one moment in a man's life when he knows that he's screwed, with no way out.

"I.... uh....." He stammered.

Before we continue this story, let's take a little trip down memory lane shall we?

To when life was simple.... when Tess was enough..... before Max fell for his best friend.

What ya'll think?


Lot's of love.
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jeremiah originally wrote:
I can tell already that this is going to be one of my faves on this board! I cant wait for more! thank you for posting.

Awwwww that's sooo sweet... Thank you... I'm working on the next part
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Thanks soppy... I am such an idiot!! One orgasm per part may be a problem but they will occur very tight together... Butt plug, eeeeewwwwwwwww nasty, who'd wanna walk around with that stuck up there ass?
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Chapter 2 : First stop.... Past!

"It's April 14th, I'm Liz Parker and right now, at this exact moment, I am awaiting what is probably going to be one of the biggest dates of my high school life..... I, Little Lizzie Parker have a date with Kyle, star quaterback Valenti. It's gonna be great!"

Liz closed her journal and heaed downstairs to where her mom was calling, announcing Kyle's arrival.

"You look great" Kyle commented.

"You too" she replied coyly.

He offered her his arm.

"Shall we?"

"We shall". She said linking her arm with his.


Max and Tess arrived at the bar just in time to see two familiar faces stepping out of a car.

"Liz!" Max called to his best friend.

"What are you two dong here?" Kyle asked.

"My dad owns the bar, we can get alchohol here". Tess boasted.

"Now that's what I like to hear". Kyle grinned.


"........So then Liz right, she comes parading into my living room..... in her underwear..... accompanied by fairy wings, screaming at the top of her voice "Red bull gives you wings!" and jumping up and down waving her arms!" Max finished his story with a hiccup.

"Wow, Liz, hyper on red bull huh?"

The table combusted into 4 fits of drunken giggles.

"Oh shit!" Liz gasped, looking at her watch. "I have 10 minutes till curfew!"

She looked up at Kyle who was casually sipping his beer.

"C'mon Kyle!"

"I don't wanna go yet". he whined.

"Me neither!" Tess second.

"Fine! I'll take you Liz, come on. Tess I'll call you tomorrow". Max said, taking Liz's hand.

"Liz! I'll call you!" Kyle shouted at their retreating figures.

"Y'know, if those two weren't best friends, I'd be a little suspicious". Tess said, once they'd left.

Thanks for all the feedback... Next part the smut begins!!!!!!


Lot's of love.
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You like huh?

Just wanna say hey to everyone, the posters of ideas over on the fanfic discussion board and the new readers we've picked up along the way.... so.. um.... hi! *waves*

I'm working on the next part now.... and for michaela and lana, I'm also working on the next part of 'a student willing to learn'....

So thanks for the feedback and friendly bumps... you have no idea how much they
mean to me....

So... thanks...

That's all I have to say for now... I guess...

Lot's of love.
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Chapter 3 : Careless caresses and
Drunken Kisses

"No! Max..... really I'm ....... fine..... oh god!...... go home!" Liz said as she bent over the toilet.

"Nonsense... I'm staying". He persisted.

"If you're sure" She said reluctantly as she brushed her teeth.

"I'm sure" her replied kicking off his shoes and climbing into her bed.

"OK" She sighed as she cuddled up next to him.

"Thank you" She whispered.

"I'll always love you y'know" He stated.

"Really?" She asked turning to face him.

"Of course" He said softly stroking her hair.

Max's eyes studied his hand as it travelled onto her cheek and down her arm.

He hesitated a moment and Liz sucked in a breath as he touched her stomach.

His hand seemed to have a mind of it's own as it travelled higher still until it cupped her left breast.

Liz moaned and Max took away his hand.

"I... uh.... I'm sorry". he whispered.

"Don't be". She smiled.

She leaned closer and placed a wet kiss on his cheek.

Max twisted his head and captured her lips in a sloppy drunken kiss.

"Mmmmmmn, tequila" Liz giggled.

"Got any salt on your body?" Max asked as he removed her top.

His lips attacked her neck, leaving her wet on every place they touched, and
other places where he hadn't.

They both sat up and giggled as they struggled to remove the remainder of their clothes.

"I wanna screw you so bad" Max breathed.

"Well that's subtle" Liz joked.

"I don't have a condom" He said disappointed.


In their drunken haze, Max didn't question, he just thrusted straight in,ignoring her barrier.

Liz whimpered in pain, but then started to moan in an intense pleasure that she had never felt before.

She could feel herself nearing the edge when... Knock knock!

"Liz?" Her dad called.

No reply.

"I'm coming in" he said.

"So am I!" Max groaned.

The door handled twisted and Max sprung off of Liz, taking his clothes with him, he hid behind the now opened door.

"Liz? Are you ok? I heard noises.... like moaning". Her dad asked concerned.

Liz was a little distracted by the sight of Max in the corner, his hand on
his shaft, pumping furiously.

"I'm fine dad". She said, almost a whimper.

"Ok, but....."

"Goodnight dad!" Liz pleaded.

"Ok, goodnight sweetie" He said as he left the room.

"That was close!" Max breathed.

"So was I" Liz groaned.

Sorry this part sucked I have alittle writers block again....


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Amie! with these two parts, your really spoiling us.
RED BULL GIVES YOU WINGS!! I dont think you can gt that over in America <--------ihad the urge to share *happy*
POST MORE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Soppy you can get red bull in America cause I've seen Max drinking it in Roswell at least twice. In To Protect and Serve and an eppy after EOTW!!!

Also, don't knock the red bull incident, that is based on actual events, that took place last year at a party a my best friends house..... oops! I've said too much! No! Don't look at me like that! It wasn't me! I swear! ooooh ok, I get hyper on Red Bull... so what? You wanna start something, wanna step out side? C'mon I
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Sorry I've been drinkng red bull now actually, my uncle works for the company and gets a percentage free each month so I drink it way too much!


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Chapter 4 : Recognition of past mistekes

As dawn broke, scattered rays of sunshine enveloped the sleeping town.

Unaware of the past nights events, two teenagers lay peacefully slumbering in eachothers embrace.

Silken hair splayed across tanned skin,arms wrapped protectively around flushed body's. Legs linked beneath a ridden down duvet. Harmonic sighs escaping swollen lips.

Tranquility over powered the morning air, all was silent until.....

"What the Fuck?" Liz screamed, leaping from the bed and falling out of Max's view.

"What? What's wrong? ..... I'm naked!" Max gasped.

"No shit Sherlock!" Liz shouted as she stood up, rubbing her head.

"Why am I naked?" He asked.

"How should I know? What I do know is that beneath this sheet that I am clutching to my body, I.... am also....
completely..... NAKED!!!!" She said this so loud her face turned red. "Now,I'm gonna piss myself after that little outburst. I'm going to the loo!"
She turned and slammed the bathroom door.

Max sat perplexed until he heard a shrill scream.

He lept from the bed, totally forgetting his naked form.

Pounding on the door he shouted, "Liz! Liz what's wrong?"

She came out clutching the sheet even tighter, as she looked him in the eyes he saw tears brimming.

"We had sex" She stated sadly.

"WHAT?!?! How do you know?" He asked, blatantly confused.

"I've never had such a painful piss". she cried.

"Oh god! Liz, 'm so sorry!" He pulled her into a hug as they wept softly, Liz
hadn't even noticed Max's bare status.

Once her tears had subsided, Max asked,
"So what happens now Liz? Between us I mean".

"Nothing. Last night was a mistake" She

"I know. Can we still be friends?"

"Ofcourse". She slighty smiled.

"Ok, I guess... I'll go". He walked away in search of his clothes and Liz couldn't help but appreciate his body.

"Bye Liz". He whispered once he was dressed, he kissed her on the cheek and
then left through her window.

Once Max had left, Liz collapsed onto her bed sighing.

what a body! She thought. Stop Liz! She cursed herself. Think of something non-sexual! American Corn snake, American corn snake, American Corn snake, American Max snake.... yum.... Max's snake! Dammit Liz!



Hope ya'll enjoyed!!!

Lot's of love.

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Thanks I'm so flattered and happy that you are enjoying this fic so much!!! Believe me I am enjoying writing it.... Lol!!! Keep on reading and I'll keep on writing and remember.... A BUMP A DAY KEEPS WRITERS BLOCK AWAY!!!

Thanks again.

Luv ya,
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Chapter 5 : History loves repeatition.

It had been exactly 6 days since the 'incident'.

Max and Liz had avoided eachother at all costs. They only talked in Biology,and that time was now.

Max walked reluctantly into his class, as always Liz was there before him.

He sat down and without looking up said, "Hi".

"Hi" She mumbled back.

"Can I talk to you?" He asked, finally looking at her.

She looked up, alittle taken aback and simply nodded her head.

"After school? We'll take a drive to the reservoir?"

She nodded again.

"Ok, well.... I guess I'll wait for you after class".

Then it hit Liz, this was friday, on friday biology was last period. She had
about 45 minutes to prepare for her meeting in the middle of the desert with Max and his snake!

"Great" Liz sighed.

At her distant reply, Max turned to face her.

He noticed the dreamy smile on her face and turned back to his work.

On the other side of the table, Liz put
her head softly in her hands and accidently let out a contented moan.

Max looked at her shocked and gave her a questioning look.

"ooops... I... eh.... fell asleep". Liz replied a little too quickly.

Max looked unconvinced but turned away anyway.

Liz breathed in relief.

Like she was ever, in her whole life going to admit that in her little dazed moment, she was infact having a little rememberence of Sunday mornings events,
and that beneath the lab table, she had
her legs crossed at the knees and was constantly clenching her pelvic muscles.... that would of explained the moan.

She risked a glance sideways and was startled to find him looking right back at her, a devilish smile on his lips.

Liz knew that he knew exactly what activities she had been partaking in under the table.

She averted her gaze elsewhere until the end of class.

"So.... fancy a.... ride?" Max asked, standing.



Thanks to ya'll who posted fb... Lana I
hope you got on alright today. B-mail me!

Lot's of love.

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Thanks ya'll!!! Can I just ask? Could you all tell what Liz was doing beneath
the table? I'm not sure if I got it across right?
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CHAPTER 6 : Fucking friends and authentic feelings

Liz sat with her head slightly bowed. Every so often she would glance at Max, only to find his eyes concerntrating on the road ahead.

Not a word had been spoken since they had climbed into his jeep and that was about half an hour ago.

Now she was left in an extremely distressing silence, her only conversation was with her own thoughts.

She found that however much she tried, her mind was not a very comforting place right now.

She tried to block it out but it kept returning, the silhouette of a couple making love on a huge bed.

The most disturbing part was that Liz knew that the couple were her and Max.

She was relieved when she saw that the road they were now on was the small dirt track that led to the Reservoir.

Two minutes later Max screeched the jeep to a halt and Liz lept out barely before it had come to a complete stop.

Max also got out and sat on the bonnet.

Refusing to sit next to him, Liz began pacing back and forth.

"Why are we here Max?" She asked as she stopped infront of him.

"To talk". He stated.

Liz could feel the huge amount of sexual tension in the air and unconsciously took a step towards him.

"What was so important that you couldn't tell me in school? Why here?" She questioned.

"Back there..... I couldn't do this"..... He got off the jeep and firmly pressed his lips to hers.

Holding back from what he wanted to do, he held still, willing her to make the next move.

It wasn't the step he expected.

It was so fast he couldn't stop it.

Her hand swiped across his cheek, causing him to yelp and step away.

"What was that for?" He asked, holding his cheek.

"How dare you? What the hell were you thinking?" She cried as a tear slipped from her eye.

"I thought you wanted it.... I'm sorry". He said, in a sincere apologetic tone.

"Don't apologise. Just don't assume I want something".

He opened his mouth to comment but her mouth came crashing down on his, effectively stopping his speech.

Their kiss started desperate, but soon became more languid and tender.

Liz took control, gently biting Max's lower lip, pleading for entrance.

As their tongues played a vicious game, duelling together, Max's hands sought out Liz's waist.

He slowly rubbed her skin in tight circles and pulled away his mouth.

"What's wrong?" She whispered.

"I want to make love to you again.... I want to do it right and I want to remember.... will you let me love you? Like you deserve?" He breathed, cupping her cheek.

"Here? Now?" She asked shocked.

"It's ok, no-one's here..... no-ones ever here". Max said.

At a nod from her head he placed both arms around her and gently lowered her to the ground.

As she shifted in discomfort Max pulled her back up into a sitting position.

"Wait one second". He gave her one more lingering kiss but pulled away before it became more passionate.

He strode over to the jeep and opened the trunk. Before returning to Liz, he retrieved a soft blanket and his wallet.

He flicked the blanket out before laying it flat on the sand.

Liz scooted over onto the material and pulled Max down with her.

She kissed him full on the lips and ran her hands through his hair.

As their lips collided together, Max's hands once again danced along her skin.

"May I?" He panted as he touched the hem of her tank top.

At her nod he raised his hands, exposing her creamy skin.

He kissed her neck before pulling it completely over her head.

His lips automatically attatched to her breast after using his talent to open the clasp of her bra.

Liz threw her head back as a wave of immense pleasure crashed over her.

Bringing his lips back to hers, he gently pushed her back down until she was lying on the blanket.

Placing his hands on her breasts, he kneaded them whilst watching with curiosity as her face contorted and small sighs and moans were emitted from the mouth he was beginning to love.

His hands brushed lower untill hitting her pants, carefully her undid the zipper and then the button, dragging the denim down her luscious legs.

When he returned to eye level, he kissed her closed eye lids before whispering in her ear, "Sorry if I'm rushing.... I just want you so bad right now".

She ran a hand down his cheek and told him it was fine.

Her hands grasped the sides of his shirt and ripped it open.

Max watched shocked at her boldness as button flew in every direction.

"Now who's eager?" He asked, stifling a laugh.

Without answering she put her hands on the waistband of his khakis, pulling those and his boxers down in one swift movement.

"Wow, looks like the snakes aged a couple of years". She mumbled, taking in the size of his erection.

"What?" Max asked, amused.

"Nothing" She whimpered. "Max.... please.... I want to feel you now".

He pulled away and reached for his wallet.

Taking out a condom he rolled it onto his straining shaft.

Her small hand stopped him half way.

"Can I?" She questioned.

"Ok" He groaned.

Circling her hand onto his manhood, she sheathed him fully, mumbling, "Silk over steel".

She pulled him back down on top of her and he entered her slowly, inch by agonising inch until he was buried deep within her tight walls.

Whilst giving her one more loving kiss he began moving inside her.

Liz's mouth opened and her head fell back as she moaned Max's name.

His hips pumped slow at first, but as time went on, he could feel Liz's need for more.

He thrusted harder, sweat began to mingle, fierce kisses were shared, skin was metaphorically set a flame.

Liz felt like a nymphomaniac as she lay beneath him.

She could feel the edge nearing fast, and all she wanted to do was jump.

At that exact moment, she felt a warm liquid fill her. Gasping, she exploded. An extreme feeling of peace gracing her body.

"What happens now Max?" Liz asked.

"We go back, act like nothing's happened and remain friends. Close friends. Friends that fuck sometimes". He sighed.

"Fucking friends? I like it". She whispered.

"I wish I could stay here with you forever, but we should go home".

"Yeah. Oh and Max? I think I'm falling in love with you". She said shyly.

"Me too baby".

They got up and dressed eachother before driving back into town.

That was the longest part I have EVER written... What did ya'll think? Did I ramble?


Lot's of love.

p.s I'm having trouble with my home computer. I can't access ANY threads....

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JBehrsGurl originally wrote:
Oh Amie I hope your computer get fixed soon so you can be happy again! Great part! -as always!



LUV YA!!!!
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I'm chuffed, who rated me 5 stars? That
really brightened my day!!! THANK YOU!!!
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So it's more like, Fucking Friends and Real feelings.

I called it this because they admit that they are falling in love.

To answer other questions.

1. Tess does NOT live with Max. She was
on her cell fone and just being her nosy gerbil self in his room.

2. Max and Liz didn't actually finish their first time, after her dad came in, they fell asleep. Just to clarify, THERE WILL NOT BE A BABY...

Thank you, for the feedback and I hope to get a new part to you soon.

Luv ya all.

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Awwww Jeremiah, you're sooo sweet. I saw what you wrote for Lana, over at 'a
kiss for a rose'. It's so nice for you to support us all the time... you've bumped us so many times and I'm very grateful for all the feedback you leave for me...


And thank you to everyone else also...
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woah, I just realised, I've been knocked down from 5 stars to 4 and a half... woop, better get my ass writing!!!
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JUST TO GIVE YA A CLUE... THE TITLE WILL BE,,,, Sexy striptreases and locked out onlookers!




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mmmmmmmmmmnnnn yummy!!!
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btw Michie... you can't have Jason back... he makes far good'a toy!!! yummy!!! ll mine all mine mine mine MINE!!!!

New part soon.... I PROMISE!!!! Even if it kills me!!!
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I'm nearly done with the new part... Sorry for taking so long.
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Chapter 7

Sexy stripteases and locked out onlookers

Max brought the car to a lazy stop. He left his hands on the steering wheel and then turned to face his new found lover.

"So...." He said as he drew in a deep breath.

"So.... I guess I should go inside...." She replied reluctantly.

"Yeah.... I guess.... I had a really great time today Liz".

"Max... you got laid. What guy wouldn't say he had a great time?" She joked.

"I know...." He cupped her cheek softly. "It's just so much more with you.... It's not just's something else".

"I know" She whispered.

They both glanced around them, checking no-one was on the street. They laughed at the irony of it, but their gaze soon became an intense stare.

Max moved first, his face drawing closer to hers, his thumbs rubbing her cheeks idly. He brought his lips softly to hers. She gladly opened to him, granting him access to the dark crevices of her mouth. Their lips danced, tongues gliding over eachother, caressing eachother. Their hands roamed desperately over eachothers flesh. They groped at any part of bare skin they could reach.

When a car horn sounded they were barely able to pull themselves away from eachother.

Realising that it was dangerous for them to be getting into such a compromising situation, Liz gave Max one more lingering kiss on the lips before gracefully opening the jeep door and stepping out into the cold night air that felt so lonely, without the safety of Max's warm embrace.

She turmed and sent him a slight wave before walking through the Crashdown's main doors.

She immeadiately felt alone and decided to head straight to bed, even though it was open eight thirty.

Giving her mom and dad a heads up she walked through the back rooms swing doors and headed for the stairs.

Each step she took she could feel her need for Max growing. She wondered if it had anything to do with his alien status, maybe now they had cemented their relationship fully she would always crave him?

Or it could be that she was just another horny teenager.

She didn't know, what she did know was that as she opened the door to her room she had decided to call Max, to ask a very important question.

Was this desire to be close to eachother as evident in him as it was her? She wanted to know the answer.

Little did she know, she would be getting that answer sooner, rather than later, and it would be delievered from his mouth in person.

A half sigh, half gasp nearly caused her to choke when she heard a small knock at her window and as her eyes drifted upwards they bore into the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen.

Soulful eyes.

Warm eyes.

Eyes of liquid amber.

Max's eyes.

She hurried to her slightly ajare window and opened it full.

"What are you doing here Max?" She asked, as she tried to contain herself enough not to pounce on him.

"I had to see you.... again". He chucked slightly at how desperate he sounded, but it was the whole truth.

"Me too..... I missed you so much. It sounds so stupid, I mean we only left eachother... what? Like 5 minutes ago.... But I wanted.... needed you again". Liz breathed, joining in with his sincerity.

That was all that was spoken from either teens mouth's as Max's lips descended on hers with fierce impact.

They kissed as heavily as possible, being as Max was still on the other side of the window.

Liz put her arms around Max's neck with some difficulty. He began to climb through her open window, when a sly thought crossed her mind.

She pulled back as far as she could bare.... which was about a millimetre and spoke softly.

"Stay here a second". Her lips brushed his with every syllable and he found it extreme hard on his self control.

She walked over to her bedroom door and with a quick twist of her hand it was locked.

She then returned to the window and Max believed that was his cue to enter.

He thought wrong.

"Out". She stated.

He would've been upset if it weren't for her seductive smile.

She pulled down and latched the window shut and Max gave her a curious look.

She placed her finger to her lips and then headed to her desk.

Max watched as she scribbled something down on a piece of paper and then placed it against the window for him to read.

He raised his eyebrow in question when he read, "Enjoy! And If you use your powers to get it, NO TREAT FOR MAX!"

Even though the window was closed, he could distinctly hear her giggle.

Liz walked into the middle of the room, facing the window.

After she turned on some music she took a deep breath before beginning to sway her hips.

She kept her eyes strictly on Max's as she ran her hand down the front of her shirt, watching for his reaction.

He sat there, eyes glued to her movements, he thought he would die as she grasped the hem of her shirt, only to raise it a couple of inches before letting it fall again.

Max felt a sudden pain in his hands and glanced down, he was alarmed to see that he was gripping a piece of wood so hard his knuckes had whitened to that of an albino monkey's.

He didn't care though, what was important was the sweet torture that Liz was putting him through at the moment.

Liz almost laughed when she saw the pained looks cross his gorgeous face as he looked at his hands.

Inside, she was elated to know that she could have that effect on him.

Usually she was very self confident about herself, especially her body. But Max had taught her, in the little time they had shared earlier that she had nothing to be bothered about.... That she was beautiful.

Smiling, she decided to thank him for her little ego boost by showing him exactly what she had come to believe she was capable of.

Once again taking the hem of the top in her hands, she began lifting again. Never stopping the swaying of her body to the music.

She lifted higher and higher until the shirt blocked her vision.

Stretching her arms above her head, she pulled the restrictive shirt off and dropped it to her feet.

She once again looked at Max and didn't know if she should be flattered... or scared by the desire she saw in his flaming eyes.

Deciding to push him further, Liz gently licked her finger and brought it to her throat. She ran it southwards, leaving a slightly wet trail behind it. She lowered it further, making it travel the valley of her breasts all the while watching Max.

He was going insane. How had he let this beauty before him walk around single for all these years?

The straining in his pants was becoming unbearable and he raised his hand to where the latch was, planning on ending this now... in sweet surrender.

As his hand began to glow, he glanced at Liz, she had stopped dancing and was shaking her head at him.

With a defeated sigh he sat back down, he playfully glared at her and pointed to his four man tent that had been erected in his now 3 sizes too small pants.

She laughed and took his pointing the wrong way. Once again she started to move, this time placing both hands on her jeans waistband.

Max watched with baited breath as she pushed them down her slender legs and off her body. Never breaking her rythmn.

She twirled around, clad only in her underwear, giving him a view of her perfect ass.

She twirled again and as she did she professionally unclasped her bra, but leaving it hanging from her shoulders.

Liz faced him and pointed to the garment that was barely covering her taut nipples. She threw him a questioning glance and watched as he nodded.

Instead of using her hands she shimmyed her upper body, causing the material to fall off at it's own accord. Once she heard it thud, and saw Max's heated stares, she decided to draw this game to an end.

As a new song started she sped up her movements, and in once fluent movement the panties were in her hand.

Smiling she threw the thong at the window and it hit directly where Max now had his face pressed.

Happy that she had made him want her enough she raised her hand and signalled for him to enter.

As she waited, she slipped her other hand down to the junction between her thighs, and slipped two fingers into her more than ready core.

Max, as soon as he saw the signal, waved his hand over the lock, hearing it click it threw the window up, almost shattering the glass.

He ran over to her and picked her naked body up into his arms.

Carrying her across the room, he practically threw her on her bed.

His male instincts took over and he kissed her with a force that might of broke her, that is if she wasn't kissing him harder.

He acted like a neandathal, tearing away his own clothes.

He couldn't help it, he was so horny even a goat looked tempting right now!

But Liz was no goat. No, Liz was a princess. His princess. And she deserved respect, and love, with that thought in mind he deliberately slowed his movements.

No matter how distressed he was at the moment he was not just gonna bang her brains out, he would make it last as long as he could.

Kissing her with more ease they began to move together.

Two body's united until they both came with an explosion of love.

Laying spent in eachothers arms, there were no words, just silent contentment.

That night, they fell asleep, wrapped in eachother until the early hours of the morning, when they woke up only to make love again.

Each not knowing that turmoil that lay ahead for the next day....


What ya'll think?

Did I ramble? Worth the wait or should I quit why I'm ahead?


Lot's of love,
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Michie and Wild_Child_UK, Max still staying with Tess and hiding his relationship with Liz is something to do with what will happen nearer the end. Max believes he HAS to be with Tess... I won't say why
but bare with me?

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Chapter : Shocked friends and glass box PDA’s

(PDA = Public display of affection)

Maria glared at Michael from her seat at a small table in the centre of the food court.
“Where the hell are they?” She groaned again, for the hundredth time in ten minutes.
“How are we supposed to know?” Alex replied gruffly, taking a big bite of his cheese burger.
“They are like, half an hour late!” She huffed, she threw down her celery stick and crossed her arms roughly over her chest.
“We are all pissed Maria! God, what makes you think that we all wanna be sitting here listening to you whine?” Isabel yelled, causing the group to wince, and a lot of eaters to stare at the teens.
“I swear to god,” Alex clasped his hands together in a prayer like manner and raised his head to the heavens. “One of these days I’m gonna …. OH MY GOD!!!!” The French frie fell from his mouth and his lips parted as a look of terror and amusement splayed across his features. “Would you guys look at that!” He pointed in the direction of his distraction, and curious eyes followed his finger.
A chorus of gasps filled the air.

10 Minutes Earlier

“C’mon Max, we’re late and we don’t wanna leave Tessy Bear waiting do we?” Liz ripped her now swollen lips away from his mouth and pulled him into the mall’s glass elevator.
“Please Liz, don’t say her name right now”. he begged.
“And why not?” She asked.
“Because… I’m with the most gorgeous woman in the world and I don’t want thoughts of that skank plaguing my mind.
“Now Max, that’s no way to speak of your wife”. Liz stifled a laugh as Max wrinkled his nose in disgust.
“Liz please”. He whined.
“Ok Ok”.
A small ping signalled that the elevator had arrived.
She stepped in and tugged him in by the arm.
“Now come here”, she whispered seductively.
“Yes ma’am” He burst.
He stepped enthusiastically into the boxed vehicle and immediately enveloped her in his warm arms.
As Liz began to gently suck on his neck, Max glanced over her shoulder and gasped at the vision he saw. His shoulder’s stiffened and Liz felt him tense.
“What?” she asked, barely removing her lips.
“There’s Maria, Alex, Isabel, Michael and…. And…..Kyle and Tess!” He gulped hard but Liz didn’t move a muscle.
“So what…” She replied.
An idea popped into her head and she looked at Max with a devilish look on her face.
Liz leaned up and planted a sweet lingering kiss on his bruised lips.
“Do you trust me?” She asked him.
The worried look was still plastered on his face but he managed to reply, “With all my heart”.
Liz took that as a go ahead, she spun their bodies around so that Max was now pressed up against the glass of the elevator. She then stood in front of him, because of her small frame, anyone that happened to look up at the elevator would just see the back of a brunette males head. Perfect.
She brought her hand up to cup his cheek as she once again brought her lips to his. Her lips parted and his tongue took the opportunity to duel a fiery battle with her own, he made a perfect exploration of her mouth, as if he was making a mental map of every crevice and corner.
He seemed to forget exactly where they were and the situation they were bound to end up in.
Her hand reached up, to where his palm lay softly resting on her shoulder, and she decided now was the time to put her plan into action. Still holding his hand, she replaced it on the strap of her violet tank top, Max went from there, taking things into his own hands… literally. His hand cupped her through her top and she moaned quietly, pressing herself closer to his groping touch.
Their kiss became deeper still as her hand ran down his muscular chest and continued it’s journey down to his waistband. She slipped away for a tiny micro second to press the button of the elevator to return to the top floor. Knowing that their time was limited. She decided that there was no more time for playing.
She stepped back in front of him, and with her eyes locked onto his, she lowered herself to her knees. She smiled at him once more and began to unzip his fly. His manhood pressed against the restraint of his Levis and she struggled to free him.
She took him into her hand and began a steady rhythm. His head fell back and his lips fell open as a heavy breath erupted from his lungs. To add more surprise, Liz leant forward and gently tasted his erection with her tongue. At Max’s gasp, she quickly took him fully into her mouth that not long ago his mouth was exploring.
“Liz, god, please” He sighed.
She glanced up into his half lidded eyes and Max nearly came at the sight of his temptress on her knees giving him the maximum of all pleasure.
Her tongue ran fully up the length of him and she growled contented. His hand slammed against the ground floor button, sending them back to the bottom. Her head bobbed from all the different positions she was changing herself into to.
Hs body started to shudder, and he knew what was happening, so did she. Max softly pushed Liz away, thinking that she wouldn’t want him to cum in her mouth, but Liz wanted the whole experience.
“Please” She whispered before returning to his convulsing manhood.
A throaty groan escaped his mouth as a warm spray of salty liquid flowed strongly into Liz’s awaiting mouth. She swallowed the mass amount of dosage she was receiving and watched Max’s pleasure filled face the whole time.
When he had finished emptying himself, he slumped back against the glass, Liz stood up and gave him a shy smile.
“Wow” He said, trying to gain his breath.
“You Like?” She asked.
“I love!” He replied taking her into his arms, “I’ll have to return the favour soon…. Yeah?” He looked at her, his eyes asking her the question silently.
Her smile grew. “I’ll hold you to that”.
She kissed him deeply , he tasted himself on her lips and he found it strangely erotic. His arms wrapped around her as the elevator door opened once more, And there standing on the other side was none other than….. Isabel Evans.
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Chapter 9 : Glowing cheeks and inquiring sisters

"Isabel please! It's not what it looks like" Liz Pleaded as she was dragged half way through the mall, her arm waving viciously, hitting people that passed. She mumbled incoherent apologies as her brain tried to come up with a plot that made Isabel believe that what she had just witnessed was not infact her brother being blowed by his best friend, but a perfectly reasonable explanation.

What the hell was she going to say?

Oh yea, you know Izzie, I slipped and fell onto his dick

No... that wouldn't go down well...

No pun intended.

I was giving him mouth to mouth? or.... mouth to penis?

no way!

She thought harder.

Her mind racked as she felt her body being tugged into the girls toilets. She was thrown against the cold mirror and was then face to face with the beast, aka Isabel.

Isabel's mouth opened wide and Liz blushed at the comment that came at her.


This was just a lil preview... stay tuned for part 9b.... Isabel's Lecture...

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First I want to apologise... again... that seems to be my thing lately. The truth is, the next part has been written for a long time now but I have been in a dark place. You see, me and my girlfriend just broke up and I am finding it REALLY hard to move on. Anyways, I won't bore you with the details but I am really gonna try to throw myself into my fics from now on. I hope you all can bear with me and help me get my life back on track. I find it so amazin that you all stick by me and wait for me to update and it is inconsiderate of me to deprive you of what you want... so without more waiting here is the next part, by the way there is a little twist in this one, hope it don't gross you out, if it does PLEASE SAY in your feedback so I know not to do it again, thank you. And by the way, how are you all doing?

part 9b

"Isabel, I can't believe you said that! I never knew that anyone could be so crude!" Liz thought, her cheeks were set aflame at Isabel's remark.

It kept repeating over and over in her head, like a viscious circle twisting into oblivion.

"so you like giving head?"

Her mouth hung open, Isabel was usually so withdrawn, proper, but here she was, not being polite about what she had just witnessed but blurting it out in the way of some hooker or slack jawed yokel.

"I refuse to answer that". Liz breathed as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Isabel peered at the shorter girl, her eyes squinting as she evaluated her appearance.

Her long dark hair was flowing sleakly, framing her innocent face. Her face, soulful deep brown eyes, and small pouty lips. Her skin was tanned and she smelt sweet like jasmine.

Suddenly a metaphorical light bulb illuminated above Isabel's head.

"What's going on with you and my brother?" She asked in a voice that was nothing more than demanding.

"N-nothing" Liz stammered as she shifted uncomfortably.

Isabel took a step forward and Liz took 2 steps back, she felt a cold surface press into her lower back and she realised she was trapped. Her quivering eyes lifted until they were staring right into the face of a smiling Ms. Evans.

"Liz, honey, there are ways of getting the information I want... either you tell me," she brushed a hand across Liz's cheek, catching a stray piece of silken hair between her fingers and guiding it behind her right ear, Liz gasped at Izzie's touch, "or I can take it".

Liz wondered what her words meant until she felt the hand that was still on her cheek travel down to her shoulder, it stopped for an instant before making a smouldering journey down her arm to her hand.

She twitched as she got more uncomfortable, what the hell was Isabel doing?

"Now tell me what you and my brother have been doing behind closed doors" Isabel breathed into her ear before bringing Liz's hand up to her mouth and kissing it softly.

That did it for Liz, she cracked instantly. Isabel touching her the way she was gave her the heebie jeebies, but when she had kissed her hand in that seductive way, she nearly passed out with fright.

Isabel touched her waist with a delicate finger and Liz jumped away.

Izzie grinned.

"Max and I are in love" Liz said defeated.

The taller girl stepped back and looked at her 'prey'.

"I see, and what about Tess?"

"Tess... Max is with Tess... what happened with me and him was an accident, it will never happen again. We may think we love eachother but all that's not real, I can't be with Max. He belongs to Tess, he always has done".

"That's right, and no matter how much it hurts, the shattering pain you feel, you can't have him. You have to get over that fact".

Liz dried her tear stained face and tried desperatly to hold back the next wave of tears.

Isabel took one more lingering look at Liz before hugging her softly, she felt the heartbroken girl flinch and almost felt sorry for her... almost.

With that, she sauntered out of the ladies room to join her friends again, she decided she wouldn't tell Tess, after all, Liz did say her and Max were over, and Liz was not one to lie.

After Izzie had left, Liz took out her cell phone, she dialed the number she remembered by heart.

"Hey babe" Max answered.

"I need to speak to you a.s.a.p".

With that Liz hung up, she walked to the line of mirrors and wiped her face. Once she was satisfied the evidence of crying was gone she looked at her reflection more carefully.

"God I'm good" she smiled.

"Like queen can keep me away from my dream, we're just gonna have to be more careful".

She leaned forward and breathed warm air on the mirror, steaming it up. She then proceeded to write with her finger.

She left feeling devious as she left her mark on the mirror behind her.

L.P 4 M.E 4EVA


so wat did ya'll think?

was it worth the wait or should I just give up now?

feedback soon please...

love u all..



p.s this part was dedicated to Michaela... u rock...


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