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TITLE: The Things We Leave Behind
CATEGORY: Future fic, AU. Part 1 of 1
SUMMARY: I can't give it away! You have to read it.
DISCLAIMER: Sadly, I own nothing but the words you are about to read.


Worn, trembling hands picked up the journal and traced the embossed letters on the front cover.

Elizabeth Parker Evans

Saying the name out loud still brought a smile to the lips that hadn't smiled in years. She had waited so long to add the last part of that name. It had been a dream of both of them since that day in the Crashdown all those years ago. When two lives became forever intertwined. The tired, aching hands picked up the pen as the words came flowing onto the paper like the waterfall of emotions that had been kept at bay for the last 5 years.

It's kind of funny. The way life throws you a curveball that you just never manage to throw back. It's like a soap opera.. You know how the writers can never leave a couple happy for like, more than 5 episodes? Which is like, two weeks, soap opera time. At least that's Maria used to say. Well, whoever writes my life has a sorry sense of humor. Because we didn't even have 5 days.

We had only just begun to love our lives. I had waited my whole life to be married. When we left Roswell, my dream came true. And that was the most precious thing I had. My love, my heart, the other half of my soul. Joined to me forever.

The day we were married, was like a holiday. We took the day off. No fighting aliens. No running from the FBI. No worrying about the people who might see us. That's what we needed. A break. A release. We had just left everything we had ever known behind us. Our homes. Our families. Our lives.

We started out with nothing. Some superpowers, a few hundred bucks, and an old blue van. It was a meager start, to say the least, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I'd do it over and over again, if given the choice. Because that was the last time I saw them. Any of them. The five people who had become my family. But now, it's just me. I'm the last one. The only one. Everyone I love is gone. And I know that I can never go home.

It happened in a matter of minutes. Minutes that seemed like days. Minutes that will forever be burned into my memory. We had talked about it, just before we left Roswell. The night we got engaged. About how we may only have 12 days to live, but if that was the case that we would have lived 12 lifetimes. I wonder if we would have done things differently had we known. If we would have gone another direction. If we would have said something different. If we would have taken more time.

We were sitting in a diner. An old little place where the waitresses still wore lace trimmed aprons and the tables still had their own jukeboxes. And there wasn't another soul around. Isabel was the first. She had forgotten something in the van and had gone outside to get it.

We were sitting there, talking and laughing, and remembering, when the door was thrown open and she came running inside. I don't know how she did it. She was hurt so bad already. But she had somehow managed to make it inside. She had to warn us. Wanted us to run. Wanted us to run because they had found us. She didn't live long enough to see that it was already too late. Before they even came in the door, she had dropped to the floor. And she was gone. That quick. No chance to heal her. No chance to bring her back.

Kyle was next. He and Isabel had been each other's consolation when we left Roswell. It was Michael and Maria, and Liz and Max. Naturally, it became Kyle and Isabel.

When he saw her crumble, he snapped. His powers hadn't developed yet, so all he had was what he knew. And he actually took one of them out with him. He went flying across the room in a tackle he had learned playing football. They crashed through the glass and landed outside, the special unit agent shot by his own gun, Kyle having landed on the small brick wall, breaking his neck. He too died instantly. Getting revenge for Isabel's death.

Tired from writing, the worn fingers reached up to wipe a tear from the already tear-streaked face. The hands had seen many fights. And had finally come to rest. He picked up the pen once more and began to write.

We scattered in different directions. Our first instinct was to run, but it didn't work. They were everywhere. They had us surrounded. Somehow, Michael and I ended up running in the same direction. We could only hope that the others had run too. Maria and Liz. Because we knew Kyle and Isabel were already gone. We hadn't even gotten outside yet when we heard her scream. We couldn't leave her. We turned in the other direction, and they had her by her hair. She was screaming, but it wasn't a scream of fear. It wasn't one of pain. It was one of anger. And she was screaming at us to get out. Her eyes locked with Michael's, and I heard an awful noise. A sound I wish to never hear again. Then her eyes went wide, and her body limp. They had snapped Maria's neck, and she too was gone.

I tried to grab Michael, but couldn't. He lifted his hand and ran towards them, ready to give his life if that's what it took. I always knew he'd die for her if he had to. And he did. His blast hit the very agent that had killed his soulmate, and another agent shot him. He screamed in pain, then was gone. Just like that. The moment he died, I think he actually smiled. Because he knew he had gotten the man that had killed his Maria.

What happened next is something I will never understand. Something that plays itself over and over in my mind with every passing day.

Once more, he stopped, and put the pen down. He put his face in his hands and wept. For the first time in five years. Wept for the future's they never had. The life the never got to live. The dreams they had never gotten to fulfill He wept for the lives of the people who had meant the most to him. All taken from him, leaving him alone to avenge their deaths. Shaking, he cried all the tears that would come, then picked up the pen once more.

I saw Liz standing just a few feet from me. She was crying, and she kept turning from me to the agents to the door. It was just behind her, and I can't help but wonder if she would have gotten away had she run. The next seconds play back in slow motion. Like you play a scene over and over in your VCR trying to see what really happened, because it went by so fast. I was looking straight at her, when she turned her head to the side. She turned back around to face me, and he eyes were wide with fear. I heard her scream, and she jumped at me. That's when I heard the shot go off. And I felt her land on the floor just below at my feet, the blood already pooling on her shirt.

I can't explain what happened next. I've only done it that one time, and as far as I know, I can't do it again. I felt her die. I felt her life leave her body, and it was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. At that moment, the anger I felt towards every single one of those men in that room overcame me. They had just killed my family. And I can't remember what I did. I fell to the ground and took her lifeless body in my arms, and raised my head to face them. I focused on the anger I felt. And raised my hands in the air. I was going to take at least one of them with me. I closed my eyes, and screamed, waiting to feel the blast of the gun tearing into my skin. But it never came.

I opened my eyes, and I couldn't believe it. Every single one of the agents was dead. Lying on the floor. Dead. I don't know what happened. I had emitted some kind of force that not only took the one I had aimed for. It took them all. And I was the only one left standing. I cried for hours, holding Liz in my arms.

My sweet, precious, beautiful Liz. She had saved my life. Given the ultimate sacrifice. I had always told her that I would die for her. But I didn't get the chance. She died for me. And I hae spent the last five years getting vengeance for her.

After hours, I kissed her forhead and smoothed back her hair. Her face was still perfect. No blood, no cuts, no bruises. She was still flawless. And I could still smell the strawberries. I took off my jacket and covered her body with it. I went to Isabel, and laid her next to Liz. Next, I took Maria, her hair still clasped in the hands of the man who had taken her life. I took her and laid her next to Liz, then picked up Michael and put him next to Maria. I went outside and picked up Kyle, and put him next to Isabel. I gave them my last goodbye, and went outside. Under an old oak tree, in Sedona, Arizona, behind what is now the ruins of an old diner, lay the bodies of the five people I should have died with. And that's where I'll be.

I found some papers in one of the Special Unit vehicles. It had the name and address of every single Special Unit agent on the force. It had all the information I needed. So I went after them. I destroyed each and every one of them, not only because I knew that they would eventually find me. But because I knew they were the reason I was all alone.

Today, the last one is gone. It took me five years to track him down, because after all the others, he had run from me. But I found him, and now he's gone. The special unit won't ever take anything from me again. And all of you can live your lives in peace.

In this box is what is left of the children you once knew. Before I buried them, I took something from each one. Isabel's wedding rings. Kyle's letterman's jacket. Michaels' watch. Maria's necklace. And Liz's wedding rings. I am enclosing mine as well. I know they would want you all to have these things. They are the only thing's we'll leave behind.

I won't live long enough to see you again. I wanted you to know what happened. It's been five years since you've heard from us, and I know you are all worried. I couldn't bring myself to contact you until now. I found Liz's journal, the one I gave her as a wedding gift in the van. This is it's first and last entry.

I am going to her now. My wife. My other half. I feel it. All I have to do is wish it, and it will come. My release. And I can join my family.

Please know that we all loved you. You all gave us life, and we relished every moment of it. You were forever present in our minds.

Shaking, he signed his name to the letter, then on second thought added five more.

Love always, your children.

Max Evans,
Liz Parker Evans,
Isabel Evans,
Kyle Valenti,
Maria Deluca
and Michael Guerin.

He adressed the box to Phillip and Diane Evans in Roswell, New Mexico, knowing they would know what to do with it. He left it at the Post Office, and drove back to the collapsing building. He got out, and walked behind it, stopping underneath the old oak tree. He laid down on the ground, and reached out to feel her. Like he hadn't in five years. And when he did, he was overjoyed. Once again, he could feel her. Then he closed his eyes, and let the darkness claim him.

You know what I want now!

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