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Author: Isabelle (No, I’m not an Isabel fan, that’s just my name, hehehe)
Title: ~Is it really Love?~ For now, that’s the tittle until I come up with something better
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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything but a really crappy computer. Do you really think suing ( I don't know how to spell but luckily my computer does) a teenage girl who sits at home doing nothing during the weekend except waiting for her messed up computer to load? Yeah, see, I didn't think so.
Summary: Totally AU. NO ALIEN. Pretty much summarizes stuff in chapter 1. Max and Liz run into each other during a party and they haven't talked since the SENIOR prom. I’m not good at summarizing so just read. (It’s a totally different story line. Not at all related to s1, s2, or s3)
Category: Max and Liz of course. A little bit of other CC couples thrown in here and there, but mainly Max and Liz
Rating: PG-13
Author's note: I don’t know if I would continue this fic. It really depends on the amount of feedback I get.

Chapter 1

“Come on Liz. I know you want to!” Maria groaned, pleading with her friend to go.

“No Maria, I’ll feel uncomfortable.” yeah, mainly because Max is going to be there. What am I am going to say to him when I meet him? Yeah, sorry about the prom. Yeah, SURE…that was sarcasm, hope you caught it*big*

“I’ll feel weird too. But Michael wants me to go; this meeting is important to him, and he wants me to be there. He is going to spend most of his time chatting with his clients though. Come on! I’ll get you a date with some hot guy afterward. K?”

“hehehe, nah”

“Consider me here. Who am I going to talk to? I’m going to bored to death!”

“Talk to yourself. You usually don’t seem to have that much trouble when you’re alone in your car.” Liz starts giggling and receives a pillow thrown right at her face. “Hey! That’s what you do when you ask someone for a favor?”

“No, this is what I do.” Maria drops to her knees. “Please Liz, please please please please please please please please. Pretty please with vanilla strawberry on top.”

“Maria,” Liz said half giggling, “get up, you look pathetic.”

“So you agree to go?”


“but you’ll be my bestest friend ever.”

“I AM your bestEST friend ever.”

“You know I’ll do it for you.”

“Didn’t you use that this morning when you wanted my sundae?”

“What’s your point?” Saying it in a fake confusion, sarcastic voice. Then she turned to Liz with a puppy look in her eyes and pouted.

“Oh gosh. Okay, I’ll go, but you’ll owe me big time.”

Maria flew at Liz entangling her in a hug. “Thank you. Thank you!!”

“I don’t have anything to wear though.”

“That can be fixed.” Maria said briskly signaling Liz to follow her. Liz enters Maria’s walk in closet; it was mecca.
Who would have thought a college girl needed this much clothing?! GEEZ! She thought Maria had a lot in high school, but it was nothing compared to this.

Maria had been Liz’s friend since forever. With talent and persistent, she had gotten a full paid scholarship to The DeLancre’s School of Fashion, the best school of fashion in the nation, located in Massachusetts. (That school isn’t real, I just felt like making something up *big* ) It was almost impossible to get in, but with Maria’s inane talent , nothing was not doable.

“Welcome to the Delucca’s wardrobe. We have everything here from casual to dinner wear. Take this dress for example, hand crafted to cling to your every curve and silky smooth against your skin. But that’s not all. The light pink color brings out the beautiful shade of your dark eyes.” Maria said, imitating a voice of the speaker for runway models.

“hehehe. WOW! Maria did you make this? It’s beautiful!”

“Of course. Only the best can make the best,” Maria nonchalantly said while conceitedly waving her hand in the air, and then she brought it down to blow at her nails.

“Uh, shut up!”

“well ya like?”

“Of course I like.”


The two girl stepped out of the cab. The enchanting mansion lied in front of them with the moonlight beating down giving the scene a mystery glow.

“Michael is LOADED isn’t he?!” Liz exclaimed when she caught a glimpse of the fortress in which Maria’s boyfriend lived.

“You can say that…”

“If I could own a house like this for only a day I’ll be happy.”

“Yeah, but he isn’t as rich as M—I mean, you know”

“Why are you so afraid to say his name while I’m around?” Liz answered raising her eyebrow, “I don’t understand”

“umm,” Maria wasn’t sure why she never said his name. It was just kind of like a given, Never say Max’s name She guessed it was because after senior prom, Liz had packed up her stuff and ran like the plague was upon her. Then the evening, Max had come around looking for her. They were arc enemies and he was looking for her! Something must have happened, but Liz didn’t want to talk about it so Maria never bothered her. “So shall we head in.”

“Yeah, let go.” The two petite blonde and brunette women walked on the stoned path leading to the front door of Guerrin’s mansion.

After Maria pressed the doorbell, the door suddenly jerked opened by a man in a black suit. “Good evening Miss Delucca. You’re very early. Master Guerrin is up in his room; he’ll be down in a minute.” The butler greeted the green eyed girl, “ I see you brought a friend. And you Miss…”

“Liz Parker”

“Miss Delucca and Miss Parker, come in. May I take your coat?”

“Yes, thank you Andrew.” Maria and Liz handed their long jackets to the butler. Suddenly a man came down the
stairs. He was dressed in an elegant yet business-like suit. The semi-long blonde haired man came over to Maria and gave her a quick peck on the lips.

“Hey,” Michael said whispering into Maria’s ear leaving Liz standing there feeling a bit uncomfortable. Then suddenly realizing that Liz was standing next to them, he turned to her. “Hey Liz!”


“Some of the guests already arrived. Maria, I gotta go take care of some business now. Why don’t you and Liz go into the ballroom, I’ll be down in a second.”

Maria led Liz to the gigantic room that was overflowed a gentle melody of music on the piano. It was filled with at least 50 people.
Liz leaned over to Maria. “This is what he called ‘some’”
Maria let out a small laugh, “Yeah, you should see what he calls ‘couple of people’!”
When they entered, all eyes turned upon Liz. However, she was oblivious to these things, she followed Maria to where they can sit down.

The women stared at Liz because they were curious of who she was. The men stared at her wanting to be introduced to the beautiful lady. They knew who Maria was; she was Michael’s girlfriend who if anybody laid a hand on, he would be in big time do-do. But this new girl…who was she? She must be one of Maria’s friend they told themselves.

They two girls sat on the couch in the corner of the room chatting merrily. Liz didn’t know that she was being watched by the all the single men in the room which such burning admiration. But in no one eyes did the burning desire shined brighter then the handsome man standing next to a blonde woman.

Max Evans looks around the room half bored with the conversation between his girlfriend and her friend. Then suddenly a brunette on the couch stopped his wandering eyes. He looked at her remembering what it was like to watch her at the prom. Granted they did hate each other’s guts, but she was the loveliest girl that day, and she still is now.

* * * * * * * * *

Okay, so let me tell you a little bit about Liz Parker. As beautiful as an angel, intelligent, or cunning? Nope, just all of the above and MORE. But guess what, she wasn’t one of those girl who can be picked up with a simple line like “How you doing”

Okay, now if you watch Friends, imagine Joey. See, ahhh, get it now? GOOD!
Can I move on? Okay. Anyway, I should have known. I mean, a girl like that wouldn’t be that easy.

So anyway, who was the guy that didn’t want her?

ME. (but then, granted of course that she was the daughter of my father’s evemy, making her my enemy. So do you pretty much get the story?) Then of course, I started wanting her because she threw herself right at me. What kind of guy would be that stupid not to. Right?

{{{INSERT FLASHBACK (clouds, music, with Max’s over voice in italics, and you know, all that crap)}}}

So there was this girl, that I didn’t know existed until this week. Well, I did, but I didn’t think she was THAT beautiful until I saw her dark chocolate eyes. She was…well you know the description. PERFECT. Model like even. You want a picture. Yes? Well too bad, I don’t have one right now. Anyway, so guess what I did that week?

“Liz, oh my god! Guess what I just heard,” Maria and a group of their friends ran up to Liz after lunch jumping up and down excitedly, and she was caught so of guard she almost spilt her soda. However, that didn’t matter, what mattered was why they were so excited.

“What? What?” Liz queried, her curiosity heightened

“Max Evans is going to ask you out.” Laurie exclaimed.


Their eyes shot wide open. “What? You’re kidding right. Are you sure we have the same Max Evans?” asked
“Only the most lusted boy of West Roswell High,” added Amy.

“Whoever gets asked out by Max is like the luckiest person EVER!!” They all sighed.

“?!?” Liz gave them a ‘Do I look like I care?!” smirk.


“You’re kidding right? What are you going to say to the guy?”

“uh DUH! ‘NO!’ REJECTION is what he’ll get that conceited pig!”

“HAHAHA, never thought I see the day when Max Evans would be turned down besides anyone, but me. Because you know, I AM taken.” Maria said.

“We know, we know Maria. Michael is a lucky guy.” They all said in union giggling.

“But you gotta admit, he is like so to die for,” Kelly said.

“uh, like, I don’t like really give a like damn,” Liz said imitating Kelly’s valley girl act.

“Max Evans never not gets what he wants. We’ll see what she’ll say when she comes face to face with him,” Kelly whispered to Diane just loud enough for Liz to here.

‘I’ll prove you wrong Kelly.’ Liz thought to herself

Then suddenly all of them shrieked. All except Maria and Liz of course. “Oh my god! He’s heading over”

Max flashed them a bright smile and pushed his hair back and they all fell into and oogling mess. Liz rolled her eyes; Maria was looking around for Michael. ‘Yeah sure. He was kind of handsome, but what’s their problem!’ Liz said to herself.

“Hey Liz! Can, I talk to you a minute?” In the background you can see Liz’s friends pulling out their money making bets.

“Uh..Hey. Yeah, okay”

See, she’s totally throwing herself all over me!

“I was wondering if…”

“yes,” Liz said seductively inching closer to him.

“yeah, well anyway, want to go catch a movie” Max asked a little to overly confident with her answer.

‘hehehe, Mister-I-am-the-bomb, we’ll see about that. This is going to be so much fun!’

“Well I was thinking more of…” moving closer to him.

Max swallowed hard. No girl had even come this close to him when he asked her out. This girl must be pretty desperate. COOL! “Of what…?” taking on a more teasing tone.

Now she was right in front of him, (remember her coke is still in her hand), and she reached out to play with his shirt collar.

What did I tell you? ALL OVER MEEEEE!!
“Of taking your overly confident self and stuffing it up your ass. Or better yet, for now anyway…” She poured her whole coke can on him, and left. He stood there dumbfounded.

She headed toward her friends where she received a round of applause.

“Liz, I got to hand it to you, you were so awesome chica!” Maria said giving Liz a high five.

“I was, wasn’t I?”

“Oh yeah!”

See I told you so. She TO-TAL-LY wanted me!


From that day on, we kind of started hating each other. ARC ENEMIES is a good word to describe us. And then our parents starting abhorring each, and we started getting pissed at each other even more. Until senior prom…

Nope, sorry, no flashback for this one. That’ll be totally giving it away!

* * * * * * * * * *

TBC? (I have no idea what that means, I just see it so I copy. *big* )


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THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You don't even know how much feedbacks mean to me.

Starprincess Liz is in school, so is Maria. Max is in business school. Liz would later be a reporter. It will play out. I have a good amount of it written already.

tabascosauce The events at the prom didn't make our dream couple become enemies; it made Max realize he had feelings for Liz. You'll see in Chapter 3 or 4, I don't know how I'll split it up yet.

Pipernsalt Yes, patiences is a virtue. *big*

Chapter 2

Max mesmerized by Liz. She was now dancing, waltzing in the ballroom that he used to think was so beautiful when he had first seen it. However, now, it didn’t seem to be as beautiful as it had been; she had taken away its beauty because of hers. Suddenly he wished he could be dancing with her just like that faithful day. He wanted to remember what it felt like to have her body pressed against his and smell her sweet aroma once more.

“Tess, I’m going to talk to somebody for a second.”


Pretend that senior prom never happened. That way she’ll talk to you, but maybe she forgot about it by now, it has been 3 years! She did tell me to forget, okay, act like you would before that day. Max told himself. First before he headed over to Liz, he went to Alex, the D.J.

“Hey Alex. Need ya to do me a favor okay? When I signal, play this song.”

“No problemo”

Someone tapped on her shoulder. Liz turned around to see herself staring in the darkest almond eyes she had ever seen; there was something familiar about. His hair was neatly combed with a few lost strands tumbling on his forehead. His tuxedo was suave, elegant, extravagant—the epitome of sophistication. It could be the one and only…But please…not here. NOT NOW!

“Liz Parker, fancy meeting you here. Looking for me?” The smirk on his face evidentially showing.

Okay, maybe he forgot about senior prom. Of course he did! He is too busy; he doesn’t have time to keep track of all his little petty love life, and especially the ones that took place three years ago on one night! Don’t mention it and everything would be okay.

“Only in your dreams,” Liz glanced at him and answered briskly.

“Nah, I find dreaming overrated.”

“Max Evans, still as arrogant as ever I see. What now? Dreaming not good enough of your standards.”

“Always. So what are you doing here? Besides looking for me of course” He gave her his most dashing smile which usually brings girls to their knees, but with Liz, she never really cared. He knew because he had been trying it all through high school.

“Maria dragged me so I kind of had to go.” She added in a small voice afterwards, “she promised me a HOT guy, but I don’t know what she really labels as hot, you know. I mean, she thought Tim—as in the Justin Timberlake wannabe—was hot….”

“Oh I see.” Max chuckled.

“So, what have you been doing with yourself lately?”

“Nothing much except talking to a beautiful lady right now.”

“Laying on the charms again?! I heard you use that line during high school already. Losing your punch lines already?!”

“Nah, I’m just starting!” he winked at her.

“What do you want to do now? Me to make your life a living hell again because I’m kinda bored of those days already.” She commented sarcastically.

“You quitting?! DAMN!” he pauses for a second, then continues “aww, I’m so very disappointed right now. I was kind of hoping for a challenge, ” he half-pouts pretending he was really devastated. “But of course, no one can beat me.”

“Hahaha, I see you are dreaming again. But anyway, if there is nothing more you wish to say, I promised Mr. Kennel a dance.”

“Actually, Miss Parker, I was hoping for a dance myself.”

Then Sean Kennel approached them. “Elizabeth, I believe you promised me a dance.” Liz was so glad so almost jumped with joy. Now she wouldn’t have to dance with Max…for now, but that was of course denying the inevitable. When the song had ended, the dark haired man came up to her once again.

“So, may I have the next dance or else I’m going to constantly bother you?”

~~~~ 1 hour later ~~~~

Liz and Maria are trying to have a conversation, but Max is constantly hovering around Liz.
“Maria, those courses are way too hard—“







Maria is standing there amuse at the scene in front of her. “Max Evans begging a girl to dance with him and she won’t say yes. REJECTION BITES huh? Never thought I see the day. Never mind, I did.” She was fit in laughter. “OUCH, must hurt your ego doesn’t it? By the same girl too. ***giggle*** Never know when to give up do you?”

“You really think it hurts his ego?” Liz said, a little bit too enthusiastically.

“One dance, please, I’ll stop after that.”

“Nope. I have class tomorrow, and I’m tired and I’m annoyed. I’m going to take a bus home.”

Liz then turns to her blonde friend. “Maria, I think I’m going to head home and get some sleep now.”

“Liz, tomorrow is Saturday, what are you talking about? You usually just sit at home eating a bag of a potato chip complaining about how bored you are.” Liz eyes cast Maria an I’m-going-to-roast-you-ass glance. “Just stay a bit longer, okay? Until I can say bye to Michael; he is too busy for me to do it now.

“Fine. I’ll stay”

“If you’ll stay, just one dance, please.”

“How many times do I have to tell you no? Geez, I’m not in the mood right now okay? I mean, I go to this school thinking that if I get as far away from New Mexico as I can hoping I’ll never see you again. And guess what I find out? You’re here!”

“Liz just give him one stupid dance.”

Liz turned her gaze to the built man in the dark suit. “Fine, but only one.”


“I would love to,” she said monotonously.

“You could at least pretend to feel excited about it.”

“You’re pushing your luck as it is Evans.”

Max signaled to Alex. The pianist began playing the soft melody of “Eternal Flame.” It all seemed so wonderful at that moment as the chandeliers were dimmed into a soft hue. The chatter quickly died down and was replaced by soft, affectionate whispers. It was just like that night back in 12th grade.

Max took Liz’s hand and led her across the dance floor. With that simple gesture, they both felt a warm feeling shoot through the palms of their hands. She looked up at him with surprise as he stared down at her. He first gave her a sweet, gentle smile, that was soon replaced by smug. However, in his eyes, she saw something else.

Her thoughts were fuzzy and strangled along with images of his dark eyes. The piano was still playing, but now was being accompanied by a beautiful voice. This was just like reliving ….


“And, the King and Queen of West Roswell High is…drum roll please” DUM DUM DUM DUM

“Max Evans and Liz Parker.”

Max walked up to the stage, but Liz was a no show. “uh-oh, where is our queen?”

“There she is!” A girl yelled pointing to the girl who was exiting. Everyone ran toward Liz and began ushering her to the stage. Liz didn’t want to go, but she had no choice, they were pushing her.

“Now our King and Queen will have their first dance.” Max takes Liz’s hand; all the light dims except one shining upon the couple. They began to twirl a long with the music of “Eternal Flame”. Everyone began cheering, but no one existed to them, but themselves.

Close your eyes, give me your hand, darling
Do you feel my heart beating
Do you understand
Do you feel the same
Am I only dreaming
Is this burning an eternal flame

They leaned together. Liz placed her arms around his neck while his were around her waist. Their two hearts racing; each could feel the other’s nervousness.

“This is different!” *chuckle* “We have never dance before.” He said, trying to lighten the mood.

Liz was apprehensive with her reply. “Thank you Max…about before.” Liz whispered to Max.

“Thank me for what? I would have done it to anyone.”

I believe it's meant to be, darling
I watch you when you are sleeping
You belong with me

“Yeah, but you did it for me. You didn’t have to, but you did.” She relaxed into this arms.

He gently pushed her out so he could lift her chin and stare into her eyes. “What do you mean I didn’t have to?! He was you know for god’s sakes!”


No, please, he couldn’t have remembered! It was too long ago…please…don’t let him remember. But this is too much of a coincident. Same music, same type of surrounding…

Feeling that she was being watched, Liz looked up to see Max’s eyes staring at her intently. He bore the same curious gaze and yearning desire he did that day. “What?”

“Oh nothing, it’s just…” you’re so beautiful, but I can’t tell you that. You won’t believe me


“No, it’s nothing.” He was still looking at her, studying her.

“Stop that!”

“Stop what?”

“That looking thing.”

“What looking thing?”


“What?” He still continued to stare at her without realizing the passion he held in his eyes.

“never mind.”

“okay.” They became silent and just waltzed around the ballroom. Max had never felt this way when he danced with any other girl before. His hands had a mind of its own. He slowly caressed her back drawing lazy circles on her dress with his hands moving up and down. After a few seconds of him doing that, Liz’s eye looked up and their eyes met each other for the first *real* time tonight in so long.

Do you feel the same
Am I only dreaming
Or is this burning an eternal flame

“You are very weird you know that?”

“huh? Why would you say that?”

“just ‘cuz”

“okay…” Liz commented rolling her eyes.

A strand of hair fell onto her face from the twirling and he tucked it behind her ears with his hand. She’s more beautiful than I had remembered. His hand lingered there playing with her cheek as chocolate brown eyes stared into almond ones. This feeling that burned in both of them was so familiar. They felt like they finally really belonged. Their dance movement began to slow down to a stop.

“I’m feeling a little dizzy.”

“Me too, kind of light headed.”

“Yeah.” Liz whispered still staring into his eyes.

“Yeah, maybe we should stop.”

“We had stopped.”

“Yeah, of course.” Then silence passed between them once again as they continue to gaze into the dark pool of each other’s eyes. Max was suddenly overcame by a sudden urgency to lean his head down to close the gap between them, and he did just that. He leaned closer and closer….

The last note was sang and the song slowly came to an end.

“Am I interrupting something?” a high pitched voice from a blonde woman asked the two staring with eyes devouring Max and piercing Liz. Max and Liz slowly recovered from how close the were from making contact. She abruptly let go on him. He drew back the hand that was resting on her cheek.

“Oh no, nothing,” Liz answered quickly.

“Darling, how about a dance?” Tess asked Max.


Next part should be out latest next Saturday. I still have stuff to fix on it. It depends on how much homework I get. (Hopefully I get none *wink*)


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New part should be out as soon as possible!

TEACHERS!! UGH!! Can't live with them! *tongue* that's pretty much it...

I'm sorry guys/gals! I don't care about school!! (yeah right!)


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Author's Note THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE FEEDBACKS!! I'm so sorry...I had so much homework lately.

From Chapter 2

The last note was sang and the song slowly came to an end.

“Am I interrupting something?” a high pitched voice from a blonde woman asked the two staring with eyes devouring Max and piercing Liz. Max and Liz slowly recovered from how close the were from making contact. She abruptly let go on him. He drew back the hand that was resting on her cheek.

“Oh no, nothing,” Liz answered quickly.

“Darling, how about a dance?” Tess asked Max.

Chapter 3

* * * * * * * * * * * *

So he had a girlfriend? Of course Liz, how can you be so stupid. He is such a jerk!!
But no, I shouldn’t say that. He was my knight in shining armor once. Everything I wanted and needed right at the moment combined in one. You know the phrase “tall, dark, and handsome.” Well guess what? He was all that AND more.


(before them dancing together)
“Well at least I’m not dating a BIMBO that when you shine a flashlight through one ear, it shines out the other!” Liz yelled her eyes raging with fire making her all the more beautiful to Max.

“Geez Liz! You are so annoying?! I’m trying to apologize here and you blow up in my face.” He exclaimed.

“And you’re a jackass!! Popularity rules over what is right doesn’t it!”

“Liz…” he started slowly.

“SCUMBAG!” She raised her hand and was about to slap him, but he caught her hand and moved closer to her.

“GOD!! You are so pissing me off!” As he said those words, he was about to take her in his arms and kiss all his anger off him. Why is it all that all the sudden this week he keep on wanting to kiss her? Tell her that she should be with anyone, but him.

“Liz, you shouldn’t be with someone like that!”

“Screw it Evans!” Liz yelled and walked over to her boyfriend, Christian.

later that night

“I’m getting thirsty,” Christian complained.

“Yeah me too. We need to get some punch.”

“Good idea, while you’re over there, can you get me some too?” GOD, he is even more annoying than Evans! Why am I still going out with this guy?

Liz headed over to get some punch. While she was gone, Amber made her move. She walked seductively up to Christian.

“Hey,” she came closer to him, rubbing her body on his.

“Hey,” Christian said getting aroused.

Liz poured some punch into the cup.

“Valedictorian Liz Parker doesn’t know that the punch is spiked. Tsk tsk tsk”

Recognizing the voice, Liz stared up with an annoyed expression. “What do you want now?”

“Well unless you want to drink spiked punch, I would recommend this.” He threw her a water bottle.

“Whatever.” She took his bottle and walked back.

“At least a ‘Thank you Max’ or ‘You’re so kind Max”, but NOOO…”

As Liz caught sight of Christian and Amber making out, she stomped over yanking Amber out of Christian’s grasp.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

“Liz, I can explain.”

“Okay,” Liz said calmly tapping her foot. “I’m waiting.”

“Let’s go outside, I don’t want to create a scene.”

“Fine, let’s go.” She yanked on his arm harshly and pulled him outside.

“Liz, I care about you…”

“OH, just save it. K?”


“What did you want to explain?! She just happened to fall onto your face! YEAH!! GREAT EXPLANATION!!” Anger began to fill her. But in truth, it wasn’t just because of this, she was already mad at Max before. “You know what, I had enough of this!!” She began to walk away.

“What the f---!! YOU WHORE!”

“Speak for yourself.” Not knowing there was a watcher of the scene, he pulled her to face him and slapped her back causing her to almost lose her balance, but two arms reached out and caught her.

“WHAT THE F*#$ do you think you’re doing!!” Max Evans yelled thoroughly furious. It was one thing to make fun of a girl, but it was just low to ever strike a girl. He grabbed Christian by the collar of his shirt and pushed him toward a nearby tree. “I swear to god if you ever hit her again, I’m going to beat the shit out of you that you won’t even know what happened!”

Christian chuckled. “Like I’m afraid of you.” Max’s muscles tensed up and he pushed Christian harder against the tree almost strangling the guy.

“Now, what did you say?”

Because of his lack of air, he had to give up his dignity. “Fine, fine, I won’t even come near her again.” Max let go of Christian and walked over to Liz. She was no longer standing, but now she was huddled against the tree muffling her cries.

“Are you okay?”

“yeah….actually, no, but I’ll be okay.”

“How long has this been going on Liz?”

“You know what, I’m going to go to the little girl’s room now.” Liz said, purposely trying to avoid his question. She stood up and began walking toward the bathroom, but he halted her.

“Liz, I didn’t tell Tess anything about,” he pointed to Christian’s retreating form. “I don’t know how she found out, but you have to believe me.”

Liz looked at him and she saw honesty written in his eyes. “I believe you.”


You see? Night in shining armor. Well anyway, that was then, this is now.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Well actually Tess, I’m getting a little tired.”

“Oh,” Tess said disappointedly and walked dejectedly back to her friends.

Liz and Max stood there not knowing what to say. Liz thankfully praised all the goodness of earth that someone had interrupted them. Finally, Liz spoke breaking the silence, “I’m getting tired too. I should be getting home. Thanks for the dance.”

He smiles at her. “Need a ride?”

“Depends on Maria.” She signals Max to follow her to look for Maria. Unfortunately, Maria was no where in sight. The began searching in the halls when the finally spots Maria and Michael at the end the hall.

“Oh Michael.” Maria moaned.

“Oh Maria.” Moving his lips to kiss her neck.

Max and Liz both stared away abruptly.

“umm, maybe we shouldn’t bother them.” Max said, uncomfortably.

“Yeah, I need a ride now.”

“Okay.” Max was ready to jump with joy, but he remained calm. “Where do you live?”

“Like 20 minutes from here. I’ll show you.”

They headed to Max’s brand new Mercedes convertible. “Not doing bad for yourself are you Evans?!”

“This is my dad company’s car, he lets me use it.”

“hehehe, wouldn’t your parents just kill you if they knew you were driving me around?”

“Yeah, pretty much, but who said they had to know.”

The drove the first 10 minutes in silence with occasional sneaked glances from Max. Neither of them knew what to say. Then breaking the ice, Liz commented, “So, you’re still dating Tess?”

“Huh? Who said I was dating Tess?”


“No no, I’m just escorting her.”

“escorting? Isn’t that just another term for…” Liz said seductively.

Max chuckled, “no….” They continued making small chats for the rest of the way until they reached Liz’s house. They shared laugh, but none of them really reached Liz’s eyes.

When they reached Liz’s apartment, Max asked, “Do you want me to walk you up?”

“um…I’m fine. Thanks for the ride Max. Good-night.”

“G’night Liz.”

“Liz wait!”

Astonished at hearing her name called she turned around. She was swept up in his arms in one quick motion and he kissed her like there was no tomorrow. Pulling her closer he deepened the kiss…

“you forgot your purse.”



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