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Title: Someone Ask My Heart
Author: Shama
Disclaimer: I don't own anything
Rating: R
Category: Max/Liz AU-sorta

Summary:Everything up to Departure happened except one little twist. There was never a Liz. There was still a shooting though, but I will explain all that later. Liz Parker had everything. She was popular. Was a cheerleader. Was dating the captain of the football team and every guy wanted her. It all changed when her parents decided to move to Roswell, New Mexico. Liz thinks that it has to be the most boring place on the planet and is seriously thinking of running away. However everything changes when she meets the mysterious Max Evans. Liz tries everything to get him, but nothing seems to work. Is Max really not interested or is something or someone holding him back?

Thanks to Lilac Stardust for the banner.

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Wow! I seriously didn't expect that many people to be interested. Thanks for the feedbck. Here's part one. Sorry it took so long.
AN: ** mean journal entries

Someone Ask My Heart Part 1


**It's September 5th. I'm Liz Parker. And right now my life couldn't get any better

Two words.

Josh Adams.

God even the name gives me shivers.

Let me describe him for you.

Blonde hair

Blue eyes.

A body to die for.

Captain of the football team.

Very hot.

Kind of an asshole.

Dumb as a doorknob.

Actually. Now that I think about it. He's like the complete opposite my dreame guy. Well exept for a few details.

Here I'll describe my dream guy for you now.

A serious,

Dark Haired,

Mystery man,

From an exotic place.

Plus I love basketball players. Fottball players are okay, but they kinda turn me off for some reason. Don't ask me why cause I have no idea. Basketball players however...

Anyway guess what happened?

Go on guess?

Fine. Don't then.

I'll just tell you

He asked me out!!!

Yes he

The hot

Blonde haired,

blue eyed,

football playing,

dumb as a doorknob


He asked me out.

Did I say yes?

Of course I did.

Why wouldn't I?

Okay I have been dying to say this all day


Okay so I yelled more than said.

But he did ask me out.


Okay so I guess I'm gonna have to descibe me to you now right?

Alright here we go.

Brown hair

Brown eyes

Nice body.

Very skinny.

Cheerleader. (Not head. I was sooooo close. Really I was. But that little tramp Alison beat me.)

Aliso is our town slut.

I swear she's fucked every guy in town.

She even fucks peoples grandpas.

Hell she's probably fucked her own grandpa.

But we're getting off the subject.



What was the subject again?



Oh right me.

Here we go again.

Hottest girl in the world. (Yes I am sure. Noone compares to me. Not even Britney.)

Bitchy. (I amit it. I am a bitch.)


Smart. (Surprised you there didn't I. I am smart see I'll proove it. 167.6 multiplied by 54.9 is... Well that's what calculators are for right? But I really am smart. I plan on being valedictorian.)

Yup so that's me

A Hot

Brown haired,

brown eyed,





Sound great doesn't it?

Yup I have it all.

And I don't want my life to ever change

Except for my parents.

You can have them.**

"Lizzie can you please come down here?"

That's them.

As I walk down the stairs I hear... Actually I hear nothing. I'm just making stuff up.

In the kitchen my mom and dad are sittin at the breakfast table with huge smiles on the'r faces.

I just want to slap those away.

I don't hate my parent.

Seriously I don't.

I just wish they weren't so damn happy all the time.

My mom gets up and takes out a chair from under the table. She pats it with her hand and slightly bounces.

I decide that today I am actually going to be nice. Not that they'd notice if I was being mean.

I stick a fake smile on my face and sit down looking like I can't wait to hear whet they have to say.

"Lizzie guess what?" My dad says.

"What?" I say in a high pitched voice. I guess I need to work on my acting skills because that sounded really fake.

My parents frown.

Oh My God!

My parents actually frowned.

Quick! Someone get a camera.

They exchange a glance.

My mom puts her hand on mine.

"Honey are you alright?" She asks

I really want to laugh at her.

I bite my lip so I don't.

"Just peachy." I say.

They blow ou a sigh of relief.

"Honey we have something to tell you."

I bob my head. Up and down in excitment.

Look there goes my head

Up and down

up and down

up and down

My dad starts

Up and down

"Lizzie we're moving...
to Roswell, New Mexico." They finish together.

Up and do...

I stop bobbing my head.

My fake smile disappears.

My parents get up and hug me.

My mom is squeeling.

My dad is grinning.*big*

I am crying.*sad*

**It's September 5th.

I'm Liz Parker, and right now.

My life couldn't get any worse.*sad**sad**sad***


If you want.


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Thanks for the feedback. Just so you know part 3 is already done, but I don't have time to post it tonight and I can't post it today cause I won't be here, but it will be up on Thursday. Oh and in this there will not be any Max bashing. There's really no point cause he never knew Liz so he didn't cheat on her. He actually loved the bitch in this. She is still the same evil ho though.

Someone Ask My Heart part 2


I'm trapped

I'm angry

I'm sad

I'm hopeless

And most importantly

I'm alone

I'm Max Evans

I live in Roswell, New Mexico

I'm 18 years old

I'm half alien,

half human

King of the planet Antar

I'm a father

I have a chilld,

a son.

Who is the mother?

Someone I cared for,

Someone I loved,

Someone I trusted,

Someone who betrayed me.

The others don't blame me,

but they should.

I should have known

I should heve been stronger,

I should have been a king.

Wondering what I'm talking about?

I'll tell you

Her name was Tess Harding

Another alien,

My queen.

She came to Roswell a little over a year ago.

I didn't trust her at first.

She made me nervous

She was always staring at me,

smiling at me

Always acted like she knew something I didn't

My sister Isabel was the first one to befriend her.

We told her not to

She didn't listen.

She started bringing Tess over to our house.

Tess would listen to My conversations.

She would always have some excuse to talk to me.

Whenever she was near me she would find some way to touch me

We were partnered up in Bio.

We started to become friends

We talked a little

Then one night she kissed me

We were outside the Crash

It was raining

I got these flashes from her.

I found out who she was.

I rejected her at first

But slowly I gave in.

I started trusting her.

I slept with her.

She got pregnant

The baby couln't survive on Earth

We had to go home

So we found a way

Turns out that's what the granalith was for all along

We were ready to go

We were prepared

But Michael changed his mind

He couldn't leave Maria

He wnt back outside

Only to fun Maria, Kyle and Serena (I switched Liz with Serena, but Max isn't with Serena nor has he ever been)

They were there to warn us

Tess was evil

Tess killed Alex

She was using me

I got everyone out

I needed to talk to her alone

It turns out she was working against us the whole time

She never loved our friendship

She never loved what we had

She never loved our son

She never loved Me

She was just a lying manipulative bitch

And now she has my son

She's on Antar

And there's nothing I can do about it

People are trying to help me

Maria mostly

Then Serena

She's trying to get me to accept that they're gone

But I can't

She doesn't understand what its like to loose a child

She keeps telling me that she wants to help me

That she wants to be with me

But I know it can't work out

I love Serena

But not like that

I love her like I love Maria

Like a friend

I've only loved one person that way

And that person broke my heart

She destroyed my faith in true love

I can never be with anyone like that again

You know if anyone had told me 3 years ago that I'd be a father at 18, that I'd have friends that I could actually count on and that I'd be the way I am now. I would have called them crazy.

But here I am

With my friends

The group of 6

It used to be 8

But Tess ruined that

She destroyed what we all had

It's weird to think about how we all got together

It was a pretty normal day

We weren't expecting anything to happen

Me and Michael were at the Crashdown

Isabel was at the mall

Kyle was at home

Alex was practicing with his band

Maria and Serena were working

Everything seemed normal

That is until some guy pulled out a gun

I'll never forget that day

None of us ever could

That was the day our lives changed forever

That was the day that I

Max Evans

Was shot

At the Crashdowwn Caf


Feedback PLEASE

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Alright change of plans. I'm not going anywhere today so I get to post a new part.

Someone Ask My Heart part 3


We're in Roswell.

Notice my lack of enthusiasm.

This place is disgusting

There's alien crap all over


Why did we have to move here?

I want to go back

back to my home

back to my school

back to my Josh

Actually scratch the Josh

That asshole dumped me

Can you believe that?

His exact words were

"Listen Liz. I think we should brake up. You're moving away and I'm not gonna have a long distance relationship with you. You're just not worth it."

Can you believe the nerve of that arrrgggghhh

My parents said its for the best

Like I care what they say

They're wrong

Anyway back to this town

It smells like cheese

I'm serious

I can't believe people would actually choose to live here

Well there's only one thing I can say

And that is that there'd better be some hot guys here

And I'm not talking regular hot

I'm talking MAJOR HOT

Our car pulls up to some café called the Crashdown

What a shitty name

Can't these people come up with anything better?

Anyway I'm curious to why we're here

Are my parents that hungry that they can't wait till we get to our house?

"Honey this is it." My dad says

I stare at him

"Its a café."

They nod

"Why aren't we going to see the house?"

My mom and dad look at each other

"Well," My dad starts, "Actually we're going to live here."

We're living in a caf

Where we gonna sleep?

In the kitchen?

"Mom, how are we going to live in a café?"

She looks really excited

I think I should be worried

"Well honey there's an apartment on top."

I blink


She nods and hugs me

Ohhhh boy

"Shall we go in?" My dad asks

"Whatever." I mumble

Oh my god we're inside now

There's a few people here

Oh god they smell

Don't they know how to take showers

This is gross

Can you say eeeewwwwww?

Come on I know you can

Everyone can

Except mute people

But you're not mute are you?

Didn't think so

So come on and say it with me


There we go

A waitress starts approaching us

What in gods name is she wearing?

That is so tacky

"Hi! I'm Maria DeLuca. Are you the new owners?" She almost screams

Okay I think you've had too many space drinks

My parents ignore her and start walking around

"Fine. Don't talk to me then. It's not like I care." She mumbles to herself.

I think I'm going to like this girl

I extend my hand

"I'm Liz Parker."

Wow I can actually be nice

I didn't know that

She smiles and takes it

"I'm Maria DeLuca."

Like I didn't hear you the first time

But I wont say that to her

She seems okay

and I think we could be friens.

I smile back at her

Okay what is going on with you Liz

You never smile

At least not on purpose

I think Roswell is getting to me

Maybe I should leave


I should run away

That'd be fun

Then I could start my own life

Find my Dream guy

and live happily ever after

Yeah right

With my luck

My dream guy's probably gay

Don't laugh at me

It's not my fault my life is so screwy

I look up as a bell jingles on the door

4 teenagers walk in

The're probabl;y about my age

There's two guys and two girls

The guys aren't that bad

I'd say the're regulsr hot

The girls are pretty

I see Maria smiling at them

"I'll be right back." she says

She walks up to one of the guys

He's got long brown hair

She kisses him.


I'm guessing that's her boyfriend.

The other three sit down at a booth

The other guy has short brown hair

I wonder if he's my dream guy



One girl has short brown hair

Personally I think it would look better long and blonde, but oh well

The other girls got long brown hair

She kinda resembles me

"Hey Liz, come over here." Maria says

I walk over

Why am I following her orders?

I should have stayed in my spot

Well I guess since I'm stuck here I'd better make some friends right?

"Hi." I say

And it sounds nice

God what is wrong with me today?

"I want to introduce you to some people."

I nod

"Alright, this." She points to the long haired boy."Is my boyfriend Michael Guerin."

I smile at him


Stop this

"This is Kyle Valenti." He winks at me

I roll my eyes

"This is Isabel Eva.. Remirez" She points to the short brown haired girl.

Didn't her mother evre tell her that its rude to point at people?

I guess not

"And this is Serena Bryans. Guys this is Liz Parker. She's new."

They all smile at me

I smile back

I think I'm getting the hang of it

You know smiling

Oh Well

Looks like I'm stuck here

I might as well get used to it.


Max and Liz will meet in the next part.

Oh and I need to know something
How do you change the size and coulor of the font?

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Sorry I took so long with this, but I've been a little sick lately.
Thanks Niki, for teaching me how to do this

Someone Ask My Heart part 4


I've been in Roswell for two days now

2 whole days can can you believe it?

I came on Saturday

It is now Monday

Monday means school

Yes I have to go to school

West Roswell High, if I'm not mistaken

So anyway I had to work yesterday


The Crashdown.

It was boring

Hardly anybody was there

I had to where that stupid, tacky outfit too

They're so horrible

I'm gonna see if I can get my dad to change them along with the name of the café.

You know what's really freaking me out?

My parents have turned normal

Like really normal

Now they always ask me questions

What I'm doing

Where I'm going

Who's gonna be there

What time I'll be home

I think it's Ria's mom's fault

They're always hanging out together

It's not that bad though

Cause now I get to hang with Ria more

Yeah I call her Ria now

The first one to too

She likes it

So I've become apart of Ria's group now

Well it's not actually Ria's

They said they've got a leader name Mack... Or was it Matt? I don't remember

I've never met him

I will today though

Cause you know



I Can't wait to either


Yeah like I really give a shit

But they've welcomed me in

They seem nice

Kyle's always hitting on me though

"Liz, Maria's here."

Ooops gotta go

Ria's taking me to school

She's turned out to be my best friend

We have a lot in common

Well except for the fact that she's crazy

I can tell Serena is jealous

Ria said that 2 years ago they used to be best friends.

I wonder what happened?

"Hey Ria." I say as I hop into her jetta

"Hey. So you ready?"

I shrug. "I guess. It can't be that bad, right?

She nods and we drive off

When we get to school Michael was just getting off his bike. "Hey." He says.

I'm not really sure what it is about Michael, but he always seems to be looking at me

Not like he likes me or hates me

Just like he's just making sure I wont attack him when he turns his back

I wonder if he's scared of me

That would be pretty funny

"Hi guys." Serena says as she and Kyle walk up.

So we're all here

Except Isabel

She goes to college

She's married too

"Where's Max." Ria asks.

Max that's it. That's his name

I forgot about him

"He needed to go to the library. He needed to study for a test.

I could almost swear that Serena's got a crush on Mark, I mean Matt, well whatever it is

You can tell cause her face always lights up when someone mentions him

"And aren't you just a tree of knowledge." I say

Then I clamp my hand over my mouth

I seriously didn't mean to say that out loud

Everyone except Serena starts laughing

That's a good sign right?

That means they're not mad at me

I think

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I just a little bitchy right now and wanted to take it out on someone." I say hoping she believes me

She sighs. "It's okay."


I can't believe she fell for that

"So need any help finding the principals office for your schedule?"

I smile and nod

"Yeah thanks I'd really appreciate it."


She signals for me to follow her

While walking down the hall I notice some guys staring at me

I flash them a smile and keep on walking

Just then a guy approaches me

"Hey I'm Sean." He says and grins

"And... I would care why?"

The look on his face was priceless

Serena is still walking, leaving me behind

I start running to catch up with her, not really paying attention to anything else



I'm on the floor now

Why am I on the floor?

I look up and see some guy staring down at me

Oh God

His eyes are beautiful

Ooh and he's hot

And I'm not talking regular hot

Or even major hot

This guy is waaaay hotter

He's like a Greek God

He extends his hand

I take it and he pulls me up


I am so close to him now

"I'm sorry." He says


Am I missing something here?

Why is he sorry?

Oh right he knocked you on the floor

"No, it was my fault." I reply smiling sweetly at him

He's staring at me

Is that a good sign?

He then reajusts his bookbag strap on his back

"What's your name?"

"Max... My name's Max. Max Evans"

I smile

"I'm Liz Parker. I'm new." I say sweetly

He smiles then frowns

"I um, I gotta go."

He walks away

I am left staring at him

Well actually I'm staring at his ass.

It's cute too

"Hey Liz you coming." Serena yells

I nod and catch up to her

"What happened?" She asks

"Nothing. Why?"

She stares at me then shakes her head

"Nevermind. C'mon lets go"

We start walking again

I can't help but, think about Max

Does he have a girlfriend?

Does he like me?

Does he play basketball?

Are his eyes for real?

Oh well. I guess I'll have to ask Ria

She probably knows him


Oh god she's so beautiful


What are you thinking Max

You can't be with her

You don't get involved

You can't

You have too much responsibility

You're a father

But god she's so beautiful

I want her so much


Why does my life have to be like this

Why can't I be normal

'Whats so great about normal'

That's what Serena always says

Well I can answer that

If you're normal you can live a free life

Not have to worry about people finding out your secrets,

You can have fun,

Hang out with friends.

What's so great about normall...


Is that when you're nomal

You can date anyone you want

You can date Liz Parker...


So normal is something I want now

Cause if I was normal

I Could date anyone I wanted

I... could have Liz Parker


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I'm bumping myself. *tongue*
I'm a very pathetic person.

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I wrote this in my five minute break of writing the new part to TMYLM. I was at a writers block and started getting ideas for a new part to this. That part should be up soon though.

Someone Ask My Heart Part 5


Okay right now, I am completely and utterly confused.

I was talking to Ria in PE and I asked her if she knew Max and this is what she said


"Yeah I know Max. Why?"

"Well I just wanted to ask you some questions. You know what's he like? Does he have a girlfriend?" I say

"Listen Liz, I don't care about who you choose to date here, but I'm telling you right now. Stay away from Max Evans."

End FB

I know she doesn't like him

Cause she told me herself that she's in love with Michael

So I don't understand

Is he with someone

I hope not

And even if he is...

He won't be for long


Don't look at me like that

I have to have him

I will have him

I'll do everything I have to to get him

I'll even break him and his girlfriend up

But then again

he might not even have one


What if he's gay!

I mean the guys like... perfect

Okay so I can't be sure cause I only talked to him for about 30 seconds

But he sure looks perfect

God and those eyes...

Oops there's the bell

Its time for lunch

Okay I'm outside now

Oh look there's the group

Oooh Max is there too

Oh I get it now

Max is the leader

He's the same guy they were talking about

The one Serena wants

Oh well

Poor Serena

She can have Kyle

Or maybe that Sean guy

No wait she can't have Sean

He's gonna be my back up

You know if I can't get Max

Which I'm pretty sure I will

But just in case

I'll have to get Sean

No I'm not planning on going out with him

What I mean is that I'll use him to make Max jealous

But I don't think I'll have to

Well better go and put my plan into action

"Hey y'all" I say and sit down

"Hey" They all reply

"Hi Liz." Max says shyly

He's staring at me

Okay I've locked eyes with him

Wait. What is that thumping noise

I think its my heart

Why is my heart thumping?

Am I dying?

No then it would be the opposite right?

What is he doing to me?

I could stare at him forever and not get bored

And that's saying a lot

Cause I get bored reeeeaaaallly easily

"Hey Max can I talk to you for a sec?" Serena says breaking our staring contest


Just had to go and ruin my moment

You think I'm mad?


I don't really give a shit

He likes me better anyway

"Ya sure." He gets up and they walk away


God Serena please don't ask me what I think you're about to ask

"What's going on between you and Liz?"


"What are you talking about?"

That's it Evans

Play dumb

"I saw you staring at her"

"Oh" I say

God can I get anymore lame

"Max you know you can't get invo.."

"Yeah Serena I know!"

You just had to bring it up didn't you

Just had to remind me of what I am

Just had to remind me that I'm a monster who doesn't deserve to be loved by someone

"I'm not gonna do anything with her, so you don't have to worry, not that what goes on in my life is any of your fucking busuiness anyway." I'm yelling at her

She's got tears in her eyes

"I'm just trying to look out for you."" She yells back

"Ya well don't."

I'm walking back to the table now

I'm so mad

I'm mad because she's right

I can't get involved

I sit back down at the table

I want Liz so bad

But Serena's right

And what would Liz say if she found out what I am

She'd probably run away screaming

Maria did

But then again that's Maria

Serena took it pretty well

She ran away, but atleast she wasn't screaming

She was pretty freaked

I had no other choice though

I had to tell her


Crashdown Caf


3 Years ago

School had just started

Me and Michael were sitting in a booth

Talking about guy stuff

I got up to go ask for another bottle of tobasco sauce at the counter, when two guys started fighting

One of them pulled out a gun

Everyone ducked

But not me

I was too scared

I couldn't move

Than all of a sudden I was on the ground

Serena was calling out to me

Michale was yelling for me to do it

I kept thing do 'what'

Then it was like 'oh'

He was telling me to heal myself

But Serena was right there

Holding a towel over my wound

I had to do it though

I was dying

I picked up her hand

She looked so scared

I moved the towel

And put my hand over the gun shot wound

My hand started to glow

I healed myself

Serena knew

I knew she knew

I grabbed a bottle of ketchup from behind me

I broke it and poured the ketchup on me

She was staring at me

"I-I just broke a bottle of ketchup okay?"


She nodded

"Please-Please don't say anything."

She nodded again

"I won't."

End FB

I told her the truth the next day at school

She ran away, like I told you

Eventually she accepted it

But it changed her life

It ruined her life

All of her dreams have been shattered

She won't admit it, but we both know its true

God and I just yelled at her

She's just trying to make sure I'm safe

She doesn't need to worry though

I'm not gonna tell Liz

I can't do that to her

I have to stay away from her

I'll do whatever it takes

I can't do that to her

I can't bring her into this

I can't ruin her life like I did Serena's

I can't...

I can't fall in love with her


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Just so you guys know, I'm leaving so I won't be able to post. I'll be back next week though and with a new part. Thanks so much for the feedback and bumps.
I love u guys.
See ya
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Heeehehe I'm BACK! In less than a week too! I missed you guys soooooo much.
I should have part six up sometime soon. It might even be tomorrow (Shrugs). Who knows. But it will be up soon.
I've got to add parts 8b and 9 to TMYLM first though cause its been way too long since I updated that.
Thanks so much for the bumps.

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I should definitely be in bed now, but I have to take a shower and get dressed oin like 5 minutes so.

I haven't updated TMYLM yet, cause I just can't seem to get it the way I want it so...

Someone Ask My Heart Part Six

Maria POV

Liz asked me about Max today

I knew exactly what she was looking for

I made it seem like I didn't though

I have to see what Liz wants

I need to find out what her intentions are

I guess I kinda expected Liz to like Max

Who doesn't?

Every single girl in this school has at some point fallin in love with him

Every girl wants him

Hell if I wasn't so in love with Michael I would want him too

But that's not the point

The point is thatMax deserves someone who can love him unconditionally(I have absolutely no idea if I spelled that right)

Someone who won't care that he's a czech

Serena doesn't

If you ask me she's perfect for him

But I guess Max doesn't

He only wants to be friends with her

I can see the look she gives him though

Its the same look Max gives Liz

Which is why I told Liz to stay away from Max

I'm testing her

I need to know if she wants more than just a passing fling from him

It depends on her determination to get him

If she gives up right now then Max won't get hurt(ya right, he's already totally in love with her)

And if she doesn't

I'll help her get Max

That is if she can't get him by herself

I think she knows what she's gonna do

Kyle keeps hitting on her

He doesn't like her though

He's just trying to make Serena jealous

Of course she's way to blind to see it

Buit she's perfect for him

I know, I know

I'm confusing you right?

First I said that she's perfect for Max

And now I said that she's perfect for Kyle

To tell you the truth I DON"T think she's perfect for Max

I just said that to make a point

You know about the look?

Okay I'll tell you

Serena gives Max this look

Which Max gives Liz

Which Serena should give Kyle

Cause he gives it to her

But she doesn't cause she gives it to Max

And Max gives it to Liz

Caues he doen't give it to Serena

But she gives it to Max

And she should give it to Kyle

Cause he gives it to her

But she gives it to Max

But he never gives it to her

Cause he gives it to Liz

But Serena still gives it to him

And Kyle gives it to her




Did I just say that Serena gives it to Max,
Max gives it to Liz, and Kyle gives it to Serena.

Are thay having a foursome or something


Mental picture

K what was a REALLY talking about

Cause I know I got better things to do than tell you bout my friend's sex lives


Another mental picture

What the hell was I talking about?

I'm confused



Oh right!

I was talking about THE LOOK

Not their sex lives

Cause like I said I got better things to do than that

Like tell you about mine...

But that's for later

In simpler terms that you would understand

Serena's in love with Max

Kyle's in love with Serena

Max is in love with Liz

And I have to find out if Liz is capable of loving Max

Ya got that all?

If you are too smart for that and think you're as brilliant as me and want the challenge I can give it to you again

No Not THAT!

Get you're mind out of the gutter

Here I'll tell you again

See Serena gives Max this look

Who gives it to Liz

And Kyle gives it to Serena

But she does cause he gives it to her

But she doesn't cause...

That sucked didn't it?

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Don't worry Max and Liz will get together soon. I promise, I've already got everything planned out.

Thanks for the feedback and bumps.*happy*
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I had some trouble writing this at first cause I was completely making up a new character here. I hadn't really planned on making Serena one of the main characters, but then I changed my mind. For the part I just decided to put myself in Serena's shoes and think about how I would feel about this if it happened to me and It's kinda gone from there.


Someone Ask My Heart Part 7

Serena POV

I can't take this

It hurts so much

Why does my life have to be like this

I was so close to having him

Then she had to come

It's not that I don't like her

'Cause I do

But why doeshe have to like her?

Oh come on

Wake up Serena

Why wouldn't he?

She's smart, beautiful, and normal

She's everything you're not

You should just let her have him

But I can't

Not again

I love him

At least I think I do

I guess I've never really known real love

My parents are the richest people in New Mexico

They never cared about me

Everyone thought they did

Everyone thought I had it all

But it was just an act

'This is our daughter Serena. She's our pride and joy. We give her everything she wants.'

Ya right

If that's true then why did I have to get a job at the Crash to get money any buy my own stuff?

You know I've never even celebrated a birthday with my parents

It wasn't important to them

Cause who would care about the day that Serena was born

They didn't

I've never gotten a Christmas present

I've never had someone tuck me in at night

I've never had someone read me a bedtime story

My parents have never even hugged me

I was alone

I never had anyone

That is until Maria and Alex came along

They saved me

The don't know it though

Noone does

They cared about me

They helped me

They made me think that I was actually capable of being loved

But I was wrong to feel that

Who could love me?

The girl who's own parents didn't want her

Then Max came into my life

I fell in love with him in an instant

He was so kind to me

So sweet

But not only that

He happened to be the only one who knew how I felt

Sure he had parents who loved him

But he didn't love himself

He hated himself

Just like I hated myself

The two of us became really close

He even kissed me once

Of course I never told him about me

I was too scared

Scared that he would hate me

Just like everyone else I loved hated me

One day I realized I had to tell him

I had to tell him everything

But then Tess came

Turns out she was his wife


Come on Serena

This is real life not a soap opera

Of course the guys not going to fall for someone like you

When Max told me she was pregnant I thought I was going to die

I wanted to die

All I wanted to do was hang myself, take poison, throw myself under a train, over a cliff

Anything to take the pain away

But I couldn't

I had to find out about Alex

And I did

It was Tess

Tess killed him

And Max had sex with her

He got her pregnant

It hurt a lot

To know that he preferred a girl who murdered one of his best friends over me

Then when Tess left I thought I had a chance

Maybe me and Max could be together

Maybe we could have a family and raise his son together

Then Liz came

I saw the way he looked at her

I've always wanted him to look at me like that

But he won't

He never will

I've lost him again

But then again one kiss doesn't really mean I've ever had him

'Cause I haven't

And I never will

I'm just going to have to accept it

Max Evans will never be mine


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Okay I started another fic and would really appreciate it if you checked it out. It's called The Game Of Love. For the people already reading it part 2 will be up very soon, but I just wanted to get this part out first. For Unheard Truths I've started part 10 and I'm working on it and for Tell Me You Love Me I'm at a writer's block. Sorry.


This part is M/L all the way

Someone Ask My Heart Part 8

Max POV (Location - The Crashdown)

Oh god I have to talk to her

I have to make sure she's okay

I can't believe she saw that

What the hell is wrong with me?

How could I do that?

Oh good there she is

She's at a table giving some people their order

I walk up to her

She turns around to walk and crashes into me

She just keeps walking

I follow her

She walks around to the counter

"Serena?" I whisper

"What do you want Max?" She won't look at me

"I need to talk to you"

She nods. "About what?"

I look down then back up. "About what you saw. About me and Liz."

She finally looks at me

"Look Max I think I kinda figured it out when I saw you."

I can hear the hurt in her voice. There’s tears in her eyes

I feel like a jackass

"Serena... I-I'm sorry."


"Because I know that hurt you." I reply

"I'm fine Max, really I am. I just need some time alone."

I nod. I don't want this to be the end of our friendship.

"We're still friends aren't we?"

She nods. "Of course Max, we'll always be friends. Just friends." She whispers the last part, but I still heard her

"I'll see you later Max, I have to get back to work."

I nod and she walks away from me.

Liz POV (Location - Back room of Crashdown)

Urrrrrrggggggghhhhhh. Stupid Serena!

Had to ruin my moment with Max AGAIN!

Okay I think I'm being a little mean

That must have been pretty hard for her to see

I know Max felt bad about it

Why else would he run after her without saying hardly anything to me?

I don't care though

He's mine now

My plan worked

Just the way I wanted it to

Wanna know what happened?

Come on I know you do

So I'll tell you

Yes right now

Unless you're too busy

You're not?

Okay then

3 hours earlier Location - WRH Lunch time

"Hey Max wana go for lunch with me?"

Um, sorry, but I've gotta do.. um other stuff."

What's up with him?

"Oh okay, well I'll see you later then."

He nods and walks away


What's going on?

Yesterday he's staring at me, and today he won't even look at me

This has to be Serena's fault

I know it is

So now I have to think of another way to get him

Think Elizabeth, THINK!


Did I just call myself Elizabeth?!

Noone's called me that since... well actually my mom called me that this morning.

Anyway back to the thinking

Think Liz, think

Oops too much thinking

I've got a headache now

I'd better find Ria. She'll probably have some Tylenol or something

Oh my god

That's it!

I’ll ask Ria for help

She's friends with Max

So she'll know what's up with him

At least I hope she does

I'd better go ask

'I'm off to see Maria, the wonderful Maria of Roswell. Cause she is...'

Oh god now I'm singing the wizard of oz? This place is really getting me messed up

How about, when I get Max, I take him and leave this hellhole, um black hole, um... whatever


Okay first things first. Find Ria

Oh look there she is

"Hey Ria!" I yell

She turns around and looks at me

"Hey Lizzie what's up?"

Did she just call me Lizzie?

Leave it alone Liz, now is not the time

I walk up to her

"I need to talk to you"

"Alright well we have to go to my locker first. Spaceboy's waiting there for me."

Spaceboy is Maria's nickname for Michael

We walk to her locker

He's not there.


"Okay forget it let's go." She's got this look of anger on her face

Uh oh. Watch out Mikey G. You're in for some major ass kicking.

We walk outside.

Whoa it's bright

"Okay so what'd you wanna talk about?"

"Um its about Max."

She sighs. "Look Liz I already said..."

"Maria.. Please? I really like him okay. Please?"

I'm swallowing my pride here she'd better help me

She thinks about it for a moment then smiles

"Sure I'll help you. Um what'd you need help with?"

"Well I'm not sure exactly. Yesterday Max was staring at me and today he won't even look at me. He's avoiding me now."

I'm whining now, I know I am

But I really really really really really really really really want him

"Look Liz, Max is not like other guys okay. He'd different, special. Just give him some time. He'll cave eventually."

"But I don't wanna wait. I want him now! Today!

When did I become such a whiny brat?

Um, must have been today

"Okay then. How about you first try and talk to him"

"Tried already. He ran away." I reply

"Oh, okay then try ignoring him."

"What?" I'm confused

"Maybe if you ignore him, he'll realize what a dumbass he's being"

"Uh no, I can't ignore him, he's too hot to ignore."

"Ok then there's only one thing you can do. Make him jealous."

An evil smile creeps onto my face


(Last Period)

"So have you decided who you're gonna use yet?" Maria whispers

I nod. "Yup. Sean... um something. I don't know his last name. Oh he's right over there." I point across the room.

"EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW! That's my cousin. I hate him."

"Well I think he's kinda cute."


"Maria, stop it! I'm just using him to get Max, remember?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot." She says sheepishly

She's so weird

Oh there's the bell

"Wish me luck."

Not that I'll need it

"Good luck"

I run after Sean

"Hey Sean whatever. Come here."

He walks up to me

"Yes Liz?" He asks. He's got this cocky smile on his face

Arrrggghhh I wanna punch him."

But I can't. I have to do this.

"Um would you like to go out with me tonight?"

I'm cringing at those words

For some reason I feel like I'm cheating on Max

"Um Gee I'll have to think about it."

I roll my eyes

What a loser

He's trying to act cool. Fine I'll just find someone else. Maybe Kyle.

"Forget it then."

I turn around to walk away

"Okay, okay I will. Um where do you wanna go?"

"We'll just eat in the Crashdown."

Max will be able to see us then

"Yeah sure I'll meet you there after school."

What that's it? He didn't even offer me a ride home.


"Yeah sure whatever see you there."

Finally I can get away from him

Maria was right

Sean is ew


Oh look there's Max

He's looking at me


Okay, now he's walking in the other direction

I think I should be offended

"Hey babe." Sean says as he slips into the opposite side of the booth.

I hate him. He shows up at 4. School's over at 3 buddy. Then he calls me babe. What the hell is up with that?

"Hi." I reply

Maria walks up to us with a fake smile on her face. Of course I can tell she's disgusted with me for choosing Sean

"What can I get you?' She asks

"Uh I'll just have some space fries and a cherry coke." I say

"I'll have a Will Smith special and a Green Martian Shake." Sean says

Maria nods."Okay I'll be right back with your drinks."

She walks away

I look around the café and see Serena looking at me and Sean.

What's that look on her face? Relief? Sorry girl, but I'm not through with Max just yet

The door bell chimes and in walks... oh look its Max

I turn my attention back to Sean and look at Max out of the corner of my eye

He's staring at us

I slip my hand into Sean's

Oh Max looks pissed now

He's walking up to us

It takes all my strength not to squeal in excitement

He's standing in front of us now

"Did you want something Evans?" Sean asks in an irritated voice.

Max nods. "Yeah I do."

He takes my hand out of Sean's and pulls me up to my feet.

Oh god I can't breath

He's leading me into the back now

Okay am I dreaming this?

I'd better not be

After the back door is closed Max slams me into the wall. Not hard of course. I don't think Max would ever hurt me

I see his face inching closer to mine


Max is gonna kiss me

He captures my bottom lip in his mouth and starts sucking on it

Is this really happening?

His arms slide around my waist and mine go around his neck

Max's lips start trailing down my neck

I throw my head back to give him more access

His hands, oh god his hands are going up my shirt

His lips return to mine

He slips hi tongue into my mouth

It starts massaging mine

I start unbuttoning his shirt

He lets his arms fall to his sides as I push the shirt off of him onto the floor

They then return to their spot inside my shirt

His hand starts travelling up, taking the shirt with it.

He pulls it over my head

He's kissing my shoulder now and his ands start pulling at the back of my bra

We then stumble back and fall on the couch

His hands start to roam all over my body

I move my hands to the zipper on his jeans and...


We look up to see Serena standing at the door and a broken plate on the ground

"I-I'm sorry." She says and runs back out.

I look over at Max and he's got this guilty look on his face.

He picks up his shirt from the ground and puts it back on

He starts buttoning it back up as he stands up

"I um, I'll have to talk to you later." he says

I nod and stand up too

He quickly gives me a kiss then leaves

A smile forms on my face

(Present time)

So that's what happened

Pretty awesome huh?

Could my life get any better now?


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I'm late I know, I'm sorry

AN: Isabel married Jesse in the summer. None of season 3 happened.
Also I have stopped writing Tell Me You Love Me.


Someone Ask My Heart part 9

Kyle POV

Life isn't fair

That's my new motto

I will never understand what girls see in Max Evans

The guy hardly ever talks to someone out of our group

Urrgghh Why doesn't Serena just open her eyes?

I'm right in front of her yet she doesn't see me

She doesn't see the anything but the fearless leader

I have nothing against Max really; the guy saved my life after all.

But why does Serena have to like him?

Hold on someone’s knocking on the door

"Just a sec." I yell

The knocking gets louder. "Hold on!"

I open the door to see Serena standing there. She's soaked from the rain, but I can tell all those stains on her face weren't caused by it.

"Are you okay?"

She shakes her head no and runs into my arms

Okay what the hell did Max do?

I pull her inside and shut the door.

We both sit on the couch not saying a word

Finally I can't take it any more

"What happened?"

She starts rambling about something. The only thing I catch is Max, Liz and Crashdown.

I told you this was about Max

There's never been any other thing she comes to me for

"Hey slow down." She stops her rambling and stares at the floor.

"Now care to say that a little slower?"

"I... w-was working... in th-the Crash and I went into the backroom and ...M-Max was in there with L-Liz."

That's why she's crying? Why would... oh

"What were they doing?"

She sniffles. "They were making out... on the couch. He didn't... have his shirt on and... n-neither did she."

She bursts into tears

I can't believe him

Not only does he go off and screw Tess, but gets her pregnant and now he's screwing the new girl

What's wrong with this guy? Can't he see how valuable Serena is? She's the sweetest girl I know. Even though she's grown up with a rich, snobby family, she's not stuck up at all. She's beautiful. Inside and out.

I feel her lean her head on my shoulder

I sneak a glance at her and she's got her eyes closed.

The tears are still falling though

I should be happy right now. After all the girl of my dreams is sitting beside me with her head on my shoulder, but I'm not. This isn't real. Nothing's real anymore.



What am I going to do now?

I guess I could talk to Liz, but I don't think I can

I should talk to Serena too, but I can't find her. She's probably with Kyle.

I'm so confused

Over everything
Tess, Liz, Serena

I've had a relationship with all three

Just because me and Serena were never officially together doesn't mean I never felt anything for her, cause I did, I do, I'm just not sure what

What I am sure of though is that my feeling for her are nothing compared to what I feel for Liz.

As for Tess... Well that's the most complicated thing. I used to think I loved her. But if that was love then what do I feel for Liz.



They don't measure up. I see her smile and I feel... I can't explain it. I could get drunk from her kisses. And the feel of her skin against mine... Okay Max time to come back to earth. You might not be from it, but you definitely don't belong in the clouds.

I lost control today. One look at her with Sean made me go crazy. I had seen Tess flirt with countless guys to get me jealous, but I never really cared.

Then after Alex died she was the only one standing beside me. Everyone else was too busy or unconcerned about me.

Then she promised she'd always be with me and I gave in

I didn't want to be alone. I had spent my life locked away from everyone else. Hiding who I was, how I felt and I couldn't take it anymore. Isabel had mom, Michael and Maria had each other, and so did Serena and Kyle. I needed someone too. And Tess... She was the only one there.

It makes me sick to think about how my first time was with someone like her. She didn't even have a soul.

What is that banging sound?

Is Michael at my window?

If it is then why is he banging so hard?

Its not like I'm deaf

Its getting louder

What the heck, he's gonna break my window

I open it

"Michael you're gonna break my frickin win..."

Oh fuck, that's not Michael

Definitely not Michael

I am now staring into the icy blue eyes of Tess Harding

She looks different

Oh no wonder Max, she's not Tess. I think its Ava. Correction I’m pretty sure.

Her hair isn't pink anymore though. It’s longer too.

"What yous just gonna leave me out 'ere?"

I move aside to let her in

She's soaking she must be cold

"Are you cold?"

"Nah I've just been in da rain for 15 minutes, what do yous think?"

Okay, I think I'll get her a towel

"What are you doing here?"

"I 'ere ta tell ya da truth."

"About what?"

"Yous and Tess."

"What about us?"

"She fool ya Max. She ain't knocked up. Yous never slept wid 'er. ‘Cause if ya did she'd be dead."

She's confusing me

"What are you talking about?"

"She'd have died soon as yous had sex."


"Cause you two not work together."



"You nots..." She looks like she's searching for a word.

"Compatible?" I suggest

"Ya dat works. You guys different races so yous not com... Whadever ya said."

"She's not Antarian?"

"Nope, ya married her to form union ‘tween your planets."

"What race is she?"

God I can't believe this

"She a skin."

Whoa what


"Yup Kivar's baby sis. Afta you married n ya slept wid her she got sick. Then she got so sick she died. Kivar got mad n ‘cided a take ya throne. If ya slept wid her she would be dead.

Oh God

I can’t believe this
No wait my son

“That doesn’t make sense, I connected to my son.”

Ava slaps me on the side of the head


“Haven’t yous eve ‘eard of MINDWARP?”


Ya I am officially Mr. Stupid now.

I stumble onto my bed

“We have to tell everyone.”

“WOW, so you didn’t fuck the bitch, good to know!” Maria exclaims after we fill everyone in.

It’s nice to know she thought so highly of me

“I don’t understand, why were they naked when they woke up?”

“Max saids it too soon n he not ready so she gots mad and knocked ‘im out and took off his clothes.”

“How do you know all of this?” That’s Serena, always the thinker.

“I not as dumb as a I look ‘aright I know stuff.”

Okay I don’t think we should keep them in the same room for very long

“Okay so just to clear everything up, I didn’t sleep with her?”

Ava shakes her head no

“I don’t have a son?”

She shakes her head again


Wait WHAT?

They’re all looking at me with amusement

“That didn’t come out right.”


Okay we still don’t know if Ava’s telling the truth okay so don’t get your hopes up

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Yes it’s soon now lol

Someone Ask My Heart Part 10


Max pov

Now that I know the truth I have no idea what to do

Before it was so simple

I needed to save my son

So what do I do now?

I'm so unsure about everything

Especially about Liz

I love her, but how can I be with her if she doesn't know the truth about me?

Yes I love her, it wasn't supposed to happen, but it did

I can't tell her I'm an alien though

I won't ruin her life like that

And what about Tess?

She could come back any day and kill us all

I can't put Liz in that kind of danger

I'm just going to have to accept it

I'm destined to be alone

Liz Pov

I haven’t seen Max in like two days

He hasn't been in the Crashdown lately

Well actually he came yesterday, he didn't talk to me though

There was this short, blonde with him; she was the only one he talked to

You know what I've been thinking?

Maybe I was reading the signs all-wrong

You know Maria never actually said he didn't have a girlfriend

And there was always something holding Serena back

Maybe Max is some kind of player

Yup that's it, I've been played

He probably puts up that whole innocent act to get in girls' pants

Disgusting asshole!

I can't believe I let this happen

I've dated tons of guys, put I never felt anything for them

It was just something I did for fun and to piss my parents off

Don't think I'm a slut or anything

Really I'm not

Believe it or not I'm still pure

Okay well not pure, pure, saint pure, but you know what I mean

What I did with Max was the farthest I've ever gone

I've never been comfortable thinking about it before

Not that I haven't wanted to, it just didn't feel right

But hey, what do I know, cause what happened with Max sure wasn't right

That's probably what Serena was mad about

She probably realized that she had been played

Max probably slept with her and then she saw us together

Maybe that's why Maria first told me to stay away from him

Because she was with him then

Or maybe I'm just being paranoid about this whole thing and should just talk to Max about it

Or that blonde girl

She's here right now

I must admit though, she looks different, and yesterday she seemed friendly

And now? Hell she looks downright mean

Look at that, she's glaring at me

What did I do?

Mean person

I don't want to take her order

But I have to

She better leave a very good tip

"Hey, what can I get you?"

She looks me up and down

"Space fries and a diet coke."

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah


I fill up her drink and look over at the Tabasco bottles stacked up under the counter and smile

I take the top off and drop A LOT in her drink


"Here's your drink"

Awww, I forgot to drop it on her

Oh well

"So, do you know Max Evans?"

She takes a sip of her coke, but doesn't seem to notice the Tabasco


"Of course I know him, I'm his wife."

Max pov

I walk to the Crashdown

I don't trust myself to drive

Okay Max, just go in there and tell her... tell her you can't be with her

God you're such an asshole

You make out with her, then ignore her and then tell her you don't want to be with her

No you have to do this

Take a deep breath and go do this

I pull the door open and walk inside

I immediately spot her at one of the tables

She has this hurt look on her face, but its not directed at me

The girl she's waiting on turns around

I can't breath

Ava was with Isabel; they were hanging out today, which can only mean one thing...

Liz looks at me with a pure hatred

I can't move

She than shakes her head and runs into the backroom.

Tess gets up from her seat and walks towards me

"Aren't you gonna give your wife a hello kiss?"

Feedback please