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“What Money Can Buy”
Date: July 1, 2002
Rating: M/L mostly PG-13, few parts R/NC-17
Summary: Liz Parker has everything in life. She’s intelligent, beautiful, rich… perfect. Money’s the biggest thing in her life right now, it would be wouldn’t it? Seeing as how she lives in Beverly Hills. As the most popular girl in school, it’s no surprise that every guy wants her. But she’s about to fall for the guy the exact opposite of her: Max Evans.
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!PART 1!

“Hey, Liz!”

“Liz, I love that dress! Is it new?”

“Liz, babe! Over here!”

Liz just smiled at all her admirers. It felt good… like it always did. She had been the most popular girl in school since preschool. Her dad, Beverly Hills’ richest lawyer had always made sure she was happy. And being happy meant getting everything she wanted.

She threw open her locker door and took her pink fuzzy morning binder out of her $643.99 Kate Spade messenger bag. She rummaged through her picture covered locker for her blue fuzzy afternoon binder. Aha! There it was! Turning, she studied herself in the mirror she had perched onto the locker door the first day of her freshman year four years ago. She was a senior now and loving it.


She turned and smiled her hundred watt smile at her best friend, Maria Deluca. The two had been best friends since the day they were born. Their fathers were business partners, so technically, Maria was the second richest girl in Beverly Hills.

They two air kissed and Maria excitedly blurted out, “Liz, there’s a new guy at school and he’s like totally hott!”

That immediately caught Liz’s attention. “What’s his name?”

“Max Evans. He like moved here from like Maryland or something.”

“Really? What does he-“

Maria grabbed Liz’s arm and pointed behind her. “It’s him!”

Liz turned and found herself looking at the most gorgeous guy she had ever seen. Her jaw almost dropped as she took in his soft brown hair and chocolaty eyes. There was a lock of hair that fell across his forehead and she had to fight the urge to rush over there and brush it away. He was alone, walking down the hall, obviously lost. He didn’t have the best fashion sense, but that was probably because he just moved here and didn’t have enough time to buy a whole new wardrobe like she did every season. She smiled devilishly at Maria and slamming her locker shut, she sauntered over to him, swaying her hips seductively. She knew at which moment exactly that he saw her. He froze for a moment, his eyes bulging and his jaw touching the ground. Then he smiled shyly at her and Liz felt as if she was going to die. His smile was so cute and made him look so innocent!

“Hi! My name is Liz Parker. And yours is?” she smiled at him, batting her eyelashes.

The corners of his mouth lifted again, but this time not so shyly. “Max Evans. I’m new here.”

“You have to be. I’m sure I would have noticed a guy as handsome as you.”

He blushed then, the red tinting his cheeks. “That is so cute!” Liz thought to herself, but aloud she said, “So, like are you going to lunch?”

He nodded and she felt the excitement bubbling up inside of her. “Really? That’s like so cool! How about having lunch with me and my friends?”

“I’d love to.”

And for the first time in her life, Liz Parker thought she might know what it felt like to be in love.

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!PART 2!

“She’s so beautiful,” Max thought to himself for what had to be the hundredth time since they sat down two minutes ago. He studied her perfectly formed face: the large doe eyes, the long eyelashes, the cute little nose, and that tempting mouth that looked so kissable.

She noticed him staring again and looked at him through lowered lashes. “So, tell me more about Maryland,” she said softly, leaning closer to him from across the table. Her heart sped up as she noticed how alive his eyes came when she mentioned his old home. Then felt a jolting kick in the stomach. “Was that because he’s got a girlfriend back there?” she thought to herself.

“It’s great! I lived in Bethesda and I used to visit Washington DC all the time. I loved going to all the museums there and studying the art. I bet I know exactly where each painting is by now.”

The laughter bubbled out of her. “An artist? I should have known it.”

He tilted his head slowly to one side. “How?”

“You have the artistry look, handsome… and handsome,” she flirted.

There goes that blush again. “Umm thanks. You’re quite beautiful yourself.” The words were out before he could stop them. His cheeks grew redder.

She decided to pretend she didn’t notice. Plus, she was used to it by now. Guys told her that all the time. “Thanks. So, you must miss your old home, huh?”

He nodded, suddenly remembering his friends and family there.

“Anything else you miss? Maybe, ummm, a girl? A special girl?” Now she was the one blushing. Who would have thought, Liz Parker blushing?!

“It can’t be! Could she really like me?” Max’s mind screamed.

Liz’s face fell. He didn’t answer, which had to mean that he had a girlfriend. Although Liz could have any guy, she was never one to break up a relationship. Then, her spirits soared as he shook his head.

“No, no one special. Although I did have to leave my dog, Ruby, with my cousins.”

Relaxation seeped into her and she smiled. “That’s great because-“

“So Liz, you haven’t introduced us to your new friend here.”

They both looked up. Liz got up and shared air kisses with the girls standing there before she said, motioning to Max, “You guys, this is Max. Max, this is Maria, Isabel, Tess, Nancy, and Diane. They’re like my girls!”

He smiled, but couldn’t ignore that nagging feeling in his stomach. It was obvious by the looks of it now, that all six of them were extremely popular… and extremely rich. Two things which Max Evans sure wasn’t. He looked at Liz talking excitedly with her friends. Once she found out, would she still want to talk to him? Or would she just drop him like a tiny fish on a hook?

“Umm, hi. It’s-“

“Hey, Liz. How’s my girl doing?”

Max stared with jealousy at the guy who had appeared out of nowhere, wrapping his arms around Liz. His eyes widened as she actually let him kiss her cheek!

“Kyle, you silly. You like smeared my make-up!” she scolded, but it was obvious that she wasn’t the least bit of upset. She gave him a huge air kiss!

“It’s not the first time,” he said flirtatiously.

Max couldn’t ignore the feeling in the his stomach. He felt as if he had just been kicked. It was at that moment that Max decided it was time to go. He managed to sneak away, something he was extremely good at. Liz didn’t seem to notice and as he walked away, he tried to ignore the pounding of his already broken heart.

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!PART 3!

He threw his books into his locker. It had been an extremely long day. After lunch, he had gone to his sixth period bio class, but was stopped by the teacher who told him that the office needed to speak to him. So instead of going to class for the rest of the day, he had to fill out paper after paper, form after form.

Slamming the locker door shut, he was startled at the appearance of Liz’s beautiful face in front of him. She smiled and he felt his knees weakening.

“Umm, hey, Liz.”

She ran her slim fingers gently through her hair, the soft ocean of brown catching the light. “Where’d you go during lunch today? I missed you,” she cooed, her fingers somehow finding their way to his muscled chest.

Max couldn’t think straight. His whole body and mind was focused on her finger trailing its way across his body.

“Max?” She knew exactly what she was doing to him and she took pleasure in it. When she had went to talk to him, she only found an empty seat and spent the rest of the day wondering where he went. She was crushed that he had just left, but didn’t know what to do about it. Then, she decided that for the first time in her life, Liz Parker was going to search for the guy instead of having the guy search for her. She had even managed to convince herself that she wasn’t doing it because she really liked Max, but because she knew that he wouldn’t know where to find her. Right.

“I, umm, sorry. I just had things to do and I didn’t want to interrupt you while you were with your boyfriend and all so-“

“Whoa!” she threw her hands up, both of them silently saddened at the loss of contact. “Kyle and I are so not together!”

His eyes widened. “You’re not?!”

She giggled at the relief and happiness in his voice. “He’s like totally in love with Tess and she like totally loves him, but like they’re both too like unsure about like being together.”

“That’s great!” He blushed at the perky tone of his voice. “I mean, it’s great that you’re not together, wait no, I mean-“

Her laughter ringed in their ears. “Is it really great that Kyle and I aren’t together?”

He didn’t seem to know what to say. His eyes searched hers, making her feel as if he could see all the way into her. Finally, his eyes softened. “Yeah. It’s really great.”


“Because, I, well-“

“Max, are you doing anything tomorrow night? I’m like free and I’d like to maybe go see like a movie. There’s that new movie out, Popular Life, and it’s supposed to like be like so great!”

Max was speechless. He couldn’t seem to get his mouth to function. Could it be that Liz Parker, the most popular, beautiful girl in the school was asking him out?

He was just about to say ‘yes.’ Hell, who wouldn’t say ‘yes’? The word was barely out of his mouth when all of a sudden, a shrill ringing interrupted them. Liz smiled and out of her authentic Kate Spade bag she pulled a small $210 cellular phone, pink and blue fuzzed.

“Sorry, but it’s like my Daddy,” she apologized, answering the phone.

“Hey, Daddy! I’m fine. Yeah! Like I’d totally love to like go to like Romeo’s! Reservations? That’s like totally cool! Can the girls come too? Like great! Love you too. Buh-bye!”

She smiled at Max. “Sorry. My Daddy’s Beverly Hills best lawyer and I barely ever have time to like talk with him. Anyways, are you free tomorrow night?”

Max’s certainty had diminished during that phone call. Even though he had only been in Beverly Hills for a week, he knew all about Romeo’s. How? He worked there! It was the newest restaurant and owned by one of the biggest stars around: *N CRUNK. It was an extremely expensive restaurant, that’s why Max wanted to work there in the first place, for the money. Max would never dream of eating there! And above it all, reservations! Reservations there were only made by really prominent people, people like Liz’s Dad..

He knew for sure now that he could never go out with Liz. She lived a totally different lifestyle from him. Hers was rich and glamorous, his was dark and poor. Damn his father for ruining his life.

“Uh, I’m sorry, Liz, but I don’t think-“

“Oh, like come on, Maxie! Or would you like to come with us to like Romeo’s tonight?”

Maxie? “I can’t. I have to work.”

Her nose wrinkled. “Work?”

“Yeah. Work.”

“Oh.” Liz was dumbfounded. She knew that teenagers her age had jobs, but she had never actually met one, or really talked to one like she had with Max. But how could Max have to work? People who lived in Beverly Hills were all like her and her friends: rich. They didn’t need to work and had all the money in the world. Max lived in Beverly Hills, so why was he working?

”So, maybe some other time ok?”

She tried not to let her disappointment show too much. “Yeah, that’s like fine.” But it wasn’t fine. Liz had never been rejected by a guy before. Ever. She thought to herself, “Maybe he’s gay!” But quickly squashed that, noticing the way he kept looking over her body.

Max noticed that she had become a little nervous. Had he done something wrong? He soon found out. Moments later, despite the fact that she was still reeling over the fact that he had a job , she got up on her tip-toes and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. On the cheek!!!! Max didn’t believe it when he felt the soft pressure of her lips on him; it had to be a dream. There was no way a girl as perfect as Liz could have touched his cheek, not only touched, but kissed!

Almost shyly, no, it can’t be, Liz Parker is never shy, she leaned back and smiled up at him. “So, I”ll see you around.”

“Yeah. Soon.”

And it turned out to be a lot sooner than they thought.

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!PART 4!

The sweat trickled down his neck and his muscles were tense. It had been five hours of non-stop work, running from here to there carrying steaming hot plates of delicious smelling food. Sure, the tips were good, but this was torture. He had been alert the whole time, watching warily for Liz and her rich friends to show up, the whole restaurant had been eagerly waiting for them. He was praying to God that she wouldn’t show up. It was embarrassing enough seeing her reaction to the fact that he worked. Apparently, Liz’s dad was here to make a public appearance and say some good stuff about the food. Then, he’d leave, while Liz stayed. Beverly Hills sure wasn’t built on family.

Exiting the hot kitchen, the first thing that caught his attention was a loud round of applause. Curious, yet with a sinking feeling in his stomach, he quietly walked towards the entrance. As he rounded the corner, his gaze landed on Liz and his mouth grew dry.

She was gorgeous. That was the only word to describe her. Her long, chestnut colored hair grazed her shoulders and along her bare back, highlighting her soft ivory skin. His fingers itched to touch her. She was wearing a short white dress with thin spaghetti straps and a necklace glittered on her smooth neck. Even from this distance, Max could see that those diamonds were real. Behind her stood her group of fellow perfect girls: Maria, Isabel, Tess, Nancy, and Diane, all looking beautiful, but none of them could touch the beauty and elegance and grace Liz glowed.

Everyone stared. Her father came in and smiling, definitely knew how to eat all the media up. The girls were seated by Romeo, the owner, and losing sight of them, Max decided that it was time to serve his table. Walking in the direction of table #21, he was abruptly stopped by a very frantic Romeo.

“Whoa! Sorry, Romeo!”

His words rushed out, “I need for you to serve table #13, Michael will do 21. Six people.” He placed his hand briefly on Max’s shoulder. “Even though you’re new, you’re our best and I must speak with Mr. Parker.”

He was gone before Max could object. Max was furious; he knew that 21 was prepared to give him a nice tip, but now, Michael would get it. Why did things always have to go so wrong?!

Shaking his head, he grabbed six menus and hurried to number 13.

In the state that he was, he didn’t notice who he happened to be waiting until he stared her right in her beautiful face, both their mouths gaping, eyes widened.

“Like hello! Aren’t you like supposed to take our like order?!” one of the girls spazed dramatically.

But Max didn’t listen. All he could concentrate on was the beauty of Liz’s large doe eyes.

“Hi, Max,” she said softly, her words only reaching his ears, but the look on her face speaking loudly and clearly to the girls around her.

“Hey,” he said, suddenly shy. Then, as if snapping back to reality, he jumped slightly and burning red, turned to the rest of the girls and spoke formally, “Good evening, ladies. My name is Max and I’ll be your waiter tonight. Can I start you off with some drinks?”

Everyone quickly yelled out their orders, everyone but Liz that is. She still seemed stunned at the sight of Max, her Max, waiting tables. Maybe she was wrong about him.

Suddenly, his soft gaze was on her, waiting patiently for her to say something. She stammered a little, “Coke will be fine.”

As if suspecting her wary thoughts, he nodded slowly, his eyes fixed on hers. Ashamed at liking a guy who wasn’t, well, as rich as she was, she looked away and pointedly ignored him, talking to her friends.

Max sighed, angered and frustrated, yet still drawn to her. How could anyone be so shallow? Money wasn’t all that mattered in life! He wasn’t that rich at all, yet he was happy most of the time!

He walked stiffly away from the table. When he returned with their drinks, he was still seething. Walking up to their table, he heard Liz’s exasperated voice.

“I just don't like know what to like do! I so cannot believe that he like works! Here!”

“I like so don't know what to like say, babe! He’s like so hott, but like, he obviously doesn’t have like that much money and like come on, we love money!” Isabel squealed.

Their laugher rang harmoniously in his ears. He obviously doesn’t have like that much money.

“Your drinks, ladies.” He noted Liz’s stunned expression and the sudden quiet that had fallen over the table. He began to serve them their drinks. When he served Liz’s last, she reached for it and their fingers brushed gently. Liz jumped back at the spark that had ignited between them at the contact. Her whole body tingled and she couldn’t see straight. She shook her head, trying to clear away her attraction to this delicious guy in front of her.

He remained standing there and Tess cleared her throat and said coldly, “Excuse me, but aren’t you like supposed to like leave now?”

Max’s gave riveted to land on the blond and he could feel the anger boiling up inside of him. He looked at Liz almost expectantly, as if he was waiting for her to tell Tess off. But Liz didn’t do that, if anything, she did the exact opposite.

“Yeah, like bye!”

Max stared at her long and hard, silently letting him know that this was it. He wasn’t going to put himself on the line for her anymore. When she didn’t respond, he nodded slightly and stiffly walked away.

All the girls stared at Liz, sighing at the faint tears in her eyes.

“You like did the right thing, sweetie,” Maria offered, leaning over to give Liz a quick hug.

“Yeah, he like wasn’t good enough for like you anyways,“ Diane muttered.

“Girls, I think this like calls for an like all girls night again!”

The corners of Liz’s lips lifted and she laughed. “Yeah, I guess so.”

Throughout the rest of the night, Liz avoided looking at Max, and vice versa. But Maria knowingly noted the pain etched in his face. Yet another guy’s heart broken by her best friend. Liz didn’t know it, but sometimes, she really hurt people, like Max for instance.

Finally, to Max’s relief, they left. After a tiring night, all he wanted to do was go home, but he couldn’t. He had to close up. Workers who did closing time got paid extra and Max had to do anything and everything possible to earn more money. Ever since his dad left him and his mom, things had been pretty bad. His mom worked three jobs, yet there never seemed to be enough money for their survival. So, they packed up and moved to Beverly Hills, where Max’s uncle, his mom’s brother lived. Uncle Jack was a nice guy, he was a successful movie producer and made lots of money and decided that he would help Max and his mom out a little until they were comfortable in Bev. Max was grateful to the guy, but he also didn’t like to be so helpless, so immediately, he had gotten this job, so he could help out his mom.


He turned, startled. He smiled briefly at Jill, one of the waitresses. She was small and petite with strawberry red hair. He knew that they went to the same school and he also knew that she was like him: an outcast. She had been kind of tailing him all night, sneaking glances at him and he knew, he saw them. But he didn’t feel anything for her and didn’t want to hurt her feelings. She was kind of plain, a girl that you could pass in the street and not notice. She wasn’t anything like Liz.

“I was wondering, if you’re not too busy tomorrow, maybe we could go to the movies or something after work,” she stammered out nervously.

He noticed that she hadn’t said ‘like’ once. “Uh, I’m not sure, Jill. I-“

“Oh, that’s ok. I understand.” Her head dropped and she started at the floor.

Max felt horrible. Even from halfway across the room, he could see the wetness in her eyes. Shaking his head, he sighed, “Sure, I’d love to.”

Her head sprang up and she smiled, a nice smile. “Really? That’s great!”

And before he knew it, she had rushed over and her lips were on his cheek. He stared at her, shocked.

She pulled away. “I can’t wait.”

“Yeah, neither can I,” he lied.

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!PART 5!

“Mmm, you look quite edible tonight, Liz.”

Liz laughed, a practiced one, not like the laughter she had shared with Max. Max. All her thoughts seemed to keep drifting off to him.

Tony’s arm snaked around her waist, obvious lust in his shining eyes. His fingers played with her bare waist and Liz felt disgusted. Was this all that guys thought about? Sex? Max wouldn’t ever try to cop a feel.

“Liz, how about going out to my car for a few moments? So we can catch up on the time we’ve spent away from eachother,” he winked.

Liz and the other girls had gone out to cosmic bowl that night after Romeo’s. A few minutes into the game, Tony and his friends had managed to spot the girls out through the strobe lights and green lasers. Although Liz wasn’t up to it, she didn’t want to let her friends, who had already started flirting crazily with the other guys, down. Liz had snuck away, ignoring the guys, hoping to be alone with her thoughts. Unfortunately, Tony, who she had gone on a few dates with two months ago, had decided that he was going to try for another with her.

“Like not now,” she blinked flirtatiously, even though she totally wasn’t in the mood.

“Oh, come on, baby,” he yelled over the booming music.

She shook her head again. When will he get a clue?

“Liz,” he growled.

Grabbing her hand, he dragged her outside.

“Stop it, Tony! I like don’t want to!” She fought him, but he wouldn’t let go. “Get off!”

“Liz, baby, what’s wrong? Let’s have some fun.”


He let her go, his nostrils flaring, his angered eyes glaring at her. His words were cold and hard. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you, Liz, but I don't like it.”

Then, he walked away. Liz was trembling slightly, the sweat gathering on her forehead.

What had just happened here? Liz knew she hadn’t been acting like her normal self. It was all Max’s fault. Not because she really wanted to be with him, but because he had lied to her, about not being rich. Yup, that was it all right. Right.

Suddenly, Liz smiled and her heartbeat picked up as she heard Max’s familiar voice. Maybe I’ll just go and be polite and say ‘hi.’

She walked over to the source of his voice. Turning the corner, she felt as if she had been kicked in the stomach with little Gucci, size 6, black heel shoes. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing! Max was there with another girl! Liz recognized her, but couldn’t remember from where.

Liz ran back around the corner and peeked out. She gasped. The girl was all over Max! And Liz could swear that he didn’t care! Why would Max want the attention of a rat like that girl when he could have Liz’s? Whoa! Like where did that thought come from? Max and I could like never be together!

Max laughed at something that stupid girl said and Liz felt as if she was going to throw up. Liz’s eyes widened as the girl reached for Max’s hand. The nerve! Liz expected for Max to jump away in disgust, but he didn’t! He actually smiled at her! Oh God.

Liz turned away and leaned against the wall. Her chest was heaving and she felt tears sting at her eyes. Tears? Since when did Liz Parker cry over a guy? Since now.

She took a deep breath and proceeded to take a step. But her knees immediately buckled and she nearly fell, but was saved by two strong hands wrapped around her waist. Her pulse quickened as her savior turned her around. Liz gasped loudly as she stared into Max’s concerned eyes.

“Liz, are you ok?”

She gulped and nodded her head slowly. Her waist tingled where his hands were still resting. As if reading her thoughts, he suddenly remembered that his hands hadn’t let her go. Abruptly, he shot back and chuckled nervously.

But immediately after she lost his support, she felt herself falling again.

“Liz!” His voice was panicked and scared. He turned to Jill. “Jill, can you please go inside and find her friends?”

The timid girl nodded and rushed away, leaving Max alone with the only girl he had ever cared about, the girl who had broken his heart less than three hours ago.

Liz blinked slowly, finally coming to. Her head was resting in Max’s soft lap and his hands rested tangled in her hair.

He smiled nervously. “Are you ok?”

She nodded, unable to speak, staring into his chocolate eyes. What was happening here? Why couldn’t she get her damn mouth to work?

“Jill went in to get your friends. You should really go home and get some rest.”

At the sound of that girl’s name, Liz flinched, her eyes unmistakably pained and green with envy.

Max could not believe what he saw in her eyes. It couldn’t, it just couldn’t. “Liz? I was just walking her home from work.” He didn’t know why he had to explain himself.

Relieved for some reason, she swallowed and her lips parted ever so slightly. He stared down, mesmerized at her full lips. Slowly, as if drawn by invisible strings, their lips got closer, inch by agonizing inch. She closed his eyes as his lips neared hers. She could feel his warm breath on her and she prayed for his lips to touch hers.

“Liz! Like oh migod!”

Max sprung away from Liz like she was on fire. Snapping his gaze to Maria, he saw the disapproval in her eyes and clearing his throat, suggested, “Why don't you take her home? I think she just needs some rest and plenty of liquids.”

The rest of the girls materialized besides Maria, their eyes wide and shocked.

Liz sat up weakly, with the help of Max. The two of them stared at one another guiltily, but yet somewhat regretful. If only Liz’s friends had come a second later, just a second later.

“Oh, like are you ok, Liz?” Nancy asked, her black hair bouncing slightly.

“Yeah, thanks to Max.” Liz turned to him and smiled. That was when she realized he was still holding her hand. It felt good.

Max looked down to see what Liz was looking at and blushing, removed his hand from her grasp quickly. He missed her touch already. Little did he know that she was longing for him just as much.

“It was nothing.”

“Of course it wasn’t. Like come on, Liz, he didn’t do like anything miraculous,” Tess stated, her voice full of cynicism and distaste.

Max’s angered glare landed on her and Liz cleared her throat nervously. “Well, whatev. Max is like right though, let’s go home.”

The other girls nodded and waited patiently for Liz to lead the way, as usual. But Liz wasn’t entirely ready to go yet. She still felt as if she hadn’t thanked Max sufficiently enough yet. Smiling that smile at Max, she tip-toed and gave his cheek a soft kiss. Max nearly sighed at the familiar feeling of his lips actually in contact with his skin. As she walked away, girls in tow, he studied the way her hips swayed just so slightly, as if it was so natural for her now, that she didn’t even realize when she was doing it. A smile played at the corner of his lips and that was when Max noticed Jill standing off to the side.

He blushed furiously. “Sorry about that.”

“You know her?” she asked through gritted teeth.

If Max didn’t know better, he would have mistaken that look in her eyes for contempt. But no, how could a small, for-lack-of-better-word-defenseless Jill have so much feeling in her? She was shy, unable of feeling too passionately about something. “Yeah. She kind of introduced me around on my first day at school.”

The two began to walk. Max noticed this time that she didn’t brush against him or reach for her hand. He was relieved.

“Is that it?” she asked, gathering up her courage. She really liked Max, a lot. More than she had ever liked someone and she hoped that it wasn’t too late. She knew that Liz and her friends had always been the center of attention and attraction since forever. She just hoped that Liz hadn’t gotten to Max yet. Once a guy went through the Princesses, as the rest of the girls in school called Liz and her friends, he could never go back to a normal girl, a girl like Jill. Jill hated that the Princesses ruled the school. She had never thought it to be fair, but didn’t know what to do about it. Jill had wanted Max since the very first moment she had laid eyes on him and thought, because he was so shy and quiet, just like her, she might just have a chance. But if Liz had gone through him, she wouldn’t.

“Yeah, that’s it.” His voice was cold and hard, as if he was pained and hiding something that infuriated him.

“That’s kind of weird. I’ve never known Liz to be someone nice enough to show a new student around. That’s usually left to the Normals.”

“The ‘Normals’?”

She nodded, her head bouncing up and down. “Yeah. People like me and you, normal people.”

“I see.”

“And we call Liz and her friends ‘Princesses.”

He laughed, but it sounded too forced. “Yeah, that’s what they are alright.”

“Selfish and perfect.”

“Yeah, selfish and perfect.”

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!PART 6!

Don’t look at him. Whatever you do, do not look at him. Liz looked.

Max had just shown up in her bio class, unexpectedly like he had shown up in her life. His presence filled her mind and she couldn’t seem to think about anything but how sweet and kind he had been at the bowling alley. Taking in a hurt breath, her heart seemed to break as she heard him laugh, followed by Jill.

Jill Barley. Ugh, just her name made Liz want to go shopping. Go shopping and spend lots and lots of her Daddy’s money. It wasn’t fair. Liz had always gotten whatever she wanted, but right now, the one thing she truly desired, could never be hers. No, that’s inaccurate. She could have Max, take him for everything, yet she could never be with him. Her parents would never ever approve of him; he wasn’t rich enough. That was almost all that was important to her Daddy and Mommy. And to be honest, that was what had been the main importance in Liz’s life until Max. Money was a big thing in Beverly Hills. Unless you had money, you were nobody. Liz could never stand being a nobody. But she also couldn’t stand not being with Max.

“Class, if I can have your attention please,” their bio teacher, Mr. Reynolds announced.

After a few seconds, the noise gradually decreased into silence.

“Thank you. As you all know, today we are starting a new unit with several chemicals. Yes, before any of you smart-alecks say anything, I do know that this is biology. However, this is honors and in honors, you are to go above and beyond. I was going to let you all decide on your partners, however, I changed my mind.”

He waited patiently for the moans and groans to stop. Clapping his hands loudly, he continued, ”If you will please listen, I will announce your partners now. Oh, but I must first mention that there are not to be any switches whatsoever. Understand? Failure to obey will lead to an automatic ‘F.’ Now, first will be Ms. Barley with Mr. Bernstein.”

Liz looked over, somewhat gloating as she noticed Jill’s obviously upset face. Ha. Too bad for you.

Her ears picked up as she heard her name.

“Ms. Parker, you will be working with Mr. Evans.”

The rest of the names went by in a blur. When it was time to meet up with partners, she turned and smiled demurely at Max, who blushed that cute blush. Gliding over, she quickly sat down in Jill’s seat. Jill, who had just gotten up less than a millisecond later, felt the anger flare up in her. She hated how Princess Liz pointedly ignored her.

“Hi, Maxie,” Liz cooed, relishing in the feeling of Jill’s jealous glare in her back.

He smiled shyly. “Hi. How are you feeling?”

The corners of her lips uplifted as she leaned closer to him, inhaling his wonderful scent: a mix of fabric softener and his own masculine smell., something distinctly male. “Fine, like all thanks to you. You’re my hero.”

If possible, he reddened more. Jill could not believe what she was seeing. Why was Liz speaking to him? Before, she had only spoken with the Princes and Max definitely wasn’t one of them. So why now? “Maybe she’s finally come to her senses and knows that money isn’t all that matters,” Jill thought bitterly.

Liz finally turned to Jill. A challenge in her gleaming eyes, she stated, “Aren’t you like supposed to be like all the way over there?”

Jill turned red and rushed away, but without saying “bye” to Max and giving him a shy smile.

“Are you like going out with her?” Liz asked, fearing, yet anticipating for the answer.

He shook his head furiously. “No!”

She almost laughed at his quick response. “That’s like totally great!”

“It is?” he looked at her skeptically, as if suspecting that something else was going on in that beautiful head of hers.

“Like of course! I would like never try to steal a guy away from his like girlfriend!”

The pink resurfaced on his face again. “I, you, I mean, well-“

She giggled, moving to sit up on the desk. Crossing her legs, she made sure he got a good look at her shapely legs.

He couldn’t seem to stop staring. Her expensive orange mini-skirt rode up high and when she leaned down like she was now, her brand name v-neck top, went really low.


He managed to tear his gaze away and look her in the eye. “Yeah,” he rasped out.

“About the like project, I was thinking that like maybe you could come over like tonight.”

Damn. He had that “thing” with Jill tonight. Great. Inwardly, he groaned. “I can’t. Jill and I, we’re, pizza, and-“

Her face fell. “Oh.”

“Hey, maybe you could come with us, if you want.”

“On your date?” She looked at him as if he had just sprouted alien antennas.

He shook his head. “It’s not a date.”

“Well, I like don’t know.”

He could see her fighting with herself and knew that he wanted more than anything for her to say “yes” but couldn’t seem to find a way to convince her. Suddenly, he knew. With all the bravery he could muster, he gently caught her hand in his and with glistening eyes, he pleaded, “Please?”

She felt her resolve crumbling like cookie crumbs. “Ok.”

His lips broke out in a smile. “Great! I’ll go tell Jill right now!”

She tightened their grasp. “Wait! She doesn’t, she like doesn’t like me very much.”

He stared at her as if she was insane. His voice soft, “How could anyone not like you? You’re perfect.”

“He told me I was perfect!” Liz gushed, her face flushed with excitement.

“Liz, I like don’t know what to tell you. It like looks as if he like really likes you, but Liz, he’s not exactly, umm like dating material.”

Liz and Maria were at their lockers and Liz hadn’t stopped talking about Max since the end of bio.

Liz pulled her face out of her locker, not even bothering to check herself in the mirror. Max had said that she was perfect. “Like what do you mean?”

“He’s not exactly rich.”

Liz grabbed her best friend’s arm, jiggling the $200 Tiffany’s bracelet on Maria’s slim wrist. “Money’s like not all that matters.”

Maria looked at Liz disbelievingly. “You have like got to be kidding me! Liz Parker saying that like money isn’t all that like matters?! Nut-uh!”

Unexpected tears came into her eyes. Was she really that shallow? So shallow that even her best friend of forever couldn’t believe her?

“Oh, Liz! I’m like so sorry! Don’t cry!” Maria leaned over, making sure not to wrinkle her $132.99 green DKNY tee, and hugged Liz.

The petite brunette sighed. It was at times like these that Liz felt as if she was in the wrong place, when she felt as if she was missing something, a big something that put a large, gaping hole in her heart.

“Uh, sorry to interrupt, but I, can we talk Liz?”

Liz pulled away from Maria and felt her heartbeat speed up as Max smiled at her. “Like totally!”

“Well, I like have to go. Call me, chica.”

Two air kisses and at least that many winks later, Max and Liz were walking towards her car in the parking lot. They were this close and Liz kept hoping for Max to take her hand. But no such thing happened.

“I, uh, talked to Jill.”

She frowned suddenly, her forehead creasing. “Did she like throw her like hundred books at you?” she tried to joke, but it came out weak and unbelievable.


“Oh migod! Are you like serious?”


She laughed and punched him playfully. He smiled at her, his head tilting slightly and all either of them could think about was that almost-kiss. He winked sexily and grabbed her hand.

Giving it a quick squeeze, he recounted the events of what happened with Jill, “She wasn’t exactly very happy about it.” He cleared his throat. “Actually, she seemed quite mad and umm, she said some things. Some things about you and well, I-“

“What things?”

“I shouldn’t say. It, she was just upset and stuff and-“

“Max,” she said sternly. Facing him, she cupped his handsome face in her velvety hands. “What did she say? I can like handle it.”

“Nothing.” He couldn’t behr to tell her the cruel things Jill said, quiet Jill, but Jill wasn’t really all that quiet, or nice.

“Hey, Jill.”

She tossed him a sarcastic smile. “Having fun over there with Miss-like-I’m-like-above-like-everyone-like-Parker?”

“She’s not like that,” he said, a little too quickly.

Her eyes flashed and he winced. What was wrong with her? Why was she acting so jealous?

“Look, Jill, I invited Liz out with us tonight.”

“What?!” Tears brimmed her eyes. “How could you? How could you?!” She turned to run away, but was stopped by Max’s capable hands holding her still.

“I’m sorry. But she wanted me to go over to her house tonight for the project, but I couldn’t because of our arrangement and I just.- I’m sorry, but can’t you just give her a chance?”

“I have given her a chance! We all have! But she and the other Princesses are too conceited to pay us any notice. They think they own the world when they don’t. They’ve hurt so many people and they don't care! How could you like someone like that?”

“She may be a little superficial, but she’s also really kind and sweet. She’s just hiding behind-“

Jill pulled herself roughly out of his grasp. “You’ve fallen under her spell, just like all the other guys have. But just you watch, Max. She’ll break your heart soon and won’t even think twice of it.”

As she stomped away, Max shouted, “So you’re not coming?”

Whirling around, she snarled, “No, I’m coming alright. If you can’t see through her act, you’re going to need some protection.”

”You make it sound as if she’s some sort of monster!”

“She is.”

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!PART 7!

“Well, Mommy?”

Courtney Parker’s green eyes sparkled as she smiled at her daughter’s ravish beauty. Liz surely got all of her dashing looks from her father, aside from the silky dark tresses of hair which Courtney proudly wore long. “You look gorgeous as usual.”

Liz sent her mother an exasperated look. “Puh-leeze, Mom! Like be serious!”

Courtney laughed, her white teeth dazzling. “I am serious.” She got up and walked over to her all-too-nervous daughter. As a motherly gesture, she brushed a loose strand of Liz’s hair away from her perfectly formed face. “Liz, you’re beautiful. Now, tell Mommy who this special guy is.”

Liz jerked back, her actions speaking louder than words. “There’s no guy!”

Courtney laughed again, unable to resist. “Liz, I see that twinkle in your eyes. Now, you told me that you were going out with some people for a project, true? Who?”

Sighing defeat, Liz crumpled onto her king-sized, pink canopied bed. “Max Evans,” she almost whispered.

“Evans?” Courtney’s voice held a hint of recognition.

Liz nodded, her gut twisting. “You know the name?”

“A few days ago, we hired a new file keeper for our office. Her last name was Evans also. Why, it must just be a coincidence. This gentleman you like, his mother couldn’t possibly have such a low standard job. A file keeping for God’s sake,” she laughed, not noticing the smile slipping off of Liz’s face like water on a rock. “Anyways, darling, tell me more about this Max.”

“I uhh, I can’t. I’ve still like got to get ready.” She bounced off of her bed and walking to her large full-size vanity mirror, sighed as she took in her appearance. Her hair was down and framing her face and her light skin was accented by the low cut, silk pink three-quarter shirt. Her long legs looked even more shapely thanks to a very short white miniskirt. Accenting her small feet were 3-inch white sandals with a large pink flower in the middle of each of them. But it wasn’t enough. She had spent all afternoon preparing for what was going to happen in less than thirty minutes, yet she still wasn’t satisfied. Every time she looked in the mirror and saw her reflection, she had felt like crying. She just couldn’t look perfect enough. Never had she felt this compelling urge to look better.


“Oh, Mommy!” she cried, collapsing into her loving mother’s embrace. She spoke at the gentle feel of her mother’s comforting backrubs. “Why can’t I look totally perfect? I’m like so ugly! How will I ever get Max to like me if I’m not really like as perfect as I like pretend to be?”

Courtney’s heart shattered into a million pieces as she took in her daughter’s mascara-stained face. Where was all this coming from? Liz was perfect. She and her husband, Ted, had made sure of that.

Sobbing, Liz felt like an idiot, but was relieved at finally getting it out. She wasn’t perfect. And Max deserved only perfection.

Courtney lifted her bawling child’s chin up and stated firmly, but with love, “Liz, darling, you are perfect. You’re beautiful, yet smart and caring. And if Max can’t see past a loose strand of hair or a slight smudge of mascara, then he is not worthy of your love. Do you understand?”

Liz nodded helplessly. Her mother’s words rang somewhat true. Gathering her composure, she smiled as her mother dabbed at her face with a tissue and carefully reapplied her make-up.

Twenty minutes later, Liz looked up at the clock and with her mom’s encouragement, she walked over to her mirror. Gasping, she took in her appearance. She did look beautiful. Her mother had worked wonders. For once since her discovery of make-up, Liz Parker was barely wearing any, yet she looked even more stunning than usual. With just a tint of mascara and blush, her face looked natural and glowed with her biological beauty.

“Oh, Mommy! Thank you!” she cried, giving her just-as-beautiful mom a large hug.

Courtney laughed. “Now, you go and knock the socks off of this young Mr. Max Evans. Ok, dear?”

Liz nodded and the two exited her large room. As they reached the bottom of the stairs, Liz’s father, Ted walked in and clutched at his heart, a loving smile on his handsome face.

“I think I must be in heaven, for I see two beautiful angels in front of me!”

Mother and daughter giggled and Courtney gave her husband a quick peck on the cheek. “You are in heaven, my love. After all, you’ve got me as a wife.”

It was at times like these, that Liz actually felt completely happy. She rarely ever got to see both her parents and when she did, she loved watching them together. Despite all the long hours and gruesome days, they were still madly in love.

Ted chuckled and accepted his daughter’s hug. “Now, where are you going, my little Princess?”

“Daddy! I’m just going out with some people for a project.”

“I see.” He didn’t believe her though.

And she didn’t care to explain. “And if I don't want to be late, I’ll have to go now! Bye!”

After a few kisses and “good-bye’s,” she was on her way to pick up Max.

“Just watch, Max. I know that she’s going to be late. Little Miss Perfect always wants to make her admirers wait.”

Max noticed the bitterness and sarcasm in Jill’s voice. He was getting seriously annoyed with her. Ever since he got to her house ten minutes ago, all she did was put Liz down and list every negative thing she could about her, even if it wasn’t true. Max may not have known Liz as long as Jill, but he sure knew a completely different side of her.

Before Max could reply though, there was a loud honking. Startled, they both jumped.

“Well, it looks as if she’s here,” Max stated, his hands suddenly started sweating and the room seemed extremely hot.

Jill gave him a incredulous glare and led them outside.

Liz’s heartbeat accelerated to the point of impossible as she took in Max’s appearance. He had obviously showered because his soft hair was wet. Instead of his usual jeans and T-shirt, he had on a nice pair of khakis and a white shirt, making his brown eyes stand out even more.

Max was in awe. Not only at Liz’s ever-brightening smile, but at the fact that he was about to sit in a brand new 2003 silver Mercedes convertible. He held open the passenger side door for Jill, who now realized that she was going to be sitting in the back while Liz and Max would be all alone in the front. Damn.

“Uh, hey, Liz.”

“Hey, Max.” Her smile grew as he sat himself into the seat, his hands nervously clenching and unclenching. She almost shivered as she remembered the feel of those gifted hands on her bare waist that night at the bowling alley.

Jill cleared her throat loudly. “Let’s get going.”

Shocked back into reality by Jill’s persistent voice, she asked cheerfully, “So, like where are we going?”

“Broadway Pizza, if that’s ok with you,” Max said softly, his eyes focused on the road ahead of him, not daring to sneak the much-desired look at the Goddess sitting extremely close next to him. Something was different about her and it finally hit him. She wasn’t wearing make-up! Well, she was, but it was very little and allowed for him to see her natural beauty. And boy was her natural beauty beautiful.

Stopping at a street light, Liz turned to Max, a smile playing at her lips. Covering his large hand with her own, she forced him to look at her. Meeting his gaze, she sucked in a deep breath. “Yeah, that’s totally fine.”

Max struggled for air as his breathing stopped from the feeling of her bare skin on his.

“Well, that’s great! Now, get moving,” Jill demanded, her eyes glaring at Liz.

Snapping out of her reverie, she nodded and continued to drive. After a somewhat tense silence, they finally arrived. Because it was so routine, Liz didn’t even notice that she was checking herself in the mirror and reapplying a small hint of lip gloss. Her hands went up to her hair, smoothing down some wiry strands.

She yelped as her door opened. Standing there, smiling and offering her his hand was Max, a true gentleman.

“You look perfect.”

Speechless, her fingers wrapped firmly around his as he gently tugged her out. Despite his care however, she still ended up tripping over something and went flying right into his waiting arms. Catching her breath, she blushed. He was staring down into her eyes, as if searching for something only they held. She gasped at the unexpected pleasure of his fingers brushing her hair away.

Jill was fuming. It was bad enough that he had run straight to Liz without helping her first, but now they were staring at eachother as if no one else existed. [I[Well sorry guys, but someone else does exist. Me.

She cleared her throat loudly. “If you two are ready, I think it’s time to go in.” Jealously and anger raged within her as they still didn’t separate. Stomping over, she cut right in between them.

Leaving Max and Liz staring after her in utter shock, she yelled, “It’s not over yet.”


His gaze once again was caught by her piercing brown eyes. “Yeah?”

“You can, umm, like let go now.”

Immediately, he felt his checks grow hot. Releasing her from his grasp, he had to fight the urge to stifle a moan of loss. His jaw dropped as he watched her walk away, not even glancing back to see if he followed. It frustrated him like crazy how she was so hot and cold. One minute, she was flirting with him, the next she was just as bad as Jill said.

Sighing, he followed her inside. Walking through the large doors, he stopped in his tracks, his mouth gapping.

Just moments before, Liz had been in his arms. Now, she was giggling and wriggling around in Mark Harrison’s! Max saw red. His fist clenched and unclenched as he imagined ramming it down Mark’s throat. Boy, that would feel good, so good.

“Max?” a familiar, more timid voice asked.

He turned a little. “Don't say it. I don't need any ‘I told you so’s’.”

Jill shook her head. “I’m sorry I haven’t been acting like myself lately. I just didn’t want to see you get hurt.” Taking a shy step, she gave him a hug, a friendly hug, yet one that still let him know she wasn’t ready to lose him to Liz. Not that that could ever happen.

Because of his position, Max didn’t see what happened next.

Liz laughed. Mark had been one of her closest friends for a really long time, since preschool. Giving Shelley, Mark’s long-time girlfriend a hug, Liz said her good-byes and turned towards the door, searching for Max. As her gaze landed on him and Jill in his arms, tears welled up in her eyes. Jill was smiling slightly, obviously enjoying the feel of Max’s arms around her.

As if he sensed Liz’s gaze on him, he looked up and felt as if he had just been punched. Liz was standing alone, a faint trace of tears in her eyes. He didn’t know what made him do it, especially after seeing Liz in the arms of someone else, but before he could stop himself, he was hurrying towards her with his arms outstretched. He didn’t want to see her cry, he would do anything to stop her tears.

She accepted his embrace greedily. Leaning against his chest, she could only think about how perfectly she fit with him and how stable he was while she wasn’t.

“Liz, what’s wrong, sweetie?” His voice held so much concern that Liz imagined she heard a hint of something more, like love.

She shook her head. How could she explain it to him? Explain that she wanted to be with him when everything in the whole entire world wouldn’t allow it? That it hurt her deeply to see him with Jill? That ever since the moment he smiled at her, she had changed, in more ways than she knew?

So instead of saying anything, salty tears started to roll down her silky cheek. With no objection, Liz was led outside with Max’s strong arms wrapped around her.

Taking her keys, he opened the door and tenderly placed her into the passenger seat. As he started the engine, he heard her tear-tainted voice.

“Max, what about Jill?” she sniffled.

“She saw some friends and decided that she’d stay with them. Should I take you home?”

She shook her head. She didn’t want to leave him, not now, not ever.

“Do you want to go someplace quiet and talk?”

Turning to look at him, she nodded. Her heart picked up significantly as he leaned over her to grab her seat belt. With a serious, focused look in his eyes, he buckled her in and tucked her hair behind her ears, his touch lingering longer than necessary.

Gulping down his feelings, he carefully drove them to his house. Glancing at the clock, he was relieved to see the time. His mom would have already gone to her night job. Don't get him wrong, he wasn’t going to take advantage of Liz’s vulnerability; it just wouldn’t be right.

“Liz? We’re here.”

She nodded awake and glanced out the window. What she saw didn’t impress her much. It was a decent looking apartment, but some of the bricks needed replacing and it was nothing compared to home.

“Where are we?”


She turned to look at him, her eyes wide. “This is where you like live?”

He was hurt by the disgusted tone in her voice. Turning away from her, his hand moved to start the car again, but was stilled by Liz’s warm hand on his. He turned to her, his eyes questioning. He knew this had been a bad idea.

“I’m totally sorry, Max. I didn’t mean to like sound the way I did.” She looked down at their hands, ashamed at her reaction to his home. “I, we both know, that well, like, I’m not like the kindest person, and like, I’m sorry.”

A grin broke out across his face. “It’s ok. I know it’s not much, but it’s home. Come on in.”

Holding her hand tightly, he led her to the entrance on the building. As he was punching in his number, the door suddenly flung open and an elderly, but nice looking lady walked out, her eyes shining.

“Max! You’re home early! Your mama hasn’t even left yet.” She gave him a quick squeeze.

Max smiled brightly at the lady and said, “Rose, this is Liz. She’s my friend. Liz, this is Rose, she owns the building.”

“Nice to meet you,” Liz started to say, her heart raw from the unexpected memories Rose brought up. Rose reminded Liz of her grandma, her Dad’s mom. She had passed away a few years ago, leaving a very sad granddaughter behind.

“Oh, Max. She’s perfect!” Laughing, Rose smiled at Liz. “So you’re the Liz Max has been talking about? He never stops, you know, it’s always Liz this and Liz that. From the way he talked about you, I was beginning to think he had made you up!”

The two females noticed how red Max was and couldn’t resist laughing harder.

“Before you cause any further embarrassment, I think I’ll take Liz upstairs now.”

After a quick kiss good-bye, Max and Liz, holding hands, made their way up in the elevator.

Liz had been in elevators before, plenty of them, hell, her house even had one! But never one like this. It was old and creaky and seemed to be hanging from a thread. A little frightened, she moved closer to him, absently leaning her head onto his broad shoulder.

Max sighed. He didn’t think Liz knew what she was doing to him. It was torture having her so close, yet so out of his reach. He then remembered Mark and how Liz definitely wasn’t out of his reach.

Against his better judgment, Max asked, “So, Mark’s really nice, right?”

Liz’s gaze snapped up to his, her forehead crinkled. “Yeah, I like totally love that guy to death.” She smiled a little and offered more explanation, “We’ve been friends since like preschool and I totally envy him because like he’s like so in love with his girlfriend.”

Max sighed, relieved to hear that there wasn’t anything going on between Mark and Liz. Then, he frowned too. Why was he caring so much? It wasn’t like there was anything going on between him and Liz.


Startled, the two jumped and laughed. Holding Liz’s hand, Max led them to his apartment. At the door, he hesitated. What was he thinking? Bringing Liz to this rundown place he called home when the whole building was the size of her garage? She’d take one look at the place and go running for her life.

Liz kind of felt Max’s hesitation and gaze his hand a reassuring squeeze. Taking a look around the place, she was once again hit with the reality of everything. Her life was so completely different from Max’s. It would never work out between them, yet for some reason she couldn’t explain, she was still willing to try.

Opening the door, Max tugged on Liz’s hand.

It was small. That was the first thing that ran through Liz’s mind. Yet, it looked cozy and nice with the flowered curtains and the warm smell of cookies wafting under her nose.

“Oh, Max! Why are you home so early? Did something go wro-“ Her eyes widened as she saw Liz. “Why, hello. I’m Faith Evans and you must be Liz.”

Liz smiled at the pretty woman in front of her. She looked so much like Max, with her chocolate eyes and large smile. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s definitely nice to meet you. My son’s been rambling on about you for –“

“I’m fine, thanks, Mom,” Max teased, giving his mom a hug. “Now, if you don't hurry, you’re going to be late.”

Faith nodded and offering one last smile, hurried out.

“Sorry about that, my mom’s kind of-“

”I like her,” Liz blurted out. “Mmm. What’s that delicious smell?”

Max chuckled. “My mom’s famous chocolate cookies.”

“Your mom’s? You mean she like baked them like herself?”

Max looked at Liz, shocked at the innocence in her eyes. He had thought she was joking, but it quickly became obvious that Liz had never baked anything herself.

Nodding, he led her to the small kitchen, if you could even call it that. It had a counter separating it from the living room and was smaller than her bathroom! Opening the oven, he pulled out the baking sheet and placed the cookies onto a nice plate. His eyes twinkled with delight as he watched her take one and nibble at it.

“Like it?”

“It’s delicious! Even my cooks can’t make cookies this great!”

Max laughed. “Yeah, well my mom’s had a lot of time to practice.”

Looking over at him, she asked, complete innocence in her eyes, “Did your mom really bake these?” At his nod, she continued, “You really like don't have any cooks? So you and her cook like for yourselves all the time?”

“I know it’s not something you’re used to, but yes.”

“Oh. Can you like teach me?”

His head shot up. “Teach you?” he repeated, confusion in his wide eyes.

She nodded shyly, her face burning. “How to bake cookies.”

His eyes bulged out of their sockets. “You want to learn how to bake cookies?!”


He smiled, breaking the somewhat tense atmosphere. “Here,” he threw a pink, frilly apron at her while donning one on himself.

When he turned around, Liz burst into hysteric laughter. He was definitely a sight to see in his frilly white apron with “Let Me Heat You Up” sprawled across it.

Beat red, he turned around and said hastily, “So, umm, let’s get started.” Opening the cupboards, he pulled out flour, sugar, and chocolate chips. While he set up, he told Liz to get out the other ingredients: egg, milk, etc.

“Like what now?” she asked, her eyes shining with excitement.

“Now,” he paused dramatically, “we bake.”

For the next half an hour, the two, with Max’s instructions, baked chocolate chip cookies. Liz watched his every move, fascinated at the simplicity of it all and his large hands gently cracking the eggs and his muscles tightening as he stirred the batter.

At one point, Liz had accidentally knocked some flour onto Max’s hair while he was leaning down and he had retaliated by grabbing a handful and chucking it at her. Now her face and hair were covered in white, but she didn’t care. She was having fun.

The timer went off and Liz squealed, excited at taking out the second and last batch. Sighing with pride, she placed the cookies onto a plate and frowned when she noticed that several were missing.

Suspicious, she asked Max, whose back was turned to her, “Max? Like where are the rest of the cookies?”

His voice was muffled, “What? They’re all there.”

“Max Evans, turn around.”

Slowly, he turned around, a guilty look strewn across his handsome face. Liz fought to contain her smile as she noticed the chocolate smudge above his lip.

“Are you like totally sure you don’t like know where they are?”

At his nod, she walked towards him, her eyes dancing. “Because it kinda like looks like you do.”

His forehead wrinkled in confusion, but before he could wipe away the evidence, Liz lunged forward and began to “tackle” him. Immediately, he grabbed her and they began to wrestle. His fingers found her ticklish spots and like a beacon, they knew exactly where to go to torture her the most.

“Max! Stop! Stop!” Liz hiccupped, her arms flailing helplessly in a weak attempt to stop him.

Still attacking her, he had her pinned up against the sink, her back arching against it. In one fluid motion, he used his body to keep her there while his hands captured hers. Even with flour all over her, she’s still beautiful.

His eyes dark and unreadable, he asked, “Surrender?”

She shook her head, a defiant look on her face. “You lied. You were like eating cookies! And you know we were like saving them for the movie!”

“You have no proof.”

“Yes, I do! It’s like on your face!”


“Right there!”

He released one thin hand. “Prove it.”

Swallowing, she reached out and touched him right above the lip. She almost shuddered at the spark. “It’s right here,” she whispered, her finger slowing scooping the chocolate off. After showing it to him and at his nod, she seductively placed it into her mouth, savoring the taste.

Max could not believe what she was doing. She just had to know the effect she was having on him, licking her finger that way.

She saw his eyes widen and his lips parted slightly, her attention gathering there. Taking a deep breath, she slowly snaked her arm around his neck and got up on tip-toes and her lips neared his.

Anticipation simmered in the air as everything stilled, pausing for the moment they had long waited for.


Max sprang away from Liz, taking in her rumpled appearance from their earlier wrestle. Rushing towards the door, he jerked it open.

“Max! I just thought I’d bring up some apple pie for you and that darling Liz!” Rose exclaimed, her wrinkles crinkling up from her smile.

Breathless, Max couldn’t reply. From behind him, he felt Liz’s hand on his waist. “Oh, like thanks, Rose! It smells totally yummy!”

“Liz, dear, it’s getting late. Don't you think you should let your parents know where you are?”

Liz giggled. “Sure. I’ll like call now.”

With a nod and smile, Rose made her way back downstairs.

Max turned around slowly, expecting a tense silence, yet that wasn’t what he got. Instead, he came face-to-face with Liz’s radiant smile.

“I’ll be right back!” she exclaimed. Rummaging through her purse, she pulled out her cell phone. And once again, Max had to fight the urge to laugh at the pink and blue fuzz. After dialing in some numbers, her face lit up.

“Hi, Mommy! Like totally. I’m still here at Max’s. There was like a slight change in plans. Uh huh, yup. Love you too! Toodles!”

After hanging up, she turned to see Max flopped out on the couch. Delighted at the fact that he was eating and actually enjoying the cookies, she glided over to him and collapsed next to him, immediately snuggling up close.

“So, like what movies do you have?”

Reaching over to turn off the light, he replied, “Let’s watch Chucky. It’s old, but great.”

Her nose wrinkled in disgust and worry. “I don’t like scary movies. They’re like way scary!”

“I’m here to protect you.”

She laughed at his puffed-out chest and poked playfully at it. “You couldn’t protect me from a fly.”

“I’m big and strong, can’t you tell?”

Giggling, she shook her head, her hair brushing against his face.

“I’m hurt.”

“Don’t be. I still like you.”

He didn’t look at her, didn’t take her hand, but said, “Good.”

As the movie started, Liz crept closer to him, fear taking over. As if sensing that she was really scared, he wrapped an arm around her and settled her in closer. During extremely scary parts, she would cry out and hide in his protective embrace.


Tearing his gaze from the screen, he looked into her eyes. “Yeah?” he asked softly.

“I was wrong. You are big and strong.”

He smiled and she smiled back.
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!!!! AUTHOR'S NOTE!!!!

Hey everyone!
I'm not going to be able to update and add any new parts for at least a WEEK! Ahhh!
I was going to post a new part today before I left for my week-long vacation to Myrtle Beach...
But I decided to be evil and not *happy*
So if you want it, BEG


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Hey everyone!
After a couple of weeks of being away, I've finally come home! Miss me?
Well, I know I definitely missed this story and this was supposed to be a REALLY long part, but I decided to be a bad person and cut it in half.. just for you *happy*

!PART 8!

“I like called you like twenty thousand times! Like where were you?”

Liz smiled into her $320.99 Nine West phone (didn’t you know they made those?). “I like totally told you! With Max!”

“I totally don't believe you, Liz! I know that you like to like play around with guys, but this is totally rid (ridiculous)! He’s like not even popular or like rich. Come on!”

A frown found its way to Liz’s perfectly-formed face. “Mar, that doesn’t matter. We were like totally wrong. What like does matter is like what’s inside.”

“Oh migod! Liz Parker! I like cannot believe you! You’ve already like, ya know, gone like all the way with him?”

“Geez, Mar! Like of course not! I meant inside of him, not his pants!”

The two girls laughed and then Liz heard that familiar beep from her pastel pink phone which matched with her whole room.

“Hold on, Mar. Someone’s on like the other line.”

“Maybe it’s like Max,” Maria teased, knowing a blush had crept onto Liz’s face.

“Oh, short up!”

“Just go like answer loverboy’s call.”

Laughing, Liz rolled over on her bed, her head landing softly onto one of her three large pastel orange pillows. Liz was just about to answer the call when she realized what she was doing. Looking down at her fingers, she gasped. She was crossing her fingers! Breathing deeply, her heart began to tighten in fear. What was happening to her? It wasn’t like her to be so… the way she was about a guy, even if he had the brownest eyes and the softest hair and the –

Oh migod! He’s still waiting!

Frantically, she greeted the person on the other line, praying it was Max. “Hello?”

A smile immediately formed across Max’s face as he heard Liz’s sultry voice. “Hey, Liz. It’s me, uh Max.”

The tips of Liz’s mouth turned up. Max was just so cute! “Like no duh, Max! Of course it’s you!”

“How are you doing?”

“Great! I like totally had so much fun last night! Chucky was great!”

“And how would you know? You were hiding the whole time! I doubt you watched even a total of two minutes!”

“I totally did! The previews like had to be longer than two minutes!”

“God, I love you,” Max laughed, realizing too late his slip of words.

Liz’s eyes widened and her heart started pounding crazily. Love? Did he really? Did she love him back? No. She couldn’t. Girls like Liz Parker didn’t fall in love… did they?

“I mean, I, well, it was just a figure of speech, I-“

She giggled nervously. “Yeah, I know.” Clearing her throat, she stammered out, “I’ve um like got to go, Max. Mar’s like on the other line and I should like go.”

“Oh, sure.”


Neither of them hung up.

“Liz? Umm, I was, well, I was wondering if, if you’re not too busy tomorrow night, maybe umm, we could go do something again. But if you can’t, that’s fine too.”

Should she? Or shouldn’t she? She should.

“I’d like totally love to!”

“Wow. Really?”

Giggling, she replied, “Of course! What are we like gonna do?”

“I don't know. Have fun?” he asked, unsure.

“I always have fun when I’m like with you!” She paused. “Oh migod! Max! We like totally did not go over our project last night and like tomorrow we have to like turn our plans in! Mr. Reynolds’ like gonna kill us!”

Project? What project? Oh. That one. No damn project had been in his mind. Even him, Mr. Studius-Smarty-Pants, had forgotten all about it and didn’t mind the thought of failing. The only thing in his mind was Liz. Liz and her silky hair and warm smile.

“Max?” her voice shocked him back into reality, away from his lovely images of her.

“Uh, yeah, the project.” He paused. “How about I draw up the plans tonight?”

“By yourself?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Are you like sure? I don't like want you to feel as if you’re like doing all the work.”

Her voice was filled with so much earnest and concern that it sent slight chills up his spine. “No, don’t worry about it. It’s fine. I’ve been doing it all my life. What’s once more gonna hurt?”

“Oh, Max. No one deserves to be used for their brain.”

Her words hit him harshly and that deep pain that he felt for being such a failure resurfaced at the honesty in her voice. Not liking the seriousness of the conversation, he changed directions. Laughing, he said, feigning surprise, “Wow! You know what? You didn’t say one ‘like’ in that whole sentence!”

“Max!” A giggle bubbled out of her and she didn’t even think about being offended. She knew Max was just kidding. Despite their differences, he had come to care for her… just like she had for him. “You’re like totally right!”

He smiled. She had said “like.” Suddenly, he realized the time and knew that if he didn’t get off now, he wouldn’t have enough time to finish the project plans. Reluctantly, he apologized, “Sorry, Liz, but I’ve got to go now. It might take a while to finish up those plans. But I’ll see you at school tomorrow.”

“Wait, Max! Maybe we could like make sure of it. How about if I like come over and pick you up tomorrow morning? You could like explain the plans to like me and I’ll try to like think of something to do for our like date tomorrow night.”

“Are you sure? My house is kind of out of the way.”

“I’m totally sure. It’ll like be fun. Please?”

He sighed, a sign of defeat. “Anything you want.”

“Anything?” she teased, knowing exactly what she’d ask for..........