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Title: RJ2:The Next Generation
Category: The Gangs's kids
Rating PG 13-NC17
Disclaimer: I own Nothing
Summary: This is the Sequel To Roswell Junior.I recommend you read it. You dont have to, to be able to read this, this story stands on its own, but just for my ego!LOL! Well this takes place almost 10 years from the first story, This time around it is about the gangs children. Dont worry everyone we all know and love is in it too!

AN: I want to thank every one who read Roswell Junior it meant a lot to me, I am trying to repost that on the Repost board. I hope you enjoy this story.

Chapter One

I think I have been tramatized for life.Someone please , Please shoot me now! I am so sick! Uh I cant believe I just saw that! Is that against the law or something? Oh Im sorry, I guess I should introduce you to my self. Hi My name Is Chloe Megan Evans. And I just been through something a Teenager should never be able to see. I Saw MY PARENTS HAVING SEX!!!! God! Please will I ever get that image out of my mind! OK change of subject.Please!
My Parents? You want to know who they are? Well they are Roswell's very own energizer bunnies! Max and Liz Evans! I swear it is like they feel like if they dont have sex like 23.4 hours of the day, the world will just end! I thought parents were suppose to stop having sex once they have kids! Wrong! No Not mine, I swear they find any other thing to cause them to have sex. Honey, Look The sky is blue lets do it! Ok so that is,wait no that is what it is like! Please I swear I live in some porno!
Ok, now Lets change the subject before I become Literally sick and just want to die! Well before this tramatic experience, I was on My way to meet my friends at the Crashdown,a alien theme restarant that my grandfather owns,and the very one that my Nympho mother and Auntie maria worked at with also Uncle Mikey when they were kids. Talk about embaresment! I am lucky as hell they (My Parents) havent forced me to try and work there, or I just had to kick there asses! I mean I know this is Roswell, I know it is the alien capital of the world, but come on can anyone get original in this town!

"Mmmmmmmm Maaaxxxxxx! thats the spot baby!"

Ok, I am just going to get the hell out of here! Now! God they didnt even notice me, or they did, and just went on humping like there was no tommorrow! Lets Go!

Well I guess I should tell you about my friends, well lets start off with the trips! Or the triplets, that belong to auntie Maria and Uncle Mikey. Jase Guerin, Colin Guerin and Shiri Guerin. Shiri is my Best friend in the entire world, we are chicas! through and through. Then their is Majandra Whitman and Brendan Whitman the twins from Aunt Isabel and Uncle Alex! There pretty cool except when they are acting like the Ice Twins! but that is just a shell of what they appear to be. Once you get to know them you will love them. Then there is Katie Valenti, she is the daughter of Uncle Kyle and Auntie Ava! We are all the best of friends , I wouldnt know what I would do with out them, They are like my second family! Plus it helps to escape the hormones at Casa Horny Evans!
Well I Guess I should really go Now since I hear Them go at it ONE MORE TIME! C-ya!

P.S Let Me know , as always feedback is crucial, no feedback no story.

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AN: I want to thank all the wonderful feedback I recieved, if I get more there is a great chance I would be able to post tonight.
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AN: I just want to apologise for the wait for this part! I will try and do better from now on. I hope you enjoy this, and Thanks for the feedback.

Part 2

What the hell is the matter with this town? I swear they are all consumed withthis notion that there are aliens out there somewere! Even my grandfather is one of the loopy ones since he owns an Alien themed resturant! Which I now have the pleasure of saying that now I am not only a customer but an employee as well! Lucky me! I swear My humpity bumpity parents got this wacked out idea that I need to learn something so I could become such a round minded indivudal!

So I have to work here in this crap hole! God I hope none of my friends reconise me! This is beyond embarrising! I thought Parents were suppose to love there children and not throw them to the hard world of actual labor!

This is totally unacceptable! I mean I have to work talk about yuck! I cant believe that My Mother actually woked here along with Auntie Maria and Uncle Mikey! Do People know on actually know how to cook! I mean come on how hard! No they have to come and be lazy! And then to top it all off, they have to be total and complete PIGS!

Ok that is enough about the job from the pits of hell! I mean how much is there to say about it. It sucks,it sucks and it SUCKS!!!!!!

And the home front aint that much better, which I have already told you about.I swear how much can I take?

Well at least I still have my friends, In which you will meet later on. They are the ultimate best. I mean I am truly lucky when it comes to them.

Oh I have to go, It is time for me to get off, and to go home to the place that I like to call my real life porno.

Thanks for listening. I know this is really short but I will make it last a little bit longer next time, Maybe I could tell you the rumor that is going around about Tammy Troy! That skanky Trash!

P.S I know this is really short but I wanted to leave yoou guys something for all the wonderful feedback I have recieved.The next chapter is longer.

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Part 3

I think today was a day for miracles! First I got an a I science, Biology! I hate that class so much and I got an A! Maybe it is a good thing to have parents that lovedd the subject when they were in school. And speaking of my parents They actually went a whole day with out groping each other! How could I ask for more? I actually got to held down my dinner for once! So that made my day! Then My Dear wonderful Grandmother had to go burn down the Crashdown! There goes my job! If you couldnt tell I was being sarcastic!

I thought today couldnt get any better, But It did! Jase looked at me and smiled! I mean what a hottie! I had known him since like forever and I had been crushing on him since that time too! And Now he seems to be noticing me! oh Happy days!

Let me tell you a few things about Jase. well to tell you first,His name Is Jason Phillip Guerin and he is one fine looking specieman! but over all he is my best bud! we grew up together. I still remember our first day of school, we had this old hag named Mrs. Guber, talk about a bitch! I swear that lady must of forgotten to change her depends, cuz it seemed like she was always tight!

Back to Jase. I had always had a thing for him. He is like the sweetest thing ever! And no I am not just talking about his body!Even thought it is the best! I am talking about his personality, the way that he is with others, the way that he helps out with out bitching about it!

He is truly my best friend and I am glad that he is. Which makes me wonder something. Should I even risk our friendship over something that might not even happen?

I am not sure if I am willing to lose that special bond ove just a couple of raging hormones. What we have is special enough with out getting it complicated.

I dont know what to do? well I better go I have to go meet meet my parents or dinner. So till next time c-ya!

P.S I decided to do this as a diary entry for Chloe, but if you want entrys for all the others I guess I could do that. Is that what you want? Just let me know.
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Part 4

Do you have a teenager? well if you do, then my sympathes are with you. God! Was I ever this bad for my parents? Well If I was I sure as hell sorry now. Dont get me wrong, I love Chloe she is my daughter after all, But ther are times when it is Like UGH!. I swear Max and I can do nothing right in her eyes. It seems like we are a complete embarresment to her! if you want to talk about embaressing parents just take a look at mine! Now that is embarressing! Chloe is a very good kid at times, what am I saying most of the time, but she is still a teenage girl, so you can already expect a lot of attitude from her anyway.

Chloe is deffently daddy's little girl. I mean I thought Max was overprotective with Me, It pales into comparresment to what he is like with her! I mean talk about a dad nazi! In fact that is one of chloe's terms for her dear sweet old dad! I like it, it suits him just fine. But Dont tell Max that ok?

Things are Surely diffrent since the last time that we chated. But I wouldnt change a single dream. I have the family that I always wanted. What more could I ask for? I bet you want to know what is going on with the rest of the gang? right? Ok I guess I can tell you.

Michael and Maria are Married and Now living in New York, She following her dream as a singer and his dream of being an artist. They are expecting their third child this summer! talk about being busy! But I am happy for those two, they deserve it, especially after Courtney. And Now that is a complete and uter story, That I will let Maria tell you.

Kyle. He is now playing football for the San Fransisco 49'ners. He is pretty good actually. He is married to some one named connie, they seem to be pretty happy. He deserves it. Especially after Tess.

Tess. Our former best friend. That bitch! Well last time I heard she was dead. I am sorry to say this but Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex and Isabel. They live with us in Roswell. Well not with us persay, But you know what I mean. They are completely and uterlly happy. it is almost sick. It if wasnt for me and max that is.

Life sure has changed since we were all kids. But you know, I wouldnt go back for anything. I have what I always wanted. And that is priceless.

P.S I know this is short, but I have another part I might be posting. Now this has only about a couple of more parts to it, so this is winding down. Thanks for all the wonderful feedback.

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Part 5

I know it has been a while since we last chated. Nothing has really been happening. Just except for the fact that jase kissed me!


That guy can really kiss!

What he does with his tounge! Man I am blushing just thinking about it!

Ok so what if it was a dare! he still kissed me, and he used his tounge.

Now who would do that if they were just doing a dare.

He likes me. He likes me. Well if he dosent now, I will make sure of it. I mean come on we would so make the perfect couple! We are both intellegent. good looking and we are .... well basically were US!

I dont mean to sound like a stuck up snob! ok, So I am but who cares? Please dont tell that to my mother. she starts on her whole holier than thou routinee and it really gets on my nerves! Dont get me wrong. I love my mom, Really I do. But Sometimes me and her, well we just dont get along!

But me and My dad! Now that is another story altogether. I have him wrapped up around my little finger so tight, he might not be able to breathe. He gives me what I want and I so love him for that!


There she goes bellowing for me again!

I got to go now, but wait till next time.

Love ya!


P.S I know this is short, But I wanted to give you guys something since it has been a few days since I last touched this story. I Hope you enjoy!

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AN: I am so not happy with this. that is why I decided not to continue with this. I plan on rewriting this, so it would be better then this crap. I appreciate all te feedback for this. I just hope you guys will check out the new version I have planned.