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Note: Ok I tend to struggle to finish any fanfics I have written and posted on here - I haven't finished any cos I get bored and run out of ideas. So I was thinking that if anyone wants me to continue could they maybe give some ideas of how they would like the story to play out. Coming up with unique and different ideas with all the great stories that have been posted on here is getting really difficult so I could use all the help I can get!!!!!

Just a short part to begin with.

Part One

She watched him from across the crowded cafeteria. He was sitting with his friends, the popular people. She watched him eat, laugh and talk. Turning back to her lunch, she ate silent. Alone.
Liz wasn’t one of the popular people. She almost didn’t exist at West Roswell High, well except to be teased. It was funny though, because she didn’t care. She had always been alone. She had always felt alone, like a huge part of her inside was missing. But she had gotten used to it. She was no one. So she got on with it. Her school work and her job were the only things she did, and they kept her from thinking about it all the time.
Sometimes she wished she could be like Isabel Evans or Maria DeLuca. Pretty, popular and always with so many friends. But she also saw how conceited and vain they were, and that wasn’t the sort of person Liz wanted to be. She watched their group. The most popular group at high school. Isabel Evans, the most popular girl at school. Maria DeLuca, Isabel’s best friend. Michael Guerin, the silent moody type that all the girls swooned over. Tess Harding, the girl all the guys wanted. Alex Whitman, class computer brainiac that everyone loved. Kyle Valenti, the star athlete. And Max Evans, Isabel’s brother and the most gorgeous guy at school. He also had the most beautiful eyes that a human could possess.
Liz watched them at lunch times and breaks. Often wondering what it would be like to be a part of their group. Wondering what it would be like to go shopping with Isabel. Or having coffee with Maria. Or sitting and chatting with Tess.
Snap out of it Liz, they would never want anything to do with you.
Plus they hated her, well at least in school time. Maria was at least civilized at work at the Crashdown.
Liz hated working there when they came in. She hated serving them, because they made her feel so worthless. Like nothing. But from her years at high school so far, she had come to realise that was what she was - nothing.


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Part Two

Evening at the Crashdown.

It was one of those shifts that Liz hated, mainly because the group was there. And she had to serve them, because they were in her section.
She had gotten their orders earlier without any trouble, but she heard them laughing as she left and she knew it was at her.
Walking into the employee area she sat down resting a little. She hated this. She hated the way they looked at her. Isabel looking at Liz down her nose. Tess staring at her like a germ. Michael would never even bother to look at her.
She had no idea why they did this to her, she had never done anything to them. Ever. Liz had never even talked to most of them.
Oh well, keep going Liz then you can sleep.
“Hello, they’ve like been waiting 15 minutes for their order,” Maria said staring at Liz.
“Huh?” Liz looked at her.
“Their order?” Maria said coldly.
“Right, I’ll get it now,” Liz said standing up not wanting to cause problems.
“Thank you,” Maria huffed walking into the café.
Liz felt extremely drained whenever Maria spoke to her. Probably because she was always cold to her.
Liz got their orders and walked into the café. Walking over to their booth she put on a bright smile.
“Here you go,” Liz said cheerily.
“It’s about time,” Isabel said loudly.
Liz almost screamed.
“Yeah I mean what were you doing?” Tess demanded.
“I’m very sorry for the inconvenience,” Liz apologised seething inside.
“Yes well, apology accepted,” Isabel said icily.
Liz wanted to collapse, she felt her knees almost buckle under her.
Wanting to scream WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?
But Liz was silent, she didn’t want to make a scene.
Spinning around she went to walk back into the kitchen when she slammed into something.
Liz had walked straight into Maria sending Maria’s plates crashing to the floor.
“You idiot,” Maria said loudly.
Liz stared at her.
“Look what you did, God watch where you’re going,” Maria said.
Liz fell on her knees trying to clear it up.
“Oh get out of the way,” Maria said pushing Liz back “You’ve done enough.”
Liz stood up slowly, feeling strange. She heard laughter behind her and she turned to face their booth. All of them were laughing at her, not even trying to hide it. Liz watched them and felt tears welling up in her eyes. She had to get out, before they made her cry.
Before she turned towards the kitchen she saw Max’s face. He wasn’t laughing, he just stared at her, sadly.
Liz felt a tear escape running over her cheek. Turning around she walked slowly into the kitchen, up to her room and collapsed on her bed crying.


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Part Three

Next day in Art Class.

Liz had to take this class as a compulsory subject. She hadn’t liked it at first, but she was really enjoying the painting now and wanted to keep doing it. Unfortunately Max and Maria were in her class and that she didn’t like.
Walking quietly into the class room she took an easel at the back. Looking towards the door she saw Max and Maria walk in. They walked down the back to get spare easels, the only free ones were either side of Liz.
Max took the one fartherest from the door, and had to walk around her to reach it. Maria was on the other side.
“Nice accident yesterday Liz,” Maria said nastily “Planning on it again tonight.”
Liz couldn’t even look at her and was silent.
Maria was a little miffed at Liz’s lack of response.
Max was silent.
They were painting the human form. There was a statue up front and they had to paint it as best they could. Liz was really enjoying it, hers was coming along quite well. She noticed Maria’s was terrible.
“Hey yours looks good,” A voice came next to her.
Turning she saw Max looking at her painting. She was immediately self-conscious.
She also couldn’t speak so gave him a tentative smile.
She watched Max go up front and get a bathroom pass.
“It’s never gonna happen,” A voice came in her ear.
Liz turned her head and saw Maria watching her.
“Excuse me?” Liz was confused.
“You and Max,” Maria stated.
“What?” Liz was still confused.
“Because you are a loser and Max is popular. The two species just don’t mix,” Maria said maliciously.
“Well good, because I wouldn’t want him anyway,” Liz snapped.
Maria looked taken back.
“And why is that?” Maria said haughtily.
“Because he’s just like you,” Liz said in a low voice.
“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Maria said looking at Liz.
“You figure it out,” Liz muttered returning to her art work.
Maria stared at her, not believing the Liz Parker she had just seen.
Liz continued with her painting. She was upset at the way she had spoken to Maria. No matter how they were towards her, she hated to be rude or mean. Turning slowly to Maria she looked at her.
“Maria,” Liz said quietly.
“What?” Maria snapped looking at her.
Liz looked at her almost not wanting to apologise.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t of spoken to you like that,” Liz said softly and then turned back to her work.
Maria stared at her, shocked and guilty. She didn’t deserve an apology, she had been horrible and she didn’t know why. But being Maria she didn’t accept or decline she just turned back to her work.
Liz was happy with the way her painting was turning out. Smiling slightly she continued to work on it, not seeing the sheriff enter the room.
The sheriff crossed the room to the teacher and spoke quietly. Then he walked outside.
The teacher walked down the back and stood next to Liz.
“Liz, the sheriff would like to speak with you,” The teacher said softly.
Liz looked up.
“Um Ok, I’ll just go…out then,” Liz stumbled.
Maria heard and watched Liz as she slowly walked to the front and out of the room.
The art room was surrounded with glass walls so everyone could see Liz standing with the sheriff.
“Hi Liz,” The sheriff said slowly.
“Sheriff,” Liz nodded.
Liz looked at his face and saw he looked upset and uncertain, like he didn’t know how to say what he was about to say.
Liz didn’t see Max come out of the bathroom.
Max saw them and stood in the doorway. He could see the back of Liz, and could hear what they were saying.
“Liz, I’m very sorry to have to tell you this,” The sheriff began.
Liz felt all the air leave her body.
“My parents,” Liz choked.
The sheriff nodded gravely.
“They were out driving on the highway, just a morning drive I think,” The sheriff continued.
Liz stared at him.
“There was an accident.”
Liz stared at him.
“Are they Ok?” Liz said struggling with the words.
Max watched on, he could see Liz’s shoulders shaking.
“No Liz, they aren’t,” The sheriff said unable to look at her.
“Your father died instantly and your mother died a few minutes after the ambulance reached them.”
Liz stared at the sheriff, she was sure her ears were playing tricks on her.
“What?” Liz asked slowly.
“I’m sorry your parents are both dead,” The sheriff said firmly.

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That's where I got the idea for the glass walls - from that Buffy episode (cos I thought it was the saddest thing I'd ever seen). One person brought up a good point - who is Liz going to live with? I have no idea and now have some serious thinking to do.....THANKS.*angel*
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Part Four

Liz stared at him and took a step back. She turned and faced the lockers, she felt the emotion rising in her stomach.
Maria had walked near the window, she saw Liz turn towards the wall and new it was bad news.
Max watched her profile. He had heard everything and was shocked.
Liz stared at the wall, it was blurring and moving even though she was still.
She fell on her knees on the cold floor.
“Oh God,” Was the only thing she moaned, before she felt the tears run freely over her cheeks.
Max watched her fall to the ground and he wanted to reach out and touch her, but he knew he couldn’t. It was strange he almost felt like he had lost someone. It was like he could feel her pain inside him.
Max walked slowly and quietly towards Liz until he stood next to her.
Looking down he saw her shaking on the ground, her face buried in her hands. Slowly he reached down and touched her shoulder.
Liz felt it but didn’t move, she couldn’t move.
Slowly Max knelt next to her, his hands till on her shoulder.
“Liz,” Max croaked.
Liz was silent, she still couldn’t move or speak.
“Liz, please,” Max whispered.
Liz moved slightly.
“I can’t get up,” Liz whispered.
Max slowly put his hands under her shoulders, and pulled her up into a kneeling position.
Liz sat and stared at the lockers, tears still falling.
Max watched her and felt his heart break.
All he wanted to do was take the pain away. But nothing could fix this, nothing.
Liz turned and looked at him. She looked right in his eyes and she saw something amazing. She saw pain in his eyes and something else she couldn’t explain.
Slowly she shifted facing him.
“Liz I’m so sorry,” Max whispered and slowly he wrapped his arms around her holding her against him.
Liz let him hold her and she wrapped her arms around him and cried.
“I’m so sorry,” He whispered over and over.
Liz only cried, she couldn’t speak. Nothing could display how she was feeling.
Max held her tight, not caring that everyone in his art class was staring at the two of them.

Later at the Crashdown.

Liz sat silent in a booth in the café. She had gone home after art class had ended. Staring into nothing she realised how alone she was.
She had no friends and now she had no family.
She also couldn’t believe Max Evans.
She wanted to thank him for being amazing, after she heard the news.
God he probly just felt sorry for me, and will have forgotten once he got home. But something inside her told her that wasn’t true.
They way he had held her, it felt so amazing. It also felt like home. Being with him was home.
Hah, who are you kidding Parker?
Max Evans probably makes all girls feel home in those arms of his.
Liz sat back thinking about her parents and the last time she had seen them alive.
Slowly she closed her eyes thinking back.

“Liz, are you going to bed now?” Liz’s dad yelled up the stairs.
“Yeah dad, I’ll seeya in the morning,” Liz yelled back.
“Ok, sleep well,” He yelled back.
Liz had gotten in bed and was nearly asleep.
“Lizzie honey,” Liz’s mom said.
“Yeah mom,” Liz said in a sleepy voice.
“Oh sorry,” She had said.
“No it’s Ok mom I wasn’t asleep,” Liz said turning her light on.
Her mother had walked over to her bed and sat down.
“You’re so beautiful,” Liz’s mom said touching her hair.
“Mom,” Liz muttered.
Liz’s mom smiled.
“I’m so proud of you,” Her mother had whispered.
Liz smiled slowly.
“Thank you mom,” Liz said softly.
“Ok, night,” Her mother had said “I love you.”
“Night mom,” Liz said as she turned out the light.

Liz opened her eyes slowly.
“I love you, I love you, I love you,” Resounded in her head.
The only people that loved her were dead, and she was alone.
Tears fell then slowly, realising the full weight of what had happened.
Her parents were dead, and she was only sixteen.
Sixteen and all alone.
I’m strong. I can keep going.
She sat and stared, sat and stared. She couldn’t get up, she almost couldn’t breathe.
She heard the door open but didn’t turn to see who it was.
“Please, we’re shut,” Liz said quickly.
They didn’t leave.
The person came and sat in the booth across from her.
Liz lifted her eyes and saw Max staring at her.
She couldn’t breathe.
“Hey,” Max said softly.
Liz tried to smile.
Max sat silent looking at her.
Liz felt it again, the comfort of being with him. Like it was her home, wherever he was.
“Aren’t you going to ask if I’m Ok?” Liz said slowly trying to smile.
“No,” Max said softly looking at her.
“No,” Liz said surprised “That’s all everyone can ask.”
“That and I can’t imagine what you must be going through.”
Max was silent.
“So why aren’t you going to ask?” Liz asked slowly.
“Because you aren’t Ok,” Max said simply.
Liz stared at him.
“Because that’s the most stupid question to ask anyone,” Max said softly.
Liz found herself smiling at him, tears in her eyes.
“What?” Max said seeing the way she was looking at him.
“Nothing,” Liz whispered.
“No what it is?” Max said.
“You must have been through something similar then,” Liz said looking at him.
Max looked at her sad.
“No, not really,” Max said slowly.
“Then you’re very thoughtful,” Liz said looking at her hands resting on the table.
Max looked at her and looked at her hands. He wanted to touch her.
Slowly he slid his hands nearer hers on the table top.
Liz didn’t notice.
His fingers were almost touching hers.
“May I?” Max said indicating his hands.
Liz looked and nodded slowly.
Max brushed his hands over hers slowly. Turning her hands over he laid his palms on hers and moved his slightly so he was holding her hands.
Liz smiled, tears in her eyes. Touching his hands was incredible. They were so smooth and soft. She never wanted him to take them away.
“I’m alone,” Liz whispered.
Max looked at her and saw the tears.
“No you aren’t,” Max said looking in her eyes.
Liz looked at him and in his eyes.
“Yes I am,” Liz said slowly.
“No. I’m here,” Max whispered, feeling the pain she was in.
Liz continued looking in his eyes.
“I’ve always been here,” Max whispered looking at the table.
“What?” Liz was confused.
“I’ve always been here,” Max repeated looking back at her.
Liz was still confused.
“The first day I saw you, I knew you were special,” Max said quietly.
Liz found herself remembering the first time she had seen Max Evans.
“Third grade. The first day of third grade,” Liz whispered.
“Yes,” Max said smiling.
“When I saw you I…” Max trailed off.
Liz looked at him, amazed.
“Liz, I always felt something about you. Something special,” Max said blushing.
“Me too,” Liz said embarrassed.
“Really?” Max said.
“Yes,” Liz said meeting his eyes.
Max smiled gently.
“I’m so sorry for your loss Liz,” Max said his face turning grave.
Liz too took on a grave expression.
“Thank you,” Liz said simply.
“All I want to do is take the pain away,” Max said slowly looking at his hands.
“You can’t,” Liz said sadly.
“No,” Max said looking frustrated “No I can’t…but…”
Liz looked up at him.
“But I trust you, and I want to share something with you,” Max said quietly.
Liz looked at him, he looked very serious.
“This is something really important, something you can never tell anyone…ever,” Max said seriously.
Liz looked at him.
“Ok Max,” Liz said feeling a little faint.
“I want to show you something,” Max got up and slid in next to Liz in the booth.
Liz faced him, not sure what to expect.
“I have to touch you,” Max said looking at her.
“Ok,” Liz nodded slowly.
Max brought his hands up to her face, and slowly he brushed the hair away from her eyes. Then gently he placed his hands on both sides of her head.
“Ok, breathe slowly and try to clear your mind,” Max said softly.
Liz nodded.
“You have to look in my eyes,” Max whispered.
Liz lifted her eyes and looked into his.
Suddenly she saw a flash of Max as a seven year old, he was covered in a green slimy film. She saw him and Isabel out alone on the highway. She saw Max’s parents find them and take them into their home. She saw Max seeing Liz on their first day of third grade. She saw herself through his eyes and it ended.
Staring into his eyes she couldn’t believe what she had seen. She knew he was different, but she also knew that she didn’t need to be afraid.
“What are you?” Liz asked looking into his eyes.
Max stared at her.
“I’m an alien,” Max said.
Liz didn’t think she had heard correctly.
“An alien?” Liz croaked.
“Yes,” Max nodded his head.
“Oh,” Liz whispered and the world went black.