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Title: pieces of the puzzle
feedback: the good the bad the ugly all welcomed
rating PG13 (not really good at nc 17)
Disclaimer: don't own them
Buffy meets Dark angel meets charmed meets Roswell
only in a sense I really don’t watch those shows so I will use the ideas of the show's don't worry all will be explained
Summary: what if Tess was half alien half Vampire? This is a dreamer fic even at times you're chanting in your head please don’t let her be attracted to him or vice versa

side notes

Kyle &Liz never dated (you'll thank me later)
but they are close and Kyle is close to Alex
** = peoples thoughts

Isabel has a power to make the group invisible to others.

Takes place during Crazy

Pieces of the Puzzle.................

Tess: “I’m Tess “

Isabel: “I’m Isabel this is Alex”

Tess: “hi”

Alex: starts to look around the Quad as if in search of something or some one “I got to go”

Isabel: “you okay”

Alex: “yeah bye”

Isabel : “that was so weird”

Tess: “why”

Isabel: “well Alex um he well..”

Tess; “likes you”

Isabel: “yeah”

Tess: who are they over there

Isabel: my brother his girlfriend my friend and his girlfriend….you want to go over there?

Tess: sure


Under a Tree Max Michael Liz and Maria all are there

Liz: So…..kiss ….what are we kiss…doing tonight ?

Max: well anything you want
Maria: you two are just …ahhhhh stop

Michael: oh Maria does it matter anything we say

Maria: I was talking to them

Michael: fine

Liz: sigh so …would staying home watching a movie be ok?

Max: yeah and we …can do this ……as he leans in and kisses her lips ……….beep beep beep

Liz : hold on she see’s A.911 “I got to go”

Max: what’s wrong ?

Liz: still looking at the beeper “nothing “

Maria: “that was weird”

Kyle: Evans

Max: yes Kyle

Kyle: have you seen Liz- beep beep beep he picks up his beeper A911”never mind “ he breaks off into a run

Michael: that was-

Willow: Hi … did he say where he was beep beep beep um she looks A911 she runs

Maria: something is going on

Max: yeah but what?


Alex: we need to get giles

TBC? Let me know

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Chapter 2

Liz: why would we need Giles?

Alex: there’s a vampire I feel it

Erik: Alex are you sure I mean the suns out

Alex: it was like it did not know who I was but ….she was like in my mind

Liz: do you still feel that way

Alex: yes

Sean: anyone notice anything weird?

Willow: no

Kyle: not me

Liz: I didn’t Erik? shakes his head no

Cordelia: great and 3 day’s before Initiation

Liz: that’s also weird

Sean: okay Liz Erik Buffy and I will get a meeting set up with Giles everyone else lay low

Kyle: again the chosen 4-

Sean: I don’t want to hear it Kyle it’s the 4 of us that are in charge

Alex: do I need to remind you were ALL slayers you guy’s are just more hunted then us

Buffy: who Patrols every night huh!?

Liz: stop ! Stop fighting! I agree with Sean

Kyle: of course God forbid you go against him

Sean: Kyle Shut Up!

Bell rings

Buffy: Everyone be cool


Later that day -Crashdown (Isabel, Tess, Michael, Max sitting at a table)

Liz; hi you guy’s want anything?

Max: depends you on the menu as he brings her down to him for a kiss

Liz; not for another 2 hours

Isabel: excuse me as I gag

Liz starts to get the sensation that a vampires in the room and starts looking in the room

Max: what?

Liz: nothing she smiles I have to get back to work

Max: okay as he brings her down for 1 more kiss see you later he say’s

Liz; count on it

As she walks away she starts to get very weird feelings as if they were not her’s .

The jingling of the door gets her attention

Giles Erik Buffy and Sean walk in and straight to a booth

And they stay for her shift as does Max Michael Isabel and Tess
At the Pod squads Table-

So that you’re girlfriend ? Tess asks

Max: yes her name is Liz

Isabel: if you watch them long enough you can probably vomit

Tess: are you guy’s serious?

Max: yes

Isabel: beg to differ

Which surprises Max and Michael

2 hours later

Max: so are we going to go? As he kisses her neck from behind

Liz: jumps and lets tears fall

Max: what’s wrong

Liz: nothing I can’t go out tonight

Max: why

Liz: I have to meet some people

Max; not wanting to push simply kisses her crown and leaves.

Everyone was gone only people remaining were Erik Giles Buffy and Sean

Giles : are you all okay? Your all pale

Liz: she’s in my mind knows my thoughts

Giles: the rest of you? are you feeling this way they all shake there heads yes

Well I looked into it and it seem that this demon vampire is half vampire half something else

Liz: and….
Giles: she’s programmed to get all of you her interest in the chosen ones but mainly you Liz her fuel is too kill you and she wont leave anyone’s thoughts till she kill’s you and the others.

Liz; what’s the other half of her?

Giles: no one ever knows but she won’t attack till Initiation

Buffy till we get our powers

Giles :precisely

Liz: so we need to kill it

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Giles:Liz, I want you on protection you do not go anywhere without Erik or sean

Liz: okay,but she's in my mind controling my thoughts

Sean: how do we get ride of that feeling

Giles I don't know stay together its your best defense

Buffy: what about the others ?

Giles :there going to the safe house

Erik: makes sense

1 hour later Max's house

Tess: so Isabel what are my chances with your brother ?

Isabel: you know Tess ............ I'll help you with my brother

Tess: really ?

Isabel: sure


Liz Buffy Erik and Sean all fell asleep scared because they kept getting images of death and War there slaying that night was affected and every vampire knew that history was going to repeat its self ****************

Tess kept her finger on Liz's picture that night confident that she would kill the chosen ones and be accepted by the royal four


short I know

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