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Title: After I Fell
Rating: NC-17
Catagory: A/I, Xover Angel Sanctuary
Disclaimer: (reading this in using a Mojo Jojo voice) This story is all mine, my idea, my thoughts, I don't own the characters. The characters are not mine. Don't sue me. Curses... (written by Angelic).


Summary: This story takes place after the events of "Cry Your Name". All previous events occured as the series depicted them. (Tess is still EVIL?).

Authors Note: Feedback is a must! This story is dedicated to my girlfriend Angelic.

There exists three planes of existance the first is the one in which which we live, the others are Heaven and other is Soeh (Hades).

A millennia ago the angel Rociel foresaw a change in himself and made his sister Alexiel promise to kill him before this change could occur. However after the being we would consisder god disappeared Alexiel led a revolt against Heaven and failed. Because of the war Alexiel was unable to keep her promise and Rociel was driven insane. During the war Alexiel found a new born baby, born an angel by the creators hands, she realised that the baby was the written about in the prohecy that told that a child born of war would bring rest to the great throne of heaven. Knowing this and that Rociel would stop at nothing would stop to destroy the baby, she sealed away the baby's astral powers and sent the boys soul to Earth where he would be safe.

The place a quiet little town called Roswell, New Mexico...

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I will post some more background info on Angel Sancuary later today.

The sun was beginning to rise, like a giant ruby reflecting a red hue over everything it looked upon. But she could care less, she hadn't even notice that the night had passed.

Sat at the kitchen table Isabel, stared emotiolessly at the glass of orange jucie she had poured herself when she first woke hours ago. She didn't know how long she had been sitting there, she had lost all ideas of time, lost contemplated the meaning of her dream. It had already been almost a month since that day, the dream had started a few days later, still she had no idea of it's meaning, but she knew it was somehow linked to the events of that day, to his death or even more so to Alex himself.

The sun continued to rise, as the lighted shined through the window, Isabel could feel the warm light touch her face, she closed her eyes and let her thoughts drift back to the dream again.

The sun was hot on her skin as she sat by the open window. She felt drawn to it, compelled to look at it like a moth to a flame. But something was different she was not blinded by the light, there stood a figure shiloetted by the intensity of the light, it was the black shadow of a man, although she could make out no definable features something inside her separated him from a normal person and stranger still was that she felt as though she knew him. She called out to him without response. The room around her grew darker until the room itself was no more, she could feel something around her, something unhuman, something evil. Still above her the figure stood watching when suddenly he spoke.

With that the figure turn away from her, revealing a secret that surprised her, wings.
"An Angel?", she whispered unconsiously.

"Hey! Sleeping beauty!".
Isabel had fallen asleep, she had knock the glass of juice to the floor causing the glass to break. Standing over her with his hand on her shoulder Max, her brother stood.
"How long have you been sitting there? It's almost eight, have you even been to bed?".
Isabel remained silent, confused and scared, haunted by the dream, but she was now convince, that day something had happened beyond what they knew, she knew she was involved, they were all involved. But what scared her more was not knowing who, or what, that figure in her dream was... or what was 'Soon'...
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The next part will be up hopefully tomorrow. The extra info. will be up tonight though.
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Alexiel has been incarnated into a normal high school boy named Setsuna Mudou. Normal except that he is in love with his actual sister, named Sara. He is also the Messiah that is said to save humanity according to the Black Book of Revelation. Although Setsuna comes to realize his great mission, he cares only to protect his love, his sister Sara. A battle is to be fought between heaven and hell, angels will fight demons in struggles for leadership, and above all, the forbidden love of Setsuna and Sara will evolve. There is little time to stop humanity from being destroyed, and only Setsuna can stop this. But will he choose Sara over the whole existence of the human race.

NOTE: In AS there are 15 layers of existance, 7 layers of Heaven, Earth and the 7 layers of Hell. In my story I've simplified this down to the three key differences to begin with although the different layers may very well have to come into play later on.

This pretty much sums up the story of AS. If anyone has any particular questions just ask and I'll try my best to answer them.

For more informtion I would recommend the following site:

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"Isabel... Isabel!", Max was more concerned with her lack of response than the glass, which he had just finished cleaning up.

Ever since Alex's death Max had been worried about Isabel's lack of expression. She had fallen into a bout of depression, but more as of late because of the recuring dream that she had mentioned to him, but would no longer talk about.

"Morning Max, sleep well?" Max was surprised, it was first time in weeks that he had heard his sister speak with such emotion in her voice.
"Ya... Well... Are you okay? you've seemed kinda distant lately like your mind was in a completely different place to your body."
"It has been, but that's all changed now", Isabel replied.
"What do you mean changed?" Max was puzzeled by her vuage use of the word.
"I need to talk to you, but I need to talk to everyone together, this involves all of us. I'll call Michael and Maria... you call Liz, then I will explain!"

In a couple of hours everyone had arrived and had congragated in the Evans' living room, all with more than just a slight curiosity, about why they had been summoned. Some random discussion was suddenly silenced as Isabel walked into the room.

"Isabel, what's this all about?" asked Liz.
"Are you okay?" enquired Michael.
"I want to share something with you all,"
"Well don't keep us all in suspense!" Maria prompted her to continue.
"Now don't laugh but I need to share a dream with you. I've been having it almost every night since Alex died and it will explain everything."
"Well go on, tell us about it!" said Max, everyone was starting to get on edge with all the tension that was building.
"I need everyone to relax and allow me to share my dream with you,"
"You mean dreamwarp us don't you?" asked Maria.
"Yes!", Isabel promptly replied.

Without any more persuation, mostly due to Isabel's sudden enthusiasm about the situation, the others agreed and Isabel began to share her dream.

As always the figure stood infront of the sun shadowed by the light behind him, but this time it changed, instead of walking away, he stayed, and watched as the darkness enveloped Isabel.
"Ahhhhhhh..." Isabel let a ear shattering scream, awaking everyone from their trance like state.
"Issy... Isabel!", Max ran his sisters side and embraced her, "Isabel, please wake up," he begged.

Just then her eyes opened, making Max fall back away from the chair where she was sitting.
"Soon... he's on his way... but so is it!"
"What is?" Max asked.
But everyone remain silent, humbled by what they had seen and felt, want answers that no one could prove.

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What in me is dark,
Illumine, what is low raise and support,
That to the height of this great argument,
I may assert Eternal Providence,
And justify the ways of God to men.
(An extract from John Milton's Paradise Lost)

Just a taste of my inspiration for now, but the next part will be up tomorrow.

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Isabel lay in bed, asleep, as Max sat beside her bed looking over his sister worried about the portent that she had shown them, and there he stayed.

The night pasted and as the sun began to rise of the town, a stranger entered the town. Dressed all in black, wearing a long trench coat with a hood that shadowed his face. As he walk alone the streets he watched everything, detected every little movement. He stopped as he reach the front of the Crashdown and turned to look in the window, he pause for a moment looking into the unlit building, he placed his hand upon the window and again pause for a moment.

A passing boy on his bicycle was on his way for collect the papers for his morning paper round when he saw the man. Scarred, yet intrigued with the stanger the boy watch the man as he rode past on his bike. Having past the man the boy returned his gaze to the road infront of his, and the lamp post.

BANG!!! The boy was thrown over the handle bars of his bike and into the post, landing on top of his bike the boy remained still, not moving. The noise had broken the strangers interest in the Crashdown and averted his gaze towards the fallen boy. The man calmly made his way over to the boy, who still lay motionless ontop of his bike. He bend down picking up the boy and laying him flat on the pavement, kneeling down beside him the stranger shook his head with disappointment, then looking up at the sky he placed his hand over the boys eyes. A irradecant light eminated from the strangers hand, spreading to the boy for a moment then retreating back into the stranger. The boy opened his eyes.

"What happened? Where am I?", standing up the boy picked up his bike, "awwww... man look at my bike, my moms going to kill me,"
Shaking his head, "Don't worry!", the stranger spoke, as he walked over to the boy, "your mom will understand and just be glad that your okay".

With that the stranger turned away from the boy and continued walking along the street glancing briefly at the Crashdown and continued onwards.

Max had not slept that night, he remained vigil over his sister. Suddenly Isabel shot up, sitting in bed she looked at Max.
"He's here!", she blurted out.
"Who's here? What are you talking about?", Max asked.
Isabel jumped out of bed throwing the covers on to the floor and covering Max's knees. Running down the stairs she was unsure of exactly what emotion she was feeling but she knew that something was here and she had been waiting for it, pause on the last step she looked at the door. There behind the door was the shadowy out line of a man dimly lit by the morning sun.

"Max....", Isabel called for her brother, who was just walking down the stairs.
Pausing behind her, "What is it?".
Isabel pointed to the door and the figured that could be seen through the rippled glass in the door.
Max placed his hand on her shoulder, "It's going to be okay, nothing is going to happen,"
"Your wrong, it's just about to begin", Isabel walked to the door and placed her hand on the door knob, contemplating what was about to happen she turned the knob and slowy opened the door.

"Hello...", Isabel welcomed the stranger nerviously.
The stranger took a step inside the house and raising his hands towards his head, slow lower his hood, revealing his face.

"Hey guys, how have you been?"
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"Alex!" Isabel shouted as she through her arms around him, she gentle began to cry with such overwhelming happiness. Noew she just knew that everything would be okay. Max however was not so sure. Alex was dead they all knew it, so why was Isabel so confident in the person that stood before them.

"Who are you?" Max broke the silence sharply.
"What do you mean who is he? It's Alex you idiot use your eyes!", Isabel almost offended by her borthers tone of voice and choice of question.
"Alex is dead and we both know it Iss!"
Just then Alex interupted, "Please don't fight, Max let me explain what has happened and why I am here."

Alex took off his coat, revealing a pair of black jeans and plain black t-shirt, the only memorable thing about his appearance was a silver cross, which he wore around his neck, at it's center was a red jewel that flickered as though it was almost alive.

The three made their way to the kitchen and sat around the table Max sitting directly opposite Alex, never once taking his eyes off him.

"Well, where should I begin?" Alex paused thinking to himself for a moment, "When I died I found myself in my body, but not on Earth, not really anywhre and before me stood a man, he was tall with long black hair, his name was Kira. He explained to me what had happened to me and how he was the guardian of the Organic Angel, Alexiel, and how he had watched of her soul in all of it's reincarnations on Earth, waiting for the incarnation spoken of in prophecies as 'The Messiah'. The prophecy told that when the Messiah appeared the revolution of Heaven and Hell would begin. Kira sent me here, because someone or something has come to Earth to try and stop the Messiah from ever being born."

"That doesn't explain why your here!", Max snapped the instant Alex paused.
"All of you will play a part in the Angel's rebirth but I have been charged wtih guarding one on this world from all harm, that one person is you Isabel."
"What the hell are you talking about? What's going on here? What's witht he Alex look alike?" Michael had been standing in the doorway into the kitchen listening in on Alex's story.
"Michael, long time no see, sit down you need to hear this as much as the rest of us,"
"O...K...", Michael realised that as much as it seemed impossible it real was Alex that stood before them.

"Isabel is to play a key role in Alexiel's ressurection and because of this nothing must happen to her. For if the prophecy does not come true the end of the Earth will soon be upon us."

Isabel still holding on to Alex finaly spoke, "So then you are my guardian angel now," she smiled looking up at him.
"I guess!", Alex wasn't to sure about that he doubted himself still, but that was about to change. That morning he had won over the friendship of Isabel, Michael and even Max. With their help he felt at that moment stronger than ever before and ready to face anything and he knew that with what they were up against they might just have to...
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The world was all before them, where to choose
Thir place of rest, and Providence thir guide:
They hand in hand with wand'ring steps and slow,
Through Eden took thir solitary way.
- John Milton (Paradise Lost)

Part 5 will be up tomorrow guys.
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"Max, I need to talk to you in private," Alex asked.
Looking straight into his eyes Max could see something he never saw before is Alex pure and complete fear an emotion so over whelming that Max could feel a chill run down his spine.

"Isabel, will you and Michael please go and get the others?"
"Sure!", both Max and Michael were amazed at how happy Isabel had become since Alex's return only hours before, "Come on Michael, we have our orders", Isabel took Michael by the hand and led him out of the room.
The silence was only broken once they had left the house.

"So... what did you want to talk to me about?"
"It's about the danger that we're about to face and the outcome. Even though your destinies haven't been written in stone yet, for now they have been written."
"What?", Max was a little puzzled about what Alex was trying to say.
"When I died, Kira told me something I knew all along, but not consiously. When I was a baby the angel Alexial sent to Roswell where I would be safe and to protect the Messiah, the one would be the reincarnation of the Organical herself. The child has already been conceived and with it our fates written, and when I say our I mean all living things both on this plane and any other."

"So what can I do to help? and why couldn't you tell the others this?"
"Because the person carrying the child is Tess!"
"What do you mean Tess is caring the child? How do you know that?"
"Kira told me everything and Max..." Alex paused for a moment looking at Max who had been taken back by this revelation, "...the child is yours."

Max remained silent not sure of what to say. Did he beleive this man? He looked like Alex and everyone beleived him to be so, including himself, but this... this couldn't be true, he would have known, she would have told him, wouldn't she?

"How do I know your telling the truth?"
"For now you don't have to beleive me, Max, but know this the say demon that killed me, will kill the child and Isabel, that is why I'm here and no matter what I will stop it!", Alex's voice had turned very serious and Max unsure of too many things to respond.
"Max, take this," Alex handed him a small silver cross in much the same design as the one he wore around his neck.
"What's this for?"
"The cross will let you know if the demon is close,".
Max gathered up the chain and shoved it deep into his pocket.
"So know what", Max asked.
"Before the others get back there's one more thing I need to show you," Alex roled my his sleeve and held is arm out for Max. His arm was a work of art, covered a tatoo, no not one but hundreds all intricately intertwined. Max continued to look at Alex's arm, when suddenly Alex grabbed Max by the wrist, for the first time in his life Max was truely scared, frightened he tried to use his powers to push Alex away but with no result. Just as he was about swing a punch with his free hand something happen. They no longer stood in the Evan's kitchen but rather in a deslate baron wasteland of ice.

"Where are we?", Max asked.
"You are in Limbo... a place between planes,"
Max spun around looking for the source of the voice. Behind him stood a man, he was tall, with long black hair.
"My name is Kira, I'm the one who sent Alex back to Earth..."
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Max stood still in disbeleif at what was happening.
"Max! You need to pay attention to what I'm about to tell you!"
Still silence, Max look towards Kira and noded.
"Good, now listen. Other forces are at work here than just me and Alex others have joined the game, sending other players from both Heaven and Hell. Some will help you, other's are just there to observe, but there are those who desire you and your friends to die."
"Why are you telling me this and not Alex," Max asked puzzled by the question he set before Kira.
"Because there are those who are watching me at all times, if I was to bring Alex's soul here they would destroy him, you see the reason Alex was sent back was not just to protect Isabel and the others but so you and the others could protect him."
"What..." Max understood less now than before the conversation had began.

"Listen years ago the Organic Angel, Alexiel found a new born with tremendus potential. On the brink of war she sent to the baby to Earth striped of it's power to the small town of Roswell, New Mexico. However what she hadn't counted on was the intervention of other higher creatures."
"What do you mean other... intervention... so who? what killed Alex?"
"A fallen angel called the MadHatter, she has the ability to possess peoples souls and control their bodies... it was her that killed Alex."
"Possessed..." Images played in Max's head confusing him, "...Answer me this then, who was it that was possessed? Who's body was used?"
"In time all the answers will come to light... But for now I must go," Kira began to step back, turned and began to walk away from Max.
"Wait you can't leave things there, there are thngs I need to know, please!"

A bright light surrounded Max until he could see nothing. As the light dimmed Max found himself back in the Kitchen.
"So now do you understand?"
"I think so Alex... But there are so many questions... Answer me this who killed you?" Max stood staring at Alex.
"I can't tell you that Max, you aren't ready to know yet... but in time you will know and when you do you'll wish none of this had ever began."
"Alex..." Max sounded worried about Alex's serious tone.
"What has been started, will be finished, there will be loses, there will be sacrifices, but our destinys are waiting for us and we will meet them head on... For Isabel's sake."
"No Alex... For the sake of everything... And we will help you..." It had hit max like a ton of bricks everything Kira had told him made just the little bit more sense. It was not just Isabel that was in need of protect but her protector as well.

But how could he help, Alex was far beyond him, Max could sense that he possessed more power than he had revealed so far... But he would try and he would succeed... But at what cost, that was the question in the back of his mind... One that would soon be answered.
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Sorry for the short part...
The next part is set to take a subsidedly dark twist as players from all sides are revealed as the game begins.

I'll try and get the new part up in the next few days.

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"Why do we have to go right now?"
"Maria... you just have to come... now!"
Maria hadn't really recovered from her last visit to the Evan's household, but as always since Michael was going to she decided that she may as well.
"Are we going to stop and get Liz?" Maria asked escorts.
"Ya, Liz is next on the way back. Then we've got a suprise for both of you!"
Maria found Michael's tone very ominous and she felt as though he was hiding something... of course he just they had a suprise in store for them.

A few minutes latter the three had arrived outside the Crashdown, Liz's dad owned the cafe where she worked (and even died).
"You guys wait out here I'll only be a couple of minutes,"
Isabel opened the door to the Cafe. Liz was just brewing a fresh pot of coffee for the few customers they at this early hour of the day.
"Isabel!" Liz was shocked to see her after the last time she thought that it would be a long time before she was ready to leave her home, after all her dream managed to scare them all.
"Hey Liz! Can you break for the day..."
"Go on honey... we can manage today, have a nice relaxing day off," her father was standing listen to the two girls.
"Are you sure?"
"Go on... have fun... before I change my mind."
"Thanks dad!"

The two walked outside the cafe.
"Hi guys, so what's up?"
"Don't ask me Liz, these two won't tell me anything, other than there's a suprise waiting for us."
"Hey should we get Kyle? I know he wasn't there before, but I think he should be there, don't you?"
"It's up to you Izz, your the one incharge of this misson!" Michael tried to lighten the atmosphere with the other two, still not knowing what was happening.
"Sure come on let's go get him."

Arriving outside the garage where Kyle works the four walk inside to see a pair of feet poking out from under an old Ford pickup.
"Hey guys!"
"Ahhhh...." Michael jumped, surprised by the voice behind them, he spun around "God... Tess don't sneak up on people like that."
"Hi Tess... What are you doing here?", Maria asked.
"Nothing much just waiting for Mr. Fixit there to finish so we can go grab some breakfast that he promised me!"
"Okay... Okay..." Kyle wheeled himself out from under the truck "I'm done, let me clean up and then we can go."

"I don't suppose you guys want to miss breakfast and come with us do ya... we got a surprise!" Isabel teased the two, trying to pursade them to come.
"Sure what the hell! It's almost lunchtime now ANYWAY!" Tess sounded less than pleased with Kyle's delay.

After cleaning himself up and locking up the garage for the day, Kyle along with the other, lead by exstatic Isabel headed off, back to the Evan's house.

"MAX!" Alex shot to his feet, "somethings wrong, it's Isabel she's in trouble... I've got to go". With that Alex vanished, all that remained was the burnt smell of brimstone.

"There she is..."
"It's time to end this now!"
A black car pulled out from an alley and began following the group. Staying just was enough back to keep themselves from being spotted.
"Now... Do it!"
With a sudden screech of spinning wheels the car accelerated sharply baring down on their unsuspecting target."
"What the hell!", Kyle looked over his shoulder to see the car speeding towards them "Everybody get out of the way"
Everyone ran their own ways... but the car and it's occupiers were only after one of them... Isabel ran as fast as she could but the car got ever closer, she turned to face the car and tried to stop it using her powers but to no effect. The was about to hit.
"Ahhhhhh...." Isabel let out a loud piercing scream.
"No....!" there was a defining crash and then silence.
This wasn't right, Isabel opened her eyes there floating before her was an angel - wings spread.
"Alex..." she cried.
He turned to face her... but where was the car it had only meters from her before and yet there was no sign of it. That's when it hit her behind the now grounded and wingless Alex sat the burning wreakage of the black Sedan. Buried in the hood of the car was a sword, that looked as though it was made of crystal, but at it's center was a very familer shape.

"That cross...Alex that's your cross", Isabel could believe what had just happened.
"Yes." Alex pulled the sword from the remains of the car.
The sword was alive with light eminating from it, it shrunk and changed until it was nothing more than a simple cross on a chain, which he placed back around his neck.
"Come on," Alex extended his hand towards Isabel, who took his hand and once to her feet embraced him.
The others had emerged from hiding surprised not just at what had happened but also by the person that stood before them, a person they had only just come to terms with being dead, yet there he stood.

"All of you need to be told, come back to the house, I'll explain everything!" There was no response other than that of silence.
"Be told about what? Who are you? What's going on?", Liz spoke.
"You know who I am! And you all need to know about our destinys... More than every now!"
"Why now?", asked Michael.
"Because now it has started... The game has begun."
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The bewildered group finally returned to the Evan's house a few yours later. It was now well past noon and no one had spoken a word. On one side of the room sat Alex, with Isabel beside him, the others sat across from them, stairing silently at their "dead" friend! It was finally Tess who broke the silence, "Alex, I need to talk to you but not here... In private... I need to explain!". Max gave Tess a funny look, it hadn't been long since they were together, but since they had broken up, he got back together with Liz, while Tess broke down and confessed her attraction to Kyle, who'd had a crush on her since she arrived in Roswell.

"Don't worry Tess, I know what you want to talk about and I know it wasn't really you, there was nothing you could have done about it, you weren't in control!"
"What do you mean - it wasn't her. What wasn't?", Max spoke up puzzled by both the question and Alex's resposne.
"You'll know soon enough. Max I need you, Isabel, Tess, Maria and Liz to go to see Kira now!"
"How do I do that?", Max was puzzled it was Alex that had sent him before, how could he take the other to see him, "How?".
"All of you sit down over here together," while the other followed the instructions, in an almost zombie like fashion still stunned by what was going on, however Liz didn't move from her seat, "Please Liz trust me, you know you can," without saying a word moved moved over to the other and sat down.
"Okay here we go," Alex raised his hands out in front of them almost offering them to an unseen being behind them. Liz's mouth dropped open, she couldn't believe what she saw, standing in front of her, once again wings appeared on Alex's back, they swept out across the room, covered in pure white feathers. "I'm sorry I didn't believe you before.", she whispered. A moment later she, Isabel, Tess, Maria and Max were gone, there bodies remain in the room with Alex, Michael and Kyle, but they now lay lifeless.

"What have you done to them?", Kyle shouted. He was scared more than anything he didn't understand and did the only thing he could think of hide his fear in Anger, "Well answer me!".
"They've gone to Heaven..."
"What the hell are you talking about Alex..."
"Calm down Kyle... everthings going to be okay...", Michael stepped in, he guided Kyle to the seat behind him, "So what happens next?"
"I'm not sure Kira needed to talk to them, they are to travel to see Adam, he is the first, why they have to go is unclear to me, but all of our fates lie on their shoulders now, if they do not return in the next four hours they will no longer be able to return to their bodies."
"Why?", Michael became anxious.
"Because I will be dead, I'm using my own power to keep their bodies alive while their souls are on the another plane of existance!"
"Please return safely...", Kyle spoke from behind them.

Hours pass...

"What time is it?", Kyle asked.
"Don't worry they still got another hour!", Michael seem extremly confindent but he was worried for Maria's safty.

"What's that noise?" a quiet humming noise had started.
"Alex's your paranoid, there isn't a noise.", Michael reponded.
"Wait... no I can hear it too!", Kyle got up to try and locate it's source, "It's coming from Max!"
"Hang on Michael, be quiet for a sec..." Alex walked towards Max's still body, he reached inside Max's pocket and pulled out the small-cross that he had given him.
"What the hell is that?"
"Trouble, Kyle, that's what it is... Trouble."

Alex through down his coat, "Stay close to them!", he pull the cross from his neck, just as before is began to twist and contort till Alex was standing holding a sword, "Stay here we've got something to take care of..." he walked towards the down, he looked down at the doorhandle and began to reach out for it, when suddenly the door was blown of it's hinges throwing it and an unsuspecting Alex across the room and into the wall.

"That was easier than I expected."
"Ya... tell me about it"
Two men walked into the room, there was nothing special about them, they were dressed in a casual natures wearing jeans and t-shirts, but one thing bugged Michael about them, about their appearance, "Their identical...".
One of them began to walk towards Isabel's body.
"Ya... that's because that's not really them, what your looking at is a vessel, a husk, something they can wear to make themselves look human, like you wear clothes." The door was thrown back across the room, as Alex stood up he looked at the the to men, raising his sword, he charged towards the man nearest Isabel, "I'll show you easy..." Alex stopped his charge, he pulled his sword above his head, the man before him fell, first impaled on the sword and then slices from his stomach up, the body lying on the floor was not human the body that carried the beast was destroyed, inside there was nothing.

"Now I've got ya!" The other man had grabbed Alex from behind, slowly squeezing the life from him.
"Ahhhhhhh...." Alex screamed in pain, he couldn't move, he could no longer hold on to his sword, which fell to the floor, however the noise it made hitting the floor was masked by Alex's cries.
"Don't do that to my friend!" the man let go. Alex turned to see what had happened, the man lay on the floor, his eyes had turned prue black. Standing before him was Kyle, holding his sword, his eyes fixated upon the thing that lay on the floor by his feet.

"What were they?" Kyle offered the sword back to Alex.
Taking the sword, it changed once more back into a cross, "Slaves of the abyss, creatures that live in Hell and bends to the will of the..." Alex stopped talking and dropped for his knees.
"What's happening? What's wrong? Alex!", Kyle dropped to Alex's level, he and Michael helped him up and walked him to the chair across from the still lifeless bodies.
"Oh, god their time is almost up!", Michael had just spotted the clock, the other only had another 5minutes remaining.
"Hold on Alex, they'll be back!"

"OH MY GOD...." a voice came from behind them.
"What the hell happened in here", it was Liz, they had returned.

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"Oh my god, Alex!" Isabel rushed over to Alex's collapsed body.
"Don't worry... he just needs some rest," Michael reassured her, "Max give me hand, will ya!", Michael and Max picked up Alex between them and carried him an arm over each of their shoulder into Isabel's room and lay him on the bed, they then left closing the door quietly behind them.

As they reached the living room, Kyle was holding Tess in an embrace.
"AHEM!!!", Michael coughed to get everyones attention, "So what hell happened to you guys?"
"We'll tell you, if you tell us what happened here!", MAx replied.
"But not in here," Kyle motioned for everyone to move into the Kitchen, where they all gathered around the table.

"So what happened then?", Michael asked again anxiously.
His question was finally answered by Max, "It wasn't like last time, before there was nothing only light, but this time there was buildings, lakes, but that's were the similarities ended... We were met my a woman, who introduced herself as Kurai, she led us to Kira."
"What do you mean she led you to Kira, you followed someone you've never even met before without any kind of explanation and who is this Kira, Alex mentioned his name before, just afer you guys left?" Michael almost sounded like a school boy so full of questions.
"Please wait until the story is finished then if you have any questions, raise your hand and we'll try to answer them one at a time." Maria spoke up, playing with Michael.

"Now then, Kurai told us that she had been sent by Kurai to escort us to see him. All along the way she kept asking questions about Tess, Max and Myself. She also seemed to be very protective of Isabel, she stayed close to her the entire time and watched her as if she was guarding her. When we finally got to Kira she left although it felt as though she was still watching..."

"Come On... Come On... Kira? Remember.", Michael again pushed the story along."
"Shut it and listen," Maria scorned her boyfriend's imaturity, "Kira was tall, with jet black hair which hung just over his shoulders. He had a fairly mucluar figure..." Maria stopped looking at the look on Michael's face, "Ummmm... He sat us down and began to tell us about Alex. It turns out that Alex was born in his world, before he was born in this one." Maria paused looking at Isabel, she just nodded.

"During a great war in Heaven the Organic Angel Alexiel found a baby. She felt great powers inside the baby and also a great destiny, knowing that her brother Rociel would no doubt kill the baby if he found it, she seal it's powers away and sent it to Earth, to a time when it where it was destined to be. That baby was again born but this time of a human mother and father, with it's powers sealed away it was no different from you or I. After she sent the baby to Earth Alexiel was imprisoned in the Angel Crystal, while her soul was banished to this world for all eternity. Skipping forward to present day when Alex died his powers were unsealed and again he became the angel that he was..." Isabel paused, "Max can you continue, I need to be with Alex."
"Sure you go on Iss.", Max placed his hand on her shoulder as her got up and went to her room head slightly down and eyes glazed she entered her room and returned the door to being closed, locking the door behind her.

"Kira took in the newly reborn angel and tought him about that world and who he was, once he was ready Kira took him to see Serafita, or as we might call him Adam - the first one. He informed him of all that was destined to be and what he was to do and then sent him to back to Earth as the Alex that sleep in there right now", Max raised his hand and pointed towards Isabel's room. "Now for the interesting part...", Michael picked up and stared at Max excited by Max's statement, "Alexiel appointed four guardians to Alex, to protect him here on Earth. They were Uriel - The Angel of Earth, Michael - The Angel of Fire, Raphael - The Angel of Wind and Jibril - The Angel of Water. To this day they have not revealed themselves nor do they know themselves until the time they are needed, but they will and they may very will be our greatest allies. The last thing he told us before we left was this..." Max pause thinking, "Alex's sword... It is made from a element not found in this world, and possess great mystically endowed powers that if touched by any normal man would drive them mad."

"WHAT???" Kyle stood up from the table, "That's impossible, I killed that thing in there" pointing to the man shaped husk on the floor in the other room, "and I did it with his sword."
"That doesn't make any sense... Kira told us that...", Max was interupt by and new party in this discussion.
"Unless he was one of the guardians...", Alex stood in the doorway with Isabel, "and if that makes one... where are the others and how do we find them."
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Kyle was struck by his recent revelation, not wanting to believe it, but at the same time knowing it was true. He understood things that didn't make sence before like the desire, the insane drive that he felt to help Alex while he was fighting that thing. A drive that pushed him instictively to use that sword, it called to him, for that matter it still did.

"Kyle are you okay?" Tess was standing beside him with her hand in his, but his grip had tighten so much that it had begun to hurt.
"Sorry Tess... yeah I fine... it's just a bit much to take in", Kyle said it but he couldn't convey just how much burden he suddenly felt place on him. Sure he knew that there were the other three guardians, but who were they, where were they, were they even in Roswell? The question that sat on his mind the most was one that most people fear of ever having to ask, "If I am a guardian, that who am I really?", he whispered his thoughts out loud, not meaning anyone to hear, but loud enough for Tess too.

"Come on... I think we need to get you home!", Tess suggested to Kyle, the time had grown late while they had been talking.
"Come on Maria, we may as well walk with them... I think a goodnights rest will do us all some good.", Michael spoke with such confidence in his words that Maria did not argue, although it did not past unnoticed by anyone that it was above all Michael that had acted as the voice of reason this time.
The four stood up, said their goodbyes and headed for the door.
"Kyle...", it was Alex, "don't let this play on your mind too much, all of our destinies are written, it's our lives that make us who we are and they are completly under our control.", an unsure smile grew across Kyles face, he nodded and walked out the door behind Tess.

The four began to walk down the road, "Kyle... if it's any consolation, Liz has a new gift to deal with too now,"
Maria and Tess stared in amazement at Michael, "How did you know about that, Kira told us to tell no one about that, so how could...", Maria asked the question not believing that she even had too.
"Kyle wasn't the only one who made a discovery during that fight! Do you remember the names of the angels or have you forgotten?"
"No!", both Tess and Maria answered the question in unison.
"MICHAEL!!!", Kyle blurted out, "Michael, your the second aren't you?"
"Actually, I was the first, I was sent before you or the others I was the only one to retain my memories. Unfortunately I was never told who the others were. The memories however were repressed, waiting for a trigger to reawaken them, the beasts passing back to Soeh was that trigger."
"So are you like an angel or what?", Maria was intreiged by her boyfriends new information.
"No, I'm not... I have the spirit of the angel, Michael, inside me along with his powers."
"Powers, what are you talking about," Kyle perked up a little with the idea of a fringe benefit.
"You carry the spirit of Raphael inside you, I can see it now that the his powers have been awoken inside you, however until the spirit has woken the power remains dorment and undetectable from me or anyone."
"What did you mean powers though?", Kyle again pressed the matter.
"I'm not sure yet! But in time you will remember too, but it comes slowly. For now we all need to rest... and I need to ponder this revelation to the music of the universe."
"The music of the universe?", Maria gave Michael a funny look.
"The Black Album of course... I may be a more than I was but, nothing compares to those guitar solos!"
"You'll never change Michael", Kyle grinned, along with Maria and Tess.
"Hey we're here", they had arrived outside Michael and Maria's house, "We'll see you tomorrow okay..."
"Yeah see ya Michael...", Kyle and Tess continued to walk down the road hand in hand unsure of their futures, more now than ever, both holding secrets, from themselves and each other.

...A few hours pass...

Back at the Evan's house everyone had gone to bed Max had crashed on the Sofa, letting Liz sleep in his bed. Isabel lay close to Alex, with her head on his shoulder, her eyes closed listening to the beat of his heart and feeling every breath that passed through him.
"I love you," she whispered. He rubbed her arm with his hand, he could feel her trembling, with his arm around her he could feel that she was nervious, beads of sweat were running down her back.
"What's wrong? your trembling..."
"I thought I had lost you."
"I could never stay away from you,"
"What are you thinking about right now?", Isabel asked rolling over, resting her chin on Alex's chest she she could see his face, illuminated my the moonlight on one side, while the other remained in shadow.
"How perfect you are!"
Isabel blushed at Alex's compliment, "I love you."
"I love you too,"
With that Isabel rolled back over cuddling up against Alex and closing her eyes.

Alex couldn't sleep he had to find the other three guardians, he couldn't leave Kyle alone, not like this. He needed their help but how. It was time to move on... Tomorrow he would begin his search with the others, but who would join him and who would they leave behind, he couldn't bare to think... but think he did...

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It was nearly 3am, the Evan's home was quiet with no signs of occupants except for the looming shadow that stood by an upstairs window. Night had fallen, but the message of current event was enough to keep someone up. Completly cover in shadows the figure stood motion less staring at the cloud covered moon.

"The moon is so beautiful... I missed it..."
"Alex... is that you? What's wrong?"
"Nothing I couldn't sleep. Go back to sleep."

Isabel stood up wraping the blanket around her body. Moving to Alex's side she cuddled up beside him resting her head on his shoulder. Looking out the window she could only make out the outlines of shapes. She looked at Alex's reflection in the window, his face was serious, she knew that something wasn't right, he was hiding something from her but she couldn't tell what. As see continued to look at Alex in the window that window became lightly tainted in the glow of a soft red light. Quickly gaining her attention it was coming from outside, but it was too dark to make out it's source.

"Wait her!", Alex was demandingly serious, an echo in his voice was left with her as he took his shirt and left the room.

A few seconds later she heard the front door open and she could make out the shape of Alex standing by the roadside, just before the source of the red light. For any normal person it would have seemed like the calm before the storm, but Isabel wasn't just anyone. She sensed the fear in Alex, something was wrong... something was terribly wrong...

"So you've finally come to take her?", Alex spoke to the mysterious shadow, from which the light eminated.
"Do you think that you'll be able to stop me alone?", the figure responded, "Fool... do you know who I am?"

Isabel made her way back to the side of the bed, sat down, picked up the phone beside her night table and began dialing a number.

"I don't know if I can defeat you, but I'll die before I let you get to her!"
"I expected more from Kira's pawn... so be it... die you shall."

"Michael... You've got get here Alex is outside with some other guy, somethings wrong Alex was scared!"
Isabel put the phone down. Moving back to the window the two had not moved in anyway, "MAX!!!" she shouted for her brother.

"pawn...", Alex was scared, this think before him was evil, he was sure of it, but what was it that stood before him.

"Isabel! What's wrong?", both Max and Liz burst into the room, "What is it Iss?".
"Look", she pointed to the window.
"What's going on?", Max asked.

"Who are you?", the shadow did not answer.
"His name is Asmodeus! Prince of Judgement and one of the seven satans."
"Micheal! So you're here too... where are the other?"
"We don't need them to destroy you Asmodeus!"
"Brave words Angel... I see your host has improved your height!"

Micheal became angered at Asmodeus' comment. He clenched his fists and stared at him. Alex could feel something dwelling inside Micheal, this satan's comment confused him more.

"Angel... Michael are you?"
"Yes Alex I am!" Michael spoke with great anger in his voice. A tatoo appeared appeared around Michael, a dragon, streching across his neck to his face from what Alex could make out, it looked as though it was growing from his T-Shirt.

"I shall go for now, my mistress becons... but I shall be back Michael, your messiah will not save you and the child will be ours!", with that the shadow was gone, all that was left was the smell of brimstone.

"Michael...", Alex re-thought his words, "Who was he... Why was I scared of him?"
"Alex, our enemy has shown himself, and our enemy is the devil himself, we have to find Uriel and Jibril"
"Who? What are you talking about", Liz and the others had made their way down to the road.
"Fate has delt us a joker and two aces, but to win we must find the other two aces and make something of the joker."
"Alex... fate is calling... to chose your destiny...What will your answer be?"
"Asmodeus will never win... but Michael what was he talking about... what child? and who is his mistress?"

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Angels and Demons aren't clear cut good and bad. Kira isn't an angel but he isn't really a demon (sorta?), more will be revealed about Alex's sword and Kira's interest in him. The relationships between both angels and demons will be more explained as well.

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