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TITLE:Reclaimed Family
SUMMARY: Ok your just going to have to give in a try its good trust me.
AUTHORS NOTES:This takes place in season 2 no future Max came, the Gomez concert inncident happened. Tess is still around trying to get max. Any other questions I will try to answer to the best of my abillity.
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Part 1

She walked down the empty sidewalk following the feeling deep in her stomach. An ache for her family called out and she followed it. Then she just stood their for a couple of moment taking it in looking inside the small dinner in the back, and instantly hit with those images of her brother, sister, and her uncle that never left her mind since she left Antar. Even after being with the enemy that felt like an eternity to her she finally escaped and was here on Earth.

Her gaze then hit the blonde who sat in the booth across from her brother. An intense rage filled her as she looked at her now human form that seemed more disturbing than her Antarian one. ‘Bitch’ the word was spit venomously out of her 13 year old mouth. She was mentally scolded by her mothers voice in her head.

Upon seeing them she walked inside not being the time to approach them she thought to herself. Especially with Ava sitting there pretending like she belonged. Some things never change even if your on another planet.


Liz finished cleaning off her customers table when her eyes noticed familiar very other worldly ones. She caught her looking at her friends booth and was wondering to herself, Then she looked into her eyes and felt a little at peace. They were bright blue with a ring of yellow around them. They seemed so different but so familiar at the same time. She had jet black hair that flowed just below the center of her back and curled at the end. She definatlly looked out of place in here.

“Hi I’m Liz can I get you anything?” asked Liz not helping but see her be startled by her voice.

“What do you mean?” The girl asked utterly confused.

“Something to eat drink” Liz said still smiling trying not to look confused by her question the girl looked to be confused enough as it is.

“Can I just sit here for a while?” She liked this Liz girl she seemed genuinely kind.

“Sure” Liz noticed the hunger in her face and spoke up again. “How about I bring you something on the house so you have something to do while you just sit.” The girl nodded her head with a slight smile.

“ok then” she was torn from the girl when Max approached “Hey Max“ she could feel the butterfly's enter her stomach as. she smiled unwillingly into his eyes that yet again always drag her in. After what seemed like forever he spoke up.

“Hey Liz can we get another bottle of tabasco?” Max asked looking away from her was hard but he did it as she walked into the back to get the sauce. He wanted to drag her into her room right then it had been a week scince they spent the night together and he wanted desperatley to be wrapped in her agian. Shaking his head trying to focus.

That's when he saw her sitting there so out of place. Like a distant memory he couldn’t seem to find. “Do I know you?” he found that the words out of his mouth before he could catch them.

She looked at him wanting to jump up and down saying I’m Aricia your sister, but it was not like he would remember her anyways even if she did tell him. But stopping herself by looking at the evil queen she just shook her head and turned to look at Liz who was bringing something in a basket.

“Ok this is a hamburger and fries with a soda.” she said to the girl who curiously looked at all the stuff liz pointed out to her. “Do you have a name?” Liz asked sweetly.

“Aricia” She said softly upon that she couldn’t help but look at her brother who just sat there watching the him even after he had his bottle of whatever he asked from Liz. He was giving her the most curious look after she had said her name she watched them both exchange a glance. As Liz continued.

“Are you from around here?” Liz asked looking deeper at the girl trying to figure her out.

“No I’m staying with my Family” Said Aricia. She wasn’t lying she was staying with her cousin who escaped with her. She just made it sound like more than just her she didn't want to put them in danger when they were not ready, she actually applauded herself.With that Simple word family it made her sound like another typical visitor from out of town. She mentally cringed when she thought of her cousin she was going to be so angry she told her not to leave the room but Aricia was not one to follow someones words she followed her feeling and they had lead her to her family.

Before Liz had a chance to Ask another question. Aricia heard her. “Cia” Her nickname and she knew who was standing behind Her very pissed off cousin Serena.


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I decided the first part wasn't long enough so here is part to thank you the feedback.

Part 2

She turned around to see Serena With one hand on her hip the other at her side her green eyes squinting in a way Aricia had never seen before. Especially when she saw the King standing behind her looking thoughtfully at the whole thing.

“Sere....” Aricia started before interrupted in midword.

“Don’t” Serena said putting her hand up and silencing her. “Can you imagine the worry I had when you weren’t.......never mind lets go” Serena said leading the way out.

Aricia smiled at the two before exiting with her Cousin who was about to blow. once out of and earshot from everything Serena turned to her cousin her eyes sill squinting.

“I Can’t believe you of all places for you to go.” Serena said running her hand through her long unusual shade of red hair. “I thought Kivar or the Skins had you couldn’t imagine how worried I was” Serena said crouching in the street. Cupping her face trying to compose herself.

Aricia thought it was probley not a good time to say something but she did anyways “Sorry” to her surprise Serena didn’t blow up either.

“Its ok you just stick to the plan it is not time to approach them , ok?” she looked at Aricia waiting for her response.

“Yeah I know” Aricia said almost in tears Serena grabbed her in a fierce hug in the alley trying to stop the waterfall from falling
“So who was she” Liz asked as she looked at Max’s disturbed expression on his face

“I don’t know.” Max said wonder taking control of him “I felt like I knew her somehow” he stated looking at Liz who sat on the breakroom couch with his hand in hers.

“She doesn’t seem evil” Liz stated which the girl didn’t she seemed scared of everything around her but far from evil.

“The girl that came in later even she gave me this feeling like I knew her just I don’t know from where.” Max bowed his head he was supposed to be the king not someone who is not sure like the boy he is being right now. His human doubt started to take over until Liz lifted his head to meet her eyes.

“Max you’ll figure it out don’t worry, I have faith in you no matter what.” She paused putting a light kiss on his lips. “I love you Max”

“I Love you too Liz and thank you” he said returning her soft quick kiss with a emotional one that brought her into his lap as he put small gentle kisses on the corners of her mouth.

“Thank you for what?” Liz asked looking at him with love

“Being you” they kissed again but were interrupted midway by Micheal, Isabel , and Tess. Shortly followed by Alex and Maria.

“Are we having a meeting” Maria asked walking up next to Micheal who held her close.

“Something like that.” he said looking at Max. “We said no secrets who was that? and why did you feel the need to not inform us immediately?” Micheal said wrapping his hand around Maria’s petite waste for support while his emotions seemed to get out of control. “Sorry I got carried away I just don’t want to be left in the dark”

Max nodded at his apology “To answer your question I don’t know who that is I’ve been trying to figure it out myself”

“Aricia!” Tess said a look of shock on her face hiding the evil inside her. They all looked at her urging her to go on. This was going to be too easy she thought to herself “Kivar’s wife” she said looking at there shocked expressions.


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Part 3

Serena took her seat next to Aricia on the bed. Her eyes looked straight ahead unmoving un phased by Serena’s hand that waved back in forth in from of her face. She took a big sigh and kissed the top of Aricia’s head. “Join me soon sweetie” and with that she was off to the bathroom for her shower leaving Aricia in her catatonic state on the bed.

She let the warm water hit her face. She found the thing she likes the most about this planet was the showers. she didn’t no any other feeling like when the first stream of hot water hits your skin.

Being driven from her warm shower thought as soon as she adjusted to the water. Her heart filled with regret as she thought of Aricia and if she could of stopped it. She couldn’t of stopped her sisters death. It took her a while too accept it but she knew that she had no power over that, one thing she wished she could of done was stop Aricia from seeing it. She still remembered running through the Maze of Shrubs frantically trying to find where Aricia’s screams were coming from.

pushing down the shower knob she took a deep breath and stepped out she didn’t need to be reminded
of that right now. Tying her rob up she opened the door stepping out into her Alien theme motel room, to see that Aricia was no longer on the bed, but over on the couch with someone then it hit her with that smile he gave her. She looked at Aricia who still did nothing.

“Why do you insist on taking the kings things?” he smiled at her tugging Aricia up to follow him in front of her face. “Your in very much trouble Miss” the ice cold feeling went up her spine as She looked at Kivars advisor Vesen. she still said nothing as he set them both on the bed in a rough swift motion.

“He is not the king” she said defiantly receiving a back hand in the face she still shot him a venomous look as she pulled herself back up on the bed. She hated him with a passion the only reason he never hit her before was because he knew he would pay for it. Her power was much more advanced than anyone else she knew of. She figured he thought he had the advantage because she didn’t know what the situation was at this point. Which she didn’t she was just hoping it would be just him if there were more she would deal with them too she wasn’t going back to Antar with Kivar if her life depended on it.

“Tell me where is the Portal is” Vesen said opening a few drawers in the room looking but Serena wasn’t paying attention to that She felt Aricia's hand slide over to hers ever so slightly she knew she was pretending that gave them the advantage. Vesen wouldn’t expect them to run with a catatonic girl who walks very slowly when has to be lead by someone else the plan began to formulate in her mind when she was asked again. “Where is it”

“I’ll show you” Serena said grabbing Aricia’s hand and leading both of them out of the room and into the Roswell streets. She could feel the cooling warm air hit her skin. She looked into the empty ally and squeezed Aricia’s hand preparing her. That's when she turned to look at Vesen who was still oblivious to the plan when she felt her power building she felt ready and pushed it out. Pushing him past the street they first started on. that gave them a head start.

“Down the alley” Serena screamed as Aricia came to life and they both started running down the ally to come to the back door of a building using her power they unlocked the door and stepped inside They stepped between the lockers and staircase. She hoped the voices she heard coming from the front of wherever she was at wouldn’t hear her.

She grabbed Aricia pulling her close to her as she pushed herself on the locker. just as she did this a hand grabbed her side while another one grabbed Aricia. Shit was the word that entered her mind when she looked into their faces.


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Tricia: Sugar is bad.
Tad: Sugar rots your teeth.
Tricia: Sugar makes you hyper.
Tad: Hitler ate sugar.