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Title: No Time
Disclaimer:don't own um
Summary:M/L -ETOW happened but Kyle get's the sudden urge to- you'll find out
around wipeout
1 week ago

a very determined Kyle is a man on a mission after several self finding moments and basically cause he was pissed at Evans he was going to do somthing that was probably going to shake the group up but he needed Max to trust him.

as he knocks on the door he suddendly starts hoping Max is not home alone because he could almost guarentee that max was going to kill him.

Max: Kyle

Kyle: *dammit!!* Evans can I talk too you?

Max: as he shuts the door he reply's no

Kyle then starts knocking non-stop

Max: open's the door and pulls Kyle in by the collar
and throws him down

Max: Do you know what you did to me!! you Made Love to Liz!! don't you know I love her !You destroyed me!You will never have what we had!!!

Kyle: Max Max Max! Listen to me ! I'll Tell you what she's not going to I'll explain how it happened!

Max: picks him up and throws him to the couch Talk he barks

Kyle : okay she said she needed a favor I said yes we went to her house she said she needed it too look like we had sex I had my boxers on she had her bra panties and a towel on I didn't see anything I asked why we were doing this she said to push you closer to Tess.

Max was just taking all this in then he was angry at himself but overjoyed his pure perfect Liz had not done anything to betray him.

Max: why did you come to me now?

Kyle: when the skins came here and you said you didn't trust me ....I need you to trust me I thiink that trust everyone needs it.

Max: you're right and you have it Kyle

Kyle: good ....Max

Max: yes

Kyle: Go and find Liz and makeup because you are all effecting the group

Max: alright need a ride

Kyle: I would like some pie.

TBC???? Feedback please

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oh Its my birthday today too

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1 week later

whip cream- check
Pearl Harbor-check
Michael's apartment-

No No No maxwell you and Liz can not use my Apartment to have

Max: michael Liz and I were keeping our relationship a secret and I can't even talk to her without Tess being there I need time alone with her I'll give 100 bucks

Micheal: deal

Max: now go she'll be here any second

michael: cya

10 minutes later-

Liz: hi

Max: hi ..come in

once the door shut they were in eachothers arms hugging lightly kissing and caressing they then pull apart

Max : come with me

they go to Michaels room
and sit down on the bed

Max: it's just we haven't had alot of time to talk you know about when we...made love

Liz: I Love you

Max: I love you too

Liz: you know were going to be keeping this a secret for a very long time just the 4 of us (M/M)can you hold me for a while ?

Max: I have a surprise

Liz: surpise?

he waved his hand over the Tv as Pearl Harbor came on and got the strawberries and whip cream

Liz: max she breathed they got under the covers and started to feed the strawberries to eachother sharing kisses when there was a knock at the door

Tess: Micheal

Liz: its Tess I have to hide

Max: the closet

as she runs to the closet Max fixes the bed and turns off the movie

Tess: oh hi Max

Max: hey

Tess: Michael isn't here you want to do somthing?

Liz: is waving her hands for him to go with her

Max: tell's her sorry with his eyes and go's with Tess

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authors note-

okay it's been awhile since I posted I was on vacation sorry but I'ma back and have time on my hands so I'll probably have a couple of parts by tommorow

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