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Title: Havoc In Apartment Number 17
Summary: Max and Liz have been friends since Jr. High and now share an Apartment the rest will fall into place.
Category: AU, M/L (Eventually)
Rating: R-NC-17
Author’s Note: This is my first FanFic so be gentle, lots of Feedback too
Disclaimer: I own nothing

this starts off slow but will get better

Part 1- (Silk underwear and Bickering)

“Ow! Liz what the fuck was that for” Max shouted taking the silk thong and bra off his face.

“Next time you bring another whore to the apartment tell her to take her underwear with her” Liz said at the doorway of Max’s bedroom.

Max sat up in bed his sheets wrapped around his bottom half “shit what time is it” Max asked

“It’s 12 Mr-can’t-keep-it-in-his-pants” Liz answered frustrated.

“Geez Liz it’s midday dammit leave the probing until I'm at least functioning” Max sighed running his hand down his tired face.

“Oh what happened to poor Maxi didn't you get any last night” Liz soothed in a baby voice. “C’mon you can tell me your best friend of 12 years” Liz said sitting herself down next to Max on his messy bed.

“is that who you call yourself” Max retorted under his breath.

“C’mon What happened” Liz probed.

“I was so this far from sleeping with her and then bam I called out Veronica’s name instead of hers, damn what is wrong with me who could I forget such a simple name, Tess a four letter syllable I never was good at English” Max groaned.

Liz chuckled

“I’m glad your enjoying this, but I didn’t even et o cum I was left to sooth myself” Max said frustrated.

“Oh Max gross C’mon I'm your Best friend not your damn Girlfriend.......too-much-information” Liz shouted jumping off the bed.

“Liz” Max whined

“Max your 24 years old stop whining like a 5 year old” Liz said firmly her hands on her hips. “Now get up Evans the lounge room is waiting for you, here’s no way I'm cleaning up that mess in there” Liz said.

“And I thought twelve years of friendship would mean something to her Max murmured getting up from the bed dragging the sheet with him around his middle.

“Yeah well I've learnt my lesson not to let you off easily” Liz scowled as Max wrapped the sheet around his waist.

“You deserved it you know” Liz said watching him scamper round the room.

“Deserved what” Max asked annoyed.

“Her leaving you like that, you’ve come home with a different girl every night the longest girl you’ve had was Tess I'm surprised she actually left you with the amount of gloating she does about you being a wonderful lover” Liz said truthfully.

“Your so supportive, who’s side are you on” Max asked.

“I’ll always be on your side Max but the truth always hurts” Liz said as she watched Max enter his bathroom and shut the door.


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Thanks for all the supportive feedback
Kara-I'm sorry if ive given any mis givings by the story but itis nothing like The Apartment I love that story and the author has great potential but it won't be anything like it I'llmake sure of that.......I'm sorry for making anyone think otherwise