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Title:Each Others Destiny
Rating:R-(NC-17 later) mostly potty mouthed language
Category:M/L;M/M;A/I; takes place after 4 aliens and a baby. Back in time fic.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters of roswell, yada, yada, yada... Please don't sue.
Summary:What if the Pod squad, Liz and Maria could go back in time and right something that never should have happened? When they did what would go right? What could go wrong? What could they not be able to change? This is a total dreamer fic, so have no fear! As for where it leads, only time will tell.

Feedback is welcome,but please be kind it's my first. I don't want to have to tell my therapist about you!(J/J)


Liz sat in the front seat of Max's Chevelle fidgeting. She cast a sideways glance at the person sitting next to her,Tess. Tess had asked Liz to drive her somewhere, for reasons unknown to Liz at the time. When they had stopped about fifty feet from the military base it had slowly dawned on her that Tess meant to sacrifice herself so everyone wouldn't be in danger (including her and Max's son, Zan). Liz quickly let out a sigh of relief when she realized Tess hadn't brought her out here to get rid of the competition.

Although she had forgiven Tess,well for the most part anyway,she still had no idea how to feel towards her. Liz hadn't forgiven Tess because deserved it, she had done because they had both needed it. That was one of the reasons she had voted 'no' on sending Tess to the white room. By finally forgiving Tess,she could now get on with her life.

Liz glanced at Tess again. This time she noticed that Tess was saying something to her. Tess was gesturing with her hands and her lips were moving,but Liz couldn't hear a word she was saying. She leaned closer and strained to listen, still nothing. Tess' hands then reached out and grabbed Liz's. Liz looked up and saw that Tess had tears in her eyes. Tess crying? Was that possible?

Liz knew that whatever Tess was saying was extremely important,but still silence. Tess' grip suddenly increased in pressure. Liz cried out in pain, and struggled to get free. Tess' grip on her hand was to strong. "Stop it Tess!! You're hurting me!!" Liz frantically clawed at Tess' hands trying to break Tess' hold,"Let me go right now,Tess!!" Liz finally screamed,"MAX!!!"

Liz shot straight up in bed panting and bathed in sweat. Her whole body was shaking. She tried taking deep cleansing breaths,to get the terror under control. She wrapped her arms around her knees, and curled herself into a ball.

"It was only a dream",she said to herself with only a slight tremor in her voice now. The fear had slowly started to disappear.

A frown formed on her face as she tried to relive the dream. Nothing. She only knew that it had felt so real,so intense. She tried to remember the details,none came. A slight shiver ran through body as she tried to force her mind to recall even a small fragment of the dream.Then one came. Her heart began racing, and unknown terror ripped through her body. Her eyes widened as the single detail formed in her mind. Then name fell from her lips in a terrrified whisper "Tess."

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I hope that this captures your imagination better, hopefully the end will. thanks for the feedback.*happy*

Chapter 1

Liz rolled over in bed and groggily slapped the snooze button on the alarm clock. Just five more minutes was all she wanted, and threw the pillow over head. Her day was completely full and the longer she could put it off, the better. She groaned as the alarm went off again, and threw off the covers. She rubbed her eyes and got off the bed. After the dream she'd had a fun filled night of tossing and turning, she'd probably got about two hours of sleep. Plus she was still debating whether or not to worry Max and the others about it, or just to write it off. Afterall all she knew was that Tess had more than likely made a guest appearance in it.

She let out a sigh and headed toward the shower. Getting out she put on her silly uniform that her dad made them all wear, and fixed the antane on her head. The only good thing about woking a double shift on Saturday was Maria had to work it to. At least she'd had some company. She sighed again and headed down stairs to set up the Crashdown.


Max rolled off of the couch in Micheal's apartment and winced. Standing up he noticed how sore he was. Not that he was complaining, he knew that Micheal was a true friend giving him a place to stay after he got kicked out, but he couldn't wait until he saved enough to get a place of his own. He glanced up at the clock and muttered "Shit!" If he didn't hurry he wouldn't be able to see Liz before he had to start work.

He rushed to the bathroom and got ready in record time. "Shit, shit,shit!!" He said. Chanting it over and over, at the same trying to tie his shoes.

"What's up Maxwell?" Micheal said from the doorway of his bedroom. "Where's the fire?"

"If I don't hurry, I won't be able to talk to Liz before I go to work," Max said as he finished tying his shoes. He didn't mention that he had the weirdest feeling last night about her, like she had been frightened. The feeling had nawed at him until he had went over and peeked in her window to make sure she was ok.

"Oh," was all Micheal said. He knew that ever since Vermont Max had been adamant about seeing Liz almost every waking minute, not he could blame him. Afterall he had died. He watched as Max raced out the door, grabbing his keys on the way. He wasn't surprised he didn't get a goodbye. Micheal turned around and went back to bed. He knew that Maria was working a double shift with Liz today and no desire to go a round with her when he was still tired. He had to be there later anyway and figured that there would be ample time during his shift for him to piss her off.

Max walked into the Crashdown and found Liz right away. She sensed him, he knew because she looked up from the order she was taking and gave him a small smile. Then she turned her attention back to her customers and finished taking the order.

Max slid into his normal booth and waited. He sat and watched as Liz took some food out to some tourists. Turning around she walked back over to his booth.

"Hey," she leaned down and placed a small kiss on his lips, "I didn't know you were coming."

"Yeah, well I wanted to see you before I went to work," Max replied. "Complaing?," a teasing glint coming to his eyes.

"Well maybe," she stopped when she saw the hurt look in his eyes. "Max I'm just kidding, really. It's a very pleasant surprise," she said as she slid into the booth across from him, running her foot up his leg.

Just then Maria walked over and Liz foot fell back to the floor. "So where's spaceboy?"

"I don't know," Max replied as normal as possible considering where Liz's foot had just been. He now found it a little difficult to breathe.

"Probably still sleeping is my guess. Oh well, he has be here later anyway," disapointment in her voice. She pasted a smile on her face,"Back to the grind. You take five chica."

"Thanks, I won't be that long," Liz watched Maria walked away. "So what's up? Are we still studying tonight? Or is something wrong?" Although she hoped studying included some much needed 'cuddle' time.

"No, nothing's wrong. Yes, defintely we're going to study biology again right?" A hot look coming into his eyes. He stopped that train of thought and tried to focus on what he had came for. Then it came back to him. "I just wanted to ask you if anything happened out of the ordinary last night. I got the weirdest feeling."

"No not that I think of. Well I had a nightmare about something,but that's basically it," she was still debating about whether or not to tell him. The only thing she really remembered was Tess, and that was still a pretty painful subject.

"What was it about?" Max asked concerned. Looking into her eyes knowing she was holding back. " You know you can tell me anything."

"I really don't remember," but looking in his eyes she knew she wasn't going to get by that easy. She looked away, but knew Max already knew she was lying. She was so bad at it when it came to him.

"You don't remember? Liz you're lying. I know you, but I have to get going. We'll finish this discussion tonight," The determined look in his eye said it wasn't up for discussion. He scooted her out of the booth and placed a small kiss on her lips and headed towards the door.

Liz touched her fingers to her lips and felt a tingle go through her. She had just got a new flash from Max, she was pretty sure it was Antar. He had been standing on a cliff looking down at a red sea. He had been staring at a someone in the water, her. How was that possible? She shook her head. Her hand started aching and she automically flexed her fingers without looking at it, dismissing it. It had to be tired from taking orders all day.

Had she looked at her right hand at that moment she would have saw it glowed red with a small image being formed on the palm. But it disappeared just as Max got in his car.

"Excuse me, miss. Can I get a refill?" A customer asked as she shook her glass at Liz.

"Yeah,coming" Liz sighed. She counldn't wait for the day to end.She walked over to grab the customers glass...


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Thanks for all the feedback! I wasn't sure if I should continue, but the feedback made me all smiley! So I decided to keep going. Hope you like the next part! It's kinda long but I couldn't find a good place to stop.Enjoy!

Part 3

Liz walked into Max and Micheal's apartment with a smile on her lips. She remembered the look on Maria's face in the battle of rock,paper scissors to see who would end up closing the restaraunt. They were going two out of three and had been tied. Liz had used her newly acquired aliens powers to see if see could sense what Maria was going to pick next. Needless to say she won. She giggled to herself and thought what Maria didn't know wouldn't hurt her. Besides any time she could spend some time with Max she was gonna do whatever it took. The thought of Max broght another smile to her lips. They were supposed to meet at the Crashdown, but since she had won the battle she had decided to surprise him.

Max didn't get off another forty-five minutes and the couch looked so inviting. The night before and the endless pace at the Crashdown had taken it's toll. 'I'll just lay down for a minute' she thought to herself. She kicked off her shoes, laid her head down on the pillow and quickly fell asleep.
Max fumbled with the keys and unocked the apartment, wanting to get a quick shower in before he met Liz at the Crashdown. He walked in the door and paused, seeing an angel sleeping on his couch, he felt his heart swell. Silently he closed the door and stepped over to the couch. Max removed the blanket from the back and placed over Liz's sleeping form, gently kissing her forehead and turned to head toward the shower.

Max had just got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist when he felt a sudden rush of fear. He knew it was coming from Liz. As he bolted to the door, yanking it open he heard her scream.

"Max!!!" Liz shot straight up panting.

"It's ok Liz sweetheart. I'm here,"Max said in soothing tones trying to calm her nerves. He placed small kisses over her face and ran his hands over her hair. He forced her to look into his eyes,"Shh. I'm always here,don't ever doubt that ."

She looked into his eyes and saw the love and concern, "Oh Max," she cried as she wrapped her arms around him. The fear was subsiding here in the safety of Max's arms. She knew that he would die before letting anything happen to her.

At that moment Micheal and Maria walked in the door. "I'm telling you Mich....Oh no!! Liz what's wrong?"Maria rushed over to the couch and kneeled next to Liz. "Max, what'd you do now?!!"

Max just looked at Maria and rolled his eyes. He hurried to the bathroom to get dressed, realizing he was still in his towel. He was gone about thirty seconds when he came back in and sat down next to Liz,on the opposite side of Maria. Placing his arm around Liz, he put her head on his shoulder.

"Max?" Micheal questioned still standing in front of the doorway. The warrior had come into play and he was protecting the people he cared about.

Liz finally spoke. She turned her head towards Maria. Taking a deep breath she defended Max. "Max didn't do anything. I just had a silly nightmare. And before you ask, no I don't remember it, and no I don't know what it was about."

"Whatever girlriend,spill it! We all know you're with holding information, and that's not allowed!"

"There's nothing to spill Maria!"

All of them eyed Liz suspiciously. "Liz," Max put in gently, "there's something your not telling me or us. So do like she said, spill it."

"Ok,ok, Tess was in it. That's all I remember! Honest."

Max looked into her eyes and knew she was telling the truth. "Ok, I believe you."

"Well chica I'm really not surprised since she's been here recently and all. Are you sure that you don't remember anything else?" Maria worry evident in her voice.

She snuggled closer to Max and tried to think about the dream. Tap-taptaptap-Tap. Tap-taptaptap-Tap. "I only remember the feeling. It felt like it was more a memory than a dream."Tap-taptaptap-Tap.

"Liz what are you doing?"Maria had a wierd look on her face.

"What?" Liz looked confused.She stopped tapping and suddenly her hand started aching. She flexed her fingers but that only seemed to make it burn."Max could you look at my hand? I think I hurt it somehow."

"Sure,"he picked up the hand Liz held out. He had picked up with his left hand,then he switched it to his right,"I don't see..." His voice trailed off as his right hand touched her right hand. Her hand started to glow red, as of the symbol was searing to the surface.

"Max what the hell?" Micheal asked in unfamilar concern.

"What?!" Panic shot through her and she looked at her hand. Her palm was all red and a symbol was starting to form. It was a shape of a "V" made up of five dots. She had seen it before, Max had one on his right palm. It was the royal seal of Antar. It proclaimed Max as the one true rightful king. You could only never really see it but now it was burning a bright blue. The only differences in the symbol was hers had a symbol she had seen one the destiny book, the seal of Antar, in the widest part of the "V". "What is it?," fear lacing her voice.

"It's the royal seal that was made for the queen. It was encoded like mine so I would know her. To prove she was the true queen and not some imposter or clone. But the last time I saw this Tess had it. She's the one who showed it to me and explained what it meant. This makes no damn sense." He rubbed his face with his free hand in fustration. "I don't know of any back up plan like what happened to me and Micheal."

"But if it was a back up plan like you and Micheal, then wouldn't have Isabel gotten the symbol?I mean why Liz?Why now?" asked Maria worried.

"I know! I don't know! SHIT!" Swearing was out of character for Max, he never lost control. But when it came to Liz everyone knew the rules did not apply.

He got up to pace and let go of Liz's hand. As soon as he did the two symbols faded. He looked over at Liz, she hadn't spoken since the whole thing had began. He sat back down, feeling her shock and fear. He placed his arms around her,"Shh love,it's gonna be ok. I promise you that."

"Ok Liz you said that you had a dream and Tess was in it right? So we basically know that Tess probably had something to do with it. Shit, what did that damn evil blonde bitch do now!?!" Micheal was trying to sort it all out in his mind. He knew how evil Tess was, and didn't want anything to happen to Maria's best friend.

"I've got it!",Maria suddenly cried as she stood up and started pacing. They all looked at her as if they had forgotten that she was also in the room."Liz don't you realize what the tapping means? Think Liz!"

Liz searched her memory and then let out a small gasp."OH MY GOD!"

"Exactly. I knew you'd remember," Maria said with a sad smile on her face.

"What?!"Max and Micheal both demanded at the same time.

Maria looked at Liz silently asking her if she wanted her to tell them. Liz gave her a small nod and buried her head in the crook of Max's shoulder."Well you guys weren't around when we found out Tess had killed Alex. It started at my house, Liz and I were in my room talking and we heard my mom start yelling. 'His name is Larick. He's got a gun. He's pointing a gun at my daughter. He threatened my daughter.' Anyway we went into the kitchen to ask her what was going on and she turned around like nothing had happened. Then her fingers started tapping. Like Kyle's did. Like Alex's did. " She paused,"They were all mind warped by Tess."

She gave them a minute. She knew the truth would dawn on them. Then Max was the first to speak, "You mean that..."

Liz softly finished his sentence," I've been mind warped."....


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I just wanted to say thank you to Angeleyes, Strawbehrry Shortcake, roswellluver,Adrianna, and Spoiled Roswell Princess. Thanks for all the encouragement. Hope you guys try out the next part.
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I just wanted to say thank you to Angeleyes, Strawbehrry Shortcake, roswellluver,Adrianna, and Spoiled Roswell Princess. Thanks for all the encouragement. Hope you guys try out the next part.
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Author's Note: Thanks to everyone for your great feedback. I got that happy feeling that makes me all smiley. Thanks again.*big*

Sarah Whitman: All I can say is that you'll have to keep reading. hehe. Let's just say that anyone who liked Jesse this will definitely not be a fic for them.

Part 3

"Alright everyone get your stuff we're leaving. We're going over to Isabel and Jesse's" Max practically comanded.

Everyone looked at each other, then gathered their things to head out the door. Micheal nodded his head in agreement,"That's a good idea Maxwell, if your thinking what I think your thinking."

"You guys feel the need to share with us lowly humans?" Maria sarcastically said as she walked to the car.

"We're going to ask Isabel to dream-walk Liz," Max relplied.

The four piled into Max's Chevelle. Maria and Micheal got into the back, giving Liz the chance to sit next to Max. They sat quietly whispering to one another, not wanting to disturb Liz or Max.

Max drove silently, glancing every once and awhile at Liz. He's a little worried because she hasn't said much or showed much emotion since this whole thing began. He knew it was probably shock and fear. Max reached over and placed his arm around her. Liz leaned into his side and gave him a small smile.

Liz looked up at Max. She saw the worry and concern in his eyes. She closed her eyes praying that whatever Tess had done to her wasn't something completely evil.

When they pulled up in front of Isabel's apartment,the group mentally took a deep breath. They knew that Jesse had been less than excited to find out that Isabel was 'different'. Things had been difficult and awkward since then. Jesse could not seem to accept the fact that Isabel was an alien. The road had definately not been smooth. A week ago everyone thought that he had finally come around, but after the situation with baby Zan, he had completely reverted back. According to Iz they begun fighting on a daily basis again and she tried not use her powers around him anymore.

Maria stared at the aparment,"Maybe he's not home. I mean, one can always pray," echoing everyone's thoughts.

"Yeah, and any minute now Ed McMahon is gonna come up, give me a check and tell me I'm the newest million dollar winner. Jesse's been treating her like shit lately, we all know it. Jackass." Micheal said disgustedly.

Maria's eyes lit up with fire," Yeah, well he's just gonna have to get over himself, 'cuz Liz needs help. I'll be damned if he stops her from getting it. If he tries I swear I'll kick his ass myself."

"Jesse won't stop Isabel if she decides to help. I know Iz and she won't let him. If he tries then I'll handle that." Max was tired of Jesse making his sister so unhappy. He was treating her like shit and all Max needed was an excuse. If he hurt Isabel in front of him, in any way, then that would be excuse enough.

Slowly they all get out of the chevelle and headed to the front door. Max reached out and took Liz's hand, he used his other to knock on the door. They all heard footsteps coming toward the door.

Isabel the door opened, a surprised/worried look clouded her face. "Hey everyone. What are you guys doing here? I mean come in, come in. It's nice to see you." She stepped back and motioned for them to enter. "Have a seat. I'll go and get us something to drink." Isabel left for a moment and came back in carrying a tray with cans of Cherry Coke, and a bottle of Tabaco. She noticed the tension in the room, but didn't comment on it, she was sure they would tell her eventually.

"I like the new furniture," Micheal said trying to ease some of the tension." He was immediately rewarded with Maria's elbow in his side. She gave him the 'smooth move spaceboy' look. He knew she was trying to remind him why Isabel had needed to get new furniture.

"Oh thanks. It's all basically second hand,all of it was in really good condition. I didn't like some of the colors, but that was easy enough to take care of." Isabel wiggled her fingers. A sad smile lit her beautiful face," I had to have them deliver it before Jesse came home. But enough of that, you guys didn't come over to talk about my furniture. What's goin' on?"

"First is Jesse here?" Max asked aggitated to hear that his sister basically had to hide who she was from her husband, love shouldn't be that way.

"No. He's working late again."

"Good. Well not good. I'm sorry. Hell I'll just get to the point." Isabel saw that Max was highly fustrated and let him continue uninterrupted." We need your help. Liz is having a nightmare we think might actually be memory. The problem is that she can't remember. We all wanted to know, that is Liz and I would really appreciate it if you could try and dream-walk her."

"I don't know. I mean that there no garuantee if I could do it or if I would see anything at all. She could dream something else entirely."

"Please Isabel, it's the best chance I have," Liz said suprising everyone by speaking for the first time in awhilwe," You see Tess did something to me." She held up her right hand, palm up, placing it in Max's. It didn't take long for the symbols to start to glow.

"Oh my god. Tell me everything," Isabel said as she leaned closer to look at the symbols. Max proceeded to tell her about what had happened within the last forty-eight hours. Iz blew out a breath, looked into Liz's eyes, and made her descion. " Of course I'll help. But as long as you know Liz I can't change your dream. It's more like I'm just a vistor, I can talk to you and try to help, but I can't make you do anything. Do you understand?"

"I understand. Thank y....." That was all Liz could get out as the front door opened and Jesse walked in.

Jesse came in the door and took in the scene,"What the hell are you all doing here?!?"

"Always nice to see you too," Maria said sarcastically, giving him her best evil eye. Suddenly she wished she had an alien power, or even maybe a handy vodoo book.

Micheal moved in front of her and Liz taking up his protective stance with his arms crossed over his chest. The look in his eye said he was trying to hold on to his temper.

Isabel was shocked at her husband's hateful tone. She looked over and saw Max start to rise, the look in his eyes was deadly. Isabel quickly got up," Jesse could I see you in the kitchen? NOW!"

As they walked into the kitchen the group heard Isabel's normally calm voice rise. " I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT! WOULD IT KILL YOU TO BE JUST A LITTLE POLITE TO THEM? IT'S MY BROTHER AND HIS FRIENDS FOR GOD'S SAKE! MY FRIENDS!! "


"Your house?YOUR house?! I thought it was OUR HOUSE! Gee why would I think that? Oh yeah we're married that's why!! ALIEN FREAK?!! IS THAT WHAT I AM THIS WEEK? FUCK YOU JESSE!!"

"Forget it. I didn't sign up for this, I DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS! Maybe I should just go."

"WHAT, YOU THINK I DID? THIS IS WHO I AM JESSE!," Isabel took a calming breath trying to regain control, then said sadly, "They aren't leaving Jesse, they're my guests. Maybe you should go, I'm tired of constantly fighting with you. I can't change who or what I am. Maybe you should think about whether or not it's worth it to come back,also."

"I'll do that. Good-bye Isabel." With that Jesse walked to the back door, slammed it shut and didn't look back.

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I couldn't leave y'all hanging so here's the next part. Hope you like it! Enjoy.(Also just a little note: I know Liz seems like she's crying all the time, but try to remember how scared she was when her powers started to emerge in Ch-CH-Changes. The symbol totally freaks her out.)*big*

disclaimer: There is a quote in here from BTVS-S2 (Only Have Eyes For You ). It was said by Giles to Buffy. I own neither the characters,lines or the show. Please don't sue. I only borrowed the line.

Part 4

Isabel ran a hand over face. She took a deep breath and try to hold on to the tears she knew would come later when she was alone. Isabel knew in her heart that Jesse probably wouldn't be back. A part of her was relieved and a part of her was crushed that she had lost the man she had fell in love with. She knew that Jesse would never be able to accpet who she was. At that instance the thought of Alex came to mind. Things had just started to come into focus about their relationship when that bitch Tess had ended it all. Alex had always cared about her as a person. It hadn't matter who or what she was, he had accepted the whole package. But those where thoughts best saved for later. God she missed him.

"Iz. Iz, are you ok?" Max tentatively stuck his head in the kitchen, a concerned look on his face.

Isabel put on her best smle, took a breath and turned around." Yeah I'm fine Max. Let's get started."

"Do you need to talk first?"

"No. I'd rather not think about it right now. Liz needs me, so let's go."

"OK. As long as your sure."

They walked back into the living room. "What Liz you couldn't fall asleep during all that quiet?" Isabel tried to joke, and ease everyone's worries." Seriously, Liz you need to sleep so we can get started. ok?"

"Umm..OK." Liz laid down on the couch and tried to get comfortable. After a few attempts she knew it would never work everyone was staring at her. "Max could you please hold me? I mean I think it my help." Liz looked into Max's eyes and was a little in embarassed.

"Like you even need to ask. I don't need a reason to hold you," Max answered, his voice full of love.

Maria and Micheal both rolled their eyes and said in unison,"Oh give me a break! I think I'm gonna be sick."

"Shut up guys. Liz has to fall asleep for this to work. You know that. If Max holding her makes her feel more relaxed, then don't rip on it," Isabel said a little irratated. She caught Liz and Max's grateful look.

Max sat with his back in the corner of the couch, Liz between his legs, her back nestled against his chest. He continued to stroke her hair, as he listened to her breathing even out. He gave her a few more minutes before he turned to look at Isabel and said " She's asleep now."

"Ok. Here I go. Wish me luck." Isabel leaned back in the armchair and tried to make contact. She relaxed her body and tried focus in on Liz. Suddenly she was thrust into Liz's dream.

It was dark and Isabel could see she was standing by the driver's side door of Max chevelle. It looked like Liz and Tess had just stopped the car. She made her move.

"LIZ.LIZ, come over here."

"Isabel?" Liz got out of the car and walked over to where Isabel was standing. " What are you doing here?"

"Liz I'm here to help rememeber? You have to try and remember what Tess is saying to you. ok? "

"Ok" Liz walked back over to the car and got in.

Isabel watched in silence as the two started to talk. She could see the confusion on Liz's face. She heard Liz tell Tess to speak up. Damn it wasn't going to work. Isabel kept watching, knowing that every detail was important. Tess grabbed Liz's hand and the inside of the car started to glow red. As the glolw beacme brighter, she noticed Tess' eyes were closed. She knew at that moment in time was when Tess had actually mind warped Liz. She heard Liz scream.

Both Isabel and Liz sat up at the same time. They were both trying to catch there breath and calm down. Isabel looked at Max's hopeful expression and slowly shook her head 'no'.

"Did it work? Come on guys say something," Maria implored. She was hoping that the answer was 'yes'.

"No. I still don't remember anything," Liz said dejectedly as turned around and started to cry.

"Don't worry Liz. Shhh, sweetheart it's ok," Max tried to reassure her. Liz continued to cry. "We'll figure something else out." That just seemed to make her cry even harder.

"I think I have an idea," everyone turned to look at Isabel. They all hoped that it was a good one. "She doesn't remember the dream, but I do. I couldn't hear what was being said because there was like no volume. You know when you watch TV with just the picture going, but the mute buttons on? Anyway I know where they were and I saw Tess mind warp Liz. Didn't you guys say that all Kyle had to do was basically go back to the place of the mind warp and then he remembered?"

"Yeah. It was kinda the same with my mom. She was holding that stupid alien souvenior T-shirt from the UFO Center. So you're saying we should take Liz back to the scene right? I think that a great idea," Maria was enthusiastic and hopeful at the same time.

"It might work Maxwell. I think we should give it a try. Why don't we go now?",added Micheal.

"That's up to Liz. It depends on if she's up to it or not. What do you think?" Max asked her gently.

"I think the sooner the better. I want to know what she did. I'm up to it," said Liz with a little more confidence than she felt. This had to work.

"Ok, then Maria and Liz call your parents and tell them your staying at each others house. Then we'll all go," Max was in full king mode and expected no arguments. "Isabel, you're coming to. I don't want you to be alone right now, ok?"

"Ok Max" Isabel agreed glad for the distraction from her miserable married life.

Once everything was taking care of, they all got into the chevelle. Isabel gave directions and after about a half hour of driving, they were getting closer. The group was able tell both by Isabel's directions and Liz's persistant tapping that was increasing in frequency. They all looked at each other knowing that she didn't know she was doing it. The stopped in front of a hole in the fence that surrounded what used to be the military base.

"Liz I think you should get in the driver's seat. It'll probaly help," Maria said as she place a hand on Liz shoulder."Remember we're all here for you if you need us."

Liz slowly nodded and got out of the car to walk around to the driver's side. She carefully got in and her mind began to whirl.


"I didn't come back here to die Liz! Why do you always have to be so damn noble?! I could kill you now and make Max suffer like I have. In two lifetimes Liz, two lifetimes I couldn't make him love me! Not the way I loved him, not the way he loved you. It was always you. Always. But you probaly have no clue what I'm saying, you think I'm crazy."

"What are you talking about Tess? Are you going to kill me? Please don't Tess, I couldn't kill you. I forgave you," Liz said trying to convice Tess to see reason. She didn't know what Tess was ranting about. What about her and two lifetimes?

Tess was crying now. " I can see the future, Liz, and I knew that I wasn't in it. But I came anyway. I know what I have to do. Liz I have to do this, and it's gonna hurt." Tess reached out and grabbed Liz's hand. "I'm passing my rights as queen to you Liz, you will have my symbol. The symbol I worked so hard for. This is a test Liz. You have to be able to break through the mind warp I'm gonna do to you. You have to prove that your mind is strong enough for what's to come. You have to find the stone I brought it with me from Antar. I didn't have time to look for when I escaped. If you find it contains a message only you can release and it will explain why I'm doing this and much more. It's black and is kind of cone shaped, extremely shiny. You'll know it when you see it. Here's most important part you have to say these words, SO REMEMBER THEM! Place the stone in your hand and say ' I have the symbol for all to see, I am the queen, now let the message be revealed to me.' You have to say it word for word. Don't screw it up! One question before I mind warp you, why did you forgive me?"

"You're telling me all this and you want to know now why I forgave you?! Fine. On a show I once saw, I think it was 'Buffy the Vampire slayer' or something, there was this part about forgiveness in it that always stuck with me. The guy said ' Forgiveness is an act of compassion...You don't do it because people deserve it, you do it because they need it.' We all needed it Tess, to be finally able to move on."

"God I hate you! I can't believe he picked you over me, all those times. You're so weak, so compassionate, so human, it makes me sick. In both lifetimes exactly the same. I was the strong one, I knew what had to be done...Never mind. I am so glad this is going to hurt. Oh yeah you only have two weeks to break the warp or you'll die and I will be the happiest dead person of all. Then you and Max will never be together."

A searing pain entered Liz's hand and she fainted.


"I know what she did to me." said Liz when she finally snapped out it. She began to tell them the story. When she was done all of them looked confused.

"Why did she keep saying two lifetimes?" asked Isabel.

"Man, she was even a ranting, insane bitch right before she died," exclaimed Maria.

"I should have killed that bitch when I had the chance." Max put in, anger making his whole body shake.

"I know where the stone is," Micheal stated rather calmly.

"WHAT?!" everyone yelled together and all turned to stare at him....


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Author's Note:

Hey guys thanks for all your support! When I get good feedback it makes me write so much faster*wink*.
I just wanted to let all the Alex and Isabel fans know that their turn is coming and I think you'll like it! Have faith!
The reason Liz forgave Tess is basically forgiveness is a human trait. I wanted it to be apparent that Tess thought that all humans were to emotional, and the differences in Tess and Liz to be exteremly obivous.
Thanks for all the great feedback!*angel*Yes, Tess is always a bitch for much the same reason. (see above)

Thanks again guys! Look for the next part in about an hour or so!*big*
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Part 5a

They all stared at Micheal in shocked silence. A little irratated that they were all staring at him, he repeated," I said I know where the stone is."

"We heard you Micheal. We just can't believe it," replied Isabel, "Where is it?"

"It's back at the apartment. It's the stone I, uh, borrowed from the military base when Max and I rescued Griffith. Yeah and Max it didn't hatch a race of alien invaders," Micheal put in sarcastically. "Bet you're gald now that I borrowed it, aren't ya?"

"That thing? Micheal I can honestly say that I've never been so happy to have a clepto in the family! I could kiss you man!" Max said half seriously.

"Yeah Maxwell that's totally unneccessary. A thank you would be better, afterall we don't want Maria to get jealous if you're a better kisser." Micheal was trying to make a joke out of it, not used to having people actually agreeing to something that he did. Plus the use of the word 'family' had made him all uncomfortable.

Sensing his unease, Maria changed the subject."I hate to be the party pooper, but I think we should tackle this in the morning. I don't know about everyone else but I'm worn out. But don't think that I didn't hear that last comment Micheal Gurein!" Maria gave him a look that said she still had enough energy to bust his chops.

"What?! We're so close! We can't stop now!" cried Micheal. Actually in a small way he agreed with Maria, but he was trying to buy a little time before she busted his chops for his comment earlier.

"I hate to say it, but I think Maria may have a point," giving Maria a small smile he continued,"Everyone's tired. As much as I would love to run over there and get started, I know that the stone isn't going anywhere. We can get a fresh perspective on the morning. We're all off tommorrow anyway so that leaves us plenty of time. Do we agree?" Isabel gave a sleepy nod 'yes', as did Maria, and poor Liz swayed. Max caught her seeing that she was already alseep.

"Come on Spaceboy I'll let you make up with me. I can show you that I am a way better kisser than Max." Maria gave her best 'sex kitten' look. He still looked undecided, so she pulled out the big guns. She leaned in closer staring at his lips. Her lips where just a breath away when she whispered,"A little alone time wouldn't be that bad would it? We could snuggle. Please?" The last was said against his lips. Micheal opened his mouth to respond and Maria took her opportunity. She thrust her tounge into his mouth exploring, she ran her hands over his chest and up into his hair.

Micheal's respose came fast and hard. He wanted her. He matched every stoke, every touch, every squeeze. His tounge stoked hers in a fiery dance. They finally tore apart when he heard Isabel clear her throat. He vaguely remembered nodding 'yes' when Max asked him if he agreed. 'What had he just agreed to anyway?' he wondered. Damn Maria could rob him of every intelligant thought. When he kissed her all he could think of being inside her. He felt the car start and knew that they were headed home. Micheal and Maria stared at each other promising more later.

Isabel and Max both blushed at the looks that Maria and Micheal were giving each other. Max knew that Isabel was exhausted. The fight with Jesse and dreamwalking Liz had drained her. They all need some rest, to think clearly in the morning.

When they arrived at Micheal's apartment, Max stopped Micheal and Maria from running off."Liz and I are gonna stay at Isabel's. We'll meet here in the morning," Seeing the looks the two were giving each other Max amened, "Make that noon. It'll give everyone a chance to sleep in. I'll call Kyle and Jim to meet us here. Got it?"
He knew who would need the extra sleep.

Max waited for a response and got a " Yah. Got it. Noon. Later Maxwell," just as Micheal was pulling Maria up the stairs by the hand. Max just shook his head, started the car, and headed to Isabel's.

When they arrived at Isabel's apartment, Isabel silently got out of the car and unlocked the front door. Max saw her turn on her bedroom light and knew she didn't want to talk. Max would see if she was ok later, right now he was concerned with Liz. He gently picked her up and pulled her close to his chest. He inhaled her scent and smiled. He stood there for a few minutes staring up at the stars, his heart full of love. Silently he thanked all the stars in the sky and whoever else was listening that he had been able to find his soul, his other half, in Liz and that she loved him in return. Max turned around and headed in the house. His most precious gift cradled in his arms.


All rested they regrouped at Micheal's apartment the following day at noon. Kyle and Jim had also come after the dicussion they had that morning with Max. Maria had let them in and they knew the stone was probably the first thing on Micheal's mind that morning. It was sitting on the coffee table in front of the couch. Without a word they all sat either on the floor or a chair pulled from the kitchen. Liz hesitantly took the seat on the couch in front of the stone.

"Liz look at me. It's ok. I love you. You know I would never let anything happen to you right?" Max sat down next and gave her a reassuring kiss.

"I know," was all Liz could say. She grabbed his hand and gave it a light squeeze. Inside she was terrified, thought of impending diaster kept runnig through her head, 'What if it's some kinda alien bomb? What if it's a bomb made just for me? What if it kills me as soon as I touch it?' Liz shook off her fear, she knew Max would die before he let anything happen to her. Building up her courage she took the stone into her right hand and said the words. "I have the symbol for all to see, I am the queen, let the message be revealed to me." She saw the symbol begin to glow, then she heard 'confirmed'. Suddenly someone else was thrust into her mind with her.

The group watched Liz intently. The symbol on her hand began to glow. Liz stood up and was looking straight forward. She didn't blink, it didn't even look like she was breathing. They turned to look at each other and stared back at Liz. Everyone let out a gasp as she began to speak.

"Hello everyone. Well I assume it's everyone since I can't see you. I mean you guys were always into the group thing."The group stared in horror at Liz. The snide comments were coming from her lips, but the voice wasn't hers.

Max reached out a hand to shake Liz out of it when Isabel stopped him."MAX NO! We don't know what'll happen if you wake her up. Just wait and see. You don't want to accidently hurt her." Max hesitantly brought his hand down, and moved a little closer to Liz.

" I really wish I could see the look on your guys' faces right now. I bet it's priceless." Liz continued, and then Tess laughed.

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*big*I just wanted to thank all you guys for the awesome feedback.( TabascoLiz, Alexia, ILYMEFOREVER, Sternbetracher, and Ivlyfem) Lovin' it this way.
Thanks again!

And now the story continues.....

Part 5b

" If you're seeing this it means I'm dead. I also have the power to see glimpses of the future, and kinda figures that this would be the way I would end up. Well I guess I should get to the point, I don't want to accidently fry poor little Liz's brain.

When I returned to Antar needless to say that Kivar was less than happy with me. Not only had I come back without the royal three, I was carrying a human child. Kivar had run tests and found out that the baby was completely human. He would have killed me, but I begged for my life. I told him there was a possibility that the test could be wrong and to wait and see. In the end he agreed to wait, but only until after the baby was born. I knew that I didn't have much time. The pregnancy was taking a longer than a normal Antarian pregnancy, it was only a matter of time before Kivar finally noticed. So one night I snuck out of the palace and into a rebel camp.

It was there Max that I met your and Isabel's mother. Because our memories are so swiss cheesed, I didn't know that she had the power to make people tell the whole truth. I must have revealed everything, by the time I was done, she was staring with those violet eyes. I could see and feel the hate radiating within her. Then I think as kind of punishment she made me recall my real memories....Not the fantasies I had made memories, but all the real ones.

I was very beautiful Max. Every man who saw me wanted me, you were no exception. I could have anyone I chose, but who else could make me a queen? Only you.
So I decided to let you have me. According to earth's time frame everything was good for a couple months. Then one day it changed.

A very high ranking human came to stay at the palace. Her province had been attacked and she sought shelter. Her name was Despina. Her and her friends,Miera and Gregory, were our human subjects, Max. I didn't worry because they were only human, full of useless emotions. But you fell in love with her. I heard the three of you whispering one day in the garden of the palace. Talking about how the three of you were better Antarians because form them you learned loyalty, kindness and the ability to care for others before yourselves. You didn't know that I was listening and god it made me sick. I knew that you, Max, had done nothing with her, she refused to because she was so noble and you were married. My spies had told me this. If you had been sleeping with her it would have been easier. You disgusted me. You all disgusted me. Leaders should be ruthless, calculating and in control at any cost. But here you three were weakened by emotion. So needless to say I took care of that problem.

After your mother flooded me with these memories, she told me to return to earth. I could no longer stay on Antar after the baby was born. She informed me that she had consulted the oracle of Antar and this was not the way it was supposed to be. By my selfish acts I had in fact destroyed the our actual destiny. The way she looked at me I knew it was true. Then she gave me this stone and all she said to me was that only the true king and queen of Antar could open it. I asked her if that meant me and you, Max. She looked at me with such hate and replied ' You have shamed the royal family of Antar for the last time Ava. You should have never been queen. My son will know the true queen, as I am sure you do. You must give the symbol which rightfully belongs to her. You WILL relinquish the throne. If you do not, there are ways for us to hunt you down and destroy you. Do not doubt Ava!' With that I was escorted out of the camp.

Do you believe in reincarnation Max? I do. Their bodies may be different, but their souls are the same. Your guys' love for them is still the same. Even though your minds may not have recognized them, your hearts did. I think they kept being reborn until they found all of you again.

So you see I have no choice, I will be dead either way. Now you all know. I don't know what kind of lasting effect this will have on Liz, I don't really care. It was a device made for a strong Antarian mind, not a weak human one. With that I'll say good-bye.

With that a blinding blue light will surrounded Liz, then she crumpled to the floor. Max rushed to her side to pick her up. Her breathing was normal and it looked as if she had just passed out. As he cradled her in his arms, turning around to look at everyone in the room. What he saw was reflected in his own eyes, shock and disblief at what they had just heard and witnessed....


Author's Note: I know there are some gaps. But have faith they get filled in. Remember more feedback, faster I write*wink*.

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Part 6

Max slowly laid Liz down on the couch. She wasn't awake yet, but he guessed that the whole event had drained her. He decided that he would let her rest, he would use his ablities to check her when she woke up. He turned back around to talk to the group.

"Max can you believe that our mother is still alive?" Isabel quietly asked, with unshed tears in her eyes.

"Yeah, it's kinda mind boggling. I think we should discuss what we just learned while Liz is still asleep," Max's quiet authority was evident in his voice.

"How 'bout I write down all the questions we have, so we won't forget them later?" Maria got up to rummage around the apartment for a pen and paper. "Damn, I can't find an freakin' thing in this mess! Don't you guys ever clean?" The apartment was actually spotless, Max always made sure of that.

Micheal got up and stopped her. He wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and placed a small kiss on her head,"SShh, baby it's gonna be ok. I'm sure Liz will be fine. Let me help you." Micheal went to a drawer in the kitchen and pulled out what she was looking for. Then he led her to a space on the floor and sat her between his legs, resting her back against his chest.

No one said anything. Micheal knew that they were all lost in their own thoughts. His was centered on the fact that more than likely he had loved Maria in his previous life. Tess had been right, he hadn't known but his heart had. That's why she was able to tear down all the walls he had built around himself with such ease. No matter how many times he had tried to push her away, she had always come back. He shuddered at the thought that if he had stopped Max from healing Liz they would never met. His soul would have been lost long ago. He pulled her a little closer.

Maria's thoughts were centered around the same thing. She had always believed in reincarnation, but never had the possibility crossed her mind that it could have happened to her. When she had met Micheal she had felt an irresistable pull towards him. True he irratated the hell out of her most times, but she knew that beneath that macho exterior laid a heart of gold. She knew that even the love she felt for him now would transend both time and space, of that she had no doubt.
She felt him pull her a little bit closer and she welcomed the feel.

Max stared down at Liz's still sleeping form. He had know from the first time he saw her that she was the one. His heart knew without a doubt. When that whole destiny crap had been an issue, inside it had just felt wrong. He hadn't wanted to be with Tess, it was always Liz. Now he knew that it was true, they were meant to be. Her soul had traveled both time and space to be with him. All he could do was stare at her in awe.

Kyle finally broke the silence,"So you're saying that Maria, Liz, and Jesse are all reincarnated humans from your past? That is so cool. Buddah teaches us that until you correct all the mistakes you make in life, you're just put into a new body until you get it right. I guess it's true. Well I'm glad you guys found each other."

"It's not Jesse," Isabel commented sadly," I know who it was. But it was not Jesse." Isabel knew exactly who it was supposed to be. The one person who had excepted her as she was, no questions. But because of her own insecurities she had let the opportunity pass her by. She had loved him, always had, but had taken for granted the time they had together. Then he had been taken from her. Ever since Alex had died there had been a whole in her heart that no one could fill. What she had felt for Jesse had been passion, and had convinced herself that she loved him. She had been in love with the idea of pretending to be normal. She had never truly loved him the way she had loved Alex.

A moan cut through the silence like a knife. "Oh God my head is killing me!" Liz was grabbing both sides of her head.

"WHAT?!" everyone yelled at the same time. Max quickly placed his hands over Liz's and looked into her eyes.

"No,No I just meant that I have a KILLER headache. I didn't mean to scare everybody," Liz had the grace to look a little sheepish.

"God Liz I swear you just took at least ten years off my life. I'm gonna have to have Micheal look for gray hairs later, girlfriend!," Maria put in.

"Are you ok? Do you remember anything? Are you sure you're not hurt?" Max fired the series of questions in rapid succsession.

"Yes to all the above. Now I need all of you to be quiet for a moment. I have some memories that I'm pretty sure were Tess', but their starting to fade and I want to share them with you guys. First think it went in order of how she talked about them. So Isabel and Max if you'll grab my hands I'll show you your mother." She took there hands and gave them a flash of their mother. She released their hands and continued, trying to ignore the tears in their eyes, she had to finish this. "Next I saw her memories of us. She hated us. What she didn't say was all of us were planning to get married. Max you were going to give up the throne to divorce her, basically because once the king marries right or wrong he's stuck with that person for the duration of his life. By doing that Micheal or rather Rath would have been crowned king and Maria or Meira would have then been queen. Tess couldn't let that happen, so in the end she had all of us, Gregory, Meira, and I killed. She made it look like Kivar's men did it. Villandra didn't believe it, so she investigated it a little more. Before she could get anywhere Tess had her framed as a traitor. When in reality she had actually struck a bargain with Kivar so she could remain queen. She felt she had earned it. You never betrayed us Isabel."

Tears were streaming down Isabel's face. Liz's words reinforced the knowledge that she could never willingly betray Max. Micheal had told her of his flash, but she finally felt free from the guilt. "Thank you,Liz" and she got up to hug her. The two embraced brought finally together through the knowledge of truth.

"I can't believe we let her in our house," stated Kyle.

"Tell me about it," Jim added.

"There's something else. She killed future Max. When it looked like I wouldn't be able to make Max fall out of love with me, he went to Tess. He tried to convince her to stay even though Max and I would be together. She mind warped him into giving her all information she needed to mind warp me. Then she killed him. The final push, the last dance, and him finally disappearing were all a mind warp." It was Liz's turn to let the tears flow. All the she had hung on to for months, those few magical moments, all a lie. All those months of Max giving her that look, all the problems that follwed. She cried over seeing Max die and for all that had been lost because Tess had wanted to remian queen at any cost. She regained her composure and said, "Max let's open the stone, I'm ready."
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( All I can say is the muse is back in the building!)

Disclaimer: The song is sung by Mandy Moore in "A Walk to Remember" they own all rights, I only borrowes the song, please don't sue..

Part 7

Max looked at Liz with doubt in his eyes, he wasn't so sure it was a great idea," I don't know Liz, especially after what happened last time."

"Max this time it'll be different, I can feel it. Please," Liz pleaded with him," This time you'll be with me. So what could happen?"

"Well if nothing was, it's going to now. You just gave us the kiss of death.'What could possibly happen?' Would you like me to list them in alphabetical or sequential order?" Max answered a little overly sarcastic.

"Please Max? For me? PPLLEEAASE with a cherry and whip cream on top?"

"UGH! Ok stop it I hate it when you do that you know?"

"Yes, I know." She had a look of mock seriousness on her face. But you love me anyway."

Max and Liz placed the stone in their hands, grasping each other's right hand. The symbols began to glow brightly. All of a sudden a white light came out of the stone and a woman appeared. It was Max and Isabel's Mother.

"When we created you children we had hoped by staying together it would stop you from being lonely,thus the story about everyone already being paired. But when Ava or rather Tess as she was to referred to on earth returned, I knew from what she told me that you all had once again found your soul mates. You are in fact each other's destiny. My darling daughter I am so sorry your destiny was stolen from you. When we had recreated Tess we had hoped that the evil within her had died on the day she did. Evidently it did not, she was not the person we created, she must have carried the evil within her.

I am here to inform you that I have consulted the oracle of Antar. It was not supposed to be this way. I did not consult the oracle sooner or this may all have been avoided. She informed me that indeed you did all once again find your soulmates. Know this, the humans of Antar are very advanced, they do not have great abilities like us, but posses similar talents. The First was Despina-she was able to, what you would call astral project and be in two places at once. She also showed signs of being able to use the gift of magic; Second was Meira-she posses the gift of song, the ability to make vegetation grow with but the sound of her voice and tame the wildest of animals;Third was Gregory-his ability was able to understand any language, written or spoken. But due to the evil within the structure one of them has perished. In doing this Tess has disrupted the fabric of fate.

I am here to give you two choices. One-by Tess giving Despina or rather Liz the symbol, she has instilled into Liz all the ablilties she had. You may except that and go from there. The second option is a little more entailed. It invovles being able to go back into time. You may choose one point in time to go back to, but only one. If you choose this you must all agree, both you the royal three and the reincarnated humans. You may correct was has gone terribly wrong. There is also a way you may strip the past Tess of her throne, but I will only tell you that if you take this path. If you decide to go back, just reactivate the stone. Another message will appear and instructions and details will be given to you. I am sorry but this decision must be made within three earth days. That is all the power this small stone was able to hold. Remember three days."
With the end of the message and the hologram disappeared.

Kyle and Jim got up and left without saying a word. They knew it didn't involve them and the gang needed to be alone.

"I say we break up in groups, and discuss it. Then tommorrow we will all discuss it together. What do you guys think?" Max turned to look at each person and they all agreed. Max, Liz, and Isabel left together. When they had reached her house, she just handed them the keys and turned walked away. Max and Liz knew that she wanted to be alone and just let it be.

All three girls were in different places, but the strains of the same song was running through their heads.......

Isabel sat on the cold ground, staring at a stone that represented someone who had passed way before his time. She reached out and traced the letters with her fingers 'A-L-E-X-A....

" There's a song that's inside of my soul,
It's the one I try to write over and over again,
I will waken the instance it calls,
Would you sing to me over and over and over again,
So I lay head back down,
And I lift my hands and pray to be only yours,
I pray to be only yours,
I know that you're only hope...

Maria is laying against Micheal's chest, listening to his heartbeat. Both lost in thought.....

"Sing to me of the song of the stars,
Of your galaxies dancing
laughing and laughing again,
When it feels like my dreams are so far,
Sing to me the plans you have for me over again,
And I lay my head back down,
And I lift my hands and pray to be only yours,
I pray to be only yours,
I know now you're my only hope...

Liz and Max are outside holding each other looking at the stars. Her head rested on Max's shoulder....

"I give you my destiny,
I'm given you all of me,
I want your symphony singing in all that I am,
At the top of my lungs,
I'm given it all that I have,
So I lay my head back down,
And I lift my hands and pray,
To be only yours,
I pray to be only yours,
I know now you're my only hope...."


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*big*I just wanted to thank all of you for all the great feedback! (angeleyes,Sternbetrachter,Strawbehrry Shortcake, CEO Shaft, Ivlyfem, and SarahWhitman)*big*

Angeleyes and CEO Shaft- All your questions will be answered a few parts from now. You'll just have to keep reading. (maw haha- that's my evil laugh! Just kidding!) But your questions will be answered I promise.

SarahWhitman- Wouldn't you like to know! *wiggles her eyebrows* But trust me, you won't be disappointed.

Author's note- I just wanted everyone to know that this part was really hard to write. The pressure, THE PRESSURE! In the end I hope that I did an ok job. This was my third rewrite and I'm still not completely satisfied with it, but I hope you enjoy it. *angel*

and without any futher ado......

~Part 8~

Isabel sat in the stillness of the night quietly lost in thought. Absently running her fingers along the letters of the gravestone. W-H-I-T... Anger flared to life inside her at the unjust twist of fate. They had all trusted and believed Tess and in the end she turned out to be one of the most dangerous enemies of all. In two lifetimes that lesson had come to late.

Anger quickly turned to despair, she blamed herself. She had never truly forgiven herself for Alex's death. She always felt there was some sign she must have missed, some clue as to what had been going on that she had overlooked. Isabel's vision blurred, a tear of guilt slipped down her cheek splashing onto the cold gravestone.

"Alex," she whispered into the darkness,"what am I supposed to do without you?" Laying her head down next to the headstone, she closed her eyes. She remembered the first time she had dream walked him. A small smile lit her sad features. Dancing,they had been dancing. That memory trigged the night of prom, their last bittersweet dance in life. Memories came flooding back, heartbreaking, but never unwanted or unwelcome. Alex smiling, strumming his guitar, his steadfast loyalty in danger, the love unspoken, but so evident in his eyes. One by one warming her heart.

Then the last time she saw him flashed through her mind. Intensely vivid, breaking her heart all over again.
Max,Micheal,Kyle and Valenti carrying Alex's coffin out of the church as Maria's beautiful voice sings 'Amazing Grace' in the back ground. The procession to the graveyard. A dark cloud covering the once cheerful sun, darkening the sky as if to mourn Alex's passing with them. Everyone watching the coffin being lowered into the ground. Isabel looking around her. Micheal is holding a grief stricken, sobbing Maria. Petty arguments for once put aside, brought closer together in grief. Max with tears in his eyes as he holds Liz, her whole body shuddering with the force of her crying. Everyone had someone, including Tess who was standing next to Kyle.

Everyone.... Everyone but Isabel. She was standing alone in her grief. She had no one to cling to, no one to lean on, no one to share with. The one person who she would have, was now being settled into his final resting place. Tears streaked down her face. From a distance she could hear the priests final words, so inadquate, and yet so final.

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust."The sound of dirt slamming into the top of the coffin was the last sound she heard. She felt her heart being ripped out, leaving a void where it used to be. Then blackness... (Isabel Evans fell into a dead faint.)

Isabel laid her face down over Alex's name, wrapping her arms around her head. Her whole body racked with heart wenching sobs. She felt like her heart was breaking all over again. " Oh Alex, where are you? I need you."

"Don't cry Isabel. I can't stand being the reason for your tears." Alex said quietly, kneeling down behind her.

Isabel rose to sit up and wrapped her arms around her lost love. "Alex, where have you been? I've missed you so much!"

"Always beside you. Even if you can't see or hear me, I'm always beside you. Not even death can change that, Isabel, nothing can change that."

"So much has happened Alex. So much I want to tell you. But I'll just tell you the most important thing. There's a chance I can save you Alex. We can finally be together. Can you believe it?"

"That's amazing, Iz. How?"

"I don't know all the details yet. But whatever the risk, I'll take it. How could I not? I love you. Alex, do you believe that love can span lifetimes?"

"I believe so. Look at Max and Liz, or even Micheal and Maria, through all their problems and trials, their love only grows stronger. True love is accepting, forgiving, comsuming and so much more. How can that kind of love fade into nothing after death? I mean, how can one person be complete without their other half? I came back for you didn't I?"

"Oh Alex I want my heart back. I want my life to be the way it was supposed to be. I won't let this chance pass me by. This time I won't let Tess take you away from me again! I have nothing keeping me here. I never should married Jesse. I should've listened to you and everyone else. It was the biggest mistake of my life." Alex sat in silence as Isabel poured out all of her resentment. "He'll never except who or what I am. I had always hoped if I ever had to tell him, he would understand. That he would stand by me, and look at me the same way you used to. That's all I wanted. Someone to look at me the way you did, to love me in spite of everything. I'm a good person damn it! Deserve someone who will love me for me. That was never Jesse, it was supposed to be you. It was always you, Alex. It was always just you."

"I love you too, Isabel. Don't dwell on Jesse tonight. It's only me, you and the stars. Will you do me one more thing for me?"


"Dance with me?" Alex held out his hand. Placing her fingers in his, she slowly rose to her feet. Rising to her feet, she wrapped her arms around Alex's neck, put her head on his shoulder, and leaned her body into his. Their bodies began to sway to music only their hearts could hear. Isabel closed her eyes, a feeling of finally being loved surrounded her.

Her decision was made.......

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Part 9~

Maria sat across from Michael in fustrated silence. Everyone had left about an hour ago, and Michael had yet to say one word about anything. He had just walked to the kitchen, got a bag of potatoe chips, a bottle of Tabasco, and then plopped down on the sofa. Sticking in an old VCR tape of a hockey game, he pushed play, and hadn't budge since. She thought he would at least have something to say about everything. He always had something to say about alien stuff. But not one word. The silence was driving her insane. Crossing her arms over her chest, she gave him the best evil glare she could come up with.

Michael knew that something was on Maria's mind. She had gone from fidgety, to a glare that was so hot he could feel it boring into the back of his head. He knew without a doubt if Maria had any harmful powers, alien or otherwise, he would be laying on the floor in agony right about now. What he didn't know was what he was in trouble for this time. *Did he ever really know?* he asked himself. The answer came back a definite *No*. He hadn't even said anything to piss her off, well at least he couldn't recall saying anything to piss her off. Who knew what was up. Deciding it was better just take his fate in his own hands, he asked what was wrong. "What?"

"What?" Like he shouldn't know, she thought bitterly.

"Whatever." He turned his attention back to the game. He wasn't in the mood to play guessing games. If she wanted him to know, she'd tell him eventually. He was about to shout "YES" when his team scored, all he got out was a "y...e.." Then to his horror Maria broke into sobs.

He got up, walked over, and sat down next to her. No sooner had his butt hit the cushion, Maria threw herself at him. He rubbed her back soothingly not knowing what else to do. Pissed off, angry Maria he could deal with, crying like the whole world ended Maria he had no clue how to deal. He just wished she would tell him what was wrong. When the tears had turned to hiccups he gently asked, "Maria, baby, what's wrong? Are you gonna tell me?" When she raised her eyes to meet his, he knew without a doubt where that saying 'be careful what you wish for, you just might get it' came from. Micheal knew he was gonna get it and get it good.

"What's wrong? WHAT'S WRONG? I can't believe what an unfeeling neatheral you are! How can you ask me that? After all that happened today, how could you not know!?"

"Maria what? I don't understand. Do you want to talk about something?" Michael was a little slow on the reading minds department. Guess he was gonna play the game.

"Ok. Let's see where should I start? I found out that I lived on another planet, had some weird gift, fell in love with you in some previous life, was murdered, then reborn who know how many times to find you. Oh and let's not forget that we can go back in time and more than likely save Alex. Is that enough or did I leave something out?"

"Ok, so you want to talk about what?" Michael was still really confused. He felt he was entering dangerous terrain, but he couldn't figure out what the big deal was. " You know everyone will want to save Alex. What's there to discuss?"

"Maybe that's the point!" Maria fumed. Didn't he realize that if they did go back and save Alex, all that they had shared to make them closer might be lost?

Now Michael was really confused. He was scared to ask the next logical question in his mind, but he asked it anyway. "Soooo.....You don't want to save Alex?" Reflexes made him automatically duck his head, either from flying objects or Maria's flying hands.

"UGH!! No Michael. I mean yes. Yes I want to go and save Alex." Maria took a calming breath, then quietly continued. "But what about us?"

"Ok Maria, I'm lost. I don't know what going on in that beautiful head of yours. I can't follow that train you call thought. Could you please explain it to me? Please?"

Maria was caught off guard by his use of 'please' that she totally forgot her anger. Michael never said please. She looked into his eyes and whispered, "What about all the things that happened between us after he died? All those things you shared with me because you thought you were leaving? When you realized you loved me and stayed for me. What if all those things never happen? What if you never realize you love me?"

Now Michael realized what Maria's problem was. He tried to think of how to put it. Finally he just decided to follow his heart. He took a deep breath, then answered.
"Maria if I had to start my life over a million times, I would know. My heart has always loved you. It was my head that caused all the problems." He started to blush, he never said stuff like this."I LOVE YOU, I've always known that. I could be deaf and blind, still know that and find you. Because......Because when I hold you in my arms, kiss you, or even look at you, it feels like I'm coming home....That I AM home. Do you understand?"

"Oh Michael." Tears streaming down her face, not just because of the words, but the feeling behind them. She leaned forward and gently kissed one very embarassed Michael Guerin. He kissed her back, knowing whatever they had to face, they would face it together, because they made each other stronger......

Their decision was made......


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MickeyRos-Thank you for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoy the story..please keep reading!*big*)

~Part 10~

"So are we gonna go?" Looking up at Max, Liz knew what his answer would be. She just needed support in the decision she had already made.

"Yeah, we're gonna go. We're gonna go back before Alex died." He sounded like he was pulling the king card, and making a command. He didn't expect any arguments. He gave her a small, sad half smile."I didn't save him before, I'll be damned if I don't save him this time."

"Oh Max no one ever blamed you. I never blamed you."

"You may not have, no one may have, but I blame myself. I should have suspected. I should have seen or sensed something. But I was so blind." A look of guilt set into his features. "Some king I turned out to be, huh? I couldn't save you or anyone else before, why should I been able to save him now? Both times the evil was standing right next to me and I still couldn't see it."

"Max look at me!" She took her hands and forced him to look at her. "No one blames you for anything, understand? It's not your fault. It's no one's fault. It's that bitch Tess' fault. No one else's. How could you have seen what the rest of us couldn't? You an alien king Max, not Miss Cleo. Well ok bad example, but you know what I mean." She searched his eyes for some recognition of the truth.

Max saw the love and sincerity shining in her eyes, but that didn't change his feelings. "Liz, I can't help the way I feel. Knowing that you don't blame me helps more than I can say." With that he hoped she would drop the subject.

Liz understood how stubborn Max could be. She could argue until she was blue in the face, but he wouldn't budge. He was staring off into space,she knew he wanted her to drop the subject. She kinda wondered how stubborn their children would be...Thinking of children brought her next question to mind. Biting her lip she asked him, "Max, what about Zan, Max? If we go back and save Alex, and you don't..." God she didn't even want to think about it, yet alone say it. It still made her sick," know. With her . He'll never be born." There she had said it and thought about it without throwing up. She very proud of herself.

"Oh Zan will be born, don't worry." He watched the sadness cross her features and started to explain. "Zan will be born alright. He'll just be born a little later. Only this time with the right mother." He paused to let that sink in. "You. I only want you to be the mother of my, our, children. I want my child to be born out of love. I love you Elizabeth Parker, I always have. You're the other half of me, and one day from our love Zan will be born. Of that I have no doubt. Just a this this time he will be born with the right person,at the right time, and we'll be able to watch him grow... Sleeping with Tess was a terrible mistake I always wished I could change. Now I can. I never regretted Zan, I just wished he didn't have to leave because of who his father was...... Even if going back means that I would have to die again, I'll do it. I would die for you over and over again, just so you wouldn't have to feel one ounce of sadness or pain." He wrapped his arms around her in a tight embrace, and whispered into her hair,"You will be my queen Liz. Things will be as they should have been. It's only logical, you're already the queen of my heart. I'm not gonna through this chance for us away." He stopped his passionate speech when he heard her start to cry. He leaned back to look at her and saw the tears in her beautiful eyes. "Liz I didn't mean to make you cry."

"You didn't Max. I mean you did, but they're tears of happiness. I know that I'm one of the luckiest women on the Earth, Antar, or anywhere else in the universe right now." She moved forward, placing a gentle kiss on his lips. "Remember we can face anything as long as we're together.

Max stared in to her eyes, what he saw took his breath away. His soul, his life, his future, his love, his world, and so much more. He prayed she saw the same thing in his. By the love shining through in their depths he knew she did....

Their decision was made.....

(AN: Please don't read more into the whole Zan thing than there is..I had to think of a good way to handle the question, it is NOT a political or any other kind of statement, just a part in the story. Max loves Zan, but now he had the chance to give him the home and love he deserves, and not have to give up because he would be in danger. I hope I didn't make anyone mad..*angel**happy*If I did happen to insult anyone I am sorry..*sad*)

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The group congregated at Micheal's apartment the following afternoon. Max sat with Liz on the floor. Liz sandwiched between his legs, leaning against his chest. Michael was sitting next to Maria on the couch, holding Maria's hand. That kinda took her by surprise, Michael never did the PDA thing. Isabel sat by herself on the floor. Legs crossed and leaning back on her elbows.

By looking at everyone, Isabel could tell that they had all come to the same conclusion. No doubt was evident in anyone's eyes, only a fierce determination. They had a few more things to dicuss then the time would come for them to start their quest.

"So what are some of the questions we should address as a group?"

This came from Max. It had always seemed to Michael that when Liz was around, the king he was meant to be was more evident in the self confidence he displayed. He was stronger,more logical, precise,and all in all displaying the characteristics that made him the king and natural leader. As compared to when he had been with Tess. Lost, confused, unable to trust in himself and his desicions, those had been the best words to describe him. When Max was with Liz it made him stronger, a king and leader he would gladly follow. A brother he was proud of.

"Well the first one I have is, what if we don't remember what we learned?" Micheal was quick to start the dicussion. He voiced the concern that Maria had showed him the previous night.

"OK. Which do you mean? What we've learned or what we have lived through?"

Liz's mind was a great thing, Max thought to himself. She always saw both sides of the coin. He gave her a little squeeze, waiting for Michael to clarify.

"Both I guess."

"Umm...k....I think the best scenrio is that obviosly we remember everything, or rather both. I couldn't imagine that they would send us back without being prepared. If we have the chance to go back and right a wrong, then how could we not remember? By not basically giving us some kinda idea, history would just repeat itself. Does that sound kinda to optimistic?" Liz was a little unsure of her theory.

"Nope. Sounds cool to me." Came Michael's short reply. He glanced at Maria, she had what looked like relief in her eyes.

"We are going back to save Alex, right?" Everyone turned to look at Isabel like she had grown five more heads, horns, and a VERY long tail. Well how was she supposed to know what they had decided? She wasn't a mind reader, she sat up and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Why else would we go back?" Max was staring at Isabel. He had thought that she would just know that.

"Well I thought we could either go back to before you were sent to the white roomOR when gerbil first, as in driving into town, came to Roswell and just blow her up on the spot. I mean that sounds like a good plan to me." Isabel said with unusual venom in her voice and a sneer on her face.

"O...k...." Not quite sure how to sound without making her mad, Max tried to sound very understanding of the blood thristy request. "Not that that plan doesn't have merit. I would agree with you but for a couple of things. One, we have to get the Queen's seal of Antar from her. Also she did help Michael come a long way in training with his powers. The other thing is as much as I would like to forget the white room, it proved that the government was watching us. It taught us to be more careful knowing what kind of danger was out there. No, we're gonna save Alex, but we all need to decide on what point in time to go back. We don't know what kind of time frame we're working with here once we reactivate the stone. It could be immeadiate or not."

Max's speech had narrowed the time frame down to last two years. Each member of the group thought about the point at which they should travel back.

"You don't think that they're be two of each of us running around do you?" Maria had a puzzled look, as if she was trying to figure out what she would say to herself if she met her.

"No," Liz explained,"regardless what did gerbil-girl did afterwards, the first future Max came to see me was real. He told me that he couldn't occupy the same space as Max because it would cause some kind catostophic reaction. I think that would hold true."

Isabel had thought of a point in time that everyone might agree to, everyone but maybe Max. "I say we try and save Max's dupe, Zan."

"What?! Why?" Max looked like he was going to die of shock.

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Everyone was looking at her again like those horns, heads and tail were back. She just stared back, raising an eyebrow at them. Giving them her most glacial glare, she looked down at each one. The princess very evident in her expression, she made sure to include them all in her displeasure. When she got to Liz she was taken back, Liz was slowly nodding her head yes. Well that was different, they usually saw very few things in the same light.

"I think we should hear Iz out. Give it a chance Max." Liz soothingly rubbed Max's arm, silently telling him to listen.

He nodded for Isabel to continue, so she did. "Just think about it. One he didn't deserve that betrayal either. Juding by Ava, none of them were saints, but her and Zan seemed like they had potential to be better people. Rath and Lonnie should have stayed with the wacko-queen-wanna-be Tess, she would have given them a run for their money." She took a breath, she needed to get back on track. She stopped her ranting, and focused on the point at hand. "Second, they had a protector they kinda knew. They could be an asset to us. As Max's dupe he could be a decoy and so much more. Maybe they could tell us some stuff we didn't know that would help. They remember more than we did. Anyway all in all out of all of them I think that Zan would be the one I would trust the most. I think we should save him." At the end of her explaination she was met with silence. "Well, what do you guys say?"

"I agree with Isabel. I think it's a good idea." Liz caught Isabel's grateful look before she continued. "Max I know it will be weird with another one of you running around. But please think of everything we could gain."

"I can't say it's not a little wierd to think about, but I can see your point. I agree." Max whispered. The idea of saving his otherself was unnerving. But Isabel had made some good points, and Liz was supporting her so.....

"It won't be any more wierd than our lives right now. So I agree."~ Maria

"Yeah, whatever the fearless leader thinks is good. I agree."~Micheal

"Ok so any more questions?" Max looked around the room. Everyone shook their heads 'no'. "Ok so the everyone agrees that we will go back, let's say a week before the summit meeting and save Zan, right? That will also be before Alex dies. But Liz it will be after Future Max, are you ok with that?"

"I guess. I mean not really, knowing what I know now. But we need to trick Tess into thinking she's won, so I guess.." Liz looked down as the tears slipped down her face. She didn't know if she could handle all that heartache again. But her heart knew that her and Max would be together made it better. She composed herself, then looked up. "Ready."

They had one group hug. A first for them, but hopefully not the last. Drawing strength from each other they watched Max and Liz pick up the stone. A blinding white light emitted from it, encircling them. A feeling of wieghtlessness enveloped them. They all felt like they were floating....up....up....Then suddenly they stopped. The white light dimmed from it's intensity, they all opened their eyes.

A collective grasp broke the silence. They were standing in a room made entirely of what looked like silver. The sheer beauty of it left them all in awe. Even Maria was struck speechless, and that was a first.

Liz and Max walked out over to the window. Maria, Micheal and Isabel close behind. Max and Liz were already holding hands, Micheal grasped both Liz's and Maria's, Maria clasps Isabels. As a group they saw something.

They were all laughing. Everyone was so insanely happy the staff could only smile. Meira looked a Despina. She was so glad that she had found her soulmate. She and Despina had been friends since childhood, and they had both watched each other grow into womanhood.

Zan knew that Depina was the most beautiful alien he had ever seen, on the outside as well as in. Despina had long black hair, shot through with silver hair that flowed below her waist. In the red sunlight it glittered as if it were alive. The calm, serene expression on her face, the gentle smile that always played on her lips, and the kindness that was apparent in her eyes, all of it gave her an elflike, undeniable beauty. Zan knew that he would give up more than his kingdom to be with her. Zan looked over at Rath, who gave him a knowing look.

Rath looked down at the woman laughing in his arms. He twirled her around one more time, just to see the smile on her face. They had all come here to escape Ava and her rantings when she had found out about the dissolution ceremony. This was there refuge, he was glad they had come to this secret place only the royal family was aware of.

Meira's laughter brought him back from sad thoughts. He looked down at her, instead awed by her beauty. Most women, alien or Antarian, were afraid of him. He was a warrior, it was evident in his stance and the icy glare he issued everyone. Meira had looked at him when she had recieved the glare, and had laughed. It had been then the warrior had melted. She was beautiful. Striking with golden hair that sparkled in the sunlight. Eyes the color of sky blue, that mirrored every thought in her soul. She would make a wonderful queen.

Villandra looked up at the love of her life. He was handsome true, but it was his quiet understanding that humbled her. His love was steadfast and loyal. He was tall with brownish, gold hair. His eyes held his quiet dignity. And he loved her, not for who she was or related to, but her. She couldn't wait for them to be married....
*****End Flash******

"Wow, did you all see that?" Maria said quietly.

"Yeah," everyone was still reeling over the group flash.

"Man, Liz and I were babes." Maria was trying to ease the tension in the group with the small joke. She knew she had succeeded when she heard everyone chuckle. But hey she had meant it, her and Liz had been babes of the first order.

The laughing stopped as they heard footsteps approach. They looked at the entranc as a beautiful woman approached. Her dignified serenity left all humor aside. She was one of the most beautiful women they had all seen. White blonde hair was laced with silver, soft waves framed her face and a small golden headband encircled her head. Her dress was white with silver lining, and a low silver belt was slung around her waist. She looked like she had stepped out of a Mideval painting. They knew she was walking by the sound of her footsteps, but to watch her, she appeared to be floating over to them. She stopped just a few feet away, and gazed at them with violet eyes.

"Hello my children. My heart knew that this would be the decision you would make. My darlings I have been waiting for you....." It was Max and Isabel's Antarian mother.


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Thank you so much for all your great feedback, it really made my without any further ado.........

Part 12

Max and Isabel stared in shock at the beautiful woman standing in front of them. Beautiful didn't seem to be an adequate word, eatheral seemed better. A tear slipped down their mothers cheek.

"I am so sorry. I do not mean to cry. But I am so happy to finally be able to see you both again. It has been so long." Without waiting for their reply, she wrapped her arms around both of them, gathering them in her embrace. She hugged them as if she would never let go. "This is not a time for tears, but a time for laughter and joy. Come let this old woman see if she can recognize everyone else as easily." Letting go of Max and Isabel, but not willing to break contact, she linked arms with both of her children. Together they walked over to the rest of the group.

When they reached her destination, they stopped. She looked at everyone as an invidual directly. She finally let go of Isabel and Max, walking up to Michael. She placed a kiss on Michael cheek. "Rath, ever loyal, I have missed you. I see you have once again found your heart and redemption." Looking at Maria meaningfully. " Lovely, wise, Meira, I am so happy to see you. It warms my heart that you two were able to find each other once again." She placed the palm of her hand against Maria's cheek, looking deep into her eyes. Maria's eyes watered as she listened to the wonderful woman in front of her.

Looking at Liz, she silently walked up and placed another kiss on Liz's cheek. "And at long last Despina. I would know your soul anywhere. The exquiste beauty you carry on the outside, has always been overshadowed by the beauty of your heart. What lays within your soul, the kindness, and loylaty brought great joy to my son and our people." Stepping back, she looked at the group, love welled up inside her. " My children and the children of my heart welcome home."

Max looked over at Isabel, who had tears streaming down her face. Max wondered to himself why he wasn't happier of the reunion of his alien mother. He didn't feel like welcoming her with open arms. She was the woman who had scarificed her children to a fate unknown, for the better of her planet. But on the other hand she was his mother, who knew how his and the others death had effected her. Had she thought that by sending them to earth that they would be safer? Had grief made her make the ultimate scarifice? Those were questions he would eventually ask of her, but not now. He didn't want to take away from Isabel, and enjoy the exciment of the moment. Liz must have sensed his unease as she slipped her hand into his.

Isabel's emtions were running wild as she looked at the woman who was, by all rights, her mother. The joy of the moment was overshadowed by a deep sadness that she didn't have Alex to share it with. He would have loved this. It was so exciting to finally be able to see the alien side of her heritage. Finally being able to see it for herself gave her a small feeling of acceptance.

"Well my children let me show you to your rooms." Her statement was met with a unified, "What?! Why?!" She held up an elegant hand for silence. " Do not fret. I am sure there are many questions to be asked, and yet more to be answered. But let us save that for later in the day. They will be answered, I assure you. For now please just follow me." She turned and began to walk away. She expected no arguments with her queenly decree.

"Guess now we know where Max learned how to pull the King card," Maria quietly joked, easing the tension. Everyone gave a small chuckle, and began to follow.

All falling into step behind her majesty. They had been expecting separate rooms, and were surprised to find they had been broken down into couples. Figuring that the staff had known they had all been together in previous lives, they just went with the flow. After telling them to make themselves comfortable, and she would send someone after them in 30 minutes, she linked arms with Isabel, walking off.


Max and Liz entered their room in awe. The sun shone in the windows giving it almost a surreal quality. (The windows filtered out the redness of the sun, making it look like a well lit room on Earth. The people had probaly figured the red sun would hurt their eyes.) The room was done entirely in white trimmed with silver. These must be the royal colors, as the queen was wearing them also. The lace curtains were shot through with silver thread, gleaming in the sunlight. The effect made the room look like it had been dusted with diamonds.

"This used to be our room," Max said turning to look at Liz. " Don't ask me how I know, I just feel it. I can't believe this is all happening, can you?"

"Not really. It's just so much to take in. It's extraordiary and scary all at the same time. I have so many questions. But my first one is, how are you doing with all this?"

"Ok, I guess. I'm just a little conflicted. Should I hate my mother because they basically abandoned us to an unknown fate? Or should I love her just simply because she is my mother? How should I act around her, as a king or as a son? Guess your not the only one loaded with questions." Max tried to joke about the emotions that were warring inside of him.

"Max it's ok to be angry. It's only, sounds kinda strange saying it here, but it's only human. My suggestion, if you want it, is to let all those questions go for now. She has given us so much, and I'm sure given up so much also. Love her because you want to, not because you have to. Your answers will come in time." Liz looked at Max with compassion. She understood his turmoil from their connection, but tried to reassure him with her words.

Max walked over to her wrapping his arms around her, placing a light kiss on her hair. He whispered," How is possible for me to fall in love with you more everyday?"

"When I find out, I'll let you know."


Maria sat on the bed as Michael paced around the room. Looking around, she thought it was quite lovely. Pale, sheer cream colored curtains adorned the beautiful windows. The whole room had the feel of an Italian villa.

A small figurine resting on the stand beside the bed caught her eye. It was a small brown dog that kinda looked like Scooby-Doo. She picked it up and turned it over, there was Antarian writing on the bottom. Disappointment at not being able to read it washed through her. Then she had her first flash.
"Rath what is this silly looking thing?" Meira asked her intended not being able to make it out.

"I don't really know, it just a silly trinket, but I thought you would like it." Unsure, now of the gift. "Look on the bottom."

"To my love, my redemption, my soul Meira. I will love you until time stops, all the stars wink out exsistance, and far beyond that. With all my love, yours eternally, Rath."

"I love it! I love you."

She wiped away the tears that had spilled down her cheeks. She looked up to see Michael staring at her.

"You know that I meant it, every last word." Michael gave her a small smile, and walked over to embrace her. He had saw the vision to, thinking to himself they must now also be connected like Liz and Max. At least on this planet.


Isabel walked with her mother into her room. It was definitely princess room. Decorated with dark blues, whites and lined with silver. She loved it. She looked over to her mother who was sitting on, what she assumed was the bed, it looked different here.

"Villandra.....I am sorry you are referred to as Isabel now, are you not? To me you will always be Villandra. Please come sit next to me." Isabel sat down next to her mother. "I sense much confusion and loss in you. Loss of your soulmate, I sympathize with. You are the only one who had to experience that twice. The confusion is understandable. But know this to be both human and Antarian is not an easy role. Neither establishes who you are, that can only be determined in here," she pointed at Isabel's heart. " Only there can a person be made. Genetics may give you a few helpful powers, but your heart will help you to use them. You are neither alien or Antarian, you are something so much more. Your heart makes it so. You are simply Isabel. You must learn to except both hertitages, or you will always be lost. Know that Isabel is special because she is both. You must accept yourself if you want anyone to except you." When she was done Isabel was crying. She placed her arms around her and hugged her tightly. "Now with that said, let us go and gather the others."

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And here's the rest........

They all had assumed that a person would come and get them when the time came. They were all surprised when it ended up being a floating robot. Liz had looked at it like she wanted to take apart and find out how it worked. She had actually asked Max to do just that. He had just shook his head and put his arm around her walking behind the robot.

They all sat now in the room where they had first appeared. Max and Isabel's mother sat across from them. "I'm sure you all must have numerous questions, please ask them. Only one at a time please."

Liz was the first to speak up. "So how come we ended up her and not at the point in time we choose?"

"You see," the queen began," when Ava, or Tess came back and she told me of you I was quite disturbed. What disturbed me is that your powers are not yet at their full potential. It had amazed me that you defeated Nicholas with the limited ones you had established. So I and the council had decided that if you came back, you would stay here for the period of two earth days. In which time you will cultivate your powers."

"What are the full extent of our powers?" That question came from Michael.

"Villandra,or Isabel, had the power of what you would call pyrokensis. The ability to start fires with only using her mind. Rath, or Michael, will have the ability of sending out energy blasts so powerful he could disengrate a small town to nothing but rubble. Zan, or Max, will have the ability to create several different kinds of shields. One to allow him to survive underwater, one to help him levitate, protection against fire, and so on. He should also be able to send out lightning bolts from the sky or himself, with just a thought."

"What about us?" Maria asked.

"You also be trained once again. And if you go back to save lost one, the instructions will also be in the destiny book. So you may help him also. You must know the basics of the Antarian language as Tess was able to make it back here. It is far to hard of a language to try and teach you in two days." She looked around the room." Are there any more questions?"

"I have one," said Isabel. "Will we remember anything we have learned? Or experienced? And do we go back, making two of us there?"

"I do believe that is two questions," Isabel's mother said. "But no fear, I will answer to best of my knowledge. There will not be two versions of you. Your bodies will stay here. Rather it is your conciousness that will be transferred. Your essence if you will. You will be in your old bodies, but in case something goes wrong and you are not able to change it you will come back here, to these bodies. You will remember everything at first, but as you change things, your memory will also change. This is because as you change the past, you also change the future. You can not remember something that has never happened. Do you all understand?"

"I think so." Isabel answered. "Do we have a time limit?"

"Yes, you must change things in one Earth month.If you do not change history, then it will be as it never happened. You will end up back in your bodies here."

"One month. Damn that's just cruel." said Maria.

"I am sorry my Earthian is not what is should be, but am I being mean? I am sorry if I am." The queen looked confused.

"No, it's just slang, never mind. Forget I said it." Maria was embarassed.

"Very well then. I also have a question for you. When in time have you decided to go back?"

This time Max spoke," Before my dupe was killed. We want to try and save him. We think he maybe of some help to us later."

"Interesting. You do realize that the duplicates of yourselves were imperfect. Flawed if you will. They were unneccessarily cruel and vicious. They were the first and soon rejected, then you were created. You have humanity where they do not. They may however learn to overcome that. Some of them were worse than the others. But in Ava's case I do believe that the first showed more signs of humanity than the second. But it is your decision, so I leave it up to you." She sighed tiredly." It has been a day full of lovely surprises. But now I will leave you all to do as you wish. I do make one suggestion, please get as much rest as possible, for tommorrow you will be training. There is much to teach you in one day. Good night."

Everyone said goodnight. Then they decided as a group to take a walk before bed to discuss things. They also wanted to look around at the planet they all had left behind.

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SarahWhitman-to answer your question, yes. The reason is because I didn't want them to be predjudice against each other over things that never really happened, because it was all changed. (ie..Max and Liz fighting at Alex's funeral, Isabel to treat Alex like he was made out of glass because he died before, Max dying, baby Zan, sleeping with Tess and the feelings that everyone had that went with it, etc...) make sense? I hope this clears things up. But as promised look for it in the next part!*big*
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Thanks to Lattegirl,CEOShaft (x3),katmcken, SarahWhitman (x2), Sternbetracher. lilbecca ----> thanks for all your patience. Now on with the story.......

Part 13

The group headed toward the huge glass doors, planning to stroll in the palace gardens. Maria turned when she saw Isabel still standing in the room. She let go of Michael's arm, walking over to Iz. "Hey chica, aren't you gonna come with us?"

"No, I think I'll try and find I supposed to call her that? Or should it still be your majesty? I still have a few questions for her." Isabel frowned, what was she supposed to call her?

"I think that mom will be just fine with her, Iz. You worry to much. But if you change your mind you now where to find us, k. If don't then we'll all see you tommorrow morning. Good-night." Maria gave a stiff Isabel a hug, walking away.

Isabel shook her head. Maria always was able to surprise her. Sometimes she did just what she felt. Said what she was thinking. Iz respected and envied that about her. Maria may have seemed shallow, even ditzy to most, but the more Isabel got to know her, the more she saw was a smoke screen to her true self. Turning she walked in the direction she saw her mother leave in.


The two couples strolled in the immense gardens. The scene was breathtaking, it looked like the combination of every garden imaginable and few otherwise. Flowers of every color, shape and size were in full bloom. Trees full and lush, boasted of thick green tops, spilling onto the ground. It must of been the Antarian version of a Weeping Willow. Tears gathered in Maria's eyes, one tear escaped, slipping down her cheek.

Michael stopped, watching as Max and Liz continued on. When they were finally out of earshot, he turned to Maria," Why are you crying? What's wrong? " When she didn't answer right away, Michael began to think back. He hadn't said anything that he could remember. Had he done something to upset her? With Maria, most of the time he didn't know when he did. So he mustered up his courage, ready to defend himself when he asked again, "Please tell me what's wrong. Did I do something?"

Maria smiled through her tears. Man Michael was being brave, asking a loaded question like that. She let the easy opening slip by, shaking her head. " No, it's not you this time. I was getting a little sentimental. I mean when we fix everything, we'll never remember all this. It's just so depressing, everything is so beautiful."

"Yeah, but you have to remember Maria that a war is going on. It may be beautiful here, but out there it's really ugly. The one good point is that now all of us know that humans are able to survive here. So if we decide to come back, when all is said and done, it will definitely be all of us." Placing a kiss on her temple, he knew that where ever this life took him, his little pain would be going with. " Let's go to bed. I'm tired and so are you. Who knows how hard the training is going to be tommorrow. MAX, LIZ!!! We're turning in, see you in the morning!"

Max raised his hand in acknowledgement, not tearing his lips away from Liz long enough to form a coherent sentence. He heard Michael and Maria walk away, back toward the palace. Finally breaking the kiss, Max whispered against Liz's lips, " Maybe we should be getting to bed, too. Tommorrow's probably gonna be tough."

"HMMMM.....Bed sounds like a good idea to me. So I agree." Liz rubbed her body against Max, groaning as he kissed the spot below her ear. Making her walk in front of him as they returned to their room, not stopping the torture on her neck. Yeah, bed seemed like a good idea....


Isabel walked down on the corridor, stopping along the way to ask for directions to her mother room. Stopping in front of the door, she mentally took a breath. After gently rapping on it's surface, she heard "Come in, Isabel." How did she know it was her? " Because I'm your mother. Now come in and tell me what is troubling you." Isabel opened the door and stepped inside. ""

"Hello darling, what is troubling you?" The queen led Isabel over to the sitting area, and sat down next to her.

"Well it's nothing big, but I still have a few questions if that alright." Isabel said a little on the nervous side. The queen was very serene, making her a little imtidating.

"Ask away my dear. Do not be nervous. I will answer any question you have to the best of my knowledge."

"Ummm...ok, the first one I have is, if we change what we want to change, then we won't remember what took place after that, right? It will be forgotten?"

"Yes, that is correct. By what we can tell, the by changing one moment that affected another, is like, how do you say? A change reaction? If you save your love or the duplicate of Za..Max the things that occurred afterwards as result, will never happen. Therefore you will not be able to remember it, because it essentially never took place. This will also help you, if there was anything that happened that caused stife or hard feelings then that too will be erased. There will be no predjuice over things that never took place. Do you understand? The only down side is that if there are things you would like to remember, it will also be erased."

Isabel thought back, there was nothing in paticular she would like to remember. The only thing she could really think of was her parents acceptance of her and Max's alien revelation. But if they could remember that when they first returned, then maybe they could just tell them sooner, and under less stress. " Yes, I believe I understand. The next is how come Tess could not help us develope our powers fully? She had the most memories and a protector to help her train. How come she couldn't help reach our full potential? Wouldn't she want the power of the four square to at it's most powerful?"

"Ahhh... the four square. You must understand that the four square was created here on Antar. But all of you have found strength beyond that. Let us just say that when your brother found a love other than Tess, it made the four square obselete. It is hard to explain, but you will understand when the time comes. I believe that the question of why she could not help you develope fully is a more difficult question, indeed. I only have a theory, that is that the one called Nacesdo was very loyal to Tess. Maybe he was afraid that if he showed her too much that her real or rather all her memories would return. That would have turned her against you all. But in reality for that I am not certain."

"Speaking of Tess how much will she remember? Will she know that what we area planning? Like stripping her of her powers and making Liz queen? And will that mean that Max will no longer be King?"

"So many questions little one. I will leave those ones for later, for now I believe you should retire. Tommorrow may prove to be very trying for you, you should rest. I will tell everyone the answers to those questions tommorrow also. Good-night sweetheart." She kissed Isabel on the brow, and then shooed her off to bed. Isabel returned to her room, reassured.

~~~tbc~~~Be back with the next part....

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And the story continues......
A/N there is a Stephen King homage in here, kudos to the person who finds it, and knows what movie it's from!

Part 14

Maria leaned over to Liz and whispered," This is kinda unreal, huh?" The girls were left in the back ground as the pod squad practiced upgrading their powers. They had been told that by unlocking their memories that their powers would eventually come. The queen had told them all that they would be given instructions on how to do so when they went back. "So how did you sleep last night? I thought you were gonna pass out from lack of air yesterday in the garden." Maria said the last in between a fit of giggles.

Liz turned eight shades of red. She remembered last night that things had gotten pretty hot and heavy. Then once they had entered their room, Max had picked her up to lay her on the bed. Her head had hit the pillow,then...then that was the last thing she remembered. She had fallen asleep before the good part. "Ahhhh....I slept fine. The bed was...uh...very comfortable." She had so enjoyed waking up in Max's arms, that falling asleep had been worth it. Liz looked over to the entrance and saw the queen standing there. She motioned for Maria and Liz to come and join her. Grabbing Maria's arm, she lead her over to Max and Isabel's mother. "Yes, your majesty, what may we do for you?"

"Please Elizabeth, you both must call me mother."

Liz blushed, this woman was so incredible. "Thank you, your ma....mother. Then you must call me Liz."

"Liz, Maria if you would come with me for a minute. We will return shortly, so that you may continue to watch. But there is something I would like to try."

Both the girls nodded their heads and followed the queen out the door. Max and Michael both looked up at the same time to see the girls leaving. At the same time, they both knocked on their butts for their lack of attention. Figuring that the girls couln't be with anyone safer, they turned their attention back to their training, not wanting to be too sore to sit later.

The girls were quite curious to see what the queen wanted to try. They stopped at what Liz would call an atrium. "What did you want to try, mother?"

The queen turned with a smile on her face. "I have heard that you two have already tapped into your past powers. True that they cannot be truly reactivated without the granolith, but I thought I would see if you were able to tap into them yourselves. You Maria, because you and Michael have already, what is the word? Cemented, your relationship." It was then Maria's turn to turn eight shades of red. " And you Liz, because you were healed by my son." With that said she gestured for them to stand by a near by plant. The plant looked like it was practically dead. " Maria, I want you to sing to this flower and bring it back to life. I know that you already have the gift of song, but reach inside yourself, take it to another level. You can do it."

Maria looked a little doubtful. How was she supposed to bring this flower back to life? Reach inside herself? Ok she could give that a try she supposed. Closing her eyes, she took a breath. Reaching for the place she always went when she sang and beyond that. She began a simple melody, no words, just sort of a string of notes vocalized. She opened her eyes, disappointed that the flower was still wilted. She stopped singing, " I can't do this. I'm sorry."

"There is nothing to be sorry about," the queen said gently. "But please humor me once more, and try again. You must want the flower to grow, let it feel the hope in you, and realize that it has the strength to fight. Think of Michael and the love you two share, project that to the flower. Try again."

"Alright, but I ain't making any promises." Maria closed her eyes and thought of Michael. She thought of the night that she feared she would lose him forever. The love he had shone her, his vision of her. The fact that he had stayed, overwhemling her world with the love she felt for him. He had tried so hard to prove to her that he could be the man he thought she wanted. But all she wanted was what he was, all she needed was him. She felt the love pore through her, and began to sing. The notes of an unknown song came from deep within her very soul. She continued to sing, her voice becoming stronger. She finally stopped, and opened her eyes. She was amazed to find the flower in full bloom, as if it had never been wilted. "Oh my gosh, I did it! Liz look! I did it! I really did it!" She looked over at Liz and saw that both she and the queen had tears running down her face. "Is something wrong?"

Liz wiped away the tears," No. That was just so beautiful Maria. I could feel the love you while you were singing. It was just....just, so beautiful. I can't describe it."

"Yes, it was Maria. I did miss your singing while your were gone. You used to grace us with a song, almost everyday. You would use your powers to restore all the lost forests, and vegetation after a battle. That is why after your death that the planey began to look so bleak. When you return to help us, I hope you will try once again."

"Was I really that powerful? I could make whole forests come back to life?"

"Oh yes. If I have failed to say it before, you all in your own way were savoirs of this planet. Not to make light of your newly found revelation, but now it is Liz's turn. Now Liz I want you to trya bit of magic. I already know that you have astral projected to save my son. What I want you to try and do is something fairly simple. Do you see that candle in the corner? I want you to light it from here."

It was now Liz who looked at the queen doubtfully. That was against the law of science. No one could do something like that, well human anyway. There was no logical way. " I don't thi...." The queen put her fingers to her lips, and motioned for her to try. Liz closed her eyes and concentrated. She pictured herself looking at the candle, but it was light. Seeing it flicker and burn brightly. She opened her eyes and if Maria whose mouth was hanging open was any indication, she had did it. She looked over at the candle and sure enough it was lit.

"Well done ladies. I believe that when you retrieve your memories that you will surpass your old selves. I am quite pleased and impressed." With that she led them back to the training room. "Ah it looks as if they are completed. You may speak with them now."

The girls were a little bummed out that they didn't get to see the training, but excited about what they had learned about themselves at the same time. Liz considered walking up to Max first, but changed her mind, dragging Maria with her. "Come on let's go see Iz first. She's the one that's all alone. I'm sure she wants to share her new stuff with someone." Maria nodded her head as she understood Liz's reasoning. It would suck not to have Michael to share all of this with.

The boys looked over as Liz and Maria made their way over to Iz. They knew what the girls were doing and it made them swell with pride. The girls didn't want Iz to feel all alone, they wanted her to know that she was important to them too. Max and Michael made their way over to where all three girls were standing.

"So Iz, show us what you got." Maria went and linked her arm through Michael's, giving him an affectionate squeeze. She looked up and could have swore she saw pride in his eyes.

Isabel was surprised that Maria and Liz had come to here first, but was happy she had some people that she loved to share her new gift with. Isabel stared straight forward, her arms straight down at her side, her palms facing up. A bead of sweat covered her brow as she concentrated. Suddenly an invisble wind picked up and began to blow her hair. A huge fireball came flying out of nowhere and smashed into the huge piece of ice that was across the room. The heat of the blast was so intense that the water continued boiling in the aftermath.

" much for the ice princess. How 'bout fire goddess instead? Either way Iz, I am sooo not going to piss you off. Have I told you lately that I'm glad were friends?" Maria was extremely impressed at Iz's newly revised powers. Damn, it was kinda scary. She saw Isabel chuckle, then Maria looked at Max. "You're next your majesty," with that she gave an over exaggerated cursty.

Liz was soon to follow suit with her own mock curtsy. "At you leisure your highness."

Max blushed. How did they alway know just how to embarass the crap out of him? "Ok, you can stop now. Watch." He looked at an object on the other side of the room. They all watched in silence as they saw a streak of lightning come from nowhere and disengrated the object to nothing but dust. "Cool huh? The other ones with the shield I'll have to show you later. Michael what about you?"

Michael looked at the group and shook his head. " I had simulated holograms to work with. I can't it's too strong. Let's just say it kicks some major ass."

The queen looked at the group, but saw the past. They would all do well together, just like they had done before. She was going to miss them, but now was the time to let them go forward. Clapping her hands together, she gained their attention. " Children, I regret that it is now time to go. Follow me and I will answer your final questions, then you shall be on your way." She turned, walking away. The quiet group slowly following behind her.


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Either way we'll have to strip Tess' powers and train Liz. Hence before 'Harvest' to have some time to do both. *GRRRRR....* I just don't know, I could write it either way. Give me some F/B and let me know!!!

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Anywho let's just say it was a stress fest. So make up for my lack of posting, I'll try to put out another two parts today! Thanks for sticking with me, I promise to update by Sunday every week, at the latest.*angel**big*

~~Part 15~~

The queen took one final look at her children. Sadness expanded in her chest. Briefly she wondered why the fate of planets rested on the shoulders of ones so young. If she could lighten their hearts in any way she would do so. That was why she had never asked them to stay, and fight Kivar. She knew in her heart that they would return when the time was right for them. Relieving her sadness was the look in her daughter Isabel's eyes. Where there was once only dispair, not they shone with hope. The missing link in their group had scarred all of them badly, she could tell. It was as though a piece of the puzzle was lost, unable to be replaced by another. As a unit they were invincible, without the one called Alex, they were as scattered as butterflies on the wind. It was time to let them go, to find that missing piece.

"My children, the time draws near. Please listen, I will answer the rest of your questions, provide you with some more useful imformation, and then we will send you." The children's eyes were all focused on her, not wanting to interrupt. She noticed that both Liz and Max, Maria and Michael were holding hands. Yet her daughter was standing alone, then much to her surprise, Maria grabbed one of her hands, as Liz took the other. Yes as a group they would handle the leaderships of planets, in greatness. "First you must know that the one called Tess will not know what you are planning until after it is to late. Unless of course someone tells her. Not knowing of her true memories, proves that she had no clue of the dissolution ceremony. Also going back to your previous bodies will mean that Liz will no longer have either the queen's powers or her symbol. Thus the dissolution ceremony. The instructions are hidden in the granolith chamber. On this you must all agree, for all of you must help with the ceremony. Second since you have tapped into your hidden powers, if you practice this or use them, they will remain intact. Also the humans will have the ablity to recall their past lives now that it is also intact. Even if you change the future, by recalling the memories, you will be able to keep them. Third the one you call Alex will be able to obtain his memories, also with help from you. You will know how to when the time comes. This is something that Liz will be able to help with. Do you all understand?" Everyone nodded her head in agreement. "then you must all tell me the point in time to which you want to return."

Max, as non-elected leader of the group thought. If what his mother said was true, then they might not need the whole future Max thing to happen. In that moment his decision was made. "I believe we would all like to return the day we learned of our destiny. The day we alerted the skins of our exsistance. We want to go to the night we activated the orbs." Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. To Michael and Maria it meant that it would before all the major arguments. To Liz and Max it meant that they wouldn't have to spend a lonely summer without each other. Isabel eyes lit up at Max's decision, that would be around the time that her feelings for Alex had started to change.

The techs put them in each in their own tube, sealing it with a final click. Max placed his hand on the glass and looking into Liz's eyes, giving her strength. Soon the chamber filled with mist, and he saw her eyes drift close. Max was soon to follow, thinking as thier eyes drifted closed that he now had the second chance to correct all of his mistakes. Having the sensation of floating, he opened his eyes.

Liz was walking down the side of the hill. Michael had his hand on his arm, stopping him from following her. Only this time he did not say "Let her go." He turned and saw the recognition in Michael's eyes. It had worked......


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Dedicated to: Lattegirl(x3), Angel Eyes, Prue_18, roswellluver, roswellmaxnliz7757, True Destiny Dreamer, Sternbetracher, rossieaddicted, Sarah Whitman, maxzhot, CEOShaft.

~Part 16~

With every step Liz took, a little more of her died inside. She knew that Max would come to her eventually, but for appearances, she had to keep walking. Tess could not know that anything was different. The feelings that had coursed through her when she had first seen the message from Max and Isabel's mother, where fresh now. The difference was that on the edge of her turmoil now, was hope. Hope that her and Max would make it through all this. So she kept walking, head down, steadily off into the desert..


Max watched as Liz walked away. Inside he was screaming to follow her, not to repeat the same mistakes he had made before. His heart broke....again. He knew Liz well enough that appearances in this instace were neccessary. If she had thought any different, she would have turned right around, and ran back into his arms. That wouldn't happen soon enough for him, there was no way in hell that Tess was going to ruin that in this lifetime.

"You see Max, I knew that we're supposed to be together. I could feel it." Tess clung to Max's arm.

It took every ounce of strength he posessed not to fling her on to the ground, or at the very least flinch from her touch. "Yeah...together," he removed her arm from his. "This is a bit much right now, Tess. I think I need some time. What about you guys? You alright?"

Isabel didn't want to make eye conact with Tess at all. She knew that she would be unable to contain the hatred she would see there. "Max can we go home now? I don't feel so well." She headed in the direction of the jeep, her eyes on the ground the whole time.

"Yah, let's go Maxwell." Michael walked straight past Tess, although he didn't blast her to kingdom come like he wanted to. She couldn't see his smile though as he ran the scenrio through his mind. Man, that would be a dream come true, when he could.

"We should go Tess. I have to get home." Max turned to head for the jeep.

"How could you want to go home now? We all have so much to discuss. We need to stay together, now more than ever." Tess pratically shouted at Max, Isabel, and Michael's retreating backs. "Are you listening to me?"

"Look Tess, we all have stuff we need to think about. So either get in the jeep, or you're footin' it home. Your choice. Either way we're leaving." This came from Michael. He was always short tempered, so she wouldn't notice any difference there.

Tess crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at the three of them, as she climbed in the jeep. "Fine!"

Once they got back into town, they dropped Tess off first. Then went to the Max and Isabel's. Their parents were out of town then, so they would be able to discuss things in private. Max and Michael went to pick up the girls, promising to swing by Alex's to pick him up last. Isabel then would have time to call him to ask him over.

Finally alone, Isabel stared at the phone like it was alien technology. Fear laced through her body. Yes she loved Alex, but what this was all to much for him to believe? What if he didn't want her at all because she had been such a bitch to him? No she loved Alex, and if it took lifetimes for her to convince him she would.

Slowly she picked up the phone, dialing Alex's number. One ring. Two. Three. Maybe he wasn't home. She had never tried to call him before, in the other time line. She didn't know...then someone answered. "Hello?"

"Uh...hello. Is Alex there?"

"Yes. May I ask whose calling?"

"Umm. This is Isabel."

"Ok. I'll go get him."

Isabel heard the phone being set down, and a faint call of 'AAAlllleexxx, phone.' Isabel's knees suddenly felt weak as she realized that her lost love was actually alive. She listened as the footsteps echoed over the phone getting closer. She made her way to the couch, then collasped on it. Tears rolled down her face, as she heard the first, "Hello, Iz? What's up?"

The tears fell in earnest at the sound of his voice. She couldn't contain the choked sob that came from her lips as she whispered, "Alex?"

"Yep, it's me the one and only. What's wrong Iz? Did something happen?"

"No, no. Everything's fine. It's just so good to hear your voice. I feel like I haven't talked to you in months." Smiling through her tears, she was so happy that this had worked. Now if they could just keep the rest of the plan up. "Ummm. I just wanted to let you know that the guys, plus Liz and Maria are on thier way to get you. So I guess I'll see you in a few. We have so much to talk about."

"You're acting weird, are you sure everything's ok? You saw me yesterday. Look I'm gonna get ready, k. You can talk to me then. I'll see you a few."

"Ok Alex, I'll see you in few. Oh and Alex?"


Isabel summoned up her courage to say what she had hidden inside her for so long. "I love you." She whispered, with that she pushed the talk button and hung up the phone.


Alex sat on his bed, dumbfounded. What the hell was going on? Had Isabel Evans, every teenage boy's dream girl in Roswell just said she loved him? Not that he was complaining, he was just still recovering from the shock of it all. He had loved her from...well he couldn't remember a time when he didn't. He just had always assumed that he never had a chance. She was always so beautiful and poplular, and he was just so...well the term nerdy came to mind. Maybe she hadn't said 'I love you' afterall, he was just hearing things. Yep that had to be it. He started to think of all the things that sounded like 'I love you', only nothing made any sense.

Just then the front door bell rang. Running down the stairs, he opened it. He was almost knocked over by a sobbing Liz and Maria. They were squeezing the life out of him. He looked up at Max for explaination, only to find unshed tears in his eyes. Michael was no better, except the fact he was squeezing his tightly shut, pinching the bridge of his nose. What the hell was going on? "Air, I need air to survive! So now I know that something's up. What the hell going on? First Iz, now you guys! Does this have something to do with the Czech nation? Guys spill."

Liz and Maria finally let go. Liz wiping the last of the tears staining her cheeks, walked over to Max. He wrapped his strong arms around her, gently kissing the top of her head. Maria walked over to Michael who did much the same. The girls still clinging to them, both stuck out their hands to shake Alex's. "Good to see you man." Michael finally said.

"Yeah the same here. Look we'll explain everything. Come on. Isabel is waiting for us." Max lead the group back to the jeep. Alex just shrugged his shoulders and followed. He knew that they would tell him soon enough. It was just another day in the One Czech's Life to Live.

"Look Liz is in front, and I refuse to have Michael sitting on my lap. So Maria, sorry you're lappin' it. You want mine or Michael's?" He saw Maria blush four shades of red, that rarely happened. What was going on?

Before she could say anything, Michael wrapped his arms around her, and lifted her onto his lap. Placing a gentle kiss on her forehead, then whispering something in her ear to make her turn red again to the top of her roots. That just reinforced Alex's suspicions. Michael affectionate? Max started the jeep and they were off. Driving away, he couldn't help but feel like he had just stepped into the twilight zone.

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Dedicated to: CandyGirl02, CEOShaft, maxzhot, Angel Eyes, roswellluver, Lattegirl, rossieaddicted*x2*, LXC, Prue_18, True Destiny Dreamer, Sternbetracher, LilBecca, Liz Behr, and StrawbehrryShortcake. Thanks for all the bumps, and encouragement guys, it really means alot to me!! ENJOY!

~Part 17~

"No. No, not that one either." Isabel muttered to herself as she threw yet another outfit on the floor. Let's see this one says, 'hi, I'm a enormous hooker,' no. Finally deciding on sleeveless, burgundy turtleneck, and black, flared riding pants, Isabel zipped up her boots. Looking at the clock, crap she was almost out of time. They'd be here any minute now.

Rushing over to the bathroom, she picked up a brush to put a last touch on her hair. Looking up into the mirror, her hand stilled in midair. Well this would take some getting used to. She hadn't taken a minute yet to actually look in a mirror. In place of her short dark locks, were her long, blonde tresses. Smiling a little at herself, she remember why she had liked it that way. It was her trade mark. A jeep door slammed in the distance, and Isabel quickly ran the brush through her hair.

Max and the others walked into the house. Knowing Isabel she probably knew that they were there. He decided to give her a heads up anyway. "Isabel!!! We're back." Looking at everyone else (Alex had still yet to come in) he said quietly, "Let's go to living room and give them a few moments." All nodded their heads in agreement. Even though they didn't want to let Alex out of their sight for a minute, they walked into the living room behind Max.

Isabel descended the stairs in anticipation. Patting her hair self-conciously, she took a deep breath. At the middle of the stairway, she saw him. With his back facing her as he closed the door behind him, she felt a sudden wholeness settle within her. He turned around, and Isabel found herself lost in his eyes. In them she saw the concern, confusion, but most of all love. Grasping her courage she continued down the stairs. Butterflies had made a home in her stomach, and she suddenly felt very shy.

Alex watched as Isabel continued down the steps. She was the girl of his dreams, but those dreams were put on hold long ago. In it's place was a warm friendship, something he wished silently would turn into more. He thought she was the most beautiful alien he had ever seen, not that he'd seen many, but he was sure that she would put them all to shame. His eyes transfixed on her face, he saw the look in her eyes. Something had changed, he could tell that from the way she was looking at him. Suddenly as he watched reach the bottom step he felt a funny sense of Deja'vu. Like he had lived this moment before. How could that be possible? "Isabel you look great." Stupid. Stupid, she looking at you like that, and all you can say is 'you look great'? She always looked great.

Walking over to Alex, stopping inches from him, Isabel finally found her voice. "Alex?" Isabel whispered. Then her eyes rolled, and she fell into a dead faint.

Alex barely caught her before she hit the floor. "Isabel?!" Lifting her up into his arms, he was worried. What the hell had just happened? Carrying her into the living room, he was surrounded by Max, Michael, Liz, and Maria.

Max carefully checked Isabel over, hoping that it had nothing to do with the time travel. Finding nothing, he backed away looking at Alex, "She's alright, she just fainted is all. It was probably just the shock of seeing you and all."

Alex was confused, the shock of seeing him? She had saw him yesterday, and she hadn't fainted. "Ok I've been really patient, but I want that explanation now!"

His voice must have been louder than he thought because Isabel's eyes flooded open. He was still sitting next to her when she looked up at him, tears forming in her eyes.

She hadn't been dreaming, he was really here. He was sitting next to her. Throwing her arms around his neck, she started sobbing on his shoulder. "Oh Alex I can't believe you're really here. I've missed you so much!" Then she kissed him in front of everyone. It wasn't a kiss born of passion, but of love lost and then found again.

Alex was taken by surprise, but quickly found himself kissing her back. Somehow this felt natural, right. Like they were meant to be this way. The kiss turned to one of urgency, and his hand tangled in her hair. Then he heard someone discreetly clearing their throat behind him. Remembering the room full of people, and the answers he needded, he broke the kiss with some regret. Isabel's lips were rosy from the kiss, and she looked throughly confused.

Gently untangling her arms from around his neck, he pulled her into a tight hug. "I'm here Isabel, it's all right. I'm here. But I would like some answers. So you think that you can explain things to me?"

Isabel shook her head 'no' and looked imploringly at Max. She didn't think she could hold it together long enough to put a sentence together. She watched as everyone took a seat, Max taking a deep breath.

"This is gonna sound really off the wall, and a little shocking, but I want you just to listen. Please don't interrupt, ok?" Alex nodded his head in agreement. "Let's see where should I start?" Max ran his hand through his hair in fustration. Liz reached out her hand, lacing her fingers through his. He drew off her strength, placing a gentle kiss on her knuckles. "We're not the same group you think we are. We're from the future. Well actually our bodies are the same, so I guess you could say our minds know the future. We've experienced it before. Anyway we came back to right something that should have never happened. In our time line Alex, you died. We came back to get you."

"I DIED?! What do you mean you came back to get me? Are you going to take me to the mothership or something?" Alex was scared. He had died? As in dead as a door nail, no longer on this plane? What the hell had happened?

Liz looked at him in understanding. She remembered how she had felt when 'future' Max had laid all those things at her feet. Squeezing Max hand, she said, "Max let me try. No we're not going to beam you up, Alex. Let me start at the beginning, it's kinda long so bear with me. Tonight Max, Michael, Isabel, Tess and I went to the pod chamber. They activated the orbs and saw their mother. She told them that they had lived before and essentially were recreated from the genetic materials of their alien predecessors and then combined with human DNA. Then she told them that in their previous lives they had been, Max the king, Tess the queen, Isabel the princess, and Michael the second in command, but not with those same names, but that's not important right now. Fast forward a little past all the relationship problems, and then skip to the part about Max, Tess and me. I had a visit from someone we dubbed 'future' Max. He told me that in order for the earth to be saved, I had to sacrafice my love for Max so that Tess would stay." Liz's voice caught, emotions welling up from the past. Max put his arms around her, giving her a gentle squeeze. Taking a deep breath she continued, "Tess was to play an intergal part in the war with the enemy aliens, and was needed. In his time line Max and my love had driven her away, and we lost. But when I succeeded in driving Max away, something went horribly wrong. You see in his time line you went with us when Max and I got married. But by rewriting the past, he inadvertly caused your death. We were never married, and you weren't there to share it with us anyway. Later we found out that Tess had betrayed us, and mind warped you so much that she had destroyed your mind. Causing your death."

Alex was silent for a moment. He knew that he had mixed feelings about Tess, but she had killed him? That was a little much. "Why did she mind warp me in the first place? I mean did I do something to her to make her hate me?"

"No, Alex no. Tess is just very.....well, I guess you could say self involved." Everyone in the room rolled their eyes at Liz's light description. "See, she had always wanted Max, and to go home to reclaim what she believed was hers. She sent you to Las Cruces to decode the destiny book that was found. She mind warped you into thinking you spent three months in Amsterdam, when you were really at the university there decoding the book. You see unknown to us Nascedo had struck a deal with the enemy Kivar."

"What was the deal?" Alex wanted as much information as he could get.

Max spoke up quietly, the words were seared into his brain. "To return to with my child, and deliver the royal three over to Kivar."

"Your child? You got Tess pregnant? How could you do that to Liz, Max?" He watched as Max flinched. Looking down he gave no explanation.

"That's a part of the furture that we plan to change. There's no use in arguing about it, because it'll never happen ok?" Liz tried to defuse the situation. She was never going to let that bitch Tess get her hands on Max again, not while she was still breathing. "Anyway none of it's going to happen, we came back to make sure of that. We came back to right things that never should have happened, Alex. There are several things that we need to change. The last of the story is that Tess did return to Antar, their home planet, but the child was refused. And she was caught by Isabel and Max's mother in all the havoc she caused on Earth. She came back and killed herself to stop the military from finding out about everyone. But before she did that, she mind warped me and gave me all of her powers. Then told us to activate a stone that was found in her crashed spaceship. When we did, we were given this incredible chance to come back and fix what Tess destroyed. How could we say no to saving one of our best friends?"

"So you're saying that you have all of Tess' powers?"

"No when we were sent back, it was just our essences, not our bodies. There's alot more to tell you, but I think that maybe Iz can tell you all that. Plus you need some time to absorb what all I've just said. Don't ya?"

"Yeah it's a little much. I think I'll go outside by myself for awhile and think. Ok?" Alex let go of Isabel and made his way to the back porch. He had alot to think about.

"Alex wait," cried Isabel.

Maria got up and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "You got to let him go, chica. He needs some time to sort things out. We laid alot on him. Just give him some time. He'll be back. Trust me. Besides there are somethings we still need to discuss too. Like have you seen my hair cut? And look at Michael's! We had just found him a good hair style, and now look at what he's back too!"

Isabel chuckled in spite of herself. Leave it to Maria to find some kind of humor in the situation. Her gaze returning to where Alex had just walked out, she hoped that all her dreams hadn't walked out with him. What would she do if she lost him now?....


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Just a little clarification for my good friend, CEOShaft. There is a little blip in one of Iz and Max's mother's speeches to them. She tells them that they only have one month to accomplish the major task of the mission, Tess, by stripping her of her powers they will rewrite the rest. If they do not accomplish this in the time aloud, then they will return to their bodies in the furture on Antar. Therefore effectively avoiding the groundhog day loop. Hope that helps!! *big*
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I know that I said that I would post another part today, and I was going to(thanks for all the f/b), but after rereading it, it basically bit the big one! So I will post it on tommorrow, if I can make it flow better! thanks for reading! *big*
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Part 18

Isabel glanced at the doorway for the hundreth time, drumming her fingers on the arm of the chair. She was so full of nervous energy, that she wanted to leap out of her chair. What was going on in his brain out there? He had been out there for over an hour. Did he think that they were all crazy? Was it to much for him? Had he run away screaming into the night and none of them was the wiser? With every minute that ticked by, Isabel became more and more insecure. "That's it!" She leaped out of her chair, "I can't take this. I'm going to talk to him." She practically ran out the door, not waiting for a reply.

As she reached the back door, she paused. Peering out the window she saw Alex sitting on the back porch. She couldn't see his expression, only that he was staring at the stars. Gathering her courage, she placed her hand on the knob, and went outside.

Alex didn't even acknowledge her presence. Inside she wondered if that was a very bad sign. Placing her hand on his shoulder, she asked, "Hey you ok? Do you want to talk about it?"

When he turned his gaze on her, Isabel felt like her heart had been torn out. He looked so lost. The unshed tears in his eyes, made some form in her own. "Alex do you want to talk to me? Or would you rather I got Liz or Maria? Would you be more comfortable with them?" Silently she prayed that he would pick her, but if he needed one of the others, she would gladly get them.

"No, Iz you're fine. Please stay. I'm just a little overwhelmed right now. Ya know? It's not everyday that you find out that you were murdered." Alex once again returned his attention to the stars.

"Yeah, tell me about it. I'll give you,murdered and raise you being an alien?" Isabel hoped at Alex would be able to find some humor in her small attempt at a jest.

Her wish was granted when she heard him give a soft chuckle. Looking back at her, he replied, "Guess that's gotta suck too, huh?" After a heartbeat, he shifted his gaze to the ground. He whispered so softly, that had she not been listening closely, she would have thought it was the wind, "I don't want to die Isabel."

Wrapping her arms around him, she forced him to look into her eyes. "YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE! I won't let that happen again. I know what life was like without you in it, and it wasn't worth living. Nothing is going to happen to you as long as I have breath in this body. I love you. I came back, because I love you. I won't throw this chance away."

"When did you know that you loved me? Why?" Alex had to prove to himself that she really meant it. It wasn't just some infatuation on her part, because that would kill him.

"Alex I've always known. I was just to blind to see it. I was so wrapped up in myself, that I wouldn't let anyone near me. You saw past all that. You have always been special to me. You liked me for me. Just Isabel Evans. Not the 'ice-queen', not the alien-hybrid. Just me. I loved you for that. This time I'm not going to make the same mistake twice. I want to be with you and not waste one minute. Please, please Alex won't you give us a chance?" Pleading with her eyes, she held her breath waiting for his reply.

After Isabel's heartfelt conession, Alex's decision was made for him. Gently cupping the sides of her face, he leaned down, placing his mouth on hers. Taking it slow, he molded his lips, smoothly, and sensually. Techniquely this was their first kiss, he wanted to savor it. They with held their rising passion, but it was not lacking in their kiss. Taking the pads of his thumbs, he explored the contours of her face. Gently withdrawing, he place kisses on her eyelids. First one, then the other, next her forhead, lastly the tip of her nose. Touching his forehead to hers, his lips just inches away, he could feel her ragged breath on his own. Looking deep into her eyes, he whispered softly, "Princess, you've always had my heart. How could I say no now?"

Isabel hugged him tightly, looking past his shoulders into the night sky. Gazing up into the heavens, where a group of five stars seemed to wink at her, a tear slipped down her cheek. She said her silent litany over and over again. Thank you, thank you so much.

They didn't know how long they sat there just holding each other, gazing into the night sky, but what seemed like too soon Liz was poking her head out of the back door. Her face was lined with understanding. "Hey guys we kinda got worried about you. It's getting late, but we're all gonna stay here tonight. Max said he remembered your parents were out of town till next week. So Me and Maria already did the round robin thing with our parents. You gonna stay Alex? I mean by the look on your guys face, I assume everything went well?"

Alex looked down at Iz with love. "Yeah everything is perfect. I'll stay. Didn't you say there was more?"

"There is, but we're all pretty beat. I thought we should just tackle it in the morning. That way we'll all be rested, and ready to form a plan." Liz opened the door wider, so they could come inside.

Alex saw the dark circles that lines Isabel's eyes. The day emotions had finally taken it's toll on her, and she looked exhausted. Pulling her to her feet, he lead her inside. "Come on Princess, let's get inside. You're beat."
The three turned and headed back into the house.

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For my friend CEO Shaft.....

The threat of Alex still dying is in the air until they strip Tess. They will remember thier present conversations about him dying, but not how it happened, because they stopped it. Because by stripping Tess, the will rewrite history, not being able to remember anything that took place 'cuz it never happened. Make sense? They won't remeber things like Antar, meeting the queen, fighting Kivar, Courtney, Maria leaving, Max dying, Isabel going to college early, meeting Jesse, etc....The feeling will more like Deja'vu, like they've done it before, but can't really place where. Trust me, some interesting things are going to happen after all the agnst in this story. Hope that helps.*wink*
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Thanks for all the feedback guys. I really appreciate it! (Lattegirl, it's ok. You've been there since the beginning, ya know that I love ya!*wink*) Anyway I was on a quest to update all fics today, so started with my Zan fic *The Journey*, my x-over fic (BTVS) *Gaurdian Angel*, and so now here I am!! As always let me know what you guys think!

~Part 19~

The night seemed to have flown by. Before they all knew it, the morning had come. The day was warm, the sun bright, and there was an uncommonly cool breeze blowing. The group gathered in the Evans' kitchen, still a little groggy. The trip had taken more out of them then they had originally thought. Liz wearily sat down. She gave Max a loving look as he handed her a steaming cup of coffee.

Just then Michael came down the stairs. "Hey sunshine, where's Maria?" Alex seemed to have recovered from his earlier shock, slowly returning to normal.

Michael grunted as he made for the coffee pot. Taking the first sip, he finally answered, "You want to see her? You go wake her up. She not the best....uh, morning person." His thought turned to the conversation upstairs from earlier.

"Hey Maria, it's time to get up sweetheart." Placing a kiss on her forehead, he gave her a gentle shake. "Maria.."

"Go away Spaceboy. It's to early...I need my sleep." Maria grumbled, turning over, throwing the pillow over her head.

"Mariaaa..." Michael tried again, they needed to get the show on the road.

"MICHAEL! GET OUT!! I'LL BE DOWN IN A MINUTE!!" Maria threw the pillow at him, flopping on her stomach, she basically ended the conversation.

He ducked, the pillow sailing past his head hitting the wall beside him. Michael had walked out the door then. He wasn't mad, he was the opposite. She made him smile, in a grumpy sorta way. Maria had never been a morning person.

Michael snapped out of his reverie, "You want her? Go get her." Staring at Alex over the rim of his coffee cup, he wondered if Alex was brave enough. He sure as hell wasn't, not two times in one day.

"I thought that you guys came back to save me? Now you're trying to send me up to certain death? I know what Maria's like when you try and wake her up. 'Member we used to have girl's night sleepovers." Alex thought about that for a minute. "Wait a minute forget you ever heard that."

Everyone let out a chuckle. Hearing footsteps coming down the stairs, Maria headed straight for the coffee. Maria glared at Michael evilly, who responded with a smile, thrusting out his cup as a peace offering. Maria took the coffee, everyone staring at her. "What? What where you all talking about?" She raised her eyebrow suspiciously, looking at everyone in the room.

Michael stepped in, "Only how beautiful you look in the morning," placing a small kiss on her forehead.

Rolling her eyes, she slapped him lightly on the arm, muttering, "Yeah right spaceboy." Inside she was glowing at the comment.

Max was sitting next to Liz. He laced his fingers through hers, getting to the matter at hand. "Alright we need to come up with a plan. Assuming of course that Isabel told Alex some of the rest last night?"

Isabel and Alex both nodded her head. "Yep she told me that I'm some sorta reincarnated translating machine. Pretty cool, I must say. But she didn't tell me what my two girls could do."

Liz smiled, she had forgotten that she still had yet to show them her powers. Maria too. She leaned over, whispering in Max ear, "Can you go get me a candle? Make that several." Max rose to his feet to comply with her request, giving her a quick kiss before doing so. "Michael go and pick a couple of flowers, ones that are dying, from the garden. Maria go brush you teeth, if you're gonna be singing we don't want anyone to pass out from your morning breath. There's an extra tooth brush in my bag in Max's room." Maria shot her a look, left in search of the toothbrush. (of course after she blew her breath in her hands, then smelling. She decided that Liz was right.) Michael left, just as Max was returning with several candles. "Be prepared, Alex to be amazed." She placed the candles in front of her. She saw Maria and Michael return, instructing Michael to place the flowers on the table also.

"Maria you go first." Seeing her friends doubt, she quietly reassured her. "Just remember what the queen said. You can do it Maria, I know you can."

Maria took a deep breath, thinking of all the people she loved. Closing her eyes she concentrated on her love, hope, and thankfulness for her second chance with Alex. For the happiness that she saw written all over his face. She let the feelings fill her, the song came to her as it did before. No words, just a blending of melodies. The notes emboding her feelings, taking her to that place where everything was right and hopeful. Finally after about three minutes, she had to stop. She was tired, her powers draining her just a little, because they were unused. Opening her eyes, she smiled at the flowers, seeing that they were once again in full bloom. They even had new buds on them. She saw that once again everyone had tears in their eyes.

Isabel was the first to speak, "Maria that was so...was so..." Isabel was at loss for words.

Alex was the next to speak, "I always knew that your voice was beautiful, but Maria that was eartheal. I can't even describe it."

"Yeah well I always knew that the was something special." Michael gave her a kiss on the lips. "Hey Max, your woman's up next. Come on Parker, show us what you got."

Liz took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She started concentrating. In her mind she could see the candles lighting one by one. She opened her eyes this time, keeping the picture in her mind. Looking at each candle in turn, she watched as each one flickered to life. "Impressed? I know it's small, but hopefully it'll get bigger in time. You probably figured out that Maria has the gift of song, making things grow. I have the talent of magic. Neat huh?"

"That was absolutely amazing, Liz." Max said, "Just like you." Max blushed as he saw everyone roll their eyes. "Since we have all that covered, let's get to the matter at hand. Tess."

"What's the plan Maxwell?" asked Michael pulling Maria onto his lap.

"Well me and Liz were talking about it last night, we all know that it will be hard on all of us not to treat Tess any different. But it is essential that we do not. If she suspects anything....well we all know what she capable of. So we need to act as normal as possible. Agreed?"

Everyone nodded in agreement. Maria couldn't help but notice that Max's fingers were still laced with Liz's. He seemed so much stronger when he was with her. It wasn't hard to believe that he had made a great king. "So do we just ambush her and take her powers or what?" She asked taking a sip of her coffee.

"No we need to find the instructions that are hidden in the pod chamber first. My mother said they were hidden, remember? We have to keep up the act until we can find it. She needs to feel tension, which I don't think will be hard. When one of us isn't working, then we will be searching the chamber. We have to appear as normal as possible. But we will do it as soon as we can, we only have a month. Which brings us to the next plan of attack. How do we lure her to the chamber without her suspecting anything?" Max was at a loss. He wasn't going to act like he and Liz weren't getting along, so the question was how?

"Well why don't you all just ask her to retrieve your memories? I mean she offered before, right? Then you could all go there, we would be waiting and she wouldn't suspect anything." Alex interjected, still holding Isabel's hand.

"That's a good idea. Ok, so starting today we put the plan into motion. Let's get started." With that the group got up to get dressed, and put their plan into motion.


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Dedicated to: CEOShaft(x2), roswelluver, mazhot, Lattegirl(x2), LizBehr, Sternbetracter.

~Part 20~

Isabel looked around the restaraunt. Seeing Liz taking an order, her heart went out to her. Liz and Max had been keeping it cool around Tess, which equaled fustration on both their parts. Not they weren't together, just that they had to learn to keep their hands to theirselves. Michael and Maria had started bickering, about the little things more and more. Isabel guessed that even though that they possesed the knowledge of the future, the underlying personality of the people they were was still inside them all. Max was a little more shy, Liz a little more plan motivated, Michael a little more 'act now, think later', she could pull off the ice-queen without a hitch, and Maria.....well just a little more Maria. She smiled when the other day Maria had found all her bottles of oil in her room, Maria had been estatic. Michael had just rolled his eyes, and said that he thought Maria was over the stinky phase of their relationship. What followed was totally Michael and Maria.

Isabel smiled as she felt Alex's hand on her knee, giving her a little squeeze. She came back to the conversation at hand. Pasting a smile on her face, she turned to look at Tess.

"So you guys want me to help retrieve your memories? I think that's a great idea." Tess gave her biggest smile, leaning in closer to Max. This would be great. They would all remember how much they all loved her. If they didn't then maybe she could just tweek their memories just a little. A little wouldn't hurt.

Max leaned and scooted away from Tess. The only problem was the more he scooted and leaned, the more she leaned and scooted. Leaning, scoot, leaning, scoot, leaning, scoot, sco....Thud! Max fell flat on his ass on the floor. Looking up, he saw everyone in the Crash staring at him. He heard a chuckle behind the counter, and threw Liz a look. She had her head on Maria's shoulder, her shoulders shaking, trying to contain her laughter. A slow smile spread across his face at the situation. Then Iz leaned down to whisper in his ear, "Max you're still on the floor." He saw that everyone was still looking at him a little puzzled at way he was still sitting on the floor. Smooth one Max, way to make Tess not suspicious. Turning about twenty shades of red, he rose to his feet, to sit next to a confused Tess. "Sorry I dropped a fork," he muttered under his breath.

Tess looked even more confused at his statement. "But Max, you're not even eating."

At that both Isabel and Alex burst into laughter. Isabel's laughter died, when she saw that Pam Troy had just come in. She really didn't like that bitch.

"Oh look what we have here. What's going on Isabel? Summer's here, so you had to go slumming for friends?" Pam sneered at Isabel, then turned to give Max a sexy look. "Why Max, fancy seeing you here. I heard that you and Liz broke up. Get tired of the little goody two shoes? You know that Kyle moved on to greener pastures too. She just soooo boooring. Maybe you need to try a real woman? Someone to add a little spice to the mix?" She pointedly ignored the fact that Tess was sitting next to him.

"" Max had no clue what to say. He looked over at Liz for help. He had to duck his head at what he saw, to hide his smile. Maria had enlisted the help of Michael, who had his hand around Liz's beautiful mouth, and an arm around her waist. He was lifting off the ground, her arms and legs flaying in the air. She was shooting murderous looks at Pam, as Michael scooted backwards through the swing door. He faintly heard an "Oww, she bit me", then "that hussy, who...", then silence. He figured that Michael had successfully put his hand back over her mouth.

Isabel missed the comotion that was happening behind her. She was furious. Pam had always been a vicious little bitch, but she was NOT going to put down Liz in front of her, without her saying something back. Putting on her most sugary smile, that was conflicting the glare in her eyes, she said, "Pam I always wondered something." Pam turned her attention back to Isabel. "Do people want to duct-tape your mouth shut at the beginning of a conversation or do they usually wait till you're done?" Pam glared at Isabel, which only made Izzy go into full ice-queen mode. "You're just jealous 'cuz Max and Kyle picked Liz over you. Obivously they both knew that they could do better than the community matress-back." Isabel gave her another smile. "Now go away, Pam. You're boring. The exit's right there." With a wave Isabel motioned to the front door.

"This is far from over, Evans," Pam said evilly before she turned to storm out the door.

"Back at ya, Troy. With pleasure." Isabel looked over at Max, who looked like he was laughing.

"Thanks Iz."

"You're welcome, dear brother of mine. Any time." Iz looked over at Alex. She hoped he wasn't mad, he hated confrontation.

"Brava, my dear princess. I couldn't have said it better myself." But all Isabel could see was the love shining in his eyes.


Later on that night Max and Liz were in the pod chamber, looking for the 'instruction manual' as Maria put it. Alex and Isabel were on a date, as where Michael and Maria. Tess was left at home with the excuse that Max had a headache, and wanted to lay down. Max looked over at Liz who was still ranting over Pam Troy.

"Goody two shoes? She called me a goody two shoes?! Not to mention the way she practically threw herself at you. God, what a slut! She is sooooo lucky that Michael pulled me out of there, or I woulda....done something so bad!" She finished with a huff, crossing her arms over her chest.

Max walked over to Liz, drawing her into a hug. "I love it when you're mad. Just not mad at me. Your face gets all flushed, and your eyes shine. I wouldn't worry about it too much, Iz took her down a couple of notches. All though I think she might have started world war three in the process." Max placed a kiss on Liz's temple, proceeding to tell her what took place after she was hauled away. "But it's nice to know that I have my own little warrior to protect me. I want you to know that Micheal says I owe him big 'cuz you bit him."

Liz gave Max a sheepish smile, whispering,"Isabel said that? She defended me? That's new."

"Liz you're a part of the group. I think that Isabel thinks of you as a sorta sister that she never had. I'm glad that she feels like your part of the family. Now let's keep looking. Where do you think it is?"

"Well if I was your mother I would hide somewhere that Tess would never think of. In case she had all her memories returned. Now the question is where?" Liz looked around the chamber. They had all already looked inside of the granolith chamber (which Tess had no clue that they found.) and found nothing. Liz tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear, biting her lip, she continued to think. If I were the queen, where would I hide it? She saw that Max was diligently waving his hand over the stone, to see if any handprints appeared. She smiled as her gaze fell on the dark pods. Something was drawing her there. Walking over she, she gingerly touched them. She touched the one she knew was Max's and felt a gentle hum of a connection. Running her hand over the ones she assumed were Isabel and Micheal's she felt warmth. When she reached the last she felt a rush of something.....fear.

Max came over when he felt Liz's fear. Placing his hand on the small of her back, he asked, "What is it Liz?"

"Was this one Tess' pod?" She asked looking at it quizzically.

"Yeah, that one was hers. Why?"

"If you were the queen and you knew that she was coming back where would you hide the book? I mean if you knew there was a chance that the ones your sons and your daughter's soulmates might be found, where would you put the book? If she was afraid that Nascedo would know about the book, and Tess could remember everything, including a book with instructions to strip her of her title and powers, wouldn't you put it in a place that she would never guess?" Liz was getting excited, she knew she was right. "I would put so close to Tess that she would never think that the instructions would be sent with her. Wouldn't you? Max wave your hand over the bottom of the pod. Trust me."

Max looked at Liz, but did as he was told. As soon as he did a glowing handprint appeared. He placed his hand on it and a hologram appeared.

"I am the great oracle Lelani. If you have discovered this, that means you have all once again found your soulmates. It was written, so it shall be. Know that with this book, you may once again be together. In this life you may marry your soulmate, since at your new birth all has been reset. You may make her your queen. This path may contain many perils, but trust in your love for each other, and in your friends and family. All will be well. Blessed be. May the stars watch over and guide you. Eternal life and happiness King Zan." With that the message disappeared. In it's place was a book almost like the destiny book, but instead of silver it was white.

Max picked up the book. Joy running though his body. They had found it. He let out a whop of joy, grabbing Liz, spinning her around in circles. Liz was laughing, overjoyed that their destiny was just now beginning. Finally putting her down, he grabbed her hand and raced out of the chamber. "Come on my future queen, let's get started, the chariot awaits!" Laughing they raced down the hill, to their waiting chariot. Max's jeep.


A figure stepped from the shadows. Max had said he had a headache, that in itself was supicious, since none of them ever got ill. Even if he did, he had the power to take it away. She watched as they raced down the hill. What had made them so happy? They had been barely speaking to each other. What the hell was going on? First Isabel defending Liz, now Max. Something was up, and she was going to find out what. Tess climbed back into her bronco, and started the engine. Yes, she needed to find out what was going on.......


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Dedicated to: Angel Eyes, CEO Shaft, Lattegirl(x2), roswellluver, angeleyes, Babee_Imajyn(x2), Rim, Strawbehrry Shortcake, RosRox90.

~*~*Part 21~*~*

Tess slammed the door of the SUV shut. Stomping up to the door, she didn't care if she woke up Kyle or Jim. She had bigger concerns at the moment. Like what the hell was going on with the others? What had they found in the pod chamber? Storming into her room, she threw herself on the bed. Maybe she was overreacting. Maybe tommorrow they would tell her what they had found. Yeah, tommorrow. If they didn't tell her, then she would start a plan of action. If they didn't tell her, then maybe should would call Nasecdo and see if he had any idea what what the hell was going on. Tommorrow couldn't come soon enough....


Max, Isabel, Alex and Michael, were all sitting around Michael's apartment. The book was sitting in front of them. After the exciment of finding last night, the next morning had brought the realization they had no idea how to read it. So it simply just sat there, mocking them. So close, yet so far away.

Damn, double damn. Max had no idea what to do. Some king he made. He stopped himself, there was no time for that now. They had to come up with a plan. "What do you guys think? I haven't the faintest idea what that thing says. Damn, we don't have a whole lot of time here. Any suggestions?" Maybe they could think of something that he couldn't.

"Maybe I could come up with a translation program. By taking samples of the text, and some other languages it might be possible. What do you think?" Everyone in the room seemed to blanch. What had he said?

"I think that's a good idea, but I, for one, don't want you to do it. That's what you did last time. Tess sent you to Las Cruces to decode that stupid book. You had to use the super computer there, and it still took you like three months to do it. Besides that it hits a little to close to home for me." Isabel looked at Alex, fear in her expression. He nodded in understanding. "Let's think of something else."

"Well Maxwell, your mother said that Alex was the translating genius, right? That Liz would know how to activate his lost memories, right? Has she had a chance to look at the book? Maybe that will activate what she needs to know for Alex." Michael was pacing back and forth in the room.

Max thought about it for a second. No, he and Liz had been so excited about finding the book, they hadn't even opened it. He had taken her back home, and....well the book had been the last thing on his mind. He blushed to the tips of his ears at the memory. "No. She hasn't seen the book yet. We, ummm, had other issues to discuss last night."

"Oh god please don't expand on that train of thought. I sooo don't need to know about my brother's sexual activities. The images, the images, I'm gonna have to go scrub my brain now." Isabel put her hands over her eyes, shaking her head back and forth.

"Please . We know that Saint Maxwell didn't do anything like that last night. Did you Max? Care to share?" Michael looked at Max, a little more interested, the more he thought about it.

"Can everyone focus? Please! I for one want to be left in the dark. Anyway, I think that Spaceboy, may have a good idea. We just might need Liz to see the book. We'll have to come back here after her shift at the crash. How's that sound?" Alex was trying to be the voice of sanity, although the thought of what Max and Liz's issues were sent shivers up his spine. He was with Belle, he sooo didn't need mental images like those.

"Sounds good to me. And don't call me Spaceboy. Only Maria's aloud to call me that." Michael shot Alex a look. "Let's go to the Crash and wait for the girls to get off. I'm hungry." Plus he didn't want to add, after hearing that name, he missed Maria.....


"Red alert, chica. Evil Queen Morgana at two o'clock." Maria nudged Liz with her elbow.

"Huh? What are you talking about, Maria?" Liz was in the process of making an alien smoothie. But stopped to see what the hell Maria was talking about.

Maria rolled her eyes. So much for the James Bond talk. "Tess. She's over there. She even had the nerve to sit in your section! Do you want me to wait on her? I'm sure that I could, ya know, accidently do something to her order." Maria gave a little smirk.

"No we don't need her to think anything is different. I'll do it. Wish me luck." Liz turned around to leave, but was stopped by Maria. "What?"

"You might want to try and look a little more depressed. If she sees that goofy grin on your face, that I'm sure is a Max-after-effect, she's gonna know that something's up. Look sad!!" Maria whispered.

Liz tried to fix her features,"There is that better?" It was hard to look depressed, when everything was going so well. "Depressed enough?"

"Oh chica, you're so hopeless. But it'll have to do." Maria gave Liz a gentle shove in Tess' direction.

Think lost puppies, rain on a perfect day, a really, really depressing poem. Think tragedy...Romeo and Juliet. Max was such a great, not that, better make it Macbeth. Yep that was better, almost there. Ok so it was hopeless. She tried to keep her eyes on her shoes, as she approaced Tess. "Hey, Tess. What can I get for you?" She hoped that her tone was depressed enough.

"Hey Liz. You ok? You seem kinda sad. Ya wanna talk about it?" Tess gave Liz her best sympathic tone. Hoping against hope, that she would fall for it. "Is it the whole destiny thing?" She saw Liz stiffen. Well this was interesting. Just last night, she was laughing and running with Max. Now today, look at what she was acting like.

"No...ummm. I really don't want to talk about it. Did you want something to drink?" Liz heard the bell over the door jingle. She watched as Isabel, Michael, and Alex walk in. Max was the last person in, she couldn't help the smile that came to her face. She saw the love in his eyes, warming her on the inside. Then he saw who she was waiting on, his expression darkened.

Tess didn't miss the look that was exchanged between Max and Liz. What was going on? "I'll just take a diet Coke. Thanks."

Liz walked off, as the group came over to the table. Max couldn't help but let his hand brush against her arm. A secret look passed between the two of them. The night couldn't come soon enough for the both of them. Then she was gone. Turning back to Tess, he saw that the only seat left was the one next to her. Shooting the others a glare, he sat down. "So what's up, Tess?" He tried to moderate his voice, making it a little monotone.

"Oh, nothing. Anything new with you guys?" Tess looked around, her gaze fell on Michael. A little shiver ran down her spine. What the hell was up with that? Interesting, very interesting.

Michael looked at Tess up and down. Evil Bitch. He didn't like the thought of Maria and Liz alone with HER. Even if it was in a crowded restaraunt. He remembered the pain that Maria had went through because of her. The nights that he had just held her as she cried, devastated because of Alex's death. Not going to happen again, he would not let this bitch put his Maria through that emotional hell again. "No, nothing new. What about you?" Like what are you doing here without us? You manipualtive bit... His train of thought was derailed as Maria approached with Tess' drink.

"Hey guys. Spaceboy. Ummm, Liz got a little queasy, so she asked me to take her station for a while. You understand." She gave a look to Max, urging him to play along. He looked down at the table, giving his best lost puppy look.

"Yeah, I understand. Tell her that I hope she feels better." Max said in a quiet, small voice. Looking crushed, he added, "I don't think I'm so hungry anymore. I'm just gonna head home, and listen to some music for a bit. See you guys later." Max got up and left out the door.

Turning around to make sure that Tess hadn't followed him, he headed towards the back. Opening the back door to the Crash, he was nearly knocked over as Liz threw herself in his arms. Kissing her passionatley, he reveled in the flashes that came from there connection. Finally stopping to catch his breath, "God, I hate this. I hate that I can't even touch you when she's around."

"Yeah, me too. So why don't you be quiet and kiss me again. I need some strength for when I go back out there."

Max needed no other urging. He lowered his head to hers in sweet kiss. Reluctantly pulling away, he had to tell her what they had figured out. "Liz, we need you to look at the book. We need Alex to remember his past life. My mother said you would know what to do when the time was right. Maybe looking at the book will jog your memory. I'll come and get you tonight, then we'll all meet at Michael's house. OK?"

"Yeah," kiss, "ok" kiss, "sounds" kiss, "good." kiss. "As much as I don't want to, I have to get back out there. I'll see you tonight." With one final kiss, she walked back out the swinging doors. Max turned to leave, deciding that he needed a cold shower.

Walking back to the table, Liz looked around innocently, "Where'd Max go?"....


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Disclaimer: The spell that Liz uses, is not mine. I borrowed it from "Ah My Godess: The Movie." I promise to return it when I'm done!

Dedicated to: roswellluver, CEOShaft, Maxzhot, NATEVANS, Babee_Imajyn(I'll be updating *Guardian Angel* tonight,or tommorrow morning ;) ), Lattegirl, RosRox90. Thanks guys!!!

~*~**~Part 22~*~**~

Liz stared at the book in front of her. Nothing. Nothing at all. No epiphany, no goosebumps, nothing. Sighing in fustration, she placed her face in the palm of her hands. Closing her eyes, she tried to reach for into her memory for some lost memory. Still nothing came. "Dammit!! I'm sorry."

"Liz. Calm down. It'll come, just try not to force it. Maybe if you hold it, and open it up, that'll help." Max ran his hand up and down Liz's back soothingly, trying to calm the growing fustration she felt with herself.

Liz smiled gently at Max. Taking a calming breath, she picked up the white book. Almost instantly, the feeling of electricity shot into her fingertips, tingling up her arms. Suddenly the knowledge blossomed in her mind like a beautiful flower. A smile came to her lips, as she said, "I know what to do. We have to go to the desert."


Everyone climbed out of their respective vehicles, into the starry desert night. There was a slight chill in the air, that left Isabel shivering.

Alex watched as Belle was wrapping her arms around herself, in an attempt to keep herself warm. He shrugged off his jacket, placing it around her shoulders. She rewarded him with a loving smile, that left his heart a puddle at his feet. Maybe being a knight errant wasn't so bad afterall. Looking around, he noticed that none of the girls had brought a jacket. Max, of course, had given Liz his coat,which she was now swimming in. Maria on the other hand, was having a more difficult time.

"Damn, it's colder than what I thought it would be." Maria ran her hands down her arms in an attempt to warm herself up. She looked at Michael's jacket in longing. "Wish I would have thought to bring a jacket with me."

"Yeah, it probably would have been a good idea. It's kinda chilly." Michael said distractedly.

"Look Liz and Isabel didn't bring one either. Max and Alex must have gave them their jackets." Michael just looked at Maria with a blank expression. Nudging him with her elbow she said, "Hint, hint."

Clueless Michael still had no idea what she was talking about. What the hell was she talking about? It wasn't his fault that she didn't bring a jacket, and now she was cold. He had remembered. "What!?"

Subtlely be damed. She was cold. "Dammit Guerin! Give up the jacket! I'm fricken freezing my toosie off!" Maria shrieked. He was so dense.

"But it's cold!" Michael gave Maria a glare, all the while shrugging out of his own source of warmth. "Dammit!"

"You're a big, strong alien, suck it up. You're sacraficing your comfort for the woman you love." Maria put her arms in the jacket, sighing at the welcome warmth. He had made it all toasty for her. Ahhh...Bliss..."Thanks Spaceboy. I love you." Maria gave Michael a small kiss in thanks.

Michael grumbled something that sounded like "Ditto." Wrapping his arms around her from behind, he added to her warmth. Not to mention now he needed to keep warm too. Man, she was going to be the death of him yet. "So what now, Liz?"

"Well, Max and I need to draw some symbols in the sand. They have to be exact. It might take some time. I'll holler at you when I'm ready. You guys can find something to do in the mean time. Right?" Liz grabbed Max's hand, telling him which, where, and what symbols to make. He waved his hand, following her instructions.

"Well I know what I want to do." Michael leaned down nuzzling Maria's neck.

"Michael!" Maria swatted at his arm, as he began pulling her away. "We are NOT doing that here!" Maria was blushing ferciously.

"Of course not. We're going to the car."

"Michael!! Ohmygod!!"

"What? I just wanted to start the car and crank up the heat. It's cold!" Michael threw Maria innocently fake look. "What were you thinking? Was your mind in the gutter, again DeLuca?"

Alex just shook his head at his freinds. He just would never understand the two to them. Grabbing Isabel's hand, he turned them toward the jeep. "Feel like looking at the stars with me, Princess Belle?"

"Always." Isabel followed Alex to the jeep.

Alex leaned against the side, pulling Isabel into his arms. Placing a kiss in her hair, he asked, "So do you want to tell me when you discovered that you loved me?"

"Well, I can't tell you to much about the future. But I can tell you this. You gave me a dance that lasted a lifetime. I started to realize that I was scared, because the feeling I had for you had evovled into something else entirely. It was more that just friendship. Then....then you were gone. I had taken so much for granted, and you left me before I could tell you. That was the one great regret of my life. That I was never able to tell you how I felt. hadn't given me enough." Isabel snuggled closer to Alex. Sharing her feelings were new to her, but she new that Alex would be the one to understand.

"Now, this time there's no doubt. And I'm not going anywhere." Alex pulled Isabel closer to him. They sat in comfortable silence, gazing at the stars, and enjoying each other's loving embrace.


"No. Make it a little more angular. Yeah, that's it. Thank you Max. It's perfect. Just like you. I love you." Liz kissed Max on the lips, giving him a final hug. "Wish me luck. Everyone were ready!!"

"You don't need luck Liz, 'cuz you'll be perfect. Just like you always are." Max gave Liz a loving look. Then stepped back as everyone came to the circle.

"I need Maria to stand in the circle right here." Liz pointed to the right of the circle. "Alex, you stand right here." She then pointed to the left of the circle. "I'll stand right here. Everyone else stand back." Liz took her spot, effectively making a triangle in the middle of the circle. Everyone else took several steps back as she began.

Liz raised her hands into the air. Drawing unknown symbols with them. Suddenly she was surrounded by a soft white light, that soon engulfed the three of them. Then she began to speak, her voice haunting and strong.

"Rip away the veil of darkness
And cast away the evil future
Oh great one that returns the wind to the earth
Hold and keep to the light of hope
Send those that nest in the great tree
Casting shadows dividing time back to the world without light"

The pod squad watched as their loved ones eyes closed. The light that surrounded them went from white, to a soft lavendar color. It lasted several minutes, then it was gone. Maria and Alex opened their eyes, knowledge of their individual powers, causing a powerful light in their eyes. It was as if, they knew thier new found strength, and with it came an wisdom old as time. On the other hand Liz opened her eyes, then fell to the ground. Maria and Alex ran over to her.

"Liz!!" Max tried to run over, but was unsure if he was able to enter the circle, without distrubting anything. He felt helpless in his uncertainity. She needed him. Finally he heard the words he was waiting for.

"Max, get your butt over here! Liz's fainted." Maria gesturing for Max to join them in the circle.

Max needed no other urging as he ran over. He picked up his loving burden in his arms. Carrying her back over to the front of the cars. Isabel had pulled the blanket out of the back and laid it on the sand. Max gently laid Liz on it.

"Maxwell?" Michael was worried. Why had she fainted like that? Alex was the one who answered that question.

"She used a lot of energy. She focused it through herself, and channeled it to us. In a way she took all of it and dispensed it, not to overload our systems. She's extremely powerful Max. More so than any of thinks, would be my guess. She should wake up in a minute or so." Alex look worriedly at his best friend.

Max wasn't taking any chances. He ran his hand over Liz scanning every inch of her. Finding nothing, he let out a sigh of relief. Liz's eyes fluttered open. It was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. "Hey beautiful. You ok?"

Liz had slight headache, and was extremely tired, but other than that she felt fine. Powerful even. "Yes, I'm alright. Just a little headache is all." Liz watched as Max placed his hand on the side of her head. A warm tingly feeling followed, then her headache was gone. "Thank you." She smiled gratefully at Max. "Did it work?"

"We don't know. We haven't tried it yet. Let me get the book." Isabel went to the jeep, pulling the book out of the glove box. Handing it Alex, she gave him an encouraging smile. "Try. See if it worked."

Alex looked at the group a little uncertainly. He opened the book, feeling that if he couldn't they wouldn't be any worse off than they were now. Amazingly enough, when he saw the words they were extremely clear. It was if he was just reading English. "Oh my god. I can read it! This is amazing."

"Well what does it say? Come on Alex I'm dying here!" Maria tapped her foot imapatiently.

"Patience is a virture..." Alex scanned the information, trying to find the vital parts. Then he started.

"You are the human three. Beloved by all, blessed with special gifts. Despina, the human royal, blessed with the gift of magic, Meira, her closest friend and confidant, blessed with the gift of song, and Georgy, brother of both their hearts and trusted advisor, blessed with the gift of translation........Blah, blah, blah.......If you are reading this, it can only mean that it has come to pass that you have once again found your destiny. Your soulmates. If this has happened, it is more than likely that once again Ava has betrayed you, and you wish to make Despina queen. To do so, know that her cooperation is NOT required. You may ask, but to know her, is to know that she will refuse. You may use force to accomplish your goal. Bring her to the granolith chamber, lay her next to it. On the opposite side, lay Lady Despina, so that they may not see each other. Despina may not have any doubts, if she does then it will interfere with the tranferrance. Then Lady Despina must lay her hand upon the granolith. Zan must say the words, "The future queen is here. Let the old become the new. May she use her new powers wisely. Leading the people by my side through all time. Let the transferrance begin." Know that what will take place will cause Despina pain, but it will not last. You may not interfere, how long it will take is unknown. But do not interefere, or both will die. After it is done, Despina's DNA will be altered, and she will be essentially like the royal three. A hybrid. So you may once again become the royal four. She will retain her powers as a human, but will also have the gifts of Antarians. This will only work once, so make sure that this is what you all agree upon. May the stars watch over and guide you. All hail the new queen..." Alex looked up at everyone. "That's all it really says, there's more, but it really not that important. Just stuff you guys already know about how we died and things."

Michael made a decision in that moment. Turning he walked back to the Jetta. Maria was close behind. "Michael where are you going?"

"To do what should have been done a long time ago..." With that he got into the driver's side of the Jetta, started the car, and roared off into the night....


(Tell me what you think!!)

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~*~*~Part 23~*~*~

The gang watched the lights of the Jetta grow smaller and smaller in the distance, until they were completely out of sight. They all jumped into the jeep, cramming bodies to make room for each of them. Max threw the jeep into gear, flooring the gas, and gave chase.

"What the hell was he thinking?" Max yelled over the wind sailing past the open jeep. Liz tried to calm Max down by placing a comforting hand on his knee. Linking his fingers through hers, the frown on his face only lessened a fraction.

"I don't know Max. Where do you think he went? And why?" Isabel asking Max from the backseat. She snuggled closer to Alex, already having a good idea what the answer was going to be.

"He went to get Tess." Came Max's reply from the front seat. "Of all the irrespon....." He took a deep breath. "Let's just get there. I just hope we're in time to help."

'Don't do anything stupid, Micheal, please! We're coming. please wait for us.' Maria silently pleaded over and over again, willing Michael to hear her. She continued to stare out at the road, praying they would make it in time.


Michael only had one thing in mind. Tess. The message said that her cooperation wasn't neccessary, that was ok with him. Using force, well, that was ok with him too. He had no intention of letting her find out their plan, before they could excute it. A surprise attack seemed the best solution. He wasn't going to kill her, just hurt her.....alot. Michael was pulled out of his thoughts as a police siren, and flashing lights told him to pull over. "SHIT!"

Sheriff Valenti walked casually over to the speeding vechile. Knowing who the Jetta belong to, he had an idea who was driving. Stopping at the window, he leaned down, "Where's the fire Michael?" The sheriff didn't see any sign of Maria.

Micheal didn't want to tell the Valenti, 'Hey I was just on my way to snatch up the homicidal, power hungry, pyschotic, bitch living at your house.' No that probably wouldn't do. So he thought of something a little less straight forward. "I'm late getting Maria. Ya know how she gets when I'm late for a date and all." Michael shrugged his shoulders.

"Hurricane Deluca, huh? Yeah I've heard stories from Kyle about her temper. So what are you doing out here without her?" There was something Michael wasn't telling him, he felt it.

'Oh, come on give me break already!' Michael took a deep breath. "I was out practicing and lost track of time. Could I go now?"

"Yeah sure, just stick to the speed limit Michael. Good luck with Maria." Valenti walked back to his vehicle. Getting in he realized that it was a little late at night for a date. Starting the SUV, he figured that the kids would explain themselves soon enough.

Michael expelled the breath he had been holding. Valenti was a good guy, they just hadn't told him anything yet for his own safety. Living with Tess, they just couldn't be too cautious. He watched as the patrol car pulled in front of him and disappeared into the night. Then another pair of headlights were in his rearview mirror. It passed him, but not for long as he heard the squealing of tires. Damn, didn't Maxwell know not drive that fast? Maria was in the jeep too. With a resigned sigh, he stepped out of the Jetta, closing the door, he leaned against it crossing his wrms, waiting for the calvary.

The jeep went into reverse, stopping in front of the Jetta. All occupants jumped out, glaring at Michael.

Maria was the first to make a move. Running over, she hit Michael on the arm, "You should be slapped!"

Michael looked at his arm, where Maria has just hit him. "Didn't you just..."

"Don't you start with me Michael Guerin!" Maria cried angrily. Then contradicting her anger, she threw herself into his arms, "You scared the crap out of me! Don't do that again!" Maria's frightened emotions came out in deep heart wenching sobs.

Maria was crying, damn he hated when Maria cried. He'd rather be slapped. Stroking his hand up and down soothingly along her back, he whispered calming words in her ear.

Liz grabbed Max's hand, as he started striding towards Michael. "Max you need to calm down. Nothing happened. Just try to remember that. He just had the best intentions at heart."

Max ran a aggitated hand through his hair. He knew that Liz was saying was true. In truth he was more scared at what could have happened to Michael, than angry at what his actions were. He pulled Liz into his arms, holding her tight. Her feelings of understanding, and incredible calm infused with his body. He could feel his self relaxing at her touch. She soothed his soul. "I'll try." He let go of Liz, but not her hand, unwilling to break all contact, they all walked over to where Michael was holding a tear streaked Maria.

"Go ahead Maxwell. Yell. But I was only doing what needed to be done, and you know it." Michael took up a defiant stance.

"Look, I know where you're coming from Michael. You were going for the element of surprise right?" Michael nodded his head at Max's words. "Well just think, we don't want to cause a lot of attetion. Kidnapping Tess, at least right now, is not an option. Tommorrow will be soon enough, do you agree?" Max waited for Michael's response.

Everthing in Michael was screaming for him to take action now. But the feelings of fright were coming off Maria in waves, and it broought him back to reality. Maybe Maxwell was right. Tommorrow was soon enough, right now he needed to get Maria home. Michael gave a slight nod, as he manuvered Maria to the passenger's side of the car, helping her in. He made his way back to the other side of the car, getting into the driver's seat, he made eye contact with Max, "Fine. Tommorrow. I'll give until then. But after that we do it my way. Agreed?"

Max looked at Michael for a minute before answering. He reclutantly said, "agreed."

With that they all headed to Max's house.


The next morning walked into her room. They had a lot do today, and it didn't help that they all had to work. Liz sighed. Today more than likely she was going to become a queen of an entire planet, not to mention a solar system. That was a little overwhelming. But she couldn't imagine any sixteen year old with that kind of resposiblity. Continuing to put her own clothes away, she wondered if this plan would really work, and how intense this pain would be that the book talked about. She guessed that she had waited lifetimes to be with Max, and anything was worth it. She could take whatever was going to happen to her. She was suddenly jolted out of her thoughts.

"Lizzie! Could you please come out here? We have some good news for you." Her mother called from the living room.

"Coming!" Liz stopped cleaning, and headed towards the other room. Stopping inside the doorway she looked at both of her parents. "So what did you guys want to tell me?"

Jeff and Nancy looked at each other. They just knew that their little girl was going to be thrilled with the news. "Well you know that you mentioned at the beginning of the school year that you'd like to visit your aunt in Florida, and we assumed that you didn't ask again because you thought we'd say no. But we discussed it and you're booked on the first flight of next week to visit your aunt for the summer." Jeff expained.

Oh no, this can't be happening not now. "Wwhhaatt?" Liz stuttered.

"You're going to Florida for a summer of fun!! Isn't that great?" Nancy beamed at Liz.

Liz's eyes filled with tears, "Yeah, great. Excuse me..." Running from the room, she headed out the front door.

Jeff and Nancy just looked at each other. That was certainly a strange reaction. Jeff finally broke the silence, "Maybe she just went to tell Maria because she was so excited."

Nancy stared at the front door, "Maybe...."


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Thanks for all the feedback guys. I really means alot to me!!*big* As always let me know what you think. This part jumps alot, but you'll see the reason why. The part you all have been patiently waiting for.*wink*

Dedicated to: roswellluver, Jeremiah, Angel Eyes, Strawbehrry Shortcake, CEO Shaft, Lattegirl (x2), angeleyes, Asabetha, Maxzhot....hope you enjoy the next part. Added length to make up for being gone so long! *big*

PART 24*~*

Liz ran down the stairs, not bothering to turn around to see the dazed looks on her parents faces. She knew that telling them that she simply didn't want to go, wouldn't be enough to appease them. They all needed to get together, and come up with a belivable excuse as to why she couldn't go. Racing down the steps, out the door to the cafe, she came to a stop. She wiped the tears off her cheeks, scanning the small lunch crowd. Finally seeing Maria standing by a booth, talking to Alex, she headed over. "Hey guys, we have a slight problem."

Maria looked at her distraught friend, "Hey chica, sit down. What's wrong?"

"My parents want to send me to Florida this summer. It's a disaster! I can't go! We need to have a group session. Where are all the Czechs?" Liz said in a rush.


Isabel looked at Max a little unsure of his latest plan. "Are you sure Max? This sounds more like a plan that Michael would come up with. Kinda rash."

"In a way he did come up with it." Max calmly looked at Isabel. He knew that she felt a little bad for lying to Alex, he felt that way as well, for lying to Liz. But this was the only way. He wouldn't risk any of the others getting hurt. If anything happened to Liz.....well he didn't even want to think about it. He would simply cease to exsist. You couldn't live with only half of your soul. "Isabel, it'll work. Trust me. As soon as Michael gets here, we're going to call Tess and tell her that I want to meet her at the pod chamber so I can try to retrieve some memories. Then you guys will be hiding in the pod chamber to back me up. This way the others aren't in any danger. I know how powerful she can be. I was with her in New York, remember. I don't know what she did to those dupes, but it wasn't pretty. This will work Isabel it'll have to."

Isabel saw Max's point. She didn't want any of her friends in danger. Especially Alex. She couldn't handle losing him twice in one lifetime. If that happened she knew that she would simply cease to exsist. This time they weren't going to lose anyone. The only ones that were at risk were them, and since the had excelled in their individual powers, they were more than ready to take Tess on. Time for a litte pay back, Isabel thought with a smile. She was pulled out of her thoughts, at a knock at the front door.

Max opened the door for Michael. Michael looked at him and said, "Well Maxwell you better get the show on the road. Maria's gonna know that something's up when she finds out that I called in sick to work. Same for you if Liz tries to find you at work."

Max nodded in understanding as he headed towards the phone. Picking it up, he dialed Tess' phone number. After a couple of rings, she picked up. "Hey Tess, it's me Max....Fine, and you?....Well I was kinda wondering what you were doing today....really?....Well since you don't have anything planned could you meet me at the pod chamber? In front of it? I want to try retrieve some memories....yeah," Max tried to gag silently, instead of out loud at his next words, "especially about...." deep breathe, "...about us.....You will great. I'll see you in about a half an hour. Is that ok?....Great see you there...bye." Max hung up the phone, turning to his two friends. "She bought it, let's go."


Tess hung up the phone with a smug smile on her face. She knew that in time Max would tire of that little goody-goody Liz Parker, and turn back to her. She was his destiny. Now what to wear? It was only like fifteen minutes to the pod chamber, she had a few before she needed to leave. Why wait? She waved a hand in front of her outfit, changing it to a low-cut tank top, the color bringing out the color of her eyes, her jeans changed to a tight fitting pair of hipsters, that clung in all the right places. She smiled in satisfaction. Max Evans, you are in so much trouble, she thought to herself, today I'm going to make you forget all about that little Lizzie Parker. Grabbing her keys off the dresser, she headed out the front door, whistling to herself.....


"Well, Michael isn't due in for like 25 minutes, but I can try to call him to get him to come in earlier. I'll go call." Maria got up to use the phone behind the counter.

"I'll call Iz's cell when Maria's done. Why don't you head over to UFO Center to see if Max can take a break in a little bit, and come over?" Alex got up to use the phone, also, as Liz headed out the door. Crossing the street to the UFO Center, as Alex watched.

Frowning, Maria turned around. "Michael's phone's been disconnected again. He'll be here soon enough. Here ya go Alex." Maria handed Alex the phone.

Alex took the phone, dialing Iz's cell phone number....


Isabel jumped as she heard the cell phone ring. They were all getting in the jeep, ready to go. She motioned Max to wait, she knew that it was probably Alex, and she didn't want him to know she wasn't at the mall, like she had told him. "Hello?...Hey Alex....This isn't such a good time, could you call me back?...Thanks, love you, bye!" Isabel didn't let Alex get anything out, but hello, before she hung up the phone. Then she shut it off, putting it in her purse. Max started the jeep and they were off.


"That was weird." Alex looked at the phone in his hands, strangely. "Isabel was in such a rush, she practically hung up on me." Just then Liz walked into the Crash, with a worried look on her face. Both friends walked over to her, "What's up?"

"It's the strangest thing, they said that Max called in sick today. I'm to tell him that they all hope that he feels better tommorrow. He never gets sick. It's a part of being a Czech. What's going on? What did Michael and Isabel say?" Liz asked her two friends.

"Well actually Isabel hung up on me." Alex said with a perplexed look on his face. "I could try again." He started walking back towards the phone.

"Well spaceboy's phone is disconnected again. No surprise there. I really need to do his finances for him, ya know?" Maria had a thoughtful look on her face. "I don't get off of about a hour. If you want you and Alex can head over there and ask him what's going on."

Liz nodded in agreement, something was up. She was sure of it.

Alex was walking back to the girls. "All I got was her voice mail. She must have turned her cell off. What's going on?"

"I think I might know, but let's go to Michael's before I jump to any conclusions, ok? Be back Maria." Liz and Alex turned and walked out the door. Down the street in the direction of Michael's apartment. She walked over in the direction of Mr. Parker. "Hey Mr. P, I don't feel so well. I was wondering if I could get off a little early if that's ok?"

"Sure Maria. It's not that busy. I'm sure Cindy can handle it. I hope you didn't catch what Michael's got. He called in sick this morning. Go home and get some rest, I'll see you tommorrow. Did Liz tell you about her special trip, yet?"

", but I'm sure she will. So Michael's not feeling good either, and he called in?" Maria was a little confused. His phone was disconnected, how'd he call? He was also Czech, so he never got sick either. Liz's suspicions were right something was definitely up. "Thanks Mr.P." Maria ran into the back room to change. Grabbing her keys, she headed out the door to pick up her two friends.....


Tess stopped the SUV and waited. Glancing at her watch, she saw that she had made it in like ten minutes, only ten more to go. Then Max would remember how much he loved her, and they'd finally be together. She saw Max's jeep coming up the road towards her. Yes! It was almost time. Wait, who was in the jeep with him? Tess got out of the SUV and started walking towards where the jeep had parked, it was quite a ways from her SUV. She saw that Isabel and Michael were with Max.

Max swore as he saw that Tess had made it before them. He looked at the two with him, he knew that Tess would question why they were there. Slowly they all climbed out of the jeep. "Hey Tess."....


Maria, Alex, and Liz were all headed to the pod chamber. The instant that Maria told Liz that Michael had also called in sick, she knew. They were going to take Tess by force if neccessary. She prayed that they were in time to help. Mentally tellling Maria to go faster, she closed her eyes. Please let them all be ok!


"Hey Max. Hey guys. I thought that Max was the only one that was coming." Tess eyed them suspiciously. Something was going on.

"Well we all decided that we would try it together." Isabel pasted a fake smile on her face. She looked at Tess' outfit, her female instincts knew that Tess had planned a little more that retrieving memories with Max. She looked like a hooker in her outfit!

"Well I really can do one at a time." She eyed them again, "Maybe you could all wait out here for me and Max. Then I'll help you guys."

"No go, Tess. It's all of us together, or none of us. Take or leave it." Michael didn't have the patient for this. He was itching to make a move.

"Well I'll leave it!" Anger flashed in Tess' eyes, "I'm leaving. I'm not going to have you be an ass to ME Michael!" Tess turned to leave, heading back towards her SUV. Max's deadly tone stopped her in her tracks. She had only heard that tone from Nascedo.

"You're not going anywhere Tess. Get back over here." Max said quietly. He watched as Tess slowly turned around. "Because you have no clue as what you'll do in the near future, I will be a fair King and give you a choice. You can either willing give up the throne, relinquishing your powers, or we will force you do so. It is your choice." Max eyes blazed with determination. Isabel and Michael came to stand next to him.

"What are you talking about Max? I am the one and only queen. You can't take that away from me!" Tess braced her legs apart, not knowing what they were talking about. But if it came down to it, she knew that she was stronger than them.

"You can reliquish your throne to Liz. She will be queen. Now are you going to that? Or are we going to have to force you? You are lucky I am giving you a choice. I know about the deal with Kivar, Tess. How both you and Nascedo betrayed us."

"NEVER!!! I AM QUEEN!! YOU NEED ME!! I WILL ALWAYS BE QUEEN!! I WILL NOT RELINQUISH MY RIGHT!" How did he know of Kivar, and the deal made forty years ago?Tess raised her hand, drawing on some unknown power within her anger, she actually fired a shot at the three.

Max raised his hand, putting up his shield to deflect the shot. Tess saw this, staring in amazement. She knew then that somehow the threes power had grown. She turned, running towards her vehicle. She had to get out of here!

Michael saw her running toward the SUV, nodding at Max, "Max put down the shield! I have to stop her!" Michael raised his hand.

"Don't kill her! We need her still." Max yelled at Michael.

"I know!" Michael answered in annoyance. Putting his hand out, he aimed at the SUV. Letting off a shot, the vehicle exploded with a loud boom, sending debris flying everywhere. Max raised his shield, to protect them from it.

Tess hit the ground. This was bad! How dare they? She was queen, no human was going to take that from her! Her anger continued to flow through her. She turned in the direction to escape into the desert.

Isabel saw her intent, drawing on her own powers. She held the palm of her hands down by her sides, concentrating. Soon a wall of fire surrounded them all. A wide circle of fire, trapped them all inside. Isabel held on the height of the flames with her powers, so there was no esacpe. "Come guys, do something! I don't know how long I can hold this to trap her!"

Tess screamed in manical anger. "NO! NO! No human will replace me, I didn't let it happen before, I won't let it happen now!! I'll kill them all again!" Oh yes, the memories were flooding her now. The memory of good hearted Despina and her flunkies, she thought with disgust. She didn't take her place the first time, no way was it going happen this time. Unleashing the full extent of her powers, drawing on her anger, she fired a huge ball of energy at the three. The knowledge had been buried deep within her, but now had come to the surface.

Max threw up his shield to protect them all once again. She fired shot after shot, not seeming to tire. What were they going to do now? Isabel was visibly tiring from the amount of energy she was using, and Michael wasn't sure if his powers would simply let him stun her. They were in real trouble. They had no idea that she was so powerful also. Maybe this hadn't been such a good plan after all. It looked like they were going to lose this battle....


Liz, Maria, and Alex skidded to a stop. They took in the scene around them. Seeing the circle of fire, and hearing Tess' screaming they knew that's where they all were. Liz looked at what remained of the SUV. It was still in flames. "We need to go over there. I can open the flames. You need to go to Isabel, Alex, she's weaking. She needs your strength. Maria you to Michael, help his control his rage, before he does something stupid." Alex and Maria both nodded. Alex could feel Isabel weakening, and Maria could feel Michael's fustration slowly turning to uncontrollable rage.

"What about you Liz? Where you be?" Maria asked her friend worriedly.

"This fight is really between me and Tess. It always has been. I'm going to finish it." They looked at her when she wouldn't expand on her explaination. She walked over to where she knew the others were behind the wall of fire. "Tell Max not to worry. I plan on winning." Then with a smile, she closed her eyes, placing her hands her in front of her together, as she moved them apart the flames seperated. Alex and Maria stepped through, giving Liz one last look,as the flames were replaced.

Michael saw the flames part, and a glimpse of Liz on the other side, before they closed. Then he saw Maria there, immeadiately getting angry. Now she was in danger! What was she thinking? "What the hell are doing here?"

"WE," She pointed at Alex who had laid his hand on Iz's shoulder, giving her his strength, "came to help. Don't be mad." She pleaded with her eyes. She wouldn't be able to live if something happened to Michael, he was her everything. "Please..."

"Maria if anything happened to you...." Michael stopped as she laid her hand on his arm. He could feel the calmness that was Maria spreding through his entire being. "Don't think you're forgiven," He said as he embraced her, "You are all going to get the lecture of a lifetime for this stupid plan!" Seeing that Isabel was also laying into Alex with her eyes, he knew that he would hear about it later, when she didn't have to concentrate so hard on the wall of fire. "Where's Li...." Then he heard Maxwell scream...

"Liz! LIZ!!!! NNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Max stared in disbelief as Liz entered the circle of fire, willing going into danger. He knew that she was doing it to protect everyone else. But in his heart he knew that this was a fight she might not win. He couldn't drop the shield, endangering everyone else, but god how he wanted to... He stared in horror as she took a position in front of him and the rest of the group. Amazingly enough Tess stopped firing. Max started forward to the love of his life, when a hand on his shoulder stop him.

"Max, you have to trust her. She has to do this alone. She said it always came down to her and Tess. You're not worry because she plans on winning. Isabel I think that you can stop the fire now. Tess isn't gonna go anywhere, she's been waiting two lifetimes to have this fight." Isabel nodded to Maria, lowering the flames. Her knees were a little weak, she clung to Alex as she watched the scene in fold in front of her. Maria held on to Max's arm, holding Michael's hand with her other. She could feel Max's muscles bunch in fustration as she laid a comforting hand, keeping him back. Please chica, be ok and kick that girl's ass for me too, she thought.


Liz looked at Tess. Determination flooded her very being. She would win this age old fight, today. "Ava." She stood in front of the others, protecting them.

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"Despina," Tess spat the name out like poison. "Did you come here to die today? I destroyed you before, I will do so again. Have no doubt." Tess raised her hand.

Liz looked at Tess with pity. How could one person be so misguided, and hateful? Let alone spend their whole lie that way. "Ava please, let us not fight. Just go quietly, and everything will be fine. I don't want to have to destroy you." Liz saw Tess raise her hand, and knew that it was going to be the hard way. "You have been judged Ava, and are not worthy of the throne. You will be defeated today." Liz raised her own hand.

The others watched the confrontation in front of them. Tess raised her hand fired an energy ball at Liz. Liz raised her own hand as the ball came towards her. Amazingly she deflected it, and it exploded into the ground to their side harmlessly. She tried again, only to have it once again deflected by Liz. Liz said something in what sounded like a foriegn language, shooting a fire ball at Tess. Tess stepped to the side, barely escaping the ball. Tess fired off another shot, only this time it came so soon that Liz had to leap out of the way. Landing on the ground. Liz heard Max scream, "LLLIIIIZZZZ!!!"

"Max stay back!!! I MEAN IT!!" She couldn't be distratced by Max's safety at the moment. Liz got off the ground, standing once again. "That's it Ava. This ends now!" Calling deep within her, she found a lond lost memory, what she needed. She drew unknown symbols in the air, closing her eyes. She left herself completely open to Tess' latest attack. The others stared in horror at what Liz was doing. "Liz open your eyes! Look out!!!" Max screamed. Then softly through all their minds a message was whispered in Liz's voice, "Have faith in me..." They watched in horror as a ball of energy headed straight for Liz. Max didn't have enough time to reach her.... to protect her....his mind screamed as it came closer to her. Then the amazing thing happened, it suddenly disappeared. Tess shot another one, only to have it also disappear. Liz finally opened her eyes, they were like polished steel. Pushing her arms away from her, she let the blast go. Tess was helpless against the final assault. She watched in horror at the wave of energy came towards her. She screamed, "No!!!" as the wave finally hit her, it was the last sound she made. Liz fell to the ground unconcious.

The others rushed over to her. Seeing that she fainted, Michael ran over to Tess. Her eyes were moving so he knew that she was still alive, but completely encased in ice. He said what anyone would have said, "Oh my god!"
The others came over, Liz being carried by Max, Isabel being helped by Alex. Tess' eyes moved back and forth in fury, looking at everyone. They all shivered in unison. Maria tentatively reached out a hand to touch the ice, only to be stopped by Michael. "Don't." Was all he said.

Liz stirred, "It's ok, she can't hurt anyone now. She'll stay like that until I release her. Put me down Max I need to get into the pod chamber."

"Liz let us. We can do it." Max said worriedly.

Liz just shook her head, she heard max sigh in regination, and put her down. "I have to do this. I have to know that I ended it." Liz raised her hand, chanting something. They all watched in awe, as Tess began floating off the ground, levatating. Liz began walking towards the chamber.

"Liz, chica that is soooo cool. You rock!" Maria said giggling.

Liz just smiled and continued on.....


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**WARNING:This part is very 'R' for sexual situations**

~Part 25~

Liz continued on, until she reached the cave. No one interfered, knowing that she had to complete this task on her own. They watched as she carefully guided Tess into the cave, seeing that there was a slight problem putting Tess into the Granolith Chamber, Max quietly walked forward, waving his hand in front of the entrance. The entrance grew wider, allowing Liz to pass Tess through.

Maria leaned over to Isabel whispering, "I always thought that Tess had a fat ass. Guess that just proved it!" Isabel placed a hand over her mouth, stifling her laughter.

Once Liz was inside the chamber, her steps faltered, looking around she made sure that no one had seen. She was almost there. She could feel that she had used almost all of her energy, but didn’t want anyone to know. Quickening her steps, she placed Tess to one side of the Granolith itself. Sensing the task was complete for now, she gave into the exhaustion that was calling her. Turning to Max, she simply said, "Max?"

Max hurriedly ran up to her, "What is it? What’s wrong?"

"Catch me…" Liz’s closing her eyes, she proceeded to faint.

Max barely had time to catch her, before she hit the floor. Lifting her slight frame in his arms, he then set her down on the ground, proceeding to run his hands over her, scanning every inch. Finding only slight scratches, he healed them quickly. Lifting her back up, he saw the slight rise and fall of her chest. Placing a small kiss on her forehead, he began walking out of the chamber. The others waiting on the other side all gasped in unison at the sight of a very unconscious Liz.

"Oh my god, chica! Max is she ok?" Maria ran forward, reaching out her hands.

"She’s fine guys, she’s just exhausted. Let’s go back to Michael’s" Max continued to out of the Pod chamber, and into the night that had fallen.

When they all reached their vehicles, Isabel turned to look at Max. "Hey I’ll cover for you at home, why don’t you stay with Liz at Michael’s? I’m sure that we can have Maria think of something for Liz. I know that you don’t want to leave her after everything." Isabel gave Max a pat on the back, and a look of understanding. "Tomorrow will be soon enough to get things all straightened out. Plus I need to talk to Alex, ALONE." She shot Alex a look, of course he in the process of studying the dirt under his feet.

He knew that he was in for it now. Glancing up at Isabel, he saw the heat in her eyes. Oh yeah, definitely in for it. Isabel was upset, and no one wanted to be around when she was upset. He tried to move towards her, planning to kiss her senseless, to make her forget her anger. But as he moved closer, she stepped away. "Now princess…."

Isabel held her hand up for silence, true ice queen mode coming into play. "Don’t you ‘Now princess’ me Alexander Charles Whitman! You are not going to kiss me into forgetting! Oh no! There are a few things we need to discuss, but this isn’t the time or place." Crossing her arms in front of her, she gave her sternest look in his direction. She was not going to let those puppy dog eyes change the fact she was going to give him hell.

Maria was actually giving Alex a look of sympathy, when she heard behind her, "Yeah, well I think the round-robin is in order." Maria could feel the look coming from Michael in waves, she just knew that he had his arms crossed, and glaring in her direction. "I need to talk to Maria too." Maria cringed at the tone in his voice. Oh yeah he was a little irritated with her. Maria gathered her courage, turning to look danger in the eye. When she saw the look on his face, she knew she was going to get the lecture of a lifetime. She quickly did the only thing she could think of, trying to save her own backside. Running towards him, she threw herself into him, wrapping her arms around him. Looking up into his handsome features, she said innocently, "I love you, spaceboy."

Michael grunted in response, but gathered her in his arms, to pull her close. When he had seen her standing there….in the face of danger, she had taken at least twenty years off his life. Hugging her tighter, he whispered in her ear, "This doesn’t change the fact that you’re still going to get the lecture of a lifetime, pixie." But the gruffness of his voice was contradicted by the gentle kiss he placed on her lips.

Max just chuckled at his friends. Nodding in agreement, he placed Liz in the passenger’s side of the jeep, quickly climbing to the other side. Pulling her closer, he laid her head in his lap, starting the jeep. Isabel and Alex, jumped in the back, while Maria and Michael climbed into the Jetta. They all headed back to town, wanting tomorrow to come soon. Wanting to strip Tess of her powers. Plus the fact that Max remembered there was something that Liz wanted to tell him. He hoped it wasn’t anything bad….


Isabel dropped off both Max and Liz, taking the jeep for the rest of the night so that she could talk to Alex. Isabel pulled in front of the Whitman’s home, turning off the jeep she climbed out to follow Alex into the house. Knowing that his parents had once again left him alone for a week, going on a business trip.

Alex glanced behind him at the beautiful blonde entering his house. He was still had for him to believe that she actually loved him, geeky, corny, lanky, Alex Whitman. She was so beautiful, on the inside and out. He must be the luckiest guy in the world. Never in a million years did he dream that she would actually love him. She could have picked any guy, but she had picked him. Finally getting them both inside, he closed the door. Time for battle, he silently thought.

Isabel turned, glaring in his direction as she took off her coat. "What the hell were you thinking?! Alex you could have been hurt!" She threw her coat down on the couch, not caring that it was in a heap.

"Now Belle….Princess…" Alex held his hands in front of him in a pleading gesture, walking towards her. He stopped once he saw he her hand up to separate them.

"Don’t you ‘now Belle’ me! What were you thinking Alex!?"

"I wasn’t…I mean I knew that you were in trouble, and just wanted to help….I"

"That’s exactly it Alex. You weren’t thinking were you? What if something would have happened to you? You know how evil Tess is, what if she tried to go after you? What would you have done?"

"Isabel, I was more concerned with you at the moment. I didn’t want you to get hurt, and I knew that I could help. So I did. Please don’t be mad princess." Alex kept up the speech, as he walked towards her. "I’m not made of glass. I would die if anything happened to you, don’t you know that? We haven’t even begun, I don’t want to think what I would feel like if anything happened to you. I love you." Alex was finally standing in front of her. He raised his hand to cup her cheek in his palm, "Don’t you understand that I love you? Don’t you know how much? If you cease to exist, I cease to exist. It’s that simple."

Isabel leaned her cheek into his palm, closing her eyes. What would she do if anything happened to him? How would she live through that again? The simple answer was that she couldn’t. She opened her eyes to see the love shining from his. "I love you Alex, so much." She watched as Alex leaned closer, her eyes drifted closed as she felt his lips touch her. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she leaned in closer molding her body to his.

The kiss deepened as the desperation set in, both knowing how close they had come to losing each other that night. Alex maneuvered them over to the couch, gently laying Isabel on it. Laying down on top of her, he ran his hands over her collarbone, gently caressing the contours of her neck and shoulders. She arched up into his roaming hands, a moan escaping from her lips. His lips ran a trail of kisses down her neck, licking and sucking the sensitive spot that was between her shoulder and neck. Her moans spurred him on, making him bolder. His hands roamed under the inside of her shirt, to touch the bare skin on her stomach. Feeling the softness of it, and her hands roaming down his back, he knew he was close to losing control. He ground his hips into hers, pushing her shirt up a little higher. He stopped to take a ragged breath, wanting to make sure that this was okay with her, "Princess?"

Isabel opened her passion filled eyes to meet his gaze. She knew that he was asking if she had any reservations about how far they were going, "Please Alex…." She felt herself being lifted up into his arms. He was very strong, despite his lanky appearance. She kissed, nipping at his neck as he carried her up the stairs to his room……


Michael grabbed a few pillows from his room, extra blanket, throwing it all into the living room for Maxwell. He knew that Maxwell could make his lumpy couch into something more comfortable for both him and Liz with his powers. Shutting the door, he turned his wrath on the pixie in the room with him. Taking a deep breath, trying to calm himself a fraction. He had been terrified when he had seen her enter into danger, hell he was still getting over it. He turned to look at the woman that had won his heart to see a completely innocent look on her face. "What the hell were you thinking Maria?! You could have been killed!"

"Michael, don’t you dare yell at me! You could have been killed too! We’re a team, you guys shouldn’t have gone off without us. You know it!" Matching him emotion for emotion. "Why do you always think you have to do things alone? I may not be alien, with alien powers, but dammit I LOVE YOU!! Love means that you’re never alone! Dammit Michael!"

"Dammit Maria I LOVE YOU!! I couldn’t live if I ever lost you!! Don’t you understand that? Without you I’m lost….I’m nothing…" Michael finished in a near whisper. He didn’t remember a whole lot about his previous life, but he could feel the devastation when he had found out that Miera had died. He had been lost in a dark world, his light taken away from him. He had forgotten how to live, because living hadn’t been worth while when he lost a piece of his soul.

Maria walked over to Michael, wrapping her arms around his waist. Leaning her head against his chest, she whispered, "I’m not going anywhere spaceboy. You’re stuck with me for a long, long time."

Michael grasped her face with both his hands, looking deep into her green eyes. "I’m planning on it." Then he leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. The kiss quickly ignited the passion that they both knew so well. Pulling her roughly to him, his hands began to hungrily roam over her body. Running his hands underneath her shirt to touch her bare back, he grazed his teeth over the sensitive side of her neck. He heard her moan his name, and the fire that was in his body began to burn brighter. Lost in her wants, and his needs, he pulled them both over to his to bed. Falling backwards, she landed right on top him. She looked into his eyes, placing both hands on the sides of his face so he couldn’t look away, "I love you, Michael." Leaning down she gently placed a kiss on his lips, proving the words….

(*shy*Just a warning, the part after this will contain dreamer, stargazer, and candy nookie. This is you warning!! *wink*)
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~PART 26~

{Find me here
Speak to me
I want to feel you
I need to hear you
You are the light
That is leading me to the place where I find peace again
You are the strength that keeps me walking
You are the hope that keeps me trusting
You are the light to my soul}

Maria looked down at the wonderful man beneath her. True most of the time he aggravated the hell out of her, but she wouldn't trade him for anything in the world. At least she could honestly say that her realtionship with Michael didn't lack passion. She couldn't imagine having someone constantly doting on her all the time, or hanging on her every word. She wanted someone who challenged her mind, and still cherished her heart. That someone was Michael through and through. He was so strong, yet so vunerable at the same time. She loved him so much.

Placing another light kiss on his lips, she whispered, "Michael you're always in control. Why don't you let me be, now?"

Michael swallowed, lust shooting through his entire being at the words that Maria had just whispered. Not able to form a intelligent sentence, he just slowly nodded his head in acceptance.

Maria motioned for Michael to soot farther up on the bed, and proceeded to straddle him. Running over his body, enjoying the way his body tensed under her tender assault on his body. He was so hard, the muscles bunching under his shirt in anticipation. "Well first things, first," Maria whispered against his lips, "this shirt has got to go!" Maria quickly relieved Michael of the cumbersome barrier, eager to feel her skin touching his. She felt his hands stray to the the bottom of her shirt, grabbing his wrist, she shook her head 'no'. "No way Spaceboy, I'm in charge of the show tonight, so lay back and enjoy." She chuckled at Michael's fustrated sigh, and then once again skimmed his skin with just the tips of her fingers.

"I love the way you're body is so hard. You're the perfect warrior. Tough, and yet..." Maria lightly raked her nails down Michael's stomach, watching his muscles flex in response, as a hiss escaped his mouth. Flipping her hair over her shoulder, to the side, she began kissing and licking her way down his neck. Running her hands through his hair, down the sides of his face, over his arms, finally locking both his hands in his. A small smile came to her lips, as she heard his breathing become more and more ragged. Her own breathing was kicking up a notch, soon her breathing was matching his pant for pant.

Unable to take the torture any longer, Michael growled deep in his throat, flipping Maria over, pinning her underneath him. Grabbing the top of her shirt in both of his hands, he ripped it in two...


{You are my purpose
You're everything
And how can I stand here with you
And not be moved by you
Could you tell me
How could it be any better than this}

Alex gently laid Isabel down on the bed. Watching in fascination as her long, golden hair fanned itself out on the pillow. He looked down at her lovingly, "You're are so beautiful, did you know that?"

"Of course guys have said that to me before," she saw the look of uncertainity dance across his features, "but, they don't count. Your opinion is the only one that I care about." Isabel reached up, placing her hands on each side of his face, bringing his head down to her for another passionate kiss. Soon they were both lost once again in the passion that had claimed them down stairs in the living room.

Alex lowered himself down on top Isabel. Feeling her softness beneath him, he let out a groan of longing. His hands traced the outline of her body with awe. She was so perfect, and she wanted him. His life couldn't get any better. He felt her hands gripping his shoulders as a moan was purred from her throat.

Alex became bolder, kissing his way down her neck, his hands moving up to cup her breasts. Cupping one of her breasts, he soon discovered that it wasn't enough. Lowering his hands, he began to remove the shirt from her body. "Princess?" Isabel responded by placing her hands over his, helping him ease her shirt over her head. Clad only in her bra, Alex was left speechless. He watched in fascination when she moved her hands to her back, releasing the clasp, removing the one thing that was obstructing his view of her beautiful upper half. Once the garment was gone, Alex couldn't help himself. He lowered his head, taking one rosy nipple in his mouth. He heard her moan his name as his tounge circled the nub, turning it into a rock hard pebble. She arched her back silently begging for more, as her hands slid into his hair, telling him that she loved what he was doing to her.

Isabel felt the ache in her stomach grow stronger and stronger. Her whole body was on fire where ever Alex's hands roamed. She had never experienced anything like it in her whole two lifetimes. She arched her back, wanting get closer. She needed Alex to help her extinquish the fire he had started in her. Her senses were reeling..

{You give me rest
You won't let me fall
You steal my heart
And you take my breath away
Would you take me in
Would you take me deeper now}

Michael looked at Maria, willing himself to slow down. Afterall this was techinically their 'first time', he wanted it to be more than it was the last time. This time there would be no 'good-bye, I'm going to my home planet', this time he would go slow, making a memory for them to cherish their whole lives. This petite blonde was his peace, his light, his strength, all in all his heart. Maria was all that good about himself, even if she did get under his skin like no other. He had never believed in soulmates, never feeling like he was worthy of something so special, but Maria had torn down all those walls with a her never ending persistance, making him realize that he did care for her more than he knew.

Smoothing the hair away from her face, Michael placed a kiss on her forehead, then her temple, leading down the side of her neck. Gently looping his fingers in her bra straps, he eased them off of her shoulders, then reached around back to unclasp it, looking in her eyes the whole time, making sure that she was ok with everything. Once she was free of the undergarment, he was once again reminded of the beauty that was Maria. He saw the love shining in her eyes, bending his head down he kissing her passionately. Her body was just as soft as he remembered...she was just as giving as always. Her body left him speechless, and her love humbled him.

{And how can I stand here with you
And not be moved by you
Could you tell me how could it be any better than this
'Cuz you're all I want
You're all I need
You're everything...everything}

Michael kissed his way down to one her breasts, one hand on the other. His spare hand was on her hip, holding on, trying to calm the rising passion in his body. It was a losing battle as he felt Maria begin to grind her hips into his. He raised his head long enough to let out a groan, "Maria..."

Maria moaned. Michael was making her shake with desire. He had opened his connection with her, just like the last time. Seeing herself as he saw her, once again brought the tears to her eyes. He was being so gentle, when all she wanted to do was rip his clothes off and have her way with him. She decided he could be gentle later, she needed him NOW . She raised her hips, grinding them into his, wanting him to lose control. When she heard the groan, she knew that her plan was working. She grabbed to fistfuls of hair, crashing her lips against his. Letting go, she raking her nails down his back, she grabbed his butt, pressing him against her most intimate spot. Her legs thrashed restlessly on the mattress, moving her hands to front of his jeans, she began undoing the button, unzipping them. She pushed him down off his body, leaving him gloriously naked. She was never more grateful that he preferred to go 'commando' most of the time. Reaching for his wallet in the back of his pants, she opened it, taking out the condom. She opened the package, sitting up, she took her time rolling it down his rock hard shaft. Her hands shook with desire by the time she had completed her task.

Michael tried follow Maria's lead, fumbling with the front of her jeans, but the raging lust running in his veins made the task all but impossible, especially when he felt Maria's hands on him. Growling in fustration, he used his powers to undo the button and zip, then divested Maria of the rest of her clothing. Making his way back up to Maria's face, he expected to find a hint of laughter, but was taken away at the smoldering look in her eyes. But it was her whispered plea that did him in. "Michael please, I want you..." Michael gave her a long lingering kiss, as he slowly entered her body. He slowly pushed his way through the barrier that claimed that she was his, and always would be.

Maria flinched at the slight pain that she felt. Soon it faded into the need that only Michael could provide relief from. She felt him begin to move in and out of her, pumping his hips into her body, in a rythm she clearly remembered. Her whole body was tingling, her mind a blank except for the pleasure that was invading every cell of her being. Her body was alive, matching Michael thrust for thrust, each time getting closer and closer to the moment that was just out of her reach. Her head tossing from side to side, she clawed at Michael's back, wrapping her legs around his waist, granting him deeper access.

Michael felt Maria's legs wrap around him, leaning his head down, he took one of her nipples into his mouth. Licking...sucking...nipping...then moved over to begin his tender assault on the other. He felt her walls start to clamp down on him, he thrust into her one last time. Feeling her spasming around him, he fell over to the edge of completion with her.

Raising himself on his elbows, he looked down at the girl who had stolen his heart. Pushing the damp hair off of her forehead, he looked in her eyes, saying it first this time, "I love you, Maria."

Maria saw the love in Michael eyes, lifting her head up off the pillow, she said against his lips, "I love you too, Spaceboy." She felt Michael ease himself from her body, to lay on his side. He pulled her close, putting an arm around her waist. Maria snuggled closer, her last thought before she fell asleep was, she was so glad she had fallen into the 'alien abyss'...

{'Cuz you're all I want
You're all I need
You're everything...everything
And how can I stand here
And not be moved by you
Could you tell me how could it be any better than this}

Alex felt Isabel become restless underneath him. She was writhing around on the bed, lost in ectasy. His own body was throbbing with desire as he continued to love her. He treated her body like a temple, because to him that was what it was. Alex kissed his way up her neck, taking his shirt off in the process. The contact of his skin next to his, made him made the pressure in his jeans almost unbearable.

Isabel ran her hands up Alex's chest, savoring the feel of his body on top of hers. His body was lined with muscles, not body builder muscles, but trim, lean muscles. She loved the feel of him under her hands. She ran her hand down his stomach, and her him hiss in response. He grabbed her hands with his, lacing them together as he gave her a deep, long kiss. Her whole body responded to the kiss, wanting more. "Alex, please make love to me."

Alex looked at Isabel...his addiction...his obsession...his love. How could he deny her anything? She was his princess. "Are you sure you want this Belle?"

"Alex if I know anything in life, it's that you and I belong together. I've dreamed of this forever. I'm sure." Isabel looked at him with sencerity and love she could muster through her desire induced haze.

Alex didn't need to be told twice. He slowly removed his own clothing, then hers. Taking care to look at her every now and then to make sure she hadn't changed her mind. Once she was fully undressed, he just stared at her. "Exquisite. Absoulutely exquisite...," Alex whispered as he rand his hands over her body. She was so soft, he touched her with reverence. Placing his lips on her neck, he kissed his way down to her collarbone. Every move was slow and dilberate. She arched into his touch, running her own hands down his back, and over his legs. He let his tongue glide over her nipple, circling it. The fire between them began to burn hotter, engulfing them in the flames.

Isabel felt Alex's gentle touch on her body, leaving a trail of fire in it's wake. He was being so gentle that it brought tears to her eyes. His touch was like the flutter of butterfly wings against her skin. Her whole body strained trying to get more. She was in a sea of raging emotions, lost. The ache was becoming more intense, the dampness pooling in between her legs. Her body was calling for a release that only Alex could answer.

Alex reached between Isabel's legs, gently entering her with his fingers. He almost passed out when he felt how hot, wet, and slick she was. He bent his down his head to kiss her, as he began to move his fingers in and out of her, finding a rythm that made her moan with pleasure. Her whole body began to tremble, then he felt her walls clamping down on his fingers. His name sounded like heaven coming from her lips, "AALLEEXX!!" He watched as she gained her release, her head thrown back in abandon, her back arched, her eyes squeezed tightly shut. She was beautiful. He reached over to his night stand, and pulled out the small package. Placing the protection on himself, he once again moved over her. Lacing his fingers with hers, he looked into her eyes as he began to enter her. Their hands and eyes locked together, he slowly pushed forward. Meeting the barrier that had to be passed, he whispered, "I love you Belle."

"I love you Alex." Isabel thrust her hips down, tearing down the last barrier that seperated them. She let out a small gasp at the sharp pain, but it soon passed. She felt Alex begin to move slowly, being as gentle as possible. She couldn't have loved him more at the moment. Then the familar pressure began to build in her body. The welcoming pleasure, and desire filling her being. Their hands still clasped together, Alex began to quicken his pace. She could feel his presence on the edge of her mind, his pleasure. S

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~Part 26 (con't)~

Soon Isabel felt pleasure coursing through her own body, tangled with the pleasure that Alex was also feeling. It didn't go unnoticed by her that his hands were still locked with hers, a small symbol to show how much he loved her. She'd never feel the same way about holding hands with him again, it would always hold a deeper meaning.

Alex's body strained against it's demands, wanting not to give in until he was sure that Isabel reached her own pinacle before him. He felt her body tense under his, and he knew instinctively that she was about to find her release. Then she began tremble under him, her back lifting to meet his chest. Alex found his release in response, falling over into bliss. He saw stars flash before his eyes, and Isabel as she was before. Catching his breath, he wondered if Isabel had seen the flash also. "Belle?"

"I saw it Alex. I'm starting to before." There were tears in her eyes as she looked at him, "I love you Alexander Charles Whitman."

"I love you too, MY princesss...ALWAYS" Alex pulled Isabel into his embrace, and they both fell off into a deep sleep.

{'Cuz you're all I want
You're all I need
You're everything...everything}


{Every time our eyes meet
This feeling inside me
Is almost more than I can take}

Liz woke slowly to sounds of moaning and grunting in the next room. When she realized that it was Michael and Maria, she let out a groan of her own at the noise. This was the last sound in the world anyone should have to wake up to. There were just some things one should not have images of when best friends are concerned!

Max felt Liz stir, wondering why she was waking up. He blushed to the tips of his ears when he heard the noises coming from Michael's bedroom. It left no room for the imagination, or was that too much room? Either way he looked over at Liz , seeing her staring at him helplessly, her hands covering her ears, with a smirk on her face. "Good morning beautiful." Max leaned over, placing a small kiss on her lips. He could wake up every morning next to Liz Parker, without the sounds of course, and planned to someday in the not to distant future. Rising to his feet, he held one hand down for her, helping her up also.

Once she was on her feet, he pulled her into his embrace. "Why don't we go outside, to Michael's back porch? It's a little chilly, but out of ear shot." Max said with his own little smirk. Kissing Liz one more time, he grabbed the pillows and blankets, heading to the side door.

As Liz followed, a ton of questions ran through her mind. Most of which revolved around a certian blonde creatin. "Max?" She asked after they were settled outside.

"Hmmm..." Max said as he started to nuzzle her neck. The trauma of the day was still fresh in his brain. Hell she had scared the crap out of him! But at the same time he was so proud of her. How brave and strong she was always amazed him. He would give her a few kisses before he started to lecture her about taking a few years off his life.

"How come I'm not in the middle of the transfer? Why are we here?"

"Well you said that Tess couldn't get out until you released her right?"

"Yeah, but..." Her words were silenced as Max put a finger to her lips.

"But nothing. You fainted earlier. We need you to be at full strength to do that. We know that it will cause you alot of pain, we wanted to make sure that you're ready." Max tucked a strand of stray hair behind her ear, "I couldn't live if anything happened to you. My life is nothing without you. Tomorrow morning will be soon enough. Which brings me to another point..." Max was silenced as Liz's lips met his. The familar flashes once again began.

{Baby when you touch me
I can feel how much you love me
And it just blows me away
I've never been this close to anyone or anything
I hear your thoughts
I can see your dreams}

He felt her panic at the knowledge that they all had went without her and the others. The fear when she realized that Tess was more powerful then him, Michael, and Isabel. The decision to save them all, without the thought that she would lose. She knew that she would win, for Max. For Isabel. For everyone. When she did, the relief, and the realization that it was almost over.

Then the flashes of her dreams as she was sleeping. The moans she had heard, had been her own in her dreams. Dreams of them together, making love. Their future finally coming together. Her love of him, and who he was becoming...

{I don't know how you do what you do
I'm so in love with you
It just keeps getting better
I wanna spend the rest of my life
With you by my side
Forever and ever
Everything little thing that you do
Baby I'm amazed by you}

The connection they shared ignited the passion that was always just simmering under the surface. Max deepened the kiss, running his hands through her silky hair. He pulled her body closer, letting his hands roam over her slim figure. She was so perfect, she fit in his embrace just right. His breathing became labored, as he fought for control.

Liz threw head back in abandon, granting Max easy access to her throat. His kisses were intoxicating, leaving her feeling drugged. Her hands roamed over his hard body, relishing in the feel that was Max. He was perfect, made just for her. Liz fought her own demons, as she fought for her own control. It was a losing battle, this is what she wanted in the deepest sense. It was right, her entire being felt it. "Max take off your shirt."

"Liz are you sure? I..." Max was a little uncertain. He didn't know if he could stop himself this time. He wanted her so much it hurt. He just knew that taking this any further, there would be no turning back. But how he wanted this...wanted her. She completed him.

"Max take off your shirt." Liz watched as Max did as she requested, then proceeded to take hers off also. Reaching back, she undid her bra. She was suprised at her own boldness, trying to stamp down the sudden nervousness that claimed her sitting in front of Max half-naked. What if she was too small? What if he was disappointed? God, she was so embarassed.

"'re more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. You were made just for me." Max leaned forward kissing Liz gently on the lips. He lowered her down to the blankets, waving his hand in the process. Soon the flannel blankets turned into soft fleece, and silk sheets. Max rained kisses down on her soft skin. Max moved his hands to her breasts, stroking them, then replaced his hands with his lips, and hot breath. She tasted so sweet, he couldn't seem to get enough.

{The smell of your skin
The taste of your kiss
The way you whisper in the dark
Your hair all around me
Baby you surround me
Touch every place in my heart
Oh it feels like the first time..everytime
I wanna spend the whole night
In your eyes}

Their kisses soon became heated. Their hands touching..grabbing..caressing. Each caress sending closer and closer to the point of no return. Even in their embrace couldn't seem to get them close enough. They soon discovered they both somehow had become completely naked in haze of passionate kisses.

"Liz, Liz we have to stop." Max groaned as Liz was kissing her way across his chest, up his neck. "If we don't, I don't know if I can later. Liz..." His thoughts were becoming muddled as he felt her hands running up his bare back, grabbing his butt in the process.

"Max I don't want to stop. Please. But we don't have..." Liz was lost. She wanted this more than she wanted anything.

"Shhh...I've got it covered, no pun intended..." Max saw a small smile cross Liz's lips. He just had to kiss her again, so he did. Max kissed her forehead, her temples, eyes, nose, finally settling on her lips. Max then followed the trail of his hands with kisses. Kissing the valley between her breasts, her ribcage, running his tougue on the inside of her navel. He felt her suck in her breath, but his senses were filled with the scent that was Liz. Grabbing her hips, he went down further, the tip of his toungue flicking the nub between her legs. Liz started to moan, causing him to groan with his own pleasure. He could spend a lifetime loving her this way. Her ectasy was infusing with his own, making him shake with need. He continued licking, as he stuck his fingers in her wet passage. Raising his eyes upward, he saw that her head was thrashing back and forh on the pillow, her hands tightly clenching the sheets in abandon. He began to pump his fingers in and out, feeling the tension radiating from her body. He held himself in check, as he felt the waves of pleasure course through her body, sending shudders in his own.

Liz knew that Max had felt her release. Their connection was wide open, letting the other feel the shared passion. She watched as he moved his way back up her body, a smile playing on his lips. The tip of his toungue ran over her lips, causing her to recall where those lips had just been. A new shot of lust slammed into her body, and she found herself wanting to feel him inside her. She tentively reached her down between their bodies, tracing her fingertips over his manhood. Placing her hand around it, she ran the pad of her thumb over the tip. She saw him close his eyes in ectasy, making a bold move, she placed the head of his manhood at her entrance. "Max please make love to me..."

Max looked at the girl he loved since forever in his arms. He knew that this was a big step for them, but he couldn't stop now, he wanted her to bad. He slowly eased himself inside her body. She fit him like a second skin, ecasing him in her love. Pushing forward, he whispered, "Liz I think that this is going to hurt a little. I'm sorry." Max placed a feather light kiss on her lips.

"It's ok Max, I'm ready. Please I can't wait much longer." Liz knew that the need was buiding in her again, and all she wanted was to be one soul with Max. She felt restless, the ache becoming almost unbearable.

Max entered her the rest of the way, when he felt her sharp intake of breath. Sweat beaded his brow, fighting to stay still, to ease her discomfort. Laying a hand between them, he used his powers to take away the pain. Once he was done, he began the rhythm that seemed natural between them.

Both saw flashed from each other. The first time Max had seen Liz, when Liz had seen Max. Their first kiss. Flashes from the past, healing a bird, a cupcake dress. Their souls intertwined, causing them not to know where one person's feelings began or ended. They were one body, one mind, one soul. The were sent to the stars, flying through the galaxy, sharing in each other's love. Finally the stars exploded, cementing them together forever.

When Max finally was able to open his eyes, he saw tears spilling from Liz's lashes. "Liz what's wrong? Did I hurt you?" Max pushed the hair out of her face, smoothing it away from her face.

"No! Max it was just so beautiful. I could feel you inside my soul. I never imagined..." Liz managed a watery smile for Max. "See these are happy tears. I love you. Thank you."

"No, thank you. I love you so much Liz." Max pulled the sheets over their cooling bodies, waving his hand once again to turn it into a warm comforter. Laying on his back, he felt Liz snuggle closer placing her head over his heart. He stared at the stars for awhile, silently thanking the 'V' constellation in the sky for sending him this gift.

{Don't know how you do what you do
I'm so in love with you
It just keeps getting better
I wanna spend the rest of my life
With you by my side
Forever and ever
Every little thing that you do
Baby I'm amazed by you}

Max kissed the top of Liz's head, and then promptly followed her into sleep.

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~Part 27~

Everyone met in Michael’s living room once again the next morning. What had happened between them all the night before, evident on all their faces. No one mentioned it to the other, but it was apparent in their expressions, and eyes. You didn’t have to look hard to see the new found purpose and completion lurking below the surface. They were stronger now than they had ever been before. They knew that they had to be to face what was about to happen next.

Everyone was quiet, not saying anything as Liz made the call to her parents stating that she was helping Maria run an errand for her mother in Hondo, and had no clue what time she would be back. After hanging up the phone, she simply walked to the door, a small encouraging smile on her face for her friends.

They arrived at the pod chamber in silence. Finally Michael was unable to take it anymore, blame it on Maria for her non-ending chatter, but he needed some kind of conversation going on to ease the tension. “Hey Liz good luck.” Okay so he was a man of few words, but at least he had said something.

“Thanks Michael, everything will be fine. I know it.” Liz then surprised him by impulsively throwing her arms around his neck, and giving him a huge hug.

Maria laughed at Michael’s awkward attempt to return Liz’s hug. He was just standing there with his arms at his sides, stiff as a board. “Nice one Guerin.”

“Whoa slow down the emotion train there Michael, you might derail. We actually might start to think that you like us humans after all.” Alex put in.

“Shut up Whitman.” Michael then stepped away from Liz, “We done here?”

“Yeah we’re done. Let’s get this over with.” Liz stepped into the pod chamber, then into where both the granolith and Tess were waiting. She walked over to Tess, who was still seething in her ice tomb. Seeing that Michael, Alex, and Max had all taken their places behind Tess, she placed her hands on the ice as it began to crack. “I am going to release you now, Tess. You will cooperate, is that understood?” Liz looked at the blonde girl in the eye, daring her to do something other wise.

Cooperate? Cooperate? How dare this lowly human bimbo order her around as if she was HER queen? Stupid little bitch, she show her how she planned to cooperate, Tess fumed to herself. Once the ice was cracked enough for her to make her move, she burst through the opening, lurching herself away from the Max and Michael elbowing them both in the stomach, doubling them over. Then she barreled past an astonished Liz, knocking her to the ground in the process. No one had time to stop her. She had taken everyone by complete surprise.

Everyone, that is, but Maria. She had just known that the sneaky blonde witch would try and make a break for it. She watched as Tess raced towards her, not noticing where she was going. She had a plan to stop her. She stepped directly in front of Tess, this time being the one to take her by surprise. “I have waited so long to do this…” Maria pulled her arm back, then let her fist fly directly into Tess’ face. Maria had hit her with everything she had, and was rewarded when Tess went down like a stone, unconscious. She waved her hand frantically in front of her, “Happy…Really, really happy…but, uh OWWWW!!!” She grabbed her wrist, hoping from foot to try and alleviate some of the pain.

“Damn Maria nice job,” Alex said in awe, then he preceeded to grab Tess by the hair, and drag her to the side of the granolith. Hey it was the least he could do, he thought, Maria had took care of all the hard stuff.

Max reached down a hand to help up Liz, running his hands over her face, he tried to find out if there was any damage. Sensing only her need to comfort and reassure him, he let out a sigh of relief. “Thank God she didn’t hurt you. Are you ready?” Max looked over Liz one more time. She may be ready, the real question was he? Was he ready to watch the love of his life go through all that pain? This would be the true test.

Liz tried to send Max reassurance through the special connection that they shared, hoping that it would ease his worries. “Max you should go over to Maria and heal her hand, don’t you think?”

Max blushed to the tips of his ears at Liz’s words. In his haste to make sure Liz was alright, he had completely forgotten that Maria was probably sporting either an broken wrist or hand. Max walked over to Maria, mildly shocked to hear Michael praising her on what a good job she’d done, but that he would have to teach her how to throw a decent punch without injuring herself in the process. Max just shook his head in reaction, he would never, in any lifetime understand the relationship of Michael and Maria. “Hey Maria, sorry I didn’t come over sooner. Let me heal that wrist for you.” With a quick press of his hand, he healed her wrist. “Thanks for what you did, Maria.” She nodded in acceptance, then looked over to where Liz was laying herself on the floor. Max followed her gaze, striding over to kneel next to Liz. Max slowly stroked Liz’s hair, kissing her gently on the lips. “I guess we should get started. Liz put your hand on the granolith. Remember whatever happens, I’m here with you. I would never let anything happen to you. I’d die first. I love you.”

“I love you too Max. Let’s get started.” Liz put on her brave face, preparing herself mentally for what was about to happen next. Placing her hand on the granolith, she waited for Max to say the words.

Max gave Liz one last kiss on the forehead, sending his strength to her through their connection. He stepped back, looking at Liz all the while. Alex walked up to him with the piece of paper that had the translation on it. Max took a deep breath, “The future queen is here. Let the old become the new. May she use her new powers wisely. Leading the people with knowledge and love, by my side, through out all time. Let the transference begin.”

Liz felt the hum of power begin to flow through her hand, then down her arm. Suddenly she was sucked into the granolith itself. Peering through the blue light at the others, she found and held Max’s gaze. She felt fine at first, nothing seemed to painful, only a slight floating feeling. The first sign of the change was more of a tingly feeling than anything else. Knowledge flooded her mind, knowledge of her new found powers. It was almost overwhelming. The pain started out slowly, a shifting inside that she was barely aware of. As time passed it grew more and more intense and noticeable. Soon she was biting her lip to keep from crying out and worrying the others. The taste of her own blood filled her mouth, she couldn’t hold it back much longer. A scream of pure agony ripped from her throat, as she fell into unconsciousness.

Max watched the love of his life try to be brave for everyone around. They hadn’t counted on the fact that he would also be feeling her pain. He felt the shifting deep inside that told him the change was taking place. His face contorted with unknown pain, taking deep breaths to control it, so it wouldn’t control him. As the pain built, he fell to his knees in anguish. He wanted nothing more than to race over to Liz, and help her, but he knew that if he did then it would mean her death. Lying with his arm wrapped around his side, he fell into the fetal position on the cold stone floor.

“Max!” Isabel yelled as she raced toward her brother. She had a feeling she knew what was going on, but was not entirely sure. “What do you guys think is wrong with him?” She knelt down, cradling his head in her lap.

“Well if they did what we all obviously did last night, then he’s probably connected on a higher level with Liz. We all know that they’re connection has always been stronger than all of ours. He’s probably going through what Liz is. Her pain is literally his pain.” Alex said thoughtfully, his eyes on his friend.

“That’s probably it. Although I feel for Maxwell if Liz ever has a baby, I really don’t envy him at the moment.” Michael looked at his leader and friend, hoping against hope that this wouldn’t take to long.

"Way to prioritize, Michael," Maria said a exasperated, her worried glances floating from one friend to the other. She snuck a peak at a moaning Tess on the floor, shrugging her shoulders at the girls pain. 'Bitch deserves some pain,' she thought to herself.

The hours passed, with only moans from Max every now and then to break the silence. Everyone was worried. The question on everyone’s mind was how much could they take? And for how long? No one knew, they only hoped that it would be over soon. After about an half a hour, they’re wishes were granted. Max slowly regained consciousness.

“Why am I on the floor?” Max was confused. He remembered feeling Liz’s pain, then nothing. Had he fainted? Liz, where was Liz? Was it done? Is that why the pain was gone, and he was now awake? “I need Liz. Can someone help me to her?” Michael and Alex came to Max’s aide. They helped him over to Liz, seeing that she was slowly coming awake also.

Liz came back to reality slowly. The pain was suddenly gone, and she was once again outside of the granolith. Raising herself on her elbows, she knew that it had worked. She felt different, but powerful at the same time. But yet all in all the normal. Now the only question left was what to do with Tess?


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Just a little note to say that on Sunday I have a full day of writing planned. The plan is to update all my sadly neglected stories (bad Maggie, Bad, BAD!!) I just got back from Vegas, and just hadn't had anytime with work kicking my butt and other's things. BUT Anywho, in light of the ROSWELL reruns that start on 'Sci-fi' on Monday, the goal is to upadate all of them as a celebration! So see you all on Sunday night!!

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