Beth the Alien Slayer

Part One

Beth walked up the steps to her new school.
‘West Roswell High’ Beth thought to herself.
‘God I hope this isn’t like my old school.’
She slowly reached the main school building and wandered in.
Students were everywhere.
Beth looked suspiciously at all of them.
‘I wonder if any of them are….’
“So you’re new,” A voice came from behind her.
Beth spun around and was greeted by a tall girl.
Beth looked up into her face.
A very tall girl, who wasn’t smiling.
“I’m Isabel Evans. Who are you?” The girl demanded.
Liz smirked at her.
“I’m Beth.”
“Beth, hmmm…Ok that kind of works,” Isabel said and Beth could see that she was trying to work out if the new girl would fit her social circle.
Beth turned and went to walk away.
“Hey wait,” Isabel started walking with her.
“Yes,” Beth said getting a little annoyed at this…tall girl.
“What class do you have first?” Isabel demanded.
“I have English,” Beth read off her class schedule.
“Well Ok that’s great,” Isabel said quickly “Join me for lunch Ok and I’ll introduce you to everyone.”
And with that Isabel Evans was gone.
Beth stared after and mouthed “Yeah right.”
“I saw that,” A male voice came from behind her.
‘Why are people trying to sneak up on me all the friggin time here, do they want to get their seal broken?’
Liz spun round almost knocking the guy over.
“Woah, I give up, I give up already,” He mocked holding his arms up “Please don’t shoot.”
Liz raised an eyebrow and stared at him.
The boy was obviously uncomfortable under her stare and started to fidget.
“So um, you look new,” he said smiling shyly.
“Yes I am new to West Roswell High,” Liz said trying to smile sweetly at this tall boy.
‘Why is everyone so much taller than me?’
“I’m Alex,” The boy smiled.
‘I think I like this guy.’
“If you ever need any help with computer-related activities I am your man,” Alex continued.
‘Of course in a completely platonic way.’
“Um Ok,” Beth managed without laughing.
“Damn it, I always tell myself never talk about being into computers in front of an attractive girl,” Alex told himself whacking his head lightly.
Beth laughed out loud.
Alex stopped and grinned at her.
“Yeah that’s what I was aiming for,” He said still grinning.
“I’m Beth,” She held out her hand which he graciously shook.
“So could you do me a huge favour and show me round this new school of mine?” Beth asked.
“Anything my lady,” Alex announced and linked his arm through hers and lead her off down the hallway.

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