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Title: Don't know yet but it's a challenge by
TD DreamerBehr
Author: DreamingAngel aka. Angel
Rating: PG 13 M/L
Summary: Well let's see Max and Liz are room mates, good friends, but Max is kinda like a boy slut. kinda being the key word and let's see what else? oh you probably want to know about Tess...but no can do!
Disclaimer: No! Ok So I might have a certain Jason Behr in my closet but shhhhh.. lol. no unfortunatly I own nothing but some pics and books
Author's Note: I had this idea in my head for a while and I finally decided to post it up but I have no title, that's where I need your help. I was thinking about I'm with you, or Things I wanna say from Avril Lavigne, I love naming fics from songs!

Ok anywayz enough of the dicussion here's the 1st part

Part 1

He stepped closer to her. His eyes boring into her. Under his scrutinating gaze she had to look down. He put his hands on her hips, and bent his head down, closer to her. She was standing flushed on the wall as he licked his lips anticipating the kiss.

~ ~ ~ ~

"Max! What the hell is wrong with you?"

"I didn't do anything!"

"You didn't do anything. Nothing huh? At all? Then tell me what the hell I was hearing while I was trying to sleep yesterday?!?"

"Oh umm..."

"Yeah. Don't dig yourself any deeper Max"

"Ok look. I don't know why you have any rules ok?"

"So I can SLEEP!"

Sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Liz Parker, I just started my freshman year in college, UCLA. I live with my friend Max . Well technically I lived with my Best Friend Maria Deluca, but then things got heated with her and her boyfriend Michael Guerin and she begged me to switch room mates, and when I say begged I mean she literally BEGGED, knees and all. So I caved and this is what I'm stuck with, Max Evans. We've known each other since the 3rd grade and have been friends all along. But the whole changing girlfriend every week has got to stop! I mean it! It's really bad you know. I mean I'm not even that bad!


Ok I know it's short but it's one page and I'm trying to post a part every two days that's why.

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Ok Guys thank you so much for the awesome Feedback! I'm lovin' it! So here's Part 2 now. I know it's short but I warned you guys before that they would be short! I have all parts up to Part 6 all written out so if you be good, me be nice *big*

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Part 2
*Max's POV*

What is with her? It's not like she doesn't do it!.Hell I come home and that's all I hear, her, you know. And it's not like she stays with the guy, she has one night stands too! most of the time. Ok Granted it's not everyday, but it's alot!

"Max?" I look up and there she is leaning on my doorframe.

"What?" I say trying to act annoyed but failing miserably, and I think she knows that too

"Maria,Iz and the guys wanted to know if you wanted to go to the bar tonight "

"Maybe, you goin'?"

"Still thinking about it, I might just stay here" stay here.That's what I was looking for. Two simple words. Meaning: Well you know...

"Ya sure me too then..."

"NO!! I mean why?"

"Because I'm not really in the mood right now" There's a knock on the door and I thought for a second she smiled? Anyway Liz went to go get the door and I sit here and wonder if I'm ever gonna get what I really want? Liz comes back in. looking frustrated

"I'm going to go to the store and then Maria's for 15 minutes and if I come back and she's still here, you and her will be in a shit load of trouble Maxwell" She used Michael's nickname for me, And I don't want to piss her off. Good this is what I needed to get my mind off things. Liz leaves and I walk over to the door giving Christina a grin before she comes over to me. 15 minutes, I gotta remember that or else she'll be pissed off even more. And I don't want that to happen

~ ~ ~ ~

Well tell me whatcha think ok? I really hope you all like it! And don't forget I live for feedback, the more I get the faster I post.

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Ok here's a new part. Short I know but I'm gonna try posting others before I leave tomorrow. I'm going to Florida but I'll have no access to any computers but I'll definetly post new parts! And I hope you have fun in Italy Belle. Bitch I wanted to go there! Well Anyways here's the new part,

Part 3 *Liz's POV*

"What did I do to deserve this? I mean come back Maria! I've done a lot!"

"Liz, I think you should make him jealous. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" Maria said with a smile on her "Or something like that!"

Maybe she's right! Two can play at that game

"Oh Liz! I have such a good idea!" Maria squeals

Oh no..... Maria and idea in the same sentence do not usually mix very well "What is it?" I ask, even though I'm not really anticipating her answer.

"Well remember that Kyle guy that he hates a lot?"

"The guy who tried getting it with me that night....?"

"Oh yeeeeah!" Maria said slowly, but I'm thinking OH NO!

"What about him?" I ask yet again not wanting to hear her answer. See the whole gang which would include Max, me, Michael, Maria, Alex and Isabel were at a club one night and this Kyle guy started dancing with me and then touching me and shit and I told him to stop but he didn't so I yelled when he started taking me away. Not that anyone could hear me the music was so D*MN LOUD! But miraculously someone did hear me or at least I think he heard me. And that guy was none other than Max Evans. So Max came to my resue and beat Kyle to a pulp! You know Michael, Alex and Max always act like older brothers to us girls. Well except to the girl their dating obviously! To them they act like overprotective boyfriends. besides me and Max since we don't really date, well I'm dating someone named Anthony but... It's nothing I assure you. Anyways, so Max can't stand the guy because of that. Strange.

"Well what if we plan it so Max catches you and Kyle together, I mean He'll go nutz!!!! You can do what he does to you AND see how he feels!"

Oh shit! I never knew Maria had it in her. I mean it was totally a Maria thing to say but for once Maria's thinking paid up!

"Tomorrow, we will go and get seducing outfis and he won't know what hit him "

"Aren't my outfits already revealing?" I say looking at low mudd jeans and tank exposes a bit

"Well ya but I'm talking short shorts and skirts, you know easy to rip off preferably" Maria said dancing around and shaking her ass, I'm telling you I find the weirdest friends!

"I'm likin' it" I say.

By the time I'm done, Max Evans won't know what hit him


Hope you like it! And I'm hopin' to post more before I go tomorrow night

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Thanks for the feedback!! I loved it! And so I'm back
with a very very ver short part but ya know the more ya give the more ya get! that's my motto!

LoL I'm such a briber*wink*

Part 4 *Max's POV*

That was all I needed to get my mind off her. Christina is really good but I can't help but wonder how good she is. Why did this have to happen to me? Apparently she is very, very good. From what I hear, and I'm not joking around when I say that. I mean L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y. Boys have such hard lives!( A/N: YA RIGHT!) I hear a key going into the lock and the door opens. I turn around and Liz walks in stops and when she notices me she looks at me surprised

"What?" I say, It's not like I do it on purpose to piss her off. I don't want to

"Where is she?



"'Cause" you were coming back, I wanted to say but I kept my mouth shut "I didn't feel like it" I know she doesn't believe me but she drops it anyways. She goes into the kitchen and I stay there, turning my attention to the t.v, she comes back in 2 seconds later and sits down beside me, I look a her from the corners of my eyes. BAD IDEA. She has a lollipop in her mouth. Oh no, it's like she does it on purpose! I'm tellin' you. She sits down next to me, puts her feet on the table. And then the phone rings and I'm telling me if there would have been no interruptions, I would have jumped her right then and there. She answers the phone and it's her current boyfriend of two weeks. I want to ask her to talk to him, my ole buddy, ole pal! (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?) I can't stand the guy! He's such an asswhole! He doesn't deserve her!


Hope ya liked it? Feedback?!?!
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You guys R Soo nice!*bounce* I love you all thanks for the feedback!
JDreamer-thanks and I know it's even frustrating to write it out
TD DreamerBehr- Thanx for the fb!
JaneLane- Liz is not dating Kyle, she's dating Anthony but whenever she sees Kyle she and Maria will make sure that Max sees them 2-gether, just wanted to clarify that thanks for the fb!
talena- Thanx for the bump! I want him to listen to himself too trust me!

Ok onto the next part!

Part 5 *Liz's POV*

I answer the phone and It's Anthony, my boyfriend.I've been dating him for 2 weeks now. I see Max out of the corner of my eye and he's just staring at me. I know he hates Anthony, that's why I started dating him to begin with. Now I know that the second I get off the phone with him I'll get the 3rd degree from Max.

"Hi Ant....ya....ok....sure...well maybe, but I'll talk to you later, I might have plans....k?" I say, I'm sorry I just have to add this! "Bye baby, see ya later" I say in a seductive tone, I smile. I hang up the phone and stare at the t.v, here it comes, get ready 3....2....1

"What did he call for?" Thank you very much ladies and gentleman, thank you thank you. Ah! I'm too good


"Oh I'm sorry I was just applauding muself in my head" I smile, oh shit what did I say??? He's giving me this incredulous look "Never mind"

"Well what did he want?"

"Very ipatient aren't we? straight forward huh?"


"Ok ok!He wanted to see if I wanted to go to Castello's tonight"

"For? And if you'll say no I bet he'll take some other girl"

Ok I'm not some naive blonde bimbo (A/N: No offense to any blonds, I know your not all like tess, cause that would be a mistake!)I know what Max says is true, but I don't care , it pisses him off

"Reminds me of someone I know" I say looking at him, Struck a nerve

"N-o! no no no no no. I'm in no way like thatpiece of shit. I don't lead girls on, I don't date girls and go behind their backs either!" He's go a point but still. That doesn't change the fact that he has a one night stand, EVERY NIGHT!

"Whatever, you keep telling yourself that to clear you concious"

"Parker your such a pain in the ass!!"

"And what? Do you think your any better?"

"Shut up!"

"Make me!"

"Fine I will!"

He moved closer to me and looked into my eyes, he looked like he was about to kiss me!



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Thank you so much for the feedback! I 'll have a new part out soon today, I'm leaving tonight so I'm cramming everything for today! lol. But I promise to have a a bunch of new parts when I return! We all know what I'll be doing when I'm bored or right before goin' to bed! lol
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Hey guys! I'm so sorry it took so long to post a new part. But I came back and had no time to post the parts and then school started and I really had no time!

Sorry again, I'm typing the new parts now so it'll be up in the next hour, leaving ppl a chance to give moi some BUMPS?!?!?

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Thank you for the feedback! lol

Here's Part 7

Looks like I interrupted something. OH WELL! Urg, I'll never see what he see's in her, She's so plain! And she's probably still a virgin, What a loser!

"Hi Max!" I say walking right past Liz "How are you?"

"Tess?" He says with this incredulous look. I don't think he believes I'm here

"Yes silly, long time no see"

"What are you doing here?" He asked me frowning. If it's possible, I THINK HE GOT HOTTER! He's wearing baggy clothes but not too baggy. I wanna jump him right now. Ok let's see what can we do besides the obvious?

"Well, I wanted to know if you wanted to go rollerblading?"

"Rollerblading?" He asks. Yes what are you deaf? I nod

"Tess we haven't talked for a couple of years and you just come knocking on my door asking to go rollerblading?"

"Well yeah and then maybe go to a bar later, I'll go get my blades!" I say running to the elevator and my car.

This is going to be fun! And I'll piss Liz off! Did I mention that in high school I knew that Liz liked Max at the same time that he liked her? Must of slipped my mind.


I know itz very short but I will post another part today if I getz me some fb!


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OK Here's the next part and have pity on me 'cuz I broke my arm and I can't type well. It takes forever even if it's just a page. Ok so here is the next part

Part 8 *Liz's POV*

*What just happened?* Urg! I think he was gonna kiss me.Max Evans was gonna kiss me! And Tess Harding barged in! She always ruins my Max time! And is it possible that years later, she's still at it! How the hell does that bitch do it?

"Liz I have no idea what she's doing here" Max is trying to explain. See Max knows that I hate Tess Harding, and if Maria...No wait scratch that out, when Maria finds out that Tess is in Max's life again. She's really gonna go nuts, and she will go after her. See Maria threatened Tess in High School. And let me tell you Tess was scared! Take my word for it.

"Save it Max"

"No Liz, you gotta help me" Ha! He's almost on his knees

"Help you what?"

"Get rid of her!" I smile, see I know that Max Evans cannot stand Tess Harding, therefore I don't mind letting him go. No worries.

"Max I helped in High School, now we are 20 and I think you can handle her by now, Plus I'm going out with Anthony today"

"Oh" Oh? That's it? No speech? Ok. Weird. Tess walks in again and I hear Max groan. Ha You suffer just like I am asshole!

"Max! Aren't you ready?!?"

"Hold on " Max mumbles and walks out of the room


Hope you enjoyed that 'cause it might be a long time beforeI write a next part unless I get someone to type 4 me
(wink wink belle) you know cause I can't type so If a friend would help you would get the next part sooner

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Ok I know it's been a while but my stupid internet is really screwed up but at least it gave me time to write some more parts!lol

K I'll shut up now

Part 9 *Max's POV*

Well today was pretty uneventful. Tess and I rollerbladed, ate lunch, rollerbladed again, and of course she fell and as expected I continued and preteded I didn't notice. But she stayed there her ass firmly stuck on the ground and when she yelled my name I had no choice but to go back and pick her up. I didn't want to hear her or talk to her, but everyone else in the park didn't have to hear her either, man. Now here's the comedy part, as I picked her up, she leaned in slowly, very slowly. And subtly might I add, but like I said, I've known her for a long time, too much of a long time, and she tried all the tricks in the book on me already so it was no surprise when she did this.

Anyways, so I picked her up and she leaned in and well since she was upI let her go and she fell right back on her ass. KODAK MOMENT!. That was too fucking hilarious! Hey my purpose was to pick her up ONLY!

Well now it's around 8:00pm and I took my friends up on the offer. Well actually Liz is going too, so that might be part of the reason why I decided to change my mind. I'm hoping we can finally get some damn lip action going on again, not that it happened at all. But I'm hoping it would finally happen tonight. I mean I'm sick of waiting for a girl that I've been waiting on for 9 years, grade 6 to now! I'm 20 going on 21 in December. I think it's about time I finally got the girl and took matters into my own hands! It's to take control! And I won't chicken out! No matter what happens! I will, you'll see.(whimpers a little)


Next part will be up tonight if I get enough fb, or tommorrow!promise

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You guys are hilarious, Yes Max grew some balls lol*tongue*

Like I promised here is the next part hope I get good feedback!

Part 10
(At the club)

The gang decided to go to clubbing instead of going to the bar. They got there at 9:41pm and the line was down the block, but they didn't have to wait 'cause the guys owned the bar.
Michael and Maria walked off and Alex and Isabel went to dance, leaving Max and Liz alone.
Liz was wearing a pair of blabk denim jeans with a red tight silky shirt that went off the sleeves, And Max was wearingbaggy black jeans and a fitting dark gray shirt that showed off all his muscles (LOL)

"So umm, wanna drink?" Max said

"Sure" Liz said as they walked to the bar, which was somewhat quieter, well enough that you didn't have to scream to hear the other person, you could talk normally. Max ordered a martini and Liz ordered a Shirley Temple (lol)


"So, How was your day with tess?" She said with laughter in her eyes. Max glared at her.

"I resent the fact that you made me go with her, I hate you for that" *Ya right* Max thought

"I know that's why I made you go" Liz smiled sweetly

"You know you can be a real bitch sometimes.........most of the times" He said earning him a hit over the head "OWW! See what I mean"He rubbed his head, Liz smiled

"Bitch" *Hot Bitch though*

"Player" *Hot ass player though*


Oh, whatever shall happen??*big*lol, please leave fb!!
hope ya liked it!