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title revelations parts 4-5
author jeremiah
rating pg-13, R later for language
summary after departure
disclaimer you know the rules , belongs to upn not me.

I just want to say thanks for the feed back I greatly appreciate it , if I get some more I will post part 5 tonight as well. so on with the story.


Liz and Maria had decided to go to the movies and do some shopping. They spent the whole day talking and catching up on all the details of their lives. Maria was saying how she loved the new michael since they slept together michael became more nutring and loving. Of course they fight still they wouldnt be michael and maria if they didnt. so about the time that liz got home her mother was waiting up for her.

"mom , sorry I didnt mean to be late it was just that maria and I lost all track of time."

"that is all right honey, there is just something I have to run by you."

"what is it mom?"

"How would you like to go visit your cousin meg in las vegas."

"really?" Liz said as she started to tap the table with her hand.

"Yes , we figured you need a vacation of sorts before you go back to school." Tap Tap Tap

"Thank You so much this will give me a chance to get to know meg."

"Your welcome dear."

"So when do I leave?"


"Why so soon?"

"See your father and I are going to an convention in new orleans, and we dont want to leave you alone." Tap , Tap, Tap. Liz was to surprise to realize that her mothr hand was tapping.

' what they dont trust me , what they believe I am going to get abducted by aliens.' liz laughed at the thought.

"What is so funny dear?"

"Nothing mom , absoutletly nothing. im going to go upstairs and go call maria."

"That is fine dear."

After the conversation with her mother ended, liz ran upstairs to call maria. Liz dialed the number only to get the voice she has been trying to avoid all summer.

"Hello DeLuca Residence.''

Liz couldnt breathe. " Max.."

Max couldnt believe it , he had only hoped to hear her voice again in his dreams , but here he was talking to liz or much rather listening to her breathe. " Liz is that you?"

"Yeah max it is me.. "

"how are you?"

"Good and... you? how are you max?"

"I miss you liz."


"I cant help it liz I miss you , I wish I can go back to change everything, cause you know I would because I love you liz, I miss seeing your angelic face , touching your silky hair , holding you , I love you liz can we please.." Liz didnt give him a chance to finish.

"Max is maria there or not?"

A little hurt and fustrated max answered. " Yes let me get her for you." Only if he had hold on for a few seconds more he would of heard the words he been dying to hear.

"I miss you too."


"Maria are you having a party and forgot to tell me?"


"Why is max over there?"

"See michael came over with the both of them saying that they need some time with friends and I said why bring them over here then?, and he got pissed and was about to leave and I wanted to spend time michael so I said it was fine , plus I meant for only isabel to stay but the man whore also decided to stay can you pleas forgive me?"

"Maria do me a favor please?"

"What is it?"

"Breathe, I dont know how you managed to say all that and not pass out from lack of oxygen."

"Funny, Ha- Ha im laugh so hard."

"Just joking, I just wanted to call and say I am leaving.." before liz could finish maria , well went a maria.

"WHAT YOU ARE LEAVING TOWN< OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!, I am so sorry that the male slut is here I will tell his royal skanky ass to leave now, MAX GET YOUR ASS OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"See chica I told him to leave so dont leave ok, please im so sorry that he was here, just dont leave."

"Maria first of all I want you to apologize to max and tell him to stay,and second of all I am only going for a few weeks, I will be back before school starts."

"Oh well why didnt you sat that before."

liz wasnt even going to answer that. " I leave tomorow so I just wanted to call and say goodbye.'

"Were are you going?"

"Las vegas to see my cousin meg."

"Las Vegas Liz are you sure that is a good idea, what about the whole letting go thing."

"I know that maria and I am , I just dont want to not go because of what might have been, by going there I , it will seem that I am taking my life back."

"Ok , just do me a favor meet some one have a great time.''

"Maria I will but I honestly dont believe that I will met someone that will change my life." Only if liz knew.

"Ok chica write and call me every day and tell me ."

"I will , but I will only be gone two weeks how much can my life change over two weeks." again only if she knew.

"See you when you get back , oh want me to take you to the airport?"

"No that is fine my parents are."

"OK I love you girl."

"Same here, bye maria."

"Bye Liz." maria hung up the phone and then realized some thing.

"Who the hell is meg?"

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forever dreamer- I love your name! thanks for the feedback. I am currently finishing part 5 and 6 today so I should be able to post tommorow.

I also just want to say thanks to every one that has read my story so far I know it is not that good, but I appreciate the feed back. I just need to get more feedback so I can learn what I need to do to make this story better. thanks- jeremiah
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Here is part five I just need to have feed back please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I appreciate all the feed back I recieved so far, I just need to have some more I will greatly appreciate it!!!!*happy*

starting with this chapter things will start to shape up and secrets will be revealed(That will be starting in part 6 *wink,wink*) it will get a whole lot interesting from now on. I uderstand that season 2 max was a a**hole and all so this is were I start to redeem him and for the group to get to were they were once before. so I hope you enjoy this part!

again I do need feed back so please dont be afraid to leave some for me, tell me you hate it what I need to work on so I can do better fics in the future and of course make this story better and enjoyable.

thanks and no more babbling , enjoy!


"MAX GET YOUR ASS OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" every one in the living room heard maria bellow out.

"What the hell was that?" michael was the first of the confused aliens to speak out . Isabel just smirked and max sat there with tears in his eyes , hearing a person that he thought of as a close friend yell at him like that. He got up from where he was sitting and spoke.

"Thank you for trying michael, I appreciate it I guess I screwed up too badly to be forgiven.Stupid me I cant believe I thought for a second that after how bad I messed up that any one would dtill want to be my friend, I will see you around michael." max then turned to leave, when michael interupted.

"max dont go, maria is just dosent know what she is talking about. you know typical maria for you, im sure she has a good reason."

"Yeah, she is just trying to calm liz down since she knows your sorry ass is over here." isabel said smirking.

"Great.." Max thought thinking about how probably true that statement is, and it made him sad to think about how far apart they have become. Once upon a time they couldnt go without a day without having some sort of communication between them and it was a pleasure to see each other. Now it was just the oppisite, well max still thought it was a pleasure, but not liz he made her sick. When maria returned to the room she returned to find a pissed off alien , a deeply hut alien and a smirking alien.

"What the hell was that for maria, what about forgive and forget?"

"Sorry michael! but I was worried about my best friend , the only one I have left! so pardon me if I made you all uncomftable!''

"Why are you worried about liz? is there something wrong?'' is she hurt?" max asked.

"Like you care!" Maria snorted, and Isabel laughed.

That was it for Max that was his breaking point and he lost his temper." I DO CARE MARIA, I LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL! SHE MEANS EVERYTHING TO ME!!!!!"

The over whelming amount of guilt came crashing down on max as his legs gave out and he was down on his knees begging and pleading for forgiveness.

"I know I was a total ass this past summer and I am so sorry for all the pain and heartache , I caused and I know that you are just sticking up for liz and I appreciate that. I hurt liz in the most hurtful way there was and there are no words to describe how sorry I am, if there was a time machine I would go back in time and fix it in a heartbeat but I cant....I .. cant... Now izzy I didnt know.. I didnt know that tess was mind warping alex, he my friend too and I didnt want him....him .. to die!" by the time that max was finished he was crying like there was no tomorow. At that moment Isabel knew as much as she wanted to stay mad at him, she realized she still needed him and that she loved him. That she also knew that he needed her as much as she needed him. Before she could tell him something maria spoke up.

"Yeah , but you sure as hell didnt love her with your body! you went ahead and slept with that murdering BITCH!"

"IM SORRY MARIA! there I said it again for the millionth time and I will say it again im sorry, im sorry , im sorry!"

"Dont yell at me you alien slut!"

Michael has had about enough." That is enough you two. max dont you dare yell at my girlfriend again, and maria , max made a mistake yes but you are acting like it was directed to you and before you yell at me I meant the sex part I know you upset about alex. but he was alex's friend too."

People make mistakes even aliens, isabel thought as she listen to michael impassioned speech and then she realized that she needed to say something as well.

"OH Max I know I havent made it easy on you but I am sorry for the way I treated you. yes im hurt over the fact that alex is gone, but that was no reason to not and try to work things out. But max you got to realize I lost someone special. You and liz may be apart now or forever but at least you can still see her face an hear her voice, What do I get? I get to think of what might of been. But I must realise that it was mine own fault only if I got to know him better, because I had wasted so much time." isabel cried.

"Izzy, Alex loved you! Dont even go there and say it was a waste , yeah you didnt realise your feelings until later rather then sooner but at least you had time at all."

"Thank you max,I know I havent said this in a while but I love you and im glad that you are my brother."

"NO thank you izzy that means so much to me . can I get a hug from my little sister?"

"Max im older then you?"

"I know just humor me." michael looked on with a smile as the reunion took place. ' good maybe things can get to normal again, or our normal again.' then he looked at maria.

"Maria is there anything you need to say to max?"



"MICHAEL! I know he is your best friend and all but what about mine huh? she got hurt by him when he slept with the bitch!"

Michael was about to speak up until max did. " Maria I know I screwed up and im sorry for that, I know this is no excuse but I thought that she slept with kyle."

"well you told her too." maria whispered but it was loud enough for max to hear.

"What are you talking about? I would never tell liz to do something like that!''


"What are you talking about maria?" isabel asked.

' oh man, great job DeLuca! Liz will be sooooo pissed.'

"Well it started one night back in october.."

MEANWHILE AT A HOUSE DOWN THE STREET ..... two people were having a conversation that by the looks of it wasnt a pleasent one.

"I have to tell them, they have a right to know."

"How many times do I have to tell you , we have to wait for the right time and it isnt right yet.'

"They are my friends and I cant keep lying to them."

"I know it is but it is for the best that it remains a secret for now."


"It is for their safety,that they must still believe that you are dead, tell me even though she is gone to another planet you will tell me that tess will be happy to know that she didnt kill you after all!"

"I guess you are right."

should I continue, if so feedback please!

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I just wanted to say is that I have updated my title, so I hope I can get some more feedback please I need to know if I should continue and to show me how I can make it better. so please can I get some more feedback thank you to all who has left me feedback.- jeremiah
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I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful feedback. I truly appreciate it. well hereit is sorry about the wait but I just finished it tonight and I figured I might as well post it. if I get more feed back I will work on getting more parts out. thanks again I hope you enjoy-jeremiah.


It was around 6 am when the alarm went off, which didnt make liz all to happy.'Damn clock' she thought as she got up to go get ready for the trip today. She finished her packing all last night. The flight to las vegas leaves around 11:30 so she had to go get ready. 'maybe this trip will be good for the both of us.''damn liz you just got up and already thinking about him, have a life much?' she thought sarcastically. liz went in her bathroom and decided to take a bath.It gave her plenty of time to think about what she is going to do for the next few weeks while she was away from roswell. Time to spend with cousin meg? and that came to light about last night when her mother brought it up. why now is she just meeting her cousin after all these years. Liz finally starting to feel like a prune she got out of the bath and started to get ready. She went over to her dresser and that was when she knew that he was there waiting for her. She didnt even have to turn around to know that it was max. Liz slowly turned around and faced him.

"what are you doing here max?"

"Liz I know that I shouldnt be here but I need to see you."


"Liz I know you are not ready and I understand that, im not here to pressure you or any thing, I just need to talk to you about a few things that have happened."

Liz was seriously trying to tell him to go and dont bother her but once she looked into his eyes she saw all the pain , pleading, desperation in his eyes , the only words she could say were " Go ahead talk."

At first when he heard those few words he didnt know what to do . liz was actually going to hear him out he wasnt saying anything bad about her it was just he is in shock that she is giving him this chance, a chance to make all things right between them again.' how did I deserve such a beautiful and angelic creatrue as liz?''I didnt ' soon followed.

"I know that I have hurt you by not believing in you about Alex's death. Which there are no words to describe to tell you how sorry I am for that, alex was my friend too and I turned my back on him,on all of you."

Liz wanted nothing more to go comfort him. That was what her heart was saying to her but her head kept reminding her of all the pain and the heartache.


"Liz thats not all, I know that this isnt a pleasent topic for you as well and I am so sorry but we need to discuss what happened between me and.." max was hesitant to say the name"..tess."

Liz couldnt bear to think were this conversation was going.

"Max..I cant...I mean..."

"Liz I know.."

"I cant talk about your girlfriend, please if you ever cared for me at all you wouldnt do this to me."

It broke max's heart to hear her broken voice but he knew that the only way for them to get back what they onced shared he was going to have to explain and tell her how sorry he was, and that meant talking about his mistake with tess.

"Liz PLEASE, I mean she's not my girlfriend, she used me! I know.."

"No max please..."

"Liz I know that you dont want to talk about this neither do I but we need to move on, we need to get past of what happened, and the only way to is to talk about it."

"I know it is just I was hurt by the one person that I thought would never hurt me."

At this comment max felt defensive. " Liz I wasnt the only one to do the hurting."

Liz was about to answer when a knock on her door arupted her.

"Liz honey are you all packed?"

"Yes mom."

"Good we have to get going if we are going to get to the airport on time."

"yes, mom." liz said while she was staring into max's eyes.

'She's leaving!' As a frantic Max thought."You are leaving?"

"Yes but only for a few weeks I will be back before school starts."

"Were are you going?"

"To go visit my cousin meg in Las Vegas."

' she is going to our place' Max thought with a smile that had both a mix of happyness and sadness as well.' I should be going with her.' Liz brought him out of his deep thought.

"Max I should really be going now."

"Wait.'' Max said " I still have to tell you my main reason that I am over here."

"What is it ?''

"I know."

"What do you know Max?" Liz said .

"I know.." Max was interrupted by Liz's mom.

"Honey we have to go now."

"Mom , a few more moments please."

"Sorry Liz but we have to go now."

"Sorry Max but I have to go."

"Liz I have to tell you something.."

"Sorry Max when I get back we will talk I promise." with that liz left. Leaving a shattered Max Evans behind. That was when he made his vow.

"Liz Parker , I love you and like I said before I am coming for you, and this time I will make for damn sure that we are together." While max and liz were talking neither noticed him hiding in the shadows of her balcony.

"We have to fix this."

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HI Again, I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful feed back, I greatly appreciate it. A Thank You goes out to Forever Dreamer,RoswellLuver,AngelEyes for the feed back. I ust finshed part 7 and I decided to go ahead and post it to see what you guys think of it. And as always I would appreciate more feedback. Thank You- Jeremiah.


Alex could barely watch the emotional meeting between his two close friends. What he witnessed was a scene he thought he would never see and that was were one of a Liz Parker and Max Evans and they were not comftable with each other.'another thing we could blame Tess for, that bitch!' alx thought.

"We have to fix this."

"We can't."

"Why not?"

"Because they have to work it out themselves."

"How is that going to happen when liz is off in las vegas and max is here in roswell."

"If they are truly soulmates then they will find a way to be together."

"It is just hard to see a once close and tight group fall apart at the seems."

"I know sweetie."

"I mean their my friends and I dont wont to see them hurt and upset."

"I know alex..alex I have to go know but before I go I wanted to tell you that they love you and they will understand when they find out."

"You Think?"

"They will understand, they are your friends are they not? they will understandd that you did it for the right reasons."

"I hope so.."

"Alex, I have to go know and since this is the last time I will see you , for a while at least I need you to do me a favor?"

"What is that?"

"Take care of my honeybear."

"No problem grandma."


Max was still going over in his head of what just took place at Liz's, as he was walking home. ' two weeks is a long time.' he thought. ' well it is your fault that she is leaving.' he was blaiming himself. then he spoke about the vow that he was going to make true.

"Like I said Liz Parker we will be together again."

At the Las Vegas Airport.....

Her plane just landed and liz was nervous. " Why did I come here again?" she asked herself again for the thousandth time since leaving roswell. Las Vegas is her and max's place. Change that it was their place until everything had to change.

"Liz!!!" She heard someone call out her name. A tall and slender redhead walked up to liz.

"Hi Liz im Meg."

"Nice to meet you."

"Same here."

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure go ahead."

"Why is it now that after all these years we are finally meeting?"

"Boy! You get to the point really quick!" Meg laughed.

"sorry if that was rude."

"No problem, see your mother and mine got into a huge fight aand that is why we never met."

"What did they fight about?and why didnt my mother didnt tell me?"

"I dont know but I am glad that I get to finally meet my cousin."

"Me too."

Liz and Meg rode to Meg's place catching up on the other's lives. And by the time they got there they were on the topic of max.

"So tell me , if you love with him so much why are you two apart?"

"It's complicated, and can we please leave it at that."

"Sure, lets go in and get you settle you in."

Liz and Meg went inside.

"Nice place."

"Thanks, it is small but it is quaint."

"Wow, I thought I would not hear that word in vegas."

"Hey liz before I forget there is a party on the strip did you want to go?"

"Sure why not?"

"Great! I want you to have some fun while you are here."

"It will do me some good."

"That is the spirit!, it starts at 8. go ahead and make yourself at home."

"Thanks I will."

"Now I know we just got here but I.. I mean would you mind if I go over to my boyfriends house."

Liz laughed, " Boy do I feel welcomed!"

"Im sorry liz never mind I will .."

"No you will go over to your boyfriends house I wont put you out when I am here I want you to continue your daily life, so go on and have fun!"

"Thanks liz I will be back so I can pick you up."

"I will be ready."

Meg left and liz was alone with her thoughts.' I guess I can go take a bath.' 30 mins later she was out and she decided to watch some tv, big mistake. All that was on was soaps and talk shows all talking about love.

"Aint love grand?" Liz said as she was reminded of what she had with max. " Yep love is soooo grand!" she said sarcastically. she turned the tv off and that was when she noticed it.

The Liquor Cabnet.

"Well cuz, I am going to make myself at home."

It was 7:45 when meg came home to pick liz up for the party.

"Liz im back, are you ready?" she asked to only find a drunken liz.

"Mmmeeeeggggg yyyoooouu bacssssssshkkkk!"

"Liz you are drunk!"

"Yep, I am!" Liz giggled, as she stared to dance around.

"Ok I guess we stay home."

"No me wantsssss to gooooooos PARTY WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Liz pouted.

"Liz you are drunk! you are in no shape to go!"



"Pleassssseeeee I need this!"

Against her better judgement Meg consented. " Lets go."

They got to the party around 8:15. Then Meg saw her boyfriend." Hi George, this is my cousin liz , liz this is my man!" Meg said.

"Hi Liz."

"Hi I am liz and I am DRUNK!!!!!!" Liz laughed as it was the funniest thing in the world.

"Really I couldnt tell!" george said sarcastically.

"Yeah I know I tried to keep her at home , but she wanted to come and since this is her first night here, I figured what the hell!"

"You Go Girl!" Liz said.

"Alrighty now!" George said as he looked at liz.

"Im Fine guys why dont you go ahead and mingle I will be fine."

"Liz I dont want to leave you in your condition."

"I Fine!, you go please! georgie tell her im fine!" liz slurred.

"You know were to meet me if you find trouble."

"Yes at the car so go!"

"Ok but dont do anything I would do." Meg winked.

"I will trrryyyyyyyy" liz tried to say.

Meg and George went off some were and liz decide to go to the bar.She went up to the bartender.

"Hi Mr. Guy , me want to get drunker."

"ID Please."


"I thought so, try again when you are 21."

"aaaaaaahhhhh dont be a meanie!!! pleaseeeeeee!" Liz wined. Then at that moment a third voice was heard.

"Yo she wit me! Ed.gits lady what shes want."

"Alright but nobody knows."

"Hey nos problem aigt princess."

At that liz finally turned around at saw him." OH MY GOD MAX WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!!!!"

Zan was confused at first but realised she knows about him. " Yo yous mean my cornball dupe?"


"Ait I talkin 'bout max evans?"

"Yes when do you start growing a goatee.....and then liz realized. " ZAN!"

"Yous real smart uh?" Zan laughed.

"I thought you were dead?"

"Well yous thoughts wrong." Zan said to the small yet beautfull brunette that was in front of him.And then he realized he didnt know the angels name.

"Yo whats yous name?"

"Liz . Liz Parker."

' wow liz parker yous a sexy little thing' zan thought. " Yo liz yous want to do somethin?"

"Surrrrrrreeee." Liz slured.

Zan and Liz sat there for a good 20-30 mins and both of them were drunk as hell.

"LLiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzz, comesssssss wit meeee!"


"Yous trust me?"


Zan didnt know why but that simple made his world. " lets go walkin." So that was what they did. they talked about everything max and ava and how their world was shooked up.

"Yo's you ait scared?"

"Of Who?"

"Me's,cuz I alien."

"Hell no! in fact I think you sexy as hell."



"SO yous wouldnt be mads if I did this." Zan placed his hand on Liz's face and gave her a mind blowing kiss. she could feel the rough feel of his goatee and stud and it turned Liz on. Zan broke the kiss and said.

"Come n wit me."

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Wow I appreciate all the wonderful feedback.

Foreverdreamer- I am glad that you liked that part. thanks for writing!

Crazy4Max- I am also glad you like that part as well. Thank you for writing!

Well I was just sitting around the house doing nothing and I have a few more parts done. so I figured I might as well post part 8 now. and if I get more feedback I will post part 9 tonight as well. Thanks again for all the wonderful feedback. Of course more is welcomed!*big* Now on to Part 8.

P.S Sorry about the Zan's Accent I really dont know New york so It might not be that good.


Liz and Zan were walking , or trying to walk seeing as drunk as they are. They been silent for the last few blocks or so and the quiet was getting to Liz.

"Were are we going Zan?"

"Its a surprise."

"Oh Really , I just love suprises." Liz replied.' This is so amazing he just looks like Max they could be twins minus the New york accent and the clothes.' liz thought.' But at the same time their two separate people , sorry aliens I should say.' Liz thought all the meanwhile checking out Zan's body. ' Oh god that body it is so tight,those muscular arms those delicious biceps and it looks like a yummy six pack as well.'he has the same body and muscle tone as max of course Max didnt have no tattos and piercings and no goatee.' Normally liz wouldnt find any of those attractive but on Zan they worked and she delt even more attracted to him. She was so lost in thought she didnt realize she said something until it was to late.

"Nice Ass too."

"'cuse me?" Zan asked while sporting a smirk.

Usually something like that would make Liz want to crawl up and die with total embararesment, but with the amount of alchol that she had she wasnt in fact it made her bold.

"You heard me."

Zan couldnt help but smile , because he was thinking along the same lines. " I can say the same thing about yous."

"Really you are having thoughts of me?"

"Most definetly."

"What Kind of thoughts?''

"Lets just say thats im glads yous mom isnt here cuz I can get arrested."

Liz laughed at the corny pick up line , and Zan was thinking what was funny.

"Yo was so funny?"

"I hope you know that line was corny?"

Zan couldnt help himself he laughed along with Liz. " kay's that was sorta corny.''

"Yeah, but tell me what thoughts I want to know."

"Lets just say we be workin'out and iam talking about with no clothes, just our naked sweaty bodies gettin on and I might as well add to we were loud."

After that comment Liz could feel her body warm up from the mere thought of making love to Zan. ' and you can do whatever you want to me Zan.' were did that come from? she thought. But at that moment Liz was to drunk to care all she knew was that yes she might be intoxicated but she is having fun, which was a thing that she didnt have in such a long time. iut of no were she said.

"You know I always thought that I would always give myself to the man that I would someday marry."

"really that is interestin'" Zan replyed.

"Yeah it was a dream of mine.''

"Oh Yeah." Zan said as a thought came to him when he saw was down the street.

The Elvis Wedding Chapel

"Come on Lizzie let me's make your dreams come true."


Maria DeLuca was working along with her boyfriend during the dinner rush at the crashdown cafe.

"God can these people go home and eat, no they have to come and bug me , man and they are nothing but PIGS!"

"Maria it is not that bad."

"Yes it is, plus I could think of something else WE could be doing, if you know what I mean."

Michael was speechless. That comment made michael forget that he was cooking on the grill at the time, but jose' noticed.

"Yo chico, your meat is burning."

"I know.'' michael said, maria just giggled.

"I dont think that is what he meant. Michael realized. " Oh God im sorry." as he was cleaning thr grill. Maria and Jose just laughed.

"You Are Such a pervert!" Maria joked.

At that moment Isabel and Max walked in. " Hi Guys what can I get you guys.''

"A cherry coke and space fries." Isabel ordered. Max was still a little nervous about the status of his friendship with maria.

"What do you want to order max?"

"I will have the same thing."

Maria could tell that max was nervous. " Max it is alright I had a conversation with Liz and she made realize that I didnt have to choose,so everything is fine between us."

Max smiled at that but what made him the most happiest is the fact that Liz told Maria to still be friends with him. 'that must mean that she still cares, right? right.'

"Since max is speechless I guess I will thank you for him." Both girls laughed.

"Funny." max said as maria brought out their order. " Guys would you mind if I set with you guys since im on break."

"Go ahead." Max said and a few minutes later michael joined them.

The table of friends were laughing and talking, something that hasn't happened in a long time. And Max couldnt help but ask Maria About Liz.

"So Maria when did you talk to Liz?" Maria laughed.

"Couldn't wait uh, max?"

"No..I...just wanted...guess not." Max blushed.

"Well I talked with her the night before she left."


"Just give her sometime max,she loves you but she needs some time.''

"Alright, it will be hard as hell, but if that is what it takes to get her back, then I will do it."


Jose came out of the kitchen to get maria. " Maria , chica some one is here to see you."

"Who?" Michael asked.

"Dont you know it is my other Boyfriend, of course!" she said sarcastically.

"funny,funny." michael smiled sarcastically.

"I will be right back." Maria went to go see whoever was here to see her. While the three aliens continued to talk until they heard Maria screamed.

"OH MY GOD!!!!"

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"OH MY GOD!!!" Maria screamed as she saw the figure that was in front of her. When the three alien teens heard this they took off to back room to check to see if maria was alright. They burst through the door to find a passed out maria . Thet were to worried about her to notice the figure that was there as well.

"Oh My God! Maria." Michael rushed over there shaking with worry over his love. All of this while he was still in the room.

"Missed me guys?" Alex joked.

At that second the room became so quiet that you could cut the tension with a knife. Max and Michael was just standing there speechless and shocked. Isabel was the first one to speak up.

"Al...Al...Alex?" her voice was strained with emotion.

"Yes it's me Izzy Bell."

At first when she first saw him she couldnt believe it. She thought this was another one of her dreams that she would wake up from crying, but when alex called her that she knew it was him. Isabel broke into tears and ran into his waiting arms.

"Alex I missed you so much." Isabel cried as she held on to him as if her life depended it on it.

"I missed you too princess.''

Michael and Max finally spoke up after the intial shock wore off. " How?" Michaell and Max both said at the same time.

"I will tell you all later but first we have to tend to maria first."

Michael picked up maria and both he and max put down on the couch, Isabel and Alex just standing there staring at each other.

"Alex I .. I ..when I thought you were dead my heart finally woke up, but I thought it was to late. But some how your here with me now and I just wanted to say I love you."

"I Love You too."

Isabel and Alex , after confessing their love for one another went over to help Michael with maria. By that time maria was coming around.

"Michael....mmmmm.. I had this dream that alex was here and he was alive, but I know that he is gone." Maria said in her little girl voice which broke michael's heart.

"Baby it wasnt a dream alex is really here with us."

Maria's eyes grew wider when she saw him. She got up, isabel moved to give the two friens space.


"Yep it's me Teflon Babe!"

Maria jumped into his arms with tears in both of their eyes and laughter filling the room which brought tears to the pod squads eyes.

"I missed you so much, Liz and I didnt know what to do without you...." Maria suddenly stopped.

"What is it Maria?"

' OH MY GOD ! LIZ! wait until she finds out !'' Alex and Max smiled at the thought.

"Well I guess we have to wait until she comes back from vegas."

"Yeah....wait you knew she went to vegas."

"Yes." Alex answered nervously.

"How long have you been back?"

"I got out of hiding about a month ago."

"A MONTH!" They all shouted at Alex.

"How could you not tell us ?" Isabel asked heartbroken.

"If you guys give me a chance to explain I will tell you."

"Come on guys, lets be glad that we have Alex back."

"Thanks Max."

"Your welcome Alex."

"Ok Lets go up to liz's balcony so we wont be interupted."

They all followed Alex, Max stopped and pulled alex aside and told the others to procede.

"Alex I dont know what to sat to you saying 'Im Sorry' seems so trivial."

"Max , you didnt mind warp me , she did. IT'S HER FAULT NOT YOURS!"

"It's Just.."

"NO It's not just, she played you too! so dont blame yourself. You couldnt have known."

Max smiled at his friend. He appreciate the fact that he didnt blame him for what happened.

"So come on, let's go to the others."


Meg was worried. She was wondering were the Hell Liz was. She knew that she should of made her stay at home.She was in the middle of a pity party,when her cell phone went off.


"Megggg." Liz slurred.

"Liz were are you? I have been waitng for you for a hour!"

"Sorry I just called to say I wont be home tonight."


"You heard me."

"Were are you staying at or more inportant WHO are YOU staying with?"

"Want to know?"


"Guess staying with.. MY HUSBAND!"


"My husband, well im sorry but he is starting to get restless to start our honeymoon if you know what I mean!"


"Bye Cuz I will let you meet him tomorow." liz hung up.

' Great now aunt nancy will kill me' Meg thought.


"I Cant believe I'm Married." Liz said.

"Me's too."

"Really?" Liz slurred.

"Yep I thoughts I hads to marry Ava."

"Im glad you didnt'."

"Mes too, comes on lets gos to bed.''

"But im not tireeed!" Liz slurred.

"Yos who said anythin 'bout sleppin'?" Zan said wih a smile on his face all the while he picked her up and raced to the Bedroom, shutting the bedroom door.

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Liz had the biggest hangover in the history of hangovers. What the hell happened to me she thought as she wa waking up in a strange bed. Where the hell am I ? Then she heard a voice, that brought her out of her foggy state.

"Yo's yous awake."

Then it came all rushing back to her in one flood of memory.

"OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Liz was freaking out big time. She Liz Parker got married last night, and not only did she marry, she married her ex-boyfriends dupe!

"Yo' whats up?" Zan was worried for his wife.

"Whats up? is that I got married to someone that I barely know? And oh my god! I slept ..."

"Stop rigt there princess! we didnts sleep together."

"We didnt."

"No we didnts, an nots cuz I didnt want to , cuz yous a hot little thin its, just I couldnt takes advantage of some one as you in thats condition."

"Oh Zan, I dont know what to say."

"Dont worry, dont plus I know that yous in love wit him."

"You do?"

"Yeah, saw the flashes."

"Zan, I want to let you know that I didnt mean to lead you on and hurt you."

"No dont worry abouts it.."

"NO! It's not, you have been hurt to much in your lifetime, and you dont deserve it! If I wasnt in love with Max, I would want to be with you. In fact im not going to lie to you, I am attracted to you, and I do care for you and I want to be your friend, if you let me."

Zan didnt know what to say, no one in his whole miserable life said that to him. Liz was special and he knew it, that is why he couldnt let what he wanted to happen take place because he knew that she would regret that, and he didnt want her to regret one second of being in his presence. He didnt know it but his eyes were getting misty with unshed tears, memories being brought up by Liz's kind words.

"What's wrong?"



With that he told her of all the pain that he went through after what happened after lonnie and rath tried to do to him and how he feels he has no one, he normally dosent allow this to happen, let his emotional side to come out, he couldnt help it, it was Liz!

Liz decided that she was going to help him, she couldnt turn her back on him, and that is why she decided to do what she was planning.

"Come on, zan lets go, im going to take you home to Roswell."

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