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Title: Fear
Summary: Just read
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Sara Mclaclen-Fear mp3

She sat there it was her first day as a sophomore. She knew she should feel older, but she didn’t she was still plain ol ordinary Liz that lived with her foster dad in the Roswell Trailer Park. Back for another year to sit in the same spot of the room she did in every class, the back. She felt secure there no one bothered her, no one saw her.

The bell rang signaling the end of her first day. Liz sighed as she threw her bag over her shoulder exiting the class. That's when she bumped into him exiting the classroom next to her. an amused smile spread across her face as she rummaged through her bag.

“Thought you didn’t believe in first days” Finally finding what she was looking for she placed her glasses on and turned her head up to an un cheery Michael holding up his first detention slip.

“Believe me I don’t” He said rolling his eyes.

“I’ll be at work come down when your done” said Liz giving a half wave to Michael who walked back inside the school to face his first day punishment.

She proceeded down the sidewalk towards the dinner she had been working at for about a year and a half. She liked it there before she worked there that's where her and Michael hung out all the time anyways. The only problem with working there was Maria who started a couple of months ago.

Maria expected Liz to be like her friend at work and they would grow into the best of friends. Liz didn’t have anything against the girl she seemed really nice and maybe if Liz were your every day average teenager she could have a friend to sit and watch sappy chick movies with. Instead of forcing Michael to do her the honors of that duty.

Liz couldn’t have anyone enter her world besides Michael they were the only ones that knew about each other. They depended on each other for their only source of friendship and family. They were good at it they had been doing it since she moved into the trailer next to his. Both of them were found wandering naked in the dessert. Anything before that they couldn’t remember. They just clung together considering each other their sibling. They had been doing that for the past 11 years and never stopped. It was and unspoken agreement between them that neither objected

Liz walked into the Crashdown pulled from her thoughts as she slipped into the back and put her uniform on. Once in front she noticed how dead it was their was only one customer and Maria looked like she already got him so Liz leaned against the counter. Slipping in to her own invisible thoughts world when a bouncy Maria walked up next to her.

“Hey Liz, you know if you need a ride to work after school I can give you one.” Maria said offering Liz her best smile with her offer. Maria had tried everything, she wanted desperately for them to be friends but Liz just kept pushing her away not mean just in a very polite get the hell away from me kind of way, but Maria was not one to give up.

“Thanks Maria, I like to walk though it gives me time to think” Liz said with a small smile and turning back to her Invisible world hoping Maria would end it at that but something told her she was wrong.

“Think of what?” Maria questioned

“Reflection” Liz stated not meeting her eyes.

“Huh” Maria uttered confused.

“My Day!” Liz said a little harsh and then she could see the hurt look in Maria’s expression and turned her face a little warmer. “I like to reflect on my day” Liz didn’t have to go further or hear Maria’s response because she was saved by the one person who she tries to push out of her mind the most.
Max Evans and his sister Isabel.

and he conveniently sat in her section. A small smile curved around her face as she approached their table.


Should I continue or not.

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Morning smiles
like the face
of a newborn child
innocent, unknowing

Winter's end
of a long lost friend.
Speaks to me of comfort

but I fear
I have nothing to give.
I have so much
to lose here in this lonely place.
Tangled up in your embrace
there's there's nothing I'd like better than
to fall.

but I fear
I have nothing to give.

Wind in time
rapes the flower
trembling on the vine
and nothing yields to shelter
from above
They say temptation will destroy our love.
The never ending hunger

but I fear
I have nothing to give
I have so much
to lose here in this lonely place
tangled up in our embrace
there's nothing I'd like better than
to fall

but I fear
I have nothing to give
I have so much to lose
I have nothing to give
We have so much to lose...

-Sara Mclaclen, Fear

Part 2

It was Saturday another wonderful Saturday working at the Crashdown. Max and Isabel were in their regular booth and Liz could of swore she saw him looking at her. She smiled at the thought but then shoved it aside.

The thought of Max Evans even liking her puts butterflies in her stomach and brings a love sick smile to her face which is really something she didn’t need. She has had the biggest crush on him since he showed up to Roswell Elementary in the 3rd grade. She knew she was weird Michael reminded her that she couldn’t be with him every time that love sick look went on her face he would go about snapping his fingers and saying no like a 90 year old granny. Liz dared to tell him this once and he turned her hair green.

“Ok I got one Sigourney weaver and one Will Smith. Can I get you guys anything else. Marshin Pie, Blood of Alein Smoothie” She looked between the two who looked to be deciding between themselves. They were defiantly there for the ‘crash festival.’

She walked back behind the counter and began with her next order. Michael took the stool in front of her at the counter.

‘Hi Micheal” She said without turning around she posted her order on the cclip and rotated it around.

“Hey, busy?” he questioned looking at the restraunt.

“No Micheal what would make you say that” Liz said sarcastically

“Hey when you get the chance a Will Smith would be great” Micheal said smiling

“Sure” she said drawn away from their conversation by the argument that two of the customers were having in the back was starting to get increasingly loud Liz walked around the counter to see what in was about. She looked around the corner at the men that started to get up She didn’t even have a chance to see it.

The next thing she knew was she was on the ground she felt the most instense amount of pain that she has ever felt in her life. She knew she was shot just the thought though was had to focus on any thought was hard to focus on.

“Liz you have to look at me” so far away she didn’t know who was saying this until she saw until the most soulful familiar eyes she would know them anywhere.................Max Evans.


Sorry it was short but I will try to get the next part out later tonight Thank you everyone for the feedback!!!