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By: Beldaran1 (Dionne)
Rating: NC-17 – for violence, abuse, and adult situations
Category: M/L CC; AU but Aliens are Aliens
Description: After the death of her mother Liz finds herself in a horrible situation…when her friends find out they will go to any length to help her and keep her safe…at least they’ll try.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell, or any of the characters. I am just borrowing them and will be sure to return them when I am done. The title of this story is from the song “Schism” which is the sole property of Tool.



Journal Entry – I’m Liz Parker and today the destruction of my world was complete…no matter what happens now or in the future the me that used to be me is dead and somehow this new me will have to find a way to muddle through. God…does that even make any sense…I don’t know and I guess I really don’t care…nothing makes sense to me anymore…all I know is that now I have another secret to keep…except this one…this one…no…I can’t write about it yet.

I’m sorry Journal…I know I promised never to keep any secrets from you or Max…but this…this…you’ll just have to be patient and let me tell you in my own time.

The very first real secret I ever kept…and still do and will probably go to my grave keeping…was when I was eight and found out that my best friend and two of my other closest friends were (as Max likes to put it) “Not Of This Earth”. Alex, Izzy, Michael, Ria, Max, and I were out riding our bikes and having a blast when my front wheel hit a rock and I went flying through the air and landed on my arm.

Ria said I hit the ground so hard she was sure I was dead…I wasn’t dead…but I remember wishing I was…when I hit the ground I broke my arm…it hurt so bad I wanted someone to just chop it off so that it would stop hurting. I begged Max to make it stop hurting…I don’t know what I had expected…but I didn’t expect him to literally make it stop hurting. Max was so scared after he healed me he was shaking…Izzy burst into tears…and Michael got really really mad. Ria, Alex, and I promised and pinky swore that we would never ever ever tell anyone about what happened and Max told us the truth about him, Izzy, and Michael. After that the six of us became inseparable…we did everything together…and Max became my bestest best friend.

Max and I promised each other that no matter what we would always be bestest best friends…and we would always tell each other the truth and never ever keep any secrets from each other. Over the years we kept that promise…we told each other everything…I was always the first to know and he was always the first to know. Max knew me better than anyone…better than I knew myself and vice versa.

Then we all turned thirteen and so far this year has been the year from hell.

The first bad thing that happened this year was Ria’s dad leaving. He just took off…he didn’t even say good-bye…he just left a note saying he wanted a better life and that he’d “Keep in touch”. Ria was devastated…she’s still devastated…it’s only been seven months since her jerk of a dad abandoned her and her mom. The only person she really talks to is Michael…I mean she talks to me too…but not as much a she talks to Michael. I know how she feels…she say’s her Spaceboy is the only one that really makes her feel safe now…Max does the same thing for me.

I really really wish Max was here now…I need him so much…I…

Sorry about that…it’s really hard to write and cry at the same time…it’s just…every time I think about Max and how much I miss him and how much I need him right now…I just…okay…deep breaths…deep breaths…

God…this is so hard…the second bad thing that happened this year was Max and Izzy leaving. Four months after Ria’s dad took off for a “better life”…Max and Izzy’s dad got promoted to Sr. Partner and they moved to LA. It happened so fast…one minute we’re all together trying to help Ria…and the next were saying good-bye…our group of six cut down to four. I cried and cried…I couldn’t help it…Max has always been a part of my life…since the day we met we’ve never been apart from each other for more than a day…and now…now…God…here I go crying again…

Okay…I’m back…I just hate this so much…I feel like a vital part of myself is missing…and it’s just so hard without him. We e-mail each other everyday…and ‘chat’ online as often as we can…and we’re allowed one 3hr phone call every Saturday…but it’s not the same…and I can’t tell him…maybe face to face I could…but not in an e-mail or on the phone…he’d be so worried…and I can’t…God…I wish he was here…

God…will I ever stop crying…will it ever just stop.

I don’t know how to write this…so I guess I just will…last week my mom died…she was killed in a car wreck…and she wasn’t alone. It’s the biggest scandal to hit Roswell in…well…I guess it is THE biggest scandal to hit Roswell ever. See my mom…Nancy Parker…and Michael’s dad…Hank Guerin…were having an affair…and I guess it had been going on for years…but nobody knew about it. They were apparently on the way to one of their…interludes…when my mom…uh…went down on Mr. Guerin who lost control of the car and swerved into the other lane and was hit head on by a sixteen wheeler…they both died on impact.

Michael says in a weird way this makes us brother and sister…I’m just glad he doesn’t hate me.

My dad hates me…and sometimes I think Michael’s mom hates me too…but my dad really hates me…and that hurts more than…God…I still can’t write it…

I’ve always been closest to my dad…my mom and I always had this antagonistic love-hate relationship…she never understood me and was always standoffish…not like my dad. My dad was my hero…he made everything okay…but my mom’s affair and death changed him…and now…now…

We buried my mom today…and I couldn’t cry…does that make me an awful person? I’m just so angry with her…how could she do that…be unfaithful…be so damn selfish…and then to die like that and leave all these broken and shattered pieces behind…God…I wish Max was here!!!!! He wanted to be here for the funeral…be here for me and Michael…but his dad wouldn’t let him come…he sent me a ten page e-mail telling me how sorry he was and how much he wished he could be here.

I guess I can write the rest now…

After the funeral my dad dropped me off at the restaurant and then left…I don’t know were he went…but when he came home he was drunk. The last of the people had left and I had finished cleaning up the restaurant and drudged upstairs to our apartment…and he was sprawled on the couch…I could smell the alcohol from clear across the room. I asked him if he was okay…and that’s when he looked at me…his eyes were filled with hatred…he hated me…my dad hated me.

He started yelling at me…telling me I was nothing but a slut and a whore…that I was a stupid bitch and a disgrace…and then…then…he hit me. He hit me so hard I thought my head was going to explode…I fell to the ground and he started kicking me…again…and again…and again. I tried to crawl away from him…but he grabbed me and threw me across the room…I must have hit my head because everything went black.

When I came to…I couldn’t move…everything hurt…my head…my back…my stomach…my arms…my legs…it hurt so much to move but I had to…I was so scared he would hit me again…I had to get out of there. I somehow managed to crawl to my room and lock the door…and then I crawled to my bathroom and locked that door…and I’ve been in here ever since…too afraid to leave my bathroom…praying that two locked doors will be enough of a barrier to keep him away.

I never thought in a million years my dad would ever hurt me…and now…just the thought of my dad fills me with terror and dread…I don’t know what I did that was so wrong…that was so bad that he would hate me and hurt me like this…I’m so scared…so scared…


Liz climbed into the bathtub and closed the shower curtain…curling herself into as small of a ball as she could. She covered her ears and prayed that he would go away…that he would just go away.


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Part 1

3 years later…

“Bzzzzzzzzz…in further news…Roswellians…prepare yourselves for the hottest summer in recent history…”

Liz reached out and grabbed her alarm clock and threw it across the room…sighing in relief as it hit the wall and fell silent.

‘God…another fucking dreary day…at least it’s the last day of school…gotta give props for that.’

Grumbling under her breath she rolled out of bed, automatically putting most of her weight on her left leg, still not used to having her cast off. It had been such a relief to finally have it removed, to be able to finally walk on two legs again without hobbling around or using crutches. She booted up her laptop on the way to her bathroom, turning on the shower and brushing her teeth without once looking in the mirror; the only time she ever really looked in the mirror was to assess the damage and make sure any unsightly bruises or cuts were completely covered and out of sight of prying eyes.

‘Well at least that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about…dad’s been gone for a month this time…if I’m lucky maybe he’ll stay gone for the summer.’

The hot spray of the shower was starting to wake her up, her brain moving from the sluggishness of sleepiness to the alert clarity of wakefulness. Quickly finishing her shower she pulled on her terrycloth robe and walked to her closet, now that her cast was off she had more options on what she could wear. Keeping in mind the recent heat wave, she decided on blue jean short shorts and a light pink cropped tank top, pulling on a light pink thong and matching bra, she finished getting dressed. A quick glance at the clock told her she just had time to check her e-mail and maybe respond before she had to leave for school.

Opening up her e-mail account, she couldn’t contain an excited squeal when she saw that she had new mail from Max, eagerly she opened up the message.

To: lizardpark⊕
From: mightymax⊕
Subject: My dad sucks…and I’ve got a surprise for you…

Hey Lizard:

Good morning…I know you’re up bright and early…it’s a pity really…you losers in Roswell are still in school while us free loaders in LA got out of school last week…this is me laughing *ha* *ha*!! I know just how much you LOVE school!!!

Anyway…my dad is such a rotten bastard…not only has he been cheating on my mom for at least the past 2½ years…he’s now making a big stink about the divorce settlement…I mean fuck…he’s the one that couldn’t keep his dick zipped!!!! So fuck yeah he has to pay out the ass!!!

He came over to the house last night…laying into mom about how if she was prettier or kept herself in better shape he wouldn’t have had to seek other women for his needs…the fucking bastard!!!

So I get up in his face…telling him he needed to get the fuck out of our house before I throw his ass out…no way was I going to just stand there and let him disrespect my mom. Then he started yelling at me…telling me I was nothing but a delinquent and a loser…that I was going to end up overdosing in some crapped out crack house by the time I turned 18. When he started laying into Iz…that’s when I grabbed him and threw him out of the house and told him not to fucking ever come back.

I had to go and pump some iron and beat the shit out of the punching bag before I finally started to cool off…hearing my mom sobbing in her bedroom almost set me off again…and I swam about 50 laps in the pool before I finally decided to just sleep outside. I miss looking at the stars with you in Roswell…you can see them so much better there…in LA there’s always so much smog and haze…you’re lucky if you can see the fucking moon.

I know you’re getting pissed about what my dad said about me…but don’t…I realized a long time ago that my dad doesn’t have a fucking clue about who I am (and I’m not talking about being Czech…). I mean shit…Iz and I have the top two G.P.A.’s in our class. You were definitely right about that Lizard…if we don’t drink, smoke, and do drugs…and if we make straight A’s…there’s not a fucking lot they can do to you…they just have to sit back and watch you flip ‘em off as you walk past them.


I wish I was back in Roswell with you…I can’t believe it’s been three fucking years since I’ve seen you…at least if I was in Roswell you’d finally tell me what’s wrong.

I know…I know…you’re fine…I hate it when you lie to me Liz…and I know you’re lying when you say you’re fine…I thought we pinky swore that we would always tell each other the truth…I still love ya babe…I just wish you would come correct…no matter what it is…you have to know I’d do anything to fix it or make it better Liz…anything!!!

I know you’re trying to not worry me by not telling me what’s wrong…but you’re only making me worry more…every time we talk on the phone I hear in your voice how your not fine…but I’m going to try and be patient and let you tell me when you’re ready…just like I promised.

Okay…I have to go…but before I do…yes…yes…yes…I have a totally fucking amazing surprise for you…but I’m not going to tell you what it is…you’ll just have to wait and find out later…and no…I’m not even going to give you a hint!!!

Later babe…

PS – Don’t bother responding to this e-mail right now…if you don’t get moving…your pretty ass is going to be late for school…so…go already!!!

Smiles – M.

“Oh Shit!”

She looked at the clock and saw that she was going to be late if she didn’t hurry. Shutting down her laptop, she stuffed it in her backpack and grabbed her overnight bag for the weekly sleepover, and ran out of her room…only to stop suddenly and stifle a yelp of surprise.

Her dad was home.

She felt the instant flare of terror and fear rise up in her as she pressed herself against the wall and held her breath as she silently prayed that he didn’t hear her. A muffled snort and moan reached her ears and she sighed in relief…he was asleep…probably passed out. Not wanting to risk waking him, she quietly slipped back into her room and closed the door. Quickly she climbed through her window and crossed her patio, expertly going down the fire escape, and jumping the last few feet to the ground.

Using the keyless entry she popped the trunk of her Silver-blue Mercedes SL convertible (the most recent - I’m sorry Princess for beating the shit out of you - guilt gift), tossing in her overnight bag and then sliding into the driver’s seat and starting the car. Speeding through the streets of Roswell, she was just able to make it to school on time.

“Well…well…well…Lizzie…cutting it a little close aren’t we?? I mean I know it’s the last day of school and all…but really…tsk…tsk”

“Shut up Alex! Looks like you’re cutting it just as close as I am”

She walked over and hugged her best friend…well one of her best friends…who promptly picked her up and swung her around in the air.

“I’m so happy you finally got the cast off Lizzie…just in time for fun fun fun under the hot Roswell sun. Promise me Lizzie…no more falling down the stairs…okay…you could’ve broken your fucking neck!!”

The ringing of the warning bell saved her from having to tell yet another lie, and giving Alex one final hug, she took off for her only class of the day. Her stupid physics teacher wasn’t giving a final…no…the sick bastard was making them all come to class…on time…on the last day of school to receive credit for his class. Sliding into her seat just as the tardy bell rang, Liz tuned out the noise around her and stared out the window, lost in thought.

She hated lying to her friends…especially Max…lying to him was like dying a little each time she did it…but she’d been lying for so long now she didn’t know how to stop. After the first lie, they just slipped so easily off her tongue, she could tell them in her sleep.

‘Oh…I slipped getting out of the bathtub and fell on my side.’

‘I was helping out in the Crashdown and tripped over a box, hitting my head on the counter as I fell’

‘I fell out of a tree and broke my arm’

‘I fell off the ladder and cracked my ribs’

‘I accidentally spilt a pan of hot grease and burned my arm and side’

‘I was holding a tomato in my hand while I was cutting it and accidentally cut open my hand’

‘I wasn’t looking where I was going and fell down the stairs breaking my leg’

Lies…lies…and more lies…sometimes she felt like she was drowning in them…like she was suffocating and couldn’t breathe. At least now that her dad had started to open up a lot more Crashdown restaurants in New Mexico and surrounding areas he was gone a lot…sometimes even for months. It was only when he was home that he started drinking again, and once he started drinking it was only a matter of time before he was beating the shit out of her again.

She thought about how fucked up their lives were…her dad used her as his own personal punching bag…Max and Iz’s dad was a philandering son of bitch who took out his mid-life crisis on his family…Michael’s mom had never gotten over his dad’s death and betrayal (turned out she really was Michael’s sister…at least in the since that his adoptive dad was her biological father) and spent more time getting high or stoned or snoozing on tranqs than she did keeping track of her son…Maria’s mom spent most of her time gang banging and trying out new levels of experimental sex, they’d had to put industrial strength locks on Maria’s bedroom door when one of her mother’s party favors tried to give young and innocent a try, lucky for Maria Michael was there and he beat the shit out of the perv…and Alex’s dad spent as much time abroad as he possibly could only showing up maybe once or twice a year.

It was really shitty how all of their parents were filthy rich and used their money to buy them expensive guilt gifts, like that would make up for fucking up their lives.

Liz sighed in relief when the bell finally rang signaling the end of yet another wasted year of academia. By passing her locker, which she had already cleaned out yesterday, Liz started to make her way to the parking lot to wait for Alex, Ria, and Michael, when she found her path blocked.

“What do you want now Kyle? Looking for your daily dose of rejection?”

“Look Liz, I really like you and I think if you just give us a chance we’d be really good together. I mean God Liz, you’ve been pining away for Max Evans for three years, the dude’s not coming back to Roswell. I wish you’d…”

“Yeah well Kyle… you can wish in one hand and shit in another and see which gets filled first…the sooner you fuck off the better. The answers no and will always be no…why don’t you hook up with Pam Troy…I hear her door is always open for business.”

Deftly stepping around the school’s star quarterback she again made her way out to the parking lot, shedding the stench of institutionalized public learning behind her and mentally gearing up for summer vacation.

She was almost to her car when she heard a soft deep voice speak her name with soft reverence and she froze, convinced that the heat of the sun beating down on her head was making her delusional, and then he spoke her name again…adding only one other word…



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Part 2

She was so beautiful she made his heart ache.

Seeing her again after all this time was incredible and terrifying all at the same time. Part of him was singing and rejoicing at finally being in her presence again, but another part of him was full of fear. Three years was a very long time and even though they had kept in constant contact with each other, change was inevitable and they both had changed. Not just physically, but emotionally and mentally and he could only hope that she would feel the same for him that he did for her.

She was everything to him. He knew that now. Hell, he'd always known that. But they were best friends, and friendship he knew how to do. Tease her about her hair. Listen to her when she had a problem. Hug her when she needed comforting. Drown in her beautiful brown eyes.

Ah, that was where the friendship began to get fuzzy.

And that was when the fear set in. How could he risk changing what they had? At least, now that he was back, he knew he'd get to see her everyday. But if he crossed that line…

Friendship he could handle, but more than friends? What if he sucked at being her boyfriend? What if she ended up realizing what he'd known for a long time? That he didn't deserve her. He just couldn't handle not having her in his life especially now that he knew what it was like not to be able to see her everyday.

The risk was too great, and yet worth taking.

Coming up behind her he softly called out her name and he couldn’t keep the reverence out of his voice, the way the sun was shining down on her made it seem as if she was glowing. She froze in front of him and he waited for her to turn around, when she didn’t he called out to her again.


He let out a slow breath as she finally turned around to face him and then he gasped. She looked even more beautiful than he remembered; the pictures she had sent to him over the years didn’t begin to do her justice. She was so tiny and beautiful and perfect.

"Max." She breathed the word in a whisper.

And then she was in his arms. He didn't know if she'd come to him or he'd grabbed her, but it felt so right to be holding her. He picked her up off the ground, swinging her in circles, both of them laughing as they clung tightly to each other.

Slowly he put her down, his eyes hungrily tracing over her face wanting to permanently imprint every feature into his memory. She reached for him again, pulling him back into her arms and whispered into the curling hair around his ear, "You're home. You're finally home."

When she had woken up that morning she had been sure it was going to be another dreary useless day and even the sharp stab of terror she had felt when she realized her dad was home hadn’t been able to penetrate the cold numbness that was starting to take over her life. She had dreamed and wished for this moment every day and every night since he’d been gone, and now with his arms wrapped tightly around her she could feel the numbness shrinking away to nothingness and she could finally breathe again.

It had been three years since he'd boarded the plane that would take him away from her.

Three years since she'd gazed into his warm, amber eyes.

Three years since she’d felt safe.

Max found his voice first. "Well, do you like your surprise?" He took a step back but pulled her hands into his own, afraid she would disappear if he didn’t maintain some kind of physical contact with her. "Are you really here?"

"I'm really here. Are you?" she whispered shyly. She was too afraid that he would disappear if she moved. She stared at him, unsure of what to do. What she wanted to do was throw herself back into his arms, tell him all about the nightmare her life had become and never let him go.

She blushed, thinking about being in his arms again. She cleared her throat. "I more than like my surprise Max…I love it! How…how long are you here for?"

Max’s smile lit up his whole face as he told her his good news. "I’m back for good Lizard! Mom decided to move back to Roswell to put as much distance between us and that rat bastard as possible."

“Oh God Max! You’re really back for good?” She couldn’t contain her excitement and started bouncing up and down; this was the best thing that had ever happened to her.

Max laughed as he watched her face flush with happiness and her eyes sparkle. “Yep, you’re stuck with me now Parker!” He looked at her, giving her an obvious once-over. A slow smile spread across his face as he watched a rosy glow fill Liz’s cheeks.

Liz stopped bouncing up and down and just stood there, unable to do anything. The look he was giving her was turning her entire body to jelly. She could feel her face burning as embarrassment rushed through her and she took a step back from him and looked away; trying to act like being this close to him didn’t affect her at all. She was pretty sure she was doing a really lousy job.

“Liz,” he said softly. “Look at me.”

She swallowed hard. She said a silent prayer for strength and then looked at him. Her breath caught in her throat when she looked into his eyes. They were dark and stormy, looking at her with need, a need for what she didn’t know, but she could tell he needed something.

“Max? What is it?” She asked, suddenly worried, and stepped toward him, touching his arm.

“Now that I’m back for good, I wanted to talk to you…really talk to you,” he began. He noticed the fear that crossed over her face, quickly covered.

“Talk to me about what?” She asked innocently, praying he wasn’t going to say what she knew he was.

“About what’s going on with you, about why your beautiful eyes are so sad.” He said calmly, knowing she knew exactly what he wanted to talk about.

Her eyes widened and she took a step back. He watched as she tried to figure out what to say, how to get out of this. It was obvious that she was conflicted. He could see her mind working, whether to tell him or not to tell him. It only made him more determined to find out exactly what was going on, what had happened that was so bad that she would lie to him.

“Liz,” he said, closing the gap between them. His hand reached out and caressed her cheek. She leaned into it, closing her eyes, wanting to stay in the moment forever. “Don’t you know you can say anything to me? Nothing could ever change the way I feel about you.”

Liz opened her eyes and looked at him. Her heart pounded inside her chest. “And how do you feel?” She whispered so softly that he almost didn’t hear her.

He smiled down at her, so lovingly it made her whole body ache. He lowered his head, his hand moving into her hair. She tilted her head up, her mouth opened slightly in anticipation. “Like this,” he breathed, his lips inches away from her.

“If you don’t get your hands off her I’m going to kick your ass!” A cold voice behind Max demanded.

Liz was turned away from the voice and she froze when she heard it. Max paused and glanced behind him, letting his hand slide out of her hair and down to her arm. He was going to pull her closer to him, but she was already there, pressed against his side.

"I said to let her go,” the voice said.

"Well, I know you did, but since I'm not holding her against her will, I don't think I really need too." Max let go of Liz's arm and dropped his hand to his side. Liz immediately picked it up and squeezed. He glanced over at her. She didn't look afraid, just a bit, well, she looked a bit pissed off. Suddenly her eyes narrowed and she cocked her head to one side.


"I'm handling this Liz."

Liz started laughing. "Oh man, this is just fucking rich." She looked over at Max. "He's that guy I told you about, the one who can’t seem to take NO for an answer."

Max broke out into a wide grin. Well, this was going to be fun.

They both turned around to face Kyle. Liz dropped his hand and crossed her arms over her chest. Max looked at her and knew she was trying to decide if she was angry or amused. Max looked at the stupid jock that had been trying to put the moves on his Liz for the last year.

"Kyle is it?" Max raised an eyebrow. "Can I have a word?" He asked, moving a few feet away from Liz.

"Yeah, what do you want?" Kyle retorted; he could still feel the jealous rage churning in his stomach at seeing this asshole groping on Liz. ‘I'm not going to let this bastard move in on my territory’, he thought to himself.

"You’ve been trying to get Liz to date you for a year now, right?" Max asked, calmly looking at the man, taking in the expression on his face as well as his body language.


"So, she keeps turning you down, right?"

"Yeah but so what, she keeps pinning away for the mythical Max Evans. As soon as she realizes the dumb fuck is never coming back the two of us will finally be able to hook up."

"Well, I wouldn't be so sure." Max chuckled. "Because, you see," He stepped forward and laid his hand on Kyle's shoulder, squeezing tightly, "I’m baaaaaacccccccckkkkkkk."

Kyle concentrated on not cringing at the amount of pressure the guy was putting on his shoulder. When he registered what Max said, his eyes popped open and then narrowed. "No way! You're telling me your Evans? From what I've heard he's a real pussy mama’s boy and sorry, buddy, you ain't him. He's a scrawny little shit, all sensitive and delicate."

Max increased the pressure a bit. He knew that before he moved to LA he was a bit on the small side, but he’d spent the majority of the past three years pumping iron and boxing. That coupled with the fact that he’d hit some major growth spurts in the past few years…scrawny he definitely was not.

He turned his attention back to Kyle. "Well, it seems we have a difference of opinion. I'm almost positive I'm Max Evans, I've got his bike parked over there by the curb, his driver’s license in my wallet and I'm pretty sure," he said looking down at his outfit, "these are his clothes I'm wearing."

Liz had moved over a little closer to the two guys, when she heard Max telling Kyle who he was. She stopped abruptly and tried her best not to fall on the ground laughing. Max was treating Kyle like he was a fucking idiot, which he was; Kyle gave a whole new meaning to the term dumb jock. Seeing that their tempers were starting to flare, she realized that things could get ugly any minute. Kyle being the Sheriff’s son and Max just getting back in town, she had no doubt who would get blamed if a fight broke out; so she stepped between them.

"Whoa, there fellas. No harm, no foul." Her back was to Max and she took a step backward, forcing him to let go of Kyle. Max stood there a moment disappointed, ever since Liz had first mentioned this stupid bastard he’d wanted to kick his ass. Then just to infuriate the guy, he placed his hands possessively on Liz's shoulders.

He lazily rubbed circles along her neck and smiled when Kyle glared at him.

"Um, Kyle," Liz managed to get out. Max's hands were doing such wonderful things to her neck and shoulders. She could hardly concentrate on what she was saying, she just wanted to stay there and let him do that forever. "Right," she shook her head shaking herself out of the sleepy haze Max was weaving around her. "Kyle, this really is Max Evans," She turned slightly and looked at Max. "And he really really doesn’t like you, so if I was you I’d scurry away now."

Kyle was suddenly very uncomfortable. This really was Max Evans and he was fucking huge, he looked nothing like the puny kid he’d seen in that picture he’d stolen out of Liz’s locker. Oh man, he was in deep shit. Max watched as the realization passed over Kyle's face, followed by a satisfying look of fear.

Kyle unconsciously took a step back and some of the color left his face. He swallowed. "Hey man, like Liz said; no harm no foul. This was all just a misunderstanding."

"Relax, Kyle, relax." Max didn't smile, and his voice took on an even sharper edge than it had earlier. "You were just being the stupid ass that you are, however, if you so much as breathe in Liz’s direction…I will introduce you to a world of hurt. Oh, for future reference, when a lady tells you no and that she’s not interested…she means it."

Liz felt a sudden warmth spread from her heart out to the very ends of her fingers and tips of her toes. Max had almost kissed her before Kyle had shown up and ruined the moment. And that was something. She could build on that. ‘Because’, she thought leaning back into Max's chest, ‘I'm never going to let him go again, no matter what.’

He was her world, but more importantly he was her heart, and she distinctly remembered learning in her honors biology class that you couldn't live without one of those. She looked up at him and smiled. He was still rubbing her shoulders and he glanced down at her with a small smile.

Liz pulled away and looked at him. “Did I hear you say you had your bike?”

Max rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I made sure it was shipped out here before I left LA.” His eyes darkened for a second. “I’ve been looking forward to taking you for a…ride,” he said and winked at her.

“Then let’s go already,” Liz exclaimed. A delightful shiver went down her spine as she thought about riding through the desert, nothing but her and Max, “Let me leave a note on my car for Ria, Michael, and Alex and we can go!!”

“Okay, you leave your note and I’ll get my bike. Okay?” He turned away before she could answer but he did catch her wide grin.

Liz ran over to her car and quickly scribbled a note for her friends and placed it on her windshield, then she put her keys under the seat; she knew one of them would take her car to Alex’s the site of this week’s sleep over. Hearing the loud roar of a motorcycle Liz turned around and gasped. When Max had told her that he was getting a Harley she hadn’t imagined it would look this, all chrome and shiny steel…black and damn sexy.

Standing beside Max’s bike, she was suddenly nervous. She knew it was because she was going to be able to hold him again, feel the muscles ripple in his back as he guided the bike down the road. The thought of being able to touch him, really touch him, was making her crazy. She just might jump him and have her way with him, or go insane trying to resist her urges.

She laughed to herself, ‘When did you turn into such a raving sex queen?’

He handed her a helmet and waited for her to climb on the bike. Liz stood still for a minute, then gently placed her hand on Max’s back to keep her balance and swung her leg over the seat. Max’s entire body tensed when he felt her tiny hand lightly touch his back. He felt her in the seat behind him, but she wasn’t pressed up against him, like he wished.

Liz was afraid to hold onto him, afraid she might lose her cool and start running her hands all over him, never wanting to stop. So her grip was a bit lax. Max turned his head, “Ready?”

She nodded her head vigorously, ‘Oh yeah, she was definitely ready!’

He gunned the motor and Liz jumped, throwing her arms around his waist. He started out slowly and turned the bike to go out of town and into the desert. Liz closed her eyes and breathed deeply, breathed Max in.

And then it was all gone.

The pain…

The hurt…

The fear…

The loneliness…

It was Max and the wind and wild freedom, she felt alive for the first time in such a long time, and she was so happy that she screamed. Max revved the engine, pushing the bike faster when he heard her yell. Her hands left his waist and he could see her in the rearview mirror, her head thrown back, her arms out at her sides, her mouth open, screaming into the wind.

It was a sight he would never tire of…his Liz wild and free.


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Here's the next part...


Part 3

They had ridden through the desert for hours, for what had been the most exhilarating experience of her life. She had never felt so wild and free, as if nothing and no one could touch her. She had switched from screaming as loud as she could in wild abandon with her arms out wide and her head thrown back, to clinging to Max touching him and memorizing him.

Oh how she had touched him.

She had run her hands over the hard planes of his chest, felt the softness of his T-shirt stretched against his muscles. She’d gently caressed his back, pressing her chest into him and laying her cheek against him. Knowing he couldn’t hear her, she murmured how much she loved him and all the things she wanted so desperately to tell him but was afraid to. She’d slid her hands down his side to his waist and further still, to his thighs, kneading them in the gentlest of caresses.

And now it was over, they were pulling into the circular drive at Alex’s house.

“Well, I guess we’re here,” he said, pulling the bike up to the front of the house. Liz pulled the helmet off her head and shook her hair out. Max’s eyes were drawn to the chocolate tresses, mesmerized by the way the sun glinted off her hair as it swung through the air.

“Thanks Max, I can’t tell you how much I needed much fun riding with you was.” Liz was beaming as she got off the bike. She felt like she was on some kind of high and was never going to come down.

“I’m happy you’re back Max, things haven’t been the same without you.”

He looked up at her, seeing the happiness conflicting with sadness?, in her eyes. “I’m more than happy to be back. I really missed you Lizard, and I’m glad we got to have some alone time before we get swallowed up by our friends.” He gestured toward the house.

“Yeah.” She said softly, no longer really paying attention. She had become distracted watching how his muscles rippled when he swung his leg getting off the bike. She was still awed by how much Max had grown over the years. He towered over her now the top of her head barely reaching his shoulders, and she was wearing platform sandals.

Looking up into his beautiful amber eyes she felt safe, like she could tell him anything and it would be okay. She knew if she could just get the words out, if she could just tell Max about her dad he would help her. Help her figure out a way to escape the nightmare she was trapped in, she could trust Max; she had absolute faith in him.

Her heart started to pound almost painfully in her chest as she gathered her resolve to tell Max her darkest and most painful secret. She almost let the fear of Max possibly not believing her suck away her resolve, but then she straightened her shoulders and slightly leaned in towards him; as if pulling strength just from his nearness. Clearing her suddenly clogged throat, she whispered his name; ready to lay her soul bare, “Max…”

“You can tell me Liz, anything…anything.” He whispered softly, afraid that if he spoke above a whisper she would suddenly lose her nerve. He could see that she was ready to finally tell him what was wrong and he braced himself, he knew whatever she was going to tell would be big and that he would need to be strong for her.

“Where the HELL have you been Lizzy! You don’t just go riding off with some guy and just leave a fucking note!”

Liz jerked away from Max and glared at her brother, “Geez Michael! As you can see I wasn’t with just some GUY, I was with Max!”

She started to swear softly under her breath, what the hell had she been thinking!! She was just about to tell Max everything about her dad, god could she be any more stupid. Max would be so disgusted and disappointed in her if he knew, he would never look at her in the same way. He would pity her and she couldn’t stand to see that in his eyes, anything but that.

“Well…well…well…if it isn’t Mighty Max blowing into town and running off with my baby sister!!” Michael growled glaring at Max, and then he broke out into a huge grin and leapt down the front steps pulling Max into a huge bear huge, “It’s about goddamn time your sorry ass came home for good Maxwell!”

“It’s good to see you too Mikey.” Max laughed as he returned the huge, “Although I have to say your timing still sucks.”

“Yo Mighty Max!!! Wassup!” Alex razzed as he came bounding out of the house, eager to join in on greeting his severely missed friend. He had missed Max almost as much as he’d missed Isabel…almost.

Liz sighed as she watched the guys break out into some weird male bonding ritual that consisted of a lot of back thumping, complicated hand rituals, and bumping chests against each other. Almost suffocating from the near toxic levels of testosterone being released, she started to jog up the steps when she saw Isabel come out of the front door followed by Maria.

“Izzzyyyy!” She squealed as she threw her arms around her sorely missed friend.

“Can you believe it Lizzie?” Maria screeched as she started bouncing up and down in excitement, “I mean this is the greatest, we’re all back together; bigger and badder than ever! We’re like some kind of rock group that was separated by tragic events out of our control. Only now we’re reuniting and getting ready to launch this mega coast-to-coast tour. All venues sold out as the grateful masses eagerly await our return. Will we still get along? Have any old resentments reared its ugly head? Will our oversized egos get in the way of success….”


“…Will one band member sleep with another member’s wife or husband…”


“…or…or…I know…we’re like the Jackson Five reuniting after all these years…only…we’d be more like the Jackson Six…”


“WHAT!!! Jeez guys, you don’t have to yell. I’m standing right here ya know.” Maria huffed as she glared at her two best friends.

Liz and Isabel exchanged glances and then burst out laughing, holding each other up as tears streamed down their faces.

“God Ria, you haven’t changed a bit.” Isabel gasped as she leaned against Liz clutching her stomach, which was starting to hurt from laughing so hard.

“I don’t see what’s so funny you guys, I was just saying…”

“NO! I mean we get what you were trying to say.” Liz cut her off before she could launch into another long rambling statement.

“Hey girls…” Isabel snorted with a disparaging look down at the guys who were currently bonding over Max’s bike, “What say we take this reunion inside, the guys or doing some kind of male…bonding…whatever…and I don’t know about you two…but I really don’t feel like watching.”

“Uh, yeah. Let’s get out of here.” Maria groaned when she saw her Spaceboy get on the bike and start gesturing wildly. “Don’t even think about it Spaceboy!” She yelled as she turned to follow Isabel back into the house.

Liz turned to go into the house but glanced back over her shoulder, her eyes briefly catching Max’s before the door shut and she turned to find Isabel and Maria giving her knowing looks.

“Okay chica, it’s time to dish.” Maria smirked as she grabbed one of Liz’s arms and Isabel grabbed the other and together they pulled her into one of the guest rooms for some serious girl talk.

Max sighed as he watched Liz disappear into the house, he couldn’t help thinking back on the bike ride they had shared. It had been one of the best experiences of his life, especially the last part right before they pulled up in front of Alex’s house. He had almost crashed the bike when he felt Liz’s hands run up his chest.

He’d wanted to close his eyes and just let it happen. It had felt like she was slowly exploring every inch of his body that she could reach. He could still feel her pressing against him and all he’d wanted to do was pull over and make love to her right there in the middle of the road. He’d wanted to hold her and touch her.

When he’d thought the torture couldn’t get any sweeter; she’d run her tiny hands along his thighs, altering between gently kneading them with her fingers and softly scoring up and down his thighs with her nails. The bike had wobbled at that point and he had prayed that she thought he was trying to miss a rock in the road, or something like that; just as long as she didn’t know that it was her tender stroking that had caused him to do it.

He’d almost been glad when he saw Alex’s house come into view…almost.

“Max?” Alex was standing there, looking at him as if his head was on fire. Michael stood beside him, smirking. “Earth to Max? Come in Max, this is Starfleet Command requesting you report to sickbay…immediately.”

“Alex?” Max blinked. “What?”

Alex laughed. “Man, you have it bad Maxie. So, what’s the deal with you and Lizzie?”

“Yeah, what’s going on with you and my baby sister?!?” Michael glared, Max might be like a brother to him, but Liz was his sister and he’d much prefer to keep her safe and untouched…at least until she was like forty…maybe.

“There’s nothing to tell.” Max scowled at Michael and Alex before turning away. He didn’t like it that his feelings were being so easily telegraphed. He’d spent most of the last three years keeping his thoughts and feelings locked down well beneath the surface only allowing Izzy, and Liz for the most part, inside. He found it disconcerting that he’d been back in Roswell for less than a day and already Michael and Alex were reading him like an open book, “Nothings going on between me an Liz, we’re just friends. Period!”

“Yeah right you’re just friends! I saw the way you were looking at Max Lizzie, and that was definitely NOT the look of friendship.” Maria was determined to get her friend to admit her true feelings. She had watched Liz moon over Max long distance for three years, and now that he was back she going to do everything in her power to get those two to hook up.

“I so don’t know what you’re talking about Ria.” Liz tried not to squirm under the eagle eyes of her nosy friend, “Max and I are friends, bestest best friends; that’s all.”

“Uh uh, no way girlfriend, you can’t fool the Ria chica.” Maria protested, “I distinctly saw you drooling while you were ‘gazing’ at Max’s hot body!”

“Ohh yuck Maria! Can you kindly not mention “drooling” and “hot body” when talking about my brother…please.” Isabel groaned as she fell back on the bed.

“And what were you doing checking out Max’s hot body anyways Maria.” Liz felt a queasy feeling settle in her stomach at the thought of Maria checking out Max. Liz was suddenly aware of just how drop dead gorgeous her friend had become, with her long blonde hair and changeable green eyes, “Besides, you have Michael. Remember him, the love of your life.”

“Wow Lizzie, you really are in love!” Maria squealed, “First you’re all evasive and then you get all jealous, I bet next you’ll get defensive!! This is so great!!!! You and Max, me and Michael, and Isabel and Alex, we’ll be like super couples!!! We’ll go on double dates…or…triple dates I guess? We’ll have so much fun this summer!!!”

“God Maria!!! Will you give it a rest!!!” Liz jumped up off the bed and stormed over to the window and looked out. She could see the guys still bonding or whatever over Max’s bike. Maria was right; Max was a total hottie; so why would he want someone as ugly and fucked up as her! “Max and I are JUST friends!! That’s it, that’s all we’ll ever be!!”

Liz’s mind was racing, she felt like she was in an emotional maelstrom. One minute she’s terrified and the next she’s numb, then she’s happy and then sad. If only she could just land on one emotion for while. Now she was acting like she was angry, but she didn’t think she really was. It was more like she was upset or just plain frustrated, and maybe just a little bit scared.

Yeah, that was it; she was frustrated with Maria and scared of Max, Maria for sticking her nose in where it didn’t belong…and Max for wanting to know her secret. She didn’t know why she kept bouncing back and forth between wanting desperately to tell him, and being just as desperate for him to never find out. She was so confused it was starting to make her head hurt. Once he found out, he would never look at her the same way and she wasn’t sure if she could deal with that, not when she’d just gotten him back.

And then there was what he said.

“Don’t you know you can say anything to me? Nothing could ever change the way I feel about you.”

‘Yeah, right,’ she thought to herself. ‘Maybe he would just forget about it and not bring it up again’. Somehow, she just knew that would definitely not be the case.


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AN: I would like to clarify something for those of you who've asked about the Michael and Liz being siblings. Yes Michael is Liz's brother, however they don't live together. Liz's biological father is Michael's adopted dad. After her mother and his father were killed in the car wreck, Michael continued to live with his mother and Liz stayed with the only dad she's ever known - Jeff Parker. Mr. Parker doesn't know that Liz isn't his daughter...yet.

Here's the next part...


Part 4

Liz sighed as she snuck another look at Max who was sitting at the other end of the couch. It had been like this since this afternoon, awkward and edgy between them. She was beginning to think that maybe she had done something to make him mad at her or maybe he was regretting the almost kiss they shared earlier and was trying to figure out a way to tell her that he didn’t think of her like that. She hated feeling this distance between them, it made her feel panicky and desperate inside; like she was going to lose him again and there was nothing she could to about it.

She snuck another quick glance at Max and then, not able to take another second of awkward tension, she stood up and mumbled something about getting some ice cream and fled to the kitchen.

‘God how stupid could she be,’ she thought to herself. Max was her best friend and she had practically thrown herself at him. Yanking the freezer door open she cringed as she remembered how she had pretty much felt him up while they were riding his bike that afternoon. He was probably completely disgusted at having her, ugly little Lizzie Parker, coming on to him. She was no good for someone as wonderful as Max, she was a mess; her life was a mess and Max deserved so much better than her.

Liz started digging through the freezer searching for the perfect carton of ice cream to fit her current gloomy mood. She had been on such a high from having Max back that she must have become delusional, ‘I probably imagined that whole almost kiss.’ No way would Max Evans ever see her as anything other than a friend and it was probably just as well, he would more than likely end up getting hurt were they to move beyond friendship.

She was like that Fiona Apple song Fast As You Can, that’s what Max needed to do; get away from her as fast as he could and not look back. She started humming the song and then singing under her breath. “…So if you catch me trying to find my way into your heart from under your skin…” She pushed aside a carton of Cherry Vanilla ice cream ‘yuk’ and found the carton of Triple Chocolate Fudge ‘oh yeah’, “…Fast as you can, baby scratch me out, free yourself…Fast…as…you…can…”

“What if I don’t want to.” He whispered softly from behind her and she screamed, dropping the carton of ice cream and whirling around.

“MAX!” She pressed her hand against her heart and tried to quell the fear that had welled up inside her when he had surprised her, “Don’t do that! You scared me half to death!”

“I’m sorry Liz.” Max tried to keep his voice as calm and soothing as he could, the fear and panic that were coming off of Liz in waves was making his own heart start racing. Her eyes were tearing up and she was shaking, he started to reach out to her and she flinched. Slowly he let his hand drop back to his side and took a couple of steps back from her to give her some space. He continued talking to her in a calm soothing voice, “I didn’t mean to scare you. I didn’t feel like watching another movie, besides Michael and Maria are in their own little world and so are Alex and Isabel. I thought I’d find you and see if maybe you wanted to go swimming.”

“Sw…swimming?” She stuttered, finally managing to get a grip on her emotions. She could feel herself starting to turn red she was so humiliated she wanted to sink into the floor and disappear.

“Yeah, it’s really nice out there tonight. The moon’s out and you can really see the stars; it’ll be like old times.” Max smiled when he saw the sparkle slowly start to return to Liz’s eyes. He was more determined than ever to find out what was going on, and he knew if he could just get her alone for a while she would tell him. He figured now was as good a time as any, “So, why don’t you run upstairs and change into your swimsuit and meet me at the pool. Okay?”

“O…okay.” Liz agreed. She watched him walk out of the kitchen and then she took off in a dead run up the back stairs. She no longer had a need for ice scream. She knew exactly which swimsuit she would change into, it was this new dark blue tiny string bikini Maria had talked her into buying a few weeks ago. She never thought she would wear it, but something about the way Max had looked at her before he walked out of the kitchen made her feel bold and reckless.

Max was already swimming by the time she got down to the pool, and the sight was enough to make her weak in the knees. He was moving effortlessly through the water; every stroke and kick making the muscles in his shoulders, back, and legs roll. It was like watching the workings of a well-made machine and Liz could only stand there in silent adoration as she watched him swim laps across the pool.

“Oh God.” She moaned softly, Max looked so graceful as he covered the length of the pool with amazing speed. Liz watched as he dove down when he neared the far wall, planted his feet against it and pushed to gain more speed, twisted beneath the surface, and kept going, all the movements effortless and smooth. ‘God, what I wouldn't give to be just one bead of water rolling off that sexy body.’

Max had noticed Liz when she stepped out into the pool area wearing a robe over her swimsuit he had kept swimming assuming she would join him, when it became obvious that she was going to just stand there; he decided he would get out and toss her in the pool himself. Ignoring the ladder, he caught the edge of the pool and hoisted himself out of the water in one smooth motion. He straightened and started to walk towards Liz, as he got closer he noticed the glazed look in her eyes.

Liz's fingers tightened reflexively around the towel she was holding. Holy shit. Max was wearing black Speedos. ‘Oh my God…Oh my God’ She could feel herself starting to get faint as she watched him walk towards her. The slick, tight fabric of the Speedos rode low on his hips, molding to every curve and angle of his body and showed off... ‘Oh shit…oh shit…oh shit…’ Liz's lips parted on a low groan, the Speedos cupped him like a lover and left no doubt that Max Evans was one hundred percent man.

Unconsciously, Liz let her gaze linger; a tingle of excitement sparked low in her stomach and she wet her lips as her gaze drifted down to his thighs. Rock hard muscles, toned and trimmed legs that glistened in the moonlight with droplets of water. Her heart began to beat faster and her cheeks flushed as if she were about to get caught looking at a dirty magazine.

Max gave Liz no warning, as soon as he was close enough he swept her up in his arms and taking a running leap he jumped into the pool. The water drowned out Liz’s scream as she went under. Surfacing she sputtered as she struggled out of her robe that was starting to weigh her down. Once she was free she turned towards Max who was laughing so hard he kept slipping under the surface of the water.

“Max Evans! You are so dead!” Liz screeched and then she attacked, jumping on his back and shoving his head under the water. Still laughing, Max retaliated by grabbing her from behind and tossing her in the air and watching with glee as she splashed into the water. Then the battle was on. For the next hour the two romped and splashed in the pool, the water fight ranging from one end of the pool to the other their laughter mingling together and ringing out into the night.

Then Max trapped her against the side of the pool and the laughter died away as their eyes met and locked, the cool water in the pool suddenly boiling hot.

Liz's heart stopped, and then began to race. That tingle of excitement she had felt earlier became a pulse that seemed to flood through her entire body. The only sound was the lap of the water against the side of the pool, and even though she wasn't cold, she shivered.

"You cold? You’re shivering," Max whispered huskily, he felt like he was drowning in her eyes; and he didn’t want to be saved.

She licked her lips nervously. "N…no, not cold..." As a matter of fact she was hot, very very hot. The air around them felt thick and heavy and she was suddenly short of breath and found it difficult to breathe.

"Maybe we should…uh…go back inside now…" She suddenly felt unsure of herself and started to move away from Max and get out of the pool, wanting to put a little distance between them. She had barely risen out of the water when Max swore and caught her arms pulling her back into the water. Puzzled, she looked up at him.

His jaw was tight, the muscles ticking under the strain. "Don’t," he growled, his voice strained.

Liz tried again to get out of the pool, but he tightened his grip on her arms to keep her from doing it. "Max, I want to get out of the pool now," she argued, "I think we should…"

His amber eyes began to glow. "Liz."

Something in the tone of his voice, in the way he said her name, silenced her and she peered up at him. She shivered as awareness rippled through her he was so close to her that she could feel the heat of his skin, could feel the hot puff of his breath against her face; could smell his hot masculine scent. A shiver of wanting raced through her making her nipples tighten, and Liz saw his eyes darken before they dropped to her mouth, her shoulders, and then her breasts.

Suddenly she was aware of something missing and she glanced down and then stiffened. At some point during their water fight she had lost her bikini top and her breasts were clearly visible through the water. Embarrassment washed through her and for the second time that night she wished could just disappear.

Max loosened his grip on her arms as his eyes roamed over her. "My God, Liz; you’re beautiful."

The words were a strangled whisper and Liz wasn't really sure he said them at all. But her body reacted to them and when it did, Max groaned low in his throat. He pressed closer to her, only the faintest whisper of water left between them. The heat from his body sank into her skin and Liz felt like she was drowning in his scent. It made her dizzy and she braced her hand against his chest.

The instant she touched him, she felt a shock of pleasure radiate through her, felt Max jolt and knew he felt it to. Confused, she searched his face. She was used to how he always made her feel safe and secure and protected. Since he had gotten back he was making her feel all kinds of things, and right now Max made her feel… alive…afraid. It was exciting and scary and dangerous all at the same time.

Swallowing, Max covered her hand, splaying her fingers over his chest. When her fingers touched his nipple, she felt the small nub tighten and she stroked it with the pad of her thumb. The texture of his warm skin under hers mesmerized her. Gaze riveted on his chest, Liz caressed him again.

Teeth clenched, he shuddered under her touch; he was convinced she was going to kill him or drive him insane or both. Encouraged by his reaction, Liz bent her head to touch her lips to his chest. She tasted the saltiness of his skin, the bitterness of the chlorine, and something that was pure Max.

Groaning, he lifted a hand to the back of her head and threaded his fingers through her hair, holding her to him as her mouth skimmed over his chest. "For God's sake… Liz…"

His back arched as her lips closed over the nipple and she touched it with her tongue. The hand that held hers to his flesh slid up over her arm across her shoulder and down to her chest. Max's hand clamed her breast and she gasped against his skin, making him jerk as her hot, moist breath burst across his flesh. His thumb found her hard nipple and dragged across it in a slow, rough circle that made her moan.

Now it was her turn to arch in pleasure. Her breathing became irregular; something deep inside her clenched sending arrows of pure electric heat through her and Liz lifted her head from his chest, and it fell back against the side of the pool as Max stroked the sensitive nub.

Gasping, she pushed herself harder into his hand and he growled her name again, the word a plea from his lips before he lowered his mouth to her throat, nipping the delicate chord of her throat. His fingers clenched in her hair, tilting her head back further as he grazed his teeth up the length of her throat and nipped the point of her chin.

Breathing hard, Max cupped her other breast and lifted it, testing its weight in his hand. Then he dipped his head and caressed her soft skin with his tongue, pulling her sensitive nipple into his mouth. He moaned against her skin, the taste of her overwhelming; she tasted sweet and spicy, the tang of chlorine adding a sharp contrast.

Liz was suddenly anxious, she felt a desperate need to kiss him and so she murmured his name. When she did, he lifted his head. His mouth so close to hers that Liz could feel his breath feather across her lips. She leaned toward him as he bent; her eyes dark and soft with desire. "Max…"

Then his mouth was on hers and he was kissing her so soft and gentle at first, and then hotter and more passionate. She felt his tongue probe against her lips and she opened to him allowing him entrance. Max deepened the kiss and his tongue swept into her mouth touching…tasting…plundering her depths. They both moaned as a hot electric energy jolted through them, and they gasped as they were suddenly hit with flashes of each other’s lives.

“Liz.” Max pulled back from the kiss and stared down at her, his voice tortured; anguish and rage reflected in his eyes, “Why didn’t you tell me…I would’ve…I…”

"I…" Oh, God… what had she done. He knew. He knew. Her vision blurred as Liz struggled to get out of the pool, she managed to get halfway back to the house before Max caught her and pulled her back into his arms, her back pressed against his chest. Max swore under his breath, she was shaking so badly he was half afraid she would break something. "I-I'm sorry," she whispered, her voice thick with unshed tears.

"God," he growled, "so am I." Sorry he’d failed her, sorry he hadn’t been there for her when she needed him, and sorry that fucking bastard had ever laid a hurtful hand on her.

Miserable, she was glad her back was to him; she couldn't look at him, didn’t want to see to the disgust and anger in his eyes. He must hate her; she never wanted him to find out, at least not like that. And to top it off she had thrown herself at him again… Oh God, she wanted to die. Her dad was right; she was just like her mother. She had acted like a… a whore. Her face flamed and her bottom lip quivered as tears flooded into her eyes. "I-I'm sorry. I don't mean to... I didn’t want... I... I'm sorry!"

Blinded by tears, she tried to break out of his embrace, but Max tightened his hold on her. Standing behind her, his arm around her waist, he put his mouth next to her ear. Liz squeezed her eyes shut, not wanting to hear his rebuke. Humiliation and despair made the tears burn hot against her eyelids.

Max's hand pressed against her stomach, "It’s not your fault Liz," he whispered softly into her ear. "You didn’t deserve to be hurt." He placed a gentle kiss by her ear before continuing, "Your dad is supposed to love you and protect you from harm…not…not hit you and blame you for things that had nothing to do with you."

She trembled. "I… You…you don’t hate me?"

He tightened his arm around her waist, silencing her. "I could never hate you Liz," he whispered fiercely. “Never!”

She turned in his arms and looked up, she could see the honest sincerity in his eyes and something else she couldn’t identify, but what ever it was it made her feel warm inside and suddenly it was too much. Everything was just too much and she started to sob.

Max picked her up and walked over to one of the poolside loungers and sat down. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her and then held her in his lap as she cried. He wanted to rant and rave and throw things. He wanted to grab Jeff Parker by his head and ram it through a window or maybe something hard… like concrete... show the bastard what it felt like…pound his face into mush and then step on his throat and watch his face turn red and purple and…

Max sighed and closed his eyes against the tears that threatened to spill, he couldn't do any of those things…at least not right now while Liz was sobbing and crying her heart out. Not when she needed him to hold her and tell her everything was going to be all right.

‘Jeff Parker is going to have to be dealt with’, Max thought to himself. He was going to make sure that son of a bitch never hurt Liz again.


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Part 5

Max Evans was having the best erotic dream of his life.

He was dreaming that he was in bed with Liz and he was spooned up behind her with her bottom nestled in the crook of his lap. He knew it had to be a dream, because Liz was softly rotating her hips against his cock.



By the third rotation, he was rock hard and throbbing.

Moaning softly, he moved his hand from its place around her waist to her hip, gently caressing the soft skin before letting his fingers trace across the edge of her panties. His hand slid down between her legs and cupped her sex, pressing down and drawing her bottom even further into his lap, reveling in the feel of his cock burrowing into her ass.

He slid his other hand up under her t-shirt, slowly pulling it up with his hand as he made his way to her breasts. He bunched the gathered fabric up above her breasts, and allowed his fingers to glide across her chest. When he grazed her nipple with his index finger, Liz's hips thrust again, and she threw her leg back over his, tightening it around him and decreasing what little space still existed between their aroused bodies.

With his left hand, Max continued to caress her breasts, while he slid his right hand back to the top of her panties. Slowly, his fingers slipped under her panties, at first only allowing the barest brush of the soft curls between her thighs; then moving his fingers to her quickly melting core. As the long middle finger of his right hand slid into the wet folds of her sex, he rolled her nipple with the thumb and index finger of his left hand.

His name escaped her lips on a ragged sigh, “Maaaxx”.

And he stopped, reality crashing down on him like an ice-cold bucket of water.

This wasn’t a dream, his dreams never felt this real.

Max was suddenly fully awake, and in trouble…deep deep trouble. He held his breath as he slowly pulled his hand out of her panties and pulled her shirt back down and smoothed it over her hip, only releasing his breath in a sigh of relief when he realized she was still asleep. He dropped his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes trying to control the raging inferno that was blazing inside him.

He knew what he needed, he needed to take a cold shower…no…a freezing shower. He needed the heavens to open up and rain a storm of sleet and snow on him…right now.

He moaned as Liz pushed back in her sleep and his cock was once again pressed into the warmth of her ass. He had to get out of the bed before he did something he would surely kill himself for later. He slowly started to disentangle himself from Liz, and he had almost succeeded when Liz rolled over and threw her leg across his hips and her arm across his chest, bringing her head to rest in the crook of his shoulder.

She had him trapped, he couldn’t move without waking her.

Math. Yeah he’d think about math. Multiplication table…1x1=1…1x2=2…shit…she was running her hand across his chest…this wasn’t working…he needed something more advanced. Okay…okay…linear equations…yeah…Ax + By = C where A and B are not both zero…good…good…now…now…2x + 5y = 10…oh God…concentrate Maxwell Evans…concentrate…you…you…find the y-intercept by letting x = 0…2(0) + 5y = 10…he could feel himself start to tremble as her hand continued to roam and explore his chest and down to his stomach…5y = 10…y = 2…so…so…the y-intercept is (0, 2)!


He jerked up and rolled off the side of the bed when Liz shifted her leg and the inside of her thigh brushed against his cock, even through his boxer briefs the feel of her was incredible. He land on his stomach with a thud, and black dots appeared before his eyes. ‘Oh God, I think I just broke my dick!’

“Max?” Liz had been jarred awake by the sound of a loud thud and the sudden loss of Max’s warm body pressed close to hers. Still a little fuzzy, her sleep addled brain having a difficult time waking up, she wondered what Max was doing on the floor, “Why are you on the floor?”

“Uh…yeah…I…I…guess I rolled over and fell.” Came his strangled reply.

Concerned, Liz peered over the side of the bed and found Max lying on his stomach, his fists clinched by his head and his breathing sounding labored. “Are you okay? Do you need any help?”

“NO!” He shouted and then flushed thinking about what kind of help he could really use right about now. “No, I’m fine Liz. Really. Now that I’m…um…up…I think I’ll…uh…take a shower. A really really cold shower.” He muttered the last part under his as he gingerly rose to his feet, careful to keep his back to Liz.

Liz watched as he slowly and carefully made his way to the bathroom still a little concerned that he had hurt himself, he was walking like he was in a lot of pain. She started to ask him again if he was okay but he shut the bathroom door before she could and she figured if he really was hurt he would have told her.

Sighing, she fell back onto the bed and was immediately surrounded by Max’s scent. It was all over her pillow and the sheets and she smiled in contentment. She wished she could wake up every morning to Max in her bed, well, except for the falling out of bed part.

She had slept better last night than she had in the past three years. For the first time in a long time she had felt safe enough to really sleep, no jerking awake at every little noise, no nightmares that left her sweaty and shaking in fear, and no insomnia.

Rolling over she let her mind drift back to last night.

She had been so sure that Max would hate her and find her disgusting, but he hadn’t and she didn’t know why. Not that she wasn’t grateful, because she was, very very grateful. He had even overlooked the fact that she had thrown herself at him like a wanton slut, God, she had been worse than Pam Troy; but he didn’t even mention her whorish behavior, he had just held her and let her cry.

She hadn’t cried so hard or so long since the first time her dad had hit her, except this time it had felt like a valve had been turned inside her and all the tension and pressure she had been keeping inside had been released. When she had finally stopped crying he had continued to hold her cradled in his lap and she had felt this peaceful contentment wash over her.

They had sat that way for a long time, and she had felt content just listening to Max breathe, feeling the rise and fall of his chest and the steady beat of his heart against her cheek. After awhile, Max had quietly suggested that they go inside and get ready for bed and she had agreed. He had waited patiently for her while she took a shower and then she waited while he took his, while he was in the shower she had found one his old t-shirts and put it on to sleep in, wanting to feel close to him while she slept.

When he came out of the bathroom he quietly asked her if it would be okay if he slept with her, just to hold her. She quickly agreed and he climbed in with her and wrapped his strong arms around her. She had thought about how lucky she was to have him back in her life and she had whispered as much to him, telling him that she felt stronger and better already, just knowing that he was back for good and was going to help her.

He had tightened his arms around her and whispered that she was already strong and that she just needed to have faith in herself. The last thing she thought she heard him whisper before she fell asleep was… forever and always…I’ll be here for you and I’ll love you…forever and always.

Liz jumped up from the bed and ran over to her overnight bag and started digging through it, looking for her journal. She wanted to get everything down just as it had happened, from the moment Max had surprised her at school to the moment she had woken up this morning. She wanted to write it all down while it was still fresh in her memory.

She sighed in frustration when she didn’t find it in her overnight bag. Spotting her book bag over by the window seat she started digging through it, but her journal wasn’t in there either. Thinking back over yesterday morning she froze, she hadn’t packed it with her other stuff. She had left it sitting on her desk under a couple of books.

She nervously chewed on her bottom lip as she thought about going home and getting her journal. She really really wanted to write in it, but she was terrified that her dad would be there. She didn’t want to risk running into him, especially if he had been drinking.

Picking up her cell phone she dialed the number to the Crashdown, hoping for once her luck would be good and her dad wouldn’t be there.

“Good Morning, thank you for calling the Crashdown. This is Kallie, how may I help you?”

“Hey Kallie, this is…uh…Liz.” She tried to keep the nervousness and anxiety out of her voice, Kallie was one of the nosier waitresses and if she sensed even a little hint of something not being right, she would hound you with question after question until you finally caved and told her what she wanted to know.

“Oh, hey Liz. What can I do for ya, are calling in an order?”

“No…uh…actually…I was wondering if my dad was around.” She held her breath and crossed her fingers, sending up a little prayer that he would be gone.

“Oh, yeah. No, he left this morning on another business trip. Why do ya wanna know?”

“Really? Oh…uh…I just thought if he was there then maybe we could have breakfast together or something. Look Kallie I’ve gotta go thanks.” She pushed the end button on her cell phone and did a little dance of joy. YES! Her dad was out of town again, that meant she could go home and get her journal without the risk of running into him.

Suddenly energized she rushed over to her overnight bag and grabbing some clothes, quickly got dressed. She wrote a quick note for Max and taped it to the bedroom door where he would be sure to see it, then she grabbed her book bag and left. She stopped by one of the unused guest rooms and used the bathroom, brushing her teeth and washing her face, and then she was ready to go. Spotting the keys to her car on the entryway table she grabbed them and headed out the door.

“Mr. Parker, Why didn’t you want me to tell Liz that you were here?” Kallie asked her boss. She had always thought her boss was a little weird, always out of town for sometimes months on end, never letting his ‘precious little princess’ work in the restaurant, and sometimes she could swear the man was drunk off his ass. Even with all of that, this had to be the weirdest thing her boss had asked her to do. Glancing down at the quickly scribbled message Mr. Parker had given her while she was on the phone with Liz, Kallie followed up with another question, “And why did you want me to tell her that you had gone out of town again?”

Jeff Parker looked down on his inquisitive little helper and thought seriously of firing her ass, but instead he pasted on a smile full a warmth and mischief and answered the nosy little bitch, “Well, Kallie. I’ve been gone a lot lately and I just wanted to surprise my little princess. Now, why don’t you get back to work; I don’t pay you to stand around and do nothing.”

Jeff kept his smile plastered on his face until Kallie was gone, then all of the warmth drained away and left his eyes cold and hard. Turning towards the back entrance to the apartment, Jeff smiled viciously as he thought of the ‘surprise’ he had in store for his precious little Lizzie.

‘Oh yeah,’ he thought to himself as he walked up the stairs, ‘I’ve got the perfect surprise for the little bitch. One she’ll never forget!'


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Part 6

“Just one look at you…” Liz turned the volume up and sang as loud as she could. “And the world’s alright with me…” She had the top down on her Mercedes convertible and the wind was whipping her hair all around her face, it wasn’t the same as riding on Max’s bike; but it would do. “Just one look and I see…that it’s gonna be…it’s gonna be…it’s go-nna beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..a lovely daaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!”

She stopped the car in the alley and jumped out still humming the song under her breath. She knew this was going to be a great day, her dad was out of town again and Max was back and there were no more secrets between them. As she ran up the stairs to her apartment, she felt positively giddy and high on life.

She mentally ticked off the things she wanted to do today, get her journal and maybe some more clothes, stop by the Crash and order a picnic lunch, get back to Alex’s and hang out for the rest of morning, and finally kidnap Max and take him out to the desert for a nice little picnic and some alone time; and oh yeah kiss him again and again and again.

Overall she felt this day had the makings of a perfect day!

Liz was so lost in her plans for the day that she was halfway across the living room before she even noticed, and it wasn’t until he spoke that she felt the first spike of terror.

“Surprise Princess, did you miss me?”

She froze where she was in the middle of the living room and stared at her dad who was lying on the couch watching her with clear sober eyes and a pleased expression on his face. Sober. Thank God. She started to relax; her dad never hit her when he was sober. “Oh! Hi daddy. I…I…didn’t know you were back.”

“Hmm, you didn’t come home last night Lizzie. Where were you?”

“Oh, yeah, um, Michael, Maria, and I stayed over at Alex’s to…to…celebrate the last day of school.” Liz turned away from her dad’s penetrating gaze and walked over to the side table to set down her book bag. Something felt off and it was making her uneasy so she started rambling to cover her nervousness. “We...we…uh…stayed up all night watching movies and eating junk food…and…and…making plans for the summer…and…and…just fun stuff like that.”

Jeff rested his elbow on the couch cushion as he watched her, his head propped against his hand. Liz could feel his eyes on her back, and didn't turn around; afraid of what she might see. Finally, she heard him clear his throat and stand. "There's only one problem with that little tale, Princess."

Her fingers clenched around the strap of her book bag as she sensed him moving closer. Oh God, what had she forgotten? What did she mess up? Damn. She tensed. "O…oh? What's that?"

"Max Evans. I would think you would be excited to have your best friend back in town and would want to spend time with him. In fact, I had a very interesting conversation with the Sheriff…" He trailed off for a moment as he came to a stop right behind her, he saw her tense up and could almost feel the fear and dread coming off of her in waves. It made him feel powerful. "You remember Jim don’t you Lizzie? Of course you do, you’ve been giving his boy the brush off for the past year. Well it seems Jim saw you and the Evans boy riding around town on a motorcycle, you didn’t mention anything about that now did you Princess."

In a flash, his hand closed around her arm and he whipped her around to face him. His jaw was clenched; his eyes were cold and hard. "You know I don't like it when you lie to me. How can I trust you to stay here by yourself when I’m out of town if you keep lying to me, Lizzie."

"Daddy, you can trust me!" Eyes wide, Liz tried to pull away from him, but he wouldn't let her go. "I…I just for…forgot to mention that…I…I…would have told you…at…at…dinner tonight. I…I…can…can…make ch…chicken cordon bleu…your…your…favorite" She flinched and her knees bowed as his hand tightened. Pain shadowed her face and the thought…he’s sober he won’t hit me…kept running through her head like a chant to ward off evil. “Daddy, you're hurting me."

He eased up. "Okay. Okay, Princess." Brushing her hair away from her face, he leaned in to kiss her on the forehead, smiling slightly when she flinched. "I believe you. I love you, you know that Princess, right? I just don't want to have to discipline you because you're lying to me. It hurt’s me so much to have to discipline you, maybe if you would just be a good little girl I wouldn’t have to Lizzie."

Nodding her head, too afraid to speak, she again tried to pull away, but he still didn't let her go. There was something in his eyes that turned her stomach cold. A cruelty and hatred she usually only saw when he was drunk, but she could tell that he was stone cold sober and it filled her with a dread she had never felt before.

Nervous, she wet her lips. Why hadn't she just waited for Max? Why didn't she just type her thoughts down on her laptop? Liz wanted to laugh. She wanted to cry. She knew damn well why she hadn’t waited for Max, she thought it was safe; she thought her dad was gone.

Swallowing, she tried to smile. It was pathetic and thin. "W…why don't I go look in the kitchen and make sure I have everything I need for tonight’s dinner? I…I might n…need to g…go to the store."

Jeff smiled…if that twist of his lips could be called a smile…as he released her and took a step back. "Sure Lizzie. That sounds good."

Shaken, Liz moved around him and went into the kitchen. Opening the refrigerator, she started moving things around, the one persistent thought in her mind was to get out of there as quickly as possible. Nibbling her lip, she shuffled some food items around. Taking a quick inventory she sighed in relief, she wouldn’t have to lie; she didn’t have all the things she needed to make dinner. She closed the refrigerator door. "Daddy, I…"

Her words turned into a startled gasp when Jeff's hand fisted in her hair. Balling his fist at the base of her skull, he yanked her head back. Trapped between the refrigerator and his body, Liz could do nothing but stand there helpless.

His hot breath echoed in her ear as he rested his chin on her shoulder. "Lizzie…Lizzie…Lizzie," he scolded in that dangerous tone that always sent ripples of fear through her. "It all sounds soooo good." His fingers tightened and tears pricked her eyes. "But it's all a lie. Did you really think I would believe that? That you only went for an innocent little ride with an old friend?"

"I…I d…don't kn…know wh…what you're t…talking about…"

"When it got late and you still weren’t home I went out to the Whitman’s." Jerking her head back even more, he clamped his other hand around her throat and squeezed. "I started to ring the bell," he breathed into her ear, "but something told me to go around back, so I did. Imagine my surprise finding my little slut of a daughter fucking in a goddamn swimming pool. You’re just like you’re whore of mother."

"Daddy, I…I…"

"Daddy, I…I," he mimicked, his voice high and shrill. Using the hold he had on her hair, he slammed her forehead into the refrigerator with a thud. Then did it again. "Daddy, I…I…what, Lizzie?" Another sharp rap. "Listen to more excuses? Wait while you try to come up with more lies?" He tightened his grip on her throat, enough to cut off her air supply. "Tell me Princess, did you fuck Alex and Michael after you finished with Max? How much did they pay you you little slut, come on Princess, you can tell daddy!"

Liz caught his hand, and tried to pull it away from her throat so she could draw in a proper breath. The strength of his grip bruised her larynx and tears began to drip from her eyes. "N…no," she choked out. "Daddy, I didn’t do anything…I didn’t…please!"

Snarling, he used the grip on her hair to spin her around. He shoved her, sending her reeling backward. Somehow she managed to stay on her feet. As he advanced, she retreated, and bumped into the table and automatically reached back to steady herself. Her hand brushed the big brass fruit bowl and she lifted it, throwing it at him as she darted for the doorway.

Jeff easily dodged the bowl and the flying pieces of fruit and lunged after her, cursing her. His arm closed like a whip around her waist and he lifted her off her feet and carried her back a few feet before he swept her up, and then slammed her down to the floor. She landed flat on her back. The impact snapped her head back hard enough to make her see stars and ripped the air from her lungs in one long whoosh.

Winded and in pain, Liz rolled onto her stomach and tried to push herself up onto her hands and knees but the room spun and her stomach churned. ‘I have to get away…get away…have to get away.’

Gasping for air, she tried to ignore the pain that radiated through her skull. Instinct kicked in. Her bedroom. There was a strong lock on her bedroom door. Sobbing, she tried to scramble to her feet but her dad was faster…he always was.

Standing over her, a foot on either side of her hips, he bent down as she tried to crawl forward toward her bedroom. His hands caught the back of her shirt to hold her still. "Where do you think you're going Princess?" he spat out as he started to drag her back to him.

The floor was slick and Liz had nothing to hold onto. She felt any distance she'd put between them slip away. Twisting against his hold, she tried to pull away from him, but he pushed down hard on her back and she felt a sharp twinge of pain shoot through her ribs "Daddy, no!" she cried out.

Sucking in a breath, she started to scream, but the call for help never made it past her lips. Jeff's fist connected with the side of her face. The force behind the blow whipped her head to the side, stunning her into silence. He threw her down again and Liz rolled onto her stomach as vomit and blood flooded her mouth.

"Whore," he sneered as he straightened. Anger and disgust and disappointment twisted his face into that of a stranger…a murderous madman. " I’ll be good Daddy. There’s nothing in you that’s good or innocent Lizzie. If there were, you wouldn’t be the ugly stupid little slut that you are; and you wouldn't make me do these things to you."


"Shut up!" he roared as he delivered a savage kick to her ribs.

Whimpering, Liz curled into a ball, her arms lifted to cover her face and her head.

Jeff panted as he dragged his hands through his hair. His eyes and his voice were filled with pain and tears. "You just had to prove you were just like your mother, didn't you, Lizzie." The tears began to fall. "You keep making me hurt you. Why? Why…do…you…do…that?" he demanded, punctuating each word with a kick.

"D…daddy…" She whimpered her ribcage felt like it was going to explode. Between the pain in her head and the one radiating through her side, Liz thought she was going to die.

Oh God... She was going to die. Tears flooded down her face as she pressed her cheek to the cold floor. She couldn't move. The pain just kept rolling over her. "Daddy, please…"

"I thought you would have learned by now, Lizzie…" Shaking his head, he undid his belt, pulled it free and wrapped the flat end around his palm, leaving the buckle end hanging free. His sigh was heavy and filled with disappointed. "I guess I'll just have to teach you again."

She tried to crawl away from him, but he followed her, his arm raised high in the air, the light from the kitchen window sparkled on the shiny metal of the belt buckle as it swung through the air and he began to beat her with it. The cold metal of the buckle soon turned warm and slick with her blood as it cut brutally into her skin over and over.

Curling into a small little ball she could feel the numbing darkness start to overtake her, and with everything in her soul she cried out desperately for the only person who could save her…


Max sighed as he finally turned the water off. That had to be the longest coldest shower in history, but it had done its job. Toweling himself off he felt like he could now face Liz without embarrassing himself. Wrapping the towel around his waist he stopped as he felt it again, for the last half-hour he had been getting flashes of unease and fear. It was making him nauseous and giving him a headache

Max hated this feeling.

It gnawed at his spine, refused to let go until the precise source was located and eliminated. For him, it was a sixth sense and that made it all the more difficult to figure out. Vague impressions. A nagging thought. It could have come from anywhere. An overheard conversation, an observation on the street...but it always meant one thing…trouble.

The feeling this morning was worse than ever. He could feel it deep in his soul; someone close to him, important to him was in trouble. Desperate trouble.

Closing his eyes he concentrated hard, reached out for the delicate wisp of strand that would lead him to the source. Straining, he was about to give up when he felt it; fear…pain…terror…calling out for help…calling out to him. Then, as clearly as if he was standing no more than 2 feet away, he heard her desperate plea…



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