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Title: Swallow the Moon
Category: Max & Liz
Disclaimer: Characters belong to UPN, or WB or whoever owns them.
Rating: R for language and violence.
Summary: This is a slightly AU story. I mean, same storyline, Max has liked Liz since he first saw her. They're still aliens. Liz has a different attitude towards life, and that reason will be brought up later also.
Author's Note: Sometimes I update. Sometimes I don't. Feedback is always welcome, but not mandatory. Enjoy reading.

First Section

"Liz, Max Evans is totally staring at you." Maria cried to me as we were pinning up orders in my family owned restaurant.

I ignored her as I followed the routine. Write down order, rip off order pad, pin on turny thing, and hear the ring. I could do this in my sleep. Hell, I could win an award for the best order taker while blindfolded and laugh in everyone's faces. Losers.

I contemplated my sanity as Maria shook me.




"Liz!" she shrieked in my ear. "Max Evans is totally staring at you!" I wince and cover my ear. I'll have to thank Maria when I'm 50 and already needing a hearing aid. As what she says reaches my ears I laugh. "Yeah right Maria," I say. Max Evans is way too fine to be staring at someone like me. Besides, I don't even know Max. And the fact that I'm going out with Kyle.

I peek at Max just to see if Maria was telling the truth. Guess what? He wasn't even looking in our direction. Good thing I don't like Max, or I would be one disappointed girl. Yeah, good thing Lizzie. I feel Maria's forehead and narrow my eyes as thinking. Hmm, feels hollow. "Maria, I think you are coming down with something."

Maria rolls her eyes and replies, "He was. Come on, go to there table and take their order!" Excuse me Maria, 1) that's your section, 2) I don't think your parents own Crashdown, do they? But because I don't say mean things out loud I reply instead, "No thank you."

Maria snorts like she can't believe that I could be any more of a chicken. Well, guess what Maria, did you ever think I didn't want to? Anyway, Isabel is a total bitch, and Michael gives me the creeps.

Serious, all she does is look in a mirror or do her nails. Then she walks around school with her nose up in the air and act like everyone should bow down to her. The only way I would bow down to her is if someone paid me to. And don't even get me started on Michael, he has weird spiky hair and he just sits there and glares at you, like you're bothering him by existing. Max, he's kinda just there. He just sits and looks around, thinking. It makes me think that maybe he's like me, where if he has nothing nice to say, he won't say. Yes, the power of thought, you can say anything about anyone and not feel guilty.

Maria's still trying to convince me to take their orders. "Liz, I'll. . . I'll clean the milkshake machine for a week." I narrow my eyes, hmm, how much can I make her do?

"Two weeks, and you have to actually put some elbow grease into it. No sissy swipes." She stands there thinking for a moment. I know she'll agree, I can read Maria like a book. A very odd book, but a book no less. "Fine," she says with a huff. Sucker.

I smile and then stop, trying to look menacing. "Why do you want me to take their table so much?" She looks around for people listening. Really, I mean we're in a tiny diner in the middle of nowhere, who the hell would care? "Well," she starts, her eyes darting left and right, making me kind of dizzy, "Michael gives me the creeps." I blink. Hey, babe, I don't blame you. See, this is the main reason Maria is my best friend, we both think along the same lines.

Sigh. I straighten my alien antennas and walk over to them, a friendly smile pasted on my face. Smile. "Hello and welcome to Crashdown. I'm Liz and I'll be your waitress today, what can I get you?"

Isabel and Michael just kind of look at my strangely. Makes me want to flip them off. Take a picture assholes, it lasts longer. Silence at the table lasts for about half a minute. Sigh. "I'll come back in a moment when you decide."

"Wait Liz." I stop and turn around a smile back on my face. "Yes, sir, have you decided?" I ask Max. The day I have to call my classmates sir, is the most pathetic day of my life. Guess what? It has just become the most pathetic day of my life because I just called Max sir. Damn.

He kinda of blushes, which I can't help smiling at. He's just so. . . adorable. Damn. "You can call me Max." I hold the attempt to roll my eyes. Thank you King Max for granting me that special wish, how can I ever repay you? Smile. "Max, what can I get you?"

"I'll have the Will Smith Combo with a Cherry Coke," he replies. He glances over at Isabel and Michael who order next. "I'll have the Saturn rings and a Cherry Coke," Isabel says in a bored voice. Well Isabel, no one held a gun to your head and made you come to Crashdown. Some people actually eat at home! "I'll have the Will Smith Combo and an Alien Blast," Michael says while staring over my shoulder. I look to where he's looking and see Maria rushing around, her alien antennas bobbing. "Weird," Michael mutters under his breath. Hey, can't blame him, Maria's as weird as then come.

Smile again. "Is that all?" I write down their order when Max nods. There goes Max again. Hey, Max, what if Isabel wanted a piece of pie! That would shock him, believe me, I can tell. Don't get me wrong, Max is a great guy. Everyone just comes out a lot more pathetic in my head.

"You're order will be out in a minute." I turn and walk away and do that same routine. Pull order off order form, pin up, you know the drill. Remember, I won the metal? Losers.

I wonder what would happen if I turned the machine before pinning up the order. I snicker. The whole restaurant would probably go up in flames. Suckers.

If you haven't already guessed. Those are my four favorite words. Damn, Losers, Suckers and Fuck.

Two ugly ass men in the back start fighting and I just wanna go over them and slap them each. I wince when I see there faces. I didn't know God made them that ugly. The next thing I see changes my life dramatically. I freeze. The red haired dude just pulled out a gun. Fuck. See, I knew I would use that one soon.

I just stand there staring as the two men fight over the men. Anyone looking at me would think I was retarded. I was just standing there, my eyes wide open, mouth hanging open slightly. If I wasn't so terrified I would be laughing senseless at myself.

In the back of my mind, I hear the gun go off and Maria scream my name, but I'm still standing there like a drugged addict. I swear, the first thought that entered my mind when the bullet entered my stomach was 'Damn Losers'. Who told those truck driving rejects that they could come in here and shoot me? Did they not know who I was? I am Liz Parker, god dammit. All people most bow to me. Well, they do in my dreams, but come on. This is not the way I'm supposed to die.

Pain. Sharp pain just below my ribs. Those freaks probably damaged some important organs. I may not be able to pee anymore! Damn.

After that, it all became hazy, and the pain became a dull thud. I barely felt someone rip off my shirt. Great, so I'm shot and someone is going to feel me up? Yeah, I can die happy now! "Liz, look at me!"

Only one person can order people like that and somehow seem like he's not ordering them around. Max. What, he wants me to witness him feeling me up? I don't think so buddy. "Liz, look at me!" Maybe if I open my eyes, he'll go away.

It took all my strength to open my eyes. Who knew being shot would make you so weak? The science books don't tell you that shit. Suckers.

Max hovered above me, his hand on my stomach. His face came into focus and the background became hazy. With the light above him, Max looked like a total angel. A total angel that I want to do nasty things to. See, even dying, I still remain horny. Damn teenage hormones.

I connect eyes with Max. You know, I never really noticed how deep Max's eyes are. They seem to make me want to swim in them. He even has gold flecks in them, surrounding by his long lashes. Anger. Eyes that pretty should not be allowed on a guy. Fuck.

I didn't notice through all my swimming in Max's eyes that he was sending energy through me. What the hell is he? The Energizer Bunny? You know, that could work to any girls advantage. He keeps going, and going, and going, and going. . . Damn hormones.

Suddenly, the room comes into focus and Max grabs a ketchup jar, breaking it on the shelf. I glance down at my stomach.




The bullet hole is gone. Max pours the ketchup all over my stomach. Sorry Max, but you can save the ketchup bath for later. Besides, I think mud works better.

"The ketchup bottle fell on you and broke. Please don't tell anyone." Michael and Isabel grab him and run their asses out of there.

I nod even though he already left. Maria attacks me, but I just stare at the door like it holds all the answers of the universe.

Yeah, tell people what? That you somehow made my bullet wound disappear. Sorry, but I don't feel like visiting the mental ward anytime soon.

Damn fucking suckers.

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Ok people, here's the second part, enjoy!

Second Section

In the last chapter, I was shot and felt up all in the time period of 5 minutes. School should be fun.

Oh, but it already become fun. If fun means crazy and making no sense whatsoever. See, because last night guess what I found?

That's right, we have a winner. A silver handprint on my stomach, right where Max did whatever he did. He fucking branded me! Oddly enough, it brought some comfort. Not the part where my stomach was glowing in the dark, but the part where I was reminded that he saved my life. Immense guilt. I was planning on spitting in one of their dishes of food. Bad Lizzie. Say it with me. I, Liz Parker, vow never to spit in anyone's food. Unless of course, they deserve it.

After the 15 minutes where my parents actually pretended enough to care, they suffocated me. "Are you ok?" How many times can one person ask that before you are willing to pull out your hair, strand by strand instead of hearing it. Yes, mom, I am still fine from when you asked 30 seconds ago. Yes, dad, ketchup can be deadly.

I have to watch myself around Maria, I can tell she suspects something. She's not as dumb as she looks people! I should start making shirts that say 'I was shot and all I got was this stupid handprint'. I would probably make a million. Hey, if someone's willing to wear a shirt that says 'Girls Rule, Boys Drool' then they'll buy anything. Suckers.

Boy, Max better have some explaining to do. I mean, he heals a girl and then runs! I don't think so buddy.

As I open my locker, a pair of unwanted arms wrap around me, and their wet lips touch my neck. Shudder. Fake smile. "Kyle!"

He turns me around, his face full of concern. "Are you ok? I heard what happened." His face becomes full of anger, reminding me of someone who's constipated. "I swear if I ever see those guys I will kill them." I chose to ignore the 'are you ok' comment for fear that I will say something really mean to Kyle. Kyle's a decent guy, he's easy on the eyes, he's nice and he treats me well. He doesn't make me weak with desire or anything, but he's loyal. Snicker. Reminds me of when Maria asked me why I stayed with Kyle and I told her those reasons. She claimed I was describing a poodle.

Suddenly, Kyle's arms around me are too close for comfort. I don't feel comfortable. They don't belong there. Fuck. Sigh. "Kyle, we need to talk."

I led him to the infamous Eraser Room. I hear whispers and feel stares as I lead him there. People, you seriously need to get lives, PLEASE!

I close the door and lean against it. Damn, I don't want to do this, I don't want to hurt Kyle. "What's wrong?" He asks.

Deep breath. "Kyle, I was almost shot yesterday. I felt like my whole life passed before my eyes." True story, it was the most boring film, could give a movie with Ben Stein sleeping a run for his money. "And, as it happened, I realized that. . . us, this, it isn't working. I think we should break up." I look up quickly at his surprised face. "Don't get me wrong, you were a great boyfriend, and I really like you. But, mostly as a friend. I'm sorry. Your perfect girl is out there and you'll find her, but I'm not her." I think I've been watching too many love movies on Lifetime. Shrug. "I hope we can remain friends, I would really like that."

His blank face is making me a little angry. Come on, Kyle say something. Tell me that you want to remain friends. Kyle just stands there staring at me. Then he slowly nods and looks at the ground. I walk up to him and place my hand on his arm, trying to send him soothing thoughts. "She's out there somewhere." I gently kiss him on the cheek and walk to the door, opening it and sending him one more soft look. The corner of his lips curve into a small smile, and I smile at him, relived that he isn't mad.

Before you start telling your friends what a bitch I am, listen to me. It wasn't right, we both knew that. Kyle will find that one person, and I hope I will too.

As I enter my English class, I'm surrounding by a million people asking me if I'm all right. Yes, strangers that I have never talked to before. You don't know me, but I'm fine. Smile and nod. Then they'll leave. Suckers.

Alex grabs me and sits me in the next seat to him. I wince, rubbing my shoulder. When did he get so strong? Damn steroids. Alex glares at me for about a full minute and I return his glare. This is one staring contest he's going to lose! Damn. My eyes are starting to hurt. Blink. Fuck. "What the hell happened Liz?"

I roll my eyes. "I died, you are staring at the ghost of Liz Parker." He just stares at me. What, can't handle a joke? Stop staring at me. Sigh. "I think the bullet hit the ketchup bottle and it fell on me, I'm fine, no biggie."

He sighs in relief, like me telling him I didn't die actually proves it to him. Nevermind that the alive version of me is staring directly at him.

"The way Maria described it, made it sound like you were on death's bed." Sigh. I'm with stupid. "Yes, well, that's the Maria we all know and love." At least the know part. He suddenly wraps me in a hug, cutting off the circulation in my chest. So, I almost die to have my best friend kill me as a sign of relief. I think not! I pinch his side, hard. Hey, you bite, I pinch. He let go of me real fast. Satisfied grin.

That's right people. Liz Parker, order taker extraordinare and world-class pincher. Eat your heart out Wonder Woman!

He tucks a strand of my hair behind my ear. Thanks, because I couldn't have done that myself. "You're ok," he says in a relived voice mostly to himself. Roll eyes. Wow, did you use your super powers of deduction to figure that one out? Didn't I already cover the alive part? I really need to get 'I'm with stupid' T-shirt.

As the bell rings, he sends me one more relived smile and focuses on class. I just look down and stare at my notebook.


There was a folded piece of paper on my notebook. I look around suspiciously, but everyone was either talking to a friend, or listening to the teacher.

Maybe it's a secret admirer? Right, and next week, Josh Hartnett with call you. Dream on Liz. I stare at the note for another minute, trying to guess what it is. No clue.

I cautiously touch it, reminded of the Inspector Gadget cartoon where it self-destructed in 30 seconds. I don't see Max anywhere so maybe I shouldn't open it. Damn. I grab it and quickly open it up, dropping it on the desk as soon as the note is revealed.




The picture was of an angel, with very elaborate wings, standing over a figure, his hand of her chest. The most unusual part was that the girl on the ground. . .was wearing a Crashdown uniform.


Holy Fuck.

Holy Fucking Losers, Suckers, and Damn freakin' everything else.

Someone knew.


Calm done Liz. Maybe it's a joke. Yep, that's it, a joke. Breathe. Just a harmless joke. A harmless joke in which the person knew what had happened.

What was going to happen to Max? I have to do something! He saved my life.

Breath. Breath. Breath. Holy shit, I think I'm hyperventilating, someone help. Call 911. Breath. Breath. Breath.

Just a joke. Just a joke. It's ok, c'est la vie! That's life, people play jokes, you'll be fine.

Don't think about it Liz. Remember you need to corner Max and find out exactly what the hell happened. Because, in reality, how could someone know what happened when you didn't. Smile. Deep Breath.

I'm ok. Call off the paramedics.

I thought about what had happened yesterday in Crashdown and how it had changed me. A total stranger just saved your life. Maybe Maria's right, maybe Max does like me. Roll eyes. No, Max is just nice like that, he would do it for anyone else.

Before I knew it, the whole period was over. I looked over at Alex's page of notes and at my blank page. There goes the neighborhood. Damn.

I rushed to my second period class, excited to see Max. No, not excited, that's the wrong word. Anxious. Yes, that's better. Anxious to find out what happened. Anxious to thank him. Anxiously waiting.

I watch him enter the room, avoiding my gaze. Yes, you're scared that I'll tell. Guess what buddy? I'm more confused than you.

I watched him sit down, and unload his backpack, setting everything in a special place on the counter in the biology classroom.

Sigh. No one is that much of a clean freak. You are so in denial Maxwell. Come on, look at me. If I ever had any super powers, I will use them to make you look at me.

Max glanced up at my face and then quickly looked down. Yes, victory is mine! Deep breath. Here we go ladies and gentlemen. This out to be fun.

*angel*Here's the second part, thanks for the feedback!
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Third Section

"Max?" I say softly, trying not to scare him. For a guy who tells people what to do a lot, he gets scared pretty easy. "Max, I really need to. . . thank you." I repeat, trying to get him to look up at me again.

His head shoots up. Sucker.

He gives me this expectant look, almost like he knows exactly what I'm planning on saying.

I place my hand on his.


Sparks are literally shooting between our hands. I just stare. Reminds me of yesterday when I was just staring at the gun.

I don't remove my hand. He doesn't move his. We just kind of leave them there.

"I think we should talk, about what happened." And how it is possible that anyone could heal someone after getting shot. This ain't no ordinary magician trick.

I had a few ideas. None that I wanted to share, but I had them.


Why the hell is he looking at me like that? Stop it!

His staring at me with his eyes. Anger. I'm still mad that his eyes are so pretty.

I grab my hand back and clasp my hands together on my lap. There's no way he'll hold my hand, unless. . . he puts his hand on my lap. Damn. Stupid hormones. Blush. Think about the weather. Yesterday, it was pretty humid, huh?

"I think we should meet somewhere later, somewhere private, where we can talk." I'll have to hold myself back from jumping you. Damn. Looks like clouds on the horizon.

He nods slightly and a wisp of hair falls on his forehead. I have to literally sit on my hands, so that I don't embarrass myself and brush it away.

What the hell is wrong with me? I was never like this around Kyle!

And Kyle was cuter than Max.


I can't even lie to myself. Max has this aura or whatever they call them. He like glows, that mixed with his tall, lean body and his to-die-for-face, he was like an angel.

Oh, crap. The picture.

"Max, do you draw?" He gives me a confused look. Yes, I do ask weird questions at random.

He shakes his head in disagreement. Damn. Wait, hold the phones, I think I just got something! Michael and Isabel grabbed Max and ran their asses out of the Crashdown yesterday. They must know about his, you know, powers. Maybe one of them drew it!

But, then the question would be. . . why?

Damn, things just got 10 times more confusing.

I hate my life.

"Liz?" I hear Max's voice calling me and I look up. What, you wanna tell me something else that'll confuse me even more? Why not tell me that more people know that you have special powers, because that wouldn't confuse me. Not one bit.

Sigh. "Yeah?"

"Where do you want to meet?" Damn. I totally forgot about that. Where can we meet so that no one will interrupt us? The Band Room. At lunch, that place is deader than Richard Nixon.

"How about the Band Room at lunch." I see him thinking it over even though I know what he's going to say. "Ok," he finally replies. See, people are so easy to read. Suckers.

"CLASS," the teacher announces, "we are going to be starting our first lab today. You and your partners are going to take cell samples and look at them beneath the microscope. On my counter, you'll find q-tips and slides. I want you to take the q-tip and rub it against your partner's cheek and look under the microscope. Ok, get to work."

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Max raise his hand and ask for a bathroom pass. How do you like that? The first lab of the year, and my partner ditches me! Oh, it wouldn't matter that much if it we weren't supposed to take cell samples of our partner!

Max practically jumps out of his seat and runs out of the room. Wow buddy, maybe you should cut down on the liquids.

Damn. Our hero, little Liz has found herself in a predicament.

Oh well, guess I'm doing this lab by myself. I walk up to the room, almost tripping on my own feet. Everyone holds back their snickers. Yes, I did trip on my own feet. I don't think any of you got shot yesterday? That's right, sit down.

I grab the q-tip and wipe it against the inside of my cheek. Wiping it on the slide and sliding it under the microscope, I stare at it, adjusted the strength of the microscope.

Losers. I wonder what people will think when their cell samples look the same as everyone else? Suckers.

Sigh. This is boring. Remind me again why I like science.

Oh, yeah, it's interesting. This isn't. I look to where Max would be sitting.

His pencil was lying helplessly on his desk and I glanced closer at the end of it. Gross! His bites his pencil. Can you say, eww? Say it with me, ewww.

Wait. I can wipe the q-tip against the end of the pencil and voila, instant cell sample. Yes, folks, I am that smart. You are probably in awe of my scientific knowledge. I wipe the cell sample on the slide and put it under the microscope. Satisfied sigh. Damn, I'm good.

Ok, adjust the strength. Look into the microscope.




I wipe my eyes, maybe I need glasses. I look again. Frustrated sigh.

Max's cell sample is green, and the cells are glowing. What the hell does this mean? He can heal people and his cells are freaky? What the hell is he?

I take the cell sample and wash it down the drain, and sit back down.

Come on Max, you pee longer than a girl. Guys are supposed to be in and out, that's why the guys bathroom is always deserted and the girls bathroom has a line.

That always pisses me off. Fuck.

Here he comes, ok, calm done Liz, just act naturally and clean up the lab.

Act like he's not some guy who can heal and has freaky cells. "So, the bathroom." Max nods and lowers his head, shuffling through his binder. Sigh. Make conversation, but act normal Liz. "How. . . was it?" Damn.

He looks up in surprise. "What?" I know, I'm as confused as you are.

"The bathroom, how was it? I mean, I heard they remodeled it, or added new sinks or something. Does your bathroom have a mirror? I heard that you guys have a couch too, we don't. We just have a-." Stop talking Elizabeth.

Max is still looking at my strangely. Thud. That was my head hitting the counter. "Nevermind," I mutter.

I'm such a loser.

*angel*You like? Don't worry, Max and Liz will have The Talk next section.
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Thank you everyone for all the feedback. Ok, here's Part 4!

Fourth Section

So, here I am in third period, just staring at the clock. What do they say, if you watch it then it won't move. Wait, damn, no that was about a pot. If you watch it, it won't boil.

What the hell is that? Sooner or later, the suckers gonna boil. Fire makes the water hotter, it's common knowledge. I wonder what crack whore came up with that one?

Maria pokes me in the arm. Don't people realize that poking hurts? Geez.

"What?" I whisper harshly to her. Liz don't take no prisoners.

She gives me this surprised look. I swear if she asks me if I'm ok, I'm going to hurt her.

"Are you ok?" You know what? I think that by thinking that, I'm just jinxing myself. I reach over and poke Maria in the arm, hard. She whimpers. Smile. You don't like it too much do you? Didn't think so.

Oh, yeah, I haven't told Maria about my soon-to-be visit with Max Evans. That is, if that damn clock would start moving!

"Maria, I'm gonna be late for lunch because I have to talk to Max."

Sigh. Maybe I should have left the part about Max out. Maria wiggles her eyebrows suggestively. "Oh, well, then, I hope you have fun."

Sigh. Why is she acting so immature. My feelings towards Max are strictly platonic.

"Maria, don't be so immature, I'm just going to talk with him." Without jumping him Liz. Maybe you should bring rope, NOT FOR HIM, but for me.

Maria gives me a look like she's pretending to agree but she's not convinced.

Fake smile. "By the way Maria, thank you so much for telling Alex that I was practically dying. It was so nice to be attacked when I got to school."

Maria gives me an innocent look. Please, you couldn't be innocent if you tried. "Huh?" she says with wide eyes.

~RING~ Finally, I'm out of here. I run out of the classroom without so much of a glance at Maria.

I stop at the bathroom first. You know, because I think someone put gum in my hair. Besides, I wanna make Max wait so it seems like I'm not actually excited to talk to him. Sucker.

Pam and her clones are standing next to me at the mirror fixing their make-up. When they said too much is never enough, they obviously didn't see Pam's face. Someone call the circus, I think we have a missing clown!

"Liz," she says in a sugar-sweet voice, "I heard what happened, I'm awfully sorry. Good thing Max was there to help you."

Sigh. Everyone knows of Pam's major crush on Max. God, could the girl be anymore obvious. Pam dramatically put her hand to her heart and swooned, "He's so brave."

Resist urge to puke. Guess I was wrong? Smile devilishly. This could be fun, but not confusing and makes no sense fun, but fun as in on the ground laughing.

"Yeah," I responded in a small voice, pretending to be shy, "he even went all the way to take my shirt off and help me clean the ketchup." Fake sigh. "That boy has a way with his hands."

Wide smile. "See you later." I turn and leave Pam and her clones with their mouths wide-open. Hope you catch a fly.

Fuck. That was funny. I should do that more often.

Liz-one point, Pam-none. Take that!

Swallow. So, here I am, approaching the Band Room door. Wow, is it just me or did it like get 10 times bigger. What do they take in here, giraffes? Damn.

I reach for the doorknob and am about to turn it when it opens, revealing Max. Fuck.


"What?" Max says, acting surprised.

"How did you know I was at the door?" Laugh. "You don't have X-ray vision or something?" Stop laughing. Shit, he could! I cover my chest with my arms and look down uncomfortably. Someone shoot me please. Just don't aim for the stomach. Try a leg, or an arm, I could survive without an arm. Please.

I hear Max laughing and my blood starts to boil. What? Is he looking at me, and laughing at my smallness? I mean, I'm not huge like Pam, but I'm ok with that. Or, I was.

"Liz, I don’t have X-ray vision." Relax. I uncover my chest and stare and him, and then at the door, and then back again until he gets the picture.

He finally moves and I walk into the Band Room. Thank you, took you long enough. "So, how did you know I was at the door?" I ask curiously.

"I just knew." Freeze. 'I just knew' floats through my mind. What kind of weak answer is that? I just knew. Right. I just knew my ass.

Deep breath. I'm going to get to the bottom of this. I turn around to face him and speak, "Last night, I found this." I lift my shirt and show him my silver handprint on my stomach. Weird, my silver handprint, didn't know that I started thinking of it as mine. Maybe I should check out the mental ward. You know, just in case.

Max just stands there with a shocked expression on his face as he stares at my handprint. I step closer to him and grab his hand and placed it against the handprint.

Fuck. Perfect fit. Sigh.

Ignoring the tingles, I pull his hand away and lower my shirt, already missing the contact from his hand. I stare at him until he meets my eyes.

"Care to explain?"

I can see him mentally trying to control himself. "Well. . . I'm not from around here."

Well, shit. "So, you're from Czechoslovakia or something?"

He just points up. What the hell is this? 20 questions? "Up north?"

He points higher to get the point across. Fuck the world. "So, you're telling me that you're a. . . a. . . an alien?"

Fuck, this is funnier then that one time Maria wore high heels to school in the 6th grade and tripped into the mud trying to impress some guy.

Holy shit, I think I'm hyperventilating. Again.

"We prefer the term, not of this earth." I just stare. "I guess that's not funny at the moment."

Hold on. We? "We? You mean there are more of you?"

Shit and Fuck and Damn. It's all starting to make sense. "You, and. . . Isabel and Michael, huh?"

He just nods. Well, Jesus Christ and a cross. Real aliens in Roswell. How fucking ironic.

"How fucking ironic."

"What?" Max asks, again surprised.

"Well, this is Roswell, the alien capital of the world. And there are real aliens here. You know, when you think about it, it's actually smart. Because no one would think that aliens would come to Roswell, cause of all the alien stuff."

He just nods but I don't care, because I'm mostly talking to myself. Big surprise there, huh?

"I expect you came in the '47 crash. But, that would make you more than 50 years old." I look up with him, with a slightly disgusted look on my face. I have been thinking about doing bad things to a 50 year old guy. I think I'm going to barf.

He obviously sees my disgusted look and defends himself. "No, I'm not 50 something, we hatched about 10 years ago, when we were 6."

They hatched? Like little yellow chicks? Excuse me while I laugh and then give a 'huh?'.


"We hatched out of these pods."

Right, because that clears it all up. I think I'm going to be one of those people who spend all their time talking to a shrink. Maybe I should be seeing one already. You know what I just realized? I'm having a conversation in my head. When did I become so loony? Shit.

"Right. Hatched out of pods. When you were six. Ok."

Deep breath. I owe him at least my thanks. "Well, anyway, thanks for saving my life. You know, because you could have just left me on the ground to die, but you didn't, so. . . thanks."

He shakes his head like it was no big deal. "Max, it was a big deal to me. You didn't have to. You risked your secret getting out, by saving me. So don't shake your head like that. Say you're welcome."

He smirks at me. Damn. How can he look still so gorgeous and be smirking. When I smirk I look like the Sesame Street character that lives in the garbage can, Oscar.

Aliens must have gotten some extra-strength good-looking genes, because DAMN is he hott. And Isabel's gorgeous, and Michael's ok. I mean, to any other girl, (cough) Maria, he seems hott, but since I don't think of him like that, I don't think he's hott.

Make sense? Didn't think so.

"You're welcome." He says with another smirk.

Fuck. He's looking like that at me again. Like he's a dying plant and I'm a can of water. Shit, I need to get out of here. Breathe. Breathe.

"Max, I gotta go. There's this thing. . . with Maria and she'll kill me. Bye."

So I do the sissy thing and get my ass out of there. Because that’s what I am when it comes to Max, a sissy.

And you know what? I don't think I'm liking it too much.

*angel* Don't worry, it's not the end of Max and Liz! Not even by a long shot!

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How far into the show are you planning to go, I mean is this going to be a long story or are you planning on rapping it up in a few parts? I saw your note at the end that it wasn't the end, but I was just wondering.
CEO Shaft
PS accoding to my little sister the trash can muppet is Oscar the grouch (at least that is what she was calling me when I didn't want to be around her :-))

I'm not sure how far I'm going, but it's going to become a story, with a plot somewhere. Oh, and thanks for telling me the real name of the trash can muppet. I haven't watched that show in ages! She calls you that? Sounds like my brother.

*angel* Nikkisue

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Author's Note: Ok, it's what? Like 11:50, and I'm about to sign-off, but I wanna leave Part 5, it's really short, but I just want to put it out there!

Oh, and I have AOL instant messanging. My screename is NikkiSue1, so drop me a line whenever you want.

Ok, on with the fan fiction:

Fifth Section

So, instead of meeting Maria like I was supposed to, I avoided her. She still pissed me off from earlier.

Hah! Me liking Max? No siree, I don't think so, mister.

That's crazy talk.

So, here I am, back to the daily routine of a waitress.

Ain't life grand?

Take order, rip off order pad, attach and turn and hear that ring.

"Liz!" my dad calls from the back, "I need you to watch the restaurant all night. I'm taking your mother out for dinner and then a movie."


"Ok!" I scream back. It's not like I have a life or anything. So, when you want just dump the restaurant on your child, it's not like she'll care.

Damn them to hell.

So, here I am in the world's crappiest mood, when I hear the bell ring above the door.

Guess who it is?

Bet you have no idea.

Someone to make my mood even crappier.

Tess Harding and her father Ed.

posted on 10-Jul-2002 5:04:08 PM by Nikkisue
Here we go: oh, and --with stuff written inside-- means like a memory or a flashback.


Wait a minute, how do I know them?

--We need you, you're important--

Ok, I've officially declared it. I'm crazy. I'm hearing voices and seeing people I don't remember ever seeing but I somehow know their names.

Just slap my ass and call me Susie.

Or whatever that saying is, I'm not too good with those sayings. Remember, it took me what, a whole five minutes to remember that boiling pot one.

Back to the blonde, who seriously is dressed like a slut, and her father, who seriously shouldn't try the combover. Seriously. He would probably look better with killing a rodent in the desert and sticking it on his head.

Ok, just pretend like I don't know them, and maybe they'll pretend they don't know me.

Fake Smile. "Hello and welcome to Crashdown, I'm Liz and I'll be your waitress tonight. Are you going to be dining or getting take-out?"

The blonde snaps her fingers in my face and motions it like a valley girl from a bad rerun of Clueless.

Woah, hold it there. There are so many reasons why she shouldn't be snapping her fingers in my face. 1) She'll probably lose one 2) hello? She's white! No, she whiter than white! 3) I think only 4th graders do that these days.

"Elizabeth? It's me Tess!" Right. That helps. Telling me your name which I already knew, because that automatically makes me remember you. I don't even want to remember you.

I have never hated anyone in my life before. Ok, I admit I hated Whitney on Smallville for a while there, I mean, come on, that jealous boyfriend jig, it's overdone. And, it always pissed me off that he had that better-than-thou attitude towards Clark, how many times did Clark save his life?

Shit. She's attempting to hug me. I think I'm going to barf. Someone hand me a gun, I will gratefully shoot myself. Please?

It's weird that I got shot and Max healed me and now all day I'm wishing for people to shoot me. How ironic is that?

Ok, her arms are around me and Ed is just standing there smiling like he won the lottery. I swear, if she doesn't remove her arms from me in .5 seconds, I will cram this menu down her throat!

Thank you! Her arms are gone and I can breathe. Nevermind, her perfume is really rank. Breathe out of your mouth. That's better.

Smile. "Excuse me, I need to go do something really quick!"

Ed steps in front of Tess protectively. Wow. I think I can see the ceiling reflecting off his head. Pretty cool.

"Are you sure you won't talk with us for a while first?"

Think Liz. Make up an excuse. Anything. "Umm. . . actually I just got one of those . . . umm. . . home pregnancy tests and I just peed on the stick like two minutes ago, it should be done!"

I crossed my fingers in exaggeration, "Wish me luck."

Ok, that was probably the lamest excuse, but maybe it'll gross them out and they'll leave.

I ran up the stairs while mentally scanning my brain trying to remember them. Where the hell have I seen them before? It feels like the information is on the tip of my tongue, but I just can't reach it.

As I reach my room I run inside and stop, feeling a little lightheaded.

--Lizzie, we can't touch you!--

--You need to forget!--

Ignoring the voices, I mutter to myself, "You're becoming crazy Ms. Parker."

Yes, and I do refer to myself as a third person a lot.

I grab the phone and dial the number I've dialed so many times before. As someone picks up on the other end, I immediately start talking. "Maria, I need you to come as soon as you can to Crashdown, some girl named Tess is here and she's really creeping me out, along with her dad. I swear that I've seen her before. You gotta help me, you owe me!"

I hear low breathing on the other end of the phone. "Maria?"

What the hell is going on?

"Liz." I hear a small voice call.

"Maria, get your ass up right now and talk to me!" I practically scream into the phone.

"Liz, I think I'm dying." I hear Maria say softly into the phone.

Dammit! No, this is not happening now! I feel my chest tighten and tears struggle to fall. "MARIA!" I cry. "I'll be right there sweetie, hold on!"

I drop the phone and race down the stairs, taking it 3-steps at a time. Almost tripping at the bottom, I wonder, why the hell do we have stairs?

As I enter the diner, I see Tess and Ed.

Shit, I forgot about them? What am I going to do?

I go up to them and gesture towards the door. "I'm sorry, but Crashdown is closing earlier tonight. Can you please leave?"

I don't wait for the nod. I mean, any normal people would just leave, right?

I should have known. There aren't a lot of normal people in Roswell.

As I open the door and am about to step out, the door shuts before me.

What the hell? Did someone get a remote control door closer without telling me?

I turn towards Tess and Ed, a dangerous glare on my face. Tess is just standing there a smug grin on her face. "You let me out," I say in a deadly whisper, "or I swear to God that I won't be responsible for my actions."

Tess's grin falters and she takes a step back. I take that as a 'ok' and race out the door and run to Maria's house.

Who knew that someone could be that afraid of me? Weird.

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Ok, here's the highly anticpated sequel to 6a. But, it'll probably raise more questions and not answer any of the other ones. Here we go:


Maria baby, hold on, I'm almost there. God, the tears are literally falling down like a waterfall. Maria, you can't leave me!

I finally approach Maria's door and fling it open, scanning the room.

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.

I run towards Maria as she's lying next to the phone. "Maria baby," I cry, smoothing her hair out of her face, "baby, you have to wake up."




There is a knife stuck in Maria's side.

Who the hell would stab Maria? This is like some freaky horror movie.

Maria's dying, do something god dammit. Max, I need to get Max, he'll heal her. I pick up the phone and dial Max's number. As the phone rings, I realize I don't know Max's number. The words he said earlier flow through my mind, 'I just knew'.

Shit, this is starting to freak me out.

"Hello?" I hear Isabel's voice on the other line.

"Isabel, you need to get Max and bring him to Maria's house. She's been stabbed and she's dying." I choke back tears, "please hurry!"

Damn. I hear silence on the phone. "Where does she live?" Isabel asks in a rush.

"Don't worry, Max will know, please hurry!" I hang up and cradle Maria in my arms, rocking silently.

Maria hang in there, I need you.

God, I remember that one time in 3rd grade when Maria and I beat up the guys picking on Alex. We called ourselves the Three Musketeers.

My salty tears fall in Maria's hair as I stroke her hair. "Maria, you can't leave me. God, I love you! You know that, and Alex loves you. You can't leave the Three Musketeers!"

"Maria," I say softly, "remember that time in 7th grade when Bobby Marcus was always harassing me, and told me I was worthless. Then you saw him and put a stop to it, even though I thought I deserved it? You told me that it wasn't true." Silent tears blurred my vision as I stared down at Maria's pale face. "You said that I wasn't worthless and that I didn't deserve it. You told me that I was beautiful, and that I was a good person. That no matter what anybody said, I would always be a good person, and that not to care what jerks like Bobby said. Do you remember?"

Deep breath. "Well, Maria, you can't leave this earth. You are too god damn important. You were going to get some singing career and become famous. You make people want to be better people. That's why I'm a good person, because of you. Without you, the light on the earth fades. God, Maria, I love you so much!"

I stroke her face and rock back and forth, waiting for Max.

This can't happen.

My best friend cannot leave me.

I hear the front door open and see Max, Isabel and Michael run in. When I see them, all my tears and even ones I didn't know I had, start to fall.

"Max, save her, please!" I cry.

Max kneels next to us. He tries to get Maria out of my arms, but I refuse to let go of her. He looks up at me, "I'm going to have to take the knife out."

I nod. "Just do it."

He slowly grips the knife and in one swipe, takes it out. I hear Maria whimper, but I'm too focused on the blood.

So much blood.

He presses his shirt against the wound too stop the blood and held his other hand over Maria. I see him close his eyes and concentrate.

I don't know why I did what I did next.

I gripped his hand in mine and concentrated, sending him my energy.

I don't know how I knew it would work.

But it did.

*angel* Alrighty, that's part 6b.
posted on 12-Jul-2002 11:02:26 PM by Nikkisue
Hey everyone! Thanks so muh for all the feedback! You guys seriousely kick ass! Some of your questions should be answered in the next few chapters, so don't worry!

Seventh Section

After a minute, he pulled his hand away and I saw the clean, smooth skin, no stab wound.

Deep breath. I hugged Maria to my best and breathed into her hair. "You're ok."

I think that's when I fainted.

The next thing I knew I was walking around and the sky and the ground were all orange.

Wow, looks like someone blew up an orange in here.

Isn't it weird, how an orange, the fruit, is the color orange.

It's the only thing that does that.

Yes, Liz is back and weirder than ever.

I reach for a tree to sit down, and that's when the images attack me.

Images of me, and Tess and Ed at that stupid school.

"No." This can't be happening! I made myself forget all that crap.



"Liz?" I hear a soft voice calling my name and I open my eyes.

Shit. It worked. Maria, Oh my god, where is Maria?

"Where's Maria, is she ok?"

I see Michael across the room standing still against the wall staring at Maria. Max grabs my hand and gently squeezes it. "She's fine, just sleeping. She lost some blood."

I jump out of bed and approach Maria's bed cautiously. I spy her sleeping peacefully, her hand on her heart. I grip her hand and squeeze it, sending all my love. I sit down next to her on her bed. "She's ok."

A single tear falls down my face. "She's ok."

Fuck. She almost died.

I cannot believe this shit.

First I get shot, and then she gets stabbed.

Wait, how the hell did she get stabbed in the first place?

"Max," I call. "How did Maria get stabbed?"

He connects eyes with Michael and shakes his head. "I don't know."

I look around the room. "Where the hell is Isabel?"

"She went to get Alex." I snap my head towards Michael but he's still staring at Maria, like he has to or something bad will happen to her.

That's it. I'm waking up Maria.

"Maria." I call, shaking her softly.

I hear her groan and smile. God, and I used to hate her grumpiness, right now I love it!

"Maria, wake up or I'll tell Michael and Max about that time at the swimming pon-".

"I'm up, I'm up." I smile as Maria opens her eyes.

God, how I've missed her green eyes. I gently kiss her on the cheek. "You're ok."

Maria groaned, "I'm aware of that. Why the hell do I have a killer headache?"

I look to Max and silently plead him with my eyes.

Max nods and presses his hand against her forehead, reliving her headache.

"Mmm," Maria says, "thank you."

I look towards Michael who's still just standing there. "Michael, you can move. You look like you're having a hernia."

He just stiffly stands there staring at me. Ok, nevermind.

Be there with a stick up your ass.

"Maria," I say softly, "what the hell happened?"

Maria scrunches her eyes as she's thinking.

I know what you're thinking, where are all the sarcastic comments. Well, when your best friend gets stabbed, let's see how many sarcastic comments you'll be thinking.

"I was watching TV and was really bored. Actually, I was about to come down to Crashdown. So, I turned the TV off and got up. Suddenly someone grabbed me, and stabbed me in the side."

Ok, I for one was not expecting that.

And by hearing Michael choke, I'm guessing he wasn't either.

So, here I am squeezing Maria's hand so hard that she let go.

Anger. Intense Anger.

No, I'm starting to see red. I hold my hands over my ears, trying to block the sound of rushing water. This is not going to happen right now.

I start rocking back and forth with my hands over my ears as the windows and the door in Maria's room start to shake. Some of the items on her dresser and shelves start to fall off.

But, I don't care, because all I can think about is killing the person who did this.

Anger. Anger so hott and so strong it feels like it's going to rip me into two.

"No." I whimper. "This is not happening."

I keep rocking back and forth, concentrating on blocking the sounds. I can feel Max grab my arm and yelp and let go.

"Liz!" I hear Alex is the far cracks of my mind and it stops. I look up at him helplessly standing there with Isabel. Everyone was looking at me in amazement.

Shit. I can't breathe. Breath. Breath. Breath. This isn't working.

I jump up and run to Alex, tears down my face.

He just whispers reassuring words in my ears, softly stroking my hair.

"Alex, it's happening again." I whisper to him.

He just keeps stroking my hair, "I know."
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Did you know that there is nothing on TV at 11:30? Seinfield just ended and now I am bored out of my mind. Well, here's the 8th part, enjoy.

Eighth Section

So, here I am. Literally about to have a breakdown. Alex just keeps stroking my hair, and Maria is staring at me sympathetically.

Don't even get me started on Max, Michael and Isabel. The aliens of the group are staring at me like I'm a freak.

So, who cares when I get mad, things tend to move?

Obviously they do.

Why is it happening again?

Why do I have to remember?

I wish that I could just forget it again.

Forget about the school, about Tess, about all of it.

I let go of Alex, and look up at him, "You remember?"

He gently wipes away some of my tears, "yeah."

Well, la-de-freakin'-do-da. It's a party and everyone's remembering my crappy past!

Yeah me!

"Liz?" I turn to see Michael and Isabel looking at me.

Shit, this is too funny.

They're fucking scared of me.

This is a Kodak moment.

"What?" I snap.

"What the hell happened?" Michael asks, a slight glare.

Sigh. I don't completely know.

"I don't remember."

Isabel snorts, "You don't remember? What kinda of crap is that?"

Oh, no she didn't.

I was shot, my best friend was stabbed, and I just remembered some of the insane crap I went through as a child.

I let go of Alex and stand straight glaring at her.

A really heavy book on Maria's dresser flies towards Isabel. She quickly puts up a shield and the book bounces off.

Everyone's looking at me like I'm crazy and I'm thinking. . .

Maria has books in her room?

Didn't expect that one.

I hold my hand to my mouth and pretend to be sorry. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean too."

No one believes me. Probably because I'm smiling and still glaring at Isabel.

Go figure?

I walk over to Maria, and sit down next to her.

She's trying really hard not to laugh, I can tell.

She doesn't like Isabel a lot.

Join the club.

I really love Maria right now.

"I mean that I don't remember."

Max looks at me with a confused face, "How can you not remember?"

Sigh. "I mean I don't remember why I can't remember. All I know is that I can move stuff with my mind, and I went to this school with that Tess girl and her father."

Oh, now I get it.

Tess was scared of me because she thought I was going to use my 'special gift' on her. Losers.

That's actually pretty funny.

But, what would she be that scared? She was probably the one that closed the door on me. That bitch!

But if she has the same gift I do, why is she scared of me?

I guess I can put myself in her shoes. If I saw my face as I told her to get lost, then I would probably be shitting in my pants too.

I crack my up sometimes.

"Liz," Alex says, "Don't you remember why it is you can't remember?"

I shake my head, didn't we already go over this?

"Liz, remember, we made you forget."

--Lizzie, we can't touch you!--

--You need to forget!--

You've got to be shitting me.

This just keeps getting better and better.

Alex sits down next to Maria, "There's only one way to remember everything, you need to go to that place where you stored the information and retrieve it."

Groan. I hate orange.

"But last time, I couldn't control it," I argue.

Alex sighs. "Yeah, but you were what? 9? You're stronger now, physically and emotionally."

Groan. I can already tell this is going to suck big time. "Ok."

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Author's Note: Ok, first, you guys kick total ass. Thanks for all the feedback for this story and The In-Crowd. Here's part 9. I'll be gone for a week, but while I'm gone, I'll be writing a storm, so expect lots of new parts when I return. Sorry this part is so short, but here we go.

Ninth Part

"Yeah, yeah," I grumbled.

Can you tell how happy I am right now?

"Why don't you lie down next to Maria while Max, Michael and Isabel leave."

Good, because if I freak, then I sure as hell don't want them here.

"Wait!" Maria cried and sat up. "You healed me Max."

Max stopped, his face in a painful expression. He nods.

She laughed, "I knew it, just like you healed Liz."

Wait, what?

"You knew?" I said, a look of disbelief on my face.

Maria waved her hand through the air, "Of course I knew. I'm not stupid. Besides, who else would leave you that picture of the angel."

Once again, huh?

"You left me that? God Maria, you don't know how much I was freaking out."

I hit her on the arm once for good measure and she turned back to Max, Michael and Isabel.

"Well, you know, thanks, and I promise I won't tell a soul."

She held her hand up to her heart, "Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in Michael's eye."

Michael silently glared at her while she just smirked.

Is it me, or did the sexual tension in this room increase like times 10?

Alex nodded his agreement, "Yeah me either. We already have a freak. Why not three more." He points to me as he says that.

A pillow flies through the air and whacks Alex in the head, while I just put on this innocent look.

He looks at me. "What?" I cry.

He leads the three aliens out, and Maria and me just lay there, soaking everything in.

If someone told me last week that I would get shot, then healed, then have my best friend stabbed, then found out I have the gift of telekinesis, I would tell you to 'Fuck off'.

What the hell just happened?

Maria turns to me slightly, "What the hell just happened?"

I just stare at her, and start to laugh.

Then she starts to laugh.

And then we both start to cry.

See, this is why Maria is my best friend.


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A/N: Here I am, back by popular demand. Thanks to Jessica_01 for daily bumps and everyone else.

Tenth Section

Orange never was my color. I don't think it ever will be. So, here I am, back into the world of the orange. After me and Maria stopped crying, I fell into that dreamlike stage.

Like where your foot falls asleep and you can't feel it but can at the same time.

Sigh. There's the tree.

I lay down next to it, not yet touching it, just staring at it. It's weird how something like a tree could hold the knowledge of everything I tried to forget.

"Hello Elizabeth." I look and see a squirrel eating an acorn but staring at me. "Hey," I call back.

Hey, this is my mind! I'm a messed up person and it's not that weird to be talking to a squirrel! Remember, everything's orange and a tree holds memories.

Mr. Squirrel there just keeps chewing on his acorn and staring at me. I take that as a sign that he wants to see me touch the tree. Apparently Mr. Squirrel likes to watch people get tortured. Well, here you go Mr. Squirrel, one order of torture coming right up.

I extend my left arm and touch the tree.

posted on 29-Jul-2002 4:29:22 PM by Nikkisue
Did you think I'd leave you there?


As I touch the tree I get assaulted by hundreds of flashes. Firstly, me getting recruited by the school where the men were looking for je ne sais quio. Wouldn't you know, but I did have that certain something. Wohoo for me.

Yep, now there's my at the school with all those other freaks. There teaching us discipline and using our gifts.

Does anyone see the wrong in training 5 year olds? No? Maybe it's just me.

There's meeting Tess and her father. Could two people get creepier? It's like their attached to the hip. Weird.

Fuck. Here's comes the emotional part.

Finding out that the people who were training us were the so-called 'bad guys'.

Calling mom and dad who then took home their 'disappointment of a daughter'.

Ain't my life just peachy keen?

I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Sense the sarcasm?

That's enough, I've had enough. I let go of the tree and take a moment to catch my breath and my thoughts. It's like their racing each other on the racetrack.

I look and there's that squirrel still staring at me.

"Fuck off," I say and that squirrel goes flying back.

What? It wasn't like he was real. Just a pigment of my imagination.

Besides, the sucker could talk, something wasn't right.

I start stomping in my mind, like you do to your foot that has fallen asleep and I drift out of the orange land.

Maria's already asleep when I finally wake up. I'm surprised, this stuff isn't freaking her out. She's a tough one, and I had no idea she drew that angel. I didn't even know Maria could draw.

One problem down, a million more to go.

Even as I try to convince myself to worry about Tess and her dad, I can't help thinking about Max.

Ok, I sorta admit, I like him, sometimes. . . maybe.

And he might like me, sometimes. . . maybe.

So, then the problem is, where to go from there?

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Author's Note: Thanx for all the feedback and sorry for the wait. Oh, and yeah, I do have another story out, it's called born without the fear gene, so if you want to, check it out. Well, here's the next part. Enjoy.

Eleventh Section

Tomorrow morning and I'm feeling pretty good. Hair actually did what I wanted it to, shirt looked great on me, no problems whatsoever.

Yes, this is me in Denial Land.

So, I've made a decision, I'm going to find out if there's anything possibly between Max and I. I'll go to school, find him, ask him, and that's that. You know, it's weird, an alien and a telekinesis freak, who would have thought? Suckers.

As I walk up to the school, Maria is talking a mile a minute, but it's good to hear. She did almost die. I still wonder who did it? All I know is that they are getting the ass-kicking of the millennium if I find them.

I'm walking down the hall, my usual 'I don't give a crap' attitude, that's when a flash of something almost white catches my eye. It's Tess and she's walking down the hall like she owns it. The really sick thing is that everyone is watching her. Shit. Can't she just leave me the hell alone?

I look around searching for somewhere to escape her and see the first available open door. I sprint right in there, accidentally knocking someone else in on the way.

The door slams behind us and I reach for the light to see who the other person is. As the light comes on, I focus on the persons face. It's Michael. I can sit here and tell you that I was certainly not hoping under any circumstances that it was Max. I'm happy it wasn't Max, gives me more time to be the chicken that I am.

Michael looks up at me, this complex glare on his face. Who ever heard of a complex glare? It's like he's mastered the ordinary glare and added like a million layers to it. Damn. The boy is good.

But, so I am. So, I stand there, staring down at him, my 'don't mess with me' look that I've mastered so well over the years. Finally, ol' Hedgehog speaks. Get it? Hedgehog, because they both have spiky hair?

"What the hell did you do that for?" He yells at me.

I keep my face completely straight, wanting to mess with his mind. "I couldn't help myself. I saw you and pushed you in here. I want to have hott animal sex with you right now."

I slowly unbutton the first button from my shirt and I see Michael do the same. I push him, "You are such a pig."

He shrugs, "Hey, you asked."

I smiling coyly, "What would Maria think?"

And if it's possible, his face turns red and I think that Michael Guerin is actually blushing. I totally knew that he felt something for Maria, those two belong together. Both exceptionally weird, and both with short tempers.

He shrugs again, "I don't care."

I smile brightly, this is to much fun, "Riiiiggght."

He glares at me, "What about Max?"

I play dumb, "What about Max?" At this point my hands are getting sweaty, either from the interrogation I'm about to get, or just by the mention of his name.

He smirks, "You like him."

I gasp, "That's crazy," I say while acting like that idea never crossed my mind. Michael doesn't buy it, either do I. He just smiles and I slap him, "You're an ass."

I clasp my hands together, fidgeting, "So, Max, does he um. . . you know, ever talk. . . um, about me?"

Michael stares long and hard at me, "No."

Well, Fuck me. This disappointment is clogging my throat. Why the hell do my eyes itch? Make it stop for the love of God.

Then Michael gets this bored look on his face, "More like ever second of every day, and to tell you the truth, there are a few times when I would gladly beat the living crap out of him."

My face brightens dramatically, but then I drop my head, pretending it doesn't matter, "Oh, ok."

Michael has that amused look on his face, so I reach to push him again when the door bursts open, and Max and Maria stood on the other end, not amused expressions on their faces.

I quickly realized that my hand was on Michael's chest and grap it back, mentally kicking my own ass for being so stupid. "Hey guys," I call out to them, "what's up?"

Maria looks pissed and Max looks, well, I don't know, his eyes are too complex. Maybe all of the aliens are complex, Max with his complex eyes, Michael with his complex glare and Isabel with her complex wardrobe.

Yes, I still haven't forgiven her for the remark she made last night. That bitch.

Maria's taking slow deep breaths and I swear any second now she's going to burst, ok, her face is turning red, here it comes. Let me brace myself. Ok, ready. "LIZ, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING? YOU AND MICHAEL? OH MY GOD, THAT IS SO GROSS, AND IF YOU ARE TOGETHER, BEING IN THE ERASER ROOM MAKING OUT IS NOT A GOOD PLACE TO TRY TO HID!"

Wow, I think she burst one of my eardrums. Wait, we're in the eraser room? I just ran into the first available room.

"I didn't know we were in the eraser room, I kinda just ran into the first available room," I say to defend myself. Wow, that did not come out how I wanted it too. If it's possible, Maria's face gets even redder and I'm shrinking against the wall. She has this way of making me feel 3 feet tall.

"I mean," I say to correct myself, "I ran into the first available room because I saw Tess coming and I accidentally pushed Michael in here."

Speak of the devil, when I said Tess's name, she just happened to pop her head in the doorway. "Elizabeth, so nice to see you!" Now, I'm steaming at the ears because Tess is looking at Max like he's the only man around for 1000 miles. What a slut.

Michael's looking back and forth between me and Max and I flip him off, and then he thankfully stops. Tess cries out in her high-pitched squeaky voice, "Elizabeth, what are you doing on the ground in this closet area." She leans closer to Max and put her skanky hand on his arm, "I'm Tess Harding, what's your name?"

Max kinda of stutters, "M-Max. . . Evans."

She smiles up at him seductively and its taking all of me not to throw up my breakfast. Maria's cracking up beside Tess and holding onto the doorframe for support. I'm glad Maria's not mad anymore.

I quickly get up, ignoring the hand Max holds out to help me. "I can get up fine by myself."

I grab Maria's arm and glare at Tess one more time before we both head down the hallway.

As we’re walking I hear Tess practically scream to Max, "Max, do you workout?" Suddenly Tess screams and slips and falls and I wonder how that happened?

Jealous? Moi? Unheard of!

Stupid skanky bitch.

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Twelfth Section/

It's biology time. With Max. As a partner.

I'm scared out of my mind.

I sit down at our table and Max isn't here yet. Good. Gives me time to think.

He's going to say no. He's going to run away screaming. He's going to throw up on me.

Max you better come here, or I'll be consumed by my bad thoughts.

Breathe Liz, it's going to be ok.

Here comes Max. Wow. He looks really nice today. Blue jeans and a black V-neck sweater. He looks so. . . yummy.

Oh my god, did I just say yummy?

Someone please shoot me. Oh, wait, been there, done that.

"Hey Max," I say in a pathetic weak voice that sounds like a munchkin. Great start Liz.

He smiles back with his adorable, sexy gorgeous crooked smile. Damn. The boy is too hott for his own good.

"So, is Tess ok? I saw heard her fall, seemed pretty bad," I ask politely while trying not to laugh at the mental image it produces in my head.

I turn to Max who's eyes are amused, "Yeah, she's fine, I wonder how she's fell, the floor wasn't wet or anything."

I shrug. "Yeah, well, things like that happen sometimes."

Ok, it's go time. You can do this Liz. "So, Max, I was wondering if. . ."

"Yeah?" he asks while making eye contact with me again.

His eyes are almost golden, they so amazingly powerful and I feel myself getting sucked into them. I'm getting lost in the gold and everything around me fades.

"ELIZABETH!" A squeaky voice screams and everything returns to its crappy normal places.

"What?" I snap and then I see Tess.

Does she have a personal vendetta to make my life miserable?

Did I anger the gods?

Did I run over a poor defenseless cat without knowing it?

Tess runs over to me and practically hugs me to death. "Elizabeth, isn't it so cool how we have all the same classes?"

No it isn't, so let go. Wait. What? All the same classes?

Please God, I'm sorry about the cat, I didn't see it.

One of the test tubes shatters on the counter, funny thing is no ones touching it, no ones even close to it.

All the same classes?


You know what? I've had 3 classes already and I'm planning on murder. A federal crime. I could go to jail. But, ooh, it would be worth it.

And I'm sick of it.

But, back to Max.

He's either going to say yes or say no.

Either way, I'm not going to die or anything.

I see Max in the hall and grab him and pull him in the eraser room. No more Ms. Nice Girl.

"Liz, wow, two trips in one day, you're becoming quite popular."

Be brave Liz. Do it for all those girls who simply drool at the sight of Max.

"Shut up Max," I say and then I grab him and attack him with my lips.

I know, go me! Liz=1, Max=none.

The tingling not only travels across my lips, it spreads through my body to the farthest reach of the corners where nothing else is. It travels through each cell, lighting it up. It's makes me feel, for no better word. . .electric.

But, finally we have to break apart to breathe and I'm staring into his eyes again, his not of this earth eyes that make my knees weak and my heart thud.

I start to kiss his forehead, his cheeks, his neck and his ears and his little moans let me know I'm doing it right. "Max, do you like me?"

He groans, "God, yes, Liz, of course I do."

Smile. It feels good to be right. I lean back a little my hands holding both sides of his face. "Do you want to go out sometime?"

He doesn't answer, just crashes his lips into mine.

And I'm crashing into oblivion.

Feels damn good.

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Author's Note: Here's the next part. I'll start going into depth about Tess and her father after this, so don't worry. Your questions will be answered in time!*happy*

Thirteenth Section

My cheeks hurt. Is this a huge smile on my face or what? I feel like a freakin' clown, but for once I don't care! I'm so happy, I just want to yell it out to the universe, "Max and I are going out!"

Smile. Smile. Smile.

Ok, I seriously need to stop, I look like a cheerleader on prozac.

It's kinda scary.

No one can ruin my mood, not even Tess because she can't get Max. He's all mine.

I don't even mind waitressing. The little bell where I hook my order pad sounds like an orchestra to me.

"Liz, tone down the smile, you'll scare the customers," Maria says as she grabs someone's plate.

I just smile at her sweetly and give her a big kiss on the cheek.

"With a smile that big, we have no need for lightbulbs."

I don't know why Maria's being a Party Pooper, she freaked out more than I did when I told her Max and I were going out.

Someone bumps hips with me and I see Maria walking alongside me. "How does it feel to kiss an ali-." I silence her with a look, no saying the A word in public. "Czechoslovakian?"

Czechoslovakian. How the hell does that relate to an alien?

"Doesn't that country not exist anymore?"

Maria glares at me. "Just go with it. So, how does it feel to kiss a Czechoslovakian?"

Actually, that kinda rings a bell.

"It feels out of this world, no joke intended. It tingles all the way from the ends of your hair to the tip of your toes."

Maria's eyes brighten, "Really? Sounds like fun."

She turns and walks away and I'm watching her go up to Michael and pull on his jacket, pulling him up. Then she starts to kiss him. You know, doesn't look like Michael's minding much. The kiss ends and Maria just walks away leaving Michael dazed and confused. "You're right," she says and she gets another order.

We are seriously too good to the Czechoslovakians.

The bell above the door rings and I see Tess and her father come in. Groan. Is not enough that I have to see Tess EVERY PERIOD that now I have to see her after school.

Someone give me a break.

But, I'm still smiling because Max is a cutie.

Make that a god.

Smile. I go to the table where Tess and Ed are sitting and whip out my order pad. "Hi, I'm Liz and I'll be your waitress today, what can I start you out with?"

Tess smiles, "You look happy."

Ed gets up to use the restroom and I smile back at Tess. "Yeah, I got laid."

Her mouth drops open and she just sits there, dumbfounded.

Who said Liz Parker couldn't make anyone speechless? Liz=1, Tess=0.

You know, Fuck that. Keeping scores is annoying. It should just be Liz=1, everyone else in the entire universe=0.

There, much better.

Ed comes back and invites me to sit with them, saying he wants to talk with me about something.

I glance around the room, well, Max isn't here yet, and maybe if I talk to them they'll leave Roswell and never come back. "Sure, but just for a few minutes until my break is over."

I sit down next to Ed, because I don't want to sit next to Tess.

Ed clears his throat. "I know that you left that school in a haste, but did you ever reconsider going back?"

I narrow my eyes, "Never. You and I both know what happens there to the kids, and I won't participate in that."


"But, you have such potential." Duh.

"What about Tess?"

Tess blushes and lowers her head for some weird reason. "They taught me all they could, there's only so far my power can go."

Oooook, that made no sense.

I get up. "The answer is and will always be no, so goodbye, I'll send Maria to take your order."

I walk away. Stupid asses asking me crap like that. I'll never go back to that school.

Over my dead body.

Strange to think that was almost the case.

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Author's Note: Sorry to everyone that it took me so long to update, I've been really busy with school and stuff, so here's the next part, and after that we learn about Liz's past with Tess. Here you go:

Fourteenth Section

School next day is tiring. Tess is always around and it takes all my self-control not to do something to her. But, that all fades away when I see Max. He like has this power to make me forget about everything else in the entire world. I wonder if that’s one of their powers?

I step into my biology class, and see him sitting at our table, his head down. It looks like he’s reading a book. But, when I enter the classroom, his head suddenly pops up, like he knows that I’m there. Don’t I feel special?

He smiles at me and I smile at him. I come to sit down next to him and gently kiss him on the cheek and turn my head slightly because I’m blushing. He’s blushing too. Didn’t we get past this stage? I mean, we made out in the eraser room, and now we’re blushing over one little kiss on the cheek.

Max passes me a note, letting his hand linger a little longer than necessary. Ooh, serious tingles. I open it up and read it. Liz, did you want to go out tonight? If you can’t I completely understand, but otherwise, I’m free. -Max.

I smile as I read the note, he is so adorable.

I write him back a ‘hell yeah’ and send it over and that’s when I get that tingle in the back of my neck. It’s not Max because that tingle feels good so I look behind me. Tess is boring her eyes into the back of my head, and it’s unnerving. She’s just sitting there, not blinking, like a mannequin.

My pencil starts to roll off of my desk and Max and I pick it up at the same time. He hands it to me shyly, but I start to talk. “Max, look at Tess, she’s staring at me and it’s really freaking me out.”

Max gets all concerned and sits back up, looking at Tess in the back of his eye. Yep, she’s still staring. I feel so uncomfortable, what the hell is she doing?

Maybe I can snap her out of it. I concentrate on the pencil on her desk and slightly move it, just to make it fall off the desk. It clatters to the floor and she blinks, looking around. She reaches for the pencil and now I can breathe.

Max gently squeezes my hand and writes on a piece of binder paper, ‘We’ll talk later’. I nod and start paying attention in class. It’s almost half-over and the teacher still hasn’t taught us anything new.


I walk to lunch with Alex and Maria and everyone is looking and whispering about me. I connect eyes with Pam Troy who smirks and that confirms it. “Pam Troy has a warrant on my ass.”

“Doesn’t Max have that?” Alex asks.

I ignore that comment, mostly because I don’t have a good comeback. We sit down at our usual bench and I plop my backpack on the ground. “Tess was staring holes in the back of my head in biology earlier, it’s was annoying.”

Maria shrugged, “Maybe she’s jealous?”

Of what? “Of what?”

“The little engine that could,” Alex retorted.

I just glare at him and glance around the courtyard, yep, everyone’s still looking and whispering. It would piss me off if I maybe had a little clue what they were saying.

Oh, here comes Pam and her clones. Guess, she figured out I was joking with her in the bathroom. Took her long enough. Though, now, if I asked, Max would wash my stomach, and I wouldn’t be joking.

Pam stops in front of us with her hands on her hips. WOW. Can you say too much cleavage? It looks like a butt. I snicker and she glares at me. “What’s so funny?”

I smile, “You really don’t want to know.”

Alex and Maria are just sitting there silently, watching us talk. So is the entire rest of the school. It’s absolutely silent.

“Can I help you with something Pamela?”

“No, that’s ok Elizabeth. Just thought you might like to know what the school is saying about you.”

I smile again and rest my head on my hand, getting comfortable. “Shoot.”

Pam and her clones start to giggle, really high-pitched like. Alex, Maria and I all cover our ears until their done. And now they’re done. “There’s a rumor going around that you paid Max Evans to sleep with you and now you’re pregnant.”

Wow. Who the hell would believe that?

Her clones are nodding their pretty little heads and I look straight at Pam. “Well, there’s a rumor going around that you got a boob job. Oh wait,” I say and I hold my hand over my heart. “That’s not a rumor.”

The whole lunch area start to snicker as I continue, “See, rumor’s aren’t true. This is about what I said to you in the bathroom, huh? You didn’t like little Lizzie Parker taking the guy you wanted. Well, too late and too bad. Why don’t you go run and hide in your next conquest’s backseat and wait for him. Bye, bye now.” I wave to her and start eating while the whole school applauded. Believe me, the school hates Pam, but we find ways to put up with her.

She finally leaves and I turn back to Alex and Maria, who are staring at me in amazement. “What?” I ask. “Is there food in my teeth?”

Maria squeals and hugs me across the table, practically pulling me out of my seat. “I for one bow down to you. Damn girl, didn’t know you had it in you.”

I shrug, “Hey, when you can deal with Czechoslovakians, moving things with your mind, and Tess, you can deal with a blonde bimbo, like that.” I snap my fingers to get my point across.

I lean closer, “Is that really what they were saying about me?”

Maria and Alex nod. “You guys didn’t believe it, right?”

They both look anywhere but at me. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! “I can’t believe it you guys!”

I grab my lunch and backpack and walk to the nearest table I see with people sitting at it. The Alien Table. Yay, me. I throw everything next to the table and scowl as I bite into my sandwich. Isabel, Michael and Max just stare at me.

“What?” I say. “Can you believe that my two best friends believed the rumors?”

I shake my head as Michael nods. I shrug. “Well, at least you’re honest.”

I turn to Max and smile. “Hey.”

He smiles back. “Hey.”

We really haven’t gotten past the awkward phase yet. I see Isabel and Michael share disgusted looks but I just smile. “Nice talk with Pam.”

I smile at Michael, “Yeah, it was either that or slap her, and I decided that I’ve had enough violence for awhile.”

Michael shrugs, “I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind watching a cat fight. Maybe you two could even jump in the mud.”

I ignore him as Max leans closer, “Do you want to talk about Tess now?”

“Sure,” I say with a shrug.

So, I begin to explain.


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Author's Note: Sorry for the wait and everything guys! I've been busy, school started and everything, but here's the new part and it's long and it's starting to get into the main plot, so look for more shows of power and bad guys. Oh, and thanks to all the kick-ass people who are bumpng this fic. I love you to pieces! Here we go:


I ignore him as Max leans closer, “Do you want to talk about Tess now?”

“Sure,” I say with a shrug.

So, I begin to explain.



“I guess it all started when I was a little girl, maybe 4 or 5. It was when I was in preschool and this men came and took tests. They took a blood sample of each child. I think they told the parents it was for a test to see if we had a disease that was supposedly going around.”

“Anyways, I’m not sure what they were looking for, but apparently I had it. They sent a letter to my parents saying how I was gifted and that I got accepted to go to this special school for kids. My parents were ecstatic you know, and they sent me right away.”

“I don’t really remember much about the school because I was little and I was only there for a year. I met Tess, she was the same age as me and she went there and her father Ed was a teacher there.”

I took a deep breath, not wanting to say the next words out of my mouth. “While we were there, they taught us to use our abilities. I didn’t even know I could, but I found out I could move things with my mind. They would teach us to use the ability and strengthen it and everything. Well, Tess was always in the same group that I was in and we became acquaintances. I learned to deal with her, because no one else would talk to me. I guess I got stuck with the idea that a child of Ed’s could never be any good. I got really lonely so I would sneak around the building, searching rooms and stuff and one day I found this room where Tess’s father Ed and the head of the building where talking. They were talking about,” I swallow hard and Max grasps my hand. When I finally feel ready to continue I do, “they were talking about training us to fight against these people. Supposedly if they had a bunch of mindless children with telekinesis then winning a war would be a snap. I heard this, ran into my room, yelled a fit about how I was homesick and my parents came to pick me up. They were so disappointed at their failure of a daughter. I enrolled in public school, met Alex and Maria who found out about my gift by accident and that’s when the trances started. When I felt sad or something or too much energy was floating inside of me, I would start to shake and my head would feel like it was on fire and crumbling. Everything around me would move and by the time I was done, the room I was in would look like a war had happened. Anyways, one time, Maria and Alex found me like that and told me the only way the pain would stop if it I would forget.”

I look up at Isabel, Michael and Max and smile slightly. “So I went inside my head and hid everything. After it was done, Maria and Alex seemed to forget too and we went back to being normal kids. The year afterwards, you three came to Roswell Elementary and that’s about it.”

I look around at the three people around me. They each are just staring at me, their mouth’s open slightly. I know that look, I’ve seen it many times. After the initial shock passes, their be in awe and then ask a million questions. It always happens that way.

They’re eyes widened in amazement and then they get a confused glint in their eyes. Here it comes. 3. . . 2 . . . 1.

“What was the school called?”

“How many kids were there?”

“How did you make yourself forget?”

I smile. This whole question and answer thing has a sort of normalcy to it. Like it felt when Maria and Alex asked me a million questions.

“Ferguson's school for the gifted, about 100 kids and I don’t know how I made myself forget.”

There mouth’s drop open again and there’s about a couple minutes of silence at the table.

I smile again as I look at the faces around me. I’m really starting to like these people.


And I’m back to waitressing. I still haven’t talked to Maria and Alex, making them sweat. Max is sitting in one of the booths in my section, just glancing at me ever so often. It’s comforting really, making me forget the urge to levitate something and knock some of these customers out.

When it’s time for my break, I come sit across from Max in his booth. I set my feet on the seat he’s on and take off my antennas, throwing them on the table. Max looks at me in this amused glance as I let my head fall on the table.

THUMP! “Ow.”

I hear someone chuckling and look up at Max who’s trying not to break down laughing. I glare at him, “What’s so funny?”

Max smiles. “Nothing.”

I get an idea and just smile. “Ok.” I take my feet off the seat and take one of my slip on shoes off. I gently start rubbing Max’s calf with my foot. Max’s eyes widen and he almost chokes on a fry. “Are you ok?” I ask in an innocent voice.

Max coughs a couple of times and drinks some of his Cherry Coke. “Just fine.”

I lay my head back on the booth and close my eyes, leaving them open a slant to see Max’s face. I slide my foot higher so that now I’m rubbing his thigh. Max jumps up in his seat and grabs the table while I’m biting my lip trying not to laugh. I move my foot even higher and move it to the right a little as I reach the place I wanted to. Max stops my foot with his hand and his whole face turns red, even reaching his ears. I drop my foot, laughing so hard that you can’t even hear it.

Someone clears their throat outside the booth and I hold my hand up as I try to contain my laughter. After it settles down I look up and the laughter immediately stops.

It’s Tess.

“Liz, can I talk with you for a moment in the back, it’s important.”

I look to Max who’s looking at me in concern, his face still a little red. He shrugs while frowning and I get up and motion for her to follow me in the back room.

When we push the door, I head towards the couch and sit down as she paces back and forth in the room. “What is it Tess?” I ask.

She wrings her hands and clinches her eyes open and closed a couple of times. She looks really stressed.

“Liz, they're coming here. They want you.”

And my whole world turns upside down.


“What?” I cry and I stand up.

Tess runs her fingers through her blonde curls. “I heard my dad on the phone with them, they want you back. And this time, they won’t take no for an answer.”

“Why?” I whisper as I fall back on the couch.

Tess comes and sits next to me. “I think you know why.”

My mind goes back to the school where I accidentally did something weird with my powers.


A little girl of 6 sat in the classroom next to a little girl with blonde hair. The little girl was drawing a picture of the bird sitting on the windowsill outside as the teacher talked on and on. She never paid any attention. She didn’t want to learn how to use her abilities.

The teacher stopped talking and came down to her seat grabbing the picture out of her hands. “Hey!” She shouted and grabbed for it. The man pulled it out of her reach and ripped it into tiny pieces, putting them in a pile on her desk. “Pay attention.”

The little brown haired, brown eyed girl stared sadly at the picture as the man started to talk again. The blonde haired girl next to her turned towards her, her bright blue eyes filled with tears as she fingers the ripped pieces of paper. “I’m sorry,” she whispers.

The brown eyed girl turns and stares at the bird again, only to realize it flew away. Her head starts to pound as she sees red. All red and starts to shake. Her desk starts to shake and the teacher looks over at her.

“STOP THAT NOW!” the teacher screams as he raps his ruler on his desk. The brown eyed girl opens her eyes and looks at the pile of paper on her desk and then at the teacher. The pieces of paper each float in the air, suspended as they burst into flames, they go flying at the unsuspecting teacher.

Directly at his face.

He screams in the classroom as Liz faints.


I open my eyes and connect eyes with Tess. “I didn’t mean to do that.”

Tess nods, “I know, but he shouldn’t have ripped up your picture of the bird.”

I shake my head, “I don’t know if I can do that anymore.”

Tess leans closer, “I heard my dad talking about you after you left the school.” She lowers her voice, “He said something about how you were the one they were waiting for, how you could do anything if you put your mind to it.”

Groan. I put my head in my hands, “I don’t know what to do.”

Tess stands up and opens the door to the alley. “Here, I want you to think about something that makes you angry and then focus on shutting the door and melting the lock.”

Can I actually do this? Can I use my mind and melt something? Can I trust Tess?

I look into her blue eyes and then close mine and think about seeing Maria with the blood all over her and the knife in her side. Then I think about coming face to face with her killer.

My mind starts to shake along with my thoughts and my body starts to shake. My blood rushes through my veins and the pounding in my brain and my heart match perfectly. I open an eye and glance at the door, slamming it shut. The doorknob bursts into flames and then stop burning all of a sudden. I take a deep breath and close my eyes and then open them again, more slowly.

Tess walks over the door and touches the doorknob, wincing and jumping back. “It’s burning.”

It worked. I can’t believe it worked.

Tess wasn’t lying. I take another deep breath. “How do I stop them?”


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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I believe this is the quickest update I've ever done. It's just the stories happening in my head and so I can't not write it down. Here's the next part.


Tess wrings her fingers and moves her head slightly from side to side, her blue eyes darting to the smoking handle on the door and the stairs leading upstairs into the upper apartment. “I don’t know. I just know that they’re coming to take you.”

Why is she doing this in the first place? When she first came here, she was annoying and prissy and a pain in my neck, and now she’s. . . semi-nice.

“Why are you doing this?” I ask as my eyes narrow at her.

She blinks quickly, her eyes unfocused. “I don’t know.”

I take a step towards her and take a deep breath, looking at the melted doorknob again. I did that. I melted a doorknob. I didn’t know that I had that much power in me. Imagine what I can if someone really pisses me off. Whoa, would I hate to be in that person’s shoes.

“Look I better go before Ed gets suspicious, just. . . be careful.” I watch her as she heads towards the door leading to the restaurant and she stops suddenly before opening the door. Putting her hand in her pocket, she pulls out a folded piece of paper and drops it on the little table next to the door. With that she leaves.

I glance once more at the doorknob as I grab the piece of paper, sitting on the steps. Max enters the room, glancing at me in concern. When he sees me safe, he looks around the room curiously.

I open the paper very slowly, my hands shaking. After it’s open, I smooth the edges down taking a good look.

It’s the bird that I drew so many years back. The one the teacher ripped. The one Tess looked at me sadly at that one day. It looked exactly the same as how I remembered, only finished.

They’re after me. They won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

God, I wish that I could be normal. Just a girl without powers that made her valuable to others. Just a girl with a guy who happens to have special powers himself. What a match we are, I think as I finger the picture of the bird.

Max stands in the middle of the room, nervously leaning on the wall and then crossing his hands over his chest. “What happened Liz?” he says in a soft voice.

I look up at him, at his amber eyes that render me speechless each time. Without getting lost in his eyes, I look down at the paper smiling slightly. “I don’t know, but it kinda sucks.”

Max rushes towards me, his eyes full of concern, “What happened in here with Tess? Did she threaten you?”

I smile at him, admiring the little shades his long eyelashes project on his cheeks. He really is beautiful, even more so than me or any girl or guy I’ve seen. Just that fact that he’s mine. . .it’s unbelievable. “No, she didn’t threaten me. Actually the exact opposite. She gave me a little helpful tip.”

“What are you talking about Liz?” Max asks as he sits next to me on the stairs.

I hand him the bird and he looks at it, not really understanding. I don’t blame him. . .after all, it is just a picture of a bird. But, it’s so much more for me, and Tess understood that.

“Just that I find out I have the ability to melt things, Tess’s father talked with the people at the school and apparently they want to capture me, oh, and I remember the day I burned my teacher’s skin with paper.”

Max just looks at me and I look at him in sympathy. It kinda sucks for him because I just keep piling this stuff on him everyday. I get up, folding the piece of paper and sticking in my apron pocket. I walk over to the charred handle and touch it, aware that it finally cooled down.

I imagine what would happen if I burned someone and they just. . .died. I don’t want to kill anyone. I’m not a killer. Just a dumb teenage girl in love with a boy.

I feel a wetness on my hand, splashing onto the handle. I look around in confusion and then realize when the second drop hits my hand again that it’s me. I’m crying. Because everything is confusing. Tess being nice. The school after me. Maria’s killer still out there. Max is an alien. I feel these incredible things for Max. And that damn bird flew away.

I don’t even realize that Max is hugging me until he wipes the tears from my cheeks. I scold myself because I’m not the type of girl who cries. I’m one of those strong silent types.

Damn. I always hated those stupid prissy girls who cry every time something goes wrong. They broke a nail, waah! I just became one of those girls. Max keeps whispering stupid crap in my ears that makes no sense but comforts me and after a while I stop crying.

I wipe the last trails of tears away from my eyes and smile at Max. “I burned the doorknob to a crisp.”

Max smiles back, “I saw that. Wouldn’t want to get on your bad side.”

“Yeah, the door learned the hard way,” I say and place the tip of my thumb in my mouth, sucking on it lightly.

Yes, I still suck my thumb. Only when I’m scared and nervous, and terrified. I’ll probably be sucking my thumb a lot these days.

“Just call me ‘Liz the doorknob slayer’,” I say lamely.

“I love you.”

Yeah that joke was lame. I love you too. WHAT? He huh and a what? He loves me?

I turn towards him sharply and his face is all red. He’s not even looking at me. “Real funny Evans.”

Max looks up at me, pain apparent in his eyes. He gently places his hand on my cheek and I find myself leaning into his hand, inhaling his and only his scent. It overpowers me and I’m sure that if I was standing I would have fallen to the floor. He connects eyes with me and then it’s a whirlwind of light and emotion.

We connect.

And we become something. . . more. Because we drive each other crazy to the brink. And we love it.


A little boy bursting out a green pod, naked as he stares across the desert.


A little boy and girl allowing their new parents to take them to their home.


A little boy seeing a brown-haired girl on the first day of school and falling crazy in love.


Watching the girl as she grows up, always hanging out around Maria and Alex. Wishing to become part of her life.


Seeing her with Kyle and feeling jealous because he could never have that.


Seeing her get shot and risking everything to save her life.


Kissing her for the first time in the eraser room and knowing he was a goner.

I continued basking in the connection knowing he was seeing things from my life, things difficult to see. But, I didn’t care.

Because I saw the way he saw me. This brainiac, sarcastic, awkward, hidden, small town girl who he saw everyday and he yearned for everyday. To him, I was beautiful.

“I lov-,” I started to say, but he placed his thumb on my lips, stopping me.

“I know.” He connects lips with me and at that moment, I didn’t care about anything else. The world could explode, pigs could fly, sheep sing and I wouldn't care.

Because I love Max Evans.

And he loved me.

This felt so damn good.



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I’m at Maria’s house. Correction, Max and I are at Maria’s house. The whole weird gang is here and to any outsider it looks funny. Hell, it looks funny to me. We have a group of the weirdest people gathered in one room. Let’s assess the people.

There’s Maria Deluca. The flighty pixie who speaks everything on her mind. She doesn’t take crap from anyone and can be mean on occasion. But, she doesn’t mean it. She has the best heart and does anything for anyone when they need it. She can be your best friend or your worst enemy. I’m proud to say she’s my best friend.

Then you’ve got Isabel Evans. The prom queen. The blonde haired model type that doesn’t associate with people beneath her social status. But, it’s just a mask, for what’s hidden. Because she’s hiding the secret that she’s not really human. So she keeps people away by keeping this Ice Princess front, to protect herself. Which leads to exhibit 2.

Michael Guerin. You’re classic, rebel who doesn’t give a crap. Cuts class, beats up anyone who challenges him, you’re regular trailer trash kinda of guy. Except that he’s a lot more. He, like Isabel hides behind that rough exterior to keep people away. He, I believe is the most alien of them all, and the most vulnerable. I think he believes that fact that no one cares for him and pretends he doesn’t care when I know he does. I’ve seen the way he looks at the families that eat at the Crashdown. He looks at them with longing. I believe there’s so much potential in him.

Next with have Alex Whitman. Your ordinary geek. Likes computers, Star Trek, and playing chess. He’s the only person I know who’s received his ‘girlfriend status’. He’s the only person besides Maria and now Max, that I completely trust. Has an amazing comedian inside of him who knows exactly what to say to cheer you up. He also knows exactly what not to say, and says it, just to piss you off. Just to see what happens. He’s my rock and without him and Maria, I don’t think I’d be here today.

Which brings us to Max Evans. The other main reason why I might not be here today. He healed me. He risked everything for me, because it was me. Because he loves me. He’s your silent, tall, dark and handsome kinda of guy. All the girls drool, but they don’t really know anything about him. But, I do. Because I saw into his soul.

Then there’s me. One, Liz Parker. The girl who trouble surrounds. You know, Michael mentioned that once and it never came to anyone’s attention how true that was. Well, it’s going to come to everyone’s attention today.

And we form this group of six who you probably wouldn’t ever want to meet in a dark alley.

The main thing is, we aren’t people you should cross. I can just see what would happen to the guy or girl who stabbed Maria. Maria would jump on him or her, punching and kicking them. Isabel would stare at them for a moment, trying to make them piss in their pants with her stare. Michael would beat the crap out of them, not caring if he killed them. Alex would get scared at first, but jump in at the nick of time, possibly saving everyone in the process. And Max would make everyone stop, tie the person up and come up with a plan. And I. . . would be there supporting him every step of the way.

But enough with ‘what if’s’ let’s focus on the present. Now that this Kodak moment’s over I just realized that I’m not as sarcastic as before. I owe that, I believe to Max. Because being sarcastic, and hidden like Michael and Isabel is just a way to protect myself.

But, I trust Max to protect me now. Me and my heart. Because he has them now. In the palm of his hands. If Maria knew half the things I was thinking, she would kick my butt and never let me live it down. All that ‘women don’t need men to live’ crap that’s she’s always saying, but deep inside she’ll be cheering me on. Because she’s Maria.

“Lizzie, are you still mad at us?” Maria asks in this little girl voice.

I sigh. She has no idea what it’s like to try and keep a grudge against her. “No,” I reply, “I’m not. Though, I still can’t believe you would believe the rumors. I would never pay anyone to sleep with me, and I’m a little hurt that you didn’t know that.”

Her and Alex share guilty looks. I wave my hand in the air, “Forget it.”

I clear my throat, looking around at the people in our little group. “There’s been a. . . development.”

“What the hell do you mean?” Michael asks.

“I mean that Tess talked to me today and said she told me that the people from the school. . .were after me. And she said that they wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

Isabel sighs and plops down on the couch, next to Michael and Alex. “Is there anything else?”

I cringe. See, I keep piling on the information and one of these days, someone's head is gonna explode. 5 bucks it’s Isabel’s. “Well, I kinda,” I mumble the next part, “found out I have a new power.”

I lower my head as Michael goes over what I said. “You what? Have a new power? How?”

I look to Max who’s standing right next to me and he smiles, reassuring me. “Well, there was this incident at the school once where I kinda burned a teacher’s face and I realized I can still do it.”

“You can burn stuff with your mind?” Maria cries as she paces back and forth between the room, stealing glances at me.

“Yes?” I reply, looking over at Alex, who hasn’t said a word yet.

Alex finally connects eyes with me, “Show us.”

I sit down in the love seat as Max sits on the edge of it. “Maria, is there anything in this room that your mom won’t mind getting burned to a crisp?”

She looks around and then scream, “AHA!” while she grabs a very ugly vase. She sets it on the counter of the kitchen across the room and comes back to the living room. “There, I made that for my mom, and she pretended to like it, so burn away.”

I close my eyes and focus on the killer of Maria again. This time, I see the red and my mind shakes, but it feels more natural. I can still hear the things going around outside my head, but I focus on the anger. My heart and my mind start to pound the same beat and the blood flows through my veins, hot as a stove.

I open my eyes, look right at the vase, which in turn explodes. As the pieces fly through the air, each individual piece bursts into flame and fall on the counter and the ground. When they touch the floor or the counter, the burning stops and the pieces are smoking. I close my eyes again and breathe deeply, calming my blood to a normal temperature. When it’s finally cooled, I reopen my eyes and glance around the room.

Everyone’s staring at the space where the vase had been in amazement. Michael gets up and walks over to the melted pieces of clay and glass and touches a piece, wincing when it burns his finger. “Still hot.”

“You can do that from a distance?” Alex asks, and I can see the wheels turning in his head. I think he’s calculating the distance from the chair to the counter.

Isabel finally stands and goes over to the remains of the vase, waving her hand over everything. The pieces disappear and the counter looks at undamaged and new as it did before. Then Isabel just looks at me, and goes back to the seat, sitting down.

Maria gets up and practically bounces up and down. “That was so freakin’ cool. The way the thing exploded and the pieces suspended in air, bursting into flame. Then Isabel just waved her hand, and it was ‘bye bye’ pieces.”

She jumps over to Michael and grabs his hands, trying to make him jump up and down too. Michael takes one look at her, and then one at us and pulls her into a hard kiss. I watch, amused as Maria tries to push him away, and then relaxes into the kiss. Though, as soon as she does relax, Michael pulls away, running a hand through his hair. “That was to calm you down.”

Maria touches her lips with her hand and whispers, “Ok.”

And I believe that Maria is speechless. Maria has never been speechless. When Maria gets scared, nervous, anxious, when she feels any emotion, she talks a mile a minute. But, now. . . no words. I got to hand it to Michael, he does good work.

I wonder if that excuse would work for anytime I want to kiss Max?

Ok, this is actually good, everyone seems to except the fact that I’m a freak and keep getting freakier everyday. That’s good. Except, Isabel still hasn’t said anything. And for some weird reason, I need her approval. When the hell did I get a conscience?

Max seems to read my thoughts as he turns to Isabel. “Iz?”

She looks up at him and me and then puts her head in her hands. Suddenly, through the silence of the group she screams. Getting up, her fists clenched, she starts to scream. “WHEN IS IT GOING TO END? TOMORROW IS MARIA GOING TO TURN INTO AN X-MEN? IS ALEX GOING TO GET BITTEN BY A RADIOACTIVE SPIDER AND BECOME SPIDERMAN? IT’S NEVER GOING TO END!”

I giggle nervously, “Is Maria going to be like Storm?”

Ok, I admit that probably wasn’t the right thing to say at the right time. Isabel screams again and holds her hand out, shattering another vase on a shelf in the living room. Alex and Maria duck, but not before Maria yelling, “HEY, I LIKED THAT ONE!”

Ok, now I’m getting a little mad because she could have hurt someone and being the strongest human in the room, I feel it’s my duty to defend Maria and Alex. And hey, me too. Very calmly, even surprising myself, I take a step closer to her. “You know Isabel, I never asked to born with the power to move stuff with my mind. So, don’t take it out on us. And I know that you never asked to be born an alien, so have a little sympathy. We just gotta take each day as they come.” I take a deep breath and look down at the ground, guilty like, “I’m sorry for burdening you guys with my crap.”

Alex snorts and I shoot him a look. Wasn’t I just defending him? He holds a palm horizontal in the air. “Liz, if this was crap,” he motions to the hand in the air, “then you’d need a ladder to reach it.”

Yep. That’s Alex for you. The right thing at the wrong time. Or the wrong thing at the right time. The weird thing is, it was kinda funny. And I found myself laughing. And it’s common knowledge that when one of the Three Musketeers laughs, the other two catch the laughter. So, the three humans are laughing and then, surprise surprise, Isabel starts to laugh also. I see Max and Michael chuckling and it’s kinda weird to see Michael laugh. Since he’s always so. . . Michael.

I see Isabel getting up to erase the pieces and I stop her. “Wait, let me. Who knows what happens to the stuff you just make disappear. For all we know, they could end up in a hospital in Costa Rica.”

I use my mind to open the cabinet under the sink, taking out the trash can, I make each individual piece float in the air and then go into the trash can. After that’s done, I just put the trash can back under the sink.

Max looks at me, very amused. “The pieces disintegrate when we wave our hands over them.”

I shrug. “I know, I just wanted to show off.”

Alex comes over to me and throws an arm over my shoulder, “That’s my girl.”

I roll my eyes and playfully punch him. He’s such a dork sometimes. I have no idea where he gets it.

Maria plops down on the empty chair, looking at the shelf where the vase used to be while shaking her head. “So what’s the plan?”

I groan. How many times have I heard that today?

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I lower my head. “Honestly. . . I don’t know.”

Max takes over for me and starts to instruct everyone. “Well, since we don’t know who’s after her, everyone shouldn’t be alone by themselves. If possible, try to be with someone, preferably me, Michael or Isabel. Just try to avoid being alone, and watch for new or suspicious people.”

Michael snorts, “That’s it? Why do we even have to care, it’s not like they’re even after us.”

Max glares and him and opens his mouth to speak but I stop him. “Max, Michael does have a point. They aren’t after you guys, just me. So, you should all probably stay away from me, just until this is all over.”

Max takes a step towards me. “And when will this be over? A week from now? 6 months? 2 years? No. I will not stay away from you.” He lowers his voice, “not after I just got you.”

My heart tightens in pain and I turn away from him. “Fine, whatever, I need to go.”

I send a small smile towards Alex and Maria who just stare at me blankly and turn to leave. When I reach the door, Max grabs my arm, pulling me back towards him. “Didn’t you hear me Liz? You aren’t getting rid of me!”

God! Why can’t Max see the fact that I don’t want him in danger. If he’s around me, then he’s in danger. I don’t want him to get hurt over me. “Max I won’t let you get hurt over something involving me. It’s not going to happen.”

I open the door, but hug him once more. Before he can try to deepen the hug, I leave.

This day was. . . interesting to say in the least. But, I’ll tell you what. I’m glad its over.

Now all I have to worry about it seeing Max tomorrow in school.

I change into my pajamas once in my room and just sit on my bed, staring out the window. I need to practice. What was it that Tess said? He said something about how you were the one they were waiting for, how you could do anything if you put your mind to it. So, instead of burning something, why not just make it explode? It couldn’t hurt to try.

I grab a plastic box and carry it into the bathroom. I fill the tub half-way with water and set the box in it, just in case it does set on fire. Sitting on the toilet, I focus on the box. Instead, this time, when I feel the blood in my body start to heat, I stop it. Then I focus on the blood flowing normally, and I can feel the power focusing in the center of my body. It gathers in about a second and I open my eyes, setting them on the box.

The box doesn’t explode. It just sits there.

I lean my head against the counter and breath deeply. So I guess I can’t just explode things without the fire. At least I know. I open my bathroom window, the heat from the desert night coming in. I brush my teeth and wash my face and get ready to leave when I hear this rushing sound. Oh, I forgot to drain the water!

I walk over to the tub and lean over, searching for the drain with my hands. I can’t find it, but I find my hand in an inch of water. There must be a leak. I peer closer and pull the curtain all the way open, letting the light in. I look for the drain and see it.

Under a sheet of ice.

The box is completely thawed but the ice is still there, attempting to melt.

Holy Shito.

Holy freakin’ everything! I just froze a tub full of water! I didn’t know Tess was seriously when she said that I could do anything if I put my mind to it. I thought she meant, like be all you can be, the army crap. I start breathing more heavily and I quickly concentrate on burning that stupid frozen box to hell. The blood rushes through my veins and it takes only a second before I’m ready. I open my eyes and focus on the box. It explodes into a million pieces, suspending while bursting into flames. It’s a pretty cool sight to see. I watch in fascination as the pieces stop burning and drop onto the ice, sizzling and making the ice melt more. That’s freakin’ cool.

I pull myself out of the daze and realize my hand is burning from a burning piece landing on it. I shriek and rush to the sink and put my hand under cool water. After a while, I take it out and peer at the red, angry looking skin. That was smart Liz. Real smart.

I walk back to the tub and think about what Isabel did. She just waved her hand over the pieces, and they disappeared. I wonder if I can do that? It’s worth a try. I hold my hand out and hesitate before waving them over the pieces.

I close my eyes and then open them. Nothing happens. Didn’t think it would, but it was worth the try. I climb into bed and immediately fall asleep. Two thoughts are on my mind. 1) There’s no way in hell I’m telling Max and them about this new power. 2) How the hell am I going to stay away from Max?


Is it totally pathetic of me to be hiding in the girls bathroom before school? I mean, I could just put makeup on and say that’s the reason I was in the bathroom. Except, I don’t wear make-up. Or, I could just. . . .

shut up. I’ll just shut up now. I am hiding.

I open the door and peer out. Coast looks clear. I cautiously step outside and start speed walking to my first period class. I see the door, it’s so close. I start to walk even faster and just as I’m in arm’s reach of the doorknob, someone pulls my arm.

I scream and spin around. A bit dramatic, but I’m Liz. That’s about all the explanation I can give you at the moment. My heart is pounding out of control and I see Isabel just standing there. She has on this really pretty light blue dress that would look ugly on me, and she’s just staring at me, one eyebrow raised.

Remember how I said Isabel had a complex wardrobe? I changed my mind. She has a complex eyebrow raise. If that’s even possible. Damn, is she intimidating.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Isabel says. Ohmygod, does she know, about the freezing thing? Is that even possible? Can they read minds?

“Um. . .what?” I croak.

Isabel throws her hands up in the air and I have the sudden urge to duck. Her hands are lethal. “WITH MAX! He’s all depressed and stuff. Why did you end it with him?”


. . .Oh, that.

“I had too. He’s in danger if he’s with me.” The bell rings and I turn away from Isabel but quickly turn back. “I didn’t want to. If he was me, he’d do the same thing.”

I walk into my class, glad Max isn’t in it. I watch the minutes go by because Max is in my next class, so I have approximately 24 minutes and 55 seconds. To do what? Grow a backbone? Stop loving him?

I’m in deep shit.


I’m walking to my biology class where Max’ll be. And I’ll be. We’ll be there together. Sitting next to each other. Really close. I have the music from Halloween in my head. The steady beat where you know something bad is going to happen.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure with one look at him I won’t have the strength to stay away. If only my feelings weren’t attached to my brain then there would be no problem.

I sit down, waiting. I feel my blood and body starting to yearn forward and I know he’s here. I try to keep my head down, but I can’t. He’s Max.

I look up and he enters the classroom in one of those ‘should have been’ slow motion moments. He’s wearing this tight black button down shirt and I swear I can see his abs. Not that I’m looking or anything. He’s also wearing these dark blue denim jeans that show his lean muscles in his thighs. Not that I’m looking in that area either. Why is it so hott in here? Did someone turn the heater on?

He walks closer towards me and has this crooked half-grin, half-smirk on it, and I know that if I wasn’t so attracted to him then I would kick his ass. He dressed super hott today just to piss me off! DAMN HIM!

He sits next to me with a small ’hi’. I don’t trust myself to speak for the fact that my thoughts are too focused on the heat coming off his body to care. What did he before coming to class, run the mile? This is totally pissing me off!

I feel something brush my arm and turn to look at him but he’s innocently listening to the teacher. I open my biology binder and see a white piece of paper folded in it. I hesitantly open the paper, knowing it’s from Max.

You’re not getting rid of me. I love you.

Great, just great. Play off my weakness Evans. I look at him and he’s staring at me with these huge puppy dog eyes. God, he’s so infuriating! I fold the letter back up and close my binder, set on ignoring him. Only 57 minutes and 45 seconds to go. I can make it. I can make it.

I can make it. I can- what the hell is he doing?

Our thighs are touching! OUR THIGHS! AND WE’RE BOTH WEARING PANTS AND I SWEAR I CAN FEEL HIS SKIN! Calm down Liz, it’s just Max. Just Max. I move to the left a little, away from Max. God, I swear the day I stop being attracted to him, he is so getting an ass kicking.

He’s staring at me. Like he’s boring two holes into the side of my face. I lean down and let my hair hide my face from him. A piece of hair gets in my eye and I move it away.

“Oh my god Liz, what did you do?” Max hisses as he grabs my hand. What? What’s he talking about.

I wince as he touches the burn and pull my hand away. “Nothing, just a little accident.”

He grabs my hand back, a concerned expression on his face. God, you would think I was shot again or something. REALLY!

He puts our hands in his lab and I see this soft glow emitting from where they are connected. My eyes widen in shock. What the hell does he think he’s doing! He can’t use his powers in public!

After a second, it’s over and my hands looks like new. No angry red blister anymore. He lifts my hand up to his lips and kisses it. I follow and wish that my mouth was my hand. He starts to talk and all I’m focused on are his lips. They’re all wet from when he licked them, and fully, and nice and smooth.

Think about other things Liz, I tell myself as I turn away and grab my hand back. Think about baseball. Think about mud. Think about anything besides Max.

Max scoots closer on his stool and our thighs are touching again. Does he like to torture me? He gently trails a finger down my arm, eliciting goose bumps all over my body. How does he do that? His hand comes back up to my face and tucks my hair behind my ear. I feel him lean closer and the hot breath from his mouth tickling my ear. “I love you,” he whispers.

He trails his hand back to my newly healed hand and presses lightly on it. The heat gathers all in my hand and it feels like a 1000 bolts of electricity are all traveling towards my hand at the same time. It feels good.

My eyes close and all of sudden I see stars. Millions of them, all turning round and round and outshining the next one. The sky keeps spinning and the heat shots from my hand to different places of my body. I let out a loud moan as the pleasure makes me arch my back. It feels so good.

The stars keep spinning and then just stop. It takes a moment for me to focus because I’m still spinning. When I stop feeling dizzy I see 5 stars, shining blue and bright. They’re arranged into this V and it’s. . . beautiful. The pleasure shoots to my head as the stars get closer and closer. I let out another moan and then the stars disappear.

I open my eyes and see. . .the whole class staring at me. I look down and realize that Max let go of my hand. Oh m god! Did everyone hear me moan? I grab my stuff and run to the door, telling the teacher before I leave that I feel like I’m going to vomit. I run out of the room, totally embarrassed.

Did I really just moan really loudly in the room full of students and a teacher? Twice?

God, I could not be more embarrassed. I run into the eraser room and lock the door, sitting on the first box I see. I just want a black hole to swallow me right now.

I hear the door jiggle and Max’s voice on the other side. “Liz, let me in!”

I shake my head. You’re not coming in here.

I hear the lock of the door click and the door opens, revealing Max. I guess he is coming in here. Stupid alien powers. He comes and kneels down in front of me. “Liz, are you ok?”

I shrug. “Yeah, sure, whatever.”

He grabs my hand and holds it to his chest. My hand starts to get heated and I pull away, standing up. “Max, what the hell are you doing? I just totally embarrassed myself in front of my whole biology class by MOANING. TWICE! Because you wouldn’t leave me alone. I can’t be around you right now because it’s dangerous for you. I don’t want you to get hurt because of me. I won’t.”

“But Liz, I love you,” Max says, a said expression on his face.

Groan. God, he is so cute. Ugh! “I know, and I love you too but between a dead Max and a living Max, I chose the later.”

I lower my head as my eyes water. I will not cry in front of him. Not again.

I open my mouth to speak and look at up him, finding him right in front of him. We’re so close, we could be slow dancing. Or kissing.

He leans closer as I take a step back. He takes a step forward and I take another one back. He does it again and I take another step back, finding my back against the wall. Nowhere to go. He steps forward again and he’s so close, I can feel his breath hitting my cheek.

He cups my cheek with his hand. “God, you are so amazing Liz.”

Before I can even comment or even think about that, he presses his mouth against my mouth. I let out a sigh into his mouth. For a second there we’re just touching lips, not moving. I think he’s waiting for my approval. God, I want him so much, but I shouldn’t.

Screw it. I place both my hands on his face and deepen the kiss. He runs his hands through my hair as I let the kiss travel from my head to the tips of my toes. Is this how kissing always feels like? Like you never want to stop? Like food and sleep doesn’t even matter?

How can something feel so right? I wrap my arms around Max’s neck as he wraps his around my waist. It’s weird how in sync we’re moving. Our bodies press as close as possible, but it’s not enough. I wrap my legs around his and jump up. His hand presses against my butt trying to hold me up. If I weren’t kissing him, then I would be blushing. He presses my back against the wall, and it hurts for a second, but the pleasure of his mouth against mine blocks any possible pain.

His mouth opens and his tongue comes over to mine. We kiss and somehow I end up plastered against the wall, my hands up in the air and my legs wrapped against Max’s waist as he assaults my neck. He presses open mouthed rough kisses against my neck and it feels different. The wet of his tongue cools as his mouth leaves and my pulse rate doubles. He takes a sudden nibble and I let out a sudden moan. His mouth travels up to my ear and he’s licking and nibbling my earlobe.

Without thinking, I grab his head, pulling him into another kiss, already missing his mouth. While his hands are now on my face, I start unbuttoning his shirt. My hands are trembling and it takes me forever to unbutton the first one. Why couldn’t he have worn a shirt with a zipper? Can you say EASIER!

I freeze in surprise at feeling something that I know isn’t a gun. I think I feel ‘little Max’. Now I’m blushing, I know. I let go of him and we both just stand there, his hands on my cheeks and my hand on his shirt. We’re just standing there and breathing deeply, trying to gain control.

I peep through one eye and see Max there, his eyes closed, his cheeks red. His mouth is closed and I can see that he’s clenches his jaw. His lips look. . . swollen. Did I do that? If he looks like that, then what do I look like?

I also see I managed to get three buttons open and an expanse of his smooth chest is peeking from under his shirt, mocking me. I resist the urge to touch it and instead focus on something else. I pull my shirt down carefully, I don’t want his hands to leave my face.

Finally his eyes open and he looks at me. “Hi,” I whisper.

“Hi,” he says in this small croak. I see his gaze shift from my eyes lower. I lick my dry lips and almost smile when I hear him groan. Well, he deserves that after his little stunt in Biology. “See, this is why we shouldn’t be together right now. With people after me, they’ll just have to follow the room that’s 50 degrees hotter than the others.”

I swallow and try to make my dry mouth go away. His chest is just there, a small piece. I know there’s more under it. I take a step towards him and touch his chest. It’s smooth, really smooth. I knew it would be. I lean and kiss it, Max groans and pulls my closer, trying to kiss me. I ignore him and just stare at the piece of his chest I can see. I’m mesmerized. I put my hand on the first non-opened button and stop. Should I unbutton it?

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So, I basically have two options. I can 1) forget about everything and open the rest of the buttons and see what’s hidden beneath or I can 2) stop and cool down.

Choices, choices, choices.

You wanna chose for me?

Scream if you want me to for it.

Scream if you don’t want me to go for it.

Well, there you have it, can’t argue with the majority.

I slowly unbutton the next button, my hands shaking. Do you know how hard it is to unbutton when your hands won’t stay still. I let out a sigh of frustration when the next button doesn’t open and Max stops me. “What’s the matter. We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

I shake my head. “It’s not that. It’s just so hard. . . ,” I blush, “I mean difficult, difficult. Not hard, because unbuttoning button’s is difficult.” I‘m a loser.

Max gently grasps my hands, “Liz, believe me, I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to.” He kisses my knuckle, “I love you, there’s no rush.” And I think that the Liz you all know and love is now a pile of putty on the floor. Bad Max.

I clear my throat and smile up at him. “Thanks.”

He straightens my shirt, accidentally hitting his hand against my neck. Whoa, down girl. I then straighten my pants and tie my hair up in a ponytail. He makes himself presentable while I sit on the nearest box and watch him.

“So Max-,” I say and the lights go off.

Crap. “Umm, Max, please tell me that you turned the light off.”

Max turns around slowly, his face pale, “Uh, no.”

I jump up and practically run to him. “Well, if I didn’t turn the light off and you didn’t turn the light off, then who did?”

Is someone here to attack us? Hold on a second, who would attack someone in the middle of school with 1000 people around. Is anyone really that stupid?

The door opens and a voice sounds in, “I did.”

Well, that clears that question up.

I look towards the door and this teenage boy stands there. He looks to be about the age of 13, and I resist the urge to laugh because he has the scariest look on his face. Like he caught you trying to steal his last piece of chocolate and he wants to rip your head off with his bare hands. Like you almost ran him over. Like you told his mom he was gay. Like. . .ok, I think you get the picture.

I probably don’t want to make him angry. “You’re after me? Why couldn’t they have at least sent someone who was the same size as me?”

And apparently my mind is off on vacation. Stupid Liz. Real suave. Dumbass.

“What do you want?” Max asks in this real menacing voice that sends chills down my spine. I look at his face that’s hardened in anger and he’s staring at the teenage boy in apparent anger.

Question. Is it wrong for me to be turned on by ‘bad ass’ Max?

The guy smirks. “I would have thought that by now it would be obvious.”

He steps into the room and holds his hand over the doorknob. A slight glow illuminates and I’m guessing this guy’s part of the alien variety. I think Max realizes this at the same time because he steps in front of me, shielding me.

“Oh, and don’t worry about witnesses. Everyone’s outside.”

What? Why would everyone leave?

“Fire alarm.”

Why didn’t we hear that? I exchange confused looks with Max and that’s when I realize. We must have been. . .you know, in the middle of something.

Oh, you know what I mean, don’t make me say it!

“I advise you tell me what you’re doing here and then leave, or I will be forced to remove you.” Max says as he holds out his hand in defense.

The guy raises his hand in the air. “Hey, chill King Zan, just making polite conversation.”

King Zan? As in Max?

“King Zan?” Max echo's. I turn to look at him. There’s a sort of glint in his eyes, like he recognizes the name.

The guy laughs. “Don’t tell me you don’t know who you are?”

What the hell is this guy talking about?

“This is too good. What I wouldn’t give for the King’s loyal subjects to see him now!”

Max clears his throat. “King?”

Ohmygod, I just realized I’ve been making out with a King.

That’s so cool!

The guy laughs again. “She didn’t tell you anything?”


“What?” Max says. “Who’s she?”

The guy raises an eyebrow in disbelief. “Your protector of course. Why hasn’t she informed you of anything?”

Max pushes me even further behind him. “Listen, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Leave now.”

The guy crosses his arms. “So, I guess that means you forgot about me huh? The name is Nicholas.”

“Well Nicholas, leave now.”

Max walks towards the door and uses his powers to unlock it. Nicholas just stares at him the whole time, an amused look on his face.

“So,” he says, glancing at me, “where’s Vilandra and Rath?”

Max tenses up and stare at me.

“Isabel and Michael,” I whisper.

Max comes over next to me and sits down on the box again. “I can’t believe this,” he murmurs.

Well, believe it King Zan.

I turn back to Nicholas only to find him gone. “Uh, Max, where did he go?”

I get up and look around the entrance of the door. No sign.

“Max?” I call as I turn back to him.

Nicholas stands perched over Max, he’s hands on his temples.

I just stand there as Max begins to scream.

What the hell is he doing to him?

You have to do something Liz. But what can I do? I’m not an alien.

But you have powers, dumbass! USE THEM!

I focus and send him flying against the wall. I look over and he isn’t moving, so I crouch next to Max.

“Max, are you ok?”

He groans and holds his hand to his head. “He. . . was looking. . . my head.”


Before I know it, I feel and set of small fingers on my forehead and I can’t see anything. Everything is black as I feel as though someone is trying to break down a door in my mind. The door suddenly opens and I see Nicholas standing there, a smug smile on his face.

I get mad and close my eyes, concentrating. I feel the blood flowing through my veins and it starting to heat up.

“What are you doing?” Nicholas asks.

I momentarily get confused and the heat goes away, but not before the power is released from my body. I fall to the ground, feeling my head slipping from Nicholas’s hands.

Max leans down next to me, still breathing heavily. “Are you ok Liz?”

I groan. “Fine and dandy like sugar candy.”

I hear Max gasp and I open my eyes quickly expecting Nicholas to be attacking again.

Instead I come face to face with the ice sculpture forming known as Nicholas.

“Umm Liz, did you do that?” Max asks in a small voice.

Groan. Guess this means I actually have to tell him.

I look closer at Nicholas’s young looking face. He’s mouth and eyes were wide open in surprise and his fingers were still out, where they stood around my head.

“Yeah,” I say as I get up.

I hear the hundreds of footsteps warning us that the students are returning to class.

I check Max. He looks ok. “What should we do?”

Max swallows nervously, “We should call an emergency meeting, and bring. . .,” he gestures to the frozen Nicholas, “bring him along. Then we’ll tell them our news, about,” he lowers his voice,” Zan, Vilandra and Rath and then. . . I don’t know.”

He starts breathing quickly and deeply. I grab him into a hug and rub his back. “Calm down Max.”

He squeezes me even tighter. “I’m a King? I’m not ready for that. I don’t want to be in charge. I don’t. . . “

I pull away and kiss him softly on the lips. “I know Max.”

And then I realize. . . I can’t leave him. He needs me now.

I look around for something to cover Nicholas in and spot a tarp. I place it on the ground and Max picks up Nicholas and sets him on the tarp. We roll it around him and check outside the door.

The hallway looks clear. Max grabs the first half of Nicholas while I grab the other. I contemplated using my powers, but then I would have a hard time explaining to someone why a frozen body, wrapped in tarp was floating down the hall.

We throw the body into the backseat of Max’s car and he drives away, towards Michael’s place, the only place without parents.

I grabbed my cell phone and dialed Maria’s number. The phone rang twice before she picked up.


“Maria, it’s Liz.”

“Chica, what are you doing calling me? I’m in study hall.”

“Maria, everyone needs to go to Michael’s RIGHT after school, it’s important.”

“Michael’s? Why would I want to go there?”

“Maria it’s important, Max and I were attacked earlier.”


“Maria, calm down, just tell everyone, ok?”



I hung up the phone and turned to Max, about to replay the conversation.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “I heard the whole conversation.”

Yeah, I get that. There was never a time where you couldn’t hear Maria.

So we get to Max’s and we wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And everyone arrives.

Nicholas is slowly melting, and I wonder if he’s still alive.

Then I think. I just froze an entire person and found out Max was a King named Zan.

I also have a feeling that I’m not going to stop learning things anytime soon.

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Author's Note: I'm back! Wow, it's been a while. Ok, here's the new part. Enjoy


Isabel immediately runs in the room followed by a frantic Maria and a relived Alex. Michael brings up the rear, his hand held out, searching the room. They start talking but I can’t keep the song out of my head, that one by Sheryl Crow.

I hitched a ride with a vending machine repair man
He says he's been down this road more than twice

Isabel is hugging Max like no tomorrow, while Michael just glares. He opens and say something in which Maria jumps in front of Max and starts yelling at Michael.

He was high on intellectualism
I've never been there but the brochure looks nice

They get into each other’s face before Max and Alex pulls them apart. To your corners! Isabel is just sitting there quietly while watching me. It’s like deja vu, we did this like a day ago when they found out I could blow stuff up with my mind.

Jump in, let's go
Lay back, enjoy the show

She finally looks away and touches Max arm. Max turns around and they have a quiet conversation. How do I know they’re talking quietly? Well, for starters Maria is trying to get closer to eavesdrop.

Everybody gets high, everybody gets low,
These are the days when anything goes

Isabel says something while glancing at me and Max responds while also glancing at me. I’m going to take a stab in the dark and guess they’re talking about me. Isabel’s face pales as Max says something and she glances in the direction towards Michael’s bathroom.

Everyday is a winding road
I get a little bit closer

Maria starts to talk and Michael says something to which her face turns red with anger. She raises her arm to I guess slap him before Alex stops her. He whispers something in her ear and sits her down on the couch, sitting next to her. I don’t miss the fallen look on Isabel’s face as she watched them.

Everyday is a faded sign
I get a little bit closer to feeling fine

It’s actually pretty funny watching them. Like my own personal silent Roswellian movie. Player one, Max Evans says something in a totally adorable look to Isabel to which she just glares at him. Play two, Michael Guerin broods in the corner, alternating glaring between Maria and Max. Players three, four and five, Isabel, Alex and Maria are sitting down quietly while Max talks.

He's got a daughter he calls Easter
She was born on a Tuesday night

And still the song flows through my mind, ooh, I really like those 2 last lines. If I have a daughter, I want to name her Easter.

I'm just wondering why I feel so all alone
Why I'm a stranger in my own life

Max says something in what I guess to be his ‘hi, I’m a King, King Zan to be precise’ voice. I can see Alex nodding and Maria’s mouth drop open, Michael glares at me and Isabel just looks down. Oh, I guess it’s my cue. Entering Player six (the best player if you ask me), Liz Parker, blower-upper of stuff and freezing stuff extraordinaire.

Jump in, let's go
Lay back, enjoy the show

So, they’re all looking at me (minus Isabel) and I guess they’re waiting for me to say something or respond. Maria calls to me and I can see the words ‘Liz’ on her lips. Wow, this is cool! Why didn’t I think of listening to songs while Maria was blabbering. It certainly would have saved me a bunch of headaches.

Everybody gets high, everybody gets low
These are the days when anything goes

So, I guess I should tune it. I guess the music will have to go, but wait, just the chorus, one more time. . .

Everyday is a winding road
I get a little bit closer
Everyday is a faded sign
I get a little bit closer to feeling fine

There. I’m ready now.

I look up at everyone and raise an eyebrow, “What?”


After almost killed from multiple looks (by the way, immensely glad that looks can kill or I’d be super dead) Max goes to the bathroom to show everyone the ‘frozen’ body.

A few moments later, he comes back with a red face and a soaked shirt. I get up without him asking and we head back to the bathroom. Once inside, he leans closer to me and whispers, “Thank you.” I just shrug and pick the body up with my mind. Why send a man to do a woman’s job.

I carry it into the main room and lay it on the towels set out. No one looks freaked that I’m levitating a frozen body so that’s always good. I guess they’re getting used to the idea of me being ‘special’.

Everyone gathers around the body and murmurs, “Eww” at the same time. Nicholas’s body is defrosting fast. Max raises his hand over the body and while his hand glows, the body starts melting faster till all that’s left is a body covered in water.

“Is it ok to leave him like this?” Maria asks with a small voice.

“Is he alive?” Alex asks.

Max shrugs, “I don’t know. Liz hasn’t done this before to a person, but I’m sure it’s safe for a while.”

“Yeah,” I say, “plus don’t forget there are three aliens in this room and me.”

“What happened,” Isabel asked as she dries up some of the water that had splashed on the carpet. She just waves her hand over it and it’s instantly dry, I need to learn that trick myself!

“Well, he approached us and started talking about how. . .” he falters and I jump up and finish for him. He’s still freaked out about the whole King thing.

“The thing is,” I say, “we thought at first that he might be good, but he’s not. Watch out for his hands, he’ll place them on your forehead and invade your mind. Hurts like hell, ask Max. Well, Nicholas started to talk about all this crap, and we didn’t know what he was talking about. Then he started mentioning names, of other people. But the thing was, he was calling Max and you two those names. He called you and Michael,” I say in quickly in one breath, “Vilandra and Rath and he called Max King Zan.” Before they can process that I continue, “So he goes after Max and then after me and I accidentally freeze him.”

“Vilandra?” Isabel whispers.

Michael just broods some more, but has the strangest look in his eyes, kind of like remorse.

Max merely watched them, waiting for their replies.


I wince from her shriek and then my face heats up as I hear the ‘sticking your tongue’ part. Wow, Maria will make an excellent mom. She knows how to embarrass somebody.

Everyone glances at my red face and then at Maria who has now calmed down. “Sorry,” she whispers.

“So I’m Vilandra and Michael’s Rath, and you’re Zan?” Isabel says slowly and uncertainly. Max nods. She turns to Michael, “It sounds so. . .,”. Michael nods and finishes her sentence, “. . .familiar.”

Isabel wrings her hands through her long blonde hair, “I was the King’s sister and Rath was his second-in-command, and he. . .,” she points to Nicholas before jumping up, her hand held out. “Freeze him again.”

I look up at her. What? She just says it more firmly. “Freeze him.”

I look to Max who nods and place my hand on Nicholas’s arm. Closing my eyes, I concentrate and let the familiar power flow through my veins. Before it sizzles, I release it and open my eyes to find Nicholas frozen again.

“What’s wrong Iz?” Max asks, “Nicholas won’t hurt you.”

Isabel’s already panicked face pales even more. “That’s Nicholas?” She takes another step back and wraps her arms around herself. “He’s bad Max. He’s very bad. I’ve met him before, sometime. It’s like the strongest sense of deja vu, I KNOW him! He’s bad. Terrible man, did terrible things.”

Michael snorted, “He’s not a man. He’s just a boy.”

Isabel just shook her head repeatedly, “Not a boy. Not the real body. A bad man. A very bad man.”

She’s starting to sound a couple fries short of a Happy Meal, if you know what I mean. I watch as Alex gets up and goes over to Isabel and softly grasps her hand. She looked around confused a first before catching sight of her and Alex’s hand wrapped up together. She closes her eyes and takes a couple of deep breaths.

“Isabel,” Max says softly, “What do you mean that he did bad things?”

Isabel opens her eyes and her dark brown orbs latch onto me. They stare directly at me, through me, past me. It’s like she’s seeing me, but she’s not. She lifts her hand up and points her index finger at me. “Why don’t you ask her.”


NOTE: oooh, a cliffhanger. Don't hate me! *gets down on knees* I'm begging you!


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Author's Note: Ok, so here I am 8000 months later. Sorry for the wait. I just couldn't concentrate on the story, but I do have a new part and hopefully I'll be able to write more often. Thanks for the bumps.

- Twenty One -


Isabel opens her eyes and her dark brown orbs latch onto me. They stare directly at me, through me, past me. It’s like she’s seeing me, but she’s not. She lifts her hand up and points her index finger at me. “Why don’t you ask her.”


So Isabel stands there and I'm reminded of the time when my mother was in that position, pointing her finger at me. A broken vase lay at her feet, and Maria was crouched behind the couch, her hands over her ears. My mother just stood there, tapping her foot while she stared daggers at me. Believe me, I was the most scared I'd ever been. She asked me what happened to the vase, like it was my fault! Granted, it was me that had broken it, but Maria was in the same room, so she was partly to blame, that and the fact that it was her idea to play catch in the living room. But it's a lot different with Isabel. Instead of blaming me for breaking a vase, she's blaming me for. . . wait, I don't know what she's blaming me for.

"What are you talking about Isabel?"

She huffs. "Like you don't know."

I have the strangest urge to laugh, because honest to God, I don't know.

She looks at me for a moment and then throws her hands up into the air. "Don't tell me that you don't remember hearing the screams of the men, the women and the children dying. That you don't remember feeling their blood on your hands! That you don't remember seeing them die in front of your eyes! That you don't remember every single face and the pain you brought them from just being there!"

Wow. I don't even know how to respond. . .

"What the hell are you talking about Isabel?" Michael demands as he steps in front of me. Now I'm even more surprised. If I thought that someone in this room was going to defend me, I sure as hell didn't suspect it was going to be Michael. He was actually last on the list, of course, before Isabel.

She takes another step back and nervously smoothes down her hair. I open my mouth to tell Michael that's it's ok, he doesn't have to defend me (nevermind the fact that Max didn't) when instead I cough up a mouthful of blue smoke. I lean over and try to clear my lungs as I hear noises move around me. I reach out, squinting through the thick smoke as I try to find some stationary object to grab ahold of.

Where did all the smoke come from? Is there a fire somewhere?

I trip over something and I reach down and feel it. It feels really cold, it must be Nicholas. I step over him and call out. "Max? Maria? Alex? Are you guys ok?"

There's total silence. Besides the sound of my occasional cough, I can't hear anything. Where is everyone?

I'll admit it. I'm scared.

The smoke hasn't thinned any yet and I'm still trying to make out anything. It's impossible to see. It's like swimming in the bottom of the lake, where it's dark and your limbs feel heavy. I use the front of my shirt and cover my mouth with it, trying to clear the air some.

There's a sudden flood of light in front of my eyes and I use my arm to block it. Before I can do anything, a strong force pulls me out of the house. The night air stings my face and I get shoved into a car and I hear the screeching of it as it pulls away.

Damn, whoever pulled me in here is freakishly strong.

I open my eyes cautiously and rub them. I'm not tied up or anything, so maybe this person isn't trying to kill me. Or maybe they want to scare me by pretending that they don't want to kill me and instead do kill me. Or maybe-

I need to think of lighter things.

All I can see is the back of the driver's head from my lying position in the backseat. The driver's hair is pulled under a hat, so all I can see is some light brown wisps on the back of the neck. Yawn. I'm really. . . really. . . really- tired- yawn.

It's night, right? I can sleep, I'll sleep. Just for 5 minutes, ok, goodnight. Yawn.


When I open my eyes, the first thing I see is pink. A whole lot of it. That cotton candy pink, splashed over the walls. There's blue checkers here and there, and it creates this really strange effect. I stretch my legs out and reach my arms in front of me as high as I can.

How long was I asleep?

I jump up when a gasp and search the room for Max or any of my friends. The rooms empty, save for the bare bed I was sleeping on and the wood dresser in the corner. There's two doors on the walls and one single window letting the light in.

The second door opens and I look up into the face of the person who brought me here.



"So, you're saying that. . . that-wait, what the hell are you saying?"

Tess is sitting cross-legged across from me on the bed. Assorted chips, drinks and basic junk food is spread between us.

"Where's Max, and Maria, and Alex? Where is everyone?"

Tess sighed. "I'm not sure. You were the only one that I could get out before they came. You were the only conscious one."

"How did you know that we were going to be under attacked?"

"I followed Ed and the rest of them. They were coming there to get you. If I hadn't pulled you out of there, then. . .I don't know where we'd be."

I sigh. "Tess, please, no more of this cryptic crap. I need you to tell me exactly what's going on."

She brushes her hair away from her forehead. Taking a swig of the soda in front of her, she sighs. "From the beginning?"

I nod. "From the beginning."

"Alright. There's probably going to be a lot of blank spaces because Ed didn't tell me everything. I'm not sure he trusted me fully. I don't think he trusted anyone fully. Firstly, I should tell you that Tess Harding isn't my real name."


"You have a fake name? Why?"

"So that we could hide easier."

"So what's your real name?"

"Ava Stala."

I examine her pretty face, cleared of make-up, fresh from the shower. It kinda fits her. "Ava, that's pretty."

She smiles, a genuine one. "Thanks."

"So, anyway, Ed's real name is Nasedo Feyla. He's not my real father, as you know, but he raised me. Anyway, he worked at the school that we went to. I hated that school. I didn't really have any friends, except for you, but you left after, you know..."

Yeah, I know. It's hard to forget.

"Nasedo runs this business, well I guess you can't call it that, it's more of a corporation. He's in charge of about a hundred men who in turn teach kids how to use their powers."

Ok. . .then that connects to-

"Is this what the fighting thing was? They were training little kids for what?"

"For war.?"

I know that, but- "against who?"

Ava shakes her head and quickly munches on a chip. She clears her throat, "See, that's where things become fuzzy. Nasedo never really told me who we were fighting against, just that I needed to be prepared. He said the day would come when he would finally gain back everything that was his."

Is it just me or does this guy seem to have a little 'the-whole-world-revolves-around-me' physique?

I can finally confirm it. I don't like Ed-Nasedo-whatever the hell his name is.

I interrupt. "You said when you went to Michael's apartment that I was the only one conscious? Why? I mean, later on I fell asleep, but how come it didn't effect me as much as the rest of them?" I would voice my opinion that maybe it only effected aliens, but then Tess would know Max, Michael and Isabel were aliens. Besides, Maria and Alex were there as well.

Ava just waves her hand in the air. "Oh it doesn't affect us because of what we are."

And? "And what are we?"

She looks at me with wide eyes, "They never told you?"


"The teachers."

I shake my head. "No clue what you're talking about."

"Because we're the army. It's written somewhere in our genes that we fight. That's why we have the power of telekinesis. And that gas doesn't effect us like it does to everyone else."

"An army?" We're an army? Holy shit.

"And you-," Ava leans closer, her eyes sparkling, "are the leader."

Again, huh?


You know what? This is just, the icing to the freaking cake. I don't know what to do. I give up. It's too complicating. The army part I could accept, but the leader part? I'm no leader. I take pride in being a follower. Yep, that's me, a follower.

"It took me some time to figure it out. But look at all the signs Liz," Ava points out. "You're the strongest of all of us. We all have the power of telekinesis, some stronger than others, but you have that gift plus you can burn things with your mind. You were born the strongest. You were born the leader."

I guess now wouldn't be the most appropriate time to tell her about my ability to freeze things. Maybe she'll figure it out by herself, she's a smart chick.

I rub my hands together, suddenly cold. "Where are my friends?"

Ava lowers her eyes. "My best guess is that since Nasedo didn't find you in the house, he probably took your friends as hostages."

Great. I run for the door, about to go there and kick some major Nasedo-

"Wait Liz," Ava calls out. She reaches for me and attempts to stop me. "You can't just run in there. You have to have a plan."

I feel so tired. I slid against the door and collapse on my bottom. Running my hands viciously through my hair, I moan. "You say I'm supposed to be this leader. I don't even know what to do. I don't know where to find them. I don't know how to get to them. I don't know even where I am. Are you sure you aren't getting your leaders mixed up?"

Ava plops down next to me and shakes her head. "Nope. You're the leader. I can see it as clear as day in your eyes. The determination. The power. You know that feeling you get when you look into Max's eyes? That's it."

I think back to have I feel when I look into Max's eyes. It's true. He does resemble power. His whole body radiates power. But me? I don't know.

She pats my knee. "We need a plan. Plain and simple. I can think of a few places where they might be held. But we can't just barge in. You could take Nasedo, but he'll probably be surrounded by 40 men and they could kill you before you blinked an eye."

I nod. "Good to know."

I stand up and pull Ava up. "Well, let's go. We'll have to sneak into the buildings and take out the men one-by-one until we find them."

Ava smiles. "See, that's the leader in you talking."

I just roll my eyes. "When we find Nasedo, well, I'm going to give him a piece of my mind."

Ava's smile fades a little. I stop. "What?"

She shakes her head, "It's just. I grew up with him, I don't think of him as my father, but. . .it'll be hard."

I grab her hand, "I promise not to do anything to him unless it's alright with you."

She squeezes my hand tighter and then lets go. Grabbing her car keys, she pulls on her hat and jacket. "Let's go. We'll start at the nearest building. Maybe you'll be able to sense them or something."

I pause. Maybe I could sense them, especially Max. My body always reacts when he's near. Hopefully it will this time.

Hopefully they're alright.