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Summary: After Busted
Athours Note: I had just thought about this as a stroy hope it's not corney

I Didn't do it or did I?

Max was sitting in his new apartment . He had totally forgot about his UFO Center money and the bank money he had
so when he went to the bank he withdrawed all of his money and rented a penthouse. He had a whole buch a money left
so he decided to get something he liked and when he saw it. When you walked in it was a large space for a living room
to your right was a doorway to the kitchen and then a little to the left was the bathroom with one of the stand in showers
that he always liked. Then there were spiral steps up to the bed room and he knew it was just for him because there was no
bedroom door it was just a level. Max didn't have anything special he had brought a queen size bed and had blue silks sheets
on it, had a lamp, a few books, and a closet for his clothes. And for the first time he almost felt at peace... He did say almost right
he was missing the love of his life Liz the only person that saw this place was micheal and thats how he wanted it. Just then an idea
poped in his head if he couldn't be with liz in a mortal life what about the dreamland although he never liz dreamwalking because he
thought it was invading privcay but this is liz they would just talk right what would be the harm. He closed his eyes and thought about
liz's face and he knew he was in


LIz was in a dark black room and men were circling her with whips and max was looking confused until he saw everyone dissapered
and then it was just max with no shirt on walking around her with that same whip looking at her with balzing passion felt eyes. As max
looked at his dream shelf wondered why he wasn't saying anything so max walked up the the dream max and warped himslef inside of
him so it was actalluy the real max.Max conitnued the walking a slapped her slitly on her butt with the wipe and she jumped and whispered
in her ear
Max:(huskily) What's the matter liz you can't take it?
Before she could respond he brought his lips to hers and the whole mode changed. They were in a caopy draped room and was making love
on the sheets. From and on going looker they were tried and sweaty but dared to stop. Liz was riding max for the whole night her head was
thrown back and both her and max was sweaty but they were so sweaty tat the hair on there heads were sticking to there backs. And the
last time they exploded she finally collapsed. The room window was steamed up and the scent of lovemaking filled the air as they left the

End of Dream

As max woke up he was sweaty and he didn't know why. He looked around he felt something pressed against him he looked to his right
and saw his naked body pressed up against Liz.

Should I Cont??????

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Discalmier: I don't own anything
Summary: After Busted

Max looked st liz with shock how the hell she got there he didn't know and why . In one since he wanted to wake her up and make love
to her again but in another he wanted to find out how she got there he felt someone looking at him and saw liz's brown eyes looking at
Max: Liz why are you here?
Liz: I d'not know I was thinking about you and how I wish we were togehter and then poof the dream poped up.
As she said that she blushed remebering it .
Liz: Max do you think it was re.........
Before she could get the words out the doorbell rang.'' Liz
'' Liz go hide" Liz grabbed the sheet around her and hid out in his closet. Max ran down staris and slipped on some boxers and to open the door
to the one and only micheal.Micehal didn't even ask to come in and made his way inside of the aprtartment.
Micheal: Youv'e got big trouble Maxwell
Max: (cocerned) What happened
Micheal: It just so happens that the love of your life was missing. The Parkers are on a man hunt for you lukliy they don't know were this
place is.
Max: I'm gonna go look for her okay
Micheal:(nodding) okay you want me to stay
Max:NOO I mean no I have some stuff to think about okay
Micheal:( a little supisous) okay bye Maxwell
Max: Bye ' he said as he closed the door

Max went upstaris.
Liz: I heard everything max lets get out of hear
Max: What are you going to wear
Liz: Well first I was thinking about taking a shower
Max:( a little nervous about having liz in a shower his shower) Al'right

As liz was taking her shower she couldn't help but to wanted max making love to her in that shower. I mean the deam if it really was a dream
was so intanse she felt things she never felt before and she knew without a doubt she saw stars. And seh let the hot water pour onto her naked
body not feeling a cold brezze. She turned around to see a naked max looking at her with the same passion he had in a dream in one stride he
lifted her off her off her feet and started to kiss her deeply. He started to suck on her breasts which made her cry out in pleasure. As he
continued to kiss her neck her small hands found his manhood and started to rub it long and steady which made him groan. As she almost
made him explode he pulled out of her hand and into her heat and she creid out instantly he knew from the dream that she could take anytihng
and he thursted inside of her until they both exploded togehter

Later as they put there coats on they headed out the door max was walking liz home since her parents were out looking for her it was now 8:00
and since they should be in school . Liz called Maria's and told maria to make an exuse for her before she got there. And they
walked out the apartment. As liz and max walked down the street hand and hand none of them spoke. They knew they should talk about
the dream but right now they were savoring the moment. And then as they came a cross an intersection both of them noticed a little 4 year
old boy crossing on the red light. And in a flash max had a wave of fear as him and liz watch him crossed the street and then it
happened something max nor liz will ever forget they heard a car screeching and saw the car come and hit the small danty boy and watched his
body hit the glass and rolled off the back of the black sports car. In an istant max looked around and went to the boy and looked at him both
max and liz cried like they knew the boy. When he opened his eyes max realized who it was ............. It was his son!!!!!!!!!

Should I contiune????????????????