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Note: Have never really done fanfic before, but was really bored, and love to write. REally boring at first, but promise it will get better. Please give me fed back, so I know to continue.

Part 1
Liz was just putting some of her books into her locker. She just got out of her Math class, and was really upset. Brandon, a guy in her class, asked her out again. Brandon was a good friend of hers, but they never really got to know each other before. She didn’t like him much, for good reason. He just dumped her best friend Maria. Player was all he was. Liz was only interested in one guy. The one guy she couldn’t be with.
Liz turned, and there he was. Max Evens. The nicest guy she had ever met, but the one guy she couldn’t even talk to. He was in the other group. In Roswell there was two different groups, you had the south, and North. South was the group that had was for the Preppy people, which Max just happened to be involved with. North was more independent and tried to succeed. Max was different though. He was one that was different from the others like him, but because he grew up with them he hung out with them.
Liz knew he liked her though. Whenever they would pass each other in the hall, or when they had to sit next to each other in class they would always exchange a smile. Or they would ‘accidentally’ bump into each other. Because they weren’t from the same neighborhood they weren’t aloud to talk, unless it was in class. Even then they weren’t aloud to talk, because his sister Isabel was in the same class that they had together.
Liz watched him pass her in the hall. He was with his friends. He was nothing like them. The others were all snobby, and full of themselves. Max was built great, he had the whole package, and he had dark black hair. He watched her as he passed too. She turned and grabbed her chemistry book. It was her next class and she figured she better gets going. It was also the class she had Max in. The teacher signed them up for being partners. Teachers never followed the group thing like the kids.
She walked to class, and sat down next to him. She brushed up against him as she sat down. She put her stuff down and ignored him, or tried to. It worked until Max dropped his pencil, and went to pick it up. He brushed against her side; she knew he did it on purpose. He’s been playing these games with her for a while. The class was almost over, and they were just looking over their notes from class, making sure they didn’t miss anything. Or at least that was what she thought he was doing.
“Excuse me, did you get the whole gold notes?” He turned, and asked her.
“Yeah hold on.” She took a piece of paper from her binder. She was handing it to him, when she felt a piece of paper, other then the first one she had, in her hand. She looked at him weirdly. She didn’t understand. She pulled it, and hid it under her desk. She took a peek at it, and it had her name on it.
“Thank you!” He handed her the piece of paper back. She smiled, and slid both of them in her binder.
Just then the bell rang. She got up, and slid past him. She felt his hand brush against hers. She smiled at him, and left. She went back to her locker, and put her book back. Maria met up with her, and they went to her next class. They sat down. She decided to read the note while she could. She looked around, and no one was there. She pulled out the folded piece of paper. She opened it. She smiled at the piece of paper. It read:
Dear Liz,
Hi! I’m not really good at this stuff, but I needed to tell you. I’m really tired of these games we have been playing. You like me and I like you. We know that, and we know that we have a situation on that level. We are from very different worlds, and it would be really difficult if we got together. I only hope that you do like me, or I would feel really dumb. I want to get together, I have no idea how, but I really want to get to know you better. Please find some way to contact me. Please!
You’re always in my head,
Max Evans
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Part 2
Liz was in total shock, and didn’t know what to do. She knew they liked each other, but how was she going to tell him that she didn’t like the games too. Liz sat there for a minute, and thought of anyway of telling him. Just then Maria put a hand on her shoulder, and Liz jumped out of her seat.
“Liz what is bothering you?”
She had to lie Maria had no clue about her and Max’s games, as he puts it. She didn’t bother with it for the rest of the day.

Later that day Liz was at work, the Crashdown. She worked there every day after school. Her father owned the restaurant, and she liked to help out. Maria also worked there. It was amazing how things ended up. Her and Maria had no idea they went to the same school, until she started to work there. Maria was stuck with the South peoples half of the room. They had one table on each side so Maria didn’t go crazy.
Liz’s room was on top of the restaurant, so technically she didn’t live on the North side, but it was considered to be because it was down town.
Max walked into the Crashdown. Michael his best friend wanted to go somewhere new. They were tired of eating at the fast food restaurant down the street. They sat down at the section where they recognized people. The restaurant an alien theme to it, what a coincidence Michael was checking out the cute waitress, that was serving everyone, but them. Max was getting irritated. Why wasn’t she serving them? When she came past again he got her attention.
“Excuse me but why haven’t you served us yet? We have been waiting for almost five minutes now.’
“Because that isn’t me table it’s hers.” She pointed right at Liz who was busy trying to get a little kid to sit down, before he knocked something down. He couldn’t believe his eyes she worked here. All this time they had been going down the street when he could have been looking at Liz Parker. “As you can see she has her hands full. So stop being you and have some patients.”
The waitress was obviously didn’t like working where she was. Just then the other waitress walked over to Liz, and told her she had some customers. She looked up, and saw whom it was. Max knew she was as shocked as she was. It looked like she thanked her, and then went into the back. Max finally turned, and Michael was still looking at the other Waitress. He turned, and looked at the menu. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He felt like an idiot.
Just then Liz came by, and stood there. “So what can I get for you?” She said trying to smile.
“I’ll have a lemonade!” Michael said, and Max was just looking at Liz. She was trying not to look at her, and she him.
“Oh, and I’ll have a cherry coke.” Finally got out.
Liz served them, and tried not to stay over them. Max tried his hardest to keep an eye out for her. The whole time Michael was talking he was trying not to think about Liz. Then Liz gave them the check. It was in an envelope, he opened it and there was a folded piece of paper. Max looked up, and saw Michael looking at the clock.
“You can go if you want. I know you are going to be late for work if you stay to long.”
“Fine, but you better be home before Isabel has a fit.” Michael left him there. Max turned and made sure no one was looking at him. He pulled out the note and read it.
Dear Max,
I know what you mean. I’m getting tired of all of the games too. But like you said we have a big problem with that. If we were going to see each other it will have to be inside somewhere, and somewhere no one would ever suspect. I really want to get to know you allot better. I don’t know how you found out where I work, but you sure surprised me. I get off work in thirty minutes, and I happened to live on top of the restaurant. Go to the side of the building, and go up the ladder. It’s to the balcony to my room. Give me a minute before you come up, but at lest we can talk. Make sure you aren’t seen. Please think about it.
In mine too,
Liz Parker

Max did exactly what she said. He waited for her to get off work, and then paid for his meal. She turned, and looked at him before she went up stairs. He got up, and walked out side. He couldn’t believe how empty it was on the street at that time of the day. He walked slowly, and on the side of the building there was a ladder. He hesitated, before he went up. He got up, as Liz was reading her book for English class, Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.
He watched as she paced back and forth in her room. He started to laugh. Then tapped on the window. She was startled. She slowly walked over, and opened the window. They both intensely looked at each other, and she moved to let him in. He crawled in, and stood there a minute. She had put her book down on the desk in the corner. None of them moved.
“I guess this is a little acquired.” Max managed.
“Well it’s not everyday when you invite someone from the South side in your bedroom, and he shows up.”
“I’m really glad you wrote me back I was afraid you didn’t like me. I though I made a fool of my self.”
“Well things do happen. Have a seat!” He walked over and sat in a chair in her room. He moved it close to her bed.
They talked for hours about their lives. Liz had a feeling he wasn’t telling her the whole truth though. She could tell when someone was hiding, but she didn’t feel comfortable asking him about it yet. He told her all about how the Evans family found him and his sister, and then adopted them. That he wasn’t really born in the south side of town. Then about Michael, and how he was a foster kid in his neighborhood. How he was the only friend Max had in the world. Liz told him about her mother and sister, and how his father owned the restaurant. About Maria, and her family. Then about all she had gone through over her life time. Unlike Max she had nothing to hide. Liz looked at the clock, and realized what time it was.
“Wow it’s getting late. You should go!”
“Why no one would ever notice I wasn’t at home, and your dad doesn’t come and check on you?”
“So it is still important that you go.”
“Okay but can I do one thing?” Liz’s heart raced what was he going to do. She wasn’t sure if he was going to kiss her or make fun of her. She just sat there a minute waiting. He moved his hand to her face, and cupped her cheek. AT that moment she wanted him to kiss her, but she wasn’t sure if it was a good idea or not. Of course if she was thinking of things would be smart or not she would have never let him in her room. Then again she knew he respected her more then that. What was Max Evans going to do?
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Part 3
Max brushed his hand through her hair, and down her side. “I was right you do have the softest skin I have ever seen.”

“Suck up!” Liz wasn’t sure what to say, but he did say he did like to suck up to people.

“Oh, that hurt. I really mean it.”

“Bye, Max!”

“Alright. I know I have to go.”

Max got up, and walked to the window. He didn’t notice she was right behind her. They both walked out, and stood there at the Balcony. Max turned and looked into Liz’s big brown eyes. He stared at her for a minute. She turned back around and was heading inside, when Max grabbed her arm. She turned back around. Neither of them knew what they were doing. They just knew they were there. Max pulled her close, and put his hands on her waist.

Liz was shocked. She wasn’t exactly expecting anything, but this was amazing. Max Evans had his hands on her waist. She put her arms over his head, and they just staid like that. Max finally after a few minutes kissed her. Liz just fell into it. She put her hands through his hair, and down his side. Max was rubbing her back. They both had been waiting for that moment for so long, and now it was happening. They both had to pull away for a breath of air. Neither of them were smiling, neither of them were worried. They were there. They in the moment, and nothing could take that away from them.

“I have to go Liz.”

“I know! When will I see you again?”

“Tomorrow at school, of course.” They both laughed a little.

“You know what I mean.”

”I will find some way to contact you. I Promise.” Max kissed her again, and let go of her. She had a hold of his hand as he pulled away from her.

Max left Liz. It was hard for him to leave her but it had to be done. He watched her as he left the alley to his Jeep, which was across the street. He drove home thinking of her. Max couldn’t believe he did it. He actually kissed her. He wasn’t even expecting her to answer the letter. He just needed to get it out finally. Max reached his house ten to one in the morning, and there was alight on. Max got in and looked in the living room.

Isabel was sitting there waiting for Max to come home. Isabel glared at Max for being late. Max wasn’t in the mood, and he wasn’t sure what his sister was going to say. He was so involved in what he was going through, he didn’t notice a girl sitting on their coach. Isabel walked over to Max, as soon as he got in.

“Max where have you bee. I have been waiting for you to get home all night where have you been.”

“I was hanging out with a friend, okay.”

“I called Michael and he said that you at the Crashdown. Whatever I want you to meet someone. Max this is Tess.” A blond big boobed girl walked in and shook Max’s hand. “Max she’s one of us.”

“Isabel what are you doing, Mom or Dad could hear you.”

“They left two hours ago for that conference. Don’t worry. She is from Portland Oregon, but moved to Los Angeles when she was adopted. She has been looking for us for years. Isn’t great there’s others.”

“How does she know who we are?”

“I felt your power. When I passed by on Vacation two years ago. Then when I was finally aloud to leave my home I came to find you. I recognized an ora from this house, and when I knocked Isabel opened it. I knew right away who she was. She let me in I prove to her who I was and we got to talking.” Tess finally got to say, before Isabel started off again.

“Fine where are you staying?”

“Two blocks over at an apartment area.”

“Are you going to school?”

“I start tomorrow.”

“Isabel take her home, and we will talk when we all get some sleep.” Like that was going to happen. Isabel just gave Max a weird look, grabbed his keys and walked out. Not a word from either of them. Max went straight to bed.

They were seeing each other in secret for over a month. No one ever found out what was going on. Tess started to school and decided she wanted Max. She flirted with him any chance she had. Max had nothing to do with her though.

Liz got to school, and went to her locker. Her and Maria walked the whole way to school, neither of tem really wanted to ask for a ride from Alex. Alex was an old friend of theirs. The only person they knew and liked that could drive them. Liz got to her locker, and found a white rose on her locker. Maria ran over and took it off. It had a note attached to it.

“Who is this from Ms. Parker?”

“I don’t know! Let me see it.”

Liz took it from her and looked at the note. It only had a number on it, 119. She guessed it was a classroom number. “It’s nothing Maria.”

“Then what does it say.”

“Nothing…Honest!” Maria just left her there. Liz grabbed her books, and walked to the room 119. She looked down the halls just in case some one was watching. She walked in, shut the door, and locked it.

Liz turned, and Max was right there in her face. He had a huge smile on his face. She laughed at him. He grabbed her, and gave her a huge kiss. She just raped her arms around his neck.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning. Thank you for the rose, I love it.” She kissed him. Then pushed him away, so she can get away from the door. She walked over to the corner of the room parallel from the door. Max walked over to her, put his hands on her waist, and held her close. Liz had her hands lying on his chest. They were both trying not to laugh.

“I thought I should tell you I had a dream about you.” Max said as they were standing there.

“I hope it was a good dream.”

“Believe me it was a great dream.” He got closer and kissed her. Just then the door opened, and Tess walked in. Max and Liz turned, and there mouths dropped. Tess shut the door behind her. “Tess what are you doing here?”

“Me! What are you doing with her?” At that moment they weren’t touching each other.

“None of your business. My life is no concern of yours. If I find out that you tell Isabel I will…URR!”

“Don’t worry I won’t tell Isabel about you and this Northerner. Does she know?”

“Know what?” Liz glared at Max.

“No she doesn’t, and she isn’t going to know. You now better then that Tess.” Max walked over, and whispered in Tess’s ear. Then walked out the door, not wanting a fight with Liz. Liz glared at Tess who was still standing there.

Liz grabbed her stuff that she had on a desk, and walked past Tess. Tess grabbed her arm, and looked into her eyes. “Be careful with him. He has a secret you don’t want to get involved with.” Liz pulled her arm away from her.

“I will decide what I will do. It is none of your business.”

Liz ignored him the whole day. She couldn’t even look at him. He was hiding something really big from her, and she didn’t like it. It was bad enough that they had to be a secret, but that he was hiding things. At lunch she was going to sit down with Maria. She sat down, and suddenly Maria knew something was wrong. She looked at Liz with big eyes of compassion.

“Liz what’s wrong, and don’t give me nothing.”

“Maria, please. I really don’t want to talk about it.”

Alex came and sat down next to them. He had a huge smile on his face. “So girls what did I miss?”

“Liz isn’t talking.” Maria blurted out. Liz glared at her. Alex put his arm around her. Max walked by at that moment, and glared at little at Alex.

“Liz, Liz, Liz what is wrong with you?”

“Like I told Maria I don’t want to talk about it.” Liz finished her lunch, and left for the library. All they were going to do was ask her what was wrong; she didn’t want to be around them. She got to the Library and it looked like a dessert. She walked to the computer, and typed in the book she was looking for. Her English class had told them to find their favorite book, and bring it in.

She was looking for the book, and the Library’s door opened. She just ignored it. She got the book and was going to leave, until she felt and hand on her mouth, and she passed out. What was going on?
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Part 4
Max looked all over for Liz. He wanted to make sure she was okay. Tess was right he did have a big secret, but how could he tell her that he was an Alien. An alien! The first time he actually cared about someone and Tess had t ruin it, because he was different. Tess was going to pay for what he did to them. They were doing great, better then that. He sat by a tree that was in the middle of the schoolyard. He had never felt the way before. It was nice touching her, and talking to her. Better then anything in the world.

All he ever thought about was Liz: Her voice, her touch, her laugh, and Her. Max put his head back on the tree. The last month had been fantastic. Though it was in secret. How could she stand being with someone like him? The entire secret, she deserved so much more then this. Just then Tess, came and sat next to him. Oh great!

“Hey Max!”

“Hi Tess!” HE said with a scowl on her face.

“So, how is she?”

“Tess go away.”

“I can’t. I found this in the library, and thought you might want to see it. Well it is for you.” She handed him a folded piece of letter, with his name on it. Tess walked off. He opened it. It looked like it was from Liz, but it didn’t make since.

Dear Max,

I can’t keep doing this. Every time I see you with the Southerners it kills me inside. At first it was really nice having a secret love in my life, but I can’t keep it up. You have a secret from me. It’s bad enough that they are a secret from the world, but you have a secret from me. I’m leaving and not coming back.

In your arms,
Liz Parker.

Wait a minute none of that made any since. In a few place she made it sound like some one else. Max knew something was up, and Tess was in the middle of it. He ran to the Library. He had to check it out. There must be a clue to what happened. Max walked in the Library, and it was so empty. Even at Roswell High there were those that hung out in the Library.

He walked around the Library everything looked normal. He went down one of the shelves looking around for anything. Then as he passed one of the shelves he found it. He found a green glow from one of the bookshelves, exactly what he was looking for. Max got really pissed. What was he going to do? He placed one hand on the bookshelf, and opened it up. When a glow like that appears it only means one thing, someone opened a hole and reclosed it. There she was, Liz. He ran to her. She was in a small room behind the bookshelf, tied to a chair. He ran to her. Her eyes were huge, staring at him.

Liz couldn’t believe it, did he just open up the wall. What was going on? She had something in her mouth, and couldn’t talk. She knew he knew she saw what ever he did. Just then the gap closed up. He had just untied her and didn’t notice. She pulled off the gag, and moved away from him. He tried to touch her but she just backed off.

“Liz I can explain.”

“Yes please do explain, Maxwell.” A voice came from behind him. He turned, and looked at where it was coming from.

“Tess! What the hell do you think you are doing?”

“You are supposed to be mine. It has always been like that.”

“Tess why?”

“You can’t have a future with her. You are different. Why don’t you tell her who you are Max? Who all of us are?”

“What is she talking about Max?’ Liz said from behind him.

“Liz, I’m not normal…” Max turned and looked at her.

“Liz we're aliens.” Tess yelled at her.”

“What?” Liz said. Tess ran, and pushed her hand into Liz’s stomach. Max was to late to stop her. Liz blacked out, and fell to the ground. Max caught her in his hand. What did she do to her? Max was so angry he hit Tess in the stomach, with an energy ball. Tess fell and was unconscious.

Max put his hand on her stomach like Tess did. “Max she’s only human. It was for your own good. She’ll kill us all.” Max wasn’t listening. A few minutes later Max let go, and Liz jumped up. She saw Max hovering over her. She looked into the big golden eyes. He was sad. She couldn’t believe what was wrong. Then everything came back to her, all of it that had happened. She pulled away and met a wall. Max, and Tess they couldn’t

“Liz calm down it’s okay.” Max looked so worried for her.

“Let me out of here, now!” The dark and hidden room in the Library opened up as Max went over and touched the wall. She ran out of the room. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her. Why her? She knew why. Because some alien teen boy liked her. Now she had some Alien girl wanting to kill her, and no one would ever believe her.

Liz got out side, and noticed clouds building up in the sky. She ignored it. Liz went straight home. She didn’t care that school was still in session. She got home, and looked in the window. Her dad saw her. What was she going to tell her dad? She didn’t know and she didn’t want to know. She turned, and left. She just walked for hours. Liz didn’t care. She wasn’t sure what to do.

How could he do it to her? What was he thinking? How could he have done that? How did he do it? Liz didn’t know him anymore. She wasn’t even sure who she was. She knew the rules of North and south, and they all went out the window as soon as he touched her. What was she thinking? It was a pathetic idea that would never have worked. She sat on the swings, and swung back and forth. She noticed people looking at her. After about a minute it started to rain. She didn’t care anymore. Nothing mattered.

Max just looked at the unconscious Tess. Why? Tess was unbelievable. The one person Max cared about, and Tess had to ruin it. They had been secretly meeting for about a month, and he actually cared about her. He cared about her! He cared about Liz Parker. Had he ever told her that? No, of course not. He was so pathetic he actually cares and never told her.

Mac ran out of the room. He had to find her. He needed to tell her the truth. Everything! He went to the crash down, first. She wasn’t there. Where was she? He walked around for hours. He couldn’t find her. Why was he even try? She wouldn’t talk to him anyway. Just then it started to rain. If anything couldn’t get worse it had to rain on him. He got to the Park and sat down. How dumb could he be?

Just then he looked up, and there she was. Sitting on the swings. How could he have missed it? He got up slowly, and then stopped. He had no idea what he was going to say. She was perfect; she deserved better then him. Still knew who he was, so he had to talk to her eventually. He got there, and she couldn’t even look at him. It hurt him, but he didn’t blame her.

“Liz I…” Max started to say.

“Max, Please I really don’t think it’s a good idea. I just thought that…”

“Liz please let me say this. Liz I’m sorry. I didn’t know she was going to act like that. You are the best thing in my life, and I know it’s only been a month. But there’s something about you. I don’t care if the others would be mad at me.” He didn’t notice but Liz had tears running down her face.

“ENOUGH! Stop now. You lied to me. You hid a very big thing from me. I would of understood only if you would of told me Max. I don’t like secrets you know that, but you… I can’t stop.” Max sat next to her, and smiled. He wiped the tears and rain from her face.

“Liz I care about you. Whatever came I would protect you. Please understand that.”

“That’s not the problem.”

“Then what is?”

“I don’t know.” Liz got up, and started to walk away. He ran after her. “I don’t know how to act. I don’t know who you are.”

“You’re the only person that does.” He pulled her close to him, but she pulled away.

“I’m sorry I can’t.” She left him there standing in the rain.

Liz went straight home. Her dad tried asking her where she has been, but she ignored him. She ignored everyone. She went upstairs, and laid down. How was she supposed to deal with this? She was dating an Alien. An alien! Nothing could make her feel better about it. Nothing could come close. Max was amazing. One of the greatest guys she had ever met.

She knew he was different, but this was beyond that. She really liked him though. She loved the way he talked, his eyes, his touch, HIM! She couldn’t believe, she loved Max. Wait that couldn’t be possible, she couldn’t be in love with him. They have only known each other for a month; well at least that was when they started to talk. She really didn’t care if he was an Alien. She couldn’t believe it she was in love with an Alien.

Just then a tap came from her window. She jumped up. It was Max. She walked over to the window, should she open it? He really was there, but would it be smart. She finally opened it. What harm could it be? She moved to he bed. She just stood there. He was soaked. He stood there, and looked at her.

“Your wet.” She pointed out to him.

“I don’t care. I only care about you.”

“Max please, your going to get sick.”

“I don’t get sick.” He moved close to her. She shouldn’t get close to him, but she couldn’t move away.

“Max, don’t.” He put his hand on her waist, and then the other. SH couldn’t help but look down. He was looking right into her eyes. “Max Please. I can’t stand when you do that.”

“Liar… You love when I do it.” She looked up, and he was inches from her face. He bent down closer, and kissed her. ‘Why not?’ was all that was going through her mind. She moved her hands around his neck. They let go, and started to laugh. “God I love you Liz.”


“I said; I Love you.”

“I love you too.” Max kissed her again, and Liz’s hands fell down to his side. “We really should get you out of those close.” She managed to get out.

“I told you I don’t get sick.”

She looked him in the eyes. “You should really get out of those close, Max.” He smiled at her, and kissed her again. She moved her hands under his shirt, and pulled it off. He only shivered, and moved his head away from hers. Then put it back. ‘She’s amazing!’ was all that was going through his mind. ‘What am I’ doing was going through her mind.

Liz started to play with his chest. It was so strong, and big. Max picked her up. She could only think of how strong his arms were. He sat her down on the bed. He couldn’t stand doing this to her. He decided not to it. She pulled him close, but he just pulled her away.

“Good night Liz!” He kissed her on the forehead.

“Max your actually going to leave me like this.”

“Not yet Liz, not yet. See you tomorrow.” He kissed her again, and then left. Liz fell right to sleep. Having dreams of what was the only person she loved. Now what do they do?
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Part 5
The next morning Liz got to school, and there wasn’t a rose, or a note. She just moved on. That night was amazing. She couldn’t believe all the feelings that had been let out, all the secrets. Liz couldn’t stop smiling. Maria, and Alex tried to get the news out of her, but she just smiled at them. She got to her locker, and Maria was talking about what their plans for the weekend were. They had been planning to go to the movies on Saturday. Alex didn’t really want to, chick flick day. They always showed old movies on Saturdays. That’s why Liz and Maria wanted to go.

Liz had just grabbed a book from her locker and shut it. Maria was still babbling. When suddenly she got really quiet. Liz looked at her funny. “Maria what’s wrong?” She just pointed behind her. Maria had a really annoyed look on her face. She turned, and Max was behind her, with the rose. She smiled at him. He handed her the rose. Maria obviously didn’t notice the smile on her face. She walked up right up to him.

“What do you think you are doing? You are not welcome around here. Liz doesn’t want your rose.” Maria was shocked when Liz pushed her away, and Max got really close.

“What took you so long?” Liz looked at him with a very big smile.

“Oh, you know. Traffic was really bed this morning. I think it was the rain.” She put her hands over his neck, and he grabbed her waist. They kissed right there in the hallway in front of everyone.

Everyone in the hallway stopped, and looked at them. They were from different sides, and yet there they were. Everyone knew who they were too. So of course every one had to see what was going on. Maria was just standing there in shock that could no be happening. Was Max Evans, the Southerner kissing Liz her best friend? What was she missing? Maria was so up set she walked off.

Liz and Max just stood there. They didn’t even notice all the attention they were getting. They were there in the moment enjoying what they had. Liz broke off of Max, and Maria was gone. Isabel just happened to be waiting for max to get off of her to yell. Max and Liz smiled, and then started to laugh.

“Can I walk you to your class Ms. Parker?”

“Sure, why not!” Max took her hand and he sure enough walked her to her class. “Why did you decide to do that?”

“Well since I told my secret, I figured it was time to end the whole North, and South thing. You think Isabel and Maria are mad at us?”

“You are amazing Max Evans.”

“Just wait until Isabel, and Michael find out you know are secret then you will be glad I love you.” Liz just got to her classroom.

“Don’t worry I do. See you at lunch!”

“Of course!” He gave her a kiss and she went to class.

All period people were looking at her a whispering. News spreads fast at her school. Everyone was looking for the girl with the rose. Liz didn’t care though. She was more interested in the rose. She would smell every now and then. She didn’t really care what everyone else thought of her, and Max. She only cared that now people knew, and would stop bugging her, Especially Brandon. He was really up set at her too.

The rest of the day till lunch was pretty normal though. She went to class, and left. Lunch rolled around, and Max was waiting by the lunchroom for her. She just smiled and walked over to him. They walked in together, people still staring at them. They got there lunch and stood there a minute.

“So where do we eat?” Max asked.

”Well since your sister is giving me a very evil look, and she’s really mean. How about with my friends? That way they can get to know you better.” She wasn’t joking Isabel was looking at Liz as if she wanted to stripper her limb to limb.

“Let’s go!” She walked out side, and Maria was sitting at the table waiting. Liz had to take a big breath of air. She had been expecting this to come soon. Maria didn’t like people that kept secrets from her. This just happened to be a big secret. They sat down, and Max looked really uncomfortable.

“Maria this is Max. Max this is Maria.” Liz said as they sat down.

“Hi!” Max said first offering a hand.

“Hi!” Maria took with an unsure look on her face. “I figured I wait till Alex got here till I ask, what’s going on?” Liz and Maria started to laugh. Max was a little confused. They had an in side joke about waiting for Alex. HE would always be the late one.

They didn’t notice but Michael, Max’s best friend was walking over them. Michael didn’t like Max’s sister very much. Max’s was the only person that kept her sane. Though it was sitting next to the Northerners. He walked over and sat next to Max. Every one turned, and looked at him. Max had a very surprised look on his face.

“Michael this is Liz and Maria. Maria, Liz this is Michael my best friend.” Max introduced him. They said Hi and shook hands. They all started to eat. No one wanted to talk to each other at the moment. They also didn’t notice each other. Alex was just getting out of the lunchroom, when he noticed other people sitting at their table. He was in a little shock. Yet he also did know about what happened this morning. He walked over and sat down. Everyone introduced each other.

“So Liz now you can explain what’s going on?” Liz looked at Max. He grabbed her hand, and she took a deep breath.

“Well about a month a go, Max gave me a note. It pretty much said he liked, me and wanted to get to know me. But there was a little problem with barriers, and other stuff. So we met in secret. We talked, and we have been doing it for a while. Yesterday we got into a big fight, and we well got into a fight. I was tired of all the secrets, and her agreed. What kind of future would we have in secret? Then this morning he did it. He practically yelled at everyone that we were a couple.”

“Okay, why did you keep it a secret like that from your best friend?” Maria said with annoying tone.

“Well Liz just thought it would have been better if no on knew. That way if we did brake there wouldn’t be a huge fight between each other. Last night I realized I didn’t care, and that I loved her.”

“Max! You did not just say that.” Michael looked at him in a bigger surprise then Max was expecting.

“Michael I know your worried. Don’t, I won’t let anything happen.”

“Well you did it Liz. I’m proud of you.” Alex smiled, and wrapped his arm around one of his best friends. “Hey if you do anything to her you have to talk to me.” Liz pushed his arm off.

“I’ll remember that.” Max said looking at her again.

“Well as new members to are little group. Max and Michael we are now a happy little group of friends, right?” Maria looked at Michael; he was the only one she wasn’t sure about.

“Yeah I guess I am. To new friends.” He raised his milk, and everyone copied. The only one left to convince that everything was okay was Isabel. Then Max would be in the safe zone. The whole lunch they were talking about the acquired coincidence that they were all friends now. They swapped stories, and had a lot of laughs. Lunch was finally over. Max, and Liz walked to their class. Maria, Michael, and Alex walked to their class.

AS they departed Max had a strange feeling that Michael liked Maria. Just the way he looked at her, and fought with her. They were all going to be great friends. Max held Liz in arms as they passed Tess and Isabel. Max and Liz started to laugh at each other.

“Well think are friends are going to get along great.” Liz said as they got into the school.

“Yeah, I think Michael likes Maria.”


“Yeah, I had the feeling when we went to the Crashdown the first time. He was checking her out.”

“Cool, that’s what she needs right now. Well I better get to class see you next period.”

“Yeah, Bye.” He kissed, her and they walked off.

The next period was hell. Liz had it with Brandon. HE just kept scowling at her with this really evil look. She was getting really irritated. She never liked him anyway. It’s not like they were going out or something. After the period was over she was just glad she was getting out of the class. She went straight to her locker. Where Max was waiting for her. She opened her locker, and grabbed her chemistry book. They walked to their class and sat down next each other.

Isabel walked in and just looked at them. They were talking about their friends. It was really cool that their friends were good friends. The class started and they turned, and looked to the front. The rest of the class was the same; the only thing that was different was they were talking more.

When they had their ten minutes after the class Max turned to talk to his sister. She pretended she didn’t hear him. Max was really up set. He had never had his sister so mad at him.

“Max it is okay. She’ll come to.”

“I know! She just has never been this mad at me since we were kids.” He looked up and Liz looked really compassionate.

“Me Maria and Alex are going to see a movie tomorrow. Why don’t you and Michael some too?”

“I’d like that allot.” Max kissed her on the forehead. “This is really weird!”

“I know.” She took his hand. “What are you doing after school?”

“Well I was going to go over and eat with a bunch of friends at the Crashdown. I think you know them.”

“Really, I think your right. Maybe I will join you.”

“If you want too.” The bell rang, and they all left. Max gave her a kiss and they went to the last period of the day.

What was Isabel’s problem? It’s not like they were getting married or something. They were just dating. The fact that they weren’t supposed to be dating didn’t mean anything. Well at least not yet! The rest of the day at school was pretty basic. They just wished it could be over with all ready. School was so boring.

School ended Liz walked out of the school smiling as could be. This had been the best day of her life, and nothing could spoil it. Max was waiting for her by his jeep. She practically ran to him. They got in the jeep, and rode off. They headed off to the Crashdown, Max wanted to take her home, and meet up with her later. They stopped in front of the Crashdown.

“Not bad for the first day!” Max looked at her, and she had a big smile on her face.

“Well it could have been better, if your sister would talk to you.”

“Well Isabel has problems. Tess influences her to do things she wouldn’t normally do. Isabel would usually be happy for me to have someone, but this is really unusual.”

“Things will get better, I Promise.” Max gave her a kiss good bye, and whispered in her ear.

“I love you!” Liz got up, and left him there.

Max drove home, and couldn’t stop thinking of her. Ever since that day in her bedroom, he couldn’t stop. Only if Isabel would talk to her. Then she would understand why he loved her so much. It isn’t everyday that he meets some one like her. They have been going out for a month or so, and Isabel should have guessed. Maybe that was the problem that she didn’t realize it. She did have a problem with wanting to know everything around her.

He got home and sat down on the coach. Max was a little tired, and he really wanted to talk to Isabel, before he left. His mom was shopping, of course, and his dad was at work. The only two people around there other then himself and his parents, were Isabel and Tess. Her name just makes him want to hurl. He hated her! More then anyone in the world.

Just then Tess and Isabel walked in the house. Max got up, and Isabel looked at him. She had a very mad look on her face, and Tess was no better. Isabel look like she was trying to say something, but Max wanted to talk first. “Tess can you leave me and my sister alone to talk?”

“Whatever!” She stormed out of the room.

“Max how could you? She’s Her!”

“She is the most wonderful person in the world. I can’t believe how luckly I am to meet her. Isabel please talk to her, and get to know her.”

“Max does she know?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Tess told me she heard you talking to her. Does she know who we are?”

“Did Tess also tell you that she tried to kill Liz, because she caught us yesterday in a classroom. Or that it was her fault that she does know. She told Liz who we are, and I cleaned it up. Tess is the one to blame.”

“She knows about us. Max this is to dangerouse how stupid do you think you are. If something happens between you too she would tell. Did you tell Michael yet??? Tess did what?”

“No he does not know. Tess told her who we are. It is her fault, don’t blame me, and she won’t do it. I know her and if you get to know her you will realize the dame thing.” Isabel was pacing back and forth in the room.

“Are you sure that Tess told you? Because she has told me a different story, and she hasn’t been the one keeping the secrets from me.”

“Read me memories if you want to.” Isabel went over to him, and took his hand. She stood there getting a connection. Then it came! She saw the whole day pass his eyes. Then when she got to the time in her bedroom she decided to brake off.

“EWWW. You kissed her like that.”

“Isabel that’s not the point is it.”

“No I guess not, but it is still gross.” Both of them stood there a minute, and Isabel looked up at him. “Well let’s go meet this girl of yours.”

“Thank you Isabel. Thank you so much.” They left the house, and drove right to the Crashdown. Isabel was obviously mad at Tess. Who wouldn’t be? But she really respected her brother. She didn’t like the idea of her being a Northerner, but she would have to deal with that her own way. She realized that he loved this girl allot. She obviously loved him to keep a secret like that from the world.

They arrived, and Tess was waiting for Isabel. Isabel scowled at her as they passed her. Max looked around, and found the others. Michael, Maria, and Liz were already waiting for them to come. Max walked right over to them. Isabel on the other hand hesitated. It took her a few minutes. She came and sat next to a happy Michael. They were all laughing at each other.

“Everyone this is my sister Isabel.” Max told everyone as she sat down. Everyone said Hi and introduced each other. Just then Alex walked in and looked over. They had a big group at their table. One happened to be a very cute girl that must be Max’s sister. He walked over, and pulled up a chair.

“Hey, I’m Alex!” He gave a hand to her.

“Isabel!” She took the hand.

They were there for a half an hour talking. Isabel started to really like Maria. She was really energetic, and talkative. Alex was a cute little guy, but she would never admit that to anyone. Liz was a nice girl she had her points though. She didn’t talk very much and she was really nice. Isabel couldn’t stand really nice people; they were annoying. Isabel looked over and Tess was heading over to them. She turned “Oh my God!”

“What is it Isabel?” Maria looked at her with a confused look on her face.

“Tess is coming over.” Everyone looked and then looked back. None of them must not like them very much either, if they would all lower their heads and sigh.

“Man, I can’t stand h…Hello Tess.” Michael said catching himself.

“Hi Michael, Hi Isabel. Why are you sitting with them?”

“Maybe because they haven’t laid to me before.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Can I talk to you alone please Tess?” Isabel left them alone dragging her by the foot.

“What was that about?” She heard someone say back at the table.

Isabel pulled her outside to the parking lot. Tess was fixing her hair. Isabel was trying not to get the urge to hit on her. “What is it that you want to talk about Isabel?”

“You b****! You told me you heard Max tell Liz who we were. All a long you were the one that started it. Telling her out loud in person who we were in plain English.”

“What are you talking about?”

“If you come near any of us again I will hurt you!” Isabel turned, and opened the door.

“Liz thinks she can walk in and take what I have been working for. She will pay, she took everything from me. Even my own kind. You will pay.” Isabel just walked in. Everyone was staring at her.

“GO Isabel!” Max looked at her.

“Well I got to go up stairs and get some work done.” Liz said patting Max on the leg. He looked up, and realized she wanted him to come up. TEASE!

“Alright see you tomorrow for the movie right Liz?” Maria looked angrily at her.”

“Yeas I will be there!” Liz said trying to climb out. Everyone had to get up so she could get up. Max gave her a hug. “Bye you guys. Oh Isabel you will have to join us at the movies tomorrow.”

“I’d like that thanks Liz!” Everyone said bye, and she went up stairs. She dropped on her bed, and closed her eyes. After about a minute decided to get up. Liz was so happy about the idea of everyone knowing that they were together. The only problem was that she was dating an alien. How would Michael and Isabel take the idea of her knowing their secret? Then there was Tess who was going to be really upset at her. She pretty much took her whole life from her. She didn’t mean to though. She just fell in love with the nicest guy she had ever met.

She went in to her bathroom, and put he hair down. She heard a creek in her room, she took a peek and Max was stepping in her room. She brushed her hair, and Max walked in. He put his arms around her waist. She put down the brush. She took his hands around her waist and looked in the mirror. So that is what people see when they look at them together. She turned and looked Max in the face. She looked in those big golden eyes that pierced her soul every time she looked at him.

“You are the most beautiful thing on Earth.” Max said holding her closer.

“Really are you sure. You have lived here your whole life.” Max kissed her, she just smiled at him. She loved doing that to him. Though he would never admit that he liked her doing it to him. “You are impossible.”

“I thought you should know that Isabel knows you know. I thought I tell Michael next time Tess tries to kill you.” Liz hit him on the arm. “I’m joking!” He kissed her again.

“You better be.” She pulled him back into the bedroom, and they sat on the bed. “Where were we?” She kissed him.

“Liz you are…IMPOSSIBLE! Is that what you call it?” She smiled and brought him even closer.

“Shut up! I know you want that.” It was true, but he didn’t want to admit it. He would never admit it. HE grabbed her side, and started to tickle her. She started to laugh hysterically. She fell back. Max just leaned forward, and continued. “Watch it I know your weakness.” She managed to get out.

“Who told you?” She grabbed the back of his knee; he jumped and grabbed her hand. He turned up at her, and she was smiling. He loved her smile. He bent down, and kissed her on the forehead. She kissed him back, but better then him. “I love you!” He whispered in her ear. He loved saying that and he loved hearing it. The whole idea that someone loves him; who knows who he is. Liz got really close to him too.

“I love you too.” She bit his ear a little. He grunted a little, that was not what he was expecting. He pulled her away from his ear. She was in a spunky mood. He kissed her more passionately this time. She pulled his shirt off. She started to play with his hair on his chest. He started laughing. HE pulled her shirt off. They just stopped laughing and smiling at that point. He bent down and kissed her again! It felt right. Everything went blank. It was perfect!*angel*
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Sorry it's a little boring, but it will get better later. Thank you all for your interest in my fanfic. I have been really busy and haven't had time to write. Just because I am writting another fic at the moment, it will not take my time away from this one.
Part 6
The next day Max woke up with the most beautiful woman in his arms. He turned and looked at her. It was strange waking up in a different bed, but he liked waking up next to Liz. Max, pulled away from her, and stood up. She rolled right over to the other side of the bed. He looked around for his clothes. Where did they go? He finally found them in a corner of the room. Liz looked so comfortable lying in her bed.

Max couldn’t believe he did it to her the one girl that no one ever noticed. Her sister liked her, her best friend liked her, and now they had a great group going on, of both North and South. Though him and his friends were aliens she didn’t care She only cared that she was with him. She was the most beautiful intelligent person he had ever met. She loved him, and he loved her. It was perfect. Of course there was a little problem with Tess. Tess had always liked him, but se was way to ditsy for him. He wanted a girl that challenged him. He wanted Liz.

Liz softly turned again in her sleep. Max walked over, and kissed her forehead. He was completely clothed by then. Liz was wrapped in her blanket like a cocoon. As he kissed her she opened her eyes. She smiled at Max. He knelt down beside the bed. She turned on her side to look at him better.

“Good morning!” Max said moving her hair from her face. She stretched out and looked at him.

“Good morning, where are you planning to go off too?”

“I have to go home, and take a shower. My parents are going to have allot of questions where I have been all night.”

“Well you could tell them that you were hit over the head with pan, and didn’t wake up until this morning.”

“Yeah, that will work.” Liz bit her bottom lip. Max didn’t like when she did that, so he kissed her to stop her. She wasn’t expecting it to happen. He let go. “Your beautiful!”


“I’m serious. You are the most beautiful thing in the world to me.” She just started to smile. He kissed her again.

“When will I see you again?”

“Today, at the movies.”

“That’s right we were all going to see the movie together. What time is it?” Max looked behind her at the clock.

“Oh, around 8 o’clock. Why?”

“Because Maria was going to meet me down stairs around 9.”

“Well I guess someone needs to get up then.” HE stood up, and picked her up in his arms. She felt all his muscles in his arms. He was so strong, and buff. Liz grabbed the blanket around her. Max walked over to the end of the bed, at a clearing, and sat her down.

“You know you don’t have to go.”


“Well I was going to take a shower, and go down stairs. You don’t have to leave if you don’t want to.” She looked up at him. Max was so tempted to stay, but he couldn’t. Well he could but what would he tell his mother. Who cares? He bent down and kissed her again. Wrapped his arms around her waist. She let go of him, and walked to the bathroom.

“What am I going to do about my clothes?”

“Well you’re a Alien use your power and do what ever you do to change them. No one would ever notice.” She yelled from the bathroom. He heard the water running in the bathroom. He walked in and Liz was sitting next to the bathtub in a blanket. Her hair wrapping around her face. He sat next to her on the toilet. She looked up at him, and had a giant smile on her face.

Maria was still really up set with Liz, but she was her best friend. Everyone had their secrets, but it was really wrong to keep it from her. They have been friends since she was a little girl. Even when they were little they never had a secret form each other. Her and Max was the biggest secret you could kept from a friend. When Max kissed her in the hall at school, she was hysteric. That was the last thing she had ever thought would happen to Liz. She was the one that never took risks. This was a huge risk. Though she didn’t think that Liz knew he was going to do that during school.

They were going to meet at the Crashdown at 9 to eat breakfast. They always hung out there, maybe because they were teens, and they were always there. Now it was her and him all the time. Liz had never had a real boyfriend in her life, and now she has this great guy that loves her. Maybe she was just jealous or something. Her best friend was in love, and she was jealous. Was she stupid or something? Liz was happy, and no one can spoil that for her.

Maria was happy to have more friends in her group though. Having more friends was a very good thing in her life. Michael was really cute, and funny. She hadn’t had a guy that could make her laugh like he was. She would never of guessed that someone from the South end of town would be so cool. Isabel was really great too. She was more of a prep then the other, but she was a fun person to talk to. She had a great attitude problem. Maria liked that in a friend, some one that would tell her when she’s out of hand. They would get a long great.

Maria walked into the Crashdown. She sat down and waited for Liz to come down. She was getting annoyed. She was here on time, and she wasn’t there yet. She heard the door open in the Crashdown. Maria looked behind her, and Max walked in. She was surprised she wasn’t expecting him there at that in early in the morning. He looked around and saw Maria at a table. He smiled and sat across from her. Maria smiled as he sat down.

“What are you doing here so early?” Maria asked when he sat down.

“I woke up and went for a drive and ended up here. You?”

“I’m meeting Liz here for breakfast. We have a ritual every Saturday.”

“That’s cool. Usually I sleep in, but I couldn’t sleep this morning.”

“That sucks. Have you seen Liz this morning?”

“No, you?”

“Nope not yet…there she is.” Max turned and there she was warring a cute white tank top, and a pair of shorts. Max’s mouth dropped. She came and sat next to him.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” Liz asked when she sat down, with a big smile on her face.

“I went for a ride, and ended up here. I saw Maria sat with her, and started to talk.” Max answered. Then gave her a kiss.

“What is with you two?” Maria asked feeling nauseous.

“Oh, give it up Maria.” A voice said from behind her. She turned, and Michael was above her.

“Oh, be quite.” Maria said sitting back. Michael sat next to her.

“It’s okay Maria, they will get over this stage eventually.” Michael said rolling his eyes.

“Hey let’s order!” Liz said picking up a menu.

They all ordered and ate their breakfast. Just then someone else walked through the door, no one turned to look. Alex walked over and grabbed a chair then sat down. He was listening to their conversation. They were talking about famous relationships and how they never worked. They all noticed Alex sitting there, but they didn’t care if he was waiting for them.

“Alex what time is it?” Liz asked considering he was the only one with a watch on. Alex glanced at his watch, and looked back up.

“It is five to one! We better head to the movies.” Everyone sighed, at leas almost everyone. The girls were quite excited. Just then Isabel walked in, and stood by them waiting.

“Ready?” Isabel asked looking at everyone.

“Yeah!” Maria answered pushing Michael a little.

Everyone got up and walked out. Max put his arm around Liz as they walked down the street. They got to the theatre, and Tess was waiting in line. Liz looked at Max worried. She didn’t want a fight with her. She didn’t even know what she did to deserve her hatred. She didn’t know her, she didn’t do anything to her, and yet she hated her guts. What was wrong with her? Max held her hand even tighter.

Liz was lucky to have someone like him in her life, and was really happy to have him. Though he was an alien. He made her happy. She wouldn’t have anything happen to her as long as he was there, and she knew that now more then ever. They got the line, and Isabel went in front of them. No one was going to ruin their day out. Isabel just glared at Tess as they went through the line.

When they finally got to the front, Isabel asked for five tickets. She gave the lady up front their money, and went inside. They all sat in the back together. Max, and Liz sat next to each other. They just watched the movie. Michael kept looking at Maria. Max knew he liked he, but knowing him he would never admit it to anyone.

After the movie it was almost time to eat. Michael looked at his watch, when they go out. He needed to get home. Max and Isabel needed to get back too. Maria, Liz, and Alex went to the Crashdown. Max gave Liz a hug and kiss goodnight, and they left.

Michael was walking home from the movies. He knew his foster parents would get mad if he didn’t clean the house. He was walking passed the park when he heard a weird noise. He walked over to see what it was. He got there, and there wasn’t anything there. Michael thought it was the dumbest movie he had ever seen. What is the point of going? He didn’t like chick flicks. He never has.

Michael felt a really strong pain in his back neck, and fell to the ground right there on the sidewalk. He turned, and Tess was standing over him. She placed a hand on his forehead. Suddenly Michael got really mad at Max. He had this hatred over him unlike anything else. It wasn’t normal, because he has never been really mad at Max. He was his best friend. Tess walked away with a big smile on her face.

“One down, three to go!” Tess walked away laughing.
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