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Title: Where Did Liz Parker Go?
Author: Faith
Rating: PG-13
Catagory: M/L
Disclaimer: Sadly WB.
Summary: Takes place two nights after Alex and Prue dies. This is a cross over with Charmed. I wrote this on . BTW Tess will pay.


"I can't belive she is dead." Isabel said with tears in her eyes.
Maria and Kyle were seating next to each other.
Max didn't know what to say or do. Why did he push her away? Michael just sat there. He came to know her as a friend some one he trusted. Now she was dead.
Tess was by the bed. She was happy. Now Liz was gone. She had Max now and didn't have to think about Liz getting in the way.


Liz woke up in Alex's car. She looked to her right. Alex's head was all the way back. some thing was wroug with him. She tryed to get to him ,but she couldn't move.
Her head was in pain. She tryed to keep her eyes open ,but she couldn't. Then she looked ahead of the car. There were headed strate for fire. "Oh my god. I have to wake up Alex."Liz said. She tryed she could ,but nothing worked. Right before she was about to die. She saw a blueish with light. Then a man.
Thats when ever thing went dark.


It was like every other Monday. To Max it was hell. Tess was all ways calling.
Didn't she know that the love of his life was dead,gone,never coming back.
Isabel wanted to hit Tess. She was all over Max. And kept saying I'll make you feel better to Max.
Michael wanted to kill Tess. He knew some thing was up.

Maria called Liz like she did every day. "So how is the 'Charmed life'?"Maria asked Liz. "Maria."Liz said.
"Really I want to know. Lizzy please tell me."Maria said like a child. "Don't I all ways tell you?"Liz asked. "So. I want to know. I'll be your best friend for life."Maria said. "You all ready are."Liz said.
"Yeah I know."Maria said like she was the best. "Well its ok." Liz said. "Oh come on. You have kick ass powers. You can ord."Maria said.


Kyle knew were Liz was. He knew she was ok ,but he still missed her. Today the Aliens were not at school.
He walked pass the Even's house after school. Isabel was out side. So he walked up to her.
"Hey Isabel."Kyle said. "Hey." Isabel said. She was still looking at the flowers. "How have you been?"Kyle asked. "Been better. Max still wont come out of his room. I can hear him cry. I wish I could take his pain away , but I can't."Isabel said. Kyle felt bad for them. He knew that Liz was alive. He couldn't say any thing. Liz asked him not too.
He was going to do what she asked.

I know not long but I have to get to work. Feed back please.


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A/N: Liz is Paige on Charmed. Alex is dead ,but is ok. He is still in my fan-fic. The resine Maria knows about Liz is ,because I didn't want her in pain. You know because she would have lost both of her best friends. The resine Kyle knows is ,because Maria needs some one to talk to. Kyle and Maria are going to be close ,but just friends. Thank you all for the feed back. *big*
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AN: I know I said it should be out today. My brain does not want to work right now so it should be out tonight. Thank you all for the great feed back. "The Good Girl and The Bad Girl" that one should be out some time this week.
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Title: Where Did Liz Parker Go?
Author: Faith
Rating: PG-13
Catagory: M/L
Disclaimer: Sadly WB.
Summary: Takes place two nights after Alex and Prue dies. This is a cross over with Charmed. I wrote this on . BTW Tess will pay.


How am I going to live knowing that I will never see her smile,laugh,talk and do every thing Liz Parker does? I wont open my door.
Tess talks to me through the door. She is up to some thing. I can feel it ,but I don't know what it is.
I want my Liz back. I need her back. My eyes are never tearless.
I need her to help me get through this.
God I love her and now she is gone.
I can't do this any more. Liz is my life.




Dad is still not here. He knows were Liz is.
I think he is not happy about what is happending.
Maria,My dad and I know that things will never be the same. Liz said she knows some one planed her 'death'.
Maria says it was Tess. Maria has been blaming a lot on Tess these days.



That girl is up to some thing. Tess is a slut I can see it.
Maria said she saw Tess leaving Brad Johnson's house today.
She said he is a male slut. So we all know what Tess is up to. Sleeping around that slut. Well I don't have to feel sorry for her.
Kyle and Maria seem like they know some thing that we don't know.
Maria didn't cry that much for Liz ,but she cryed a lot for Alex.



Max is crying again. I can hear him from here. That is all what Max does now is cry.
Tess has been there for Max and I'm happy about that. She is still there for him. Why can't Max let her in? She is his wife.
Michael keeps saying that he knows Tess is up to some thing. I think she just trying to help. Liz is gone.Max needs to get over it. Tess is here and she will always will be. He needs to move on. And now.



I miss Liz. I can talk to her when ever I want. I know that Liz will never sleep over or get to talk about Michael and Max any more.
I can't wait till I get my hands on that slut.
Before she came every thing was great. Now they are so bad that I'm calling Kyle my best girl friend.

Feed back please. *happy*

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A/N: This will have a happy ending.*big* Tess will pay some how. *happy*
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I dont get this story at all!!!
I think that you need to explain it in yur next post

It takes place right after Alex dies ,but its not just Alex its Liz too. Leo saves Liz ,but doesn't save Alex. There is a reason to that. Every one ,but Kyle,Maria and Kyle's dad know that Liz is alive. Liz finds out that she is a Charmed one. She is Paige. Max is now starting to find out the truth.

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Title: Where Did Liz Parker Go?
Author: Faith
Rating: PG-13
Catagory: M/L
Disclaimer: Sadly WB.
Summary: Takes place two nights after Alex and Prue dies. This is a cross over with Charmed. I wrote this on . BTW Tess will pay.



(The Charmed House.)

"Liz do you think you should do this?"Alex ask Liz.
"Yes."Liz said. "You know that he will want to know every thing?"Alex ask.
"Yes ,but I have to hear his voice." Liz said.
"O.K if you want to do this then I'll help you." Alex said. "Thank you." Liz said.
You don't that we might need Leo for this , do you?"Alex asked. "He'll say that needs to move on. I'm scared that Max might kill him self." Liz says with tears in her eyes. Alex walks up to her and pulls her close. "Max will get throgh this. He is king." Alex said.
"Lets just do this please." Liz said.


(Some were in Roswell)

"We have to kill King Zan." Says a man with light brown hair. "But how will we find him?" Asked a lady with Blonde hair. "We will ask our Queen Ava." The man said.


(Max's Room)

"Liz were are you?" Max ask her. "Some were in CA. Liz says.
"Liz are you ok?" Max ask.
"Yes."Liz said. "Liz I miss you. Please come back to me. Max says with tears in his eyes. "You need to move on with Tess." Liz said. "NO! SHE IS NOT YOU!" Max yelled.
"Max please don't yell." Liz said.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. Not at you." Max said.
Then puts his head on his pillow. "Liz come back. I can't sleep till you are next to me." Max said. "Ok."Liz said. "So you'll stay with me tonight?" max asked. "Yes." Liz said.


Liz tells Alex that she will stay with Max tonight. Alex says ok. Leo walks in. "Alex we need to work on your healing power." Leo said.

Yep Alex is a Whitelighter. Feed back please. *happy*
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Title: Where Did Liz Parker Go?
Author: Faith
Rating: PG-13
Catagory: M/L
Disclaimer: Sadly WB.
Summary: Takes place two nights after Alex and Prue dies. This is a cross over with Charmed. I wrote this on . BTW Tess will pay.

Part 4

Max woke up and look at Liz in his arms. This is were she was subpost to be. In his arms. He was not going to let her go not ever again. Liz woke up at the sound of Max saying I love you.
"I love you too." Liz said. he thought that she had not heard him. They just stayed like that for 30mins. "I'm going to go and get some thing." Max said as he was getting up then came right back. He kissed her. "Don't move or go any were."

He went though the house singing. Isabel looked at him funny. "Why are you so happy?" Isabel asked. He didn't even look at her. "Liz is back." Max said with a smile.

Isabel ran to Max's room. There was Liz in Max's room on his bed. She was happy only because Max was happy.

Liz and Max were siting in the living room. she was telling him every thing. Then Max did some thing. "Liz will you marry me?" Max asked. He didn't ever want her to leave his side. He wanted to be her every sec,min and hour.
"I can't." Liz said. She couldn't even look at him. She had tears in her eyes. She loved Max and wanted to be with him. Things have change. She was a Charmed One and had to think of her sisters. She couldn't even think of what Piper would think or do. It was bad with Cole. What would she think of Max an Alien?
She will go crazy.
"Is some one telling you what to do?" Max asked. "No." Liz said. "Then marry me." Max said. Liz looked up at Max. "What if you all moved to CA some how?" Liz asked. " I'll have to check if every thing is safe here first." Max said.
He had the biggest smile on his face. He knew if every thing was ok. He and Liz could get marry. She will be his forever. Just then Michael came running in. "The FBI is afther us." Michael said.


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"How did they find out about us?" Max ask Michael. "I don't know. All I know is that they are after us." Michael said. Just then he realise that Liz was in the room and alive. A smile came to his face. He was getting his family back. The only one that was not alive was Alex. Just then Maria walked in. Her face was red with mad. "The slut was at the male slut's house." Maria said. Liz got up and started walking back to Max's room. Max saw her and called out to her. "Where are you going Liz?" Max asked her. He didn't want her to leave. Liz look at Max. "I'm going to lay down." Liz said to Max. She really needed to lay down. She felt as if she lost something in side her. Like something was part her and Max. She has been feeling like this since FMax thing. Max walk up to her and kiss her. Then he saw them making love on her bed that night he sang to her. That night they made two baby boys.

Feed back please. I'm not good at picking names so I'll let you all pick Max and Liz's baby boys names. Next part will be longer and we will see whats up with The Charmed Ones and Tess.
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This is the longest part that I have ever wrote.
(The Evans's House.)

Two baby boys."Wait how can we bring them into this? The FBI are after us."Max said. He was not about to bring his and Liz's kids into this. They need to be safe and happy.

(Some where very good and where Tess will never be.)

"Mom what are we going to do with them? Liz will go nuts when she can't find them." Patty said. "Patty she will know. After all she is a Hollwell." Grams said.
"Mom." Patty said. "Patty. Leo will tell her." Grams said. "She is my baby. She now has two sons that are a king's kids. This is all new to her. She has no idea of what she is getting into."Patty said. "This is all new to all of us. Liz is a smart girl. She will know what to do. She loves Max just as much as you loved Sam."Grams said. "I know I just want to keep my baby safe."Patty said with tears in her eyes. She lost Sam. She could not lose the only thing she had left of him.

(Some where evil.)

Tess walk to the table. "How come the b**** didn't die the first time?"Tess ask. "A whitelighter got her. He didn't save the boy that was with her." Zee said. "I can care less about Alex right now. I will deal with him later. Right now I want her dead."Tess said.

(The Evans's House.)

"We can always go to my house. The one that I share with my sisters. Threee aliens and three witches can do anything."Liz said. "We can do that. All I have to do is call Isabel and get her." Michael said.

(The Charmed house.)

"Where is she?" Piper ask. "She went to go see Max."Alex said. "Wait. What? I thought that she was going to stay away from him." Piper said. "She can't. Max is her soul." Leo said. "How?" Pheobe ask. They have been in the living room since Piper found out that Liz was gone. The first thing she did was yell for Leo. She couldn't lose another sister. "How do you about being aunts?" Leo ask Piper and Pheobe. "I would love it why?" Pheobe said. "Because that is what you are now."Leo said. "Six months ago. Max and Liz don't remember that night. Tess made them forget."Leo said. "Wait your telling me that some girl did all of this to my sister and her boyfriend?" Pheobe ask. "Yes. Thats not all. The guy that raside her killed Liz's dad. Sam was in the 1948 war in Roswell. He helped the aliens. One of them killed him. After that he became a whitelighter. Sam and the other alien that was there became friends. His name was Kal. He was the good one. They stayied friends. The other alien that killed hime the first time found out that he was still alive. Liz was two at the time. She was there they 2nd time he was killed. She saw every thing." Leo said.

If you have never seen Charmed before this is a little info:

Patty= The Charmed Ones Mom. Also a witch and now is dead.

Grams=Patty's Mom. A witch and also dead.

Sam=A whitelighter. He was Patty's whitelighter. Pagie's(Liz) father.

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He is great. I'm fine. I love being a Mom ,so it is lots of fun. Thank you for the feed back.*big*
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That's great to hear. I'm glad you enjoy motherhood. What's your new fic called? I'd like to check it out!! Thanks a bunch and BUMP!! BTW~Both of my stories are updated, if you have the time to check them out!

It's called What I Am Now. It's a True Bluer (Alex/Liz) fic. I have always wrote Dreamer fics so this is my first True Bluer fic.