Tittle: Within the Storm
Catergory: ML and others
Rating: pg13
Summary: Can love last throught centuries or is the love between Max and Liz destined to die
Authors Notes:There are no aliens, but there is going to be magic. Think of it as a kinda sleeping beauty but with a twist. Oh and feedback is always welcome!


Once upon a time in a far away land lived a king and his queen. They were loved by all and ruled fairly and justly over their people. However for many years they tried for a child, but alas no child came. But one day a wise old women came to the palace. She blessed the couple and nine months later the queen gave birth to a daughter whom they named Elizabeth. All of the people in the land rejoced and they were happy for many many years. On Elizabeth's 16th birthday it was anounced to the world that she was to marry the son of the neighbouring land. He was known as Prince Maxwell and evryone in both kingdoms loved him very much. Elizabeth and Maxwell were very happy and so very much in love. It all seemed to be going well. However the evil wizard Kahvir was too in love with Elizabeth. He believed that if he couldn't have her then no-one would. So a week after Elizabeths birthday, he came and placed curses on everyone that came in his way. He killed Maxwell and nearly killed Elizabeth too if the wise old women that created her hadn't come at that moment. As it was she was named Serena, and was her fairy godmother. To save her she place Elizabeth inside a snowglobe for 2000 years. Before she changed Elizabeth she told her that only she would remeber this day for everyone else would be dead. When Elizabeth heard this she believed all to be lost. However Serena explained that the souls of her friends and Maxwell would be reborn. They would all meet again, but only Elizabeth would know.

So this is were our story begins, 2000 years into the future and into the shop of Maria DeLuca who happened to own an atiques store, were sure enough our herions glob is being held. And it is from here in Roswell New Mexico that love lost will be re found