Significant Others
One of my little eppi tags, kinda random, ‘coz I didn’t see all of the eppi.
Rating: PG
Pairing: M/L
Disclaimer: I own nothing, blah-blah.
Summary: after/before Significant others, whatever *happy*

Dear Max
I had a dream about you last-night, well I always dream about you; but this dream was different, special. I woke up in a strange room, & I saw you looking into my eyes, you were smiling brightly, I saw a little bundle in your arms. I sat up & you handed me this bundle, it was a baby, our baby. Then my parents came in a small boy walking in front of them. He was our first child, & in my arms I was holding out second child, a little girl, she was sleeping, she looked so small, so beautiful. I saw something shinny on my hand, it was a wedding ring, my wedding ring.
Then Maria, Michael & Isabel walked in, all of them smiling brightly. I felt so right, so normal. I looked back at my parents, I remembered they couldn’t have been happier when we got married, then my alarm clock went off. I woke up & started to cry, because it wasn’t real, it wasn’t going to happen.
Love Liz
P.s. thinking about you, always, see you in bio *happy*