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Title: The In-Crowd
Category: AU, M/L and CC
Disclaimer: Characters don't belong to me.
Rating: PG-13 to R
Summary: Maria, Elizabeth and Isabel are the three most popular girls in school, the In-Crowd. They are each literally perfect. But, who draws the line between perfect and deadly?
Author's Note: I really wanted to do a fic where Liz, Maria and Isabel are the most popular girls in school. Feedback is nice, but I'll still write if no one likes the story.


We are the In-Crowd. Beautiful. Silent. Unattainable.

We utilize the perfect teenager.

Beauty. Brains. Perfect Manners. We are everything you're not.

We live to be better and we are.

But nothing comes without a price.

Because the Beatles were wrong, the best things in life aren't free.

And we are the best.


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Thanks Dia, DreamingOfMax84 and Pixie for feedback! You're right, they should have a theme song. I'll have to find one.

Chapter One

Maria Deluca, Isabel Guerin, and Elizabeth Parker pushed open the doors to West Roswell High and walked inside. Each wearing similar clothes, but different. However, the way the clothes fit against them like another skin, they appeared to have each walked off the cover of a magazine. They walked down the halls, heads straight ahead; their face emotionless. Each step matching the one next to her. Every head in the hall turned as they passed, as it always did. Yet, they remained unmoved.

There was Maria with her long auburn hair, her sultry attitude. She was the gorgeous one. Then there was Isabel, with her long wavy blonde hair and her model appearance. She was the stunning one. Lastly, there was Elizabeth, with her straight dark brown hair and her pure appearance. She was the beautiful one. Each complimented the other two girls.

Each one intensely beautiful, intensely smart and intensely perfect.

They made up the In-Crowd. Every guy wanted them, every girl wanted to be them.

But they dated no one and made no friends. They ruled the school and they knew it. They were at the top of their class. Every year, it went the same. The time class polls came around, it remained the same. Maria was voted most popular. Isabel was voted Homecoming Queen. Elizabeth was voted most beautiful.

That's the way it was. Nobody denied it.

Until senior year, when 3 men tried to change it.


Love, what a pitiful thing. Love means mistakes. The In-Crowd doesn't make mistakes.

Clothes always unwrinkled and clean, every hair in place, flawless skin. Probably the most astounding thing about them were their eyes. Maria, Isabel and Elizabeth each had dark brown eyes freckled with violet. Eyes no one else had. Eyes that turned blue when they cried, and violet when they were happy. Although, a select few knew that, because the In-Crowd didn't show emotions. So, their eyes remain brown with just a hint of violet.

Each girl with her manicured hands, never painted, always clear. Always pure.

Attraction was just as bad as love. It makes the body feel different than it should. It confuses the mind.

So, what happens when three perfect minds get confused?

Are you sure you want to know?

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Chapter Two

Michael and Max Evans walked out of the registration office early Monday morning. Both men looked tired and annoyed. "Michael, you shouldn't have said that!" Max exclaimed as soon as the door was shut.

Michael laughed. "Chill Maxwell, all I told the guy was that his toupee was a little crooked."

"That guy? That guy is our principal, I really don't want to start out on a bad foot with that guy," Max responded.

"OK?" Max asked, turning to Michael only to find him staring towards the front doors with his mouth wide open. It reminded Max of a fish.

Max turned to the doors about to question Michael when him saw them. Possibly 3 of the most beautiful women he had ever seen before in his entire life.

There was a redhead on the left, a blonde in the middle and a brunette on the right. Each girl looked like a fantasy right out of any guy's dream. They didn't have girls like that at our last school, Max thought to himself, just ones like that slut Tess.

He focused in on the girl walking to the right. The brunette. She was especially beautiful. Just looking at her made his face flush up, and he decided he couldn't speak to save his life. She was just so perfect, so beautiful, so completely made for him in every way possible. He could just imagine their kids. Little ones with dark hair and dark eyes. Beautiful kids, after all, that girl would have the most beautiful kids in the world.

Max shook his head clearing his thoughts. Great, he just saw the girl for the first time and he was already picturing kids with her. God, he had it bad.

He turned towards Michael and almost laughed when he saw his expression. He was practically drooling. Max nudged him a little and smirked when Michael fell down. Some lanky guy with dark brown hair helped Michael up. He too was also enjoying the show. Michael glared dangerously at Max, but Max just smiled. He's mad because he got caught staring, Max thought to himself.

The guy who helped Michael up turned to Max and held out his hand. "I'm Alex Whitman. Class geek."

Max shook his hand while laughing, "I'm Max Evans and that's my brother Michael."

Alex nudged his towards the three woman still walking down the hall. "So, I see you've seen them for the first time."

Max nodded, focusing again on the brunette, "Who are they?"

Alex sighed. "Well, the redhead is Maria Deluca, the blonde is Isabel Guerin and the brunette is Elizabeth Parker."

Elizabeth Parker. What a perfect name for a perfect girl.

They started to get closer and Max's pulse started to speed up. He heard Michael call out 'hey' to them but they ignored him and kept walking down the hall. It was almost like they didn't even see him.

It was almost like they weren't supposed to see them.

That's stupid, Max thought to himself. They're probably just snobs.

Alex ran his fingers through his hair. "They come down this hall every morning at the exact same time. Always dressed alike, every hair in place. Never speak a word to anyone, except in class and if they have to. They're perfect students, highest GPA's in the whole school. They are the In-Crowd."

Michael crinkled his nose while staring at them. "The In-Crowd? What is this? Some low-class grade B teenage movie?"

Alex sighed, "I wish. Funny thing was, freshman year, I was best friends with Liz and Maria, then the summer before sophomore year, and BANG, it's bye-bye Alex. I came to school and see them like this. They never even talk to me, unless it's school related."

He narrowed his eyes and motioned for Max and Michael to lean closer. "You want to know what I think?" He whispers, "I think that somebody did something to them. To change them. I don't know what, but something."

Michael snorted, "Right. Have you ever thought that maybe they just didn't like you anymore?"

Alex glared at him while Max gave him a warning look. "Sorry Alex, we gotta go to class, see you later!"

Max grabbed Michael roughly and they started to walk the now crowded halls.

While he wanted to laugh at what Alex said, he couldn't help but wonder.

Nobody's that perfect.



We the In-Crowd have one motto:

Look good, do good and be good; we are the best.

Every morning when we wake up, we repeat it to ourselves.

They tell us that it keeps us on the ball, balanced and ready for anything.

If you believe you can do it, then you can.

And we . . . can do anything.

*angel* Kinda dumb chapter. . . but oh well. I think in the next part you're going to see just how perfect The In-Crowd can be.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback! You guys ROCK!

Chapter Three

First period. Mr. Henderson's AP's English class. Maria, Isabel and Elizabeth sat in the first row center seats. The same seats they sat in for every class.

To the teachers, they were the perfect students. Never talked, always did the homework and aced all the tests.

To the students, the were teacher's pets. Though, they never said it out loud because in reality the three girls never did anything to harm anyone.

The girls were a secret to everyone. They never spoke harshly, they never yelled or got mad, they always retained their perfect appearance.

Three perfect girls in three perfect bodies.

What defines perfect? Faultless? Absolute? Pure? Flawless? Complete?

Complete? How can you be so sure?


Throbbing pain. Sharp pains shooting from her fingers to her head. She tried to block them but the pain was too fast, too aggressive. She deserved it. She knew better. They all did.

She knew never to disagree with them. They controlled everything. Everything since that day. . . that day when she decided the fate for the rest of her life.

She deserved everything coming at her. If someone threw 1000 knives at her, she would gladly accept them, because she deserved it. She deserved to live her life in pain. For them to shoot sharp pains through her body continuously.

They knew everything. They knew the way she thought, the way she talked, the way she moved. They knew her better than she knew herself. To them, she was a thoughtless body that they could use to their advantage.

She could try to stop it, but then what would she be left with? A past full of hate and broken promises. Promises she made that she couldn't keep. Memories that filled her head to the brim and made her regret ever being born. Memories of her being so happy, so carefree.

At first she was happy, everyone was. But like the bright color of a T-shirt washed again and again, the happiness faded. And then she was left empty, completely empty for them to see.

They took her and they made her into something different, something unrecognizable.

When she looked into the mirror, and saw her picture perfect appearance, she didn't feel happy, she didn't feel complete.

When she looked into the mirror, she didn't even recognize herself anymore.

It was getting to the point where she welcomed the pain. The pain filled her emptiness. The pain made her feel real.

Because who decides what's real or not?

They do.

*angel* I know, cryptic enough?

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Chapter Four

"Ok, I think subject C's had enough, stop the procedure." A gruff man called from behind his chair in his plush chair.

"But sir," his number two called, "she should know better than to disagree with us. I think we should leave the procedure going at least for another hour or so."

The man swiveled his chair around, facing the man. His face was emotionless, but his eyes were red with fury. "Number two, is this your office?"

"No. . . s. . .sir." Number two stuttered.

"Is this your company?" The man asked menacingly.

"No." Number two answered with a bent head.

"No what?" The man shot back.

"No sir." Number two replied.

"That's right," the man said as he took puff of his cigar. "This is my office, and my company and when I say that I want the procedure stopped, that means that it will be stopped. Understand?"

Number two nodded and said, "Yes sir, sorry to bother you."

And with that he left the room in haste to stop the procedure on subject C.

The man turned back around and stared at the window at the floor below. On the wall down a floor there was a blown up poster of three teenagers. A redhead, a blonde and a brunette.

The man gently stroked the window lovely and mumbled, "My beauties."

And he returned to watching the poster of the three perfect teenage girls, his three perfect teenage girls. After all, he was the one that hand-selected them. He was the one who created them into what they were today. Yes, he thought to himself as he returned to what he was doing before Number Two interrupted him.


"Class, I would like to introduce our two new students, Max and Michael Evans." The teacher politely started to clap which the class started to do also, but a bit less reluctant.

"Boys," she called, "Welcome to Physical Education." She waved for the class to continue as she brought them to her office. Once there, she handed them each a shirt and shorts and told them to change in the locker room.

"Hey Michael," Max said while they were changing in the locker room, "did you see who's in our class?" Michael grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head, "Yeah, I saw those three girls."

"I wonder," Max started while throwing his stuff in his locker, "if they let their guard down in P.E.?"

Michael slammed his locker shut and locked it. "Who cares? All I know is that the redhead is seriously hott!"

Max rolled his eyes as they walked back to the gym. Michael, he thought to himself, always the romantic.

As they first entered the gym, they saw the class running around the track. They ran to catch them and settled into a nice pace. Max and Michael saw the three girls running up head and ran to talk to them. They jogged in front of them and started running backwards so they could look at them.

"Hey ladies," Michael called out to the three. "I'm Michael and that's my brother Maxwell."

Max glared at him, "It's Max," he said softly while looking at Elizabeth.

Maria and Isabel shared an amused look but kept jogging ignoring them.

"Hey," Max said to Elizabeth.

She looked up surprised, shaken out of her thoughts. She offered him a polite little smile that made him feel 100 times better. He smiled back, a cute lopsided grin, but she just looked down and kept jogging.

Max and Michael shared confused looks. "So Maria, Isabel, Elizabeth, tonight you girls want to show us around Roswell?"

Maria and Isabel looked at each other and then looked down at Liz, who was jogging in the middle. "Sorry," Isabel replied. "We can't, we have to study for a big test that's tomorrow."

"Well," Max offered, "we can help you, what class is it for?"

Maria glared at Michael slightly before replying, "AP Physics, so I'm sure you wouldn't be able to help us a lot. Sorry, maybe next time."

The three girls sped up and passed them as Michael and Max stopped running, catching their breath.

"Well," Max said," that was successful."

Michael was still staring at the girls, "Did you notice how the gym shorts accentuate each of their butts?"

Max was about to nod, but ignored Michael's comment. He glanced longingly at Elizabeth and noticed that her hands were slightly shaking.

*angel* Right, so there's the fourth part, just wanted to introduce the people who have something to do with the perfectness of the girls. Wait, is perfectness a word? Oh, who cares?

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Ok, first of all, I just wanted to answer feedback and bumps and stuff. So, if you just want to read the new part, scroll down.

Cole81 - thanks, yeah Number 2 will only get more creepier

Apathygirl666 - Thanks, and hopefully, it gets even more interesting!

the better twin - Yeah, they're his girls, and I guess the main reason Michael is funny is because I made him into a pig. He is a guy!

Abbs007 - Yeah, it's sorta like Distrubing Behavior a little, and Liz is subject C.

roswellluver - I haven't read Stepford Wives, sounds interesting though!

SweetLilDreamer - That's sweet, I try.

Dreamers4ever - Yeah, the dude controlling them is like 2 fries short of a Happy Meal.

TrueLoveConquersAll - Thanks, yeah, Max, Michael and Alex develop a plan soon

mermaidgirl - Yeah, it's similar to Distrubing Behavior, but different and weirder. Liz disobeyed, that's why her hands were shaking, they were punishing her.

DreamingofMax84 - Number 2 reminded me of Austin Powers too, but he's not as funny in my story.

frenchkiss70 - That man is controlling them, and Liz is subject C

moonlily - Liz is Subject C, as to who the man in charge was, that will be discovered later in the story, as to Liz's life before the change. He made them give up friends and stuff after the change, and the boys and the girls will have a real talk soon! Oh, and thanks about the perfection, I think I was having a brain lapse at the moment!

BooBear1514, martetoise, nayney, clueless, Shama, viLya, aZNroSweLl anglgrl, NewYorker18, miss_Roswell, roxygurl182, Lindsey, Elemenopy, and Salonica - Thank you all for the bumps and compliments, you guys totally rock!

Ok, on the the story!

Chapter Five

She wanted out. She was sick of smiling and acting like everything was ok. She missed him. He was her best friend besides Liz.

They never told her that she would have to give everything up.

They told her that they would fix everything, and they did.

But they messed up everything that was right, and fixed everything that was wrong.

She wanted to be the same girl she was, the same sarcastic girl that could laugh and smile at his jokes.

He probably hated them right now.

His two best friends and his girlfriend taken from him in one summer.

I think he loved her. I know she loved him.

They messed that up.

Me and Isabel, if we could take it back we would.

Then maybe everything would be ok.

But, Liz. . . before it happened.

She was too far gone.

I don't think we can fix her.

And that's the part that scares me the most.


Max flopped on his bed after school, exhausted from trying so much.

He never had to be so persistent in trying to get a girl.

And his old school, him and Michael got any girl they wanted.

But, this one girl, Elizabeth, she was different.

She was even different from Maria and Isabel, he could tell.

He had one more class with them, 5th period AP. Biology, but they ignored him still.

Maybe they were gay? Maybe they were training to be nuns?

Or, maybe, just maybe, she didn't like him.

He groaned as he sat up, taking off his shoes.

She frustrated him unlike any other person.

He heard the Metallic music from the other room, Michael's room and groaned.

Michael's in one of his moods again.

His phone suddenly rang and he picked it up, covering his other ear with his hand, trying to hear better.

"Yeah," he asked into the phone.

"Max, it's me, Alex, I need your help."

"What is it?" Max asked concerned.

Alex cleared his throat, "I have a plan."

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Ok, do you love me or do you love me? Here's the 6th part, I should have the seventh out soon, at least before Friday. After that I'll be gone for a week, but I should have loads done when I get back.

Chapter 6

"A plan?" Max's voice came through the phone confused, "a plan for what?"

Alex sighed. "I have sat here on my ass for the last three years wondering what the hell happened to the three most important people in my life. Well, I'm sick of waiting. I'm going to find out what happened and you and Michael are going to help me."

As annoyed as Max was, he couldn't help feeling sympathetic and admirable towards Alex at the same time. "What's the plan?"

Alex replied in a firm voice, "It's simple. We find out who's controlling them."

Max sighed, "Controlling them? Right. And how do we do that?"

"Listen asshole," Alex cried into the phone, "I don't have time for this crap. You're either in or your out, decide quickly."

Max stared at his ceiling fan, watching it spin around and around. He contemplated his options. 1)He really liked Elizabeth, and something about the way the three acted wasn't right. 2)He could hang up on Alex, and never really know.

"I'm waiting," Alex said impatiently into the phone.

In the end, curiosity won out, "I'm in."


"Listen girls and remember. There are three rules, and three rules alone." The boss walked past Maria, Isabel and Elizabeth, measuring them with his eyes. "1)You listen to me. 2)You never wear excessive revealing clothes, you're classy, not sluty, and 3)No boys. As long as you follow these three simple rules, things will remain perfect."

He leaned closer to Elizabeth studying her face. He gently lifted her chin with his finger and stared into her eyes. "I'm counting on you."

He walked back to his desk, rearranging an already perfect stack of papers. "You may leave, Elizabeth stay a moment."

Maria and Isabel shot worried looks at Elizabeth but quickly left the room.

The boss turned around, glancing quietly at his watch. "Elizabeth," he said in a soft voice, "how are things at home?"

She blinked, a little surprised and glanced away, staring at her shoes. "Ok," she replied in a soft voice.

He gently put a hand on her shoulder, "How are they treating you?"

She blinked, wiping traces of tears from her now blue eyes. "Good."

The man sighed, "I'm sorry, you know I would take you in a heartbeat, but it's against company procedures."

"I know," she whispered, combing her fingers through her already straight hair.

The boss sighed, fixing his hair. "You can go."

She quietly nodded and opened the door.

"Oh, and Elizabeth, remember, always keep your balance."

She granted him a small smile that warmed him and left, catching up with Maria and Isabel.


There are times when I look at Elizabeth, and she seems like the same person she was. Before the change, before the accident.

She was one of those people who could light up a room with a smile.

Alex adored her, she was his best friend.

When the accident happened, it seemed like she lost all hope. When he offered to 'help her', she agreed in an instant.

She thought she had nothing to lose.

She did.

She forgot about her three best friends.

The boss treats her special, Maria and I can tell.

He has a soft spot for her.

When she got sucked into this whole ordeal, we tried to help her, but we got sucked in too.

I don't think any of us had any inkling what they planned to do.

I see Alex in the halls, and he stares at us with this hopeless look on his face. I want to run up to him, and tell him that I still love him.

That I'll always love him.

You know the worst part?

She probably thinks its all her fault, because she gave up on people.

And she gave up on herself.

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Author's Note: Well, here's the last part before I leave for a week. You guys know you rock, don't you? You leave me all this feedback, and I don't feel like I deserve it all! Oh, well. I love you guys, seriousely.

Chapter Seven

Max hung up the phone with Alex, his plan surrounding his thoughts. Alex said that he used to follow the girls after school and would find them entering this old building, so he wanted the guys to follow them after school tomorrow. All Max really needed to do now was to tell Michael.

He walked out into the hall, and hesitantly knocked on Michael's door, the Metallic music still blaring out.

The door was yanked open and Michael appeared, a scowl on his face. "What?"

Max yelled to be heard, "Tomorrow after school, you, me and Alex are following the girls to a building to see who's controlling them."

Michael blinked and yelled, "Ok," and then slammed his door shut.

Well, Max thought, that wasn't too hard.


The next day, Maria, Isabel and Elizabeth entered the school, wearing jean skirts and off the shoulder shirts. Maria had on a blue skirt, with a pink shirt, Isabel, a black skirt with a green shirt, and Elizabeth, a white skirt with a purple shirt. They walked down the hall the same way they did any other day, but something was different.

The senior class could tell that something had changed. What had changed? They didn't know, but something did.


Mrs. Webster stood in front of her 5th period AP. Biology class, waiting for them to quiet so she could make announcements for the day.

As soon as everyone fell silent, she started. "Class, now I know that I already assigned lab partners, but I feel that the current partners aren't up to full potential, so I reassigned you."

The class groaned, but she continued. "The new partners will be, Guerin and Deluca, Trait and Nguyen, Jackson and Wong, Evans and Parker, Hill and Cameron, Rockwood and Thompson, and Silvia and Mendoza. Everyone please move next to your assigned partner and I'll introduce the following lab."

Max Evans watched from his lab in the back as Elizabeth quietly got up and walked toward him. She set her stuff on the lab table and sat down on the stool. Turning all her attention towards the teacher, she didn't see the way Max just stared at her.

After the teacher finished describing the lab about titration, the class started talking again.

Max cleared his throat to get her attention. She turned towards him quickly, giving him a small smile. He suddenly forget what he was going to say and just stared at her with a bewildered look on his face. After a minute while she looked at him confused, he finally spoke. "Elizabeth, I'm thinking that we should work on this together outside of class. When do you have study hall?"

Readjusting her shirt, she spoke quietly, "7th period."

He brightened dramatically and almost jumped for joy, "Me too. Why don't we meet in the library and start working on our project?"

She turned back ahead and stared at the back of Isabel and Maria's heads. "Ok."

Max smiles again and they started discussing the lab.

*angel* Next part, the meeting!

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If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands. *clapping hands* I am home! YEAH! Ok, so here's the next part and before you burn me at the stake, I have an excuse as to why it's only one part right now. The creative juices just weren't flowing over the week. Don't blame me! But, I have a lot of good ideas for our characters in the In-Crowd. Also, it is a little short, but it's vital to the story, it has a lot to do with the unfolding of the plot. Scroll down to the next post for Chapter 8.

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Chapter 8

Max practically ran to the library after 6th period. After dodging a million students and receiving many glares from several teachers he finally reached his destination. He entered the library and stopped to catch his much needed breath. A moment later, he looked up to search for a table and found Elizabeth sitting perfectly calm and collected at the middle table, her books already spread out. Max wondered how she got there so fast, but shook those such thoughts out of his head. He started to calmly walk towards the table she was sitting at like he hadn't sprinted there.

Dropping his backpack on the table, he grabbed the nearest chair and sat down next to Elizabeth, who still hadn't acknowledged him yet. "Hey," he said and then winced at how high-pitched his voice sounded.

Elizabeth looked up, surprised that he was there and smiled her special little smile that made Max feel like he could fly. "So, titration?"

They discussed the lab for a few moments and then started looking through chapter 5 to find more information. Max reached into his backpack for his biochem book, and frowned when he couldn't find it. He looked over at Elizabeth who was quietly reading through the chapter. He cleared his throat, "Umm, Elizabeth, I kinda forgot my book, do you think we could share?"

Elizabeth blinked and then smiled, "Sure."

He scooted his chair over even closer and bent his head towards her to see the page more closely. They both fell silent and started to read, but Max couldn't concentrate. Being this close to Elizabeth was making his senses become out of control. Instead of focusing on the book, he couldn't help but focus on her smell, a hint of flowers. He saw her cute beauty mark on her earlobe and saw a piece of hair fall over his ear, and he wanted to brush it back.

He slowly lifted his hand like if he made the tinniest noise, the world would crack. He then gently touched her silky brown hair and pushed it behind her ear. Then he traced her beauty mark on her ear, sending tingles through his entire left arm.

He didn't notice how Elizabeth froze and looked up from the book. She turned to him and he almost gasped out loud. Elizabeth's eyes weren't brown anymore, they were almost gray.

Her mouth was slightly hanging open and Max withdrew his hand. She stared at it as it returned to his side. "Elizabeth, I'm sorry," Max mumbled, embarrassed. She didn't respond but still stared at his hand.

He reached for her again and she made a gurgle sound from deep down in her throat. With shaking hands, she reached into her backpack and produced a bottle of green pills, which she took two of. Mumbling a shaky, "It's ok," she returned to the book.

Max sighed and dropped his head on the table. Although while he was mentally kicking himself, he heard Elizabeth repeat to herself, "look good, do good, be good; we are the best."

She kept repeating those words to herself while her shaky hands turned the pages in her Biology book. Max looked up at her confused and was about to ask what she was talking about when he heard someone clearing their throat behind him.

Him and Elizabeth both turned and found the principal and the vice principal standing behind them. The vice principal had the weirdest look on his face and was looking straight at Elizabeth. "Is there a problem here?"

Max shook his head, a little more than confused. He turned to Elizabeth and found her still shaky, but now pale. She looked like she would faint any second. He wanted to ask her how she was, but Mr. Stevens, the vice principal was still glaring at him.

Elizabeth quickly gathered all her books and her backpack and apologized to Max, mentioning something about chores. With that, she proceeded to leave the main entrance of the library while the vice principal left from the back entrance. Mr. Knight, the principal walked away and Max saw him talking to the librarian.

Throwing his head upon the table again, he went over everything that just happened and wondered what the hell just happened? He debated the many reasons why Elizabeth would just up and leave and then remembered that Alex, Michael and him were going to follow the girls after school.

Yeah, Max thought to himself, something's not right.

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Hey everyone, it''s Nikkisue. Check out my new story, k?

Born without the Fear Gene

I would link it here, but I'm clueless, so here's the address:


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Author's Note: Here's the new part, and I'm pretty proud of myself, it's pretty long, so everyone, thanks for the feedback, some of the questions will be answered, enjoy!

Chapter Nine

Alex's POV

Raise your hand if you feel stupid?

Yep, that's me, raising my hand.

Here we are, Michael and Max and I, following the girls home and I can't help thinking, someone slap me please!

Max is walking with his head down with this helpless but determined look on his face. He looks like his best friend was kidnapped but he knows who did it. And don't even get me started on Michael. He slipped on this black sunglasses after we left and is ducking behind objects in the street every time he thinks the girls are glancing back, which they never are.

And I also can't help thinking, how the hell did I get stuck in this mess?

But, I owe them both big. Two complete strangers helping me find out why the three most important people to me in the world changed.

Even before this, Liz had already changed. After they died, it's like she became this whole other person. I tried to help, but I can't say 'I know what you're going through' or 'its going to be ok', because frankly I don't know. Maria and me just sat there and held her, making her know that we were there for her. But, what if that wasn't enough?

And Isabel, god, I love her so much. A goddess like her choosing a geek like me. That kind of stuff only happens in fairy tales.

And they lived happily ever after. I wish.

As the three girls approached the end of the corner, they looked around to see if anyone was watching. Evading their knowledge, Max, Michael and Alex were hiding behind a car, watching carefully.

They walked across the street and Maria withdrew a plastic card. Quickly, she handed it to Isabel who slid it into the wall of the building. A door suddenly opened and the three girls entered, shutting the door behind them.

Michael, Max and Alex came out from behind the blue Ford and exchanged confused glances. Why would the girls enter that abandoned building? The building used to be a meat packing warehouse, but a fire occurred and it closed down.

They cautiously approached the door and looked around for a doorknob or any indication that a door was there. They didn't find one.

Alex sensing this was hopeless for the moment, turned around. "Let's go, we obviously won't be able to get in. It's hopeless."

With a dejected look upon his face, he walked back down the street, his eyes down.

Max watched with a half-amusement face while Michael tapped along the wall. "Here, it's hollow Maxwell."

"That's because there's a door there, Michael."

Michael shugged and straightened his sunglasses, "Let's go get something to eat, I'm starved."

Max took one more longing look to the building where the three girls disappeared into to and followed Michael towards the local restaurant.

The tall thin man was behind the computer, tapping effortlessly away, his eyes never blinking. After a moment, he turned to the man watching over his shoulder, "It's done."

The man smiled a small smile, "Good, he'll be happy." After a small pause, he gripped the man's shoulder sharply, "This will work, without a problem?"

The man winced from the small pain, but didn't move to resolve it. "Of course, by tomorrow the problem should be taken care of."

The man released his hand and motioned for the boss to come over. "It's done. Which one are you sending?"

The boss narrowed his eyes in thought, "All of them. Program that as well." The man behind the computer turned back to his keyboard and began typing away. The other man released his hold on the computer guy and turned to the boss.

"Number Two, the girls are waiting in the training room, give them their items."

Number Two nodded and left, his objective the weapon room. The boss grinned, twindling his thumbs together. Mumbling to himself, under his breath, "That'll teach Stevens to mess with me."

With one more glance around the room he left to go home, his mind imagining the incredible things happening that night.

By the morning, the news was all over town. The vice principal, Mr. Stevens at Roswell High had been murdered. Since the police were trying to keep information wrapped up, of course everyone in town knew all the details.

As Max walked down the hall, he heard bits and pieces from fellow students.

". . . they've got no leads. . . "

". . . I heard that he was strangled to death. . . "

". . . My mom told me that someone shot him. . . "

". . . I think it was someone he knew, how else could they have gotten in?"

". . . I feel so bad, imagine, getting stabbed at in your own home. . ."

Bits and pieces of course, Max couldn't believe. Some of the information was outrageous. But, he did hear that Mr. Stevens was murdered and he felt bad for the guy. Hell, he just met him yesterday, well he didn't technically meet him, but he saw him.

Alex came rushing down the hall, an impatient look on his face. He almost crashed into Max, but stopped himself in time. He bent down and caught his breath as Max patiently waited. Finally, Alex stood up and started talking. "Max, something's not right. I talked to the guy last night, and everything seemed fine."

Max raised an eyebrow, "You talked to him?"

Alex blushed slightly, "Yeah, well, I was sorta depressed and Mr. Stevens was like a counselor to me. He helped me out a lot after the summer before sophomore year."

"Is it true, what they're saying?" Max asked Alex.

Alex sighed, a sad expression on his face, "Yeah, it's true. I don't know who would do it though, I mean, sure sometimes Mr. Stevens was nosy, but he was essentially a good guy."

Max leaned against the wall, a sad smile on his face, "Well, you know what they say, good guys finish last."

Alex dropped his head in his hands, "Ain't that the truth."

As Elizabeth, Maria, and Isabel sat in class, they looked how they appeared each day. Cool, calm and collected. But, as they stared at the board, they did not see, for they were looking past it.

Flashes flew through their minds of the previous nights.

The surprise, the horror, the blood.

They felt that if they had a chance to go back in time, they wouldn't have done the things they did differently. But, even if they did, the same action would happen.

It's not like they had control of their bodies. Empty vessels can be priceless treasures to others.

No control. They didn't have control from the beginning.

*Flash- She poised her finger on the trigger of the gun, sweat pouring down her face. To others it appeared she was using all her strength to concentrate on the target, but in reality, she was concentrating on not pushing the trigger.

He stood in front of her, a defeated look on his face. He knew he was going to die, she knew it too.

Several tears traveled down her cheeks, as Isabel and Maria held onto her for support. "I'm. . .sooo. . . s-sorry. . .soo. . .," she stammered, her hands shaking and her face deathly pale.

The man nodded and bowed his head, knowing this was a battle he was going to lose. He couldn't escape three armed girls, not unless he transformed into Superman.

"Say goodbye to my wife, tell her I love her and that I'm sorry," he sobbed out, holding onto the couch for support so that he didn't crumble onto the ground. If he was going to die, it would be with dignity.

Elizabeth's heart nearly broke at the brave man in front of her. Pulling strength out from every cell in her body she slid the gun away, sweat and tears mixing together.

The man felt a small wave of hope as he saw the gun shifting.

Just as she felt like she could win, the pain in her head increased and the strong metal force was pulling her hand back towards the man.

"I'm so sorry, I never meant to hurt you, please forgive me," she sobbed as the gun faced him again. The two girls were looking away, not wanting to watch and not being able to stop it.

The bullet was fired and the man crumbled to the ground.

The girl crumbled along with the man, not wanting to believe what she did. As she glided into her black box where the world faded away, she felt nothing. None of the guilt, the pain, the sorrow, the anger. Nothing.

But, they had to leave the place, before the cops arrived, so Isabel and Maria grabbed her beaten form with their shaky hands and pulled her out.

But, before she left, she turned and glanced back, the look on her face expressing everything she couldn't say. "I'm sorry." Those two words expressed everything she had been feeling her whole life. And it seemed like the pain from the man crawled into her, feeding on the emptiness.

The ran out of the house, their gloved hands sticking to their skin, and they jumped into the dark parked car in front of the house.

As the night transpired, the silent neighborhood remained silent. Children slept, parents worried, no one suspected that three innocent teenagers killed an innocent man.


As the three girls stared ahead, their minds resembling tiny rubber bands. One of the big ones slowly twisted into a knot. They still had some straight ones left, but who knows what would happen when they all became twisted?

Who would want to stick around and find out?

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Author's Note: Thanks everyone for all the feedback, it makes me smile!*happy* Yeah, I bet you guys weren't expecting the killing. In the words of my summary, who draws the line between perfect and deadly?. Enjoy.

Chapter Ten

Elizabeth sat on the couch, finishing her homework when the doorbell rang. Wearily, she got up and headed for the door. After what happened, she had felt extremely tired. She guessed the guiltiness was eating away at her. She didn't know how much was left inside her.

She peered through the peephole and was surprised to see Alex on her doorstep, she hadn't talked to him forever. She quickly opened the door, a worried expression on her face, "What's wrong? Did you need help with your homework?"

Alex swallowed nervously and shook his head. "Actually, I wanted to talk."

Elizabeth groaned inwardly, "Talk? Talk about what?"

"About you, about me, about everything."

Elizabeth sighed and ran her fingers through her hair, "I can't Alex, I got a lot of homework to do, and Jack and Suzanne don't want me to stay up late." She tried to shut the door but Alex stuck his foot in the way and stopped her.

"Liz, if I know Jack and Suzanne, then they are probably out of town, somewhere in Milan or Paris."

Elizabeth slowly nodded, giving up. She headed back towards the couch and fell back on it, putting her bare feet on the coffee table. Alex followed suit and did the same thing. There was silence for a minute and then Alex spoke. "Liz, how are you doing?"

Elizabeth smiled her practiced smile that look genuine. But, Alex knew her and didn't buy it. "Great. Jack and Suzanne are awesome and school's good. Isabel and Maria are the two best friends in the world."

Alex winced and Elizabeth groaned, she should not have thrown that in his face. "Did you hear about Mr. Stevens?" Elizabeth suddenly paled and Alex turned to her, "Liz, are you ok? You look like you've seen a ghost."

Elizabeth stood up and paced back and forth, muttering incoherent words under her breath. She tried to slip back into her box but she couldn't do it while pacing and avoiding Alex's intense gaze. She slowly fell to the ground, her eyes unblinking and the world faded to black.

Alex immediately panicked. What had he said to make Liz faint? "Liz?" He called out while he shook her. He knelt down beside her and smoothed a piece of hair in her face. He put his hands in his hair and tried to think of what to do.

What do they do in movies when someone faints? Water! He needed water. He ran into the kitchen and grabbed a cup, filling it with water.

While he was in the kitchen, he didn't see the electricity flowing through Elizabeth's body. It seemed to originate at her neck and spread through her whole body, blue crackling electricity. As Alex ran back, the electricity faded and he knelt down beside her again, not noticing anything unusual except an unconscious girl.

He tipped the cup to drain the water and Elizabeth suddenly rolled to the side. He dropped the cup in surprise and Elizabeth grabbed his throat with her hand, choking him. He tried to pry her off, but couldn't because of her strength.

Then just as quickly as she grabbed his throat, she let go, her eyes dimming. She finally realized what she did while Alex was gasping for air. "Oh, my gosh Alex, I'm so sorry."

He still lay down, the air finally making it through his lungs. "God Liz," he croaked, "when did you get so strong?"

Elizabeth wrung her hands together, making incoherent noises every 5 seconds. As soon as Alex was better, she grabbed him and led him to door. Pushing him out, she apologized. "Alex, I am so sorry. You need to go, I'll see you tomorrow, bye." With that she shut the door and locked it, lost in her dark world.

Alex stood outside the door trying to comprehend everything that just happened. It felt weird when Liz grabbed his throat, like this tingling went throughout his body. With a sigh, he massaged his red throat and headed home, thinking everything over and over again.

Max was at his locker the next day when a burst of noise came from down the hall and he saw a disheveled girl and guy walk out from the eraser room. The eraser room was the make-out capital of the school where couples went to get away.

He turned the corner after he was done but heard quiet footsteps and peeked around the corner. Elizabeth, Maria and Isabel were heading to the eraser room. Maybe they were gay? But, they looked too serious when they were there so he doubted they were going to do anything involving mouths, except maybe talking.

He walked quietly down the hall when he saw them go inside the eraser room and lock the door. He lay down and put his ear to the door so he could hear.

"You did what?" It sounded like Isabel to Max.

"I didn't mean to, he was going to pour water on me and I didn't think," Liz argued back.

"Well, did he see the-," Maria says, but the rest is muffled.

"No," Liz said, "I don't think so."

Someone groaned and spoke, "HE is not going to be happy Elizabeth."

Liz said something Max couldn't hear. Then said louder, "Well, lets go, I guess we have to tell him later anyway, he'd probably find out another way, with his connections."

The lock on the door unlocked and the door opened before Max could move. The three girls stared down at him, suspicious looks on they're faces.

"Aaah, there's my contact!" Max said while he shut one of his eyes. He held out his hand that contained the imaginary contact, "This things fall out so easily."

He smiled at them, and walked down the hall, sprinting when he turned the corner. That was close, he thought to himself. He then groaned. Missing contact? They are going to see pass that excuse. God. That was the lamest thing he could have said.

With a sigh, he headed towards his next class, prepared to tell the guys what happened.


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Chapter Eleven

Max walked into his math class and sat down next to Alex and Michael. They immediately noticed his weariness and turned to him, concerned expression on their faces. Well, except for Michael, he was trying to look down the shirt of the girl in front of him.

"What's wrong?" Alex asked, his eyes full of concern but also the same tiredness that Max's eyes contained.

"Just a little tired. Heard the girls talking in the eraser room, about doing something and how HE would know. It sounded serious."

Alex's face slightly paled and he sat back as the teacher started class. Max tried to focus his attention to the front of the class, but failed. A white piece of paper flew onto his desk and he silently opened it, recognizing Alex's handwriting.

Went to Liz's house last night and she fainted. Then I went to get some water to revive her and she jumped up and choked me, like a really strong grip. Then she started to freak out about something and kicked me out. Something's seriously wrong, worse than I thought.

Max read the letter three times before all the words sunk deep into his mind and he comprehended it. He didn't know what he imagined the girls were into, but this, whatever it was, was so much deeper.

And maybe he didn't want to admit it, but Max was feeling like not even Alex, Michael and he could figure it out. That's what made it so much more real.

And so much more scary.


A rapping noise sounded throughout the dark office and a voice called out, "Come in."

A thin young intern came bursting through with a big folder in his hand, "Sheriff Valenti, here's the folder you inquired about from the mayor."

He handed the folder to the Sheriff who accepted it. He said thank you and the young man left leaving the Sheriff to ponder the results contained in the folder. Opening it up, he passed the many pictures taken of the deceased Mr. Stevens, and of the fateful gun-shoot wound to his heart. Bypassing the Will Testament, he reached the lab results from the single piece of hair found at the scene of the crime.

The police swept through the house, dusted for fingerprints, used tape on the carpet and any other tricks and all they found was a single piece of hair.

He studied the paper.

Hair sample was female.

Maybe it was the wife? No, she was at the theater, everyone saw her that night.

Who could it have been? Jim Valenti retrieved his latex gloves and picked the hair up, studying it from all angles of light. The hair was perfect in retrospect.

Chocolate brown. Silky. Long.

Jim had a hunch, because he had seen hair like this, hair this fine and thick at the same time with that glorious color, and he had seen it on only one woman. Nancy Parker.

She died, but not before having a daughter.

A daughter who happened to look just like her.


Isabel POV

I'm scared. More scared than I have ever been in my entire life.

More scared when my dad suddenly left without notice. More scared when I fell into the lake.

More scared then when I had a gun pointed to my head.

Because, pointing a gun at someone and getting one pointed at you are two very different things. One you are a helpless victim, not having any choices. In the other, you're the bad guy, the one who makes the rules.

The one who breaks them.

We can't break the rules.

It's physically impossible. We don't have enough mental and physical strength.

It's like when you turn 13 and you have to start paying full price for movies. The same price a 22-year-old has to pay, even though the 22-year-old gets to see the R rated movie. And you my friend, are stuck with the PG-13.

It's a lose-lose situation either way. And it sucks.

It sucks a lot.

I still can't believe Liz choked Alex. My Alex. Well, my used-to-be Alex.

God, this situation is so messed up.

I just wish everything was back to the way it was before.

Too bad it's 11:37 AM and there aren't any shooting stars.


HE stood in front of the window he always stood at, his statue never once shaking or hesitating. He looked like any other guy, but he looked so intimidating.

Maybe because the girls truly knew him, unlike some stranger.

"Heard what happened with Mr. Whitman."

The girls exchanged guilty glances and nodded. "Please do explain."

Elizabeth took a step forward and his eyes slightly softened. "He came over wanting to talk, first about my homelife and then he start talking about," her voice wavers, "Mr. Stevens. I think I fainted and when I came up to, he was holding a glass of water over my head, so I moved out of the way and started to choke him before I started thinking."

HE nodded. "Yes, we sent you energy when we saw that you were low. Good thinking that you moved out of the way, otherwise we would be in a lot of trouble."

He walked out from behind his desk and started fiddling with a miniature pool table. "Are you positive he didn't see the electricity?"

Elizabeth swallowed and looked down, "Yes."

He nodded again and pressed a button on his phone.

"Yes Sir?"

"Please retrieve the girls and bring them to the training room, I want them to practice some more."

"Right away sir."

He shut off the intercom and motioned for the girls to sit down. "You know girls, sometimes we have to do things in life that we don’t want to. We might think we're doing the wrong thing and that we're bad people, but we're wrong. Sometimes the best things that you can do for the world is listen to people who know what they're doing. Me. Listen to me and everything will be alright."

He smiled at the girls and watched as his assistant took them to the training room.

Another day, another dollar; he thought to himself as he chuckled.


Author's Note: Dun, dun, dun. And the plot thickens!

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Chapter Twelve

A young attractive woman in her 30's was changing the channels on her TV set. Her bloodshot eyes were dried with past tears and her face was emotionless, scene from past crying episodes.

She mindlessly twirling a piece of her oily, messy, dark blonde hair on her finger and her wedding ring lay around her neck on a silver chain. Her eyes were focused on a spot left of the TV and family members were walking past her, up and down the staircase. Breaking the mindless television chatter, the phone rang startling the woman out of her daydream.

She hesitantly picked it up, "H-hello?"

A low murmur of a voice, almost deep answered. "Mrs. Stevens?"

Mrs. Stevens's forehead crinkled in thought, "Yes. Who is this?"

The voice spoke, a voice where she couldn't define if it was female or male. "He wanted you to know that he loved you and that he was sorry."

Mrs. Stevens grip on the phone tightened, "Who is this?"

A small sob came into the phone, "I'm sorry, I have to go."

Mrs. Stevens already pale face trembled, "WHO THE HELL IS THIS?"

The people walking past her stopped and looked at her, concerned looks on their faces. Mrs. Stevens ignored them and her eyes searched the space around her. Searching for what she didn't know.

"Sorry," the whisper of the voice came through and then all that was left was the dial tone.

Mrs. Stevens dropped the phone and grasped her wedding ring, the only thing left of her husband's love. A tear traveled down her face as she wondered who the caller was.

At least she knew that even to the end he loved her. At least she had their love.

It was better than nothing.


Elizabeth hung up the phone at the corner payphone. She turned around facing the rain as it tumbled down from the heavens upon her. Her mascara ran down her face and it was hard to determine if she was crying or if it was from the rain.

A passerby would have said they felt sorry for the poor soul. The young person who looked like they dealt with stuff that people usually never dealt with in their lifetime.

At least she could tell the woman her husband's last words.

The guilt was intense. It filled her to every inch of her body, filling her up like a balloon. Would the pain ever go away? Or would it get worse?

Or, would they make her do it again?

She hoped not. God, she hoped not so much.


Sheriff Valenti pushed back the 'CAUTION' tape and walked into the crime scene. The autopsy announced that the cause of death was the bullet in the heart. But, you could tell that just by looking at the dead body. Dead body. That's all Mr. Stevens was now, a dead body.

His office got a call earlier that the killer had called Mrs. Stevens. They traced the call but all it led to was a payphone. Mrs. Stevens also couldn't identify the killer. Basically, it was dead-end. It didn't lead them anywhere.

But, Jim would beat his life that he knew who the killer was. Elizabeth Parker.

Motive? He had no clue.

He also had no evidence. But, if there was one thing he learned from training was that some people will crack when you push the right buttons.

And with the pressure Sheriff Valenti was going to push on her, Elizabeth Parker was going to crack.

It wasn't going to be pretty.



Did you ever get the feeling like your whole world was falling apart? Like, everything's normal and great and then you wake up one day and everything's changed. Then, everyday afterwards you wake up and for 5 seconds, everything's the way it used to be. Then you remember.

My parents died. Big deal. Who cares? Two people out of the total of like 8 billion. I should move on. Continue on this path. This path that doesn't include my parents.

They were the best, you know? They were always smiling and nice, and they were always there when I needed them. They loved me unconditionally for the person I was.

It was an accident and I was just a stupid teenage girl. Now, I’m a stupid parentless teenage girl.

And sure, I got Jack and Suzanne, and they’re alright. It’s just. . . they’re never home. They’re never there when I need them.

HE is. HE may be scary and make me do things I don’t want to do, but HE cares about me.

And in the end, that’s all that matters to me.

Because it’s the only thing I have left.
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Author's Note: Sorry to make you guys wait, anyways I couldn't write but last night I stayed up late because the words kept flowing and I couldn't stop writing, so here's two new parts!

Chapter Thirteen

The Interrogation Room 11:04 PM

Elizabeth, Maria and Isabel sat in a cold chair in three adjacent interrogation rooms. Sheriff Valenti hovered above them in front of the great mirror and the swinging light made shadows across the room.


“Where were the night Craig Stevens was murdered?” Sheriff Valenti asked.

“Am I under arrest?” Elizabeth asked.

“No,” replied the Sheriff.

“Then you can’t ask me questions and if you arrest me then I’ve got the right to remain silent.”

Sheriff Valenti rubbed his hand over his red eyes. He needed sleep in the worst possible way. He needed alcohol. He took off his badge and set it on the table. “It’s just you and me.” He unhooked his gun also, setting it on the table in its holster.

Elizabeth flinched slightly from seeing the gun but remained cool, calm and collected.

“No recordings either.”

Elizabeth frowned, “What about the people behind the mirror?”

Sheriff Valenti sighed and turned around. Motioning with his head he silently told the two men behind the mirror to leave.

“Ok Elizabeth. I repeat, where were you the night Mr. Steven’s was killed?”

“I went with Maria to Isabel’s house and we watched A Walk to Remember and studied for Physics class.”


“Me and Liz went to Isabel’s and watched some movies, then we studied.”


“Maria and Liz came to my house and we talked and stuff then did some studying.”

“And stuff Isabel? How long do you think you were at your house?”

Isabel tightened her sweater around her form and smiled. “They came over at about 5:30 and left around 10.”

“So stuff? What does that mean you did?”

Isabel sighed, “We talked about boys, watched a movie, did our nails, you know the normal teenage girl stuff.”

“What movie did you watch?”

A Walk to Remember.”


“What movie did you watch Maria?”

A Walk to Remember,” Maria said without hesitation.

“So Maria, would you say that you knew Mr. Stevens personally?”

Maria twirled a piece of auburn hair around her finger, “Yeah. You know I’d see him in the hall and I’d call him Craig and he’d call me Deluca.”


“Yes,” Isabel said. She huffed, “I wasn’t having an affair with him if that’s what you think.”


“Sure,” Elizabeth said. “He’s the vice principal. I’m one of the top students. We were on a name basis.”

“How long were you at Isabel’s house Elizabeth?”

“From like 5:30 to 10:00.”


“I think we were there from 5:30 to 10:00 PM,” Maria responded.

“Do you or any of your parents own a gun Ms. Deluca?”

Maria shook her head in disgust, “No. My mom thinks that guns are the direct pathway to hell.”


“No way,” Isabel said. “My dad’s a lawyer, what does he need a gun for?”

“Ok, well have you ever held a gun before?”

Isabel blinked rapidly, “No way Jose.”


“I haven’t nor do I ever want to,” Maria said in a loud voice.


“No,” Elizabeth said in a small voice.


Sheriff Valenti took up his badge and gun again and excuse Maria and Isabel from the interrogation rooms. He told Elizabeth to wait for 5 minutes.

Going into his office, he grabbed a manila folder and carried it back into the interrogation room.

Grabbing a chair, he straddles it and sits across from Elizabeth. “Are you sure you’ve never held a gun?”

Elizabeth nodded. “Of course.”

He opened the folder and threw out several pictures onto the table. Elizabeth turned her head at the pictures while the Sheriff stood up. “Take a look at the pictures.”

Elizabeth turned towards them but kept her eyes closed.


She opened her eyes and looked up at him with a scared look. Hesitantly she looked down, her eyes slightly watery.

There were a total of 9 pictures of Mr. Steven’s body and the gun-shot wound to his chest. The most gruesome one was the close-up of the hole. You could see his organs and bones. Elizabeth turned her head again, her face pale.

“Once again, have you ever used a gun?”

“No,” Elizabeth whispered.

“DON’T LIE TO ME ELIZABETH,” Jim said as he paced back and forth in the little cold room.

“I’m not,” she cried.


Elizabeth hastily wiped a lone tear on her face, “No.”

“Why are you lying to me? Who are you protecting?”

Elizabeth just sat looking straight ahead, her mouth slightly trembling.

The Sheriff sighed, “I’m been thinking to myself what kind of motive three young teenage girls could have to kill their vice principal and I can’t think of one. You girls are too smart to have an affair so I’m at a loss.”

“Why did you do it Elizabeth?”

Elizabeth stood up, her hair a mess. “I don’t know what you’re talking about Mr. Valenti. I’m getting uncomfortable in here and since I’m not under arrest then I see no reason to stay. I’m leaving.”

She turned and headed for the door. “He was probably uncomfortable when he died.”

Elizabeth froze and turned around, “You don’t know what you’re talking about.” With that she left the room and Sheriff Valenti sat down again, his mind a mess.

All their answers were the same. Valenti would bet good money that they planned what they were saying beforehand.

He knew that they did it.

The only problem was proving it.


Elizabeth stood under the shower head, letting the hot water scald her skin. Remembering Sheriff Valenti’s earlier words she realized he was right. Every time he looked at her, she saw the look in his eyes. Murderer. He knew.

She dropped the bar of soap and leaned down to grab it. In doing so, she saw her reflection on the handle. She looked disfigured, distorted, faint and hazy, exactly the way she felt inside.

The tears flew down her cheeks, cooling off the steam from the shower. She was a murderer. She had always been. She killed her parents and she killed Mr. Stevens.

She deserved to burn in Hell. God, how had she changed. She didn’t even remember when it happened. It was just one day she was the good, innocent Elizabeth Parker, the next she was the evil one. And she hated it. She didn’t remember feeling anything besides guilt and pain.

Except. . . in the library. With Max Evans. The way he’s hand brushed against her ear, sending tingles throughout her body. She had never felt that before. Her mind became fuzzy and all she could focus on was his soft, supple lips. The pills helped her mind to focus, but she wanted more than anything at the moment to kiss him.

Because he made her feel something she couldn’t remember feeling before. He made her feel alive and loved. He made her feel.

Turning off the shower, she wrapped a towel around her body and wrung out her long chocolate hair. Taking another towel, she swiped the mirror, revealing a patch of her image. She focused closer and examined her face. She looked the same. The same brown eyes, minus the violet, the same copper skin. The same nose, mouth and ears.

She just stared at her reflection as she tried to remember when exactly she stopped feeling. It’s wasn’t that hard. The night her parents died. The night she lost hope. The night she died.

Oh, she was still alive, but a part of her was dead. Probably would always be. She was dead inside. Still, she couldn’t help but feel excited about that feeling she felt with Max. That all consuming hunger and contentment he brought out in her. Mind you, she was terrified, her hands were shaking and her mind was probably turning to jello. It’s not like she hadn’t ever kissed a boy. She kissed Alex, for practice, but it wasn’t the same. She didn’t feel this intense attraction to Alex. All she felt towards Alex was guilt.

Guilt for leaving him without a second notice. Guilt for not keeping her promise to be his best friend forever. Guilt for not being there for him. Intense guilt. Maybe someday, she thought to herself, maybe someday she could make it up to him.

Max brought out the old Elizabeth Parker that died along with her parents. He gave her a tiny gift that he didn’t even know. Hope. Because, if she could feel sparks from his hand, then she might be able to be herself in the future.

She smiled a small smile to herself as she thought of Max. Maybe he didn’t realize how messed up a person she was, and the horrible stuff she did. But, that day in the library, he brought out a part of her she missed. Maybe there is hope.


HE slammed his fist against the coffee table in his living room. How did Valenti know? Lighting one of his many cigars he leaned back on the couch, relaxing. HE smirked. Doesn’t matter how he knows, he’ll never be able to prove it.

Elizabeth wasn’t going to tell. Right? If she told she would just be turning herself in. HE sat up straight, the wheels turning in his head. One more test, he thought to himself. One more test to prove that she is dedicated. He pondered what exactly he could do to make her his completely. His mind struck an issue brought up about Elizabeth earlier. Ahh, he thought, perfect. He would just have to wait for the perfect moment.

Maria and Isabel wouldn’t be too much trouble as long as Elizabeth didn’t tell. They mostly just followed her around. It was why he choose Maria and Isabel in the first place. That, and he wanted Elizabeth to be with people she knew and trusted.

He cared deeply for Elizabeth. Almost like a daughter. That’s why he choose her. Out of all the prime candidates, he choose her. He saved her from the pain after her parents died. She owed him a lot. Yes, he thought again, remind her that and execute the plan and she was all his.

Just the way it was supposed to be.


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Chapter Fourteen

Michael Evans smirked as he watched his brother, Max run around the house before school. Max was trying to find the perfect clothes to wear, the perfect hair, the perfect attitude. All he kept talking about was Liz, Liz, Liz. Boy, was his brother a sap.

He sometimes wondered if he or his brother were related because they were nothing alike. But, then you see Max’s eyes when he’s pissed and you think, yep, he’s my brother. The same ‘Screw-you’ attitude when mad. It almost brought sentimental tears to Michael’s eyes.

It was almost comical. Max had never freaked so much over a girl. He usually had them thrown at his feet and dated one for about a week. He never had to put much effort into it. He admired Liz for that, for bringing Max’s large ego to a halt. It was about damn time.

He thought sometimes about Maria. He knew her type. The sexy, feisty type of girl who would say something and mean the exact opposite. He wanted her, he wouldn’t deny it. Michael had a certain reputation for being the ‘jackass’. You know, he’d be dating one girl and be checking out another right in front of her.

Weird thing as, that he hadn’t really noticed any other girls at school besides Maria. He saw them, sure, but he really didn’t think anything besides that. Maria was a special type of girl. But, Michael knew the way to her heart. Piss her off. Boy, he couldn’t wait to see the sparks fly.


Ok, technically he wasn’t freaking out. Max wasn’t reciting poetry or trying to find stringy cheese in his bathroom so he was still cool. He glanced down at his attire, faded dark blue jeans and a white cotton T-shirt that 5 minutes ago he knew he looked good in.

Now. . . he wasn’t so sure. Stopping in front of Michael, he raised an eyebrow. “Do I look ok?”

Michael just stared at him and then burst out laughing. Max glared at him as Michael mimicked him. “Do these pants make my butt look fat?”

“Funny Michael.”

He ran out of the main room but not before flipping Michael off. The bastard. Running into his room, he threw open his closet door and hunted for something decent to wear. Throwing clothes over his shoulder he spotted it. His GQ gray sweater that the girls used to drool over him in. Throwing it over his head he glanced at his reflection. Pushing back his black bangs, he posed. Looking good Evans.

“Max, hurry your ass up!” Max quickly grabbed his backpack and headed downstairs, locking the front door behind him before jumping into his jeep.

Michael started the car and sped out of the driveway, probably waking up people in China. He sped to school, dodging cars and animals. Michael was a terrible driver, but Max was too caught up in his own thoughts to care.

Today was the day. He would admit his feelings to Liz. He would tell her everything, how much he liked her, how much she made him feel. Ok, maybe not everything. She didn’t need to know he called like 13 times and then hung up. Hopefully she didn’t have Caller ID.

He remembered the feel of his hand touching her silky hair and then tracing his ear. He felt more passion in that moment then with other girls in which he did more. He never actually went all the way with the other girls, but he went pretty far. The utter complete innocence on her face when she looked at him broke his heart. She looked scared, terrified, surprised and disorientated in that one moment. He didn’t know if she felt anything towards him, but he hoped she did.

Otherwise, he would be making a complete fool out of himself today. And he didn’t want to feel like a fool today.

He just wanted her. Plain and simple. He wanted to be with Elizabeth Parker, a petite brunette goddess and love her in every way she should be loved. He wanted to break down her walls she had up to protect herself. Maybe she was hurt in the past, but he wanted to let her know he would never hurt her. He wanted to see the real Elizabeth Parker and tell her that he loved her.

Yes, he fell in love with a woman he met a week ago. A woman he exchanged not 20 words with. A woman he had only one real conversation with. He wanted her more badly than anything else he wanted in his life.

And Max Evans, doesn’t like to be disappointed.


As Alex Whitman approached West Roswell High, he sighed sadly. To say he was excited about going to school was an overstatement. He felt like total crap.

He honestly didn’t get his life anymore. He felt like they were on separate pages. He could say he was Alex Whitman but it wasn’t true. Alex Whitman had two best friends and an amazing girlfriend. Alex Whitman never got lonely and always had someone to talk to too. Alex Whitman knew where he belonged.

I should change my name, he thought to himself. To Joe Crappy. Yeah, to let everyone know who hadn’t met him before that he was a loser. What kind of person has people leave him without some much as a reason?

He walked past the front steps and heard a car parking in the front parking lot. He saw Maria, Isabel and Liz get out of the car like they did everyday. Order. They did it the exact same way, the exact same time and in the exact same way everyday. And it pissed him off to no extent!

That’s it, he thought as he walked towards the girls. No more crap. I will not be Joe Crappy anymore. I refuse to. He walked up to the girls and one by one they turned around, weird expressions upon their faces.

“Alex, what’s going on?” Liz asked in a small voice as she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. She’s nervous, he thought. He was making her nervous. Hah!

Maria was focused beyond him at the other students walking around and his Isabel, she was broken. She was standing there, with her hands limply at her side, her face down. She appeared to be staring at her expensive shoes.

“Isabel?” He said softly. She flinched and he gently touched her shoulder. She took a step back, almost falling over if it hadn’t been for Maria and Liz. “We should go,” Maria said and she put her arm around Isabel’s waist, ready to lead her away.

“No.” He said in a surprisingly firm voice. All three girls stopped.

“Alex,” Liz said in a soft tone. She was pleading with him.

“No,” he repeated. “I want to know what the hell is going on. I want to know why my two best friends and the love of my life deserted me. I want to know why you act this way. I want to know why you changed and how. I want to know all this and I expect answers.”

Maria glared at him. “Sometimes you don’t get everything you want.”

Alex glared right back. “I learned that the hard way, but this time you better believe that I will get my way.”

He tapped his foot against the ground, avoiding Isabel’s distraught face. “So, who’s starting?”


Elizabeth stole another glance at Isabel. She needed the pills and needed to be away from Alex immediately. “Alex, please.”

Alex just stared at her, “Not this time Parker.”

As much as Elizabeth was annoyed with him, she was secretly cheering for him. He still cared about them. There still might be a chance.

“Ok, listen, we need to sit Isabel down, but we can talk about this later?”

“When?” He asked impatiently, sparing a glance at Isabel. His gaze softened slightly, but hardened once it returned to Liz.

Elizabeth thought quickly. “Meet us in the old classroom after school.”

Alex smiled. “You mean where we used to go at lunch and hang out. Where we used to plan practical jokes and make fun of Maria.”

Elizabeth nodded, “Yeah.”

He sighed, “Fine.”

Maria and Elizabeth gripped Isabel and led her around the school to the side entrance. Elizabeth quickly grabbed her green pills and handed them to Isabel who swallowed them. After a minute she stood up, smiling quickly. “Thanks.”

The three girls stood in silence and just looked at each other. Without warning Isabel grabbed Maria and Elizabeth into a hug, her face teary. “He still cares.”

Elizabeth rubbed Isabel’s and Maria’s back soothingly. He still cares. The sniffling subsided and the girls broke apart. They walked out of the door and approached the front entrance like they did everyday. They were late, but it was better to be late then never.

Each girl walked down the hall, oozing confidence. Perhaps no one noticed, and if they did, they said nothing, but each girl had a slight smile on their face and their eyes were blue.


Maria stepped quietly out of the door during study hall. Putting her hand into her jean pocket, she pulled out a box of cigarettes. Maria picked up the habit sophomore year. Hey, if she was dying in her mind, why not let her body join!

Besides, the smoke expelling out of her nostrils, while disgusting her, provided a distraction. She carried a bottle of perfume and breath mints everywhere she went. She didn’t think that even Isabel and Liz knew she smoked.

She went over the event with Alex in the morning as she twirled the cigarette in her hand. He still cares. Hard to believe. What the hell is Liz getting us into? Is she going to tell him everything after school? Like he’d believe half of it.

Fumbling in her other pocket, she grasped her lighter. Flicking the switch she waited for the small flame to appear. It never did. She shook it and tried again and it just stared at her lifelessly. A hand pushed itself into her line of vision holding a lighter.

She turned and spotted Michael Evans, leaning against a locker, a smirk on his face. Glaring at him, she grabbed for the lighter but he pulled it away. “Aren’t you supposed to be in class,” she whispered harshly.

“Aren’t you?” He responded.

Maria smiled. “I am in class. Tobacco 101.”

“Care if I join you?” Michael asked, pocketing his trusty lighter.

Maria smirked, “Why not? I’m sure the thing that lives with you in the hole you crawled out of doesn’t want you back.”

Michael chuckled, “Ouch, that hurt.”

Maria shrugged, “Well, the truth hurts.”

“Come on,” Michael says. He started to walk down the end of the hall and Maria hesitantly followed him. She really wanted that cigarette. Man, did that guy have an attitude problem! She saw him open up the janitor’s closet and hold it open for her. She stepped inside, crinkling her nose, “How charming.”

He stepped inside and shut the door behind him. “Shut up Deluca.”

She smirked, “Ooh, now you’re calling me by my last name. Ok Evans, may I remind you that if you try anything, I will kick your ass.”

He smirked, “Promise?”

She threw her cigarette at him. “You are the most arrogant, selfish, horrible pig that I have ever met and I-.” She couldn’t finish the sentence because Michael had grabbed her and pushed her against the wall, his lips attacking hers.

She pushed him off her and punched him in the stomach. Hard. He doubled over in pain and was breathing heavily as she rain her fingers through her hair. “Stupid ass.” She kept mumbling as Michael winced in pain.

He stood up, slouching a little and glared at her. “Bitch.”

Maria grabbed his head and pulled his lips towards hers. Pulling her hands through his hair she pushed him against the opposite wall and practically sucked the life out of him. Suddenly, she pulled away and put her hand to her mouth. “Need pills,” she murmured.

She opened the door of the closet and ran out, heading towards Elizabeth and Isabel,

Michael stood dumbfounded watching her. He ran his fingers over his swollen lips. He could still taste her, he thought as he licked his lips. She was spicy, just like her attitude. He knew she would crack if provoked. All in all, besides the punched stomach, he enjoyed himself. Stepping out of the closet, he winced slightly in pain. But, boy, could that girl punch!


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Author's Note: Ok, sorry it's been so long. I've been busy with school work and Link Crew, but I have a new part for you. It leads up to the confrontation with Alex and the girls. Oh, and Swallow the Moon should have an update sometime during the week. Oh yeah, and I made another picture, cause I was bored.


Chapter Fifteen

Ok. It really didn’t matter that in approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds he was going to pour out his entire soul to a person he just met. It didn’t matter one bit. The reason why his hands were all sweaty and his face was flushed was just because it was hot. He did live in New Mexico.

Alex noticed his discomfort and nudged him while raising an eyebrow. Max shrugged, “The usual.” Alex nodded and leaned closer, glancing around to make sure no one was listening. “I talked to the girls this morning. Liz said that they would meet me in the old classroom to talk. Don’t know what about, but at least they’re willing to talk.”

Max nodded and smiled. “Glad to hear that.”

Alex glanced at Max and saw his far-away look. He didn’t look like he just heard a word that Alex said. “Hey Max, did you do your homework?”

Max nodded, “Sure.”

“Max, can I borrow five bucks for lunch?”

Max smiled and fiddled with his pencil, “Yeah.”

“Hey Max, aliens are taking over the planet. They want to eat our brains!”

Max sighed, “That’s good.”

Alex snickered. “Hey Max, is that Liz without a shirt on?”

Max’s head snapped up and he scanned the room. When he didn’t see her he turned back to Alex with a scowl on his face. Alex cracked up laughing while Max just ignored him, his face redder than before. He knew he wasn’t listening, but Alex didn’t have to rub it in his face.

The bell rang and Alex got up, still laughing. “See you later Max,” he called over his shoulder, “by the way, you owe me five bucks.”


Liz walked down the halls with Maria and Isabel, thinking to herself. Usually, they would talk but Isabel was still thinking about Alex and Maria was in her own place. “Maria, are you ok?”

Maria shrugged and straightened her backpack, tossing her hair over her shoulder. “Of course I am.”

Liz winced at her cold tone and put her hand in her pocket, finding the tube of lipstick. She handed it to Maria and smiled. “Here, looked like your lipstick wore off. That’s weird though, this things last for hours.”

Maria ducked her head and grabbed it, quickly smoothing some across her lips. If Liz didn’t know any better, she would be thinking that Maria was blushing. But Maria never blushed! Ever! She was definitely hiding something.

God, Liz thought with a groan. Everyone is hiding something. When did everyone go out and get so many damn secrets.

The girls opened the door to their AP. Biology class and Liz separated from Maria and Isabel but not before giving Maria a ‘watch-over-Is’ look. Isabel wasn’t doing too good at the moment.

Liz walked down the aisle towards her new seat as she thought about what to tell Alex after school. She obviously couldn’t tell him about HE. Alex could be in danger and would he honestly believe them? It sounded even farfetched to her when she thought about it. The things they went through to become perfect. But, he deserved some semblance of the truth. Something to show him that they still loved him.

She lowered her head as her eyes filed with tears. The guilt was overwhelming her. Guilt over her parents. Guilt over Mr. Stevens and his wife. Guilt over Alex. Guilt over Isabel and Maria. When it came down to it, everything was her fault.

Her thoughts kept escalating in her mind as she walked straight into a wall. A nice, warm, strong wall. She looked up and her heart practically stopped. She walked into Max. He was looking down at her in concern. Something she hadn’t seen except from HE. Her hands were on his chest and she quickly removed them, but his hands were still around her arms. They were so warm it felt like they were melting her body. She sighed and almost cried out loud as Max wiped away one of her tears with his finger. His finger was so warm and her skin was so cold. He felt so amazingly perfect at the moment. She let out one loud sob and grabbed onto him for support so she wouldn’t fall. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer towards him. She leaned her head on his chest and inhaled his cologne. She felt so dead and so alive right now. It hurt to have him hold her but it felt good at the same time. And his sweater was so comfortable. She nuzzled her head against his chest and listened to his quickening heartbeat. She affected him as much as he affected her. He gently pulled her over to their table, never letting go over her.

She wiped her hands over her eyes, erasing the tears as she sat down on the stool, his arm still around her waist. He leaned closer to her ear and whispered in it, “Are you ok Liz?” Liz almost cried out again as she heard him say her name. She never felt like this before. She nodded and held onto him arm for dear life. She felt like if she let him go then she would float away into abyss.

Her body was yearning for him to hold her and so was her heart. But, her mind didn’t know what to do. She was at Stalemate. She dropped from his gasp, choking on the loss and sat down, her head lowered again. God, if felt like her mind and body weren’t talking to each other. She felt so. . . disconnected.

Most of Liz hated it.

A part of her liked it.

“Liz, are you ok?” Max asked again. Liz lifted her head, shoving her emotions into her box as she smiled back. “Yeah, I’m fine. Sorry about that, I’m tired and when I get tired I get emotional.”

He nodded in understanding and stopped himself from asking anymore questions. She looked. . . exhausted. Mentally and physically. He wondered what she had to go through each day to make her feel like that. He hated seeing her cry. He hated seeing her in pain.

He tucked strands of her silky chocolate hair behind her ear and grasped her hand. “Is there anything I can do to help you?”

Liz looked into his eyes in surprise. She couldn’t believe it. This, incredible, amazing guy that she met a week ago, who didn’t know a thing about her, cared about her. He wanted to help. It sounded so foreign to her. God, her life was so screwed up.

She shook her head but squeezed his hand gently, “That’s ok. No one can help me.”

Max frowned at her statement. He wanted to help her more than anything in the entire world. “Why don’t you give me a chance, tell me your problems.”

Liz froze as she thought about his statement. Could she really spill her deep dark secrets to him? Would he hug her and kiss her and tell her everything’s ok? Or would he look at her in disgust and walk away. She searched his eyes, his honest eyes and shook her head. He didn’t deserve this burden on his shoulders. Only she did.

Because when it came down to it, it was only about who deserved what.

When you do something terrible, sometime down the line you’re going to get what you deserved.

She did, just all the same time.

And it was eating her alive.


Maria plopped down at the lunch table, taking a sip out of her water bottle. Isabel was quietly eating her sandwich. Maria was worried about Isabel, she hadn’t spoken for hours, this thing with Alex was really making her feel more guilty about Alex. She couldn’t remember too well, the times between the four of them, but there was one moment that she could remember crystal clear. It was right after Alex and Isabel got together and the four of them were celebrating school being out and becoming sophomore.


Alex and Isabel were sitting together on the couch, watching TV, Isabel’s head on Alex’s shoulder. Alex was running his fingers through her hair as Liz and Maria snuck up on them. They each had water guns, filled to the max behind their backs, and even put dark eye shadow under there eyes for camouflage.

Alex said something and Isabel laughed and Liz came around the right side of the couch, while Maria came around the left.

Without a moment of hesitation, they pounced on the couple, soaking them with their water guns. Alex shrieked like a girl while Isabel fell to the ground laughing. Alex got up and started to chase Maria and Liz who started screaming, “ABORT! ABORT!” They ran out to the backyard with Alex chasing behind them like Tarzan. He tackled Maria to the ground and started to tickle her. Maria yelled for Liz and she held the supersoaker to Alex's head, quoting the movie Speed. “Pop Quiz Whitman. You’ve got a gun pointed to your head, what do you do?”

Alex just smiled and Liz grew suspicious. That’s when she felt the steady stream of water hit the back of her head. She had forgotten about Isabel. She jumped to the side and the spray hit Alex and Maria. Maria got up and started wrestling the hose out of Isabel’s grip as Alex calmly walked towards Liz.

“Hey Alex,” Liz said. “What’s up?” Alex just smiled and grabbed the water gun out of Liz’s grip and threw it to the side. Liz took another step back, laughing nervously. “Nice weather, huh?” She said trying to distract him. He just shook his head and grabbed her, tickling her mercilessly on the sides. Maria and Isabel, both completely soaked, joined in the tickling, and they became a pile of laughs.


That was right a couple of weeks before they joined HE. Right before Liz’s parents died. Right before Isabel’s parents divorced. Right before Maria’s mom got remarried. Right before all their lives changed. When everything was perfect.

Liz nudged Maria on the shoulder and sat down next to her, her lunch in her hand. “Hey, what are you thinking about?”

Maria stuffed a handful of chips into her mouth, “Nothing.”


Lunchtime was the time for all the students to get a breather from class, to have fun with their friends before returning to more classes. It was the time to breathe.

Isabel hated lunch ever since sophomore year. It was too much free time where all you could really do was think. She thought enough as it was. She liked being in classes better. Classes where she could distract herself with the assignments and what the teachers were saying other than being overtaken with personal thoughts.

She glanced across the quad where all the students ate lunch and spotted Alex. He was staring at her. Again. He always did that. It confused her to no extent. He was supposed to hate them. Because when he hated them, it was ok for her to put everything behind her. But, if he still cared about her, then she felt the guilt.

God, she missed him so much. She still loved him, that never went away. Even when her parents divorced. That’s when she became convinced that love didn’t exist. That whatever Alex was feeling was lust, and what she was feeling was. . . well, she still didn’t figure out how she felt. A tiny part of her knew she loved him, but she still didn’t believe in that.

She could still remember the day everything changed. It was cold that day, maybe a sign of things to come. She should have told them she didn’t want to come, that she was sick, anything to stop from coming. But, she didn’t, because she was excited from all the promises they made. They said they would fix her home life, make her believe in love, but they lied. She should have known.


“Umm, guys, I don’t think we should do this,” Isabel announced as they walked to the office building at the end of the corner. Maria turned to her, the same nervous look on her face, “Either do I. I’m scared. I mean, sure it’s amazing what they’re promising, but. . . I’m really scared.”

The two girls turned to Liz while she continued walking, her eyes emotionless. She stopped in front of the building and turned to them. “You guys don’t have to do this, you can leave. I have to do this. I have to fix my life. There’s no other way. So, don’t let me being here, stop you from leaving.”

The door suddenly opened and a dark hallway stood in front of them. Liz took a nervous step back, and then a determined look came upon her face. Maria and Isabel exchanged one more glance before holding one of Liz’s hands and walking down the long hallway with her.

The hallway towards their new life.

They stepped in and the door closed, leaving the girls in darkness. Their hands were clasped so tightly together as they took a step forward. With each step, the hallway became a little lighter.

As they reached the end of it, they squinted into the bright light and could barely make out the words on the door in front of them.


How true those words were, they didn’t know. Liz gripped the doorknob in her hand and slowly turned it, opening a door to their new lives.

To say they were scared would have been the understatement of the millennium.


She looked away from Alex’s unknowing looks. They couldn’t tell him everything after school. He would hate them.

He would hate them like they hated themselves.


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Author's Note: Ok, here's the new part, and it didn't take me forever, so yay me! Ok, umm, just wanted to let you know, that this will probably be 30 chapters long. That's just an estimate, so I really don't know yet, but as soon as I do, you'll know. On with the next chapter!

Chapter Sixteen

The three girls stepped timidly into the old classroom after school. Alex was already there, that was too be expected and he looked anxious and a little pissed. Can’t blame him, Maria thought to herself.

God, her emotions were churning inside her stomach, especially after she actually let that thing kiss her. She couldn’t even think and she actually kissed him back! She got caught up in the heat of the moment and he called her ‘bitch’. Let’s just say Maria was not a hopeless romantic. She liked it rough. Oh, what the hell was she didn’t about. She didn’t know any better. Michael’s the second guy she kissed in her entire life, besides Billy at band camp. And Michael made her feel all warm and tingly inside. It freaked her out.

The pills helped. She wasn’t exactly sure what was in them, but it helped them focus. It cleared there minds and gave them some extra energy. She guessed they were some kind of medicine for her mind added with a hint of caffeine.

She glanced over at Liz, who was nervously biting her perfect finger nails. Then she looked down at her own nails and frowned. Opps, she broke one of them when she punched Michael. Oh well, that guy deserved it. Just kissing her! He had no right!

Breathe, Maria. Calm down. Isabel’s face was pale and distraught and Maria pushed her thoughts aside to concentrate on Isabel. She looks like she’s about to faint. Maria inwardly groaned as Alex stood up and paced back and forth across the room. No good can come of this.


Alex paced back and forth as he waited for them to start talking. Liz was studying her fingernails, Isabel was looking at her feet and Maria was glaring at him. “Well?” he said and all three girls looked at him.

Liz pushed her hair away from her face, “Where should we start?”

Alex shrugged and sat down, Indian style, “How about the beginning.”

The beginning seemed like a good place to Alex. Where all the troubles started.

Liz sighed, “The beginning? Ok.”

She sat down too, her light blue jeans contrasted against the green carpet. The In-Crowd sat across from Alex Whitman, an invisible barrier between them.


And then someone spoke.


Sheriff Valenti sighed as he turned on his desk lamp. He was getting no where with this case. No evidence, no motive, nothing. He remembered the funeral a couple days before. The three girls looked as heartbroken as anyone. Either they were extraordinary actresses or they really didn’t do it. God, what is with teenagers these days? His own son, Kyle did some bad stuff, like TPing the school, but never anything like this. What could possess these three girls to kill their vice principal?

He put down the plastic baggy containing the brown piece of hair he knew came from Elizabeth. The answer was there, but he couldn’t connect the dots. Throwing the baggy in his top drawer, he grabbed his keys and left his office, calling it a night.

As soon as he left, another shadow crept into the darken room. They withdrew something from there pocket and busied themselves with Valenti’s top drawer. A minute later, a small beep echoed from the drawer, barely loud enough for anyone to hear. The figure left the room, and shut the door.


“What are you kids doing in here?” All four heads turned towards the door where the school custodian, Charles stood there. “You know this place is off-limits.”

The three girls popped up while Maria apologized. “Sorry sir, we forgot, it won’t happen again.”

Charles smiled at the girls. “It’s alright sweethearts, I’ll let it slide this one time, only because you girls are so good.”

Liz half-smiled and turned back to Alex. “Sorry Alex. Gotta go.”

The three girls left, leaving Alex and Charles there. Alex’s jaw was hanging down and his mouth was open in bewilderedment. Then he kicked the wall and cursed under his breath. “Whoa there, lad, calm down, you can always talk with them later.”

Alex mumbled curse words underneath his breath as he exited the room. Charles took a look around and whistled to himself as he turned the light off and closed the door, locking it.


“YOU WHAT?” Max yelled as his brother was sitting on the couch, watching hockey. “All I did was kiss her,” Michael explained.

“Well, what happened?” Max asked as he plopped next to Michael, upset that he kissed Maria and he didn’t get a kiss from Elizabeth.

Michael smirked, “She punched me and then I called her a bitch. Then she kissed me back.”

Max snorted, “Only you would find a girl who’ll punch you and then kiss you.”

Michael stopped laughing, “Then she started going on and on about some stupid pills or something and she ran off.”

Max’s eyebrows raised, “Pills?”

Michael nodded, “Yep, she needed her pills, that’s what she said.”

The wheel’s in Max’s head turned faster and faster. “That is so weird,” he whispered to himself. Michael raised his eyebrows in question but Max ignored him and picked up the phone. He waited for someone to pick up and started to talk.

“Is Alex there?”

Michael’s eyes narrowed in confusion, why is he calling Alex?

“Hey, question, when you talked to the girls this morning, did any of them get upset and start talking about taking pills?”

Michael watched Max as he face brightened from Alex’s answer.

“Thanks, yeah, ok, see you tomorrow, I’ll tell you then.”

He hung up the phone and Michael crossed his arms over his chest, the hockey game forgotten. “What happened Nancy Drew?”

Max scratched his eyebrow, “You kissed her and then she needed the pills, right?”

Michael nodded, “Yes, and if I repeat that one more time, I’ll kick your ass.”

Max ignored him, “Well, last week I was working with Liz in the library and I kinda started to trace her ear.” He blushed, “Anyways, she started to shake and talked about how she needed her pills. She pulled out these green pills from her backpack and swallowed them, then she calmed down some.”

Michael shrugged, “So, maybe their on Prozac or something?”

Max ignored him again, “Alex said when he talked to them this morning, he touched Isabel on the shoulder and she almost fainted. He saw Liz pull out a bottle of pills.”

The two boys sat in silence for a moment before Michael broke it. “So, if you touch them, they freak out. What do they belong to, a convent or something?”

Max rubbed his temples, “This doesn’t make sense. Why would feeling attracted to someone make them shake and freak out?”

Michael slapped him on the back, “Hey, at least I got that girl who can kiss before she freaks out.”

Max glared at him before Michael turned back to the hockey game. I think we need to go back to that abandoned building later, Max thought to himself. We probably missed something. He glared at Michael again. Stupid bastard, God, I want to kiss her so much. Max sighed and ran his fingers through his hair as Michael burped. He felt like the answer was staring at him directly in the face.

Someone please take the damn mask off so he could see!


P.S. Sorry it's so short! Thanks for all the feedback and bumps!

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Thanks everyone for the feedback, I'm already writing the next part, so it should be out by tomorrow. Oh, and the reason why Liz freaked out with Alex holding the cup of water over her was because the electricity was traveling through her body still. If he poured the water, she might have electrocuted. When she was taking the shower, there was no electricity running through her body so there was no risk. I hope that explained that part.

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Chapter Seventeen

Alex sat in his room, a sweatshirt on and sweatpants. He could still feel the cold from old classroom. It felt 30 degrees in there. They obviously don’t heat it. He sighed and grabbed his guitar, striking a few chords. Nothing. That stupid janitor came in before they could tell anything. Man, he hated janitors and old classroom and the cold.

Setting his guitar back on the ground, he shut off his bedroom light and got under his covers. As he fell asleep, he dreamed the recurring nightmare he got a lot. The first day back sophomore year, when the girls ditched him completely.


Alex ran up the school steps, excited to finally not be a freshman anymore. He ran to his top locker and opened it up, a small smile on his face. Now all he needed was his best friends. They didn’t talk a lot over the summer, but Alex thought maybe they were vacationing and no one told him.

As he thought about this, he saw the front doors open from the corner of his eyes.
The people he was just thinking about, made their way through the school, with slight differences. They walked in a straight line, Maria, Isabel and then Liz. Their normally different length hair was now all the same length, almost reaching their butts. They looked different too. All made up, nice clothes, make-up, they each looked like they stepped out a magazine. They looked perfect.

He waved to them and waited for them to acknowledge him, but they just kept on walking. Catcalls and whistles were heard throughout the hall from freshman, sophomore, junior and senior guys, and all the girls were glaring at the three girls.

Just like that, he lost his three best friends and the school got a clique of girls who were perfect. They got their In-Crowd.



Sheriff Valenti took off his hat as he entered his office. The case was still on his mind, but he pushed it to the back. He would focus on something else entirely and then maybe something would come to him. Maybe.

He sat down in his chair and put his gun on his desk. He leaned back for a moment and thought about that piece of hair. It just kept calling back to him. He reached his hand out to open the drawer.


Max sat at the kitchen table eating some cereal as he thought about what it would be like to kiss Elizabeth. It would be electrifying, out of this world, everything hazy except for them, he felt the ground shake a little and smiled, earth shattering.

He opened his eyes in confusion, why is the earth shaking? He felt the ground and felt little tremors and then it subsided. Roswell got earthquakes? It was a little one, thank God. They got worse ones in LA.

He put his bowl in the sink and went to the living room where Michael was watching the local sports. He sat down next to him and hit him on the leg. “Did you feel that? Roswell gets earthquakes, how weird is that?”

Michael frowned, “Shut up, I’m watching sports.”

Max focused when he heard the loud beep on the television. “Come on!” Michael screamed.

Max focused on the TV as the words, ‘Special Report’. Michael was still yelling at the TV when Max told him to shut up. “Shut up, I want to hear about the earthquake.”

Michael turned it up as a female reporter stood in front of her news van. “This is Joan Denver reporting for Channel 6 news. We have received information that the police station in Roswell has indeed caused the slight trembling felt earlier by the citizens of Roswell. Sources say that a bomb was detonated in the police station. The police have no leads.”

The camera focused on the pile of fire and metal that was once the police station. “It seems to have originated in the area where the offices were located. Paramedics aren’t sure about the number of killed or wounded. I repeat, no estimate of killed or wounded and there are no sources at the moment. Back to your programmed show.”

The screen switched back to the sports show Michael was watching as both boys sat there with their mouths hanging open. “So someone blew up the police station?”

Max’s eyes were wide opened. “This is like something you see on all those TV shows. This is unbelievable.”

Michael nodded. “Yeah and the week after Stevens gets murdered. Dude, mom and dad moved us here away from the violence in LA and as soon as we get here some guy gets killed and a building explodes.”

Max nodded, deep in thought. “Yeah, how weird. The week after Mr. Stevens gets murdered. You think they’re connected?”

Michael gave him a disbelieving look. “This isn’t X-Files. Coincidences happen in real life Maxwell.”

“Thank you Michael.”

Max shook his head in disbelief. “This is so surreal.” he whispered to himself.


Elizabeth, Maria and Isabel walked into school which was buzzing with students talking. The police station exploding was a big deal here. Some kids parents were cops and they didn’t know for sure if their parents were fine or not.

Elizabeth searched the halls and spotted Kyle Valenti talking to a bunch of other football jocks. Kyle didn’t look too good. Elizabeth took off running and pulled Kyle to the side, “Kyle I need to talk to you.”

Kyle just nodded and the other football players stood their with their mouths hanging open. Elizabeth wished they would stop acting so surprised. It’s not like they NEVER talked to guys. They just stayed away. She pulled Kyle to the side as Maria and Isabel watched, also surprised.

“Kyle, did they tell you anything about you dad? Is he ok?”

Kyle’s eyes were staring at the floor and he looked up at Elizabeth. She almost took a step back when she saw the pain. She knew how close Kyle and his father were. “No, they haven’t said anything yet.”

“Kyle, there’s something I need to tell you, I was-,”.

“Excuse me, Mr. Valenti, can I have a word with you in my office.”

Kyle and Elizabeth turned and saw Mr. Knight, the principal motioning for Kyle to go to his office. His face was in full-mode panic and he followed quickly, Elizabeth behind him. She waited outside as they talked and raised an eyebrow when he exited the office.

One look at his happy face and she knew the answer. Her plan worked. “He’s ok,” Kyle practically screamed and he grabbed Elizabeth in a hug. Elizabeth hugged him back, happy for Kyle. His dad didn’t deserve to die because he was too smart for his own good.

Kyle pulled back from the hug a little uncomfortable. Elizabeth understood. Kyle and her never really talked before. “Hey Elizabeth, umm, thanks for everything.”

With a quick wave, he walked down the hall towards his friends who were still staring at Elizabeth. Elizabeth leaned against the wall, suddenly tired again. “Your welcome,” she whispered to herself.


“What was that about?” Maria asked as she and Isabel watched the conversation between Kyle and Liz. Actually the whole hall was watching. They were probably thinking that they were hooking up or something but Isabel knew it was something more important. She could see it on Liz’s face, and she could read Liz like a book sometimes.

She couldn’t believe that the police station blew up! She didn’t want to think about it, but a small part of her thought HE did it. Because Sheriff Valenti was getting to close to the answers. Isabel bit her fingernail as she clenched her eyes close. How can he just go around killing people? Doesn’t he know that’s wrong?

Still, a little part of her felt relieved. Because HE didn’t make her, Maria and Liz kill him. Then that made her feel disgusting and guilty about the thought of anyone killing Sheriff Valenti. She watched as Kyle exited the principal’s office. Mr. Knight always scared her, just the way he looked at you.

Isabel and Maria’s mouth both dropped open when they saw Kyle and Liz hugging. Great, Isabel thought, that will be all over school by the end of the day.

Isabel saw Kyle leave and motioned for Maria to follow her to get Liz. They walked towards her and just when Isabel was going to call Liz’s name, Liz was pulled into the old classroom by a pair of arms. The door to the classroom closed and someone locked it. Maria and Isabel pounded at the door calling for Liz but no one answered. They instead stood outside the door, waiting for the Liz and the person who grabbed her to come out.


I can’t believe this, Max thought to himself. Why the hell are Elizabeth and Kyle hugging? That’s just so wrong! As he watched with jealous eyes, Kyle walked away and Elizabeth leaned against the wall. Without another thought he opened the door closet to her and pulled her in.

Standing in front of the door, he locked it, ignoring the pounding of Maria and Isabel. Taking a good look around, he saw that it was the old classroom that Alex had described. He didn’t know why they just didn’t take it down. Or at least remodel it so that it could be of some use.

He glanced over at Elizabeth who was glaring at him. “Let me out,” she said as she moved for the door.

She grabbed the doorknob but Max grabbed her hand and pushed it away. He ignored the shiver traveling down his spine and spoke. “Please Elizabeth, I just need to talk to you.”

Elizabeth tucked her hair behind her ear and stepped back, opting to sit on a desk instead. When she was done, she crossed her arms over her chest and raised an eyebrow at Max.

“What’s up with you and Kyle?” Max asked in a rush a breath.

Elizabeth’s forehead crinkled in thought, “What do you mean?”

Max’s hand clenched against the doorknob turning white. “I saw you guys hug.”

Elizabeth sighed, “He’s dad is Sheriff and works in the police station. I asked him if he was ok, and then the principal told him that he was and we hugged because we were happy.”

Elizabeth bit her lip. “Why? Are you jealous or something?”

“You have no idea how much,” Max mumbled under his breath.

“What?” Elizabeth asked.

Max shook his head, “Nothing.”

Elizabeth uncrossed her legs and recrossed them again, ready to move. “Are we done?”

Max stood in front of the door, pacing. “There’s something I need to tell you.”

Elizabeth’s eyebrows raised and she sat down in the chair attached to the desk. “What is it?”

Max wrung his hands together, “What I’m gonna say is kinda big and I have no idea how to put it in words, so here you go. Please don’t talk until I’m done. Ok, here we go. When I first saw you, I thought you were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and I could imagine what our kids would look like. And when I got to know you a little better, I found myself starting to like you even more, if that’s possible. That day, in the library, I wasn’t sorry. When I touched your ear, it was like I was hypnotized and I felt more in that second than in my whole life. When I’m with you, I want to protect you, I want to be there for you. I know you’ve been hurt in the past because you’ve got walls up, and that’s ok. A lot of people hide from something. That day when you cried in the classroom, I felt my heart break because I couldn’t stand seeing you in pain. I think that’s when I completely realized that. . . God, I love you Elizabeth. I love your walls, I love your mind, I love you, completely and I want to be with you. Can’t you just tell me, if there’s a chance that we could ever be together?”

Max stopped talking after pouring his entire soul out. He looked to Liz who was staring at him, her eyes wide in shock and disbelief. She stood up and ran her hands through her hair continuously. She stopped for a second, “You love me?” She kept pacing as Max answered. “Yes, I love you Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth stopped pacing completely and closed her eyes. A moment later, she opened them, her eyes watery, “Why?”

Max took a step closer, wanting to console her. He couldn’t believe she didn’t believe him. She seemed surprised that no one could ever love her. He gently pulled her into a hug and inhaled the scent of her strawberry shampoo. “Because you’re you. Because Elizabeth Parker is the person I want to love. Because everything you are makes me love you more. It was you, Elizabeth.”

He gently kissed her forehead as several tears escaped Elizabeth’s eye. She looked up at him, “Call me Liz. Please, always call me Liz.”

Max let out a relieved laugh. “Is that a yes?”

Elizabeth looked up at him seriously and leaned closer for a kiss. Their mouths hesitated an inch from other and Max leaned a little closer, brushing his lips against her. The first touch was soft, gently, almost like a butterfly was caressing his lips. Liz wrapped an arm around his neck, pulling him closer and their kiss deepened as his mouth opened. Their tongues dueled in the act of love and they breathed as one. Max never felt this, perfect. He never wanted the moment to end.

But, it did and the bell for school to start rang. He reluctantly pulled away from Liz and leaned his forehead against hers. They were both breathing heavily and didn’t want to leave. Max ran his hands through her hair, then pushing it behind her ears. He kissed her once more, quickly on the lips and led her out of the classroom.

When they exited, Maria and Isabel wasted no time in grabbing Liz. They took her away as Max watched them walk away from him. Right before turning the corner, Liz looked behind her and smiled a little smile, her smile at Max.

Max leaned against the lockers, a lovesick smile on his face. He felt, incredible. That kiss was everything he hoped it would be, and so much more.

Tracing his lips with his fingers he smiled. Licking his lips, he could still taste her on them. She tasted additive, sweet, innocent, everything he knew Liz Parker was. Boy, was he in love.


Author's Note: I hope you liked that part. Just wanted to warn you, don't get too comfortable, they'll be problems in paradise in the future. Thanks for all the feedback and bumps. Love you guys!
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Chapter Eighteen

HE flicked ash from his cigar unto the floor, not caring about making a mess. He should quit smoking anyways. He was just so disappointed. Someone warned Valenti and that bastard made it out alive. Watching the news, the burnt building lay to the ground, smoke rising from the ashes. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. God, did he hate to be to disappointed. He sighed and pressed his intercom.

“Yes Sir?”

“Send in number two, cancel my 5:00 and get me a damn cigar!”

“Yes Sir.”

He leaned back in his chair, watching the many persons typing away on the computers downstairs. Smiling wickedly, he thought about the final test, the one to make Elizabeth his forever. Pity about her parents, he thought with a laugh.

“Such a pity.”


Liz, Maria, and Isabel sat down in a back booth at the local diner, Crashdown. Maria and Isabel were debating on what to order as Liz relaxed. She just sat there, a slight glow to her complexion.

“What are you ordering Liz?”

Liz blinked, Maria and Isabel’s faces coming into focus. “What?”

Maria and Isabel exchanged concerned glances. “What’s with you?” Isabel asked. Maria crinkled her forehead in thought, “Yeah, if I didn’t know any better, I would say you’re glowing.”

Liz just smiled, in her own world once again. Her world involving one person. Max.

“Something happened,” Isabel stated.

“Tell us,” Maria and Isabel said in unison. Liz put down her menu. “Well, in the old classroom this morning, Max said,” she blushed, “he said he loved me. Then we kissed.”

Maria and Isabel’s mouth’s dropped open. “What?”

“Did you kiss him back?” Maria asked.

Liz nodded as she remembered the warmth and love she felt in those few seconds. Not to mention the shooting tingles from her head to her toes.

Isabel crossed her arm over her chest, “You can’t do that. You know we’re supposed to stay away from men.”

Liz’s smile froze as Isabel continued, “I had to give up Alex. I’m sorry Liz but those are the rules.”

Liz’s mouth became a firm line. She wasn’t supposed to do that. She was happy for a moment after it happened and that was wrong. She didn’t deserve happiness. Isabel gently rubbed her arm, “You have to tell him.”

Liz bowed her head, her eyes watery. She had to. She made a choice. No matter how much he made her feel, it was wrong. Nodding, she quickly wiped her eyes, erasing the sign of sadness. Funny thing was, after she kissed him, she didn’t need her pills. Her mind was completely focused.

On him.


Max, Michael and Alex scanned the old building they saw the girls enter the week before. Michael pounded on the walls as Alex and Max searched for another entrance. Max leaned against the brick wall, “There has to be another entrance.”

Alex brightened, “Maybe I can search the web for blueprints to this building.”

Michael ran his fingers through his spiky hair, “How will you do that?”

Alex smiled. “You just have to know where to look.”

They each got up and walked from the building. “Tomorrow morning, meet me in the old classroom,” Alex said as he split from them. Max and Michael headed for their jeep ad drove away, never noticing the red flashing of the camera.


The phone ran in the big empty house as the door clicked from a key being turned in the lock. Liz came in the door, home from the Crashdown. The beep came over the answering machine and Max’s voice came through the speaker.

“Liz? This is Max. Umm, just calling to talk to you but I guess you aren’t hom-.”

“Hello?” Liz breathed into the phone as she held it to her ear. “Liz?” Max repeated. Liz’s eyes closed momentarily savoring the way her said her name. “Yeah?” she whispered.

“Do you maybe want to do something tonight?” Max asked.

Liz sat down on the couch, her heart beating rapidly. She sighed. “I can’t. Jack and Suzanne aren’t here, they’re still in England.”

“Jack and Suzanne? Who’s that?” Max asked, confusion apparent in his voice.

“Oh. They’re my par-, guardians, you know,” Liz said. “Sorry Max, I gotta go, see you tomorrow.”

She hung up the phone, closing her eyes listening to the ticking of the grandfather clock and the humming of the refrigerator. She had to end it. Before she got in too deep. Tomorrow, she promised herself.

Tomorrow she’d leave him forever.


Author's Note: Sorry for the delay, school started so I was busy. Oh, and sorry this part was on the short side. Sheriff Valenti will be back and we'll find out what happened. We'll also see Max and Liz's conversation next time. Thanks for the feedback and bumps!
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Chapter Nineteen

Sheriff Valenti sat down exhausted in his small desk at the makeshift office. He couldn’t believe the number of people questioning him about the explosion and where he was and who he thought did it. He had a whole new respect for celebrities.

To say the truth, he didn’t have a good idea what the hell happened. The past two days passed like a blur. He remembered sitting at his desk and leaning to open the drawer with the sample of hair in it. Then someone knocked on his door and pulled him out of the room, mumbling something about a bomb threat. He ran out of the police station and the building exploded.

He could feel the heat and the pressure pressing against his skin and almost got burned just from the wind. When he saw the building explode he flew back on the street and hit the curb. He was scared, aching and terrified.

Someone bombed the police station. Someone tried to kill a police officer. Maybe because the officer knew too much. He knew too much.

The dots connected and he jumped in his truck, heading to his house and calling the school on the same time, leaving a message for Kyle. The whole day he sat down and compiled a list of all the possible connections to the bombing.

Possible Suspects
The person telling her what to do

Maybe because of the sample of hair
Maybe he knew too much

Question Elizabeth again? There’s something there that she’s about to admit.

After his list was finished, he reread it over and over again. He should probably be careful about what he said and did in the next couple of days and watch out for any more murder attempts. He thought about how someone could harm him and Kyle and his grip tightened on his pen. He wouldn’t let them hurt Kyle, not a chance in hell. He would risk his life to keep Kyle safe.

Why was he feeling like he was missing something? Mr. Stevens is connected to Elizabeth from school, but why would she shoot him? Who would have a problem with Mr. Stevens? They would have to know him. God, he just knew there was something he was missing.

Well, they didn’t call him Sheriff Valenti for nothing. He would solve this case if it was the last thing he did. He sighed as he thought how entirely possible that statement was.

It might be the last thing he does.

But, he wasn’t going to give up.


Max and Michael walked into school early the next morning, heading straight for the old classroom. Max knew they were about to make a big discovery in the problem. He thought back to the phone conversation with Liz the night before. He hit a sore spot and she felt uncomfortable and left immediately. She was hurt. He hurt her. God, he was an asshole!

Michael opened the door and they both stepped inside, spotting Alex sitting on the floor, surrounding by papers upon papers.

They sat down next to him and waited for him to acknowledge them. Finally Alex raised his head, “Hey.”

They said hi back and looked at the papers all over the floor. Some were in weird symbols and numbers and some were drawn pictures. Alex dropped his head. “I found out everything about the place.”

“That’s great,” Max said as he searched for the blueprints.

“Everything except the blueprints.”

“Oh,” Max said and he dropped the papers.

Michael dropped the papers in his hands also, “What do we do?”

Alex sighed, wiping a hand over his weary face, “I would like to sit here and tell you that I have a plan except. . . I don’t.”

Max thought about the conversation with Liz again and he turned to Alex. “Alex, why is Liz so reluctant to talk about her parents?”

Alex’s face was pale and drawn tight. “Liz’s parents are dead.”

Max’s eyes widened, “But, she said Jack and Suzanne were out of town.”

“Jack and Suzanne are her foster parents. The summer before sophomore year, her parents died in a car crash.”

“They did?” Max and Michael said in unison.

“Yeah, and that’s not the worst part.”

Max and Michael exchanged confused glances as Alex lowered his eyes back to the papers.

“Liz caused it.”


Liz searched the school grounds for Max as she ran the plan though her head. Talk to him, apologize for leading him on, and then break up with him. Wait, were they even together? Well, then tell him she can’t EVER be with him.

Great plan Liz, she thought with a groan. She walked down the hallway, unseeing the many stares from her fellow classmates at the absence of the two other girls. She walked past the old classroom towards the cafeteria and stopped midway down the hall.

She turned around and headed back towards the old classroom, opening the door a little. She heard Alex’s voice before she saw the three heads of Michael, Alex and Max.

“Liz’s parents are dead.”

Liz paled at the mention of her parents and barely heard Max say, “But, she said Jack and Suzanne were out of town.”

Liz’s face paled even more. Alex was going to tell Max. He was going to tell him everything and then Max would hate her like she hated herself. Completely.

“Jack and Suzanne are her foster parents. The summer before sophomore year, her parents died in a car crash,” Alex said and Liz’s eyes glittered with tears.

“They did?” Max and Michael said in unison.

“Yeah, and that’s not the worst part,” Alex said and Liz’s eyes widened more. No, he wasn’t going to tell them that part. Please, don’t say it. Her eyes turned from sad to angry. He cannot tell them, he promised.

“Liz caused it.”

Liz’s heart literally stopped for a second as she let out the rush of her breath she wasn’t aware she was holding. He did it. They knew she was a murderer. Her grip on the doorknob tightened as the blood rushed through her veins. They knew and there was nothing she could do about.

But, she still had the plan. She would have to end it with Max, though Alex already did most of the work.

She grabbed the side of the door and slammed it open, stepping inside. Michael, Alex and Max each turned towards her, their mouth’s hanging open. Alex looked guilty and Max and Michael looked scared. Her heart pounded double-time as she realized that Max was probably scared of her. The girl that killed her parents.

“So now you’re talking about me behind my back?” Liz said in a calm, controlled voice.

“Huh?” Alex squeaked as he blinked fast a couple of times.

Liz turned towards Max. “So, what, you confess your love for me and then sneak behind my back and ask him all about my personal life? I trusted you Max and now I’ve realized what I thought all along was true. We’re two different people and I can’t be with you. EVER.”


She lastly turned to Michael, leaving him the leftover energy, “AND STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MARIA!”

With that she walked out of the room and slammed the door closed, her hands shaking from anger. She did it. She ended it. The plan was completed. Max was gone just like he was supposed to be.

And she was still here.

And she was still a murderer.


There was complete silence in the old classroom after Liz’s outburst. When the door slammed the three boys flinched and stared at each other in disbelief.

Alex was the first to speak. “I’ve never heard her talk like that.”

Max just sat there remembering the way she looked at him. She looked hurt and confused and betrayed. He just lost her.

Michael scratched his chin, “How did she know I liked Maria?”

The words were lost on the three boys as the door to the old classroom opened again.


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Well readers, here's the 19th part. Hope you liked it. Told ya it wouldn't remain sunshine and kisses for long. In the next chapter the boys will deal with what Liz said to them and get a helpful hint from someone. That's all I can say!

Thanks for the feedback and bumps!

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Ok this part, is kind of disturbing, a little because it goes into Maria and Isabel's past and you get that hint that I promised. I'm sure it's fine for everyone because it's not too desricptive, but it does talk about abuse, etc.

Chapter Twenty

The janitor, Charles walked in again, scratching his balding hair. “Boys, how many times must I tell you that this room is off limits?”

Alex, Michael and Max stood up, quickly grabbing all the papers on the ground. Charles leaned down to help and read one of the papers before any of the boys could stop him. “Hey,” he said as he scanned the paper. “Where did you boys get this?”

Alex smiled nervously, “Off the internet.”

Charles handed the paper back to Alex with a smile. “That’s that abandoned building on the corner of Grace St. huh?”

Alex nodded as he shuffled the papers and put them back into the folder.

Charles scratched his chin. “I remember the day they closed up the tunnel leading to that building. Was a shame. Well, the gym‘s a calling it. Remember, this room‘s off-limits.”

As he turned to leave, Max stopped him, “What do you mean, tunnel?”

Charles smiled and looked around the room. “Just bang around, you’ll see.”

He left the room, dragging the cart of cleaning supplies after him. The three boys looked at each other confused and they’re thoughts echoed each other. Just bang around?

Michael sat down against the back wall. “That guy is loony.”

Max sighed and sat down in one of the desks. “There was a tunnel leading to the building? Where?”

Alex threw the papers on one of the desks and put his head upon it, closing his eyes in frustration. “Liz hates me now.”

Michael raised an eyebrow. “How did she know I liked Maria?”

“Shut up Michael,” Max and Alex said in unison.

Michael glared at them, “SORRY.” He banged his head against the wall in anger at the thought of people telling him what to do. But then he froze as the two other boys still sat there.

Testing it out, he banged his head again against the wall, and again. “Stop,” Alex said.

Michael shushed them. “Listen.” He banged his head against the wall again, but this time harder than before. All three boys sat frozen as they listened to the sound as it echoed off the walls.

The sound sounded like the time Michael knocked against the door of the abandoned building. Michael banged one last time and the three boys listened and then exclaimed at the same time.

“It’s hollow.”


It’s hollow.

Her heart was hollow, that was it. That was all.

Elizabeth took a step away from the door, thoughts flying through her head so fast she became dizzy. She breathed deeply but she couldn’t find any air that body would allow. She ran down the hall and outside of the school into the small area behind a tree on the side of the school. The area was small, but no one knew it was there. She kept breathing harder and harder and realized she was hyperventilating.

She felt someone’s hands on her back and someone’s voice speaking to her, “Put your head in her legs and then breathe.”

She looked through her tears of pain and saw Kyle Valenti rubbing her back soothingly. She did as he said and placed her head between her knees, breathing deeply. She coughed a couple of times but the rubbing Kyle was administering was helping.

Finally, her breathing returned to normal and she looked up at him weakly. “Thanks.”

Kyle shrugged, “Saw you running and followed you.” He ducked his head in shyness, “My mom used to rub my back like that, and it would help.”

Elizabeth leaned against the wall, Kyle soon following suit. “Do you ever think about your mom?” Elizabeth along with everyone else knew that Kyle’s mom left him and Jim Valenti when Kyle was younger.

Kyle smiled sadly, “Everyday.”

“Does the pain lessen?”

Kyle looked up at her, his shockingly blue eyes covered with a thin layer of moisture. “Yeah. It doesn’t go away, but it gets a little easier to breath everyday.”

Breathing. She didn’t remember the last time she truly was breathing. She didn’t have a reason to breath.

“Well, at least you still have your dad.” Elizabeth thought about what would have happened to Kyle if Jim had died in the explosion. He would have been left all alone, like she was. No parents, no one to look up to. Just alone.

“Yeah, I don’t know what would happen if he left me,” Kyle said as he turned sideways, wiping his wet eyes.

Elizabeth allowed him the privacy but caught the look of pain and sorrow in his eyes. Seeing that, she made a vow to herself. No more. If they made her kill someone, she wouldn’t. She’d use all of her strength and stop it, and if that didn’t work. . . .

Then she’d kill herself.



Elizabeth smiled at him, “You’re alright.”

Kyle smiled back. “Ditto.”


Isabel and Maria each sat in Isabel’s car, lost in their own thoughts. Things were really starting to fall apart. They always tried to denial it, but things were broken apart before any of this happened.

Isabel thought back to when she was a little girl, full of innocence. She thought that all parents fought. She thought it was natural, but she found out it wasn’t.

Natural wasn’t hitting someone repeatedly. Natural wasn’t putting all the blame on someone.

She chose to convince herself that she didn’t hear the small cries of her mother, and the new bruises apparent on her face. Her mother never tried to protect herself, taking all the hits he aimed at her.

Until the day he came after Isabel.


A blonde girl with dark brown eyes walked into the empty dark house one night after hanging out with her best friends, Maria, Liz and Alex. She set her keys on the small table near the door, calling out for her mom, “Mom, I’m home.”

She searched downstairs for her mom, but couldn’t find her. A strange feeling of dread filled her as she slowly climbed the stairs to the upstairs. She headed straight for her parents room, not truly hearing the whimpering. She trained herself not to hear it. Not to believe.

But she had to believe when she opened the door and found her mother on the ground, broken and bruised, tears and blood running down her face. She ran towards her mother and knelt next to her. “Momma?”

Her mother opened her green eyes and looked up at Isabel. “Isabel, get out of here, leave now, stay at your friends house, he hasn’t left yet.”

Isabel rocked on her legs as she ran her fingers through her mom’s blonde hair. “Momma, no.”

Her mother gently touched Isabel’s cheek, “Isabel Linda Guerin, you leave this house immediately.”

Isabel gathered her mother in her arms, “No.”

As she said this, the door to the master bedroom shut, the room dark again. Isabel squinted into the darkness, barely making out the figure of her father.

“What do we have here?” Hank Gregory Guerin said in a menacing voice.

“Daddy?” Isabel said, not wanting to believe the man who she called her father did this. “Why?”

He laughed, amused at her question. “Because she deserves it. She’s nothing but a whore and she’s just getting what she deserves.” He took another step closer to Isabel. “You know, you look just like her.”

His eyes glinted in sadness for a moment, and then turned angry, the kind of angry he shined at her mother.

That night, he left two broken women at the pretty house on Travis Street. He left them in hate and never returned, immediately filing for divorce. The mother remained broken, and the girl gave up on the illusion of love.

Because that’s all love was. . . an illusion.

And whatever she felt with Alex, was the biggest illusion of them all.


Isabel closed her eyes in pain as she leaned against the headrest of the seat in the white car. She hated her father for doing that. She hated her mother for letting him. She hated herself for not believing it was happening.

She could have stopped it, but she didn’t. Because she was too naive. Not any more. Isabel had experienced things that made her believe nothing to be true.

Nothing except this lifestyle. And it sucked, but it was all she had to cling too.


Across the white car, Maria Deluca sat next to her harboring the same feelings of pain. She hated going home. Home wasn’t the big house where she resided on records. Home was sleeping over with Isabel or Liz, like she did several times a week.

When she went to the place she pretended was home, she felt empty. . .and dirty.

Because he was there. And she was there. Her mom and her used to be so close, but after Maria’s dad left when Maria was 6, she became more closed off. She brought dates home 4 times a week, this pathetic guys she probably picked up on the corner of the street.

And as Maria grew up, the stares of the guys increased.

But, she was ok, because none of the guys were permanent. Her mother was just using them.

Until she found Brad. And Maria decided that wasn’t her true home.

Because a home isn’t where you’re afraid to fall asleep. Home isn’t where getting bad grades in school can ultimately cross that invisible line between Stepfather and Stepdaughter.

She remembered the day her mom brought him home. The night her home became a house.


“Maria darling, I want you to meet Brad.”

Maria smiled politely at the tall man with bleached blonde hair. She politely shook hands with him, ignoring the way he was looking at her. It didn’t matter, he’d be gone in a week.

“Brad asked me to marry him.”

Maria’s head shot up in disbelief as she looked at her mother’s happy face. “What?”

Amy practically jumped up and down, kissing Brad a little too long for Maria’s eyes. “I said yes.”

She pushed Brad in front of her. “Maria honey, I want you meet your new stepfather.”

Maria just stared at a point beyond Brad’s face as he looked her over, stopping in many places before continuing. Maria felt like she needed a shower immediately.

But she smiled for her mom’s sake, because she looked happy.

That night, she didn’t sleep a wink. And after that, she slept at her friends house alternatively. And they never asked, because they had problems of their own. She picked up smoking and Amy was none the wiser. She never went to her house alone, for fear that she would become one of those stories on Maury.

She left clothes at her friends house, just walking through their front doors whenever necessary. She never introduced them to her stepfather and she never talked about her friends in front of her mom and Brad. He still looked at her like that.

It was wrong. She could feel that to the tips of her bones, so she stayed away.

The day her home just became a house.


Maria hesitantly grabbed her backpack, throwing it on the pavement. She opened the door to the car as Isabel did the same. They continued the trek into the school, Liz walking out from behind the tree and catching up with them.

They walked in the hall like everyday, emotionless faces. After all, they couldn’t disappoint the crowd.

Kyle watched them as they did, shaking his head in sadness at the three girls. He knew that they had problems, he didn’t know what they were, but they were there.

He prayed to God that someone would help them.


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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Yes another one. Just wanted to tell you that in the next chapter we'll hear more from the boys. I guess that's it. Thanks for reading!
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Author's Note: Sorry it took forever, but here's the new part and nothing really exciting happens, but it helps me in the next part. Enjoy.

Chapter Twenty-One


Before all of this started, you could call me a dreamer. All day long I wonder imagine the thousands of things I could do and become. One of the top things on my list, was to become a singer. The number one thing was the most special to me. . .and I’m not sure if I’ve accomplished it yet.

Dreams are in color. Never in black and white. I had dreams in tehnicolor of anything imaginable. Maria was more of a candy girl. You could say she liked things sweet, never liking to imagine that something or someone could be mean. Isabel was the one who wished for things. She was a stargazer and she would wish upon a star, for what I don’t know.

We all had dreams. In a million colors.

Now they’re in black and white, and dreams shouldn’t be in black and white. They should be never ending. I killed my parents. It was an accident, but it was my fault. Like everything else.

My parents had dreams. One of them was me. I guess that dream backfired on them.

So I guess all dreams aren’t good, if you look at the big picture.

Because if you break everything up into a million pieces, it appears that I have a perfect life. But, when the pictures form back together into that whole piece, I got screwed.

Perfect life. That’s an oxymoron.

Blood is thicker than water and darker than rain.

Blood is hard to get out of clothes, in fact it’s practically impossible. Believe me, I know.

I wished I didn’t. That things in the world were pretty again. That I could have the colors back.

That I could have my dreams again.


The three boys put their ears against the door, listening carefully inside. After tapping several more times, Max spoke. “How could this wall be connected to the building? It’s gotta be at least six blocks away.”

Alex shook his head, “I don’t know.”

Michael stood up quickly, “We need to talk to someone who can help us.”

Max laughed sarcastically while wiping his eyes warily, “Are you crazy? Who’s gonna believe us? Besides, who do you know that can help us?”

Michael just smiled and headed for the door. “Jim Valenti.”

Alex and Max shared one look before jumping up and following him.

Michael might actually be right for once.



She hid in the bathroom stall, locking the metal lock behind her. Setting down the toilet seat, she sat down on the toilet cover, grapping her cigarette in her pocket. Lighting it, she quickly inhaled it, sighing at the relief she felt afterwards.

She knew smoking was bad for her lungs and additive and that was the main reason she started. Morbid, she knew.

She blew out a whole breath of smoke, trying to make a circle with no avail. The door to the bathroom opened and she opened the toilet, throwing the cigarette into it and flushing. Grabbing her body spray, she sprayed a couple times and then popped a breath mint into her mouth.

Taking a deep breath, she smoothed out her shirt and opened the bathroom stall. Another girl was standing in front of the mirror brushing her hair as Maria walked to the sink and started washing her hands. Glancing at her reflection, she sighed. Her auburn hair hung shiningly down her back, a small white clip holding one side back. Her tight gray stretch pants hung low on her hips and her white sweater tank top made her look older and more sophisticated. Along with her dangly diamond earrings and her perfect makeup, she represented high school cool.

The other girl in front of the mirror stood there staring at Maria. Maria inwardly groaned and cried, “What?”

The girl blushed and stammered her apology. “Sorry, it’s n-nothing, just w-wanted to compliment you on your cute outfit.”

Maria smiled her “Most Popular” smile at the girl and quickly left the bathroom without another word.

Each girl in the In-Crowd had their own special smile they used at school. Maria had her ‘Miss Popular’ smile that made you feel like she was your new best friend. Isabel had the ‘Prom Queen’ smile that made you feel like you were in the presence of an elegant princess. Liz had her ’Most Beautiful’ smile that showed how truly beautiful she was. Maria missed Liz’s smiles, she hadn’t smiled a lot lately, but not without good reason. There weren’t a whole lot of good reasons to smile lately.

High school was pathetic in the way that everyone sucked up to her, Isabel and Liz. Treated them like they were made of gold. Not like normal girls. Not that they were normal.

She missed being that weird, loud girl she used to be. Where she could smile and talk to anyone without having to care about it all. But she wasn’t normal. She left normal a long time ago.

She left her life along time ago.

The bell rang for the end of 4th period and Maria headed to her locker, pulling out her lunch. She carried into outside into the bright sunlight where Isabel and Liz were already sitting. “Hey,” Maria said quietly as she sat down. Isabel nodded towards her but Liz just sat there.

She looked. . .dead. She looked completely empty. “Liz?” Maria whispered as she leaned closer to Liz. Liz just stared ahead, past Isabel, looking like she didn’t really see anything. Maria looked to Isabel who just shrugged and that’s when it hit her. Max. “Liz, did you talk to Max today?”

Liz blinked in recognition. Guess that’s a yes, Maria thought to herself. She didn’t like this any better than Liz did. Having to end relationships. Maria briefly thought of Michael before shaking that idea out of her head. This wasn’t about her. “That’s it. Emergency sleepover at my house.”

Isabel turned her head towards Maria in surprise. “But what about. . . Brad?”

Maria lowered her eyes. Forget about him Maria. “They’re out of town for the week. Las Vegas.”

Isabel nodded, “Ok, I’m in.”

Maria leaned closed to Liz and pulled gently on a lock of her hair. “Liz?”

Liz blinked quickly a couple of times. “Ok,” she whispered.

Maria leaned back and chewed on a small carrot. Finally, a break for them all. God knows they needed one. And she needed to be with her girls. Away from the male species. At least for a day.


Kyle POV

Do you ever feel that a million things are happening and you’re just missing them? Like, just when you catch them, they slip from your grasp. Elizabeth, Maria and Isabel are in trouble, that much I know. It was kind of weird for a moment how Max, Michael and Alex could always be seen around them. They never let boys in their group.

Yeah, our school has an In-Crowd. The most popular girls in the school. But being popular isn’t easy, I know from personal experience. You have to bend over backwards everyday to please everyone around you. But, I have freedom. I have a life. They. . .don’t.

It’s kind of sad that three teenage girls got stuck in the world and I imagine they’re lonely. Extremely lonely.

I don’t think I’ve seen any of them smile. I mean. . .really smile. Genuine smiles. And if they’re real smiles are anything like they’re fake ones, they should be amazing.

I used to take things for granted and accepted things as they appeared. My dad almost died, but he’s still here and I’m extremely thankful for that. The girls are lost and I can’t accept that. Not anymore.

Once, when I was little, I fell on the sidewalk and scraped my knee and this woman stopped next to me. She blew on my bloody knee and then cleaned it. Applying a bandage on it, she smiled at me and said, “There you go.” I just looked up at her amazed, not believing that a stranger would help me. “Why did you do that?” I asked. She smiled again and helped me up. “My grandma Claudia always said to help others who are in trouble, because if you don’t, they might never get help.”

Then she walked away and I never saw her again in my life. So, I’m going to take her words and help the In-Crowd. Because they need it and in this town, no one’s willing to help. Everyone’s still stuck in their delusional world they think is perfect. But it’s not. And those girls aren’t perfect. I know that. They know that. The school doesn’t.

It’s time for the school to realize The In-Crowd is just a bunch of normal teenage girls. Well, normal except for a few hidden secrets. But, don’t we all have secrets?

Everyone’s got something to hide except for me and my Buddha.

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Chapter Twenty-Two

The Sheriff sat down in his home office, writing a report about the bombing. He sighed in frustration as his thoughts drifted back to the case he mentally renamed as ‘the case that will never be explained’. It seemed like the appropriate title.

His doorbell rang and he quickly got up to answer it, thankful for a distraction. The door was opened to find Alex Whitman and two boys he didn’t know. “Alex?” the Sheriff said in a confused voice, “aren’t you supposed to be in school right now?”

Alex motioned towards the other two boys, “This is Max and Michael Evans, and yes we’re supposed to be in school, but we have something important we need to talk to you about.” The Sheriff rubbed his eyes, “Can’t we do this another time? I’m swapped with work.”

Alex shook his head, “It’s about Liz Parker, Isabel Guerin, and Maria Deluca.”

The Sheriff’s eyes widened and he pushed the door open, ushering the boys right in. “Come in, telling me everything you know,” he said as he closed the front door.


He wasn’t here.


It didn’t matter, it’s not like she cared anymore.

She walked quietly into her biology class, Maria and Isabel trailing behind her. She knew she was more quiet than usual but she just didn’t have anything nice to say.

She needed a break. Maybe the sleepover at Maria’s would help somehow.


She walked over to her lab table and sat down. Max was gone. He must hate her now. She hated him.

The fire she felt in her body had to be from the hate. It couldn’t be anything else. He lied to her. Said all these perfect things and still snooped behind her back. He acted like he didn’t trust her at all.

And maybe that was one of the things that hurt the most.


She had trust. With Maria and Isabel.

She could trust them with her life.

And vice versa.

But, she missed that step with Max. So that fire brewing inside of her was getting hotter and hotter. And those rubber bands representing her mind were getting thinner and thinner. And she was. . .


She hadn't felt that in a while.

In fact, the last time she felt mad was when the doctors told her that they hadn’t made it out alive. And that she only had a couple bruises and scratches.

That made her so mad. She remembered grabbing the nearest thing, this happened to be a vase and throwing it at the wall. The satisfying crack helped calm her down. A little. But she was still mad. Because they left her. Because it was her fault. Because she didn’t leave with them.

She remembered the night before that. Driving in the car, her mom in the front seat, her dad in the back. It came out in blurs. It was dark. And the lights from the headlights of the cars were blurring and fast on the dark street. She remembered seeing lights in the distance and thinking, am I on the wrong side of the road? She remembered turning the wheel as hard as she could. She could still hear her mother and her father’s screams as the truck crashed into the side of the car.

The side her mom and dad were on.

They died instantly.

And she was still here.

The truck driver said that he was driving on the right side of the road. The police officer said she wasn’t in trouble because it was an accident. But it wasn’t an accident. She was driving on the wrong side of the road. She was a bad driver.

She hasn’t driven since.

So that fire was still there, that was for sure. But it was ok.

Because like the pain, it kept her going. And now with Max. . .gone, she had more time to focus on other things. Better things. Things that were safe and solid and trusting.

She had more time to focus on her so-called perfect life.


Sheriff Valenti grabbed his reading glasses and a notepad while he sat down in the nearest chair. “What do you know about them?”

Alex started, “They’ve been acting. . .strange. We’re worried for them.”

Sheriff Valenti sighed, “Can you name an example of strange?”

Alex looked over at Max and Michael, not wanting to share too much. “Well, they won’t talk to me about why they stopped being my friends before sophomore year and they’re all quiet and different. They used to be open and caring, and now they don’t even smile at me in the halls.”

This was what he had to work with? Sheriff Valenti looked over at the other two boys, Max and Michael and his eyes narrowed as he saw how Max’s eyes kept looking back and forth around the room, never at Sheriff Valenti. They weren't telling him something.

“Look boys, I know that you know something. So you better just tell me because I’ll find out some other way in the future.”

Max and Alex shared scared looks at Michael just sat there, looking calm. “Listen,” Michael said, “they act like they’re brainwashed. Every time you kiss them or touch them, they freak out and start popping these little green pills. They walk into this building on the corner of Grace and suddenly a door opens and there’s no keyhole. Alex almost got choked to death by Elizabeth. That Maria girl punched me. . .hard. They’ve got to have superhuman strength or something because if some girl punched me, it wouldn’t have hurt. Abs of steel baby,” he finished as he rubbed his belly.

Alex and Max just stared at Michael, their mouth’s hanging open. He just told Sheriff Valenti everything, now they had no cards to play! Alex then snorted, “They don’t have superhuman strength, Maria’s punch hurt because Maria’s freaking strong.”

Michael glared at Alex, “Well what about Elizabeth? She doesn’t look that strong and she managed to choke you!”

Alex’s eyes lowered as he remembered. He turned his head, ignoring Michael. The Sheriff was still looking at the three of them in surprise.

“So wait, they take pills whenever feeling aroused? What corner building? I’m going to have to check that out .”

“Sheriff, why are you so interested in these three girls?” Max asked.

Sheriff was quickly writing notes on his notepad. “Oh, didn’t you know,” he said in a distracted voice, “I believe they killed Mr. Steven’s and I’m trying to prove it.”

There was silence in the room after the Sheriff made this statement. Murder? Mr. Steven’s?

Alex jumped up, “No! They would never kill an innocent person, they wouldn’t!”

Sheriff Valenti looked at Alex, “Even if they’d been brainwashed, like Michael mentioned earlier?”

Michael held his hand up, “Hey, you’re twisting my words. I just said maybe they had because they act weird. And it’s not even possible to brainwash someone. And to order them to kill a vice principal? I don’t think so.”

Sheriff Valenti nodded, “But if you know what you’re doing, then I don’t see why it wouldn’t be impossible.”

Alex paced the room. “This is total crap. Complete and total crap. This is like crap to the 100th exponent. NO! They couldn’t hurt a fly. It’s just not possible!”

He walked over to Sheriff Valenti, an angry expression on his face. “If you tell anyone what Michael just told you, I’ll deny it! They didn’t do it!” He headed towards the door and left, slamming it behind him.

Max and Michael slowly followed. Sheriff Valenti held up his hand. “Boys, do you think that these three girls could do this? Murder?”

Max and Michael shared looks and Max answered. “No. Not on purpose.”

With that they left, following Alex who was already starting the jeep.

Sheriff Valenti set down his notepad full of notes and took off his glasses, throwing them onto the couch across from him. He sighed as he got up wearily and headed back towards his office, notepad in hand. The slamming of the office door sounded throughout the house.

A head peeked out from behind the corner. Kyle.


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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Wow, things are getting to the end. It's dwindling down to the part where I get to say, 'the end'. I really want to say that, but I really don't. Ok, here's the next part. Enjoy and thanks to everyone for the feedback.

Chapter Twenty-Three

Liz, Maria and Isabel sat in a circle in Maria’s room that night. They each wore fluffy pajamas, Liz’s in light blue, Maria’s in green and Isabel’s in pink. They had face masks on and the stereo was on with soft rock playing.

The girls were giggling as they flipped through the yearbook from junior year while laughing at each other’s pictures. They each had quite a few pictures in the yearbook, mostly with each other.

“Oh my gosh,” Isabel said while she tried to catch her breath, “I can’t believe how crappy you looked in that picture ‘Ria.”

Maria glared at Isabel. “It’s not funny. It’s not like I knew they were taking that picture.”

Liz giggled. “You looked like this.” She stuck her tongue out, crossed her eyes and titled her head. The three girls burst out into giggles as they all agreed she did look like that.

Liz smiled as the girls stopped laughing and continued flipping through the yearbook. This felt good. It felt really good. It felt normal.

She felt something hit her arm and she looked over at Maria and Isabel who were still flipping through the yearbook. They each had an innocent look on their faces, but Liz knew that one of them did it. She grabbed the yearbook and tried to decide who to throw it back at. Giving up, she just tore it in half and threw it at each of them. Who’s the smart one now?

Maria and Isabel turned to her, their mouths open in surprise. “What was that for?” Maria cried.

Liz crossed her arms over her chest, “Like you don’t know.”

Maria and Isabel just stared at her for another second before grabbing the bag of marshmellow's and attacking Liz. Liz fell back, Maria and Isabel jumping on her. Liz couldn’t stop laughing as they both tickled her. She laughed as she fell down on the yearbook and the pages fluttered from her movement.

Liz turned over as she tried to push them off. She lifted her head off the yearbook and the laugh got caught in her throat. Maria and Isabel stopped tickling her at once when they saw she was quiet.

“Liz?” Isabel called, concern in her voice.

Liz smoothed the page of the yearbook and stared at the picture. It was one of the many photos taken of Maria, Isabel and herself. They were standing together, small smiles on their faces. But, that wasn’t what made Liz stop. It was the thing, or rather the person in the background.

It was Alex.

He was standing to the right of the girls in the picture, against the wall. He was looking at them, with this look, of. . . heartbreak. The girls were silent as they looked at the picture.

Without warning, Isabel grabbed the yearbook and slammed it shut, sliding it across the floor. Liz and Maria looked at her in concern as she knelt on her knees, leaning her head in her hands.

“Iz, are you ok?” Maria asked.

A small whimper came from Isabel and she answered, her voice full of emotion. “It isn’t fair.”

Liz knelt down next to her and reached for her shoulder, “I know Iz. It’s not.” She started to rub Isabel’s back but Isabel pushed her off and stood up, wringing her hands together. She quickly walked to Maria’s desk, her walk unsteady. She leaned against the desk, breathing hard.

“Why did they have to do that to him. To us?” She leaned her head in her hands again, and started to cry. After a second, she let out a frustrated shriek and laid her hands on the desk, moving them across it, shoving everything off in one quick movement.

Liz and Maria sat on the ground, staring at Isabel in concern and surprise. Isabel pounded on the desk, tears running down her lightly tanned cheeks. “IT’S NOT FAIR!” she cried. She kicked the desk, making it wobbly. “WHY DID THEY TAKE HIM AWAY? I LOVED HIM!”

She fell against the wall and slid down to the ground, tears never-ending. Maria and Liz quickly crawled towards her and they hugged one another. “I love him,” Isabel whispered.

“I know,” Liz whispered as she connected eyes with Maria. Eyes that shined the same things, sadness, anger, guilt. “I’ll fix this,” Liz vowed.

“I’ll fix it all Isabel.”


Max sat in his room that night, trying to stop thinking so many things at once. His head was starting to hurt a lot. He walked over to his bookshelf and grabbed a couple of books, pulling them out. There was a box behind the books and he grabbed it, opening it.

He sat down on his bed, a pen in his hand. In the opened box lay his journal. The journal he used to write in everyday. But he stopped somewhere along the way, so when he opened it to the first blank page, he wasn’t sure where to start.

Dear Journal,

Yep, it’s me. It’s been a while, huh? Well, things have been kinda hectic and I can’t think right now. But, even with a million thoughts swirling in my head, there’s one redundant one, one that won’t go away.

I feel like there’s a neon sign in my head, and instead of saying ‘OPEN’ it’s saying, ‘I LOVE LIZ PARKER’.

Yep. I love her. A lot. But, she doesn’t want me.

So, there’s something about what the janitor said. The wall. It’s hollow. And somehow it’s connected to a building 6 blocks away. It’s not possible, is it? For it to ACTUALLY link to the abandoned building?

Oh crap, I gotta call Alex.



Alex was sitting at home, watching mindless television as the phone rang. He grabbed for it, glad for something else to think about.

“Hello?” he called through the phone.

“Alex?” a voice said breathlessly.

Alex’s eyebrow narrowed as he recognized the voice. “Max, what’s wrong?”

“I figured it out! The connection. I know what we have to do.”

Alex’s eyes widened. “Max, buddy, what are you talking about?”

Max’s voice came out in one breath, “Can’t talk now, meet me in the old classroom as soon as you can.”

“Max, what the hell are you talking about?”

“Oh, and Alex, bring some hammers and buckets.”

“Max?” Alex called through the phone but was instead met with the dial tone. He placed the receiver back on the phone. Why would Max want him to bring hammers to the school. He thought back to the wall and his eyes widened. He couldn’t possibly want to do that, could he!

Shit, Alex thought. He jumped up and ran to the garage, grabbing the necessary objects. Grabbing his coat and shoes, he ran out of the house. The sound of tires squealing drowned out the sound of the television.


Sheriff Valenti sat in his home office, his radio on top of his oak desk. His son, Kyle was in his room. Jim kept scratching and writing notes on a pad of paper. His hat was carelessly thrown on the ground and his badge and gun were settled on his desk, next to the police radio.

With a sigh, he dropped his pad of paper and pencil on the desk and grabbed his badge and gun. I need to go on a drive, he thought to himself. After he grabbed his car keys, he left the house, yelling goodbye to his son.


Kyle watched as his dad left the house, in hurry to go somewhere. Something was about to happen, Kyle could feel it in his bones. Without a second thought he grabbed the keys to his convertible and followed his dad.

The air in the streets was silent as the lights in the houses were turned off. It was already past 11 and most of Roswell was asleep. Kyle pressed a button on his car and the top of the car opened and closed. He reached over to turn on the radio, to fill the silence, but stopped when he realized his father might hear.

He had no idea what he was doing.

What would Buddha do?

He had no freakin’ idea. If Buddha was right next to him in the car he might say something like:

“Kyle my friend, remember one thing. It is not struggles that mold our life, but the way we handle the struggles that mold who we become.”

Did Kyle understand it? Not really.

And he wasn’t sure that Buddha spoke English anyway, but he knew all of this was connected. His father, Max, Michael and Alex, the girls. It was all connected.

He just had no idea how.

His father’s patrol truck turned right and Kyle slowed down some, following behind it. He wasn’t sure that Buddha allowed stalking someone. Really, Kyle wasn’t stalking. Just following excessively.

It was time for Kyle to forget Buddha and listen to his own inner voice. The voice that sounded a lot like that woman who helped him so many years ago. Only in a masculine way. He stepped lightly on the gas as he turned the curve. That’s it, he thought to himself, when I have a kid, I’m naming her Claudia.

If he ever got married, that is.


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Chapter Twenty-Four

Alex approached the school in his car and stopped right in front of it. What was he doing? Did he actually thing that this would work? That doing this would actually make everything ok?

He got out of the car and walked to the trunk of it, grabbing the box filled with the necessary supplies. When he got to the front door of the school, he found it unlocked. Max and Michael must already be there.

Carefully opening the door, he walked into the dark hallway. The shadows of light coming from the moon shone through the windows on the wall. All in all, it was scary. Ignoring his heartbeat that was beating faster than the wings of a hummingbird, he found the door the old classroom.

He took a deep breath, adjusted the box in his hands and opened the door.

When he stepped inside, he felt for a moment that he had stepped into another world.

Max and Michael were quietly talking as various tools surrounded them. The wall that they found was hollow was drawn all over with chalk. It looked like a door. Once Max and Michael saw him, they quickly grabbed his box and each grabbed a shovel and a hammer. Ignoring him, they hastily set to work and started to pound at the wall, where the door was outlined.

To his utter surprise, a big chunk of the wall immediately crumpled under the weight of the hammers. Max and Michael continued pounding while Alex just stayed there, rooted to the same spot. “Uh, guys. . .,” Alex said as the pounding was a steady rate. “Guys?”

Thump. Bam. Thump. Bam. Thump. Bam.

Almost half the wall was gone. The cold from behind the door hit him at full force and chilled him to the bone. “Guys?” he called one more time.

The pounding stopped and his ears were still ringing. “Yeah?” Max asked.

“So, what exactly are we doing again?”

Max fingered the plaster on the broken wall. “I realized what the janitor said when he was helping us without knowing it. The wall was attached to the building where the girls went into. I looked again at the blueprints you printed out and found a tunnel. It lead directly here.”

He continued pounding on the wall as did Michael and Alex just stood there, processing everything Max just said.

Ok, he could handle this. Alex reached for the nearest shovel and started to shovel the debris out of the way. With one last groaning creak, the wall fell away and concrete stairs led to the a dark hallway.

Max and Michael wiped the gathering sweat off their faces and set down their hammers. All three of them started to shovel the rest of the wall away and soon a path was cleared. Alex took one look at the dark entryway and sighed. “Uh, again, we’re going to go down that tunnel? In the dark?”

Michael grabbed something out of the pack he had and threw one to Max, who caught it easily. A flashlight. A big one at that. Max turned it on and shined it down in the tunnel. The light bounced off the walls and back towards them. Michael grabbed two more flashlights, one for him and one for Alex.

He also withdrew a bat and hung t over his shoulder. Alex just looked at him in surprise and Michael shrugged. “Just in case,” he said as if it was the most ordinary thing in the world.

Alex just sighed. He wasn’t even going to process every possible thing that could happen in which they would need protection. He flicked on his flashlight and swallowed as he looked down in the tunnel. Glancing at Max, he motioned at the tunnel. “After you.”

Max just took one look, and set his jaw in a determined way. Slowly, he went down the first step of the stairs. Stomping on it, he turned back around. “It’s feels ok.” Michael followed behind him as did Alex. They went down the few stairs and Alex instinctively shivered.

What was it about tunnels that made you want to run and hide underneath the covers of your bed? Max turned around and faced the two of them again. “This is it. No turning back. You ready?”

Michael nodded immediately and Alex stared once more down the tunnel. “Ready.”


HE sat down in his chair in the middle of his office. It was almost time. He was so excited. He taped his fingers on the desk as he thought about his plan.

God, was it a beautiful plan.

Every creak, every crack, every little slit had been covered. There was no way that this plan wouldn’t work. HE would have Elizabeth forever and be rid of a couple people. HE was such a genius sometimes.

A static sound came through the intercom and he reached quickly for the button and pressed it.



“They’re here.”

“Good.” HE smiled and turned off the intercom. This was it. They were here. HE felt so happy. Swiveling around in his chair, he looked down at the posters that decorated the wall downstairs. The posters of the girls. Each had a picture taken, which was blown up so that they’re faces took up half the wall. The most amazing thing about each picture, were they’re eyes.

They hadn’t always been like that. They used to have different color eyes. Elizabeth had dark brown. Isabel had blue. Maria had green. But the transformation had changed their eyes. For the better. It was a pleasant surprise. And that was good.

Because he didn’t like surprises.

HE had surveillance pictures of those three teenage boys. Those boys who could ruin everything he worked hard for. Everything he wanted, everything he deserved. But, he had that base covered. He could take care of them. Max Evans, Michael Evans and Alex Whitman had it coming to them. And Elizabeth would be his.

HE looked down again at their pictures. They were each beautiful, that much was clear. But, each in their own way. Isabel had the apparent beauty, the kind that the movie stars had. The one that people would talk about, about how perfect it was. Maria had the kind of beauty that you felt crazy about. When got angry, her eyes would flash and her red hair would sway with the turn of her head. She had the striking kind of beauty. The beauty where you would feel insanely jealous and wish you had.

But, Elizabeth was his favorite. No contest. She had the quiet beauty. The long dark hair, the pale skin. She was perfect to him. Always had been. The beauty, that unlike Isabel’s apparent beauty, and unlike Maria’s loud beauty, she had the beauty you couldn’t even begin to comprehend. The beauty you could never wish for.

They’re here.

He remembered the first time he saw Elizabeth, Maria and Isabel. They were sitting around a table, laughing about something. There was a boy with them, someone he identified as Alex Whitman. It appeared that he and Isabel were together, but he could see how close he was to the other girls. At the time he didn’t know any of their names, but one glance at Elizabeth and the two girls and you could call him obsessed.

They’re here.

They looked different then. Before he molded them to how they appeared today. Maria had light brown wavy hair and Isabel had short blonde hair. Elizabeth’s hair looked the same though. Actually, out of all three girls, she was the one that he changed the least. They looked so close, sitting together and laughing that he felt jealous for a moment, because he never got that. However, that boy had no right to be there, he had to go. All boys had to go.

They’re here.

People might think that he wanted them for a perverted reason, but they were wrong. He wanted them because they were perfect. Each again in their own way. And after he got them, by promising millions of things, he felt like they were his own children. Something for him and only for him.

They’re here.

Yes, they were here and the plan could continue. His perfect plan. Everything was right on schedule. And he was happy.


The hall was silent as three beams of light bounced from wall to wall.

There was a door.

Max sighed and reached for the door. It was now or never. There was a sig on the door but it was rusted and dusty. He ignored it and reached for the doorknob.

It was unlocked.

He slowly opened it up and the tunnel was filled with light. This was it.


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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Sorry for the delay. I've been on an inspirational low. It's like all I wanted to do was write new stories, and the old stories just weren't processing in my mind. But I got this new part out, and there's probably only going to be 3 more parts. Enjoy and thanks for all the feedback!

Chapter Twenty-Five

His heart pounded in his throat as he ran from the sounding gunshots down the hall. He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, pushing all his energy into running away from the sound. What he wouldn’t give to be Superman right now.

He turned right into the next hallway and braced himself for the possibility that one of the many doors on the wall would open. Then he’d be dead. His breathing was shallow and quick and his lungs ached for rest. He lost track of Max and Michael awhile ago, but he hoped they were safe.

That they were alive.

The shouts of someone was behind him and he tried to quicken his pace. The pounding in his frame threatened to burst it open and his thoughts were jumbled. Why did they want to kill him? What had he done wrong? Who were they?

Turning another corner, he saw Liz, Isabel and Maria standing behind a clear glass door. They were standing next to each other in a line and were smiling at him, very innocent like. He could hear the sound of approaching footsteps behind him and he grabbed the door handle to the glass door so that he could be safe.

But the door was locked.

Connecting eyes with the girls, he started to pound on the door for all he was worth. While the men with the guns got closer, he pounded harder and harder, screaming at the girls to open the door. His face was in perfect panic and he didn’t know what to do.

He couldn’t go back down the hall, they were there. He couldn’t go left, it was a dead end. He laid his hand on the door, his mouth telling the girls to help.

The men approached him, automatics in their hands and black ski masks on their faces. They cocked their guns directly at him and he stopped breathing. This was it. He, Alex Whitman was going to die young. He wasn’t going to have to perfect wedding, and the beautiful kids and the perfect life with Isabel. Liz and Maria, the godparents, weren’t going to come over and eat dinner and laugh and talk about life.

He was going to die.

Looking back at Liz, Maria and Isabel, he just stared at them, waiting for the inevitable. He felt the bullets before he heard them, maybe some of his inner ear bones had shattered from the noise. The first bullet struck him on the right shoulder, and the blood splattered upon the clear glass door. The second bullet hit his left knee and he slouched as his body reacted to the impact. The third bullet hit him on the side of his stomach, near where his liver was. Several others whizzed at him.

He slid down the glass down, his hand still placed upon it. The splattered blood made a design on the glass door, like someone had drawn it there purposefully. The pain registered in his head and he opened his mouth to scream in pain but nothing came out.

The blackness engulfed him and he looked up from the ground to see his three best friends, Liz Parker, Maria Deluca and Isabel Guerin standing there. Still smiling. Innocent smiles.

And he died.

Well, hypothetically. This is what he thought might happen when the door creaked open.

He had this whole scenario planned out and it resembled the movie Matrix. Except for the cool fighting moves.

He, Alex Whitman wasn’t dead. He knew for sure because he could still hear himself breathing and the rise of fall of his chest reminded him that his heart was still working properly. He knew it wasn’t healthy to imagine himself dying.

What disturbed him the most was the fact that the girls just stood there watching. Like they thought it was nice and funny. They would never do that. Sure, they might ditch you as a friend and never talk to you again, but they would never standby as someone was about to be killed. They were still good people. They just got lost.

The door creaked and made a lot of noise as it opened. It was an old door. When it had opened, he squinted from the brightness of the lights. After his eyes adjusted, he saw that he had indeed just stepped into an old hallway. Only difference between this hallway and the one from his imagination was that here there were no doors.

This was good. That meant no scary people with big guns would jump out and kill them. Thank God for small favors. He switched the light on the flashlight off and heard as two other clicks sounded. Max and Michael had done the same.

“So. . . ,” Alex said as he looked around the room. He tried to ignore the door at the end of the hall with a big red button next to it. They must not press that button. In the movies, you NEVER press the big red button. No good can come from it.

“Yeah,” Max said in agreement.

Alex just nodded, understanding how Max was feeling. This was a scary hallway. The colorless walls were cold and hard and there were no windows, the only light the blinding light from the overhead fixtures.

“So, we should. . . ,” Alex said again. He motioned towards the door. Maybe Max could press the red button and he could hid in the corner until it was safe. It seemed like a decent plan to him.

Max nodded, “Yeah.”

Michael sighed and interrupted their quasi conversation. “Look, there’s a door. There’s a red button. Let’s press it. D‘accord?”

Alex didn’t even spend the energy wondering why Michael was asking questions in French. He reached his hand out and motioned for Michael go first. Michael just rolled his eyes and stalked towards the door, his hand reaching out to press that red button.

Alex closed his eyes as he heard the small click of the button being pressed. The hiss of the door opening sent shivers down his hall. He was seriously about to wet his pants. He took back everything he said about wanting an adventure. He liked having a boring ordinary life.

He opened his eyes to find Max and Michael staring into an ordinary room. There were maybe about 30 computers, all looking state of the art. At the end of the large room, there was a staircase with dark blue stairs, leading up to a room with tinted windows.

Max stepped in cautiously, looking around the room. It looked like an ordinary computer room, but why all the secrecy? Where was the other entrance? The entire room was empty, which wasn’t that unusual since it was almost midnight.

Michael started to walk up the blue steps, “You guys, the main office is probably up here.”
The other boys started to follow him and watched as the door slid open automatically as they got close to it. Michael started to walk in when Max stopped him.

“Wait,” Max said. He was looking down the stairs with his mouth wide open. Alex and Michael turned to look also and their mouths dropped open when they saw what Max had seen. On the wall across from them situated three big posters. Each of Isabel, Liz and Maria.

They stared at the posters for a while when Michael spoke. “Do you guys see what I see?”

Max and Alex just nodded. “Does anyone think that‘s weird?”

The boys nodded again.

Michael just shrugged and walked into the office. It looked empty. The office was expensive looking, leather couches against the wall. There were awards and degrees all over the wall. An expensive computer was on a oak desk and you could still see the posters of the girl through the windows.

The boys continued looking around the office and Alex sat himself down in the desk chair, looking at the computer. “I wonder where everyone is?” Max asked.

Alex looked at the scattered paper all over the desk. When he’s eyes fell on the ash tray he passed it instinctively. He looked over at Michael who was looking behind the picture frames and Max who was sitting on one of the couches. Wait, Alex saw something.

Looking back on the desk, he’s eyes widened as they fell on the ashtray. There was a cigar on the ashtray which was still steaming. He opened his mouth to tell Max and Michael when the door to the right of the room opened and a deep voice sounded out.

“Nice to see you again boys.”
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This part is really short, but I thought it would be better than nothing, so let's call it 26a. Thanks for all the feedback and enjoy your reading.

Chapter Twenty-Six A

There had to be enough time. If only she wouldn't feel so tired. She had to make it there in time. If not. . .she didn't even want to imagine what would happen.

She ran down the street, Isabel following behind her. "Hurry up Iz!" she screamed as they passed houses, mailboxes, and parked cars.

Her feet pounded against the pavement and her long red hair obscured her vision every time her left foot hit the sidewalk. She had to make it.

Turning the corner, the building came into view. Sucking in a deep breath and ignoring the fire in her lungs she raced to the door. Bracing against the impact she kneeled down and caught her breath. "Iz. . .get. . .card. . .now!" she said between breaths.

Isabel dug the card out of her jean pocket and threw it towards Maria. Maria caught it and inserted it into the slot in the wall. The door opened immediately and Maria set off running down the familiar hall again.

She should have known something was wrong. The secret phone call at her house, then Liz's sudden notice that she had to go home. HE called her.

Maria and Isabel ran side by side towards the main room. She just hoped Liz wouldn't do something she would regret later. But, if she thought he did what he was planning on doing. . .that possibility was very strong.


“Nice to see you again boys.”

All three boys turned towards the door to the left side of the room, the one door they didn't check. There stood Liz, dressed to kill. She had on black leather pants, tighter than tight, a halter top, pink and innocent and red high heeled shoes. Her hair was curled and let loose over her shoulders in waves. Her lips were coated in dark red lipstick and a insanely wild smile was on her lips.

"Liz?" Alex croaked as she stepped inside the room, her eyes on all three boys.

Liz smiled even wider, "That's my name, don't wear it out."

"Liz?" Max whispered as he took a step closer. What happened next surprised him. Liz whipped her head towards him and replaced that happy face with an angry one. She glared at him and pointed her finger towards him. "NO!" she screamed, then lowered her voice to an even, yet still menacing tone. "No, you don't get to call me that."

Max took a step back. Why wasn't he allowed to call her Liz. She told him to. "But, you told me to," he replied.

Her features hardened even more. Flicking her long hair over her shoulder she shrugged, "That was then. This is now."

Alex got up from the desk chair and walked closer towards Liz. "What are you doing here?"

Liz gave him a toothy grin, "I could ask you the same thing. But I already know. I saw you coming from miles away. You hacked away at the wall and you traveled the mile underground. Pretty impressive for three teenage boys. But, it took you long enough. I thought that we would actually have to take you here because you weren't accepting the clues. We even got dear old Charles to tell you about the tunnel." She tsked at Alex, "Thought you would have figured that one out Alex. Guess you aren't as smart as you used to be."

Alex's shook his head in disbelief, "What are you saying? What happened to you? You're not Liz."

Liz laughed sarcastically and sat down in the chair behind the desk. She set her high heeled clad feet on the desk and twirled slowly from side to side. "That Liz? She's here somewhere, but I wouldn't be looking so hard."

He couldn't believe this. These words coming from Liz's mouth, he could never believe he would hear such harsh things. She was like an entirely different person.

He didn't know what to expect next. So, she was playing a game with him the entire time? He couldn't believe that. He refused to believe it. She told him that he could call her Liz. She accepted him that day. You can't just take something like that back.

"Where's Maria?" Michael asked. That's right, Max thought to himself, Michael doesn't know. He didn't tell him the whole story. Well, he was just as much in the dark as himself.

Liz slammed her feet unto the ground and placed her palms on the table. "What did I tell you about staying away from her Michael?"

Michael just gave her a blank look. "I swear to God that if you ever go near her, I will hurt you so badly that you'll be begging for me to kill you." Then she laughed loudly, "Just kidding!"

Max wasn't so sure she was kidding. Alex who was watching this whole ordeal spoke again. "What are you doing?" He turned towards the door, "We're going. Come on."

He started for the door but Liz pushed a button on the desk and the door automatically closed. She opened the top door of the desk and pulled out a rectangular black object. "You know what I'm thinking." She said as she tapped it against her forehead in wonder, she then pointed it at the stunned boys. At that moment Max realized she was holding in her hands a gun. "I think that you're not going anywhere."


If you can't see the picture, go here:

In Crowd pic

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Just a little note. I know this part is short, but what it lacks in quantity is makes up with quality. Believe me, lots of stuff happens in this part. Like the part with the. . . oh, just read it! Thanks for feedback and bumps!


Chapter Twenty-Six B

Seeing a gun in real life is nothing like in the movies. There's nothing glamorous or humorous about it. Guns equal power. That's why three teenage boys are cowering from a little girl. Because she had a gun. She had the power.

He wondered why Liz was doing this. He wondered what happened to the woman he lost his heart too not long ago. But most of all, he wondered why she looked so comfortable and so familiar while holding a gun. The power.

The three boys remained motionless as Liz pointed a gun at them. She had both arms straight out and a small smile on her face. "Don't move," she commanded. She rose from the chair and walked sideways to the door, keeping the gun pointed steadily at the boys. Opening a panel on the wall, she pressed several buttons and closed the panel. A second later the left wall opposite her opened with a huge hiss. Behind the door was another room with a computer that took up an entire wall. There was also a table in the middle of the room where a man was sitting calmly.

Max's eyes narrowed in thought.

"Michael, you shouldn't have said that!"
"Chill Maxwell, all I told the guy was that his toupee was a little crooked."

There sitting on a chair in the table was the principal of West Roswell High School, Mr. Knight.

"Come on boys," Liz said while motioning for them to enter the new room with her gun. The boys hesitantly followed, still looking between Liz and the principal.

"Why are you doing this?" Alex asked again.

Liz's brown eyes turned towards Alex and she paused for a moment before responding. "I have to pass. It's a test. HE wants me to pass this test to prove myself to him. I'm his Alex, you have to understand that."

Alex just shook his head, "Liz, you aren't anybody's but yourself. You don't need to prove anything."

Liz's eyes wavered between Alex and Mr. Knight, who was still sitting calmly. Max felt a glimmer of hope of the new look in Liz's eyes. Maybe they could talk her out of this.

HE most have sensed this as well. "Elizabeth," he bellowed in his throaty voice, "remember what we talked about."

Liz's hand shook some more and she took a deep breath to steady herself. "You don't get it Alex. He's all I have. My parents. . .they're gone. I need him. I just need to prove him this."

Alex huffed, "That's crap Liz. You have me, and Max, and Maria and Isabel, you've even got Michael. You're not along. Come on Liz, I know you, you're not a killer."

HE chuckled at Alex's remark and Max watched as Liz's face contorted in pain. "Why don't you tell them Elizabeth?"

Liz just shook her head and stuttered, "I-I. . .no, I-just c-cant. . . ,".

"Tell them," HE commanded.

"Liz, what's he talking about?" Alex asked.

"Tell them," HE repeated.

Liz let out a whimper. "It's true," she whispered.

"What's true?" Alex murmured, sharing concerned looks with Max.

Liz lowered her head and when she raised it, her eyes shone with tears. They were now blue. "I'm a killer."

She cleared her throat before talking repeating herself. "I killed my parents. I, I k-killed Mr. Stevens."

At the shocked looks on the boys faces she nodded her head. "So what do you think now? Think I'm so great now? I'm a killer. A FUCKING KILLER! So, what do you think of me now?"

Alex took a step back, shaking his head while muttering softly to himself. "No," he whispered, then strengthened his voice. "No, you couldn't! The Liz I know wouldn't hurt a fly! You just - it's not possible!"

Liz just laughed, a loud empty one that shook Max to the core. "It's true. I took a gun and shot him as he whimpered to me to tell his wife that he loved her. I watched his body slowly slid to the ground. My parents weren't much different. They were crushed in the car. Not even recognizable. Bones broken, tissue torn. There was blood everywhere. So dark, so thick. And all I walked away with was a bunch of scrapes and bruises."


"Yes," he interrupted, his voice full of glee, "now you must finish the test."

Max ripped his eyes from their principal back towards Liz. "What test?"

Liz turned to look at him and her face flinches and Max knew somewhere. . .she loved him.

Leveling her gun again, she straightened her back and turned the safety off. Her finger was hovered over the trigger. "The final test is to kill you three."

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Chapter Twenty-Seven

It's not like she wanted to do it.

So, don't be looking at her with a disapproved look on your face. It was more complicated than that. It like's she was a puppet attached to strings, which he controlled.

They looked so scared that she wanted to cry for hours. But, it didn't matter now what she did because she was in too deep. She had done too many things to take anything back. She was a killer, and now she should do what she was best at. Kill.

The words she had thought the day before floated to the surface of her mind. If they made her kill someone, she wouldn’t. She’d use all of her strength and stop it, and if that didn’t work. . . . Then she’d kill herself.

But she couldn't kill herself. HE would be upset. Although, if she did attempt to, then maybe things wouldn't be so bad. She would be able to see her parents. And the pain would end. Except, her parents were in heaven, and after everything she had done, she didn't have a shot of getting past those pearly gates. She was screwed.

Maybe she should just go on a killing spree and become one of those killers that everyone talks about. Like Charles Manson. Yep, that guy was going to hell, right next to Hitler and the Devil. Hey, she could be the Devil's assistant. How's your coffee Mr. Devil? Killed anyone lately Mr. Devil? Is that a new tail Mr. Devil?

"Elizabeth, focus," he told her again.

She straightened her back. Right. Focus on killing these three guys who's only mistake was trusting her. I can do this, she thought to herself. If those other crazy killers can do it, then so can I.

She looked at the three boys who were shuddering at her. She could kill them. Bang, bang, bang, you're dead. Easy as pie.

But she didn't want to kill them.

If she killed Alex, then who would make everyone around laugh and enjoy his music. If she killed Alex, then she wouldn't be fixing Isabel's problem. And she killed Michael. . .well, she didn't know a whole lot about Michael, but she could tell Maria had a thing for him, and Maria had never felt anything about a guy. Besides, Michael wasn't a bad guy. In all reality, he was brave, coming here for Maria, a girl he barely knew.

Then there was Max. This amazing guy who accepted her, no questions asked. The body and face of a god and the heart of an angel. Just the way he looked at her, and the way her name rolled off his satiny lips made her heart thump. He was the first guy she had ever felt anything about. He made her feel like a romantic woman in a story. The girls with the long hair and the low bodice with a whole lot of cleavage.

He made her feel.

"Liz, don't do it."

She met eyes with him. His amber eyes sucked her in and she was drowning in them. But she didn't want to get out, she wanted to drown in them everyday of her entire life. Too feel so safe and so warm, and so. . .loved, was heaven. Which she didn't deserve.

But that still didn't mean she wanted to kill them.

She slowly sit her gun down on the desk, her eyes remaining locked on Max's. A breath of fresh air whooshed through her body and her body started to tingle as Max smiled his special smile at her. It wasn't perfect. But who the hell cared about perfect?

Taking a deep breath, she turned to Mr. Knight. "I'm sorry," she announced. "I won't do it. Not anymore. It's over."

His lips snarled and he stood up and walked closer to her, his step menacing. "So, that's it? No? After everything I've done for you! I saved you Elizabeth. Treated you like you were my daughter. My flesh. My blood. And this is how you repay me?"

He suddenly lunged for the gun on the desk, but Max, expecting this, met him halfway. They became a jumble of fists and kicks and Elizabeth just wanted it to end.

She saw Michael and Alex approaching them but they stopped when they heard a loud smack. Liz turned just in time to see Mr. Knight sag to the floor, his hand cupping his chin. "You son-of-a-bitch," he said as he spat out, red blood dripping out of mouth.

"It's over," Max said in a firm voice.

Mr., Knight just let out a crazy, hysterical laugh, wheezing for air when he needed some. "It's over? Think again buddy. You're girlfriend here is a murderer. How much time you think she'll get? 20 years? 30? By the time she gets out of prison, you'll already be old enough to have grandkids."

"Besides," he continued, "it's not over." Withdrawing a small metal object from his shirt, he pressed the button in the middle.

Liz felt dread creep up her spine. She recognized those. They used those in practice. . .

"Oh, so you recognize it Ms. Parker? You should, because it's what's going to kill your three little friends."

"No," Liz murmured.

He just nodded. "Yes, this little metal thing just sent information into our mega computer. The computer that instructs you what to do. The one you couldn't fight if you tried."

No, this couldn't be happening. Not again. She could fight it. Like with Mr. Stevens.

She felt a pressure raising in her body and looked down at her hands. Blue sparks were running from each finger tip to the other. She gasped and leaned over, clutching her stomach in pain. "Leave, hurry," she croaked.

"No Liz, what the hell is going on?" Max yelled.

Mr. Knight let out another ridiculous laugh as he watched her struggle with pain. "Leave," she whispered in a last attempt.

Her arm slowly extended and she gritted her teeth in an attempt to stop it. It didn't work. Her arm continued extended before her clammy hand clasped the cool metal of the gun.

She saw the boys faces dawn in understanding. Her arms lengthened in front of her and she cocked the gun at the boys. Why couldn't she stop it!

"It's no use Elizabeth," Mr. Knight said, blood still dripping down his chin. "You aren't strong enough to fight it."

"DON'T LIZ!" two voices screamed to her at the side. She didn't have to turn to know that it was Maria and Isabel. They wanted her to stop. But couldn't anyone see that she wasn't strong enough? She wasn't strong enough to save her parents. She wasn't strong enough to stop herself from killing Mr. Stevens, and she wasn't strong enough to stop this.

But, god, she loved him so much. She wanted to live that perfect fairy tale with Max and have a million kids with a house with blue shutters and a white picket fence. She wanted a golden retriever running through the lawns and wanted to be that married couple who was so in love.

If they made her kill someone, she wouldn’t. She’d use all of her strength and stop it, and if that didn’t work. . . . Then she’d kill herself.

That was it. One life for three. She could do that. They didn't deserve to die.

She let out a crazy laugh. "You're wrong Mr. Knight. I have to shoot somebody, but it doesn't have to be them."

She clenched her eyes and gathered all her strength and slowly turned the gun towards her. She could hear the gasps from Maria and Isabel and could sense the anger and frustration coming from Max. She slowly opened her eyes once she felt the cool metal on her forehead.


Oh, goody, Sheriff Valenti was here.

"Liz, what in the name of Buddha are you doing?"

There was Kyle.

It was almost like a funeral. Except for the mess she was going to make.

She ignored everyone and focused in on Max. Sweet, sensitive, caring Max. She wished everything was different. Maybe in a different time and a different place she could have her fairy tale. She chocked back tears of regret and just stared at his beautiful face.

"I'm sorry," she whispered.

He took a step closer. "Liz, please." He blinked quickly and several tears escaped from the corner of his eyes. He was sad she was going to die. "Liz, don't," he choked out, "I need you."

She just smiled softly at him, still remembering the first day she met him. Michael had tried to invite them out around town and Max had just stared at her, his eyes full of awe. Maybe she had loved him at that moment.

"I love you," she murmured, "so much."

With that she placed her finger above the trigger and said a prayer up to heaven or down to hell that somebody would be waiting for her.

And then she pulled the trigger.


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Okay, so here it is. I now I haven't updated in a while and I think it was because I didn't want to end this fic. But, here's the Epilogue. I hope you've enjoyed this story. I enjoyed writing it.

I just wanted to thank everyone for all the feedback and bumps. It really inspired me to write more. And I love to write, so without further ado. . .



He hated funerals. The way everyone dressed in black and pretended that for just a second they felt sorry for the person who had died. It made him sick.

Of course, the cause for the funeral came to mind and his stomach tightened in sickness. No, he could think of that now. But, there was so much blood.

"Liz?" he called out, tears streaming down his face. The gunshot noise ricocheted through his body before resting in his heart. This single gunshot was either going to break him or make him.

"Liz, answer me," he cried with a groan. He fell beside where her body laid and he felt the bile rise in his throat. There was so much blood.

He couldn't think. Too much blood. Too much.

He had always prided himself for being on of the people who could watch those surgery shows without being grossed out. The sight of blood had never bothered him before.

Until now.

He shoved his hands into the pockets of his black dress pants and leaned against the tree watching the funeral in progress. The clergyman was reading out of the Bible while the friends of the deceased watched.

Was that what would happen to you once you died? You would just be known as the dead guy, the dead body, nothing more.

"Liz, goddammit, open your eyes and answer me," he shouted at her. The tears wouldn't stop falling from the corner of his eyes and he tried to avoid the blood coming from the side of her head. So much blood.

"Liz, no, you cannot leave me! You hear me! I need you, and it's just selfish of you to leave me!"

He kneeled next to her, not caring that his pants were getting soaked in the dark red blood. His love was dying right in front of him.

"Max?" she called out in a weak voice.

He watched as Michael and Alex stood to the side of the casket and threw a rose unto it. The workers slowly walked to the side of the coffin and started to lower it slowly.

He could see Maria and Isabel off to the side, holding hands as they just stared at the casket. It looked like they couldn't move their eyes if they tried. Isabel was hunched over, her usually thick blond hair looking limp and dry. Maria was next to her, smoking a cigarette in her left hand.

He didn't know Maria smoked.

"Liz?" he called out in an amazed voice. Gripping her hand tightly he murmured to her, "Liz, I'm right here baby, come back to me."

Her eyes fluttered open and her eyes searched left to right before settling on Max's face. Max felt the terror rush over him and he raised his head before yelling to the Sheriff. "CALL 911, HURRY!"

"Liz, I'm right here honey, I'm right here."

Her dark brown eyes glittered with pain and love as she stared up at him. "Max," she whispered.

"That's right, it's me. Come on Liz, don't leave me."

Her eyes fluttered closed and she whispered 'Max' again.

"Liz?" he asked as he squeezed her hand tighter in panic.

He kicked some dust off the ground as he remembered the Sheriff running out of the room and everyone else just watching them. . .waiting.

HE rose to his feet, the blood starting to dry on his chin. "Is she dead?" he asked in a quiet voice.

Max ignored him, the anger starting to bubble up in his chest.

"I didn't want her dead, I meant what I said earlier, I love her like a daughter."

Max wanted to hit him as hard as he could more than he had ever wanted to hit another person. This guy was unbelievable.

He would never forget the look on her face as she lay there. She looked so peaceful, like she had finally found home. He knew that feeling.

He felt it when he was with her.

Loosening his tie, he watched as people started to pick dirt up in their hands and throw them unto the coffin that had already been placed inside the earth. He wondered how it felt to be in a coffin. How long would you have before you suffocated? How long would you last before you starved? How long before the Devil came for your soul?

"She wasn't supposed to die! That wasn't part of the plan!"

Max watched as Alex charged over to Mr. Knight and delivered a beautiful punch that sent him sprawling against the wall. "THE PLAN?" he screamed. "ALL OF THIS FOR A STUPID PLAN!" He walked up to Mr. Knight and kicked him once in the ribs, "This is for Liz." Kicking him again. "This is for Isabel." Kick. "For Maria." Kick. "For Mr. Stevens." Kick. Kick. Kick.

He just kept kicking until Michael stopped him.

Alex just shook him off and went to the other corner, still glaring at Mr. Knight.

Maria was staring at Liz with her mouth wide open and Isabel was just staring at the ground.

They weren't helping him. God, he would give up everything if he could save her! Just give him alien powers for 5 seconds, long enough to save her!

The people started to leave and he watched as Michael and Alex escorted Maria and Isabel to their car. This was especially tough of them, what with them being so close.

Running his hands through his hair, he sighed. Imagine, and this only happened yesterday.

The coroners report had confirmed it. They had died from a gunshot wound to the head. Like that was so hard to diagnose. Thanks Doc., you sure saved us a lot of guessing in that department.

But he didn't care. Because it was over.

He felt his neck start to tingle and a small smile graced his lips before he turned around. There she was, in all her glory, sitting in a wheelchair, a blanket on her lap and a miserable frown on her face.

"How're you feeling?"

He reached over and grasped the handle of the wheelchair and started pushing it into the other direction.

He watched as Mr. Knight slithered on the ground, still clutching his ribs in pain and reached the gun. Max didn't care enough to move.

Mr. Knight glanced at Liz before raising the gun to his head and shooting himself.

Max closed his eyes at the sound and willed himself not to look over at Mr. Knight, who's brains were now splattered all over the wall.

Liz's eyes popped open at the sound and she grasped Max's hand tightly, her eyes searching again for his.

"Still here Liz, I won't ever leave you again."

Her head was bandaged and she still had an IV attached to the chair, but she didn't want to stay at the hospital. She wanted to attend the funeral and pay her last respects to Mr. Knight.

They walked past the police cars and several officers waved at Liz. She weakly waved back before letting her hand lay limply on her lap again. Who knew that a Buddha loving guy like Kyle would tape a conversation. A conversation where Mr. Knight clearly stated that he controlled Liz when she killed Mr. Stevens, so they got off easy. Some community work, pay a fine and on probation were pretty good punishments.

"So, how are you feeling?"

Liz just smiled back, her deep brown eyes connecting with his. "Like I love you."

Max just reached down and kissed her softly on the lips, a kiss promising things in the future, a kiss filled with a thousand words. They got into Max's jeep and drove off together.

The End.


A small word from The-In crowd.

We are the In-Crowd.

Three teenage girls. . .

trying to piece together our lives.

And you know what the Beatles said. The best things in life are free.

They were wrong about that.

But they were right about one thing.

All you need is love.


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