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Tittle: Your Hand On Mine
Author: It is I carolina_moon who writes this
Catagory:M/L-AU(my favourite)-NC-17,if I get some help
Disclaimer:Yeah sure if I had anything to offer the world I'd let you take it;love, money, a young Jack rabbit, or even a robotic plant that waters, feeds, and can go to the bathroom by itself,maybe even able to keep itself amused for short periods of time, then I'd give it to you, but sadly I can't even give you bread.Also I have no affiliation with Roswell whatsoever, and once I'm done with it's characters I'll call in a magician to come and put them back together!
AN :This is a weird time zone setting so just behr with me, is my first gentle?

Okay here we go enjoy part one:

Lush yellow Autumn leaves and young wild flowers used to be beautiful to me. Some can never fathominto the way a young childs mind works,but thats okay now, because I'm older and wiser, and if theres one thing life's taught me it's to roll with the punches,to be who you want to be. Oh Yeah people will come and go but what you've got to realise is that you are the only constant in your life, so be true to yourself.
Ha! (insert scoff here) if I were true to myself, and did what I truely wanted to do, I'd be six feet under and still angry at the world. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a lover of life, but now it doesn't matter where they put me; in the act of coming into this world, I killed my own Mother, and for that my father hated me. I remember how he used to look at me with those cold grey eyes filled with hatred and say "no-one could ever love you" and "your more trouble than your worth you little tart" these are what I like to think are the compliments my father payed me, the nicest things he ever said to me.
Now granted, it doesn't sound like much, but inagine hearing that every day of your life untill you were five.

Tears pricked in the corners of her eyes, Elizabeth looked up to see such an amazing house, Wide open yardsthat were bigger than any feild she'd ever seen, the beauty of the land was very nearly surpassed by the enormity of the huge whtie glowing mansion. Elizabeths observations were cut short when she heard the loud clearing of a throat behind her ' here we go again' she thought as she mentally shook her head, straightened her back, and turned toher destiny which was no held in the hands of the man with the now clear throat...................................

Shall I continue,really guys I can take constructive critisism, in fact I'm begging you for it. I have a few more parts already written out so if you want them just tell me!

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Guys I was thinking about posting the second part later so tell me if you want me to !

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Hey guys it's me again, here's the next part,It's shorter than I'd like but whatcha gonna do? diclaimes at the top of the page somewhere, on with the story :

~PART 2~

The Hardings,doesn't that just say it all?, The Hardings, it just screams wealthy, well educated, and highly opinionated!(snort) can you hear the bad brittish accent as I say this?.Lets do the introductions, We'll start with dear old Ed shall we? not too tall, not too plump, and not too much hair either! The first thing he said to me was " Er... Hello there, er.... welcome" I bet he planned this whole big speech just for me. " Theres my wife Evita, and my little daughter Tessy, we should get his lot inside huh?" Okay maybe not, He's probably too wrapped up in himself to even remember my name for later.
Moving on, I find that Evita has a certain charm about her, all sweet and sugary when the Ladies bridge club is over but then look out because if you get on the wrong side of her she's like snake in the grass waiting to strike! On the way up three flights of stairs ( yeah I know, three entire flights of stairs) I was treated to what I like to call horror stories, and what Evita calls memories of her youth, should I be taking this little chat session as a warning? Theres no time to ponder that though because as soon as the door closes, I turn to find 'Tessy' sitting cross legged on my bed chatterin away. I sigh as I sit down on the bed next to her, I practice a tetchnique I like to call 'selective hearing', why am I suddenly overcome with an impending sense of doom? The technique pays off as I hear the words ................................................. Shall I continue?

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Hey guys,I've got the next part here with me, I'm sorry they're so short I didn't realise the one page of refill equaled like 10cm on the board, so after this the posts will start to get longer, this part is dedicated to roswellluver,& not_of_this_earth, because so far they are the only ones who've left me feedback! anyway.......

~Part 3~

PREVIOUSLY: The technique pays off as I hear the words.........................

"We're going to get married you know" she says with complete conviction. Ladies and Gentlemen this is me Liz Parker for the first time in her life resisting the urge to roll my eyes ( and beleive you me,the urge has never been stronger)- Yeah sure you are Tessy, I'll bet he loves you ever so much! " and he loves me so much as well, he hasn't said it yet but I know he will" oh this is just too much, " and even though we haven't been together long" BLAH. BLAH. BLAH, GAG ME! GAG ME NOW, PLEASE! "It's really serious" she says solemly, wait for it, yep there it is , the look the one that says worship my non exsistant relationship now. " That's soooo nice Tess!" can you hear my high pitched , sarcastic squeals?, god I'm soo embarrassed, " How long have you two been together?", not tha tI really care or anything but seein as you like the sound of your own voice so much why don't you just answer right away. "About 43 days and ..." shes pausing to check her watch, can you believe this girl? I see deffinate potential for psyco, stalker tendancies here, " five hours and seventeen minutes" I chooes this moment to let out a particularily un-ladylike snort, which I cover up quickly by pretending to cough when she looks at me curiosly."Sorry " I hear myself saying " I'm still not used to the country air!" this seems to satisfy her because for the next two hours she goes on about the entrees at the wedding that she will have, and the type of vase I should get her as a wedding present,I also get a sneak peek at the wedding dress she has a picture of that she hides under the bed. On everything all cats fluffy and bald, Iswear I've meet some nutters in my time but shes fast beggining to make her way up the top of my list! God if your listening to this you owe me! No 15 year old should be subjected to this cruel and unusual punishment, aren't there like Geneva convention rules against this sort of thing!(a/n sorry I couldn't resist ) " Girls dinner's ready" is betled up three flights of stairs for all to hear, although Evita's screech doesn't go un heeded because I jump up as quick as a flash and race down the many stairs to my salvation. This is going to be pure unadultereated hell!

The next part will be a Max P.O.V and the begging of the meeting don't worry all my heart bleeds only pure dreams!

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Hey everyone, heres part four

~Part 4~*Max p.o.v*

Sometimes when I watch the sun go down, it brings me peace, Although lately it only brings me dread. Especially after the conversation I had with my mother this afternoon.....................................................

"Max, honey, you haven't gone to see Teresa in a while!"

I know Ma God has been good to me!

"I've been busy Ma!",

and she gives me this look, Ya know? that patternted mother look that they all seem to be born with.

"She's such a nice young girl sweetheart!"

yeah sure, if nice is wanting to rip of my arm and beat her to death with it to stop her high pitched, annoying voice from deafening me! then she's the nicest person I've ever meet!

"And I want you to go over there tommorow!"

as I open my mouth to protest!

"Don't even think about arguing with me young man"

she says sternly

"They have a new guest staying there and you will introduce yourself and act like a proper gentleman!"

proper gentleman? I'll give you porper gentleman! you can shove your proper gentleman...

"Dinners ready now, so go wash up"

Understand now? Latley night only brings nightmares!
Thud,Thud,Thud. Here I am at this God awful place- sure my mother treats me like the favourite but I think she secretly hates me!


I hear the wild hunting call but my vision is blurred by a mass of extremely bright colours, aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a massive weight has hit me!, I've been, hit man down! man down! mayday, mayday!- loud smacking kisses are being placed on my face as I struggle to get away, but she's too strong!

"I missed you sooooooooooooooo much!"

Now I'm having the life squeezed out of me , but thats okay because - Ma, as the son who will live longest I get to choose the nursing home!!!!!!!!!

"Hello Tess"

I manage to choke out, that seems to be enough for her because now she's taken my arm and is dragging me ( and I do mean dragging me!) around the house screeching

"Elizabeth! Elizabeth"

Alittle confused to as who Elizabeth is I say cat?"

"No silly,"

she says as her eyes roll right to the back of her head

"The latest charity case!"

I frown as she says this, I hate the way she thinks she's better than everyone else! My frown doesn't stay there for long however because I am noe being mesmerised by the ANGEL floating down the stairs...........................

Does anyone want a new part soon? sorry the parts will get longer now, really! they will.

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OH MY GOSH! I am soooooooooooo chuffed right now! (he he) I was seriously considering dropping the fic because I thought everyone hated it! This part is the longest part I've written and has serious Dreamer action ( for so early on anyway!) So this part is going out to godessdiva,Pixie,marteloise,Shama,Jessica_01,and Roswellian_chicka

~Part 5a~ *Max p.o.v*

PREVIOUSLY:My frown doesn't stay there for long, because I'm mesmerised by the absolute angel floating down the stairs...........

I've died! thats it I've died and gonr to heaven!, no wait I'm not that lucky I've just slipped into a hullucination, that's it a cruel, cruel, hullucination, there is no dream girl, fish cannot swim backwards, and dogs don't like to be patted at all! They secretly conspire in the dead of the night and plant chips in each others heads, so that when we pat them we get an electric shock. Crazy- yep thats me! I'm broken out of my stupor by the sweetest sound on Earth!

"What is it Tess?"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~switching to Liz p.o.v.

"Elizabeth!, Elizabeth!"

Oh God it's calling, erghhhh, I always tried to be a good little girl, I never asked for much!, but so help me if the 'Gerbil" calls I must come running.

"What is it Tess"

I say in the most exsasperated fashion I can muster at this particular point in time. Unfortunatley all my concerntration goes into my exsasperation, so when I stumble on this rediculusly frilly dress, I'm taken by surprise even more so when a pair of the warmest, strongest hands I've ever seen shoots out to steady me. Startled I look up to see two enchantingly glowing amber eyes that seemed to be filled with mirth that looked fresh,and another emotion that I've never seen before.

"Woah there"

I take inventory, we go from strong hands, to beautifully sculptured forearms, and bicepts, to nice broad shoulders, to the most boyish, handsome face..........wait what am I saying? I've been here to long! I steady myself, reluctant to leave his embrace.

"Uhhhh...... thanks"

Wow you really managed to knock'em dead there Liz! I'm sure he doesn't think your an idiot at all!

"Thats okay"he says

'Oh my' I think mentally fanning myself, listen to that sexy voice he has! sexy?, sexy?, when did I become such a horndog?I'm only fifteen, I shouldn't even know what sex is!, But Buddah almighty stop me from dragging this man into the stables and having my oh so naughty way with him! I'm staring, I know I am, but I can't help it, theres just something in those eyes, I think they have flecks of gold in them- so we just stand there .........staring........, untill


That was Tessy dear incase you didn't figure it out.


Heres me cringing- oh and do you hear that? thats the sound of my heart dropping through my stomach and onto the cold marble floor.

I'll be back real soon with the rest of the part!
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Sorry guys I just didn't know how much room was left on the last page!now.. onwards

~Part 5b~*Liz p.o.v.*

"This is Elizabeth!"

she announces, I'm suprised she didn't add the 'charity case' on the end of that little intro-oh yeah the good thing about marble is that it echos really well (True?!?) His eyes light up, I wonder why? they almost seem to be projecting joy or something.

"Really?" he says

I look at the ground, just anywhere but him! anywhere!

"My mother told me that you were a guest here?"

oohhhh yeah!

"ohhhh yeah...I mean yes, yes I am!"

Way to go Liz, dazzle him with your excellent language skills!-me speak good england!

"Then maybe you'd like to join us for a walk?

Ha! if looks could kill, Tess would be charged with murder right now!

"Oh I wouldn't want to be a bother!"

Thats it Lizzie play him up.

"Oh really I insist"

That one didn't take him too long to bite, I guess the poor lonesome innocent 'I wouldn't want to be a bother' girl act has once again submerged triumphant!

"come we should go now"

Come? oh baby you can make me come anytime you want, - sheesh, what is wrong with me, is it like mating season in Lizland now?

He has already retrieved my coat from the rack and proceeded to put it around my shoulders as Tess says

"Maxie, honey"- wait, did I just see him wince?

"I'm sure Liz has other things to do!"


He says as he gives me this look begging me not to agree with her, when he sees I'm not about to say anything he gives me this delicious half grin and winks at me. - Well looky here, theres me right there, I'm that puddle of goo lying on the floor, I groan inwardly as I think -Please let me live through this, please let me live through this!

Again I'll be back soon!
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Sorry abot the coppy posting I just wanted a bit of distinguishing between the scenes,

~Prat 5c~*still Liz p.o.v*

Do you remember when I said young wild flowers used to be beautiful to me?, well now they aren't looking so bad!Especially since I'm looking for something,anything to occupy myself while 'Tessy' hangs all over poor Max. She's an embarrassment to all women! I've decided to play it safe, so I walk alittle ahead so I don't have to talk to either of them, I know what your thinking! why come if you didn't want to talf to Max?- well thats because now I'm playing the whole mysterious angle, I want to keep him guessing, this way when he goes home tonight he'll wonder why I'm not all over him like every other girl!
I survey my suroundings, thats when I spot a butterfly in a spiderweb, right now I feel like that butterfly, I don't know how I know this and frankly I don't have the emotional energy to figure this metaphor out.I don't know why but it feels like everything in my world is shifting, and I don't know why, even though nothings happening, but then again maybe everthing is happening and I just don't realise it! Taking a chance with this force on me I step towards the web, which just happens to be an a very tall tree!- too bad I don't have a strapping young lad who's tall to help me isn't it?, oh wait a minute I do!-dare I?
I don't even need to turn and ask for help, because before I can a solid warm body presses itself up against me and reached up, slowly his fingers brushed along my arm. I'm not sure weither it's intentional but I'll take what I can get! He delicately reaches plucks the butterfly out of the web and cups it in his hands. I turn to face him, looking into those amber depths. He removes one of his hands to take hold of one of mine- I'll never forget the feeling of his hand on mine, it is forever imprinted in my brain....................Silence........................ I'm sure this is symbolism for a radical changing in my life but I'll have to work that one out later too!, we can do that in some kind of ephinanitical episode later on. Gently, he tips the butterfly into my hands. Our breathing is now slow and heavy, we are matching each other breathe for breathe, I'm not sure weither our foreheads are touching, if not they're soo close they will be soon, and I ever so slowly turn my hands away from each other, releasing the butterfly. As I watched it fluttering away, I felt something new rise up in me. Wheres my inner cockyness gone? and why do I feel like the old me again?, the old one who believed that there was good in the world? the one who wasn't broken? maybe my new self will come back later, but for now I'm satified feeling like Gypsy Queen. I let out a content, and turn to walk off carefully avoiding Tess's gaze, of whom I could feel the rage burning off. In a while she'll cool down, but thats not my problem. I wonder how long this new found spirituality will last, without a word I turn and head off down that road again but the only difference is, I'm not a little girl anymore, I'm a woman!
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Just bumping this one up again! if you guys don't like it you can tell me! and also I'm thinking of starting another fic so, if you want it tell me- if you don't want it I'll post some anyway*big*
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A/N Hey guys, I just thought that if anyone reading this fic would be pleased to know that there will be an update within the next two days, most likely tommorow! and it's shaping up to be a big ass one too!!!!!!!!!*big*

( it actually will probably be today according to the board, so the boards today and my tommorow)

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Thanks to: JaneLane, ISLANDGIRLS, Shama, and roswellluver , sorry if I missed anyone but I didn't have my pen so those names are off memory! Sorry guys I know it's been ages, if not for you then me because I've had massive guilt trips about not posting sooner! anyway... onwards (ps ********* indicates earlier)

~Part 6 Max p.o.v~

Is it me or is the world a better place with Elizabeth in it? I can't stop thinking about her, and my mother could tell too...................


"nice visit honey?"

she asked as soon as I got in the door

"the best!"

I replied. Every male in the room- thats my Father,and my brothers all choked on the brandy they were drinking, pretending not to notice, I kicked off my boots and flopped down on the couch.

"I spent the afternoon with an angel"

I ignored their ever growing eyes, even when I heard Alexander whisper

"he's gone mad, they must've tied him down and poisoned him with something, oh lord let him be poisoned I'll even settle for a knock on the head"

But my mother after casting an disgusted eye on Alex said to me

"I knew you would come around honey, I mean granted she isn't the smartest girl, but Teresa will be a good wife"

Yes Elizabeth will be a good wife- wait didn't she say Teresa?

"Teresa?.. what God no! Iwas talking about Elizabeth!"

Three collective sighs could be heard in the backround

"Elizabeth?" she says puzzled

"but she's the girl staying with them!"

"No mother thats no girl, thats a woman!"

"Maxwell Phillip Evans"

My mother starts when my father says warningly

"Diana, why don't you go bake something?"

Ouch Dad looks like someone will be out sleeping with the pigs for weeks! Outraged she stood there her mouth flapping untill she stalked off

"deciding to get skimpy with the details now are we Max?" thats Micheal another older brother and royal pain in my ass!

"She's about 5'6, smart woman, curves in all the right places, the most amazing brown doe eyes , and the sweetest voice you'll ever hear"

He said dreamily

"curves in all the right places huh?, I think you had better let your older brother check out the merchandise before you make the purchase then- besides I thought you said you were a leg man "

There was no way in hell Micheal was going anywhere near my Elizabeth, I have quite the reputation with the local girls, second only to Micheals, and thats saying something! because you should hears the stuff they say about me!.

"not a chance, and thats not what I meant , she's only....well she's not exactly..I mean she is ...well a nice generous handfuls all a man could ask for now isn't it?"

He gave up, flustered. Staring at his feet Max felt uncomfortable, talking about Elizabeth as if she were a piece of meat. His father remained quiet with a thoughful look on his face, while Alex patted him on the back

"Congatulations Max you seem to have found a woman that can atleast appear to spell her own name"

Max could tell his brothers were happy for him, even though everything was yet to be set in stone Max had been waiting nineteen years for Elizabeth to come along, and he wasn't going to let anything stand in his way. Sighing, he grabbed his coat and went outside to chop wood, and think about how his life was changing for the better.

I'll be back soon with the rest of the part *big*

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~ Part 6 cont. still Max p.o.v~

I got in after dark, and I still can't help myself, she's soooooooo beautiful, and enchanting- like a tribute to the world,she's real, and she's true, and she's pure, and right now thats the only thing that seems important to me. I entered the house and ran straight into my scolding mother

"Maxwell Phillip Evans, where on Gods green earth do you think you've been?"

Ooooowwwwwwwwwww I don't think I'll be hearing anything for the next couple of days!

"I've been worried sick"

I open my mouth to answer but she cuts me off

"anything could have happened to you, it's getting near time for the Spring festival, you know what kind of loonies hang around this time of year, ofcourse you do . Last year there was that nutter who said you were a vister from another world"


I start


She has her second wind now!

"you missed the milking, and haying out!"

I grimaced, I totally forgot. I wait for the next blast to come but ot doesn't, I look up at her and give her my best puppy dog eyes.

"I'm sorry Ma"

I really am sorry!

"I didn't mean to forget, I just lost track of time"

I watch as her gaze softens, we both know I'm playing her but she never could deny me when I made that face

"come here baby"

She says as she puts on a pout, she gives me a nice comfy hug and says

"go wash your hands sweetheart, dinnres nearly ready"

I wonder if she saw me actually skip off to the bathroom. I turned to see but she was already heading off towards the kitchen- yep life was good!

I'll try to come back way sooner. I already have the next part written but it's just a matter of typing it up ( you have no idea how much homework I have to catch up on)*big* by the way feedback makes my hands type faster!*wink*
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You know guys, it's kinda sad that I've written on this more than you have! I'm just bumping this, seeing if I can generate more of an audience*big*OH and by the way whoever left me four stars I love you- just think four stars on my first fic I'm so stoaked about that*bounce**big**big**big*
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Well look at me! I've turned a nasty shade of red!heheheehehe I am going to post exceptionally soon probably before the board day is out, we're going to find out alittle bit more about Liz-maybe someones hidding something!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!*big*
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Hey everyone! don't worry, I'm here, everythings okay, why don't you just sit back and relax and read the new part- I'll go fetch you all a drink...... Thanks to .... roswellluver, Nana, Pixie, NATEVANS,and Frenchkiss70 Honestly guys, your feedback has meant so much to me. In this part theres a comment made by Liz to herself ( thats sounds weird- even in my head) that will lead on to something more, so watch out for that one! also someone asked what timezone this's like the ladies still have to wear coursettes, and slavery still exsists.. I have no idea really what time period this would be...which isn't too good seeing as I'm a history student!

~*Part 7, Max P.O.V*~

He needed to see her, he needed to see her like he needed air to breathe. So here he was, a week after seeing her for the first time, on his way to see her again. Truth be told if it were up to him he wouldv'e gone back the next day- or never even left, but the fates were against him. He'd racked his brain for somekind of excuse, but with the rain, and then having to mend the fences, he hadn't had time to think of anything..........except for the way her hips swung as she walked, or the way the sun bounced off her, making her look like a glowing angel. She was absolutley, positivley, without a doubt *Stunning* ...... and then there was Tess, but he decided to let that problem bite him on the ass when he had to.

Mentally he prepared himself as he raised his knuckles to knock briskly three time on the door- if there was one thing his father taught him it was to give off a presence, starting with a nice strong, commanding knock. But before he could do anything the front door burst open, bringing into view a very distraught crying Elizabeth

"Elizabeth ...... whats wrong?"

My heart brakes as her face contorts in pain when I touch her back.


She blurts out as tears continue to spill down her beautiful face, she clutches her stomach as she looks around wildly, she sidesteps me, anf the next thing I see is my Angel, violently wretching her guts out in Evita Hardings prize winning rose bush

"What happened?, Whats wrong?"

I ask her frantically, now thats she's finished emptying the contents of her stomach, she says

"nothing" in a small voice

But I can tell that she's scared and uneasy, like those animals that know when a storm is coming.

"I have to go"

she added, and before I could even blink she was gone.

His eyes serched for her wildly, his heart slamming against his chest, what had happened to her? why did she now flinch at his touch, when a week ago she would have been blushing from it?.... Max didn't have much time to ponder this because a 'surprised' Tess came out and tried to kiss him *groan* it was going to be one of those days.

( Liz P.O.V)

She hated it! She hated every second of it, the pained look of confusion in his eyes when she flinched away from his touch, but he didn't understand. He could NEVER understand. It was in the rules, the rules that she made! and rule#1 is never get attached, and Maxwell is most deffinatley attachment material. It would be so easy to cuddle up to him and forget that anything else in the world exsists- but that would be stupid- very stupid.......... and probably even lethal....for the both of them.....

She watched from her perch high up above him as he looked around for her, startled as to where she went. She also saw that Tess came out with a smug look on her face * she was right about what she said before.* Liz thought to herself, I'm only plain, I'm too short, and I have no chest, no man would want me. Liz watched as Tess appeared to kiss Max, HER MAX!!!!!!, but no he wasn't her Max, and because she was so ugly and repulsive he never would be.Her stomach turned over as she watched the two walk away * why would he want me when noone in my life ever has before?* Liz thought back to breakfast this morning.......

Every thing was fine, she'd gotten up early, the sun was shining, the birds were singing their praises to the beautiful new morn, and it seemed just another day...And then Tess came to the table...

"Mother" she whinned

"He hasn't came by in over a week!" she complained,

"Now now dear, you know what his parents are like, putting those poor boys to work like commoners"

she stopped for a breath and then continued..

"Builds character...BAH, and AND"

she stressed dramatically

"They have such little help, they like to do things themselves Diana tells me, can you imagine.."

She pondered on about how dare people of their social standing, be workiing! I could hardly listen, some of the best people I've ever met, had to work hard just to survive, on the tiniest plot of land, and thats because rich folk like the Hardings snatched it all when everyone had their backs turned. They sure as hell didn't work to build character- a word Evita Harding obviously knows nothing about. Of couse I found out the hard way when I was little that you never express your true opinions to people like the Hardings, that in fact is the last thing you want to do!

"Oh no Mother!"

Tess exclaimed exsasperatley

"I doubt he's working"

and then she turned to me, casting an accusitory gaze in my direction

"I think ELIZABETH must have scared him off!"

My eyes widdened in shock... Whats going on?

"She was flirting with him shamelessly mother, my pooe daling didn't know what to do, he was only trying to be polite, and he left here sooooo embarassed!"

I didn't know what was happening, but whatever it was Tess had struck some kind of chord with Evita, as she looked in my direction she icily asked

"Is this true?"

I couldn't speak. Fear. thats what was running through my body at that second. Before I knew what was happening Evita was calling ou

"Martha, Martha!" at the top of her lungs.

An aged tired looking African American woman came into the room

"Martha, fetch the whip and the salt!"

Her eyes were flashing a dangerous red.

"In this house Elizabeth" she spat

"We have certain rules- expectations- standards even"

she paused for a moment, and then continued..

"We do not expect you to take something that is not yours" she screamed the last part

"Now.......pull down your dress"

Liz cringed as she remembered what happened next, she could still her the whip crack against her skin,burning into her flesh, the way the pain totally consumed her when the pummeling of the whip had split the skin on her back, and as Evita poured the salt onto her skin she retreated to her 'happy place'. The place where she always found herself when the pain in living got to much, this placed held everything that was good on the world. She didn't feel pain there. Noone did. She didn't need to, there was no pain here and there nevr would be.

Pushing all those thoughts of this morning out of her mindLiz decided that maybe she would stay up on her perch, in a place where her tears couldn't catch up with her.....just for a while......

That was it guys, part seven...tell me what you think!!*big*
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