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Title: There?s More to Life Than Science
Author: Lateire
Email: behrnett⊕yahoo.com
Disclaimer: I only own my Roswell Fantasies, please don?t be mad!
Category: AU M/L
Rating: A little of everything, parts R and above will be marked.
Summary: Basically about Liz moving to a new place, and falling in love. I can?t promise anything, because
Stories usually take on a life of their own. All you can do is just read.

Author?s Note: This is my very first fic! I have done a bunch of reading and I have learned from all of you writers out there. Even though you don?t know me, I want to say thank you to Roswell writers such as Jasper, LivE and Kazza, just to name a few, thank you for all your subconscious inspiration!
~Since this is my first fic, please don?t be too mean, it took me a lot to post this, because I am really, really nervous. But what is life with out taking chances?!~

Chapter 1

?Liz?? Maria yelled over the packed airport terminal. Liz looked around looking for her blonde haired friend. She did a slow sweep of the room until she saw her. Liz Spotted her life long friend Maria pushing her way through the crowd to get to her. When Maria finally spotted Liz, she squealed and broke into a run. Both girls, opposite in physical appearance, hugged each other like there was no tomorrow.

?Maria,? Liz choked out, ?Hon, you have to loosen up!? Maria let go a blushed realizing that she was being to emotional.

?Lizzie, babe, I haven?t scene you in ages ? god, you look great!? Maria gave her an appraising look. She met Liz?s eyes again and broke into a big smile. Giving up on trying to hold her emotions, Maria grabbed Liz in to another hug.

When Maria let Liz go for the second time, two men stood next to her. One tall and muscular, with sandy blond hair, the other, her other life long friend, who was tall and skinny, with shaggy black hair. ?Alex!!? Liz yelled and launched herself in to Alex?s arms.

He caught her with a ?Humph!? An spun her around. ?Lizzie my girl, how is it going?? Alex set her down, but didn?t relinquish his hold. The four stood there, one looking very awkward. Liz looked over at the mystery man next to Maria, holding her hand. Liz straightened out and held out her hand to him. ?Hello, my name is Liz, you must be Michael.? She gave him a bright smile and let out a unconsciously held breath when he took her hand and smiled back.

?Oh, lord, I am sorry!? Maria sputtered, ?Liz, this is Michael, my boyfriend, Michael, this is my best friend Liz!? Liz, Michael, and Alex laughed.

?We kinda figured that, sweetheart!? Michael laughed.

?Very funny!? Maria faked sounding pissed, ?Come on, lets get outta here, we have all kinds of things to do.? As Maria dragged Liz of the two boys rolled their eyes and grabbed Liz?s bags.

Chapter 2

Max sat back from his computer screen. He had been working on his science project for the last two hours. He rubbed his eyes and yawned. He looked at his clock, it was two o?clock on a Saturday. It was awful, his life was boring, school had started, he was already having trouble in classes, and basket ball season didn?t start for another month.

He saved his work and turned off his computer. After picking up his school books, he walked down the hall to his fraternal twin sisters room. He knocked 5 times, then walked right in. He saw her sitting on the bed talking on the phone. ?What else was new? he thought to himself. She turned and faced him with a rare smile. She said good bye and hung up.

?Hey there brother!? She chirped. ?What can I do for you??

?I?m board!? Max answered simply!

?Okay then, Well if you want, I am going over to Maria?s, her friend Liz is here. Maria wants to introduce her to the group. I was gonna call Kyle for a ride, but if you come ??

?Let me grab my coat.? Max said happy to have something other than work to do. Going over to Maria?s was always fun.


Maria sat on the bed, and watched Liz unpack. She knew what was going on with Liz, and was waiting until she was comfortable to talk about it. But watching her, unpack as if her life depended on it, was worrying her.

?Liz,? Maria started, ?Come talk to me!?

Liz paused, she turned and saw the worry in Maria?s eyes. ?Maria, I am fine!? Desperately trying to find a way out of the conversation she blurted out the first thing that popped into her mind. ?So, what again are we doing tonight??

Maria decided to let her off the hook, Liz would talk when she was ready. Getting of the bed, she went over to Liz?s closet. ?We, my dear, are going to the local hang out, so dust off your pool stick, we?re bringing ?Pool Shark Parker? outta retirement!?

Liz laughed at the name and went to stand next to Maria. ?Sounds like fun! ? Ah, Maria, what are you doing?? Liz asked with confusion.

?I am picking out what you are gonna wear.? Maria shuffled through out the cloths and picked out a simple top and low hung jeans. Offering them to Liz, she said,

?Maria, what is wrong with what I am wearing, why is it so important?? Liz took the cloths that Maria offered.

?Liz, chica, we are not just hanging with Michael and Alex, we are introducing you to the rest of the gang!?

Looking a little lost and uncomfortable, she asked, ?How many people am I gonna meet??

?Oh! Let?s see, there is Kyle, Isabel and her brother Max.? Maria saw the nervous expression on Liz?s face. ?Chica don?t worry, we will have a ball, just wait! Besides, I know for a fact that in the last few months before you moved out here, I can guarantee that you have had no fun.?

Getting a little angry, Liz replied, ?Maria, I have been busy, It?s been hard having to arrange ??

Before Liz could finish Maria interrupted, ?I?m sorry, I had no right to pass judgement, I know how hard it has been ? I?m sorry.?

?Look, your right, lets go and have a good time, just give me a minute to get ready, when are we leaving??

Looking at her watch, Maria squealed, ?Damn! We have to leave in 20 min, so hurry!? She said as she ran to her room.

Liz walked over to the dresser after getting dressed, she looked in the mirror. Staring at herself, she willed a smile on her face, ?Come on Liz,? she thought to herself, ?put on a happy face!? She said sarcastically! She plastered on a smile on her face and left in search of Maria and her fun night!


Part 3

?According to Maria, be nice, Liz is one of her best friends and is having a hard time.? Michael stated flatly.

?Michael,? Isabel sounded pissed, ?We?ll play nice, besides we are not children.?

?Yeah, I have to agree with blondie here! What?s wrong with her anyway?? Kyle asked bluntly.

?Maria didn?t day, all I know is that it wasn?t her choice to live here, so lets all be nice, or I?ll be in hot water with the boss.? Michael said.

?Man,? Max chimed in, you are whipped!? He laughed as he dodged Michael?s punch.

?Wait ?till it happens to you my friend! ? Oh here they come!? Everyone turned to look in the direction that Michael was looking.

When Max turned he was transfixed, an angle walked into the pool hall!


Maria weaved her way through the tables to the back booth. She stopped behind Michael and put her hand on him. ?Hey baby.? She whispered and kissed his cheek. Liz cleared her throught from behind and Maria straightened quickly. The others at the table let a little laugh because no one seemed to pull them apart when they were in close contact.

Maria took of her jacket and motioned for Liz to do the same. ?Hey all! This is Liz, she is my new live in best friend.? She turned to Liz and spoke. ?Liz this is the gang, you know Michael and Alex, but this is Kyle,? Liz shook his hand, ?this is Isabel? they nodded to each other, ?and this is her older brother Max.?

Liz turned to look at the man Maria was pointing to and nearly fainted. He was handsome. He had everything that was attracting to Liz. He was the epitome of tall dark and handsome. She shook his hand and turned away quickly, she was afraid that if she kept looking that she would loose herself in is expressive amber eyes. Thinking in her feet, she changed the topic from introduction to avoidance of conversation.

?It?s nice to meet all of you!? She looked back at Maria and then Michael, ?So, Maria tells me that we are gonna play some pool??

Michael smiled, he liked her, ?Yeah, let me get some balls and we can break into teams.? He got up and went over to the bar, with Maria close behind.

Feeling awkward, she sat next to Alex. When she looked up from the table, she saw him looking at her. Max was staring, it was strange but wildly exciting. She tried to pull her eyes away but couldn?t. I only happened when Isabel broke their little staring contest.

?So Liz, ? where are you from? Maria told us a little about you, but other than that, um ? who are you?? She smiled a warm smile.

Broken out of her trance and a little relived, she spoke, ?Oh, um, I used to live in Boston. That is where Maria used to Live before her and Alex moved with their family out here. I don?t know what to tell you really?? Liz slightly blushed.


Max sat and watched. She was beautiful! She had long dark chocolate hair. Hair that begged for him to touch. Not really listening to her speak he watched her movements. How she sat, what she did when she was nervous. It was obvious to him that she was nervous. He saw how she sat close to Alex, looking for comfort. He studied her, noticed the way she pushed her hair behind her ear, and the way she bit her lip. Oh yeah! She was nervous. The strange thing was that he liked her, he wanted to make her feel better, to comfort her and protect her.


Feeling really uncomfortable she searched for a way out. When Michael and Maria returned she literally blew out the breath she was holding. She stood and followed as Michael led the way to there pool table. The entire time conscious of the fact that someone?s eyes were watching her. His eyes. Max?s amber eyes. A little thrill of pleasure ran through her!

Part 4

?Okay, so how are we gonna play, teams or every man for himself?? Michael?s voice boomed.

?Teams!? Both Maria and Alex said together, smiling at Liz.

Michael gave a grin, ?Okaaaay, teams it is!? Michael?s set the balls down , randomly placing them in the pool triangle. ?So who Liz, you wanna be on mine and Maria?s team?? Michael assumed.

Maria gave a snort and gave Michael a dirty look, ?Who says, I am on your team there buddy?? She walked over to Liz, wrapped her arm around her shoulders and smiled.

Michael looked taken back, not sure what was going on, his ego came out. ?Honey,? he refereed to Maria, ?you know how good I am!?
Getting a little pissed, Maria walked over to him, stabbed him in the chest with her finger and said firmly, ?You are not the be all, and end all of pool!? She pause and looked at the group. A smile crossed her face and she turned back to Michael. ?I happen to know someone better than you smart ass!? She walked back over to Liz and smiled at him.

?Fine!? Michael pouted! He went over to get a cue stick.

?Maria, that wasn?t nice!? Liz whispered.

?No.? Maria agreed, ?But his ego was getting too big. Besides, you?re a better player than he is!? She grinned at Liz.

Liz looked up at the direction Michael went to. She looked up into those eyes again. Max was looking at her intently. Afraid of making a fool of herself, she let out a small smile and turned back to the rest of the group.

Michael returned, looking around the group he asked, ?Okay, how are wee breaking up then??

?Mike, I got your back!? Kyle said.

?We?re with Liz!? Maria said referring to her and Alex.

?Hey, let the man decide for himself.? Michael piped in. He turned to Alex, ?You wanna be with girls??

Alex put his arm around Liz and Maria smiled and said, ?I?m with Liz!?

?What about you two?? Kyle asked

Isabel looked stunned, she turned to Max for help and got nothing. ?Uh ? I don?t think so ? I don?t know how to play.?

?Don?t worry, it?s not hard,? Liz spoke in a sweet voice, ?you knock balls into the holes with the stick and the white ball.?

Liz saw the look of relief in Isabel?s eyes, while in the background she heard Michael and Kyle laugh at her explanation.

?You sure you want to be on her team Deluca?? Michael whispered to Maria.

?Yes!? Maria said with conviction!

?Here,? Liz offered, ?Isabel is on our team, and Max, can you play with them??

Kind of disappointed that they weren?t on the same team, Max nodded.

Liz went over to the cue rack and took out three cues. She rolled them on the table checking their stability, she handed one to Isabel, Alex and Maria. Going back over she saw that Max looked lost. ?Gotta problem?? She asked cheerfully.

Startled, Max blushed a little, feeling like and idiot for not picking out a cue. Deciding that the situation couldn?t get any better, he decided to tell her the truth, she seemed to know what she was doing. ?Yeah, I can never pick out a good cue!?

?Oh,? she smiled, ?don?t worry.? She took a cue out of the rack and repeated the process she used of the other three. ?Here,? she handed it to him, this one is good!? While handing her the cue, their hand brushed and it was electric. ?she has such soft hands? the thought went through his mind. She smiled a shy smile and he felt himself blush. Their little staring contest was interrupted again with the bickering of Michael and Maria.

?Are they always like this?? Liz asked.

?Always!? Max smiled and placed his hand on the base of her back to lead her back to the table. The gesture was done subconsciously by him, But Liz noticed. All the way back to the pool table she had to coach herself to relax. As much as she wanted him to move his hand away so she could breath, she would kill him if he did.

Separating when they got back to the table, Max realized what he had done, he stared at his hand, the one that touched her, and a dopey smile crossed his face, and the funny thing was, it wouldn?t go away.

?Okay, so what are the rules?? Liz asked

Still feeling upset at the brush of by Maria, Michael was a little more aggressive, and a little more competitive. A snide smile crossing his lips she said, ?Why not make a bet? Let?s say the loosing team has to buy drinks later. Sound good??

Feeling uncomfortable Liz was about to speak, but Max cut her off, ?Mike, come on, its just a game.?

?Yeah, I know, let?s make it more interesting!? Michael said.

?Fine!? Liz?s little voice cut through the two men.

Clapping and jumping up and down, Maria did a little dance, ?Prepare to eat your words Michael!?

Not worried in the slightest Michael and Liz shook on it!

Part 5

Liz walked around the table setting things up. She looked at the balls that Michael randomly placed in the triangle and started to organize them. She looked up when she heard Michael cough. ?Yes?? She asked innocently.

?Don?t prolong the inevitable! Just make a shot!? Michael said with a smug tone.

?Regulations call for the balls to go by number or alternate between stripes and solids.? Starting to get annoyed with him she answered sweetly, ?Just trying to play by the rules!?

Everybody laughed except Michael. Liz walked around the table again and patted Isabel on the side, ?You break.?

Isabel looked lost, ?I what?? she asked.

Take the cue, hold it like this,? Liz demonstrated, ? and hit the white ball, knocking the others start the game.?

?I better not, I don?t want to mess up!? Isabel sounded insecure.

Startled by her insecurity, Liz thought of what to say, ?Trust me, you can not mess up! I guarantee it!? With an encouraging smile Liz stepped aside as Isabel lowered to the table. She hit the white ball, unfortunalty too hard. She knocked the ball in to the side pocket. Standing straight up she looked at Liz, ?That is not good is it.?

Liz hid a smile and said, ?No, but that is okay, we will still win!?

?Well,? Michael said sounding too cocky, ?Now that Isabel scratched it?s our turn, who wants to go?? He looked at Max and then at Kyle. Neither of them made a move, ?Alright, I?ll go.?

Michael bent down to make the shot an sinked a solid in to the corner pocket. He tried again and sunk another solid, on his third shot, he missed and moved aside to let Liz in.

She moved around the table and looked at all the angles. He left her wide open. She smiled and thought of ways where she could leave easy shot for everyone else to make.

She sunk the first stripe making it an easy shot for Isabel to try again. She moved around the table looking for another easy shot to set up for Alex and Maria. After doing so she sank the eight ball and won the game.

That is how the evening continued, Nearly 7 games later Liz and her team won 5, only losing the other two to let Kyle and Max make shots, that Liz set up for them. Later that evening as they sat at the table eating, Michael in better spirits asked, ?Okay, you kicked my tail, what was that about??

?Junior Pool.? Liz said, ?I played,? she was silent for a minute, ?I played with my, my father.? She looked wistful for a moment, ?We won three years in a row.? Excusing herself she got up from the table and went to the bar to fill up on more soda. She needed to breath, going out too soon, was not a good idea, but she didn?t want to disappoint Maria. Getting herself under control she walked back over to the laughed bunch and joined in.


?NO!? Liz woke with a start, she was drenched in a cold sweat. She was breathing heavy. She listened intently to make sure that she didn?t wake anyone. Slowly slipping out of bed, she changed in to running cloths and climbed out her window. It was becoming morning ritual. She ran every morning to chase away her dreams, a way where she forget briefly.

She started off at a jog and progressed to a fast sprint. The memories were chasing her and she couldn?t get away from them, running herself to exhaustion. The same dream was plaguing her for months. The same man, his face still hidden, but his hands she would never forget. She felt them on her and ran faster, if only she could run fast enough, she could get away, them he would sill be here, he would keep her safe.

She made it to the park, where she collapsed on the nearest bench. She was on the verge of crying, it was her fault, she was wrong and awful, nothing of value anymore. Not since those few months ago.

Looking at her watch, she knew she had to get back. She had to get ready for school. She frowned, more pretending, she was so tired of pretending, it was too much. All she wanted to do was crawl in a hole and stay there.

She stood up from the bench and nearly collapsed. She felt herself falling and expected the ground, but it never came. However she felt arms around her. Strong warm arms, these arms didn?t scare her. ?Hey there, careful.? She heard his warm voice say near her ear. ?Are you all right??

She fought back the urge to say terrific. She turned her head and saw them, the amber eyes. She smiled and tried to stand up with little success. She just leaned against him and absorbed his strength.

?You are a fast little runner aren?t you, I have been trying to catch up to you for 3 blocks. You shouldn?t go so fast, you could have passed out, in fact you sill might.? He smiled and she smiled.

He sat her back down on the bench and sat next to her, ?Why don?t we stay here, when you feel better, I will help you home.?

Liz smiled at his kindness, feeling really good that she wasn?t alone anymore. It was strange but she felt safe with Max. There was something about him, he was calm and Liz needed calm in her life.


Part 6

Weeks past, since Liz?s arrival to Roswell. The 7 of them became great friends, becoming a group around school that everyone knew about. The days were great, filled with fun and school and other activities. However, for Liz, the nights were different. There was a difference to Liz in the past few weeks and everybody noticed it. The group stayed silent, due to no one knew her very well. They all had there opinion and it was the same. Something was wrong!


?You stupid bitch! You lead me on and then I get nothing in return!? He ran his and up her side and cupped her breast. ?You really are a selfish brat. No wonder why your mother left! You are nothing! No one wants you but me, and after tonight no one will want you again!? He laughed a mean and low laugh.

He pushed Liz up against the wall, pinning her with his body. His hand grabbed her breast and Liz let out a painful cry. His other hand ripped at her pants, trying to get the button undone.

Liz felt numb, she couldn?t fight him, he was too strong and much bigger. She let out a yelp when he tore her panties away. The was too much, she felt like she was gonna black out.

She put up one last fight and tried to hit him in the groin. Stopping her knee, he took her bloody and bruised face into his and and smile a horrible smile, ?Liz, you will always be mine. Nothing you can do, will stop me.? He pulled her head forward and slammed it against the wall and the world went black.

?NO! Stop! NOOOOO!? Lix screamed really loudly.

The door to her room opened and Maria and Amy came rushing in. They sat on each side of her and when Amy tried to pull her into a hug, Liz bolted out of the bed. She was fully awake and needed to leave, she needed to run, to get away.

Ignoring the looks and questions for Amy and Maria, she put her running cloths on and left through the window.

?Mom? What are you not telling me? What happened to Liz, why is she here?? Maria looked at her Mom for answers and got none.

?She has to tell you honey, I can?t.? With a sad look in her eyes she walked out of the room. Maria heard the front door open and assumed her mom was sitting on the porch waiting for Liz.


Maria sat in the living room, looking out the window waiting for Liz. Maria felt helpless. She wanted to know what happened and how she could help. She wasn;t used to this feeling. Liz used to tell Maria everything. After Liz?s Mother passed away, things changed, Liz moved and their friendship became strained. Only now that she was back Maria thought that things would go back to normal. That is untill this morning when Liz woke up screaming.

?What happened?? Maria thought.

Maria looked out the window and did a double take. Outside was Max holding Liz up and walking slowly to Amy. Amy and Max on either side of Liz, walked past Maria to Liz?s room. Maria followed and saw Liz laying there, exhausted, with her ead in Amy?s lap.

Seeing Max near the door, where she stood, she tapped him on the shoulder, motioning for him to follow. They went in to the kitchen where Maria got Max some water.

Both stood there looking at each other, not sure what to say.

Maria broke the silence, ?Is she okay??

Max looked up and nodded, ?Yeah, she will be fine,? he grinned, ?she is a fast little runner, every morning when I see her, I have to haul ass to catch up with her!?

Maria smiled a sad smile, ?She does this every morning??

Max nodded, ?Yeah, she runs to exhaustions, I usually catch up with her in the park, when she collapses on the bench.?

Millions of questions were going through both there heads, first and foremost, what was going on with Liz?


Part 7

A little later that morning after Max left, Maria waitied in Liz?s room. She sat on the bed holding a picture. Lost in thought Maria didn?t hear Liz enter the room.

?Maria?? Liz asked, ?Can I do something for you?? Liz tightened the rope holding the robe together and started to rub the extra water from her hair with a towel. She turned toward the mirror and continued her task.

A few minutes pasted and Maria sad nothing. Liz stopped her movements and sat next to her.

?Maria, are you okay? You haven?t said anything and all you do is stare at me, I am getting a little freaked out.? Liz said with a laugh, trying to play it cool. Little did Maria know that Liz was feeling frightened.

?Why are you here Liz? All you said was that the pressure of a Big city was too much? But Liz, you are the strongest person I know, the past few weeks you aren?t ? you.?

Maria saw the frightened look pass over Liz?s face. Liz stood quickly and walked to the door, she opened it and motioned for Maria to leave.

?Maria, things change, ? people change, ? I have changed. Things are just different.? Liz sighed. ?Now, we are gonna be late unless you leave and let me get ready, I have a Bio test today so lets go, shoo!? Liz faked a happy smile.

Maria gave up and walked to the door. Before she left she grabbed Liz in to a hug and said, ?Liz, I am here for you, I love you more than anything, If you need me I am here.? With that she left and Liz felt guilty. ?You may love me know but after I tell you, you won?t.? With that thought, Liz finished getting ready.