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Title:When You Come Back To Me Again
Category: mainly M/L,but there is M/M
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*Authors note*I lost the thread for this fic, plus I sorta fixed a few things in it, so here it goes again! Enjoy! My e-mail adress is Tracybean143⊕, so you can e-mail me with any ideas or comments you have about the fic!

Part 1

Liz looked around her room feeling very lost and alone. Her parent’s Funeral is tomorrow, and Jim Kyle and Tess were moving into the tiny apartment above the Crashdown. Max Isabel Michael and Maria were helping them move in. Liz hated the fact that she would have to live with the one person she hated. Liz’s parents left her the Crashdown. She sighed as she scrambled to look for pictures of her and her parents or just some of her parents. All she could find was pictures of Alex, who she missed now more then ever. She still hadn’t found out what really happened and the Roswell Sheriffs department called it a suicide. Liz new better lately she had been trying to figure out who would want that book of theirs decoded so bad. Finally Liz gave up and sat on her bed. When Alex died Liz promised herself that she wouldn’t cry not until she found out what really happened to Alex and now it’s been a little over two months and still nothing.
Liz walked to the door and unlocked it letting Maria Michael and Isabel into her room.
“Liz, are you ok?”
Liz looked at Isabel then to what use to be her room. It now looked like a hurricane hit it.
“Yeah….I was looking for some pictures of my parents, but all I could find were..”
“Pictures of Alex?”
She nodded. Maria walked over to Liz and put an arm around her shoulder.
“Liz it’s ok to cry, you lost your parents. And now with the Valenti’s moving in it has to be hard. I mean I cried when I found out your parents died.”
Liz shook her head and sat on her bed.
“I cant, I cried enough when future Max….”
She looked at Maria who knew she said to much, and now Michael and Isabel would want to know what she was talking about and she isn’t suppose to tell anyone, and she had already told Maria.
“Liz, what are you talking about?”
Maria looked at Michael and then to Isabel and shook her head.
No one dared to press the topic right now. The whole Max thing had become worse than anyone had thought it would, and LIz had taken the whole Max sleep with her really hard, her parents were so worried about her before they died so no one brought it up Espically now with Tess moving into her house. Tess, without knocking, opened the door and walked in.
"Liz, Jim wants to talk to you about the whole crashdown thing."
She smiled her sweet smile and shook her head, not believing that this was going to be her life from now on. Slowly she stood up following everyone out of her room, glancing back remembering the Last conversation she had with her parents, she smiled a bittersweet smile then walked out of her room turning off the lights and closing the door behind her. Liz walked over to the table where Jim was sitting and sat across from him.
"How are you holding up?"
She shrugged.
"I’m ok,"
He looked at her, remembering how she looked after Alex had died. She looked like she hadn't been sleeping and she had that look in her eye like she knew there was something more behind all of this and she was going to figure it out.
"I figured that we would keep the crashdown closed for a one or two weeks, that way it'll give you time to get all the school work you missed caught up, then we'll open it and You can mange it or whatever that sound good?"
Liz nodded, realizing how hard this had to be on him, as well as on her.
She stood up, and looked at all her friends.
"I'm going to go and try to get some sleep so I can at least go to school to get all my assignments."
She looked at everyone except for Max and Tess, Maria had told her that Tess told Isabel about them sleeping together, and it made things for Liz harder. She went into her room closing the door behind her and locking it not even bothering to turn on the lights. She turned on her stereo and listened to her Sheryl Crow I shall believe which had been on repeat for the longest time. She went into her bathroom to change and brush her hair. When she came out she turned off her stereo and climbed into bed closing her eyes hopping she could get some rest.
"Liz, honey wake up..."
Liz opened her eyes to see Max leaning over her. He kissed her on the cheek lightly. She smiled looking around the room it was large and there was a window over looking a lake or pond or something, but she turned her attention back to Max who was smiling.
"Sleep well?"
She nodded still unsure of where she was. Max started to talk about some sort of wedding ceremony, but Liz wasn't really paying attention, she heard the last of what he said, but that was it, when he left the room she stood up and noticed she was in a very nice night gown, it was light purple and it came down to her ankles, it was long sleeved, which had a slit down the whole arm which was parted the entire way down. She looked into the full-length mirror that was a few feet away. Then walked over to the closet, which was huge, and noticed that all that was in the closet was a bunch of dresses some fancier then others. After she got dressed she and Max were suppose to do something but she couldn't exactly remember what it was, but they ate breakfast and just as they finished someone came running into the room.
"Kilvar has attacked the palace,"

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Part 2

Liz sat up in her bed, not realizing that she woke up screaming and when suddenly everyone appeared in her room, she was a little freaked out. Kyle was the first one to get to Liz and he sat on the bed next to her.
"Liz you ok?"
she nodded not sure if she should tell them or not.
"Yeah. Just a nightmare I'm fine."
Kyle looked her in the eyes and she returned his stare, not even bothering to acknowledge Max.
"Come on, Kyle’s got it under control and I still don’t understand the Biology..."
Liz had to bite her lip to keep from saying anything. It was as if that one dream had awaken some deep hatetrad for her.
Everyone had left it was now just Kyle and Liz. Liz knew she was safe with him, she could feel it.
"Ok Liz, give it up, what is with you and dont tell me nothing I am your friend and I can tell when something is wrong.."
"you mean other than my parents dying and Tess moving in to my home flaunting her relationship with Max in front of my face ever single day?"
Kyle looked at her not really expecting her to be mean, when all he was trying to do is help.
"I'm sorry Kyle, I didn’t' mean it like that. I'm just so lost right now. And in times like this I'd turn to Mx and now its going to be hard to you know?"
He nodded
"Well you always have me to come to if things ever get to be too much, I know I'm no Alex or Maria, And I am defently no Max,but I will always be here for you."
he gave her a lop-sided grin.
"Plus you know we did sleep together"
Liz picked up a pillow and hit Kyle in the head laughing at the look on his face.
" you did not just do that Parker."
"what are you going to do about it Kyle?"
He smiled and reached for a Pillow and within seconds they were having a pillow fight. they went on like that for a little over a half our, then Kyle grabbed her pillow out her hands and looked at her.
"what was the dream about?"
Liz sighed her smile disappearing quickly.
"Kyle, it was just a bad dream, I don’t really remember it anymore.."
He nodded standing up and placing the pillows back where they were.
"night Liz, try to get some sleep."
He kissed her on the forehead and turned the light off leaving Liz in her room alone.
Tess and Max were sitting on the couch; Tess was sitting in between Max’s legs, holding the biology book while Max explained the problems. Kyle shook his head then went into the kitchen where his dad was.
"How is she?"
Kyle shrugged.
"Not ready to talk about it that’s for sure."
His dad sighed.
"Kyle give her time she just lost her best friend a few months ago, and in my oipion never really accepted it, and now her parents died, she'll talk, when she is ready too though.."
Kyle nodded. Then looked to Tess and Max, who both had fallen asleep. He shook his head
"and I never thought that Max would break Liz’s heart...but I guess people change huh?"
Valeni just looked at Kyle not understanding what he meant. Kyle turned around to face his dad again.
"I'm going to go to bed, night dad"
"Night Kyle"
Kyle walked down the hallway and into one of the rooms closing the door.
Liz slowly opened her eyes. She realized that she wasn't in her room anymore she was in was a little bit bigger but not by much, and she sat up noticing there were like ten people walking around. One of them looked at her and smiled slightly.
"She's awake"
"Where am I?"
"You are safe your majesty"
Liz was now confused.
"Who are you?"
They all looked at her, she could tell that this worried them.
"Where is Max?"
"He’s out in helping protect the palace from Kilvar.."
Liz got out of bed her bare feet touching the cold marble floor, but she didn't care, she was out of the room that she was in, and as she ran she could feel that Max was in trouble and some how she new where he was. She stopped when she got in the throne room.
"LIZ!" she turned around to see Kilvar standing about ten feet away from her and she froze, not knowing what to do only knowing that she could die. Max ran as fast as he could. And jumped in front of her just as Kilvar was going to kill her, and instead of killing her, he killed Max. Once he realized this he quickly disappeared. Leaving Liz and Max alone
She looked down at him his eyes were barley open. She knelt down besides him
"Max, please, don’t leave me.."
Liz looked at him and knew he was gone; she started sobbing laying her head on Max's chest.
Max opened his eyes and slowly moved tess so she wouldn't wake up. Max slowly walked into Liz’s room, to find her sitting on her bed, Knees to her chest rocking herself back and forth.
She turned to look at him as he closed the door.
"What’s wrong?"
"Nothing, I'm fine Max…"
She didn't want to tell him what was really going on, she didn't want to tell anyone that she wasn't normal. She never was...
"Liz, you were screaming my name…"
"it was a nightmare, I'm fine really..."
He looked at her, wondering what was really going on inside her head. Max sighed He knew that he gave up his right to comfort her and be there for her when she needed him too.
"Max, will you just stay with me until I fall asleep without asking any questions?"
Max nodded and walked over to her bed where she was sitting and sat next to her. Liz looked at him, and then she slowly laid her head on his chest.
"I'm scared..."
"Scared of what?"
"I'm alone now"
He warped one of his hands around her back rubbing it softly. Placing a kiss on the top of her head. Neither of them said anything afterwards. Soon Liz’s breathing became even and he knew she was asleep. Instead of leaving, he stayed there with her closing his eyes letting himself drift off to sleep.

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A/n: thanks for the wonderful feedback, and these first few chapters (Parts whatever you want to call them) are going to be confusing, but all will be explained! now on witht he story! :

Part 3

Liz leaned over and smacked her alarm clock making the annoying buzzing sound go away. Rubbing her eyes she wondering if last night was a dream or if it really happened.
“Liz you awake?”
Liz looked towards the door, there was Kyle poking his head into her room.
“Yeah I’m up”
Kyle smiled at her and she smiled back.
“You still want to go to school? I mean your parents…”
he stopped and looked at her as if apologizing for even bringing it up.
“I don’t want to, do you think your dad will drive me to school so I can get all my make-up work from last week?”
“I can ask him, although I don’t see why it would be a problem.”
“Thanks Kyle”
“Anytime Liz”
He closed the door leaving Liz alone yet again. Liz stood up looking around her room. She didn’t want to go to school at all. The kids whispering behind her back like they did when Alex died. She made her way to her closet and pulled out a navy blue three-quarters sleeved shirt and a pair of blue jeans. She stood in front of the mirror on her vanity. Picking up her brush she pulled her hair into a ponytail. Liz looked around her room for her sandals, not really wanting to bother with tennis shoes. Finally after what seemed like forever, but was really only five minutes she pulled out from under her bed a pair of blue flip-flops, which had little flowers on the bottom of them. She walked to the door, her hand on the doorknob she wasn’t ready to face the world outside yet, not this soon, and without Alex this would most likely be impossible. It wasn’t that Maria wasn’t going to be there for her, it was just that the entire time Alex wouldn’t be treating her as if she was going to break any second. Liz closed her eyes, the image of Max dying was still engraved in her head and she couldn’t get rid of it. Taking a deep breath she opened the door, and walked into the living room, where everyone was.
“Morning Liz.”
Liz smiled at Jim. He was trying his hardest to be a good parent to Kyle and now he was going to have to be her parent, and it was going to be tough on them both.
“Kyle says that you just want go to school to pick up your assignments and come back here?”
“Yeah, I’m just not ready to face a whole day at school yet, if that’s ok with you?”
“Yeah, its ok”
Tess came out of the bathroom looking a little tired, but all perky and happy like she always did.
“Morning Liz”
She said and smiled. Liz looked at her and smiled back, although her smile was fake, but she smiled.
“Everyone ready?”
They all looked at Jim and nodded. Liz let everyone go out the door in front of her once she got to the door she sighed there was no other choice then to face school alone, and she was scared.
Liz looked be hind her at Jim who gave her a small smile. She sighed watching Tess and Kyle make their way into school. Slowly she walked into the hall. She saw Tess walk directly to Max, and warp her arms around him. It took all of the strength that Liz had left to not turn away and run back to Jim’s car and never come back. Mara walked over to her, Isabel close behind. None of them really understood what was going on with Max and Tess and none of them seemed to care.
“How are you holding up?”
Liz shrugged not really knowing herself.
“I’m not sure”
“Liz if you want Maria and I can walk with you to all your classes, so you wont be alone...”
She smiled at Isabel, ever since Alex died Isabel,Maria and Liz seemed to become closer friends than they were before.
“Thanks Isabel but I think I’ll be ok, if not I know where to find you…”
Liz took one last look at the group then walked towards the Principals office, after hearing about how everyone in the office was sorry, she took at least 10 minutes to get all her work, except for her Biology, this was the one class she didn’t want to go into alone, she stood outside for five minutes wondering how bad it was going to be. She remembered when Tess first came to Roswell, screwing up everyone’s life, and now look what happened, because of her Liz had to give the only person she ever loved. She sighed taking in a deep breath then walked into the classroom. All heads turned to look at her, she smiled meekly and walked up to the teacher’s desk, collecting all her work, and then she left not even glancing at Max or Tess. Liz walked out of the classroom and walked as fast as she could wanting to go home.
“Is that everything?”
Liz nodded
“yeah that’s it.”
He put the car in gear leaving West Roswell high behind them. They got back to the Crashdown, Liz opened the car door, getting out.
“Liz, I have to go to work, but if you need anything you know how to get a hold of me,”
She smiled and closed the door watching him leave. Pulling out her keys she unlocked the crashdown doors and walked in making sure they were locked behind her. Practically throwing all the papers and books and everything else onto a table and then she walked into the back of the crashdown opening up her locker which held all her pictures of her parents, the ones that she found earlier the night before there were also pictures of Alex in their too. Pulling them out she walked to a table and sat down. The dream from the night before still in her mind. Staring at one of the pictures not really sure of how to feel. Their funeral was in a few hours and it was going to be her last chance to say goodbye. When Alex died she refused to say goodbye cause in her mind it meant that she was giving up that she wasn’t going to find out what really happened to him. Grabbing her books that were thrown on a table when she first entered the crashdown, she walked up to her room, not really wanting to be alone, but not really wanting to be around people yet. Laying down on her bed not planning to fall asleep just planning on resting before she had to get up and face the reality that her parents were really gone and she would have to tell everyone how great they were, and how much she would miss them. She closed her eyes, only planning on just resting them, but instead she fell fast asleep.
She woke up to someone running their finger over her nose.
"Lizzie wake up, we are late for breakfast and you know how the king is about us being on time."
Liz opened her eyes and saw Maria sitting beside her, she smiled.
"Ok, ok I'm up, you go get ready and by the time you’re done I'll be ready."
Maria left the room, leaving Liz to get ready. They both were done in record time, but when they got to the dining area, they noticed that no one was there, so they went into the throne area and there was Kilvar and his daughter Tess. Her hair was a lot longer then it is now, Liz thought.
"Elizabeth, Maria, nice of you to join us,"
Liz noticed Maxs somber face, suddenly she was scared,
"Elizabeth, as much as I know you love my son, he is Promised to Kilvars daughter, Tess, and we can’t let you and my son get married like you may have palned."
Liz felt as if she couldn't breath, she slowly nodded and excused herself, and when she was out of the throne room and on her way down the hallway she tripped and fell flat on her face. Slowly she sat up leaning her back up against the wall resting her head on her knees sobbing. Liz didn’t know how long she was sitting there for, but Isabel came over to her, and kneeled down next to her.
“Come on Liz, you cant let anyone find you out here, this upset.”
Liz only looked up at her not saying anything. She let Isabel lead her to her room and she sat down on the bed, not knowing if Isabel knew about Max and Tess or not.
“Liz are you ok? Max asked me if I had seen you, because he said you had been gone for a couple of hours”
Liz sighed wiping her red and puffy eyes. Shaking her head.
“Not really, didn’t Max tell you what happened?”
She looked at her for a second, then sighed she didn’t know why her dad would tear them apart from each other when anyone could see how in love they were.
“Yes, Max told me, he is about as torn up as you are, and Tess hasn’t left his side since this morning…”
Liz seemed to stop listening at the mention of her name. Isabel put an arm around the girl who was the bravest person she knew, and now she seemed so helpless and lost.
“ I talked to Max, and my dad and we all came up with a way for you and Max to say goodbye, but I am not promising that you guys will have a long time, but I think you’ll have long enough to say what you need to say to each other.”
She looked at Isabel, her eyes had a twinkle in them like she just reviled what Liz was going to get for her birthday.
Isabel stood up walking over to the door she opened it to revile Max who looked, if at all possible, worse than Liz.
“I’ll leave you two alone.”
Liz smiled slightly, as Max walked towards Liz closing the door behind him. He pulled her into his arms feeling her hold onto him tightly.
“I’ll be ok Liz…”
They stood there for a second his words hanging in the air, He pulled away keeping her at an arms length away placing his hand on her stomach.
“Max how can you know that, you have to go and marry Tess and I am going to be taking care of a baby by my self not to mention I’m going to have to explain to everyone who the baby belongs to…”
Max sighed she was right, He pulled her back into his arms.
“No matter what happens don’t forget that I love you, I always will”
Placing a gentle kiss on her lips he smiled slightly.
“I love you too…”
Max palced one of his hands onto her stomache and he was about to kiss her again but then tess knocked and both Liz and Max knew who it was and they both knew that it would be the last time they would ever be able to hold one another. Liz took a deep breath trying to summon up the voice to answer. Pulling away from Max and walking to the other side of the room, so no one would know what just took place.
“Who is it?”
“Its Tess…I’m looking for Max, I was told that he was in here…”
“yeah he’s here, come on in…”
Her back turned to the door, she heard Tess open the door and walk over to Max.
“You ready, we have to go make the wedding arrangements,”
Liz looked at Max then to Tess, and she suddenly felt ill so she went to her bathroom closing the bathroom door and leaning against it sliding down to the floor, she heard tess mumble something resembling a goodbye then the door opened and closed and he was gone, and she new that this wasn’t a dream, that it was really happing.
Liz sat up opening her eyes to see Kyle standing in the doorway.
“Kyle aren’t you suppose to be at school?”
“Schools over, my dad said he called earlier to check on you, but you didn’t answer the phone.”
“Yeah I think I was asleep.”
“You ok Liz?”
Liz nodded.
”yeah I’m going to go shower, and get ready before everyone gets here”
“If you need anything, just call and I’ll be here for you”
”thanks Kyle.”
She walked into the bathroom and took a shower not really staying in long, then she got out and blow-dried her hair and wore it down, her mom always liked it that way. She smiled at the memory of what her mom liked about her. She put on her plain black dress, and then walked out of her bathroom and into her room. She could hear Max talking to Tess along with Maria and Michael. Taking a deep breath she opened her bedroom door and Hoped that she could go through this day without thinking about her dreams.

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a/n : the next few parts are shorter than the others, but the ones after these are gonnabe longer!

Part 4

Maria looked at her best friend and gave her a reassuring smile as she walked over to her warping her arms around Liz pulling her into a hug.
“how are you?”
Liz sighed closing her eyes not trusting her voice.
“Liz its ok to cry... you lost your parents god knows I’d be unable to move if I lost my mom.”
Liz smiled. Maria knew her better than she knew herself sometimes. She looked over at Isabel and Michael both sitting on the couch, while Max and Tess shared a chair. Liz didn’t even look over at them. Maria and Liz went into the kitchen and sat down at the table. Everyone talking amongst themselves.
“Liz, please dont shut your self down, and not cry or show emotions..."
Liz looked at her and nodded.
"I wont I just....I just dont know how to deal with the fact that I'll never see my parents again..."
Maria stood up and walked to the other side of the table where liz was sitting pulling up a chair to sit next to her.
"Liz, we all will help you get through this, you aren't alone.."
Liz looked directly at Tess and Max. She needed him now more than ever and she couldn't be with him she gave up that right when Future Max had asked her to. Maria and liz sat there talking about her parents and how goofy they could be, and all the times they had, Maria was trying to help liz, seeing as how it was going to be a long and Bumpy road ahead of her. so they started to talk about how much fun they had with her parnets, how they could be goofy then turn serious in a second.
The funeral went by in a blur for liz she never knew so many people would show up to pay their last respects to her parents. She didn't even know her parents knew so may poeple. She sat in her room on her bed her journal on her lap a pen in her hand. her dreams had to mean somthing, but she didn't know what. She was human she knew that for a fact, her parents where human, maybe they were just her trying to fit herslef into Max's life. Liz shook her head, She dicided that she was going to write them down in her journal and then maybe she could make sense of them that way she could explain them to someone else. Just as she was about to start writing there was a knock at the door. Closeing her journal and putting it on the other side of her bed she walked over to the door and unlcoked it.
Liz looked at Max and smiled.
"how are you holding up?"
Liz shrugged, she was sure that Jim had probably sent him up here, since he knew that Max and her shared a special connetion.
"Max, Did jim send you up here?"
He shook his head.
"no, I came up here to check on you because I'm worried about you..Liz you shut yourself off from everyone,"
Liz sighed Ever since Max and Tess started dating he never really cared about her.
"Max, I just need to be alone right now ok?"
She slammed the door in his face locking it again. She walked over to her bed and laid down on it putting her face into her pillow. She never heard the door open or close, she just felt someone sit on the bed and then she felt someone’s hand on her back. She sat up and saw Max looking at her.

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I've been having problems, with alot of friendsI should just say people in general, so I will try to get the next part out as soon as I can, but in the mean time keep the feedback coming. thanks